Newspaper of Evening Star, December 18, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 18, 1860 Page 1
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??__?.? ?:? i rv ; ?. - ? _ V?t. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. DECEMBER 18. I860 N-. 2.445 THE HAILT EVENING "STAR ? * U PUUUZHKD EVERY AFTERNOON, f*UfllDAY8 EXCEPTED,) AT THK nTAR Bt iLUINtiX, Cv* !4r of Ptna .ytvaunt areati4 *n4 llcA ?( H. D. If ALL4CD. r*r"? ****** ib p?okM?a by o*rri?r? kl |4 ^?r,n flrwti f?rw>ntli. To mMl mkMrtbm the yio* it |jJO t ;?tr, m *4rtnn; |t for aix mrnith*; 91 for ttors* mottlii, ar4 for 1MB UtM tb-** mouth# at the r??? oftfoentt ? *wk. Swcte c ri'?. onb cut; ua vri^i, t <ro rinn. * 117" \""MII?*IHTK hOROOt to ttM oBko?? ' brl"-? 12 'j'cioot m.; WlTm th?y m%y Bot ' UKU " ? nd:a?j, THE KORTI IN CHARLESTON HARBOR The Nt* York Tribttoe ku the following description of these forU from iW Charleston |S C.) correspondent: Pre it j mneh everything here now fe in the military way. The volunteer eompant** keep up their drills, and await the daj when they hall be 1?U against Fort Moultrie. There has recenrly been presented to the Legislature a memorial signed by some half dozen of the leading military spirits in Charleston, " in iew ot the iinmineoce of war between the Northern States of tbia Confederacy and this State, cither alone or in connection with other bouthern States." After giving the view* of the signers as to the proper manner of ofieer* - ?- 4k?. ?^ ni>AiiA*rl (n Ji ^ Uiuuai J, m? I^uuvuvu |fiwvw ?v argue at length th? necessity of an engineer oorpa. This is Sooth Carolina's weak point, ^he bu do able engineer officer at ha* eomwan 1, and has been bidding high for The "ease of * military bridge, which it is necessary to buiid in the face of an enemy," is spoken of. It is Wf 11 understood here that allB.<<ion is made to the position of Fort Moultrie. and the emergency likely to arisa in attacking it. In order to give the reader some idea of this and other fortifications in this har* Knr r will jtat* hri?Ar their location. TheT are three in number, namely : Fort Moultrie, Fort Sumter, and Castle Pineknay. The fort is on Sullivan's Island, which is principally witbiu the corporate limits of the city of I Charleston. This island is separate from the main land by a narrow channel, which sometime* at low tide may be forded, though it would be a very unmilitary thing for an attacking expedition to rely on this method of approach It is precisely here that the bridge spoken of, as is now clearly foreseen, will be w-mted. and it is said that the means of supplying the want is in a considerable state of forwardness, though the results thus far have not been altogether satisfactory Fort Moultrie is on the seaward side of the island, nearly a mile distant from this channel, so that its passage would be measurably a. ?n #k a faitA f an ATt/kmw ' ' on.l <li?aAtlw i IJ kite IWV VI ou Jj auu uuwvvij > should the commanding officer erect batteries at the point <*f landing, which, however, is not certain to be done, bullivan's Island is ijuiie thickly built up, generally with wooden tenements, and a horse railroad traverses the whole distance. The fort itself is an extensive work, well provided with everything but men. Its guns are many of them, of the largest and best description, and nearly all the recent improvements in explosives have been introduced, in the use of which the men are well drilled. Indeed, I uiay s:ate with confidence that the officers and men at Moultrie very much excel ?n thla particular. Recently?within the laat ten days?a trench has been dug a round the entire Fort, and. without g"ing into minute detail, it will be enoagh to s?y that everything is being done necessary to place the work in the best possible condition of defence. She" has recently received six months' provisions. What is wanted in men will in a measure be made up by discipline and completeness of death-dealing appointments. The distance between Fort Moultrie end the city is about three miles. Castle Pinckney stands in the harbor, wholly surrounded by water, which cannot be bridged readily, between Moultrie and the city, and caa operated on only by heavy guns. It in >a:rs a targe uumoer 01 neary guus, auu dsk recently been very much strengthened. In 1832. Geo. Scott did much to strengthen this position, and muft of the works then added still remain. An engineering force of a limited numberjof men hag for the last two weckf been engaged i?rendering the fortification one of a reall formidable character. Like Fort M >ul*rie it only wants men. rort compter rises oat ot the water further down the harbor, about 3} miles from the city, nearly abreast of and not orer one mile from Moultrie. It not only commands both tbe other forts, but, it is believed, the city coald be effectually shelled from it. It is thoroughly appointed with all the larger'description of tans. Outwardly, it resembles the round, yetLw f>rt on (iorernor's, though larger. It is thoroughly bomb-proof, and believed to be impregnable to anything likely t? be brought to bear against it. Though out at sea, it has a tone well of fresh water. For some time pact upwards of 100 men, most of tbem mechanics, hive been actively engaged in placing the euns in order. The effect of Cant. Porbes's efforts are plainly visible, even to the unp(t>fes?ion>l eye. There b*ve heretofore been no more soldiers then were necessary to a?t as keepers. Moderately well garrisoned, bumpier would prove an ugly customer to Ctaarleaton and its