Newspaper of Evening Star, December 27, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 27, 1860 Page 4
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I I I I THE EVENING STAR. Tnaml|ratlra ?l laali?Hew Old Heed wa? teavertrd. The New York correspondent of a Western paper tells the following story for the benefit of some hard cases : ' He says he once knew a roan bj the name ?f Reed, commonly known as 'Old Reed.' Reed was quite notorious in his wa j, and his religions - * * _ belief wm that after deatn ne sooaia reappear in the form of an animal, and thought he would be a kor?e Now -Old Reed' was a b*rd man, and waj not ia the habit of treating his family ma a religious man should. One day after hit -wife had suffered his abuae as long aa humanity eould endure, ?hc concln.led to give him a brief talking to?te touch him upon his religious belief. So, resolutely seating herself by hia side, and looking him frill In the faee. while a tear drop glistened in her eyes?for she was serious and thought perhaps he wa? correct in hia faith?she eomaiencad - Rood. I with to hare a serious talk with you; I have something to say to yno and you mutt km if. I have a duty to perform, and I nhall do it, and then if oo are miserable hereafter it will not be my faolt. You believe, Reed, that when yon die you will torn into eome animal, and yon think you will be a horse. Now, if you keep on your present course. and continue to neglect and abuse your family, squandering your money for drink, and at the gaming table, when you die you will turn Into tome old Mw/w shilling horae, and aeme dirty clam peddler will get you, and you will be hard worked and half starred, and I shall see yoo every day before a rickety old wagon. filled with clams. Such will be your eternity! But, now, Reed, it needn't be so ; yoor future may be a bright, a happy one. If you will reform and turn right about, and become a better man?be kind and affectionate to year family, and treat them as m Christian should?why. when you die. too will torn into a $500 horae, and tome West End book will get hold of you, and give yoo a bushel of eats a day. rub yoo down with pea straw, kat'4 you doeled awl your tail s*t up." tie miji -via iveea was siraigoiwaj cuuv cricu, was reformed, and U patiently waiting fur death to introduce him to his ooveted horse lieaven, where are only 'shell roads' and 'two forty' nags, with 'pricked' tails." 11 r" A little girl h**! seen her brother playing with his burn ng cla**. and beard hi in talk about the "foeua " Consulting the dictionary, she found that the focus was a place where the rays m~*t At dinner she announced that she knew th? meaning of one bant word. Her father ask"d her what It was, and she aald It was the word 4-fn*?n?." and tnat It meant a place where they "raise calves " Thta. of course, raised a great but she produced her dictionary in proof There." ahe said triumphantly, "Focus, a plar* waere the ray* m*et Calve* are meat, and 11 th?y rata* meat. th?v raise calves, and so I am igfct, ain't I, right V IT^There was a rumor fn Chicino. on Wed nesilay evening, that the ladles of Michigan ave nue Intended to bastinado Mr. Burch, and the Mayor is mid to have sent a police fores to his r?sld?ncs for the purpose of preventing the en raged balm oral waren from carrying out their design. II* Or?*T to ?o to Utah ?Daring a rerent trial at Bayonoe, France, it was proved that a wesithy merchant. 110 Tears of age, had nine dif ft rent mistresses and three wives. iLT Mrs Harriet Beer her Stowe Is spending the Winter at Indover, Mass.,enpT>ged in writing a new romance, to be called "The P^arl of Orr'i Island; a Story of the Coast of Maine." E7" A deaf mute thief, G. W Seward, ?t St Aivuw, ?u ?? ouneMiAy iwie in OT^rroai iroin ur, Joot. who wa? treating him grstultoualy for a dmned llnb. ARRIVALS AT TUB HOTELS. WILLARDS' HOTEL?J B Fiiher. NC; O B Plrkatt, Ky; Dr J Fowckea, T?nn, B I battel and family, Maes, J D Browne, Minn, J Derereui and lady, N V; H C Gardiner, do; F Stanly. L'SA, J X Poe. 8C; A D PaUeraon, Md, J Ooolding, NY; A O B.ickwitb Va; J G Vale, Md, Majoi Brlee, USA; W Strn there and daughter. Pa; E G Or*a**T, O: B W Brown, Pa: G L Nerina and lady, NJ; JM S:evenaon, Md; E McPfceraon. Pa; Capt E.igle, L'SN; T Swann. Md; P J Darry acd lady, Montreal; G Cameron, Va; A A Filter and lady, Pa; J Rl?e. do; J WcArthur, do; J Mltchel Maaa, E Clark and lady, DC. NATIONAL HOTEL?JJH Steele. NH; A g Ue. W H Rockwell. Dr L O Willard, NY; B L Blackford. Va, R Caldwell. Pa; W G Hale, Tex \V IknUI <. 111> T 6.I.. n.l. I Ult.V.1 ? ? vmii V a wit a A I IVCf *yc i | # iTIii^uri A H Chaabrooke, Md, J L Magill, ?, 9 B Wil mm. Mi* Peyton, Mis Nelaon, Va, W RuiXait and if. O, M Degollado, Mex, R S Kearney. Chi Snoot, F V* Jon**. SC; Mra Lino, Mo: W Peytoi V*. R M Prudtll, Md: Dr Lamb, J C Lovejnv Maw; J "Hilabury and (laughter, G E Tyler and fam, NY; Dr Jonoi and If, ?. ROWS'3 HOTEL.?F Rahn, D EJ Booker lUe. H Denmiddie, M Hagbea, J R Thompcon W Dinwiddle, Va; C A Donegan, Aia: J Throck morion, DC; G M Hake, NC; A H Panic, Tez; A Watt, Mia* Oram. MIm Chamber*, Mim Burt'.aa T Bellnap and fam, Mia L E J one*. D Clarke. 1 Tatilner, Md; G A Menden. G Amadon, J R Wll aoa, Cal; MIm M R Cook. P J Semmea. Ga: Mi* Ryan, 3C; T Sinclair, C Dei to, Pa. WASHINGTON HOUSE ?R T Davit. Mm 8 Palev, Pa; G P Hawra, Md; M Gunnell, Texi? J W Van t?an', Ohio; (ieorge Wllaon. Mm; 11 C Harding, Illinois; J VaaSaat, J B <)?U>raout Ohio. KIRKWOOD HOUSE ?9 D Caxzena, NY; ? W Hook, Pa; A O Roberta and ly, H Rivera anc If, Mrs A Walter* and c&ild, Maaa. CCEA N f> TEA NEKS' SAILING DA Yi Vbcm tb? Uiitb* Statu. SiMwiri Li art. For. Days. N?w Yor* N?w York...Braw?i u?c 2 Nora Sjotian... .Portland Liverpool .. IHc 'Z Vigo. New Y ork... l.ireriKJol.. L'eo v I'nitA^t K V? V- L f !. ? <? ..... ....... w. ... IW .. K<iropa ? li<>?t?ii....... Liverpool...Deo 3 AUautic .... .New York...Havre. Deo 2 From Zracrx fur* Liverpool New York...D*?o 1 PBitou .feonth'pU>*...New York...JUeo L orth American . Li\erp<*>l.. Portland.. ?Dec 1 iada Liverpool....Boston...... l>?o I eettce Liverpool . ..New \ ork...D?e a he California mail itMrneri leave on the 9th j. and 9tn of every ruonta. c HE - SB.?En jink, Datob, ?wi??. Ita lao an< Aarneaa. da-t KING & BTRCHELL. V^bknphpi/tWI __ ? . ?v ?? war s HJD T DK I r quality, ami an ejteoei ve variety. At STEVENS'S Fancy Store, fin 23 tf hotw. ?th ninl Jmh ?t*. THE Bf.?*TKINDOF PKK8KN r?!