Newspaper of Evening Star, December 28, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 28, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. Notice.?Subscribers to the Star in the Firat Ward of W aablngton city, are hereby notified to pay for ita aervlee to tbem from tbe close of the ,a?t week. Saturday, tbe?2d December Inst .only to l.awrence M W ttberow, who ! now the agent of ibe Star OBee for tbe management of tbe said }trmt Ward route*. All subscriptions for Start served in tbe said Firat Ward, prior to Saturday evening last. (December tt, are due and payable to Win. Dtllow, the late agent W. D. Walucr, Pmblitktr /Star. |?7" Though The St*.* la printed on the fastest team pr??a In uae aouth of Baltimore, tta edition la ao '*rge aa to require It to be put to preaa at aa early hour; Advertisements, therefore, abould be sent In before la o'clock m ; r>therwlae they may not appear until the next day. Notici?District of Columbia Advertisements to be ir.s?-rted In the Baltixori Son are received at and forwarded from Thi Stab OAee. RkpibMca* Meetirg I.?*t Night?A la rue number collected at the Wigwam at aa early hour. After tbe reading of the journal of tbe pre vious meeting, tbe contested case of John Howard was taken tip The objection being withdrawn, tniratlms urllll thn tt\ 1 1 r\ \MT 1 r? IT QStn - .^1 r liuw.liu, ?vn^?uc? ? ?" ?ut tleir.en. were eicoW u mtmlifn of the Asaocla Itou ?Jamm T Callahan, H W Hamilton, H. t' Corning, W.J. Koibr, HE Hodgins. Jos. Wise and Tbos. Keagan. A call nru then made for those whose due* were in arrears to aettie up; but money being actree. no du?* were fuelled. (?f> motion of Mr. Wood, the amendments to the constitution, offered at tbe last meeting, pro viding for tbe election of two additional mem ber* front each ward and thre? from Georgetown to tbe executive committee, were taken up Mr J A Wise moved to lay tbe amendment on tbe ttbie Mr Wood aaid he hoped tbe Association would art upon tbe question favorably. He dtslred to give tbe wtrds a fair representation, and It waa nothing more than right tbat tbe wards be repre sented in that committee. Mr Wiae ?1 wish to know if this has anytblrg to do with mv motion. Mr. Wood ?I hope tbe gentleman will accept mv amendment, and have an action upon it to night I hooe the Association will not lav it on the table Mr Wise then withdrew hi* motion. Mr McNalr said tie bad taken much Interest 1n this resolution. He wis a republican, and had been for four years When Mr. Buchanan was presented te-the people for the Presidency he was in California, and assisted in the election of electors but when everything was accomplished, attempt* were made to run over certain portions of their number, and he would not stand it. He conHudi'd that a wicked and perverse generation 1 >oked for a sign, but he would give them to understand that Mr Duvnll.?Is this discussion in order* Mr Wis- renewed his motion to lay on the table; which motion was lost Division, ye >s and nays, tellers. See , were called for. amid loud cries of "order " On motion, the question was again put; which resulted as before Mr W eaver called for the yeas and nays. The Secretary thsu stated that do person was allowed to vote whose dues were in arrears to the amount of one dollar: when ttie question was put, resulting?yeas *>-, nays 73. %.! r I Wi. K1m nf llanr.rot/k tar n mnirtJ /> T/lnrt tha amendment. Mr. Wile ir.ovtd to adjourn. The l'residtnt?No motion to adjourn Is in order w ben a gentleman has the door. Mr IVeble rose t? a personal explanation He belonged to the Georgetown Club before tbe ward associations were instituted He was sent as a delegate to tbis association, and we were m ide auxlliar * to tbis 11 ut at tbe last meeting he was called to order simply because be was from Georgetown. They did not want more than tbe ward associations Tbis matter had been dis cussed by the Georgetown Association, and if they were to be trampled upon, tbey would like to know it; [applause] and if this association is ready to defeat that resolution we are ready to secede [Laughter | Tbe previous question being demanded, tbe Secretary read the article of tbe Constitution pro viding ibat all amendments to tbe Constitution must b- noticed one week before action ccold be taken upon them; and tbe question being put tipon the adoption of tbe amendment, it was ptesed. Mr. J A Wise desired to make the following notice?''l hereby give notice, that I g-rr? notice that, that amendment be rescinded " [Laughter, and voices, -Xo notice at all."l Mr Duvall called be attention of the associa tlos to a resolution otIVred at tbe last meeting, providing for a representative in the executi/e committee from the German association, and for tbe election of Mr. Gerbardt to tbe National com mittee He moved tbat it be adopted, and tbe German association entitled to the same privilege* vf the Ward associations Tbe Secretary desired to make a personal ex planation. He understood that some busybody bad ' eeo very active in circulating among their tfiermsn friends the report, that be was the lir?t to oppose their being represented to tbe executive committee He understood that he was denounced at the last meeting of ths German association, aud be thought that after what he bad done for them, this treatment came with a very bad grace. He bad done all in bis power to promote their inter ests He was elected a delegate to the Chicago convention, but resigned and had one of theli own number, Mr. Uvrb'.rdt, sent instead. It w&j b>s desire that the German association be repre sented in thfs committee, and he hoped tbat thii jarring and wrangling would cease They had often threatened, and it was extremely necessary thrt they all work harmoniously- together. Tbe President of the German Association said the secretary was mistaken; be had not been de nounred. The report had been c Ire n la ted tha tbere was a clique in the Association who wvri arvrruiiliru w ucpixc luciu vi IUC piiTiir^ci gnutrd tbem by tb? nation at large The Ger mans bail stood by them throughout the land, anti helped to elect tbelr President Tbelr forefather font; tit ildi- by aide tn the battles of this conntry and be hup*-d they would at least be granted thi pri vileges given by the nation at large. Mr. /. T llilton said it vraa evident there wen some persons in the Association, running tirs with the hounds and then with the hare*?ttrs pimping with the Republican Association, an< then piinpiug with the German He had an eyi n ?ouie ol tbem. and he rruaut to keep it 01 thera He hoped this resolution would