Newspaper of Evening Star, December 17, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 17, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR: WASHINGTON CITY: IT. ISM. ... , _ .? Spirit af lit* Mtraiua Fraaa. The Ccmntution rnloglin e*-?e<reUry Cobb and bia administration of tbe Treaaury Department Tha ImttUifMusr ia derotad to news (.x-?aciBTABT Cosb baviag workad aa much m: v-hUfto Uia own pariicumr von?w m iwh > Department?aud to the country, as be well could here, la probably b* thla time In Charleston. Tb^re, b? la plotting, planning, and arheming with u in?nely violent men aa htmaelf, how ureal awl aooaeet to plunge the country in the horror* of civil war, aa the now only probable meant of inducing border alavebolding-State cooperation with the diaunion acheoiea of the oligarchial On taking office here, he found the treaaury in a stronger condition than ever before ainee the foundation of the Government. H!a Urst official exploit waa to pay enormous bonuses * * -* - * 1~ -*?1? .^1 - ^ tkam IU a IH i? ?fw:iii?iun 111 aww?nv>iin> w ui^m professing to b? his devoted personal admirers and frlenda?in the shape of purr bases of United States securities at enormous premiums, to rtd the treasury of Its then existing surplus. He adopted this system to deplete the treasury against the urgent advice of his wise predecessor. His next exploit worthy of notice was to seek to Induct capitalists to loan the Government ten millions of dollars, when knowing that if be succeeds in the scheme for the Government's dcStrnction he was tbcn laboring to conanmmste, those who might advance that money would be utterly ruined by so doing. His third notable exploit as an executive officer here, was to absquatulate the moment after the beggary of the Treasury by and through hisflnan -? * a? 1 j? 1 1-1 V* a rial icoieTrnicr.u BJia aiiumva iiihio cviuuiiku, turne<l public attention Intensely upon the fact that the national and financial state of the times was attributable, most indeed, to hirn. So soon as it became c!ear as light that his entire command of the columns of the Constitution newspaper. and bis ceswlesj correspondential represeutations that the extremists should now destroy the Government, (the latter borrowing their Influence wholly from his official position,) he turned till and ran away from his late post' W* submit that u? Is the properest statesman conceivable to attend tbe South Carolina secession convention in thechararter cf outside adviser and generally lobby conductor of the scheme to break up the Government and make the border slaveholdtng Suite* the teat of bloody civil war, that the South may hereafter hold towards the North the sentiments solie celyenunclated In the United States Senate by Messrs 1 ver?on and Wigfall and through the press, by tbo Charleston Mertmtjf. The Sober Secosd Thought .?The country's hope is now, that the sober second thought of the people mar come to tLe rescue of our common country from the perils that environ it. The sectional politicians on eltDer hand have rushed it headlong on tbe rocks of revolution. Every public man North and :*outh who turns his face against some frank and prompt settlement of the trouble, is engaged ia playing upon popular passions for the advancement of his individual fortunes?every one of them; and they are one and all alike to be avoided by the true patriot, as though their breath were poisonous Their number is but few comparatively. Though they have at this time, by an unfortunate combination of circumstance*, the power to whirl and borry the masses on to the poiat of the destruction of the best government that man ever lived under, we yet feel confident that sober second thought will interfere and rescue the lives, fortunes, liberties and happiness of the people North, South, East, and West, from the evil consequences of having trusted such men Time only is wanted to check the consummation? the wreck and ruin of all existing American rights and interests taev are so aeliUhlv working out Time?a very brief time?will suffice to open tbe eyes of the people everywhere to the fact that these leader* are false and dangerous teachers indeed Once thoroughly understood, and from Maine around to Oregon they will be held to rigid accountability for the mischief they have worked, beyond *11 question. A Ciotrs ii thkSxxatx Chamber?F.very a?at la tbe galleries of tbe !*enate Chamber w&a H.led before 12 m tc-d*y, In the expectation that Senator Wade would make a very violent ceercion sp?e?h. He had not taken the floor when the Star't report went to press The fjct that he Las heretofore been ore of the most vehement and really violent advocates of abolition doctrines in the Senate chamber, of course gave r se to the universal impression here that his purpose was to follow the example of Messrs. Hale, Wlgfall and lverson in throwing tar rather than water on the raging sectional flames. Hence the remarkable public curiosity to bear him, in the expectation that -'a high time" (of words) would be the upshot of bis speech. His particular friends, howevrr, confidently assert that bis tone is to be remarkably moderate, ana mn lasvaa 01 lua.n^ thousands or thonsanda to tbe vast army of aeceaaiontata already existing In tbe South, it will be likely to have a contrary efert. We shall aee. Skcsataby Jacob Thompson, of tbe Interior Department, having obtained a leave of absence from th* pfp?ih?>i?t W-*? ? _ . <?.?.vv t? MUin^wu liijt iu uay for Rslelgh, North Carolina?the authorities of the State of Mississippi having officially designated him as that State's special Commissioner to the State of North Carolina, and Incidentally to all the other alaveholding Slates We have to say, from Information In our possession, that though Mr. Thompson favors tbe se<v-saion of tbe cotton States, he Is fur the resump uon 01 tneir relation! with tbe rest of tbe Union on tbe moment the non-slaveholding Slates ronsent to give the constitutional guarantees which tbe united South may eventually atk at tneir hand* Mom Kelly, Esq, chiel clerk, haa been appointed by the President Acting Secretary of th? Interior Department in Mr. Thompson's absence Still A sotbkk SaitsATiox ?Shortly after three p "m , on Saturday evening last, an unfounded rumor of tbe sudden death of Postmaster General Jiolt pervaded the city?then given up to excite will growiag uai ox ice resignation or Secretary CtM, the tenor of the address cf the dlsuulon-jxr(i irembers of Conpreo, and tbe President! recommendation of the observance of a day ol testing and prayer, aucb as we never before saw ?xtant in tbe Federal Metropolis. Being univer ally