Newspaper of Evening Star, December 15, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 15, 1860 Page 1
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V f. "" ?**. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. DECEMBER 15. 1860 N?. 2.443. - . _ ?) THE DAILY EVENING STAR i? PUBLISHED EVER Y AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDIMQS, C?rn*r #/Pmnsylvs*** avcnus mnd UlA ft. BT W. D. W ALLiCH. Pv*f* MTTtd la by ocrrlar* it 14 I yaor, or ft ooota pmr nod lit. To aaaU aaboarftMn th? prlo* la a yaa#, w* mdvanca; t< for til months; # 1 for Uuo* aoaUii ao4 for laaa thaa thr*? mootha at tharau of lSoonta a waek. 8ia?la aoyiea, o!fi ck*t; ia wrappora, two caaTa. AcraaTUKMaaTaaoosld boaoat to Um oSo? sntil tb* next day. [For tbb Stab. EXCURSION FROM WASHINGTON. H?. ?. The Boston and Worcester Railroad lies ii B beautiful section of oountry, well cultivated and thickly settled, with almost a oootlnueiu line of Tillages. The train in which we were stopped only at Framingham Twenty year since I stopped at this same station, contain teg at that time but three or four houses anc a very small depot. I also noticed a smal lad, decently but poorly olothed, with a bas ket telling apple*?this being the only refresh ment offered to paaaecgera on the roata. No* I f?uiiJ this boy a evnductor of one of th< train*, and the few old hoaeea completely buried in a large fl>>ariahing Tillage. A fin< depot takes the plaee of the old one, an< injtoad of two train* per day, th*r* are ove fJftT Two roada branob off h*r*?on* NortJ and the other Soath. Thia plao* ia a genain go-ah*ad New Logland Tillage, paint*.: a ola; colored yellow. WotCIITU. Wa were toon in Worcester, a Urge !&lan< *? 1 -v.1- ?? f._ City, WHO protioij ^r?ii?r imiiiim iuf uini ness tban toy other inland town in New Eng land In it* early history it oonnected itael with Providence by a caatl, au4 now it baa n lees than fix line* of railroad, diverging in al directions, being within an boar or two's ril of Boston, Providence, Lowell. Nashna, Nor wich, Springfield, and all the intervening vil lages. There is no water-power here, bat th eity is beautifully situated on tbe eastern slop of a bill located between two vallies whicl here unite into one. The Catholic College of (be Iloly Crow, th only institution of the kind within the limit of New England, occupies a fine situation 01 the hill south of the city. A_ *L? ? a m tk. T VU ViiU qui II Uio c\.a\.v uuuauo nejiuui The ^-rounds about this institution are highl; ornamented with walks, flowers, and shrub bery. In the central part of the city is locate* a large Antiquarian Library, within whos walls the learned blacksmith, Elihu Burritt made himself famous. This place exhibits fairly the real import ance wnich belongs to railroads and the ad vantages they bring to a country, althoug the stockholders lose their all in the invest merit. In 1835 the price of freight from Boi ton vii H10 nar tnn. unH th? tiraa tv.t Now the price is $2. and the time eight hoar! There lies the secret of the prosperity of th town. The route from Worcester to Springfield pr? sents no very striking scenery The land I quite level, and most of it well cultivated The road ascends about one-third of the waj then follows a small stream to the Connection Kiver, orossing and recrossing it many timei As we entered the valley of the Connection the appearance of the soil entirely changer from the dark heavy soil of the hills to tb red sandy one of the plains. The soil of th alley may be very productive, bat it aj TvMBrA.4 tii he rather Btarila After nasvri iiboat ten miles over this plain w? entered tfc city ctf Springfield. This ia a place of some note, more parti* ularly for its being the location of a tTnit? Stale* Armory and workshop*. The stree are finely shaded, which cannot be said < many of oar cities The streets ere not p?ve< but are made of such material that they are i hard as a pavement. This city has also man elegant buildings, among which may be noW the Town Hell. Ota a river which here empties into the Coi necticut. is a large water privilege. partial! occupied by the I nited States workshops ] these shops are manufactured from 12,000 20 000 muskets annually. An attempt to tal this srsensl, similar to the attack at Harper Ferry, was once made. Shay, at the head about 1.100 men, marabed to the premise and paying no regard to the order of Ge Shepherd to halt, they were attacked, ai had three killed and one wounded, whereup< the whole force dispersed This is one of t! largest armories owned by the U. S. Oover meat Springfield mmt be a fine summer resoi Our party proposed dividing at this city. pa going west and the remainder south, but fin< Ty it was concluded to keep together, and \ were soon located in Hartford, Ct. This oity was made famous by the celebrat Hartford Convention of Federalists, but mo recent!? and notedly famous by the manufi tare of Colt's revolvers and Sharp's rifl< These inventions have really revolutionist the modes of warfare in foreign as well American wars. In this city, a little west of the depot, ? *i ? ji a i located on ^eni.17 rising groana, ia? rcoova Duf aad Dumb Asylum, established and si tained in it# early existence by the Rer. Tb< H Ga'.laudet, L L D. It number* sever*! ho dred atudenu, and connected with it are bc eral shop* in which the various trades can learned. It is a most interesting *ight to vi the shoe shop, where upwards of a huad? are engaged, and ef course not a word spoke At th* noutherlv Dart of theoitv is located t Insane Retroat, founded in 1822. From t] building there is a mast delightful Tiew of t Ceanectieat valley. The grounds are bigl ornemenUjJ with shrubbery, and a number acres are devoted especially bo the ear* aotne of the patienta. Not far from this pit ia the stump of the historic Charter Oak. Pn ably no tree has been more widely distribul over the world, or has mad* more valaal keepeak.esIn the central part of the oity resides M Sigourney, the American poet. The house i dow occupies is unpretending, and one ww not think it the residence of a poet ware net informed of the fact There is scare any yard, and no flowers, hut the bouse three-story frame, is well shaded with ev green Ireec. She has reeided in this place I a f?? jears. Her former residence waa sh< of all its romantic beauty when the railri pas?ed through the grounds, making a several feet deep. Since then the grade the streets hv been changed, and her g dens, flowers, shrubbery, and bowers, hi been literally blotted out of existenoe. 