be p?sset unanimously. The q uestion was then put, and the resolutioi adopted. Mr. McNair offered a resolution derlarlng tba tbe members of the Association should not pu anything in tbe hands of officers which the rould do themselves, and that it was wrong t * - -? ? ~ V J i . IfCU 1 an**jJ?vr IV IUC .lawiiai vvuuuitif^ iw uiv tair u to who should be recommended for office bat that the member* should have the right t recommend wbo they pica* Laid on the tabic Mr. Coomb* offered a resolution, to be acte upon at the ueit meeting, providing that the yea and nay* atoll be taken upon the call of II* members, as In the House of Representative*. M r. Parsons then sang several songs, of whie The Flag of Our Lnioa" was bolsterousl rheered. The new national flag recently hoisted upon tfa Wigwam wm then formally presented to tb Association, and was received with three cheeri when the Association adjourned The Coscibt ro> the Poo* ? Wlllards' Ha was crowded to the fullest last night, the o< ess!on being a concert for the benefit of the po< of the city of Washington. The concert w> under the auspice* of the Hoclety of St. Viace: of Paul, who sps.-ed no efforts to Induce a lary Mr tth? conduftflr. ha rfrted himself not a little to present an accep able programme to tiie audience; thus the who affclr was mutually a pleasant one Mevernl vei e*c*llent cborusses were sung with full nrche tral accompaniment. and were acceptably p form<-d, the " Halleluj ih chorus' from Handel Messiah eapeclslly The remainder of the pr grsmine consisted of solos, duets, quartettes, etc which were suuk by the best amatear singers i Washington and Georgetown In a laanner jlemonatrate that the muaical tasta In the Distri of ^'olOHibla does not go uncultivated. Theft ! W.nk pieces were repeated st the call of tl a j.lieuc^-"0; k*11 u* y? Free," chorus; 'Con wb-remylOv.-"" Dreaming," quartette; " I'Pi . .tori ' duett; ?' Oh, the Bay of Dublin," sol 4 Molly Faun." Iol? The programme closi with ? Tbe Star Spaegird Banner " wblch w SLug with full chorus, and created long-co tlnued burst of enthusiasm f/oqa the audience. A Rmoa obtained somecurreoee yesterday i ternoon I n the eltr, to tbe effect that tbe entl marine force at the Barracks here had been i rn-tly ordered away, and had left quietly durl, th? night and gone down the river, it was wh pered, '? rtuit tot Charleston. It is almost u .s?w ?M V that t\i? rmnr.r had DO foiiodltl la fact The usual Hurfc k force (two full co pamea) wu ou parage at ? o'clock a. m to-d ?t Uif rrgul r morning drill. Tbe moat of I anea at | rraent lu the arrark are new recral eat bare front the various outside recruiting lions for instructions. CamtiaL Curat ?After our report closed j trrdar. Ju K Gatee was eaavi'-tad of an asaa and battery npoa Mra. Mary Cblaahllla. Wm. Brown was fta#d t^U aad eoaU, for an aaalt and battery npon Jobs P. Denula. To-day?TbeCourt birlae met, Ju. R. Ga wji sentenced to pay a floe of 93U, for ao aass aa^^attery upoa Mra. Mary Chlacbln* Xo caaea tnHu^r ready for trial, nootber basic was do?e up to 12 o'clock as., wbaa oar repot Piom a Social Point or Viiw ?Tbe question of union or diaanion In social circles differ* bat little from the same question aidiscnued In polit ical circlts. Tbe men, especially llie married ones, think tbat tbe Union should not be lightly spoken of?tbat we should at least wait for "overt acts " The ladies, on tbe contrary. Insist tbat cot'ti ac's are a suSclent cause of diaanlntion They siy they bare, for a lon?j time, bad Just cause of complaint In this respect, In the bad faith of tbe lords of creation?that a bargain broken on one aide la a bargain broken oa all sides?tbat tbe original com pa t. If fairly carried out. la a suffi cient guarantee; but, for the sake of banishing forever this exciting question from tbe arena of domestic strife, they would he willing for an amendment defining and enforcing the rights of the partlea. The mm-the cowardly bullies?say they have no compromlaea to make; and that If a collision ensues. the weait r party must go to tbe wall. That if tbey were coaacloua of having transcended their rights they wonld yield; but tbey quote tbe Declaration of Independence, ''All mem are born frit and equal " Tbat the rights in que?tii>n are natwrmi rights, and of courae must supersede any little regulations of tbe social com part They further quote the authority of the "Fathers,"'and especially of Mr. Jefferson, on thia head. The swee' dears hardly know what to say to all tbia. They /??/ tbat this exercise of natural righta will do very we 1 for a herd of buffaloes on the wtatarn prairies; but tbey say man never did. and never will, exist in a state of nature; and that it la foolish. therefore, to talk about his natural rlgbta That he has no rights except thoae guaranteed to htm in a state of society, and that these can, at any time, be abridged whenever tbe good order and decency of society ranniru it T)iav }) ?? Kaa tA that M r f < fto rann 1* V| U I I I*. M MOW UUfV l" ? v? MIU? ill a ? \ H< I ?V?II was a vt-rv naugnty man, and tbey think it not exa< Uy safe to take all bit savings and doings for granted May God defend the right in this con teat The old maid* of coarse go for Union They say tbev ckn't understand these abstraction They go for "something practical The old bachelors declare themselves out of tbe Union, "high, dry, and forever;" but that If ever they should be brought to consider article* of confederation, tbey should look with a jealous eye to an economical administration of th<* finances; and. above all, as far aa the question of revenue is concerned, that the burden should fall alike on all parties. No city In tbe Union, or In South Carolina, presents a greater ar ay of beauty than Washington at this present time. I>ast Sabbath, though somewhat raw and disemgreeable, saw tbe different places of public worship thronged with well dressed and fascinating ladies?1? church-jjolng belles," aa Cowper hath it. Scpsmk Court? Thursday ? No. U4. Ororge W Watterston. plaintiff in error, agt. Edward Noble In error to the circuitcourt or the United States for tbe eastern district of Louiaiana. Tbe judgment of the said circuit court in this cause was atfirmed.with costs and ten per cent damages. No 32. James A Chandler, plaintiff in error, agt Otta Von Roeder et al. The argument of this cause was continued by Mr. Conway Robin ton for the defendant* In error, and concluded by Mr. Paschal for the plaintiff In error. Adj'd. The t'sios Han^ckt, last evening, was well attended, and promises even better to-night