Newspaper of Evening Star, December 14, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 14, 1860 Page 3
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' I'OtTA I. NEWS. , i;I hk r*rn u printed on tht faaWal ' rt.-*ru pre? In n?e tenth of Baltimore, 1U edition la ao targe aa to roqotre it to br pot to ptiaa at aa , early hoar, Advertlaementa, therefore, should be sent in before li o'clock m ; otborwlae they my not appear until the next day. Notice.?DMWlct of Columbia AdTcrttaemeata to be lneerted In the Baltimore ?ts are received at and forwarded from Thx Star Offlre. tmw d. . * - * i*. i I lift ft Alt* VU.l VIRTI'iff i-TIU IW flml imlon iMt night, at Trinity Church, with a very full ittndtnoe A rr,mfnTttej was appointed entitled tb? Committer of Correspondence, whoa* duty it will be to enter into correspondence with ail interested in tbe subject of I'nion Prayer Meetings, with view ofathe obtaining of stattatlca touching the progress aad ff-et of the union exertions amongst * the rhurrbea i On motion it was decided that the Convention shall hold lta next a*-aaions at Hoeton, at auch time as tb? committee above mentioned may deem it f proper to name, f a .A^.? n..JA K.. D .? Lf. .1 ri wa? uia?c uf uc?. mi. JULiiiv, Vi iuv Mariner*' Bethel. New York, upon the ipmd of tlif work uf grace la the U 9. Navy-and showing Low the spirit of prayer bad spread In IH remltlratons tbroocboot the entire Navy Rev Mr Bingham, of the Fulton street meetIn sr \>w York, continued and closed hi report upon the rontmusd prosperity of the Union Prayer .Meeting rSarti in that parish. I Hequals were received; one for earnest prayer I that ?>od might causo a special outpouring of his I an!rtton theivoDleof Washington. onefor ean.est pravrr for the routh la th?collegesot tbecountry Votes of thank* ww passed to the rector. vestr v of Trinity Cbarcb. and to th* bretheren of VN'ukin^toi for hospitalities received. Rn Mr Moraell, of Christ's Church, Nary Yard, delivered a closing address, which was l .t r.t-d to with nndivided attention and interest by the multitude present The Convention then adjourned time die. .. 1 j ; i ATorhSR Co*r? Ton the Union ?The wmb. l?/ton Rtfes. Cspt Bailbach. a corps composed vf Oerman citizrn*. and formerly commanded bv Cspt Kcbwarrenaso, rm-l at their armory last a' ?ht for tbf par pose of adopting a sew constitution When the article specifying the duty ? ttif ?-nsiuu aa under consideration, Capt BallIjj.h nadressrd the corps in s patriotic strain i:(>uii the crUical condition of the country, and drnourxed any scheme that would have a tendency to e*cit?* ciTil wjr. Me spoke of war as a calamity, and compared that winch was stirred up l>v aspiring tyrauU with that which yras tori ? d a nation by nei rssity of defense The one fraught with wholesale miirdt-r; the other honorable, though drvadfnl. because i f the necowlty ol ummon protection. He exhorted his men to stand l.y "thf flav of the Union," to vrhlch they had sworn Hdriiiy Private ke? se, in behalf of the corp*, responded to the remarks of the captain, and conclud<*d ' \* Hi me loiiuw;uy prrimiMP ami rnoiuuun ; Whereas, Ui these times of sectional strife between the two rival sections of our Coufederacy, ;t behooves all conservative citizens, whether bora ' on the soil or adopted, to express 'heir views relative to the critical condition of our beloved country, and uphold, as far as in them lies, the glorious stars and stripes, which bind u? as a com* In 011 brotherhood? H-solrrd, Tual we accord entirely in the sentlu.ents expressed by our brother soldiers, the Washington Light Infantry. A nitmn on laieiy ueen maca irom ine v< "ne Men s Christian amw iation of ibiacity to ! .- r brethren of kindred association* throughout the lulled State*, setting forth that the present unhappy condition of the country; that the States ?r- oil the verge of separatioo; that domestic and loc:*l ties and the sweet bonds of Christian cool eritlon for the spread of the Gospel are In great peril of being rent aanuder. It expresses ttie belief u at it will be a wonderful exception in civil rev* ? ?? a * _? -v ?a ii me national ai?ni?rmot*rm<>ni soouia :i?>t l*ad to olaodshed or civil war?In the midst <>f vhkeb th? peaceful spirit of brotherly and f'tiristian fellowship would And no abiding place-. It a?< ri!>e? the threatened evils to the forgetful: ?-*s f Li<jd and alienation from Him from which > r r.j our personal sins and all the personal . ir.tie* which sin brings on our race It calls upon C hristians, in this time of national peril, to ?e * to judt/e and set at mM sor brother," aad himaelf, "What have I done va i st tu" l-ord Npt?>r In the hl?torv of a ro intry vm more manifcat tbat a people wai abut up m thia c *"y 'ecourae?prayer to God for deliverance?than a<*w; Tk.M?i,r by recemmendinw tbat' I the 1 Ttb day cf December be ??t apart in which the icvrtii uaooiation." *b*ll j.?in In a common day of humiliation anu prayer before I llOil ,? The mating* to be held in thU city ar^ > folIlowa: At the rooms of the/Vaacx iatiun at 9j? a. n) > To rwntinne thm hour*, and 7 p. ni , to mntln'HJ t<*ro Lours; at tUe cliun uea of Reva P. D. Gurley, l> 1) ; ii W.Baiuaou, D i> ; aud 8 W. F^virii, D I) H eve Joctnia .>lofs?*il ana j. v. nuuer iu i?jd ttie lueetiftv. rich for one bcmr. t'eiTMAL GriiDHursc Cxnt* ?Effort Justin i 7*1 ?Ann Conner and r'asiui M aUheWn, drcuK aiid disorderly; workbouse :J0 da*? J?-rein: ili Connell, drunk and disorderly; dried I- >1. Kolit A rdvrig, eharijed with aiealhtg wood from Mr. Kawlingo, wai ceBMlttvd for a further ex nnation A.J. Dean, charged with snapping a pi&tnl at guardsman J F Ltwli, wu held to in 1 f?r court in the sum of He w:<?also ?ln?-d *'j and *1 coat* for carrying a courealed deadly vrrapon. Kffd'k Klwru^rr was brought in for an assault and Imttrry on Lewis BoiU>n.~by alti-inpting to take hiiu wb.le lu bed. He was ' I f..i fmirt HiifLt l.nlt/rn uvrc jro vi Jed f?-r. * m I'HhviiR ?To-night the popular and estimable xtir, Mr John S Raymond. who Ima Iwtu to 11?11_ ticIl^tiUi))! WasUtugtoii audience*, takes his trieSt A HI oat jcvlting hill ta presented fur this ?rcia:oa In addit'.ou to the -Child of the Regiment ?In which Mlaa .Mary s*hiw will appear? John Brou^h?m s rich burlesque entitled PocabotiUa ' Will te produced, as also the side-spilt tins; far<~e of ' The Dutch Actor." From ttie many ?ltr?< tiona "f tbii bill, we bave no doubt tlwre will be a crowded fcoiue Thk Old Fbansli* Spxak* ?At a meeting of tlie Franklin Firn Company hii Monday evening '?? * r.