1 hease still remains, bat it was no plaoe her?her home had been destroyed, and preferred to go to another part of the ei than to %e continually reminded of the sn part left of a onoe pleasant home. Hartford is quite a wealthy plaoe, its bai and insnranoe offices are among the oldesl the country, and make the best dividends, for the beauty of the plaoe we oan say nothi The streets are narrow, not paved, and w ?xceesirely muddy while we were there, nhaorved several fine churches, but the Bl Houae waa truly io a dilapidated ooodition reminded me of Sambo in faia log bat o rainy day, aitting on a barrel bead to keep feet dry. aa he waa aakad why he did ehingle hia house, end have a dry plaee < rainy day. " Why not ahingle the hat, mn Caai' whea it'e dry weathor it doee not u it. a?d when it'a rainy I oan t de it." ' building ta truly in a leak/ condition. It marble aUpe. bet many of the alabe are brel W were autnewhat diaappeinted in the app EUCf <J\ IBM Oil J. TUK VAUIT or TMl C*WW*?TTCUT. We left the eitv of Hartford about 2 o'el p. a , on board the am all bat comfort 0(<-?mar City >>f Hartfard. and bad a floe vojWTUtT of aaeinf the valley and ita villa Oa i->ar<l of the boat were atxne 900 eitiaei Hartfcd on an exca^aion to a?? tha Groat I ra. Notwithatanding every effort waa n "to laid and alaap'' tba etvwd of paaeai rnaar vara without much to eomfort tba ii v V?i. . ? m*a Bit ? ?/ < an ivn aui m , in* The rtrer U tery narrow, and haj a ihi e reeked obanael, pequiriOf as experieaoe< to* I# g iJwaror up. About four uilae fc feartfo d we p*ae?d the town of Watherf arkero is l?>a'ed tha Connecticut State Pr - 1 _ t The prison U situated on tba right bank of th* river, and is surrounded by a substantial looking high wall. At each oorncr we saw the nards with their muskets, patroling the wall ! These are kept on duty all the time, relieving eaeh other every six hours. 1 The soenery from Hartford to Mlddletown is not remarkable; the mountains on either side 1 of the valley gradually approach the river till | we pass Kooky Hill. The're the western range | reoedes. b.ut the eaatern crowds to the river, 1 till at Mlddletown it crosses, and the aoenerj beautiful?gem-like. It has no sublimity? everything is on a minute scale, even to the ' small extiuot volcano of Meodus, whioh w? | passed on our left. We imagined it in action, i u we nw tti calm lileat form in the distance, ' and heard the terrible thunderinga of th< ? " Moodua noiaea." r ? 9 - ? * ? " - coiore arriving at me oitj or Middletown 1 we passed the famous red sand stone Portland 0 quarries. This quarry has been open for ? r long time, and being situated directly on th< bank of the river, furnishes great facilities foi getting (tone. We were informed that th< 1 quarries had been sunk aevera] hundred feei - below the surface of the river. It is in this - red sand stone that suoh valuable addition: f have been made to ^eologioal researches. A o few years since a bird track was diaooverei l imprinted in the aolid (tone, ao perfect tha e wrinkle* of the skin wero preserved. Thii discovery ?u kmd folio we J by that of another and finally the tracks were fonnd on the pare e menta of the city of Middletown, and on th< e outaide of many buildings, especially on th< h buildings of the Wesleyan University?thcj beinz made of this rnd send stone. One o e the paving stones was taken up and sold as i a valuable specimen to Amherst College tfev a eral years since, while in the place, I fount one uear the river, which I succeeded in de taching from the rook. In the vicinity also f are found fossil fish, with scales so perfect th? > the genua and species may bo easily deter i mined. e Dr. Baratt, of Middleton, has studied thi ?, locality perhaps as thoroughly as thy othei person, and has a fine collection, worthy th< attention of the scicntific world. The Doctoi I- is somewhat eccentrio, and the Am. Ass i k i j. a.: 1 11_ > v i 1 u auv. dci. uucaaiuuaiij, hp at iion^uri, bliui l- him rather severely; yet he Lm some valu*bl< h ideas on the age of this formation, as exhibit i. ed by the ,lfoot-markaM as he calls them. Ii i. conversation with him. he informed me tha e he conld accurately tell the kind cf season that were aotually had during the formatioi y- of thii sandstone. " Indeed,'' says the Doc Is tor, " I can tell the way the wind blew whei I. it rained;" and be exhibited to me some print r, made by the rain drops in the plastic materia it before it become stone; showing very oonoln i. lively by the jar which way they came down it The city of Middletown has a very bean 1. tiful situation. It in on rising ground, and i ie crowned with the "University Buildings I is has been the summer resort of many of tb )- naval officers for several years. High street i ig a place of wealth, and hero, according t ie Charles Dickens, resided the " Handsomee Girl in America." Dickens came down th river while on his tour in this oonntry, an i- seeing the lady above mentioned, gave th id fact to the world- Direotly in front of thi ts city, which faces east, the river turns a rigb _ r 1 _ 3 a A _ A. - t A. A. 1 I _ . oi angle una duwi 10 me easi aooui two muei i. when it cuts