surroundings, should it ever come to that. One would suppose that it would oat be difficult for men when driven out of Moalfrie, if supplied with boats, to pull over to Snmter, and in a very brief space of time to make it hot work for the captors in Moultrie The U. 8. Arsenal is at the went side of the city of Charleston. In it are stored upward of 70.000 stand of arms and a corresponding amount of ammunition and otber appointments of war. excentin* larre runs, ft is now trn* rH - ? ? ? . i o - _ o n - - ? - o * ed, noininelly, by a military corps of Charleston. whose services tbe Government accepted to protect it from the mob. It was an expert movement?a peaceful capture. It will continue to he thus enarded till tha time arrives for making usa of the extensive military storehouse ag*in?t tha Federal Government, which in this, a* in many other things, has been outwitted by tha nullifiers. Ia order to show the animu.? of the p;?op1<! ?f C harleston, who thai very kindly guard the U. S. Arsenal, I will relate a single eircuinstance which I see has lately been revived and uiade the auLject of a telegraphio dispatch from Washington. The commanding officer oi Fort Moultrie ordered Captain Seymour and a aqaad of soldiers, in oitiiens' dress, to proeeed to the Arsenal for several boxes of light arms and perhaps some ammunition, which, thougl ll* fiould do without, ha dirmxH kaat tn nanA for The military storekeeper at the Arsenal had issued an order for the artiolea called for; Mit of them had been taken to the dock, and the soldiers were engaged in placing them 01 board the boat, when a body of citisena ap peared, commanded them to deaUt, took fron. the boat what had been placed on board, an<i marched the captain and hia men before the Mayor,who sternly reprimanded them and bid them to return to tha Fort, report the facts t< their superior, and never be caught in sack bmineea again. Ever lino*, Uncle Sam hai been quiet. Since thij letter iid?Toted so purely U> mili taiy matters, I will append the following lis of U- 5 officers here Major Robert Anderson Captain Abner Doubleday, Capl T. Seymore Lieut- F- Talbot, Lieut. J. C. Davit, Lieut. N ? ? _ *.? a a _ * -? ^ ? J. mil, ail 01 tne nrtt regiment 01 artillery Auiit. Surgeon S. W Crawford, Capt. J. G Forbes. Lieut. G.W Snider, engineer corps. The country may rely on them. Mcllioas at Si5? 8i?a ?The exiled Mr.Mnl l'(in do?e oot beer his retirement from the nctlv cenee of Broadway and Houston street with tha fortitude which was to be expected flrotn so flerc* fellow He wilted terr.bly when the stripes w?r handed him in exchange for his floaty ktrar> nterea, and when sborn of his monstarbe he kiv way to a fl>wd of lean Indeed, he sobbed mot ptteoMlv alt the wbile he was making hia ne> J L .. > . . 1 . . . ioiici, ana or nmiiro Dy Degging to oe pill 1DI tbe hospital department, with the view of beln treated to light work Toth- first question thi wu consequently naked hliu by the attend In o Acini. he wu obliged tonniwrr that be coul nut write, no hi* hopes we'e ended in that quart* and he was consigned to the solitude of hill cell There tt?s sudden change from a life of luxury an< ease to the stern realties of state prison complebl nerved him. andfet midnight the wardens w?r uotmooed to hi to with piercing and ptteoa cries Hts physle-U system had for the tine com pletely br%kea down, and be wascsrried mean In to the hospital and l?ft there for the doctor's treat meat, where, at last accounts he still remaln?<! N. T Tribwn* try Two ae-rspspers at Atlanta. Oa , have bee obliged to suspend by tbc laaucial pressure cf U ? ARTE dill WARD SEES FORREST. [From Vanity Fair.] Darin a reoenl visit to New York the underained went to aec Edwin torrest. At I'm into the moral show bimus myself, I gin rally go to Bar aim'a moral Museum, where only moral peple air admitted, particly on Wednesday arternoona. But thia time 1 thot I* dgo A see fid. fid haa bin aotin oat on the stage for many y??n- Thar* ia varis 'pinions about his aetin, Englishmen ginrally bleevin that be u far superior to Mut?r Mao ready ; but on one pint ail agree, A that is that Ed drawa like a aiz ox te?m. fid was aotin at Niblo'a Oarding, which looks eonaiderble more like a parater than a garding, but let that pars. I sot down in the pit, took out my spectacles A oommenoed y>?roosin the erenia a Dill. The awjince was _ I I A 1 1 A A. I I c I I _ C . ? 11AA u-axeu urge a me oozes w?s iuu 01 m? eittij of New York. Sevral opery glasies wu leveld at ni by Oothain's fiimt dnrteri, bat I didn't let on U tho I noticed it, tho mebby I did take out my new nixteen-dollar silver watch A brandish it ronod more than was necessary. But the best of us has our weaknesses A if a man has gewelry let him show it. As I was peroosin the bill a grave young man who sot uear me, axed me if I d ever seen Forrest dance the Essence of Old Virginny? "be'i immense in that," sed the joung man. "He als? does a fair champion the young man oontinnerd, bat his " Big Tning is the Essence of Old Virginny." Sec I, "Fair youth, do yon know what I'd do withyoaif you was my sun?" 4i No," ses he. ' Wail," ses I, "I'd appint your funeral tomorrow arternoon &, tht iorps should be ready! You're too smart to live on this yearth." He didn't try any more of his capers on me. But another pu?