Newspaper of Evening Star, December 22, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 22, 1860 Page 4
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? ^ I 11 I ???????I THE EVENING STAR. _ DER SHOEMAKER'S POY j Dor !M?t ekoppar l-aiged on <i<w rite;Tash?< rail, for no ?u?tom?r romad to der poteher'a sht?J!- i l)?r ugiitt ma?hren tu ai longer ta piay, ad der putahar por? ha.t ?U a ha tdn?. i>arahoamak*r'? oomod nera ro ahlida ?. On w of der zsl *r. bat btaa-.d in.tJa i W#9 A ? oki.aaia. n.uihrt K? 1 EjQdCl tO ED&J(9 1 il' Uo he erilhl, "dera i < nrpiriy t-x>king at mo." Oh, tier ho'ar?alier,? poy. On. oli. car ahuemak^r'a pop '. P?r diy n??l ?t if, ?ml?r niikt mnwd on, 11 Van d?r . , '0mu? voond d?i bit poy *?i |OH ; P< H? eal cd UP 'row. un d<*r search pagan, ?J To look f ' d. r po?. un vind him if day oaa. ? l>*y aeeked and uW f >r him at efery door, pi At dar pu?cher'a, der pt.ker'a. na froshery ahtora ; 11 At der 'a?er per eel'w, fler ahtation Hons*, 11 Bat der anewer dey ftted - a*, "Nix eum rou?." Ok, lor ikociMkn'i poy, a I'u. ok, der ? noemaker'a poy : ( Dey Beaked turn all nirht. an a**ked him next day, f, /a for mora a* a rront va* der duy vel to pay. Jb d?r alley. Cer l.ouaea, un efery plus r<?u:.d. i ] n dar toumlis, in dar riter, uu in der tog pound, J >ey aaafcad Un ta riij, until v*ek? v?? baat. ,'n d*' ahoemake- vent to hia a>> at last; a Jn hVd t a<? py. a! der heeplea maid or*, a "D?re joee der ahoeir.aker vat loeed hia poy." Ok,d<r ihuem^ker'a poy, o liu, oh. der aboomaker'a poy ! * '.net dar ma?t chopping maah*en rat iiy^eed, INr fOKi.*' (??a IV II, IB acrv h nva . A puiwii* of pones nu d.r shoes waa dere V^t ?r lung lo-t ahoemak r'a pot did vear. Hi* Java rere slit 11 v*g . tn?, an <Mm(d to aay, i *' Van no ronn her* I col in t? tony? t It etoaed mit a shprieg?un der P"j ao green Vaa mod* a?v?n?e meat pr oer chopping caashaen," fib, der 'oe!i?*ker'? pov, < D?.-r mat of der ah<>em?ke*'a poy ! ? Tbepnbl'catlon^fCbarles Dick ; ens's new a?orv of ' Great Expectations'' has been ( commenced In "All the Year Round " ( Tbe name of Thackeray'a new novel, to be I commenced !n the January number of the Corahill Magazine, la "The Adv>?ntnrea of Philip on ' bta wav tbrengb tbe Wo'ld,Showing wbo Rr.bbed bim.wbo Helped bim.andwbo Paaaed him by " , It la aaid to be of much more elaborate workman- i ablpand tpucb higher pretenaions thaa "Lovell 1 tbe Widower,'* and needa to be, if tbe author hope* to get any addltlooal fame by its publica- J tion ' O A. Bala John Oxenfird, and Henry Bellew, are among tea contributors to tbe II at number of tbe '-Temple War Magazine." Tbe London Saturday Review baa received a TtDQir iron) Iainni. wu: re t> wa? pmuium uo , warrant srmpntby was felt with Its opinions as Well aa the wirmn' admiration for Its conduct Mr. WiUtam Henry Hurlbat, who has been for * year or two post connected witu the editorial cor'.a of the New York Dally Times, Is now editor in chief of the New York Dally News Mr Matter, originally one of the largest proprietors of the T imet, has purchased the News Mocquard. a well-known French writer, is engaged on a novel of American life to be published , la the Revue Kuropeenne. . Mcsic?Mario, Ranconl. and Albonl, each unapproachable, are siAgiag at the Paris Italian 3b has finished an opera which will b? im- I mediately produced In London; it is called liianca, or (he Bravo's Bride " Richard Wagner's opera, the "Flying Dutchman,'* Is enjoying great success on the Vienna tan Castellan la singing at the Court Concerts at Hanover. The New York Harmonic Society will give their annual performance ot the "Mesotah" on Christmas night,, at the Academy of Music. Forme*. Fabbrl and Stlgelli will perform. The second concert of the New York Philharmonic Society for the pres nt season will occur on Saturday next, December ?2, at the Academy of Mosie. T Tbe concert with which Colson. Susini, Ferrl and Mario intended to inaugurate the new Mure flail !n Fourteenth street, called Irving Hall, will not take place Misa Abby Fay, of Boston, recently sang witb success at tbe Philharmonic concerts in Florence. AST?The Artists' Fund Society of New York was Instituted in 1S59; its object is the accumulation of a fund for tbe aid of members in disablement. in sickness and distress, and the assiatance of widows, children and families of deceased members Hubbard, Kensett. Oaailear, Falconer and Colyer constitute the board of control. L nder Its anspices an exhibition la now open at tbe rooms of the Academy of Design, where pictures br Giffjrd, Gignoux, Hays, Huntington, Kensett. Lang. Mlgnot, Rossiter. and other prominent artists are to be seen. These will be sold at auction on the evening of December 22J. for the benefit of the ftind 9o:r.e of them are very meritorious. In addition to tbe paintings which are for sale, some verv fine ones nave been loaned bv their ownen. gentlemen of this city, to add interest to tbe exhibition. Altogether the collection is well worth visiting. Hajletlne is on?y elaborating some sketches of New Jerry scenery. taken by hlui last summer G . L Browa his nearly completed a large work representing a view in the White Mountains. C7" Notwithstanding the pac;flr nature of advices from Washington, the army authorities her* seem to expect orders for reinforr-nneuts to be sent to Fort Moultrie It is said that General Scott predicted, before leaving town, the departure of 3,UU0 men for South Car >iina in less than a month The troops now on Governor's Island, the msjoritv of whom are recruits, are drilling daily.?y Y. Pott rrr On Monday of last week, asinging master, named Marvin, was ridden ou a rail in Jackson, Mia.i and required to leave the place, because several negro daguerreotypes were found in his trnak The search was made because became from New England. r~T The Indians in the I'nited states Reserve have, daring the test month committed horrible murders and depredation* in the neighborhood of Wsatherford, Texts They sre reported *sdressing like white*, and speaking good English. P~7*A "dear old Colonel" swindler, bav^ni m -de Mmieif agreeable to m number of New Orleans ladies, recently, while on a steamboat, was tovited to the r U^usea, and confllenced a widow lady oat of a dismond ring, watch and appurtenanres 1^7" The Lonisrille Journal siya the report of the death of D-lazon Smith, of Oregon, *s incorrect. It had Its origin In a paper politically opposed to him speaking of hi in a* dead in a politital tens*. There wa- a ir*rfc<*d <naprovem? nt In the New York stock market