Newspaper of Evening Star, December 24, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 24, 1860 Page 1
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. V^. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. DECEMBER 24. 1860. . N?. 2.450 THE DAILY EVENING STAR ? PUBLISHED EVEK Y APTERNOOH, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR Bl'ILDl.lOf, C?n*r /Pmwy/wBM mvemi4 and lltA *t-, V W. D. WALLACE!. PH'n Mrred in paekAgM by oarrlera U t< * 1?*t, or Tl oenta p?r moutk. To Mil anbaontera the yrio* ta fi-Vi a year, in mdvomtt; #3 for ill muntas; tl for thrao moatha; and for Imj than ?hr*? montka at tharat* of UcaaU & wwt Simla ofim, osi cmt ; in wrnppora, two eun. IZF Aov?aT:*iiiBST8 anoald to aont to the office before 13 o'a?u?k m."; otberviae they may not a???ar nntH th?n?*tday. DEFERRED LOCAL ARTICLES. .. IssTTTrtio* ?Prof Rogers. of Philadelphia. delivered the first lecture of the rrnirif on 44 Civil Engineering" Friday evening The lecturer made It more particularly hte object in tbl? lecture to introduce the engineer and his bualneaa. the design and erecntlon of the public works of the conatrr. together with a brief dea rription af the instruments uatd by them in aur veylng. Among them was the level, which w*s used In the lay ng out of roada. railroads, and in the construction of bridgr* He did not attempt to trace the different conditions through whlrh the roada have paaaed to get to their present form. Hettaought. speaking of nridgea. that our country was very deficient in bridgea. unleaa it be on the railroads. ] this country neither the bridges cr roods have attained the perfection of those in The principles of constructing rallrond bridges ara to ioiiw extent identical with thou governing common road bridge*, only the limits are a little different But before a bridge can he built, there must be a road leading to It. He then proceeded to "the construction of road* " Tbe chief object of a road ! to connect two points together bv some mode where a vehicle can pan In order to construct this road, we must first make ourselves acquainted with tbe tract of country and with Its natural features, and cbooae from the two or three routes presented ^e nearaat and moat economical one, avoiding hills and grades (Refers to the msp to Illustrate the elevation of bills, mountains, kc.) The idea that a straight line through a tract of country is always tbe better, is an erroaeous one; for it is better to go arowad a hill, especially If It Is a steep one, thsn to surmount it. and Is no farther A horse does not experience so much ffctlene In going a long way around, than over a slight slope; for by ascending a bill he has virtually to Uft tbe w)ia1> 1a./I .. It.. ?i 1 ? uv.v w , -ma I? w Cir, vu iuc uiK Lii au nr Ul? ICTC1. It ie trade that thf engineer studies b> avoid (Illustrated by dnfts ) A great deal ot attention baa been D&id to this subject, as be bas to consider rrerv half mile in relation to grade ft Is a matter of as great la. porta ace to consider a vertical curve as a horizontal carve Yet In lne cases out of every ten our pioneers have taken particular peine to goovera hill instead of around it It Is nor so with railroads for obvious reasons. Tbev were designed by careful men, men who calculated tke power of engine* running on a level and over grades, and found it economical to level the country rs'her than to employ sufficient force in an engine to ca-ry a train of cars over a slope, to be wasted on the long levels, not being required In building a railroad there must be a gradual or constant grsde or slight slope through out. If any at all After having taken a general anrvov of the conntrv and the features of It in a rough way, and decided his route, the next point Is to make a survey of the route with a compass. msplrina Alt# tKe ?lrr ? <* *?? ? ? ? Kie ^^ ? ?' m. I ^ 1'U Ul? ?I?n p M urjj he must go over tie route with bis leveling In strument, to map all tbe levels and unlevels. By this be it enabled to procure bis figures or data, so that Id his office he can mark out his location, and work, In such a way as to be commenctd The engineer la enabled by the course of rivers, since they si wars run down bill, to ascertain tbe direction which the grade takes. within certain limits The rivers are put down in our maps now-a-dav* in a sort of spider track fashion These maps being devised for political purposes more particularly, are not assistance enough to tbe engineer in bis topographical calculations; he must make one himself. [Illustrates a lake and tbe contour lines produced by the rise and fell of the water ] Swim roads have 40 to 50 rig zag roads In going down a hill, and we all know the extreme heights of these mo m tains and tbe de&ciency of horizontal des cent. Here tbe lecturer gave an account of Napoleon crrssln? tbe Aloe, and constructing arcix* to u to avoid the avalanche*. He built these arch**. or more properly speaking galleries, mostly of atone, the longest one is 59ii feet Ions The grade of this road was 1 to 13. and keeps Its grade. At some of the points oa this road snow ls seen the whole year round As to the construc tion of roads, the work which Is done upon them I will have to make the subject of iny next lec ture, the 2d of January Prof. Rogers then concluded by reciting a poem descriptive of one of these passages or gai'erles. from Lis own pen, which was received with much applause 8cfbkkk Cocbt? Wedttilay ?No '20 Rus sell Sturgls. claimant of thesteamtug Hector. 