-N.? o 1. eeooml had Pi?n -?. pnoee from 92$ to #** ? altars, Viollna. Flute*, Beaios, Aooordeonj bortnee, Mmie. Ac. JOHN r. ELL'S. ?ie U 3Qrt Pa. ?mt., Mt *n?< l'Xh ?>e SC r P L I E 8 FOR CHRISTMAS. Fruits and Na'i of all kiads. Home-made Miaee Meat, made by mr direatio and under in; supervision. warranted the b?a ever off red for eale at 16 oeut* per pound. Best Old Whisky. Bra dy and Wines, Freeh K?*s. Battej asd Ch< 74bbia Hoar, beet brands, Family, Eatra, aa thfOM. iplete assortment of Grooeriet of ali kindr >>Uld. j<AKi. DEM1N?. NO AS I uapoan. A eomplete aeeortment of ( Gooa Satar at 7 oent* per p j ISHj de 17 eoSw Vtween lx>n!?ia-a av wt D?t IV0T1CK TO JOURNEYMEN TAILOR* IN AT HOME AND A?BOAD. The followm* la a oorreot hat of th? employer -who pa? the Hi: price* ot, aci are reeogmxoO bj the Society, U> wfts W. H. SUnlord, Matlook A Griffith, Bro., Matiock A Herbert, JMS'. <>.. frjtffts. Lnuflou A Co.. I ho*. K. Gray, ? H lm* V a-, do ran. ? Tl x>Sm /^\UNIONRESTAURANT.^*. Ml JACUBKIPPJ, FN [n. mjjJf I orner ot lSKh and H ata., amllJf few doora enut>? of Pa. ar.. Paner*! old alMd Firat Ward, Waetiiocton. lita Mar \a o?iiatantly tut Sed with the ohoioaat Li^aora aad vara. Tn at Prim Ojatera in Wnahiuctoa oan beoh?aine hia ?i?ee. Faaailiee nested with Oyetera tn en ryrtjfe.aodatreaaoaafel-^jean. aeS-eofta riOOHS. COLDgyHOAMENEB?, Ae. iSWSi mot w WM mm rtiimi IlUt mo I f?rr>ni h*T? Moom* tk-ml nr wit ft iu xtraordini rj aAot^. It o*.o b h*t ?t ?P. Ui? ?rto? ??| <jru tiorm V?wt?? fw>ttl?. KB (Unjtu^i WTRAVKLING TRUNKS. R H?vw jn?t reoeived th? .& cm! Mtortaei Sn?w Ui? nnit?it?mive v*r|et!W*TT ftNMW^KMVM |8Es>. CAR P T L'AUS*. SA tt HKLJ*. Ac is Uua City, vhi?h we ?r* I < ?t r*rj i? pno~- WALL. *TEPHF.N8 * C0 , oa ? *t ?aa P?. ?wn??. f^UPOM-rw 6 UN POWDER, Af MtCV ftt UlM. _ -4kia,.tfSJ :^aiRr^'37^:".7 '.era RE*T FANCY GOODS, TO SUIT THE TIMES AT FMICB? WOOD AND COAL. TO THE PUBLIC! GO WIIKRE YOU~CAN GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH fy mi it: fkuve it: it:, trt what? I rr Try the PIONEER MILLS, and buy yoar WOOD there. proveivhat? vr Pmve tHt yon onn ?et ?o*r wood Umt* e' "aper than aieawhere in the city ; and then yon Wlli know what? mr Know tknt yon letGOOD MEASURE and the r?ry beet of WOOD for lea* money. Oct Split, and CsLivnsu Fssaor Charok. CaLi. at ran _ PION KKIt MILLS! S/ox OF thk bl uk nal*-8taff, Bevra*?t Comm S?vki*th ?t. and Canal (South of the Bf lUte.j1 no 19 GEORiiK T'aGE. Aqrnt. yf o O i> Daiiverad to all parte of tha eity, at the ioveet posm jle ratee. T. j. * W. M. G ALT, N D p o a k umoe ra. it., uoitreea inn ami ma ?te.. ma 17-tf north aiae. T? ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE NMt Drawing of the Royal Havana Lot tery, ecndneted by the Seaniah Gorernroent, under Us en??rviaion of the Captain General of Cuba, will taxe place at Havana on FRIDAY, Jakvakt 4, 1(61. SORTED rrVMXRO 648 ORDINAKIO. CAPITAL PRIZE ?100,000. cn pnsee of 91^00 o do Ico lis do ?no Sv appro*. ..i . >joe 1 prise of?-?tloo/<oo 1 do ?C,nno 1 do SMOO 1 do *)/*? 1 do Iftftflfl __ , IN ALL. 888 PRIZES. Whole Tioketa, Hare*, 810-Unarteri,? f. Prizee caehed at airht at per cent dlaoount. Billa on all solvent Bank* taken at par. a ur?*m( win do ivrwaruoQ m ioob aa us rami b? "oei kaoTB. A a orders lor aohsmM or tiokets to be addrctseo lo DON RODRIGUEZ, dslT-tr Oareof Oifr* Port. f!b?rl#??ton. f*. C. Curt Cough, Cold, Hoartmts*. In fluenza any Irritation or Strri ntst of tk* Throat, Rtlitvt tkt Harking Coir tk ??? Contump i'-on, tironek'tit, Athma, 4r Catarrh. Clear and give strength tj the voice of PUBLIC SPEAKERS jljib 91NGER8. Few are aw ve of the im?"rtanoa of oheoking a Coach or 'Common Cold''?n ?U fir?t steer, that which in the berniut would yic!<l to a mild reme dy, if negleot*J, eoon attaoka the I.ant*. "B'oien't Bronchial Trochis," ocntain'rif Oomaloentinftredi oiim, tuimj r h I BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES .mu;>ar7 ana u oncmai irritation. "That tronMe in mr Throat, (for whioii the "Trntkt*" area biimvBo) nann* roada me cften a mere ?hi? perer." N.P.WILLIS. 111 recommend their dm to Ppblic SPKAKUa." REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Great service ir. subduing IIuaxre REV. DANIEL WIfcE. "Almost lr.sta-.t relief in the 4ia t*e'?m* ItVir of broathing j?eonliar to Astuma." KEV. A. C. EGGLE9TON. " Contain do Opium or anything injurious." DR A. A HA ES. CkemiM, 3oit<m. " A.tiin?!? and pleaaant ourntina BROWN'S* TROCHES BROWN'S; TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'* ! TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S vn. u. r. oiociton, Bono*. ** B*cefioia: in Bfowchitu." DR. J. P. W. LANK, , Boiton. " I have proved them excellent for Whopfi*? Oou?h." REV. H. W. WARREN. " Peaeftoial when oomp?H?l to peak,tufferinr fr*in Cold." &EV. s. J. P. ANDERSON* St. Lomtt. \ " Errirrr al in removing Hoaree net* and I r r t?t on of the Throat. ?o ocmnon wth trKAKixs and Siho "W M.STACY JOHNSON. La tfrMti. Gn. Teacher of M duo. Southern Pentaia Coiiefe. TuOCHts i d-haui wnen Mini Mion and after presohicf. & the? prevent BROWN'S HoM-??n*M. From th:ir pa?t erfVot, I think tiny will b? of permanent ad TROCHE? vantage to m?." RKV.E. ROWLEY, A, M. BROWN'? i President of Athon* Co.ofa, Tenn. TROCHES do l It fPHAJI | SINPSflK'J The abore PU RE WHISKY, Cof m Distill id noA Malt*d Gbaik, being sapmor and uniform to ^oa'.itT. sad highly improred t>y age, is pre(pr:?>d ny ot Leo men to ill other Wlusktec, ?d<1 partioa arly rrKKiTumeocod by the best physicians and ?hemUts nr possessing all the re?utr?m?mU of a Ttmic fnnrizorator *%d RmmiuU At mi. The PohuTlkili W^t?r of Philadelpnia. used ia the aiamlatlon of this Whisky, is proved by aaaly tis to be the noftest and purest water ia the (Jnlted : and to Ums may, in a great decree, be at triWteJ the oxotllenoe of this Whisky. Pr.,>lA)? PRBVMiNmiUllQnM "J * MUUO&ail W* W IH I DVll ? Keuix DiabU?rr. On the Sohuylkili riyer, PiiiiatMitnia OCom?6C Wail rtiMt, Naw York ; 109 Bocth FroTit ?tre-t, Philadelphia. mur S3 It DISPATCH 1 Ban tke Pieiei! At uoeilmut mill hmrrm, tmm to wtU-rttulmttd 11 U Terr tosirabU to have orae aheap u?4 ooavwiaat war for i?f IiIbi Fuutut,Tort, Oroakery, *?. SPiLDINfl'l rUfAKIO 6LU> . meete all Bach omen enolee, Mid do hoaeehold oan afford to be vithoatit It ie always ready and ay to the etiofcmc joint. There is no loafer a neoee >tr for limpinf ohairs. eplmtered ?