As we atated yesterday, everything has been csre fulSy arranged for a tins time at their reception roouis. Last evening the hall was brilliantly 111a mlu&tr-d, but presented a liner appearance Inside The crenm and strawberry w^rf delicious, and the pretty Union badges were In ereat demand This banquet is now being held over Gait's store, near Brown's Hotel. Their sign?a Union Hag of thirty-three stars. Comixo Kvexts Ca*tiso their Shadows ? The New York l'ost in view of the fact that the Richmond Enquirer Is Inciting the people of Maryland and Virginia to resist the inauguration of Lincoln at Washington, by taking possession of the ftderal capital, thinks It becomes the people of the North seriously to consider what would be their duty should the contingency arise which the Enquirer pronounces "unavoidable, sooner or later." a TT* >TIU^ IS ( to iuc au vci iiMrinrDi in another column of a desirable first clau residence for rent in Georgetown. It iaon?of the moat ele gant boasts in that city, and we know, was built for tbe owner's private residence In tbe most sub stantial manner, all of tbe work about It being done in most excellant style Members of Con gress, or others, wishing to reside in Georgetown seldom have such an opportunity presented to them. Central Guaidhocsk.?Ti'fort Justiet Clark. Silas Kirk, drunk and disorderly Fined *3 17 Charles Bnrlc. accused of carrying concealed weapons Fined 980 94. Daniel Stewart, charged with *ssaolt and battery on Chas. Rlchter Held, to bail in S5U0 for court. John Z. Stafford (con stable) assault and battery on his wife. Ann Staf ford. Held to bail for court S. C. Magruder, assault and battery with intent to kill William Stnart. Held to ball for court. K.njuhts Tempiah ? Invitations have been ex t nd-d by the Washington Commandery No. 1, of this city to all the Commanderles of New York and Brooklyn, to visit this city at an early date. 1 be committee charged with the invitation* Dave departed on their mission The Knights of this city will properly entertain their brother Knights upon their visit during the coming month. Wx would advise all our readers in want of , clothing, furnishing goods, hits and caps, to call on L A. Ueall A Co , No 439Seventh street, near G, as ^e has received a largo lot of goods on con signment, which must be sold without regard to cost. Read his advertisement and give him a [ call. _ t Ixlluo Liqcoe o* Suxday *5D Gambling ? | Henry Kooch was arrested with a corporation warrant charging him with violating the Sunday 1 law by selling l:quor, and also with gambling. He was taken before Justice Donn. who ordered ' him to pay a fine of 146 in the first, and 140 in '* 'the second case, with the coata. VisiTixt* Caeds, for New Year's calls, and for k all other calls, shonld be ordered, without delay, - of Chandlee, at YV'lllards' Hotel, who is prepared t to furnish them, either written in the most elegant * rn^r. n??r nr ?ntrrfiv*ri Rnrl nr1nt>-<i with lintnrnMflt. bl>* neatness, at the shortest notice and lowest price*. f On RupomtKH *ay* "the w:\y they enjoy them selves at the ladies'fair on Virginia avenue would surprise our uptown folk*." We have no doubt of ft, for our friend* of hast Washington Mission are posted in this respect, and their selection* of good thing* are choice. Smith?o:uaw I!?*titctiox.? Lecture at the Smithsonian Institution this evening bv Prof Cbadbourne, of Williams College. Subject. " Iceland and the Icelanders " I'rof C. has re cently returned from that countrv,and bis lecture will, oo donbt,con*l*t ef interesting incidents. Fo* CornT. ? Henrv Boucher, Jr , wLo wai held for assault and battery with intent to kill Dennis O'Bryan, a few nights ago. appeared for a hearing before Justice Donn. The wounds ol O'Bryan not being dangerous. Boucher was ad mi tied to ball in 9500 for court. Thb Dir alcatiox Cass ?The only additional bail offered for Russell yesterday wu that of Hon J R Barrett, of Mo .who came forward and jus tified in #50,OW), making up all the outside ball required save 825,000. No further local ball wai offered. The rsii'tps of Fletcher Chapel will bear In mind that the Mr at No. 274 Seventh street, li till being held. The liberal patronage whichtbei have received, bat induced tot-m 10 continue i during this week. Holiday articles In abundance Tux Potomac Lioht lmmr, of George town, paraded our streets laat night, in full drt-s uniform, with martial music, and attracted muci attention and no little pralae on all bands by thel gallant and decidedly military bearing. Have you six* tbe beautiful album rard Wbitehurst is making by the dosen or hundred to suit customers ? Remember, his prices are re dueed to suit tbe timet. { It was one of Chlckertng & Sod's Imperia Pianos that was used at tbe Charity Concert lai night, at W Ward's Hall, furnished by our friem John P. Kills. KtV A. U tliLIT Ol I UP Llllllfliocuurcu > this Hty. has rnlgned Lis charge, the reslgnallo to take effect from Feb. 1, l??l. Triii is sothiso like good eating and drlnl lag; and after that, a line Havana. These you ca have in excellent style and at very moderate cot at Km rich's ItesUurant, corner of Eleventh strei and Pennsylvania avenue. 6t Sojf*THi"o I !t tikes tins.?If you want to bo any Fall and Winter Clothing, oall at A. Straus' Pa. &v?nue, betve a 10th ami 11th streets, la ordi to dtc*ea?e his stock he intrude to sell itcssii reduced prioes. Piease call before purohaau elsewhere. A. 9tsavs, Fashionable Clothier, 314 Pa. air., ds 28-3t brtweea loth aud Uth eta. Fiom a Higru Kb?i ict*bl? Dauaoisr. Washikoion, 1). C.,?ept. IMO. Musts. Sttk IV. tW i t Co., E at ton? Gears : When I pa'chased the store which I no o?eupr, I found Haifa d<?-n of what wmoalli * ?*itam ijr W%ld Carry," which I vei Boon found was irttrxoui, and whion 1 broke again a (Tick wail in m> yard. So 1 wish you to send a itupp y of your valuabia preparations n 01104, ai your* traly Jun.i Wilit John H Moore, h Druftt?tat VVaaiuugU ai?o destroyed torn* Utlitq. vhi< had baan impound apon him by boom una inoipi $*% or, and not obtvioa hu supply from itaadqu* tars JCTJIrtMM of I'iUand Wonkttu Countirfritt The on y <feituint, Part and Mtdicxtkctl Baham h U|? iwtof 1. Butta" vr ttri with a ara.aud t prirfed na?# of U?* aropriators, 8. W. Fow.s Co., on taa oatside ?rapa?r. tfyts 'l. D. Unman. Joha Bchararr*. Nairn B Pvm Jot,. U'licy, J 1) Moora, aod Jl. H.* in 0? >r(ftv?l bj 8. 