Newspaper of Evening Star, December 17, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 17, 1860 Page 3
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IOC A L NEWS, j CjT TbM^h Thi Stab M printed on the t&*uM steam pttas In use sonth of Baltimore, Its edition I* so Urge u to require It to be put to press at an early boar; Ad?ertt*ment?, therefore, ihoald be Beat Is before It o'clock m.; otherwise they may aot appear on til the next day. Norte*.?District of Colombia AdverUsamaato to be lassrted in the BuTmoit Sen are received at and forwarded from Tn ihu Office. Rblioioci ? Yeaterday was not very favorable to the attendance ol large congregation* at the various charchca. The streets were covered with mew. and the sidewalks were slippery and In maav places dangerous, because of the neglect af tbelaw relating to inch matter* by tbe great majority of the people. At moat of the churches the ceagr??atlor.s were thin. Protestant Ckmtk, Ninth Street.? Rev P- Light Wl!aan. tbe pastor, officiated during tba aerefces of the day, aud preached In the morning from the text of lat Corinthian*. 2 7. At night h?* discoursed upon the last dans* ot the 13th and * the 13th vera** of the 'id chapter of Phllllpplins. Tbls te*t. he remarked, is a sermon of itself, all we can do is to enlarge upon and enforce the doctriM it teaches The doctrine of man'a moral - ? fnrth In tH? bit ifl ftiao taiwrht tbr?*ifbout tbe Scripture*, ? >d ougbt to be perfr. Ur understood The meaning la Imply the power to chose between good and evil such was man originally; such be la and doubtlem will l?- throughout eternltr lake away this moral agency and man Is a slave. God made him so for bis own happintfs. because It is necesaary that It should. In addition to this liberty and power of choice, God gave to man a standard or rule for the jndgm?-nt of moral actions. His own word. It is the only sure and safe rule of judgment Man must net for himself, his own will fixes his destiny. Salvation, the word In the Wxt. embraces ereiy nood connected with the present and the future tbe ({fneral drttaiticn Is dellTtture. Tbe lice I'v f'-r this is inan'c fallen condition. The dicta** of lln U universal Miration la tbe remedy. > ik? unl and delivers from the \a*salage of Satan; ami la a present, future and ?t-rual deliverance for body and aoul. Soare have supposed that stlvatlon vras not secured upon tbe tbe ciOk* Tbta may be startling to some; but it Is so In ordt-r to secure it, there Is something for to do. The death of tbe cross procnrra salvation for every nun; this is general salvation, implied In tbe words of tbe Apostle who declared that Jesus Christ-tasted death for every man. But In order that thla remedy may apply tbere is something f?-r every man to Jo. Tbe stream is open to every man. but every man must come and partake of the h?al:ng waters This is personal sanation, that which Is meant in the text. Tbe preacher proceeded to show tbe distinction between tbe power to will and do, and tbe act. The plan of salvation Is the work of God ; the application Is your own. Man is tbe arbiter of his own destiny, and Gcd rannot be cbargtd with man's sin. The way and means have been provided by God for man's salvation. It is for man to use them for his own healing. The preacher very clearly defined the influences of the spirit, amonx them conver ton. This ! an entire change of heart, and not of head merely, as many have mistaken. The preacher then raade an application of hladiacourae to the church, declaring that ' there ia as straight a road from the church to bell as from any other Clnt. Oh ' bow manv bones of faithless mernrs mark the way ?" He appealed to his congregation to use the means provided, and work ont tLelr souls' salvation with fear and with tremb* ling. K'nt Waikimgton M P. Church?Rev. Wm. T Uumm, pastor in charge, conducted the services of the morning, preaching from the text sf { t Lake. 19.1 It is supposed that this parable was written to the people of Jerusalem on account of th?lr sutl?ring. Ooa has promised to >11 that cry unto him in faith be will answer them inasmuch, God has instructed us that we shall pray and not (hint The speaker exhorted allchrisuans In view 01 me inreatening aspect 01 ihe country to pray to God, and pray with faith, and lie will deliver us fiom trouble. At night, hit remarks were baaed upon the ??th chap and '29th verse of eta l'?ion CKaptl ?The morning service was conducted by the Presiding Elder of the District, Rev L. F Morgan, who preached from the te*i of 1st Timothy. 4.10, embracing the following subjects: The Character of Ged; His Manifestation in the flesh as the Saviour; The Universality of Salvation; Salvation, present and future. At night, the pastor, Rev H.C. Westurood, preached from the text of Joel, 3 14. The tbeuae of the disrourse was the last judgment; its imrx>rtar<*e as decisive of tb?- greatand long controversy between (iod and the sinner Strand Baptist Ckurth (Navy Yard )?A very Interesting protracted meeting has Wen In progress at this station for two or tbree weeks past, and a number of persons bave made a profession of religion Last night the pastor preached a discourse appropriate to the occasion of baptism, ?ft?r which the ordinance was administered to three candidates. Waugk Ch*pel?Rev J R Effinger, pastor, preached from Luke, 1-2.32, an encouraging d!s. > i mo hAftlntr trt nnnn tko I of God. At night, from Roman*. 1*2 11. Tbe Christian's duty, activity and seal In the service of God. Grat* Church.?Tbe rector. Rev Mr Holmead, from tbe text of Psalm. 110 4. entered upon tbe consideration of Christ as a Priest, In continuation of a series of advent discourses upon Cbrlst as Prophet. Priest, and King. Assembly's Ckurck? Rev. Mr. Collins conducted tbe services during the day, preaching in tbe morning from 1st Timothy 4 9, and at night from Romans U 33 Ckmrrh / tht Ascension ?At night, Rev. Mr. Christian preached from Romans, 8 10. Riaaoxs Wmt You Should visit G. G. Evaas Gin Boos Stokk. ? t* mmmi i i ~ ..... ? i nn auic u w in iusi yuu uinutn^. Kecanse you cannot speud a few moments better tban looking over a collection of good book* Because \ou will receive polite and gentlemanly attention. Became 0. G. Evans iak?s pleasure In exhibiting his goods to persona wishing to purchase or not. Hiiioks TVht Yor Sfoclo dcv Voum Book* At Thji Gift Book Stork. let You can get an v book you may want. 2d You can get new and fresh works directly frotn tbe pre as. 3d. You can get them as cheap as at any other store?at publisher's lowe?t prices. 4th You are sore to receive a handsome present with eacb. . 