Newspaper of Evening Star, December 18, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 18, 1860 Page 2
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U J j * > J * ' 1 # - * THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TUESDAY Drtcni^r 1%, 1*?0. Rftrlt ( ibr *l?rat?C Press Tbe ImtettigHtftr thinks It mort pass the com. prehension of ordinary mind* to discern tbe importance attached by the Constitution to tbe lletred Identity of opinion on the part of both Mr Cass and tbe President with respect to *'<A? great qw*fon of coercing a Mate to remain in tbe Union by military force " Who, In tbe wide land, baa talked of "foercing a State inquires the InUlltgeneer. The Intelligencer argues that too much tolerance has been granted by the administration to such among ita membera and subordinates aa are avowedly and ost?i?siblv laboring for the destruction of the Goverr.meat, and tn this connection nofr-s that the Government paper afforda Mr. Cobb a disunion counsel space, even after be had withdrawn from the Cabinet, to the extent cf "six dreary columns " The ConuttuttoH haa 8 fling at the Intelligence lu consequence of some complimentary thing* said of the latter journal by the N. V- Tritium and Evening Pott. V-?? ..C....TTK Knav -Wlih I MtbBV* I , li* ? nA . Ington city la agog with exciting rumors concertiag what yesterday transpired in the room of the Comokittse of Thirty-three. This excitement grew oat of the withdrawal of Mr. Reuben Davit, of MlHiaaippi, (from the committee) on tbe ground that the tendency of matters among them looked rather to exacting further concessions from the Sooth, than to the accord by the North of tbe additional constitutional guarantees now so evidently necessary to save the Government from destruction Mr. Davl* came to his conclusion In far too great haste. That decision resulted from a vote of the committee; not adopting the pending resolutions of Mr. Davis of Maryland, aa la erroneously believed by many, bnt, simply, first to consider the subjcet of those resolutions? the question of the remedies necessary to cure the violations of the fugitive slave law. On the question of giving that subject priority in their deliberations, we believe the vote to have stood ayes 16, noes 13, Mr. Winter Davis aloue of the South voting are. The ?outh desires to have the territorial question first disposed of, only because it is really the single question concerning which it is possible that an agreement may be a work of difficulty; and also because 1U settlement is absolutely required to check the movement of the extreme i*euth for the destruction of the Govern ment. we regret, tDererore, tnai me .\oriu (in the committee) uw fit to gratify Mr. Davis. of Maryland, in bis wish first to dispose of the fugitive slave law subject, for tbe pacification ol which he (Mr. 1).) baa a proposition pending before them Concerning that proposition, by the by, we have to saythat we apprehend an erroneous impression prevails in tbe minds cf most of the southern members, who evidently regard it as proposing further concessions from the South. Oil the con trary, as we have heard of its sulstance, it rather proposes that the South shall consent to mod'fi cation of the existing fugitive slave law, whic h, while they will not ia any particular weaken its operative effect, will tunrrr its prompt tzicutitn everywhere, by stripping its opponents of the pretense that it is possible to reduce free persons ol color to slavery through It. No southern man desires that the law sbali afford the means of doin^ amy such thing; nor do we believe that it hai ever been so prostituted. Nevertheless nine tenths of those who oppose its execution, do *< under that plea. Were they stripped of it bj Congressional legislation, we doubt not that nine tenina 01 toe trouoie taai eiiiu tarougb tLe law non-execution, would vanish; and we truat tha iu whatsoever tha committee may eventually re port )n the premises. t&ey will take care tha I hereafter so such pretenaa of unfairness In th law aha 11 remain to those who aeek a plea t palliate Its non-fullLlment. The addition to th law of a simple provision requiring tha owner o an escaping slave to pat on record In the office c ! his county's clerk, within ten days after th *. w.o , ucw.11 piiuu vi iuc unawaj, ana w piv dace a certified copy thereof when claiming hin In a aon-slaveholdlng Stat*, wiil accomplish th object ia a tr ce. r PacKKTAar Thompson.? The announcemet: that this geotien:&n has left his post here on a mission frotn his State?Mississippi?to Nort] Carolina, has already giv*n rise to very variei comments In political circles, not a few of whlcl involve Invidious reflections upon him. VVe fer assured they are not deserved. That Is to sa\ that he has not gone to North Carolina to er i deavor to persuade that State to aid in deatroyln the Government which he has sworn to upholc and whow officer, bound by that oath of oflic< , be till ia, but rather to Induce her to take tl only courte by which the Government'* lntegrit may be virtually r?-?1ored and upheld. To iusii that tha Gulf 9t*tra ahall not aaaume the right 1 carre out for the whole South what its futui ball be. Our information from the beat wu ci atUflrt ua that he is for the general and unite t aoutbera action by which alone aoutbern rigli inay be aeccred in the Union; or if thit be foun lmpcaaib'.e. by which the South may poaceabl > become a respectable power without tbe deatru tlou of American popular right* and of the coi dltiou of aociety and property aa they exiat at th fe iim?. in IK* I * j ^uv<v 'mv univu. 4 in- lx>rd Lyons, In a letter to General Cm speaks of the high esteem and regard which hi Majesty and all classes of her subjects entertal for the American people. Sloe? the Princn Wales, in bis visit, met with such a cordl reception by tbe President himself and by i clashes of Ute citizens, and her Majesty trusts tb f these feelings of confidence and affection wl lone continue between the two countries, to th? mutual advantage, and to tbe general interests civilization and bainanity. t Mr Trescott, Assistant Secretary of State, rcplii inai ne vu luuucwd oy (be President to expr? the gratftcation with which be bu learned ho correctly her Majesty has appreciated the ?pt ^ n which his Royal Illghnees was recelvi hrougbout the Hepahlic. The President trusts that this manifestation interest towards the royalty which be so w< represents, will insure a mutual binding togetb * erf the common interest and mutual regard whi< have existed la the past, the faelings and the fc tunes of (he two nations which reoresent t ? ? ?I {enterprise, the ciellixaUoif, a ad the constitution ( liberty of the name race, more strongly than coi pacta aud treat:ea. M*. CkiTTBRDU ?The apeech being deli Ten by Mr. Crittenden aa wa go to press to-day, w happily exert a wide spread Influence througho the land ; /or it haa. Indeed, the ring of Clay Ita every sentiment, to forcibly aa that all mlg easily couceive it to be an emenatiou from 1 dead. rather than th? 1W?? C7" Tbe Cbarieeton M*rt*ry, in view of I low of employment to mechanic* and labarer* New York, aaya, exnlUngly: "So much for i caaaion?ao much for ' taking the ball by t horma. " 0*Tb? Committee of the Soutb Carolina l.e iaiauire to whom waa referred the meaaage of tl tewtww reeemmaadin* that an arrangement made with Adams- Eipreaa to carry tbe mai bare reported that aocba mode would not autwi They letooamended that le avert, aa for aa prac cable, the commercial emberraaamenta that won reault from an abrupt ceaaution of poaUl arrany | jumta in and through the State, all the peraona e paged in the tmaapertntion and diatrlbutton I IM inula la Um Stole, be au?hortz?4 and i * qnetted to continue in the performance of au rrvlrea to tbe community until a poetal trra a ball have been concluded between the State aj t tbe Gorrrmnent of tbe L'nited 8 to tea. CRtMID WITS TBI LaACCWT OF Okt ?A M J D lageraoil, of Beaton, la on trial before t Superior Court of tbat city, charged with tbe li cony of one hand red tboaaaad fert of coal gaa fr< tbe Bcetoa Gaa Light Compear It waa claim that tbe Meaiooe an of gaa covered a year, dari which ho paid about S7 to the Com pen jr for 0 It waa ahown that he baa a gee-cooking,apparai which ha aaad exteaalveijr during the time, a oaee let a tanaat uae. chargleg him 0 par aoi for hia proportion of the gaa horned. {ZJT Geo Caldwell,a negro, who waa a me ber of tbe Liherlaa Ceagrea, la now tfeward e hotci la Meofcuh, low?. \ i m ' I i I i L m Item* Telegraphed trim WuklB|toa. ^ a?hi5?to!?, Dec 15 ?The President baa "ider^d the Macedonian and another roan of-war to be In readlneaa to aatl at abort i?ot;~?, oetonitbly fo- foreign station*. but really fr>r Charleston t barbo* Gen Caaa thought that they auould be j sent to aea at onre, with aealed order*, and when i tff rounding*." their command*** should leam r from thcae orde-ra that they were to go to the re- , lief of those really Invested'' in Fart Moultrie.? t Cor. of y. Y Cvmmtrriml. ? i The member* of the New York delegation met 1 OD cunuay DlgDl JODO lyocurauc m iwiu ?v WW alt up?n future action, without regard to politic* 1 or party lines They met at 8 o'clock, and ut till ' 11 o'clock. Hoard waa Chairman, and John * Cochrane waa Secretary. Twentv-eight were i present Beal and Carter were tick, and neces- > snrlly absent. The other alz were also necosaarily 1 absent. Mr. Reynolds introduced a resolution, 1 drawn by himself. aiflrming, after a preamble 1 stating the basis of tbe present I'nlon and Con- I stltution, that tbe Union mutt and shall be pre- ' served; pledging New York to the suppot of it 1 Slavery- extension, and tbe right of secession and < coercion, are iguored altogether. The language is very conciliatory, bnt calm and decided. The proposition met with general snppart, except < on the part of Mr. Sickles, who Introduced an < amendment proponing a meeting and consultation between the New York And Virginia delegation* upon the rriaia of affairs, for the purpose of securing * union of action between those two great State*. He supported bis proposition in a strong speech Reynolds also supported his resolution in a speech. Slckles's proposition met with no general favor, and was not adopted Reynolds's was adopted by almost unanimous consent?onlv Sickles, Barr and Macktay opposing it strongly. Rriircra ('nrhmnp Haikin. Clarke, and all the Republicans supported It Sedifewlck took very strong Republican grounds, and Clarke went in unequivocally for tbe support of the Union at all events. Tbey adjourned to Wednesday evening. Thi Wuthu.?Tbe following report of the weather for the morning Is made from the Amn lean Consolidated Telegraph Line V> the tfmlthsinlan Institution. The time of observation 1* about 7 o'clock. Dscxxbkk 18,1860 New York, N. Y clear, pleasant. Philadelphia, Pa. ....clear, cool. j Washington. D. C cloudy. Richmond, Va. 3U?. Petersburg, Va clear. 3(P. Norfolk, Va cloudy, al?, wind NW Raleigh, N. C clear, 45*. Wilmington, N. C clear, cool. Charleston, ?. C clear. 37?. Augusta. 6a cloudy, cool. Savanmn, 6a clear. 60", wind N Macon. 6a. cloudy. Columbus, 6a clear, pleasant. Montgomery, Ala clear, pleasant. Jackson, Ala ...clear. MobLle, Ala.... clear, 52?. New Orleans, La clear, 58?. riOM THK WIST Pittsburg, Pa overcast, 3(P. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a.m., (corrwt??d for temperature,) 30,417; at noon, ;ni.43t Thermometer at 7 a. m ., 25?; at noon, 35?. Maximum during *.14 hours, ending 9 a. m. today, 40?; minimum IIP. rr5=?SMITH30PHAN LECTURK8.-On WEDNESDAY. L>?i ember 13th. at 1% p ip., Prof F*!KMi"i Kookh* of Philadelphia wul e mnunoeacoureepf Leoturea nn"Civil Kn?ineering." H'lbjent?Roada aud Bridged. aud the Priaplea Tnrolyrd in 'heir Construction. da 18 2t T*B~ UNI VERSA I.I*T PR BACH INR.?The J. H Firat UurWitint Society of Waahmgtnn will ooinwence their inoetin<? for public rstigioii* worship ?t the First Conrr<*tcauonali?t Church (utd Trinitron SKMDAY E VEN 1 ;>?? next, at *even o'clock. Mr. Fi?kb has been inmsd to deliver the opening discourse. The public ara rerpeotluii) invited to atrend. The Church will be rented an? evening during i the w?ek for public mretinca. 'e^tures. &.o. , de 18 3t? (Vi^^FAiR.?The iadies ef Fletcher Chapel will . 1L ? holi a Fair at i>io. 274, ?<evei th utieet, be 1 tvienL and M&u.,from 2"t;i to 31st December, inclusive Come- enjoy jour??|ves and procure ar tioles for the holidays Season ticket*, admitting a gentleman and lad), 51 cent*, sicgie admittance 10 i oecU. rielB m? - 'f??THE UNION PRAYER MEETINGS , k_3 will lie bolden every daj this week, in th* English Lutheran Church, earner of 11th an<! H f >-tre?t?. to commence at -4 u'clook, and to conti lie one hour. de )7 * ry-=?orR COMMUN"TY 11A5 PARTIALLY 4 Js_3 vindicated ita character for special eha ify to the orphan by the increased attendarfoe at Od Fellows' Hall curiug this week* But in view of ,t the inolemenst ol the firs! week, and the aua.nt:tv of koous ctili on ti.e l.uli s will o?atrna?