3 T. Claa ft, aui (*,? * l^aihroo.aBdby diKfuWararjwhara. da *7-1' CiwcimiATi, Hamilton Comr, 8tM tf Ok%?.? Before me.tha wbtbribar.a Jo?ticeof the Peace, in m4 for Mid ooanty, personally gun John Lm, who. teia* dalv sworn,depo?eth and Mith that he iiad beer. nuflenns with Ch' Diarrbic* for tli? paat twenty t #f? jniii, and ha 1 aonao t tod And re - c-ired praaonptiont for hi* r?M from *11 the prin cipal phyaie\a<>? in Philadelphia ard Cincinnati, but all to no etfeat, a? ha haa received no ra irf. At Ka ? r*Hn<> A lit & ma ra m lral?t.>n ?.?knul yen the hoee of ever fading relief; but. by rbe ad vice of a frien.l, wax induord to try Hoetetter'a < C?l?l>r*t?l 8t?ni?ch Hitter*, and, to hit nit r aur- I Fria found relief Ironi the firat trial; and in lees han two month*, found hinue'f perf-Htly cured of hit oompla'nt, aad ia duly recovering hie atieiigth of body, and inoreMiog in fl??h; and ch?erfulljr i iivea thu oertiioate. io the hoee ttat oihem ar loted ike himsel' may be benefited. JoHif Lax. i Sworn and anhecribed to before nre.Aug. 21st,1K56 C. F.*. Justice of the Peace, de84 e?3t No. 44 Weit-rn at , Cincinnati, O. HoLtOWAT'i PtLLS AWT> Ol!?TM*WT Asthma ?Though this disease ha* baffled the akiil, aod been pronounced by eminent medioal men a? irremediable. The numeroua certificate* daily received bT l)r. Holloway, a*e a direct refutation to auch ill-founded and fallacious conclusions. Congba. Colds and Aathma in all it* ramification* of bronch'al atroctioii?,di?ea-e* of the cheat, throat, Ac., have b*en cured in their worat atage* by these expectorant and laxative remediea. ?old by all Drujtaiata, at 25c., 65to. and fl per box or pot. de 36 lw Covens ?The sadden ohangea of oar olimate are aouroea of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic Afrction*. Experience having proved that aimple remediea often act ap*edily and oertaialy when tak'D in the early ata<ea of the di?ea?e, reoourae aiould at onoe be had to '' Broum't Bronchial Troche*." or Losragea, let the Cold, Cough, or Ir ritation of the Tnroat be ever ao alight, aa by tfcia nrAAAiih 'in m. mnra aarinno attftnlr maw Ka i.HaAtiiallw warded off. Public Speakers and Sinters will find th*m effectual for clearing aud strengiheniu* the voice. Sm advertisement. de 1-ly Homxopa.thic Rkmkdtzi All of Dr. Humphreys & Co.'s tpeoifio Ho meopathic Remedies put up expressly for family use, in boxes, at 25 and 50 cents e&oli. Also, in oases, containing 3) vials, from 34 to $fi each, with book of full directions. For sale by Z. D. Oilman, 350 Pa. avenne, wholesale and retail agent: W . A. Fitsgeraltl, 353 north F street; also by F. B. Winter, corner of Massachusetts ave nua and Sixth street. Also, Pond's Extract oj Wxtck Hazel, for internal and external inflammations of all kinds. Sold as a bo re. ma 9- ly Reader, have you seen Prof. Wood's advertise meat in our paper. Read it; it will interest you. an 30-eoly To nrt Attlicted !? Be sure to read the adver tisement of McLean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier, in another oolumn. tf Pennies. Pe-sonsdesiring pennies will always find them for exchange at the Star Office counter. tf MARRIED. On th* evening of the 77th instant, by Rev. John N Coombs. Mr. JOSEPH O WAl.MNGSFOKD and Miss MARY E. HOOVER, all of this oity. ' ayj ;iy.j r*N!?. avkiui. va.i awa, de 26 4.* south side. bet 9ih and 10th sts. B~UTTI:rTvENISON, FIGS, raisins, CI DEft, LARD, tto. R?o> i ved this day? ljbW lb*. prime Rou and Print BUTTER, 20 sadd ?s VENISON, 3G boxes new F'GS, 75 " - bi:nch raisins, lohbla.SWEET CIDER. 6 firkins prime LEAP LARD. For ra e low in lot* to suit by <Je 26-r.:_ D. L morrison k, CO. ^JENERAL STAGE OFFICE. We, the undersign* I, Proprietors of the follow ing Staze Lin???Lee burg, V?.: Up-. par Marlboro', Md.; Leonardtowii4aMPb3PT^? Md.; Choptico, Md; Rockvi le, Mil. Wgry-^j^* and Frederick. Md ?have made A F. Kimskll. of the Knnmeil House. ?u C *t., between 4i-? and 6th t*., near t?ie >?tioral Hotel, an Ag*nt. On and after this date the public are requested to oil! at the Kimmell Houie to take seata for the above named places. BENJAMIN COOI EV, Prop. Rockvule and Frederick Line. JOHN H. KELCHNER. Proa. Arlington stage Line. james OSHORN. Prop. Manboio' and Choptico Lines. Washington, Dec. 24,1860. N. U.?The staxes f <r * hopttoo and Leorardtown will leave the Office on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sata'daTS. commanoinr on tne 1st January. 1861. /% GL1SH WALNUTS, BRAZIL NUTS,FIL BERTS. do22 KING 4k BURCHELL. INVENTORS AND PATENTEE8. MUNN A~COMPANY, Proprietor* of the SciSNTiric Amcricax, an? Agents for procuring American and Foreign PATENTS, Witk Si-item V?ar?' Experunce in th* Eminem R?fer to Hon. Judge Muon, Hon Josepn Holt Hon. W D. Bishop, Ex Commissioner of Patents and to more than fifteen thousand inventors whi have had business aone through Mann A Co.'s Pat ent Agenojr. Pamphlet of Advice sent free b j mail. Patent Lawa anu Kegulationa, an pagea,25 oent "Sic ?No. ST Park Row, New York. VTub iugton < iE no?corner F and Seventh ate., oppoait Patent Office. de? eoSH MUSIC BOOK I^TUE BESTCHR1STMAJ 2oore'a Melodlea beautifully bound, be Muusal Album, ende aohn'e Songa, without wcrda. The Home Cirolo. AH the <>p?r*a, with and without worda, Beet^oven'a, Moiart'a and Cleroenti'a Sonatoa. Bach'a i'berubini'a, Mara and Albreofttaberger' Theoretical Worka, All the Oratorioa, Selection* ol M ua.o with beautifnl title pagea Alao, a large aaaortmmt ot Stemway A Sona'an Raven, Baoon A Co 'a Overat ung fianoa, uc doubted I y the b?at now manufactured. A ver large a took of Piano Mtoolaand Covera at reduoe prioea at the Muaio Store of W 6 MF.TZEROTT, det2 corner Eleventh at. and Pa av. J ELEGANT CLOTH CLOAKS. UST Opened for the Chriatmaa and New Yaw Preeenta, all marked down at the lo#eat p.oee I it the timea/for oaah. de 19 J. W COLLEY k. CO.. T REMEMBER, HAT You aave more than 10 Mr oent. on tt dollar ny buying your DRV uQoi>S at Store N #41 Seventh at., aa tbav are eel ling off to move, HENRY E6AN, #!ll Seventh at., de 1?-1<K Near Avenue H??a?. OT1CE TO ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS. We are having all of oar account* made e(T date, and will Uke it aa a great favor if they w call at aa early day and aetUe^ N v iu. A. niuni ?. n*u., No. 36 "Central SlOft*," _ . Between 7th lad 8th aU , I ?un ?w Outer Mark* * I A QENT? fcO* TJ1E * HO^K WOK^J >a, a ?ou. aioui. tnoa 95. of Mil; CoMa 'tajs^wsLss 2i'. 1 ffflVrgSfrS. * nd ?T?Lue. Now Books?Cotton u Kmc. .. t,b?? Pi Bwfm. i?<ao. oioth. ?n; 4 \ bo?wl fcx*?, ^ ?