Newspaper of Evening Star, December 21, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 21, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. I^TbouKta Thi JJta* tt printed on the bote* ftoem pfeai In ? ? arnUi of Baltimore, Its edition to to large u to require It to be put to pren at an early bour; Advertisemento, therefore, should be ent In before IS o'clock on .; etherwlee they may lit appear on til the aert day. Notic*.?District cf Colombia Advertisement! to be inaertad la the BiiTmoti 8ir? are race 1 red ft I KOU JVIWCIUPU iruiu A UK 9IAK uutc. Noticb to Waihisgtor ADTnTiim.?As at thl? particular aeaaon the pressure on the Star's ad vertising columns la always v?*ry great, w? ad viae thoae who deaign availing thamaelvea of its uni versal circulation to aend tbrlr favor* to the office aa promptly as possible. Aa ice employ no tolieu trt of mdrtrtistintnit, tb? only way In which they can be sure to secure choice positions for them In the paper at auch a aesson. la for them to bring tL^m in p*raen or send them by their own agents to tbe Star office as soon as they can; our motto being " First come first served." A Pl*a?ino Isciotnt?Yesterday afternoon the aaslatant teachers and puplla of Primary School No 1, Third Diatrict, presented their principal (M!aa Frances F.Wxns) with a beautiful sllver-piated cake basket Master Isaac Baaaett was selected to mnke tbe presentation speech, and handaomelv did he perform the duty. Tbe in tention of the teachers and pnpils to make thia present vru k?>pt a secret from Mlas K , and took her by surprise She feelingly expressed her gratitude for their k'.ndness. and thanked them alncerely for ?o beautiful and substantial a present; would keep It in remembrance of them as long as she lived. She then requested Mr. McKnew. one of the trustees, to say something in her behalf. Hi responded, expressing bis gratification in be in* permitted to witness this demonstration of their high appreciation of their teacher. He con gratulated them upon th? near approach of the holiday*; and then In solemn and touching lan* guana referred to the death of one of the scholars, now lying a corps* In her father's house?a most Interfacing and lovely little girl, the daughter of Mr. J as Lynch?during the delivery of which tears started from almos' cverv eye. Miss Klvana then banded to Mr. McKnew a beautiful work box, with the request that be preaent it to Miss Km3ia Tucker (one of the aaalstant teachers) on behalf of the pupils,' whirh he did in appropriate remarks. MissT responded, sincerely thanking them for so beautiful a present She would priie It very Highly, ana iwp it as long as stir uvea With tearful eyes she continued : '1 wish that she wLow teat wai occupied this day a week, in good heath, cheerful and happy. but now vacant by death. ?m here y enjoy wt'th us this bappv occasion " J*he could mt no more. It wm Indeed a moat interesting.solemn, and touching occasion, and will no doubt be long remembered by all present. Abizsts sob LiicniT.?Yesterday. William Johnson, alias S*wyper. was arrested by police man NVard. for the larceny of a pistol from tlie thap of F. Wasaman, gunsmith, corner of Fif teenth streetand the avenue The pistol Is valued at S14. He was taken before Justice Hazard, and the evidence showed that ?wyper entered the shop, and went to examlng the stock on band, as if wishing to purchase Immediately after another voting man entered and engaged the proprietor la conversation, while the prisoner was looking over the stork. The prisoner went out, and soon after the other followed. and VVaasman missed the pistol He it sat.?Hed that the prisoner took tbe weapon and gave it tbe other fellow, who was a colleague. Officer Ward wascalied and overtook tbe pri toner, but tbe other eeraped. The priaoner denied the charge of larceny; and when asked by the Justice who tbe other person was, be replied with a Mose like shake of the bead and tone of voice : ?' Didn't I tell yer 1 didn't know who tbe feller was Tbe Juattce committed him to jail for trial at tbe Criminal Court. Cktminal Cocst ?Yesterday,Rob't McCaulev, U 9 marine, found guilty of an asaault upon F. WolfsberKer. whom Ee stabbed with a knife,was sent to jail for four months. Elisabeth Hamilton was convicted of stealing a coat from Mr. John Potts, and sentenced to one year In the Penitentiary. Wm Dent, convicted of stealing s hat from a passage in tbe house of Thomas H Msddox, wai sent to jail for one rear. John Fletcher, tot stealing 79 pounds of bee] from .Mr Hurley,was sent to jail for aix months. John Flynn was tried for stealing a coat from Edmond Goodman He was convicted of petH lsrc*ny, and sent to jail for one year. TWajr?Daniel Miller was tried on a charge oi stealing a coat worth 810 from Daniel Ratcliffe Tbe case was pending when our report closed. Tut Good Thugs of this Li?k?Harvey, or C street, opposite the Theater, n?s supplied bit Ice-boxes and store rooms witb an extraordinary supply of good things for Christinas times. In thi way of lobsters, oysters, fresh mackerel, frtsl shad, blue llah, cod. halibut, white fish, game and Indeed everything