-? i]ution ws? adopted that s? soon u South Carolina or any otLt-r State shall secede tXroin the Confederacy of the lulled States, all th* American Esg* In ttir pmwMlon of the company shall if throw u *.? the breeze, to signify the intention of the membership of the old Franklin tc defend with their lives, in any event, that tlav tinder which George Washington fought and , <on^wd. aa long as there is one star remaining so fight Cor. i-*sd U'aiiajii and Mossy?The price* 01 land warrants, buying and aetliasr, are a* foliowi today: 16) arcre warrants buying at SO cents selilug at ii cent*; MUaad s? acre warrant*, do 49 aerr warrants buying at 73 cents, selling at & rents. City bank notes for gold. 3 par cent dls roisnt; Virginia, per cent ; Maryland, Penn yivauia. and Ohio, S per rest ; New York city par; Mate. % per rest ; Ifcjutt Carolina, Vi pe f? .i \ rth Carolina. ? ________________ ^*1/' * L): aries rut lt4u.f i retlaieciog events, past prraect a ad futare, a valuaMs paelut eotnpaai?u wuh almanac and s-alrndar, blank leaves fo kr-fin^ adiirv of every day in the year, easl a< t.cuU, and blUa payable, with neatly prints* leatii. i* Sblllmgtoo baa Ike moat complete a. ! ^ ^. a .d dssi rable assortment ever issued comprising twelve sizes and upwards of sevent . ylea. ^ PTAECltv; IMS! ?xraiamj o'cl.irk. <> 11 itTrmy uerurradftt Um- rv*taur?at c<jfn? ?.f VlaryltuJ aveuu?mi?d JvronU street, form el ?.wLar?ic* ta P Wolterhleger, ber-keei>*i wa tutibr'l tB tL* arm by a marine nanwd Rob ' eCauiey. Falir-rfna;} Harrow arretted .Ylc'Jai ? 'ud W ?? ULen Ufora Jurtica Cull, wt ?f| Sioil The woundU Very sever. _ ? %-t?TMnnJaf ?No. 08. Rot* >rpmixi Co* 'Masai, a*t the Hudson El*i 1> com p. n* ; ^ x# 97 p,w Ur.d/e foiopaay at a ifaMt, a^t the Hu4m en, k \\ C oleosa a, MMk Mbaor The mtg Hirer Hrid^e Company at . ^brMr Prui ?n?nt < f ( m?*??t Wai #Allt9n. fur tLf rr?|>ubdenta, and l>y Mr. Me> for Uie LuinpUinanta Adjourned. ? i? ron>ii>f, and Kuppert, Sc. i Kfrtl, ) prepared for it with one of tye tiu> ?lo> ks of holiday wart-a ever displayed in \Va?b lai;loa lin ilwk tinlr*? jrtlclrt mIW Vfil m-*?oii? 1W who want elegaat ??fcfoider?< work, or nytbing In ttat 11Hr, ihould by *1 mi rail ou Mr* R upper t S?e edvertiweenl Tm Ci'LLicTioa of J n panne good* offered fo air by Mr. Mcl>uff, ui.d.-r Wularda' H#?el, I really * very Inte'taUnc and valuable en# It wil Im ?*wh by hi* ?dve:Uae<u*ht lL*l UmuUoIm wli V* ?J-i at price* to salt the times Call ltd M bis beautiful stuck Tov *iT?-e another perfjrtnanre to-nt^ht, at H Aaa<-niUy Kmum His musical exhibitions col ttuue to puzzle all bearers, whether aclt-nUttc ? otbrrwlsr; and. take our word for It, the opMrti ulty of witiieaeing them, if lost, will be rerr?te hereafter To-sisxr, tbe CiMcrrt for tbe benett of tl P rote* tint Orj ban Asytnm. Tbe attraction* aj varied, and It la to be given la tbe fa*, epaeta lecture room of tbe Soilthaoniaa lastltiti? Don t forget tbe orpbarn. ' B t ma an now emeat headed * Card Cxtna _ l djcaryIt will be seen that Ellis, who la alwa 1 prompt la f?retrd!i| any charitable movemer tfoposeato d > a particularly bandaome tblr.g f Polic* Mirms-ffi/frt Jmstic* Barnacle ? David 1)1 ion waa caught cursing, throwing itone* and behaving In a very diaoraerly nunw In tbeatrrets of the Northern Liber Ilea He wa? Baed t-) yt \Vm Miaw waa umtlarly accuaed aod Snt-d, but LuiiOA to give proper aecnrlty or pay coats, waa aent to the workbouae for flu daya. Biftrt J unitei Don a.?Edward Sweeney, w bo waa arreaUd the night of tLe Wlgwam riot, for participating In that affair, and who gaveaecurlty for a bearing, appeared at the Jr?t hearing and was given up "by bte security. Upon the postponement which followed, It w*s discovered that be bad escaped. Search was made, but he coald not be found up to tbls time, when he wni arrested by policemen King and Yeatman, and sent to jail for court He waa also held for a further bearing in a caae of violent assault and battery, with other*, upon VV S. Weight and family, on lost Sunday.. Ckiaa Stewart and Richard White were arrested for stealing a valuable ahawl from J W. Smith, of the U. S. Hotel White bad it in possession; but said be got it by awapping with Stewart. Stewart said his mother five It to him about a year ago. Stewart and nis mother were both employed by Mr Smith when the shawl was lost. White was dismissed, and Stewart gave ball for court. Before Ju.itir* Clark ?Geo Savage, for placing an obstruction In tbe street, was lined 9tu 71 Bt.shrod W Reed was accused of committing a nuisance, and fined SI 58. Ellen Brown was arrested for stealing a piece of carpet, a bed, blaqfcct, etc , and committed to jail for court. l>la l^ogan, a colored girl, was accused by David R. W hltakec of stealing a shawl belonging to ht? daughter. at a fair. The trial was ruled, and at tbe proper lime the prosecuting witness foiled to appear, and tbe case was postponed to another day At the next trial, the witness not appearing, and no other evidence being offered, the case was dismissed D^U.Ul .V.. 1 ?X At- ?1? uviia iwiiNin wea? L uai j^ru wiiu I call II a pair* gaiter boots from Francis I'rott. and was committed, in default of ball, to the Jail for bia appearance at court. Thomas Fletcher (colored) was arrested for stealing eighty pounds of beef from Jobn H. Hurley; committed for court. Kdward Grey (colored) was charged with stealing a wood <taw from Vincent Harris. He was committed to jail for court. Alexander Jackson was accused of stealing butter from Jobn H. Caldwell. Committed to jail Id default of ball. Wm Dent was arrested for stealing a hat from the rack of Thomas H. Maddox. He waa sent to iall 4 Criminal Court ?Yesterday, Simon Me>er, cbarbed Willi stealing clothing and money from Wymer Miller. was convicted on trial, and sentenced to twelve montba in the Penitentiary. Ch.irles Bond waa tried for assault aiul battery with intent to kill Mr John Jenifer. Tbe jury returned a verdict of siu.ple aa*ault and battery, without the felonious luteut. Bond was not sentenced. To-day, Henry \V ilaon. alias T. W. Marsli.was arraigned and tried on a charge of stealing two borsr* hud a buggy, of the aggregate value of S-Vrf). from Thoniaa Williams The case waa till pending when we left the room. I.adiks, the beat place to set your Christmas presents it at Mrs. K. (1. Ktchison's, No. 12 l'a avaiiiiii* \trk/> ha* ??tn?noH f?nm tK? V " " ?? U<M J ? ? ?V?14 1IS< V* ?l VMt IUC iiv/l kU with a complete assortment of Fancy Goods, all of which sbe has selected herself especially for tbe approaching holidays. Her stock of real Lace Collars, Sets. Handkerchiefs. Veils, embroidered and pla'n Linen Sets, French worked Sets and Collars, Head Dresses, net Sleeves, Fans, Fortmonales, Linen Collars and Handkerchiefs, and a larze stock of Fancy Articles, (any of wblch will maxe a very handsome present,) will he sold very rWn We advise von to iro at once to No 1'J Pa avenue, and