Thursday. No better rates wore indicated, however, in the money market rrr The Boston Advertiser, the leading republican paper of Msssarhusetts, urges the repeal of the Personal Liberty laws of that State. Iff Bl.rvr.U ?I e M 1 mr - ? ucwr^i narrn in iflt? jignlar vein, at Keokuk. Iowa, on Thursday, In wrangle over a game of c*rd? Cy Pat. Downing, a drunken private watchman. (tabbed Pollea Captain Baker in a cell at New Bedford, Mass , on Tuesday night. ~AFRTVALS ATTHE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL.?J A Creewell, ?: RH Conrad, La; F Martian, Cal; C Vaneoret, NJ; R Ueldthwaite, Aid. E M Kimball. Tex; L Cowen, JWe, C W Garratt, XV; J Renleb, O: A Wade, J F rrucbern, A L Rognrs, Va; P J Cook, ?; 9 C Taylor, C C Maynard! J B Floyd, Nld; O R Bro?le?. SOj 0 T Gardner, P Bonford. J M Patron. vT P Newman, Ala; F Tbomaun, NC; J R Millkin, Ky; W A Fetta, Ala; J J Geyson, J Sterell, Ky; 1> Jonea, Ala; K Cempton, Kr; O V Brown. Teun; C Moure. L Fitch, NV; G W Knox, Pa; G Martin. T Rawiiag, U Kan*, Md; W Hicks, SC; 8 Rom, O. WILLARDS' HOTEL?T P Robinson, Ala; J 6 Plum, NY; E H Allen, do; A W Wr'gtit, do, ? Seymour, do; W H Herbert. 9C: M Page, Va; W **?p-r, Pa; J 11 Hegward, Md; W Boone, do; F Hovrtand. NV: J P Wilaon, do; R Charles and lady. Pa; Miss Antler. Cans: Miss Escandon, La: Mr Meodig, do< J H kdwardi, Pa; G Ad land, NV; J W Norris. Pa; D* II Benqett. NT; J D Bowainaaad lady, KJ, Hon W Dehnison, O; W F Sbarpe and lady. N V; Capt Haitsten ?, U3N; W ? Brudoraat, H>m, Hon J R lncr*rs?il. Pa. MOWN'S HOTEL ? J E Toung, F Thorn wii. titri n it tuoa, f f tiarman, F P?ndi?toa, O H v. tulOC.rvcn, J L) C*ry, Va; B W Kobiown ad ladle*. O di*tt. L Vslk, J Howard ly. NY, o , W Mcrtill, 8C; W 0 DoxUr, VSA: J Harmon, D Rowlmd, Ky. G VV ttegan, C P fofcnaon, Mo: A Uradf rd. Minn; T Libia, A Wlili?n?, P?: 1) E MeMalraid Ladle*. NC; J K^yot, Term, 0 8andig'. J 6 L Lamb, G Holland, la; F R ? lvtyinouf, U CiDMughatn, Va; K Ferjjnaon, A S Llndaley, J A Gray ud ly, W H McCtnkey, Mr* Mohan. Md r IJBKWOOI) HOUSE -li SSi^vnrt, L ReyBOld*. V?i J V Pie?(jr*ye N'V; Major Koff and cUlid, USA; W H D*?td, J Hunt, J a Wbltney, Oa; H D* Draff, O, K tilghmau, JHlcb. WllUA'ttTUN HOtSE ?J Alexander and I if, A H*w?a u4 If. IU; U * ind; J If Kaliiboue. J Uetrraui. Mich: J i .f?1?????? \TF VOL' WANT TO SAVE TJifc UNION 1 Call at H A k V fc Y'0. Who ou j?str*ooiv*dai*rt? iapfiy iffraah LOB?Ttka. FISH, aod boa uVSiKKH.^M^ whivo U? vi.t t?> va to cuatoiuara it "li*? , )>? Mi?rt?*t but c# af.a ua Iibara w a*. f c-'tuief? ??r*ad to familioo and houiaa-a pot ?? i?l; taay *ra oaJy aaai4ed /or paraou^aatM I? aaio?n, T M ff awtrt. Wk mad aow otfarOM ?#?t ?at?>i nvt vari -tj r*viD srA^m%??naflWB V*| Isk#\ CAKCKf ??A.Tf, r?A rcHKLS, *0., la Una otty, Vkicc w? ?m w> I ii m vary low prtc-a. Vt AmL, VTLrttK ** * CO , *>*(/ ^-ra.*vaau-. * '? ! .' '* ' ?#JI ' ! ' ' 'i MISCELLANEOUS. i . .... r? WIT If H O Y T ? IllawatUa llalr Restorative la warranted in every in?t* .o* to (t'TOBK OHA\ HAIR TO IT* Otiaixu. Cou>u. It haa bwo applied IN THOUSANDS ?F CASKS* i tha nrm"iMJ oitiaa of New Kncl&a<t. nd HAH Wfr a! ..EL) In % aiaaie ineuuto* to ae- I oomph'K all that ia claimed for it. 0 Hair i* eo Gra? or Red bat the HI A W ATHA will ohance it to a beaetiful life like Brown and k'lack. It ia n">t aa Inatantaueoua ore which erooka, nnta and jivea a dead hlaok eoior to ih? hair; the ktient having to submit to eoapiM. waah ng and ponging of tha hair every time t ia applied; nor ia ! a preparation of aalphar, auger of lead, &a.. nor r ant ingredients delOrioua to the heir of akin, t ia an article requiring no preparation, no waahtg before or after uaiog. it ia applied in ftvs mint *? t me, and with aeliU'e troabie aaaay ordinary < tic's for the toilet. "People who have need thia preparation declare 1 is miraoaloea ia ita effeota, and that it will perjrm all that it pretend* to do Pictorial. "Ita aacoeae wonderful, and we nan on!* saj we ->dore? all the proprietor says ia regara to it."? Sort on Jomrnal., ' We observe, by a notice in a Boston paper, that premium was awarded b? the Ma?*aohn?nu Me hanics' Charit?'>.e Association, at 'heir Ut? Fair, Joston, to Mr Joseph Hot of this city, for his -lcbrat?d 'Hiawatha Hair Restorative,' ao article rhioh riohly merited this favor. It was for ita stierior merits in this respect that the Committee, afit ?uflfioiect evidence presented to thews* vea, JTWil'd to Mr. Huytthis flattering testimonial Jro?tdtnt? Evening Port id Washington by J. W. Nairn. D. B Clark, CidweU k. i.awr?noe D. <?. Ridneiey. la Georgeown by J. L.. Kidwell. and by Draggisca generally. de H Jg CENTRALSTORKS! 00 CLOTH CLOAKS r~CLOTH CLOAKS '' *i'?w Cloth Cloaks, new C'otii Cloaks, ^loth f-loaks of, new styles, ;joth Cloaks or new styies, 31aok And Colored troths, for fMoak*, Slack anil Colored Cloths, for Clonks. DRESS GOODS? DRES5 GOODS-DRESS GOODS! Reps, Valenoiaa, Mennoi. Silk a. Silk Robes, knd various other at t lea of Dreaa Good a: all nsrktd down to neat the present state of the non?y market. We invito all in waat of Dry Goods to ?ive ns a sail, and we reel confident that they will be repaid tor so doin*. wm. r. riley k brother, No. 36 Central Stores, Between 7th and 8th atreeU, de 12 2w Opposite Center Market. Holiday presents-suitable mementop! --=&.! ii. One S>-t Keal fable, One Set Koyal Ermine, m "Hfamwti At haii their uaaV price. M1NK SABL.ES! Moatee<ant ae's, at prioa* to snit the times. FRENCH MINK. fkencii Sables. ' sjwaifrbt'c" B autifu Set* from J10 to #15. CHIuDRKN'w FLtR3. Muffs, Viotoriues. a^d Cape*, m a 1 their varieties, from 75 cents t.> .$? B. H. STINKMETZ, 3*6 Pa ay.. de 13 between 12th and IS'h st?. ^jr\ NEW PAWN OFFICE. XK 6 Me. WAR D~Dealer in N??U C au<l cart Off Olotnin?, respectfully informs tb< pu'i'ic tfcat hs has ?>pen> d a LICENSED H^V,"S OPFICK a' No 7# Louisiana avni.ue. betwoer th and 10th eta , a faw Joo-s east of the new Can tral 6a%i<i-house, where he will be at all timet prepared to wait on hie patrons with promptness attention and the strictest iustioe. N. ?