conceivable in hia lln< likely to please the pal.ite just now. His price1 are very modrrate, and hissapplies always fresl and capitally preserved No one can give a din ner In these times in Washington satisfactorily without drawing on some portion of his stock He deservt-s suceeM in his business, for no on labors harder than he to obtain it. From cbktsik indications, which hare not y? assumed a practical form, we are led to suspect grand entei tainment will be given the citizen and stranger* of Washiogtoa next weak at Gait' hall, near Brown's Hotel. Kxtenslve preparation are being made, and no doubt due notice will b given wnen thia brilliant affair is to come oil' I the meantime, let us keep cool, auietlv await tb coarse of events, when more lignt will doubtlei be shed upon tb'.s now mysterious affair. Pintri UrnniiT ?Y*-st?rriav a roir.r?>ri ho named A bra m Smith, aged about sixteen year bad a loaded pistol lo tils pantaloons pocket, an by some it eip]?d<>d and tbe cbarg wounded him badly, If not dangerously He wt taken to his Louie by policeman J. F King, an tbe iaifluedtate attendance of tbe Dra Bogsn ga\ him the early relief of surgical skill. He w; doing as well as could be expected last eveninj Horrmaa* School girls Retuknixg.?A gte number of trunks having been put on the soutbel baggage w^gon at Browtrs hotel last night, ramur was started that they were the baggage i southern Members and others who were leavln tbe city Th? fact Is that about twenty yoan ladUs who bad a day or two before arrived at tl hotel from educational Institutions at tbe Nortl started by the southern route for their homes la night. Ptee's Pe*e 0*ioss ? Mr. James Luttrell, fc roerly of this city, but who for some years h been la tbe Pike's Peak gold region, Is now 'Washington. Amougst other specimens of tb country ne brings an onion weighing two poun and measuring fifteen Inches In clrcumferenci Jim iavi this is rackoued rather a small onion o there. Aon* would we notice the increased ?uec? of the ladle* of Capitol Hill in their enWtalnine at tlie Young Men'* Christian Association Roon for the benefit of the poor. One receive* tbe fi aloe of hi* money In the enjoyment attorde beside* the sweet appreciation of the aaanran that "He that giveth to the poor lendeth to t Lord."' Utmmul.?About 7 o'clock last ni^h?, at t M E. Church South. Rev J A. Proctor, past united In mtrriage Mr. Geo W. Moore and M Mary French, in the presence of a large compa of invited guest*. At 8 o'clock, one how alv ward*, he |?-rfarnied a aimilar ceremony at I nine place for Mr. Richard W. Barter and M Jane Tomiinson. Fkom all accovjTt the ladle* of Fletrl Pk?Ml mrm hnvliiff irlnplniii tl mM n' nlahtint IK festival, No. '274 Seventh ?trwt, between Land and we hope our male frieuds In that neighb Lood are not letting the occasion alip throu their lager* A little money for tbe benefit the church may be spared even In times like tbe CnmL Gcaidroch Cask*.?Geo Wil* drank and disorderly: line and cosu ft IS J Jones, drunk and profanity la thestreet: do. 93 Henry Boucher, assault and battery; ruled fortri Wm. Johnson, drunk and disorderly: fine a ccslst^lo. Robert Str at art, do , do. ?'-.lj. J Hhanaban, do ; do K 15. Dos't roaarr the glorious Fair the ladles tscbod to tbe Methodist Protestant Church, N! tisct. are holding every night this week Thorn's Building. Seventh street. A few si lings judiciously spent there will materially tbe object the ladies are striving to accompli snd pro. ure an agroeabte holiday present for little ones at home. Pairs* toScit tri Time* ?Holiday book ove-third less than tbe publishers' prlcea, ci prlslag an elegant assortment of gift books, Bib Braver books, hyma books, albums, ch ldn lr>r booka, Cbr.atmaa gainta, 4c., at Robe fcookatore, *77 Seventh at., bet I, andM. St SrL?*o s Gift* r.?a th* Holib/ltc ? Juw aid U.y book*, prayer booka, aanuala, and d trated lXH?ka, pusxlea, writ) a# deaka, portfol puraea, port niona'.ea, pan kulvca aad aa elow MMrtoitnt of dlarlea. all of wblcb will b? I trrj chap at Sbllllngtoo'a bookstore. r SaiTaaowfa.t Lxctvasa ? Tb# flrat of course of lectures on "Civil Engineering," rinfciir.- Rogers, will be delivered tbla eve a] baring ban ooatpoued from Wednesday tree oa account of the lnclomeocy of tba weatbar. AaaiviD at Carter's wbarf. fool of Tblrt aad-t-half at , schooner T R Skiauer, Pa Havra-do-Graoa, with ? cargo ot coal far Ml H ?