Newspaper of Evening Star, December 24, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 24, 1860 Page 2
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% TOE EVENING ST AIL WASHING'!?N' CITyr MOKOAk - I>e< ember i*t ?ipu?? ( tkf itlMBlBi PrM*. Tbe Constitution uotir?, 'Ihmt ;a noa? of tbe hi mi hlch ibe iecrMiou nicvemeut Is la pro t- ** * ? -? M-I.n il??A? tn ftVAW Krns, 11 icrrf a man wu*? * ?!* w feltnartf a anhmtwleijlat?to Republican rule." The Imttlliginrrr haaaoacethlng to say upon the ' P?r?on*i liUrty biito" of the Cantnit'.-To-morrow being Chrtatma* day ao pap-, r will be issued from this eJKce. T?* *t*tk of Arr*r*a ?On SsMrday laat the Henate'a speelil Committee of Thirteen had a seaaion, w t.sreia it becaaae evident that ita Re publican inembera are a* yH determined that, to far as they are concerned, net a hair'a brendth ahaU be accorded to the end of aettling the pres ent sectional difficulties without civil war. A majority of the Committee stand ready to report the plan of Mr Crittenden aa the terma of aeitle ment They are the Democrats of every ahade upon the Committee, Including Messrs Davis, Tootnbi and Douglas. and the rest of ita members eicept the R? publlcana, who one and all adhere to the views of Mr Wade announced in hla re cent apeech That speech ia for coercion; and the Republicans of the Committee of Thirteen have distinctly laid it dvwn as their policy, we appre hend We can look no longer to this Con grew for any solution of the dilllcultiea whatever. Vet we do not believe tbat an attempt at coercion will take place at any time. Certainly not during the re mainder of the term of Preaident Bachanau; by the end ?>f which the eves of the Republican managers Will be opened to the fact that their policy tn thii fatpert has no sulstinMal strength at th? North In the alaveholainK Stitea it has not a tingle supporter; and elsewhere all the Breckinridge, Bell, and Douglas men are against It, together with thousand* on thousands of the supporters of Llacoln who have more to lose by civil war and the destruction of the confederacy, together, than v? ?v. i>mm aiiina: ih? rhot? now ImIkv nar rowed down between these two evil* By the 4th of March the cotton State* will have declared their Independence of the Government, and the other aoatb?rn Stat<?a will have assembled ron ventloDt to determine their course In the emergency. They wtll fne and a 1 determine to remain where tLey are until the North Las an opportunity to decide In similar conventions, upon Its 11ns cf du*y. That Is. if the Qeneral Government d >ei not at tempt to coerce the seceding States In the mean time If thit policy be essayed, the border slave holding SUtes thus compelled to draw the sword on one side or the other, will draw It for their brethren of the South. The border non-slaveholding States will not be Idle spectators of the mischief being worked out; for next to the border slaveholding States they are to be the greatest sufferers from the madness of the two extreme^ Th?y are as little disposed to have the proposed u ar fought In their territory as are the border alaveholdlng States?just as little; and from them there will coine up almost M unanimous demonstrations against the policy of coercion, as will come from the border siave boldlng States, wherein there Is not a single riti aen la Its favor?not one. On being inaugurated, Mr Lincoln will appre elate the fart that he is powerless to coerce; and that to es4ay that policy will instantly obliterate his party TLus, we do not fear the dreaded civil war We have struggled against the madness of the extreme South with all the power and earnestness wkieb we are capable of exercising The contest there Is now over, however, and our struggle has been of no avail Tbe approaching disruption of the Government is now a fixed fact; and It be hooves as. and all truly patriotic men, to tumour attention to tbe point or rendering secession u little hurtful to the general Interests of tbe com munity as possible, by preventing civil war from growing out of It; and thus securing an opportu nity for a reconstruction of tbe Government mainly through tbe mediation of those who have all to Iom by it?the people of the border States? slavebolding and non-slaveholding. P. 9.?The Senate's Committee if TLirteea a e gain in session To-day they again took inary votes, all demonstrating that tbe Repubiems upon ;t will not consent to favor the plan proffered by tbe other side?Mr. Crittenden's?as the basis of settlement Dispatcher v*om ChaRlc*tos ? Late on Sat. urday evening last. Senator Davis received a dis patch from Charleston, saying that tbe South Carolina authorities had determined to attack the farts in Charleston harbor in forty-eight hours, unless a evenue cutter that bad made her appear iim1* in nr riff that rvirt hp rM*a1]*rl In that tirr* per telegraph. No cutter nor any other force had been ordered to Charleston The cutter waa there, If there, In performance of h*r regular cruising orders, having no reference whatever to the exact ing state of things there This dispctch created Intense consternation among the rf<*?nton p?r i? leaders, In view of the fact that fat South Caro lina thus to initiate a civil war, will be to defeat all hope that th* border slavebcldlng states will willingly cooperate with her?South Carolina Tmk Op*.