recognised as a wise, good and sincerely patriotic statesman by all of all parties here, th< belief that tbe country bad suddenly lost the counsels of such a man In suck a crisis, wai sutlcientto intensely Increase tbe excitement then raging In Washington. J cds* haMDY, of tbe Supreme Court of MImI*. tppt, was la thie city a day or two sine*, on hli way la his native State?Maryland?to which h? fcas hern dispatched by leglaiatlve resolution as i ocunolsaloner to indnee her (Maryland) to act with Mississippi In the current crisis. A brlel month or two ago Judge Handy waa a candidate for Federal othr??the seat upon tbe Suprera* bench made vacant by the death of the late J udg? Daniel. He la bow aaid to be a rampant lmtne dlate arceaaloniat and dlaunlonlat per *?. Hit view* of the ftneaa of things, we are happy to b? able tossy, will not prove ao handy In Maryland ea he will soon flod out aa In Mississippi. A Cilito?The newspaper itory (copied li the Stmr s budget of statements telegraphed bi the wonder-moepers from thla city,) that ttM veteran Shubriek, now the senior officer In tto< V H. .Navy. (after Commodore Stewart,) being ? IMIAa h?<l MlmJ ? ? ram pets.) to take effect when South Ca/oliiu secedes, turns out to b* a miserable canard / hundred to one, tbe aerompanyiBg story, tba Capt lngr?h?m (of the Kosti affair memory, al* native of South Carolina,) resigned *t the sam time, la as destitute of truth as the other " Tat Smciii Covxittii or Tiiitt-tiiii' met ajfain to-day', at imii, acd are la session a tbe Stmr goto to press. Nothing whatever con earning tbelr proceedings had transpired ere wi )eft tbo Capitol. * *' * i ; - * i tvi 'r * 0 coiiotwromL. 11 Thibtt-?!*th Comimi?Sacosn Siiiioii. Movdat, December 17 *kxat? ?Several House bllU were taken np and referred Mr. Clark, of N H , Introduced a resolution asking tbe President to commnnicate to tbe Senate tbe number of men at forts kloaltrieand Sumpler. tbe state of said forts and of the public anna In Soutb Carolina, with a statements! all instructions which mar have been given I* tbe ofleera rf ssid forts, with tbe correspondent* accompaafng tbe same; ohjited to and laid ot?t. .nr. r ilea lntrrKiuf^d a resolution to print 15,000 extra copies of the President's menage. which, after a slight modification, ?ni agfMNl to Mr Wilson, ot Mass . introduced a bill to reconsider the joint resolution in the De Groot case; which was referred to theCommitteeon Pensions. Mr. Kennedy, of Md., called lip Senate bill authorizing the extension of the Haiti more and Ohio railroad across the I.onz Bridge The bill was made the special order for Wednea4a v next. Wednesday and Thursday of next week were set apart, on motion of Mr. Graen, for the consideration of territorial business. The Senate then took up the bill providing for carrying out icme provisions of the treaty between the United States and Mexico. Hocm ?The Speaker laid before the House a communication from tbe Secretary of the Interior, asktnir that an appropriation be wade to supply the deficiency of 1961 and also tbe usual appropriation for the year ending June, 1882, he made for the suppression of the slave trade Referred to the Committee of Ways and Meana, and ordered to be printed On motion of Mr Carter, of N. Y-, Thursday, tbe 3d of January next, was set apart for the consideration of Distric; business On motion of Mr. Grow, Thursday and Friday of the present week were set apart for Territorial business Tbe Speaker then proceeded to call upon the several States for original bills. Mr. Barrett introduced a bill for removing the I' S. Araenal from th* ritr of St. I.null: ref?>rr??d to tbe Committee on Military Affairs. Wht Thit Wawt Civil Wit ?We presume that few here who trouble themselves to note closely tbe developments of tbe views and designs of those at the South who prefer disunion to any guarantee of southern rights In th? Union, fail to comprehend the fact that none will be more disappointed than they, If civil war falls to follow the secession of South Carolina. Else, they fear that their cherished scheme of an entire Southern Confederacy may, after all, be defeated by the refiisal of tbe border slaveholdlpg States to trust their future In the keeping of such statesmen as Mrun tvermon Tnnmha j?nH Kelt! At I J ** -fS- ? ----- ? regretable at the fact is, it Is now becoming to plain that none but the wilfully blind can fail to tee it, that civil war thus forma tbe ground-work of tbe policy for the immediate future, of those who assume to launch the extreme South upon the uncertain sea of immediate and separate State secession . l?7"Since Caleb CusLin^ denied that he authorized the hoisting of the Palmetto (lag on one of his ships, the Charlestonians have discontinued the sutecriptions to give him a testimonial, and tbe money is returned to the subscribers. Nominated?Judge lllack, Attorney Gefferal, wai, aa anticipated bv the Star on Saturday last, duly nominated by the President this morn'ng to be Secretary of State. rt>? Cass, resigned. m/~The last person expelled from New Orleans for opinion's sake is Mr Harris, agent of a Pitts burg hou?e. He narrowly escaped some very rough treatment. Postmaatik General Holt, we are glad to be able to say, Is sufficiently improved In health to be at his Department to-day in the resumption of his official duties. IC^The Charleston (S. C ) Mercury corrects its statement that the Bank of Charleston ha< resumed specie payment*. The Charlr?ton Forts Thrratrsrd. ? Thrrats to ''Shsll" Thkm?The Charleston j (S C .) Mercury has a communication recommending tb? offer of tbe command of tbe maritime forces of South Carolina to Commodore Sbubrick, in the event of bis resignation under tbe General Government The communication concludes: 44 If it came to the tkilling of those people in tbe forts, his advice would be of tbe utmost advantage " Another correspondent of tbe Mercury says.with regard to tbe forts . ' We are of opinion that the policy of a 'masterly inactivity,' with reference to them, is tbe true one for tbe present?that is to say, until onr Convention nas passed her ordinance of secession? due notice thereof been given to the Government at W esL.ngtoo. and a reasonable time allowed that Government for t&e withdrawal of tbeir iroopa rnra, 11 iuck iroops are uoi withdrawn, they mast be driven out, be the cost what It may " Tbe belief la however expreaaed that the Government will not attempt to hold them; but it la added . "If in thli expectation we should be mistaken, however,and the bloody alternative of an ncaladt left to us. w? will accept it Bnt let tbe Government at Washington bear it in