>?Jewelry, I?ry Goods, Clothing, Mechan ios' To Ms. St o , always on hand at pruate sal*. da 7 lm* ? HAVE.NOW ON HAND A COMPLETfc A Stoo If or? Ladies' Kid and Lasting Velvet Trimmed SHI Boote W11 Ladies' Kid and L??tinr Buttoned Root*, * *kk? Ladies' Moroooo and tioat'kin Buttoaed BooU Ladie*' Thick and Fur BooU, Misses' Kid Velrrt trimmed Boots, Miase?' Kid Morocco and Goatskin H'jt'd Boota, Ia'im' and Muses' Rubber Long Boots, Which I am ?e line from 50c. toji pair lowei than the itme q uality can be boug ht elsewhere ii this city. Also, a Hill a??ortrr ert of Boota and Shoes fo cents', hoys', and youthb' wear. J. ROSENTHAL. No. 16 Vaket Spaoe, de 1 eotf Pa av? bet 8th and Qth ?ta. Notice to journeymen tailors at home and abroad. The following is a oorrect list of the employer who pay the hill prices ot, and are reoognized by the Society, to wft: W. H. Stanford, Matlook &. Griffith, "uvsjii Bro., Matlook &. Herbert, Wm.Tu<*Wer. James I acker. G. W. Hintm 4 Co., J. T. Mcintosh, Loixlon k Co., Thos. K. Gray, E, M- Orew Vardoran. se27 eo3m /^UNIONRF^TAURANT,^ By JACOB RUFl'Ll, ^AfiSr Corner of 19th &n*l H sts.l N#tbT few doors youth of Pa. av., Favier's o>d stand. First Ward. Washington. His Bar is constantly sup p.i?<J with the choicest Liquors and Cigars, in beef Friod Oyster? in Washington can beoh'aine at his place. Families supplied with Oysters in ?v? ry stylo, and at reasonable prises. se 23-eo6m PROF. WOOD S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL A5D BLOOD REKOVATER Is precisely what its name indicates, for, whil pleasant to the taste, it is revivifying, exhil*ratini mvig. nating and stren . to the vitai power and at the *a:ue tune revivifies, reinstates, and r> new? the Blocxl iu a.l its original pu-itj.atd thi at once rutarts and rtvdrrs tkt syt-m mrulntrab to attacks qf dt/eas*. It ia tl?* only prepaiatio ever offereu to the world. ao obemically and akil fjlly (vmbined as to be toe nroat powerful tonu and at the aama time ao perfectly adapted to. aa I act in perfect acoordanoe with the lawaofuatun sn<i henoe will footk/ the weakest stomach, at tone up the dilative org ana, and thua allay ail ne vnnaa d other irritation. It ia perfectly exhilart tin< and at tne tame time it ia compoaed entirely < v. **trvf>ie?, yet ao combined aa to produoe the mm thorough tonic effect, without producing any 11 jurioLa ennaequenoea. bach a remedy ha* lor li?en (e'.t to be a d^aideratum in the medioal w ?l< fur it ieedn r.o medical ak II to aea that debiln f Lows ali atuoka of diaeaae. and prooeedi a d u dead laya the ay?toTi open to the ioaidioux attack ... , r.ui ?-u *? 1- rm 't HT ui biio uiuii mwi,?uuii,iur VAMiipio, m if following: Conaumption, Indication, liyapepaii oaa of Appetite. P*intn*?a, Norvoua Irntabltit N~u>a (ia, Palpitation of tin h-^rt, Melanohpi Niiht sw- au, Langor, Gid unaaa, Retention ol. i we 1 as Painful obatruoted. too profuse, or tr Menntrnation, ai,d Fa lintr of the Worn Thf ae all depend up>n general debilitf. Thi? par healthy tonio Cordiai and B ood Renovator ia I tare to cureaa thaaun ia to riae and aet There no m:-t&k? about it. But thia ia not all If tl ayatem i" weakened wa are open to biliona a taoka, trie liver becomea torpid, or worae diaeaae the kidney a refuae to perform th<>ir functioua, at W" are troubled w?Ui aoaiding and inooLtinence anna, or involuntary disorarge of the name, pa in Hi* back, li le antl between the shoulders e: ceetlinjly liable to slight colds, oougha, and if ai chocked. wxin emaciiit.oi follows,and the patiei goea down to a pre.nature crave. Hut imce wi qot allow ua to enumerate the manv ilia to which 1 are liable la a weakened condition ot the sjstei but we wili say in this Cordial and Blood Renov; tor you have a perfect, s?>, pleasant and effeots remedy for loss of Appetite, biliousness. Plat lei.ce, w*ak a"d sick Stomach, l.acscnr, L?iv Complaint, Chills and F*ver,or an? Uiliou*aita? Co>tiveness, Aeidity ofthePt -roach, Nervousnei Neuraigia, Palpitation of the Heart, Depressu ofSpi'its.dorss, Pimples on tne Face, or any di ease arising from impure Mood, suoh as ScrofuJ ?rysipetas. Uronohins, Cough, difficulty of Rreat iug. and all that class of diseases cat ed f?ma weakness. aad enumerated above. We will al say the traveler exposed to epidemioa, ohauge o.nnato and water, will find tt a pleasant, safe si sure remedy, and no one should ever travel wit aft. j&js* r huvi in i? m ii iwum iiw-cu, m w?u mm m iu?na in DM All persons of sedebtarjr h&biu will find ita f* fee'. preventive vt. as well u a our* for those a menu which they are particularly exposed Hen mi:n?ters, students, attorneys, literals gentlemc an<l ladiee who are not aocn?t >mod to muoh 01 door exeroi-e, will find it to their advantage keep a bottle constantly on h&nd; and above i mother* or tnose t>eoorninc *uoh. will to throu that most dangeroos period u?t on It with all tb< aooucomtd strength, bet safe and free from t thousand ailments so prevalent aincug the fern: portion of the woild. In short, is indeed a mothe cordial. Try it o>d and yeung; no lo< ger rue t ritk of de!ay; it will relieve and prove itself em phi iemlly a Rtitmativt Cor iin.1 and Blood Renam e tor o. J. WOOD, proprietor, 444 broad#ay, N( York, and 114 Market Street. St. Uuu, Mo., a so^U / ail good Druggists, Price Oaa Dollar | PROF. WOOD'B RESTORATIVE CORDIAL f? r s\r\ t\ TV M rw%s~\ *? Ml LtVjyj LJ AflifVTfliUA. Sold in this city by C. 8T0TT, 374 Fa. aveai au iO-ecly, aiw P ITN C 1 S H^A R P E R. FAMILY OROCF^VA^D ^EEDSTORE Cemtr of jVnr fork aHW iii Tenth strut. Respoetfully eolioits the natrunac* of thoM? m?? bo m want of any artioff in tne above line. I endeavors shan be to pieaiet and bra strict atU tion to the want* of the public, be no pee to neeri share of their patronage. His took consist* or erery article usually to found in a fiist-olaee Family GrOoery ana F< Peon avenue, and examine their extremely la anl beautiful assortment of Children*s_ Boo so., in* nnmi aaaoranant *? onrM i ore In tJua oUy. Go aarlr, bafora the ra?h, a make your aftleotiona. Alao, % lam and var aaaortiaent <>f Di&riea for 1MI. Will DM<?ceived next >to*ibor a compi?M aaaortmeut or Engl Almana^a. no 3 INQTON erar* TUESDAY andf""** FRIDAY, at o'clock a. m.t at J A LEX AND ft at balf faat6 o'olock, for CURRIOMAN and i ha?vs muttsbi and BatuRDAY. at 5 o'o.ock a. ml kiwi. Bo^.