*T*. Ar.aiw AND Staxpidi or thi 8po*t?.?Yes terday, the gtoblen Ure got alarmed at a rumor that a general presentation to the grand jury bad been made of tbem. bv iorw p? rson or person*. The newt was conveyed /rom one to another In the shortest time, ana immediate arrangements were made for migration. Some took the car* at tbe depot; others, fearful of risking an arrest In tbe city, went to Blsdensburg to get on tbe train there It happened that Detective Offleer Allen took theearlv train for Baltimore and at niufena burg one of (he fugitive*, all ipattered with mud, got in the cars. Alien, disposed for a hit of fan, went up behind him, puUea his coat to attract hla attention, and aaked him what made h .m so muddy. He replied that be had to run to get on the cars. Allen remarked: " You might have known I had a friend to meet you In Baltimore " The "sport," considerably scared, began to curse bis 111 lack that bad caused him to leave a proba bility of safety for a certainty of capture. Allen, however, restored bim to life by the assurance that he was only joking. Upon getting off the train at Baltimore another or the refugees came up to the officer. " Well/' said Allen, " this is rich I have not been In Baltimore half an hour, and have pot all I came for. eicent vou: and here you are, right to my band!" The gambler, dread rally frightened, awore he would never go to the Penitentiary alive-he would kill himself first His agonv waa ao great that Allen had to relieve him speedily; and lining it all a joke, he waa the happiest man In Baltimore, and wanted Ofllcer A. to play it off on the reat who were there. Rkasoxs XVnt Vou Should ViaiT 0. O. Evans Gitr Book Stork. Became it will cost vou nothing. Because you cannot spend a few moments better tban looking over a collection of good books Because you will receive polite and gentlemanly attention. Becauae G. G. Evans takes pleasure In exhibit ing his goods to persons wishing to purchase or not. . . Kkasoxs Why You Should But Yoci Bsok At Thk Gift Book Stork. 1st. You can get any book you may want. Or! Vm< .r,/4 f.o.t. from the press. 3d. You can get tbem as cheap as at any other tore?at publisher's lowest prices. 4th. You are sure to receive a handsome present with each. 5th You ran get more for you money tbarf at any other place in the city. tith. You get two presents for the price of one. Remember that you pay no more th*n you would at any otber establishment, and you have the advantage of receiving an elegant Present, which oftiittes is worth a hundred fold more than the amooat paid for tb? book. Christmas stock now ready. ? IiADirs, the best place to pet your Christmas nrM^nti ii at Mrt R (? Ktrhiann'i \n 1*> Pa avenue, who has just returned from the North with a complete assortment of Fancy Goods, all of which ahe has selected herself fSpeclally for the approaching holidays Her stock of real Lace Collars, Sets. Handkerchiefs, Veils, embroidered and plain l.inen Sets, Trench worked Sets and Collars, Head Dresses, net Sleeves, Fans, Port monales. Linen Collsrs and Handkerchiefs, and a large stock of Fancy Articles, (any of which will make a very handsome present,) will be sold very cheap. We advise you to go at once to No. 1*2 Pa avenue, and get your presents before they are picked over. t A Rare Cha*c*.?McGuire &. Co. will sell at auction, on Saturday morning oext, without reseree, the stock of wines and liquors of our fel low-citizen, Mr James Casparis. They are well known to be among the finest in this country, a considerable portion of them having been in his cellar for quite twenty years. As times now are, they wilt generally sell for less than half their casn value in ordinary times So all should be are to attend tbe tale who desire to obtain sucb articles. We repeat, Caspsris's wines and liqnors have for twenty years past borne as high a reputa tion among connoisseurs here as any ever sold In Washington In that time. Thi Potomac Light Infantry of George town. at tbelr meeting on Tuesday last, made some sligbt changes in tbe officers of the corps. F A. Lueber resigned bis portion as 4th sergeant. > and resumed his place In tbe ranks; Win. Rind was promoted to 4th sergeant, vice Lueber; Rich ard Croply, 1st corporal, was promoted to Stb t sergeant, vice Rind, promoted; H E Offley pro moted to 1st corporal; M Aldler, 2d corporal; V. t Getty, 3d corporal; and private 8. Chew promoted > to 4th corporal. Georgetown Pokk Market?The present week has been a very busy one In tbe pork trade, and an unusual number of wagons have arrived with poultry and slaughtered ho^s. More than 20.000 pounds of pork c?me Into Georgetown yes terday, and sold readily at SC.75 per 100 pounds ' (Tenney purchased 15.000 pounds; a good day'i work.) Retail price 87. Bcrglart ?Last night, about 9 o'clock, th? ' store of Mr. Redmond, No 431 Mas*arbusett) 1 avenue, between Sixth snd Seventh streets, wai ' entered and the money drawer robbed by some * chevalier d industrle. t ,? l f ADVEETMEMRSIT. g For tui places to buy all kind* of holidai presents and provisions, and all other articles. se< next column to the rlgbt. It* City M*h*t ?\V> receive weekly ?otn? of th b?*t roll Butt *r that c met to Waabington. whic ?e wil> tell, the bertal c-ut* per pound; frt?* >M? 23 ocnt < per dozan; Poultry and all articiee i the Ma ket Line at the lownt price. Mark?tin d -lirereJ to ail part* of the oitr. G*o W. SriwiRT A Son, It ? corner Tweillto and H ?t?. DIED, In WMhinrton, on the 18th instant, WALTE1 H. HI LlKK Y, in the 9Mh year of hi* age. In Geortteuvwn, on the jnth instant, at 2 o'c'oc a. m., in the 56th year of her ate, Mrs FKANCfe. U. F , wi ow of the late Ool. Wiluam Kohinson. Her funeral will take place from her late ren deuce, on tLe Highta of Georgetown, on Saturday at S o'clock p. m. * ?? H R I B T M A 8 C A K KS C. GAUT1KR Will have in his Saloon on Monday, th? 24th, tli finest a*aortiii>?nt of CAKE both Pound and Prui made of th* tw?et material, and which, for the l?