*neers, headless doP.e, and broken it la Jnet the oone.BhetJ. and other, ornamental ork, i This admirable preparation } need ? chemioaLy held in rotation, a?4 poeaeaqtn* This adr^ir^ble preparation } need cold, bpicf |' Ilw? - VSSFVL IN MTMRT HOWBM Tamable *nai 1 ties of the beet cabinet makers' fine. It may be used ta the piece of ordinary maoilaco, being vastly more adhaeive. Frit*, Si oonts. N.B.-A Brash aooorapaniee eaek bottle WXtUt^U Dtfi, No. 48 Cedar strait, ff?w Yei%. Pet m for Dealer* In Caaee ooatalnlnf Foar, K;rht,and Twelve Dosen?a b^atiftirLithof raph io Show-Card aoooinp&ayin* each package. rnr A eincle bottle of SPALDING'S PRM FAKED toLujf willeaye ton Umee ita ooat an *vbioi j liuanwurai^ii Bold by all prominent Stationery Dractieta, Hard** and Furniture Dealers, urooera, and Fanoy Store*. their lirt. It wiil etandany olimate fa 10-ly HOW EH IMPROVED WE16HIN08CALB8 Taaae Ho?im ara offered to (ha aablio aa tna moat ?;mple.durable, and r* fable eealMeyer entia ui premiaau have been awarded 1MB I StAtri Fair and Virginia (inja State Acnenltnxal Fair; Fr&c r, PeriDtTlTania; New York State! Fair, Jte., to. Ia a 0t aare reoaivedlrat ciaee premie me e^.ouisi*na arenue, Depot of SUler'a <i? 1*-W K* O. PATTTBON. A At FRENCH *K|?Tcl!!s?E?fc?B. ?T8 Pa. a v. Al*ntt /er tJu %ekol* World. Folk* Hontt. eieeently bound, printed on toned peper, fail Tartar Oi t: ene* ?16 if eaat by atu. The Moral History of Woman, from the French of Erneet Legore, trenaiated by J. W. Palmer. M. It I 1) ; trie# VI b; mil. All of Marion Bar tad'i Book*, Nemesis. Mom ?id?, Hidden Path and Alone; pnoe ?Mk #1.36 by mail no SI w t 'RKAT BARGAINS IN PIANOS.?Ono ?sry VI ni<y? M<?D-ooi>n Carred Piano Forte having been in IN a abort Un? only. th?|EIHB| owner i saving the city, for sal* for #jnn Ml 1T' Ons ?*n ni s Rosewood Ohiogering Piano for # 38 at the Mono Store of W.G. MF.TZKROTT, goU Ajenoy of StMsway k. Sons' <>w?tnsng Pianoa. no S m ? r fOOD LIGHT! ll CHRAP LIGHT! - . SAFE LIGHT! PARAFFIN ROIL.from Coal/ tlNG * BURCHKLL, mIA A ' ?,?*/ MISCELLANEOUS. (No. 6T3.1 a 9 7THB PRESIDENT OP THE UNITED p 3 STATES ?i In aarananoe of law, I, J axis Bcchahas, Preai- . entof th? United etatea of Aroenoa, do )f?reby , eolare and make known that aubrie kales will he eld at the undermentioned Land Ofto?a in the . Itatb or CALiroaniA. at the period* hereinafter . eaigoated, to witr Aft th? I And Offni m.t M itrtvtTjf. mimhmai nv > m Monday. th? 3*1 4a* of J sue next, for the dispo * of the pablie lands heretofore a annereil, situated n the following townships axd parts of townships, dx: Worth tf Ik* Uus 1mm and^tati tj the Moimt Diablo, Town*hin? B an<t X of seotion 3; the V X and the sW * of section H saotioas 4t B, aryl Col townihtp 30; the 8Wx of seoiiou 7; tin 8E* >1 section 13; the ? W )i of section 17; Motion* It to a, inclusive of towothip 31. of ranee t. Township* ?. 10, ,%nd 16, of range 2. The N S of the NB *, the tSE * of NK *, the IK K of the 8? 1, and the W M of i?imn ii s'o L?on?a,f 7-^and 8: the f?K ypTfteNft , 9?K * CO .7; sections at to 33 iaaluaire; the SW M of the Nl? the M W Itf, and the 8 X of section 34, ortown iliip 9. of ranfe 3, Sections 1 to 16 tnolnaiY*, of township 10, of rnnf 5e North of the bast line and. v**t of tkt M oval Diabl , Wtfri/fttm. Township* 8, * and 24; t ?t?W ^ of section 8s the W X of seotion 7; the rtS AC of section IS: the <xW }i ot section 18; the 8 X of taction 19: the 9 H of section20; the S X of s'ciion 2'; ?h* 8 X ot section 22: the Nfc >?' of tne 8 X of section 23; sections 21 to 35, inc'nsive, of township 31; sections 1 to jn inclu sive; the N Vv X of section 31; the NKkif iretion 38; sections 34 auri 35, of township 32. or range I. Sf c'lons 1,2,3, &n<i 4; the N r. l? of seoMon 9: sec tions in to 15, inolaai ve; the N K X of section 22; sec tions 23 to 26, inclusive; E X of -.ection 35. of town ship 8; cections 1 <o 4. inclnsive; the Nb\ol sec tion 5; the 9E X of section ; sections 9 to is, ineio nve; ?he E X ot section 17; the E X of section ao; sections 21 to 28, inotaaive; the NV X of taction 29; Motions S3,34, and 35, of township 9; sections 1 to 6, inclusive; the N vv X of section 7; the E X of aeolion 9; sections 1", 11, ana 12; the NF, l4 of seo tion IJs the N W X of section 14; the N X or s ction 15 the 9 X of section 25; the 9h '? of section iti, the E X of section 34; ssction35, of tonship 31; the SK X of ee?'tion 9; the E X anU the bW X of eeotion 10; tne 8E 3% ot seotion i2; the E X and ?\V X of see to. O 1/ ^ f ...?. ^ n 14. . ?? <... it. kl L' 1/ wuu un k? /"i ui b' vuuu i t, v vkiuu iti? ihq on ^ of Motion 17; the SVV \ of Motion <1; Motions 19 U> 36, inc usive, of tovnship 32, of rargo 2. Towc*hips24 ?nd 32; sections 25 to 35, lno'asive; of to?nship 33, of ran?e 3 Th? SW V of Motion 7; sections 13 to 36. inclu sive, of t jwi.?hip ?>; teotions 1 t0"5, inelusi ve; sec tions 8 to 15 inclusive; rttctinus 17 and *0 to 29, in olasive; src io s 32 to 35, inclusive, of township 32; Motions 26,26,27, 31, and 36, inclusive, of townsup 33 of ranse 4 Township 23, of range 6 At the Land Office at Bcmb^i-bt. commencing on Mondny, the lom dar of J une next, for the di? posat of thepublis Unas heretofore un< flVr# i, Mt uated in the following town snips end parts ?f tovrnshipe, vis. tfortk of the base litu and lint of tkt Mount Diablo meridian. The WXof section"; the 8 Ji of section 33; the XV X rt se -tion 18; the N X of *e uon iD; the N \V % asi the 8 X of section 30; the y % of section 11; the 8 '? of section *2; the !* X of section 23; section, 21 to 28, lao tuive; the K H ol seoUou 29; the K H of -uuuw ?, tcuuui ji auj aj, ui towaajiip i>, 01 rtBiti. ilt S\V % of arction 1, the Sfc. X ud the \V X of aeotion *; tne K X of Motion Si ecertona 9. 1<>, II, and 12; th<? N X of amotion If; the N X o! amotion 14; the N X th? s W X. and tla?? W X > f the ut auction 19; the NEX of amotion 31; the NWK and the VV X of the NE X of Motion ?3, of towu?hip 10, of ran?e4. Section* 1,3,3 4, and 5; the NE X of aection 4; the SE X of aeotian?; section- 8 and 9; tha .N W X of aeotion <*; amotion 17; the NF X of eeo toft 18, ui townal lp 16; the 3 W of aeotion 5 tna s X of aeotiou 6; aeotiou*7, 8, 9, and .0, the SW X ol aoction 14: aectiona 15 and 17 to 95, inoiuaive, ol townabijt 17, of ranee II. Tne 8E \ of action 1; aectiona 11,12.13. and 14; the N EX or aeotion S3; aeotion 34; the NE X of aeo tion 35 of townahip 17; aecti<>i<a 3 to 10, moluaive; the rt W X ?f aeotion 14; aeoti >u? 15 an<i 17; the N E of ?eoii'>n 18; aectiona 2i?,21,23,awl 23; aeotiona tnS. inolnilT*-: leitinna S2 SI. *nd M: thn NW \ of section 3i, of wwnahip 2D; the N VV % o( leo tion Sj aeotion' 4 to#, inoluaive; aeotiona i7 to 2*. inoiu ive; aeotiocs 28 to S3, inclusive; th? 8W >4 of aeotion 94, of townahip 21; the N \V J* of seotlou I; seoti'.i.s 2 and !1; the N w \ of seat ou 14; sec'ion* 27, 2s 31, 22. 