< the 9 fair on MONilAT *od TUESDAY EVhNINQ?. o Lft (il Ittmif, irmffMir* o* or?wl or ofiiiion for t*? la made to the holiest instinct* of nature. e We may forfend threatetuii? calamities by meritin? if ? present hlasain*. de!5 <* ,7^T "UNION." e 113 LADIEH' FESTIVAL. The ladiea of the Methodist Proteitant Churoh, Ninth street, intend havu?g a Festival for the heaen fit of the par?oa**e connected with tn* ohuroh. to _ oooitMT.oe on MONDAY EVENING next, the 17th inst.and oontiuue Tiksoav and Wmstsot^ Evsjiise-, in ThorV* Hall. Seventh str?**t, between il and E sis. Come all and entourage the iadier.aa they are determined the supper prepared 11 by them shall suit the appetite of ail. Also, ra it frashnients and ucefui article* of all detcnpti'-nx for ?ai? for Christmas tunes, at low prioes to suit 3 the tin es. >1e 15-4t 4 (r*?0OLLECTOR'S OFFICE. CITY HAM., ? LL5 W ashisotc5, December a. I860. 1 TAXES ON PERSONAL ''ROPFRTY, SLAVES, Ac.?Notioe is hereb* riven that the tax ' bills lor Household Furniture,Stocks Slaves, Ac., I- for the year I86'i, and previous years, are now made ty out and ready for dolivcry, and ar? payable at ttij? * 'I'ho who do not call and utile ?beir bills li within twenty dais from this d*.te will be oa'lrd on ? by one of my assistant*, and if tli? bills are not paid winiiB iiaij u>*j? iruin irii? u?ie i innil pro.?eea ro e enforce the col.eotion in the iranner required l?y v law. i AS. F. HAUOAY, ^ d? '3-jut Collector. ' rryTO THE VOTERS OF WASHINGTON^ 1.3 Tne AiMiion of eso:i Ward will me*t at f tho fo'towinr plac-? from 9%. m. to 3 p. m . from the 14th to tne 26'h of Decernb?>- molu?ive, to oor" rpct and to regiuter the names of those omitted froir d the poll list: First Wnrd?John A. Klierm, 179 Pa. avenuo, fceween 17th and 18th ?t? ? Second Ward?George Thom%? Stewart, oirnei ly Twe tih and U iti Third Ward?Henry Curtit, ocrner Eighth and c L st?. n Fourth WaH?Thomae W. Burch, Fifth ?t.. be, tween G and II ots 11 Fifth Ward?George T. Barret, corner of foutt a una nrecu eaat. SixttMVard?L. A. TiieP, S40 Eighth st. e&at, &l the reaidenc? of John C. Robey' Seventh Ward?Peter Hepburn, No 85 south F rt atre*t !> twe"ii 8th and Wh ntreetg ?outh dell t3ritl lB IT'S"PHILADELPHIA OONFBCTJONF.RY of IL_3 Ice Cre*m. W'jtdr Ioee, Wrrtdin? Cakes pound Cakea. Minoe Plea, Pastry, Cniata f r (lyatei u Viet>, J#lliea, anu a general assortment of nic< ill thing# in tii? Conf?otionery line, at FUSSRI.L'^ at corn r Twelfth and F am. no ii lm* in INTERESTING TO BANK NOT I \L3 HOLDEKS.?Virginia notes taken at fa lr tt*r Clothing at the Peojiea' Cluthinc Store, i\o 0f 4*0 Bwven'h street. N H?I have on h*nd a ve?t large and ecjfcrio atoek of Mens' and Boys' ClotlMaf Fernisfci'M td tiooda, Hau and Cays, at trioea to auit the timei J R. SMITH- riothi?r " bo 3< ! ? No. 460 Tth it, oyyo.'Pnit Ofloo. IW rf=?l>EMPf*EY * OTOOLE, fit J3 WE DDI SO ASH V1SITINH pd CARD ryokAVERS. Pa Importer* of fine WEDDING STATIONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, of the molt beautiful stylen 346 Pa. Av., between 9th and loth ate , an 27-fini Wahhinstok. *r ? :h 'T'OR PEDOES, Toy Wax C?ndle?, 4c , whole .. J sae and retail, cheep for o*i*h at de 18 St* LAM.MOND'8, Seventh ?t. ^ T<HE 8KA5?ON OK GIFT* I ? AT II AND, am ai 1 the placr to get a choice Book, either for youn, n- or era, n it BALL.ANTYNE'*.*9* 8 v*nth?t. Above Odd Fellowe' Ball, Where yon will a so fiod Writinjc Desk*. Lilies fd lrtv? ing Bt(i, Sttarooeoopei, 4o., 4.0. jjj da 1R 4t-o ' CVSKr^lBjDLES. ,n 5K> boxe? Sperm do ht 51 do Adamantine do h_ 5-1 do HoUl .do Q 1 oa?k COAL OIL for burninp. Lard, Whale and Sperm OIL. J?.t ani %"!?%?, TP. t CO.. No. 63 La av.. bet. 6th and 7tb ?U . in deH eoSt oppo- ihe Bank of Washington. be Ml.* JOHN rR(?lT would r??pectfully infort the patrons of her I*t? bnaband tbat she ?1 will e<> tmue the bu?in??* ?t the old a'anl, No. 4'ift Seventh atr* t Having secured Q J ?' the ?-rvice? of a competent Watchmaker^ha* be and a Jeweler, ahe ii prep%r*d to do all work in th be Watchmaking and Jewelry line in the heat mane* la, ana at prioee to auit the tunea. Rrr+irta* prompt! .? ?'t?nd-d to. On band, an anaortment of JK WEL ill RY, WATCBEP. CLOCKS. &e.. an i tab e fo ,j Holiday Present*. A eill u solicited. id de U3t* ANNA A. C1U1T. 5 re. S?ha rela Carce New No. 1 do ,k iw Halves, aaa ter* and ei? htlu barrel* New Mm and No 1 MACKK*HL. D lY 6.000 pound* larie fat CODFISH, 5ti*r.;ea No. 1 SALMON, *{ Saa B*M HERF1NG9. lr. W* barrel* *><? I rt John ? ALEVMVES, in J*m> do Gtftwd HfcRKlNG. fr For taia by E. E. WHITE k, CO.. No. 6S La av.. b-t *h anfvh *U., da l*-e<3t oppo. the Bank of Wa?hiwgtoa. CH4M"l"Nt- Wl>E3-AND BRAN?<**nd )tdozen ftne old CHAMPAGNE BRANDT. )U> IIdoi*n fane old LONDON DOCK BRANDY. ?aart?r-oaek* very Cue deTieat* PALIS SI El H V. iwporUd (tireet by a*. _ la *tore and for aalt by ?- I EE WHITE * CO., ' * I No. -1 Loaiuaaa av., bat ?th aad Tth ata.. I da IS Stec Opposite Bank of Waahincton, (UMHwiiu. Tiiitt mil ComUu?Secvhd Station 9iKiTiwe wwl to pre* vnterdav? Mr Wade, *< Ohio, add rt wed the 9* aat? upon be condition of Um country He he'd that tba ;e*ttem?n who are coot plaining bad ibe Governnent in their keeplaj;, and have been dotnU >ant party, and the gentlemen who are fbremoat rtth th?f? eonipUinta have been the leaden of bat partr; therefOro If there ia anything wrong Mr w addreaed the other aide of the rhnao>er) it ia pom and not tee tbat are responsible. for ire have never had the leg Illation of the country 'or an hour You have no apeclflc cbargee igainst u?, but It has been raid the North has been infaitbful to the fugitive slave lav. That law la tome of Its provisions Is very odlons to as, and to ill who are of the Anglo-Saxon race- In respect *) the personal liberty bills there are oaly two of hree of them, and practically they are nail and rt>id. The Senators from Georgia, Virginia and Mississippi wese so frank and candid as to give them up as causes for the excitement at the South. Kven the gentleman from Georgia bad said Lincoln woula do no harm. Mr. Iverson had not said any such thing. Mr Wade read from Mr. I erioa'Saaa*cU and continued. Then you did say that Liacola would i oainiU no "overt act," and by conaequeitc* you are acting on auapieion. You will not wait to aee what Mr. Lincoln will do. wblch meaaa thin, "either we will rale or ruin thia Governaaent Tbat i? what it mean*. Mr Wade took it tbat aereaaion waa no rlKbt under the Conatitution, wbilat be admitted the general richt of revolution. Thoae who undertake revolution, if aucceaaful, are all right, and are lierofa; if defeated they are rebel*. Mr W. did not say this because he supposed any party lnteuded to make war on a seceding 'State, but merely to ahow that we have the right Though we will not make war on a State, abe cannot go out till sbe ({eta the