^i^akr,riyi NEW **OOK0> *t PR ENCH ft richbtein 9T8 PM?, Avksus. t'"a1*1*' * 00 ' R??ai, 12mo., elotk; pr 9re?? oftha Paouhaa of Great Bi l*ao., dlouii ftiM ?149. fWU# m I A1 1 , < i,.k ?. i * i r i .u/ ,a^ m nrrmm^ m AoRAfltftusH /(^SEVENTH 8TKEE' All Stop at S M I T H 8 . Pfo. 460 SEVENTH STREET. " O* tkon mud do IHuwifV < 8 a oh m th? Uafua** ???1 br a e?oti#m?n wt had ?onifl of our f re*t bargaini ) I have ja*t returned from ti?? North ?itn a v*i lar<? atoqk of CL 'THING, FL'RN I8HIN GOOD*, HATS?rd CAPtJ.booih*for oa?hattv< thirds their Mt oo?t.and whioh 1 will aall at a *mi ad v&nce. Yon can buy a good Overcoat from $3 < ?s"J m n?rv fin? AiiA frnm A 1A fr/\ Alt Pa na Ml, a / HUV w>.? KWiu W ? vwj?o vfTwivt/1 from ? to ftU, Boy's Overooat and Cape Cot HSfeJof T1 Eft, Ol.OV KS, aiid all kinds of GtsU' Wmhi ApMrel. at a?toaishin*ly low prioM. frr A word to tho>? that viot to pnrohasi Havinn bounht these food* at T?rj low prieas. I a oonfident that foa oxa uv? 26 per Mat. bnyu fr?JnBe?ERVANT8' CLOTHING in abundant Don't forget to Mil at the Peope'* Clethin* Stor No. 460 Seventh street, before purchaunp e'? here, and satisfy yourselves that we are cfferii bargains. jTh SMITH. Ciothier, de 14-1 ?r No. 4?0 Seventh st.,opp. Post Offioe, CGENTLEMEN'S * RE KDV-MADE CLOTHING, Our irflMnt uinrtin^nt of fiEN'Pl.KMKN REaDY-MADE CLOTHING cffara :o citiu and atrangera wiahing an imraadiata out fit ?u|x nor indvoemanta, emhracinf, at thia time. I atflaaand quahtiMi of T>reaa and Bnainaaa la raanta and Uvarooata in all vari-tiea. Fina Shir and Underclothing of all kind a. Rid and oth Glovea of boat qui it;. So&rfa, 'Has, Oraval Sto"k?, Hosiery, Ac.. Aa. All of wluoh va a offering at ?>ur uaaal low prioea. {[7" Clothing mad" to or<W in the moat auperi manner. WALL, STEPHENS A Co7. no 16-If 3'JQ Pa. avenue CJ R E A T BARGAINS OTTiKKP AT TBI PEOPLE'S CLoTHIfiQ STORK, No. 460 Sktknth Sntxir. CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS, HATS MD CAPS* At 90 P*m Csht. Lnt thai* thk Usual Rati At SMITH'S. No. 460 Seventh Street. N. B-All in want of CLOTHING and PU %iiori(Mn nr>/\rwi i c i .*. *i_ a_ i_ _ monitiu vuv/uo wi i bdu 11 g re* 117 w ineir i vaata* to fire me a Mil. a?7 lm J. H. SMITH. Ilothikb W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Tnvite oar customers, and eitisens gener ly, to an inipeo'ion of our present new, at tractive, and elegant assortment of>W CLOTHS. CASSIMfeRKS, DOESKINS, ft vnsrines, overcoatings, ao. jfl which we will make to order in superior 1 style at very low prioos. WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. oo 25 tf S3 a Pa. av? heiw. s?th and 10th s ti JJO! FOR THE HOLIDAYS! SEVENTH STREET FOREVER! FUN FOR THE CHILDREN: Present* Suitable for All Aokj! CHRISTIAN RUPPERT. Xo. 3-JU Sei tntk St., bett???n Uand E. } W? have enlarged, improved, remodeled,! I renovated our estaMiaiimrnt, no that it now it. I faot, the largeat and !>ekt reeniated Toy, Fanny i , Vanetv Store in the city. With personal earo i atten'i'on we have car?rnl!y so ected our great at< for the 11 oil lay and Winter Trade, and prnmiK se!l CHKaP, We b*g evory lridy to call and . ' for themselvea, a* it ia lmpoaaible to enumerate of our gooda. Saffio* it to aar, nun embraces ev kind to be fou'd in a wall uu ducted Toy, Far China, Wcolen, and general vai lety andataortm - Store. S a II kind* of the mont taateful EM BROIDER WORK. KNITTING and DRAWINGS promj executed to order by MBS. RUPPERT, .V2'2 Seventh at, 9'J'J Seventh at., 322 Seventh de 14 Sw BRADY'S NATIONAL PHOTOGRAl GALLERY. 3S2 Pekji AVsnuk. On exhibition, bountifully finished Photogra 1 of the President and Vice Proa.dent eleot; Impo Ptiotographa of ail the PreMiisnts from Jaoksoi r Buchanan: of all the Memt<era of the Senate i House of Kepreaer.tiitlvee of the present Cocxri of th Prince of Walea and a large Lumber of t . tinguiahed foreign peraonacea; "f nearly all < prominent Statesmen, Poeta, Artiata, Authors, I * itora, Clergymen, Generals ard Commodores. . The laraeet Plain Photographa in the world. The Colored Photograpiu inuat be seen to be * predated. T wenty five full length Portrait Viaitinj Cai e egaotiy fimahed for five dollars ! ONE HUNDRED PHOTOGRAPHS F FIVE DOLLARS!! Prioea for ail other aty leg equally moderate. de 10 In " 1VOTICE! NOTICE ) NOTICE!!! 8IG. P. CALLI9, Import** of FOREIGN WINES. LIQUORS, AND PJ SERVES, v- Haa received, per !a?t steamer,an immense qs e tity of Liqnora and vvines. une^mled by d wholosale dealers n Wa^lurgton. Also, 1 ,rtmb i- of Preserves, of different kinds, such as ctnnnl bought for ieaa than CT por cent, in any atore. ( me a rail and trv m* irooda No %1 A II at hnta 8th and 9.n BU.,'vVashincto'n. ~ >:? 5 col Da. hubnekts rK9SMak1 n? EST aBL19KMENT, No. 5?? Ei.*vhnth Sr , Between Pa. avenue and E tt. . All kind* of Lndiea Garment*, Dreaaen, Clo i Mantelets, Chrrterfield Hacks, Zouave Jack Ac., Ac..cut an-1 made to order by every fan ia p ate in tbe latest Fans and London atylea, at lt shortest notioe. de 1 3r T- Singer's Sewing Machines Jr 3*9 PKNN. AVENUE, ,, NATIONAL HOTEL BUILDING. r. W? invite the pu Vio attention to oar new \ family BKWING MACHINE. T)ii?Mao of it unsnrpaaaed in the hnuseho'ri. It ran* em it and (wife; $e\et, htmi, Jtlh and gathers, will i. the finest twill or oIotii tan a.*?ra llnrlr. sr. t g thin* between the ivo, m a ?*aut ful i auuat&mial manner Maohineaiu m&hoianTt' [? nut and rosewood ease* from 860 tc #lin. , laree vibrating prttitr machin*yU>T ooaoh trlmi [ and a&ddlers, la without a rival. Bilk, Ti ia Thrmd, NiH'm. Bobbin*, Oil, Ao., aiwayi hand at New York prioee. v IT^Send f?T * ' U Sinjrer k Co.'i V left-. CHARLES A. SFONSLKR li no >7 6m hst >o b CIGARS AND TOBACCO FOR THE M #1 ^ LION* u The undersigned would retpectfally inform ia numerous friends and the ^ublio that the cuj ie narship heretofore existing under the firn t- Bkhiens A W ran* ash, has been disnol vou by d tual ooLsent, a. d that he ha* opened a atore oi id oomer of C and Seventh ata. weet, opposite of Bank of Washington, where may he found a eb in assortment ofSLU A RS and TOBACCO, of d: i importation, as welt aa domeatio m&iiulaol tt wholesale and retail. jt ThankAil for past favors, he hopes by fair c III inc and etriotattention U'the wants and intei ra or the publio in his line, to merit aeontinnanc n. the patronage so liberally bestowed upon the a. firin " nnllm* O Uflffr.U A N H A T 8 A N D c A p 8! * The lat?*t New York atyle of tfS ;* GENTS' UKEM HATH, f? t% . now on hand. CS SB " TheAMAZOMIAT, B1 New iMyle. mat opened. ^ M~ fll VA Mieaee' JOCKEY HATS, in Felt%0?S ,? and beaver. AT B* H.CbT1NE$kTZ. 236 Pa. av J noM near oorner Thirteenth atri S1 I G. O. DEMUTH * CO., * IMPORTERS And WUdeealeand Retail ] n" in 1L HAVANA CIGARS, 5* FOREIGN WINES, BRANDIES, GINS No. 40 Noxth Chaklis Stkikt, Vn riv* doors abort Lt tin* ton ft., a>l no 22-It Baltim< g CCHOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITS. ha Youths' and Boys' Clothing for School r ? Dress Wear. he .Pfcrwta and guardiana wlahinr to ftarmak it- uiwrtnua vtrdi vtliiBokool ind ColltftOi for the oaming ituon, are invited to exaaun ,? preaeut large and extenaive aaeortment B( ,od CLOT HlNti, where they oan fit out their eni Mr ofall aixee in a few momenta with every de? tioa of Ready-made Oarrr.onta, of aubatantiai darable quality, at very moderate pnoes. WALL, STEPHENS * CG an *>-tf 382 Penn. aver HP*!* EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT B a*. I EMRICII. at the oorner of Penn.A. avenna and Eleventh atrwt, haa b^enVcj ? greatly improved recently aad now offernlfi* . greater ludnoemenU for the patronage ofcit and atrang*ra than any other pubiio hoaae i '? oitt, hia prioea being leaa than thoae of any < hotel on Penn. avaaae, and hia aooommoda . for permanent or tranaient boarder? unax-ap ?" able. The bar and rxataurant arranreiaenta c European Hotel have already become very 1 >* lar. being aJI that oan be dnaired by the inoet . tidioua. Toe proprietor pledgee inrsmitted a b# tion and oontnued liberal extendi turea to gin Ufcntion to all, and thneranewe hi? lnvitaui a alt to give the tr.nropean Hotel a call. de Tl *Trvrtfn TO or m w - ? imi w ? ? v * mm. mm m w vuivi i*e 1^1 ? k?? The underiicned ha? iu?t opened a whol t>?j PRODUCE and MARKETING 8TORE a jM Nlctk ?trert. opp^eite Canter Market, wfce ted will be reoetvmg daily a general aeeortrae |2 ralWKJKTK5 iWASS 1_ D*fV?, Geeee, E||? Butter?of all enaiitu r feEr. .5r.r--h8Efj"A Ha-, I V M b??Q(tit in thi* oity, JdMandna. or Baltn S Sriss '"" ^ de8 tf j. H. OAN^lEl Hit PLOAIB! CLOA! mm ^ CLOAK 9... Th? Camilla, the Arab, tk#Garibtl i tit 6?. ftESt.?. * i&srSsljp; A? kTJP M to **' to whl?* we l(k attent ao nl>*' TAYLOR A HUTCH1?< /"^HIVA ORNAMENTS. Dreaain* Caaee, ,W * ' ' _v,. 1 *? ~ TO THE PI BL^! | O W1IERI) YOU CA N GET TOUI MONKY'3 WOITH fa BTTET IT! PROVETT! KNOW IT j * TR Y ~W HA T f Z PIONEER mi^W?,?o4 buy your ] Si provewhat* * Ftot* thfttyoa oan get yomr WOOD th?r? a ?! o cu?r Uuui?lMWb?reinlhe city ; ?od then yo? r WlU KNOW WHAT? 3 h7" Know that to* got OOOD MEASURKand ?J tke v?ry bMt of WOOD for 1m? money. Cvt i Split, aj*d Dilivnu Fin or Chaise. l l Call at thi PIONEER MILLS! S/Gtf OF THS Stir* flitf-snri?. l?. BOCTBVtIT CoUHK* SlVBSTH ST. AND CARAL 0 ? (South of th? Hridi?. ^ 1 e_ no 19 OE<>R??K PaQK, Aokwt. lf W o O D W AND J - COAL Delirerod to all fftrta of iuo the lovMt c uowible rstau. 1 '9 _ T. J. A W. M. OALT. I na Office 399 Pa. IT., between 11th tod 121 ii ata.. i ?- ma 17-tT nor^h utile, ail . i t* Cure Comgh, Cold, Hotrstmss, /?er yjlftv/i/V Jlunza any irritation or S?r?nets of the TUron\ H'liert th* 1 rm JKjjHHMI Hettkine Couth u Contutrp- . J |JTiHTr'ff111 t'on. BroncA?tif, a Amu, or KLUliUi|M0 4" Catarrh. Clear and girt ] WflHRnf t? (JU veirr of p un \. i c speakers < _ *xtj singers. Few are aw*r* of the iruportar.oe of ohaaKinz a ; Cough or ' Common Cold" in its li<-?t ataca; that whioh ib tha bex'ning vrould yield to a mila remedy, if neglect*}.nonnatt*olra?he Lunca. "Brown's I Bronchial Troth**" containing oemuloett ;ngre*ii enta, allay Pnliaonary and B.onotual Irritation. *'Tliat trouMe in my Throat, (for . BROWN'S wtiioh the "Troche*" ara a apeoifia) gs, _ _ hariDCinade me often a mere whiaTROCHES perar." N.P.WILLIS. n brown'S I recommend their uae to Pciljc k- d sfaxama." a~ ...nnnnn ? ev v 1* poadin (KUVIiriO ..W . u. u> vwu 1MI i. "Great eervioe in eubdning Uoabii 1 ? BROWN'S J SMi." REV. DANIKL WISE. | *1- TinrtiPA " Almoit metaot relief in the die- i rKUCUt'B 1 Ue8?in* labor of breathing peoulift' I RR O VN'4 ' AtTHSi." HttUWlM!'! KtV. A. C. EGGLESTON. L *fllOCHES; "Contain do Opium or anything *" injurious." DR A. A HA*ES. BROWN'S Chemist, Boston* TROCHES | toT"" = BROWN'S' OR- 4. F. BIGBLMW^ TiinPHFfl M Benefisia! in Hbonchiti*." TROCHtB DR j y w ?VNR, BROWN'S Bene*. "I have proved them excellent for TROCHES Whoppiro Cocsh." KKV. H. W. WARREN, BROWN'S Bo*to?. " Pen*fioial %-he* compelled to i|J TROCHES" o,.nnrU>J KEV. S. J. 1'. ANDERSON, ?nd BROWN'#; Si. Louts. Tinrmrn " Effectual in removing Hoaree?to IROi-HBS ne?? aud Irritation of the Throat. ?o ail BROWN'S ?OII>moii and Siwoj7; TROCBB# "^ M-CTACV IWrnjOl^ R(?<iWNM leaoner ul .xumo uiuern KD BKOWr*8! Female College. >tly TROCHES "G'eat benefit ?h?o taken befere and after preaching. as tue* prevent BROWN'S Hnrwn?5i, From their pa?t effect, at. 1 think they wiil be of permanent adTROCHES vantare to me." ? REV. E. ROWLEY. A. M. ? H BROWN'S President or Athens College, Tmui. TROCHES H7"?o!1hyall Druwi?t??TWKNphs VY FIVE CENTS A BOX.?CD rial * 1 1$ dr. j. h. melean's JSJ8 STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY tn tk* WORLD, th* IT10"t D*I.!CIOr* AMD ? rds, Up DELIGHTFUL j> JtX OR /?*' J IORIIIAJU f- - . Nj >y ?? Cvri IW I- ia itrictW i ?ci" JlflM w utiflc and VipL4bli C'oiuf ttiil, proeurad by tb? dia'Jlla- fcflVhj fcrHafWk tion of r*H?, harba, OL M IF- and bark? Yellow HP fl fjwj| Dock, Blood Root, Mr 13 n- wHTv Buck Root. Saraapa- FW ' aUT rejKX rula, Wild Cherry IftdP X?i JSjmfMJ Bark, and Daodelioa t lie I'WlFf ecteri into iu con- H| 'een ^W_l| ? The entire aetire * m a^'K/Z raaiiiil pnueipla ^T^ktSKa. J* of each ui(ridi)>i ia liWilrf tnkinr thoreaf*il/e*ti*etedjLrl?? tfllf in* *MW0 ULalUeFb7 myuew method ? *'Ug. diatiUitjr, rrodacin ? a daliciona, eihiUratiiif epint, aad Ua l-ni.LI. fur .h> Jimmmm.A mwmlmrm and rtatonug iha aiek, aadarwg, and dakiliiaiad inValid to health ud triofth MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will ofoctaaUy car* Li?*r Complaint, Dj?ptp?i?, Jiu, _ dica.Chroate or Narroaa Dtbility, Diatiaaa oftha Eidnaya, ? and all dtaoaaoa arising from a diaordorod U*?r or IuumcL, Djapopata, Baanburn, Inward PUoa. Acidjiy or Sickaaoo oI Iha Stooaacb, Fallnooa of Dlood to th* H? >d, Dell Pain or a Swimming ia tho Haad, Palpitation of tht atari, PallatN or Waigbl ia tho Stomach. Soar Kracutieoe, Oheking or afocuinf Foaling whan lariag dowa, Drynaaa or YalloW. naaa of tho Ikio aad Eyai, Nifht Iwltu, Inward Far?ra, Pain ia Uo BiaaJI of tho Back, Chaat, or Sido, Saddoa $5? Flaahoa of Boat. Dapraaoion of Spirit!, Frifblfal Uraaina, tilne Laugaor, Daapondoncy or aay>aa diaaaaa, Soraa or ooth Blotchaa ao tLa Skin, and Favor and Agaa (or Chill* aad aew raoa*.) 0TJSR A MJLLIoy BOTTLES and ha** boon (Old daring tho laot lit aiontha, and ia na intra. ataac* hat H failod ia g>??ag "tira a uafactioo Who. than, Our wijl aifir flora Woaknoaa or Dabilit? whoa McLKAH*B Il*ri STRBNGTBEMIMQ CORDIAL will car* yoa 1 rilt. Wo langaag* can conT?y an adaqaat* idaa af th* immidil OD at* and almoot rairacaJoaa Chang* prodaeid by taking thia Cardial in tha diaaaaad, dakilhatad, and abattarad bttroaa (j? tytltir, TK'Jiir orortn aowi< oy nciu. wtaa oj unti, u uapairtd by aitkotea, tha rtltitd mi o?tr*nI orf*oi'4 tatieo K iMUrid ta iu pnttint htalth u< Tig at MARRIED PERSONS IIL- or Otbtri, ecatcioiu of inabilittfrom (huifttHM, will 2d MckEAN* rrEKNUTHXMIMU COaOUL a tho. i hia m|b rtftntraior of tbt tytuoi; and all wbo r?a? ha?a (a !?rt |wrtd tiifhttlttt by iapriptr indalg tocu wiii tad la UJt n of Cardial * aarUin ud tpttdy rtnitdy. mo- TO THE LAD1E8. 