5th. You can get more for you money tban al i any other place in tbe city. 6th. You get two presents for the price of one. Remember that you pay no more than you would at may ottier establishment, and yon have the advantage of receiving an elegant Present, which oflimea is worth a hundred fold more than the amount paid for tbe book. Christmas stock now ready. J Market Rossikt?Yesterday. Win. Johnson lias Lam mo n was taken before Justice Dona by Policeman WiUou. for th? larceny of ahorse wagoa, and a load of provisions consisting of 61 dozen eggs, 5 turkeys, 3 dozen chickens, 5 geese ana other article*, on Saturday, from J . I. w n on After a long search, Johoaon was found with tha wagon on Seventh St., bat tbe load wai gone. Johnson left, after promising te account for his conduct. Watson and Wilson went U Johnson's residence, and found It barred gainst them A March warrant was Issued by Justin Donn. and an entrauce obtained. All waa fount except a tor key and ebleken. While tbe goodi were being secured Johnson sloped and hid In i wood yard near by, and so escaped for the time Watson bunted for him all Saturday night, ant op to 12 o'clock yesterday, w hen be struck hit trail and found him la a Loan on tha sootheri extremity of the city, snagly hid under a bed He was committed for trial at court. He doe* no denv the act but cava he waa drnnfc at tha tim< The Justice says tbis ;a the third or fourth tim he baa committed blm. Putu Miitim?In accordance with th recomaMBdatloa of the Young Men's Chrlstta: Association of tbla city, that wis day abould b ! art apart aa a day of fasting, humiliation, am prayer, a prayer meeting waa held at the room a c the association. opposite Brown's Hotel, at 9) o'clock this morning. The attendance at th opening waa not numerous, but during the ei erclaea wbleb ensued th* congregation waalargvl augmented la aumbera. It had been expects that several clergymen would beproen', uud< waom me mmidk was vo nave ueen cunaucwc but at the Lour appointed, no minister bavin arrived, the chair was taken bf one of the men bet*, wlo read the Slat Paalm of David; an afterward* an appropriate hymn was aung, whle wa* followed by prayer Alternate prajrer Lyu^i.a and eibortutiona followed. Ca:m*xi. Cocar?William Adnma. convict* of a petty Ureeny, wm sentenced on Saturday 1 one year In the county jail. Francis Miiler waa tried for an assault wit latent to kill Was. F. Thomas. T'J kiry foan a verdict of acquittal * TWay ?TnoCourt having met, inlla N*wtoi i trmm ?- -?< rrn nlaAaJ ? ? ? i ? a ?J. r- ? to wm ior iwuiagNW" article* of the value of flu?tb* property of M \V m Ellis, of Ueorgetowu The case wh pen* lag wben oar report clused " To*" U to conttaae bis iUy la tbla cltr for few daya. the public Interest In bla extraordlnm nautical performances bavin* Increased to Us point tbst tbe most orgeat solicitations bavs be* made to Tom's muter, Mr. Oliver, to extoad tl number of bis exhibitions bare Tbueewttoha^ attended ?aeb perforiuaace sad watched To* closely on each occasion. declare themselves re tinuallf astonished br fresh developments, Ilia trative of tao wonderful masleal faculties of tt singular being. S A Dedication or t?e Fovrti PmiTTnuii Chorch ?Tbls cbofeb, which, during the part fear, baa been extensively and beautifully Improved wu reopened for Divine service yesterday Tbe aervlcea throughout Uie day were un suaUr interesting and largely attended, tbe eburch on eacb occasion being so densely filled sa to render it Impossible for many to secure even a convenient standing position. In tbe morning the Rev. R R Gurley, Rev. Wm Mcl<aln, and Rev Dr Smith, (pastor.) of this city, :nd tbe Rev. Dr. Chambers, of Pbilndelphis. occupied seats In tbe palplt. Alter ih rraamg of a portion or scripture by tbe first two named gentlemen, and tbe rendition , 1* a spirited manner of one or two appropriate Mid beautiful antbems, tbe Rev. Dr. Chambers delivered an eloquent and affecting discourse from tbe tbe first nine verses of tbe M chapter of Haggal, bat dwelt more particularly on the 9th : "The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saltb tbe Lord of hosts; and , In this place will I give peace, salth the Lord of hMti " Tbey were net left for self-congratulation or j setf-gloriflcatlon. Tbe object of this convocation Was identified with and indefinitely connected In It, becanae tbey belonged to time and eternity Review day must ronie, when they should stand individually and collectively in tbe prt-senc&of the Infinite Ruler of the Cnlverae. Here Sad i been committed to them a stewardship of no ordinary importance, and tbey stood Identified with God In tne morel government of the world, moat absolutely and positively. In the arrangements of Uod's Providence this congregation had, as a people, been favored and bleased. The labors of their beloved minister had received tbe sanction of bis master; tbelr co operation bad not been wasted; snd together, in tne capital of the nation, they bad stood among the foremost in defense of tbe immutable principles of right for the ad vance- 1 ment of the kingdom of Jesut, and the building up oi me empire 01 uoa an over weworia; to that, It might be said, their name waa spread among all the churchea. They bad been proa- ? pered as regarded the material Lome In wbicb < they were to dwell: and whatever may have been, i or whatever may be now, the condition of the bollding, that Is merely a a?-eondary consideration. 4 An attempt on the part of men to connect God , with mere material matter, and present things . without reference to the future and eternity, would be inoperative But In whatever they did theysbonld do all for God'a blessing He trusted It urould be with this hoiia* u ??*t?rl In th? t?it that " The glory of tt should be greater than tbe former.' In the afternoon, the Rev. Byron Sunderland, P D. Gurley, George W Samson, Rev. Mr Cel lias, and Rev Dr Smith took part in theservicea i Tbe sermon on thia occasion waa delivered by tbe Rev. Dr Samson. who selected as h'.stext the ' 4th verse of the 27th Psalm?" One thing have I deaired of the Lord, that I will seek after; that I may dwell in the house of my Lord all tbedaya i of my I'.fe, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to inquire In hia temple. ' In the evening, the Rev. Dr. Chambers dilated on the "One Man Power." He attributed the present distracted condition of our country to a failure to properly obey tbe laws. After the service, several mini iter* who had officiated elsewhere, after they had closed their respective services, attended this church, and participated In a meeting of special prayer In behalf of our country, and especially for the convention that assembles to-day lu South Carolina. Mosky Rkcovk&kd.?Last week, a lady residing in the Fifth Ward, occupying a house jointly with another family, missed an amount of money?over S160?which she had accumulated by a pension to which she is entitled It appeared that she was called out by a neighbor for a few moment*, una left tier money, in gold