4r., Impleaded wlta ship Wisconsin, kc , appellants. a;t Herman Boyer et alM owners of the lighter epabllc, llbellanta Thearzument of this cause was concluded by Mr i. T. Williams, for the ppeueca. ana nomtUM \>y Air. A Seward for appellant. No tS. Mlznel Davlla. plaintiff in error, agt David and Jesse Mumford. This cauae waa argued bv Mr. W m O. Hale for tbe plaintiff in error, and submitted on a printed argument by Mr Balllnger for the defrnaanta in error. No. 23 George VV. Watterson. plaintiff In error, agt Edward Noble Tbla cauae waa aub mitud to the conaideration of tbe court by Mr. Rockwell, on tbe record and printed argument of Mr Goold for tbe defendant In error. Adjourned Thursday ? John Baxter, Km , of Tennessee, and Samuel F. Miller, Era, or Iowa, were ad mitted attorneya and counaellors of this court. No is Hiram Pearsons, appellant, agt. John Bird. This cauae hsvlrg been called for argu ment and neither party being prepared to argue the same, it waa dismissed, with costt, under the 19th rule No 36 Samuel F Heath et al , plaintiffs la error, agt H M Ames This cause having beea called fbr argument, and neither party being pre. pared to argue the same, it waa dismissed, with costs. under tb? 19th rule No 27 Christopher G Pearce et al., incorpo rated under the name of "The Nilea Works," ap pellants, ant. Jr?se W Page et aL. claimants if Hie immooai imxiot Koormm ThMcanir wu argued by Mr Lincoln for the appellant! and by Mr. Phillips for tbe appellee* Adjourned. Fri't'if ?Lrander Holme*. Ksq ,of Washington Territory, l?eo B Hibbard, Esq , and Daniel F. Tompkins, Esq , of New York, were admitted attorneys aud counsellors of this court. No 7. Original docket, ex parte In th- matter of tbe Commonwealth of Kentucky, one oftht United States of America, by Beriab Magoffin, governor and tbe executive authority thereof, petitioner, sgt Wm Dennts^n. Governor of the State of Ohio Mr Moiroe having read In open court the petition tiled herein, and also tbe exbl bits Died with said petition, and having moved 1 tbe court for a writ of mandsmns, or for a rale to show cause, pursuant to tbe terms of Mid petition, it Is thereupon now here considered and orderea by tbe court that tbe said motion be and the same is hereby set down for argument on tbls day three 1 weeks, to wit. on Frtdsy,the llthday of January. 1 U>?1, and it is further ordered that the clerk of litis court do forthwith send a copy of this order aadoftbe petition and exhibits filed hereto, to ? a n- ? *t ??? ? ? DC M'Trq on bis bicciirncj v* m MUKOD, UOV ernor of Ohio No 31. Henry Wlnaor et al., claimant* of the atenuiebip Palmetto, appellanta. agt Michael Moiioy. Jr Thla rauae having been called for argument, and neither party being prepared to argee the aame, It waa dlamltaed, with coal*, under the Ifth rule No Jaa A Chandler, plaintiff In error, agt * >tta Von Roeder et al The argument of thla rauae waa commenced by Mr PaacUal for tbe plaintiff in error, and continued by Mr. \Vm. O. Hale for the defendanU in error. Adjourned until Wednesday ' MtaiaTiiTU' Fin ?We learn that a move ment la on foot amongat the ma*;iatratee of thla city to Induce legwlation In C6ngreaa during ita prcaent Irm, wfto a view to the repeal of ao meli of the ninth aectloa of the net of Congraaa of Mar 16,135d, aa deprive* them of feea In any but caaea of felony. The clauae of the aection referred to rex da aa follow* "i?a 6? it mmet'd. ttt . That the United States tell hereafter be liable to the Juatlcea and con tabic* of the county of Waahlngton, In the Dla Jai r?-i *? - /- * * 1 - - ?? > " vBiuniuu, tor iuen un uu lerricn ID < as* s of felony onlv " , The magistrates com plain that they aresubjected to effl e rent, and all the Incidental expenses attending tlie keeping of offices. for the purposes of public justice; have to bay their blank forma and jlw their time In making oat warrants and trvlng parties charged with overy conceivable ?iCease str itost the law* of the United States; that they must be ready at all times and oa all occa sions to ait In discharge of tbelr duties, and their only recompense is In the pittance tbe law allows them for lliair services In cases of felony. Tbe proportloa of triorv cises In relation to other offenses agHtns: the U 9 laws thev estimate as one to eight; thus they bold that they only receive remuneration for one eighth of tbe service they a'-tnally r?*der to the United States This they csll s hardship which, as body, they are nawll 11 ag to suffer because sundry unscrupulous m%gls tr^tes had beea abusing the fee system to tbe dct rlmeat cf the Gavernn^at. We understand that a number of members of Congress, to whom the real st jte of the case has been made fully known, have eipreased themselves decidedly la favor of Utc repeal ol the clause above R ioted. City Ikpbovbmkvt* ?The large barrel KWpr. Ave feet in diameter.wblch was being constructed ou Thirteenth at., from the Canal to North I at , has been completed, and reflects credit upon the contractors, Messrs Chapman & fero. The lateral sewsrs leading into It luve been commenced, and when completed will add greatly to the value of property In that portion of tbe Second Ward. The work was under tbe supervision of Commis sioner Rawllngs. Tbe traps at the corner of 8er enteeath at. and the avenue have been improved, and now give entire satisfaction; and an excellent footwalk. long needrd, baa been laid from Ayl mei's roruer to tbe corner cf the War Department gronncu, opposite This work la under the direc tion of the Commissioner of Public Buildings. About one-half tbe granite coping for tbe snclo> sure of tbe Western Circle baa teen laid. The vessel having tbegraBiteon board for the remain der waa blown off her course by stoma on the coast She has been heard from, and will soon arrive, and tbe remainder will bt- laid In a few weeks. F. O. Ruhr, formerly at Brown's Hotel, we see, baa opened anew restaurant at 4*9 Sixth street, between C and Louisiana avenue, where be oflVrs to bis numerous friends a select assortment of choice liquors, cigars, oysters, Ac. Mr. Bohr can ''keep a hotel " The Forts at