1 '^e McLIiMl STREMGTHKHINU COKOIAfc ii to?tr1 the tlfn ud ipt?d? car* for Ineipiant CoMaraption, Wliiiat, 1'ilije Obturactod or DiBealt Btonatraaann, tr.coonntti-.* of Urina iro jt -or Intolantarr lhacharfa tharaof, Pilling of tha Womb, lure, Siddtaaaa, Fainting, and all diaaaaaa ineidaat to Fanalaa. . . THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT laffar no lengar. according^) dirtetiena. It will res a lumalata, atrangrhaa, and ir*i|oratT yea aad eauaa U>a '* ?< bloom af haalth to raoent you ehaok again, tin; botUa U ' t? warruiod la gi?a aatisfattion. v FOR CHILDREN ?1- lfracr cblldran art aickl j. pan* or aBiwad, UcLKAMW CO EDI A L will make than htaltnr, fat, and rtbui Dtlaj _ not a inamtnt; tn it, aad yoa will bo canriaead. It U dt Uclaaa to taka. CA UTION Ba va ra of 4r*frUta or d 1 ri vbo ma* try la pelm iipoc I yoa MO* bittar or aaraapartlla traah, whieh tLay can bar I chatp, by uruir If lajwt ?* food. Avoid ancb mm. A ah for MCLEAN'S aPTRENOTHENING CORDIAL, and laka aothiof alaa. It ia tba aaly riaid; th?t will parify th? Blood tsorMfblT aad at tha atna tiaa atraafthaa tba ayataa. Oaa taaapoocral takaa a?ary aarainf faatiuf ia a cartaia .It pra rantira far Cholera, Cbilla and Farar, Tallov Farar, ar ,*<* iay praralant dtaaaaa. It la rat ap la larra bottlaa. Priea auly |l par battla, ar bottlaa for 9*. 1. H MCLEAN, , . Sola propriator of tbia Cordial; alao, MeLaan't Tolcaaie OU Mftl- Ltnuaaat. Pnaaipal Dapot aa to a corn a r af Third tad Piaa lUaaU, k. Lawn, Mo. *'- McLean's Yolcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD.) >f*? Tba toly aafa aad cartaln eara hr Caacara, Pllaa, Tm. mora, Bwalliofa aad Bronctula <* Cattra, Paralvaia, Naaralfta, Waakaaaaof tba Mnaclta, Chroute or lalaaaatory , Ehaamaitaa, BtiOaaa af tba Jotsu,Coatractad Moaelti ar atia Ufaruanta, Earaeha or TooOtacba, Brataaa, Sprain!, Triab Cata. Wouda, Utaara, Farar Soraa, Cakad Eraaat, Bora their Nipplaa, Barna, Bcaida, Bora Throat, ar aay Hilanttnauaa or paia, a* dtfaraaaa haw aaaara or'laaa tha diaaiaa may ? i?u? ?*???d, MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ta iva, a eaataia raiaady. Thoaaaoda of haau barngv ha*a baan aa*ad a Ida of dla 1A tripinm sou BUMI7 OJ w* n uu lOfWMW! nnta J. ?"'d McLEAPTS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will rakara pate aliaoat inatanu.aa<nuly, and it will cl?an, I parlfy and haal tfca foolaat aorai in aa ioeradiblt ahort una. iue. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLKAVS CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia Ua only aafa y p> and raliabio ramady for tba cara of Spavin, Rinaboaa, _ a Windfall*, Iplinta, Unnatural Lnmpa, NW?a or 8vtliiora |AA It amr fail ad to ear# Big Htad, Poliavil, FutnU, uU BT Rauoinf Sort*, or Svaaay, if prop*r!y aBpUad. For Sprain*, Braiaa*, Scratch**, Craektd H**l?, Chaf**, Saddla . fk! er CoUa* Cua, Soraa, or Wound*, it ia aa infallibi* ? ?, ramady. Apply U aa diractad and a ear* ia oartaia ia ***ry I'ltiar iiituc*. II on a Than trill* ao Inttfar with th* many worthlm Linlmtcta V?P" ofar?d to yon. Obtain a *ap?lr of Or. MCLEAN'S CELEif tho BSATED LINIMENT. It will cur, jam. foju J. B. McLKAN, Sol* Proprietor. IM Cortur Third and Pin* ata., St. Loan, Ma. ittin- CHARLES arrCfTT, IT* Pa. av^aoi* agant ia Waahtaf )Mt- ton: R. 8. T. CUS8EL, Oaarratawn. aatt-DAWly AT FRENCH AE^fcH8?K?|5i'9. ?TS PA. AT. At**ts for Uu while World. Folk;8on??, ele?antly bound, printed on toned eaal b p?per, fall Turkey Gl t; fjio? 910 if sent by Mil. syl N?? ! . Mc. kens, Side, Hidden Path and Alone; prioe eaoh % 1.23 by M. at 'P*'1 AO tl 1 Inn r & H ? Eft "KAF,"N*0""fiff.Cfto.CHKLU <u? 1* * f??t? '?f *a ml a ^ ? I I... - . I ' I I I I > I ** J | i 10 |#!]4! *? ' Sv ? \t IK ... I ' *J ? *L / > * GAS PITTING, kc. | ^LUMBERS AND OAS PITTERS. J. W. THOMPSON ft CO. WoaM call thcatunuoa ol vaUr MM* to Ui?tr it a**ortmaat of Fixture* ntoeutri to lU Havirc ?up?rior ftdvabtacM, wit* prTtieal ov!?dr?. ar*> prepared to latrodao# Water Bto dv?i)mca wrh all the latest in?r?vM?aU, i rowpVr* ana at prio?? that oanaot fail to atiair. Fmr I no 94 dtMar 1 bet. 9th and loth ?U .. aoath auie. A W*. T. DOVE 4b CO. IRB Nc.v ?r?Mr?d to uaoiM aar ordan vttk WSHBJ.i?9?of^A? F1TT.N. fry Store ob Mh street, a t*w doors north of Pk ? UkT 6 AS FIXTURES. " E Hsri id More, and are dai j reoeinnr, GAS PIITUHES of entirely New Pattern* and Deaicna ,ac Finish, euperior m atjle to anything heretofore ffered Ln this market. We inriteoititena renerai r to ca'l and examine oar atook of Gu ana Wntev -ixtur??, feeling o<>a6aeut mat we hare the beet leScctfv! stock id W&ahincton. All Work in the above line intmated to Mr eftre nil be promptly attended to. MYERS fc MeGHAN. marft-tf D tree*. [ SNYDER^ rTAfI}K.0 Avr>r>.* b,?.po "" J ^ Vj?t Alf 4/ VJ A'' rii J CO, Hu removed to the oorner of Twelfth im F its. rteii prepared to iatrodsoe W*t?r And (via upon Lhe roo?t fftvoraW* tor?*, and gmrttitiM nui* MUitfaction f[?haa on h*od ? lot of COOKING and othw OVKS, which h? will Mil 1m* tk*n Oo?t. m b? rwbM to get rid of them. do >1 r\FFlC? OF INSPECTOR AND^&ALKJK LI OF ?AS METERS. W??hiwsto!I. July 18.1MB. NOTICE IS flEREBY GIVEN. That.agraakhl/ to tlit provision* ol U* okIiubm of the Corporation approvod May 12. I860, the uudersigned i| now prepare!,"whenever resulted ia writing, ana an pre payment of the fee of fifty oents, to iuspaat. examine, test, prove. and aaoertain the aoesraey of registration ofany gas meter in nee in this oity." Every meter, if found inoorraot, will be ?ondemned, ted another, sea:ed ai.d marked as true, will be at in i?? plaoe. I f proved to be aooumto in its meMur-.ment of gas, it will be sealed aooordingly, bnd again pat m position for nee. OAoe No. 610 Seventh street.(near Odd Falows'Hall) Qpen from I a. a., tot p.m. CHARGES W. CUNNING HAJA, iy M-tf Inspector and Sealer of GasMeUra. JOY T APPLY THE REMEDY REJOICE HEALTH. Friend, do yoa suffer:' Are you the vwtim of any of those Lamerous ailments waioh ansa irom in urlty of the Mood.' What are ther, do you ask I Rather ask. what are they not.' The blood is the s"viroe of life and health, ad it is the first element of our tieing to respond to any cause whioh sjfeots th? system, as the pulae infallibly attests The ev?r pruv&iiing Neuralgia, the irritating Erysipelas, the subtle Scrofula, the agonising Rheumatism. Nervous Debility, Drspepaia, Li rar Complaint with its (Armnr unh HaimLiavl *n/i th. nnniwi*aa iil? ?w?