com, uoder the pillow of her bed Upon ber return it wu gone. A search warrant was obtained and thg house searched, and the money was found distributed in cracks in the floor and walla of the bouse. The money being recovered, the search warrant was returned; but no warrant for the arrest of any one waa issued, there being no ground to charge any particular member of the family with the larceny. Ladies, the best place to get your Christmas presents lsatMrs. R G Etchiaon's, No. 12 Fa. avenue, who has just returned from the North with a complete assortment of Fancy Goods, all of which she has selected herself especially for the approaching holidays. Her stock of real Lace Collars, Sets. Handkerchiefs, Veils, embroidered and plain Linen Sets, French worked Sets and Collars, Head Dresses, net Sleeves, Fans, Port ? s - s i <1.11. % mm it a J _ monaies, i,inen v onuri ana nanairrrmen, ana a large stock of Fancy Article*, (any of which will make a very handsome present,) will be sold very cheap. We advise you to go at once to No. 1*2 Pa avenue, and get your presents before they are picked over. f Th* bronxe foundry at Munich has just completert the fast of Roger's two doorsJor the Capitol of Washington They are devoted to the history of Columbus, which is told in compartments not unlike those of the Gates of the Baptistery of Florence Between each compartment are niched busts of all who have written on Columbus;among tbese, a fine bend of Washington Irving. Around are statues of men connected with him, and at the top of each door la the head of an Indian. Ci*tbal UcxKDHorss Casks.?Win. Rollins, (i W Smith, and Klchmond Lee were arrested for being drunk, disorderly, and profane on the Sabbath. Kolllns was fined ft 15; Smith, S3 15;, 9'2 15. George Simon. colored, disorderly. Fined *3 15; sent to workhouse for 90 days. Jos. Gerbardt. failure to comply with the license law; obtained his license after the s*rvice of the warrant, and the case was dismissed upon the payment of 58 cents costa Fim*?On Saturday night, a stable owned by Mr Klmmel, feed dealer, in the First Ward, was ccnsained by fire, together with another stable adjoining, owned by a colored man named MaSruder Some hours afterward another fire was Iscovered in the backbolldlng of a hoase In the same Ward, which required prompt action to extinguish. Thi Thcatih ?The eminent American tragedian, Mr E. Eddy, m-kt-s his appearance tonight, in his great part i f Jack Cade He will be supported by a powerful company. The musical farce of the Windmill will also be performed on thU occasion. 9nch an inviting bill cannot fall to draw a irowdtd bouse. Th? Fai* for the benefit of the orphans, which Is open for two ni<hu more at Odd Fellows' Hall, appeals powerfully to ihe sympathies of the benevolent Every member of the community should feel It a privilege ti be able to contribute something lu this agreeable manuer. Platiku Cabds, biank Account Books, Pass 1/ibi i xzm , auu niniaiiai^ iui 1 'VI , >-?au Ulirrv, Magazines, and Newspapers; Juvenile and Children1! Toy llooka. tfhlllingtoh's ti the place xto bny them cheap. 9hot ?On Frl.Iay la?t, Wm Moran, of thta r county, while under the influence of whisky, shot his mother. Her condition, we learn, la still 1 critical He waa arrested and conunltted to jail ?Rockvitl* Sentimtl. A RirosTxa Waxtid.?Wanted, a reporter | who la quirk with the pen, active, and will de vote himself to his business. Apply lmmsdiately | to the Editor of the Star. i The bill of the Franklin Fire Company tolled to-day at IX P ?>., for the late Charles L. Coltman, who was formerly an active member of that > association. t ? Not Comiho?The Cumberland (Md ) Contlt nt-nlals j{i ve su official contradiction of the rumor i tint they lutend to attend Lincoln's Inauguration. > Read tii? f... lowing letter from a highly retpectI abie gent.eman s Lim*?tox*. Montour Co , Pa., Oct. 22.1843 1 This is to oeitify that 1 was pronounced bi several physicians as consumptive. anil bad all the symptoms of the disease ia its wor<t form, such as a coaching, severe pains in the oh est shortness of breath. night-sweats. and extreme weakness and t lassitude in my whole system. My family nearly i. as I having died of the disease. 1 hail given up a. I e hope or recovery, as notturiK gave ma relief, but through the p-*r?u*<i>>u of a friend I wan induoed to try l>r. Hviitar't Bnl*am of Wild Cherry. The . first bottle relieved ma considerably, and the third bott e cured me entirely. I now feel as well m ever " I did in mjr life, and am able to follow my ?ooup&* tioA as farmer aa fully a? any one. d lalso had a sister in a more advanced state ol if tbediseas!, having been confined to her bed for ^ over a year, and pronounaed beyond hope by our * beat physicians. Sue alio waa enure!* oared by r the Wiln Cherry, bat it required sic or eight bottes.aod ahe still takes it occasionally aa a preireotativ?, being iiatu'&l'y weak oheated. I would sincerely urge all whaare snni'arly af?r Jioted to try Or. Wftar's Baitam of Wild Cherry I- as I am iati>fied that but for your own valoabi* ' reinady 1117 sitter and invself would not now b< living. 1 will oheerfully answer any one who ma; : address me on the aubject, and state our casui <1 iiiive fullv. iirAi Mm b Prepar-d hv 8-rh W. Fowl# ft Co., feoaton, ant i. for eiirfHAVa.In nf ton eitr G. Stottt S. U. Wutt Z. D. Qihaan John Schwarae. Nairn ft Pa.msr John Wtfef, J B.Moor., and H. H. MoPhereon d L? 6 e-Tgetowa by *. If. 01. ill, udG. M. ft J ^ 9-?thrun,aud by UrU<gi?t* everywhere. deU-lw, - _ Hoixowat's Pills. h A?na/? r??*U??i.-No other medicines of thi 4 day >?<? ? U* Pfopertv of rMtraia>a* thoae inor 4<nat* lluvi incidental to the gentler a-x. am which are th? ud reaulte of nsivoue debility o >? enfeebled oooatitat on. Thooaanda nf female* 11 y Anwriisovs their eiiatenoe and the actual enjoy r. tnsat of health to the uae o( theee oeiebrated rem* i dies. Thsir nature is ao simple that thsv may b taken b| the moat rfehoate female wit* perfect free dors and safety Sold by all di ugguta, at tto. 62o UU 9 WW*? 1W v Corns* ?Th? addon ohuiH of our olimate ar , souroMof Puim?*an/, QrotukUl aud " Afutio?. E*^n?n?? Mving proved thM simpl n reroadlM often Mt ^^edilf and oertunl? vb? ie taken in tk? *arlr ?U<?? of ihn dinMi.nwuri r? ?'io?Id tX ono? ? to Braxmt's Bronchia n TroduiT* or L >*enf*i?. 1st th? Cold, CoacJu or jr ritation of the Toroot b? *T?r ?p ?hjht. m by tlij precaution ? more serioo* fttUsk ma* ba ftr-oraa: 1 7" wartl^d off. Public Sptaktrt *ud Siwwi will fin U??for nlaarmgaad trMgthaaia; ih roi??. Mm edwwtiwewl. ? !-!> THE CRISIS. Special and Extraordinary. O. O.EVANS, ORWLNATOM OF TUB GIFT BOOK SALES, at hta Braach Store, 47? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, wuhiscto*. D. Cm Having determired, in ooiuideratioa of the pre#wit Political and Financial Crista, to reduce til* extensive and oomplet* stook of STANDARD AND MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS. Bw t&? F?mrtk of Mirth next, 3ft?r greater induoeunents to purchasers than trtr b? presented to ft readme oommunity. He deaifnt giving axcay. without partiality or re serve, the follovinft list of GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES and other VALUABLE JEWELRY, n addition to the regnlar distribution, upon the purchase of Books: Aravntrr * n? 10 GOLD WATCHES, Genta Hunting Cm, 10 GOLD WATCHES, Ladies Hunting Cana, IA Gent. Hunting Cm* SILVER WATCHES, SILVER \\ ATCHE8, Lejine Movement*, 11 Genta GOLD VEST and FOB CHAINS, 13 Ladies and Muses GUARD and NECK CHAINS, IS SILK DRESS PATTERNS. J Sets SILVER PLATED WARE. The above Schedule is in add it on to onr rernlar irranged p'aj of Distribution, Uii, as nsual.with ?very Book sold, will be presented A OIFT val jed f? om 50 cents to 8100. To satisfy the incredulous, we shtli keep a list >f those who receive the above Extra Gifts, and, with permission, publish their names and residence n the daily papers in order of presentation. Our CHRISTMAS STOCK embraoss ONK THOUSAND DIFFERENT WORKS, suitable to every taste?Old and Young, Crave and Giy. G. U. EVA KB, de U 476 Pennsylvania Avenue. SECESSION OR NO 9F.CKSSION.-LAMMON n,7th at., will sell Toy* and Fancy N<|tioosolieap-r tlrananyotherhouseinthecity d 15 3* FUR SALE-ln email quantities, a prime artio e of CRAU APPLE CIDER, at 419 Twelfth it, between New York ar. and I at. N- B.?Also, pure CIDER VINEGAR. d!5 2t L* a nr ? o tv. :_ j. l .1 1 _ 1<no< ins uuiun is in u?.|?r urn (it hut inc yoor Holiday Prese its at LAMMOND'S, you may save it. de 15 3t* BARGAINS.?Kma Krinple ha? ordered me to close out Toy* ar.d China Ornaments at prices cheaper than the cheapest, for oasironlr. de 15 at* LAMMOMB, Seventh at. NEW ILLUSTRATED BOOK* For tub Seashx or 1S61. Moral Emblems; The Promise* of Jesus; Tennyson's May Uaeen; Wit and Humor of the Porta; The Poetry of Nature; The Poets' Gallery; The Byron Gallery of Beauties; Shakspeare; Phak pt-ire i nmpeai; i no n&m oi; Lauit hV' e Acventurei. ?he Foreitn Tour of Measra. Brown, Jonea and Kobinaon; Art Aloum. the Art Album for 18??. The above are a lew of the uew Booka ruitaole for preaenta during the connnr holidays. BLANCHARDA MOHUN, de 15 Comer of Eleventh at. and Pa. av. C-'O TO MAXWELL'S. I FOR BARGAIN? IN GOODJ! Suitable for I'bksbnta! CLOAKS. CLOAKS, AND FANCYGOODS.&o. To suit the Crisii, Scarcity of Monty, tc. VVehavejuat reoeived 50 more elegant CLOTH CLOAKS, at reduoed pricea, to auit the time*. Our aaaortment ii now comprised of the variona new atrleaof French and Engliah Saoquea, Chester fielda, Arabs, Coat Baaquea with Capes, new atjlea of Flowing Heevea, with Crochet Trimmtngs. Also, Cloaks with Laced and Stitoh'd a riH UHrl iiuki Jr a Jr r% In addition to the above, we have receivod a fall supply of Fancy Goods for the Holidays, such as kaoed Pets of Co lars and Sleeves, Embroideries, eal Lace Collars, Head Nets, Head Dresses, Frenon Hair Pins, Lao* and Embroidered Sleeves, Crochet Fringes, &o., Ao. Remember,the place is MAXWELL'S Original Cloak and Fancy Store. N B.?Cloak Department 2d ?torT. de U-3teo MRS. ANN R. O'NEIL, WIDOW, ANN R. O'Neil and Hugh B. Sweeny. Executors, and James Rider CNeil, Agathy O Neil and Julia v/ now uuiiuidu ?nu ii?w? ? iiw vi i iiiiuij v/ iieir. late of Washington county, D. C.,decoased, and all Other persona interested. You are hereby notifies) that the Hon. William M. Merrick, Assisted Judge of the Circuit Court of the District ot Columbia, hath this day, on the proper app'ioation on the part of the United States, laaued hia warrant, directed to the Marahal of the said District,commanding him toauminon ajnry of eighteen good and lawful men to meet on your land, calliid Dalecariia.or by whatever name or names the same may be called lying la said county of Waihington, in aaid Distnot of Columbia, north of tha Chesapeake and Ot-io Canal, above the Little Falls of the Potomac river, ou FKIDAY, the 38th day of Deoember instant, at noon of said day, for the purpose of valuing and condemning the perpetual and ire* right to erect and build a dam across the Falls ? __ _ _ 1 at _ t? a. * *-v 1 i 1 < > > untrcn witmn me limits 01 uaiecarna, a* neiu r>y William B. Scott, at or near the *ite of the lormer dam, wvnin m# limits, so a* en actually to convey and throw all tin water of sail bracoh into the aforesaid null rac?, A o., as of an absolute estate in perpetuity in the arvid United State* for the use of the Washington Aqueduct, and aiM'iini all damiges whioh the owner* theroof shall sustain, by reason of the paid United State* on King and constructing the aaid Washington Avueduct over, upon ana through said branoh. when and where yon will at tend if to you it shall seem fit , BREWCR. Attorney for Washington Aqueduot. da 14 3tawt29th REASONABLE DRY GOODS! Cloaks, Shawls, Flannels _ Merinos, Ottomans, Blankets, Full Cloths, Linseys Fancy Silks. Silk Robes, Poplins, Valencia*, Reps , . , , Yarns, Hooped Skirts, Irish Lment, Sheetings, Napkins Beaver Cloth, Sack Flannel, Wh'te Goods, Linen Sets, Embroideries Bombazines, Alpaooas, Counterpanes, Comforts. Towelings. A11 of whioh we offer at pnoe* to suit the tune*, do 12 TAYLOR * HUTCHISON. CENTRAL STORKS! CLOTH CLOAKS !~CLOTH CLOAKS New Cloth Cloaks, new Cloth Cloaks, Cloth Cloaks of new styles, Cloth Cloaks of new styles, Itlaok and Colored Cloths, for Cloaks, Black and Colored Cloths, for Cloaks. no L'cu tn\t\w*i hOLiia r? n/\ i\?j no ?OODS! Raps, Valencias, Merinos, Silks, Silk Robes aixl various other styles of Dress Goods; al imrked down to meet the present state of th< money market. We invite ail in want of Dry Goods to rive us i call, aud we feel confident that they will be repai< for so dome. WM. R. RILEY 4 BROTHER, No. 36 Central Store*. Between 7th and mh streets, de 13 gw Opposite Center Market. ROGER1E8! GROCERIES!! Ijl GROCERIES!!! A Large Supply of Fine Fresh GROCERIES, LIQUORS. FRUITS, Ire., jum received iroin ^?w ? or*, aiui iur uus a price* to suit the times. Also, t lot of FINE OLD iftlSH WHISKY, Imported by mynelL SWEET CIDER ON DRAUGHT. ^ GREEN, firooer, aitil Tnirteen h st?. Direct Importation from Pari ?T M. WILLIAM, 32 Market Spact, Washington, D. C? ond 7 Cii Trevite, Paris. My stock ofFINE PARISIAN FANCY GOOD is most coinplet < now in every branch, and Ladie will do well to inspect my stook before tuey pur chase any where ?iae, to convince theinaolvea thi my gooda cannot be surpassed in beauty, eleganc* an 1 quality by any othera in the market. Havin taken the greateat pains in selecting every artici myself when in Paris, I have no invitation to o* thasn the moat fashionable produces from Parii but ladies will b? the best judges for themaelve* and 1 only call their apeoial attention to the follon ins article*: Vevet and Cloth Cloaks, elegant in style an quality. f>r ladies and children; Cloth Gaiters, It Udiei and children; French Bonnets, Flower Featheisand Kibands; Sets ef Flowers, compost of head drees, bouquet for the breast, and wreath for trimming the dress; magnificent Party Ifeese and wreaths to match; Wieatha for the Hair, i every style and qua ity; elegant Velvet and Go) Ornamented Head Dresaes; a great variety in Ne for the hair: Pans: Silk sail I Valvntai , Im? Bows; Chenille Searfsj hand-ome oinbrun 1 ered Zouaves and Zouave Shirts; a fine ass.