Newspaper of Evening Star, December 26, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 26, 1860 Page 1
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VS. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 26. 1860 N?. 2.451. * r THE DAILY EVENING STAR * i ?! FCJBLI3HBD EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUXDAY8 RXCEPTKD,) AT THI UAH BdLDISGt, C*t".ct of avtnvm mndU*A IT >T. D. WiLLACH. rxp?ra mmt( 1a hqUim br mrrUn il |4 k f?i. ?f * Man fm month. To mag aubaoribora tl>?? frtaa ia fiat a jtmj, m mdvmu; #1 for lt> >-?ath?, #1 for threa months; aad for lata than k.r*?morth?at tha rata of 13 oaata a week. Siacle aofi^a, uHicdit; in vrapp?ra, two ckxth. rrRT.'r**^r??aoald he Mat to the oCoe Mara U u'otoak in.; uUmnriM they may net after; antti ?he mxi dar. " 1 J',?a? JFur th* Stab. RTCIMIO?! FHOMi WAIMNflTO.ti. So 7. t aht Hit While the fun ww w-king iBt4> life and ws' ti?ity all the ener^ ^ -ho ^eat Empire City, unbolting i'a generating its elec* I trie and ealon ^ fQroes? and prepariug all hu man *iiate?je< within tta limits for another day a trJgg\cs_the poor to Hve. and the rich *?.Scl morr?wa were steaming along the Ea?t K,T ?r. heheldinjjthe whole eity hathed in the r??or&lB* light. We could h?t enjoy the aeene, aitiMCgb ure had not br?D refre-bed bj balmy Rail-Gate, that place dreaded by all mar >wn a A?w years since. admitting odW a small boat bow it hardly notieable. The u. S. Gov ernment employed Mona. Mallifert to blurt away an ialand of rock, and ao sncoeepful was lie, that not a vestige of It la to be found for fourteen feet below low wlter. Tbia improve ment in navigation baa allowed first clas* boate to be placed on the various routes to Boston. A inert distance from tbia flace is Black well'a Ialand, owned by the city of Sew York, nod ontaining its prison, almshouse, and in ?au? hospital. It ia beautifully located, being loog an<2 narrow, and in the middle of the atreaiQ. It ia alrnoet an ialand of palaces, and the v_>rk of Improvement aeems to be still go ing on, there being several large steam build tnga in prooe&s of erection. The grounds are ?*? being improved. I do not remember of havi2? aeec a more suitable place lor a prison, whether oonaidered with reference to security, be*':h or reform. We did not visit Brooklyn, cr make a long lay in New Tork?our object being rather to v?;? i:f. ? - \ CUJ 7 fcDC WVHbbf J lUOUgiiJ mo. c uowBYer took tims to nsit the great wonder of the day, the Great Easter*. viiitcd this uEpio of Iron," ae ft has been called, cot so much to see i'.j Various ealoons and internal arrangemer'^ u t,, fce ^ as a whole, to zet some idea the gigantic conception of the original jjr. Bntnai It cannot be said to h?;^ originated entirely with him, yet he mult hir? the credit of iu gigantic dimens. .,0J jt |B mo8t remarkable that the cu'ir ,naljng efforts of both son and father sho*^,^ vtrfirt f&ilurts in a prac tical po'^t of Tie* Hi* father, Mark Isam bart Brunei, a frenchman by birth, construct ** in boTbood, while a sailor, a piano forte. '>nd developing great capacities as an enjfi ?**t, devoted himself to the profeuiun. Be resided for hse time in New York, and while ^here ?ent to the Government plan* for tb? Hou?e? of Congre*?. He invented and pat in successful operation many very useful ma chines, but fcis crowning work ra? the Thames Tunnel This *?' designed to be a great thor> oughfare. but although completed as he hod projected, proved a failure, being used only a< a show shop, the income of which hardly payt the annual expense. This ton, Isainburt king dam Brucel, was resident tngiceer of thu work, and was afterward occupied in perfect ing his father's carbonic acid engine; but oc account of the expense of working it, it waf worthless. His engineering skill has placed him at the head of the engineering corps ir England, hi* native latd. The wurld owe* aln-wt all its great improvement* in bridge! to hi* skill, but the crowning work of his lift wm tfcp wreat tavern Iron Steamship. This like hi* father'^ great w.-rk. w?? completed aj he designed. ar. i if also a failure for proctica purpose. \\ e cuuld but think. a.-? we sur eyed its huge (urn. that it Would n1tim?telj be put to toe nm? use that the Tunnel is namely, a shore shop, but we doubt if it pay expanse* even at tba^e^e Several hun>lre< Jean hence, when tb? whole Atlantic ooas ecome* a- densely *?opulated as England, am London become hut one of a great wanj lik ?itie#. it may uo to hare a line of such won ( '^r ship, hr *t present the Tillages of Xei York, rtti'mieiphia, Baltimore. Boston, ani Portland, hirdly furnish sufficient oommerc or ?r*^el. Hauls* Yallkt. Glad were wo once more to be in tho conr try air. and more especially to be out of th VI VMV p,< VU KVO VI TUIUUICI lISVCi whin the can aro over-crowied, over-heate<i nnd ?r/rVh<W. The lower part of this va! Uj is toot remarkable?there are a few t!I la^es, but much low land fur fifty or sixt miles The scenery then changes as we strik the mountain range? that cross the liadaon i West Point. There is alao a range from Coi nectieat crowding on the eastern side of th vailey bringing it to the narrow limit of nr