Chailkstox.?1Tbe Charleston Mercury of Wednesday says : When tbe State ta out Of tne t'nion : ?rh?n and refuted to be delivered up to those in whom I* vetted the title of eminent domain, and for whose protection and defense alone they were ceded and built up: and when, the federal gov ernment showing a hostile shall be come necessary and proper for us to obtain posses sion. then It will be right for the world and black republicanism to eipect that the State. by her authorities, will move in the premises The p?o ple will obey the call for war, and take the forts. tO- Men And It difficult to formally announce a death gracefully and properly, yet briefly A fair specimen of the blunders made In this de partment of literature appears in the British Pre mier's announcement or the death of William IV to the Mayor of l<ondon: "It Is with much regret that I announce to your lordship that it has pleased Almighty God to relieve his Majesty from his sufferings." Poor Ucildino Matbrial ?A writer in the Londiui Chemical News stys that the new liousts of Parliament, which are built of magneslnn lime stone, are already crumbling to decay lie also states that the rain which falls in cities is more destructive to buildings than that which falls in me country, owing to tbe solvent properties of the Impurities which are washed out of city air by the rain. ID" Col. Heard, ' Garibaldi's Englishman," says of r>tie shooting in battle " Mind, if ever you go rifle shooting, use your rifle in a scientific manner. Recollect always not to kill your man, but to wound hint; then it take* two men to carry him off, and those two men never by any chance come back the nnit day. With a doable-bar reled rifle, therefore, you may get rid of six men at each discharge " Prscihtatio* ?The Charleston Mercurygives no consent to tbe postponment of active secession until alter tbe dose of the administration. It says: "We do not mean to be balked by clap trap experiments for postponement, either on ar rount of Mr Buchanan s convenience, or to suit the plans of Southern submiasionists in other States. A word to the wise is sufficient " lH7"The Fayetteville (N O.) Observer call the attention of the people of tbe good old " North State1' to the following complimentary reference made to them by that polished exponent of "secession," tbe Mercury: "Old Rip, although not quite awake. Is making preparatory grunts. He'll fttl the foot after awhile " UJ" Tbe Laurence Hotel, at Rslelgb, N. C, recently purchased by Government for a Post Office and Court House, was burnt early Friday morning The rooms were temporarily occupied by the Legislature. The fire waa accidental. Loss about #6 000. LC7" A frame tenement house at New Haven, Conn ., occupied by twenty-six families was de stroyed by fire on Friday morning. Tbe entire family of Michael Coller, bis wife and four children perished Is the flames. ETIt Is said that spectres, vampire*, and gob lins are seen at night on the Chicago. Burlington, and Qulncy railroad The train lately ran over one of tbe ghosts, which vanished without leav ing a trace of blood or hones. |j-j"Ernst, the violinist, has been an Invalid for tb? last three years, but Is now recovering. The last time be played was before the Imperial family at Nice, and he was then obliged to remain seatea. Asms for Osobsia.?The Savannah Republi can chronicle* tbe arrival there on Toeeday, from New York, of 5,000 muskets and 80,000 ball car tridges, purchased for tbe State of tteorgla. NiwConTiimr.?Counterfeit $5's on the Greenfield Bank of .Massachusetts arc In circula ? s? liVU. Three boy-burglars have been sentenced te Sialf prison, In Fairfield, Ct , the oldest, 19 year* old, for ton yean Rtsn'he f<>'lowing letter from a highly respect able get tttman : L.1MBSXON g, Montour Co., Pa., Oct. 22.1858 Tiu? m to ueitify that 1 was pronounced b? n?v e'al physician* a* consumptive, ai d had all the symptoms cf the disease ia it* worst form, such ae coughiug. severe pains in the chest shortness of breath. night-swo*ta. and extreme weasness and lassitude in my whole s>stein. My family reariy a i havirg died of the disease. I had given up a I hops of recovery, a? nothing gave me reliel; but thiough the parsuanou of a friend 1 was luduoed to try Dr. \Vi*lar's Balsam of Wild Cherry. The first bottle relieved me considerably, and the third hott e ourrd ins entirely. I now feel as well as ever I did in my life, and am able to follow my occupa tion as farmer as fully as any one. I also hvi a sister in a more advanced state of the diseas?, having bees confined to her bed for over a year, and pronounced beyond hope by our beat physicians. She alto waa entirely cured by the V\ ltd Ctierry. but it required sit or eight bot tles, ar.d sne still takes it ooeastonaily ae a pre ventative being r.atu-ally weak chested. I would siaoeraly urge ail who are similarly af flioted to try pr. Winar't Baltam of Wild Cherry, ae 1 am tatisfied that but for your own valuable remedy my sister and myself would not now be living, i wui onaeriuiiv answer any one who m?v addraaa mean the subject, and Kite our cases more fully. Jacob Mil: >n. Prepared bv Se/h W. Fowle 4 Co., Boston, and for aaao in Waahinjton oity 0. btott, V. B. Waite Z. D. Ouman. John Schwarse. Nairn & Pa.mer, John Wiley, J. B. Moore, ai d It. H. MoPberaon; la Georgetown by R. 8 T. Otae 11, and O. M.t J. fk>uthron, and by drug giata everywhere. de li-1 w j CouoHa ?The sudden changes of oar olimate are aonroeaof Pulinoniry, Bronchial and Astkmilic Afcttio**. Rxperienoe having proved that simple remediea often act speedily and oertainly when t&krn in tha tarly atatea of the dieeaee,reoourae aioald at oooe be had to " Brown's Bronchial Trotktt," or LozengM, lat the Cold, Cough, or Ir ritation of the Tnroat be ever ao alight, aa by this precauti' > a more eerioua attaok may be effectually warded off Public Sptaktrt and Simrrs will find th?m etleotual tor o.earing and atrengthanint the voice. See advertiaement. de 1 ly HOLLOWiT'n PlLLS AND OlSITXKNT. Sprains, Ihtlorationt. fc.