consent of the Union Itself. The Chief Magistrate of the Union cannot be released from his duty to prevent any star from dropping from the galaxy of this Confederacy. The moat Important duty Is the collection of the revenue. If the people of South Carolina do not want the malls; if they will not send Senators and Representatives here, we cannot force them In these matter*, but when they come to the perform*nce* of the duty due to *11 the State* tbat duty must be performed The President mutt collect the revenue When blockaded, South Carolina will be put Into such position that it will compel her to declare war, and win her independence by violence and blood. Thi* act of levying war i* treason against the United States, and no lawyer In this body will deny it. If the Union of these States is to come to an end, be (Mr. W.) had looked around to see what policy we of the North may adopt. He could see a gloriousfuture for those who stand by the Union. There stands Mexico, she is afraid of you on account of your slavery propagandism and your tllltbustertng They would invite us take the protectorate of their country. England has wished ' ? /Ia #V?fa U a ??<> ? I ?1 am it (a 4 Km mcr/<hanti nf us uu iuib lie " *'um >??j ?"c IUVIV.MKUW " the North, if they would bat follow him, to make AVAn.fnld mit e\t \Tcvipn tn wliftt th*v nnw Hn from the South. Hitherto Mexico hai been led by our policy to fear and hate us, and has bvcn driven to seek the protection of strangers Mr Wade concluded his spcccb by alluding to the Republican policy of providing a home for the free blacks In Central Amei lea, and saw the day in the distance when Canada would be knocking to enter the door of our Union We shall yet be the greatest nation of freemen that has ever lived on the face of the earth This policy had somewhat reconcilcd M r IV to the secession of the Southern Stat#?? H? would prefer to keep the present Union, but if Southern men will have II so, the old flag shall fly over the divided people This capital, which some gentleu<an said should be the capital of the Southern Confederacy, wai founded by Washington, and the flag of the Union shall still fly over it Although that tiai oii.rht Kai V?it (raitiir* nn *u<>rv hanH WV ?" ? ?* ? ?' J ?I vu V*VI T uuitUj f % by the grace of God, under Its sbsdow, as be bad lived, to would be die. Tbe Senate then proceeded to tbe consideration of Executive business, and, after some time spen therein, the doors were reopened and tbe Senab adjourned Housk.?After our report closed? Mr. Sickles and John Cochrane presented reso lutions on tbe state of tbe Union, which were re fcrred to tbe Committee of Tblity-three. Mr. Adrain, of N J , presented tbe followlug Whereas the Coustitutiou of tbe T'nlted State Is tbe supreme law of tbe land, snd its ready ain faithful observance tbe duty of all good and law abiding citizens? Knolvtd, That we deprecate the spirit of diso bedience to the Constitution whsrevcMMnifested and we earnestly recommend toe repeal of > statutes enacted by State Legislatures which ar Ill uniuilii n ivu au'? i u ?i wionvn vi ?u?? vavic instrument, and of the laws of Congress made li pursuance thereof Mr. John Cochrane moved to have the resolu tlon amended as follow* : " And that the personal liberty bills of >11 8tate? wherever passed, should be repealed " Mr. Adraln objected. His resolution covere< the personal liberty bills Mr. Hindman moved to have the resolutio modified by the Introduction of the words " lit eluding personal liberty bills,'' so called. t*?veral republican members ?" No, no." Mr. Burnett contended that the resolution oujjli to be so modified. Mr Sherman proposed that if the resolution b modified it ought to Ik? modified ?o n* to run a fit tLe words personal liberty bill, " all nullificatlo law*;" if it was not so amende be would mo* to lay the resolution on tbe table. Mr Adraln hoped tbe feeling of all was a dt sire to preserve tbe Union, and tbe way to do thi was to manifest a spirit of conciliation on a aides. If anv objection was raised there to tb first proposed amendment, that all personal 11 hert bills should be repealed, and all acts in confll( with tbe Constitution of tbe United Statesand tb laws of Congress made in pursuance thereof, 1 i his humble judgment the Union could not I f- S CVCI After tome debate the resolution was modi lie by the introduction after the word* ''repesl of a statutes," the words "including personal libert bills so called ' The yeas and nays were then taken on tl passage of the resolution, and resulted?yeas !.> ' Hays (Mmr?. Alley, Carey, Edwards, Ello Uutchins. Potter, E. R. Reynolds, Sedgwicl Spinner, Tappao, Vandever. Washburn of Wis Washburn of Maine, and Wells,) 14 | During the roll call some Southern mem be declined to vote on grounds similar to those d dared by Messrs. Barksdale and Singleton, i follows: Mr UiirktH?1? umi nnrtntoH t/\ *11 ^AmnrAmlt and, 8* the resolution bore that character, be d > ciiued to vote. f Mr. Siugleton taid that, inasmuch u he did n want to dictate to the Northern States what th< should do with their personal liberty bills, I declined to vote. Mr. Lovejoy introduced a resolution sornewh j similar to that of Mr Adraln, with the followk addition, "sad wc earnestly recommend tbe r peal of all the statute*, including the nulliflcatl* . laws so called," Ac. ? An r.t *1 All UU1LU pvi will UC UOIO JUiiUW CU ) WUCII II ][mi and nays were agaiu taken, and the moth wet carried?yeaa 13S, nays none, r Mr. Morris, of 111., gained the floor and lntr l duced Union resolution!, declaring the elect! < - of Lincoln or any other exciting cause lusufllcle to justify dissolution. Carried. With the consent of the House, Mr Crawfor of Ga , introduced the following resolution: Reiolved, That the Constitution of the Unit states recognizes property In slaves. That tl Congress of the United States baa paaaed laws aid slaveholders in recapturing tbelr slaves wbe tver they escape and make their way into the fr States That the Supreme Conrt of the Unit : States have decided that negroes were not lncludi either in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution of the United States except slaves; and that they cannot become citizei 4 And we, the members of this House, hereby si . tain and will support this construction of t B ? At I - a *- -* * ? - - vyuuainuiiuu, in* mwi, ma Bocu decision 01 i Supreme Court. , The resolution having been read? Mr. Sherman, of Ohio, moved that, pendli the gentleman'! motion, the House adjourn. Mr. Davis, of Miss., rose to a question of prl< lege. He then asked to be relieved from furtti service on the