*l de 24 lw J AS. OSBORN. Prop. HE THIRD WEDNESDAY OF EVERY Dr. SCHENCK, of Philadelphia. finda it impos ibie to visit Washington ev?ry week. and lias made arranjetnenta to positively b? in tha city the third Wednesday of every month. He hat a suit of rooms at the Avenue House, where patients oan obtain advioe free. He only charges when it ia necessary to make a tiioreugh examination of the Lungs witli the Reapirometor. S. B. NVaite is agent for Sohenck'a Pulmonic Syrup, price 91 per bottle, for the cure of Cougha. olds and Consumption; Schonck'a Sea Weed Tonic,price 91 per bott:e,for Dyspepsia; Scheack'a Mandrake P.Ha, price 25 cents berbox. for Liver Bilious Complaints and Constipation of the Bow MONTH e s. Dr. sonaock would do grafiui lo those who have been cured by his remedies if they would oave their certificates ot cure with 8. B. w AITE, oorner f'*v?uth ?t. and La. av. tie 19-3m f^ADET BLUE CLOTH, Ks FOR MILITARY SUITS. Black Trecot Cloth, Black Cloth*, for Ladies' Cloaks. In order to oonvert oar stock into oash, we are offering our entire stock at greatly reduced price*. WM. R. RlLE* ft BRO., No. 36 Centra) Stores, between 7th and 8th streets, de 17-2w opposite Center Market. OUR BONNETS, HATS, and FLATS of ths vert latest style*, and in all cases made^^h of the Best material. Call at once and K*t^BI choice. At STEVENS'S, no 22tf 336, betw. Oth and 10th sta. CALVERT'SCELEBRATED HONEY, Madi ir the Bee Palaces. A clear and delicious ar Hole. <qe?) KING ft BURCHELL. A I.MONUK. PECANS. SHKMiBABKS. HN wn m* votn in?i?ni. uy me itev >ir tiomiraa, Mr. J. \V. RIDGEl EY to Mm SARAH C. LEE, all of this city. ( Marlboro' papers copy.) * In this city, on the 12th instant, at St Patrick'* Church, b* t^e Rev. Father Walter, JAMEj* F. SPEIDEN to Mia* KATE GORMLEY, all of Georgetown, D. C. Dancing academy, At Fkasius Hall. Prof. L. G. MARINI S *<*cond quart?r in Paio irr will c< inmence on FRIDAY, January 4, li)6l. Days anl lioorsof tuition for children 9? a id younc ladies, Mondays and Fridays, froir./Rm 3 to 5 (>. in : for gentlemen and ladies, every WB? Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from ft to 10 p. in. de SK-Steo" OTICE-FOR SALK-The >TOCK a?d P^X Tl' D l A T. . ? - 1.* . 1.1. - k. & i 1 tnr cui m .iiom iiniiw i Aiiiii iiik r.txai ' imn mer.t. The subscriber tinnpc determined to cloae bu ine?* offera hit Stock and Fixtu-ea a bargain A pply to WM. J. TABLKR, No. 452 Seventn it, oppoaite Patent Office de 3b-3t* TO LET?At light work, for hi* living during the winter, line Iar<? bay ss.idle and r\ hirnesa HORSE, which a lady can manage. 1 -.y A Ti l Buggy anJ Harne?? will be ?old ? cheaply- 'l o be seen at Howard'* atatdea, Seventh a'reot. between H and I, from 9 to 4 daily. de 26 3t* WONE MOMENT. LADIES! E Are cloaina out b\iar oe of very handaome BONNETS, made of beat material, at the^A verv lowest cash price* Ladies, we can fur- CK? cish a beautiful Bonnet at lower rataa than^^T you can purchase the materials and make for your aelve? A. P. DOUGLAS. FAKCY AM) MILLINERY GOODS. AMUSEMENTS. ?JRAND UNION BANQUET. The l&diee connects with the C Street IlapUst Cnn'oh are makin* oxt mive preparation* tor a GRAND UNION BANQUKT to b* gt?en b> tMn in the bail #*w Mmpti, Gait's ?tore, adjoinnj Brown'* Hotel. Th^doora o( the hanqutti** Hall will be thrown otw om THURSDAY aotf KMIOAY NIGH'W. the 57th and ath met. at? o'clock. A> thii II tor a liannirfl mtuhiMt. and U tb*U laritas think what is worth doi.g at *11 ?h??ld Ik? trrll doce. promising a foil iqmvalent fbr all the rnoBPy spent, and eoni?tbie(; drowl dly rw*<r-A? is pr? is hoped ths puMte vi'l consult r>wn intfnil and ?itMvl a lilwrki p?tront|? to the ?nt?rpnse Strawberries and cream ar? among the dehoaoiM lo be Mrrtd up on thia oooaaion A bard of music will he in attendance and a ppiendid piano forte fur any who may feel inclined tO UM It. An Unitrd ?tate? flag, with thirty Htm stars, ex tended from the window, will designate the place. Admission 30 cents. de 2?i St BALLS, PARTIES, &c. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL'-The mem bers of the MOUNT CLARE CLUB M take pleasure in infmniuc their friends th^t Jn thei' Fourth Grand COTILLON PARTY will bs given at Fr amklin IIall. oorner ofjpi 9th and 1) sts.. on MON l) A V. 1 Mew Vssr'i Fv? I December 3l?U- Admission fl. CornmitU', F. Mohl?r, J E. Hilton T. Gnfii. del* -3t* WANTS WANTED?EMPLOYMENT aa operator on Wheeler 4 Wi^on's or Grorer 5k Baker's ewin* machine. Addren A B, ftar Office. it* A SALESMAN IN THE UENT8' FURNI9H id* trade, vho nalu espenenoed atoolle?tor and accountant, wiahea a Situation. Addree* C. Mm Po?t Offioe. de 27 2t* \\7ANTED? By a younjc woman, vho nnder " atanda her bnainesa a PLACE aa a oook, in a respectable piivats family. Sh? wiii Rive entire attraction to her employer*. Please addreea a note to Box No. I#, Star Office de87 St %lf ANTED? A first-rate COOK, on* that thor ? " ouchly understanda her business ; none other need apply. Alao, n WAITER capable of takinf full oharte of a dining-room. White or oftl?red. Apply at 309 F tt. de86 St* \JLT A NTK D? By a lady, immediately. eomfo: table BOARD, in a family w he re there are but few boarders (or nene preferred.) Aidrexe, atatinc terms.(whioh must be moderate,)etc., "Inquirer," at this office. de 26 3t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?From ?5 to S 10,1)00 worth of SECOND-HAND Ft KN1 TURK of a! I kinds, for whioh 1 will suarant/to pay the highest pnoee, and, as usual, at the shortest no tioe. R. BUCHLY, Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, he., oo 9 40** 7th nt.. bet. G and H. east side. WANTED-SECOND H*ND FURNITURE. Persons deo ining housekeeping, or having a surplus of Furniture on hand, can obtain the cash and fair prices by spplyinc at 369 Seventh st. t? r D/VMTV a_ nDICLMTtr UU 1# dw.i m z* a unirri i n. LOST AND FOUND. IOST?On the evenin* of Wedn?sday, the ti h, a hoi Tree n the Capitol and Eleventh at. near I, or in one of the Georgetown omnibu*e?, a three leaf gold BREASTPIN 'I tie finder will receive a lib eral reward by leavinr it at the Auction and Oom miaaion Store of CLEAR Y A GREEN, between Pa. avenue and D gtreet.on Ninth. de iW ;tt fQ RkWARD FOR RETURNING TO THE O reawlence of the owner, Mr W.M jf ij| W LRDEMANN. Capitol lii'la brmdleSU^ COW, H or 9 year* old; one horn vecjmimjmm sharp, the other with the tip cut off. do 27 St* PERSONAL. A8TKOLOQ1BT! H KAD?READ! EXCI1EMEXT NOT OVER YET! MADAM K DEV18E~Tnd uoed to remain a little longer, in oons quencnof the great demand from hundred* of ladiea and gentlemen of Washington, but those who with t > consult thie (rn* and aston ishing lady must come this week and next only, Madaoie will bring any one to you and cans* then to love you. All who