tha mountain. I think I neve u saw a more beautiful sight than this scenor ij presents to a person an the hights of the oitj td It is beautiful in the morning, in the evening or by moonlight, when a fog settles on th d- river, or when it rises and caps the distac It hills. The ohacuel of the river through th [n mountains is narrow, and the scenerj some to what mild. As you pass below the cultivate [? valliea crossing the nrer, tne small island, some rooky, some fertile and cultivated, an of others wooded, all taken together, make th is, Connecticut rallej noted for its gem-lik n. soenerT. id At Sarbrook the rirer widens, the ebanm id ia lost, and a moveable sand-bar cuta off a he moat all navigation. The first settlers lai n- oat a large oily at this plaoa, and Yale Co lege was looatad bere; but this aand-bar barre rt. everything, and the College waa remore< it} leaving nothing bnt an old well to mark i n- early alt*. It waa at thia plaoe that the famoi ire 9aybrook platform was made, which haa sine been the creed of the Presbyterian Church. As we sailed aronnd the point, a fine lool 0<j lng field of pasture-land, we noticed the loc re monument to Lady Fenwick It is a aingl l0_ square red aandatone monument, about m feet high, and baa been sadly mutilated b ad visitors, or rather vandals, who have ohippe A3 off piece by piece, till it is nearly gone lliei t? ... < * uw IdlllUg ! VUUV v* ?*U^ Mliw ' ia any other toinb or grare In the vicinity. Tt ?4 place is known as " Lady Fenwiek's Tomb. la. After entering the SouLd a company of Yai )g kee linger* were gathered from the lift of pa ;D1 sengers, and nnder the lead of a chorister fro ,T. Hartford, gave a speoimen of their ability bo make music. Some fine performer* werefoum ait and with the aooompaniment of a piano ar Ante, the company in the saloon were ente ,n tained till a late boar. Io the cabin halo he> waa quite a different aeene. Some lflO eonci bia iog themaelrea very fortunate io securii he bertha, had enaoonoed theinaelrea each in h t]j own bed, and were enjoying a fine aleep. Da 0f anfortanately for them, there were about 2 of more that bed not where to lay their ho&d L0? and after putting their heada together, we ))>. in for a jolly time, and concluded that tho ej should be no aleep od board that night. Ii ble mediately tbe proceaa or waking up bega and in lea* than tan minatea not a man was rl bit berth. ThU done, producing nm? nnii tome Molding, and a great amount of fu alj oonrulaing tba whole oompany with laught< he the leader* of the polioe went to the taloc 0lj and madeauoh music, tuoh apeeohea, and au a a general hurrah, u la aeldom heard. It w er_ truly a rich aeene, a^d waa enjoyed by neai ^ul all till the riling ian quieted the revelera. irn New York ia in light, and now we go ashoi -j V L # 9 9 m l _____ c?i Mioratios or thb Buffalo ?There i. feature in the migrative character of the b *' falo not generally known, except to bnnte and that ia that the vast body of the herd . ? never found in the Mine district of the counl , two seajonsin succession. The buffalo of Not e America form an immense army, marching 7j en* continnon* circuit, bat perhaps thr fourths of the entire number of which arefoa + * A. A _ A 1 I J. wit AID a rang* ox irons iwo mi luno duqui . . milM Thus, where buffaloes are abundant c rear, they are fewer the next, until the gr body, having oompleted Mi circuit, again ma] * its appearance This oirenit ii oompleted ^ about four year*. Ita western Hmit ia the e? , era base of the Rocky Mountains, and its e> j. era is bounded by marginal ontliue of oiv ' sation, extending from the British aettleme . on the north to northern Tex?s on the eoo Tbe range of latitude traversed has for mi years been about 23 degrees, extending fr y the Cross Timbers of Texas to the tributai of Lake Wiunepeg on the north. Tbe bi !2j~. travel southward on tbe eastern line, and noi h ward on the western, never crossing the H? Mountains The comparative proximity ' !th*ee lines being at some points not over w' ?ilu iMnnntirnr th? Arauiuii of ralativelj small numbers throughout the en . irw am braced within the lines of travel. OCK| _ 1 able ITTTke Movimeeto. of tieoee. relates the p. curious anecdote: 'When Garlbi . ' arrived at Canrnra, be waa astonished to find appearance of the ial?nd quite changed Insl , y of tbe atony deeert be bad left, he aaw before I Wtfl-coltlvated flelda and beautifni plantat iada with abaJv (Jfovea and spactoua avenun part, lo. ked as if a magician bad Wn there and str >xr the island with bit wand, bidding Nature fa Arm- with to Uriah her trfimr? on tblachoaea But tbe 6nml wu still farther surprised, w! 1tow Inataed of bla humble cottage, en elegant i j . stood before htm, en eatortag which the myi Vf_ wee mm eiplained, for lo, oa the walla of ? ?T large hall hue* tUe portrait of hie /Tend VI J''? Kmavaaurl, who had tarned hte abaoaee to toa. eoaatio prepare thla surprise far Ma." t * % MISCELLANEOUS. THE OILY PREPARATION WORTHY Of UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE * PATRONAQB 1 FOR STATESMEN, JUDO EM, 1 CLERQYMEN. LADIES, and OESTLEMJBN ia ail part* of uieworld teetifr to the efiaaay of ' PRO*. O. J. WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE, , and craUeiaen ef the Prnea are unaiiiraotffc in its praise. A few testimonials onJr oan be her# given ee 01 oular for mora, and it will be impossible for you to doubt. *7 Wali Sr*?rr, N?w Vose. I>*c. 20. 