Newspaper of Evening Star, December 29, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 29, 1860 Page 3
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I.OCA!. NEWS. Notice ?Subscriber* to tbe Star In the First Ward of W aablagton city, are hereby notified to pay for Its aerrice to them from tbe clow of tbe last work, Saturday, tbe*2d December laat., only to Lawrence M. W Itberow, wbo to now tbe agent of tb? Stmr Office for tbe management of tbe aald Lint Ward routM All aubacrlntiona for Stars served In the said Firat Ward, prior to Saturday evening last, (December ?, 1M0,) are due aad payable to Wm. DiHow, the lata agent. W. D. WaLLacH, Tuklisktr / Star. U^Th* Stab publishes the List of Letters rationing In the Washington City Post Oflae under the provisions of th? Uw directing them to be printed la the newspaper having the largest circulation within the delivery of the office. Its to Ml dally circulation is more than double that of any other Dally printed in the District of Co lumbia. [?7-Tbough Tkk ?tab Is printed on the fastest itdm press In u?e sooth of Baltimore, Its edition is so large as to require It to be put to press at an mmr\ j feo>.'! Advertisements. therefore, should be out In before 14 o'clock motherwise they may ot *p{?*r until the wit day. NptiC*.? Diawict of Columbia Advertisements to be inserted In tfce Baltimoxs 9tn*ar? received at and forwarded from T?* 1?tab Ofice. Lac tiki cpom "Icbasb" at the Smithso xui ?Tb? lecture-room of the inatltutlon waa completely packed laat evening long before the lactorer made bla appearance Prof Cbadbourne having recently vlalted Ice land, made It more particularly the aubject of the evening to deacribe bla journey, and told many filoilax incident! The Icelaadera love of learn and knowledge of literature la remarkable Al most every scholar of tbe common acboola ia well versed In Greek, and can readily read from a Creek book and tranalate it for you Into Latin It waa a pleaaaut thought for blm to find In thla far-off country me spini 01 civilization ao wide spread, and And himself In the midst of tuck i civilized people They are remarkable for their hospitality, such as they have to give, and a traveler will alwaya receive the " dry apot" under their turf and earth-covered roofa This people claim to be the first discoverer* of oar swn coun try, and hence are anhjecU of intereat to ua. Here the lecturer introduced many facta connected with tee Icelanders accidental diacovery of our continent, the most of which are familiar to his torians Travelers, In traversing this dangerous country, to which the Alps are no compartaon. employ generally three guides and five ponies for baggage, Ac. These ponies are as well acquainted with the bridle paths upon the cliff's, and the winding way among the mount-tins, *s the best of guides, ana all one has to do is to cling to the animal's back and hold ori to his irane to be perfectly safe, while ascending the most giddy bights. There are ao roads In Iceland; only bridle paths The valleys are green with ijraas, while the hills are white with snow and Ice. Wster falls In the alleys abound, presenting a very majestic picture Indeed .Many of the ruins of their ancient tetuples yet remain. The men of this country are fine specimens of natures noblemen; of good size and hardworking. Tbev resDect American life and history The lecturer found two large volumes of American works, and some from the Smithsonian Institu tion. Tbey visited two Urge crater* of boiling water, and tbe basin of tUe treat Geyser, where once In ten hours subteranejn thundering* are heard, and columns of water some twenty feet In diamater, are fircad up to an elevation aometl mo of 5U>feet. Being anxious to witness an eruption, the speaker at down to await the appointed time. Belli* aware that tbe water always rose considerable just before air eruption, be laid himself down with his heed from tbe crater and feet near tie water 's edge, unto be warned when the water should rise, in case he should fall asleep. In this uncomfortable position he