33, and 54, cf township 2t; teoUo&x i to 18, inclusive; sections 2> to it, inclusive; section 3*,cf township 23. cf range 12. Sections 3 ar.d 4; the NE # of section E; section 9, the N\V M ofaeaiion JO; section 13; the SK % of nkotiOQ 14; thoi>VV % of&eotion 1.5; aectiona ji to 2S, luoiunive; sections 33,34. and Si of township '-7; tho W X of flection 6: aec'ioca 6, 7. 8, a, 17, IS, 19, *?, ar.d 21; tsaSW % or section 22; aeotiona J? to 34, lnelnaive, of townah.p 18; sectionaS in, 15,21, *3, V 27,34, artd 35, of townahip2J: the J?K % oi/eoMoa 12; eeotiona 13 and 14; the SB * of section 22; leo Uona 53, ^7, and M, of township 23. of range IS. Sections 1 and 2, the RE ftfaeotion 9; tie N H of aeotion 10; auctions II, 12.14.14, 23 24 85, ar d 26; we nr. * ni prciion a?; Koutin ?, oj iewn?ni? i(r, trie NW M aeetion 3; nection* 4,5 and 6; the NE o| gpotioo /; aeotion* 8 and 9; the 3 tV X of section 10: the W X of aeotion 15; the E X of *eotien It; the N E H of Motion #?; aeetiona 21 and 22; tM HW X of reotion 23; the W X of aeotion 2b: aeqticna 27, S3. 33. 34, and 30. of townahia 19; the 8 W M of tr>o tion 7; the y \V V of aeotion 17; a 'otiona 18 to 36, in oluaive, of lowuahip 21. of ra**e 14. d*otiona 1 t? 5, inclusive; the N E \ of aeoti n 6; Motion* 8 to 15 inoimive: the NE K of aeotion 17; aeotf>ra 21 to 27, inclusive; the N E X of aeotion 28; theNEkof aootionM; ncotion 35. of tovn*Mp 2?-; action* 1 to 4, 'noluaive; the NE X of aeotion 5; the E X of aeotion 9; aeotion* 1;> to 15. ino uoive; aeotion* ** to 29, inoiuaive; the ?K M c.(aeotion 31; aeotion* 32 to 35, inolu* ire, of tovharup 21: *eoUou 3; the EX of aeoMun 4; aeotion* 8, 9, and to; the HW X of aeotion 11; aeotiona 14,15, and 17; the NE X of aeotioa 20; aeotiona 21, 22, and 2); th? SW X of aeotion 24; aeetiona 25. 28, 27. and *8; the ?K)| of aecbon 3?; *ootion* 33,34, and 35, of to vnahip 22, ?i rant* 15. Pfortk tf tkt bmit Hit and taut of tkt. Mmmhohlt nu vidian. The W X of Motion 3; sections 4, 5, S, 7,8. #, 1?. 15,17,18,1J?, 3n,31,and fi; t\e N X of section 27: sections 38 to33, mo Bfiive; the 8 ft of Motion 34, of township 4, of range 2. North 9/ tkt batt imm and wtst if tkt Humboldt m* vidian. The ft W hi of reotioa 7; the 8 W M of section 17; section IS; tue K X of seotion lj; sections 30,31,83. and 23; the W X of Motion St; ihe VV X of section 35; sections SB and 37; theNEXcf Motion iitf; tlie N E X of sootion 34; section 3'>, of township I, of range 1. ftaotiona 1 to 33, molusive; th? N X of section 34; the 8 X of Motion 35: sections 3G, 37, 30. end 3D; the N X ot *o tion 3D, f township'; sections 1.3, and 3; the N Wk of the N W X, tho 8X ofthetWVX. and the 8> of soction 4; the NE X of th? NE X. the 8 X oft e NEX. the 8E X of the NW X. a-,d the 8 X of section 5; the HX cf the SEX. of section ?uw o vi b^hmii v/i iuo ?7 vi Hio on jm? vi rruviuu 6; the N E X' tho & X of the N W V. and the 8 X of faction 7; sections 8,0, lo, and 11; tfce N X of >eo tion 12; th? N VV W of rcotion 17; serti-?n 18; the N ?w; id? ft* oi section;*'; soouoni ui, :u, ana u; me SVV if of sr.otion 31, township 2, of range 2. The SE A* of section 1; section* 10,11, atil 12; th? N H of seotion 13, section* 14, IS, 22,and 23; thf f? S of seotj n 24; the N K of section *5? sections 26 27, 28. and 34: tlieNW Mof section 85, of township 1; frac -ioaal township 2, of range 3. At the l and Offioa at Stockton, oonimenomr on Monday, the 3d dar ol June next, for tho disposal of the pubiio lands, heretefore unoffertd, situated in tne following townships and parts of townships, is: North of the ban line and east of the Mount Diablo mrridian. totions 4, S, . 7, , 9,17.18. and 13; the N X of the K, the N H of the NWk, and the 8 W Is of the SVV x ?f section 30; section $>, rxoept the J*E H of the SE V of township 6 of range 3. Townships 4,5, aad 7, of range 7. North qf tht ban lint and of tMi Mount Diablo meridian Townshipsfiand7,ot range I. Seotion 2; the NK h of seotioo 3; the W VL of too lion i; section 0; section 7, exo^pt the J* K nf the a K\7 L/. ? U ... V 117 L/ 4L. w 1 -.1 A. * 1 L> o ?? t vno i.% *? auu mo o 7% ui acuuuu o, m r o W of ?eotion the 8 K of aection ! ; ajotion 11; the W H of s?otio^ 13; aeotiona 14 ?"fl I); aootioa 17. ?io?it th* ? )i of the S?W Jf; the B X of the NW W, the K & f the 8 W au?l the k H of Motion 21: ??ct <na22 ard 23; the W S otiMotion 34; the Vt K of aeotion 2 ; aectiona 2b and 2lj the N K V, th- E * of the n W \ the BE M of the N W 3, the N S of the 8E K. the 8E oi theSK o aeo t on ?; the K>?of iwNh V v.d the E & of tlie SIC Ui of aeetioii SB; aeotiona 34 ? d 35, of townahip 6; aectiona 1 and 3; the N E 5% of Motion 3; the ME V of neo'ion 10; aootiona II, to 15, inolaaive; the N >2 of the IS E \ of aection SI; the N J* of ttie m W .and th" E >? of auction 2it, aectiona 23 24 2>ar,d ; the K >? of ilieSW ii and the E '* oi teotion 2T; the W % vt aection 35; of townahip 7, of range 2. South of tke ban lint and ea\t of tkt Mount Diablo meridian. Section* 1 to 27, inoiuaiva; the N 3a, the N \ of the hW J,, and N X "f th? oE % of Motion 28. the N* A S of th?RW ana the N X of the 8E 'j of aection 2'; thi Nfc i( and the N % of the J*b M OI seoi'ou jii; me n6 vol Mouon 34; the IM \i ot Motion 35 ot tovnahi* 3, of rani* 6. JjMtiona ft! H. 7.8, and 1? to 21, in loaive; h#NW u ?nd the 9 H of Motion 27; aeodoua 2* to at inoiu wye; th* W \ of e??tio?i 3>, of townaiup 3. of "Efaotional Motions 1 sad 2, Mctiona 3.4, ft. and the N E * of Motion 7; saoUons?.9,10 and ll;frM t.on&l eeatio*. 12: seotiooa 13.14 a d 15; the IM t * Motion IT; the fi F. M of Motion 21: Mctiona 22 to 27. inoin?i vk; the N E X "f eectioi. 34; tectum 35, of townahip ft; Motions 1,2.11.12. IS, 14. 8^ 21, 2>, 26, and 35. of townahip 6; seot.ou 1; the Nil. M ol mc tion 2: Mouooa 12,13, 24. and 23, of townahip 7, o| r*Th*7rt W X and the W H of the 8?< H ot Motion II; Motion .!?; the WKol aection 29; Motion* ??, 31! and 32; the i? W % of Motion 33, of townahip 5j MJWiiampa o ?uu ?. iron."n? i w a. icomaive; in* N ? V of auction >: rookionc 8 to 15, inclusive; the NE U"{ (notion 17, the NE o( section 21: we tioui22to 27, lntla?iv?; the 3E \of iMUanUi ?