are in trouble of any kind gc at onoe to her. Lawnuits, Uusiness l osses, Num t>era, all exe'aineJ Prices vary moderate. Resi dence?Richmond Houie, corner Eighth and D ata. private entranoe on D at. Gentlemen alio oall. de 26 It* {jJREAT SUCCESS! The ?nlr SAFE AND PERMANENT CURE FOR CORNS, BUNIONS, SOFT CORNS, Ano all* WHICH AFFECT THE FEET, ia the Imfallibli Syitsm Practicsb IT DR. M. SCHLOSSER. * &UROEOH CHIROPODIST. R HAD READ the following WASHINGTON TESTIMONIALS: From H. S. Davis. ' Dr. Sobloaaer baa thia day removed from mj t" | twelve oorna, whioh vu done without pain, and I my entire a&tiafaotioa. I ohferfully reoomtnend 1 all pereona, and eapeoially my frtenda who audi H. 8. DAVIS. Washington, D. C., Dm. 21th, I860. from Hot*. Burton Craxgt. M. C, of N. C. It gives me pleasure to oertify that Dr. Sohloss has this day extracted several corn* from mr fe without yarn. BURTON CRAlttK. Washington, D. C., Deo. 80th, i860. J J From Tkos. t. Lwns, War Dtpartmtnt. I oertify that Dr. Sohlosser ha# skill/ally extras ed several oorns from my feet, and without pain. THOB, f. LEWIS, Washington, D. C.. Deo. 19th, I860. FVom Dr. T. S. Vordi, M. D. I testify that I have been very suooessfully ?j raud upon by Dr. Sohlosser, withort pain of a sort. T. 8. % iTKui, M. D Washington, January 7th, 18tt. In adJitio3 to the above testimonials, Mva thousands more are in the Doctor's possession. CAN BE CONSULTED HERE. ONLY FOR A SHORT TIME, At His Office, air PENNA. AVENUE, (South aide.) between 13th and 13th rtreeta. Office hours from 10 a. m. till 4 f. m. Notice.?Dr. Sohloeaer iu only bo oonealted kit office, and bu no profeaeiosal oonneotioa w nay one 4*1 ^ MEROHA FT TAILS) EW FALL STYLES o? CLOTHS, CA9i MEKS.AND VESTlNtfS. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., S9S I'enneyl nin Avenue, have just rewired a large variety new Fall whioii they invite the attest M thoir frinnil* ami ouatnroers. mm l? (JHK1BTMAS PRESENTS! FURM^PURS! Large and CrMh atook Una day roc?irod from IS York. \T REDUCTION IN PRICES! ,k 8#U.?K?, worth 17, l? HoU, #7, wo^h )?. ak.Sqiiir, ! mm) Pitch Sots ia propart A* idU? variety jo* oy^Md for kiu*!. Th tre id Mto.aod ImmuiuIuI. For Umbo great ter^iaeeall at w. Maynoui-?, do %i IW im #7orgo*ow GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS jyo. ii? BRIDGE ST., GEORGETOWN. AT REDUCED THICK8 FOR CASH. Within* to reduoa oar atock of gonda (vhioli ia veli aaaortc<1 aj low at p???jhle bj the lat of Feb ruary . ? will a*U for Ouh, ir?nn Una tine. erary deacriptien of DRKX9 GOOT)9.*flAWLS. EMBROIDERIES BLANKETS. FLANNEL.!*, Ac., ft c.. At RzurcxD rum rat C*?h. We *<ni!d alao rewind aaatrtuMri that uHlir IHIU will oe frwni to ittinon Or M(or? trie lot of Jannai \ , Uiii. ti It It important wo anall raise moiier, we will >> nnder r?nr*#d obliyati?Bs to them for u early a?ttieme"l of the nmr. W? tender to all such oar thaaks for their Ii6?rai pst rnmn?,*r,d hope to oouUnueoiir xittinf relatione vith them t? the V*iom de 28 fMOOT a BURROUGHS. 500 8 A LT. SA^KS G. A. SALT ErpecteJ to arrive tlii* week, ?Ld for awe low from tie vessel, bjr de 8Mt W. II TENNEV. Notice. dox't waste Yoirn mosey. The u:idera>goed IiM la'Hy opened a ch?? p BO'lT ltd MlOE t*TOK E, ud piir?i>u*ii will hid tlie'r prioea the lowrat in the District. A large and itriM anortm;nt on ban t. C? I early at H. STKASSLRGhR A BKU ?. No. 63 Bridce atreet, de 21-1 w n^ar Farmera and M?chanjra Bank. ftfm APPLE*. DIMPlBLS. Prime No. 1 BALDWIN APPLES, per schooner J. and N. Baker. Win be aoid on reasonable terms b* J. G. WATERS. de 17 tw No. 109 Water at., Oeor<. to? n. fr*OR IIEXT? In ttocrcrtown, a tandkom? and convenient COTTAGE RESIDENCE. con taining 9 room*, kitchen, pantry, Ac. There is at tached a larce and apacioua Int. and at.unda-ee of aqueduct auu pump water oa lite premisee It it in the immediate vicitiiy ol the College and Academy nftl,. ,n. -- .. i A. r 1 ? ? ran ibiv^ iwii, ?n(ai-uiBv?ui ii viii w? 'i. * no i* *11 m oomplete repau. inuaire corner uh its. (( M-e??Sw* I U9T RECEIVED? " 10 hhda. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS, ISO bbla. i#id Rye WHISKY, 250 bbla. H ERRING and ALEVYIVES, Sft bbla. Crualied and Refined ??UGARs, 9) baca Rio aud Java COFFEE, 10 hhda.< low prioed) MOLASSES. Foraalebv JOHN J. BOGUE. ae 10 J 100 BBLS. OF PRIME CIDER, r Arrived and for aala cl.eaa for oaah. no 13 ARN Y A SHINN. (if ASSEY, CO ITI PHIADR A reoairiDC fraah c. net, and invite all aeraona who i ad alter a ted Ala, to five it a trial. AH N V A SHINN, Afenta, te IT Oraec at.. Saortatowo. BOARDING. SEVERAL HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, with Boiird, can l>e had at No 3."W V street, betweea 9th and U'tii at*., on reaoonwhie terms. Peraona in search of pleasant bo'idinn hnqrea wou d do well to callaiid examine forth? in aelvea. de26 6t FOR SALE AND RENT. [ftr other " For Salt and R??" adrirtitimtntt, Utftrtt pagt ] FfOR RKNT?Four pUasant front ROOMi* ina private inmiiy, where there a.-e no hoarders; location centra!; term* iroderate. Addr*sM<i. H? i*tar Office, giving rral name. He /3 3t? FOR RENT?An eligib.y located HOUSE. fur nished in good style, aail fitted ip wits mod eru oonver.ier.c4, bath-room. water closets, A c. A pump ol fice dnukin? water in the yard, iii'i'-ire of Or J. H \L'. MOORK, 190 I street, n-ar 3Hh, or Font Office Derartnrieut. da 3t* f^OR RUNT OB LEASE?A lane aoddeaira Mo firiit-clas* Ri->l L)K.\ CK in Georgetown, notfarfromt e ominous stand. Having l<e.<n boiil lor tiie i private residence, it ofiera many advantages and convenience*. There a-e exten sive cellar*, a k toh n, laundry, furnace. but?r'i pantry, servants' rooms, and a spaoious dming room. There is a fine bay window next th? hail; and the drawing ruon aod library are fir.iMie i It; the ir.ost elegant style, with martile mante'a anii l fine coin'ce and cent-:r places; the windowa bemi i of French plate g'ass.wifi intide shutter ; the r?ai , po-ticoa, which extend the entire width, ar'ort ' <ie ightful promenndes; the floor of rhe ve.tibsle h laid in marble :il<*, and finished with solid mshog i any high!