more than h-iif a mile in width. The sides ? the hilla are covered with wood, and are n< cultivated?In many places they are bold an preeip*to?s la this valley, about eighty mih from New York, is the small village of Ami nia^ noted lor the Ameni* Seminary. und? be patronage of the New York Conference < the M F Church The buildings, as we passe appeared commodious and well situated, bi toe grounds wero not very thickly shaded. A few inilee north of this place, at Mille toa, we left the train and with big and ba| J ? iu a uvvuiij uva-. u, II IC.U 111' mode of traveling for four or five mile* wb< became to onr stopping place We are c r* from the world, almost, being sbopt foi a'.lee from the pott offioe. bat we are in tl garden of country luxuries?milk. yea. mil t yi? hc-t cream, batter, currants, fruits, mi freah vegetables, of all kinds, load oar tabl< Wbtb a Paradise for the individual who b i*v?d the past yaar on vegetables forced in market before they are half grown, on be< killed after a journey of a thousand mil< an<l on bu'ter that has toe ted a temperate ?f 70 degrees. This valley literal]j* flows with milk a honey?more milk ii brought to New To from ibis valley than from all other souro Tbere is a special sight milk train. Hew 1 people ean make money by this process see almost unaccountable, for the average priee milk for the past year has bees bat from t to three centa per quart. Yet I aut aatisfl that the richness of the vallej, eren at t }:rice of milk, makes the dairy business hij y profitable. Could Washington ^riees, Ight and ten cent* be secured, or even 1 half of that price, every farmer would at become a millionaire. Tnis locality also famishes sport fer i ngler anl Hunter The mountain streai one of which passes our door, are full of tro iKa m/uintalna t?w*?? J W? UVI aaavwunMua wawwviVWt UJ Villi kind* of game. We essayed, fur the first ti in twenty jeara, to aot the part of the hut man, an<l though almost exhausted with day's tramp through swamps, over rocks, i up the bill*, had the pleasure jf killing 1 timea ia six Robins and various kind* amall cane were not Included in oar bag. were however guilty of taking a beaut: Baltimore Oriole, the only one l saw in t regieu Our success gave ao much pkeas that we apent many daja afterwards nunti Tbeae bills are covered with the vari kind* of whortleberries, and this oeaaon crop waa abundant, bat it was suffered t* main almost wholly ungathered ? thousand bushels moat hare deeayed. With two e< pani?ns I went several times, and in at three h>ur? we gathered half a bushel e time. Tbere doea not seem to be any sm p-un taken with the frait trees, bat this ?>c there was mq abundant crop of all kii One ladv, from her gard'.a, after using v plum* she wished heraelf. and riving liber to the neighbors wbo withed them, aold s buaheU, at SI per bushel. Lac l in the v? U worth from *j0 U# $109 p?r ?cre The fa are larg*. from 200 to bOO acres each. CoPAKB. ThU region ?ie?crve* mora than a pa? i?>u.-e. ani miut become Heiora many yea piaea of great raaort in tha ' (easti ail of r*tur* Th* flarieia valley I Millart .a rum north |.?rh*p- twenty u an4 on the ewtrn edge la the Laenaia ri < f mo#n:?in< Thr?f mountain* lay in 1 necticwt and Massachusetts almost wholly, the boundary line between them and New York being on the eastern edge of the valley. Ten miles north of Millerton U the village of Bol ton Corner, where the three State" join, and about four miles north of thia Is Mount Ever ett. the highest land ia MaasnchneettS. At Millerton this mountain HbM is cut by a val ley that leMs ir. an easterly direction to Salis bury, Ct., a place of considerable resort, espe cially for Washington people. The western side of the valley is bounded by a ridge of mountains extending several miles below Mil lerton. The range it continually approaching that on the Eastern, until at Huston Corner they are not a quartet of mile apart, but at this pla.oe this western range terminates, and broad valley from Poughkaepsie enters the Harlem valley. Thii broad valley is bounded on the west by a range of high hills, but not as high as those bordering the Harlem valley. On the terminal hill of thuwe?t Harlem range is a fine view, one of the neet t was ever per mitted to see. I saw one of '6ttf ftrtst brilliant sunsets?I cannot desoribe the scene. With the face *a?t, Mt. Everett baioed in the light of the settiag awn if the moat attractive object. The Harlem valley, with its rillagos. stretches oft to the south. Facing north, at yonr feet is the small village of Copake, and beyond to Hillsdale the land is rolling quite hilly, but under a high state of ovulation. Facing the west, the 'un 1? setting behind the folded hand* of the "Old Man of the Mountain," hat name being given to that part of the Catskill Mountains which re?en>ble a man of giant form lying on his back with his hands foli'.sd across his breast, his he&d being north and represented by a round peak, these de pressioni and elevation* corresponding to the hu^n form, even to the feet, and being lo oted at proper distances, the whole is verj I appropriately called the "Old Man of the J Mountain." At your feet is