**.?The prospects for a brilliant operatic representation to-night are promising notwithstanding the blue times. A large number of BfMts have already been taken wblct^ is es it abonld be. The appearance of artiits like Colson, Brig noli, Snsinl and Ccllettl in conjunction is ot an everyday occurrence in Washington. In u.,., VI tKinjaa, lira lagdlia ana polls," It 1? well to encourage their antidote? in (isle. (Bee Shakapeare ) Aworism <>via.?The Legislature of South Carolina h?? adjnnrned over until the 3d of Jan uary, and North Carolina's Legislature till the 7th of January. ff7"?*hHHngU>n a?-nds us the readable January number of the Atlar.ttc Monthly, and Dscembrr number of Blackwood , also the complete report of the Burrh Divorce Cas**. Personal -Col Gates, U.S. A, and family, are at the National. Hon Caleb Cushing, Mam and J. H Dall, Cal , ara at WiHards'. Anions the late arrivals at Willard we no tic* thatof Mr Simon Muu'ni. formerly of Texas, now cf New York, the well-known and lndrfatl fable prosecutor In the Watroos Impeachment -The Duke of Newcastle la tool to be In Mailed as Provincial Grand Master of lite Free Mmmi of Nottingham, and the rlty autborltlea will five a ball on the occasion. The Prloce of Wales was expected to attend on the occasion, bat has written that he Is nnable to be present. JDisTiaaci-ass Dxfabtcxks ?The steamer Ho nors, this morning carried eastward many dis tinguished men I* 8 Senator Benjamin, of La ; Baker, of Oregon; K?verdy Johnson, of ,\ld . and Owtn.ofCal Dr Rsbe who Las distinguished Lln.self by Lls?a nest and energetic working for his pert* In this State, ai d to whom that party la unqueetlonably much Indebted, also Roes on to Waahlrgton The Doctor, however, does not go thither to get place or profit He has affirmed to us In the uiost positive manner that the object of bla mission Is to work the Psclflr Railroad BUI through A noble purpose Every Cslifornian will wtsb Dr Rabe success In his great underta king. and If L? soceeds. will rank him with the most distinguished of the land It Is a greit noe-ure. and be who succeeds In passing It. will b? deservedly ^r?at in the estimation of oar pen r. " m??r on alio len na. to report at Washington the full resultaof t'.s Wager. Road Kiploration. and the obae-Yatinna 0f bli eminent if practical mind He can also help the Railroad, and we trn* will cc-operate with senator Baker and Dr Rabe We may remark, m passant. that tbe merchants of t?.n Franclsro, laate^nlng. pre sented to the Otfgoa Senator a S>j du>tet ofiuver plate, kuowa aa toe' Rail/oad Bet." (exhibited at the late fair. by Tucker,) ss * token of their es teem and eanfldence la blm. WHUrd R Par well, Esq . waa alao a passenger by th'a steamer. A pioneer, connected with the city press for many years, to has occurltda distinguished poaltlon In the rank* of the editorial profession. He haa our hearty regards and good * iab?? ?5<*a Francirca Xtiaimg Mtrrvr. Sidney E Morse writes a long letter to ?wwumj, cocTenauon vim tfee late A*ma l.eigett, la wbicb tfca lattw Mid it a Brttiah efflrfal Informed blm tb? pnrpo*> Eaaiand la tboUablng aiawy ta tbe W?t I la fjlaada waa t? e?-?l>liat aa auM-afnyenr era la that abauid aond'r our Cnlon, at J tb'.a t* t\ Urace r?pabti#an iMtftutJou. r * I ! . . ^ (OilOB^eiOSAL. Wojidat, December SiRtri.?After prayer and the reading of the Journal? Mr. Fenraden. on leave, Introduced a bill to loan the credit of the Government and granting public landa to a Pacific Railroad I'ompany, which wai ordered to be printed. Mr Pugh automated a resolution reconimend insr the legislatures of tb? wurti Sa>w to *pply to Congress to order the hoUBa? of ft convention to amend the Constitution Of the L*tiled$tatea, aa provided in the fifth arttela thereof; referred to Committee of Thirteen. Mr. Bleler introduced a bill to prevent the in vasion of one State by fore*s from afurthef; referred to the Committee of,Tbirt*??. Mr. Douglas submitted sundry amendments to the Constitution, referred to the Committee of Thirteen. Several private bills were then taken up and disposed of. Hocsk ?The Speaker laid before the House a eomaauaicattoaatgord by Messrs. McQueen, Bon bam, B?yce. and Ashmore. members frotn South Carolina, saying they availed themselves of the first opportmfty of making known to this honor* able l>ody that the people of South Carolina had left tae Confederacy, and thereby dissolving; the union of tbe Ualt*d States, and that State's con nection with it, and also theira with Congrt**; laid on the table The Speaker laid before the House a commu nication from the Secretary of the Interior, con cerning the abstraction of S330,000 from one of its safea; ordered to be printed. Mr. Mortis oflVr??l a resolution, that a commit- I tee of five be raised to investigate the recent al leged abstraction of **30,000 from an iron safe in the Interior Department. Mr Sherman hop?d it would be deferred, as the Committee of Ways and Means expected a cammuni. at:on from the Secretary on tbe subject; after which, the motion would be in order. Mr. Crawford moved that when the House ad journ to day, it be nntil Thursday; adopted. .Mr O'ero. of New Mexico, offered a bill provi ding frr the appointment of fed ral officers In the Territories of the United States; laid on the table. Mr. Sherman. from tbe Wavs and Means Com mittee. reported the Army Appropriation bill. Mr. Scott, of Cal., oflVred a resolution request ing tbe Secretary of War to furnish the House with a statement of the condition of his depart ment Laid over. Tbe regular order of business was called for. Mr. Sherman, from the Committee of Waysand Means, reported a bill for the support of tbe Army ior ioe next nacai year. Lommutea. T?i Wbathzs?The following report of the weather for the morning la made from the Amer lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith sonian Institution. The time of observation ;s about 7 o'clock Dicimbu 24 I860 New York, N. Y clear, cold. Philadelphia, Pa clear, cold. Richmond, Va. clear. 