get your presents before they are picked over. f Not Foc5d.?The body of Mr. George Howard, who waa drowned on Monday night near the Penitentiary wharf, has not vet be**n recovered, altnough hi* frienda for the last two daya have been dragging and using every other exertion in their power to regain it. Wi wovld advice all our reader* In want-of clothing, furnishing goods, bat* and cap*, to call on Smith, No. 4(H) Seventh street. He offer* great bargain*. f Skscatiov the Silk Thadk.? Perry 4 Brother's prices for Silk goods, and the extent of their stock, is at this time making a senaition among oar lady friends f To-day, the Uth of December, la the anniversary of the death of Washington . ra l f ?l * i aa . .a k ka d iiio it lowing tetter irom a ni?my respect able gent.eman: L.iMK?TON?, Montonr Co , Pa., Oct. 52. This la to cat til; that 1 was pronouuced b* several physician* a* consumptive, and had all the symptoms < f the disease id its wor?t fori*. such aa coasting. severe pains in tho chost vho.-tni'ss ?l hreath. nig tit s w< ?<s, and extreme Weakness and lassitude in iri> whole system My fainiiy neariy a 1 having died of the disease. 1 hail given up a I hope of recovery, a* nothing gave me relief; hut liirouxh tb? persuasion ?f a friend I was induced to t~i D.-. Wt-'tar's Baifavt of Wild Ch'rry. Th? first bottle relieved me considerably, and the third bet? e cured me entirely. I how feel a> well aa evei 1 did in jny life, ar.d am abie to follow rny occupation as fa'oier aa fui.y as any one. 1 also had a si?t?r iu a more advanced atate oi .i ' x. ? _ . l..? - i.A? c. ..j i.-- k. .i r~. I lie UI ?< ? ', IiatillK UUCJi cui:uuctl IV UCI UtU lul uver a vi ar. find p oaounoaa beyond bop* kr om bent pi'iiticisna. Sine alio vu entirely oornl bj tii* Wiifl Cluirry, but it required hi * or sight bot alio still tiku* it oooa.-ionaily aa a pro r?Otativ<*, hein< i atu-al'r wna* chestod. I would smuarely ui?o all who tie umi'arly af fliuted to tr/ Ur- Wi tar's Balsam of Wild Cherry as I am tati*fied that but lor jour own valuabii reiu?*iy my si*tor and myself would not now I* living. 1 in.! cheerfully aimwer ant ono wlio ma; aUdrc8? meun the subject, and ?t u? our caaei more fully. Jacob Millii. Prefar. d 8?fh \V. Fowle ft Co., Uoaton, am for iiale in Wafbiugton cit? (J. Stott. V. K Waite /. l>. (ii man, John Schwarze. Nairn ft Pa.iTiei John Wiloy, J 15. Mooid, fcud H H. McPfiersor in ir > r<*t'?wn by H. 8 T. Cl?a 11 and G M. ft J Skitbroa, and by d: u<gi?ta aver; where, de 14-lw, Pnnn. Po-?ons ilesirmg ponnica will always fiod th?r or excri?fig>> at me :*;?r uiuco cvuiiior. u THiriMtLK m>)aniz*tion is often ai frail a that of a t.-nder tlovcr Many of the ?ox enter nit marriage relation* without l,?in< able to underg the labor ami trials of matornity In tltiacountr ttioU'an<J? ofyjung a id beautiful women are nao.-i ficed everr year from Una cause aloue Hoetetter' celebrated ^toin^cii Hitter* will ?ave many of thi ciatH from ai untimely grave This medicine ha b ?n u-ixl wi.h grrat bouoht by iiniiieime uunibei r of p>>op!e throughout the republic, a- d the pr> prii torn have reo. ived grateful commendations from a eelions of the country. The (Jitters wi I b.? foun lO no very ptOSiAai IU IIIC tauo, cvcu <? a urV01 ok< and prompt ?cd p >wer ul iu it* elfMsta* a medioim > 1'. in uses mw * itAlity into tlie f ?iiih, ami sirenctl ' en* the whole system so thai vom>inivhuuia arc rnabl d *o <o through with labor* whion, witt , out it weu!d l>e certain lo prostrate them. ' So d by all druggists, de 10-eoSt . Hollow* t's Piias. : Fitnal' C*mplamtt.?N? o?b?r raedioines of tl 1 day ?<Mtk4?a the property of restrain m< those Ino > dinate flows incid<Ltal to the gentler **, ai ; which ?re ths sad results of nervous debility < > eofeet) 'J oonetitnt on Thousands of females I Amenta owo t^eir exixtenoj and the actual enjo; IMOl ul a i m IUUI1H?HI| innio ohidiikuiu rum - 4Ue. Tb lir nature ia to simple mat Uiev mar I taken by the rnuat iJeiioate fttnal? with per fret ire r dom and safety hold by all drugguts, at 25 j. CM aad 9; j>?r box. de 10 lw To the Am.iCTSb!-U* aura to read the adva ' tii?meit .if McLeaa'a Strengthening Cordial ai ' Blood Purifier, ia another ooluinn. tl J Comus.?The auddeu ohannea of onj- climate a iroeiol fuimonary, arnncntm and As.nmat \ Afetttont. Experience having proved that aiiuf 1, remedies often act speedily and certainly vb< y taken in the early ktatea of the dianaae, reoour aloald at ocoe be had to '* Brown's Brtntki Truth**." or l.osaogpe. let the Cold, Couch, or I r ritation of ths Tnroat b? ever ?o alight, aa by th >r precauti ?> a more aeriod* attack ro*? ho etieo'uit rmnfod o|T futiu Sptukcn Mid Sinter? wi:lfi * ui?m eti->?>ual lor u,Mn?( an,1 atrengihemn . tl J- voice, see auvertiaeiueat. del l] * Un?*?Aiii?rTft It L'tfii.rvi <o All of L>t. Hmnptirwys A Co.'n p.vsifio H a rueupatup K?i.i:diui put up axprensly lor fain uw, in buxea, at 25 and su cents each. All in cum, oontainms 3u rial*, from 34 to ? aach, with book of Tall direction!. For uie " 4. Ji. Oilman. 340 Pa. avenue, wholesale a " raUMlMeat: Vv. A. FitxceraJU, J33 north F btru * ala* b* K. B. Winter, oorner of Maxsachutott* a' ?n nue au Hlith ?tre?t. A Ian, Pond's Kxtrart of Vfi a- Hmutl.tor internal and external luMaininatmns rn ail kind?. Sold an abovo. ina9-l >a r ** - - / MARRIED. r Jft tbia fit).on the 1SU? inaUot. by K?v. i;h?i to I <*i L?#n? J, M r. on.\R[.K? CAN TEH fc> M I ^CJ)A t?in YH. jll Of ibiaottjr. Ob ?h? inataiU. at Or& R?r ] i il of T. i. .. ? ?>r : L I>I?U, of acar!et faver, *ft?r a * On th? 13th ?f ptouut 4 <U'a. H OIIK P. Ww? #. Jt. Bli II \VK9I,EY. b*iov?d ac (Lgfei 6 |?*fa Ml7 Month*. 'iltut. At Ikl it ^*! 33 je?ra. ftHKI ,JkEVIS?KU* d IPT8?GIFTS?MIFTS?GIFTS' ? If too wut to makp PreMaU, - *? OlfPTNAIi i? . k uu onpi'p s llgASIsjrff^ ?;S5af;8B;! " HSkrfJafa-. 5Kw?8EKB; ,|l i~ ???t. ?? ggg'AWplr' s ???ef da 13 * (Int > KWnth i WANTS. W ANTED?A 8*oood hand 8BOW CASK tor \ c >u*Ur, at O. Q. EVANS' Gift Booketor#, ? *76 Pa. ?*?nae. It \LT ANTKD-A SITUATION m houaeke?p<Y or "" to take oharc* of a ehitd ; acd also a Situation aa chambermaid aad aaamatrras The lieat <T raf arenoea si van. looolra at this ?ftoa. da 13 ? J, WANTED-A ateady, middle aged' WOMAN, " i Anwnwn preferred) to o<>ok and wuh for* " all family, goat vagea will he paid. Ir quire of Mra. JOHN B. KIBDEY, oorner Twanty-tfrat aad Boi'i arr aU. da 13 3t DRUGGIST ?An experienced druggiat derirea a re-engagement a* clerk in a drag atora. Rofrrencea of the highaat aharaotar will be given. Addree* " Pharmacien." Star Office. da It 6t Vt/ANTED?A WET NURSE, to go to South America with the iaauly of the lata Pa avian Minuter. It ia under* to ad that all the expenaea to go and to ooma back will he paid. Addraea to #th at atreet, Vo. 441?, or to DR. GARN ETT. ~ da l?