~Neither opodeldoc l.niment, nor any other etnhr cation oan eaual the piuowt wrnon onaraoWrige theae oaa-ntial vegeta ble nt kli ia thre cure* of spain*, strain*. vuuodi, bruise*, rnntaiien*. 01 dialooationa. ke. They are unequa ed for alleviating pain, red no i nr loo* in flainmation, and promoting a rapid cure. Sold by all D'uggiata, at 330., 62c. anU $1 per box or pot. do 19 Vw The VtaoirT or thk Sic*.?Letter a from Dya p?pt ca, in evory State, are continually received t?r the proprietor* of Hoitetttr't c*let>rat'd Sttnack Bittirt, expressing in the most enthuaiaoCie terma their oiiDhdencn in that oeUiratod restorative. The writer* diff t in their mod** of exprooai n, but tli?y breathe but oto aentiment. That imineaauraMe benefit ha* h*en derived bjr th tuaanda from ttii* agreeable ard potent atoma hio iiafitt e*tabli*hfd by ol?ud* of vitaMMi. Dvapepeiaaad the oonnt les* tlinea* * of the stoiaaen and bowela to whio* it give* riae, literally vanish before the Marching,bra cing and purifying influence of thia great renovator ot the phy?ical *ystem which acta simultaneously on all tho internal organ* requiring regulation anu in vigoration. do It-ooSt UoMioriTitc Rufnm All of Dr. Hiiiaphrey* Jt Co.'* ?v.i w.-.? -w- ?? uiiwuviiit rw Ull DT Z D. Gilman. 340 Piw. avcnne, vholeoalo U4 retail ai?utTw. A. FitxcrrfcRl. 333 north P itrMt; alto by V. B. WmU>r, oorner o1 MaaMchuMtta kr* duo ao4 Sixtk atrooC Ajon, Peud i Sflrtui V WtrtA Wj*W, for intei t:*l aod external iiMmiM Hon* of aJlfmdo. 8uld m abovo. ma?-ly R?AD?. K?ri joi non Prat Wood's adrertieo moat it our pap?r. Rood it; It will iutereet ;o?. an ?-eoly _________ Blood Purijor. in aaoUor ooTimi. 11 rtmnw. P?-o?>n? d??irin^ persons* will a!way* Gad th m (or cxc.'.au^e at tao ^tar Otbce couuUr, U FOR THE HOLIDAYS. P' SOUTH CAROLINA HAS S?oed?i, KriM Knn|l? hu not, h? is at LA >J MOND'S. 7th at, With ft Iftrie ctook of Toy?, and very ohe*p lor oub. d? 21-3t* J CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. L'ltTLM n a or*., J ? - ? u m i.u tAgiis, uaor pnumi, run and ivory Tablet*, Paper F Iders, Album*. Papier Maehe Deska, Go.d aod Stiver Po temanuaie*. Curd Case*, Jet Ornament*. Heao Pina.Shell romh?, *e.,at HCTCH1N&ON A MUNR??>, de21 3t 310 Pa ay., bet. 9th and 10th iU 482 CBRISTMA8 PRESENTS. TOTS. FANCY AND USEFUL ARTICLES The rabecriber hae a e?leot alook of the above description of K<x>da, auitabla for Chriatmaa Pres ent*. The ladite of the Navy Yard and Capitol Hill are particnlarl/ invited to call in and examine hia atock. All article* in hia line are offered ai cheap, if not cheaper than an* other houae in the city. ''all and tee. geo. SAVaGk, deai-St No 4P8 Pa av . near Thud at Beau lib ll presents .FOR CHRISTMAS. Sioh Mualin and rambrio Embroidered Collara, lecant Collara and Hieevea in aet* to match. Pocket Handkerchief* in treat varietiea, 50 dosen Joavin'a beat Kid Glove*, J VV. COLLBY A CO., de 19 6t 883 Seventh at., above Pa. ev. ?HRISTMA8 C A K E S . C, GAUTIER Will have in hia Paloon en Mondey, the t?th, the Cneat auortment of CAKE, both Ponndand Fruit, nf *?1 ?L - - a- *' ?.. ? w> ?11'' wat tviiBii wiu wnicn, ior in6ir beauty and quality, oannot b? exceled, if egnaled. Parson* wishing to purchase a NICK CAKE would do well to giv* him a oall. de H-lw P~ CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. ARTY PANS, Gold Pencils, Gold and Silver Thimbles, Need's t>ooks. Pine Scissors, Ladies' and Gentleman's Pocket Knives, P anch Pe-fumsry. Rachels, pomades, PofT-boxes, Traveling Case*. Ac., at HUTCHINSON A Ml'NRO'S, de 21 -3t 310 Pa. av , bet. 9th and loth r.t>. 1?OR HOLIDAY PRESENTS, Por Children's Bocks, For Children's Games, For elegant Presentation Books, For all the new Books. For Newspapers from everywhere, For the cheapest p ace, Goto FRENCH A RICHSTKIN'S, de if) No. 27? Pa.avenue. ^DAPTED FOR H(MJDAY PRESENTS. One, Two, Three and Four-Fared Shawls. We offer more than our usual assortment of llroche and Chaine'aine Long Shawls, in one. two, three and four Jaord designs. Shawm or the above classes survive a 1 the changes in fashion, and form a rich, stylish, and the most durable winter wrapping extant Our stock of a'l other kir.ds of ??h will be found nrw, novel, and extensive Also all onr entire s'ock of Silk Robes, Dress Silk*. and other vast stock of dress fabrics. All kinds of Dry Goods in general use. flue prioi onlj; th? value marked in distinct figures; therefore no purchaser is deoeived. Carpets, Curtain*, Rugs, Oiloloths, Ao., ifpper floor), Hou*e I.inem, B ankets, Comforts, Ac., base ment and the "vaults." An examination of store and stock solicited; it implies no obligation to purchase. I* L* U D V7 A- DOnTU CD T HOLIDAY PRESENTS HOSE Persons wishing to make purchases for Holiday Presents, will fiu?fat the store of the sub scriber a very large assortment of FANCY and STAPLE DRY DOODS, suoh as Handsome Cloth Cloaks and Raglans, Shawls, Black and Fancr Silk Kobes, BSaok and Fancy Dress Silks, Figured ami Plain French Marinoes, Detains, Caahuiers ard Plaids. Kmbrmd rej Linen Cambric Handkerchief, Mus'in and Cambrics, Collars aud Sots, Jouvin Kid Gloves. Hosiery, Neck Tie*. Bonnet Ribbons, Merino Shirts and Drawers, And a great many other G^ods suitable for Holiday Presents, seliicg at reduoed prices, at O f V U V > n a at de 17 lOt u ui<i n i r?UA.l'P| da 19-10t 541 Seventh at and 3-21 Pa. av. I' LLUSTRATED BOOKS FOR PRESENTS. We have now our usual Kr^s and m^gnifioent aisortmento' ?Ler*nt!T bound and illustrated Book* Tor Presouta for the Holidaja. The sew Books for this tear are verv twautifuf. Oar Juvenile Departmentoompriseeall the latest Books "Ut and al: the od ones aaitable for chil dren. Toe l>iiaolvinK View Picture Book is a new thiocfiH the little onen. Our assortment <<f Writ in* Desks, Portfolios, Paper Tieea. Papier Maohe Boxes, Fanor Inkatands, Cold Pens, Fancy and all other stjles Penknives. Paper Folders, Cutters. 