1858. > OtntUm'n : Your note of the 15th instant has been reoHved. iiLvinr that mu hiul hurd thai I had been benefited by the use of Wood's Hair Kestoratiro, an-< requesting my oertifioate of thofaot > it 1 had no objection to giva it. I award it to you oheefully, because I ttink it due. My ago la about 60 years ; the oolor of my ha:r auburn, and inolined to oarl. Sum* five or i six roara ainoe it began to turn (ray, and th." aoa'p i on ihJOTown of ray Read to lose its nonsibifity and . dandruff to form upon it. F.aoh of theaediaagroeabtutiea inorJ&sed with time, and about 4 months " smoe a fourth wu added t'i them, by hair falling I off the toy wf my hoad and threatening to make lue L In thia unpleasant predicament I was induoed to ' try Wood'a Hair Keator&tive, mainly to arreat the i falling off of my hair, for 1 had really no oxpeota lion ttiai itray hairoouid evor be restored to 1U , original oolor except from dyea. I waa. however, 1 <really surprised to find, after the use of two hot t tiea only, 'nat not only was tuo failing off arrested. t but the oMor was ektored to tn?> gray haira and sensibility to the soalp anddandruff o?aa?d to form ? o* my heed, ve<y inuoh to the *raiifio*tion of my - wife, at whoae aolioitation 1 wa? induoed to try it. , For this, among the many obligationa 1 owe to her aex, I atronciy recommend all nushanda who va u? the admiration of their wivea to profit by my 7 Aiftmele. And nmf it if trovinr rrki or r*ttin> h*.1A f Very respeotfuNy, Bk*. A. Latbrdkk. To O. J. Wood Jk Co.. <44 Broad tray, N. Y. * My family ar* abseat from the oity, and 1 am no longer at No. 11 Carro! Piaoe. 1 Hiamston, Ala., July 30,1859. To Pko?. O J.Wood: Ttear Sir?Your "Hair R'ttorative" ha* done my hftir ? > tiiuoh cool since I ooinmenosi th? us* of it, that I ?nh to make t known to tne publio of its ft! eats onthe hair, wliion are great. a man or woman ma* bonearly d n p r i v cd of Hair, and by a resort to your "Hair Restorative" the hair viil return more beauti/ui than ever; at s least this is my cxpenouoe. Believe it a!l xr a i _ nr.. t v *r r _ lourairuiT, ?rx. n. nmiDT. , r, S.?You oan publish the above if yon lik? lly publishing in our Southern papers you will eet r in >re patronagn South. I sec> several of your oari tifioates in the Mobile Meroury, a strong Soutiiern paper. \V. H. Kknkpy. WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE. 3 P*o?. O J. Waon: Denr Sir: Having had the misfortune to lose th? best portion of m -nair, from i the effects of the yeliow faver, in fsew'Orieans in . InM, 1 was induood to inakx a trial of your preparation. a.nd ron i ri it to imver si the verr trnnr s iia-Had. Mr hair it r.ovr thick and glossy, and no i word* oan express my obligations to you in giving to the atflioted *uoh a treasurS Johnsos. i The K ?*torati ve 1* pat op in bottles of three size*. s vis : large, medium and mall; the mail hold half a pint, and retail* for one dollar per bottle; the medfnm bold* at least 20 per cent, more in proportion - than the *mall, retail* for two dollar* per bottle; the large ho d* a quart, 40 per cent.more in proper tion, and retail* for 93. * O. J. WOOD h. CO., Proprietor*, 444 Droad ? way, New York, and 114 Market atreet, St. i,oun t Mo ? Bold in this o ty by C. 8TOTT, 37 4 Pa. avenue. an mn Ai.l> a 1 mm g . w 1J ? w m'HK EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. 1 EMRICH- at the oorner of Penn. A ? . A 11 aveune and Eleventh street, has " VffMkW e greatly improved reoe-.tlT an ! now offer*lJUb^UL J greater inducements for the patronage ol oitn?i,s and ftraugem than any othnr publio house in the 0 oit ', his priosa b?ing less thau those of any other is tiote on Penn. aveuue^a>.<1 hie accommodations it for p<trman<>nt or transient boarders nnexoepuonatil*. The bar and restaurant arranenments of the '< European Hotel have alrojwi; become very popu r l>r, all that oau be desired by the irost fa* y tidious. Tue proprietor pledges unremitted atten tion and oontianed liberal expenditures to give sat itfintion to all, and thus renews his invitation to f, all to sive the Kuropean FTotel a oall. de 4 tf ? HOLIDAY PRESENTS-SUITABLE Mkilt IT MENTOS! Am e One 8>t Keal PaWe, , One Set Royal Ermine, ' At half their usual price. <1 MiNK SABLES! I, Most? eiant se*.s, at prions to ,1 suit the time*. ?i;vwnf a FRENCH MINK, e FRENCH &ABLK3. 0 n flOto #16. .i11l.ukk3t3 puk?. . Mufi, Victorinoi, and Capa?, m a 1 their Yarie1 ties, lrom 7S oodu to S8 1- , B. H. STINEMETZ. 336 Pa ar.. d 12 between Uth and I3?h at?. 1- /V\ MEW PAWN OFFICE. /t>\ i1 6 y E. WAR D~Dealer in N?vO i * aud i-ast Off' Clothinn, respeotfullr informs the U poh 10 that he bat opened a LICENSED PAWN ig OFFICE a' No Tn Louisiana avenue, between ;th aid lffth at* , a faw doo's east of the new Cen tral Gumd hovifce, wharo h-? will be at ail time* prepared to wait, on his patrons with proinptnesa, [. attention and the ttriotest inatioe. N. b ?Jewelry, Urj lioodt, (Mothinr, M??ohanio?' To Is, to,, always on hand at prnato sale, le de 7 im* ^ jyOTlCE TO THE PUBLIC. id The omlTtiffned liv? ju*t cpana.l a wholesale ,e PRODUCE and MARKETING STORE at 34t> f .Mi' th street, opposite Center Market, where he JI w>li ba raoeiving daily a general assortment of ie everv tiling that growa on a farm, fresh from the >> hands of tie farmers, sueh as Turkers. Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Hue*. Butt or?of all qualities. at a" Baltimore pnoes?Dried Fruit. Apples, Flour, 8- B-tans, Ac , Ac , whioh 1 will sell as cheap as oan m he Ixiiight in this oitjr, Alexandria, <>r Baltimore. . Dealers and huoksters are r?epeot(nl y invited to ~ call anU examine for themselves. i, de6 t' J. H CANPIELD. ld /?\ NOTICE. /0\ T- r**\ REMOVAL. A X w V O I have removed my Q Q j PAWN OFFICE to 351 c street, between 4)4 and Oth streets, imme>g diai*?ly in the rvar of the National Hot*!, where til th? business will be continued at heretof>ro at the lt old stand. [no 13-6ml 1H\AC HKHZBKRG, 00 65^8 N O T I C K! WjA I wish all gentlemen I V ^ E2S39 ln mind "*at r? MHhB "iP P'an whi?h I ^w n- ?i* jwi ago, of Railing n V^HFhaT8 aod BOOTS at greatly re n> duced prises for oa?h is in suooessful in operation. J net received a full supply ot the latest >0 New York styles of DRESS H ATS. Tha vary finest Hat #3-*>; a first rate Hat 93: and vary lI1, good,fai>hiqn?ble Hat k2 60. All of the latest aty lea ?r, of soft HATS and CAPS, at tha vary lowest prices, in I am constantly supplied with a vary large stock o 1 "u' thoso fine L)K CSS BOOTS at 83.75-which 1 have 0 baau selling for many years?