>aut> and quality, cannot b? exceled, if equal* Pereone wnhin? to purchase a NICE CAKE wou do well to j<iv? him a call. de 19-lw UEAUlIFTL PRESENT* L'/ i r> r* TT o IUT U A ta 9-* r*/iv v u n i o I ?u.:i Klah Muslin and Cambric Em^roid# rrd Collar*, E.esant Collars and Sleevoe in seta to inatoh, Pocket Handkerchief* ir. great varieties, 5) dozen Jouvin's beat Kid Glover, J W. COLLEY tt CO.. de 19 ?t g'23 Seventh at., anove Ha. av. I REMNANTS PAPERHANGING8, N Lota an fficient to paper an ordinary sized roo or pasnage at one fourth less than ihe t'suai price also,a g"o?l aaaortinect all cradea I'aPKRHAM 1NGS, with appropriate Borders, at low ra'es, at J NO. MAKKR1TER'#. No. 496 Seventh ?t, 8 doors above de19-*c6t* Odd Fellowa' Hall, PIC HI It E9 FEW Choioe COLORED ENGRAVING LITHOGRAPHS and OIL PAINTINGS, han aumrl; Framed, appropriate for Presents; also, handsome variatj of GILT OVAL FRAMES I Photographs; for sale at J. MARKRITER'S, No. 4 S6 Seventh at . doors above de l?-6t* Odd Fellows' Hall fMIEAP CARPETINGS, SELLING OFF. iiest Throe-ply Carpeting at 9n cents. ' Ingrain do. Suandl&oAntSt " Half-wool do. St% cents, " Kax do. 25 cents, " list do. St V cent*. Good Stair do. 12H oents. fassasa no. a corns, " 4-4 Oilcloth at 44 ami 50 cenU. Also. 6 4 Carteio Damaaka at CO oeuts. Curtain Mnslins at ail priees, Bui" Hul audi, ail vidua aed priea?. At HkNKY ROAN'S, da 19 6t M1 7th at., war Avenue House J^OR HAVANA. Via KEY WEBT. UNITED STATES MAIL. ISABEL HUB. Tha STRAM9HIP ISABEL, William R< Liss, Commander wi'-l leaveCharleston on ike MKh and 25th of eaoh month, f<>M Havana, via Key West; and, returning," vi1! leave Havana and Key West on the 1st 16th of eaoh month. For information or Htiaie apply *o T. BA NARDTNo I Todd's Building, Washington; to MORuECAI A CO., 110 East Bay, Charfi toD. 1E^ All Mail matUr ran it he are-paid at I Post Oftoe. de 19 n,a,?.g,7er rpilE THIRD WEDNESDAY OF BVEI Dr. SCHENCK, of IPhHadaiphia, finds it imp< sib e to visit Washington overy week, and I made arrangements to powtivaly be m the oity 1 third Wedneeday of every month. He has a suit of rooms at the Avenue Hou where patients ean obtain advioe fire*. He o ehargee whea it is neoeasary to make a thoroi examination of the Lungs with the Reseiromet ? - r?- Di,I?a s old* OII1 Btiarsig r.n, prioj ossbh D?r noi, ror Ll ilioa* Conaiainta ud CnattiMtioa of Uw? li< aia. Dr. Sobaack wouW b? grateful tp Oiom * Ess syata.'Sr lorwr WTtiOi it >wl U w. <?? > 1861 ift Comwuntt the Ytar with a Diary. A n'ltblt Po?k?t Companion for r^fiatar iT*nti past. arssant. and fa tar.; e>>ataiain( ra < fpoaiaga, aImaaao, a blank ap&o for aisavin for avary day ia tha yaar, mak aaaoaat for i uioatk, aaaaai aumroary of oaak aaaoant I yayabia and raaaismfcla. Doa't ba vitkoit od< (baas aaafal iiUJa soaraaira. TWmKdomI l**ant. ud dssirablaaaantta*ci*nTariaajed,c priaiag tval*f_ ajs#a.ffliLgf?fiE*l of ?fty aty at um ?mi Tli* Place* U Bay Hillitr Prnnti ud PrirliltM, aad all dhtr Article*. Hakkktks.?The place to buy all klnda of freah bre?d. rolla, bulacnfta, cracker*, cake*, plea, kc of the beet auallty and at uniform low price*, l? at A. Noerr & Son'a. corner of E and 11th ata Book* and Statio!**by ?The place to buy all kiada of booka and atationery at antform low prteaa. tor holiday presenta, Ac , iaat Taylor A Manry'a, 334 Pa a*., or French A Richateln'a, 379 Pa av. The Utter announce a apeclal atock of children'* hooka aadgamaa. Boot* AM9 ^Hota.?The place to get ail kind* of boota, ahoea, gattera, Ac., of the brat quality, ready mada or made tn order, for gentlemen, la dlea or children, at the lownt price*, 1* at H. Jannev'a, 348 Pa. av ; W. Griffin A Broa . 314 Pa. v.; F\ M Wheatley's, 464 Pa. * .; or B T. Thorn's, 486 Pa av. Clothiho ?The plac? to buy all kinds of gen tlemen's and boys' ready-made clothing, furnish ing goods. 4r., of the beat quality and at tbe low est price*, Is at J. H Smith's. 4?j 7th at., opposite the post office. CoxvicTioasBixa ?Tbe place to bay all kinds of confectlonerWs, froits, nuts, 4c , of tbe best quality and at tbe lowest prices, for the holidays and all other occaaiona, la at C. Gautier's, '268 Pa. av , or T. Potential's. '279 Pa. a*. The former also announces fancy goods from Paris, made to order. The place to get all kinds of confectioneries, fruits, auta, toys, fhncy articles, ice., of the best quality and at the lowest prices, isat W. Grupe's, 415 Pa av , south aide. Dbuo Stork*.?Tbe placs to get all kinds of drugs, medicines, chemical*, perfumery, toilet articles, 3cc , of tbe best quality and at uniform low prices, is at Z D. Gilinan's, 3j6 Pa. av. D?t Goods ?The place to get all kinds of ltlhIa An#) f?n/?w ilrir rr<anil ^4/> ??j--? ??? swvi j ^wu?jtvi?i^ii auu uvuicatit ) of the beat quality and at the lowest price*, suit able for holiday presents, Ac , la at Perry 4 Bro.'s, cor Pa. av. and 9tb at., Johnson & Sutton's, cor Market Space and bth at., and at Wtn R Riley A Bro.'s, 36 Central Stores, bet. 7th