*o tioue S? and 35, of township ?,?T rang* I. Towoihipi 7, 8, and 9. of rani# 9. Townahips fl and * of rang* 10 To*nikip*(.7 and 8, of ru(( II. Townships ? aoo 7; township 8, except Motions 31 and 32, of raoco 12 Townahipa ?, 7, and 8, of range IS. At the Land OfSoa at Stockton, commencing on Monday, the 17th tlar of June next, for the<ii?poaal ofihipnMio 'anna noretojoro unoffered. aitHM-xl in tne foliovin? townships and parts of townships, via: South of tin bau litu md mi' of tAi.Jfmt DimiU ffXfrxdidn Townahipe 5, 8, 7.1,8, and 10, of mvf* 14. Peotiona 3 to 10, invasive; a- otion 15 a ad 17 tn 9, lnoloai ve; amotions ft to 34. iael|*tri, of tovnslup ; to?MMpa 6,7.8, 9, W, 11. and It, of raos-t 1A tactions 4 to t, inolaslre; aeotioa 17 tofl.Tnola i?o. sections M to 8S. inoiaaive, of towaahip ; m? nmn"> H>.U,ud(liMtttoMllo9,iMluln ihip 13, of r?D(? II. W At of aoctiun 19; the 8W M of iNtioi 2B; ? to 33, tnoiaaiv*; U?? f>W ? of Motion 94 .hip9: townahip* lOand II; otiona 1 to a ttOiu*i v?, of iovnahip it, of rftag* It ?<r?tiona 7 tad IS to 35, laolaairo, of to?t?hia 1A; ecttona 1 to II. inc:o?ive; aectiona 15 aad 17 to 22. noluaive; tactions ST to St, inolnctv*, nf lovnil is >; notions 5,6.7,12. IS, M, U, and 33, ?o *T, inc.u ive; Mctiona 33, 34, and 3S, of township IS, of anre **< At tha Land 0|m at ViaaLia, oommeroirg ?n Aoadaj, the ltth dar of i an* for Uio di*pi>*41 if tba puW * lands heretofore aooffered, aitaated a ta? following towaakipa and parta of towaah!pa> ris: Joutk of the bast lint Umd east tk* Mount Dtable Mtfidimu. ,-be NKJft 1,13, and 13; the NK Jg of section 14; sections M a (125, oi towaship 17; ssotioaa i to5ior'ufiv?< the Section" 1 and fc the NK % of aaatt-nt 9; Motions 1,13, and IS; the NK Jg of section 14; sections M md 23. of tova^if 17; aeotioaa I to6iae!u9iv?t tha S X of aeclon (?; aeotj^ns? to If, inciiisjvf?; flie M K \ of aeotion IT: the NK ?f of ^potion 2$, aeo aiMM Q K M of seouon 1V Th e N E Vo ilona 23,24 aad ^ thaNEKof a (hip 18; aestiOna 1 to 6. inolnftivai :k>n 7; seotions 8 to 13, inefuaii action 14: the NK if of soa'.ui i?I rente 15. . . j v, _ Township* 17, 1*, and 1?; MotionsI to 27, facta - lire; the N K l? of .saoUon 28; the BE J* of section IS; seotiona 34 and 36. of to vitahip J1: sections 1 aud 2; th? IS K W of aeotion 3; tactions U, 13, and 14: the N K \ of aeotion 23; action 94; the NK X at aeotion of townahip 22, of ranee li. . Seotiooa 1 to 2T, inciuaiae; the of section 21; t notions 34 ud 35, of township 21; sections &, 6, 7, wad B; the a\V X o| aeotion 3; the !> VV X of aw tioa II;sections, 17 to 22 inc auve; 'he jWXuf sretioa 23; arotion* 25 to 35, ino'HMive, of townsnis 22; aertiona 1,2 and 3; the NB J^of ?eotioe4;the NS M of section 10; wotiona 11, 12.13. tad 14: the N K 4 of tec ion 23; hacUoqr 24 a,od 25; lr e 8k X of section 32, aootiona nod 35, qi township 23; seotiona I to 5-inoinaive; the NM fractional ^ of sen'ion 6; the NK % of aeotion 8, sections ? U> Vt iio'.ufive; the NK X of amotion 22; section 23.24,25, 21, and 35, ef towcsmp 24; seotiona 1. 2, and 3; tiie SE X of aeotion 4; in* NE3i of aeotion 10; sections 11,12,?nd 13; the NK X of aootion 14; asotion 24, of township 26. of rente 17. Townahip 21; sections 1, 2, 3. and 4; the N K X of aeotion 5; tho NK X of aeotion ; sootions la to 14, inclusive; the NK j<of section 15: tb? NK X of aeo tion 21: the t4 W of aeotion 3?; section 31; the 8W 'i of s<*otioL 32, of township ?2; seatocs 1 and 4 to 9. melunve; aec'iona It, If, Mdrr to fl, irwjwaive; the gW X of section 22; the^K X of aootion S3; aeo tiona 24, to 35, ine'nsiye, ef township 21; township 24: aeotion* 1 to 15, inelnoira; aeotion 17; the Nhl| of section 18; tho NK X of section 22; s*o ions 23, 24, and 25; the NK X ot aootion 2o. of townahip 25; i.?u.QL iy v^*u.o.ik.oa' l> pcuuuu l, uioor Nvu?iiucntT ^ vi kwhvu 3; Motion* 4 to It, molmiti; the NW X of section 19; the NE M of auction 20; sec'ions 81 to 26 incln five; the NE X of 'tion 37, of township 26. of ranee 18. f ractional townships 21. 22, and 23; townships 24, 28, and 26;seotions 1 to d, inclusive; sections 8 to >7, inclusive: Kobotii 31 to T>, inclusive; sectons34 and oftowoslUP 17; sections 1,1,ana It, of towu ?h<p ?, of ramcelJ. ?-rational town?hip?J3 and 24: townsl-ipe 25.2fl, and 27; s'ction* 1 to *i inclusive, the N K X of s?c tiou 3^; th? Niikof MotioaM; sscUon 38, of town ship 28, of ran*e 23. At the I and Office at Vtsalia, oommenolo* flh Monday, the 24th oay of June n^xt, for the dispo sal of the public lands, her?t lorr unofTered, situ at*d in th* following townships and parts of town hip*, viz: South of tht bett line and fast of th>. Mount Diablo meridian. Townships 27 and 28; sPOtiOns 1 to 6, inclusive; the N K of st-ction 7; sections 8 to 17, inaluxive; the S 4 of section 18; sections '9 to 2a, inclusive; th-j Nr. % of seetionIS; th?NK3f<-f section 33; section 34; tbeNW X ofseotion 35, of township 29, of ranit??2i. T -wn'hips 2< and 22; fractional townships 23 and K: townships25, *?, aia n. ul iiui >4. Townships U.22, S3,24,*5. it, 27, 38, SC, and ?, of ran*e 2*. Townships 22, S3, 24.25, >6, 21, 28 , 29. aud ?, of ranee 26. Townships 22, 23, M, 25. So, 27, and SB. of range 27. At the I aad Cffiae at 9*5 Fmiscrsco, com tnencinr on Monday, the 10 h day of June n*xt, for th? aisposai of the public lauds, heretofore un offered. bi aated within ihe following townships and pa.ts ol townamps, via. North of the ban lint and wett of tkf Mount Diablo mtrid'an ? Townrhipft;Motions 1,X,aod3;tHe NEj^ofreo tion 4: tbs W K of seotioa <J; eoOoa 7; tb b W of seotionP; tne 3< of section 9; seotioas 10 to ts, ino'usi v?; tne K H, the NWJI( and the EH of the SW 3* <;fseotiv,n3R: aeotions so, 31, and 32, of towDbiup 7, of ranee 3. South of (is iin* and east of tk? Mount Diablo Towoxhip 20 ot range 9, Township 8!; sections 1,2 and 3, the E X of s?o lioo 4; the K h of section 10; sections 11. It aod 19; tlic k hi of e-ction 14; section 34; the N K 4 o f seo ti"n n; section 28; th*3K3* of seatton at, tSe SK V of s,'ctiou 34; seotioaSA. ot towa*lup2?; tha SW X of cectioB 14; Motions 14, 2J. H an<t 22; Uie W y? iv'.d ?> ? f* K U ?f seotion 23; the S X"( section 24; s-clious 25, .6. V r- d 28; theNL J* of section 2!*; the NKX of amotion 34; section 3j, of towns;,, p 25, of ran go 10. Township 21; Motion* 1 to It, inclusive; th? N S cf toot'.on I ; section* an to 28, inclusive; the NHX of section 29; lite f<K H ?f aeot:on 32; fee lion* 3), 34 ar.d 3S of toWDfhip SS; township 26. of range 11. Townnhip27; fraotlooal amotions 2 and 3; sections 4 to 10, ii.oluaive; f'ac'iecal sections 11 13 Mid 14; "otioLi "5.17 and It; the W ** ' M of amotion #; the N K X of amotion 2?". auction 23; fractional section* ?4 anc V,, Us N H fc of auction K, of township it, of range 13 Towuahips 25,26 and t7; aeetions and 2; frao tiona amotion* 3, 4. and 10; seotions 11 to 15, inclu sive; fractional sections 17,19 and 2?'; aeetion* 21 l* 26. inclusive, the SHM of a.