Committee of Thirty-three assig lug as bis reason for making the request that t majority of the committee, by tbelr speeches ai actions, hsd forced the Southern members of t committee to the necessity of making forther co cessions to the North, which they on tbelr pa were not willing to yield. The North would yle nothing, and there was no further use for him - the committee The question being taken on the motion to? n cuse the gentleman,It was agreed to. On motion of Mr. Brlgga, of N. Y., the Hom at 4 o'clock, adjourned, with tbe understand > I that the resolution of Mr Crawford would eoi up as the first business In order to-morrow t ? * Tcksdat, December 18. t Ssnatk.?The Chair laid before the Senate t acts of the Territorial Legislature of WashlngV which were referred to the Committee taTti tories Several communications were received frc a* rs a a? Jk **- - * ? iub vcpukiucuu, wiu on tor udn. A number of memorials were presealed a referred. Mr. Lane, of Oregon, Introduced t series resolutions setting forth tt>e differences wb) have occurred between the States, resulting ii determination on the pari of tbe Southern 8u to dissolve tbe Union, and favoring the call o National Convention to amend the Constitute ud oppoelng the un of fore* against a tocodl ? Stale. Tbe resotutloa wu laid oa tbo table. Mr. Crltteodea, la a patriotic speech, propot tbe extension of the Missouri Coca promise to I Paclie; the strengthening of Lsws prohibiting 1 African sieve trade, and enforcing the fuglt I- slave lew by the repeal of all n?llft)rlnK statu< He spoke at some length la advocacy o? coacil tloo and eon promise. Be declared If coacil tlon was refined, the North could not Justly fuee to give then aa equal share la thecoma ? # ^ ~ i. nriMiii i ill territories of tbe Union la view of tbe mighty j consequent* bow pressing upon tbe country, wan It not tbe beet plan in tbe world to adopt IV Una j of tbt Miaouri Compromise' I'tlm a?mo6k*ng likstbls wan done, *ewsuMboa divided people ' in less than tlx months Was not tbis com promlsaa cheap prion to pay for tbn glorious eent?.. rial that ware in More for this Republic if we r^ mat nod art ted * On believed onlea something wna done, tbe disunion excitement would swallow ana ffanlnnwu Hbvsi??The Speaker l*fd before the House tbe letter of Mr Washburne. Governor elect of Mslne, ; resinning bis seat as a Representative from that ; State, to take effect on the 1st of January Mr. Stevens, of Washington Territory, Introduced a resolution to enable the Secretary of the ; Interior to decide ou the validity of the title of tbo Pocltt's Sound Agricultural Company. Also, s resolution to statfo* a war staMter on : Columbia river; referred. Mr. Otero introduced a resolution recognising < the cooperation of the volunteers and that of reg- i ular forces within the Territory of New Mexico, sod appropriating to pay them; referred. Mr Florence presented the proceedings of (be | lute meeting in Independence Square, Philadel- j phia, in favor of tbe Usioa; referred. Mr. Booock asked to be excused from voting upon tbe Union resolution submitted by Mr Morris, of 111 , and also moved to have the resolution laid upon tbe table. After sosne Informal discussion? Mr. Crawford called up his resolution lntrodared vrsterdsy. Mr. Sherman moved to lay the whole subject on tbe table, with a view to proceed to the regular order of bust new. On this motion the rsssand nays were ordered, which were being taken as our report alosed. P?HEAP RAISINS. CURRANTS, CITRON, *_/ ana tnAmiKiuuKBtU E A. DELLWIG'8. CHAMPAGNE CIDER. BRANDIES. CORDIALS. and Cod old whlWKlE^. At U A. DkLLWIG'S, de 18-St N?*y Yard. A AUCTION-AUCTION. CARD ?We would rMpmtfa'Iy cal! the atten inn 01 nonseieepors ana uon in araron 01 itouaey Pretents to the larje and elegant atnok of Chios, ftlaaa and Plated Ware at tbe store of Cha?l*s k. Grkkm, '<17 4 Pt-nn. avenue, ooeaia'inc of the Ineat and latest styles of every thins aeeful and ornamental in that line, and whioh we will offer at publie auction THIS MORNING and EVENING.nnd will It without reserve daily nntil aH ars disposed of J-ee advertisrment in another oolamo. de It WALL & BARN A Hi), Ancte. lft FINE Ol D WHISKY. 1U BARRHL* FINE O^D RYE WHISKY, 10 barrels superior Om Bourbon do. , A do. Gioaon's XXXX Old Rye do. 10 do'. do. XXX do. do. 30 do. do. XX do. no. 40 do. do X do do. an do Medium Kjeand Bourbon rift. 10ft dozen Old Cabinet, Rye and Bourbon do. 25 five gal. demijohns very superior old do. In store and for sale by E. K WHITE A CO . N<>. A3 Louoiana av.. bet 6ih and 7th sU., de lMteo Opposite Hank of Washington' pOR HAVANA, Via KEY WEST. UNITED STATES MAIL. ISABEL LINK. The STKAMSHIP ISABEL, William Rol> lins, Commander. wi :1 It ave Chariest >u . jrifci on ihe Iftth and 25th of eaoh month, for^ T tLXi'* Havana, via K?y Ws?'; and, returning,"^? > will leave Havana and Key West on the Ut and 16th of eaoh monthL For information or patsate apply ?o T. BAR > NARD. No 1 Todd's Baildinc, Washington; or ; to MORDECAl A CO., 110 East Bay, Ch?r(**ton. (17" All Mail matter must b* prepaid at the J Post Offoe. de 19-IV 1.2?,4 6,7rm yO THE PUBLIC. Havinu a large amouat of money to pay prior to , the 1st of March, and owing to the general stagna tion of business, we have determined to offer an extra inducement Tor purohasers to bay of us fbi oash, and we no* propose to make a dikoouat "f 1< {erc*nt on all oaak saes during the next SIXTY >AYS. in order to reduce our very large stock o| - good*, and realize the money for taem, previous tu opening our spriufc.*?pfiliea Cash "UHtomer* wil. readily see the advantagei , they will have in trading with us, on the te. ms pro p 't-ad.asaa examimti<>#of our s took a ad ?r am trill t.kow for theinselve* whether or not we art iiioer < ia our proportion, and aa the greater portion of our Fanoy Stock has already been marker down since the etuis began, we Teeleoabdant tiy?l the extra inducements we i ow off>f wiTlb* htcfcl] 1 appreciated by every on? having good* to buy wh< ? act at all familiar with lhep r?ces generally chargec 7 olanwher". 1 We need hardly add thaf our ftook, owing to tin i /tat* nf tie tim'.s is now eery large, in many kindi of Staple, aa well aa Fancy (i.,oda, end purchaser: . will be able to supply th<-meelves with almost ever; artioie in our line of busine?s,at Tfrry low prices and in rn?ny instances, at test than the aotna * cost. The lowest prioe will invariably be named a , onoe. W. M. 8HUSTEK ft. CO.. ? No. 38 opposite Center Market, de 17-tQtdeo6t between 7th and Ith sts. n ???????