Newspaper of Evening Star, December 22, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 22, 1860 Page 3
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I.OC A I- IN EWS. , Tai Outsict m Cohokiss ? Railboad or** * T*? Lou* B*INI ?Mr Kennedy asked the Sen- < at* resterday to take np the bill to authorize the I Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company to extend the Washington Branch of their road to the Poto- 1 mat river, and across tbe same, by an extension of 1 tbe frceent structure known aa the Long Bridge, J for the purpose of connecting with the Virginia 1 railroad at that point. i The bill, aa offered by Mr. Kennedy, was ! amended In a number of particulars by Alesars Feasenden. Cameron. Bragg, and others. which i?d to considerable debate, and ita consideration occupied nearly the whole sitting. It ultimately pesaed. The bill as tbus paaaed, authorizes the Boltlmore and Ohio Railroad Coir pa bv to extend the Waah'.ug'.on branch from near O street north, pitaiag through First street east to near D itrret * atb: thence by a curve croasing New Jeraev avenue, south Capitol st eet and the canal to E street south, and through the last nauicd street to the Potomac river; and to extend the railroad acr>ss the r.verupon a pile structure alongside the Bridge, so as to connect With the Alexandria a id \\ ashingtoa railroad now on the Vlrtinia sbore All proper provision Is to be made for draws on the bridge The extension of the r. ad hereby granted, and the real estate of the tompany connected with such extension, are to W subjected to the same taxation by the city of Washington aa Is levied upon other real estate of Individual proprietors. Between C street and New Jrraey avenue, on Its west side, there shall U- a tunnel for the passage of the road, along which steam or locomotive power may be used, s 'hject to the regulation of the Corporate author Hies oX the city of Washington A connecting * tr.iok may be laid from any part of this road to a *pot <>n tte river between tbe Long Bridge and tb? Navy Yard for tbe purpose of connoting with tbe m:ll steamboats. Tbe company may connect this track with tbeir present depot, by cars running witb borse-power. until tbe expiration of two Tears Tbe terms of t-asportation offre-gbt on tbiseztension sball not ? x ~eed twenty-live rents per ton, nor sball the transportation of a passenger exceed twenty Sve rents The company shall be responsible for any laiuagcs tbey may commit to tbe United states, to tbe Corporation of Washington, or to individuals, as tbe case may he, and tbe powers and privileges granted by tbis act are to be limited, modified, or retrained by Congress Tbe comCtnv is also obliged. If itaccepts tbisblll.tocbe* k ttgage over all their roads to Washington and Alexandria Tbe bill also i-mpowers tbe VV asbington and Alexandria Railr&xi Company to construct a railroad for local uses from tbe Long Bridge; bv Maryland avenne and Seventh street south. to toe south bank of the canal, or else from tbe 1/Mi? Bridge, along the Potomac shore, to tbe soutb side of tbe city canal, and thence east as far as ?1xtb street west, the said company to pay tbe Baltimore company fair rates for tbe transportation of pasaeugers and merchandise across the bridge Thii ikill Iim vpt in aiu th? IIbought from St Louis?Yesterday afternoon . at five o'cl'trk. the train brought to this city A L Colliaa, in the custody of officer H >lsL, of tit*- St. Louis police. This ia the individual wiiMp arrest at St Loala, upon a telegraphic dispatch from H H.Swt-eney, of (lie firm of ?*wee?ey. Rittenhous*. Pant & Co , charging bint with obtaining money upon forged papers, was mentioned in the S?tar some days ago The < prisoner is not altogether a strviger in Washington; sad his appearance was familiar to most of thoM* who saw him at the office of Justice Donn, whither he was taken Immediately upon hi* arrival Mr H B Sweeney was aeut for. and the momeat he entered the offi.e he fixed hiseyeu^on Colllu ana iaenti?i-a uiru u im person. roe i*r? which were Mid U> be fhr>jed wer< tvo Rota, one for $? >?. at four months, dated "Washington, Jnlr 19, 1H6U," the other for #250, at ttree mouths. dated August 9, I.t6U Both these purI" r>d to be si^-ur-d by A D Jessnp, of the llrtn of Moore k Jeasup, Philadelphia Mr Jewnp beinf informed of the notes, made oath that the s *;:.*tnre and use of his name by Collins Is a forjj^nr. and aoautborlzed by biro. Collins waived a preliminary examination for the present, and jsked a commitment for further hearing which vr is granted by the justice He also a?k~d a consultation with Mr bwecney, and the St Louis officer. They retired to an adjoining room, and after a tew moments spent in consultation, be was tiken in charge by the officer haying the commitment to the coontv j all. C?T*i*af. Court ?Yesterdly, Daniel Miller, rouvicted of stealing a coat Ironi IMnlel Ratcliffe, valued at ai* dollars, wu sentenced to eighteen months in the penitentiary. William Henry Selby, (col'd,) was tried and convicted of stealing the money drawer from tbe bar-room of the restaurant kept by George M. Miller. He was sent to the penitentiary for eighteen months The graud jurors were discharged until next Monday at II o'clock a. in. James Conway was tried on a charge of stealing a quantity of gold and silver coin of the value of ***). two pounds of tobacco, and a watch guird. the property of Cbas llaburn lie was acquitted Today, Wm. Johnson, afcaa Wm I/nnmou, was tried on a charge of stealing siity dozen egtrt, chickens, geese, turkeys, a wagon, a hors<>, and a set of harness of the aggregate value of KU3 35, from Mr John L. Wilson The case was pending wben our report closed. Opera ?The great rompauy of Itatian artists who are to give a parlor opera at Wi llards' Hall are now playing In Baltimore to erowded houses Donizetti's opera of Don Pasquale, which was originally written for tbe parlor, will be given. Nad Colaon la aaid to be the best orlua that baa ever apoeared In this country. Slgnorl Brl^noll, Ferrl, Sualal, In the roles of Doctor Ma la testa, Krnesto, and Don i'aaquale, are equaliy saperlor. 