mind, that, as we will ask none?so, w icill give no quarter And, God defend tbe right!" The New York Evening Post of Saturday publishes a letter written from the wife of an officer ststloned at Fort Moultrie to her sist-.r in New York, which says : ' Within a few da vs we beer?and fromsomanv ources that we cannot doubt it?that theCharleatonians are erecting twro batteries, one ju?t oppo lie u? ii a u?ie viuagr, juoum ricuani, and another on tbe end of this island; and they dare the Commander to interfere wlill- they are getting reidy to jigkt iixty mm * * * The soldiers here deserve great credit; though they know what an unequal number Is coming to massacre them, yet they ar? in good spirit* and will fight desperately Our Commander saya he never saw ??b a brave little band I feel desperate myself Our only hope is in God. My love to father and all. Your affectionate Sist**." Light Thbocoh the Gloom.?u F,'1 we presume Mr. Fulton in person, writing to tue Baltimore Amtrican from this city, says: " There Is one feature of good promise that has transpired since the adjournment of Congress, the telegraphic announcement of a letter from Senator Toomb* Indicating a disposition to listen to t?rms of compromise. Heretofore h? was for unconditional secession, and talked of drawing tbe sword and throwing away the scabbard. ItTs regarded as sn evidence of the growth of the sentiment In Georgia, advocated by Mr. Stephens, to ght the battles of the South within tbe Union Another good omen Is the defeat of the Rbett party in tbe election by the Legislature of Socth Carolina of tbe Hon. F. W. Pickens > ? Governot f of tbe State. Mr. Rbett was tbe candidate of the [ moat violent secessionists, and fbilingr to elect bim they united on Mr. Johnson, but be was defeated by twenty votes. Mr. Pickens was one of tbe strongest opponents of nullification, an old whig, ' and until recently a firm friend of tbe Union. He has recently coincided with tbe secealonists, but only to a moderate extent, not being willing to plunge tbe State headlong into civil war and r bloodshed. He was regarded as tbe anti-war ' candidate, and bis election )? a bitter defeat to the Rhett fiction, who bad joined so heartily with Mr. Vancey in bis project of precipitating " revolution on the cotton States." ' Tbere is still anoth?r favorable indication of ! rouiDroraise in the refusal ft JertVnnn , Mississippi, to sign tbe dispatch sent South by the eceMlonliU. declaring that all compromise waa 1 hopeless, and urging tbe immediate secession of their respective State* He la the leading member In tbe Senate of tbe extremists, and If he has hope of an amicable settlement, and is willing to i accept of northern concessions, all may yet be , well. 1 Socthbk* Rights Meetixq l.i New Yoke ? t A meeting of many of tbe prominent gentlemen r of New \ ork, merchants and others, was held at tbe office of a gentleman In Pine street, on Saturday. for the purpose of consultation and counael f with a view to tbe adoption of such measures as ? would Und In pmIapa ?n/< *-> distracted country T&? apartment was crowded to its utmost eapartlty. and yet tbe meeting waa 1 exceedingly select and comparatively private In - its character, no person being admitted except tbe gentlemen to whom a note or invitation bad been ' addressed Charles O'Conner presided, and speeches were , mads by that gentleman, tbe Hon Dan'l 8. Dickinson, John McKeon ana Hiram Ketcbum Tbe ' burden of their remarks was that tbe South bad > not oflVuded, but that the North had In nullifying 9 tbe Constitution by tbe passage of tbe personal Wtll. utWUk ?k *- * " I MMIWJ ?U ?. w uicu Mir f|??svri CODlf ndM SHOUICI . be repelled. An address and resolutions were adopted recognizing the rights of tbe South under * tbe Federal Constitution. and appointing tbe i Hon. Millard Fillmore, Greene C. Bronaon and t Richard Lathers commissioners to go to Houth Carolina and mak* an appeal that no precipitate action be taken on her pert until tbe North shall ' bave bad an opportunity of satisfying them that tbe popular sentiment of tbe northern people la In favor of granting tbe Soutb all the rlghta to which ahe la justly entitled. , Ex-Senator Dickinson expreaaed an apprehenaion that the Union was even now hopeleaslv dissolved He attributed the aad result to vitiated t politics and politicians and a vitiated pabUc aent; stent ' * * 0KPARTMKNT (IKWI. Natai. ?Tbe frigate Macedonian, Cai>t Glynn, ia being prepared at PorUtnonth, N. H for aer icetn the Golf m Hmdc Squadron Her complement of otflearmia complete, with the exception of Pajaiaater. and Mr J 9. Cunningham ta under orders from tbe piavy Department to join her lao uiMtatfcly Capt. Uiyna ta one of tbe moct intelligent and energetic Ulcers In the Navy. HI* early novrmenti. yeara ago. In opentag cooo'inieatlaa with Japan are mattera of cubUc record. and weJl kaomV) ttie country. Mr. Joaeptif). Pinuer, of Portsmouth. Va., hss reived an appointment aa carpenter In tba U. Navy, with efArra to th? St. Mttyi, on tha Pacific station. ? Vfcj- x J Items Telegraphed from Washington. WaiatiiGTOTt, Dec 16.?Among other resolutiona which will toe submitted to the Hoaae at an early dnv is one of instruction to tbe Committee of the Judiciary, looking to an amendment of the aeatralltr laws, so aa, ia addition to preventing armed expeditions against countrlea with whlcn we are at peaca, to nttrfn volunteer miiitmry forcet from going from on* State to another f&r the purpose of aUtng resistant* to Ftderml laws A number of Congieasmen have prepared speeches In reference to Federal affairs, several of which are strongly In favor of coercion, and of auch a character aa cannot fall to prod oca addi tlonal excitement. Leading gentlemen of Misaourl ut privately discussing the question of the aeparate independence of that 9tate, rather than be involved In tb? extreme secession movement. Private letter* received here from Vera Crux state that a Convention, held at tbe Capitol, composed of oflcera of tbe church and of tbe military, had appropriated 9300,000 per month cf tbe church's funds to sustain Mirainon in tbe defense of the capital Tbe various foreign M inistera, except tbe M inister of Spain, were at Jalapa General Mata was tbe prominent candidate for Governor of Vera Crux Juarrx baa raiaed a loan of 4400.000 for the purchase of supplies for tbe army now before tbe cmpiiai. flTMHl. Gen G. 8. Mem, Virginia, Ei Oov. M. 8. Perry, Florida, are at Browns'. Hon. P., ex-Senator, Florida: H. Etttng, U.S. N i Hon J. J. McRas. of Mississippi, arrived last evening; Hon. F. W Lincoln, Jr., (Mayor) and lady, Jess* Holbrook, C Willis, F. E. Faxon. J. Frederick, C. H Carroll, members of the City Council, with their ladies, Justin Jones and A. T. Turner, Coancilmen of Boston, arc at Wlllards'. Foaxios Sbstimbnt ox a Cotton Cokvkdxkact?The Richmond correspondent of tbe Petersburg Express is unpleasantly afl'ected bjr the -0 iL. u.u -?a n ?? uiar ui iuc r.ii);iiiuinu r rtmca papera. nf invi. 44 The comment* of the English pr?