* polished; continuous lian'l tails lest i frointhn hail to the floor a abjve wh-ie are bet chambers, bath room, dressing room, linen rrom Ac.; the mantels end basins of po.ished marble ' 'nri 01 vv i\ r.iy r ia i * n or u r a unn'ii 1 MERCHANT TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT l-OR SALE?The subscriber having d? ter mined to retire Iroru business, offers for ?aie hi entire (took of fresh and well selectrd Cloth*, A. The stock is not ve.j heavy, and well assored froi late importations. The store, which he his oeot pied for over twenty ;nri, ia an old establiabe stand, one of the best on the Avenu?, und*r a lar? and well patronized hotel?the United States. Ft t-rms, Ac.. appy to P. W. BROWNING, und? United States Hotel. de U StawtJan I RENT REDUCED.?That pl?a*ai.t COTTAG H r>lDENCE, ooutaiinue 7 rooms, with froi balcony. large ?ard in front and rear, fiontirc H al in Printing Office Square, between North Capit< and First ata.. will be rented for 916 per month I a punctual tenant. Address, by letter or in persm WM. STIOaNEY. dell-tf I?OR RENT-Two fine PARLORS on firi r floor, and three CHAMBERS on the aeci<i floor abova, at No. 75 M;s*o?ri avenue, batwee 4>? and 3d ata , near the oomer of 3d at. de lo-^aw3w* FOR RENT?A three story and Itasemei FRAME HOUSE, near Pa ?t..oo Temk, b tween G and H ata.. No. 413. Inquire at SI BLE & GUVS Hardware Store. Pa av. de 12 tf URNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT,at 406 street, between 6th and 7th sta. de 4-U OR RENT.?A thrM-atorr BRICK DWELt 1NG HOUSE, with baok Wilding, on 12th si No. 470. between F and G streets. Apply to KIRK WOOD, 476 Twe fth at. no 19-dtf ne?H'ia r. A ROPOSAL* FOR ERECTING A COUR1 HOUSE AND POST OFFICE AT PHILi PHIA, PA. TBEAarav DkrABTMEST. December 22,18M>. Sxalbt> PanrosAL* will t? received at thia D p&rtment until th? Ua day of February, A. DIM at 12 o'olook at noon, for the oonttruction of tl Philadelphia Coart-Houae and Poet 0<6ce.acc?r ittg to the plana and apecifioationa prepared at th Department. , , Theie propoiala moat be for the whole work; b aoh portionrf the work acdthe amount b d (her for rnuat be aeparate atated in the bid; the reape lire amount (or eaon kind of work earned ot and the total amount atated; the Department i aerving the right to reject or aoe?pt the propoea hereby invited, or any parta thereof. Wuen it deer the iotereat of the United Statea require* it; t Department alao raaervaa the right to exclade t bida ofany aeraon or pertona whom there ujj oanae to betrave will not faithfully perform the co tract*. or which they have a'tempted to obtain indirection; and all bida when there ahall be parti m intereat who do not join in the -bid*, and ail bi that, upon inveatigation, are beiow a fair prioe i the work. No contract will be awarded to biddera ur.til d taila are farmahed the Department of the pricee the different kioda of work and material*, ?hi a*<ail be autjeot to the raviaion of the Departni'i ao that th* croaa bid ahall bee*aitab y appor'io upon the whole work to cuida the Department making paymecta. . Ninety par peat, of the amount of work done a material* delivered, aooortlin* to oontraot prn i mm \A amAimt In Kil a?Aartai i r/i K* tha aat im? f A MI agent of the Department appointed fur that pi po*e,) will be paid from time to tin* as the wo progress* a. ud tea per o >nt retained til Us co pl? t.os of theeoetraet ud Mietptaoee of the woi *e.. by the u?nt aforesaid, and be forfaited is I event of son tulftlmect of ontract Cwtrtof will be ivtriwl obIt to master bm ers or meo^auioi, and the as-Kiinnent the-eof, ? oee* by consent of t'( *eeret*ry ol Ik* Treasu will be a forfeiture ol the eame. Each proposa mast be aoooispaiied b* a writi guarantee, signed by two rsponsiLl*persona (c tiled te be so by the United States District Jud or Attorney of the aaid d'strict.) m the sum 9atv*'. that the bidder will, when repaired, if ircfirt' acoeptod. est. r into a contract i bond, with proper and suftoient seoanties for ^^ase. ?< be examined after fc.rty days, anJ other isforr Uon obtained on app ioitiox to the UcpatnuM-t. She propoea s must be eent to u>is D*p&rtLi< rseaed to the fc*oretary of tno Treassry. < derisd "PrmoMhfortkt rkil<ul*lt>hia Court H< mmd Fit Qfie<, ) and will he opeufd at I o'oi p. m ,ot the last daw seised far reading the ?* ssr r t'\???. de t4 tadstaw fteoretAry of the Trea>*ir ; There la na ana Potomac water throughout thi house, and a fine etahle with a room f ir ? roach man, and a terraced garde i *hrut?sand fru tree*. Posaeasion wiJi l>?> iiven nnm d at" j . Ap piy on the prtm>i?>, No. 337 BrnUa ?t., George town. D. C It A SITIT OF FURNISHED ROOMS FOB H t.N'f, inquire at Oft Eleventh st, l>etw?wi K and F. d*36 lw F^OR RENT-A two-?t rj FRAME H"U*K lJjated on the corner of Twf nty-??c-.nd and I trfeta. First Wa d Ponciion given on t*e Is of January, 1861. For term* iaqui'e of Col Hl'N UEKI'ORl). No 39"? New \ ork avenue; or o Mr. MAGN ESS. on the preniies. where the ke' m<y V>e found. It cor.ta.inn )u room* Jo i"7 St* FOR RENT-A r?w BRICK HOUSE, witl liaok building and ceiiar. having h room* wit I gas, and si u alley, tuate.i on 1. atreet, mar Yliir teentti. Kent moderate t-j a good tonact. Inqmr of M. GRFEN, G.oo 'r, corner of Thirteenth an* I. ats. This property ia near Franklin Row, on'yi few mi: utea'walk fioin the Treasury Buildingi and one of 'he healthiest looa.iona in Waahington de 2l-lmeo* FOR RKNT-Th* large three etory FRAMI HOUSE on New York avaii?e, betw en U and 5th etrcute, recently occupied by Rev. Mr. Ca rothera. Apply to JOHN W. MANKINS, or t Mr. BOS1*, next door.where the ke? may be fount Alao. the three three siory Brick* at tne corner c Ninth and N ats-, Northern i iberties. Or fa ale low lor cash; or property in th* county take in exchange. Apply at Mr. H AGiiERTY'S a tor opposite, for the terma and the key, or to DICK 8uN A KING'S wood and ooaJ yard, oorner of street and Vermont avenue, or to the aubtonbei at Georgetown. d*19~t?w JOHN DICKSON. .V sx? 1 f A D 111 THE LATEST NEWS TELEGRAPHIC. FROM SOI TH CAKOLin. Tkr Overt Act ( iilUd-fwt Heal trie tad Castle Piacka*f Takes. CiiiiMTim, Dec <?.?Tbe Palmetto Im wm rateed vnt'rdjv "fteraoou ever the cHloa touir and post oOkr- at 5 p m About the ??- hear the Palmetto lu floated ? t to th* h eeaeat Cm tie I'iakMv. and a iarye milllarT force went over la?t n\gti? to Port Mou.trte The hall tea opeoeu at last ? The raareatlM CHAiLttTos, Dec 39 ?Tbe Injunction of ee crroy having been removed from tbe proceed)n^a of )r*terday, the following ts tbeordinance wiii h VTM nn-1 .-I Irn ? i- - - Jm Ordimamtt to amtml tkr South Cmroiimu in r?s/?c: l*U< ?/r ?(ir< U' yrtmtmt First Tbat the Governor ahall have fall power* to receive &aiU**?sdor?. mlu.sters. consuls, aod amenta of foreign power*, to appolnfsuch a|rnti, who shall be paid from the cot<Unfc?ot tuad, to conduct negotiation* with foreign powar* to make trr*U?* by and with tLe advice ji.d cooaert of the Senate. tw?