the town and village of Ancram, located in the Poughkeep I ft a *tl a* ? - - * sio vanev inis vaney is some tour or hv? miles wide, and highly cultivated This vie* mn*t be boacded ny a horizon of nearly i hundred miles. Night from the valleys gradually crept up the hills, and took possession of the scene, bui we had the pietvre and it oould cot be oblit erated , nor would we have it. It was a vien that leads the mind irresistibly beyond whai is seen, then leaves it to contemplate the de sign* of its Creator. Ilow has this scene beei repeated thousands and tens of thousands o time*, and is to be repeated thousands anc > millions of times in coming ages, and foi i what? It hardly seems posmble that a mint > tbat cannot grasp the beginning or the em i can be able to know why it is done. Yet wi do know that daily as the heat of the sun vi i brates every particle of the mountain, hill and valley, the surface is gradually lifted fron i ... .! _ >/, tin vrui pmu vi cAiaicuuo vu a ui^uci? ini Kuiujain nature is presented, and this i? the object; an< when all latent vital force becomes active, am matter shall assume its highest animated form then shall it cease, and time shall be eternity Victor Lacrrxtz. [T7*The Mobile Advertiser rails attention to tb tendency c-f cotton to take "the back track, lr.stetd of coming forward to tbe Gulf porta, n Lrttierto, for shipment. Since tLe State* of Alt bama and Mississippi. savs tbe Krister, cor strurted tbelr railroads, " tb? outrageous pb< nomenon has presented ItaeiT' of tbe cotton oal* being spirited away from Mobile and NfW Oi leans, and parsing northward bv railroad c steamboat to euricb tbe fectors of Virginia, Mart land, or New York. It Is stat-d tbat a s'.ngl Memphis trader basjnst visited Norfolk to nrj^c tlatc for tbe Uausmiss!on of 25,OttJ bale* by way < tbat port. CTTaleb C. Woodbury, It will be recolleetei was postmaster at Whit* Pigeon (Mlcb.) an robbed the mall there, for whlrh be was arrests n Kali) t#\ k?H 4 n # 1 fMlfk dVi/vvtlir afturw nl Ml* urits ?V VII I t U WV. Ik UVI II T Ml ?? I U| u tt wai announced that be Lad committed sn!c!<! by tthf strychnine. The Detroit Advrrtta ssvs, now, that the suicide wai a humbug; tb; Woodbury is alive, and has been recently Be* and spoken to In Chicago, and that his snppou prravp waa opened', when the coffin was found wood The U. 9. author tbe matter. R'",r "i contain only a log of tie* are Investigating fD- A ugusta 0mmbrecbt followed a falthleaa i du<"T, Helorlrh, from the kingdom of Haoov to St Lonis; on arrival ther* on Tu??day, ar bffore ahe had met with her false lovrr, ahp gai birth to a child, and died broken hearted an d?s;itute a few hours after. CcCUnfATi, Hamilton Cocity. State tj Oki* Before me, t e subscriber, a Justice el'the Peac io and for ?rid county, personal!) came John l.< who. heinc duly sworn,depoieth % d *sith tkat hf.d bean suffering with Ch'onij tiarrhn-a for t pau tweuty-two jea;s.andhai consults, and r o ived proscription* for his care from ailth*p'i fiipsl phyfioiKr.? in Philadelphia a: rt Cinoiuua hut all to no effeot, a* tie has reoeivnd no re i? f. , last h?> wa* reduerd to a mere rksiotun, witho even the hope of tver finding r^iiof: but, bj the a vice of a friend, was ndueed to trv II ?t-Hte CeU brated Stnm-ch Bit'ers, and. to hia u't<-rei pris , found relief from the first tria'; and in I' tears two months, found him elf p?rfc?ctly eared his compla nf, acd is daily rtooveriny his stress or boty, and inc eating in fle?h; and oh^orfu Sives thn cerfificate. iu the hope that others i ^tMi !it? himn*! tilav ) Joh* Lkk S^orn ai"l s'lbsoribed to before ire,Aug. 21st,18 O. K. Ha3s>lii*5. Juatioe of theTeace ' dcM e?-3t No. 44 West rn ?t., Cinoiar.eti. O Rud the fo lowing letter front a highly r<*ape? able if nt.^ ran : Li Mr- roN?, Montour Co . Pa., Oot. 22.18.53 This is to oeitify that 1 was pronounced br a' ?>al phyaioiana as conanmpu've. and had all t fcymplorrx of tha diaeaee ia ita wor -t form, auoh ceogbwig. severe paiua ia th? ohest aho.tneea I reatn. nig^fc-swtare, aud extreme weakneaa a aaaitude ia my whole ayatem- My family r.ea a11 having dt*d of the diaease I had given up hope of reeovery.aa nothing cava me relief; t th> ou?n th? p *ranaamn of a friend 1 was lutiuc to try Or. tTniar'i Balsam of Wild Cherry. T ftr?t bottle relieved me considerably, and tne th bott e oured me entirely. I now feel as well as C I did ia my life, and am able to follow my ooca] tloa 4a farmer as fully as aay one. I also had a siater in a more advanced atat? tbeuiaaaav having been confined to bar b*d over a year, and pronounced beyond hope by < beat jpuyaietaaa. tfha alto was entirely cored in* wild cn^rry, nui u requires ait or eignt o Met,and she still Ukoa it oooaaiona ]y m ap ventatire, being ratu'al'y weak chested I would sineerelyurge ail who are eimi'arly fliotea U> tr> I t wi-tar't Baltam of Wild Ckti an I am ?ati fled that but Tor your own ralua lemedy roy autor and myself would not now living. 11rl 1 cheerfully amwer any one who addr-ae me on the subject, aud state our oa more full*. Jacob Millh Fre&ar <! bv 8a<h W. Fowle & Co., Boetoq, i for ?