1 ?.ere Las been a great call for tickets already and Willards' Hill will undoubtedly be tilled by s fashionable audianre on this occasion A tl ie stag*, with requisite surroundings, has been ret ted tor the occasion La sis*. the best pla'-e ti *et your Christmas presents is at Mrs R.ti Etcbison's, No 1*2 I's avenue, who has just returned from the North with a complete aatortment of Fancy Goods, all of which abe has selected Lerseif especially for tbe approaching holidays Her stock of real Lac? Collars. Sets. Handkerchief*. Veils, embroidered and plain I.lnen Sets, French worked Sets aad Collars, Head Dresses. net Sleeves, Faus, PortInaonaies, Linen Collars a&d Handkerchiefs, and a lar^e stock of Fancy Artlclea. (<ny cf which will I in tke a v*ry baudsome present^) will be sold very cheap. We advise you to go at onre to No 1*2 Pa ^venue, and get your presents before tbey are ' picked over. f Pcccliak Cui?Yesterday, a rounjj man was arr>?ti-d for having lu possession a stolen d i a-ning It at a brokers fur money. Tbe pawnt>rukrr stated wbv brought It to bin; and this inIlvrmatioa cstisnd tbe arrest Tbe trntb of the rase proved to be, that the brother of the owner of tLe coat sold it to another individual; but it did not it the purchaser, and he gav? It to his brother-in-law that U* might eacbangp it for a varment that would tt him. Instead of doing so he pawned it, a?d thus canard bis own ar-e?t The young man wLo took his brother's coat came forward, admitted under oath what he had doue, and so sav?-d (be prisoner from a tight place. The case was disral?iid by Justice Donu. Habeas Cobpus.?A writ of habeas corpus was ? ? ?? ? ? *?a?*f x -i. x _ -a n i. m .?-a DV UW nou. jiHi{r .Htrnr? nituim H l)arne, of Georgetown. to test the legality of the Loldintj of a negro bay, about 13 year* old. aamad Julius H Mason. wLute father petitioned for the writ The bearing of the petition waa had yesterday by Judge Merrick la chaunbtra, Mr. \V alter 8. Cm appearing tor the petitioner, and Mr P W Jones for tbe respondent, Darne After tbe bear in*, the boy was remauded to tbe custody of bis master, to aerve out the term of hia ladeaturaa of apprenticeship. Ta??vt? About ? Witbla the week we have mentioned tbe taking of various articles of value, supposed to be stolea. la searches made by the detective firm of Allaa ft Co. Within three days Mr. Allca haa been called upon by over forty perw aona who have l?*t watches similar to that flrst described, and the Inqulrera for jewelry and ietbiag have been equally aa numerous. This II rash of laqairers seems to indicate that larcenies of watches aad Jewelry have been very frequeut of late la tola city. Ta* NartoiaL Flab?The '-atars aad stripes" have been displayed over many of tbe establishmenta and dwellings of our citizens for weeka past Tnls morniug not a few were added to the wavlAtia nueta r\t (h* ritu TKa f nnl of the Franklin engtne-houee It literally covered with fla?a. and over several eitenaive eetabltabrnenta, aa McClelland * foundry and machine Lop. tfklrviug'a and Woodward's atove aaanofa* torlra, la the Immediate vicinity of thla oflce, tbe lag of the L'nloc la diapliyed, we notice. PoLiCS Martina ?Before Justtre CtM.?F. Kowiurt VMtccuaail of violating an ordinance uf thia corporation wbiek forbtda the vending of ah ohollc bevera^ra In qunntltie* large or amall without tret taking out a licence ao to do. The J >*ti.-e heard tbe evidence, wUieb rather more than corroborated the preliminary suspicion. So Mr B wa? requlrrd to pay a Seeof MU nod cost*. 9o:m DaiMAirr* ?Tbe monthly ao'.reeegiven by Prt?f Mnrinl. atbla Dancing Academy. PrankUn Uul, >?aUy be reckoned among tbe pleaaa*. U-st a tt?i ra of the aeaaon Tbe next sol ee orraii ?u Monday evening, December M, nod will undoubtedly be a-brili!ant one. I tu'ti fMC IKS' ?nouaay dhouii ot?<--thlr4 iem U?an lb* publisher*' price*, con prising ao ttogant assortment of jjlft book*, HI birr Cjrr bo?ts. hfiwn books, albums, chtldreo'i books, CkfWaai (tao, ftr , n Roberts liookstorr, S77 tevrutb ?t, bet. L ?ud H #i* U/**V^BVU>SMBRV. rot rut Placi* t? buy Hscida j Krcsruts sod ro*i*;oM ti?4 ail a/BcUta, *e? tuurtU e*L 1 vai of Uird p*|? |S? Central ocatdhomn Caaaa.? Henry Clarke, raaran.-y; workhouse 9U dav* Mary Slmonda ;ot drunk, behaved improperly, added profanity o her Hat of oftenaw, and waa aent down for 00 lava, Um law allowing ao longer term. John fritter waa almllarly convicted, and waa alao ieot down for 90 daya. Henry L. Jonaa and Jaa. RI card, for vagrancy, waa alao aent down for a Ike term of aervlce at the farm. Dennla McCarty, Fames Cunningham. Frank Kelley, Thoa Maorry, and Daniel Loi?g were brought oat tor rial It appeared from the evidence that the n ? - - - --- *Diriaa hud give a bail laat night, which waa nierrnpted by a general riot and fight Tbeproprietor of the hall attempting to prevent It waa issaultod. A detachment of the Atiiiliary Guard went in to arrvst the principals, and they were rery roughly handled by the rioters. One of hem, watchman \V ha land being separated from lis comradei, was knocked d wn, disarmed, and Mdly beaten, and would probably have been lilted in the riot but for a determined effort of be guards, by which he waa reacued. Daniel L.oog waa dismissed. The others were fined (I I w each. and required to gir? ball In S300 to if pear at court K elley and Maloney being unable o give ball at the time were committed to jail or court WlTNKSSKS SHOULD ArMH wHi\ srv vnvrn k'esterday, a young man named Mannyhan or tfooneyhan, waa brought out for trial at the Cenral Guardhouse, having been arretted by a warant charging him with a simple assault and Eatery on one Dennis O'Brian. No witnesses apjenrlng for the pro?ccutlon in tbe time allowed, be justice at the station waited a reasonable time or tbem to appear, and leaving, gave orders for lis discharge In case r?o evidence ibould be pre ented within a certain time. Before tbe time riplred the father of tbe prisoner appeared, and jave fail for the further hearing of histon to-day. l^ast nljfbi, one of the witnesses who failed to tppeor at the set time, carried to tbe magistrate a tote from Dr Richards, certifying that O'Brian's tk till being fractured, he could not be oat of dani?r for several days. The justice then gave the nritneas a lecture upon his neglect to attend at tbe ;tme and furnish tbe evidence required The witness tried to throw the blame on another witless, but the justice held that the whole were to fn? nrvt * nnoar*rr Q^or\o Ia ?/ ?wi ?/? ? ng^ */ ai buic mt no* uiied were Immediately taken last night. I* kkino pkzIbnts select something useful? i W*a or coflee urn, tea set, chaling dish, cake basket. card basket. castor. crum acraper, flab or pie knife, *et of knives. forka or spoons, carved bread platter, or butter dish, or a Morocco satchel, work land writing deak. portmonnale, card case, jewel box, shell comb, hair brush, backgammon orard, act of dominoes, ctess men, gold or silver thimble, fruit knife, pocket knife, scissors, fan, kc , 4c , all of which you can find at Francis', above odd Fellows' Hall, on Seventh street, at the lowest panic prices. # Japans*! Goods.?The well-known stock of Marduff s Japanese goods is to be sold at auction by McGuire k Co , on Monday morning next. All who are desirous of obtaining rich and rare Chrlntmas pre*ents fer their families and othera, at tUlt season, will find this a capital opportunity, and abould avail themselves of It. Center M.miit ? To-diy the market Is crowded, completely ?o inside, with all that the present j-aion demand* of marketdom; outside and In the gangways by anxious buyers, eager to secure their supply for the holidays Salts are extremely brisk inis morning, the pricesdttiering very little from our list of Thursday. Tin fair* at Thorn's Hall and the Young Men's Christian Association Rooms give their last entertainments to-night. So far they have met with abundant success, and thank their many friends for their encouragement and support 1'hose who have not attended should not ml&s this last opportunity. Fix* Torkiks ? Tlie finest lot of turkies we ever saw was at R. Cunningham's this morning. He has been laying In a large supply of poultry for tha holidays. If you want anything in the huckstering line It will be to yonr interest to examine his assortment before purchasing elsewhere. See advertisement The attkntios of ladies is called to th?