** well as the vary ra? hast aual ty of Patent Leather GAITERS, at $8 60, Jy Fine Frenoh Calfskin Gaiters from $2 to #2fin. Tonus oasta; no extra charge in ordar to offset had debts ANTHONY, Agent for the Manafaore. turers, Seventh street, ssnond hat store from the oorner, opposite Avenue Hooea, No. 640. o 14-an ? ? r\-\ CBMKTKRY NOTICE, uf. 1 HE Su^?cril>?r ofr?r?forjal<?hi??took of MAR? BI.R M ON U M KN TS. TO M B 8. GRAVE " 5T'?NK8?od MARBLE MANTELS at reduooc piloes for dub or approved m>to*. An early call ii try ?olloited. WmTRUTHERFWRD. ..k Marble Work*, 35a K ft. north, oo 17 Sm h?tw??u mil ami 13th. "d W ? ? " \&E. ? ? A L od sstf Pa. A v., Bitw. 11th xsn 1*th sti* )ne North m4?. 1"! Mill and Wharf foot oft* rente enth at. e*? n? 17 tf n?W>w W*r p.ftrtm?nt f* W GAS FIXTURES. ,n E Have in store, and are dai.y receiving, OAl Ht- Ff.TTPKKS of entirely New Patterns arui Dt?mgc iHl- anil Finish. superior in style to f nythiaj heretofor (I2 offered in this market. We iuviteoitisens general 1 It to oall aad examine our stoek of Gas and Wate cts Fixtures, filing oonfident that we have tho bee ith. selectod stock in Washington. All Work ta the above fine intrusted to *nr oar * wiU be promptly attended to. > om ' MYEKS * MeGHAN. riet mar 3-tf 37ft p street. wd PLOUGHS. COLDS. HOARSENESS, Ae. th 1/ TYLERS COMPO USD SYR UP OF GUM ARABIC J. This pleaaant and popular Cougb Remedy hs 01 bee* so looc known aud extensively used, th%t raoi 600 pen ?us have beoomc fsuuUar with its extraordina n lf ?i.n hit Iml tit1! tli* rfnn.Ml dm at 2S %nfl V> eewte a hottfe. >? if .Unit ?rvtm' " /BIBBS' WIO. BRAID AND CURL MANi \T Factory, 942 Hann. arenue, aaar Ue eoi #nl nar or Thirtaonth etreet?A vary complete Maori .?!?? rn-nt of Braida. Cnrla, Fruettea, Bandanna, Ao ,'?1 bow on hand: alao, made to order at the ahortai aoUoa Hair Work repairad or taken in axahangi krid oi>? 1m his U ONE PRICK ONLY? El AVI NO o> band a *jry hear* took of DRE8 1 * TRIM MI \08 J will offer the aama vary cheap f< oca Caab, and On* Pnoe Or If. xih- R. C. 8TKVKNS, SS6 Pa. ar . P"* no g tf between 9th and 10th ?ta. * ? /JRKAT BARGAINS IN pianos.-<>na *m rllla VI nioaaava?-ootaraCarv?d Piaao Puru>,^^M is. 5KiPlsr,y.r,r.jrfe ar MISCELLANEOUS. #Curt Cough. Cold, Hoartmtit. /?Jtumza any Irritation or Sortneti of tkt Throat, Rtliet* th* Hacktng Couth m Con tump t>on. Bronchitu, Afhma, t Catarrh. Cltar and r??? Uringth to ths 9oi?t nf PUBLIC SPEAKERS and SINGERS. Few ?re tvtrt of the importance of oheotiar a Conth or 'Common Cold" in ita firat atage; that which in the begminc would yield to ainilu remedy, if negleotetf. ao?n attack a the Lnnia. "Brotr*'* Bron*hiat Trofkii,n oontaimnc demuloent intredi !) > U.. J ?? t > ? -. ?i HanumrT ua oiuoonisi irriniivB. "That trouble in my Throat, (for BROWN S whioh th? Trock**" ara a apaotfio) | harioc mad* ma oftan a mjjra wfu?TROCHES parer." N. P. WILLIS. BROWN'S 1 " 1 'Moranand tbair u?o to Pvblic SPBA.KBM." TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. ! "Groat wmoa in eubdumg Houtu BROWN'S, RIM." REV. DANIEL WISE. TDnrnrq " Alnoit in?tart rail#'in tie di? TKUi/BBO trtuioi labor of braathinx jaonliar BROWlfl( toA,T ^ A c ROGLESTON. TROCIIES Contain no Opinm or tnythint BROWN'S TROCHES 0ou,Litt*BROWN'S. ^R- O- F. BIOELOW, TROCHES j ** floiwfiotfti in Bhohcvttt?." BROWN'S? m DR j Wr*-LABl^ TROCHE8: Wnomm cSSHh"" xoolient BROWN'S KET. H. W. WARRKN, ; M p . . uofittm, TROCHES Co *""1 * RBmVN,; " REV. S. J. P. ANDERSON, BROWN . , St Ltmif TROCHE^ " Rrnrrvti in removing Hnaraa i new and Irritat on of the Throat, bo BROWN'S common with fcrz*kzrb and SisoTROCHE8 "'Prof M.STACY JOHNSON. L<i Grant', Ga. BROWN'S Teacher of Mono Southern Female College. TROCHES "Great benefit wlien tak*n befoi? and after Breaching. a? the? prevent BROWN'S loVMMM. From thnr p??t effeol, i think they will b? of perimnsnt *dTROCHES vantage to me." REV. E. ROWLEY, A M. BROWN'S Pre?:dent of Athent College, Tenn. TROCHES ITT-Sol.l hyall DrnggiiU at TWENTY FIVE CENTS A BOX.^Q dn 1 It Gm Fixtures, TilE BEST ASSORTME^T EVER OFFERED IN THIS CITY. Thou* who de?ire to ?elect from new patterns, with the a-lranlae# of a reduction iu prioer, will call early and W# would alao call the attention of p?raona a bent introducing gas their dwellii ga to our inor<>aeeii faoilitiea, and oonaequent low prioee, for thia branch of our trade. Inviting all who deaire their work done promptly, and fr?e"lrom raa I akagea, to cail at 5J69 Pa. avenue, between 10th and 11th aU.-eouth aide. no21 -tjanl J. W. THOMPSON * CO. PERFUMERY. It 'a very difficult to get genuine SOAPS, EXTRACTS*. OII.S*. AND POMAT>VJ?. Onr oiik fxpenenoe in the bua;neaj enable* ua to offer every article of the GENUINE QUALITY. Some of our own importation aud otbsra of well?oiteail * ml a ?> r.a ?r a v t t 1 Aa nnt # r\ R'.uw u *b<?uuaiu ciaiiuo, mauj ???. mn uv? ?u be found in thii citr, and a'l at the lowest prices. Hujlnc every artiole for ruh, wo cfTor all our large stock at the lowest prices at STEVENS' Sales Room, rie 4 eo<t Wr.iw*i*? Hot-j. DR. SOHKMUIl'S PULMONIC SYKUf, l>o. HKA WKEUT'INIC. Do. MANDRAKE PILLS. For etle by S. B. WAlTE.oorner of Seventh street and Louisiana avenue. Prior of Syrip, 91 ??