and 8th ata , opp. Center Market. Farcy Sto*?s ?The place to get all klnda of elegant fancy articles suitable for holldav presents, such as ladles' workboxes, desks, odor cases, cabas, portmonaies, toilet bottles, perfumery of the choicest kinds, fancy combs and balr pins, Ac., Ac , Is at R. A. Lake A Co.'a Marble Hall Bazaar, 370 Pa. av , .under Brown's Hotel. Tbe place*) get all kinds of fancy goods suit able for Christmas presents, such at fans, gloves, shell combs, laces, ladies' furnishing goods, trim mings, toys, Ac., Ac , is at Madame Delarue's, 238 Pa. av., or at Ricbey's, 49*2 7th st. Tbe place to get all kinds of fancy articles and toys of tbe best quality, and at tbe lowest prices, suitable"f.?r holiday presents. Ac.., Is at McLaugh lin's, 3l>8 Pa. av , bet. !>th and 10th st*., and at Christian Rupple,s,5'2'j7thst. The latter also has a very large ana nne assortment or worsted good* and China articles Groceries.?The places to bny all kinds of groceries, provisions, wines, liquors, confections, condiments, Ac., of the test quality and at uni form low prices, for the holidays, and on all other occasions, is at E. E. White A Go's. 63 Louisiana av ; Harbour A Seimnes's, 66 Louisiana av ; Ken nedy A Path's, 511ft Seventh St., next door to Odd Fellows' Hall; Wm. Bryan's, 44 Market Space, opposite Center Market; Henry C. Purdy's, 403 Pa. av ; and P McDevitt's.cor. Pa av. and 10th st. Hosiery asd FcrishingGoods ?The plac? to (ret all kinds of hosiery and furnishing goods of the best quality and at the lowest prices for the holidays, and on all other occasions, is at F. Pil ling's, 8B8.Pa. av , opposite the Star office. Harhvare?The place to buy all kinds of hardware, tools, cutlery, Ac , of the tvst quality and at uniform low price* for holiday presents and all other purposes, is at John K. Elvan*', 300 Pa. av , south side; or atJ.L. Savage's, sign of the gilt saw, Pa. av., first door w<st of loth st The latter also enumerates guns, pistols, hardware housekeeping goods, skates, bird cages, baskets, wooden ware, Ac , Ac. Hair Dressing.?The place for the ladies to get their hair dressed In the msst artistic and fashionable manner far the hnlirfaii ?nil nn all other occasion*, and to procure braids, curls, and hair-dreases of all kinds, li at Madame Dubois's, 256 Pa. av , op stairs. House Fuftxismso Goods ?The plate to buy all kinds of fancy house furnishing goods, such as china ornaments, parlan ware, toy tea-sets, mottoed cupa, &.C.. See., below coat, for Christinas presents and other purposes, is at C. E. Green's, 264 Pa. av. Jiwilit, Ac?The place to get all kinds of flrst-^lass jewelry, silver ware, elegant fancv ar ticles, chronometers, watches, clocks. kc , of the best quality, and at uniform low price*, for holi day presents, and all other purposes, is at M. W. Gait & Bro "s,354 Pa av. Markets?The place to find a good market open every day in the week, and all hours of the day, well supplied with all kinds of fresh meats, po.ltry. game, fish, butter, eggs, vegetables, fruits?in short, everything In the produce and firovision line, of the best quality and at th owest market prices, is at the Columbia Market nf W Duvnll popho* Pa av 11K at Opticians and Oculists ?The place to get all kind* of optical Instrument*, such as Woolfson'i improved strengthening spectacle*, op ra, spy, and magnifying glasses, telescopes, microscopes Ac , Ac.; and all surgical operations performed on the eye and ear, is at Dr Woolfson's, 244 Pa av Ovsiibi ?The place to get the best quality o: fresh Norfolk arid Cove oysters by the bushel oi gallon during the holidays, and on all other occa sions, is at Robey's shucking house, cor. Pa. av and \% St., under the Arlington House. 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It waa adopted The Chair announced the appointment or the coannlttee to draft a inmmary of the cauaea which indoced the aeceaslon of South Carolina, and also the four standing committees Mr. Rhett moved a reaotutlon to appoint a com mittee of thirteen for the purpoM of providing for trie aaaemblage of a Convention of the seceding Statea and to form a conatitutton. Adopted Thi OaDts ahck or Secession. Mr. Inglin made a report from the committee to prepare and draft an ordinance proper to be adopted by the Convention, as follows : "i* Ordmanct to duseirr Ik* Union between IU Stan of Son tit Carolina and otktr Statu unittd ivitk ktr mmdrr the com pott rntUltd tkt Comtti tutton of tkt United Statu of Antrim " We, the people of South Carolina, in conven tion assembled, ao declare and ordain, and It ia hereby declared and ordained, that the ordinance adopted by ua in convention on the 23d day of May. In the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty-eight, whereby the Constitu tion of the United States of America w..s ratified. nit >lasi .11 ..> - -? -# ' c i umu ?t?v mi uv m auu ? Ui ?? t? vi iur 'JflJrril Assembly of this ratifying tbe amendments o f tbe an id Constitution. are hereby repealed. 