did sleep, however, till be felt tbe watei upon his feet, when he knew the eruption was near at baud. The earth shook all around him; and suddenly tbe waters of tbe Geyser of Iser were thrown up nearly 100 feet It was tbe most terrific si^ht he eve beheld. He afterwards walked up to the basin, and found ltcompletely emptied of its water, and none coald be seen in the crater The next da* being Sabbath, they sojourned over, and were informed that the people had great respect for tbe Sabbath. On lnauiry as to how their Sabbaths were spent.was tola. "In tbe morn ing we attend church, and In tbe afterneon dance and play cards ' Jit night, tbe lecturer repaired to a but for lodg ing As soon as he sat down, the woman of the bo*M jeuM bis i)uou ana Dore ttiem en; reiurn 1?/. h,m for ? *ort of blanket, or Covering, aiade in the shape of a bag, which je lid lot*. fU woman then placed a Iwl uf ml Ik near bis brad, said a prayer over him, and left btrn to bia repose In the interior they live mortly upon the pro dacta of their sheep aud cattle, obtaining wool from the former and food from the latter Vil lage* are nothing more than a little ciuater of two or three of thea* earth-eovered hu'a The chil dren are taught duriug the h ng winter nlghta at home. Children become scholars, and parenti the teachers There is cot a or woman in nil Iceland, It has been stated, that cannot re id and write The only wild animals are foxes, wfeite bears, and reindeer. The ducks are a ^reat _ ?rce of reveuue, through their down And th< law crohiblta the firing of a gun, which would frtehte * tbem awav; in consequence of this the* , 'me, so that tbev can go among them tfce Iceland**! ^ he r# plucked bjrt, aud times, or until her breast . ^ her It is Mid each time the down la taken ftv m, breast bui the male bird sometimes plurka *?.auiiht?r the lecturer very much doubted It. i '">0l( Dowi tows last sight the prevailing . was South Carolina, aa usual, only a little more ?o Karly In the evening, a man, In a state of fever, rushed into Brown's Hotel and announced that Senator Hunter had received a dispatch from Charleston stating that the Carolinians had made an attack oil Fort Sumter, and were sent back with a flea in the ear by Major Anderson s little party of ir.en Some few of the credalous gave ?ar t* the story, but those better posted pronounced It to be bogus. One solitary secession cockade made its appearance during the evening, wearing a lonesome aspect, and evidently pining for sym pathy thai was not forthcoming. Hon. James L. Orr, one of the Sovereign Commissioners, made bis appearance for a few moments in conversation with an Alabama member, looking as urbane and Jovial as ever, and appearing a good deal mor< tike a citizen than a "foreigner." At the National, the only tiling worth notic< was an antmsted discussion between an enttiual astlc but Kooa-Dumorru uemocraion me one siae and Ibtce or four equally even-tempered re [nib licaas on the other, u to bow far alaves wen "property,'" Me. At Wfllarda', sundry aniious parties, of al political complexions, waited to catch, by book 01 crook, some Inkling of what was going on in th< border-State caucus, tbea being held In the M uali Hall. IscBSDiAaiax aid laaoaaacx CoMrixna - Tbe recent Incendiary operations la various parti of the city hare touched slightly every city inanr ance company. Tbe emouat of tbe loss Is, to b are, sot eery greets but tbe continuance of fire In tbe same ratio would soon eat away tbe capita of ?tae of tbe stock companies. Three fires tb night of tbe 5th Inst all drew upon one company and bv tbe fires In tbe \Vest End alone, every com paay lost a small amount Tbe great want o conveniences for tbe speedy procurement of i supply of water in tbe East sad West Ends has si Uacted attention in tbe City Councils, and poesi bly measures will be takeu to remedy this defect A resolution tn tbe tower board was ottered fu tbe purpoee of directing tbe Mayor's attention t the Uw authorising a reward ror ibc capture ? incendiaries Cpm Maiiit ?This morning, tbe ?appl , jnt