* bott'e. Price ufS?a Weed Tonic. ft per bottle. Prtoe at Mandrake Pills, 25 p-r.U p?r box. Those afflicted with diseases of the Lungs, Liver or Ptomach. acoorrpacied with pains in tne Back. Breast or ?lde, should try Dr. f ohenok's Medioines. and are referred to th* followinc oertificat*, oneoftheminy testimonials ofoomplete cures in Dr. Bohenok's ooseesson. No. ?T1 West Fifth (treat. I Washih?tor, l>. C.. Nov. list 1800. s _ Da. Schisci?Dear Sir: i Buffered inuoh l->r several inonttu with Liver Oomplaint, 1 was p.r suadod by a friend to try your Pulmonio Syrup, au t Mandrake Pilla. I am now quit* well, and bi'.Uvi yo*r witdxci+e toat the msant uf rater tnt m* it health and vifer. , Therefore I take maoh pleasure in reoomuiend^ ing it to the Fu&io. M. S. S? nu 22 lm I^UKS FURS! r FURS! On* <>f the large st aad tineet stocks ever offered in Waishiiifioa. a--a=-T? Just opened for Al?o, M Pari K?*pnr?1 ami Altered &t short notioa, bjr aa old, experienced hand. all cheap. Aa ni? atook ia v?ry l&.-gr, aUt 1 uk ia a ?all. All Pure sold at ray atabiiahir.ant warranted aa represented. HOPKINS', nf fiivth at An<i Pa av _IP" Sias Wbitk Hiia- no 37 ?w ^RAVELS IN THE REGIONS OF THE I Upper and Lower Amoor, by T. W. Atkinson, with a map and nuuerouaibiKUationa; pnoe $2.5). Lionello, a sequel to the Jo* ol Verojia, by it. A. BrMOiana, S. J. 11 Mian AWal'ah, or the Enchanted Kara, and ? A. 1 T1? 1 ? ? wttk n?li/\n k? V( laa l3 rrl UlflO' I W IHI vu 111*1 trvHOMUU uJ !? I wiwin. I Volum* on* of Tom Brown at Oxford a arquel to Tom Brown at Ra(by; oheap edition SI oiaU, Oar Year,* omld'a bonk in proa? and veree, by the author of John Halifax: pnoe 75 o?dU, BLA.NCflARD Jt MOHIJN, do ? Eleventh ?t mm Pa. av. ~i WM. T. DOVE * CO. A.RE How prepared to execute any order* with I whioh they ipay be favored in the PLUMBING. GA8 OH^TlSA* F1TT1N* ror Store on !>th atreet, a few door* north of Pa. ' kTC'Uue, where may be found a oomaiete aaaortmMt $!iMMKv^* aV *"?$& A ALEXANDRIA EXPRESS NY Onedeairinc Freight?inuehor little?Barre! a, Ba e?, Boxea, Dandle*! or, in faot, any thing, . axfoiT trau? ported and delivered between Washington, Georgetown, and Al'xtndna, may rely lm??on >t.? I'TPURlW WklinNK of thn . underlined,which run rsgu'arly every Cay between those oities. Orders entered upon the slates of his express a' theStar B&ooa'sQrooery Store, ; oratE Wheeier's Hardware ftore, will be prompt! ? i tutd.d ic, ..d.Cv.y no 14-1 <n (Late Osbom's Express. B. HALL WITH Wholesale FAM.LY G ROCER IK8, TEAS. WINKS, ud ohoiee Lt UUORS of aQ kinda. Afresh stock jnit opened. Rood Sugar7 cents per pound. Ca'l at No. *34 Ttb street. between D and Louisiana w. oc t-tf MONEY! MONEY!! MONEY!!! ?" Note* of all banks taken at par for Goods, and a 1 complete supply of Fall and Winter Wear on hand * for cash. WALL., STEPHENS * CO.. Clothiers, no 22-3w Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and lWh sU. RANKING HOUSE " SWEENY, RITTENHO"BK, FANT A CO. Will open for customers, speoie, onrrenoy, and Virjima money aooounU. Buy and sell ooinaud exchange at the most favor able rates. Curranoy and Virginia mon?t wanted, no 24 lm ? D1A NOB,?On* rery fin* Rosewood Ch'okerini it Piano for *al* upon montblr p&jnaenu_-?^ at $125. A iarro aisortmant of ?*teinw&r|vVWI f k. (wbi' and lam * Baooi'i Pianoa hare'll II1 just b??n r*o?iv?d. Tsss* Pianos are now oonsid ersdtk* boat iiisft*lsiiil For sat* at lb* lowest ^grj4H<MMAtt^#M,,aio8tor60,W'G it Now 18 THE ^fM^Sr'"Kf BARGAINS! - math ?n<! CAP*?, %t UM raopie-* <joinmc -ior? No. 4M Sovootti ?t. Con* oao, aotr.a all. and buj ; "a.'.as"- " rtrtiflffMt??.. C5PEC1AL CAKD.-A n? htm wUti tom? vooa ??. irM frai*?, beautiful tOM, tc< & da l 100 Pa. ay., bit Wi and IQttt ?ta. W Mh*XW*i IHAtlKp; \t BLAfJcHARD A MOWN. son (IataU. Pa,ar.aad ?!? ?$W. DENTISTRY. Mtbcth. LOOM 19, M. I).. th* injector and patentee oftta* MINERAL PL.ATK TEETH, at tonda personally at bis offioe in thia city Many person* can wear those tseth wiur***'1" oannot wear oth*r*. and no parson oaa wrar others who oar not wear the a*. Persona oallitig at my office oaa be aooommodated with anr *ty>* and pnee of Treth th?y may desire; but to those who are particular and wish the purest, oleaceat, atrongeat. and moat perfeot dentare tnat art can produae, the MINERAL PLATE will be more nil.; warrantee. Roomi in thia oitT?No. 33* ra.aver,ne. between 9th and 101b ata. Alao, 907 Arch atreet, rhiladej phi*. oo u tf DDKNTAL. CARD. R. MUNSON Uw returnand retimed kia proreaaion. OfKoe ami houae at 46.1 E it. third duor Mit of Hixth. In additioa t Amw every other approved atyle, Dr. M. haa jgip215 teeth on yoloanita Baee for the !aat t^Kjeara aad, from experience, knova it exoe.a n^thera. and ia one-third leaa in pnoe than cold- Hia oid patrona or Waah'oxton, Alexandria, acd Georce town r?*p*otf?IIy ?o Soiled \<j eail. aaSSeoTr "carriage factories. WA8HINOTON CAKR1ASK FACTORY, ' " D Strict, Bttvtin 9th and luU Situsj. We have ju?t finished a number of first c.ui CAM1A6K8. luah u l.itkt nan. mmm. a Watnns, ParkmPkiatens. Family rt?(?i and But fit j, whioh we will a*ll * ver* maJ! profit. BeiuK praet.oal meob&nloa in different branehm of the Bui'aw, we flatter our?elve? that we kpo? the atylM and <uATy of work that will rive eatr* faction, oombinioc lightness, ooiu/ort and durabih *Ti_ . . Kepairmc jrompuy and earefully attended to Uia aborteat cctiof and moat reasonable oharrea. WALTER, KARMANN & BOJPP, Coaohmakera, acrewora to VVm. T. Hack. a> rr-dl r TH CARRIAOE9. RK Sabtortber having iua4a add iMon* to hi faatorj making it bow one 01 the lurft,. in the Dutriot. where hi* faeiHtiea forUHOggn mantitaotannc CAP RJASE A L16HT.HS?= WAGONS of all kinds carrot he rurpasved, ard from hia lone ei^eriouoe tn tha baainaaa, ha ho^aa to lire e?nert>i cattafaouoo. ATI Hn^a r\t Ham a a ni w?* ? v>? ? * TI t<(l * kftcJ. Ai^R KPA1E.2 n?tly <iu,ui?U ertera pr*Kyt 'e*ia4-k*a4 C&rrUr** ut?i ta rjekare# for in ?1M. ANDREW J. JOYCE, ? )l .tf w?