4 a., *o., is large aud varied, and will be sold at prioee to auit the times HLANCHARD * MOHL'N, do 80 cor. Pa. av. and Eleventh st. T BOOTS AND SHOES. HE Best assortment of ft BOOTS, SHOES and OA ITERS, Suitable for th? Season, Can be fomd at H. BURNS'S, No 40S Pa.av., near National Hotel, between 1H and 6th street*, assortment of TOU LT _ jr Christmas and New Year [int.ACon.] de 19-1 w uen Also, a handsome ai SLIPPERS, suitable for ' Presents. (Int. A H O! FOR THE HOLIDAYS! SEVENTH STREET FOREVER! FUX FOR THE CHILDREN! PRBSK.1T* tfdlTABLB FOR ALL Ami ! CHRISTIAN RCPPERT, So. 6'IV Seventh tt? between D and E. W? have enlarged, improved, remodeled, ud renovated our establishment, so that it now it, in fact, ihe largest and best regulated Toy, Fancy and Vaiiety Store in the city. With personal care and attention we have carefully se eotrd our great stock for the Holiday and Winter Trade, and promise to sell CHEaP. We beg every lady to call and sea for thems?lvee, as it ia impossible to enumerate all of our good*. Suffioe it to say, ours embraces every kind to be found in a well conducted Toy, Fancy, Chu n, Woolen, and geneial variety and assortineut fctore. _ All kinds of the most tastefal EM BROIDERED WORK, KNITTING and DRAWINGS promptly exaouted to order by MkS. RUPPERT 322 Seventh st, 622 Seventh at., &22 Seventh it. de 14 2w SUPPLIES FOR CHRISTMAS. t-ruiu acd Nuts of all kinds, H^me-made Minoe Meat, mMf liy my direotion and order my supervision, warranted the b?st ever off-red fbr sale at IS cents per pound, Best Old Whisk/. Brandy and W ines, ?? doien Fresh KffS, ? Goshen ButteJ and Cheese, 75 bi>ls. Flour, best brands, Family, Extra, and Superfine. A oomplete assortment of Grooenea of all kinds. Good Sugar at 7 cents per pound. ISRAEL DKM1NG, No 334 Seventh street, <te 17-eo3w between Louisiana av. and D st. (GROCERIES! GROCERIES! I GROCERIES'!? A I<arce Supply of Fine Fresh GROCERIES, LIQUORS. FRUITS, #?., Just received from .New York, and for sale at prices to suit the timee. Also, a lot of FINE OLD iklSH WHISKY, Imported by myself. SWEET CIDER ON DRAUGHT. X M. GREEN, Grocer, de 13-eoAt* Corner of L and Tnirieen- h sis. ^ CENTRAL STORES! 9^ CLOTH CLOAKS! CLOTH CLOAKS '! New Cloth Cloaks, new Cloth Cloak*, Cloth Cloaks of new atylea, Cloth Cloaks of new stiles, B.itok and Colored Cloths, for rioaks, B ack and Colored Cloths, for Cloaks. URKSS GOODS?DRKSS GOODS?DRESS GOODS! Reps, Valencia*, Merinos. Silks, Silk Robes, and varioas other styles of Dress Goods: all marked down to meet the preeent state of the money market. We invite ail in want of Dry Goods to aire us a call, and we feel conident that they will be repaid for so doing. WM. R. RILEY * BROTHER, No. 36 Central Stores, Between 7th atid 8th streets. de U-tw Opposite Cantor Market. Go t.C?V2 2T9 Penn a venae, and examine th?ir extremely laree and beautifal assoi latent of Children'e Books, Games, ha.. the finest assortment ever offered be fore in this aity. Go early, before the raah.aad aaake roar ealeetioaa. Also, a lar?e ?.nd v&Hx< Meortaentof Di&rieeTor 196!Will"lie rnoei ved~l>r xt itMntr ? complete kMortmeMt of Ki^Uu 512 aUTT* PBICHA^AINT AND 5^ t!>? p.eo? to tftd th? oeUtrcted Qitta Ptrabi wfiM u4 PtliL Alao, a general utortMnt of H 00! ohm I'&ibtuu iu all ill t>rannhM milfci With die way* on hind and for Mi*, wi?h bucket U4 Wuk to io%n tr+* ?f ok?rf? A'l orders Ml M the store for Old blariu or Job Work o| any kiud trill fee rom.t'f attended to. 0 ? 4ia-ftTTY 18 l>OWN.-*ia MISCELLANEOUS. OFFICIAL. v Tiiiimr DinkTXi?t,( U??eabM 18, 1MU. S Notici ii iiiut oinji that Ntltd jropo?*:? will be reoeived At this Department natil theiSth Deoewber iaetaat, for the iaeaeofyy portion or the whole of five null.on of dollars ia Treasury note*, m exchange for cold ooin of tha United States, deposited with the Treasurer of the United State*, the Treasurer af the Mint at Philadelphia, wi tuv Aiiiiiam i rauureri u Boston, Nw Yoik, or St Louis, within five da vs from the aooeptanoe of such proposal*, under the authority of the act of Contrail entitled "An not to authorize the issue of i'reasury note* anil for other purposes," ap proved December 17,1U0. Such Treasury notei will be issnad upon the re ceipt herrnf certificates of the deposit with those offioeri to the oradit of the Treasurer of the I'm ted 9ta ee. They will be made payable to the order of uch bidder or bidders as shall offer to make snoh exchange at the lowest rate of interest,and the Treasury notes will oarry snoh rats of interest from tbe date of snoh deposit The proposals mnst stats the rate of Interest without oondition, and without referenoe to other bids, and so a tain no other fractional rates than one fourth, one half, or three fonrtha of one per oentum. One per cent upon the amount propoeed to be exohangad must be deposited with one of the olEoers above enumerated, whose oertifioate of uoh deposit muat aooompany each proposal, aa security for its fnlftlment. If the proposal is not acoepted, immediate directions will be given to re turn snoh deporit Phould the propoeals vary from ??" f?w?.??wu? VI mo bci vi voQfrwi| or OI Ihlfl notioe, they will not be oonaidered. All propoaaia under this notice mutt b?ioa!ed and iaaoribed pn the outeide "Proposals for Treas ury Notea." They will be opened and awarued at this Department at 12 o'clook noon on aaid 28th of D-oember. PHILIP F. THOMAS, de 18-dt28Ui Secretary of the Treaaory. ^ K C O N D VISIT IX WASHINGTON CITY OF