-4t* - 'J V|7 ANTED-SECOND flA.ND FURNITURE, vv Peraoaa dec iniug housekoepina, or having a surp'ua of Furniture on hand,can uUaa thaoaan and fair prioea by apply in* at 369 Seventh at. no " ia g umrri i m. WANTKD IMMEDIATELY?From *5 to ?If-W worth ot SEQO.ND-HAND FITRNI TURKofaJl kind*, for whioh i will guaranty to pay j|. thehigiieet ioM, and. aa u?unl. at the ahorteat no- J_ tioe. R. bOcULY. pl Dealer is Furniture, Stnvea, Ac., oo9 4OS 7th at., bet. G and H. eaat aide. LOST AND FOUND. I CJTRAYED TO MY HOUSE, on the Highta of bi IO Georgetown, thre* MULES, one blaak. on? in aorrel, and the other a dun. 'i he owner < an have w them by oalling at Mra. BARBER'S and paying | charges. del4 3t* * I??TR AY?A sinaiI dark brindle BUFFALO i COW. A auitable reward will ba paiJ^MhnU for her return to No. 209 Eighth atreet,j5S%^ between M and N atreeta north. JaJto de 13 3t* flfeP REWARD.?Lout, a young,tery sirall b'aok C ZpD anU tau terrtor DOU.oaltd Ha had on a leather collar, and tha na ne;J<^J" y "Mabe Bayard" on a brass plate. Who evar ratu n? htm to No. le?4 F street will waive thetabov* reward. da 1S-3t* ctolen from a hall, on g street, beO tween 10th a>d 11th ata., on the evening of the 12th Deoeaiber. a new olive-colored overcoat n and some children's fl ks, for the retarn of (j which to this offioe a liberal reward will be paid. HA IQ LOAT?On Monday la*t, at or near the Capitol, a X DRAFT for 9M. al II day* suht, drawn by ^ Either ltunel.on Klijali Menderihall, of 1'lainQeld, . Indiana, to my ordtr. The Gudrr wil! be rewarded _ liy leaving the draft at 424 H nt. d* IS-at W. H HOOPER. REWARD.?Straved away. 9th m?tint, a V') red and white ?p<irted COW, a dark brindle face, with horns. The above |Ur reward will be given if returned <n t -AaaJk* owner,on F ktreet. near the corner of4.1. ft., I" and. ? de 1? at* JOHN P LUCAS. JJ PERSONAL. S MAS'l'KULOGisri 1 ADAME DKVI8E Will remain ona week 11 longer ; and *11 who are in trouble of any kiiid.csil r on her at once. Madam* will bring any one to >oti t and esuse thfin to love you; will cau^e gpeely mar- < ria*.-? ami er?at u???k1 luck ; will a 1 vise in rexa'd p to lawsuits, lotutda, inimliera, &c. Rendauoe, Kioli - a monH Huura. cornur fr.ighth and l? at*., ientranc ? p on li at ) Roiuoint>er, p >?ltiv ly, hjr last week ill t Waalnnxton. Prices very mode.ate. Callatouoe. c de 12 ft* ' r 1 /A a ttUAKlJlIS I*. * Boarding?Two suits of ne*t!y furtiHht-d 5 Rooms, on t!\e first anil recoud floor*, or, if de ired, will be rented separately, with or without Boar I App y at 4 M Kignth rt., between Qi;d H li streets,north of tlie Patent Office. Terms m<>der- 1 ate. ila 14-3* BOARDING.?A family,or two or three gentle- ' men, can Iw aoo xmnodated with Hoard at No. 453 Ninth street, one door south of F st. Terms moderate One of the largest and most desirable Koonia in tna uouae, lurnianed witn water and ica?, i it now unoccupied. Table Boarder* acoommo- I dated. no 28 15t* \7ERY SUPERIOR ~ | WINES AND LIQUORS. * WM. H. CAMPBELL fc CO., aucoeaaora to { John H Buthinan, No. 2?3, aouth aide Pa. avente, J b-Jt. <! and C>h ata., have just receu-ed a very choice selection of W1 SiES and LlQlHJKS frnm thefirat J importing house* of tne country, all of which inav 1 be implicitly relied on aa genuine ; among whion we nameOld Re*?rve Madeira, vintage 1344, Old L. P. do. ?ery fine, Sherry Wmea of everv cra'te. Ca'awi.a Wine, pu'e Port Wine, Olard, Dupur ft Co Cognac, London Dock, and other favorite LraoJs. 1 CHAMPAGNEVin |n perial. Green S?eai, Cabinet, G. H. Mumm'*. t Hei Jaiek 4t Co., Chas. fieidiiolr. i Cunacoa, AnDuette, Maraaohino, 1 Puooh Esaenoe Kiroheo Wa?cer, Arrac, Arple Brandy, Peach Brandy. i WtidOherry Br aiidy, B.ackberry Brandy, Catawba Rrandy, Superior Brand* Cicara. We have also, in bottle* ard in vomI . a pure genuine ??!d Rye Whiaky. whirh we can fully recomr mend an equal to any Whuky introduced into thia 1 ?. - ';i i.? .i .^..,.,^1 ?r .? w ii lull am wuinuxniui aiioMui, r **? e Pftoe* da iS-3t ' season ablk dry ooodb! Cloaks, Shawls, Flannels, . .. _ Merinoi, Ottomass, Blanket*, lt.^a" Cloths, Linsejrs, Fanoy Silks. Silk Robes, > Pophn?, Valencia*. Reps, 1 i L . Varna, Hooped Skirts, ' Irian Liren*. Sheetings, Napkins, HwCloth, Sal-k Flannel, P * j Wh'te Goods, Linen Sets, Kmbroideries, , Bombasines, Alpaecas, Counterpanes. Comforts. Towelings. All of * Inch wc off?*r at price* to suit the time*. ; de 12 TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. T gg CKNTRAL. STORKS! gg n CLOTH CLOAKS l~CLOTH CLOAKS " Cloth Cloaks, new Cloth Cloaks, _ Cl.itli "leaks ot new tying, '* (ioiti Cloaks of new strle*. " Black anil Colored troths, for r*|oaks, ? Hlm-k and Coli?red Cloth*, for Cloaks. ' 1> RKSS OOODS-DKKs?* GOODS-DRESS !_ VOODR! Raps, Valencia*, Merinos, Silks, Silk Robes, * and various other styles of Dress Goods; all ; msrktd down to meet the present state of the nvmey marts*. Wo invito all in want of Dry Goods to eivo us a J call, and w* l??l eontident thai thoy will be repaid ? for so dome. ! WM. R Rlf.EV A BROTHER. " No. 3li Central 8toree, I Between 7th atd tth ?tr?ete, J* de 12 2w Opposite Center Market. j\1 B8. N. 8. K1SHOP AND MISS E. OKA IK, 1*1 of l.Olti Chestnut street. Philadelphia, respectfully invite tho Lad tea of WashingtonflB) t<> their n-w and e>gant assortneut of Paria,^^ ie MILLJN KRY,expressly imported for Wwhiajr ton, at 334 Pa. avenue, over I'la^ett Sc. .May's, id dTlo 4t* ? I EPT, ON THE MORNING OF THUR8UAY r. Li laat.dunn* the fireat ray ahop.a bay MARE. Anj one returning the aetne to the Livrry Stab e K. of Lakeineyer,"n G ?treat, between '7th and I at U, e- wi 1 be (Uttabiy rewarded. W. H. rAKHKH. THE SUBSCRIBER De?irM to retain fete sincere thank* to a^e frten-bi who so kind!) aenated to r- ??ve his effect* oa the above oooaeion. id de 12-?t*o? w7h. PARKER. /GROCERIES! GRUCEKlEg'.: re Ijr GROCERIES!!! ic A lArjo Supply of Fine Fresh ,ie GROCERIES, LJ'JUORS, FR UJTS, *e., en Ju*t reetjved from New V ork. and for tale at ae price* to suit the time*. al Alio, a lot of w-? ? i? rf-v m r\ > in > >i > mm > nir ? ? r- n.>(.ubuiKi>a vtnieivii >ia Imoottevl uy myself. SWEET CIDER ??N DRAUGHT. ,?1 M. UREEN, Orocar, 16 de 12-?u6t* Corcer of L autl Thirteen h at*. ' MADAME DELAKUK nA . GK* ' Hit joat rep?nve<l from 1'a- U a nand-KffMg I. aoin* aud cUoice M*ortni?nt of FuliVltc<l ? DRES"* BONNkTa. iJ' lao, F1 O WJKRS in Sata, UauhM and Pprava, 5Si HEAD DRESSES, FEAT HEM, RIBANDS, if. Chantilly, Bruaael* and AUocon I.ACE*. KmhraiJarad and L&oa COI,LA?8. SI.kliVKS J??. and HANDKERCHIEFS. VKIIjS. BARUESand GOIFFL'R ES cf various LAm?iTs''CRAVATS.niM,il!y LaoeBERTHAS, wof CAVES *nU POINTS. L leather Silk and Gold KELTS, ? FANS of entirely now stjrles. Shall a-d Gold, Also, other FANCY ORNAMENTS. auph as Comba, Brao?lot<, Far ringa. Hair-?ine, Sleeve Buttons. Bill Clasps, Ac. . ' Fresh Po funurr. Jouvin*s t?loves. 