#r #f 14*b tM V >ta Kg rpHK GEM OF TUB SEASON. I have this day received, per Expreea. the f?ateef St*t? of GENTS' FASHIONABLE DMKfH HAT? ;*' ?, a !ar*e and full aupp y of FR NCI1 SOFT HATS, c f all at?lee, for Men ard Boy a. Aa my aacortmeat <<f theae jooda la larte, t ataau aell at exoeedin(:y low prio-i. A ca I where yon can ret exactly wbat yon wact ia solicited. HOPKINS, Corner of Sixth a'. ar<<i Pa. av no ?T-2w Sign of thi JThit' B'ar. Dr. J H MJLEAN'S STRENGTHEUT NG CORDIAL A.M> KLOUU PI'HIFlEK. THE GREATEST REMEDY in tlu WORLD, and the most DK-ioior* A.JID tLp delightful mA t?Ti Xv J.1,J:*jl4:W? AfjHAI ^ ? u v? w v. M1? ? ca? W jecVTV tl* Cmpoani), proWHfejJ tared by iha diaullaUoe of root!, herb*, ? \>6a&A "J baxka. Talluw ?. * Dock, BIm4 Root, NL M VnA Eiaek Ko?t, B.iraat*. KJ >jj WML ruU, Wild Chart? JBJ^a Brrk, and Daudaliao / W1P as tan tut* iu aoa- KM 5kC If - Ttia tniira aetiva i k. JT ramadial pncalpla ofa&ch inf radiant Before takingl?r?!j 22233After taking. djatHiiujr, prod??inf a dalieiona, aiiii.ira.Ucx aptril, ui lb a aoat infliitla raraady for renovating iba d.aaaaad lyataa, and ruim&f tka aick, tafl.riof, and dabiiuaud Invalid la haallh and aua&f lb ?*- v *? a ?v 0 n/rD P V/5 TV P \f J yr/> r*f\ n n r < r juci*HAII a oiiusnuiimin,,. Will affactaallj cara Lliif Complaint, DyaeapoU, J.andica, Cbroaic or Narrona Dability, Diaaaaaa of tha Ejdjayi, and all diaaaaaa analog from a d.? -ritrad U?ir or Blotnaab, liyapaptu, Ktantcm, (award Pila?, Aeiditr or Giekuaaa of lb* Stomach, of I3.<x>d to tha Haad, Dali Pats or wimmiof io tha Haad, Palpitation of tha Haar-., Pftllr taa or Wairfct 13 tha Mtooiaeh, Soar Kracuuuna, Choking or affocatlcg y*? Mf a tan *a?irr <iown, Drjbtaa ur Ya.'oW naaa of tha Skin and lyaa, Nifht la-aaa. Inward Tartra, Pill ia tha Small of tha Back. Chaat, or fiida, Ssddan Plaahaa of Boat, Dopraaaioa of piriia, Frigbtfai Draaaaa, Laapor, Daapoadaucj or u; cuuu diaataa, tiara* or Blotebaa au tLa Skis, tad Fa?ar aad Agao (or CWUa and I rim.) OYER A MILLION BOTTLES bar* bare aold dcriuf tha laat all nvmiba, aad in a* laatauca baa it failed ia rirtag a3art laitafaeuoc. Who, than, will aaffar from Waakuaaa or Oabi.nt whaa McLtANI *r&?NOTItEmilO CORDIAL will cara yoa 1 No laagaiga can oonray aa ada^aata ldaa of tha imiaadt*" -inaaUai tiuaa Madai ad S? uMm tku Ctnlitl I* tki diMuiiI, dabtliu'.td, and abaiurtd urnu flUB, broban dowa by huh, t?| by utiri, or Impuftd by ?icbcoa?, tfci ralaiad and luuiu Hiui. him u raatarod to It* priaeiao btalik tad vigor MARRIED PERSONS or Mhtrt, eonacioaa of inability from vbat?T?r uwi. will tad McbKAITB STRENGTHENING CORDUL a Uornft riftnaraior of tba >yot*ia; and all vbo iaar bar* (a )ar?d iha&toolxo by iaprocar iadaifaacoi Vlll fed la ihu Cardial a cariaia aad ipoady raaady. TO THE LADIES. mclkaiea aracaaraKiiuio coioul u a m?<i jp WlOtMl far bicipital Cooaaaf uoc, Whiioa, Obairaettd or DiBealt Mao?tn?at;on JocooUctDCt of Enao or U'MMWirj uwuni m ini or iaa wcw, GtdJiraaa, FamUaf, Bad all tlMiin luctdaat to PobbIob. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT far M Uo(?r. Taka it acenrdiof to Airoetiaaa. It vtll aumaiaio, aironflbao, ui inotfaraia ui uut tha blows of n tilth to aaaat yo?r chaak Mr try baulo u vuruud bo fi*o aatlWaetiao. FOR CHILDREN IMmi ehiMraa art aick'.y, ptti or ilietU, McLEANf COEDIAL will anaka tham haaJthy, fat. Bad rttui DtUj not b iMninti trj it, aad yoa will ba caaviaead. It u doUtiMauUk*. CAUTION. Bavara ai dr?f fiata or dsalora oka h* try to pain upoa yoa aoiat bittar or aaraaparuia traah, which tkl; ua b?r choap, by Bayiaf it lajaat u for"'. Avoid aaeh nan. Aak far Mcl.EANt Vi arNQTHENINU C0ED1AL. Bad uka nothing alaa. It ia tba aaly raraad? that will parify tha Blood thoroafhlr tad at tha aama lima* ttrtofht n tat ayotoai. Ooa taaapooafal uktn a?ary morning fuucr u a cartain prarantira for Cbolara, Chtlla aad Pt?tr, Ya'Jov Parar, or i??i!u( luaui It ii hk it la lam kovlti Tritm oofy fcl ptr boult, or kottlM for J. M Mi LEAK, Solo proprittor at ihia Cordial; alto, McLiu'i Voteinic Oil UaUBObt- Principal Dtpet on tht corntr of Tkird ud Pin* tuttta, Bt. Lwii, Mo. XoLean'a Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BUT UNlMKltT ? THK WORLD.) Th? only kIi and atriaio ten for Cuun, Pilot, Ta ort, Svtllinf* and Brouchllt or Court, Paralrou, No*, ralfta, Woaknoat of tko Maoclot, Ckrooit or Ufaaautory Rk?imtiw, Sufntto of ikt Jouiu, Coairacttd M?*ct?a or Ltfaaooata, Earaekt or Tocfthaeha, Brviaoa, Spraiat, Prtii Can. Woaadt, Uicota, Tonr lorn, Cakod Broaot, Mar* Nippltt, Bvret, Scalds, Sort Throat, or aay laltit?nm at Clo, as instruct low htiti or >onr m nitiM WI tiit'.td, HcLBAira CELEBRATED LINIMENT it > etrtait ramadr. nwutudt sf V?? bsiofa hats bin tart4 a Ufa af ill crtpitada tad mtasrr by tbt aat of UU tar&laablt rtmtdy. MeLEAITS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will raltara put almost latttimatatly, aad it will data, parify aat btal tbt fsalaal aorta la aa lacradibit abort uaa. ! FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. BakKA.N1 CELEBRATED LtNlMEVT ia tbt sal* at ft aad raliabla ramtdr far Lbs cars ai Sparta, B.iaf-Hoas, Wiadfalls, Bpticu. Coaatara! Lamps, Msdst or Swalnafs. It asrsr fallad bs sart Btf Hard, Pslltrll, Plstala, Old t Baaaiaf Boras, or Bwssav, if prsatrlr afpfatd. Par Bpraiaa, Brnsta, Beratcbsa, Cracktd Haata, Cbtfsa, Baddla or OolUr Sal it. Cms, Soraa, or Waamda, it is aa tofaUihW rtiaaij i\ m - ftw7 ; zrszzns: ^i-ssszxtizs . B.IM fc'gS-y-,, ^ CmrntT TkM u4 PlM au., ?L Urn, M*. ' CBARLM rrOTT, Ci P* ?**wta if? ta Wubuf ?*; H.?.T CMtl.iiMcy?fw?- ? iE?o, impori?3 iimmm, UUru. DtiMJ - It 0?..TRSilobint,?0. ilio P'.Mhwii ApM . grind?, ??r? Boa&nd Uta, olJ J?iw? irJVu. 5 Croi^ Bam. ami Wiui of KS ... ^YOITNG A EErSAMpIAj*. THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. Vkla KMU?iinal!fita i?trol-?N Maine & T%n?ty of IcWWOn i?<fl (tea ou b? toccd la iq oUar-m pvbltaM m M|r aoraiac. Pin*!e opmr una. ? fl m Fir* ooriM ?. ? n T?i oopiM IN Tvwtr iviMfM mm It inv*n?bly o?otA:ci tfa* M W*?ki??to* N?W" tktt! hu m*4? TV D*Wr iMaw Stm alromJAM o (iMnUr Urovgkoat U? wulrTi fErSini.