%1? in Waehliuitor ?itv O. StottvS. B Wri Z. D. Oilman. John Sohwarze, Nairn & Pa.ii John Wiley, J B. Moore, and H H. *i?Pfi?n in G-vrgfctown by R . 8 i". Clss 11. and G . M. j 9- uthron, and by druggists every where, da 14-1 Cotrans ?The sudden changes of onr climate eon roe * of Pulmonary, Br*ukial and Afkm'. JftttiOA*. Experienoe having proved that am remedies often aot speedily and oerUioly w tak-n in tLe tarly ita<H of the disease,reooi should at onoe be had to '* Brotm't Bromci TrocktM." or Loseafea, let the Cold, Coach, oi ritation of the Toroat b* ever ?o alight, aa by precaati -n a more serious attack mat be effect u warded off Public SptaXtrt and Sinwtrt will them effectual for clearing and Strang then ins vutoe. See advertisement del HollowatU Pills asd Qintmejit. Sprat**, Di'location*, fx.? Neither opode liniment, nor anv other etnhoaalirA Qdji mm whioh eharaot-ri?e theee hi ntial * ? Me ext fcoti ia the our** af p ai na, itrtiu, wou bruiae*, oontauane ot dMli>?*uon?, ko. Thej uae^ua'ed for alleviating pun, reducing loo* fHmmatmn, and promoting a rapid oere. Sol ail U'UMiitt, arfeo., ?2e and fl per box or ?c d? 1? Iw Homeopathic Rnusm A!f of Dr. Humphrejt k. Oo.'? pecifie meapethio Rem?'1i?? pat np~ expreaaly for ft a?e, ia boxea, at 23 aad an oecta eaoh. j in oaaoe. wnt fining SO vtala, from 94 U each, with book of fall direction*. For sal Z. D. Gilman, 350 Pa. avenue wHol?eale retail Meat; \V. A. FitageraiU. 353 north F at ai?o byr. B. Winter, oorner of Ma<ikf*ch'i?ett? nue and Sixth atreet. Ala?>, Pearf'j Brtract of < ? *?.', for internal and external icflwiunatioi all kioda. Sold aa above. mat KuLDva, have jou a**n ProL Wood'a adve nest in oar paper. Read it; it will internet jc au 2&-?Uly To t*x Aininni-in reaJfhe a ti*?ne't at Ma Lean'a 5*trenrfn-nu.|r Cordia Bu.*! Purifier, in another column. PiXXiia. Peraona deairiDi peouiea will alwajra hod for exchange at the Star Of&ot oeunter. FOR THE HOLIDAYS. R&AUIIFUL i'RKSKNTfl D FOR CHRISTMAS. Rioh Muslin And Cfcmbrio Embroidered Collars, Eesant Collars ard Hlsev** Id eet? to match, Pocket H&ndkerchief* in rroat var.otica. M dosen Joavin's best Kid Gloves, J W. 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Suffice it to aa*. oura embraces ere kind to he fo'i? d hi !i well conducted Toy, Fan* China, Wcoleu, and jenoraJ r?nety aud aaaortnu Store *11 In ode of theroost Uutefnl F..M BROIDERI WORK. KNITTING and DRAWINGS promp executed to order by MRS RLPPERT. 329 Sleuth ?t, 522 Seventh ?t., b'li Seventh ? de U/w _ UP PL I L S FOR CHRISTMAS Fmita and Nn?a of all kinds. Home-?*>?d** Mince Meat, made by ibt direoti th? and under my supervision, warranted the N e\er of red for M'e at 16 oenta per Beet Old Whisk t. Bradj and W ine?, dozen Freeh Ems, Got hen BntteJ and Cheese. 75 bbla. Flour, beet brands, FamMf, Extra, a Snperine. A complete aaanrtment of Groceries of all kin Good Su*ar at 7 cents per pound. ISRAEL DEMING, No A34 Seventh street, de 17-eo3w between LouiuAca av. and D a *rocerie?: fiKucEKitsf* I 6ROCKRI EST A I .arse Supply of Fine Freeh GROCERIES, LIQUORS. FRUITS, #<., Just received from New York. and A.>r i-ale prioes to suit tUe time*. A.!so,a lot ?f FINE OLD iklSH WHISKY, Imported by myself. SWEET CIDER ON DBM'GHT. M GRKKN, Grocer, do U-eo5t* C?>rrer of L and Thirteen t at 36 CEN1RALSTORES! * I CLOTH CLOAKS! CLOTH CLOAKS !! New Cloth Cloaks, uew Cloth Cloak* Cloth Hoaks ol aew styles, Cloth Cloaks of new styles. Black tad Colored C oths, for Cloaks, Black and CqWfd Cloth#, for Cloaks. DRESS GOOD*?DR ES8 GOODS-DRI aOODS: eriuoe. Bilks, Silk Ro aod various other styles of Dress Goods i mtrkrd down to meet the present state of money market. We invite all in want of Dry Goods ?o fire all. and we feel oonftdent that they will be re for so doing. WM. R RILEY. PROTHER. No. 36 Central More*, Between 7th ai<d Ith ?treeta da 11-tw < >ppoaita Center Marfc Go To KRE$C$ * rVcWs+E1 % o. Penn innat. and examine their extremely 1 and beautiful assortment of Child r*n'? Ho Oamea, to., the gnoet aaaortmrat ever offer* fore it this city. Go early,before the rv ah, make yoar aeleotione. Aleo, a large and n anaortment of Dlanee for 1M1. Will be reoein next ateaoMr a complete aaaortment of En Almanaaa. tn CIO aUTTA FERCH^PAINT AND g la the alaoe to find the celebrated Gntt* P< Roofing and Faint Alio, a jeeeral aaaortm< "s^TSwatss*. x^outad wit) patoh %i;aon reaao ahle terras. M'X'd P%mt vaya on hand an i for aaJa, wi<h buoket and t to io?n frn? fifaharc* A 1 O'dara l?*ft at the for Old Claim# or Job Wort of any kind w promptly aUaadnd to "IiTTY B ?ia?PliTTV IS |>QWN.-gH? A N K I N 0 HOUSE TTSf.FAVT A< Will ooaa for ouatoiiMra, apacie, ourr?noy Vtrtinfrmoney aooounta. Buy and toll coin and exchange at the moat I aNie rat?a. Cnrrenor and Virginia money wanted, no MISCELLANEOUS. OFFICIAL. V/ TUtAHWRT PlPA?t*K!?t,( D"e*mb?r IS, 1*8". f Nottci is bkkkbt eiv8!t that aoalad witl b? reeairert at this Department until the :?th Dewtnbor inctant, for tha i?iti?of&ny portion or ter Roniomni btiuodob pre*riucu mi m?mw.vvw, awarded to Mr. Ho*t thia nattering testimonial **? Prevtdtnce Brent*t Pott ??