* adver of Seymour's Georgetown Fur establishmeat In another column Ilia stock la very ex tensive, and be Is selling at panic prices. Tlx Union line of oranlbnmes run past bis door. (ilv< him a call. Thkre is kothiso like good eating and drink ing; and after that, a tine Havana. These vou car have in excellent style and at very moderate cos at limrirh's Restaurant, corner of Eleventh stree and Pennsylvania avenue. 6t Obphaxs' Copkt?Judge Purttll.?To-day tb( Court was eDga^ed in investigating the appllca tlon for admitting to proliftte the will of the lat< Charles L. Coltnian. Tbe Barney divorce case has not yet been de elded. Th* Dot.lab Star for this week la now read* tor delivery. It it a capital number, Indeed, v Ing a perfect pbotograh of all occurring at tb< National Metropolis, and remarkably complete li all Its department*. A Good Mbmosy U something to be proud of and the Indies of Fletcher Chapel are proud of th many mindful frtenda now visiting tbelr featlva which i* being held at U74 Seventh street, be tween L and M Don't forget them to-night Miiiit Piltkiiso. ?George Mack was aj rested this morning for stealing partridges In th Centre Market. Policeman Fanning carried bin before Justlce Donn,who heia him to ball for trli at court. Til attention of residents of tbe Northern Lit erttes U called to the People's market house, o Ninth st , between M and N, where all kinds c Meats. Poultry, Vegetables, &c , can be had I the lowest market prices. Call! t Gift Books and book* for children, full of pic tures and charming stories. Bibles find praye books, in every style of binding, at Sbllllngton Bookstore. It Albums, portfolios, and writing desks, gol pens, purses and port?monnaies. and everytLtn intbe stationery llnecheap at Sbllllngton's Book store. It Sat advkstiskukmt of a richly chased Gol Bracelet lost ywterday. / Gau it Geo., jewelers, bare some new mu beautiful goods esjiecially for Christmas. M1RKIKO. On th* i3th inetant. by the Rer. Mr. MoCaule; C K. COXKAD and Miss R. W PAKKKii daagater of M. T. Parker, Esq., all of this citv. I U?!r Ann \ l^urinun An . Vi ntnnri rainf.l On the artth in??ant. b7tbeRev.Mr' Cas adV. M CHAK1.KK H. HAYS 11 Mm M.AKGAKET t UKOWN, both ol' Washington. * 1>IE1), OntheJUtin.U.t.of.u.omoniai ANN ELI? AIIE1 H, daughter of Edward and Klixaboth Wi liamson, a??d l'j nontli* and 15 days. I tio frioiid* a ad acquaintance* of the family ai reapo?'fulif iiMtod to atton-1 her funeral, from hi pare .fx ieside<>e?, eortfpr of C and llth street*, u Sunday, at 2 p. in. CHAMPAGNE. WINES, St>iuket? HRIDftlOK CHAitRffMi? D,E9' 25 liaskott of th* r>elehrat??d Cl.lOUO T WINE, tf *?.zen fineold CHAMPAGNE KJUNPY. 12 dozen bue old LONDON DOCKTiltAN'liv, tuarter-oabkfl vtr fine delicato PALE SHKS ' ft V, imported direct by us. 1 n store and for sale by E E WHITE * CO.. No. 61 Louisiana av., b?t 6th and 7th >tii.. de II 3tt o Opposite Kaak of Washington, AP1GTURE9 FEW Choice COLORED ENGRAVING LITHOGRAPHS ana Oil, PAINTINGS, Un om<?li Framed, appropriate (br Presents; also. haod??ine variety of GILT OVAL FRaMES / Photographs; for Mia at. J. MARKKITER'S. No. 4*40 Seventh at.8 doora aliors do l'.t-Ct* Odd Fellows' Hall f^HEAP CARPETINGS, SELLING OFF. Bast Three-ply Carpeting at 9f> cents, " Ingrain do. fin and 62 o?ati, Half-wool do. S7H o?nta, " Raf do. 3S oeuta, " List do. JUtf eenta. Good Stair do. liH cents, " Paaaaga do. S&oanta, aa ? * _ ? . * ? i ?._ WUCIUm M ?IIU Orr QQHM. _ . _ Also, 6 4 Cartam Da masks at t? cents, Surtain Musllna at al< ariose, uff Hoi amis, ail witil:is and ?rica?. . -A' , HKNKY E0AN'8, (tt 421 7th ?t-, near Avenue Houi? 'pHV; THiftO WKDNKSDaY OF KVKH Dr. SCHt\'CK,?f Pa.latlai^hia, {joils it impc siba to visit Wa?i?in*toB s*>ry v??k. m4 n "S1^? arraMf-niauU to >naiuvaly to in &? eity ? third Wednesday of every moot a. (Is has a suit of rooms at tha A Tonne Hon era paliaats oaa obtain advioa fras. Ha oi ehvcas vhsa it ?s aeoassary to make a Uorxg examination of the Lungs with tha Ressiromet ?. II. Waita ta Msat for fehenek's PPalmo. St ftp, >"oa r ft bottls. for the cure of Cousl Colds and Cnaramption; Scheuoks Ssa w? 1 *?- ?< 1.^ Il..^..;a. a.ks.s! lOniO, f r IO*5 ywt UMl> , lui >i\WLU Mutnti pnc? 25o?nU bar box. for Lit Ui.ious Com?i?mWMd Constipation of th* Bo as Dr. Sakaoafc wo?l<t ba irai-fu. fp tf.oss w bars bMi cnrad b* Lis rawed.** if thai voj Inn tbfir *rtj|o?Us ot sur* iritE A BTWAIT wrw wwitli it. m< L>->t.. d*t?-aa A CARD-^&*^LVS7^JiSJilV?N??li Ml. Mt, tio? of houMlMptn ami tho?aina?arel?ofHoli<l 1 Presents to the large And e|e?*nt stook of Chi Glass Mil Pia'ed Wueittlii ito'tPl ChaSLM Guww.'J7 4 Prrn. av?, ,*? of lt>e |n ?ml lu**t atyl** of ererjr thing useful and on meota! in that Una, and whujti we will oflVr at p> 1 lia ?uc?.on THIS MORNING ai d fcVKNINO;* will s II wita?M4t r?eer7*da?l> vaUl ailar* d.spoi ' of ?e* ulwtii nxit la another oofamn. d?Jl WALL * BARNARD, AuctI AMUSEMENTS. yyiLLAKD'8 HALL. ITALIAN OPERA mo ^flBUjSS?0**1* ITALIJS opjsSu^ foilPANY oftk* ASSOCIATED ARTISTES! Mfcl.PAUUNK COL80N, The c?lei>rat?dPrima Oonna; _ ___ Sif. UKIGNOM. a*f. SUSINl, 9ig. COCBTTI. Dirkctor ?ndCo*vicioi..? S'g. Ml'/.iO. MONDA v7*D?o?nit??r 84: Tt?? ntira uf D<nizetti'a e*Ubratfcd Coarto Op?ri, DON PABCIUALF. With the folloviof ??ar Cast: PAl'Ll COLtJuNVia h?r oalefcrated charact?ra? Norm*. Sinnor HRI6NIIL1 m Err?*to. Si* nor FFRRI as Iioeti r Malate?ta. 8ifnor SUSINl, id hi* world-reuownai character as Don Pas^oalr Diskctor and Conductor ... Sig. Mczio. TIlO rri 6 Of ftdinlasiAM tn mil n*rt? nf tno h*ll .? 1: r*a?rved aeats 3? cent* extra. ?<eatB can be *ecureii at Metzeroft's Music Store. Doora open at T; Opera commence at 8. de?