prlactpally furnished by licensed dealer *nd vm aot as extensive aa might have Wen ei pected ao aoon after Christmas Tbe peultr stands were decorated with tbe beatspecimens tt dealer* could exhibit; bat these were light in eon partson with those o0W<*d a week ago, aad U turkey kind that would have been rejected at brought tl 50 Tbe only change in tbe mark excused to be In the price of poultry. The hi aland waa pretty well occupied, and the prte asked aad obtained were about as heretofore, < to WOc per 1UI pounds. Cams, he ?Notwithstanding tbe eoaditioa the times, people will eat aad drink good thing aa though not feeling the condition of the moo market. Ho our enterpriaing friend Hammer labor* U be at all timea ready to gratify Um tsatea. >* t,ether tt be for luacioua fish from t Florida reefs or tbe great lakes, fat venison fro the gladrs of Virginia, or bear steak a froaa t boutoaoeka of Arkanata Thus there la nothing be had ta bis line, from tbe St Lawrence to t HI* Grudt, tbat ae aom not obtain jm wiru may U- wautrU bore,? nothing. I ^>ok on for the Filf of the ladle* of the lain 0?ptlat Ciiwck, which will open on Mood nl(M nnt, at Thorn'* MUIik, Seventh at. bond of omU la engaged for every night, a glortoua tinuM will bo eniojed hj nil who r*Tij, go nil tho time, and tag* thou money w them. Tains ta iotiim like /ood eating mid drli lay and after that, n tne Havana. Tnene yon ? bare In eicrilent style and at very moderate e nt Kmnrh'a Kestauraut, corner of Eleventh atr hud tViuajfiriAla avenue. t Not Rbimmc Y?t A while.?We have re ceived the following note which we Ten tare to print bv way of a correction : Fri'nii Wmllark : The morning papers having noticed that "Rev. A G. Hale]:, ?f tbe Unitarian church In thla city, baa rralgaea " Your aclaaora man of thla evening perpetuated the announce ment. Now, although belonging to the eUricml order, I am not entitled to the prefix Rev,'" nor am I of any church, unleaathere be one "politic," aa there la a church militant." Yet. even then (however much ao " mill taut'' maybe) the adjec uve " l ultarlan" is. juat now. not highly auggea Uve of tact 1 have, It la true, much reverwce and >ate?L? for Arlan; but my exemplar of that nauii la no muculina theologian;?only a good wife and mother of the gender femenine. Nor bav? I yet resigned my " clerical*' functions,??re? la prospective. Bat, pyropbaglat that I am. I tbinlf I aball. to tbe detriment of my ? desk," hav* to do ao, "Mtfwii bo/us," quite aoon. Because 1 came from Mlaslaslppi, you muat not tbink I am trying to " repudiate*' either my name or the facia If, however, for " Re* A. G." you read 41 Kev. W. D. Haley," the name and facta may, perchance, agree. Respectfully, youra, December 28. 1860 A G H Cockt?Yesterday, Wm. F. Good win. Kaq., of Wisconsin, waa admitted an at torney and counsellor oftbia court. No. 200. The Mlaaiaalppl and Mlasour! Rail road Company, appellants, agt. James Ward Tbe motion to tslre tbla caae out of ito regular order on tbe docket and aet It down for aome special day during tbla term, filed In thla caae on the 13th Instant. waa armied bv Mr. Lincoln in support thereof, and by Mr BUlr in opposition thereto. No 22 John C. Almy. jr., plaintiff Id error, agt the People of the State of California. This cauae was argued by Mr. Blair for the plaintiff in error. Nos. 34 and .15 The Washington, Alexandria, and Georgetown Stmrapacket Company, plaintiffs in error, agt Frederick E. Sickles etal. The argument of these causes was commenced by Mr. Badtrer for the plaintiffs in error. Adjourned until Monday. Polick Matties ? Btfort Justin Thompson.? Ernst Stegman, accused of profanity and Indecent words, was fined SIO M Patrick Brecnehan, ob scenity and prohnitv; fined tl 94 G. A. Degges, swearing and disorderly behavior; fined $l.M. Btfort Justin Joknson ? Wm O Bowie, col., w?s arretted for an assault and battery on Mary Welsh. Being a slave, the penalty was thirty nine stripes; but by a new examination it was ascertained that be was less at fault than the com plainant, and he was