>nl in Wuhiu|t<ia by J. W. Nairn. D. H Ciark, R'.dwcll 4 Liwr-'ice D. G. Rid go ey. In Owt? town bj J. L. KiJwell, a..d by Druggists generally, de >2 im MK^ ANN R. O'NKIL, WIDOW, ANN K. O'Natlaad Hugh B. Sweeny. Kxecut<<ra. ai.d June* Rider O'Nn!, Agathy u Neil and Julia O'iNmI uhi.'dr*<n and heir* At !*w ofTunotv O'Nei!, late of ashington oou'.ty, D C.,deoeas6d, aud all other persons inter rated. You are her' tiy notified tliRt the Hon. William M. Merriok, Aaaiated Jud^e of the t><rouit Court of the Diftlriot ot Columbia, hath this < *). or the proper app i ation on the part ol the United Sfat-s. issued hi* warrant, directed to the Martha! of th* aid District,commanding him to mmmon ajary if eighteen good and lawful men to meet on your land, oeJled DaJeoarlia.or by whatever name or t> the tame may be called, lying in tsidooanty of Wash ington, in taid Distriot of Columbia, north of the C -eaaseake and Ohio Canal, above the Little Falls of the Potomao river, on FRIDAY, the 23th da? of December inttant, at coon of aaid day. f'?r the pnr poee of raining and eondennins the perpetual and lree right to ereet and build a dam aerots the Falls Branch within the iimita of Dalecarlia, a* held by William B. Scott, at or near the site of the former dam, wi'hin the Iimita, co aa effectually to ooavey and throw all the water of sail branoh into the aforaeald mill raoe, ?o., aa of an abaolute eetate In perpetuity ia the taid Unit-d States for theuae of toe Washington Aqueduot, apd a*?o?alng alldam\geg wineh the owner* tberoof shsli reason of the aaid United States cutting and cHja*truotirx the said Waahington Avu-duot over, upon at.a aai<1 k?a nnk n .,A wrhAr* rrtn 1X7 t 1 I t not iwiura; :noj ?rs uuiy swuucu iui yciiuua ca in* them at the aaloon. d?? T. M. HARVEY. pKDUUTION IN THE PRICE OF GAS. Orricxov VVashin-to"? Gas I.toht Co.,/ November 30,1880. ( Sntitt it berthy i<i-m that the oharge for fas co ?um*d after the 3Ut day of Deoenber next, will th'te dollar? and fifteen cents per thousand out f>-et, to all thore vhoM bills are paid as required the act of Congress, approved June 35,188% to wi "At the ofcoe of th? Company, w thin Kve da the rendit.oa thereof! provxdtd all arret ahall hive been previously paid." P. BROWN, bo? eo4w Secretary in Charge CGAUTIER'S FRENCH RESTAURANT DINNER AND SUPPER PARTIES. In aohoiting your patronage, would reepeetfa all your a?t?ati<?a to his elegant auita or PA KOO? I eJwi *uy n 1 ? 0 pai?n"Vfice ? U) *31 c itr(?t, between Hi and Oth itreeti, iirr rl atfij ia the rrw of the NfttonM Hotel, wh the. bufine** will be eoat noed u kerrtof >re ?t old ?t*na. [noV&-?.Bl 13\AC HKRZBKR< WOOD! WOOD* WOOD! STOVE ud KINDLING WOOD, 1 the lorn nrine CO. ftvor 24 lm ?n% r T. J. * W. M. GALT, 8*'J P*. ?t? no. ?nd 11th ?U.. tyt'th ?r>,1 REST FANC^ GOODS. ^ tO SUIT THE T1MB9. At STEVENS'S FANCY' *L no ii tf 336, betw. 9tlJ and 10th at tend i^ to you it shall acoin fit JOHN BREWRR, A'tornay fur Washington Aqueduct. da 14 3t>wfc?th NEW PAWN OFFICE. 6 O E. WAR IX D?a!er la Ne*? G and cast Ofl Clothing. respectfully informs the puh'io t. at b i has <>peu<*G a ulCL.iFhli F.\Wi\ OFFICE a'. No 76 Louisiana avenue, between ithand loth sts , a fewdoo-a east of the new Cen tral GuMd liuuse, whsro ha will l e at ah timei prepared to wait on hia patrons with prompturss attention ar.d the striotest iuntil*. N. JS ?Jewelry, Dry Ucoda, Clothing, ioa' Toils, Ao., always on hand at priiate aa ? de 7 lm* alO HOUSEKEEPERS IMP WASH1N8T o'n. 6 E O R G E-C* TOWN AND V1CINITV. \W We lavite the attention of Housekeeper* to on very large and beautiful a'.ock of CHINA, (ii<A*S and EARTHEN WARE, which is now render* mmplete in every department by our recent im MMM We deem it unnecessary to enumerate at tides as we have every thine that is usoa 1/ kept in th Chin* Uuainesa, irom nen <je?oraiea t ronen umta Dinner and T<* Seu to the ordinal Earlhei Wars, and ae we import the majority of oor goodi we are prepared to nirniah tbe best a uality, eithe to the wko'eeale or retail trade, ae low as aaj o tbe importing houeee of Baltimore English aal Am?ucan Cutlery oranperior qnaltt* Alao, Horn. Buck and Cuooa handle Cutlery fror tbe Mine factories, Silver plated Ware on fine Albatta, warranted, A large stook of Coal Oil Lam pa, amueroua pal terns, Paper Lamp Shade* and Chiraniee, Cut Giaa Glob??. Hyaomth Glaaaee, Fanev Artinlee.Toya, Ae , 4o i^rirlT'ro *4 v r \?>* I./ JS ft A V/ %J * 304 Odd IMlowe' HaU, no i6-er>6w Seventh atrref. Fyou want to save the union Call at H A R V E Y'S, Who haa juatreoeiveo a large supply of fresh L'?I STERS, fish, and fine OYSTER**,! whioh he will aerve to onctouta. a at thei anorteat not ce and on liberal t*rms. P S ? Oysters aerved to (kmihea and hotela a ? ? ? ? 1 u I _ _ fci(io uuvait at * v uiwwa uwn < * ? <? ?