>rtmei in Drrss Trimmings; Tr.mininge for Party Dreise Gilt Belts, Braids, Buckles and Buttons, of the be Lyons ?old; Zouave Suit* for boys, Ao. 1 will sell the handsomest and finest foods at ? r low fiices, having a very large stock on hao which I wish to reduoe as muohM possible betoi s I tace ac other triy to Paris. eq? eo2wil ?ARD EXTRAORDINARY, r AS OPPORTUNITY TO^DO CHARITY AN Tha Piano which 1 have loaned for the Cone? ' for the benefit I>f the Protectant Or?haa^ ? m ' Aeylum.thia ?T#mn(. at the Dinuhio-WpP ~ nian, ia odo of tha Meaara. Chiokorin* 4'" ? ' H '!> beat inatramanta. If it ta aold within aix da 1 will p aaent ta th? Aa?inm the entire net fro which may be realized from the Mia A diaooa for eaatu JOHtf P. ELLIS. da u lot P?. nr., b?t Hh aad lotk ata pEPHALIO PILLS.Opalding'a,) t JlkmlI'm Pamoate Syrup aad Hea We ? ** ? - -* xm * u * J- -* ^ t AMU8KMKNT8. , yy A1HIN6TON T1IB AT E R ! THIS EVENING, First aifht of the eminent American TragediM, MR. E. EDDY Who will appear in the truly great character of JACK CADE. TKt Here / Ike Kentish Rebellion. Supported by the powerful Company now at tlui Theater, composed of the beauty and talent of oar land. The Musical Farce of THE WINDMILL. W ill conclude the utvltiuMU. Doora op*n at 7, to commence at S o'clock Orcheater chain ?l; Ureas circle and parquet SO eta.; private boxea 93 POSITIVELY LAST CONCERTS t or TOM, THE BLIND NEGRO BOY PIAS 1ST! THE WONDER OP THE WORD! THE MARVEL OF THE AGE! A hiring Miraole ! Blind from t.irtta, without one moment'* inatruotion. uot even knowing tho naaae of a aing I* ke? qa the finger boarrt, or the ahapo of a piano, inoumpVlent to aaawer the airapleat ??u*a t 0 1 tn rjg? d to mu?ia?ret master of the Piano: ?l*)i?g Pom the ope-aa or Norini, Linda. Lucrelta Borgia. Daughter of the Regiment, Troratore, Tra*i*ta. and other*, with 'a master hand and maitur touch. Here is a study Tor learned men. A novro cuua, only t?n Tears e'd, rained upon a plantation, timple tntgded, a child in all hi* withe* anil waii'e? yet mut6r of one or the greatest (deuces ; p avuig two pieoea of mufie at once and oonwrtiun at the same time?re prcdueing the must difficult pieoia al>"r once b? a-ing them?playing the aeoomio l<> any piece without even hearing it One *, then ehaiginc eeita ami re trod'eing the primo correctly?performs with hia back to the ii.ntrument? ring* in German and Freach, without undoratar.ding f i her .auguage. All of whioh will be done on the a?a*e. fAiiAtrti at liumklt Rnnmi TITCl>in4\ WtUNK8DAV"?nd ThVrSDA? eVkNINGS. 13lh, 19th r.d 2 th mat. Dttr? open at 6S o'clock, c >no?rt commencing at 7V?. Atlmiamon 50 ocott: children 25 cents Matinaoa V\ eJne&?lay and Thursday at 1 o'clock p m. Thia being tho only week in the ci'y, thi? u the laat opportunity of aoemg thia graat Muatcal Phfc nom?non. d? 17 4 ' C G. ATWKLT., Agent. THE SAftHATH SCHOOL *TTACHKU TO ST. PAL L'S LUTHERAN CHURCH, COKNIK ELKVBNTII AN D H STS., ?itl tiv? a CONCERT AND EXHIBITION Oh it OX DA Y. Dec. lTiA, 11?, IN THE CHURCH. They will fe* Mai?ted on the occ&aion by the Choir and liintinruislitHl Volu? teer Talent, including; the iuitlr celebrated " Partello Children." and tK? Am ptilon Quartets Clnb. Mr Johx H.t?KiFF*KT Conductor. Mr. \V. G. Pakkhurst.. Pianist. Tickets 25 cents; children 10 cent*; for *ale by the members of the school and by Mr. Nf >ER R, oorntr Eleventh and E sts Doors oj>?n at 6 o'c ock; exero s*s to o-'mmence at 7 o'clock [T7"The 1'iaiio is kindly loaned by Mr F. Richenl<acli, anilis of the celebrated \Vm*? A r?o.*? make ' de 14 3t BALLS, PARTIES, &c. ki once more. kind friends! Second annual assembi.y of the MkKRY SOClALC'ljB will take place at M Odd pillow**' Hall. Navy Yard, on MON- w DAY EVENING,(New Year's Eve.t De iM oeinl>er 3<, I860. UCHk Sea future advertisements. de 15-41 ao* |^OOK OUT FOR THE BASHFUL BOYS! The third grand COTILLON PARTY of the R48HFUL CLUB will b? Riven at Potoin^c ftk Hall, corner Maryland av. and 11th ?t , on jR M ( ) N D A Y. Hpn 7 1'hA I ,AmmittAA <r a t)t?ma?lve* that no pain* not expense will pared to make tins ike party <>f the aeaaop. Tick eta 5" oenU, admitting a gentleman and iadiea. de 13-4t* WANTS. WANTED-Two good DRESSMAKERS, at No. 357 D ?t., between <?th and loth. It* WAN TED?By an esparieneed young woman, a SITUATION as cook. Recommendation* if required. Addreau Box 3, Star Oflioe. It* A" coTmpetent collector and acT countaat wiahaa a Situation. AddraaaC. M.t Po*t Office. It* YV ANTF.f)-By a respectable woman, a 9ITUATION as cook, and ironer, in a mall fami j. Good referen?e given. Address Box 4. Mar Office. it* WANTED?A smart, onargetic YOL'NG MAN, of goo>l address, to sell bouquets. f)r.e ao?uaiu edwith the business and the city much p e rred?to c >>tie well recommended Apply immed ataiyto W. E. CHANDLEE, Card Writer in Wi. lards' Hotel. It* ^JTABLK WANTED?A icentleinan desires a ?7 private stable or stable-room (must be oloroand oomforiable,) with g 'o4 and faithful attendance for hisridmt horse. Prefers to find his own feed. Answers most ?iv-* prion for stable-room and attemlanco only, or they will uot be noticed, Address "PaulCity Post Office. de 17-2t* WANTED?A smart, active, sober and honest DOLING M AN. to drive a milk waarnn. Also two Men, to work in a dairy, and a food F?rtn Han<1. Intemperate men ue?d not appiv,at Locust Hip Farm, Seventh itreet road, ntar the First Toll Gate. ' de 15 3t* IARUGGI8T.?An experienced druggist desires a " re-engagen?ent aa clerk in a drug store. References of the highest character will be given. Address "Pharmacien," Star Office. de 12 6t ANTED?SECOND HAND FURNITURE. Porsoss deo iruug housekeeping, or having a surplus of Furniture on hand, can obtain thoeasE and fair prioea by applying at 369 Seventh at. no 17 BONTZ A GRIFFITH, WANTED IMMEDIATELY?From *5 to aio.oori worth of SECOND-HAND FrRNI TIR K of all kinds, fur wnicli 1 will guarant/ to pay > the highest prioea, and, as usual, at the shortest no tice. R. BCCHLY. > Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, Ac., oo 9 4 0*? 