-sa on the election of Lincoln mutt convince ?a of the Sautb that Great Britain trould be a most unstable reliance for a Cotton Confederacy, ahould a auperior Fowrer thr<a'en tbeaecurlty of the latter. Without exception, the English. journals rejoice at the result of the Presidential campaign, aa indicative of the ultimate extinction of ne^ro slavery in America " Tbe French press, too, ao far aa it haa spoken out on the subject of I.tncoln'a eM on, girts us little to hope from the friendly feeling of Fran'.e, even if looking to Louis Napoleon for protection would not be quisa agnum rotnmitttrt lupo?like gtTing the lamb to the wolf Such vulpine Intimacy It to be regarded with Immense dtatruit, considering the character of the Emperor.'' Curious Freak ?In the North Carolina Houae of Commona a committee haa been ralaed to Inquire whether the Houae h*a been duly organized in purauance of law. It appear* that a law of the State require* the member* of the Legislature to br iworn " to lunnort. m?lnt?in anil lk? Constitution of tfie United States, to the beat of tbelr knowledge and ability." But tb? Clerk, In wearing In the members, substituted the words powtr and btliif for ?' knowledge and ability," and hence the inquiry. The Clerk's motive for this alteration has not been explained, and It la surmised some party trick* was intended by It. (?7"Dr. George Lynn, a prominent citizen of Cumberland, Maryland, died suddenly laat Saturday. ry-g=?THE UNION PRAYER MEETINGS |L3 will ue bolden every day this week, in th* English Lutheran Church, cqrner of 11th and H street), to comtnanoe al 4 o'clock, and to ooptcue one hour. de 17 ATTENTION, INFANTRY !?All active Jot and inWe.ted members of Company C are requested to he prompt in their attendance on next MoND AY NIGHT, Dec-mber 17,at S o'cloek. By order oj the Captain. de 15 2t rg?THK PUBLIC ARE INVITED TO AT I Tf tend the special Prayer Meeting of the Young Men's Christian Assuoiation on MONDAY, December 17th, commencing at ha f pa?t nine o'c'ock a. in., and at seven o'clook p. m The special ob ject of this ir.Mting is to invoke Divine biesaing on our country in its present condition. Let every cue attend. By order of the Association, de 15 2t rr^=?OUR COMMUNITY mas pahtiat.i.v vindicated ita character for speoial chanty to the orphan by the inofeased attendance at Odd F< Hows'Hail during this week. But in view of t he inclemeney of the fi r?t we?l, an<i the qaantity of goods still on hand, the iadies will eontmu* the fair on MONDAY and TUESDAY EVl-NING*. Let all attend, irrespective ot oreed or opinion for the appeal it made to the holieit instinoU of nature. We may forfend threatening calamities by meriting a present Messing. del5 rrg? "union." jj? ladies' festival. Tit* iadiaa of the Methodist Froteitant Churoh, Ninth street. intend having a Festival for the benefit of the parsonage connected with the church, to oomrPT.ce on MONDAY EVENING next, the l?th mat., in Taoajt's Hall, Seventh street, between U and E sis. Come all and entourage the ladies,as they are determined the supper prepared by them shall suit the appetite of all. Also, re freshments and useful artides of all descripti ns for ulft for timaa ttietimea. *" de 15-4t [YT^ COLLECTOR'S OFFICE. CITY HALL, LL5 WA*ni50Ttn, December 6,1860. I AXE8 ON PERSONAL PROPERTY, SI.A VES, Jcc.?Notioe ia hereby given that the tax bills tor Household Furniture,Stocka Slaves, Ac., for the year 1W>, and previous years, are now mad* nut n<1 reftilv fnr HAlit/Arv atnr* ?.?. ?KU *k?? ... y ?W. ?? V. T I >*uu l? w UiWl" 0? Vino oK<(y>, Tho e who do not call and nettle their bills within twenty dajs from this d*t? will l>e on led on by one of my assistant*, and if the hill* are not paid wt'bin nxty d*t? from this date I shall proceed to enforoe the collection in the manner required by law. /AS. F. HALIftAY, do 13-2f>t Collector. rrs^TO THE VOTERS OF WASHINGTON, 11 J? The Assessors ot eaob Ward will meet at thefollowing p!ao?s from 9a. ra. to 3 p. m , from the uth to the M:h of December inolusive, to oorreot and to register the names of those omitted from the poll list: Fir?t Ward?John A. Rheom, ITS Pa. avenue, te ween 17th and 18th sts. Second Ward?George Thorn is Stewart, oornei Tweltth and H sts. Third Ward?Henry Cnrtis, oorner Eighth and L sts. Fourth Ward?Thomas W. Bnroh. Fifth at., between G and H sts. Fifth Ward?George T. Darret, oorner of tout! A and 3d streets eaat. Sixth Ward?I.. A. Tuell, 440 Eighth st. east, al the residenee of John C. Robe*. Seventh Ward?Peter Hepburn, No. 8# south F street, bttretn 8th and 9th streets south. dell -tt6tl PHILADELPHIA CONFECTIONERY IJJj lee Cream. Water loee, Wed din* Cake* Pound Cakea, Minoe Pies,Pastry, Crusts Ut Oystei Kiee, Jellies, and a general assortment: of bi<M thing* in the Confrotionery line, at PuSSELL'ii corner Twelfth and F ate. no 24 lm* INTERESTING TO BANK NOT! \L5 HOI.DER9.?Virginia notes taken at yai rorClothinc at the Peoples' CI jthing Store, fio 460 Seventn street N II ? I have on hand a very large and sopenoi stock of Mens' and Boys' Clothing F?rni?hi"| Goods, Hats and Caps, at prioes to suit the timaa " J. H. SMITH, Clothier, ~ poUlm No. 480 Tth >t .oppo. PoatOllca. (V^DEMPSEY A O'TOOLE. LL5 WEDDING AND TISITlfm Importer* of fine WEDDING WEDDING ENVELOPE9, the moat beautiful at)lea 3*26 Pa. A v.. t*tweeu 9Ui ana loth ati, an T1 6m WAaHtWOTO!