32?. Petersburg, Va clear, 50?. Norfolk, Va clear, 40?. Raleigh, N. C clear, cool. Charleston, 8. C.... clear,cold. Augusta. Ga clear, cool. Savannah, Ga clear, 41'. Macon. Ga clear, cool. Columbus, Ga dear, cool Montgomery, Ala clear, cold Jackson, Ala cloudy. Mobile. Ala cloudy, 4d">. New Orlf&bs, La clear, S73. FROM TMI WIST. Frederick. Md clear, cold. Hagerstown, Md clear, sold. Cumberland, Md clear, cold Grafton, Va cloudy, cold. Wheeling, Va clear, cold Farkersburg, Va cloudy, cold. Cincinnati. O cloudy, cold. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m , (cor rected for temperature,) 3u,2rw; at noon, 30,270. Thermometer at 7 a. m . 25'; at noon, 28'. Mazlmnm daring 4t hour*, ending 9 a. m. to day, 42'; minimum 23*. Lyxch Law.?The citizen* of Montgomery county, Alabama, hanged two negroen, one free and the other a alive, on Saturday laat, for utter ing aeditioua language. Ys=*THK LADIfc.8' FAIR FOR THK BF.N LJJ efitofths Ka?t Washington Mission Meth odist Protestant Churoh, will commence THIS (Monday) EVENING, in the basement of the chureh,corner Virginia avenae and Fifth at east, at 6 o'o ock. Season Qekets 25 cents; single ad miaaton 10 cents; children ha!f prioe. de 2? 3t M r A I 17 TV,n 1 III r ^5 M XX 1 U. I ?!*? IAUIV5 W| I 1CICJIOI VIISpQI Will > _-f hold a Fur at No. 974, Seventh atreet, b? tween L and M eta.,from 20tb to Slat Deoember, inc'.uatve. Come enjoy youraelve* and procure ar tiolea for the holiday a se??un ticketa, admitting a gentleman and lady, fio cerUa; aingle admittance 10 oecta. da 18 )2t? Yw"COLLECTOR'3 OFFICE. CITY HALL, iL?? W'ashi.ngti*. l>eoember6.i860. ^TAXES ON PERSONAL property, slaves. &o.?.Notioe ia hereby given turn the tax bt.ia lor Hou'ebold Furniture.Stocka. Slave*. 4c., for tie year IK', and previoua yeara. are now inada out and ready for delivery, and are payable at thia office, Tho e witorio not oal! and aettle their bilia within twent* daya from this date wil! be called on by one of my a**tatantt, and if the bill* are not paid witbin aixty dav* from ttii* dare I ahull proceed to enforce the colleotion in the manner reqaired by law. JAS. F. HALIDAY, do is-art _ Colleotor. the Union prayer mef.tinos will be bolden every day this week, in th? F.ngliah Lutheran Church, corner of 11th and H atre?t?. to cotnmanoe at 4 o'clock, and to continue one hour. de 17 t^^-to the voters oFwashinqton. L_!f The Aaaeaaora of eaoa Ward will meet at the followinf p!ac-a from 9 a. m. to 3 p. m, from the Mtti totneVhof December inolu*ive, to oor r-ct and to r eg later the namea of thoee omitted fiom the poll Hat: First Ward?John A. Rhoem, 17 3 Pa. avenue, terween 17th and ltttb ata. s?cord Ward?George Thomta Stewart, ornir T-a I * i. . r, ,< Li "Third War<?-iienry Curtis, corner Eighth and Fourth Ward?Thomas W. Bureh. Fifth >t., be tween G and H sts. Fifth Ward?George T. Barret, oorner of ?outh A nnd 3d street* east. Sixth Ward?L. A. Tuoll, #40 Eighth st. east, at the residence of John C. Robey. Seventh Ware?Peter Hepburn. No. OS south F strert. I>? t woen 8th and 9th streets south, dell tafith rv-g?PHILADELPHIA CONFECTIONERY. 1 ? Ice Cream. Water Ices, Wedding Cakes, Pound Cakes, Mince Pies,Pastry, Crusts f -r Oyster Piee, Jollies, ana a general assortment of nioe things in the Confectionery lino, at FUSSELL'S, oorner Twelfth and F sts. wo 24 lm* INTERESTING TO BANK NOTE \LJj HOLDERS.?Virginia notes taken at p*r *Sf Clothir.i at the Peoples' Cluthtcg Store, No. 4^0 Seventh street. N B ?I hare on 4j\nd a vary large and superior stoek of Mens' and Boys' Clothiug Furnishing Goods, Hats and C*ps, at prioes to suit the timea. J. H. SMITH, Clothier, no 24 lm No. 460 Tth st . oppo. PostOWoe. fr*?liEMPSKY A O'TOOLE, J3 WE DOING AND VISITING Imfortera of fine WED^N<i b WEDDING ENVELOPES, the moat beautiful atylea. 396 Pa. At., between 9th and 10th ata , an 27-6m WAaHi!t?Toif. RARE ANTIQUE.?a Secretary former!)' I?e loniunfto Madame Jerome Bonaparte-a rare cnriuaitv. The ladiea are invited to call and aee it. Prioe #30. A a.?t of Nile'a RegicW. (50 vo umea.) ?100: and a large lot of Rare Booka at reduced erteee, by ALFRED HUNTER, d?it4 3t* Pa. av.,abo7e VVi tarda' Hotel. CQ' fkAA AAA ~A BLUE BOOK CON taiumc tli*t>umb?r of of. tfcea an l th*ir pa? in the gift of the Preaidentnf the United gratra.CTX oenta. Government Booke of any kind anpphed Many rare B oka (or aale; a oatalogue luraialied. To e fitora who will print taia I will ftirnah a c pv o* the Hiue Book. Addraaa A LI-RED HUNTER, Washington. D. C. d? 24 3;* m vnTiiu1 1 HOSF Who are indabtcU to ua for acoounta rendered a few day* atnoe an.t for notea paatdu* will greatly oblige ua by calling ana faring ihe ame w.ta ai 1 ttle delay a poaaibls. CLAGETT k. MAY. 324 Pa av., between 9th and 10 h ita. N. B.