>-tf t _ Grand concert For the Benefit of TIfK POOR OF THE CITY. THE SOCIETY OF StTVINCENT OF PAUL ? Have (he pleasure of annouuciot that a GRAND Vocal and Instrumental Concert For ti?? Beaefct of the Poor of the Citi will be given at WILLIRDST HALL On THURSDAY EVENING, Deoember 2T, Under tha direction of Mr. T. N. Caclfield. The terviaes of the heat muaical talent of Wash ington and Georgetown have b*en kindly volunteered for the occasion. Admistaion Fifty Cent*. Ticket* can bo prootired at the Muaic and Book Stoea^and at the Hotel*, Waihington; at Kid veli'8 Drue Store, Ueorgetown; and frwsn membrrt of the Society. de l8jn,Z2,24^ ^7 BALLS, PARTIES, Anniversary ball., IMXRMOBVOF JACKSON AND NKW ORLEANS, St Wi, 3. i veil by JIB COM P'Y B, NATIONAL GUARD DAT'N ,Qi AT THK WA* Him, TON ASSEMBLY ROOMS, Ou the Evening of Jan. 8th, 1KS1. Particulars in future. <1*22 SJtThtf '|i JUSTICE TO ALL! HK MEMBERS OF THE WESTERN HOSE COMPANY take great plr&niro in #4 announcing to their fri^nda and tn? pa - lie in In son* ml that they mtaml rivirg a grand CO JIM TILLON PARTY ?' Sjott'O II ALL, untnrrUSB Qlktli c t Ar.J Pa. XT Afl '1' U I ! If W H A \V f\n? wiim I ? t? ? | **** II V> I f AVlV/a 41. Tickets 5) ct?., >ulmittinK a gentleman and ladies Commute* cj Arrnnxem'Hts Win. Gil>i>?, J. F. Hopkins, J. E. l'ore, J. M. Farkfr, M. Hnltzman, J. B. G-ay. de Zi 4t? ^ ONCE MORE, KIND FRIENDS! SECOND ANNUA), ASSEMBLY of tlx MhRRY SOCIAL Ci U B will take place at ft* Or?D Fellow*' Hall. Navy Yard, on MON- tfw DAY EVENING,(New Year's Eve.) De /M cemlii'r 31, vSM See future advertisements. de l5-4teo* _____ WANTED-A COOK and a EAUNDRKS* Gcod leferenees required. Corner ol'1 ant 13th kU. It* WANTED?A SITUATION, l?f & revpectah! youn< won:an. a* chambermaid, watdier, aui i'onor, or to do plain ?ewu>e. rel'erenr* I'lea^o addreaa Box N". 5, at tlim "ffief. It* WAN rKl)?A SITUATION, hy a gardener win is competent to manage a kitchen garden flower garden, an orchard, green house, and lio Best reference* given. Add tees L. W., Sta OWice. da 3' * WANTED?A MAN and a BOy, to work on , (inn in ari adjoining count?, :n MaryNnd.fn ' t'.io n*xt year. For suital/e hands rood wage* wil be iciven Address W. \V? through the Washing i ton Post Office. dc 22 St* WANTED TO EXCHANGE?Some Papei due in twelve months, well secured hy trua de?'d. Searing interest ; atao, some Property, whio can easily turned into cash, for a small sto ik i g??<>d?. or improved or unimproved property i t Washington. Address J. G. 8., through the Wash t ington Post Office. de 20 at* %17 ANTED?By a 5oung lady, who has entire) '? satisfactory reference*, a position hh compM s ion of some lady. She is competent to a?M?t i any literary labors, and her desire is to obtain . comfortable home with some lady who will appre ciate one *Do will st-ive to make her happy at a runes. Compensation is no object. P.easu addrei " a note to h. T. C.. Star Otfire. de IMt* %Vr ANTED-By a French laity, a SITUATIO! / T" as seamstress and chambermaid. Itest refei . erce given. Appy at tiie bakery No. 169 Twenti e eeeond st. de 10-lw* r? 117 i VTl'h IMMLMll iTL'l I' L'.?? AC ? > m v i IJ 17 A .u iii I J i'in i J ii i ? i i WMI ' J i ? ? fiojwi worth of SECOND-HAND FURN1 TURK of all kinds, fur whioh 1 will ruaranty to pa , thehuhest pried#,and, a? usual. at tne shortest n< > tioe. R. BUCHLY, e Dealer in Furniture, Stove*, A o., 1 _oo 9 4 OS 7th >t.. bet. G and H. eau side. 1*7ANTED?SECOND HAND FURNITURJ ?" Persona declining housekeeping, or havu a surplus of Furniture on hand,cau obtain the cat " and (air arioea by applying at 36$ Seventh at. e no 17 BONTZ GRIFFITH. J LOST AND FOUND? ** CM)UND?YeaUrday, oorrer Pa. avenno and 171 " f at, a small pacla?e of JEWELRY. T1 >f owner c\n have it by calling at 539 17th atreet. b it tween F and tf, and deaoribing the article*. Ca e nn^ C > >n Am 9'Vr * I 08T? Yesterday (Friday.) in going ffonj Ma '* mchusr t'l avenue. b> bill, I, an.I 7th ata , to * *t, a richly cha?ed GOLD HRA< C<1<ET, lneoriU on the inside. "A GiA of Friendship " l'ha find will be suitably rewarded and reoeive the thanks the ownrr by leaving the bracelet at 43s> Mai> d chusetts av., or at the Star Office. lt^ K &C REWAKD.?Lost, between ray residem i- i&O and the Northern Liberty Market-house. BASKfcT. contain!nc stall c'oth and apron, a count book* a-.d keys. The Sudor returuini tl d account book, Ar c., to me, either at my residence at the Market-house, will receive the above r ward. d *ie 21 at* I.KW13 KKNGLA, AN K41 RAY.?Came to the prem sesof thesu seriber, living on the eorner ot S< con i street east and K street sooth, on \Ve<!na? wJLfJ day, December 12, a red and white JfmJrn i, HKIFPKR, three ysa.s o;d, with" *he L, horns. The owner is f?qae led to come fprwar prove property, pa> eh&r*esj and take her HO *w-Jl A a J?| v/ i i* I ifi Vtvt M | I " FOR SALE AND RENTr [Fm otktr "For Sal* and Rmt" adt*rt\ttvu%n Ut first pagt ) i CTOBKUN 8KVKNTH ST. FOR RENT |'he Store opposite the Mat portico of Pate e Oflice, at present occupied aa tailoring eatali u >r ment. Puii?m:oq given on 1st January. Inqu n of BATES 4 BRO. deal = I^Wft!yK8& mi minm fl rAnmR It i? onA Anu&ra ?4it nf thft ('i Half, and convenient to the Capitol and Avanu and ile*ir?Hle neighborhood Ai>?Iy to WH. V iJKRTH.oornarof Third at.a ?I Indiana a v. i VIRGINIA I.AND. Ac , FOR 9ALE-4 1 V UAtS, FUH CASH,-. B?jn? n??t 10 jwJ age. ami wishing to reUre, I will ae,l my FAR! wiled HUSH Y KlOliE. trav.raed by the Omn and Alexandria, Railroad at 35 milea Irom Alexa dria, in Prince William Count*, ad join in* Ka _ ?ui?r Virginia, containing 107 0 ACRKS. thereabouts, be the a^pe more or leaa. ofwh) a about one third u in ttinber of ongiaal growl Jt' and two thirds in various cultivation, and havn . upou it throe larm homesteads; together with n OT farming LIVE STOCK, consisting of 4 wo hor?ea,3 oolta; a joke or oito, aohoioebuil, ulkinc and in oalf oowa, aad heifers. <J yeariin ana cat tea, 25 in amb ewes, and a good busk, 30 tore a wine, 100 more heads of poultry, inojcdii ? turkeya,ie?e?,daoke, hen?, 4o ;alao m? GRO V ING CKOP8, qonAating of wheat, and timoth *inter ba'ler and winter hnrae-beana; alto unur UN hAmuoi imi narveat, consisting nay, straw, 'odder, aonthern on*-p??i, oorn (t produoe ofabont 38 aorea, a lair crop,) winnow 1m? than bushe a. Bayed 1 airing aeadmg Cod UoiM I?W.J wipnuwed wh?i i jo bushels prim#, saved for a winter supply of no for family iim, and many bushels of 1mI wne saved for ponltry,)af*w buanoia of garden or En liah p?as,and a liberal atore of garden oaauttnl including turnips, Insb potatoes, tweet potato* Ch'nese yarns, boeta, carrots, parsnips, aalaal onions, Ao, and me.udin* awo one third oft grain 4rop, not yet received, of a few hun^r acres, routed off loan imlustnous tenant,on shari ? also a I aorta of A(i K IHULTU K A I, )J4fLl [Y MKNT9 on band.taolading many plowa, barrow rulUra, cultivators, aarta, sragos.harness,4e., A >a and a first tats DAIRY , ooinplete with fittings i s steR MI |tone?,i|?fwr way, witij pro^eudef' euOtffh I ch avoh are uauailjr obtainable a farm. H Jr. tho purchase ib not to include the hou.ehold a no kitchen furniture, library, aad aouie other doia< i TUIR T N T tTo l^HA k U T> O LI,A H k'l ?Mt?, or eity property, ?uon u I ah r#r (JdMo aMinBiand or^u*! value. Tbe &tU v- unexceptionable. The wt?M alone, coauderi K, uljeot to pajmeatli lnltalmeaU. Ad aoaige a piastical f*rm#r would Cnd tbi? a real bargain. I ? additional partiou an, or to in?p?ot UM proper alaaae apply to, or addre?? me, a? fr?l4tnm: -fr da?