7th at., bet. G and H. east side. PERSONAL. THE ^PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE existing under the firm of D. J. Bishop St Co. expirad by fimitati >n on the 1st in*t., Mr. Hiihoi withdrawing therefrom. Mr. J. C. Moran will conI ttnm tne bakioess at the old place, and is alona au thorizad to settle tho affairs of the late firm. 1) J. WSIIOP. J. C. MOHAN. Hiving purchased the entire interest of Mr D J Birtiop, in the late firm of Bmhop k. Co., I b-g t< lbform the Dublio that I am prepare.1 to supply then I demand i, for Books, Stationery and Periodica Literature, in all their varieties, with the sanu promptness as heretofore. Having an extensin I experience 111 the buvineaa, I feel j ustified In prom a i?ing entire satisfaction to all who mar favor m< with their patronage. J. C. MORAN. j D. J. BISHOP will contioae the Book, Station ery and Periodical Buainesa at his old astablishe* tore, No. 316 Penn. avenue, under Willarda' Ho tel. de 17 3t ASTROLOttlST. 111 ADAM K DriVISK Will remain one weel longer; and all who are in trouble of any kind.oal on her at onoe. Madame will bring any one to yoi and cause thetn to love yoa; will causa speedy mar uagea and great good luck ; wilt a<Iviae in r*i(ar< t to lawauita. loasea, cumbers. Sc.c. Residence, Rioh mond House, oorner Eighth and I) ats.,(entrano< on D at ) Remember, positively, her) laat weak ii Washintton. Prices very moderate. Callatoaoc do 12 St* Hboardinq. B 1JOARD1NU ?Two auita of neatly furnish* JL> Rooma, on the firat and aeoond floors, or, if de aired, will be rentsd separately, with or withou Board. Apply at 4X9 Lighth at., bet wean G and I >. streeta. north ol the Patent Office. Terma moder ate. - 14 }, JOARD1NG.?A fkmily, or two or three gentle B If man,can b* aoonminoUated with Hoard at Nc ? 453 Ninth street, one door south of P at. Term moderate. One of the largest and moat desiraM it Room* in the house, furnished with water and ga< ?. is now nnoooupied. Table Boarders aooonmo | d?fd- no 31 19t* 5 LOST AND FOUND. C-TRAYED TO MY HOUSE, on the HighU c d K5 Georgetown, three MULES, one black, on ir sorrel, and the other a dun. The owner ran hav them by oalling at Mrs. BARBER'S and payin ,d ohargee. de H-3t* ? 486 1WTEKIOE ADORNMENTS, li PAPER HANGINGS, all |rftd?t and an?es ' Warranted Gold Band Window Bhadie r Buff, Green, and Bine Holland Shades, a made to order _ " Aito, a tiinJiomt assortment ot Cloture uoi and Tassels, ail him a*d oolors. l Purchasing for eash.and allowing no old ?to? to aocomuiate, persons n**diag the above too* 7 will find it to their advantage to five me a call. " All work ex'outed and superintended by praot Fe oal man who hare served a regular apprefiUoaah; _ at their trad*. Satisfaction guarantied or no par repaired. Pteaeegive m*aoall. R*men?h>r the number. D ... JOHN MARKRITEK. No. 4M Seventh street, eight doors above rt no 24 *olot*if Odd Fallows'Hall. H At FRENCH ABJUCH8TE?fc'B. ?T? Pa. a mm AtfU$ /#f tke %*k*U World. V VIRGINIA MONEY. IR01N1A MONEY Talren at par, ao matt . d*4-tf No. >H) C St., l*tw. ?ih UJ 7lh sts GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS OWbBLS. Prion* No. 1 BALDWIN APPLES, per choouer J.and N. biker. Will be aold on rtMonable (MIM by J. O. WATKW. del? No. 109 Water ?t, Oaor?>towa. Cftf! N?w HAMPSHIRE APPLE* wvv BuLh. I'rtme No. 1 Btidvm'i NobmbcA Greening* vod Pippeoa. Jut arrived per MkooMr J. W. Server, ud for a?ie is lota to suit customer*. HARTLEY * Run 99 Md 101 Witur rt. Gr k a t INDUCEMENTS! A l&rcejtod reiitd aoortraast of KoMurfSil Rich^JIEW?iblr\'aidslL VKR?&*aIU?^JpC Vign*Uj ml0"->r,c"' 'H J.S. BLACKFORD A SON >. (iaortetown. onuait? Hank of CumwrM. C7" Vow ia the time % jd ihia the plaoe to cat a ovMiuiui vnnsunaa fressnt oMtf. um??i?Do?( hefore the best are oho?n. de I3.1S.17 Oysters: oysters:: OYSTERS!!! The nnderaigaed hai opened an OYSTER PEPOT on High s:reet. near the corner *?v Cay, and eau fairish, atslltimes. Rawf m J Stewed, Fried. Roaated. or Sca:deJ^\Ur OYSTERS. iWues ?* be setved in private rooms. Families sspeied with j v? ^ . - r?t j r* i? ?: /. ? - ? >t rirn, ny imviiii meir ora?r? a? &nov?. ie 11-1 m J. V. COI.UN*. JUST KKCK1VKDl? hhdt. priin? Porto Rioo SUGARS, 15f> bhl*. Old Rye WIIIfK Y, SHI bbl?. HKRRING and ALKWIVKS, Mi hh!l. r.riitikMii Ami R af\n^l mI'12 A O w 30 ban Riowd Av*CO[' VKK.""~ 10 hhds.(low price.1) MOLASSES. For wiJebT JOHN J. BOO UK. ? 10 J 100 BHL*. OF FB1MK C1PKK, I' *T Arnvt*! auJ for sale oheae U>r oub. o 13 ARNY k. SHINN._ MA88KV, COLLINS & CO.ti PHILADELPHIA DKAl'UHT A LE.-We are oor.ktanlTy rooeiviDf fraah suppliM Mftheahoredehf htfml (i*vtrtit, aud invite ait ndodi who want a pare uatiulteratad Ale, to tire it a trial ARNY * aSlNN. Arects, lit *T ttreeo at.. Seenrtow*. FOE SALE AND RENT. (>'w oiktr "For S*U and Kent > trfwiumwu, V* * 1 Li*OK. KENT? In a pnv?to family, two tare* r Front Kooinit, lighted with gat, oouvoai'nt t<> Capitol. Trnna moderate. ln?uir?4*<4 Tihat.d 5 J* 2(tnn ACERS OF CHOICE I.AND IN ,UUU Miuneaota.Towa ?.n?l Mtaaou > i v til Le ex rmwiwror imiiiutFu IIXIIMI.IIIUI'III pi'ivrij ?v price*. Aadresa " i radr?r,'' Box 30* City P?-t Office, giving location of property. dalj-lw* 17M>R RENT?la Georgetown, a 1 andaoin* and convenient c'lTTAGK RKSIDKNOK. containing 9 rooms, kitchen, pantry, Ac. There isattacheria large aiid spacious'.ot, and aSnnda^o* of aqueduct and puinp watrr >>n tho premises It is IB th? immediate Ticinitv of the Co >ege and Academy of the Viattauon. equi-distant fr<>in t> >th. The property lsall iu complete repair, inquire corner 41 a..d High sts. de H-e?>3w* TIIK STOCK and FIXTURK8or iTaRGE MERCHANT TAII.ORINU Et-TABI.ISH U t' V T I > D lill L' ti - ...t. m lj . ' > -* r ?v i-nnn iiv ^UU?VI I 'P "I "ft? I HX QV~ terntir.ed to retire froin huainesn, offer * for sain his entire a lock of 're?h and well eeiect'd Cloth*. 4c. Tlie stock lb not veryln-avy,iui<l w*l: aborted from late ; importation*. The more, whicti he h*? occupied for over twenty ye*r?, i? an old ej>tafoi:<hcd stand, one of the h*?t on the Avenue und*r a larite and well patror hotel ? the lTmte<i State*. For t"rmi, Ac., app t to |*. \V. BROWMI.lti, under I'm ted Statmijloteh da U 3tawtJan I PAK! OK AM)CU AMBKK(OD fir-t ,"oor) FO R RKNT, witlior without Board. Room*aplendidly A fir?t-ol?*.a? tal> ? i? ?