*ylanermuss individooal, in a red i L. A. A. I.AI I l- i . I J L!. ? vesi pdicDi iciner doom, ioi^i luc nis name was Bill Astor A axed me to lend him 50oenta t<M early in the rnornin. I told him I'd probl^ send it round to him before he retired to his virtooiu couch, but if I didn't he might look for it next fall, as soon as I cut my corn. The orehestry was now fiddlin with all their might. <& as the peple didn't uuderstan anything about it they applaadid versifrussly. Presently Old Ed cam out. The play was Otbeller or More of Venisa. Otheller was writ by Wm Shakepcer. The scene is laid in Veniss Otheller was a likely man A a ginral in the Veniss army, lie eloped with Desdemony, a darter of the Hon. Mister Br<>banti?, who represented one of the back districks in the veneshum legislator. Old Brobantio was as mad as thunder at this A tore rwund considerable, but finally cooled down, telltn Otheller, howsoever, that L>esdemony had come it over her Par, &. that he had better look out or she'd come it over him likewise. Mr. A Mrs. Otheller git along ver comfortable like for a spell. She is sweet-tempered and luvin?a nice, sensible female, never goin in for he-female conventions, green cotton um brellers and pickled beats. Otheller is a good provider and think? all the world of his wife. >he h?u a lazy time of it, the hired girl doin all the cookin and washin. Desdemony, in faot, don't have to get the water to wash her own hands with, fiat a low cuss named lag", who I beleeve wants to git Otheller oat of his aug government birth, nuw goes to work ? upsets the Otheller family in the most outrajus stile. Iago falls in with a brainless youth named Roderigo k wins all his money at poker. ( [ago allers played foal.) lie thus got money enuff to carry out his onprincipled ekeein. Mike Casio, a Irishman, is selected as a tool r %? ! _ t _ it a. oj lago. Jiiae wad a oierer iener a, orfioer in Otheller'a army. lie liked hia toda too well, however, A they floored him, aa they have many other uromUio young men. lago injures Mike to drink with him. lago alyly throwin hia whisky over his shonldor. Mike gita aa drunk aa a biled owl dc allows that he can lick a yard full of the Yeneehun fancy be fore breakfast, without aweatin a hair. lie meeta Roderigo A proceeds for to smash him. A feller named alontano undertakes to slap Cuss to. wTten that infatooated person runs bis sword into hi in That miserable man, iago, present* to be very sorry to see Mike conduct nisself in this way, A undertaken to mootb the thing orer toOtheller, who rushes in with a drawn sword A waoU to know what's up. Iago cunningly tells his atorj. A Otheller tells Mike that he thinks a good deal of him but he can't train nr> more in his regiment. I>e*rieuiooy sjmpathise* with poor Mike A intercedes for him with Othellor. iago makes him bleeve ?he does this because she thinks more of Mike than she does of hisaelf Otheller swallers iago's ljin tail A goes to makin a uoosence of hisself I <rinr>llT R? wnrrl Aft iwtr DmH ftmnn v f Arri hi a By his vile insinuations A finally smothers her t* ileth with a piller Mrs. lago cums in ju?t as Otheller has flnuhod the fowl deed A givs him fits right A left, showin him that he has bin orfully gulled by her miserble cuss of a husband. I?go cums in, A his wife commerce* rakin him down also, wh$n he stabs her. Otheller jaws him a spell A then out* a email hole in his stummick with his sword. Iago pints to Desdemony's deth bed A goes orf with a sardonic smile onto biacountenance. Otheller tells the peple that he has duo the state sum service A they know it; axes them to do as fair a thing as they can for him under the circutnHUwicea, A kills hisself with a ti*h knife, which is the most sensible tking he can do. This is a breef skedale of the synopsis of the playEdwin Fwrrest is a ,;rate aoter I thot I saw Otheller before me all the time ha was actin. A when the curtin fell, I found my spectacle! was still mistened with salt water, which had ruu from my eyea while paor Desdemony wa< djin. Betsy Jane?Betsy Jane! let us praj , that our domestic bliss may never be busted up by a lago! Edwin Forrest makes money actin out on the stage. 11? gits five hundred dollars a nite A I bis board A washin. I wish I had such a For k rest in my Garding ! Artkmcs Ward. 1 Commerce or South Caboliia.?A commer i clal writer in the New Vork Herald make* a per tlnsnt reply to a late article In the Cuarleatoi Mercury in reference to the prospective commerce of Soatn Carolina aa an independent power W< extract aa follow*: " The Mercury rommila aonie obvloua, thougt not unnatural errors Vessels sailing from Charles ton for Liverpool or Havre, after u before th< Wth of I>ece?iber. will be required, before the; can discharge cargo In either of tboae porta, t< present a proper clearance, signed by a Unite< Slates officer If they have no such clearance thev will probably be seized and detained as sas piclous craft Nrlther the Government of Orea Britain nor that of Rrance will recognize an] South Carolina collectors South Carolina la no and will not for some time be known In Kurop* . aa an independent nation. And any vessel whicl t goes to asa ua?er her nag, ana with paperssigne< only by her o:Bctala. will be a lawful priae b< ' any crulaer. and wl)l not be suffered to enter an; ' rocnaiercUl port Until the Government of tb United State* aball recognize the Independenceo South Carolina, abe cannot carry on any loreigi . trade with any commercial nation under the aun " The Mercury makes an appeal to the foreigi Conaula at Charleston. It la apparently unawar of the fact that tb<*ae Conaula are accredited to th [ United States, and that their functloiia cease tb e instant Charleston ceases to be a United State it port. Prom the hour of the aeceasion of S?uti a Carolina, It will not contain a single foreign Con e sul within Ita borders. If the United Sta es Ooi - eminent thould resolve to cgffer the revenue law e to be evaded with impunity at the port of Char lei it too, there will be nothing, after secession, to pr< v veat a smart import trade at that port But tb o merchants of Charleston may aa well undeotan* g at once, that from the hour the United States Col it lee'or resigns to the day the Independence c S South Carolina la recognized by the I. nlted Stat? and by the reet of th- world, not a bale of cotto r or a dollar's worth of any other prodoce can b t exported srom d ??