-?' - m4 IIHPT KKWOKU -That pleai&ot CO rT.)< if* P^*?Dfclfl.fcpo*itainiog t--ooiM.with fr I?d and First ?la arill m rented tor l???r mor.M ",,tu'"'HIT <> - ? - 4 ?r The Place* u Bay IMtf Presaats aad PnrtilMi, aa4 all ether Article*. Hakibibs?The place to buy all kind* of fresh bread. roll*, botscoits. cracker*, cake*, pica, Ac , of the beet qaalltv and *t ntriform low price*, la It A. Noerr A Son**, corner of E and 11th at* Book* abb 8tat:os??t ?The place to bay all kinds of book* and stationery at aalform low prtcca. tor holiday preseats. Ac , la at Taylor A Manrr'a, 334 Pi ar .or French A Rlchsteia's, 278 ra BT. The latter anaouuee a special stock of children's booka andjraaiea. Boots abb Shobs?Tbe plane to get all kinds of boots, ahoes, gaiters. JkC.. of the best quality, ready inads or made to order, fer gentlemen, * *dies or childreB,at the lowest prices, is at H. I. <Mfi P. . IV L D ? ? ?_ I ?J WW ?. ? M *? Ul 1MB fc DTtM . , r? av ; F M Whealley'a, 464 Pa. ? .; or B T. TUorn'a, 48ft Pi. a*. CLoTHina ?The place In buy all kinds of gentlemen's and boya' readr-made clothing. furnishing good*, ice., of Um best quality and at the lowest prices. ia at J. U. Smith a, 401) 7th at . eppoatte the poat office. Convict ioneiiks ?The place to bay all kinda of confectioneries, fruits, nuts, Aic , of the beat qtalltv and at the lowest prlcea, for the holiday* and all other occasions, la at T. Potential^. 278 Pa. av , or C. (jaotier'B, 952 Pa. a . The latw also announces fancy goods from Par la, made to order. The place to get all kinds of confectioneries, fralta, ants, toys, fancy articles, Ac., of the beat quality and at the loweat prices, iaat W. OrupeV 416 Pa av., south aide. Data 8Toax? ?The place to get all kinds of ? drugs, medicines, chemical*, perfumery, toilet articles. &c , of the beat quality and at uniform Iaw *?(? * < ? *7 rt nil.?\- clz* n tun |si to ?* ? V. Ul 1I1IOU S| iWV ri. O Dbt Goods ?The plarf to get all kinds of staple and fancy dry goods, foreign and domestic, of tbe beat quality and at the lowest prices, suitahte for holiday presents, Ac , Is at Perry A Bro s, cor. Fa. av. and 9th St., Johnson A Sutton's, c.-r. Market Space and ftth St., and fct Wm R Riley A Bro 'a, 36 Central Stores, bet 7th and etb sts , ' opp. Center Market. Fanct Storks?Th# place to get all kinds of elegant fancy articles suitable for holiday presents, such as Indies' workboxes, desks, odor cases. | cabas, portmonaies, toilet bottles, perfumery of the choicest kinds, fancy combs and hairpins, Ac , tic., is at K. A. hake A Co's Marble Hall Bazaar, 370 Pa av , under Brown's Hotel. Tbe place to get all kinds of fancy goods suitable for Christmas presents, sucb as fans, gloves, shell combs, laces, ladies' furnishing goods, trimmings, toys, Ac., Ac , Is at Madame- Delarue's. Pa. ur or at Rtchey's, 48* ?th it _ The place to ^et all kinds of fancy artlclca and toys of the best quality, and at tbe lowest prices, suitable for holiday presents. Acc , Is at Mrl.anghlln's, 3US Pa. a* , bet 9th and 10th sta., and at Christian Rapple's, 522 7th st. The latter also baa a very large and line aaaortment of worsted goods F and China articles Gkockrika ?The placea to buy all kinds of groceries, provisions, vrinea. liquors, confections, condiments, Ac , of tbe bent quality and at uui1 form low prices, for tbe holiday*, and oil all otber occaK'ons, is at K. K. WhlteJc Co's, 63 Louisiana av : Harbour 4. Senirnea's. fii Lontalana av : Kennedy 4. Push's, 5<* Seventh st., next door to Odd Fellows' Hall; Win. Bryan's, 41 Market Space, opposite Center Market; Henry C. Purdy'i, 1lC U.. .... . > 41?IV?.., *?II- ...J ?*?*! * i (i a t , ai.ii i m*- i/r?i%% ?, tui a. aw auu jum bi. Hosiery a>d Furishing Goods.?The pi arte to ? (?et all kinds of hosiery aud furnishing uooda of the besfquallty aud at tlie lowest prfrea for the holidays, and on all other occasion*, la ht F. Fll> ling'*, "-toe Fa. av , opposite the Star office. IIardwakk.?The p!are to buy all kinds of hardware, tools, cutlery, Ac, of thu b? st quality and at uniform low pricea for holiday preaeuU and all other purposes, is a! John 11. Klvaiis'. 9HH Fa. av , aouth side; or at J. I.. Sivagt'a, a^n of the ((lit Ktw, Fa. av.. first door west of loth st ' The latt? r also euuiiieralesguiis, pislci*, hardware housekeeping Roods. skates, Liiid cayea, baskctt, ( wooden ware, Ac , Ac i Hair Uhk-^in"; ?The place for the ladies to > get their liair dressed in the mast artistic and fashionable manner for the holidays, and on all n other mraiHW, aud to procure braids, curls, and i, li tlr-dresses of all kinds, ts at Madame Dubois's, t \iu*i Pa. av , up stairs r llvi'iii Fcrxisbim Gouim?The place to buy - all kinds of fancy bouse furnishiug ijoods, such a as china ornaments, pirlan ware, toy tea-seta, r inott<>e<l <nf?. A c , Ac-ixlow cost, for Christinas " presents and oilier purpose*, is at C. K. Gretn's, " 264 Pa. av. Jiu'kiry. Ar ?Tbe place to get all kinds of r, tlr>t-clasa j welry, silver ware, eletrant fancy ar. jj tides, chronometers, w;itclies, clocks, *c , of the , bent quality, and at uniform low prices, for holi' day present*. and all other purposes, is at M. \V. Gait 4 Kro '8,364 Pa av Makkkts?The place to And a ?OG^ market op> n every day in the week, and all hours of tbe i- , well supplied with all kinds of fresh meats, n poultry, gan?e, tish, butter. eggs, vegetables, n fruits?in short, everything in the produce and {j provision line, of the best quality and at tbe " lowest market prices, 1* at tbe" Columbia Market '* of Geo \V. Duvall, corner Pa. av. aud 10;hst - 'JpticiaJiis a*d Oculist* ?The place to get all >i kinds of optical instrument*, auch Woolfson's lmt>rov?