*. FORSALE-Abeantifc' bloode-1 MARE.of Ark hiaa deaoent, S tears old; the fineat rid- cv in* horee in th:a oity <>r an*where PrioeTwB 0*o<>. Cu Iw iwb at PUMPHREY'S Liv-^nS ery Stable, in the rear of the National Hotel. de IT 3t* FINE Gol > and Silver Huatin( Casta. durab e and aoenrate Tirna^ep- ft e-s, for .ale. AI?o. FINE WATCH RE-|9| PAlRlNG.hv C.WARRINF.R.No.34Pour-?ii and a halt at, thwe door* north of Pa. av?au< aim of the Show Watchea, Waahinrton. D. C. 0 17-31" f O THE PUBLIC. ~ Hay in* ?l&rte amount of mono? to par onor t the l? or March, ami owing to the geueVai Vimi opening our apnag aucpliaa r 11 * Ltin oMioiwri wilt readily m the advantage they will have in trading with u?, on the term fro poiil.uta examination of our atooc and proa will ?now for themaalTee whether or not wa ar &?Z!H down tinea the erttit began, we faal confidant th? lha extra indneementa we i nw offer will be high! appreciated kjr every one having goods to 1>?y wl are at all familiar with the price* generally charge eU*wher?, We need hardly add that our atook, owiag to Ui stai* of ikt Hintj, Lb now ten Jar$t. in auy kind artiole in oar line of baaineae, at rery low pti lei and in many inatanoaa, at ! *? .Una, the aotm oo?t. The lowestprioe will invariaUy be named I onoe. ^ W. M. SHUftTB*. fit CO., j,i % I Row tbi Vnwcr ni tbs Bilci Cm * ? I Ricbivbd ?The Chicago papers aantata detailed accounts of the general rejoicing with which the verdict of the jury U> the Birch divorce case was received The announcement of tb? verdict by the foreman of the jury proved the signal for an outburst of spplsuse from tho^udltorrln the court-room which the Court valaly endeavored to sop pre* i The good ttf Ings of her victorv was communicated to Mia. Burch by Gilbert C. Davisoa. Esq , of Albany. ?he ws? entirely overeome, and her motfaar, Mrs. Turner, rushed Into her daughter's arms'la a flood of Mars. la a flrw minutes the jury visited her at tbt boose of Mr. Sklnaer, aad were ^reeenied. maay of them unable to control tbelr emotions and weeping like children The Immense crowd poured la until the bouse was tied to Its utmost capacity, and amidst tears of Joy and passionate exclamations of delight congrata!*tod Mrs. Burch, who stood Uh#osestupt* fled st the flood of sympathy and hosts of friends pouring Id upon tier. Mr Browning and several of the counsel were UMble to apcnl. Mm. Buieta bene)f was speechless with jov snd emotion Oar the crowd bad left the home, they adjourned to the "Preemption,which rang with vociferous cheers. Kvery new man who entered proposed three chef rs, the crowd joining In with their whole souls, till the rafters of the old inn rang agai n. Mmk Besubien, who kept the old tavern In ChlcWo thirty years ago, and who was beside himself with joy. announced about 8 o'clock that the band was in readiness to serenade Mra. Burch at Sleight's Hall, whither the crowd adjourned. The large hall was filled to overflowing, and the multitude, headed by the bind, thence proceeded to Mr. Skinner's residence. The band took their station in the grounds, the crowd remaining outside. After playing several airs, tbe door opened and Mrs Burch appeared, leaning upon Mr. Beckwith's nrm. She was wrapped in shawls, and received tbe crowd one by one, who congratulated her again A large number of ladies visited her, and unable to control their feelings, could only clasp her in their arms. The congratulations lasted until a late hour, and tbe crowd then adjourned to tbe New York House, where an im piv iiu>u viriici upper was rrvcu, biiu iu wujcy and hilarity until a late hour in the night Before the close of the supper an honorary committee of the first ladies and icmtlemen of the villige wm appelated to escort Wr?. Burch to Wheatou This morning, at 9 o'clock, Mrs. Burch left Naperville, escorted by twenty carriage* loaded down with ladies and gentlemen./or Whenton. All along the road the scene wai a perfect ovation At Wheaton the crowd bade"tb* little woman" f;*od-bye and God spved. and left wilh shouts of ay which could be heard long after they had gone A FINE TOP liUUGY.a* good ai naw. (oost #225,) Will be sold for ?8J. Address "'^ash," Citr I'ost Office. d#17-St* FOR SALE? City Routes on the Star, oomprisinpc the servioe of Intwoen seveu and eight hundred daily hubsoribcr i. Acply immediately at the S tar Office. de 17 2t J^OTICE TO ALl. CF OUR CUSTOMERS. We are havinr aH of onr acoounts uivle off to date, and will take it a* a eat favor if they wli call at an earl/ dav and settle the same W.M R. RILKY A BRO., No. 3t> "i'entral Stores," Between 7th and 8th sts , dstt_2w Oppomte Center Market HARACTER AND INFLUENCE OF ABOLITIONISM; A Sermon prcached in the First Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn, N Y., on Suud*y evening, D? cmhert 183", b> tne Rev. He ry Yaa Pykr. An edition of thin serinon is issued t>r H. POLK1NRQKN, Printer, D st_, near theoffioe of the Na timial Intelligencer. P loo $3-to 55, aocoidirg to style. de 17 3t |^<ADET BLUE CLOTH.. rUK AULITAKV BUITB. B'ack Trccot Cloth, Blaek Cloths, for Ladies' Cloaks In ord*r to convert our stock into rash, tre are offering oar entire stock at srea'ly redu ed prices. WM. K. RILE* ft BRO . No. 36 Central Stores, betwe?n 7th and 8th street*, _de 17-gw opposite Center Market. A APPLES, APPLF.S. APPLES! . NOTHKR RUSH TO CASJFI ELD'S AFTER CHEAP APPLE.?Ladies and sents, I thank yon for your patronage last week. Another ohe*v lot this <veek. Also, pare Virgin Dripped HONEY, for ohapped hands and soar throats ; fresh EGGS, IURKKYS, CHICKENS, DUCKS, BUTTER. RIED BERRIES, ftc., Ao., for sals cheap for cash, including myself,at 549 Ninth St., opposite C nter Market. de 17 3t NTHE HOLIDAYS. OTICE.-M \V. GALT ft BROTHER oil! espeeial attention to their presert as*nrtm*nt of New and beautiful Goods, selected with a special view to the holidsv trade. fT7* All of thn above are offered at much lower than their usual rates. M. \V. GALT ft BRO., Jewelers, 3*4 JPa avenue. tic n-oi 4 ooors wi'H or Hrowu'i UotSi. VULCANITE BA*E FOR ARTIFICIAL TEETH Dr. WADS WORTH has marie full arrangements to inttvduoe the Vuloamte Bat* into practice, and to fully rtcommrni it to hitftvfSai? patient*. ^.U u Full and partial Sets of T?eth can he inserted in Inj time.*' tss erp'nie and with anartistio beauty, oomf>rt and durability unsurpassed. de 17-5t* No. 3G6 C street. Flour, n. o. molasses. apples BEANS. POULTRY, VENISON, MILL FEED, Ac.?160 barrel* tupenor brand* Familj and Kztra FLOUR. 16 liarrel* new crop N. O MOLASSES, very fine, 15a do Greening and Pippin APPLES, ?) do prime White NaV v BEANS, 3 do fresh kil ed PoULTRY\ 4 saddle* prime VENISON, ?.?? bushel* SHORTS and BROWN STUFF. Received this day and for sale low in lot* to sun by D. L. MORRISON k CO., <le 17 6t o-uner Twelfth and B sts. U II P P I. I R H ? ~ ; FOR CHRISTMAS. FraiU ard Nu*s of all kinds, Hom*->r>ade Mince Mrat, made by my direotioi and un?1er my supervision, warranted tha beat \erofl" red for sale at lfi oent? per pound. Best Old Whisky. Uiacdf and Wines, 2>i0 dozen Fresh f.res. 1 Goshen ButtoJ and Cheese. 75 bbl*. Flour, best brands, Family, Extra, a&( i Superfine. A complete assortment of Groceries of all kinda > Good Sugar at 7 cents per pou?d, > israel. deming, No. AH4 Seventh street, | de 17-0O3W between Louisiana av. an1 D st. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing of tne Royal Havana Lot tary, conducted by the Spanish Government, andei (he supervision of the Captain General of Cab* will tax* piaoe at Havana on FRIDAY. Jaxuaxt 4, 1861 cnRf?p/i Rrmrvnn ?ju ^d*wm4ui? v*-* x?v/ n vmJiMV WIO Uiki/I il 4AJ l/? capital prize 9100.000. , s"'rotr--w's , 1 do ?,000 1M do .T. ?o 1 do ?,?? *j appro*. Ijo 1 do 10(000 IN ALL *S8 PRIZES. I Whole Ticketa. fv*0? 8ltm, 110?<Jnart?rt, tl Priaee QMhod at tight uiier oent diaoount Bills on all sol vent Banks taken at par. A drawing will boforwmraed aa soon as the rani i beoomee known. All orders for schemes or tioketa to be addrssaei t to don rodriouk: de 17-tr Oareof Citr Poet. Chariton, ri. C. } ^daptkd for holiday presknt& Oiu, Two, Tkre* an.l Four-Faced Shawls. [ We offer more than oar a*ual assortment o ' UfAekaaAil I ? ?- U. -?1. i- ? * viwuvmru vtmuv mhv uuu? dliowh, III Ulit)( VWO ' three and four faoed deaigna. Shawla of the abovi Jilaaaea anrvive a 1 the ohangea in fashion, am ormarich, ?ty(istu and tke moat darable winte r wrapping extant Oar tUMfc of all other kicda of tihtwls and Cloak will be found ncv, novel, and extensive r Alao all oar eitire s*ock of Silk Robes, Dres r Silk a. and other vMt stock of dreaa fabrioa. , All kinda of Dry Oooda in general nae. One prict onl?; the value marked in diatino lit urea; therefore no purohaaer is deoeived. Carpeta, Curiaina, Ruga, Oilolotha, Ac., uppe floor*. _ Hoaae Lines*, Blanket*, Comforta, Ao., baae mrnt aud the 'vaslta." A a examination of atoreand atook solioited; i implies no obligation to tnrchaae. PERRY * BROTHER, Pa. avenue and 9th ?t??t do 17 lot "Kerry Buildlnga." Ta card. HE Subacnber would rotor tho many tnquirei for hu delioioue VIRGIN HONEY, made in hi L Hoe Hfttoemi. a truly fine article, to Ueorgo an Thomas Parker A Co., No. 339 Pa. av., king < Burohell, corner Vermont av. and I at., and B. . Neale, No. 61 La. av.t between and 7th ate. ' GEO. CALVERT, r 07 Thii Honey has no equal in pure aod del 1 cious flavor. Supply youraelves at oaoe. ( de 14-1 w* ' H?f FOR T 11 E HOLIDAYS' SEVENTH STREET FOREVER ! nrtar n<-.Il trm WW w -m ? ? -- - run run inm nuiuu KMJI : PRBRXNT* SuiTABLiro* ALL Awi?! ? CHRISTIAN RUPPERT, b A'o. 233 Stvmtk n? kttwttu Dand f, ? W? have enlarged, improved. remodeled. ai 5 rnortud oar establishment, to that it oov is, 1 C. fact, the larfMt and beit regulated Toy, Faney ai ? . Vau?ty Htore in the oKy. With p?r?on?l oar* at o attention wo have earefnily seleot* d our (^Mt?Uk for the Holiday and Winter Trade, and sromue 1 Mil CHEAP. We beg every lady to oali and s< for themselves, as it is impoeetble to enumerate s of our goods. 8aftoe it to say, ours em^raoes evei kind to be fourdin a well oonduoted Toy, Fane ctii r a, wooiea, and g?n?r al variety and aaeortmei /Jf kinds ofthamoat taetefel EMBROIDERS WORK. KNITTl.NU ana DRAWINGS ?roayt executed to order by jIlR8 RUPPERT 633 S?vsntii at, 6*3 Serial* at, 498 Savanli 6eM tw r\tL SC9KNCK, OF PH11 .ADELPHIA.WIL KC3. J aaing ma llkedieinMor laboring under i.ung Di ? eaaaelo oall nponhtm oa that daj. Dr. Beben< kaa a Nit of rnoma at the Avenue House. BAM* )StBSiSSSr- "'rszas T fc* * v " * *' w' " ^ t% V|( * v; ;n t'fr* ' K> *F , ? I GmttL Scott on Saciaaio* ?A telegraphic report from thla city says that General Scott baa given tbo Prealdent an elaborate oplaloa In refrretice to the erencot condition of tbe oatllUrr defeaata of tbe country, mad what ahould be dene In view of partbla contingent tra He of course deprawtrs secession, and b?gs bis own State of < Virginia to paoer aad Dear tbe Ilk abe baa ratber ! than flf to tbont abe kn w? act of Bat, If NOMslon oocur? he aaya It will result not in the format: on of two, but fear dlatUct nationalities Tbe I SrrstWODdrnt (i ma the dhrlatona, 11 near aa he i oan ballnct tbem. aa flMowa: The trst will probably constat of Now York, New Koglaad, fc^ntrlvanla, Michigan. W'laronala. Iowa, aad Minnesota; tbe aaasnd will consist of ladlaaa. II: linois, Ohio. Western V1rglnls; and ao along down tbe mue mage. taking in ? ?wrnnoiia?, 1 Alibimi. Miaslssippt, Louisiana, TennisstL ArWnnai Keoturkv Misoufi. ind Tmm Tbt third will constat of Sonfh Carolina, O orgis.Last Florida. Eastern Virginia, and perhaps Maryland and Delaware. Tbe Pacific Slam will constitute tbe fourth. The General trests tbe exclusion of tbe grain-growing State* of tbe WMUroa id treet communication with the Onlf of M-xleo aa an Impossibility. They will have free courne to go down the Mississippi, and will inaiat upaa Penaaroia aa a naval depot. He alao cleee, it la aald, an elaborate statement of the diapoattlon of tbe military forces of tbe nation, and the condition and needs of tbe fortified places A Noitium PaoposmoH to Akbcst Discs io* ?The Albsnr Atlas and Aryan pn Wishes an article on tbe country's danger, and a remedr, proposing that Lincoln's administration acquiesces in toe construction or me constitution, as seiuea by tbe Supreme Court, which pall Southern Kopertv upon an equality with Northern property the Territories, and the following amendment* to b? made to the Constitution : " Congress may establish governments for Territories, and any Territory having a population equal to tbe constituency or one member of Coagreas. and having adopted, by vote of the cltixens resident therein, a constitution of tha republican form, may be admitted by Congress into this Union ai a State. Neither Congress nor tbe people of tbe Territory, during the territorlsl condition, shall, bv legislation or otherwise, annul or Impair tbe righto of property as recognized by the laws of any State.* T?i Um and Down or Bcmui Lin ? merchant of this city whose uet prof tsduring tbe Crimean war amounted to at leait one hundred and fifty tbouxand dollar*, pawing safely through tbe crisis of 1857, and wbo waa reputed a fear 01 two since to be wortb a quarter of a million, failed a few d^ys ago with liabilities to tbe extent of two hundred thousand dollara. of whicb It Is estimated bs will be able to pay only about fifty per cent. A few weeks since a business msn of Boston, wbo heretofore has been remarkably lucky in all Lis operations, made purchases of sugstr to * very large cmonnt, npon which Lis losses. II la estimated , will reach at laaat sixty thousand dollars ? Bo ft on Traveller. A Name for thk N*w Rem-blic ?A correspondent writing to the Columbia South Carolinian from " up country" wants the true name of tb? n?w Republic " Columbia Republic," and aayi "Give us the true Columbua and tbe Yankee) may have the false Amerlcus Vespuciua." Tbe Louisville Journal aaya that If the " up country' writer wants the true name be must remembei that Chrlstoval Colon discovered America, and a< the " Colon Republic" would be proper. Ii would aleo be judlcloua, for ahould the new Re pub Ic, In the proceaa of tine, divide, one fractlui might be called the " Colon" and the other tin "Semi-Colon." ?