________ 7 ny Bishop Odenbeltner, of Now Jersey, wb felisnd injured bis kooo-pan some weeks slna It rapid]^recovering, and will s??n resume hi i- official duties K ITT Longevity, Drmocrsf.y. and matrinaaa arr tbr aMof point* of Mr. J*ibm Douglas. Cm miry, Ooaa He la 101; baa be*n nnrrlrd ov< 70 ynr>, and always toU-J tbe Democratic tloke llTDr Bairor, for the past ten years resldei m pbvaletaa of BlsckweH's Island, New York, U I resigned kis position. t MISCELLANEOUS. AGRANL> KL'SH RS??BVENTH'STKEET! All Stop at S M I T H ' 8, No. 490 SEVEN TH STREET. "Go then and do likevrite " < fuoh wa? tti* Uugune a*?d bi a cantloman who had received ?om* of our great bargains ) I have juit returned from the North with a very Jarre etook of CL iTHING, FURNISHING GOOD*. HATS and CAPS.bouih* for oaah at two third* their uet oo?t.and whioh l|will sell at a ?mall a*lvanoe. Vou can bur a rood (tverooat from #3 to *7, a very fine one from 910 to 915, Cape Overo^at fr>'fn to 915, JBoy'a Overooat and Cape Coat irtiiu 10 as Al?o. SHIRTS, UNDER GARMENTS. UMBRELLAS, SCARFS SHAWLS, COLLARS, TIES, <5ToVES,anii all kinda of Genta' Wearing Apparel, at astonishingly low prieea. 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U ~ 11 ? - AVI ui nil ivyi oiruu" w uu ? ou??VH * a ?C< WTIUI, "Its ?ucortn wonderful, and wn oaa only s*v we i d..r?e*llth? proprietor sajs in regard to i'."? Boston Journal. "VVeooMrvs, by a notice in a Boston pap?r, thM a premium waa awarded b? the Ma*saohnaetta Me ohauios' CUanta le As?o<MftMon,at their lat? Fair, Boston, to Mr Joseph Hoyt of this oity.for hii c Mirated 'Hiawatha Hair Restorative,' an artiolc whioh richly merited this favor It was for it* superior merit* in this respeot that the Committee, after sufficient evidence presented to tftomsn.ves, a varied to Mr. Hoyt this flattering testimonial Evening Pott Soid ui Washington by J. W. Nairn. D. B Cla'k Kid well & Lawrt?coe D. G. Ridgelef. In Georgetown by J. L. Kid well, and by Druggiata generally de U an BRADY'S NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPH HA l.t.KR V. 3S2 PXHN AVKNCK. 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Singer's Sen lng Mac bine*. 388 PKNN. AVENUE. liATlOXAL HOTEL BUILUINU. We invit* the tab ic Attention to our new #5 - FAM1LV 8KWLNB MACHINE. ThuMaoiun ia unanrpaaaed in the honaeho:<1. It rnoa amoot 1 And awift; Htoi, kems. fells and gathers, will ae< ? the fin*at awiaa or olo'h ten >ayera thiol, and an . thine between the two extremea, in a ><e?utiful an aubatantial manner Maohiueein mahoianv.wa nut and rosewood oaaea from #60 t<> JJIQD. On 1 Large vibrating pr*s?*r machine y for ooaeh trimmei - ana aaddlera. ia without a rival. Silk, Twin s Thread, NeedSea, Bobbin*, Oil, to., alwajra o i hand at New York prtoea. ? C^Send for a oo?t of I. M Hinjer k. Co.'a Gi , zitte CHARLES A. SPONSLER, no37 6m Agent. Ci R E AT BARGAINS t Orraxm at tux PEOPLE'S CLuTHlNQ STORE. No. 4?0 SXTXNTH SfKXIT. CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOODS, HATS i ARB ?Ap?, I A.t SO Pn Cbmt. Lbi than m^iuu Ratk f AT IM (TB'S, No. 460 Seventh Street, i N. 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It ean be had at all the prino pal d;v wares at? and sncents a bottle, se? d?mAeo*m * r"rs*yti niii'L'AMHt>, u_ ^ C<viroiiva rilHIUUU &jiuy ?? *" Tonio, t MefiMd's 8tr?B#>hMin? Cordial, iklrar Softy, 2 do IStw If# Pa. aveaue. > mwhw'IXI V.- 1 I -* 1 MISCELLANEOUS. #Cure Comgh. Cold. Hoatsmesr InJlwma any Irritation or Soreness of the Throa,i. Relieve th* Hacking Couth in i tmswmr Horn. Bronek'tis, Aektna, 4" Catarrh. Clear and rift strength to tk* voice of PUBLIC SPEAKERS ahd SINGERS. Few *r# awar* ofth? importance of oheokinjc a Copeh or ' Common Cold m ita firat ?ta*?;that whioh in th? bagmiog would yield to ft milu remodr. if neglected, aoonattaoka the Lunaa. "Brown's Birmehial Troches." oontatnicg i*?muloert mi redl enta, allay Pulmonary and B>onohifti Irritation. "That troahle in my Throat, (for BROWN 9 whioh tho "Troche*" are a a?e?ifio) _ _ harms made in* often a mere whisTROCHES perer." N. P. WILLIS. RRDW\S "I rwommend their use to Prauc bKuvrn a Spb&kbkh." TROCHES REV. E. H. CUAPIN. "Great servioeio subdning Hoaxss BROWN'S N*s?." REV. DANlKL WISE. TRnrnvR "Almost instant relief in the di? 1 treating labor of breathing peonlia* BROWN'S to a. c> EGGLESTON. TROCHES "Contain no Opium or anything injurious." DK A.A HAMvS. BROWN'S Clumi*t, Boston. "A simple and pleasant oombini I RUUHC8 Hon for Covoit*. ha." BROWN'S DR. O. F. BIGELOW, Boston. TROCHES i " Beneficial in Bronchitis." DR. J. r. W. LANE, BROWN'S Boston _ "I have proved them excellent for TROCHES Wiiorri*? Ooubh." REV- M- W- WARREN. BROWNS Bottom. TBnriiFK' "Beneficial when compelled to lKUttlbc spjak, vulferinK fr<?m Cold." SHOWN'.-1 AEV. 8. J. P. ANufijJSgl^ TRnmrs " Effectual io removing Hoarse new and Irritation of the Throat, no BROWN'S 0<>,nIV?n with Steakms and Si5aIES_ _ TROCHES Prof M.8TAUY jumnni!