41 And that the Union now aubsiatlng between Sooth Carolina and other ?i*tea, under tbe name of tbe United States of America, la hereby dis solved." Tbe ordinance having been read, waa taken up and paaaed by a unanimous vote of l?l members Tbe vote waa taken at 15 intnntea put l o'clock. A* soon as its passage waa kuown without the door* of tbe convention, it rapidly spread on the atreeta, and the large crowd there collected evi denced their approval with immense cheering. Mr Mi lea moved that the clerk telegraph Ike member* of Congress representing tb? State at Washington; which waa ' arried unanimously. Mr. De Saussure moved that the ordinance be engroaaed on parchment, under the direction of tbe Attorney General, and be algaed by the prea ldent and tneinbera tbla evening, at Institate Hall, and that It be placed ami ng the archlevea of the State. The hour of haif-paat alx o'clock waa agreed upon aa tbe hour to proceed to Institute Hall for tbe purpose of signing the ordinance. Thk Dtoatk. Judge Magrath ?I think tbe special matter ef tblsordinance shauld be immediately considered To my understanding there la no collector of the Eiri. nor uunniaivr, now wuiiin UK limits oi >uth Carolina. What you have doo? to-day ha* extinguished the authority of every man in South Carolina deriving his authority from the General Government 1 am in favor of this body making uch provisional arrangementi aa may be neces sary in the interval which may exist between this moment and the time the Legislature may act I am not, however, to be implicated as sanctioning the idea that there la no lawful authority within the limit* of the State except the General Govern ment. Mr. Gregg ?After South Carolina ha* abroga ted the Constitution of the United State*, arelta law* gtlU in force! I think not. All the law* of Congress fall instantly to the ground on the pas sage of the act of secession. Mr. Cheves ?An immense chasm has been made in law. It is necessary that, to avoid inconvenience to the people, we should make temporary arrange ments to carry on the government. Mr. Gregg ?There is now no law on the subject of the collection of duties in South Carolina, now that we have accomplished the work of forty years Mr. Hayne ?The Congress of the United States is no longwr our government. It will be for our Legislature to say what laws tf the United States shall be continued, and what not. The simple act of secession does not >brwit* ill lam w? havp a f>rnt man v lawt on our statute books which were passed by the Governor and Privy Council Mr Gregg?The Congressional laws for the collection of the revenue are for the support of the Federal Government at Washlng'ou. All the post office laws fail oa our dissolution from that Government Mr. Mile*?We have now to deal with stern facta and realities We must prevent confusion and anarchy in the derangement of our govern ment affairs Things must, for the present, re main In statu quo, or coofaalon will arise Mr. Hayne ?Sudden action la Injurious. Mr. Chestnut?Two questions are Involved: Power and duty. We must prevent our people not only from incovenlence, but from a chaotic condition We inust revivify such laws aa are beat adapted to preserve us from calamities At to our duty, will you turn the ahlp of State adrift' W hat become? of her officers? Mr. Maaeyck ?There is no duty collector now for the p rta So too with the postofflre. All ar< swept off by this-act. My opinion is that the present system of postal arrangeiut nta is a nu sance The public would be better served by privat* parties between the citlea?like the system in Philadelphia and New York Have a postage ol one cent Instead of three cents, and to leas im portent places make ft ten cents or more Mr. Calhonn?We havej>uiled the temple dowi that has been built for three quarters of a century W e must now clear the rubbish away and recon struct another. We are now houseless and home less?We must secure ourselves for storms Mr Dnrkin?If that ordinance of secession tx passed things will still go on in tbecustom-bous< and postoffire exactly as now uatii otber arrange menu are made bv the convention There i nothing In the ordinance to affect tbe dignity honor or welfare of the State of South Carolina We must keep the wheels of government going The Constitution of the United states ia not en tl rely abrogated by the ordinance What lath legal tender for the payment of d?>bta If it ! nc tbe gold and silver of tbe United States ? Mr. Carvelln aald the present officers of revenu would be continued till the act of the Legislator authorized otherwise Mr. Brown ?There is no longer any rommunl cation with the Government from which we hi just separated. Mr. Ourkin.?The spirit of tbe ordinance I temporarily suspended till we treat with the Get eral Government Mr Gregg?The President of tbe United Stat* lias thrown down tbe gauntlet in bis tnessag< He baa said that It is his duty to collect tbe revenu< and be will do It. On one side tbe Federal Goi eminent claims tbe right and declares the intei tion to execute tbe power of collecting tbe revenv in our ports. Cla the otber side we have declare that we are free. I desire 110 compromise. It necessary to maintain that from 15 to :*) per cen of dtiti**s Imposed by the Congress of ibe Unite States should continue to be levied,otherwise o? people will suffer terrible calamity. A? to U carrying of the malls. let a preaent contract be a turned by South Carolina instead of the Unite States. Mr. Rhett ?This great revolution must go t with as little damage as possible to the countr Hv waking the federal a^entsours, the machine will move on. The federal laws of taxation mu not exist over us; we are now contending for U grent principle of taxation. 