DK. M. SCI1LOSSEK. the Celebrated SUROEOX CHIROPODIST, OF PAHIS ASD HAVASA. EFFICACIOUS AND PERMANENT CURE FOR CORNS. BUNIONS, SOFT CORNS. Atcd ALl. Dtdiaib* OF THE FEET. Without Cutting or Cautinn ikt Luist Pmn, Dr. SCflf.OSSER would, in the m<nt respectful manner, anaounoe to the Ladies and Gentlemen of Washington and ita environs, that, at the urgent solicitation of many families, he has beau iaduoed to revisit their city, FOR A SHORT TIMS OSLY, and may be consulted in every department of Pedal Surgery ; especially in CORNS, BUNIONS, Ami Evzxt Diskasb or thi Pest, ill of whioh, however long standing or bad, be cure* in a few minute*, without the slightest pain or i -convenience, either during their removal or ilterwarda. Dr. SCHLOSSER'S great success among the Brat families in America, aa well aa amoteg aeveral [>f the imperial royal families ?f Europe, haa gained for him several thousand testinvoials ; of Iheae he begs to append the followiug to his present innoancement. AMEP.1CAN TESTIMONIALS. From Wm. Ric*, Ex-Proprietor of tkt Pt*n*yU- * nia* Dr. Sohl^eser haa extracted two oorna from nrt.r toe, whioh wereeatremely psinful fur many year*. The extraordinary eaae with whioh he operates j? remarkable ; and I cheerfully recommend him to all rhoare troubled with oorne aa tb? only parson 1 have ever known to perform the operation scien tifically a: d without a particle of p&in Philado phia, Sept.a. 1857. WM. RICE. From Ha*. CkarU* C. Fas ZanJt, R. I. Dr Sohlosser baa to day operated upon a very punftil eors of mire with psrreot auooeaa, reliev ing all pain and remo< in? it without auiferityr CHAS. C. VAN ZAND!'. DrAvi/Jan/tA D I oo i am i v/ i iuwuvv, t-| v/vv. i 10^1 Prcm J TT. (/ray, tJtior PlaimUaltr, CltvtlcmUL, O. Dr.Pohlourr bu extracted ieven troabtoeome ioru for me without pain and with every p: ocpeot )f a permanent cure I oao cheerfully reo?>t nmend him to the public patronage. J. W. OKAY. fVwi Dr. 8. Verdi, M- D. I certify that! have been Terr euooeasfulty ope ned upon by Dr. 9ohloi*er without ant pain. Waehington, Jan.7,1MB. 8. VERDI, MD. Fron\ Profit't D. Gilbert, Philadelphia. Dr. 8ohloe??r removed fonr oorne for m? 'without tain, and satietactorily. D. GILBERT, M. D. From Dr. S. JK. Lamdis, Phil a. City Water O trt Inst. l)r. Hchloeaer has extracted eight pain/o I oorna rom inj feet without the leaat pain, and tiu < great >?t (atufaation to myself. I would by al' mean* eooinmend bun to every body whoie tormented rith these evil*, 8. M. LANDIS. M. D. From ?<?. Ckat. IK. Quick. The operation* of Dr. Sehlosser are unattended J vith pain, and remoM the corns effectually. He emov?<l several ror me to my ectire satmfaciio i. Pittsburg, May *7,1?M. CHAS. W. QUICll. Pi om W H. Ttnglry, M. D. j Dr. Bchloeeer hae removed several eorna from m r eet to my entire satisfaction. W. H. riNGLKY, M. D. In addition to the above testimonials, several. 1 housands more are in Dr. Sehlosser'e poseession. unong them from members of the Imperial Royal j amities of Europe, aad alao frem ladiea of th? t lighest etanding both iathe old and new worlds, i ehich may be eeen at hia office, M7 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,(South side,) between 12th aad ISth streets. J Onvkanltin* kniiH fp?m 1A m ?III A ? ? - ??*n ?? Ml MVIH aw 111* Mil 1 p. HI* Notice.?iV? proftititmil conntctton %eitk any me do .17 REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OF GAS ton 0a? Light ( November 30, I860. OrncEor W air me ton Gas Light Co.,? If Mitt is Ktrtby fie** that the charge for [U con lumed after the Slat day of Oeoewber next, will be ikr tt dollar t sad After* cent I per thousand cebie feet, to ell thote whoee bills are paid ae resuired by :he act of Cong reee. approved June 29. I860, to wit: 'At the ottoe of the Company, within five daye roin the renditioa thereof, providtd all arreare ball have been previously paid." F. BROWN. no?eo4w Secretary in Charge. CGAUTIER'S FRENCH RESTAURANT. DINNER AND SUPPER PARTIES. im viiviHiif juvi pauuimiDt woaici rvvpvo^rittf sailjrour attention to his eTajant luita of PAR LORS. RKCKPTION Ud DINING ROOMS, urtuahad la Mm moat faahioubla at) la, lad always t"u" s.rajr iSSWiL. to 3*1 C a treat, between 4K and 6th alraeta, inpM liatfJy la tha re?r of the National Hotel. wliere .ha bnaiBMa will be enntinued u heretofore at tha >tdaUn~(aol5-?aal ISAAC HKRZBER B. yy O O D1 WOOD!! 8TOVE and KINDLING t?e towM C'MTO ?ra'.v?AiB0 pl JOHN F. ELLIS. 5 ?oi * ? PkaT..i?t*oea9Ukaa<UuUtB(? CLOTHING, &c. A.(JRAND RUSH ^F?^KVENTH'8TRKKT! All Stop at S M I T H 8, No. 460 SEVENTH STREET. "Go tkeu mnd do Itktttt* " (Such waa the language ae*d bv a *ent ?m%n who had rMMTid wxtm of onr treat hartaina ) I have juat returned from the .North with a Terr larre etoek of CLOTHING. FURNISHING ftOODH, HATS ard CAPS, bought for caah at two thirdi their net coat.and which 1 will Mil at a email advance. Yon can buy a good Overcoat from ?3 to .fi.mvrrj dm on# irom VWUI 91a, UH? UTOIO *t from ?a to 9I&, Boy's Overcoat and C ?p* C>?t from %S 90 to 96 Also. SHIRTS. UNDER GARMENTS. I'M BRELLAS.SCAfcFS. SHAWLS, COLLARS, TIES, GLOVES. and all kinds of Genu' \N taring Aroarel. at astonishingly low prices. IOT A word to thoe? that want to purchase: Having bought these good* at wry low price*. I am confident that jrou oan save 25 per oeot. buying NmB f KRVANT8' CLOTHING in al.undanoe. IJon't forget to oa!! at tfce Penpe's Clothing Stnie, No. 460 Sfreath street, before purchasing else where. and satisfy yon reel re* that we are < fT?rmg bargain*. J. H SMITH. Clothier, de 14-1 w No. 4ft0 Seventh at~. off. Post Oft?v GENTLEMEN'S V* RE HDV-MADE CLOTHING. Our present assortment of t?KN fLKMKN'i RHaCTV MADE CLOTHING offers to eituens and strangers wishing an in mediate out ^t supe nor inducements, embracing, at this time, all ty lee and eaahtiea of Drees and Bumness Gar menu and OvereoaU in all varieties. Ftae Sh'rta and Under-olothing oi all kinds. Kid and other Glovee of beet ou?.it?. Hrufi. Tim. I'rlv?l? Stooks, Hosiery, 4e.. Ae. All of which we ar? offering at rur uaua! low prioM. |[7* Clothing m?d? to order in the matt opener manner. WAI-L, STKPHKNS A CO.. no 18-tf S'i9 Pa. avenue. K E A T B A R O ~A I N~ S Orrillli AT THK PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STORE. 