*t. 8>u hwmtcoriur Ninth auJ tt ata., opposite Patent Offi ce. do 13.17.I9,?8 FURNIaIIEf> HOI HE for RKNT, provided with all ttie iiKKlern improvement*, corner cf New York av. and Fourteenth at. Applr at 4541 gt. de 12 3teo* Pl>R RKNI-A new BRICK HOUSE, with 1 lack huildHig atd cellar, having 8 rooaia with ?aa, and aide a ley, * in a ted <?n L, street, near Thirteenth. Rent moderate to a good tenant. Inquire ol iM. GR KEN, Grooer, corner of Thirteenth and Lata. This property is near Franklin Row, only a few minutea' walk from the Treaaurr Ruil.linea, and one of tbe healthiest location in U'aa.iii.cton. de 12 eo3t* - POR RENT?A three -story and hawmtnt r FRAME HOUSE, n<?ar Pa a'., o i Tenth, between G and H ats.. No 413. Inquire at SI RLEY A GUY'S Hardware Store, Pa av. de 12 tf RENT r KDl'CEl).?That pleasant COTTAGE Kel'IDENCK, containing 7 rooms, with front balcony lire* ?ard iu f oat and rear, fontu c H at., in Printing Office 9*juare. between North Capitol and First ats. will t>? routed for $16 per month to a punctual tenant. Addreaa, by letter or in person, WM. STICKNEV. de 11 tf Furnished rooms for 400 u street. l?etwren 6U1 and 7th ata. da 4-tf I^ok rent-a p.a rlor. on <he first floor, arid tinea line Bedrooms on the floor above, at No '2T6 I'a. avenue, two doora east of the Kirkwood House. de 3-tf Furnished rooms for renT.-sever?i neatly furnish d Rooms can t>? o'taincxi at rn? onable rate* on application at No A2 Tliml street east, Capitol Hill, three *?juares from the Capitol. Tho family of the advertiser consists of two persons, and no children. de 1 ec6t* FOR RENT.?A story BRICK DWELLING HOUSE, with t>aek building, on 12th at. No. 470. between F and G streets. Apply to J. KIRK WOOD, 47 to Twe fth at. no tVdtf Ii'OR RENT?A four-story brown front DWELI ING, situated on Thirteenth st , between L and Massachusetts av., on* of the most de?nahle locations in the city. '1 he hoase is furnished with marble mantles; also, gat and water fixtures, with bathroom, inquireat WM. P. SHEDD'S Fancy Store. No SO'J E'eventh st. oc 27-Uf FOR RENT?A three story brick HOUSE.containing 8 rooms in good order, with gas fix1 tures o^mplete, on H street, lietween 4th and 5tn. Also, a two-story brick CuTT.VbK, with large yard attached, comer of F struct north an i 14th si. , east. To puuutual and reliable tenants the terms will be moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, between G a ad H. no la tf HOYT'I Hlawatlia Hair Restorative i Id warranted in every instano4 to Rkstoek Gray Hair to its Original Cwior. it ha? been applied IN THOUSANDS OF CA8F.S In tha principal eities of New England, and UAS NOT FAIuEDin a s ngle insiaca tj aooomnh'h all that is c'&nned for it No Hair is so Gray or Red but the HIAWATHA will ciutnte it to a beaut.ful life like llrnwn A.nH K *_r> u It II n-~>t tin instantaneous die which crooks, smuts and give* a deal black oolor to th? hair; the patient having to submit to soaping. washm* and pom: cc of the hair every time t is applied; nor ia : it a preparation of sulphur, su*ar of lead, 4c? nor of any ingredient* df let--nous to the heir of akin. I It is an article ro<iUit;ug vash' inf before or after nsiLg. it is applied in fire mm" ut?? tiuu, a'jJ with aalitt e trouble as any ordinary 3 aitide for ihe toilet. ' *'Poople who have ns?d this preparation declare it ia miraculo^e in its fflVcta, and that it will perform all that it pretenda to do '?Baliov's Pictorial. "(U success wonderful, and we can only aary we J i- dorse all the proprietor say a ia retard to it.**? * boston Journal. "We observe, by a nohce in * Boaton pap?r, that a premium wuawarded by the Ma?aaohcftrtta Meahanio*' Cliarita'-ie their lit* Fur, t Boston, to Mr. Joaeph Hoyt or tkii eity, for hia J e lebrated 'Hiawatha Hair R eatonuive,' an artiele a whiah nobly merited thia favor. It waa for ita superior merits in thia reapeet that the CommiU??, af] ler auffioient evidenoe pr?iented t-> triemae.vea, . a ward* J to Mr. Hoyt thia flattering testimonial $ Proi i/Unet Evening Post. a ?<>ld m Waahingum by J. W. Nairn. D. B Cla'k, I. Kid well A. Lawrence 1). G. Ridfeler. in Georgetown hy J. L. Kidweil, and by Druggists gene raily. de 12 Im BEST FANCY GOODS. AT PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES, a And Oxk Puce Omlt, At STEVENS'S FANCY STORE. t no 2J tf 336, b?tw. 9th and 10th Mm. 1 DRADY'S NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPH D GALLERY. 3i-2 fu!i Atikdi. On exhibition, beautifully finished Photocraphi > of the President and Vice Preeident elect: Imperiil Photograph* of all the President* f om Jaok?on to liuciianac; of all the Member* ol the Sfiiate and i, Noum of Representatives of the present ConirMi; of the Prince of Wales auu a large number of dia tmguished foreign personages: of nearly ail oar ? prominent Statesmen, Poets, Artists, Anthers, Editors, Cierg) m?n, Ger erals and Commodores. The larzeet Plain Photographs in the world. The Colored Photographs must he aeea to b? ap,r freci&ted. . Twenty-five full length Portrait Vlnting Cards, ! a'egantly finished for nrs dollars! : (Ne hundred photographs for 9 FIVE DOLLARS!! _ Prices for all other styles equally moderate. - d> 10 lm 3 WfcGARS AND TOBACCO FOR THfc MILr O L.ION! The under?i*r?vi would reaped/tally inform hii li numerona friend* mil the pnblio that the oopart Mrship heretofore exiaUng under the firm o .H Bxhrkni A W\?gm*.!?h,has been dieaoIv<y? b? mu taal oocaent, fe.d that fee hu op*ued a atoie on tt< lk corner of C and iSeveutn tU. vait. oppoeite th< Back of Waahington, where may he fouad a ohuta aaacrtment of BEGA ks and TOBACCO,rf diree importation, u vail aa domeauo manalaotare : W!iO #ha1h &!)d TtftAll. * Thankful for paet lavora. he hopea by fair deal log and atnot attention to the wanta and inter eat or the pnblio ia fate line, to marit a oonUauano* o the patronage ao liberally bee towed upon the lat o?-lm* P. WtKQWANN. - r|_ A. HUBNER'S LFRK^MAKINO KHTABL1SHMENT, . No. iM ELivmn 8r , Between Pa. avenee aad E at. wm - All kind, of LadiM GarraenU, Dtmim, Clo\k ih Mantelets, Chester teld Sacks, Zouave Jacket i. to onter b* orery fcshio p ate in the L&teat Pans and Loodoa styles, at tk a akortest notice. ? 1 3m* I 9pE ma Ayyo^hye Ju^yo.Ted oftL?r^Mdi vassa?,w" ,fc Es-," -I ??1-iITHE LATEST NEWS TEJjEORAPHIO. Later Karepe. 9t. john*, dfe li ?The ?v*m?h:p D?b? from Liverpool on the 7th. penned Cap* Ram t? day She bring* Eorapaan Vie* repair 4?m via Londonderry to tta iltctMoa at the oca Tbrnteanxhipa Prince Albert. Nerta Amertaaa, Kangaroo, and Bremen, bad arrived afelr oat Tbr ficltlM m?i tr?a l'?W Mates produced a panic In tb? Llmpool oot-on urM, causing It to open at a d*cMm on Monday ot fed bet on Wednesday the market clowd Aim, with more Inquiry, which was freely met by tbe bold e*a. Sales of the week amounted to ??,UUU bales Tbe e.l: mated sales us Friday w. re about s,M? bales, and tbe market clesed at(^ 01 New Orlans middling. Breedatuffa bad slightly declined, and cloard with a still further downward tendency Previsions ruled dnM Consols <loaed Friday at 93\aM Tbe nioii-y iuark?t wu ^ a? rvliy unc banged Th# .HII^.- ? *- ? - -?? uuiwuyiiuw. rour Mivw batteries had opened their tre upon lb* lows . ,LW" truX "? - p' ' womld ukt out to the L n'.Ud ?utrt fully jE9ui,QOUlaapecS? ?nmI to about S6DU U0U. Sanlh t arallaa l?telll(??re. CoLCMBL*. Dec. 10 ?Oonaldembie Kl?x*n ip p?r? to prevail aiuon* all ciaaaea at the prer .le?