-d strengthening spectacles, op ra, apy, r" and magnifying glaasfja, teh-acnpes, rnicroscojwa. ? Ac , Ac ; and all surgical oprrations performed .0 oo tbe eye andt-ar, isat Dr. Woolfaoti'a,*244 Pa av ' Ot?TER*?Tbe place to get the beat quality of ? fr?sb Norfolk and Cove oyitera by the bushel or gallou during tbe holidays, and on all other occasions, Is at Kobey's shucking house, r or. Pa. av. and 4,^ at., under the Arlington (loos?. " The place to get Harvev'a No 1 oysters, put up in cans of all aizea, pickled or frtab; fclao, flsb. }f lobsters, terrapins, &c., delivered to aii parti or the city free of charge, It at ifcl C at. Photograph Gallkriks ?The place'to get a m life-like photograph, daguerreotype, aiubrotype,! Ac , taken In any style of the art, for a holiday ? A- _ Ml. ? _ m *? ? present 10 a iriena, or ior any omer purpose, it at ? Bradvs, 35*2 Fa. av . or at Whitehursts, 434 Pa av th Kimavbamu?Tbe place to get all thesubstantials and delicacies of tbe season served up at all hours, in the belt style* of tbe Kestaursteur's art, and to get tbe choicest wines and liquors to ? vyaib them down with, and tbe choicest cigars to help digestion during tbe holidays, apd on all J* other occasions, It at Han^ir.ack's. Pa av., west of Wlllards Hotel; or at Dexter's, S. W. corner of 0f Pa av. and 13th street. n Skwiso Machines.?Tbeplaceto bnvthat mos: appropriate holiday present for a lady, one of Wneeler A Wilson's sewing machines, is at tbe a agency, P.J. Steer*'s, 348 Pa av. c Tot*, Ar.?The place to get all kinds of toys, lie fancy articles, confectionery, fruit, uuts. Ac.., of < r tbe best quality and at tbe lowest prices, is at VV. ?" Grupe's, 415 Pa. av., south side. Winks and Liquors?The place to buy all ? kinds of pure wine* liquors, cordials, confections, b- condiments, Ac., of tbe best nuality ?nd ai uuii form low prices for t?e holidays. and on ail other occasions, U at K. C. Dyer'*, 'iOO Pa. * ., betvrwn ,rt lilth and 13tb st?.,orat Wm. 11 CampbellA Co'a, ti, 383 l*a av., bet. 4^ and 6th eta. It# = K KAD. ALL BOOKS - ARE SOLD AT THE PUBLISHERS' PK1CES, > AND r A SPLENDID GIFT, Ot WORTH FROM J|# *?0 CENTS TO #100, . 19 GIVEN WITH SACH BOOjC. ?? . ? V Von oati select from a large and ma*nifioent stuck ij of Books, among which maj be found . ALMOST EVERY THI1S6 in the shape of read in* matter, o&rafullf abated _ and sold at regular advertised prices. Books ofFaot. i3f Books of Fiction. * B hjIcs of Devotion. * Books of Amusement. Books for the Old Folks. ?r Books for the Young Folks. oh Books for Bora. Books about bailors, k Hooks for Girls. Hooks about Soldier*. nK Bocks for I.overs. Hooks about Indians. aT Books for Sweethaarts. Books about Hunters, rk Books for Wivas, Books about Heroes. 1? Books lor Husbands. Books about Patriots. ks Books for Firnws. or Books for Mechaiief>. D( Books for Merchants. V- Books for Phyetoiane. y, Books for Lavyars. aj Books for Stataeiaep. pt Books of laaot Books of History. u? Books of Poetrf. Books of Biography, ~ Books of Travel. Books of A4Y?ntUri. [v A handsome Msprti??nt of ur PRESENTATION BOOKS, *l la every style of binding, t ALBUMS, J?' ANNUALS, BIBLES, be PRAYER BOOKS, *! HYMN BOOKS. K.' SCHOOL BOOKX, re. SINGING BOOKS, o- JUVENILE BOOKS lP* MUSIC, ah botany. ? CHEMISTRY, nil GEOGRAPHY, I > - MECHANICS. NAVIGATION, ft MANUFACTURES. li agriculture, i<jjj NATUBAL HISTORY, A*roHITKCTU^E ^ THEOLOGY. tAPD U AO/\ain v tr. """ "woM FRLLOWfeHip 11 th* writinr* c,f M^y atandard author in BVBn k 0. o. evaki, 5b ?& iV^r 1 on, k. c. Stevens, sae p? * , ? no a tf batWMa SU and 1MB lU. 1 GEORGETOWN. Gorrufndmu* if Tkt Star. mhtow*. Dtctabft a. 1899. At the naoetlag of our CttyCooadla laat Tenia*, in the Board of A Ida risen bo bualnew of Importance ?aa trinaacted In the Board c>f Comaaoa CoomII all of the niembera were preaoat except Mr Dodge. . A wraaaga tram the Mayor with hi? reto of the resolution in rrlation to the canal tow-path ua laid on the table temporarily. A c?mn?nnlcJ?t!on doib Gilbert Vtndrrwrrhn, praying a reconsideration of the reoolatloa In re KlilM hi U1II1, puni ii SBC MM mkin| Of m Board, wu rrrHred and laid on the table The petition of A H Plckrefl, la relation to a mistake In the assessment of Jots beloagiaft to Lieut Carter, sad the petition of Samoa! Ktisev, In relation to exceasive taxation imposed upon Mm, were referred. The petition of Jos Ntebolson wis taken from the file, and referred to the lioard of Aldeunen. The committee on grlavancea was dlsr hargad from further consideration of tl>e petition of J. Csrter Marburv. attorney foe Mrs Kirkpatrtek. The bill of Mr W. H. Shirley against the Corporate*. far clerical services, wai referred to the water committee. Keaolut'ons In favor of Taylor ft Maury, of Gales 4 Beaton, of J F Birch, of H B. Walker; and a resolution oUered bv Mr Tenney, authorising application to be made ta Congress for peril) Issloa to make a subscription of 9M0,W0 to the Loudoun and Hampshire Railroad,wereaewrally read oace, and lay over under tbe rule Mr. Tenney moved a reconsideration of the Vaiderwerken resolution. un iui* motion (WDiro was carr'.eU) and tbe amendments subsequently ?flVrt-d. a lively debate was Uad. during which some pretty sharp things were said; !' ?' which we hope to report at some length In a day or two The revolution was finally so mod tiled as to allow Mr. Vaoderwerken to pay 5 per cent quarterly of tbe whole debt commencing on the 1st of January next, thus giving him five years in which to pay the whole. The note of *40, given by him for Interest due the Corporation. to be alao paid the 1st of January Th( beard adjourned About '2U0 betf cattle were offered at itrever's Rest yesterday, and all sold to speculators and butchers at from S? 5Ua33? per 1UU pounds gross The quality was Indifferent Those In want of dry-joods or ftncy article* at tbe most reasonable priees, will do well to rail at thp ?tAP* t\f HiirK anil rimnr a.i^H ?! '? UOJ ivimruy XV. R Hurdle's They will Had Mr* Demur to be an accoiBHiil itlng lady. She Las also to> (or the little ones. In demand at tbta time M m Mary Thomas and Mr. Crandell tare at their establishments a* great a variety or fancy fooda, toy?, Ac , ai can l>e fouud at the store* in Vashington. Try them. The rery cbeepeit boots and aboea, of good quality, can be purchased at Straabarger A Bro's, No. S3 Bridge street And oysters, fair, fat, and lit for the daintiest palate, may b?- hnd of Mr J. V. Collins, on High street uear Gay. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS 2,000 Bl SHKLslfl ji**K ASH KS on hard anit for snla at Na'ioui* s >*? jw.U CuJ e W orLa. C. B. JKwKLL, Proprietor, do 21 -21* Georgetown, D. tV N" OTICK. DON'T WASTE YOU 11 MOSEY. The uadersiguoJ lidslvtsj ?>peu?<iai5h???p HOOT anil t*HOE t>TOK K, au<1 p?tc!,as<r? will fi-?l their I>i r p? mi iv/wtroi. lu tilt" inimci. /\ IMfg" MiU nr.M assortment on hanl. C?li eariy at il. blKASbUKGhK * BKO'S. No. $3 i>ridc? kl.-cet. f!?2I !* ii'ar Farmer? ?j,d Machaoioa'Bank. rjj^ ts FOR the holidays. As elegant as'o-tntent of B^okf, W'riling D~*ks and Ca?*a, Portfolios, Papstrie*. Work Iio.xa<", Backzsmmon K?>ar?1*. CIkus Men. F?nry B- xe?, <? Hi?J* a:al T??jb, Ac., vma miu; we earnot num"rat<\ w* . fl>r at reduoMl prfo^a. We vonliliiivit? our ?'d customers and *trar.gers to udt ai'il on* over thein, an-urM they will ) ?