-tlilrdi of tbr * nat<?re agreeing thereto, to nominate and b>* and with ttir a4\*lr? and couaent of tbr s-uate to i|?vlii( sitcb awba* aadors. public uilui?t-i?, and coaauls aa tb? General Assembly shall previously dire I to be appointed, and also all other c-tb.ei? wboar ap pointments are not other arise ptov.tied farr by law. by granting (OUim: salons which shad ?aplre at the end of the neit Mii?n of the Vi>iV to convene the Senate whenever aeoetsiry: Prtndr* atttrUhifii, Tbat during th<* eals>noe of th'.a Convention, all traatfta and direction* for th- ap Intmcnt of umKissadors, luinistera and cosaul*, subject to the advice and consent of tbe Con vention. Second That tbe Governor Immediately ap point four persona, with tbe advice aud o*n??"t of tbe Conventlou, who, with the LlMtcunt Governor, shall form a council to be .ailed tbe Executive Council, whoae duty It shall bo to ad vise with blm, to >11 all vacancies during the rc ceas of the Senate In all the o Bices wbar? he has MV fr'V * V? IU UUUi i lit IQ - Chjlslestok. Drc ?Fort Moultrie and Cat tle Pinckney were both taken pone?loa ot by tba Carolinitiit last night; tbe latter at a o'clock. The Paeple ( Alakuia for McMriia MoxTVOIiSBi, Doc. ? Returaa from *11 tbo coubtiea in the didert nt aectiona of the Stat*. thua far received, indicate that etrs.ght-eut aeeeea.en hat ?wept every thing by fifty tboutand. ta >.act. West. Middle and bouUie i Al't>una liardle one oppoatd to aeparate Uttte actios has been elected. The majority la the Convention for immed ate aeceaslnn will be at leaat fifty Alabama will follow South Carolina oa the 10th of January To-day pasaed off very quietly. No disturbance amniwkt tbe negro population, and no apptrben* ion of any. <>ovrntor Moore baa taaued hit proclamation for an ex*ra arwion of tbe Lrgiaiatura. to Convene on the 11th of January. Kr*m Dearer Ctty. ? ?? *" ? 1 ?? .? 1 *14 1 vm ?? W M bung at tbrte o'clock yeaterday afternoon Wben on tbe yilloKi b(cot (cued to ib? murder of Fret* taitu. A discovery for aaviag gold baa bee* irair by a roan in tbe gold distilrt digging* It la still a secret. He took a pan full oi toiling* from *ue of tbe quart! niilla, and by subjecting It to the pro C'-a* ifc'rr several times. be oDUlsed #9, S7. and S2 70 worth of gold respectively Cbearing reports are rer<-i v?-d from tbe Su Juan country. Avast extent of ricb placer diggings are said to ex at In t_at region, bjstdee use agri cultural valleys. .Ma jor Aidertan Artiij ? His *?rh Respsu* sibiiity CuiKiKTox, Drc v!7?Toe Agent of tbe Asso ciated Press baa just bad an interview with Cap tain Foster, now commanding Port Moultrie.who says tbat Major Anderson acted en ki*Mra re sponsibility in evacuat: nil Fort Moultrie and taking possession of Fort Sumter. Fort Moultrie wm not set on lire, aj firat t? pur ted. Capt. Foster and i few r^ u? itili Uiere. Eif#rti ( Cattaa?Kerelpta. Niw OiLj*n?,IVc 24 ?Tbe exporta af cotton hrace the past week <;uoractd 41,UW balat to Great Britlau, and IS.'UU to Franee. Tba rtcripU continue to abow a rnatertal failing of. belag now at all the porta, fully half a million bilea lent tunii at the i orrespondlug period lact ya?r. Traapi Trndered ta the ftareraar af fraath C araitaa. Chiklutox, Die. 27.?Tta Governor baa to day been tendered tha arrvlce of troopa froui Georgia, Alabama. ai.d different portion* ofjjouth Carolina, and mm) companiea may be aipe< ud here to-morrow. Frczen ta Death. Foit Kuiitit, Dec 2<? ?The pony expreaa, roioi; weal, baa b?-en detatred twenty four The driver, who waa a n?w band, loat bla way and waa frozen to death, lie waa a German but his n&me was unknown. State Caaveatlaa Called ta 1111 aata t*ra!?art*t.?, Ill , I** *7?Tba Pernorretir. State Committee of Illinois Lave caLUrd a t*tate Convention, to lie held In this city on tfca 16lh of January, to confer as to tUe existing national crisis and adopt a line of policy relative thereto. Mew Yark State Lui far ?1,?00,900 af Seven per ceat. Stack A lb a xt. Dec. 9* ?Tbe proposals wera apened to-day. About foor millions Lid?taken at about one and a quarter premium average: lowcat aoc cessful bid about cue per cent, premium._ Later (ram Mextca Niw OtitiM Dor *7 ? I-erdo de TVjeda la tbe favorite caudtdaie for Governor of Vera Crut Tbe new* from tbe United States rained crest excitement among tbe naval ofirers at Vera Crui kentacky. Louisville, Dec. 2s.?Tbe Governor of Ken tucky baa called an extra sessioa of tba Le^isla ture to convene on tt-e 17th of January. Ualtiassrs Markets. BatTtaoaa. Dec 2V ?Flour firm; Howard ?t _ a r\L i _ *a rik. />!*.. ftflll. It* 1 ? -a a _ _ Da iFDio co tny jm mi oj ?* uw witibtuik tf-ntlm^v. and -!c higher; red Sl.SSaSI 30. white 81 3uatl.<M?. Corn Ir higher; new white and yellow ProTlalona dull and natrlnal M?aa pork fclu. I?ard 10c. CodM iktdy it ll^i 13c. W hiaky firm at IDaldjfc. Nttr Vark Harfetto. Niw York, Dec. 2K?Flour S a 10c. bettef. Wheat firm and quiet. Corn very firm ProTi slum steady- Whiakf quiet at 2uc Flaaaclal. New Yoek. Daceaaber 8* ?Stocks are bettor but quiet. Chicago and Rock UlaMl 51Jf; 1111 - Bula Oertialshares Michigan Southern 3a%; New Vork Central 7i\, Reading Co. 76%: Hu4 aon River R R -43; Va^Ca 77; Mo. ra 06. Til Wnnu -The following report of the weather for the morning la made from the Asner lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith ? * ? -"? '' 1*V? -* ' _ m ? - a _ a mm iiiatiiuuuu. >uc ubjc ? about 7 o'clock. ?, 19M. Burlington, Vt OTercaet. 20?. Nfw V ork, N. Y cloudy. Philadelphia, Pa. cloudy. WMhlngtoa, D. C cloudy, wind N TV Richmond. Va. cloudy, 47?. PrV-r?burg. Va. cloudy, cold R m Iclgh. .clfw. 3??. Wilmington, N.C clear, froaty. Columbia, S. C clear, cold. Charleston, 8. .clear, pteaftat Augusta. Ga. *?? ?? . cool, Savannah, Ga. clear, 55?. Macon. Ga. cloudy, ( Colombua, Ga cloudy. Montgomery, Ax cloudy. Jackaon, Ala. clouaT. Mobile, Ala cloudy, damp. M from tbs wnt Pwlerlrk, Md cloudy, oool. Hageratowa. Md cloudy, oool Cumberland, Md cloudy, mild. V* f r rnld Wheeling, Va. overcast. Parkcreburg, Va .cloudy, raid. Cincinnati, O... .cloudy, cold. Dubuque, Iowa..... cloudy. f* Loula. Mo clear. Ottawa, 111. cloudy, SS*. Barometer at lbs ?m;th?anlan at 7 \. m.. <?or racted for temperature,) ii,4#4. at wxm, *.',475. Tbr-rnoom?W at 7 a . n? .. It'; at 3t-. Maximum daring 31 boars, ending V a. n to day, UK; minimum **. ????????? T- NKW EfiSTAURANT. BE 9at>?o iber ioftrru* UmotuiMia rf Waih ict -a and tte nafclta in semi 'tnU :>?j kaa opened tk* Rfrtaamnt No. 4V,J L*ntk1 ?is?! > S5k5SB?sB2 y. O. 1QHK. 1? U L' t P J _ em >ms4 m*, t

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