-> ? Dtocmber. PHILIP F. THOMAS, de 18-di23'Ji Seor'tarj of the TreaaurT. UOTT'I Hiawatha Hair Restorative la warrant**! in every inata.o* to R?;oki G*at Hair to it? Obioikal Colob. It has tiean applied IN THOUSANDS OF CASKS In the pr iu->ipal oitiea of New ?c|!an<1, a^cl HAS NOT FAILED in a a: ml? inaiano* to ao oomnli'h all that la olaimnd for it. No Hair la ao Gray or Red hot the HIA W ATHA trill ohance it to a beautiful iife like Brown and tilaok. It la n?t an Inatautaneoua dro which crook*, -4.J ?i - - A - ? A 1,1a .ft, tk. k.... *ha BIIIUbB ?UU flTtO u lia WViUi w tu" u"*u ? ?nv i patient hiving to rabmitto eoapint. wash ng antf aponging of the heir evwry time 11* app.iwd; nor n it* preparation ol aa'phnr, aacar of lead, Ac., tor of km in* redieuta dHe>rioua to the heir of ?kir. It ia an artioi6 requiring no preparation, no vuh t ing before or after uai c, it ia arphed iu five min ute* tune, and with Mint* trouble a* any ordinary . aitio e for the toilet. * "People who have uaed thia preparation declare it ia miraoulooa in ita cffacta, and that it win per form ali that it pretend* to do hallo*'i Pictor**i. t "Ita auooeaa wonderful, and we oan only aaj wa 11 i?dor?a all ths proprietor aaja in recurJ to r_"? Boston Journal. ' We o&eerve, hv^notioein a Boaton paper,that a premium wa* awarded by the Ma*aaohuaett? Me - oha&Ma' Cnant* ?.e Aasocia'ien at their Ut* Fair, Boa to a, to Mr Joaeph Hoyt of taia oity, for to a _ celebrated 'illawatba Hair Reatoiative,' an artiole whioh nohJy merited thia favor. It waa for ita aa d pen..r meiT?;n tbiareepeot that the Committee, af the whole or bro mtll.oa ex dollars in rre**ary not?s, in exchange for (old ooin of the United State*, deposited with the Treasurer of the United States, the Treasurer ef the Mint at Philadelphia, or tha AwfstSTit Treasurers ftt Boston. New York, or St. Louis, within five davs from the acoeftanM ofsooh proposals, ander the authority of the aot of Congrasa entitled '-An aot to authorize the issue of Treasury notes and for other parposea," ap proved Deoeraber 17, I860. Such Treasury notes will be iaaaed upon the re ceipt here of certificates of the deposit with those offioers to the or edit of the Treasurer of the United Sta'es. They ?iil h> made payable to the order of such bidder or bidders ti shai! offer to mke such exchange at the lowest rate of Interest, ud the Treasury notes will carry snok rate of interest from the date of suoh deposit. The proposals mart state the rate of interest without condition, ami without reference to other bids, and oontaia no other fractional ratea thaa one ftrorth, one half, or tkree fourths of one per centum. One per eent tipon the amount proposed 13 be exchanged must be deposited with one of the officers above enumerated, whose oertiioate of such deposit must aooompany each proposal, as , security for its ful&lment. If the proposal it not aooepted, immediate directions will he given to re turn such deposit. ? honld the proposals vary from < the provision* of the set of Congress, or of this notioe, they will not be oonsidered. AW proposals under this notice must herea!ed and isscribed on the ontnie"Proposals for Treas ury Notes." They will be opened and awarded at tkia n%ksrfmAiil * 1# r AAtt <tn sa III Mtk A f CLOTHING. &c. A GRAND fll ATrsKVEX$18TRSET! A ix Stop at a m i t h s, i\ O, *nu c*ci d i i n pi nr<r? i . "Go tktm and do niettttsi " (Snoh was the language ue*d bv a gent'er?r*n who had received mm of oar (rut' argiuas ) I have just returned from tne North witn a r*ry lares stock of CL .THING, FURNISHING GOOD*. hat? ardCAPS?vW??ih* for nutiaitvo thirds their net eoat,and which 1 will sell at a ?T-a.l %tvancs. Vou can bur a good < iwrjoat from 99 to Mi, a very fine one from $10 to 415, Cape Overcoat from as to ?15, Boy'a Overcoat ao<J (. ape Coat from %3 90 to M a;?,. shirts, under gar.mknts. UM BRELLAS. SCALPS SHAWLS, collars. TIES. Gl,OVES. aad all kind* of Genu' Wearing AfParel. at astonishingly low prices U3" A word to those that want to parahaaa: Having v'Oorht l bee* good# at very low pri?*s. 1 am confident that yon can aava 3* par cent boyinc from me. _ N. B SERVANTS' CLOTHING in aUinUanoe. Don't forget to call at tAe Pe- p ' Clothing Sto .e. No. 460 Seventh street, before purchasing else where. and satisfy yon reel res that we are < Bering bargains. J. H SMITH. Clothier, de 14-1 ip No- 4 60 Seventh st.,opp. Poet Oirt. CjrENTLEM!i^||M)V.*ADK clothing. Oar present assortment of GK7VTLEM KM1 RBADY-MADK clothing rffera t3 eitiiena and strMgera wiaaing an immediate oat $t sape nor indaoements, embracing, st Una time, all atylsa and saaliUss of Drssa an4 Business ?nr menta and Ovsrooata ia all varieties. Fins Shirta ana Under clothing of all kinds. Kid and other Gjovos of best qu\ ity. Saarfs, Ties, Cravata, Stocks, Hosiery. Ac.. Ao. Ail of whioh we ar offering at ?nr u*na! low prices. Iiy m\ae to order < the mo*t superior manner. WALL, STEPHENS A C't.. no 16-tf 30'2 Pa. avenu^._ CI R E A T B A R G A I N S * OrrEKBD AT 1 HI PEOPLE'S CLuTHIhG STORE, No. 160 Skvexth SiaKEi. clothing, f i c viqui vn r.nnea W * HATS A!?6 CAP*. At 20 Per Ckst. Lbm tha.* thb Uscal Rates. At SMITH'S. N*. 