<ECOND VISIT IB WASHINGTON CITY or DR. M. SCHLOSSER, the Celebrated BURGEON CHIROPODIST, or PARIS AND HAVANA. EFFICACIOUS AND PERMANENT CURE FOR CORNS, BUNIONS, SOFT CORNS. And all DiMAass OF THE FEET IKtiAou; Cutting or Causing tkt Lratt Pain. Dr. SCHLOSSER would, In th9 mo?t reapectfi mti;, announce to the and Ge?t.emeu c Washington and its environ*, that, at the vrteii (o'icitation of many &nn;i<**, be ha* been induoc to revisit their oitjr, FOR A SHORT TIME ONLY, 1 n/4 ma?r Ka aahciiUmI ft m /iauA rfmint t\f a jiu ilia J uv wvuauivw tu wtwi / wvyi i ?ui?u? vwi Sargery ; especially in CORNS, BUNIONS, Akd Evnr Disease or thb Put, J nil of whioh, however long standi 'g or bal, h r cures in a few minute*, without the slightest pill or inot nvenienoe, cither during their removal c afterward i. Dr. 8CHLOSSER'S great suoosss among th firat familial in Amorioa. aa wall aa among tevan of tho imperial royal fami lea of Europe, hi t gained forhiin several thousand testimonials; < thftse hs begs to append the following to his prss 1 announcement. AMERICAN TESTIMONIALS. i Frotn ITm. Rite, Ex- Proprietor of tkt Ptmnrflvi t aiaa Dr. S^hlosser has extracted two eorns from in to*, which were extremely piiuful for many ye*/ TV.I a.itk ks I un v*i<n<iiuiu?' ; ?ow wim w iiiuu a? vpvi ?-*? i > remarkaWe ; and 1 chee'fuiij r^jonimend him to a 1 who are troubled with o'm* as the only p?r?on ha .e ever known to perform the op* atioo acien ' ttfioailjr a d without a particle of pun l'hiiade phia, Sept. 23,1*157. WM. RICE. From Hon Charltt C. fa* Zamd', K. J. J)r Sch'ouer I'M to-dar operated upon a vei painful o >rn of miae with pirtMt ?uoce??. relies inc all pain and rcmotiuc it without autferinr r CH*9. C. VAN ZANDT. t Providence, R. I ,Oet. ?, 1339. JVcwi J If. Gray, tditor Plaindealer, dtrtlmni, (. I)r. ?chlo??er hla extraottd aeven troubleaon corn* for me without pain and wit'i * '? proip* . ?>f a permanent cure. I can oheerfullv reo <mm?t u him to the public patronage. J. W. GRAY. q From Dr. S. Verdi, M D. I oertifr that I hare been rerr euoMeafu'lp op rated up<<n by Dr. Soh'oaMr without an* pair. Washington, Jan.?, 1858. S. VERDI,M D. d.n n.TL ? ? j rrwwt r r Hfms tvr a/, u wwtr? v ritiaafifaia. T>r. Sokloaaer removed four oorna for m? witfco I pun. ud attiaUctonljr. D. GILBERT, M D Ftom Dr. S. M. Lamdit. Pkila. City Wmttr CW? In Dr. Pchloaaor hM extr*ot?d eight pillfil oor from inr f?*t without the l?Mt p?m. ud the ird eat Mtial&otion 10 myaelf. I woiUd bjr all me* . reoommend him to every bodjr who l? to .-moot t with thee* erila. 8. M. LAN DIB. M. D From Rtv. Ckas. ir. Quick The operations of Dr. Schloaeer are anattend with pain, and remove the oorns efl actually. 1 removed several for me to my entire Mtitfantion Pittsburg, May *7,1868. CH AS. W. QUICK Prom W. H. JimgUu, M. D. Dr. Bohloeeer hit removed eevera1 oorns from ? feet to my entire aatiefaetioa. W H. J1NGLEY. M D ~ In addition to the above testimonials, eevei t thousands more are in Dr. Schloeaer'e poeeeesic among them from members of the Imperial Roj fnmi'i?* n f f11 rrtn* aiih ba feaM 1 mvi ias i highest standing both ia the old and new worli - which may be seen at hie office, ;s air PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. between 12th and Uth streets. |a Consulting hours from 10 a. m till 4 p. m. Notice.?A'e prof'itxonul reaaeeliea with e m( de 1 A OR EAT ATTRACTION! GRAND RUSH FOR SEVENTH STRHE All Stop at a M I T H 8. No. 400 SEVENTH STREET. "U o tktm and do litwm (Snob was tke lsaguace ased by a gentleman w had received eoine of oar treat bargains.) I hare just returned f-om the North with a r* id larce etoek of CL ?fHrSa. PURNISHI? in GQOIK HAW ??d CArB.WMlit Ibr eMk at ti id thirds their not eost.aad wkioh Ifwill sell at a sin id advance. Yon eae buy a good t'verooat fro* 93 >? from as SI tA as at Apegrel. at Mtoaiahiu|ly low K1***. D sJ&msji&eSK J52mdenl UU V par Mat. bwyi ,., CofeT^ss?ffi^asaE Ko. 460 Seventh strMt. b?fur? porobanni Hi L aKii*4-u*'-jrtrs{f?src,a^ ^ d? 14-1 it flo.4?0 8ovath?t.,ot.p.pu?t0fcw - FRENCH FLOWKRtiQF THE VKRYBKI t * m I so II H lS8,bJ5"Sthi?J itt^S ????? I H. AUCTION SALRS. " lr MARSHALL A PAGE. Aa?tioaoor*.~ JV*. JOS 7ik itwr, mMt Odd Ftiltwt' Hall. THIS EVENING.AND EVERY EVENING, i AT HiU FAtT lU O CLOCI, I'WTIL M ? tut'i, ?i iuj.1. iklx a BitvTirriAtMirPnt or 6mm Bciuui r?i pmutt, tu i?t*d W?r?-S*??t I ? 8*t?, Ctttof*. C*k? Ba*k*U, ttyotu, Fork*, tun*, CM BiiktU, Urn, lee Pile or*, Ac., Iii<n and Forka, ivory, baek Mora, Bob*, Ac , U^* lot of Fan or UMi, Moh?taa GlMtt't, Do * Dnl'1. Tor*. ?"!? of Pvrfiatr;, 4?ft) Fib* G'Id Watako* for Gaate aad L*d***. Pimm lot or Dir Boom, tuT.rMi? atu( nth?r MiiiVla a< .1 k ai>?t* Q lifts. CottMit, l?r??* b?u<i?, Co Jan. okin??, A fell rat of / wa'r?. f>r Prra*i ta Un? Mtortmrat of Cluiit, Crjektry, Oltii War#, 0ooL??.!Ul ShOiA, C .oUlM, Or?r%t?. Bu4 <'icLief?, ?a?l Giovej, A Dn??i Hon kray ag Artie!- r, CarfiT'ttai* irmrf T???d?r.l ?mra4a?, ftatardsy ?op?.inf * &t to c'o!ock in Stors. u*4i*a pv CUiUlf IfTW da If 3'd MAB^HAl.l, A PA^E. *rcf. By THO?. DO W' INH. A?o'i>>Drar. (j I or I I WW, D. (' Gh**cv.R E8. ?gi u-s AND wtnis A* Aucrttj.-?i? Wki>NI''JD\Y ml, tfe.- i th llaL. M iO w'vJott, IB f'roLt of ifc# / lu?IV: JLvMBr, far ?.ooouut of vti?ii it u>?j Jkotn, t at*.) mm wit?.o?t r?HrttH?rr? Km*i Hitkr, (kftti Tra B"X?? M* Uid Caud ?, Ik>im kfj?i Hj? p Do 1 k?*tu? lIMl SlUOHUg I vlMM, Muff O Staioh, Wl?, F.s?*?rca ofCvflM ww Hrkey vw"*i IVVIV^M, van vtfi Bur?:i Ola It ft, UiUmi, w< NvimiiitoUJ \\ hi* larreli Mraodf. Mtlt{i W ?n to T?r.Ail#6'?Miiicwii,*s. r?(? Bmui, K?nof So?p?. .? ?? s*?*r?. A I M>f * ?oa'Ur ctiki r*rf u^tior Po t Win* L?ni>?kM o 4 Ooiue Rrudf Ml ix>U m ImoM VV hitkey. Term* ??h. d j IT St T.DOWUNO.AioL THIS AFThRNOOn ? TV-MOllKOW. By A. GREKM, Au?t>nno#r. i rpRCSTKLH ?ALK OF HOUSEHOLD AMD 1 kitcin Fcixihii tr aiciiox -kr mtm oftdiiinu lor liutM rent and i wo Mi of triiat to the Mbecriber. one l*?.m date on nmetoectb d*j of November. 'MP. and on* ntb*r L?i? lag api am ut oi offumar, iw, km R?:y rwn.rdad in oaa of ?*?? lauJ i*oorda ui Waamnctoo oouiUj.ic tt?? L-istript of Columbia. I; ? \ at . Pobl.e A anion, ub TO K?