-otion 27; tite N W M of section y>, of township 2R, of range 14 The NW Vof ?e?Uon 3; rections 4 to9, inclusive; the S W \ of seotion 1?: sections 15 and 17 to 22. in clusive; aeationa 27 to 54, mo'wftive; the SW \ of amotion 35, of township 29; townships 30 an"t 31; ?eo tiom 1 t > 12, inclusive; the N E % of atotion 13. of towiuh p rfi of range 19 The 5*\\ '4 of section 27; tiie 8E Af and the W % ol ??ctMn i7; H0U9EI 18, is ana ui" n\v x 01 rntionZI: th?SW.Vof spotmn 21; sections 24 to 94. innmsivft; the 8W Sf of section 35, of township 9"; to?m lup 3*; Motion* 1 to IS, inclusive; the N Vv M ol lectio i <9; the NK \ of ?eoii?w 21; sections 22,23, ?4 *nd 25; the N X or section26; the NE \ of secion V. ol township 82,of range 20 The dK % of section 1*7; the i* W \ of section 1?: actions 1^ and the W X of section 21; the 9W> If of ?eoti(iu V7; Motions 28 t > 34. ir.omsivc; the 9 * of section 36, of towcship St; township 32, of nuue 21. North of the bate line and west of the San Bernar dino meridian. ??oHons 3 and 4; the N KM of Motion 6; the NK % o: e?oti(?r, 9; reetion 10, of township 8; the N W V (iliMlion I; seations 6,7, I*. (ted 19; the 8 \V Jtf of section M\ sections i?, JO, 31. and 32; t';e ? W \ of Motion 33, ol township P; s- ct:on I: the 9 H cf ac tion 2; the > S o, section 3; the SE \ of s. rtion 9; section 10 to 36, iuclusi ve, of township 10, of range 24 SMtion* 1 to 13, me.'nsive, of township 9; theSW )i < f seotion 7, sections 13 to S6, luclueive, of lown snip 10, of r?DfeV5. X M 9K 3< and the W ?f of seot'on 4; sections 5 ?/t 11 .iioI.i.iva* kMlinn 19 th* V k r\f th* V I l|> lliumnn V| r-i > ? V*vw|r? ??'W ru ? N K if; seations 13 lo 35, inolusive, of towaskip 10, of range 26. sections 1 to 21, ineloeiT*. the Nt % of notion 25. of township 10, c-f range 27. liectionii 11<> Id. inmnsiTe, of town?hip7; the H\V J* of etciion 19; the 8 >* of section 2% the t*K \ of section 26; tactions X) t > 35. inclusive, of township 8, of rang e 9i. Township 11, of range 31. Section* 1 to 77. inclusive; the NK jtf of Motion 23, the NWkof section 30; tlie E H ot section 31 s-otion 35. oi township 10; township il, of range 32. Lands appropriated by law for the use of schools, military and other purposes, or those ooverer. hy oocfirnied private land c aims. together witn the swainp or overflowed lands, will be exoluded from the safes. No ' mineral land* " or traota containing min era! deposits, are tn be offered at the publfo sales, such mi tier a) lands being hereby exprets'y excepted and excluded from sale or other rti'pota- pursuant to the requirements of the act or Cotgreas appro v< a Maroh 3,1853, entitled " An aet to provide Tor the aurver of the publio lands in Cahforuif. the grant i-ig of pie emption rights tlierein, and for otaer ^ TV. n f lVi? aKnva 1?nH will Ka aah,. M IIU * U vi iu| vi ?iiv _ menoeo on til* dave appointed, and will proceed in th? order in which tney are adve tiaed until the rholo ihall have been offered, and the aalee thus o'osed; l>ut nu aale shall be kept oven looser thnu two ?wti, aiid no private entry of an* of the l&ndi will be admitted until alter the txpi ation of the tw i weeks. Given under mr hand,at the City of Washington, this twenty aecoi:d day of Ootober, anno Domini ?" U,?u,*"d '?,JAMi3dBl?cfeANAN. By the President: Joa. 8. W1L8OH. . , _ ,. CominiMioner of the General Land OAoe. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to the right of pre-emption to any of the landa within the townships and parte of t?<wr?hipe above enume-eted, la required to ea tabliah the same to the aatisfiction or tne register and receiver of the proper land office, ana malt pnymm' therefor s> soon as practicable after feeini tktf notice, and before the day appointed for the commencement of the public sale of the lands em bracing the tract claimed: otherwtM auoh claim will be forfeited. ,08S.WIL90N. CommiaaioneT of the General Land OAoe yoli ? I'nder the regulations of the D*ptrtm(nt, as heretofore and now exi*tinr- no pay meet cu b? made for arivertieisg proolamat one exoept to nail publishers aa are trtetally autkoriutd to Mblisb by the i'ummuilnn*r of the General Land Oi?a ools l&wiSw.T Go To FR'eNCH A S?C^?+ffp}'b<No, flT Pean avenue, aad examine their extremely larg< and beautiful assortment or Childr*n'? Book* Games, Ac., the finest a?sortm*nt ever offered be fore in thia oity. Go aarlv, before tbe rush, ami make your elections. Also, a large and varied assortmeutof Diaries for tMl. Will be received t>j next steamer a compute assortment of Bnglisi Almsraos. nail SPECIAL. NOTICE TO CITIZENS AND STRANGERS.- RENCH * RICHSTEIN'i 3TS Pa avenue, is tbe only plaoe in tbe oity wber< daily papers ean be fwand fromevery Stataand oity in tbe Union. New York. Philsdolyhia, awl Balti more papers delivered in tbe oity and Georgetown mmediatelv on tbe arrival of tbe trains* Ail tb< Kontbly aad Weakly Papers and Ma?asines. Nov s the Uma to snbaoriba, with tbe baginning of tb< Vow Year. Sole agents for tbe Charleston Jfer GAS FITTING, Ac. DLDMBEKS AND OAS FITTERS. Would n?ll th? attention ol uetiaOA* fo! THOMPSON * CO. lv?t?tur n*re?a?rT KM RANf fiftTing cncrior kruttcH, witfc k'nvledc*. ?e arc prapsrod to introdaeo \S?tw . into dvciiinfa wtii 411 U?e i???ft Iir?rovr??nl?, provpUr.a-oa at ?ri*M UuU var-.aot foil U ?U*ty< | iGO PMft. ?Tf>rn?. ?omtMwl b*t>th and fth ?.. <>?& A.BE now ^Srw'tPexXowta ^ order* triA wtiMh fhay M(vror?d nM PLUMBIN6. 6AS OK STEAM PlTTlN* ?omftfcrtrMt,afunr door*north?f PtL ^3fiSB8M5a|^ OAS fiXTUKKS. *? o inrn IjU)call and examine our atoek Fixture#, feeling confident that we have the beet elected atoek in Washington. A.U Work in the above Tins latraeted to Mr eai Will be promptly attended to. MYEkS * MoGHA!t. S-tf ST* DrtrMi I. SS^DU^LUMBFR AND OAS FITTER. Hae removed to the ovrner of Twelfth and F eta. He fa prepared to iatrodnoe Water and Gaa neon the moot mv9rab!e term a, and gnarantiee enure aatiafaotinn He Kaa on hand a Wt at, COOKING ard other STOVK.8, which he wiileeil ICeetn-.ft ooalae he wiehee to get rid of then. no tl OFFICE OF INSPECTOR ANDREALEE. U OF GAR METERS. WABWiwoion. J nil It, NOTICE 18 KEEEBY OTTEN. Ttat.aflo at 17 to the proviaiooa of the oidinanoe of the Cor poration approved Mar 1??. the asdenfgned 1; now prepared, ' whenever r mired ia writing. and on pre payment or lb? re* or fifty oenti, to iespeot* examine, teet, orore, acfl ae?j?tain the aoonraey of registration ofany gas metw iC nfe In thu eity. Every meter, iffbnrd inoorr?ot,w1M be eonaemned, and another, sealed and marked a* trie, trill be et in i'? plaoe. If proved to be aooarat* in |?s ra*fOMM?t of gas. it nrfll be sealed accordingly, and &taun pnt in position for vae. Oflloe No. 910 Seventh street, (near Odd Pel -ovi' Hall ) Open from R a. m., to S p.m. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM. jyU-tf Inspector and Sealer of Oaa Mi fOY APP-LY THE HBMMDf R BJOICS Ut HEALTH. lend, do yon suffer? Are yon the vietim of any of thoee namerom ailment* wkioh ante from im parity of the blood.' WLat are the* do yon nek i Rathe- ask. what are they not? The bl<w is the ion roe ate and health, and it is the first element of oar being to respond to any oanee which effects ta* ayetem.a* u:e puiae lniviiblj The er*r prcraiUnc Soaraleii. the irrit&un: rirya>pe.M,tha anbtle Seronla, the ar >nisin? Kiiecr-atiem, Ner vous I>ebilitf t Drepepaia. Liver Complaint with iu Coraor and dejection, and the cumberleea ilia that fle?b ia ho:r to. derive their hKienn* origin from the Wood. De%. kindly the* and cent r witu the Mood Ua* the vitalising reecaroee of oat lire for ita aid. and ?offer aa to coipmena to roar confidence and aae that truly vaionbie ffiediMunent known a* INDIAN VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With rorard to thla aimoat infallible apeoilc joanlar aentitreut l as apoken in decided tarma. ana the evidence* of thu treat eftoaoy are ana tamed by oonatant avowal* of curative effect* and th? happieat reat>!t* from iu aae are after all ether remedies and the beat medical ekill hare failed. Let ua ear, in oonciaaion, that certificate* onrea are n <t ao tight from the illiterate and auper loial, hot they are volunteered from the mr>atra apectableaonrceaand ju*tify tlie higheat tarma in which it ia aoaaible to e<>imrend ao valuable a apAeilc to approval. We may add also that tne oarati ve ffoptrtm of the modiolus are?qaalle<l only by ita restorative effects, the ayat*m recover in c from diacaae with renewed oooatitat<onal Titer. For a&le br all resectable DrcggiaU in (hie an/ K* tU a?A?r.afA* MDM 11 fcj I ?IIU \rj ?nw fl >'/! IOWI I iHl%Oi iU WA| None pontine unices her rame la blown on the bottle km ber bom on the oork TTT Prioe f 1 per bottle, mix little* for tft. TWkol'tal* At*??. K. ?*. T. Cl!*SEL. Driffist. Georgetown, D Cn Whoieaale Agent for the bit trie*. and will anpply lae trade at any price* an 1* tr C SALTS* ITY 9TEAM PIRK-WOOD MILLS asd COAL DKPOT. Foot of Swnluntk itrtot, btlovr TF?r Drfrtmtml. WOOD prepared, anr length and aiae, to rnlt the wanta of ivieh purohaaor COA* -KfcPT IN COAL HOUSE?. proto?tod from the weatber?delivered fr?e fVrir. ?late, dirt, and other impnntiea. tM* Iba. to the ton. tTj. ? W. M HALT. no 10-tf 2*8 Pa. a*., betw. nth and 12th ate. I TAKE NOTICE! WILL Take * 1 kicd* of Vir<inia money for m? book detita Mid f<>r Boole, Sbo-t, acd Trunka. All pereone indeb ed t<> ir.e wi 1 please oa I and aettJe up. or 1 Wia 1 he compe led to give their aooounta into the hAcde of a collector. S P HOOVER. Iron Hall, no a Pa av.. between 9th and loth ?ta. OLD RICH, MELLOW AND PURE BURNSiDC'B MONONGAIIELA RYE WHISKEY, Coneoientioualy dietiUed b? Mr Jamea Bornaide, of Allegany Couat*, Penna., in the old-faahi oped iiwaawt- wijt, ?" ? uo onvi<7r?i ?iia iu"?% oorviiiiy seiectod Rye, ?wn<i in ro cut ev?r offtrid for Mir until adapted to whol?aotne u?s by a^e It is at onoe the caont p*t&taMe, as :t i? emphatically one of the p*r??et beverages >?? th? reach of the pnhlio. To the invalid, vt well as to those in heaith, It oommeiid* lUelf for ita nnnvai.c<l *ua':t;e? u a stimulant of the aalaet. lurmt, and moat beneficent description. a*id ma^r of the D?it distinsaubeH physicians are asing it in their praotioe with the tappiest reanlta CLKRY ? ^TOnCDAI-K, Profrietort, 338 Walnut street. Philadelphia. WM, C. CONOVEK. Agent for tba Proj'ietora. 2J3 Pa. **., ** op pot i U Willarda' Hotel. fVALTiMORK 1? BUTTER HOUSE. Daily reoetvtng fresh and sweet, in Goahan P*ok acea. A?eo, Oliio Butter, at loWand 12fc ooota. ELLICOTT 4. BE WES, Iw IQ ftalMmATA 275 A L k E N 275 JACKSON, PLASTERERS, Pkhsa. A'rZNUB, Rotwmn iwth and 11 rh utrweU. )? II |MPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. E. R. DURKEE A CO/8 6not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, bat ground from fresh 3pie?a, and olaaaad by ut ?pre??ly for the pnrpoM without referrnoc to coat. Ta*y ara boaatifally packed is Unfoil, (linsd with p?p?r,i to prevent injury by kaaptagj and are fail weight, while tha ordinary croud SpicM are aiinoat icvariaUy short- We warrant 'to b? we? as a ?:n*l? tnai wilj abundantly prow. Manon?tcrod only b* E. R. DURKEE ft CO., Ifrl Pear) N.w York. EASONABL E DRY BOO D8~ s Cloaks, Shawls, Klannela, , ? ; ' f*\\ |lob?*. Rer?, B>nket,fr*noJ lh?U Ll1>De*^*r C1?L.ii? Sel? TJU8T OUT?NEW BOOKS. HE Prinooof W*1m la Amtriot, by Kio&hAn Cornaallis, 12mo., eloth; prio? 91. Patty Anno?iwh. from Ui* French of Honor* W, P. StrtoklMd, !2ao? olothiAtno* f French * mcggTEifm. do 6 ST9 roaa. ITMM. . LUUL C. B. MOT*. I. k ilTlT. |^ilUK,MOTT*4ir vrs-iruv , BUCKWHEAT^POTATOEE, AP FteWt J,"* LOUR W#bW?,L l_ "5 iS'. ?k??.u tlMTld to-day *n<1 f< no t*y t?onif at rviifii ftoi i> pis* CF.ME1 'KEY NOTICE. EL8 M oall MISCELLANEOUS. Tib Amalgamation or Laimitao**.?Tb#r? w ? TOWlnf i? thi? m? U> Mt ?ur?win worii ?fut>?t uiuimaM wU( . while to inoorparate them mtn o?r ?rt| tha* ?b* rvni Ojh%J?e, wbioh u frnatfc?Srf*t, aifuifyiac fertile k?U," i? now btromim *o*?-?rta?i in woetlon wrth Mr. SMkWicf'e treat Hokcwli* mm;; hut it win mon w am m a ntnre (Mfrt raj, Md the word Oa?fc?~w> will h??oi" m ?mm m IltalniiM til bam Atk?> ?Wim liatoBction m forum" Vnrdt Km been won |t?< tcommon imi bduI Urr MM " ?<! tad ?* moot bom.* i*L?r* na|M kaon *a? ivriAUol wl?u?rw Ke? he n?ta r*T ?t?W of tte brftUi. *i>d ri*W*d > Ikb icbtltmarb* ptk?<1 utuiMhtkid iHt*ad?d olive notion of C! ? ** whjeh m'*ht otMrvia* ?o4M ?tt*otl??, nil too )tte to So r?m?died; Mid ta uwl:c*tinn? ?.1< uM B#T?T h? B*rt?wt*d H?if MkM at; bo ew>iird m trior two Him.Ttt: *rn|tonlio tod f*TmpU'm%t?o Head w>ho U eKeetdincly ooain?>n *n<i it the pre*?r??r >f?nr?%? variety of di???oe?, amooi whicn *r* hpnileay, ?"tit. RhwinHnm and * I f briW liMMM. In tta r?rvo?? form it ta mp?tfc?tie 4i? ?N of tlM toMHMll OOOetltatllM tifk kt?Jmrk*,nf ftOfAtiO duMM fMitMltin btlttmt 4tuiimrkf. oC *ora?.ooB?UpattoaMd other di??rd*ra of the ov ?