4o ? AU of which, brin* of diroot importation, are of Nr. the varjF newest a'ylea. The attention ul the ladies is therefore etpeoitiily t?r ?nd retpeetiutlf aolroitod. * de 18 4t* 3*fe Penn. avenue. LA DIETER; U E N TLKAI K NVKI DGLOVES 'J. I p&i-m ^IL_pw&!S^S.F8^ *" . I Ha l?(fi Hoil^THJSG ?- CLO r?lM? L' ^ W'on-fifjv^tv^-sr IVfr* ?i?ou?Tmf ,#odi mm, of ? * / w J ???? iMt8touwni y AKHINOTON THEATER! THIS EVENINU. HEN*riTMpm!^*JOHNfT.tkVYMOND. ^CHILD OF THKRkGIMENT. >hn Bro?| hain't Pooahnntaa. MMtioM from IliiTUha. ViUikiBssod lui Dim*. And the Bcratminc Faroe of tke DUTCH ACTOR. 9*tQrd&T Benefit of the Aathor of FASHION* AND FOL.LIB8. The celebrated Am?rioaa Trft|*OiU, MV. E. KDOY "%V til appear on MONDAY, Deoember 17. Aa JACK^CADE. Poora open at 7, to eoinmenot at 8 o'clook OrotoetUtr ob&irs Al;drea? circle ami pa*que* 90 a.; private boxea 95 HHE SABBATH SCHOOL * T TAOHEU TO L ?T. PAUL'S LUTHERAN CHURCH, CoB.IBK Kl*y*ktk 1XD H STt., trill rive % CONCERT AND EXHIBITION On MO\DAY. Dft. 17iA. 1330, IN THE CHURCH. They will he assisted on the oecMion by the Choir h! distincaiahed Volar tear Talent, iiiciudiat the atly celebrated ' Kartells Childien," and the Amuon Quartette Club. Mr Johji H. SitirraBT Conductor. Mr. W. G. PAamvasT riaaiat. Ti?itfula 94 Man nhi IsirAn 1A ?/* >!1a k?. embers ot Mm school &a4 by Mr.MUKRR.toraw lerentli and ? its boors open at 6 o'c oek; oxojms to oommenoe at 7 o'clock fD~The Piano iskindly loaned by Mr F. Richenu>t., and is 01 the oelebrated Wna. Knabe&Co.'a ake_ _de U-3t REMEMBER THE ORPHANS EXTRAORDINARY ATTRACTION! at the SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. GRAND~CONCERT bt tbi hildren of Frotest't Orphan Asylum, luinea oj ui? OUN8 LADIES OF THE THIRD DISTRICT PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Under the direction of Prot J. H. Daniel, (Jn FRIDAY EVENING, the 14th in?t? Commencing at ?S o'oiook. A QUARTETTE of younc centlemen hare rol teered thxir services, m also the MARINE AND for the occasion. Tin L* A f a Of% AAntl AAn Ka f Mi? \r uain anil took ^tore*, and at the door on the evening of the oncert. Mr. John F. Ellia has kindly furnished one of hi* stt pianos. * de 10 td TO M, THE BLIND NEGRO SOY PIANIST: THE WONDER OF THE WOHI.D! THE MARVEL OF THE AGE! A Living Mir?cle! Blind from hirth. without one lonieut'a instruction, not even knowing the nam* f a single koy on the finger boa-d, or the shape of piano, lLeompetent 10 a??*rt r Ibo ?!i!ip,ei?; yueai?>n in regard to music?>et master of the Piano; la> mg I'om the opera* of X"r:na, Linda. Luc ret i a I 'rgia, l)aj|(Uter of the Regiment, Trovatore, 'raviaia. and other*, with & muter hand ami uaater nyuoU. Here ta a aUidy for learuod man. A tigr<? child, orly ten rear* old, raiaed upon a planation, simple minded. a child in a'l !iu w islie* and rarta? matter of on* of the ^re*te:.t Msieno^a; ia? uiK two piecea of muai j at o~c*? ai d oouveiainc .t tlio same tune?re producing the moat difficult iec^Bafter ^nce hearing th^ni-plajing tlien condo r> anv piece without even h?arinr it oi ce, then hanging aeata and re-pr?>dooing the priiro cor"ctljr? eerfonn* with hio hack to the iuatrument? inga it (<ern>a:i and withont ondo' at\n-, ie either language. All of wluoh wi 1 ho done on h? atage. CinoorUal the A??enih]jr Rooms,comnencing TUii>DAY KVKNING. lK?or*op*ij ?t l? o'olooV, concert coiniuei:oiiig at 7W. Aiiiutssioii Dots.: ciildron2jcU. Matinoea Thursday and Saturday at So'clook. Thia h ii>g the only week i-i the city, tf.ia is the Abt < pportunity of aeemg this great Musical Phetomeiiort. de? lw* C. G. ATWELL. Agent. BALLS, PARTIES, &c. ^JUKBAH FOR THK SHIELDS BOYS: The Shields Bcya t\ke treat pleaaure la annonncng to their many Irienda. and Ute public in teiiera', that they will five their Seventh j|V jR ANl) ASSEMBLY at the WaahingtonMk Va*emtily Roowia, on FRIOAY, DfO. 2<rt,UH^ ?6'. The m?ml>era pledged tli?<naelvee thatit vl l in one of the moat aleftaant and atree&lile of the leason. Ticket* 60 cents, admitting a gentleman md ladies. Committee ef*Arranstm*nti. J. Flanegan, J. Harruan, J. H<>*an, A. Gleasen. M. Harruan. de u 2t* J OOK OUT FOR THE BASHFUL BOYS! The third grand COTILLON PARTY of the BAHHFL'LjCLUB will ho given at Potomac Hall,corner Maryland av. and Uth ?t, on is MONDAY. Deo 17. The Committee pledge JIM themselves that no pains tior expense will heuiiBfc spared to make this r*? party ? f the aeason. Tick' BUWoen o<laittliu>; a gent'.oman and !ali-s. de 13-4f THF. MKMBKRS OP THK W fc S T K 11 N HOSE COMPANY respectfully an ft* nikimud In (liAir frionHa a n?f tint i >i Ira IIUU U??? II li II ' a |?II'? ?||W jrwi/nv reneial that (h<2T inreod KivmiE a iB GRAND COTIuLON 1'ARTY uft AT SroTrV IIai.L DECEMBER 27, 1*60 de '3 3T THE COMMITTKK. T announcement. HEMemlmri ofth* PERSKVER ANCE FIRE COMPANY, No 5, have the plf&iurtt to an H i iniii(-? ?.? thmr mmiv ino iiirire friends, and fl the public in reneriil, that their third <rami/IX annual GOT1I.LON PARTY wi 1 take plar eLdfc at Franklin Hall, oor. 9th and D stu , on TUK?DA Y. January 8th. 1861. Partieu am iu future ad vertiaement. iJy order of the Lsocutivo Committee. do U-3t H O Y T * * Hiawatha Klalr Restorative In warranted in ever} instacoi to Rb'Tosk Gray Hair to its Original Color. it h<w 'ioen applied IN THOUSANDS OK CASKS In the principal oitiea A New Kngiari<1, and HAS NO!1 FAILEOin a smcla ini &.ot tj aoooinpli h all that is claimed for it. No Hair ii so Gray or Red but the yiA WATHA will chant* it to a toast lu! Ufa liko Brown and bTaok. It is not an iuatantanooua d?o which crooka, smuts and gives ad?ad Mark oofor to th? hair; the patieut havng to submit to aoapinc. wash.Dg and sponging of the hair every time t la applied: uor is it a preparation of sulphur, su<ar of lead, &n., nor of am nicrndienta deieirrious to th* heir of akin. It iaau article r?<iniritiE no preparation, do waahir.g before or alter u?i: g. it ib arphod if live minut m time, and with as lut'e trouble u any ordinary aitice lor th? toilet. "People who have na?d thia pr?paration daelara it ia iniracuinaa in ita ctfVcta, and rhat it will p?rf^rmal! that it pretend" to do "'?Callou'i Pictorial. "Ita aaeu<nta wonderful, and wo can only aar we i d?r?ea!lthe proprietor saya in retard tj i'."? Bono* Journal. '"We obeerve, by a notice in a Boston paper, that a premium waaawarded b? theMa>aaohna?tta Me oh?nioa' ChantaMo Aaa<>ciation,at 'heir Ufa Fair, Uotton.tu Mr. Joaeph Hojrt of thia city, for hia C MftDimieU "fll&Vliil> n&ir nnwrnuve, au m which nehlv merited thiafavor. It wax for ita auperior Rifrita m tiiia reaped that the Committee, after auffiaiaat cridoaM pr?