8ev*xth PrstET. CLOTHING, FURNISHING 9OO0X, HATS and CAPS, Al *i0 P*R C*ST. L??* THAN T1IK U*TTAL RaTE?. Ar SMITH'S. Np. 460 S?r?n<A 8tr"tm N. B ?All in want of CLOTH !> ? and FI R NISHING G001?S wi'l hnd tt greatly to their at - vantage to give rue a call. a?7 lm J. H. 8.M1TH. tLoTnm. W MERCHANT TAILORING" ~ K Invite our'l oiUseue Ken^ral ly. to an in?pec*u>n of our preeent^ new, at __ hwwh?"? iiru cnKauv oj OLOTHS. CASSIMh.KES, DOESKINS, 1% Vfe.ftTI.NGP, OVERCOATINGS, tto. fW which we will make unorder in superior " " tyl# at very low jprioe*. WALL,. STEPHENS & CO.. oo2Stf 3 22 Pa. av., betw. 9th and lfttfcsts. 13 R AI)\ 'S NATIONAL I'HOTOQRAPII GALLERY. 342 Puis AviXFg, On eihiMion, beaqtifuilf finished Ph"\"?*kp. * of the President aa<1 Vic President e/eot. Imperial Photographs of all the Presidents from Jaok*on to Buch&oa::: of ail the Members of the Senate and House of Representatives of the present Congress; of ths Pnnoe of Wales and a large number of dn tingoished foreign personage*: <?f nearly a'l oar pronrunen' Statesmen, Poets, Artists, Authors, Ed itor*, Clergyman, Generals and Commodores. The largest Plain Ptiotographs in th? world. The Colored Photographs mast t>e seep to b-? ap preciated. Twsnt* five full length Portrait Visiting Cards, elecautiy finished for five dollars ! 0?E HUNDRED PHOTOGRAPHS FOR FIVE DOLLARS'! Prioea for all other styles eqnally moderate. de lo Im IS OTICE! NOTICE!! NOTICE!!! SIG. P. CALLIS, Imposts! or FOREIGN WINES. LIQUORS, AND PRE SERVES. Has received, per ia?t immense q j*n titjr of liquors and \N lues, uuequ\led by am wholesale oea.^rs n Washington. Aid. l,n>?*h x>i of ('reserves, of different kinds, suoh as cannot be bought for lets than por eent. in any store. Give me a call act try my coods, No. 374 U st., between 3th and 9th its., Washington. de 5 eolm DA. HI'ONER'S RE98MAKIN? ESTABLISHMENT, No. 506 El*vrj?th St , Between Pa. avenue and E at. All kinds of Ladies Garments. Dresses, Cloaks, Mantelets, Chetter&eld Sacks, Zouave Jacket*, to., Ao.. cut and made to order by every feshioo ? ate in the latest Pans and Loudon styles, at the ihortest notioe. de 1 3m* 8tnrer>8 Sewing Machines. 38b PENN. AVENUE, NATIONAL HOTEL BUILDING. We invite thepub! io attention to oar new 9 in 'A.M1LV 8KW1NG MACHINE. This Maobine s urLsnroassed in the houaeho J. It rnni amnnth >nd rvift; irtei, Ktrnt. fills and talkert. Will sew he finest ?wih or ciotn ten .ayers iVok, and an* hi ok between the two extremes, ir a oeautfol and ubstantia1 wanner Machines m mabocanv, wal iut and ro.'ewood own from #00 to fluO. Oar arse r*?raz?.t* prttstr macki$^ry tor ooaah trim men >nd saddle , it without a rjval. Silk, Twi?t, rhread, Need!*.**. Bobbins, Oil, Ac., always on landat Newt orkprioea. IT^Send for a copy of 1, M Sinter A Co.'s Ga ;ette. CUARLES A. 8PON8LKR, no?7 to Aient LiEGARS AND TOBACCO FOR THE MIL 5 LION! The nnderauned would respectful y inform his itimerons friends and the pablio that the oopart lerahip heretofore existinc under the firm of Ikhekx* A W :eqhan*, has been dissolved by mu ual ooneent, aid that be haa-op?ned a store on the turner of C and Seventh sta. west, opposite the Sank of Washington, where may tie foand a ohniee assortment of SEUARS and TOBACCO, i.f direct mportatton, as wall as domestic mai.ulaoture, rholeeale and retail. Thankful for east favors, he hopes by fur deai ng and etnot attention to the wants and interests >fthe pnblio In his line, to merit acontinnanoe of he patronage so liberally bestowed upon the late II III noS-lin* P. WIKGMANN. I G. O. DKMUTH * CO., IMPORTERS And Wholesale and Retail Deal ers m HAVANA CIGARS, POREIdS WISKS, BRAMDlkS. GINS, tc., No. 40 Noktb Chahlkr Stiiit, Fire dors abore Lexington ft., no &-1y Btltiwor*. SCHOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITS, KoutVi' and Boys' Clothing for Sokmol ami Dress Wear. Ptrrati aad raardiana wiahief to format their ihildren ud warda with School ud College Ontfita Sor th*oonuif i?mob, tra invited to examine of r reaent larre ud extensive aseortment BOVH' CLOTHING, where they ou fit out their children [>rall aizea in a few momenta with every deeony lion of Ready-made Garmenta, of anbetantia! and iuiable quality, at verr moderate ei , at Terra WALL, STEPHENS * CO, an 3ft-tf Penn. avenue. 'PHK EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. 1 EMRICH. at the eorner of Fenn.R . . A ireue and Eleventh street, haa kenfCaV (rMLOf improved reoently Ud new offwi [raater induoementa for the patronage ol oitisens ko4 strangers than any other publio house in the Mt*. hi* MicH being leee than those of any other hotel oa Peon, avesue, and hia accommodations lor per man eat or transient boarders unaxoepuoa litle. The bar and reetauraat arrangement* of the European Hotel have already become very popu sr, being all tbatean be desired by the moat fas idiom. Tne proprietor pledgee unremitted atten yon and oontiaaed liberal expend!tare* to gi ve sat faotion to all, and tiuia renews his invitation to kll to giva the Karopean Hotel a oall. da 4 tf yOTlCE TO THE PUBLIC. The undersigned has iaet oeeoed a wholeeaJe 'REDUCE aad MARKETING 8TORE at U9 d tat fa street, opposite Canter Market, where he nil be receiving daily a general assortment of very thine that grow mama *>f tie farmers, )Mb, Geoee, Eggs *ii uo atmise ior uMNim. do 6 tf J. H. CANP1KLD. L O A K K ta O L O A K en iSsSfr SSfifiSSJl ItlUTrwo ud Froneh Botror Ciotk, la friooa to vhiohnukthi attondonof ^olT TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. LaTinift,A?OT?:, by ti. Rufini, lSno^doth; pr?o? I^rb?irn'? CtUb of th? PmuIim of Ormt Brit VIRGINIA TifiNWNKnS^. umttM vh&t amount of gooda may bo Puroh*a*d of m?. J W. MOR8ELL, <M if No, 9*3 Q au, bMw.?0iMtd nu ku. THE WEEKLY DOLUK STAB. it lavarably contains tii? M Waahi&fto* N*w" tki hu Mdi TU Dm*l* Srmmi Btmr ?m< ! o gMmiir UroMkoit Um ooulrr. liyBlnU >iMw(i? vrmrH**) fc*IMNtl at Um tor. I?Wkuly kfttr tM mm *f Um IM*. Prioo?THREE CENTS FOR SALE AND RENT. F^JS^fcW^feJWHU1; ? ^CU?.