dismissed. R. Brick Hall, 373 and 375 Seventh street, makes some tempting announcements in the dry poods line In another column. There can be no doubt that he Is selling his stork, as stated, much below original cost, as we know of customers vis ting his establishment from all parts of the city to pet " the bargains" they say are obtained there. We hare beard even of their coming from Alexandria and Georgetown to deal with him. and finding themselves amply repaid for timeand expense by so doing. His great advertisement tells what he has to sell Bcsiskks.?The business localities since Christ mas bsve not presented as lively an appearance as onr dealers would like to see. There is quite a decline in the country trade; not near so msny of our neighbors of Maryland and Virginia visiting our stores and markets as formerly. The wagon ibi n H this mnrninir uvrn nnnrlv nnl ?/l nnrl the most of the occupant* were from tbe near counties and tbe market far ma and gardens Df tbe District. The auctioneers were selling in front of their stores; and though at aome the groups were large, tbe actual bidders were few. Thi Accrrasr to .Ma Haxsox ?Yesterday, we noticed a serious accident to Mr. Saml. Han aon, one of our oM^t cliizena, which it waa feared would resnlt fatally. We are glad to learn thia morning that he isdoing very well, tbe leg Laving been aet by Drs Boyle and W. Llndsly. Tbe ac cident did not ftccur upon tbe pavement, but in the residence of his ton on D near Third atreet, where he resides. Passing from one room to another, be slipped and fell upon tbe floor, break ing hia leg near the hip. Times m Alexandria.?The Gazette says: The week just closed baa been one of almost unprece dented glooin and depression Tbe troubles into which tbe country has been plunged have, If pos t ? * 1 * i * ? - iuir, niuruku, aim uiiimrM una UfflJ UTOU^Dl 19 a standstill. Since the beginning of the holiday* very little produce baa been rrceived, and on Union at and the wharves tbere baa been an un usual quiet. Financially, we bave no Improve ment to note. Tbere baa been nothing doing in locks. Criminal Cocht ?Yesterday, the case of U 9. agt Cha-lrs Fitzpatrlck ^defendant charged with assault and battery on O. 9. Crisman) was sub mitted to the Court. The Judge lined the defen dant Sfe and coals. To day.?Capt. John Grahnm waa tried for an alleged assault and battery upon Mr. J. T. Wil liams. The defendant submitted b'.s case to the court. He was sentenced to pay a tine of fSU. Thi Mkrry Social. Clt*b give their second annual assembly on Mondav (New Year's eve), December 31, at Odd Fellows' Hall. They are determined to fully maintain the reputation already obtained for their Club for mirth and so f iabilitv Of noursp. #?v#?rvlu*iv urhn danrtt at all will dance on New Vni'i m; and no better | place ar.d opportunity could be dealrsd than that afforded by tbe Social Club. Diahikb for 1861?A valuable New Year'* gift [ for registering events, containing a blank apace for memoranda for every day In tbe year, caab account for each moutb, bills payable and recelv r able. Don't be without one of these uaeful little , sou van Ira J*hi)ltni;ton baa tbe moat complete, elegant, and desirable assortment ever iiaued, [ some of wblcb are handsomely bound, suitable r for New Year's presents. f Tics wiixbooii of Mr. John Davidson, on WaUir street, Georgetown, near the ttsh wharf, fell in laat night, ft wm in the occupancy of tbe . Government as a place of storage of articles re ' quired in the construction of the Washington . aqueduct; and a very large quantity of cement stored therein waa tbe cause of theaccideut. Twc tiru-tra ft*l I in m vrvinrr urUVi tWam tar?a* m>*11 utiu ?wv ww nan ? "dsom* Donatio* ?On Chrl.tma. Eve, tb< _ of the Navy Yard Baptiit church gav? *f?. *b? Rev. B. H Benton, a aurpriM iL.nH > 'hj,naJ"?e donation. A large numbei Sf member, of oth?r nation, joined In th< presentation of good th. "8*^ H?ttv p the Theater abvby. ob u '-tree*, oppv anticipating a freeze, ha. laid In * tock of fine oyster.?hundred, on hu./" 'Jj1 ? bushel.?manv