*erHe<l to thema? vea, awarl?dl<> Mr. Hoyt thia fl&tteriug teatimonial Proeidtnc* E renin* Pent. Hold in Waabmcton by J. W. Nairn. D. B Clarfe, Kid wed k lAwrenoe D. G. Ridfalav. In Georgetown by J. L? Kidvall, and by Drurpata generally, da 12 lg At FRENCH A^IUcfi KIN'8 27ft Pa. a* Agenti for tkt trkol*. World. Fo'ka 3on??, ele?antly bonnd, printed on toned ?"?r full Tnrirev Hi t: Drie* ?10 if aent l>v mail 'fhe Moral History of Woman, from the French of Ernest Letore, translated by J. W. Palmer; M D.: prion 91 by mail. All of Marion Har anil's Book*. Nemaiii. Moti Sid*, Hidden Path and Alone; price each #1.35 bj mail no 81 DE8T FANCY GOODS, O AT PRICES TO SUIT TIIE TIMES, Axd Osi PbickOslt, a a vik3>.? d mmv k POD L' Ai ci [,tk.[io o r a v i d i "in-, BO 2i It 3JM>, betw. ?th auU 10th sts. |?RAUY'd NATtONALRFHOTOG RAPE 8in Prm Avk'nui. On exhibition, beautifully finished Photograph or the PrttideiitaDd Viae President elect; Imporia Photographs of all the fmm Jacfc?on V Uaohauati; of all the Members of the Senate ux House of Representors* of the present Gonsrest of UiA prince uf Wales and a large number > { dM tmgniihad foreign per?onages; of nearly all oa srouuauat Statesmen. Poets, A rtists, Aath> rs, Ed ltors, Cl<*R>iu' i), Gwiarals and Commodores. Tti? largest Plain Piit* raphe is the wurld. The Colored PaoUigraphs russt be seen to be ap ir;"Oiat*l. . Twontr-fivo fnll Uncth Portrait ViaitiMf Canli , ttai tly (. juL.hJ fur kve dollar* { ' O^K dUaiDRKD PHOTOGRAPHS POl FIVE dollars:! Fnocn fur all othar atjlaa equally modarata. da K* lm 486 IN'A'EK10R ADORNMENTS. <U| ' CAWl HANGINGS, all gradaa and friOM Warranted (Jold Hand Wiadow *bad*a Buff, tirMR, and Bias Holland Shadea, a at tea, made to ordar a aanrtanant *\t P.ill ? ustMWWV ?IW m *v*?M v wTiiwIt, all aixaaa-d oolora. 1 Purehaamg for oath, and allowing no old ?to< ' toaooemulate. pereoui tetdiri ibe abora cikx t will ind it to their advantage to give nta a call. ' All work executed and eapariatoaded by praert sal men wh > have aarved a regular apprentioaeli at?hair trade. Hatiafaation guarantied or no par repaired. ? ?*?*>vk kk,7K*" , savx~..n"i. I IP YOU WANT TO SAVE THE UNION - 3BT fc rtyt'ir net CO aa4 ?? liUral t'rmii t P. B r-Oi?t?ri eerved tofomihae and kotali I not ca tted; th?y are only eealded (w pareona el in? them at the ?\li>>n. T. i*. ?4iv?ry : GEORGETOWN. CtrrtJjwnd*tu4 / The Star. Biomitowi. Decani bar 14. lr#? Mr. Aogtiat fcbert. wto shot himself on MoodiT night last, a* stated tn oar letter of yesterday, died this morning at half paat eight o'clock l.ock No Jl. (known to boatmen as Duley'a ' lock,) near the Great Falls. fell 1b yesterday. and t of coune navigation cannot be rcaaniad this aea- J son a n? uvr id* pleasure u> announce the cumue- ' tton of the w<-od in4 Iron work of the Aqueduct Oridge over Cock creek, 0D? of the tin rat and f moat gracefhl structure* tn the country. Meter* ? Desmond A Sons. cf Baltimore, were tke contrar- a tors, and have done their work in the moat ex<-el- a lent aianner, and to the entire satisfaction of the ' Government officers in eharjre The work was * finished on Tuesday last, and has been accej>Ud f and paid for. We understand thst the night school lately established, is attended by very snail boys, with one or two exceptions. Hew is this* We had s supposed that our youths and young men (appren- f tice* tnri otllMl-1 would aUuAlv K? w BtrsiUd tkun. fl rivet of UiU opportunity to learn a little " read- c ing. 'rltlng. and 'rltbmatic." Do tber know enough already?or are their engagement! so preaa- 1 ing aad aiunaementa to absorbing after dark, a* to leave U>?m no time for the acqultition of 1 knowledge? We fe?l aome delicacy 1 n calling the attention of our " f?t" boy*?repr* ten tall vea c of Young America"?to?o trifling a aubject, but * won ia in*i \UfT" may rome a dav when they will regret time waatea and opportuaitlra I ' thrown away. Lovers of gtvxi orvtera?and that Includes n<vly every man. woman, and child In oar corporate limit*?will wf by the advertisement below, that there is a new depot opened on Highstreet, where raw, roasted, stewed, fried, and aralded. are served up or aent out. Give the proprietor a call. J GEORGETOWN ADVEBT'MTS 1 Ol YSTBBS! OYBTKRi*I OYSTERS*! f The undersigned haa upeued u OYSTKK DK- \ POT on High ?treet. near the corner of^Kv Ci), and can furbish. ateli UniM. Rs?,-^^ R_ J . Stewed. Fried, Roaeied. or goaided^Alfl# OYSTERS'. Partiee o&n to eoivwl ia private noma. Faintii * supp led with c Ojratera or FldH, by leaving tneir o'der* a* al>ov6. _Ue 11-1 in J. V. COL.LINH. r C BARRK1.8 PRIME LEAF LARD, / 2,0ii0 pounds low SHOL'l.OtRS, 1 1 000 pounds new Sugar Cured HAMS, 5,00(1 do frash slaughtered HOGj*, t barrels Cru?he<l andPulvenaed SUGARS, t 10 do Refiued Browa do. demST **'b* W. ?. TF.NXKV. * JUST RtCEIVKD? i 10 hhde. prime Porto Rion SUGAR?, 150 l>bi*. O.d Rre WHIRRY, ! aMI>(>!s. HERRING and ALKWIVF8. * ? fin iibla. Crushed and R-fin -d -L'G ARS. ?> t.ats a^d Java COFFEE, I 16 hE?U.<low prioedt MOLASSES. t For walahT JOHN J BOGCE. te 10 ( t AA t>n?0 /\?S nutaao V J,... i?? bdu*. ur rinnr.uinbK, ' U?T Arrived tad for tale oho&a lor ea?U. t no 13 AKNV *. SHIMN. J iVIASSLY, COLLINS A C(1'S PHiLADKLiTl PHIA DRaIUHT A LK.-Wear* constant y receiving irMh supplies of the at>o re delightful b*Ter*ge. and invite ail ?*r?on? who want a pure un- < aauiterafed Ale, to give it a trial. AKNV * SHINN, Ar*nta. fe? *T Urnoii ?t. Srorrrtowfc TV A n u i r p a irn r? mrm r V 'XV CAliU Al> U XVi"^> X . [For otknj1 For Salt and Htn-t'1, < ftifirtt vagi ] | UOK K KNT? In t??nr?*lowi], a > amfaome and T co-iveuieut t'<?TTAGE R ESIDENOK. containing 9 room*, kitchen, pantry, Ac There laattaotir.! a larte anil hpactoua lot, and t'?iida no of a.)ue.l.ici ??d tump water on ttie premiiea It i? in the immediate vicit i'y ol the Col ege and Academy of the Vi*u* ion, ?'|i]i-'liHtant from both. Th? propertr i? ail in complete repair. Inquire corner i 3i m.-d High ?t?. de l?-eo3w* qnHE STOCK AND FIXTl RKSo? a f.ARGE 1 MKRCHANT TAP.ORlNG KfrTABLlSH RIBNT l-OR SALE?The subaoriixr laving de termmed to retire from bu*iliJ.?, otters for sale hi* entire stock of *resh and well s*.octtd CUtbi. Ac. The utirck i? not very heavy, and tr?ll ai-aored from late importation*. The store. which Ue to** occupied for over twenty ve^rs, i* an oid r?tal>ii*hed ! stand, one of the he?t on the Avenue, nnd-r a iarje and me!l patronized hotel?the Umte-i State*. For Win*. Ac., app'y to 1*. \V. BROWNING, under fr. 1 A Q*.w? 1 L niirri iiuvt-i. ur 11 junwijim l F'OR RKNT?A three ?tory and baaewwr.t FKA.MK HOLSK, n<-ar l'a T?'