* fiea^i la heir to. derive their hideous origin from the bloud. l>e*l kindly the* arr! gently with the blood. U*e the vitalising reeouroes of nature for iu aid. a<.d suffer ua to ooanmend to yoer confidence and use that trnlr valuable medicament known aa mrs.M. rors INDIAN TEUSTTA blE DECOCTION. With regard to tuia alrnoet infallible specific aular sentiment has spoken in decided terras, th* ovideioes of this great efioaoy are ana taiaed by constant avovala of curative effect* and th? happiest results from iu use are after a!! other remedies and the best nietlioal skill hav? failed. Let as say, in conclusion, th*t oertfioatee oares are not sought from the illiterate and sneer fecial, but they are volunteered from tte most respectable sou roe* and justify the highest tenna ia wKinh it ia ?AIIiK!a fn AnmmanJ - w ww-M mm .? w? rw will "MJ?U W v ?l UCkUiT} ? apec:fio to pnbiie approval. We may add aleo that the curative propertiesoCthe medicine are** nailed only by iu restorative effect*, the eyetoin reooverinx from <Uaoaee with renewed oorutitut><>ual vigor. Fur aale br all reepeotable Drugciata inthia oity, and by tie proprietor, MRS. M. COX, None geuuine urJeea her name la blown on the bottle and her teal on the oork fTT* Prioe ?1 per bottle, aix bottles for ?L Whole?a'.* A**nt. R. S. T. C1SSEL. Dmt|l?t. Georgetown. D C., Wholesale Agent for the Die trict, and will supply the trade al my prioee. an l?-tr C ?ALTS' ity ST lam firewood mills AJIO coal depot. Foot of Stvtntemtk street, below War Dtpartwitni. WOOD prepared, any length and aixs.toanit the wanta of each purohaaer COAl-KEPT IN COAL HOUSE9, protected from the weather?delivered fr?e from alate, dirt, and other impuritiea. 2j2v> U?a. to the ton. t7>. a w. m. *alt, no 10-tf 2^*2 P*. av.. hnw. nth ?.nd 19th - - TAKE NOTICE! WILL Ta.e a1! kinds of Virginia mocr for mr book debt* and for Boots, Sbo's, and Trur.k*. All persons indebted to iue will pleas* ea'l and settle up, or I sha 1 beoumpeiled to give their accounts into the hands of a collector. S P. HOOVER. Iron Hall. no 21 Pa. av.. between 9th and 10th sts. OLD RICH, MELLOW AND PURE Bl'RNSlDG'S MONONGAIIELA RYE WHISKEY, Conscientiously distilled by Mr. James Hurnside. of Allegany Couotr, Penna., in the old-la?nioii?sJ hooAlt WILT. from th? fiKiiiAMt ml rmxmt aeleated rfyo, and in do ow ev?r otfered ior aai? until adapted to wholeaorae *ae by a<e it la at onoettoe moat palatable, a* it i" eniphatieallj oc? of the turMt bever&K*a in the reach of tha pahlio. To tha Invalid.aa wail aa to thoae in ooinnienda it?e!r for ita unrivalled quahtiea aa a atimuiajit of the a&foal. aareat, and moat benefioei.1 demon pilot:, and many of tha moat diatmraitheH ahyaiciana are uainc ltin their praotioa with tha naapieat reeulta. _ CLEEY * f?TOOKDALE, Protriatora, 339 \\ ahiut Mreet^ i^d^hia Acent for the proariotora. U?4 Pa. avM aa >i-6n oppoafie Witlarde' Hotel. IJALTiMORE O BUTTER HOU*E. Daily reoeivinp freah and awpet, in Ooahen package*. AJau, Ohio Butter, at 10^ and 12% oeuta. KLLICOTT * HEWR9, 1*W SO Kinkur* Pliuw dulMinnm, 275 A L fc" n 275 JACKSON, PLASTERERS. P**NA. Avknvb, B?tw*wn liith and 11th )? It IMPORTANT TO HOUtfEkEEFERft. K. R. DURKEE A CO.'S mzjBot spzomm. filtrfttttAMl Bot nnlt ABSOLUTELY AVD PERFECTLY PUR Is., but c round from fresh Spioes, se.ectec and o'.ean*< by us expressly for the purpose Without referer.o< to c.*t. They are beaati folly packed in tiufoil (lined with paper,) to prevent injury by keeping and are full weight, while the ordinary rroam Spioee are almost invariably short. We warran fcu-if. REASONABLE DRY GOODS Cloak*, Shaw's, Flanneii Merinos, Ott*mac?, Blankets, Fall Cloths, Lins*yi _ franoy Silks, , Alk Rob*, 7 Poplins. Valencia*. Repi Varns, Hooped Skirts, Irish Linens. Shunts, Wapkini ?It Bearer Cloth, Sack Flannel, TV h'te Goods, Linen Sets, F.mbrotd*ri*i Uo.rl.ltmsc * 1 UVI1IINMIU0B, 11'AOCM % Countervail**, Comforti. Toweling*. A11 of wtaok wo offer at price* to mit the timet. de? TAYLOK A HUTCHISON. TJUSTOl'T-NEW BOOKS. HE Pnaoaof Waloain Amenoa, by Kloaba Coraaallia,iliau,dock; pm?|l. P?tr> Aanoyaaon*. from tho Froook of Honor do arioo t1-2S- . Old Waokmaw, Ac., by W. P. Scnakland, 12ma .^pnoe *, !|rRENCH ^ RiCHBTEINt*, do< a79 Penn. avenuo. l.i?.LilUI. ?. I. MOrt. ItkiltlT, L?Will rraotioe is tha lujrk cXirt of"iirrori and Ai oaii at Jackson, tho PoderaJ Court at Poatotoi COLOUR, BUCKWHKAT, POTATOES, At a PI'KH, Ao? 160 bbla. now Riohmond Family aad Extra Flom 5,noo fba. Proah Ground Buok wboat M?*J. 100 baihel* W hit* M woor FotMoet, 100 do. Blue do. do. T'WSfVS. 12^ae-^!?A.M Toiitue on* of To? Brown *t Oxforn,? t'O1 . to Tom Brown ?t Rubr: <* # afcttoa S MU. fl? 8 ooniw KTw?ath ?t. wi Pfc W. A PFW FINE PIANOS FOB KENT BY Af I,,, I'll MISCELLANEOUS. * ? Tn AHAUtMTw or L**?ti#u.-Thw? iu growicc toodaoof m U.a M *" appropr:aia4h? > ho?(MiriMiv?vonlitf(?>UaiM(kM?AMtftK wh<:? to iac"rparal? them tato oar *ti; Uii Um "TEr?r^k>** " uTt^n 9"*k' JfJ?? toiiMUN V*h MrTla?3CvS*c?2"H1 '* raotedy; hot it wi!i aooa ba aaad la a Mora piiwi way, aad tk* word Cap**lia will Iiiiibi aa towaoD M K lac truly pa aud May oUtraabM diatiDotu.u aa foretcn Word* ha* baaa u utat j^o. rr, moo Beat* antil u?i "ua'tve a ad to 'avdlr RaalM. Hi 'fed 'a 'orrible 'aadacha thi* ailaraooi , baaJ I a?p>ad into Mia hapothaoanaa han'l raya hi to Ua ">u,"CuyoalMta? na r<f aa'aariaeHa.'*' **rv??a it haaka'ard," aaya'a. "Haioaad.rt ly." aa** hi. and ap?a that 'a car a aa a Caaba ua Pi haad pva mm opor u ?ir?? mtm m |(Mt tfek.' I v< j raaliaad I 'ad *ad at 'Mdieh*. i r i - > <* tk? fk^ortU ?>? by which uturr imin knowr, u~t dniiUur wU??t?t f om U? Pttiml ?ut? of the t><l TM?w?d 1a thia Iflkt it u? h> lotkM oiiuftuf>|Mrd int?n<**4 to notioe of di?<>a?e which w* It athwwn# Mkr' attontioc, till too iat? to bo r-a??4i*d; aa*t ita iaciea'lon? ahouid narer t>? uariactod UtMMhM may b* claanfied a;.der two diitm, \ii. Symptomatic and lutopa-lito. 9nr.ctntr.atio Re*d ac he u axoaedincly cmiftoti aa<t f* ik? (r*v*rM>r of a treat variety of dt?A*,*?. Mrntf wtmi ?i? Ap'pexy, lii>Bt, lihtumMnn u4 a 1 f brile ditaaaoe. In ita r ervoua form it ia a fr??ta?tic /u eaaaof the ati>roach ocnatiUitinr *uk ktmd**kt,al ?> hepatic dtoatw eon?ti??tir( biiimi k-mdttu, of worm".cunatipatoorand? herdie?rH?r? urthe . ? 