> ab.e to wake sei-ctsor's at MISS THOMAS'S, deal 3* High itreit, near FiraL JJO! FOR THK holidays: Att ntion in invred to the l&rje and eat relt D"w stock of BOOKS, TO YSand various Fin* Artule*, eleoted wit.i treat care hy the ?u l.sor: '-or in perso^ OMeecial'T ior the holiday* now appro* hine. ? ckandell, do 20 3t No. 12^ Bridge st., Georgetown. QC|\ At*PLK*. UBLJ. No. 1 te!eote?l Baldwins. Sw?ft l2r?Aiiin<ra U iiaaat* RAmsna Mfwvliaa r>. .. . , ?r 1 ? ? ' ... ?, . rr" Ac, in prime order, just ?rnwd p-?r schooner J. W. leaver. For ?a etipon acccminiklitiiij terms l>y J NO. W. LCMsOON, <le I3 7t* No. t 5 Water at., Ceorxetuwa. ^ E W DRY G OODS STORE Th< un.teraigneJ, bavins taken the Dry Goods Siore on tii* po-n*r of High a?:d Giy *tre-:?, i formen> W R. Hurdle's.) will keep at all Uaie< on ban.I a treat vanity of the uewrnt and mult lastiionaKe l)hy UOOD*. FANOV GOODS, UK KSS TRIM MINOS. Ac.. io? which will l>e t, Id as chrap as the cheap' st. del* Iw Wra. fkan.iES demar. ftfMk APPLES. U"" ? BBLS. Prime No. 1 BALDWIN APPLES, per schooner J. aril N. Caker. Will be sold on easonable teruo# l?y J. g. WATKUs, de 17 2w No. 109 Water ft-, Oysl'erh! oysters:: oysters!!! The undersigned has opened an OYSTER DEPOT on High street, near the comer of Hay, and ean fiirush. atsll times, Kaw.ifVs J Stowtfd. Fried, R nan ted. or Scalded OYSTERS. Parties can be served in xSlHF Cmat, room,. Famili-s supp ind with iirsters or FISH, by leaving their e ders as almve. de 11-lm J V.COLLINS, JUST RECEIVKD? 10 lihds. prime Porto Rioo SUOAR?, 1*. bbls. ? iid Rye WHISKY, 2S" btls. HERRING and ALE WIVES. So bbls. Crushed ami Refined SUGARS. 3" ul?s Rio and Java coffee. l/\ kCl- - 1 ?I . U/ll A JO /so U IIUUB. ? |?>W -m* iuou I lU\/U^^CCiO. Vor?aleby JOHN J. BOG UK. ?10 J1Q0 BBL8. OP PRIME CIDEK, U^T Arrived and for a&le cheip Tor euli. no 13 ARNV It 8H1NN. MAS8EY. COLLINS Sc. CO.'8 PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE.?Weareconstantly rAMiving fceeh eup?'ie* of the abovedeiitLtinl bevtni?, and invite all persou* who want a purecaad altera ted Ale, to aire it a trial. IK NY & 8HINN, Aeentn. fe iT Grmmn ?t.. &*orrptf>wn. PERSONAL, AfTROLOGIST, Hit AD HEAD !! Oreat Exc:tkmbnt ! PAKEWEL.L WEEK or THK QRFAT PLANET READER, MADAME DEVICE, Who is viHted daily by hundreds?all gome away tejoioed and attomshed. Tim lady. th<>ugn very youn< in years. hu the most w<>t.d*rfai powers imaginable. Al! who are in trouble of any kind, cu at onoe to her. She will bring any one to >uu ead cau*e them to love you; will lir?eli tae haUtcf drinking ; also, advis<* in Ta?anl lolawsaits, numl>ers, louses, travels. Ac To accommodate, this last week fences will be. for ladies, 25, 5t>. and Rl. KLsiiebCO, Richmond House, corner Eighth and D sts.; entrance on D st. de 19 2t* AGENTS FOR THE WHOLE WOULD-Al A FRENCH * KlCH?Tfci?ila. No 8T* Fa. avenue. New Boees-OtrtWn is Ring, lane 8?o . Library sheep, priob # , by mail: Parton's l-ufe oi jact son, 3 vols, cloth, pnoe ?5. by n??u'; Conduct of I../V by Enaerson, )2mo. cloth, price 91, by ra*il. The usual heavy dueount given in ail our bound boo^s. de 20 S~7kcial notice to citizens and STRANGERS.? RENCH A RICHSTEIN'S 2TS i'a. avenue, is the only place in the citg. where daily papers can be found from every State and city lathe Union. New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore papers delivered in the city and Georgetown, immediately on the arrival of the trains. All the Monthly and Weekly Papersand Magazines. Now is the time to tubecrlbe, with the beginning of the New Year. Sole agents for the Charleston lasroury. qe? CPAN1SH MERJNU Thfi subscriber is breeding ibe l>e?t of 8PANI9H MERINO SH EEP, and ?e!ls as low u any firstc'Mi breeder in Vermont. Send far a printed price list. Address (iKORGK CAMPBELL, del9-D)wWly West Westminster, Vermont. ULCAN1TE BASK FOR ARTIFICIAL TKKTH. Dr. WADS WORTH has made full arrangement! to introduce the Vulcanite Rase into practiw, and to fully rtcomnund it to hiimGa pttienti. ^ Full and partial Sets of Teeth can be inserted ii Us* titn'.&i ess t-rptnsr. and with an artistic beauty oomfort and durability unsurpassed. lie 17-foSt* No. 36C C street. TlHK SEASON OF GIFT* I * AT the piaoe to get a choice Book, either H?r y oouj Whore you willa so 6nd Writing Desks, Ladies' tTOYf'&c Bag s, Stereoscopes, Ao., Ao. de a 41? . t NEW MESS MACKEREL. Ac.. Ac. 5 barrels New No i MfctiS MAvKKRJSL, * barrels Large Now No. 1 no ' B w IVES, TnL WHITE ft CONo. 63 Lb ? , b?t. Oth nd ?tl. klu, . d? l?-?oat oppo. tk? B?kof WnbiiK'wi. ' r'ANBLES AND OIL. ~~ Vv at GftNLLlttt, leMCOAL OIL for t.imirr, I L?rd, YV Ofi<e toil Sperm OIL. r J uit reeaiTM Mid for a&le bi K. E. WHITE ft CO. No. 63 La *v? bet.tth m<( nh ?u., U?U 08: offo, lb? -______ I THIS LATEST WeWb f TELBQR APH10. i SOUTH CAROLINA II* CMTtllTlM. Prrra Dti. CnntLi?iex. Dec 'it ?Tbe Convention wm of>? i.'-d with pmver. la the co?me of which the k ralnliter Invoked i?od U> unite tbe people of Ibe I ttp'ith in the fertnaUoe of a (toutbeen Coafr4rnrj 1 hi. o ?? ?^ ~ ph. ??iiiwni novn, rMirvnaii oixof roMlIt tee to prepare an addrt-aa to the #ontber? Mataa, reed a loot; pnp?r. rrviewing U* lnjuriea offtoetfc j. Carolina Iu cronectlou witli tbe I aion. It wm mad* ILf apeclal erj?r far ttekirday J udge \v adlaw madr made a report. MMa^inr. by ordl nance, tbe < noetltMtloa of ibr State of 9ouUt a llrtttlaa. After otlner |ir?c*nlia|t tU CwmtSon Wfut into eecrrt araalon. eaHodlac all bwt lurmbrri. [The aecret Maaloa, It linunarrd It wlvU refereoce to pnaul nitlm and ruMana ] 1 An ordiaanc*. anbmfttrd on the Mtk Of One? bar by 8 K Dun kin, was takri up Itwaaaa Ibllowa ?t it oril*tn*4 b* tkr (mvtiiM. Tkit, uatll UifrwlK- pro?14i4. tbt UMwiior be aathurlaad to appoint collector* and o'Uer <>m< era couwcM with coatariia in the aeverai (orti Of Saatb Caro Una; alao poatroaaterf. and untilauchappotaf?t pmon* now <-barged With aa<d office* continue to diicbar^? tbe ?ame. keeping i*<wsb of tbe money* rerrl ved a?d dtsbnrafd r<-*partlvely Several amendment* were ottaroJ. aaaaa* them one bv Mr. Gregg, aa a aubatllate, daclartag and oria'.n'n? that tbe Importation of maacbaiidiae be free and unrcaUlctod. aad Ibat It la tbe duty of the Governor to lulr aucb temporary rrgatatMaa 0 aa maybe nwcaaary >oaceralag tbe entry aad clearance of v*aael?. aad appoiataacb oflUieia aa may be needed Alao. to appoint poataaaatera and make temporary arrangement* for tbe Uaaaportatlon of tbe maiu. A un'Uer amendment provide* for tbe iwieatiaa of I nited State* property uatll tbereeaa be a tnal aeltiemeiit Tfef Uedaratla* af Intk (areluaft. Ch*kl**tos, Def .II ?It mmm to beUw 4l? podtloii of the convention not to elect tboar who b iv.