*, //* Ormnte, Ga. BROWN"! Teacher of Mu?io. Southern nnuw n . Female Collet*". TROCHES "Great benefit when taken before and after preaolnnc. as ther prevent BROWN'S Hoarseness. From their past effeot. 11 think they will be of permanent adTROCIIE8 vantaee to me." RKV. E. ROWLEY. A. M. BROWN'S President o| Athens College, Teun. TROCHES U7"SoMbya!l f)rn?isUatTWFNl i V FIVE CENTS A BOX..?3 a ? 11 uo I If Onn Fixture*, THE BE8TA8SORTME NT F.VER OFFERED IN THIS CITY. Those who detire to leiwt from new patterns, with the advantage "fa reduction in prices, will cati early and examine. Wo would alio call the attention of persons abeut introducing fa* it to their dwellings to our inor? ased facilities, and consequent low prioe*. for this branch of our trade. In* iting all who desire their work dune promptly, and free from teas I akage*, to ca<l at slb9 Pa. avenue, between loth and 11th ats., sou.h side. no21 tjanl J. W. THOMPSON & CO. DR. SCHRNCK'S PULMONIC 8YRUP, Do. SEA WKED TONIC, Do. MANDRAKE PILLS, 1 For sale by 8. B. WAITE.oorner of Seventh street and Louisiana avenue. 1 I'rioe of Syrup. 91 P?r bottle. ^noeof 8ea weed Tonic 91 per bottfe. Prioe of Mandrake Pills, 25 ornts per box Those afflicted with riiee&ses of the Lungs, Liver or Stomach, aooompanied with pain* in the Back. Breast or fide, should try Dr. Bohenok's Medi?1 ? ? ? ? ?? <1 <? fKa L?11/? ?r i n m AArlihoa^o U4uo?. auu am icini IOU ?>/ >< - ...M vv. ..uu-... , > oneof tiie in\riy testimonial* of complete cure* in Dr. Schenck't mnmi oii. No. 407 \V??t Fifth ?tr*?t, I 1 WAsniSBTow, O. C.. Nov. aut. I860.{ Dr. Schinci?D ar Sir: 1 eutTe.-tHl much fr?r veraJ montna wiUi Liver oorapiaint, I wm per ' auadod by a friend to try your Pnlmonio 5>yrup, and Mandrake Pille. 1 am now quite well, ami btlitw your nvditinr. was the means *J restoring * mt 10 ntaun ant vmur. . > Tbf>ref'*r? I wtko niaoh pleiuure in rwooinmending it to th? Pnblio. M. S. 8 nog lm THK EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEP??IJY P. EM RICH, at ?M corner of Peon. A ? A ..ranno mr-A LT1 A 1/ Atl T h WrfUtt. hfLA l^ffl greatly improved reooutly and now ofTara dLfiiMUL , greater indnceiwsnta for the patronage o< oiuz?. a and iiraoR>>ra :fian any other public houso in the : oit>, hia prion* being 1??? than those of anr other i hote> on Penn. averue, a?id hi* acoomn.odatior.a for p?rmau<*nt or transient boarder* unexoeptjouabl?. The bar and restaurant arrant emeuta of the i Knropean Hotel have already become very popu I l?r, b. ing ail that oau ba deaired by the mun fa* > tidioue. Toe proprietor pieliea unremitted attenI tiog an<l oontieuea liberal expenditorea to gi ve aat; i?faotion to all, and thna r*newa his invitation to al! to aire the Knropean Hotel a call. de 4 tf HI H Olil DA Y I'RKShNTS-SUiTABLE MfcfMKNTOS! One S t rteal Sable, One Set Royal Krinio". ^CAt hairtheir usual prioe. MINK 9ABI.B8! Mo?t e.e<ant m'i, fvt prices tJ Hint the timoa. Vw FRENCH MLNK^^ ^ B autifu 'Set*.from 910to 915. CHlL.DKKN*S FbRS. Muffa. Viotorinea. and Capea, in a 1 their variation, lrom 75 oen'a to Aft B. il. STINEMKTZ. iil6 Pa av.. de 2 between 12tli and I3Mi rt?. * NEW PAWN OFFICE. 1' 6 Ok. WAR dT~IValer in N?? Q Q 9 a>td oaal OS Clothing, reapectfull* informs tb? pah'io that h-' ha* opened a i.l CENSED I'^WN - OFFICE a' No 7fi Louisiana nvenne, between - ; th a>)0 loth ?ta., a f?w doo-a east of the new On tral Sn*id hmiae, wh?re he will be at all times prepared to wait on hia patrons with promptness, attention and ttie strictest inatioe. N. B?Jewelry, Dr? ?ooda, Clothinc, Meohan -1 io?' To U, &o., always ou band al priiate mIa ? I de 7 1m* J^OTICE TO THE PUBLIC. fhe nnd*raicned hu iu?t nuntd a wholaaal ODUCK and M \KKKTlMi STORE at A4! th atre< t. opp nit? Canter Market, wnere h wili b? receiving daily a cennral aaeortmeat o I- evert thirtf that growa on a farir. fre?h from tb I- hM.d? of the farmera, auoh at Turkeys. Chicken Duck*, 6ae?e, Egg?, Butter?01 all aaautiae. a Haiti more price*?Dried Fruit. Applea, Flour ~ Bonne, 4o , Ao., which 1 will aell ?? cheap aa cai b* U?aght in tbu city, Alexandria, or Baltimore n De%lera and huok?tera are r*apectfal y invited V call aad examine for themselves. de6 tf J. H. CANMKLD. /Ov NOTICE. AK AA removal. jlwJ V O I have removed my Q 4 PAWN OFFICE 3 to 351 Q atreat, between 4H and 6th atraets, imute 14 dlately la the rear of the National dotal, when the twainau will be e?ntinued aa haretofora at th '* oldatand. [nnlS^ml IS\AC HKRZBKRG. Nyo SKCBSBIUJ* OW 18 THE TIMK F-?R BARfi AINS!9rmt inducement* *r? sow qtTored to all percona 1 wa t of CLOTHING. FURNISHING UOODa ? ATS and CAP8, attho PeopJo't C otbmi ''tor# ?. 460 Seventh it. Cone ou?. oom? all. ana bu yo?r Cloth.nj at greatly nolt-lm J. H. SMITH'S. 46Q. I - KM " *" "?*???AVSter' w. Marbi* Work?. MSKaCaorOi, " no 11 tun h*w? l<Ua3Bmb. CJPEC AL CARD.?A MVMmotltn tom n vood cut. trw frajM, bnaatifal tax, fie ftaUA, warranted PIANO tor ??? JOHN F.ELLIS, da i 306 Pa. at* bat. %k aad loth ata. f T ? 3riO/l "*t> l>" * :-4 . it 4 ?!?-'"* Tni Tri AS flWvii s 'jh * . ? e f^RAVfcLS IN THIi RKGIOXS OF THE 4 J. Upper and Lower Anaoor, br T- W. Atkinson, >, with a map and numerous illustrations; pr ioe $2 &> Lionello, a sequel to the Jew oi Verona, by K. A Brnsotana, S. J. s Hassan Abdaliah, or the Enchanted Keys, and f other Ta es, with an intrndastion b? Miss rardo* a Vol u in" oneof Tom Brown at Oxford,* s??ue to Tom Brown at Rugby; aheap editio" 31 cauls. Our Year, a child's book in prose and verse, bj ~ the author of John Halifax; p? oe 75 osnts. BLANCHARI) 4; MOHUN, de 3 oorner KleventU st. and Pa. av. A WM. T. IM>VE 4t CO. .IKK N<vw pr??