|?A* VMl M rcaa. aad iteri io affections ilnwiw Dftne heart are very/re^ neatly att?odod with H?td nnrmm pmiior* ?r? tin J* HMM wbiah (V**aant)y ooaaamn h?ad?eh?. Idmpathio Hm<1uIm laalao rary aoMiwi*, h*ia( naaall? dla tin* wiihad hf tlM aamm of kta4*rk*. MMi tlinaa oonunf ?o mdHl! i* a tai? of apparent)* toacd bea'tn a&d proitrftti nx at onoc the mar.tai and phyaical enarf i?a. ard id othar ikiUimm it mil oa atowly. h??ald??d by dapr***?oi? of apirlta or aaarh?ty nftomMr. la aioat imUsom th# hii ia la front of lb a head, over m or hotk ?7?a, and oaataaaa provoking Toanitiaj, a Mar thin alnaa [ply Jt*#0 b# D%R)Od A<VfAiffl4. For the treatment of either e Ma of tM> Opbaho Pil'.a hara been found a aara and aaJh remedy, relierint the aaoat aoata pair.a ia a law niMtM, and by ita anbtJe pwar eradiratta* tha jf whieh headache ia tba uwnii iad?x. B?ido*T.?Miaaaa waaU yoa to eend her a box of Cephai.e 6lne, no. a boulaof Prepared Pilia,? bat I'm thinkinc that a sot jaet it raither; bat m hapi T?'ll be aftbar knovicc what it ta \ee<? aba'a oi(h dead and gone with the fiek Headaobe. _ - A ? m nnra *1 (hat uir.a Am ra.Mi ???i ^ ?? before. Dntrrttt.?Yom rauat mi an PpaJdiag's Op keif iiu PiTle. f" ifOch ur?^ow?o<J joy ve a*d it.a?r#'a ike qnartfc#r and fiv ?? U>* I U?a and doa't t>? aw day about it either. Cftrtlpatln ar (' tiTfirm No oaa of tfca "manj ill* fi'th ia k-ir to" is pre\aieat. so Jittla andereU-od. and rauoh n*t laeted aa Co?tiT0DM< Oreo orifinMtrv in eara or aatiantary habits; it ia r?cardad m a aluht Ci?or(Jer of too 'ittla ooaaawaaaoa to axeite anxiety, white ia reality it ia tM aixJ companion of mrt of tke aaoet fatal and daacor oaa dtaeasaa. aad aalaaa aarl t aradioatod it wil? ahali tafl all mj aafannc friend a, for th*y ?ra * raaJ Mwiiai. 07*Or** BxciTivr^rr. ud Um mental oar* lad UXiitj iMMDt to ol?ae at taction to baa nam or ataJy, are innti the ramerma oaaeee <>f Sarrou Headache. The diacrdered atatc of mind and f? ?:y blow to a'l eBtrit and a-nl>ition. f*ofWera by tkia dieordar can alwaja obtain afaadv relief ttnm tk*ea diat'eaai"* attaoka f incident to this dittreeetb* o<-m plaint ia a html ;ition. Pafferera by tkia tin apeedv relief ttom by a>lu( ora of tbf Ca phalie Pul* whenever the ay ap to ma appear It qaiata tha overtaaked l>raiB a..<l aoothea tha atraia ad a?d jarnox nervaa.ard ?Ha*ea the t*naio* of tha etomach which alwaya aooompaoiea and M' fiatrataa tha diaordarad oooditioti of tha brain. Twbrtt Miluori or Doluri 8am?Mr. Saa'.diLr haa ao d two milhona of bottlea of hia aai e(.rat<wi proparM G u? aud it ia aatimatad that aaah botila ravaa at ieaat tan doliara worth of broken farnitara. thna making an acgrecate of twaaty mil hona of doliara recairoed from total toaa tw4hia aliabia invention. Harj? made hia Glaa ttcta* bold word, ha row pro^Kea to do the world atill oring tuner*' 10 an uuiMif grave. tmooi tn?> lighter erilt of vhusli C ? ia the uaaai at Wed act are Headache, CoIjq, Rbrumati-n*. Poa? 8 r??t h Pi! m , and otfcera of! i k e n*tn re ,w h lie * lor * train of frit ht/a dieaaaeeeaeh aa Malignant Per*?r?. ibMHM. Dvaaatary. DUrrbaa, Apo KauofaT, fara'Tan, Ureter la. Hv^ocKon i .Maiftccholy and Insanity, 6rat indicate tfewr areaaaoe la tae ifltM by tkia alarr. ia< ryglaw Not anfreansnttf thedieeae#e*d onunaia in Conetpation, bat take on an independent exiaf anos aniaea the oaoa* ia eradieatod in an early ataae Iron all thaa? con*<(]#rationa it fo'lowa that tb? irorder ah on id receive immediate attention whew aver it oooara, and no aaraon ahoaia aegieot to (at a box of Capnalio Piila on tha Irat appearance of the conplaiat, aa their timeiy aaa will axaM the inaidaoae approaoheeof dieaaac aeiieetroy tkia UMKVIUU IUV IU UHStUL HIO. A RmI B1 Wail, Mrs. Jodm, how u tfcat tin. Jcner.?6one! Doctor, all gom ' the p ent ourod aw inj??t twenty minCW, aad I too would Mod nor* ?o that I eu kn ^fe^rrX?srui?:teisaY r?ootnn>?nd litem in a)< omm of HAuJitcha. Mrs. Jonu ?I chad Mori for a Noz d 1 rectir. and la July. w iiiw VJ pinn; mi mm aaaiaf MM W1WI hiaCeahanc Piiia, and if Ui?y are m (oo4 aa hia 61ne. Ilcadacbea wiU soon Tuliti mi lik" not Pact* woith khowtw*.?PpaidiDf' Capka Pilla ?re * cfrtiin o?-* i?r Siok Raa/taeba. Hi oaa Haajtaone, Nenroaa Heartaclio, CoatfvaoM ir and Genera] D-Niitj. Great Disco?k*t.?Araftr.g the mod layorlul of all the great raertical diaoovenea of Ui:b a?e mar l*e ooncidereri the iT?t?rn nf vaccination for arotao tion from Htriall Pox, ike Cephalic Pill for rali??f of Headaohe, and tbe uee of OaH-ioe for the preva* boa of Kerar?, ?iiber of vweli ta a aara aaeetfte, vboaa benefit* will be aa.p*r teiwad by aaflbriac ha mam 17 loss after tfeatr diaoov?rer? are forgoMa*. E^Dib TOM erer hare th* Pick ' IV) row ramrniMr the th-. bhing twwtlsa. tk# frrwM row tk? and dlrfNM at th* slfkt of foc4. How totally n?t to? w*r* tor p?*'or?, ?oDm?? Uon or O** of th* Copha it Pills wosM bar* r? tiered yon from all tkr suffering wktok t?? then zpnrt?no?(l Foe ttis mod other purpose* yoa should always hur* a bos <>f U>?n on mm to a?e as oooaaion requires. flUc /> CURE CURE NervousHeadache A - CURE Jf ^ JrinftS ?V Headache. By the km of Umm PUIs ttx ponndio artaofr* oj ftrrvmu ?r Sick H?dfkt wrnj kl prtrwM; Md If tUn at the ooMRHMMMt oi an Ut??k law diato roboi from paui and aioknoaa vUi bo obtaiaod. They MldOBt fcU is roaoTiag tko A'muoo Md HudtuJu to which femaloa art #o aabtoot. The7 aot fontiy apoa thebowe romoviag C#? I For LUwmy tin*, 8rmd*mtt. Dei Mate Pwln, t?4 *11 >wm ol stdrmtmry kmklf, tbey are Ml valaable m a iwproriac tbe ?w?? . fivinf t*a< ud riff to tbe difMtift orfUt, ud twioiuii tbe Hiin: ahtw?i aa<l lUtntk of U? whole Tbe CEPHALIC PI L0 are the raeaKof l?M tareetigation ud oarefmlly eondeeted ?if*r>iMnU, having been la aae iMrj r?ri, daring whiob tiae they bar* ?re vented and relieved a raet asoeot of pain and eefferntf frea Headache, whether en#i HtiK is tbe?er*e?M mUm or frxM a iwiii'il state of tbe itwiti. Tbay are eattraiy Timetable in tbetr ??oei?eeiUoa. aad May be tafc?a at all time* with peifeet vitboat nak'ac any oban^e of die*. ?4 >1* * ? ? ? v (iiWTMM icu min it * '? ?Aww ? ehUdrm. BK? AII OP OOUNTKHFtkim TW iwilM kin in ri|o?iarM of Ml C. SfaWin* <w **ch Box. ^Be*4 by Dr?cgia*ta4 fttl otk* DttUra la M*? A lex will b* wat by m? rrry*H na rw?r* * PRICK, ** CENT*. II vrd?ra ikotM b* a4dr? ?! to HENRY C. ?PALWN?. m n-4*ww ?e (Mv sttwt, ww v

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