1 trust the preae system of taxation has fallen forever. Mr. Barnwell?We have seceded from t] United States and established our lndependenc We can't allow the United States to exercl authority over as any more. Let the postal co venlence be sacrificed, If necessary. There nev wa. anything purchased worth havlug unless the cost of sacrifice. Mr. Maseyck.?In regard to the mail, all i strictlons must be removed. Let us appoint e own officers. Let the collector of the port batt with the difficulties as they come. At 3 40 p. m the Convention took a recess, meet at Institute Hall at C 3o for the purpose signing the ordinance. As the Convention were leaving St. Andre* Hall, the chimes of St Michael's Kpiacoc Church pealed forth " Old Lang Syne" and otn airs. Intkeri Item. Acocsta, Dec. 19.?A dl^Mlck from Mm gomery, Ala . nyi the Governor of that State, consequence of tbe present crista, baa essuna the responsibility of advising the banks of A bam a to suspt nd. All have done ao except t Bank of Mobile, tbe Southern Bank, and I Northern Bank. H. V. Johnson baa been nominated to the 8b Convention from Jefferson county. He madi patriotic conservative speech in acceptance of I nomination, and, it la aaid, intends to writs out for publication. Hon. Howell Cobb bas arrived at Macon, a Is announced to speak oo tbe *Jth. Sen Unseat is Ifsrtb CtrsUat. Ralkioh, Dee W ?Tbe bill to arm tbe 8? 1 a second reading In tbe House yesterdi An effort to taks it np to-day Called. Tbe bly will lake a reoess until tbe 7tk of J anna Tbe Commissioners from Alsbasss and Misstsi pi wes* pofeUcly received to-day. Tbe sentlm here Is for the Union, but not sabaalmtoa. 1 Ifortb most weeds or tbe Booth goes oat. NostOLK, Dm. ?1?A lam meeting wai k Uat *lgbt at Aihlaad Hall. RmImm m adapted rteomnwadlaK a N atloaal and State C enttos; oppaalog coercion; favoring Uaa arm of the St>te,and repudiating the reopening of lav* trade. Partoa of Col. ftadlar. Niw Oatuii, Dec 81 ?Ttw Hoaiunt C >t taa pardoaed Col Radlw. < llftltaring expedlrion prlaofimeal for a term of and aeateaced to uMitw la U? NMk. Monti. Ala , Dec N?TV aeceaaton of !*outh Carolina w*? celebrated Wv-dar by the IMng of on# h'indrrd (una utd tbe tumlnf oat of tbf mll i lury. accompanied by rb?-t? and great rcjolclng*. Mo5TOome*y, Doc V ?Governor Moor* has ordered one hundred guui to b? fired at boos to morrow la honor of the act of mwaton of 9ootk Carolina Pbk?acol*. Fla , l>or JO ?The act of aofon loa of 9otith Caroll na wan celebrated hore to bv the fring of om hundred guoa and with Im mense enthn?taain Fire la IUl?t|k Ralktch. Dec 21 ?A Ire broke eot hi tbe fuiw ffncf Hotel about 6 o'clock tkli Bnntlnc It h?d b?*n recently purebaotd by tbe U tot a pos* > B<-r and court-l:?inr. but ?n at tbe time orru pled ilffptnK rcoin* b? tlw Bfmbfl ?( tb? Leg islature I .<?* about 1H (MO to 96 OK) The Rn1|ktti?a ( the ( **( ? of !> ? LliTKiiwoiTi. kanoa*. Dte <I.-Tb? Hrrald of Fre.don, publishes tbe resignation of Samuel Mtdary as ( OTrrnor of Kansas Itsw Tsrl ^uksta. Niw Vou.Off. SI ?Flour better with limited, business. Wbeit late better. Cora qulot sad flroner Provisions quiet Whisky aooiiaal it Ubtsj(c. Ftnaartal. Nrw Yoek, IVrmbfr ti ?Stock* irr kmra Cktcapo and Rock ItUnd 49 llllnola C?Btr*l hnr*? 6*i\. do bond* **; Lacrow* and Mil. 1 %; M icbltr?n Southern 7?H; Nrw York Oatral 7?; Pa CcalCo 74. Riding 3.V Hudaon RItot R R 4*; Vi 6?77; Mo H8?\. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS 2,000 BL ASHES, BUSHKLS QUICK ASHKS kand Mid for aal* at de 21-21* l\]OTlCK. UUN T H ASTh YUl K MO\KX. Tti?uud?ri^MdUi lately opened tcn*>i BOOT aid BIIOE (STOKE, and purotiaM'k wtli 6 4 Umi price* the lowest ! tk? Dmtrlet A large ki-d vai *4 awortmsnt on hanl 0? I * earl* it H. SIK ASBIRGKR k BRO S. No. ?S Bridge itrwt, de21-1w nrar Farmen and Mrchtnici Batik._ Q1FTS FOE THE HOLIDAYS. An aiegant u?i'tn>?nt of Bx?ka, Writing D**k* and Cawi, Hortfo io?. Papetrie*. Work Box**, Buokcimmon Hoard*. ClirM Wen. H. id, BaecnU.O itim aud T'>>*. but v* ou n t e.ium rato. ?e < tfer at re<luo?d pnor* We would invite oar o'd customer* and atrancera to call and lo.ik over then, a**ur*d tb?j will l>e abl* to make aet'ctioc* at MISS THOMAS'S, de 21 St Br dte street, near Firet. JJO! FOE THE HOLIDAYS! Att?ntion i* invited to the !ar?e and eat.rely new atook i>fBOOKS.TOY8?rd vartoy* Floe Arfi. lea, elected with treat ear* hy the subeoriher IB perton. eapooiai.) lor the uotidayi now mm^hiu. ?j CKANUKLL. de 2f>-3t No. 12** Bridge at.. Georgetown. o?;n APPLES. ?#*>U BBLU. No. 1 teieeted Bal#win?. jt*wt Greemaga. Ruimu. Roman*. Mo??.tiee, Pippin*. Ac., in prim* ordrr, just arrir'U p*r mIwomt I. W. Searer. For u r upon ^rommoiiktini urmi ut J NO. W. Ll'MSDON, da Ne^S_W?ler et., Georgetown. 