460 Stvntk Slrt't N. B-\liin want of CLOTHING and FtR M*HI>fG GOOD? wi i find it great)* to their ad vantage to give me a sail. ae 7 1m J. H. smith. Ilothict. W MkKCUANT TAILORING. E Invite our ouKomeri, asd citixem *en<?ral ly. to an inapee'ioe of o?r present new, at traotive. and eietant Maurtro-nt of 1 CAPSl.MfcWBS. doeskins; VFSTINGS. OVERCOATINGS. Ao. whioh we will make to order in a pen or ?tyie a: verj low pricee. wall. BTEPHFN9 A CO.. oo 2S-tf 199 Pa. ir? katw. (U and loth ata. JJRADY'S NATIONALOTOQRAPH 38S Pxkm Arises. On exhibition. t>e*?tif?l!? finished Photofraph* of the Precident and Vioe Pre*.dent eleet Imperial Photograph* of all the Prcsia*nta f< <<n Jeoktoa to Bnohanan; of all tno Member* of tke Senate and Houw of Representatives of the present Coa^reea; OI 111* IVinoe OI wa.ea tnu ?rf p uHuiri uj tiufuishad foreign ^rioniiw; <4 nsa'Iy a'1 o ?r pronnn??n'StAtosinen, Po?t?, Artists, Asth^rs, Ed itors, Glrriyni' n, Gererals a>"d Co in mod MM. The l%r?e-f Piam Ph^toirraphs is the woria. The Colored Photographs must be som to b* ap preeiiM. Twenty fi?eftjtll?nrth Portrait V Isiting Cards, Jeaaotiy fir lch jd for five dollars ! O^K HUMHRKD PiiOTOGRAPHS POX PIVK DOLLARS!! Prtoen fur all other style* nuilj moderate, de 10 lm I\l OTI Cli1 NOTICE!! 11 .S OTIC K!H SIO. P. CALLI8. InroBTCT o? FOREIGN IflSES. LlOUORS, AXD PR K SSKTBS. Bat received, per la^t a'.vainer, an isrinenae q u*? tit* of Liqnora and Wine*. uneeusled bt any wiioieeaJe dealer* d Waehtrrtoo. Ate"*. l.iunfeoXM of Preservea, of different kind a, ?uon an cannot be bought for leaa tban 39 per cent, in any atore. Give me a can and try my goods. No. 374 I) at., between 8th and 9'Jt tU., Washington. oe 5 eoiui Da. hubner's REsJShl AKINtt WTAB1.1?HMKNT, Mo. 506 kLivk.iTH St . Between Pa. avenue and E st. All kinds of Ladies Garments, Drtuat, Cioaka, \ffintAlnt? fhoitflrfipM HiLflki. 7ouiv? JtckeU. *o., Ao.eut u.l n>a<1?s to ordar by every Auhion p Ate id the ialeat Paris and Loiuloa atylea. at the uortert notice. de I am * Singer's Sewing Machines. 3S8 PENN. AVENUE. NATIONAL HOTEL BUILDING. We invito the pab'ie attention to oar new #40 FA.MIL v SK WlNG MACHINE. Thu MaoLine it un?ui p**ac<l in the houarho'd. It rant smooth and awirt; tewt, kttni, ftllt and rathtt, wti: sew the finest awisa or oloth ten ay* re tliiok, and an* thine betweeutha two er.trt?>r?>?, mi a "oaat ful and eahatantia! manner Mtahineain n^hm an*,wa nnt and ro?wwood case* from #eu to f lno. Our larae vibrating prtittr mackuu.for ooaon trniur.?ri a' J aaddlera, ia without a r)va!. S Ik, Twist I Thread, Noedlee, Bobbtna, Oil, Ao.. alwaya oc ' hand at New York pnooa. fT^Sead for a oo?* of 1. W Singer 8t Co.'a Ga sette. CHARLES A. &PONSLKR, 1 n<i?7 Cm Afrit. SIHKGAIl* AND TOBACCO FOR THE MIL LION! Tho undariicnod would resp?otfuUy inform hn n?m?roaa friends and the public that the eopart u^rjiup heretofore axiaMca uader the firm o Bkhress A W i?r.XA5H,has heendiaeolvart by mi tua1 .'onsent. a d that *-e has op??*i a (lore on Ui } ooiaer of C and beveiitn ?ta. weet, oppnt>u> th< ' Buk of WaaQ'nstoD, where may >?? f n .<il a ch'.i i a?aortme^t of SfcG ARS and TOBACCO, <f direj imp?'tjvtjon, aa wall aa doir.eeuo m&antaeture wholeaals and retail. Thar.fefsl for past favors, he hopaa by fair deal ing and atriet attention to th? waata and interaan of the public in bii l:ae. to merit a oontinnarjo* o the patronage ao liber?Uy bestowed upou the lat trio no ?Jm* P. VVIF.OWANN. IG. O. DKMUTH A CO.. MTORTERS And Wholesale and Retail Deal era ia HAVANA CIGARS. FOREIGN WINES, BRANDIES, GINS, tt Mo. 40 \o*tb Chablm Fife doert there Ler\\ntt<m no 2Hr Baltimore. ^CHOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITS. youths' and Bovt' Clothing for School am Prui Wear. Parenta and gaardiana wiahmg to faraiah the: children and warda with Softool ard Colli ge Outfit for the corning season, are inn tad to examine on areaant large and extensive assortment COYS CLOTHING, where they oan fit oat their childre of all eixea in a few momenta with ever? 4oeeri| tion of Ready-made Ganrenta, of substantial as dural?.a quality, at very Moderate er.oea. WALL, STEPHENS A CO? T^H^. EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY FMFICH. at in* corner of Penn.f avenue and Eleventh street, haa b?sn' great!) iw-roved reoentiy and now off? rs. greater iuJuocmeuU for the patroi.ate ofcitixT, and stranger* thau any other auhlio hoaae ra tl oiti, hia ptio*s being leaa than those of any oth hote on I'eaa. aveme, ai d his aoaomoiodatioi *?? ?? ??' H?-vAr/4Ara nriAT rant!> ivr pvrinainni w? ?mu?<vu? vwi??vi * aMa. 'l b* Mr and r^ataurant arrangementa of t! Europewi Hotel ha*-? already tKoome vrry ?oj> lar, b. its* aM that can be deetred by the tooat fa ddioui Tae emprretor pledgee anrtiaitted atte tiouand euntimued liberal exeeoditureeto glreu irfantinn to ail, and thai renew* hi* .cvita'ion all togire the Kuropean Hotel a oall. deal, J^OTICE TO TIIE PUBLIC. PRO^JtXE'iftd "ma?Tk'k! NitU etreet. oppuatte Center Mark**, wttere wil> be reoeiTtax dai.y a general aeeortmeat very thing that (towi on a iaric. freak from t iar>oa of <ae farmera, aaoh aa Turkeja. Chiekei )noka, Oee*e, Egg*. Mutter?of all it?r aaa Umo lavUed itei.Krsacf^o dvii, s _e benght in taia sity, Alexandria, or Baltim IXwlera and Luck?ter? are roepootfal j oall anu examine for theinselvea. de tf JR. CAN CA.NP1ELE LOAK8! CLOA.K CLOAK ft!!! n>e Camilla, the Aral). the Garibaldi, T??e Romeo, theZoa&ve, ta? AlUnu. The Riotoard. the Keihti i*a*k. toe FreoeU !