.th, (vera Pi amt H tti., Nn 413. Inquire at SlBf.KY 4. GUY'S Harii war^_}*tore, l'a av. dp 12 tf RKNT H KDl<" KO.-Thatpoa'ant COTT A GK Rri^lDENCK. sontiiniwi ? r?w?mB, witn froi.t balcony larpe *ar?l hi I otai.l r?ar, I ontirr H ?t., in I'riiitiOK Orti in nnre. btftvwn North Ctpit-'l and First *U. will i<4 rented for $ If. per mot til to a punctual terrwit. Address, by letter or in person, WM. STICKNKV. de 11 tf FURNISHED HOISK FOR KKAT, provided wiihallthe iiiiKl?rn i:upHivemciiW. cjiner cf New \ ork av. aud l'ourteeiiUi Bt. AppU &t 4-VI Fifteenth Bt. an 12 |?OK REN1-A new HKICK HOU*K, with r back hill 1*1:and cellar, having 8 roouu with eaa, and md* alley. d'uatod on I. at reet. near Thirteenth. Reiit moderate to a Rood te-ant. Inquire ol M. GRKKN, Grccer, corner of Tfiirt?*?"uth and I, tn? i nn property m n?>ar f ran* in now, or,iy a few minute*' vraJk from tlm Trt>a?urv Buildings, and one of tbe healthiest locations uj Washington. Je U ? 3t* 1?OR RKNT-Twn tine PARLORS on first tio<T, anU three C'HA.MHKRf* on the reoond floor at?Ke. at No. 7 A Missouti avenue, between 4'> and 31 sts . near the corner of 3i ?U de l'? atwfiw* li*OR R KN T?A very conniiiodioua HOUHKand F G AK l>KN, Itih aod being l>etween Hr?t st. eatt and North Capitol t>t, l.on tided by I and II ate On ttiiA lot 19 a very large grape arbor id ful t ear ing, five very fine a*|><ira?us b-ds. and a con^iderab i> quantity of fino currant bushes, b ack ami white ; also, several fruit trees of a ve v superior qu&litv, many rose bushes of the hneat kinds. ard many hue plants of flowerk,*o The rent will be low to an approved tenant. There is a very Urge ice-hou*) iu the adjoining lot, which wi 1 be r >nUd separately Pos?<suon given m the 1st of Janu : I A.' I * I* * . \ 1 ? ? ULWHtrV looi. rur iura? mj mr? t. pavvi^i Fifth at ; or to No. 519 I at reet, between fctli an J 7th. (Intel.) de lf>-.steo* i^RON r PARLOR AND CHAMBER (on the r firtt floor i for rent, on Eleventh at, between Fa avenue anJ C at-.opp >?ite tu? Theater. de 10 ^teo* F~" OK SALfc OK RKN J'-A fit.* UWKLLlNtiHulJSE. containing 11 rooma, ard Hue >aril, ?itu&te.! -J02 I at, b tween it'th an.I 21 at ata For torn'* pirate inquire nextdoor, of Mr. BL'CHIGNANI. de lu l?r* l^L'RNISHLD ROOHS.-Meml.Ma of Conireae I and other* in want of nicely Furnished Rooms, lu Euiti or single. ran liiul them by applying at No. .10 Four aad-a-h&lf st., east side, !>6twe*u Pa av. an.l C st. de 3-lw* FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT, at 4?? D street. between 6th and 7th ?t-V de 4-tf FOR RENT-A PARLOR, on the first floor, and three fine Bedrooms on the floor above, at No 27?> Pa.avenue, t?o door* ?&>t of the Kirkwoou House. de_? tf_ I^URMSHEU ROOMS FOR RENT .-Seroral neatly tarnish d Rooms oau Uaottaiued at r*a on&b'e rates ou application at No i'i Thud str?*t ea?t, Captlol Hilt, three squares from the Cap.tol. The fan.i r of th* advertiser ?oasists of two persona, and no children. "* de l-ortt* I7H>* RRNT^A tkraa toyw BRICK nvviCLL r INtJ HOUSE, witii baok Lutidiu*. on liih ?t-. No. 47 0. between K and G streets. Apply to J. KIRK WOOD, 4T6 Twe fth St. no 13-dtf l^OK RENT?A four-e?ory brown frost DWKLr i 1 I I NO, situated on Thirteenth st , l>etween L and Massachusetts av.,o?eof tfle ixxt do?i>aMe locations in the city. Tb?< house is furnished with s'uk a ><{ k v tiiraa Wltk I !!!? mr ui vm.r?, ?v( f??u i nAtui w? wi?n r IwUb room Inquire M WM. P. SHfcUU'S Fucy Store, No. 502 Eleventh it. oe2T-44t* FOR RKNT?AUiree etory Uriek HOUffc.oontaimag S room*, in good order, with ta? hxtnr?n complete, ?n H ?treet. between 4th end Mh. Alto, a two-?torj brick CN'TTAtiK, with large yard attached, corner of K etreet north an i 14th ?t. oust. To puuotuai and reliable tenant* the term* . wiil bo noderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth atreet, 1 between ti add H. bo 15-tf VA CARD. 1RG1NIA AND _ . SOUTH CAROLINA MUNEY. J AND OF ALL OTHER STATES, TAKES AT FA1, i; a&d Goods sold at the luvwt aiarket prioe for (mK. r A superior etook of CLOTHING novoe hind, " ami t??vii>{ to emptor now oue aorurati and fifty (Mad*, whteh we wish to 10 inplcrnteiit dgrteK thu pauic, we ?L1 off*r e*tr? indoaM?a'a to " purchasers. Goods nude to ordet in the haa* atylaa !? WAL.L,I?T?PHKN* A CO , 2 ao a Sw Pa. ar . bet 9th and MU at*. OUR BONNBT3, HATS, and FLATS ?.t th? very latest la all oaaea miute^gK of Die beat m&tariai. Call at ono? mh! . oho ce. ..?4t ltltVU(M,9f 3 nog tf 3*B? mw.ium<nih?ta. DA. HUBNERf KKSSMAKINH KsTABUPHllKNT, " No. 406 Elbvcs m i?t . d HctVMD P?.?T?1M Mtl t H. 11 kiada of l?adira Garo*?aU. Dfwm, Cloak* Maauleu. CkMtMield tfecks, Zouav. J*,**. Ac-, As., out ami made to ordar by enrj faantoi r Mw la the latMt Pant a ad London stylM, at tta short?t nyhga. ?^KGARt AND TOBACCO FOR TO* MIL* Tli* nd?rai(D?(l would 'rasMOtfclly inform hi MUteroua friend* tad ttao pubiiu IM the Ot>pwt |Niki? katMnfor* aKMttac Mfr OM Arm ? UKHRg*?ft VV ilUMiMI, bW bMB 4?MUl**1 U m? ? tu?i coDHHt, i d vhu liu op?wd ? Il.? ? m th omner fjb and SmmU ?U. weet, npp.v?tt* th ^^^wKr^regaagy&a It mfo'teHon, m 41 u (kmMU* milunn ^ whoWaale aai retail. 9 TKaakfuT for put he tnpc* by fa.r d^aJ ins and sinoimention u? tb* wauu and i-it?rea? * WltaMiblioiB tiibaa ui merit ?#oat?e?*ne-> < It- tie pat'o:ia<e M LUwfclly b?to wed apoo tU* MM oVlm* * >. WlKtiMANN. m ? a. THE LATEST NEWS TELEGRAPHIC. Tbo MaUrri ( rtiu. Bitox Rorei, Dec II -Tfci WU prort^lw or the election of d*.eg*te* to U* Ctato Cmwtea to be held at^ Bntoa Ron** M UtMif uw powni wiu HMH lUOBg (Sort wu uUf to put tbe qo?tlMtC?ttntion or no Convention, before Um people Tbe Military bill paasrd both Room, appro irtatlug <oii(>,00t, providing tor th* appointment >f a Military CoimniMtoa and Military Burwu; Im. for tbe organization of wlnttw com pa nix ind arming tbe unit, and for establish 1ng *!!]