&r6-l to execute an/ urdera witl 0 ?hjoh the/ ir?r be favored irlle ? PLUMBING, FITTING w llJ~ Store on ?th ntreet, a C"W door* north of Pa * avenue, where m\T be fo?nd a complete aaaortmen t i'ikitoteae < *"ti&- 8%3r ' A ALEXANDRIA EXPRESS t, /liMV One deairini Freight-intieh or little?Par n re>a. Ba e?. Boxes, Utindlea, or, in faot, any thing aafelirtraoaported and delivered between Warning k ton, Georgetown, and Alexandria, ma* rely im plioitly npon the EXPRESS WAGONS of th underaimed which run regu arly every rtav betweei those oitiea. Order* entered upon the alatei of hi expreaaa' the?tar Bacon's Grocery Store or at R Wheeier'a Hardware Store, will be prompt ly a ttended to, and at verr moderate oharcea. T. B. STILLWftLL, no 14-1 m (Late Oaborn'a Kxpreaa. DENTISTRY. Mtebth. l.OOMIS*, M- D., the inventor it ad patentee ofthe MINERAL PLATK TEETH, at-1 mr-^t tends per?on&<!y at hia offioe is tins oity Many persons oar wear theee teeth who^1*?1 v cannot wear others, and bo person can v<ar others who cannot wear these. Persons oalli a* at my office can be accommodated With an* style and price of Teeth they ma* deeire; hat to those who are particu arand wish the purest, cleanest, strongest, ai d most perfeot dertare Uiat art can produce, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Koonw in this ojty?No. 333 Pa. arecae. between 9th and 10th sts. Also, 90T Arch street, Philadei phia. oo is tf Dr. mV\N?0 and resumed his frofess:oQ. T fliiin si I In hi in ill ItlH' ! _ mm . bird d' or east of s?ixth. In addition t M0 very o her approval style. Dr. M. ha* set^*hid teeth on vulcanite Base for the last three years and. from expcneuoe, knows it exoe.s all others, and is one-third leas in prioe than fold. His old patrons of Washington. Alexandria, and Georgetown are respectfully so jieited to sail, an 36 eoly CA RR lA^E FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARR1A6F. FACTORY. " D Street, 9(4 and IWA StrtUS. We have juat finished a number of first claai Carriages, ?uch u l?*a< Wacoa.*, Park Pk*ito+t. Fnmtiy Car ODBg^ rtoxrf, an/i />**? !?.?, wiuon we will a*II at W -?a var* mail on. fit. Peine privet:o*l meohamcs in different tranche* of the business, we flatter ourselves Ucat we kpo* the atflM and *uati?y of work that will rive eatta faction, oombimnf lightness, oomfort acid durabih fcy# Repairtcc prompt? and carefully attended to Uie shortest nctioe and moat reasonable charcea, WALTER, KARMANN * BOPP. Ooaclrmakera, auconaaora to Wm. T. Hook. RB 91-X1? Tbb snbooribevajnyug msde tddittQM to hi Uotory, mnkiiig it now one ofthe Lnrg??tAj|^k?, In the District, where hia nciiuiet for m*nuUw)turmcCARKlAGK * lisbt^e^^b WAGONS of ill kinds o?soot be mrHMii'.Ml trom tui tone exrertonoe In the bum?, ha k?pm to cire g?ner&l atisihouon. All kinds of C&rungesnnd Light Wiftu kopt n "?1r KP^AIIS ml; doMrABdnll ordors prompt 2S?'^ " " "awiwrw&r T? tf wf ml Mth s*d Kata. Dr. J II MaLEAN'8 CTB W/1T IfWTVn f?AT> T\T a T OiA?iflUJLa&i11XIU tVUUlAii AND BLOOD PL'RIFIKR. THE GREATEST REMEDY in tkt WORLD, and the moat Mro J^ETER TAKEif^LmF^j^ L o" . /f < *triciljr * ?ci^BAjLl tntiic and VI^IUKKTV tl? Compound, pro- Vv^nf ?J&] eared bj th? duuilttion of root*, ti*rt<?, K jfc Dock, Blood Root, fc&' 'J wHS Elitk RoM,8irup<- ff n r^jfinfek rill*., Wild Chorry ifejf AWflr Bark, ud Dai.dtlioa H8| /XjR ?ij'*r* into it* COB- Hj f>J[ * Ti. ntir* tcuv* Z rrrntdial rrinrinU f ^ of Meh injrodioni Before takin^^^Ui^jjlfter taking dutilhar, producing ? 4?Hc?om, ibil.ratiaf ?pirK, ul tb? moot inAlibl* rfmodj for r*?o*otiuf iha jfcra, and r#?'.orin( th? tick, ??f?rui(, and dtkiliuutd tnvohd M hoalth and minflk. 1 McLKAX>S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will f?ct??llj ecro Li?tr Complaint, Djii?[?u, Ja?odie*, Obrooic orNu'OBi Dfbijuy, I>i*aist? of ib? Kidr.trs, tnu Kll U .11 Will | ? " will m ?ll<nu?llH Ul*ll HI lVlltaVH| Dppiput, Naartbarn, laward Pilee, Aeidit* or Qi<kii?e o( the Stomach, Fallr.iee of Bluod ta thi Hind, Dall Pew or wireti.inf in lb* Hitd, Palpitation of the Heart, FiHneia ?r Weight in ihl Stomach, Sour, thinking Of aS->r.?tmg Failing whin iarinr down, Drynm <-t YeiIaW. niea of tbi Ikin ind EfII, Nifnt Ifii'j, lr>w*rd Finn, Pain in Uii Small of thi Back, Cheat, or Stdi, Sadder Plnehee of Hast, Dipreaaion of ftpirita, Frightful l>raai?a, Unni>r, Daipooilmey ar >>y nerr >ne dieeaee, loru or Blotebei aa ui Uu, u4 Pmr u4 Apt (or CbtlU and rim.) OVER A MILLION BOTTLES kail kiln acid daring tbe laat en monthe, and in aa ta unci hai it failed in firing "tire eatafeeMon Who, thin, will aiffer from Weakrteie or Debihty whin McLEAN'I STRENGTH EN IHG JOKDIAL will can toi 1 Na larigaag cut eaneiy an adlqaate idea of the iMtnidiite >nu alaioet iniracalaai Chang* prodaced ty taking thM Cordial in '.be duoii i, dibiliiatld, and ehmered r.irreai ejaren, whether broken dawn b? itceae, weak by natara, ar impaired ky eeckneea, the relexed a ad aretmug argaui. tali art M ria.arid to iti prietine health and ?ifar MARRIED PERSONS ar libera, emeciaae af inability from whatiTir eaaee, will nd McLfANI STRKNUTllKNlHO CORDIAL a the roagh regeriantar of the eyeiem; and al! who rt.\j have 1a (arid iben.eiiree by imp racer indelger.cie w.ll led in Una Cardial a carUm and ipeily remedy. TO THE LADIES. MCLEAN* STRENGTHENING CORDIAL U i"er irn *d opeerir cor? frr Incipient Cot-eainpuon, * .11 O Detracted or DiScmll Meiiemnlmn, lucoetineBce of L'Ht?i r In*ol?ntary Diecharje thereof, Palling of the Wntr.b Olddineee, Pminuaf, end *11 dieeaeee incident *o Pemalee. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Cater co lourir. T.. ke it according to diroct.oaia. It aril eumaiale, nriur^u, *?d ia?;for?;? joe and cstw tk< bloom of health to moor.t jnir cheek tfua. ??irj beetle u warranted to git* eatieficuoo. FOR CHILDREN If roar children art aickly, par.* or aSieted, M? LK APCf COftPIAL will make them health*, fat, and robaet. Pelaj not a moment; uj it, aad job will ba to?*intod. It m dahciaaa totaka. , CA UTION. ' Pa vara of dracgieta or deo lara who ma j try lo palm !> >? 1 j*m ma bitter or earo'parilla traab, wbiub the? Caa ba; <-ha>p, b?e??itie it le laat ?e ??- d. A road each men A*k I for MrLKANl HTRfTN..THTtNIMt, <oftniA.L, ae.d lata n-vSiaa a!a* It ia tbe only remedy that will pariff tb? i Blioduaoroafhl* and at ika une tiir.e eiren*then tbe a rat am One teaapcnnnU uik(D_a?i[/ mentni faatinr M a certain [>r*T*nti'? fot CboUrt, Chilli ul r???r, 1 tllow t*r*r,oi inr r.r???l?ni It U put *r In Urj? botUai. Prict r*.fj #I p?r bottU, or * boui*? for #V J H McLEAN, Hot* prr>pri?u>r of (bit Cordial; tlw, McLtao't Volcuie Oil - LiuitstnL Prioc.ptl 0?p<* ou lh? corntr *f Third ud Pint ?tr??U, 8t. Loau, Mo. McLean Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD ) I The only ta/t u4 certain care for (iaciri, Fil?i, Tm. . mnrt, Swelling* aad Bronrhile or Genre, Puiliw, Ktu | *aifia, WttkiiiM of the Mucin, Chronic or Inflammatory Rbeama'tem, Suffneee of tin Jou.'e, Coatrected Maeclee w i Ligament*, Earaehe or Toothache, Brcieet. Bprau e, Freal Cau, Wouudt, Dlctn, Fe?er Sort*, Cakti Braul, Bori Nippiee, Barm, Scald*, Sort Throat, or ut inAaiauauen pain, no differeuce how iiuri or loo* lb* Iihih maj . We eueted, MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT t a certain rtmldj. I Thoneande of hamen btm(i h??? been ??i a lift of du crepitade and wieerf by the aaa of ihu ioeeiaable remedy. 11. r r j in c trr\ r Pi v tr* nrr r rv/if r vr jqriyDdiv o ri/b( iiiv/1/ i/i i. a* Jit i jb n i WU1 ralia?a p?iu almost lualaaUoaoDaly, uid it will daaa , pirify and haal iba foalaai acre a ia an lacradibla abort uu FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS I MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT n tba ooly aafi and ralubla ramady for Iki car* at Ipttn, " rtiii Windfall!, Splint*, Dnoataral Lam pa. Nodaa ar Bwalimri It D*?ar (ailad ta ear* Biff Haad, Pellanl, Fiatala, CT1< - Ranuinf Boraa, ar B?aany, if proparly appliad. Fo , Spruna, Braiaaa,Beraiebaa, Crackad Hatia, Ckafaa, Baddl ar Collar Qalla, Cau, Soraa, or Woonda, it ia aa kaUllibi ramady. Apply it aa diractad and a car* ia canatn ia a?ar B toatanca. q Than tnia na laoaar wi*i tha ma ay arartklaaa Luiimae: a offarad to yoa. Obt'in a aopply of Da MCLEAN'SJ.LE " BRATED LINIMENT. It w?[| cara yoa. 1. R. McLEAN, Bala Prapnator. Cornar Third aad Pina ata-, St Loan, Ma. CHARLES 8TOTT, Hi,toli araM ia Waakiaa toe; R. 8 T CIMEL, tiaorg-atown. aa M DAWly Pl'RK OLD RYE WHISKY.-Onkand Mm hnwd* ofl*ir? Old Kys Whuky, Cop par Dii tilled, made by the moat reliable distiller* in Peua 9 ?ylvania, Marylaud and Virfima, varnu ted pan n Also, Imported Krandiee, H^uneaay, Otard, Dapu f k Co., Jnlea Robins, Ac. Alro, Peach and A??l e Brandy, pure Hol'sr.d Gin, old Jamaica audS*l Croix Ram, and Wims t>f every variety. ai < { standard brand a. A choioe lot of Clears and To , baooo. YOUNG ft KKPHaET, Af?cts, b a? U-l* ?* ? Pa ?v.. tMtw.mii ud loth su. MONKV! ?OHf."T"'" Not*s of all hank* taken at ?%r fur Goods, and - oomplsts ?upp > of Tall and \Vmtsr Wrar <>b hao kforoSwh. WALL, STEPHEN# ft. CO.. Clothi*rs. no S4v Pa. avscus. t#?t ?Hb and l*b sts A N k i N G HOUSE or SWEENY. *lTTENHO"?E. FA NT ft CO. Will op?n for customers, apecie, currency. au " VirnaiauioueT Moounti. Buy and salt coin au<l exchange a! the moot favor ~ tblt ritM. n Currency and Virginia mor.e> wanted. no24li ' OIA N OS.? One ver j iM Rotevood Cb<okena y I Pian* for aale afoa monthl* payments? jaat heeu received.. Tmm ftanot arc bow oob?M e an,&?tar^ JSmUp lkf, if ffpHLf iw w ww w*wi fT.ii MP. Ti 3 KEOTT. 4?4 j^BN\DE]fLlTMBEk ANjitiAS FITTER, Uu *o U>? ?or aer of Twelfth ?r>d F ?fc - U? > r?P?>M to iatro4aa? Water aM On km . tii? ago?t lavotaUa torma, aad guarant)** ?* + ,.%?V 1)1^ *" ^ * A? .. ^ ^ 1 v V_* VmUUA?&- t<> *! . 1 * 0 Tilt WEEKLY HOLLAR STAR. , , i ? iftiftinf ft grftftMr vartaty of lnfi wiM tmMat than Oftfi ba foa*4 is ftST atfcar?M j?fcll?ba4 aa Friday ?or*U*. Tnu*?CkJk, MiwwHy, to 11 Singiftoo?T. > * <i fm oopiaa ? Tj TM OOPIM ?- ? ? Twmtj fire sopiM ? ? II tavanably ocutftina U>? "WaaJuactoa Nava" tbftt kftft ?ftd> TV Dmtlt In>mm 5?* *tr?ilM o |?B*T%lly tkroachcat tk? ooaatr?. CT8in|l?oofiM(ii ?im>W ?u M fiMirM at the eouoUr, Immediately after tfe* im? ?f U? KHr. Prte?-THREE CENTS WOOD AND OPAL. TO THB ! eo WHERE YOU~CAN GET TOTft MOflEYf WORTH lyTRY IT! PROVE"IT ! KNOW IT 'JB tr r 1th a t * Tr^the PIONEER Ml LLP, and Nrr*v PROVE H'lfAT* ITT Prove ttat^a **i r<>?r WQOD tk*f? ? r?pci mftfl v RPIV in vuo gnj , m? Ul? 701 WlU KNOW WHAT9 E7- Know fiAt Ton w( ?iOOP M F.AH'KKud th? r?rr hwt of WOOD K?r lew idom;. Cn Split. and Dku vkaii Fku or Chams. C4LI. AT TRt PION kfcR mills: SIGN OF THE EL I E FLAO-STAFF, Southwx^t Cor?ba S?vksth fr. and Canal (South <>f th# Bndfe.t no 1? j.K"RiiK PACE. A>nrt. O" "?""..VV" _oi Union Fire-Wood Mills. PINE, OAK ad<1 hFteoRY WOOD Sawad &nd Split At any l?nctfa or sis* '*qairad. ud Mit r?