*a With m?ny other new and heautifa! ?ty aa Rept Treeo ud FreDch Beaver Cloth, 10 fri from ftS te> to ft*. to whieb ? uk the attentioi the lanioe. bo 17 TAYLOR ft HCTCHISO? EWBOOKJUt FRENCH ft R1CH8TK1M ovinia,a b *|?Lftak*? < N*~ #78 I'm. Armi L*vima, a novel, by U. Rulhni, ltoo., elotb; r Ktirtaira'a CrH^if the Faiailie* ol am aad J>a!aad, tat vole., ?aa>,alotfc: Eouaehaaaere' fcneioio??di? of 0< l>mo., al'.th: prie*? >1 & whftt amou at of toodt mu bepvranunl uf iw * *J wTltORfELl, de ?-tf No. 3V1 C ft, t-atw. <kh n* n). THE WEEKLY DOLUK STAR. It lavmnably Mataiaa tto hM m*d? TV Ml| o Br tfcroifkoat tb? By Mas km at tktMutw, CKNTR FOR SALE AND KENT. P>R RENT OR LK.A*R FOR A TKRM Of YEARS?Tl>? HOl'SK uAttRODNMMy i>c4fcFitnl by Fv?taui<r G- Brfc WD, m4 TW* r*o?twy h?!d by Mr*. HioifS m u atita**. For Avtkw ifforiiAtion MP>T M CHAR. A BkjTY En-, or to tii6 sab?crib?r. THOMAS LiWBOfC. de??Otf ?or|?* QwrJU. R> Anwy. EH>R RBWT. in the Fir?* Wtr4-ikrM mutm T vest of tfce W?r mmJT OF FlCK. with b??lr room.ortbe farmer but for a a hop: o?d P?rlor* ta4 Okmhtri, _ uita ot Roorne. furnianod or orfaraislMd ; t.i the 4*' u?. ln?tu/eal Uua oAoe. I70R RENT?A dwirsble Bedwell loesied Irwt r c ui r< OIDKNCK. No. 4M ?p 8,itk Kr??. between 1> and K The Iioom ia famished wttfc *g^fl"1 unproTemaaU. ApplytoTRONj PA FOR RENT-The Im BRICR HOI?E No. 100 n e?t it. Of 'iHow, it prMett mm pted br the abecrtfeer. ft kM 1 rtow. with A? tnd water tbrnuchout, iIm ywL, ?t?hie A* , M KiVrf?S"";Ka*,0,ri'"'tt JA"~?"\F RKVT?A thrM run Aleo. ? two-etory f>rio? OtIXTtv - . wiu Huu, ed, eorMr of F atiMt toctk K To pUMtOftl Md MlllWl IWIIPU tke will be Moderate. Apr-1 at 4ti Tw?llu betwee? O aad H. mo FOR RENT.?Two new Ur?-?ory HOl'HES wita book baii&ace. mo ?VI 7 ?uw buv kiuivI HWi < te-ma apply to RICTHA L^umiana itni*. EDUCATIONAL. PF.MALK'CATIQM. I HO*E Parent* vho with their daachtora to fw nrn ~ i tl ' r mi mm n i ilmii *<ii:nat'?i. tlieir piuxoti tr?,mni wid reoeiva ta<lni?d^ attention. under the ino?t approved aratam of Oalte thenio* and G>mnntio?, ara reap?etlu.iy inrited to neit the tTmc?ti Fprna'e Aeademy. corner Fomr teenth at. and New York a?. * w r "rP*iJSu P EM ALE BO^R i i^ANDJ)L\ SCHOOL Mra. S.^MoC^RMIcfc. Pm' |?q?4j The tnirt?enth anna*] aeaaiPn of Ihia InetJt r tip* will eomin-nee on Tiiee-la*, September lMh. ?n the hno?< r?o-otlr orccpied by Sjlve.tar soott, hMt No. 100 Kir.g atreer. The oourae of atuiiv parar > < ? th? branahea requinte to a thorough " oation. &ad, K enah, Latin fcx. 4#cir?4. In addition to dap eaholara. Mr*. McCormiqk la prepared to receive a limited number of *?pi.* aa l-oardera, who, coi.atitilting a part of her dwa M lip. will be under ber immediate eare and aaparr aion. fhe wil! wnd^ror. ae far aa poadbie. to Mr rorod tii em with the oomforU and kiadlr laiaaaaea of Home. _ .. Rtfrreuet*.?Re*. Geo. H. Nortoa. Rev Dr. ICkaa larriaoD, Rer. D P.tpri||, wllliaaB H Powt^ stq., K'icar Snowden, KM.. Ednnm' F Witaa Em., Henry Marburp. Em . Lgwn M oKp?*?e Eea , Robert H. Haaton. Eea .W D.WaL2*fc xj lor Kwiitac Star. Benjamin Watoca, Km.Tn ftsrfEss- njaaseiFis1 Brothers. will oornprtee all ^ES?aJ}vi> m*Dutactcnr.r CARRIAGE M LWHTJ WAGONS of *ljfanC? OMLBOt b? ?*rp from hia Ion* ex??neno? In th? buiiM _ Y'HE THE urn FIRE mm O" VIRGINIA MAJLIJVB - VIRGINIA OF VIRGINIA O* VIRGINIA OF VIRGINlT IirirM ?cun?t Iom *r <Um?f W lr? ifM M Ksr^^-iEMsr ' ' ~ Offioo?Room 16 orrr Buk o foe BTAMrin fACRT OP rim IfV EPTVKDOPM TO HA TOE, HUM mete OPO lit Ail BOOE9TOEE. t ft BOLOMONB, THE BE8TAS?Q4T*f? VT KV1E OFFBftKD i w V Thorn who 4mm to M? prtim. with Um at ft radMtioa la pnaM, WTu eft 11 ftrly ftnrt W?- voatd ftlt> aft] I Sft ttHHM of f if ? ftftowt iatr daotnf ffta I t? thMr c ?lh?p |? Mr lb or fcflilit.M. tiid ooiM^Mat tow prtftftft. Iwr tbia brftMti of om' trmAo In itiar ftll vWMr* tkftrmrk dow' Ml irom frmnit ?>>! , to wl?t 86# kri D?otTSSP **t V.S rfosjf?'oo. PLKfc. OLD ?T|LWyH<*l(jr, (>rftad> of p?r? OM ImWhI tiliftd. mftdft by tw mnot ronmb* <Jj? 4?"v%u <. M?.-Ttnnd?e4 VirrialftTV \..?o ; iiyorM Wrviwi, IMMft C>oii Ram, ftitd Wioaa of* ?ta?Kt?r.i braiyia A c?w\c? lot fco?o YOUNO A R MM-lf We ktnjuit fuiM ? iimtor of irat CARRlAfch*, ?ucl m Light fkmni Wagtm*, Park famvif Cmr riAtu, mmd finrpu, wtuah w? will Mil a ver? mall profit. or^tr:^0" notaz pracxiaoi meohanioa la difaroat braaahw of th? r>utirr??, if Satier oarsclrM that w? l&i-w the etylM and ^oan*T of work that will civ* aat?a fvt."L, oombtninf Ughtaaaa, oomfort aod daiaotTl ty. Repairing yromptlr and aarrfully attend ad to ta abortMt ncfccaic moat rfamab.r eha-iml WALTER. KARMANN ft ?r./>P OoacnKakvrm, t??o?low to Wat T. Book. at *?-dly ThB B* t*orl t* 1 ^ if HIIIMt M IrKTih'S'Sf MS BTCfeSre^t Board, with Tnition in aTi th* EmU?> B rant for th?H #??uor thsa:;na&] session?pagmBimail ass?lly. Masio and Langoaf m at Pro! ir~r Ho extra ci,areas. DENTISTRY. |*f TK?1h 51b MimM&fsiagKtL, t?n4? fprssaaifr at his oSa* ta this oitj J Many persons oaa rar um imU who oacnot wear others, and ao paraoa aaa Who oannot wear (MM _ Persona calling at mr c With any style and pr o* bat to those wao are pat' olaassst, stror.jsst, I art aaa trod us*, ths CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, v _ n -- .1 ?. ? q?i J lrul ftai <

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