1 E W DRY GOODS STORK. N Th? undersigned, having taken the Dry 6ood? Store on the oorn?r of Hirh and Gar etreet*. i for mer'y W R Hurdle's,) will k?*p at ail time* on hand a great variety of the neweit and meet faaii looahle DKY GOODS. FANCY G< >OD*. DRKSH TRIMMINGS, *o? ice , which will be eotd ae cheap a* the obeafcst. deli iw Mrs. FRANCES DEMAR. ftim APPLES. IHJU BBLS. Prime No. 1 BALDWIN APPLES, perechooner J.ard N. Baker. Will l>e eo4d on reaeounbie tenni by J. G. WATER?*, de 17 No. 109 Water at., Georgetown. IPUK RENT?Id 0?ori*own, ? ktateoM and convenient COTTAGE RESIDENCE, eon taininz 9 room*, kitchen, pantry, Ac Tnare it av tae"ed a iarie and apacioua lot, and abaadMoa of aqueduot ard pomp water on the premise* It la in the immediare vicuity of the Collage and Aeadaay of the Vi?it*u >u. ul-di?tani from both. Tm property iaa!l in complete lepair, Inquire ooraer d aud High kU. de lt-eoaw* Y9TERS! OYSTERS OYSTERS'!! The onder?igned haa opened an OYSTER DE POT on Hiah atreet. ne?r the corner or^^. ^ - (Jay, and nan fnr:,i*h. at*lltirix>?, Raw.^A / -j Stewed. Fried. Kotteied. or 9a*kle4 LA# OV " I KM S. Partie* cm be soived in WM privat* roomt. Kanuli ?upp ied with Oy ?ter? or FIHR, bjr leaving th-ir order* ?< above, de 11-lm J. V. COLLINS. FOR SALE AND RENT. [ Fur oltur " For Salt and Kent ' adrm,<MMmi<, in Jlril va*? ) STORK SF.VKN rH t*T FOR RKNT Tlie SM ?r? opponte the a**t portico of Puxt Office, at prenent occupied a* tailoring i?h m-nt. Po???m od tirtn oo lit January, Incur* of BATES tc. BRO. de?lV 17OK R KNT-A new BRICK HOl'SK, with I haek building and ce.Iar. having s rooaa with tan. and ai c all*}, aituated on L *t re*t, near Thir teenth. Rent moderate tw a food tenant. inquire of M. GKKbV Gi?o*r, oorner of ThirUoat* ua L *U. Tn'i pro pert* ia near Frukfin Row, on'j ft few mi'UtAt' vaik from the Tr?nii'j Kuudinra, au<l one of ?he u*athi*?i Moauoai ia vV aahiocton. de 21-lmeo* I/UK iwo-rorj KKII R HUlSb, I No. 444 D atreet, between 2d aid SI ct<.* oon taniinc 8 room*, It i* one nqoare eaat of the City Hall, and oooveaiant to the Capitol and &rnnt, acd dcuraMe Deif fch<>rfc<?od Appl? to WM W. UERrH, corner of Third it.and Indiana a v. de 2 >-X4 |?OR R FNT?The area three ?tory FRAME I? HOUSE on N?* York irww, bMnm 4th and 5th atreeU, reeenty noowpiod l.y * ?. Mr. Ca rothers. Apply to JOHN wTMANKIN8,?r to Mr. BOfe>?, next dour,where the ke? m; be fouaa. Also, the three thrM ?to*T Brush* at the corner of Ninth and N st?Northern liberties. Or for ai* iitw for each; or proMrtv ut the cr??nty taken in cso'iani*. Apply at Mr. H AUJEHTY !* atnro <>?p..i!le, for the i?ihi* an<< the key, or to L>JCK !<uN A. KING'!1 wood and ooai yard,co>ner ol 1 etreet and Vermont avenue, or to the aabterifcar, ft! ?ieorj<"t4>wn. de it JOH!f IMCtiOlf. 2IUIA ACKR8 OF CHOICE I,AND IN ,UU\J Mmi.eeota.lowa?nd Missouri will bsex cnanfd foi improved Wathin'ton city ?rn??rtY at fair prions. Address "Trader," Box SO* City Post Offior, giving location of property. de 13-1w* 1*HE STOCK AND FIXTURE* or> LARGE I MKRCHANT TAILORING P^TaBLISI! - MKNT MIR SALE ?The aubeeriher bavin* de termmed to retire from beame**, offera for nai* hi* entire a lock of treeh kail wail aeleub d CioU?, ico. The atock it not yer? heavy.and well aaaorted fn*m late importation*. Thr more, which ha k\a ooea pieJ for onr twenty iMn, ia an old e*taUi*h?d aland. una of the beet oa the Avenue, iDd*ra large and wail patronised hotel?the I,'cited State*. Per frmi, in., app ) to P, W. BROWNING. under I'luted State* Hotel. da 14 StewUaa 1 RHENT RI'.DirKD.- n.atrieMa^^V^^H H cltf! PENCE. oontamim 7 rnii^a. witkfrmt hale??nv larre ?ard in front and rear COTTAGR he!e?VnV~larre ?aril io front and rear, frootu i H ?i , in Printing Offioe Square, l>etweea North Capitol aed Firat at*., will be rented for 9\ per neoath to a punctual tenant. Addreea, by letter or la peraoa. \V.\T. STICKNEV. deU-tf LTOR RKNT-Two tne PARLORS oe ftret r floor, and three CHAMBERS oe the eeeced floor above, at No. 74 Miaaoen *venae. between 4)* and 31 au . near the eoraer of Id et. ile l?-2aw3w* * arnbar m wg ! ?? MJ"1 1 ' "* r*"VT wt -TA f L* ? sf^gpi=. I 1*8 Boonet R bboM, tb? Merino Shirte and D?SWWb d? 1?-W atl fr#vnU> m MU> fg^Pa^T. I V aginia^Sney A1?MM?tt fr MUOm s rrrr"?^ Furnished rooms for rknt,m4*? d atreet. 8th and TU? ?U. de 4-tf For rent-A parlor. oa tfca Ht floor, tori UrM fin* Ho<Jr.K>w* on tSe floor abova. U No *76 pfc. arenae. two doora Mt of the Rfiw-I wood HuufcO. "*? *-tf IT'OR RENT.-A thraratorr brick DWELL r ING house, with Wudiag. on lttk at., k ?kVwoQD*4TfTwiiUi ? ***" A?ofc4w% jf YOU want TO save THE UNION which ha will aarra to aaatomara at *h or lest nut oa i not eefcidsrswy ?ivwlyeeiixrftw"7w!e^??t! idt th?n at U>? atiooa. ?*' t. m. baiygy. and Kxtra PLOCR. r*mur IS ht'rtu n?w erof s. o. mo w do oram " - so do prim* 3 d; froth mddim prim* fl*> bu.brl. gf. received thu ? mddir* p-iir? 4jw> bu.hh. hholts and btows ftuff. T holiday pcauim .M2?U^WiSS4SSM?

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