* ary depots Tbe Military Board will b? c?aeued Immediately. and amir one will b? sent t* >urrbaae arnia Tbe amendment of tb? Ho?a brbldding tbe purchase of arma at tb? Nortb by b? Board wu lost Tbe bill of tbe Houee cmlacatlng all tbejtim-da arriving from Um Nortbera Ha tea afler tbe fit of January, and applying lb* troeeeds of tbe aale of tbe same to tbe pare ba? if arnta, waa referred to a joint conalM^ tad rested consideable fun Tbe Legislature adjourned till to Korrow.whta t will probably flniaa iu business Hato* Roto k, Dec u!.?Tbe Senate | u<*d (be Convention biila, after an eicuueat opposition week by Mr Randall llunt Mr Wtrt Adams, f Mississippi.?u introduced to tbe joint area!en, id made a mrKli anuounr in^ u.? M taaippi. and >i?k:nt tbe co-operation of Loulslua, rtairb wu rortliJUf received Tue ball was rowjtd A bill to appoint Coaamtasionera to Um later alave MaU-t create mucb dl?cuaaloa, but raa lost A resolution req ut-aUog tbe Governor ocojamunWate to tbe tiovernora of oilier S^utb trn Statea aa to tbe condition of tbe country, was idaftod. Tbe extra s>-aaion of tba Legiaiatur* Uaa ad aurnrd tint Jn vHiiLUTvs, Uec 12 ?Tike Courier believes, t says, that compromise Is impoesile Ca*blb?tor. W u ?At Fort NouUrkamr arge force 1* said to be worklag n ght and dar. to one It iiow admitted unless Incompany rith tbe Ccmmaudsnt The Sixteenth Rrglmeut of Sontli Carolina lllltta mustered to-day, ?Hm> string Their strange pprirtncctttLiiUinr provoked a good deal of otutnetit A dispatch from Washington announces the carnation of Assistant Secretary Treacott Tbe btnks contemplate resuming specie paynenta?one baa doue so already. Colombia. Dec 13 ?The Senate have adopted he report appropriating half a million dollars for he eilgencles which accession may create Artifsra, Dec U?l.arge eecmelon meetings rerr beld laat uiulit at t*avaj??al. c?* VtlanU. So far ibe nteelinvt held In this Slate lave been more of a conservative than triMlow temp. All, however, favor resistance iu some orui .Momgomkst, l>ec. lo ?Tbe Advertiser to4ir mbllabea ?be prea^iituient of the Uratid Jury of be Didrlrl Kidittl Court. ?ie> lartmr the federal iovernment to br a worthies*. ioipoteut muss ire, >y pfmiittlii" violation* t>f tbe Cauittattan (h be Stste* nullifying tbe f j^itiv* u*t taw, and iom other causes.. tnrtpian Newi Hatirax, Dec. U?The atetauisliip Kufwpa, Troin Liverpool, via ? (utmIowd, with date* to 1st December. baa arrived Dec I.?1 he 1'ava s*vs tbe stsv ?f King I'l.-t/if Kman.ial 11? < 1 1" w-11 * ' *" - tlOU. Losno*, Saturday evening.?Tba fundi have tjcen Infi imced bjr tb<? Mlnfactorv eluncw of the bank returns ConcTB advanced one-eighth per cent Fl5A*CIAt Aft AIM The Bank of KngUad reduced lta rat>> of discount on Thursday from ? to 5 per coot Tbo movement Lad no effect on th?* fund*. Tbedr nand for tnonef on the following day waa very active, botb at the Hank and In the onrn market Seventy thouantid aevereipna were <{rawn from Ibe Bank on Friday. MWell u ?90.000 Meritac :* bar gold, for ah!potent per Europe Urge amount is reported withdrawn from the Liverpool branch It waa anticipated that tbe Atlantic next wwl would take a heavy amount Tbeae movements aff-cted the funds, and consols declined X on Friday The flnane'al writers all canvaaa the preapecti of the American panic. The Tim' clt\- article aava th? m?lf k?? reached a atsge resembling some of the worst dars of J7. bat tb? lending commercial people seemed to be aware of lta utter gronndleasnesa, so that the alarm was by uo meant equal to the agitation The Times argues that the receipts of goid from Holland will immediately change the whole character of the New Vork money market. Italy The garrison of 0seta had made a sortie. In order to capture the strategetical positions In the subuibs. but were repulsed with afstkiafierions d<itnrbe?ees, with loss of life, sre repo.ud J? Debre? z.n and Kpererres, Hungary,'Jftth PtCIKlA. M. Steiber, Director of Police, had been diamiated. Frem l allterala. kv I'mw Ki?i ? Fomr Krtmtr. !> < 13 ?Tbe <"aMfornla pony express of tbe latum has arrived here. Tbe secession excitement was ttie all-abenrblng questtoa Sn California. Some i f tbe Breckinridge papers were publishing carefully-written articles flooring tbe formation of a Pacific Republic, bat tbey attracted little attention Tbe republican papera are urging tbe selection of a Callfornlan In tL? formation of Mr Lincoln's Cabinet, alao a cbango In tbe judiciary system, so tbat tbe U. 9. Supreme J udge shall preside attbe Circuit Court on tbe Pacific coaat. Tbe traders of. the nerro riot et Victoria hiva been tried and acquitted the disturbances not being premeditated. Advice* from Japan stste tbat tb? brig of war Camilla, which left Hakodadl HeptearSVter ?th, was lost In a typhoon utf Kanayaka All bands perished. Moat of tbe atore houses at Yokuhama wera destroyed >?y tbe aame typhoon Adviceafrom China ta the 8th of October bad alao reached San Francisco It was reported tbat tbe Allied fleet was wltbln tigut of Prkln. and that tbe Kmperor had tied The it^iiurf Cortex left San Francisco as tbe Ut wilt f 1,-Jjo.Um la specie. for New York (' rriltcB ( VirgiaiM Mlut* Mrs. Notr?i.t, D?*c Pi?Tbe Argea of this morning c*l!s for a Convention of tbe Minute Men of Prince** Antic and Norfolk eonntlee, end of tbe cities of Norfolk and Portsmouth, to mrft here on tbe 19th Promi ueut and ieHueatlal speakers will be present Tbe excitement is still on tbe lncreeae, and the wish for secession is growing stronger In this lectiou. rria morion Norfolk, Dec 14.?The condemned alarer?"* Storm King end Triton were told et auction yaaterday?the former f or i ,500, and the latter for Tbe bark Parthian, from Liverpool bound to City Polat, and tbe ablp Aiooe Lawrence, WO din from California, bare arrl-ad la Hampton Roe da. Fraaa ( alil*rala. New Yon*, Dec 14 ?Tbe ateaxnablp North Star, from Aapinwall, btaarrived, With fl.ttS OUW id on ircigui pi* ur n|[i DOUIDI N 1IDportance from tbe Isthmus or South .America. Death ( h Ki>A>ltraaa af Bmui. Ho*tom, Dec. IS.?Timothy C. Kendall, ex. Alder man. and a wt-U-knowu leather marc tent of this city, died this morning Mew York WtrkaM. N tw York, ?Floor and wheat atadalf and onebanged Corn qnl?t and unchanged Provisions dull. Whlskv dell at lSattge. Financial. Nsvr Yoaa. Dee. 14 ?Stocks are higher Chi. cage and Keck Island <7 ^; Cumberland Coal Co. K Illinois Central shares 6y?; do bonds 66; Mich. Southern '27 V: New York Cantrml T4. Rendlnr 3IM; Hutaon'fclvw R R. 30j^; ClUii M*i v?~ 6 ? 7$*; Mo GRKAT AUCTION SALE OP Japanese Goodn, No. DM*. Amr?, 1'Mder W? limrdt' Hottl 1 Ti;i offer the ectir* ?oll?oUoa o( MAWNirittA I JATA.'ltBt VUUW, now on exhibit.oa, at uttioi some day tfrif vm|, If not ?r??ioii?tr ?li?*->ae<l of?t p': vat* tale, rartir? villi us to arai! iieuiselvea of ibe mmgt >jni flet'1 aa*ortmer.t I o* t* theooaatry at do ao * Ie?- thau th lr <n?at in Japan, uttiooaut of tbe<topreMiii atat? of btiiMa, Urt*l bviaiM om | he hut for eaab. ' J*.pan*ae l.aoq*jr<fd Traya .... ..fl.M Tt Bouiei.. ? WorkOmJ B< iea, j-wel twm, Mwi MaiiJke'eiiifl Hoxaa.Tuiiet Bt'W,l??T Tk" *" "I V-5*c?;rr. Ramewk.r, No. 806 am?a ; wt> N UART'n L.INKN V:A?LK Nonpmrial M*mr*4 . a-SSL riimc MdlSl oito aorta of M* f MoaPUysc ?^^ANCEARD 4 MOHUN. d? n oor. P>. >r. m4 lltt at, ?iiOY8, TOYS:?UMMONO'M. H?r*iUlL,ii I tt>? t %m> to f?t IMm elMf. Term* ?ik. it 4a U 8f t - , -K CPBCIA^ NOTICE TO EVRRYBODTr-?? [. CT tol R KNOB * RICH8Tl?lN>*.*e.?t?S. s iwuf.aid get your oud *affr?*iv ?f i??th?ir H'lir'MUll ydh wul Mt ful t* aftla Bo *7 No. ?7d P%. HHW, W?>m><at

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