* oopiM (in 1 <* * |Mnl t* ti>? ooantar, tcim?di&u.y tfur U? umm of U? PM?r. Pnrn-THREE CENTS. WOOD AND COAL. TO THE PUBLIC! GO WHERE YOU*"C A N GET VOV1 MONEY'S WORTH lyTRY IT! P*OVK~IT* KNOW IT TK T'XV HA T * Irr Try the PIONEER MILLS.bad baj yoar WOOD th?re. PROVE WHAT* Pror> fiat yoa oan ft >uar WOOD U?r? e'?ap?r than e **wh*rc in the city . a&d than yoa KNOW WHATf Split, anc D?l rsnsti Kiu o? Cbami, Cm AT TTT* PIOR KkK MILLII ? SIGN OF THK BLUE FLAG-STAFF. SOCTBVKIT CoKtKK t^CVBN TO t*T. AH D ClIU (South of th? Hrid*e.? Do U uLOKti K PAGE, Amkt. O" _o I n Ion Fire-Wood Mill*. PINE, OAK and HICKORY WOOD S*wad and 5p!ti at any lrnrth or aiz? r^niref, and d?liv TWO t'l *J5T part OI U* l/IIT M loW fio*. 117" \?a oar tta* parliaular ait?nU>o of war ou tonier* and the public generally to otir ip tnJ d STOCK OF COA L, which w? can i?t, vitkoit f?ar of c.>ntnilictiuft, > fiut! tu u; n. ?he City. We guarantee to rire eatiaNotion to ell who may pgreriM* of n*. iC^Umr SAWED %u< SPLIT WOOD ta kept under eorer, perfectly dry, and COAL oa | ei.k floor*. o>ar and in food order. Larra at ei and mall profit*. H^Or^eri" fo'iei'ed At UNION FIRE WOOD MILLS Cor. v> nth *t and <'aw', MrKNEW A MaRLOW, Proprietor*, no 15-u WOOD AND O O A k Delivered to all pert* o< tue city, at the iovael poeeible rates. T. J. A W. M. tiALT, Office 2? 2 p?. ar., between 11 Ui ai>?i 12th ate., nn i i xt rorth ??!e. ~ FOIOi AIjE AND~RENT~ l'OR KKXr-TiM ir.? BKtCK HotMi No. r lOO We?ttt, Georgetown. fti preaent ooou pi*<1 l>? the sotwwwtber. It hft? 'J ro?w??, witk (? Mil vrkt-' throachon'. ft fine yard, etfthie Ac . ftad m in &too<] neighborhood. Apply to JaS. a.MAftWrPKH. F-OR RENT.?Two new u.ree etory hlUCk HOIJSSKS with hftok tiui, Mich hoeee o?'t^ihiM 8 r< 'in*, with en*. pien?ar.Uj atuftt*! on *Oi street north. l<etween M ?n<l N etreeu, rent raoJ*r*'e. App!> t>? K. LA'/.EN'BV. upMiM.or tr> JOH.N T. LF.NMAN. OI'.o ftvenue, betweeh l?th ?n<l l?h ->??-? ? ?' . - . . og Tf%j For r en t-t^e first floor of u>e b*ii7inr immediate^ nppoeita the weet trie* ' ! tfce Citj Ha , rocenty oooufied fcy Cui. 8. k. Kct as an office. Also the front room in thesacoiM tor* and the tUirfi <?r of the ram? NsiHin*. For tortus aj<aly to KICHA&D V. ALLACH. No. a Loniaiana avenue. la IS U EDUCATION AL. SCHOOL FOR SMALL BOY!*, No. 277 1 ?ri?rr. Ft*?t Wa*?. Mim ANNIE E. FKcR. Teacher. Number of pupila limbed to twenty. oq H eogrn FEMALE EDUCATION. HOPE Parent- who wiau tUei r daughters to r?oeive a tbo-oaiih anj ?Tstemario edaoatK>n. whera theirphjMoai training wi.i receive <laii? and special attention, antler th<- moat approved s> ktenj of Calia tliAni-aa?^ C.e-na.*.? ' r?rwiiniiy invited to i?it the I nion h?iu&le Aoademy corner Pair, teenth at. ftud New Yorka ?*r h?*r AlK. A. MRS. 7. mnfAltlw, _*SL? tf Prte.oyU. FE"11-t !KfS?j8WiiD5fy 8CHWl' _ a . S.7. McCOlfMie*. r*:!?c:**i.. The thirteenth ai.nuW ton of thli 1 r.etitation will commence on Tuesdoy. ^Mtomber Mtk. ib the honeerecently occupied by Sj.tetter Scott, En , No. ISO Kmc s?r#et. ^ ' The oouree of study Dtireoed will anmpriw e>i th? branches requisite k> a thorough Li.*?inh Koa cation, and Music, F.enoh, Latin and Orawiu H desirwd. In addition to day scholars. Mra. M?Comi*t <a prepared t? r*oeir? a HmiW nunWr of pupils M board* . wh?, rouatituUn* a pari of h* owntkm i!t. w< be unier L?r nunxtoialn gat* ui.1 ion. She *rWl endpavor, M far a* putmh!? to tui roatid them with the comfort* and kindly inflwfioea of Home. Ktftrtnttt.?R??. <!? . H. !*arw>a, Rrr. TV, E!im Harrison. Rev. D. F. tong(, WilliM g. pi !?. eMm FVlfar Snovdrn, Eaa.. EdniunU F. Witiwt,., Em|., Hrary blarbnry. Km., Lajrit MeK^uti*, Em., Robert iT. ll?(oa. Kaa.. W. D. Walkaob. * Editor E rerun* Star.Beuja.iuti WaUr?,kH..iaa fail) la l\ 1 ' >rt. "f Brotiieri. T***? Board, with Tuition in Vfthe BnglMk Bruaehee, for the aouuai mhiuu-payable aenu-aonaalli, id a<1 vanoe. Mnaio and I.attoa? ? at Frofeaeora' prioee. LT No extra char gee. aa sa-tl fl R E A T BARGAINS PSOPLSrVcL*oTH IVa STORE. No. 460 SirnTi 8iun. CLOTHING. rUS.N [AMINO GOODS. HATS aXD CAPS. At 90 Psa Cm. Ln^ th^tbb liiiiIiTn, No. 4 AO Srrmtk Stritt. N. B ?Ail in w*nt of CLOTHING and FURNISHING GOODS viii fitd it greatly to tMte advantete to fire me a oall. , . de7-ln J. H. SMITH. liOTtin. POR STAMPING a d a /\? * not* f, T ^ 1 a i avuii vr oh AND tNVtvLOPBS NO TO MATCH. blARSE METROPOLITAN ^ BOOKSTORE. PH1LP A SOLOMONS, At fits for Lnurmcft ceMrnt*d Ltnsm P apart. Millf- 4*ae 34 Jy ?3< P*. aT? >>* *> a?d 1IU ?a. 512 GLTTA and 512 HAMILTON. SCO. A CO.*S, No 118 Sm*TH St., ia the piaoa to find tka aaltbratati tiatta Par oka Roofinc and Paint. Alao, a canaral aaaortmar.t of Uobm M?t*n?J?. PtiBtiu in Hi ita bnwtiM (iMittd witfc dispatch *c4ob rtworil e terms. Mixed ]PmtaU kIway? on hMKl wl for ml?, wli hnokrt MX) break ??* ot4f?fL *1 ? tk? a tor* for Old 61asiac or Job Work ( any kind will t* promptly aXt*od*l to. &ltt |?l TTY 18 DOWN. Alt no 3D TI TEAVEUNC trunks. E H*r? Joat r*o?iT?d tk* ltriMt M*orta*Bt mmmmm *~r jP*LOUR, BUCRWHRAT. POTATOES, AT190 bbi?. b?w K oiimow Panily ud Extra Floir, bj"C lbs. Fr??h Oround Msv, 0 bMkM White Merocr Po'au*., luo a o. Bin* do. do. i do. ChMtnata. . R?o?T?d to-day and for aa'? low in lots to rait bf D. L. MORRISON * CO., BO 5 Con>?tr of T w??4fu> mul B >U I SNYDER. _ PLCMBER AND GA*JTTTMR. Hm restored to tfce ootntr of Tvrftti?r*i F ?U. He 11 lrRBRrMl t/i WaMT ftD(l (Mi 1MB the inn?t rfavoraUe* UruT?, awd iiiwuhn ecu e H^lXi on hand a lot of COOK 1^(0 and other BTO V K8, which he will aail tan Umb M?tM ha Viab? ta at rid ofthf? ? It T\IKW *o6k?Ut FRENCH* RICM8rKIM*B ? Larima. a aor*l. by G. RuHm. :jmo? o'.otb; priee tamo*. ? '"*'<# !' : irg&gyssMMSSW KK t iic^vq c nitn?itn ?, No. Pt. iTfn*. WMan>|tot? I). C% N H ?H<Mik? M?>4 ft* MUT V%?%l iHVfrin, M?I v

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