<l to Any pftrt of tha City At vary low prteaa. U^WooAlltn" particular Attantinn of oar ou* and tha public ntnaraily to oar ap>on<f fl diulk ur ? uai,, wnicn *' ean nay, tiumi fear of cortradictipn, n '?ial to an; in Uta City. We guarantee to jive etisfiotun to all who m; urotiaae of 11. iCTOir SAWED an* SPLIT WOOD U kept under cover, perfectly dry, and COAL floor*, clean and in food order. Large aaiea and ma'.i profits. fr^ Orders eohoi ted at UNION FIIK WOOD MILLS Cor. 8?*? nth at and Canal, McKNEW ft MAILOW, Proprietor.. ro l&-tf Wooll and n o a a. Delivered to all parti ot the city Tat the HM possible rate*. T. J. * W. M. GALT. O>oe y a Pa. FOR SALE AND RENT. F^OR IIKNT OR LKAPE FOR A TKtM OF 1 YEARS-The HOl'SE ami <i ROl' NDS lately oooupied by Postmaster General Brown, and very recently held l>y Mr*. Smith ?? * f?w?*!? iRititiv. For further information apply to CIIAS. AUhRT. Eeq, or to the tabeoriber. THOMAS LAWSO.N, d?4 eotf Surgeon General L'. fl. Ar?y._ FOR RKNT-Thehne BRICK B(JC?R N?. 100 Weititt Georgetown, at preeent oeoa pied by the subscriber. It ha* If roo*n?, with |U and water tliroorhoat, a ine yard, stable Ae , and i* in ajcood neighborhood. Apply to J AS. A. M Acnrnk R ? ? *f I?OR RENT-A three story brick HOUSE.oonr tainin* 8 rooms, in rood order, with ru features oorapiete, on H street, between 4th Sa4 5th. Also, a two story brick COTTAGE, witk large yard attached, corner of F street north an1 14th st. east. To punctual and reliable tenants the terms will be moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, between <; aid H. wo IS-tf RENT.?Two new three-story BRICK HOU8ES with back boitdincs, each bonee oontaminc rooms, with gas, pleasantly sitaated on bUi street north, between M and N streets, rent moderate. Appl? to R. LAZENBY. opposite,or to JOHN T- LEN.M AN, Ohio nvenue, between 12th and 13th street* oe_4tf FOR RENT?The FIRST Kl.OOR of Ue t*W4 inr immediately opposite tiie weet win* of the City Hal., reeeutly occupied by Chan. 8. Wailaeh aa as o&oe. Aleo the front room In tite second story and the third floor of the same bnildiaa. For terms appir to RICHARD WALLAChTNo. 9 Louisiana avenue. ia U Cf EDUCATIONAL. T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent - who wish their daughters to receive a thorough and systematic education, where their ph>Moa! training will receive daily and specie! attention, ur\der the most approved system of Calmthemc" and Gymnastics, are respectfully invited to vieit the t'nion Female Academy, corner Fourteenth st. ami New York a v. MR. k. MRS. Z. RICHARD*. an SMf Principe * Female boarding and day school ALkXASDKIA. TA. Mm. S. J. McCORMICK. PaiwcipsL. The thirteenth annual session of this Institntioa wiit commence on Taenia), September IKk, lathe house recently occupied bj Sylvester Soott. Esq., 1 No. ISO Km* street. The course of stndy pursued will comprire *i! the branches requisite to a thorough English Education, and Music, F.ench, Latin and Drawing, if desirwd. In addition to day scholars. Mra. McCormick is prepared to receive a limited number of pupils as hoarders, who. <.oiistituUaf a part of her own fam> ily, will be under her immediate oar* and superr,. ston. She will endeavor, as (ar as possible, to aur round them with the oomforts and Kindly influences of Home. I Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. D^ Elias i Harrison, Rev. D F. Sprigg, William H. fowle, i Esq.. E iear Snowilen. Ksa.. Kdmund K \Vitsior Ks?j., H?"nry Marbarjr, E**., Lewi* MoKenSie, ? ?., Robert H. Hanton, E??q . W. D wallach, I Editor Kv^nine rHar.Beujumm Water*. En?..Ja?. entwisir, Jr^Eu.,Col. Johu w.Minor, Lout*"" l Mwir?. B'.acklock A. Mtwra Cor Brothers. Tail. , B *rd, vith Tuition id dl the Enflikh Branch**. ?20 'for the annual mmiod-payable keiru aunaali j, i in *1 vance. .Mil?ie and I^?*ua?e? at Profeaaora' price*. L'7" No extra oi>arcea. an S U FOR t?TAMPIN9 I * A PACKET OF PAPBR . . I AND ENVELOPE* N 0 I TO MATCH. nuAD^r! tkc CHAnbU METROPOLITAN [ ^ vy?^ BOOKSTORE. PH1LP A SOLOMONS, ilMtt fmr Lmwrtmee'i abbr+ttd Lvum Fmpmt, wMlf 33a P?. tr? bt. and l?tti IU. 5J2 GUTTA PEKC^AINT AND 512 HAM!LJON, BRti.CO.*S, * iio *1 ? TBTBRTB OT % I* the ptaoe to ied the oeletirmtrd Ovtta Perch* RooLncaod Pa.i nt Aleo, a general aeeortinent of Houm ParUinr Matenala. * Pi in Ml ite tranche* ex???ted with dni patoh andon reaeo^able terme. Mixed PunU t r WVI oil hard and for enie, wnh bucket IH proeh , to loan free of charge A 1 order* lelt at the itora * tor Old Glazing or Job Work of any hied will bo r promptly attended to #1? PLTTT 19 DOWN. *1* a no y r VV 6 A 8F I IT DKK8. " K Hare id etore. and are du.t reootvm, f AB WXJI7**SofeoUrff7N*w Parier** aad jMum and, superior in ety le to anythim herrtoArr* i 'If prod in thu market. We iurfteeiUxeoe fOberaj - Ij to eail and examine oor etoek of Gaa aad w ator I Fixture*, feeling ooub^ent that wo hart Um beet i- eel ec ted atock in Washington. e All Work the alwrtTiae tntreated to wmt eare k will be prompt; attended to, _ ' W * a. a M * tf EillD iTtPiNii \ w K HwIiVwoiirwl HhTtaVJaat^aw mut a id bow offer **>< ?Ml nUnitr* . aiBj8^VtV. hn*^ sWewf HB VAiaalft. CABPKT BAGS, SAT? HFLU,*?.. in thia city, which w? are aeti u at wrj low % prioea. WALL, 9TKPH K*S? * CO . ,1 ?o ? tf _ *ii P*. ^LOUft. BUCKWHEAT, POTATOES, AP n j^tW BOOt^T FRKNCH^A^RICKBTKIN*? c Uwim, > ??wl. ? <>., ?nw h. aijb _ - -- . _ Purtjum'l CfMMOHMnWIlM Of BTtM pcitl * A F*w pink riANOCrO* bkntjjy *r j b.-' tlt Wr. > V yMv il*-'' fMT?i ,K -* *?*" *. ? ?i 4

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