_________ i- gECOND VISIT ? I lt WASHINGTON CITY e or ? DR. M. SCHLOSSER, the Celebrated SURGEON CHIROPODIST, It " e PARIS AND HAVANA. J ? EFFICACIOUS AND TERMANENT n CURE FOR CORNS, BUNIONS, SOFT CORNS. d Awd all Disxa*ks J * OF THE FKE1 tf, Without Cutting or Cansi?r tkt L*ast Pain. > Dr. SCHLOSSER would, in ths most respeetfi ' manner, announoe to the Lad>es aad Gentlemen < ' Washinfton and its environ*, that, at the orgei rs so'icitation of many families, he ha* been induo< e- to revisit their city, " FOR A SHORT TIME ONLY, e, and mar be consulted in every department of Ped' e- n.n>Ki?l!i in ot CORNS, BUNIONS, ^ Amd Evbst Dubasb or thb Pkbt. all of which, however long tandin or bad, li at ouree in a few minuter, wittmnt tie alighteat pat '? or inevnvenience, either duriog their removal < afterward*. Dr. SCHLOSSER'S great euoooea among tl ie first families in America, aa well as among ?ever >n of the imperial royal fanu lee of Europe. In gaiaed for him several thousand testimonials; i ?* th?se he hega to append the followiug to hi* prea: announcement. ni . A AMERICAN TESTIMONIALS. Ftom Wm. Rice, Ex-Proprietor of the Penmylm Fd niam be Dr. ftohl-eeer haa extracted two eorna from 11 to toe, which were extremely piiuful for in*ny ye?r .. The extraordinary iue with whioh he operates * remarkable ; and 1 ohee'fully rMomnend him to i ~r who are troubled with c?rne m the obIjt parson hateerer known to perform the opeiatioa aoioi Ml tihoaily a> d without a partial*of pun in Philad^phia, Sept.HJW. WM. RICE. M From Horn- Chart it C. Vam Zandt, R. J. w- Or SoltlosMrhaa today operated upon a v? be painful o >rn of mine with peridot auooeea, relie ing all pain and rmno<inc it without auflerinr CH*S. C. VAN ZANDTi Providenoe, R. l,Oct 28, lto?. nE Frcm J W. Gray, editor Plaindmler, Clevelemi, I ri. Dr-FobloMer hat extracted seven troubleaor Anrna forma without aain aid with eve-* nroiM of a permanent oure i can ohaerfuily r?onm??i him ?o the pubiio patronage. J. W. OKAY id From Dr. S. Verdi, M. D. I oertify that I have bMo Terr siiaoeaafuUy op ' >- rated upon by Dr. 8oh*>a?ar without any pain. >rt Waihincton, Jan. 7,1858 8. VERDI, M D. Id ou From Profit/or D. Gilbert, Philadelphia. Dr. Schloaear removed four coral for ma witho x~ pain, and satisfactorily. D. GILBERT, M- D M, "g F. ont Dr 8. M< Lmmdis. Pkilm. City Water Cure Im M Dr. Pehloaear haa extracted eisht painful eoi from my feat without the least pa.n, and the *j? eat satisfaction ?o myaelf. I would by all m?a r^ooinmend him to evary body who ta tormanl with theae evila. 8. M. LAND18, M. I) hi; From R*r. Chat. W. Quick. r^* The oMratinu rtf Dr. Hnhlnaaer are nn&ttend with pain, and remove the oorna effeotnalir. m removed several for me to mi utire aatiafooiioi Pittaburg, Majr 37.1S5B. CHA&. W. QUICK nd Prom W H. Ifcufay, M. D. Dr. Sekloeeer hea removed eeveral oorna from i cb feet to my entire aattafaotion. > * W. H. flNOLEY. M. E In ?? t In addition to the abeve testimonials, aew in< thoesMd* more are in Dr. Bebloeaer'a poeeeun n8 among them from memheraoflhe Imnritl K? (hmi'iea of Europe, wd a>so frem ladiee of i ^ hit beat etaediag both In the oU and sew wori MT PENNSYLVANIA A VENUE,<Bo?th aU r Mvmi 13th tad 19th atraata. Conaoltinx hoars ffamlOfc. m till 4 m. ? Notice.?^# rrafttmmml (MUKCHM wiU < ,OB mm, da ] 0 0Pr,C,AL- T.^j?;ar.j Not in r? min onrii that aaaiad propn?1? i ViUW waived at Una i>*paitiaent antil tfcaiftfc d DoMnbnr isitut, for tk? jarae of aar p tlN* the whole of five mil oa of dol'.axa 1a Trrmamry ooaaa, in uthaai* Tor gold oota of the Uirttad States. d?po*it?d vitk th?Tr**aar?r of the Unttad r States. the Tr?a*urer af the M i?t at Philad. lpfcta. J, or tta AuteU'-t TraMarer* at Bo?ton, New Y?'k. ?T St Loai*. vilkii At* dan fma the atMfMM ofaaoh proposal*, under the authority of the Ml ofContreea entitled "An act toaathoris* the ipa* of Treaaary note# and <for other parpoeee," ftp i proved Deo?mber 17.18W. I Rnoh Treasury note* anil be laaaed apoa A* re | eeipt here of oertifieatea of tha depoait viA thnsa oftoera to the oredit of toe Treasurer ?f(t*UaitH ' $ta ea. They wi l l>-made payabie to the order < f j ttich bidder or bidders aa aha!! rffVr to ntkaaaah j exohaage at the lowast rate of interest, aatd the ] Trraaury no tee will oarry eaoh rate of ifttar t from ttie data of avih deposit. aaa U mm* aiate #Ka Vftta IfliirMt without condition, mod wMhoat r*f?r?n?? to ilhtr I bids, ud ooataio no other fractinasl iMniia | ( one frirth, one half, or three f >arths of aaaptr, oectpm. One per eerh apon the ?m?iit propaead to be exchaared nmt he deposited with a? iHh* officers above enuawaatod, whoee oertttaato ef snoh deposit mast ? SO?paay each proposal, a? aeearity for ita falttaaeat. if the propoeai it aat aoo^ted, lmreediaOdirectiaas will be fi?ea to re tara ?uoh deposit. f hoaId the proposals vary from the provisions of the act of Congisas. or of this aoCiea, they wilt not be oonsidared. All proposals nnder this notice most lie *ea!ed aad inscribed oa the oetsl ie "Proposal*for Treasury Nates." They will be epeaad aad awarded at ttoa Daaaitmeat at 12 o'clock nooa oa said Jtth of Dtoembar. PHILIP F. THOMAS, dalg-dtath Secretary of the Traaaary. AUCTION SALKd. Br WAI.L k. BARNARD. AxttoMtn. /JJR EAT AUCTION SALE, at No. *? , aottk VI tide P?itiurlvMit arrnue, between 11th and 12th treat*, t l.y Caialoca*) of RICH HOi.IDAV PRESENTS. F)*u*nt llronze Pr.riaa Bi?quet Kisures, China and Bohemian tfiaaa Ware, ao., he.. Ladies' Fura.Shawla. Boarfe.NeokUea.a?a O oth, Fancy Work Bozea. OUor Huzea. Brnnz* Chers Boards and Mei, Faney Deaka, Pnrt-Mion&aira and '.attaa. Travaliiac Baca, Card Keoeivera. tiroap* of l-icarea, VMe?, Clear Holder >, Ornamented Tti >rroomotera, Htit Bohemian Cnlornea, Motto Cupa, Savior Furmahed Dreaamg Caaaa, Flaaka, iivs! Raiai. With m&uf other Rich Faco? Good* aoitahh for Ho i !?t Prea*nU,all Fraah Good* Jaat raomvwl from the importer, and will ha ?o!d t>? oM'oiue ud without itaervr, at No. 2fc6, north aide l'ei.n?;lvaii* fcvenii-, be>tw?-en llihanc! 12th street*, THlRSDAY MORNING, antii IXverob*r, at 10 o'clock and T o'clock p. m.f and continue da iy until ail ara ditpoaau of. Terma oath in current funoa de 18 WAM, A HUN'Kll,*?cti. Iiy A. GKKfcN, Auctioneer. EXCELLENT SAI.K OK HOUSEHOLD *5D Kiicmkm KoiMTCkt at ArcTiow ?Oa THURSDAY, the 2f>th mutant. I ahall ?<I,at li o'clock a. m .at the rtaidence of a gentleman da eliniDft hou?e*eejnnn on P-nn av*uue. hot wean 19th and SS>th aU., at No. 180. a good asaortmrat of Hona*hold Furr.itoie, to., vi?: ? . nr. i a n. ? a * _ _ ? .r a.r aj?? ubs tvBinm rtti'ir sgn.mniiHini 01 ooi?", Ej*bt and Bide Chaira. Walnut Marble top Center TaMeaod Whatnot. Oo? hoe Gi't-frame French plated *?!