*<11?? PmimuMt u??ml Br?w?, mm* vary r*c?ntlf held by Mr?. S* M f??nai? lustitut*. For InrthwirfwmWioii *PP) to CHAS AtlKRT, Km ?r *? lJ?* baonbor. THOMAS LAWSON, d?4- otf j*orn?QB Un?nJ V. B. Arm>. FOR RENT, id tha Fir?t Ward?thro* uuik v?t of tit* War D**artaM?t? in?lr of FICE.wilto back ro??.orM*? fbr?*r Ma; aaavar for & lhm: ftnH l'?rlnr? rm ? - ? * - auita ot ftooma. fDinultad or upfurniaKad ; el? to tha An' u*. In^aiNttUiiauftoa. de 3 2ta wti OR RkNT-A danrabia ud wall located irai flui H K91 DENCE. So. 4?9 on 8i*tb atraat. Mvaaa 1) ud K iU. Tha hoaaa ia ftiraiabad with all th# npdari linpiovcmanU. Arply IcTHOM A! PARKER. do 91-aoti FOR RKNT-Tha ftM BRICK HOl'ttfc So. IOO VVeit It, Gaorgatown, at present oooo pi?l by the subscriber. It baa IS room, witb (M &i d water tbroutboat, a laa yard, stable Ae , awl jMoa^owl MukU'rUood. Apfly lo JA8. A^V A FOR RENT-A Uraa atory brick HOl'SE.aor taininr 8 rowma. In good ordar, witi. raa fix turea oomplota, oa H street, bwwafa Mb and Ml.. Also. a two-etory brick COTTAGK, vita iaii* ** ?rth an f f~" yard attac batl, owner of F atraat north an 14th at. aaat. To punatual and rallabia taaaau tbe arm* will fee BxMiarata. Apply at 446 Twelfth ttr?f. between O a.-.d T.. no \? tJ IfOR RENT.?Two naw three atory BRICa norsks With back bai.diafe, aaeb Wcm WI k?iitiB? rwaii, with oil fcUi atre?t north. liMtMn M ud N itrMti. ?art moderate. Ap?l? to R. I.aXKNBV, to JOHN T. LENJIAN, Ohio stwm. batweeo 12th and 13th ?tr?eu FOK KKNT-T)ie FIRST FLOOR U tb* kaUd~ tnc immediately ophite the vect *iyo[ U.? City Hal.,r aentl* oeearied Chaa. 8 Wi>4en as ae ofco?. Also tit* limit rwa ta tbeaec>r>d tory and the thirri 2<>or of the sain* batldma. Far ternit apply to RICIIARD WALLACHVwo. < i>>ui?ianaaT?naa. ta U tl EDUCATIONAL. Tmp FEMAI.K EDUCATION. II<*5K Par?nt? who wiah their Han^Wteri re ceive a thorough and >?t?inat;n edur?tiua. wheia their phyaioal t:ainin? will i*o*tc?dai!; and ??ec>a. attention, under th^ mimt approved <rr*i?tn of caha lirt'iii" ar.l f?? mnaatie*. Ki* reapectfaliy lanted to vmt tii?* Union Female Academy, corner Four teenth at. and New York *v. MR. A MRt?. Z. RICHARD*, au3ntf _ Priawnli. I/EMALL HOARDING AND DAV SCHOOL T ALKXiShHjl, TA. Mm. 8. J. MeCORMICK. PatjtcipaL. Tue thirteenth a^O'ial aeaoton of thia I actuation win nuinmrnc* <>n I tie* Jay. t*'ptem+?er IKM, ic Uie hoate r*oeatly cHjoijpied (>j My'vetter ^ontt, F.sq , N?. 1?K? King street. Th* cnurw of ?tt|djr pursued wili eouiprLi* aU ?hf branches requisite H> a f h*?ronch Knclish Edu c&tion, aud Musie, Frenob, 1 Alia and Drawiap, U desired. In addition to day acholarn. Mrs. MeConniek is prepared to receive it limited number of pupils as boarders, who. coustituting a fart of Uer own fsui iljr, will he under her immediate oare and sup?r\ sion. She wril ?nd aror, as tar as possible, to sur round them with Uie ooinforU and lutdiy inlaeaoes of Home. H4f0rmr*?<? Rev. Geo. H. Nortoa. Rer Dr. Klsas Harrison, Rev. i>. F. k^pruc, William H. fowls. pM., K..lg*r Snowden, .. Kdmund F \N iUne<, Esq., Henry Martiary, Esq , I??Wis MoRpniie, lis., Robert H. Huaton, Esq . W. D W alias t.. Editor Evening Star. Be&jaruin Waters, Ksq.,Ja*. E?>twisle, Jr.. F?q ,Col.."oha *V.Minor, l.oudnuu Messrs. tflaoklook * Marshall, Messrs Coi Brothers. Tails. Board, with Taition in a., the Bnf lish Benches, $>*jl-.r the auuuai session?(ajab.s sen mwii), m adranoe. Music aod l<angua*es at Profeeeors' pnoes. f f Stt\ ?? f ra -#? - "*"* MSB-U DENTISTRY. \f TEETH. Ul. LOOM18, M. D.. the in >ftbe MINERAL PLATK TI nrentor and patentee , TEETH, at ?cdi peraoi.a Ij at hi? otfi -e id thia oity.! Many p?r*onc can *?r thete teeth who annot wear other*, and no person oan w*ar othera rho cannot waar tiio.d. Person* caliu.f at nr ofioe can be aooonmodated rith any ft) ie and price of Teeth they may deeire; >ut to tnoee who are partioo iar and wish the p?re*t. ileaneat, atronceat, and moat per foot deiijara tu&t irt oan produee, the MIN KRAL PLATE will t>e sore fully warranted. Room* in Una oUy?No. 33b Pa-avenue, betweec th and 10th at*. A*ao, 907 Aroh street, Phi.ade. >hia. oe Htf DENTAL CARD. ? MUNSON Has returned and reawad hia rofeaaion. Cffioe and hoaae at 463 E at. bird door east of ftxth. 1b addition t< irery oiaer approved ?tjie, l>r. M. ha* at"*411 Mth ob VBlemite Hue for the lut Urtt tivi a, from expenenoe, know* it exoa.a aft nthera. ia one-thinl I?m ib price than (old. Hia o.d Atrona of Waahington. Alexandria, tad George - ovn arc reapectfully aoloited to oalL to IB eoly CARRIAGE FACTORIES. LA/ASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, " I) 6*r*M, 9tk mmd lot* Stwtt. We have iuat fiuahad a number of flrat^tiaaa CARRIAGES, such aa Lukt Aaoi^jMa. Watoms, Parlt P Iuat out. Pamuji P?r U^Mf >?iu, mmd Iimtn**, wfcich we will mUatM ' er* email profit Beta* praotioa! mechanioa in ditfarent braaohaa r the bneiMaa, we flatter ouraelvee that we tiiow f tha I . _ he atyleaand tua*tj of work that will aire taba aetion, combining 'if htneaa, oomfort aM daraUfl ap f <11 / p CAEBIAGKJ*. I HE T * " Sabaonber aanag aa4a ? ta kt iciorrt niAJKinc it row ob? of t!*e wj.. 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