<-? . . t tha a m* 11 \ Ll^L. 1 _ J.A a "? m. m. "4 m? pvA un, ? uu u i? UkiMttful from coining to Ut? city. Tbe lower bouae of tbe l.e* lalaturr viUfJH, by a (mall majority, voted tn favor of adjrura ? tbf Legtalature to ChvldtoB, and the S?-nat u ay concur on Mooday Hut few dtlejriU-a to tbe CodtuUn bay* yrt arrived. Hooa Howell Cobb and Win Porch, r Mlir-a are here; a'so. Mrt<r? Hooker, fenw ?(toner from Miaaiaaippl, and Liiaor?. from Alabama i oe Beginning and end or all conversation# la that ?cnth Carolina will promptly pass the ordinance of aecraalon. whether weal or wo betide, and at once resume her powers of aorerel^nty Great AatUtMitln Fxciteaaeat?Waadell Phillip* Matted, he Bo?tox. Dec. 10 ?A great crowd attended Wendell I'hi Hi pa * lector* to dav on the snbject of " Mobs and Kducatlon " The erHtement against him being eery great, a large force of police were In attendance. and the military were ordfird nndar arms for fear of a riot He waa frequently interrupted by h'aars. and on the conclusion of bla lerture tbe crowd made a ruah on Phillips as he made bis appearance outs'de of tb? b idding He waa hew-ever. protected from Halt-net cud escorted home Tbe services of the uiiiitarv were not needed. It la believed that aa wi^iuiciiinn ni?u W picveill rDl 111 pi ITOffl ipMKlnf, and it would have been aucccaaful on any other day but tbe Sabbath 7 he Kiimi Traablra St I<udi>, l>ec. 14?A special dispatch from Monad Oltv. Kansas. on tbe Mh. to tbe Democrat, Mitallit qnirt there, and no arretto have been made A' ont-urat ry, Jeuniaon, Seaman, and others are not to be found Gen Harnev bad ordered two companies of infantry, under Major Weaat la xndCapt Lyon, to be stationed at Mound City, a lid two companies of dragoon*, under Cart. Steele, at Fort Scott. Oen. Harney wished to declare martial Law, but Gov Mcdvry would act consent, preferring that tbe L'nlted States Marabal should make the arreats and tbe prisoner* be triad by territorial law The < tuidi KitnditiM cam; Tcrto, C. W., Dec. lo?Tbe Countji Qietii'i Bench, In tbe extradition cue of tbe fugitive din Jones, claimed by tbe I'nited State* authorities a*a fugitive from justice, (having murdered his master in bis attempt to escape,) decided In favor of giving up tbe prisoner lo tbe l otted States authorities,one judge dissenting An appeal was taken, and the prisoner was strongly guarded and remanded to jail. .No attempt was made st nkh. Fugitives Discovered tsd Killed St. Lock. Dec 14 ?A special dispatch to tba Republican. from fndepennence, ssys that Adson (tbe wounded -nan) and Ball, two of tbe gang that re< ently attacked Walker's bouaa, near that place, were found yesterday secreted in the woods. ( bey were surrounded snd ordered to surrender After conferring together, tbey drew their pistols and replied tbst they would die first They were immediately fired upon and killed Hon. EdwirdKilti Foroaally lirllW ta t fMltlM In Liaetli'i CtHiel. ?PBiKGriBLD, III., Dec 15.?Hon. Edward Batd bad an interview with Mr. Lincoln to-day, when it it said be vrai formally ?tiered, by the President elect, the poaltion of Secretary of the Interior, in btsCabinet. Mr. Bala is atraavlr against mc saioa. and aavs It la trmta, wd But be put down, and the authority of tbe Government maintained at alt hazarda. Pabtlc Seallatit at Rlcka*a4 Richmond, Dec 15 ?Many of onr prominent citizen* coincide with Mr Rivet In Lia letter to Mr Boteler that a Arm and dlenifled demand by tbe Soutt for ber conatltutlonal rights would be considered by tbe North. Tbe more general sentiment. however, Is tbat dissolution cannot be avoided, and that Virginia must go with the South. Election af a Governor of Seath Carellaa. Coi.cmbia, Dec 15 ?The seventh ballot for Governor resulted In tbe election of Hon. Mr. Pickens lie received Hi votes; Johnson, M, and l > votes scattering. Haw York Market* New Yoke, Dec. 17?Floar dull; quotations are nominal VVbeot quiet, market generally unchanged Corn dull and generally unchanged Provislona dull. Wbiakv dull at 19c Fire ta MeaaphU. Tenn., Dec It ?Overton Block, an the corner of Main an<1 Monro* streets was burnt d to-day Lom S1?5,0W?; insured for C91,U00. Sm1I>Ph ml < lnmblm. Coirmu. 8 C . D?. 15.?The smallpox W still raging here. Sfv^n new com occurred on Ttiuraday. BtUln?r? mark at* UiLTiMoii. Dec 17. Flour steady; Howard at. S5; Ohio Si S7fci City Mills ?4 50. Whaat deU, r d SI; Wliite *1 25al 43 Corn Is steady; n?-\v white and yellow 45*51, old do 56eS0e Provisions dull and nominal. Coffee dull at I3tl4r. WUitky ltmer at l*)<c. Flaasrlal. Nrw V'okk, Dec. IT ?Stocks quiet but lietter. Chicago and Rock lalandtS.'t; Illinois Central hares 61^; Michigan Southern 27U; New York Central??',; Hudson Riw R R w; Va. 8'? 75; Mo 61 U GREAT AUCTION SALS OP Japanese Goodi, No. 306 PlRMTLTillU Avmci, [ Under Wulimrdi' Hotel I will offer the entire oolleoUon of MAGNIFICENT JAPANESE GOODS, DOV on exhibit on, at auction come day Una, if not previ^u?lr diapoaed of at private eat*. ParUee wi?iulk to avail laeir.cetvM of the iroat ?jaialete aeeortmeat io? in theoountry oan do to at b-a* than th ir coat in JVipaa, oi ?noo?it ol I ha da presaioc ilate or busiusss. Orttt t>arcaias eaa bt Lad for ea*k. Japanese l.?c<jusred Trays.............ft lJi B'lltlM V Work Boxes, Card Bout, Jews! Hoxes, Glcrra Boxes, Handkerchief Boxes, Toilet KoxM, Irory Chess Men, Scarli Kmbroidered, Fira . Ca*krta. ('oroeiato Cups, Saucers, 6o- lets. Plaits, Bo vis, WicksrCaps Bo vis, Battles, fca, kt. This day at a-tomshiiu lov priaee. P.V MACDL'PP. Re.Ttcmbar, No. 806 Pennsylvania avenaa. Eaa at LOT HI Mi ! CLOTHIN? !! / CLOTHINGS! > ll&Tins on buds verylarge stock of the moat fashionable ?tj e? of RKADY-MAUK GtlM h NTS, we offer the public the rraataet latinoome.Uwittt our low price*, i? order to r?luc? oar l ook Also, a fine aaeortment of GENTS' FLRM8HING GOODS. BAR * BRO., <ie 6 iw Comor E and Ser?th et*. TJU3T OUT?NEW BOOKS. HE Prinoe of Walae in Mho*., by Kiuku Co'naallie, lJroo . cloth; priae fl. Per j ADeo*ano*e. from the French of Itairt d"ofd4kiimw?%y W. P. Striaklaad, Itea., c.otu^pr.oe 1-? rknch * ' UAH r>* LI^EfTkAGLK NoapvM C^miW 11 Kmrt CifM; in???ii? ?fc r Dt LtRut'i Eu* ."?h w but Hd~fiSr P1?>K Csrdt. : aaiarttSfia 2ft..????. ?; ?U?PI.?? "?^Ire>A.D t ?o.OTi *? d> 13 or. P*. ?? ?d "th . S^?kV\Ncr-!c.K,cT^A^^u.^ f ftvennr, utd get yomr oftrd m? tkMr M*)?*and t?? wiM ? * J*?V*2 ? i?d with pnoM W icftprfe - no?l No 9T? >*? ?*?" W?iVi?c?>?. | Y YOU WANT TOJJ^VK T?K UN MM haeY K V ?. Who baa jnit r?*. ivmi large ium^i of frmmk L'*Bi. 8*fit?.'fish. ftn. oysrkrf.v^^l whiah ba will wrw to ouato?ra al UnJg^B n shortest not oe and on liberal frma. ' P * * ** <10 ^^' f *?-.4 Wi*la a** ot ?oakl*<i; they ar? only asfcJIsd lot Mrsoaa ? - lO'tkMnUtlwialMa. ri ?' T. M. HitVKY. " ZLSZ**" Call at om. uTm^ m.A?yK5sff?S!2?

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