* ?, li inches long ??? an inches wid . with bracket, MahngaB? Bedtteadt, D<eating Uurtaat, Wash S|SDd?v * Otu<m&..a, Hatnvk Va?es and Mantel Ornaments, T?M*?, Lounges and Chair*. Mahogany Wardrobes and Cottage Bed*tf ada, Keatcer Piliowa, *>ulate h and Ha r Nilir^aM, Comforta, Mlankett, Sheets and Cum, Vt-lvut B'uta 1?, Ingram and other Carnete, Oilcloth,Htair Rods. Kaga, Mats and &liad?s. Mahogany Sideboard, and one o&ae of fane Staffed Bird*, Extortion Tablet. Refrigerator acd Gat Chan delier, . Cook, &ir tight and other Stores, Eleven vol a Gleason'a Pictorial. wel! booed, ' China, Qlaat and Crockery Ware, Large lot of Ritohen Requisites, 1 AlU many othor aitioies toj numerous to ennmersts. ' Termt: All rann of and ander 9 ?> oath; oreT #40 ' a credit nf an and 6n <<a?t, for approved endoraed I note*, hearing interett. [ do lt d A. GREEN. Anct. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. ! UOU8EiM>LD i.NU KITCHEN URN I ' ?1. tusk at Awcrioa?On FRil/AV, the Mat mutant, fct W o clock, a. m I a^ali eel] at ths rr*i deoiiaicg housekeeping, on ' U atreei, between loth and llth streets, (Island.) a good lot of Furnitars, vis? r I c..#.. ot.? ?i wi? J OUlMf U 1 ?UI?S| j Cane. Wood e^atChair* end Rooker*, : Whatnots, Va?ea, and otaer Mantel Ornament*, Cubage beditfftdi, Waafcsiak, and Dreacing Bureau ?, Sid Safe, Dining Table* and Loang*. naUier Ue<1?, pillow* and ttoiet?r?, Huek, Cotton top MaUre?*ee and Comfort*, China, Glaa*. and i rockery Ware Pa I >r Radiator, Cook, and other Stove*, Ingrain. H?inp. and Stair Carpet*, A lot of Kitchen Re?uuitee, And man) otn^r t-jo nuraerou* to enumerate. T-rmi: All rum* of and under #30nash;ev*r $30 acred;tof thirty and aiztr daja.tur approved endorsed note*. Lea: ins interest de IS d A. GREEN, A net. By j. C. McGL'ire & CO , Anotioneer*. ->re\t sale of 4,000 bottles rare * WlNES ASD LIQVOKS AT AUCTIOH. t.P THI ACcrxrLATKD rairATX stock* or J a*. CAorAEi*. Will be sold without reserve, in the lent > aaie* room over Sibley A Gay *, two door* went of the Aaui on Kooiiik, where they have beea ;eo.o*ed for convenience of sa!?, On SATURDAY MORNING, Deo. tSd, Couimencicg at 11 o'oJook. In the** choioe old Wines aid i iquors are to be found many <>!d Maderia , Sherries, Rhinishand Chit pac ne VVinee, jure ol1 Cognao Hraudiea, ftne Old Rio,cabinet, M?arbon. Scotch Whiski' r a va lety of t- ancy Li?uora of Mr. Casparis'a own ' preparation, auob as Brandy and Wuisky Cccktaiia. Mint Juleps and Rib Punoh. Moat of tae Sherries. Maaenas aed Brandy is of Mr. C.'a own direo: importation, ?ud many of them ji have been in oellar twenty yoara r The above sale is peremptory, aad proaaata an 91 opportunity rarely offered for connoiaaeara aad -it ounouaiers to obtain a para and unadulterated ar d tide of these ara c.f Mr. Ca*pana'a priva'e stoota, from which ha supplied bia manj patron*, and t<> whom ha refera for a justification of the assertion. The Liquors will be arranged for examination ?1 Friday tef>re the aaie. Terms oaah. dan d J. C. MoSUIRE k. CO.. Aaoto. MARSHAL'S SALK,?in virtue of writ ol fie-ilaoiaa isaaed from the Clerk'a Offioe oj tha Cirouit Court of the Distriot of Columbia for tha County ol Washington, and to me directed. 1 will expose to pnblio sale, for oaah. in front of Um n Court Hoaae door of *%id oouuty, on THl'RB ?r DAY, the 1th day of January next, 1861, at 11 o'clock iu the following de?cnbed propertj, to wit Fart of Lot No 6. in 8a ua e No. M9. Beginning ai the northwest oirner orni<< lot and running thene< al Bant on Virgiinaavenue)9feetl inch; tbenoe rontt u by nouth wMt the depth of said lot; thecoe w?t hi . ?o nth west to thn aonthweet oorner of nud I t 01 th<*i:o* nofh b? nuithnaat 16 feet 3 inchee to Vir nt ginia avmie, containing US72 1-4 uare f??t, u>*etbei w:tn all an ' singu ar the improvement* thereon 11 tneo.ty of Washington. tJ. C... eeiied and lariM upon m the prop?rt? oi Jofen Mennekein. and wi'. He eo!d to Mti'fv judieiala No. I?. to January Urm . WK1, in faror of J. K Wo lard, n?e of John Pardy. " d? 13-dU W SELDEN. U.S. Marenal. '/ COR SALE?City Rontea on the Star, oompriaia r in* tho eervioe of between aaven and eight til hundred daily aubecnbera. Apply immediately a 1 tl>e Star Offioe. delT ft l~ I^ORSALE?A beaatiftil blooded MARE.ofAra r hi an deaoent, years old; the inert ridhf borae in this oity or aqywMra Prioa 1 :,T two. Can be aeen at PIJMPARRY'S Literr Stable, ia the rear of the Natioual Howl, ry de 17 at* r" EMNK WATCHES. ?nGol< and Bilrer Haatinj F Qaaea, durab and aoourate Ti?e*<-ep ra, fbTsala. Al?o. FINE WATCH Re#?! C-WARRlNER.No. 34 Poar-AII r> and a-hail at . three door a north of Pa. arena* aicn of the Show Watohes, Washington, D. C. ne de 17-St* ? J^OTICE TO ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS. We are havinc all of oir aoeounU made off t date, ard will take it aa a great faror if tWy wti oall at an early day and settle the same - WM R. RILKY k. BRO., , No. 36 "Central Stores," Between 7th and Sth eta . de 17 *w Qppoaite Center Market ch"act?e op A Sermon ixoaohed in the First Prectvytori* w Cliuroh, Brootlrn, op Sunday mini, D< cmtxr * iwi, dj ma iter, usury v An mtr, a edition of this i?rmfn n iNu?d by H. POLKI.N M' HORN, Printer, Dit. *?e-r the ofcoe oFt*fit ne tiooal Intelligencer. P ioe-f6 per 100, (oreri W- with fine p??er; f3 per 10$, withoet pott ?. d!7 ; S3 fADET BLUE CLOTH, ^ Black Treoot Clo??* M,UTA*Y ?UIT?BI?ck 0<>th?,$>r Lediee' Clotk*. U order to convert oar stock into aaeh. we u ft 4* IT-*w I. for 7oer patronage tsat week. Another oheee l< this week. Aleo. Bare Vircin Dripped HOJCJl 5 ih? Oator ?la*kaL 4a I7? ** f NTERLACKD INITIALS rO?,?TAMPIN i.. wmnrv' < l&-?Uo *** Pa. ?t . J?tw'*>th ^tqtTtto. 17RKNCH FLOWIifttQF THki VkRY HU r ^Eas^sak^ |S Fane* fttore, WW IT BO a u m, NMr. *k mk! ltfal* % > . AUCTION SALES. j "rm ATTEtrroorr ? to-mokkow )" "JBiUfS&s&xr--" AUCTION?AM* riON-AUCTION. CLOSIXG OIT SALS TIM telltM of U? Firtilir*. C*rfft?, Puer srs <irt,M'M?ti>ini(t r?f* Um cit? ui (r? Til* ?< ;? niiiy miM of? f'*?! uf^TrTr uV. n I CM3 p>4- Forte. MpOTi^MilacrjuaOBrpataM* Wimow I LlwefcwwUu P?iataat?* h M?m?t,. ?cnu. 10 *'**' '*'** w,th C*TT*- l*M fW? y^KyntaWr>o?l Mmi?B?x??, ,ltr? IM ItTM CftlM VMM m4 Pl|irM, 4*<J rorj ot h?r MftHl!*! tiu, j -??^KTlU I W.TM b.?Two v?rj Im ToP Biuim By WA? L * BARMAID. AMUoMMi. POSfTlTK SALS Of rilNH, CUTLKRY, PL.ATKD AlfBOTH F'R V CoiTiT Wki, Pabiak a bp Fwqrrr fri?rr 9k ?c..tT Apctim ?<? TL M*U aV M(JK > i.tAalSik D?tM, .a l?o'oko?.an<! o??Un?int i "tornine at 10 o'olooft, and erratic *? 7 ?