1?jm vol! m rooai and atari nef tf~o'ion? (Vieaeoa of the heart are vary frt-qaent >Mt?i.<l?d with Head aohea; A umnia a^4 plotnora are alau affretmae vhtoh freqaactly oooaaioa beadaeh*. Irfloeatkie U(U?erii it a:ac vary oo?,mo?, bain* uaaaliy 4i?ticfu Iliad by tha nana ofa^rraan 4nUaekt, noma timaa ooaing on aaddaaty i* a tat* of aound fcaaith and proat'atin* at ouo? ihr mtnu1 and |k;uaal fatrjm, and in othor imUum it oomea ob alowly. ha alde<1 by dap raaaioa of pirito or aoarbity cf txmacr. In moat intl&i o** u* a*J* ia in front of tk? h?mi, onr mm ?r Mk ???, uJ aomatiuaa prorokiac vomiting, a Oder thiaalaaa mar a w ba BMaad HnrraUri* For taa traatmant of titaar e aaa of Hradaaha tha Capbalia Pilla Wva baaa fotiad a aar* aaa aa/a ramedy, raLavia? tha moat acata paiaa ia a law unataa, aad bj iU aabila row aaadiaauaa Ua diaaaaa of *kitk haadaoka ia tha uarriai indax. Baisorr ?Miaaaa vaata yoa to aand bar a box of (Taphajta 9 taa, no. a bottlaof rranar?4 Pilla.? bait I n thinkina that'a not jaat it laitbor; bat par ?i ya'Il ba aJXbar knovmi what it u Taaoa a niik d*ad and gota with tba f?iok Haarfaeha, and wanta aoma mora of tkat aua a* ra.ajvad bar before. ' D^utrt't.?Von mnat mran Ppaidiag'e CaphaUa Pilla. Br%4gtt ?Ook ' aura now and yon'** aad it, haro'a tha anarthar and air me -tha Pi 11a um <!" *' k? ?" day abort it aithe'r. " | CniUfttlM er (mUtmm No on of tha "many ilia ilaah ie he?r to* is ao prevalent, ao littla underetood. aad ao ir.aoh n?ft leoted m Co?UmM< Uf*M orifinttiif M laaanaa*. or aadectary habtta; it u retarded aa a alight diaorder of too ittie cona^amM to excite anxiety, whi'.a in reality it la the p *oa?aor aad companion of many of tha meet fate! ai d <laaiatoa? diaeaaea. aad un<*ea earl* eradioated It anil brine the auJ* e>-to an antimely crave. Am-n* the fighter avi!a of vhtoh Coeti veoeae la tha a?J at teudant are Headaohe, Colic, K hi umatirm. Faai Breath Pilee. anrfotfaeraoflikenMare.whilea lone train offrichtfu. diaeaaeaeach aa Ma ignai.t Favara. Atioeaeee. l)yeanUry. Dyapepa'a, Diarrhea, Apo piexy, Kpi.e^ay, Para'yaia, Hyetarla Hypoa*?oadriaaia,Meiaaohoiy and Insanity, fret indicate their ar*eenoata Uie ayatem by thia aiarw iLr ayayiom Not nnfreauentlr the dieeaeea raiaea onuiau la Conat'pation. hat take on aa irdependeat aziat anoeanlaaa thaoanaeia eradioated man ?ar'y eta* a. Fran all thaaa oon?ior'*tiona ? fo Iowa that fba diaordar ehoaid reoaive nnaiediate attention whan ever it oooarat and ao aarean ehoaid nag ieot to get a box af Caynalio Pi'la 01 t^e ftrat appaaraaaa of the oomplaiat, aa their timely aaa wul axp*t tha ir.tidnnae gpproaohea of diaaa? aul m tVi. dABftrou foe to kuai lilk. I A R?tl Blaaatag ^?h^rote?.?Wall, Mn J cam. Bow la U?i Mad Mrt. Jmmi.?Gone! Dootor, all gdm ! tha pill torn Bant cured dm in juet twenty imoBtM.tDd I with Mad more bo that I can bar* ttow rcoommend Uiera ibIJI own o?HdCd?che. Mri. ahail Mod for a box diraotly, and hall toll ail my HfiruiFladi, for LLey bib arwi Hiiliil. ' * ' r r -rwmm uiiimiiit. ?no m? irentai oara ana ar.xiety lcovaoat to eioee attention to but dm* or tur, are unoni the nimrrou miim of Nwtom \ R?xtuk>. The disordered n&tc of miad and Urvlf incident to this dut-eesiuf oomelamt U * MM blow to ft'l enerrr ud anbition. cufferers by thla dieorder ou altars obtain epeedy relief from tbeee dUtrMMfg attack* by mni oMof the O pbalic Piils whenever Um symptoms appear. It quiets the overtasked brain ar.d soothes the strain . ed and jarring nerves, ard relaxes tbe tension at tbe stomach which always acoomaanles auU 14 gravatM the disordered condition of the brain. Ttrnrrr Miixi?"a op Dollak? Bstkb.?Mr. Hps 1.1.1 hM so d two millions of U.n.esof his oelet rivied Prepared Glee an* it is eatmated that eaoh bottle saves at le*et ten dollars worth of broken furniture, thus makirc an a<(regale of tweaty mil' lions of dollar* reclaimed from total loee by this vai'isbce ir. vendor.. Raving made his Ciae a hoeae hold word, he sow proposes to do the world still rreaier earvice by earing ail the achiug Lead* with Lis Cephalic Pilu. and if they are a* good aa his , Oloe. Headaebee wui noon vaoiah away like ue? Pacta woitu ibowi*#.-hiding'? Opbalio Pille are a certain oa*e for ?icm H?a acn?. liili one Headache. Nervoaa Headache, Cueuveeeee, and ?ocami DeUlltj. Gaaav Dierovx&t.?Among the moat Important pi all tha great m?tioai diaoovariae of th.? are ma? be oormdered the ayatetn of vaccination fur protpctkn from Small Pox. the Cephalio Pill for raiiar of ) Headache, and tha in of Unit me for the proven don of Perers, either of which ia a eure eaeoiho, wboee beLeiu will ba ajiparianoad by antTeriag hamanitT iong after their dieooverer* are forgotten. KTDni von ever have the Biok Hea^tohe I I>> yon remember the throbbing templea, the fever*J row, the loathing and dis.-uet at the ?i4ht of food. How totally nr.ftt yon were lor plea*are, ooaversation or aHudy. One of the Cephas PUle woiM Mtve relieved yoa from all the eufferina whiah vaa < then axperianoad. For true and other pnrpoaaa , yon ahoald ai way e have a box of than aa hand to aaa aa oooaaton re**tree. ^ CURE ;; Nervous Headache ; jmSs/ : jieaaacne. By the aee of thm? Pill* the panodic attack* at Ntmmt * Sitk Hmdmck.t may be prtrniM; ?M f it takea at the comnenoen^nt ot ao att?ok uuh diate r?iiel from pain and nokneea will b? obtainedf They i*Moa Mi removing the ^nui* aad |j Htmdik* to whiah female* arc so eu hjeot m They Mt tectlj upon the bowel*,?naorui Ceelt rtntst. ~ For Litrrmry Mm, Stndtut, Delicate Femalee, aad all eereoo* of iiintw kmb*tt. the* are aM r? nluhlt m k ioMtm, mproTiac taa mppmtu, riving torn* lad ?t?ar to tW dir?>?ti v? on?m *nd raoto. ikg to* natar&l alaaboit; am! tronctfc of tfc? *lu>l? lyittia. 'J Th? CEPHAUC PI LS ara the recall of long inTOati?&tioa tad axrafmj aoDdaotad tx^rinxaU, ~ te?il| kMi la im mtny i?n, toiif which Km Stk*r ktvt ord relieved a ?ut ajaount of ptia ud aaferiac from Headaeke, v nether orift Bating la U? mm*mu ay etea or frrvn a deranged u Hrt*cfUwx?n>i Thar areoeurely vegetable la UMr ooapoattion, and MT ba tafcea at aU bnee villi ?orfaat aafaty 2 withoal making any, oh&age of c?oc, mmd tkt ?a l, MM ?A ttir latM rwAn M Ma M a a^NMuiir Um it eAtUrmk. k* BXWAtK or COUNTERFEITS 1 J TIm |?aainc have ire nig aai area oI Btan C. & Spalding oa aaah Baa. 8oM by Draggiata and ail otter Dealer* la MaiiIV ?I A Bos trill to Mat by mU fHtati om r?mtpt at lk| VRICE, 85 Cl.N1*. fc All or4ori iknM to aiirMMd to HKMRY C ?HLD!!?G, k. RUM*** ?W?(iwi.lkiVttU \

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