- been t.? Coogreaa. nod have got imvio vk there. to appear a* t otumiaaionera at Waehli^tea The dcriaratlon of cau*ea whichjuaufy the aeceaa'on of Sooth Carolina ftcui the nA?d Caion, aa reported by the committee appelated la prepare aa addreaa to the people of the aoutbera Mates, la for the moat part a parody oa the Deciaretloa of m independence of the Called Stataa, oaly la coo i rlua.on anma up grievance* aa followa Fifteen State* have deliberately ref and. for I yean, to fulfill their coaatitutional obllfatt?M a TUev refer their own atatemeou for proof la tfca fourth article of tbe couatltutioo The greater n umber of tbe contracting part lea beld a larva, bat I the lnrreaaed hoatilltv of tbe North to the laatitution of alavery baa lea to tbe diaregard of the obligation! of the laww of the general government, which hat thua ceaaed to effect the object for | which the conatltotion waa framed. * Maine, New Hampablre. Vermont, Maaaa-hnaetta. Connecticut, Rhode ialand. New York, Pennaylvaula, lllinola, Indiana, Ohio. Michigan, Wlacouain, and Iowa, have enacted iawa either to aullify or render uaeleaa tbe attempt to execute the acta of Consresa 1 II 111 h n V Of tb?P '*< 1 * - ' ' ~~ v ? w ?? *uzniTtsirvn) rrvicr or labor liav?- been discbarbed v ben claimed, and In none of thcni baa a Sute government complied wltL the stipul ltioni in the constitution. T liar low Weed (Mlerrhf with Lincoln SpKi>GritLD, 111., Dec JO.?Tburlow Weed, j!i<V? S <msen, and J H Vanalin, of New York, arrivtd here fr>tn tin- K'i! in the f*riy morning train Weed *n closet<-d with Lincoln {road o'clo k until :j He brought his coniproutiae alon^. which ?u tL>- a.:U>trt of earneatdlacoaaion , It is said that modifications were Insisted on by the I'reald'-nt elect relative to the recognition aif the rlt'Lit of slavery 1n the Territories, and that tbe idea of a r<-storxtion of geographical lines of division was repnlsrd. Weed returns East this evening . II la rejxwted that he will take tbe modi- , fled programme to Washington, where it will be submitted to tbe republican members of Congreaa. He shw no one but Lincoln and a few of the latt. . > f.i?' Tbe Nrw York city appointments w?? parcelled oat daring Weed's Interview wltfe Lincoln Mom GrinnelMs mentioned as Secretary of tbe Treasury, and Mr. Draper a* Collector. Keward'a declination of a seat tn tbe Cabiuet ia said to have been Intimated Tbe news from Charleston produced great acnaat'.on In political circles. Mr Lincoln, buwever. received it rnlinlv. Tt* Presidentelect it grossly misrepresented in Cobb's laat letter. H*)tirla|< at Chtrleatta. CBA*L*?Tn*, Dec 21.?A grand pro^eaalon of Minute Men Is In progress to-nigbt m boa or of tbe secession of tbe State from tbe F<aderal Union Tbe procession embraced several Vuouaand MinuW M"n, cltizena. strangt-rs, firt-mea and military, wlib ninti'*, banners and iranaparencles. Tbe line is brilliantly Hlntniuahrd witb large locomo tive rellectors. j reaer.Uug ^ulte an impjs'.ag display. The procession formed to front of secession Hall and proceeded to tbe Mill* House, where tue Ukbd serenaded Governor Pickens. Subsequently Wm U. Porter, President of the Senate, oeaeral Slmona. Speaker of the House. Oeaeral J unison, President of tbe Convention, Mayor Macbeth and others received tbe same compliment, and returned U.e1r thanks in appropriate remarks. Tae ttag was carried at tbe heed of the procession wee of CapV Berrv rf tbe steamer Columbia, wbteh was hoisted oil governor's Island, New York hay. Tb? city Is alive with Pleasurable excitement A number of private residences, public building! aud newspeper establishments are Illuminated Ssuth Urslias Legislature Charleston Dec <1.?la the Leg leisure yesterday tbe House adopted a resolution instructing tbe Military Committee to make provis oes tor f^ln/v a - ?*?? woHipvnm| nvoj?, dlN ror MBDHSQ* lag telegrapba to tbe principal exposed points lb State, and giving tbe GoTeraai authority over all the telegraph lines lu caa* af war or apprehended Invasion A resolution waa made the apeclal order for to-dav authorising a MMklM 'nqatiy lata the of the banks of tbe State, with power to end persons ty examine the banks, tbetr booka, and transaction* C aleb < aihtag. CHAaL*?TOH, Dec 21?Hon. Caleb Quaking arrived here last night and remained sum Its hours, after which lie departed for YVaahlngton The rumors are various as to the nature of bis mission here Tbe Legialature to-dav changed the name of the Committee on Federal Relations to Foreign Rela tions. A Committer wu aiao appointedto styla the Male :la^. Mr. Bates It be d Li>e?li*i Ctkinl. St. Locis, Dec. 21?The bMDOcnt of tkli morning announces by authority that the Pretl. dent elect, Mr. Lincoln, Ui offered Hon Edward Bate* a cent in hla Cabinet. The Utter win accept, { and the position will probably be Secretary of the Interior. ft lectien el ( MMlMithtn. Co a el*?tt'S, l>ec. 21?p. ?n?The Caarenuoa U now taking a aecond ballot for the election of three commissioners to proceed to Washington I it W Baruwell wai elected on the first ballot. A S Magtath and J. L. Orr staad the beat chance for election. Majsr Andersen at Pert Mealtrte Chulutuk. Dec. 22.?A special telegram from Wash!ngtoa to the Courier says that Major An* 1 derson has received orders to surrender op Port Moultrie to the CoasUluted Authorities of the State. In case ot aa attack, bat not to snrrender It to irresponsible parties {Bash.?Ed. Siar] K'jsiclag* ?t Mobile i Mobile,Dec. 21.?The city is ilium tabled. and ? rcemag is in progress ui uoiur a kM HMMMMt, of South Carolina. Tbe meeting la Immmir and the wildest enthusiasm prevails. Some of tba oldest men ?re taking the most proialaeat part HrcNMii t'debrttwa Memphis, Dec. *t?Yesterday I lar|v ind ? thnsloatU meeting here ratified the seeeestoa of South Carolina. A aalute of fifteen gons wm fired , and at night many public and private buildings , were Illuminated, t Reperted Capture al ft Slaver. Nrw Voaa, Dec 8* ?It it reported ben that the war steamer Mohican (six puns) baa eap' tured another slaver on the coast of Africa baring on baird (Ui negroes. | RestgaaUea af laptala la Us Kftvy. ' Niw Ton, Dec. iS -Caowedere Kesrsrr, the aecocd^aenlor other of tbe U. 8. Navy, baa rrrtfiiea du comouMttoa. He Is a uon ana resiaant of ?lrv Janey. Ful Pay 1b ItluMtkMtlU. I)r *2 ?'Tl>? Goww of Maaaachuaatts baa Issued a proclamation for a day of (bating , aud prayer iu cooteratMy ?* ^ wcoattfaii lion ( the Wealdaut. Accident la ?# ?* ftMllia. CiXDin, Dee tl ?Daring the mwlaa calibration to-day a caaaoa barat. and aaaaiaty laJflred several persona. CitTiMm, Dac*?.?tST CaavaoUaa will - probably take a wcaaa to-day aatll ttw Iflk a* Jaaoarr. __________________ Flaaacftat. New York, Darnabar ^ Btaafca ara actlv* said decidedly be Oar; aame stock Mc batter Ct.iragb and Rock lalaad St*, I maola Cantra' ICratral "? Vl C> C?*l Co 74, K?adta~ ft ft 44*. Va.ra7?i - , -^F

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