>,? , tflUdmpowslor.v* viM wll. it til* Mar* *1 CkM. B. Gr.on, S74 Pa. ar, t'rtttt, tut door to tht Kiikwood Hot t, fci? took, if 11mKit a large and variad acaoruwt? Frpnc .MdWtliiM, and ot>?ar Umnfr, Hr?akta?t. aadTtaMt?rut i at rat Parian H^uH, Lava,8#vr*a, Bo**a^a. Franoj.. ac-1 An???rioau OlaMwar*. Panaaand Ki><dH ?talaft?a. OmwltUd Punch Bowl., ftkoUoaa. iwrtt C?mana t turd KwiTtnud Fnut#?fcadt. &r4ul Tablaaad Wiw Castor*. Plat-d Spoon* and Port* and Cntlary. * ?i * la??a * Afn<k*r \l'ara | Am ft g*WM?l MMrtaw't'of tt?\ciftn, | _M?n KnflijU Wftr. ofrrwr dtwrifdot. Tata rftift wit! t* WIN fllMT U? fttUxi Uoo of hnsaekfttporaftftd tkui vlikini to ?are)tft** ti".id?T pri>M?u,utk* (oodi m of Ui? fnoat ? <! lutMt importation a. T?rmi: |*iCMh;owr that Moait, ftrfftit o( * lad 90 day*, lor M?r<>v?4 aadoraed not**, h?*x Idc intT?t. d?H WALL k, BARNARD. A?<??. Br MARBBALL* PAGR,iHttwm. A*. 4oa 7tA strut, tmdrr 044 FtUmtr' Hall. t'bis evening, a nd_kvf.ry f. v . A AT H4ir rut *H UCLOCt, I * TIL 1*?W Yltl'l, Wl altAI.L ?*LL A HlnrTim Al?HI. hht or Woom ttaiTAM.1??? Pmiiin, via ? PUtfd A?r*-iiMl T<* yu, Cutori, C*k? BAaketA, Spoona. Fork*. Knirn, Cftrd BukMjJm, loe PitcHera, Ac., K?i**"A And Fork*. iTory. B?o* Horn, Ron*, ko , Ui^* lot of Fanoy ttovdi, iioherniAn Giuimf, Do Dot'#, Toy*. B?*e? of Perfnmevy, Ae.. 30 Mb* G<~ld WAtohe* for b*iU And I ui?. Fill lot or D*t 6ooi?s vti? Laiu Hr"ck? Mid other S*h%wla Ar.<i B'U)k*U. QilI'i. Cottoaa, Preaa G?oda, Co lara, Siooktng*, A Jtall saaortwont of Jewelry, for Preaenta Lvi* Aaeorlmett of CUma, Crockerj, and G.A'a WAr?, Boot* Aim Clottiaii I CrATAi*. H?r>dkerclu?f?. And 6lo??a. A bn" Aionrtaest ol Houa-kecp da Arlic>?, CArpeta, *o. every TnoedA*. Thareday. And Kttm day mf mines At in c'oiock it Store. Ladies ptrtiottUir'y uiviud _ _ _ _ mm m. J kf k D C fl t I A P I a C A ? ~ - IT am m, t a'f r., nvr^. By J. C. MoeUiR* 4. CO- AMrtiooMra. FjMRNlTl'RE ANO EFFECTS Ol A KAM ilt D?climn? hop?e*?kpi*g.~ on ftgl) NFS .AV NOKMM., I*, at t-n o'aiork, ftt ttif r??eioen :?? o| a gei.tJea *r. tie* itui t, konMkw^u ..11 f?vact?*i.ia ?ti*rt. h ti.d i ft<? vrihk)! ?fl: a.) ki? Furniture and I f foot*. o"nj?ri?m? ? Suit of Pa-lor Furniture, oonaielin* of Ho fa., 2 Am. aik* * l/kitiri, Ladiea' Wi itiof l)e*k, Whatnot. MiuMe t p Tai !?.Gi'? nam* Mirrora, UarfaC Curt* ta. Gaa Fixtaree. B*a?iea4a Hum- ?. V\ aahat*r.<<a. Ba r anil Haak MitTNiM, B?:at-?ra and Ti ^tra. JI^anr &Ld Wnnd i?l Chairs. Rockers, w ardrob?. water owt, uofciti Cluaw, tl?n?inii Itininf Tah.a. rtiilahmi it < 'h in*.. G d StirfT nat?d Ware, Wiwlor Mi4(Im (>m Fitt'itn. BtorM, Kit hn I 'term la, ko. Trtmc ?> *nd under oMk ; over that mm a credit uf Uiirty and tixiy da?*, fur MUifMt rii? endoraed note*, Searirm lLterrat delft 4_ J. O Mnel'flTE K rp., A not* Bj THOt*. DOW I.INC. Aaotii near. (fwfliini, D.C. GROCERIES. IUIOK8 AND WINKS AT Aictioh.?cn WfcONKSDW iut, the lMh tut., at 10 o'aJook, in front of the A uotioa Room*, for aooountof whom it may ?i>*>oer?, 1 aha.1 aaii without reeerva? Barra a H<o?n Saxar, cheat* T?a fioxa* Mould Caoda*, t>ox?e Brown Sou Do Chewing and Sm kin? I otacoo, 9mmf l?o March, rtlna. f^ywJKimM ofC?l? Do Tarkey CeffM Tab]* gait, Oan Cap* Barre'a Old Kye, oTtion. and Mi'mmenta! WhiaBarrela Brandy, Malaga Wna Do Ta. ixUSreaMiataai.fcg k > m? di?i. rwoi ooaps, i?,w pegmra. . A1W?. * <1 oarter ?Mkl very m^rinr Po t Win* 6 aeni'ohni? 4 Cnmo Mraud* 80 bottiee hoeold Whiskey. T?rm? n*?h. de 17 2t _T._pOWl.INO.AaH. FUTURE DAYS. Br BARNARD* HICKKV. Auotioneera, Geor$ftttm 1). C. SALK OF THK BK8T OLD-lYE WHI&KV in Till Duraicr ? On t R1 DA Y. the *let of D^cfiuti^, at 12 o'eioek m.. we will offer U Rnbite ?* *, attAe warehoaae ol J. A. Magrader, io. 61 Water at. <?eorcet wn? 5n bble of nore oorp-ir dieti^ed Bra Whiekr. Thi? Wni?ky ha? b*en in the ?<?mhioii of the pre* nt owner for five rear* and i? wanart <1 pureThe attention "f hotrl keepers ami a'! kt?'H wanting a pare WlTtaky, la leepectfaH? oa led to the ?^e. AH lama of 9 WO and under ?a*fc: over that earn a o red it of M daj ?. for not >a aatiotac'nri 'r *nd'?reed. Ha li-H RtlNlRII* III I'lkV Auti Br J. C. MoGUIRE ft CO.. AiotioiMn TRUKTKK'S BAI.F. OF KRAMK HQI'fK ako Lot ik tbiFikst Witfc-On MOM DA \, the Suit day of Dt*cembM. at 4 o olrok p m.. on the remtaea. by virtue of a deed of treat tot?a??haoMher, dated Deoemb-r S ?. IMA. aud auly reoerded ! Lf'er J A.&,No 12, f<>hi>* K,*tu< ,ooeo th? .-vri'l -eo< rd?jf.?r VYft'hluft<>0 ?r>? D. r-I ahai! aei! the w#?t haff of Lot Bum <v? fi re id uar*> new bored Mthti-fvir, froitiu *? faet on York tvtau*. beteeen 2i'th wit Slat ?tr**t?, and mnnac ba:k alr>ut l'.5feet together with tk* myovomecU, ooamtin; ol a ?m*l! frame dwelling houae. Term*: One Uiirc oaak; tke reioaiader la 6 and 1* monina, with ihterect, eeeeied by a deed of treat [ ob the premise?I Ali oonvejaociiic atpnrrbaaT'a eoat. CRAS ABKRT, Traef*. I J. C. MoGUlRE k CO., Aticta i no 22 SawJtda ^ y^DAPTED FOR UOL1DAV PRESENTS. ' One, Two, Three and Four-Pared Shavrf* ' Wf offer more thsn oar mi 1 assortment of ; Brook* ud Cbsme t;ne Lone ftiis vis. in om. tv>. thr** and four i*o?d designs. Br>?w,s of the above i r oi???e* nui?ive m1 the ehuifes in (mNiod, and i form a riok. aad Ik* naosl dsrable winter I vrk^iu rxUot | Onr ?took of a I o'ker kind* of #k*vis u4 C oa* wilt tie fonnd or*, novel, and rxtoaa ve Aino all our entire a'oofc of ?ila Robes, Press Silk*. an<t oiker rut atook of dr*.s fabrics. All kind* of Dry Gowda la ?*n*rai u*e On* >rie? onlj; Ui? value w>arked in distinct i??re?; therefore so puroliaaer is deeetred. Carpets, Curtains, Ru|s, Oilolotks, Ac., offer f t floors. J H- bm Lines*. Blankets, Comforts, Ao., ba*e- I a* iM ui TMllt AiMMHUi'in of ?tor*M4 tVook solicited. it ? tmjL" *" aJ=S74V^?tlk<rr?E?. fa. kTtoM aad K? ?<?t 6?\1 m "forty BbImIwk*. by*: ' F*IDAYT"ui^*T 4, mi. BOKTMO IfVMtRO Ml OM.D1NAJUO. CAPITAL PRIZE . "KSi i 1? EE I mgKISKba- | w; I ot ^ mf Bull W M P4' bw*wSowlub*^niNmie'eee0e Ail orders tontkeBM or tiefceto to N addrwM* i - to DON ROOM 101'KK, do IT to OMoolOftr P?>.oWt? T A CAIO. S H E Bwtoonbor would i? w Ita ?MJ jM*" "* ? for Ilia cfeitototi* VIRlilx H-'Nfct, nutd* in hi; B*? I wm?, a truij fcee <?*or?*ead fkMUrat lew A Co., No. 1*1 K. atr., tint A orche'.l, corner V-rmo?t av. aa4 I ?.. a?M3 B. J. Nealo No. ! U?*. bMwoojtoh mm) nfc ?* ^ 0BO. CALVERT* . IH^Thia Ho?tej Ua? m> equal m p?r? mk! d*fi eiout fla* r. Mipplf ;o?r?*nrM at mm. ?0 14 l?^ - NoT!CK.-MTI\V <i A Lt?AV?kOT H K R o#l! _ , *a to u>?sr frwi u of R HcMtilul Miocud viUaafMtai m vi?w to the teo id.% t ?* .. B7"A" *?1 *!. # ?r? ofhrai at nM Iww i . Uun IkMr uw&l rtu? M W. OALT A BRO.. #

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