-W? have got on hand a large ?took of ea?onahle Dry Good*, which we will offer from thiadar^at about half prise fur eaah. de 213t C. A M. TODAY Everybody t* buying a lot of thoee FINK LAROK NORFOLK OYSTERS FOR CHRISTMAS. Owing to the immense tuab, we ?? obliged to keep oar ealablialiment open until 13 o'clock to morrow. T.M.HARVEY, It gsl C atreet, c pt> >?ite the Theater. ROYAl.HAVA.VA LOTTERY.?The follow ing uumbera drew the principal prisea in the drawing of Deaatubtr 15, lwGU: _ S.1X9M I^oa. fritw j ? .f?i,oon %:r::v~- IBS *'" ?? JSTM, I451T 14J87, 15 2a \mm' 24'iw' VZ* !2SS? S0-50' 2a#4< 22l"8.'hot#; ??gf2 :?SiJSa-SSi.",I,'a'?? ?.f of thi? ceTebr?t?d Lottorr will PON RODRIGUEZ. Ho03?HkN "u,T^.."K r? " ,& ?"/" to Race on Saturday morning. The steamship Jura, which aatled for New York on the 11th Instant, baa 849.U00 In specte, and the steamer C^y of Mane heater has >351,000 in apect* on board. Tne political news ia unimportant. The China mall, which waa anxlouely looked St ret?MrarK,*lct sir Joan uranpM. Lord Lyons and Sir Edmund Headhsv* bf? cnmm KnljtfeU and Commanders of the Bath It *M m3i roamed that Lord dwUrvut* leave Pimtt India, to Mume the dot lea of Got* eruor. V _JV The supposed jobbery of British citiaaci in Mexico had caused a determined action oft tbe part of tbe Government, who was waiting an official confirmation of th? fact., . . The London Times censures tbe attitude of South Carolina, but admit* that tbe Southern State* have some rights to contend for, namely: the right of free trade. The Paris Bourse cloaod dull aad dropping. Rentes (Pf 00c. Italian affaira are unchanged. Tb? new Austrian proeramme promises many aweeplng and Important reforms. ^JJENERAL STAGE OFFICE. vy?, me unu*rii(D?i| rropriewin 01 me loiiow mg Stage Lin>?? Lee-burg, V*.; Up- , ? p?r Marlboro*, Mil.; Leonardtown^ Md.; Chnptieo, M'1; jRoekvi It, Md. and Frederick, Md ?have made A F. kimmki.l of the KiiiimeU Hou?e, C ?L, between 4H and 6th ste., near the National Hotel, an Ai*nu On nnd after thu date the poblio are requested to osll attbe Kimnu 11 House to take eeats for th? ahoye-named place*. BENJAMIN ClH)i ey, Prop. Rookvillfl aad Frederick l.-ne. JOHN H. KKLCHNKR. Pros. Arlington utikeLme. Jamkh oskorn. Prop. Manboro' and Chopiieo Lines. Washington, l)ec. 24, I860. N. B?Th8?t**rsf r ' hcptiooand Leorardtovn will leave the Office on Tueedaye, Thursday?. and Satu'days, oommsnoing on tite Kt January, 1<4 . de 34 lw J AS. Q8BORN. Prop. 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We need hardly add that our atoek, oving to the ttatt of tkt nov r?ry large, in many kinda vi mpis.uvtuu l aney uoods, and purchasers will be able to supply themselves with almost every artioie in our line of buainesa, at v-ry low pnces, and in many instances, at Uss than the aotual cost, 'ihe loweat prioe will invariably be named at onoe. W. M. 8HUSTER ft CO., No. 39 opposite Center Market, de t7-1ftUleo*t between 7th and 8th ate. T REMEMBER, HAT Yo? tare more thaa W Mr oent. on the dollar by hayin* your DRY GOODS at Store No. de 19-lot x Near Avenue Hons*. A aSBPWKMI: Bdea KING ft BURCHKL1 J ELEGANT CLOTH CLOAKS. I U8T Opened for th? Christ ma a and New \ eara Preaecta, all marked down at the loweet prioee to COLLBV * W.. "mm. <i? l?6f Odd FaUow'lfcU). r'HBAP CARPETING*, V/ SELLING OPT. Ba.tTk^lj Car gating at^ TlH o*nU, l^nU. ttttoents, at 44 and ft' oenta. Also, 6 4 CurtaiB DtMMki at M mdU, Curtain Mu?iia? at all Buff Hoi aodp, ail widths a d prioa'. ft 1 I rotf.r<-TT^? BtitllfiiL - A Jteur.g ou from ) Clnc!nn?lfT Ohio, wji recently called upon to J visit Ncv Orleans. 1a .on prt-eang busier is He bad hardly taken op hia quarter* at a hotel, v beo some swindler, who had *??*" the visitor s ad dress upon the hotel book, called upon him. and represented blmwlf as a member of a Vigilance Committee, and succeeded by threats, la Induc ing the young ?an to pay him ftJOaa black mall The strs ^er made kno?i the citemstanees to the Mayor, ?rko iostantlv took tb* necessary eteps for the arrest of the swindler N?tr KxoUlrd ' Committers op fUrtry.' ? The Boeton Courier is ! faror of appc n?Bg a - - - ln ?i?..V,V| _? that, apon iureati ration, are beiow a fair prioa for the work. No contract will he awarded to bidder* until de tail* are furntehed the Department of the prieee of the diiTerent kinda of work and materlafe, whieh hall be*ul jeot t > the revision of the Department, ao that the *ro?* bid aliall b? equitab v appor*ior*a upon the whole work to guide the Department in makini payment*. Ninety per cent. of the amount of work done and material* delivered, aocordmc to contract priae. ( aid amount to be aeoertaiued by the eatim'teof an acmt of the Deparmeat apponted for that pur pose.) will b paid from time to time a* th? work p o;r<aa- , and ten percrt retained until Um corn el t>t ono' the oontract and aooeptance of the work, *o., by the ace?t aforeaaid, and b* forfeited m the evnt ofnon fuifi'ment of contract ContraoU wi?l be awarded oclf to master build er* or mechanic*. and the assignment the-eof. ex oe*r hy ronaent of t e *eor?Uryol the Treasury, will be a forfeiture oj the *atne. Each propo?al nuit be^ied b? a writt- n ruanmw, rimed by twr ai>on?iM > pereona <o?r tified te t? so hv the Ir.ueJ State* District Judge, o- Attorney of the raid d>*triot.) in the sum of 42\o0ft, that th* b:drfer will, when reqnir.