*DA \ , t <elSth of b?r, at o o'clock a. ?l ih? U< aud KiUuien Karnitar* in lb* f.?ur ator* t.nok lin*m> > a tuatoJ ob north I. atr. it, fronting on i a>*t? bv?nfl?, b?xt to t*>e oorn?r of ttnti kf* t woat. The foliow^nj oowip. isiQf b part ol ike Kffaota to bs aold, vis? l On* nBn ieom? Wiinl Parlor eonaikUng of t ?l?aU t t'aatore a-d < Cha re. ooT red with *Tlk Uinuk Mt'felt-Wf Koeawood Caatfr l abia, Ottomans Whataot. and Mat -<taar TaMta, Four B ocatel)* Bud l.acr Cartaina, with <'.y nice. Walnut Bookoaae. Writ.oi Desk, ana Uak b.iuuc CbAir^f Wa'nut Exfoau.n Ta laa, and Shad**, ik> Bodataau, Waehatand. and L>r?ealnf Buraaaa, Cotta?o Mi, coftaiatirg of B*Jata*da, BurMaa, i YVaeh taude, Tat>it>a. and Chaira, Darnaai l.ounioa and Kmj Chair*. y non Cha re, K?fri(*rator, Hro?t# Cand'aatieke, Hair Mattraaaaa. Kcathfr fi.lowa and h > tur ' Klnc L.inen *ha?U. Cum, a- fl I>?iumIi Napkins, ' DaTtaak Tib e Clctha. C?>t;?n Shwti and Cain, ' Bm> S?rMdi, Comforts. U aiiketa, and other Madding. I Cotton Top u 1 Huak Mattreesee, , Vel*e?, Bruraela. Ingmo, and other Ca HU. Stair R <de. OHolAtha, Kaga. and Door Mata, China Vaara, Cac^iMUota, aid cthe< MaaUi Or' n amenta. On* Filc Gold band French China Dinner Bet, Ivory handle Knivee. Plated Forka and fcpoou, and othe Table Catlery, One P.ateJ Cat tor. Coffee aod Tea Bet, Chic*. Glass. and Crocker? Ware, A large iotof Kitohen Requisites, Aad many other ariio.ea too numeroui to enum* rtu. Terms: All sainaofaDd under $35 eaah ;over ?a oredit of ft* atd 6> days. for approved ea ad actee. tearing intertat from dayof sale. WM R. WOOD WAR U. Trustee deU d A. 6RKEN, A?et By WAI L. A BARNARD. AaoUoMars. POSITIVE SALE OP CHINA. CUTL-KR V, PL.A I'KD AND OTHER costly WiR, PaBIAK AMD BlAQCBT feTATT tbs, ec., at Arrnos ?On TUKBUaV MORNING, the 18th inetan , a. 10 o'oioek. aad continuing each morning at 10 o'elook, and avenirg at 7 o'ola. Oil all ie diapoa^d of, we will sail, at the Store of Cbaa. K.Green, 874 Pa. a*, between Uth aad re*u, next door to the Kirkvood Hoi-e, hie sUki?. ooinpnin? a large and varied assortment? r rwncn, riunc v-oiiib, ?nu uv ri \j\uqoit p n?i ;&( . and Tm J*sts of the latest atr 1m, * Parian Lava, Sevres, Bohsmian, French, Rtd Am -rioan Gianswarn, Parian and Bia^mt * tutu'tea. Ornamented Punch tfowlsr Mottoea, ,i Sevrea Ccpsatd Card Rao*iveraand Frait Stands. ,, Cordial Seta, Table and Wins Castors. 11 Piatad Spoons and Porks- and <"ut!ary. it And a tarfs assortment of otbar Silver War*, d Ano a cenaral assortment of Amenaan. He,t,ar . ana English Wars of every aeaonption. Thta tals will be found Worthy the spec.a: attention of housekeepers and thuee wiahinc to purri.Ma holiday presents, as tka foods are oftha fiaeet aad kl last est importations. Terms: $*o aash; over that aaonat. a aradit of 90 aad 00 days, for approved endorsed notes, bear in( interest. dsn WALL A BARNARD, A acts B FUTURE DATS. n nN TUESDAY NEXT. Oao lata, oommaneini ,r V/ at half-past 6 o'clock praoisaly. AUCTION?AUCTION?AUCTION. ? CLOSIXQ OFT SALE. .1 The balance of the Paraitar* Carpets, Pint Ornaments. Sfcadee, Paintings, to., to., namM mg unsold, will be positively eeld without ur re >f Mm, m tne owner nmt leave the oity ia a ftw -t dsts Thsartioee reroainisi oonsist of? Riehly Carved loMwood Parlor So its, KuMWDod Bureaus ac<l Eteceree, On* elegant Ro??wood Chw Piano Forts, Brussels and Ingrain Carpetsand Wiaaow Shaoes, A few choice Oil Paintings, by Msoloed, Lanman, ' Doughty and others. Solid Black Walcnt Bedsteads, with Carved Head iy and Foot Boards, Three elegant Rosewood Masio Boxes, ja Extra fine large China Vasoe and Figures. J1 Krenoh ?"hiua Dinner and Tea Sets. I Silver-plated Castors, Forks and Saooas, t- Ivory her,died Cutlery, its., with other artielst too numerous to tuentioa, which will be dlspass< of at abors. fUla (A alaM KaCnM a* , tore, three doors west o{osr Motion room*. J. c MoGU: K It It co , Aiou. rT N. B.?Two Tfrj fine Top Bagiiss at private r- ui dsl^d Br 1. c. MoGl'ire A co., Auctioneers. Furniture and effects of a family dkiimnu Hormnriio.-yir WED3. nksi'ay morning, Deoesabar TOth, at Us o'clock, at the resiaenoe of a gentleman MBM| " housekeeping on Seventeenth street, between H >* and I sts? we shall Mil all his Faraitara aad eT feets, eossprisiac? Beit or Parlor Furniture, consisting of Bote, S Ana aad 6 Side Chairs, Lidice* Writiag Desk, Whatnot. Marble top Tables, Gift traase Mirrors, Carpet. Curtains, Gas Fixtarss, ?atra<ta Bureaus, Wasbstanda, Hair and Hash Mattresses, Bolsters aad PiUavu. Case atd Wood seat Cna rs. Kockaru, Wardrobe, Water Closet, I<ookiag Glasaas, at Extension Dialsc Table, fidsbnard, China, Glass and Bilverplatsd Wars, \Y inrtow Shades Gas Flxtnrea. Stoves, Kitchen Utensils, As. ? Trims: fan sod under oaah; over that saa credit of uirty aad sixty dare, for satisfuotcnlj ns endorsed notes, hearing interest. *- asis ? j.u. HWlUlgEt CO? iMti. 2d IIy BARNARD A BUCKET. AHUomm, Gtorttfwn, D. C. ^ALE OF TBE BEST OLDjRYE WHISKY ~ 19 t?s Diitstct.?Os FRIDAY. Ua Zlst of PwmbUt, m It o'c nck m.. ws wQt oftr it a4 Mllie M't.utm wai-ebona* of J. A. Mtfridtr. it Nt.?l W?UriU,??tor|tti?BK libli of nn dutilM In WIuAt, Thia Whiaky hM bssn iu th? totttttioi of tfc* prti st ovttr (or Its Tttn lad it w*rr*xti?d m. Th? attention of hot*. ksspsra mc ill ysrsoss ?Utir.| t pmx* Wkuk;, u m>ttifslly ssilsd to >7 th? aala. All it<ni of f 100ud undsr 8Mb; otst that a ' credit of?> daya. for not"? sstiafactor. j rndo'MC. da 14-d BARNARD A BUCKEY.Aasto. *1 ?? in. By WALL A BARNARD. Asotooassrm. ml PO(JRTSALE.-Sa.lsor * Cosveiiiixt Bcildh? ^ iks Lor.? By irtfsof sn ortwtad durttuf ' ths Ortbui' Co art of tSa Oiatrlat of Cn'mkifc. Mid District, in Cha^o^r* nUinr 1 ska 1 sell, at public Uttloi, to the higheet bidder, on THUKtD A V , the nth day of Deoember, . D. 1M0,10 front of th? premises. at 4 o'oloak a. a., all tha richutttle, intoreet. aad estate of Sarah Elisabeth. Ann Amelia, acd John William, Fkikob, of, in aad ^ tothesuath part of Lot i uroKered eeren. (1.) la , Pqcars numbered iityone, i*l,)af tha alaa of tha " auy o? WaeMoft<>n,ooma<*oinc.Jbr thesaid part. at tha souihweat aorear of aud Lot and rui-nias T> tbenoe north with tha liaa of T ssdfthtfd etreM *' wast fourteaa (14) feat; tbeaoa saat ess hundred aad twenty two (1J2) feet two aad a hulf itfcnaahaa to the rsar of aaid Lot; theaae south louitesa (14) feet; anu tbeooe weat oaa huadiwd aad twaatv two (122ill t two aaa-a half(>X> laahas to the *. "vitwx; u* o. between sorts L a- d M sta. >rr Tarsss: Oae half sash; tha r?sidaa la two a?aai itt instalments, of 6 and 12 moctha. aaaarad by the ro notes of the parehassr. satisiaatofiU endorsed, and tail beerinc tstarest from the day at sale. Ti tie deed I to to be reserved natal tha whole of tha pars base at nouay is paid. All eonreyaaaiat at the aoet el the ? w^YA^tE"4#aSfiiS!Kttu It, ? umwwoi a n0"c%o?m"0"c" * JBMMJQN' wixik^ljgco'&s?*IVD riM-, ** ?zsr^?rr g sas^jbs^'""^^ psrsssspsikk

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