-d. if his propoaa' b* eceepted. ent?r into a oo: tract and bond with proper and sufficient seooritles for it* fathfiil performaroe. P'ana, ?p?cifioatiora and working drawing* oan he-xmri'Ml aiter forty day*, an i orh?r informa tioji obtained on application to th* Department. rne propo?&>? mint f>? sent to this Department, addreened to tb? secretary of the Treatur*. (n? ffnr'fd" Proposal* for titt P\iladrlphia Court Htm", ami Post Offire,") and will he opened at) o'ol?ok p. m ,r| the la*t <*a? named for receiving the aame, in the preeenoe of the b-ddere, if as; ohoone to at tend PHILIP F THOMAW, dej24 60d3iaw Seoretary of the Treatury. i^ALVERT'SCELEBRATED HONEY, Made V ip the B>e I'a.aoea. A clear an4 deiioiona ar tiole (d? 22) KING k BPRCHKLL. T RUFFES, PETl rf POIf*. champignons. TOMATOES, GREEN corn. ASPARAGUS. Ac. deg KING k. BURCHFLL. |>UTTER! BUTTER!: t? BUTTER Jn*t arrived, more of that delieious Butter. Families joining together and haying by the quan tity can ?ave opp-third of their money. Aleo. a few more of thine cheap APPLES left, and for tale at canfikld's cii*ap Produce i><?pot,at 549 Ninth at.. eppoaite Center Market. da 22-3t SULTANA RAISINS. LAYER RAISINS. hekdi km P 1i?IV? jl OR DE"AUX" PR U S' ES, CANTON ginger. de22 KING A Bl'rchell. T NEW restaurant. HE Snh^e-ihar lnf?rrr.? the eitictni of Wish n?? ^"PH I w and ohoioe inrt"n and tho publio in nene-at that baa optned tha Reataurant No. 4S9 Sixth treet, hotvern C and Loumana avenue (formerly kept fy Jacob Smith ) A n?wa a??ortn.tMit of I.IUUORS,CIGARS, Ao .on hand. Fine fresh O vsters aerveJ up in every style at ail hnnra. de2> lni* _ F. G rohr. jyjlNCE MEAT, made from aela?ted mate de2? KING A burchell. Fresh fruits in cans, preserves. brandy FRUITS, J EL LI KS. de22 KING A BURCHELL. Holiday p r e s e n ts-kmm Kriocie'a agnnt. lammond.7thit.,has the largest and cheapeat oollfoUon of Tots in the city, de 21 3t* H CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. UTCHINBON A MUNRO Have r.oeived.and offer at very low prioes. a fine aaaortraent of Work Boxss, Cabaa, Portfolio-, Writing Desks. Glove Bcxea. Ac., to which they invits the attention of tho?? in search of preaenta for tlie approaching holiday#. At hutchinson A MUNRO-8, d?21 3t 310 Pa. 9th and l?Kh ata. Just from England! RODGERS' SUPERIOR CUTLERY. By the laat Steamer from England we are in re o-ipt of another aplendid atook of TABLE AND POCKET CUTLERY from the celebrated Louae of Joe. Rodpera A Bona, Sheffield, which we otTer at price* to rait the timea. Ivory-hand lei Game and Beef Carvera and Steeia. A full anpplT of Ivory, Horn, White and Blaok Hone. S?'f-Tipped, Coooa. Ebony, and Stag Handled Itnivea and Porka, by the aet or duzeu Silver Plated Table and Deaaert Porka, Tab!e and Tta fpoona Butcher and Shoe Knivea fvokit Cattery. Q^Peraona wiahing to inake parchaaea lor the Holidaya will do well to examice oar utook and prioM belere purchasing elsewhere. Remember the place, 339 Pennsylvania Avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel. de21 -? J. e. SHIELDS. FURS! FUE8! FUEB! I have just received from New York, a Llrne invoioe of furs, * on consignment, to be sold at reduced price*. The above invoice of Furs are ora superior qual ity and workmanship, and ladies in want of a good artile will do well by cal'incon JaAe* y. DAVIS, late Todd * 10., ile 20 1 w under Browii'i Hotei._ qemkuber THF. CHILDREN- and BUY 11. their Toys at l.A.MMOMD'?, Kriss Krinrle's on y agent. dwil at* /t'HORE IN SEARCH OF PRESENTS FOB 1 the Holidays would do veil to make an eqtly election whi'st onr assortment is complete. Oar present stock is much larger than at any former season, and marked down at pnoea far be low any heretofore named, !W. W. OALT A BRO., Jewelers, 3*4 Pa. avenue, de 21-8t 4 doors west of Brown's Hotel. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS FOR IlTTLE GIRLS. wax Dolls, with moving eyes. Furniture for doll's hoasss. Tea Sets, Kallede scopes, Battledores, Music Boxes, Parlor Balls, Water Colors, Dissected Picture Blocks, ae? St illO Pa. av., bet 9th and 10th sU. f 1HR1?TM~AS PRESENTS FOR LITTLR BOYS. Macio Lsntems, Chinese Jogclers, Toy Skips, Hat and Fo t Balls, Humming/Tops. Monhanicai Toys, Toy Guns, Paints, Erawirg Slates, Writing Cases, agnetio Toys, Pietur* Blocks, Pussies, Ac. Received and for .ale by HUTCHINSON A MUNRO. de 21-St 310 Pa. av., between t*h and Wth sts. jjKwruaAi.s run Bthr. Wa*hikgtom Auiui, December V, 1M0, SsaLID Pkop.>iaLs. to beeudorted "Prnpoaela for Furnisnin* Freeh SmV'vU1 bo reoetred by the otini Aaciatftnt Copniimry of SubiiitrnM net! 10o'clock ft. m , of the 77th iut, for auppiyiac the United tstuM ?tjthia Areeoel with _>r the yeftr eodinf Deoernb-?r SI, 1M. to be fus?iikb*d mu?< be of ft good and . qeftllty, (ant ftftd thank* t.? b? ex ,) in aaoh ?n*etitiea ft* mfty b* from time to bane reeaired by th? troopLtaa on mffduiu M b??<wiitN by the Aeuag Aaaiatftnt Com mia'ftry of Subaiateno*. .* The oantraetor will be reqnire-d to jtee bonda with food m4 aftiiclOTt teeerit for the fftithftl 1 MMaMIOPfkii eontreot ? JOHN J. SAUNDERS. d? ? * Bt'tM Uant. Ord A. A. C. B. Ma*sachus?jfc, ia ord?>r ttmt popular sentlme^T scattered u It now is, and yet tending everywhere to the Mine result, might become concentrated and effective, and apeak ia tone* notto be mis taken. It cites revolutionary precedents for the roove??e*?t, thru bringing to the memory of those who love their country th? action of their fathers, at an exigency scarcely so momeatuous and preaa ing as that which (s tow upon in P OFFICIAL. ROPOSAL,* POK KRRCTINO A COI RT AND PuST OF! ICE AT PH1LA f HI A, PA. Tiiastiit Osi-arimkm, Deoeinl^r 22 1*0. 9i*lkp fKOPj?iL? will bo r ceivad at this De D%itinAnt Ulltli thfl Mt nf VrKraiw a i\ ipfil at 12 <>'ol? c* at noon, for the con<tra<<uon of th? PiuUdsiphia Coart-Hoaa- and Pott OAm accord inz to the plan* and epeothcatioca prepared at thu Department. The?e pr? po*a!a iruat be for the whole work; bat e eh portion < f the wr.rk and the ammr t h d U *" - f r mut be aepara'er ataf*d i* the biC; the rerpeo tive amount lur each kind of work carried vat, and the t<>ta amount ?tate.;the Department e t*rvin?f the rtfbt to reject or acc?rt the pr<'p'>?ala h?rebj invred. or any parta thereof w.en itd'ema t he interest of th? United States require* it; th? Departmr nt also raaervea th? to ?xolade the buia of any p-?reon or pertoua whom thera iajaat oaaaa to belter* will not faithfully perform the oon. traota, or whioh the? have attempted to obtain by indir*3tion;ar.d all bida when there ehall be pariiee in int?reat who do not join in the h da. and a'l bida Grand c < _ , For the of TAE POOH OF THE CITY. THE SOCIETY OF 8T~VINCENT OK PAUL Have Cm p.<maare of MHoaaciag that a ? O R AND Vocal and Instrumental Concert For th? Benefit of tk? Poor of tt? Citr Will b? i??n at ci jhuA KD? HALL un THLKSUAY f.VKM.Mi, D*o*mt*r ar, PRlKiRAMMh. V *2? u Chornf?AeAihe 1'ory vl the l,oril ... HaiiJ*l \Vifh Rill orohMtrnl accompaniment. Mo - - Qaartett*?Corn* whtrt iny Lor* 11m Drwaiu ? Foster goio? Lol U??r the *r?a*h Lark.(flat ugonfHiirutl Puh<p Duet?A* it fell upon i Dt; Chorue? O' hails* jr* Fre*.. .. Heraani P*?T II. _ Solo? Piano?Chanson Creole....... ... K*t*rr*r Do*t?1 NmW* Gatxissi Solo?Oh! the Bar ol Dublin In*h Melody Chora*?Hall*l?jah.< fall orohaatrai Handel Sol??W*r*Ia?oldi*r Btig*lli Solo and Chorus?Th* Star Sp*ng>*4 Kan Tier.... M................... ? ... m . * ?K*y Conductor..... Mr. T. N. Can.nai.iv. Concert will commence at half-past 7 o'clock. Admission Fifty Cent* Tickets for sal* at th* M usjo and Book 3tor?*, and at th* R?Ma Tbs Piano us*d on tf>i*occa* on is frftoi th* man ufkcronr ? f Chiokermr A Sons, Boston, and is kindly loaned by John F. Kills, Ef. d*? 3< wBBBBBI ILLAID'S HA L L. ITALIAN OPERA FOK 0\g NIGHT OSLY MONDAY, December M. b ? the oelebrated ITALIAN OPKftA COMPANY of th* ASSOCIATED ARTISTES! Mad.PAULINE COLSON. The o?l?br*ted Prima Donna; Sif. HHIONOM, . Sif. 8U8l.NI. ?lg. COLKT n. Diaac-roa ahd Cokdvctou - ?|J. MUZIO. Tka entire of^SoaiietV .pgtSftm* oh . DON PAIKJUALK. With the fol owiu* ftar Cut: Madair.e PAl*L.lNh COLSON,ia her celebrated character aa Norma. Signor BKIGN,?LI aa Erneato. Sif nor FKRRI ae Doctor Malateata. St g nor SUSjNl, in hie world ruovted o tiara Her aa Dor Pihciii. Dikbctos aao Cohdvctok S.f. Mszio. The pnre or adm:aaion to al'_part? of the hall #1; rea?rv?d aeata Sn cents extra. Stata can he aacored at Metgerott'a M utie Store. Doora open at 7; Opera commence at I. de ?-tf BALLS, PARTIES. &c. m u c a c ASSOC I BARKERS Of thk District op ("oicvbia Will t?* giv*n at FRASKLTX IfALI.. r<n dr* and D tit IDAYEVr A Ob WKDNRSDAY EVENING. Dec. *th. Withers' Band has been engaged. The Washington f*amucerbiird will be present, and some fine inusio may be ex-' period. Tiokets FiA) Cent*. admitting a gentleman and ladies. .de 8?-2i^_ TjmiCETO AI.L! HE MKMBKRS OF THE WESTERN HOSE COMPANY take gnat ple*?ure in *4 announcing to their friend* and the p?Uic in jn general that ther intend giving a grand CU-IB T1I.LON PARTY at Stott's Hall,corn* UA 30th at. and Pa. av , on THl'RSDA Y. Deo. 37. Tioketa 5"i eta., admitting a gent eman and ladies. of Ar an*fm?nt? tir_ r:i.L- ? ?? * n iu. ?ii , j. r. nopuns, J. E. Fore, J. M. Park T? M. Hottaman, J. B. Gray, de Zt if SONCE MORE. KIND FRIENDS! ECOND ANNUAL ASSEMBLY of the a GOODS FOR CHRISTMAS! CHILDREN'S-FANCY CAPS, Of Various St?!e? Ruta and Cap* of all kinds. Shoes of sll kinds. Gentlemen'! Furnishing Goods and Clothiac. At H ENNING'S, d?21-3t Seveuth sU. Is and. CURRANTS AND POULT*Y.-WiU receive by Expiess to-morrow mornin|? 4 bbls. fresh killed Poultry, 5 oacks prime new crop Curratts. For sale low to ar-ire, br D. L. MORRISON * CO., de 21-3t Corner Twelf.h and B ets. W CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. ATCH-STANDH, Glove boxes,Ctfar-s'anda, Shavinr Casss, fine Razors, and Pocket Knives. Mottn rnfM Pnn?. Tatft-i.tota Tu UiFa Dressing Cum. satchels. Backgammon Boards, Ch?ssmen,and other (inn. At HUTCHINSON 4 MUNRO>, . satchels loftrdi.01 JUTCH1L de 21-St 310 Pa. ar.. bet. 9th and l?th it?. tjPECI A L NOTICE TO OUR FRIENDS AND W CUSTOMERS. We hare had their bills ail made off, and those who prefer oalling at our desk 'or them will please do so by the 26th inst. After that d?ts we shall render er?ry bill on onr books, and owing t > the great panio we must ask our friends to make prompt payments, as w* are in want of all monev due as at this time. J. W. COLLEY ? Co., de 21 iw ft-23 Seventh St.. above Pa, ar. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! C GAUTIFR has op?n*d a large variety of FRENCH FANCY BOXES for the Holidays, whioh he has just reoeired, selected by his special agent in Maris. Particular attection is invited to his new ftyles of SUPERB CONFECTIONERY, which, for parity and delicacy of flavor, are uo equaled. For the aooommodation of th >se who may favor him with a call, he will hare his Confectionery put up in pound and half pound pack.tree. defl 1 w READ. ALL BOOKS ARR AOI.n AT THE PITRI.TRRFBB' PUIPtri AMD A SPLENDID GIFT, WOBTH rtOM AO CENTS TO #100, IS GIVEN WITH EACH BOOK. You oan seleot from a large aod magnificent (took of Books, among which may be found ALMOST EVERY THlNtt in the shape of readins matter, careful'y selected and sold at regular advertised prioee. Book* of Faot. Books of Fiotio*. Books of Devotion. Books of Amusement. Books lor the O d Folk*. Books for the Young Folks. KBooks for Boys. Books aboat Bailors, ks for Girls. Hooks aboat So dter?. ks for Lovers. Books about Inn Books for Sweetheart*. Books akout H asters. Books for Wives, Books aboat Hero**. Books for Husbands. Books aboat Patriots. Books for Farmer*. Hooks for Meekaaios. Hooks for Merekants. Books for Physicians. B<>oks for Lawyers. Books for Statesmen. EU9IBBBOT. DW1I HI nnwry. ka of roftrr. %???a ?i Bio?r??kj. k* of TT%T9l. Books of Adventure. A handsome assortment of PRESENTATION BOOKS, In srery style of biodiaj. ALBUMS. ANNUALS, BIBLES, FRAYKR BOOKS, HYMN BOOKS. SCHOOL BOOKS. SINGING BOOKS. Jl'VENII.B BOOKS MUSIC, SCIENCE, MEDICINE, BOTAWV. CHEM18TBY. GEOGRAPHY, MECHANICS. NAVIGATION. MANUFACTURES. AGRICULTURE, A RCH1TKCTL R 8, NATURAL HISTORY, THEOLOGY. FREE MASONRY. ODD FELLOWSHIP. All the writicceof any standard Mtbor in every or-' *? ftptiUMtU of litmtare. O. O. RYANI, de 19 4T6 Pmuuj lvaoia Ai I CHRISTMAS NOTICE, HAVE Juet received, and bow offer at redaeed prioee for oath, alarfe aaeortmert of Skatee, Bo??' Sleight, Hobby Ho rem, Sviofa, ui Otter arUoiee utable for Chrietmae Preeenta, A larje and we.l ?ele*teti aaeortmeut of Table Cutlery, Ptat*d Ware, Fire I rone aad Stands; Folding. N areecy, Parlor aad Office Fender*; t-oor Mate; patent Ff*>t wweeri; Copper, Oalraaised and IfoaCoaJ Motto; and the greataet rar ety of Houeekeeping Artiolee. -Aleo, a lar?e ateek of Giaa and Piatoto, both breach aad misale-loading. with all their aoeom t*. Wood Ware. Iroa, Ht*el, ifeassfsiawS variety, MU*1C BOO also, new H t?t 9th aad loth O 3W*'' AUCTION' SALKS.U THIS AFTER WOOf* 4 TO HOP. ROW. B* J. C. MeGl'IRfc ft. CO . ftiictiofcMr* f??U8TEK-8 ?A.LE OF FRANK HOLSfc I aj?? Ut ik Tn Fim*t W4??r On MONDAY, Ik* tttk di? a! iWMMtiM ? i ? ? -? praiaiaaa. f>y virtaoof tort <.f traat' t?7ta aorlbar, datad Dwmt'- 3 t. 18.VV and rtafy A.8 ,No PX.fvlioaK ?t ,* <> U* land riKMM-f-r w ??ln?ftna ?-./P.I ?ta. aa.. tli?V*ttkftl(Ml/Klum ?r*4lr? ?ir t*r*d aight; A>?r, frantiuc ? It* vm York avmm, Iniltii Mk at>o !) ( ?t'?iu aad ntmii hack aho?>IWfiitJii?rt?r with 'H* impr?r?MMU, oo.naiatint o( a emal. fraoi* <1 v*j|it?? ko? T>rm? Om tMro ?a*k; U?a rtiuiiulri . HrtnM*4?rka(M4li Month a, with it irrMt, a-^arad by a Mad ?T traat on Uc praaaiaM. Al. jbv?j auctac ax f aroaM^r i MM. CH AS A BLRT, Trt J. C. StoGl'IKE * CO , Aacta no SI tavA?ia FUTURE DAYS By C1*KAR> A bKKKN. Auo i(M> JVnli fr*?r. CONTENTS OF an aPOTHKCARY *ft?ICK aT AtrcTioH ?Oa WEDNESDAY MOBN IN<S. OaMaabar ? fc. at t? o'ak-ck. ?> wiil aa J at pablia aaotion. the aaUra MnlauU of tba A p?th* car j atora, ootnar ( Itk aad C a:rMta Wa umi lata Soda W Mar A?p?iMaa n.d Strap B..? 1 TaT Comba. P#rfa-r'* 1 Larga Show CMf, Platform ud Couatar Soalaa Show w i?uuy?,Cmttr?,8hn T<rm kt Nl?. a d r* Kuturaa 4c. 4,g j CLEARV k. (iREKN, Aao'a By CLEAR V * GRKRN. AietioMw*. 406 Htmtk urtu. [1OU8EHOLD rURNlTURK K1 at Auction.-On THUKhDy AMD BFFF.CTS .v morning. <m roatdoaoa of a i Mtk U kg Will ttic .7II; kOHWt, wa ah* (Vmiiy daoliaing koaaoka?*lng, or. MTMn 8th and Ttii atr*rta itha flag wii Hmuuk tha houaa, > at 10 o oloek a. m.. a pood lot ilfn l kept RouMhoid Farairar*,oonaiatir:f it h tof KuMvood nuo Iort? offna ftaiah aad too*, wita Co?#r aad Stool, Mahogany a>r C 'ia>ra aa I Roekar.f Do Caator and Faaoy Parlor Cbatra Do Marbta top Buraau/. Sidab^arJ ai.J Wllhiilt, Do aa Cantor and Btda Tabiaa, A aioat Uiuim. liat Naot*. Cao* Mat Chair* and Ruok?ra. Wkatuota, Eiteceion Dim ox aadotaor Ta> ?a, FckUiP.'B*d? t? >TaU',a?d Pillowa Hair, Cotu>D.aad Sfcaak Mattroaaoa, OaraMa.Qiioiotk, aad Mat tinea, Cookiag. Radiator, and ChaatW ?tov?a. Wardrot?a. Blankat*. r0?aforta,aad Qaitta. ?hina. Crook?ry. aad GLaaawara, o*?ther with a gaaaral aaaorUcaat of KMehrn Rataintoa. Tar ma: All arm* undar f?o oaak, orar f?o a crt-'lit of thirty daya, for autoa aatiafaotorl:? an d' rfwl, baantg int*r*at. Tk* Uoaa< la rant. Inqaira of tha Aaota. da 19 CLE A K \ t 1.11 KRN. Aaot* Br WALL * BARNARD, Aactlonaora. TRt9TEE*SSA KOF EN' 1IRF. STOCK OF Kisa i?ao<-?Bi*?, Wish, L qvuaelCi?>ai., A*n Condi v ejit*, ttc., at Arr no* ?On THITK9 I)AV, Daoaiab r -"mi, ooaim?ar rig at lto'c.ock, wa will aoil Um aatira atoea of tr.a (arooa'iaa to , at tua atora of h. T. Drury, oorr *r ofUtti aireot and Paanaylvazua avaaaa. oooaiat int of? OR'"its Imperial fri 0< !n?i Ta??, Ofaa, Starch, Buoketa, "rwwi, HruthM, >aie*a. Old R*e \N hi*kf, Gio, Bruif), r|M WiDH.tad Chtiupac uea. P:eklM. Pro?erwa. and CundiaMU, N?ta. Pie lea. Uottled Li^on-i, Stor- Fixture*, Couatera, Shelving, BlU.Sltbl CMk.,4c? Witn a iiNt vftrMf of oU?r food? uot Mi ?mi tlOuM. Term*: Inder $i> ca*;i; ov?r that aia?att a credit of jn and d < ?iaya, for ootoa aatiifaotoniy an dura<d, b?r:n( intereaf. T. DRlRY.Traitea. da 22 WAI.L* HARNaRD. A?otf By WALL k. BARNARD.AdoUomhi. COURT8ALK ?StLKor aCorvuiikt Boilq ih? Lot.?By virtue of an order and d'orae of tha Orfktat' Coart of the Diatrlot of Colambia. f>' arim date on tba 13th day of November, A. U. IK . and duly oonbrined by tha Circuit Court of atiu Diatriot, in Chancer* atttn.c I aha I aali, at aaliic auotion, to the higbeat bidder, oa THL RS l>AY,thenth day of December. A u. IKS, in front of tha premieee. at 4 o'o! >ok p m., all tha ritht, ti tle, intereat. and aetata of Parah EUca^eth. A an Amelia,and John William, Ffcnaon, of, in aid to tfc*eouih part of Lot numbered eereu. (7 ) in Sauara a umber ad filty-oi<e. <&l.) uf the pier. ?>f tba oity or Waahiu*ton. corma^notuc, for theaaid part, at tka aouthweet oorner of aaid Lot end raaai&c tbenoe north villi tba line of Twenty third aln et waat fouiteen (14) faat; thenoe oaat one hundred ar.d twenty two 112J' feM rwo-? nd a half < 2XI mob ea to tba rear of aa:d Lot; theoca aoatb loarteen (Ut feet; ana thenoe weet ona hundred and twenty - two (122) fat two anu a half <2H) inobea to tba pl-ca of he*mcit t. Thta aroaertr Tronta on Twentr third ? b*tvm north L t*d M iti Tenae: On* half etik; tH? reeidae in tro cal imttimnti. of and 12 moctha, secured by the notes of tha ywbliar, aatiataatoril v a ado read. and b serine lafraat from tha day of aa:e. Tltla dead to ba resarred until tha whole of/tha paroh&se motiey la paid, All oonvajaictni %t tha oost ot tha purobaeer. MARY ANN FERGUSON, Guardian. WALL A BAKNAK L?, A note da ll-3taw?wAds TWO LARGE LOTS OF PIG IRON POK Pali is Gboagitowk. D. C.? Bj virtu* of ?p order of diatraia from Wiluan A. Badly act. A-r<-? Young, to ma direoted, for rant dwa and in arrears. I hara levied on two lota of vary fine Pic iron, and I hereby cive not.ce that on MONDAY, the Stth of Deo ember. 1M0. at I# o'elook a. m , on the prem laaa, aituated oa Water street, adjoibief th? flour mi l of Meaars. Dayoe, Ta?lor A 1 o , 1 will eflVr for sale the said iron at piibiia auction to tha high e?t bidder for oaah. desost R. H. TRUNNKLL. Batliff. ITTTHE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED nttil MONnST, Dae 31, same hear and plaoe de? SMI \f ARSHAL*?* SALE,?In virtue of a writ of I"I ?e*i facias iseueoi from the Clark'a Office of tha Cirouit Coart of the District of Colambia for tha County ot Waahincton. and to 10a directed. 1 will HNM to gab 1C Mia, fur oacb. in f'oi.t of tie 8Dart Hoih door of Mid oounty, on THL'R? AY, the l'th day of Jacua'y MXt, 1861. at 12 o'oli^u m .tbe following described property, to wit: Part of Lot No. 6. in 8?ua No. ?-W. beg inn:nr at the northwest oorner or Mid lot and r*?ninj theaoe (Ht on \ irginia avenue 1m feet 1 mob: thenoe aouth by aonth weat the depth of Mid lot, tlienoe weet > y oathwest to the luithwMt oorner <>i Mid l?>t; ther.oe north by D TtlMMt 7f feet S inchee to Vir ginia avenae. oontainmg l fftt e?Mre feet, toe ether with all and etnca'.ar the improvements thereon, in theo'.ty of Washington. (I, C... seized and iovted upon a* the property of Joftn Mer.r.ekfie. and will be eoid to Mtisfy judicia* No. 14. to Janaary tern,, lafil, ia favor of J. F. Wollard, uee of Jokn Pari*. deltt-dt* W 9ELDEN.U.8 Marahal. ALL SNOWED UP o* TUC Sd of Juairy, 1101. dee ? fit ^OK HAVANA. Via KEY WK8T. HMITirn ST?T1'8 U All. ISABEL LI HI. Tba STKAM8HIP I8ABF.L, William Mol LlMa, Comniandar. will leave Char)aat<>n on the 10th ud 2Mb of aaob ran nth, for^^_ H*r?a?, vi* Key W*t; and. retunun* vili r?Ti Havana and Kr? \V ect m Um tit 16th of mob month. ?Pw information or pfttiui apply to T. BAM NARD.No 1 Todd'a Bui lam*. Waatnnfton. ar to fttORuRCAl * CO., 110 Eaat Bay, Ct*r(* ?|ETAn Mi,i raattar nail be are aa*d at ua Pont ORoe. da 19 ti,28y*^.7ank CADKf BLUE CLOTH^ FOK MILITARY 8111* Blaak Traoot Cloth, Blank Clotha. for Ladiaa' Cloak a. In oidar to convert oar atook into cuak. ire ar<* offering oar entire atock at greatly '^n-ed pi ion*. Wl. R. RILEY k mo. No. ? Casual Maraa, between 7th and aui etreet*. da 17-?* opponte Ceater Markat. Ol'R BONNETS, HATS, and FLAT8 of tta very lateat atyle?, and ta all eamm fadt^h of Ua Uat uiaiariaL Call at onee *?: l" QB> akoioa. At STEVENS*. nog tf W. batw.Xh and lOtk eta. French flo^Ersof the verybest ,na!it,, aad an arVtf ** . ha*w. ??> Nkw p^ffjg^ggggj^ CAfltM wall. stxphkn8 ft CO., 3*9 ptuqln ta itmui, hava juat rtmirad a lar*a variac* o4 _ is Good*, to which they inarita tka attaatioa of umtr fry+mAm ind n(?nxMm u *?-tf j^oticis to all of ocr custom era. 0a.i *t ?a aariy wfirtktriif lu of oar aooounta nada off to , anJ will taka ilui f*at faror if tkay will day wit aettl* ua wmi ww k. kilbftiro *o. 36-C?ntr%i su>tm. bmwmi 7tk tm\ *k au, da it tw of poaikt Caatar IUfka? r c" ?" * "mum*. pkuent9. Ma'kajdowa uu\?*r a? ^y^tofly'g11 da i* ? _ <8* waytk at-, ak -ra fa a*. r or? if pianos *oe sent or roi i j >tw apon rh| terma. bf j. f. ILUI, w >*.a?., battiu aad lmk ?u. 4i^

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