of which were never beat*.. u tbi. market. One 1. alway. rare of getting them ju.t opened, from him, and therefore la the beat possible condition for family uie. Wb \trocLD adviae all our reader, in want oi clothing, furnishing good., hat. and cap., to call on L. A. Beall k Co , No 439Seventh meet, neai G, a. he ha. received a largo lot of good, on con signment, which muat be .old without regard tc coat. Read hi. advertlaemeut and give him i call. t Tims to Scmckibb.?See Shilllngton'. llat elM whereof newspapers and magazines, to whlck subscriptions can be made at bia .tore. The Us' 1. very large, they are furnlahed at low rates and punctually delivered?which fact account, for thi number wot out from his establishment. Abbiybd at Carter's wharf, foot of Thirteenth and-a-half St., schooner Little Charley. Wilcox Philadelphia,with a cargo of conl for Mr. Qeorgi Bogus. Thb Georgetown pork market Is quite activ to-day, though the supply 1? small. Itsellsreadll at SO 75 from wagons, and retalla at ?7 25. Cexteal Guardhouse.?Before Justice Hark Cornelius Drum, drunk and disorderly; lined S and costs. Have you sbes the beautiful album card Whltehurst Is making by the dozen or hundred ti salt customers * Remember, his price* are ri duced to suit the times. J mi l at ?>l_ umvimaALllM. ? new. i neopuuui ri?cwn preach on the subject of Universal Salvation, tc morrow evening, at f o'clock, at old Trinit Church, Fifth at , opposite City Hall. Somkthiwo l^TKKKSTirte.?If yon want to ba any Fall and Winter Clothing. o*U at A. Straus' Pa-avenue, bttwe*n 10th and 11th streets. lnord< to decrease hia stock he intends to sell at creaf reduced prices. Please call before purenaaii elsewhere. _ A. Smacs, Psahion&ble Clothier, 314 Pa. av., de 28-St between 10th and Uth ate. FftOX A HlflBLT RXftFSCTABLI DiueotsT. , . W AaaiHOTOH, D. P., Sept. ?, IM. M*tm. Sttk W. JW.I t Co., llojton? tieuts: When 1 purchased the ato e which I no ooefip?, I found Mlf a d. *?n of what was oalli "Ifuiar*! Balaam of Vftld Ciumtwfcicu 1 v* soon foand vm tr*rtv*3, and wkica 1 broke again ? -i? ? ? ?4 O. f e? ? - _ ft ('TICK Will lu my Tftru. en* i wish ju? vu aouu n a aappty of your vfclaabla pr?p*ritioai at oata, ai o*>lic? yours tnaly. John Wilit John B Moort.Kiq., Drag cist, at Wukinu also dMtroyed tome oosntsrfsit Btiitn, whi had b?M imposed apon kin by aoau ananooipi do* T, and BOw obtiins his supply from a and <4ui Ura KSwari if V tU and Wort kits* Counter friti ily Getlaiiu, Pur? and Mtdtemal Balsam k tli* nam* of"I. Butts" wrttan with ?m, and t printed a mm of the proprietors, 8. W. Fowls Co., on tha ootaida wr?p p *. Prepared b* 3?<h W. howls * Co., Boston t for sala in Waahinrton oity G. Stottv ?. B. Wai Z. D. Ouroan. John Behwarsa. Maim * John Wiliy, J B Moora, and k. H. IWoPbarn in Qaorfetown by R. 8. T. Otaa 11, and 6. M. ft Southron, and by druggists everywhere. da 87-1' Rush, have yon aean Prof. Wood's advarti ?n?nt in onr papar. Head it; it will mtaraat you, aa 3>-eoly r Ciiciwhati, Hamilton Cocwtt, Stall tfOA**.? Before me.tHesnbehribac.a Jaatice of tha Pmm, ia and for aaid county, personally came Juki Lm, who. hem* daly sworn, deposeth and nith that h? had h?on nsflferinf with Chromo Diarrhtra for Ue past twenty two year*, and had consulted, and ra oyvo4 prescription* for his eas? Don all the prin cipal shysioians in Philadelphia acd Cmcinuati, but all to no effoct. a? ha baa received no re'i'f. At last He was redasrd to a mere skeleton, a ithont even the hope cf ever hndia* relief; bat. by the ad vice of a friend, wet lodneed to trr H"*t*ttor'e Celebrated 9tor>ach Hitter#, and, to hie ntt r sur prise found relief from the first tria ; and in lees than two months, found himself perf?tiy cured of his complaint, and is daily recovering his strength uf body, and iuoreaaiug in tie*h; and oheerfiilijr flVAa tiiii in (Ka Khmi that ntknra at. Bioted like himself may be banofitad. , . ... . . J o*? L*?. Sworn and subscribed to before me Aug. 21st,1856 C. F. Haxsklman, Justice of the Peaoe, de 24 eoSt No. 44 Western at., Cincmneti, O. HoLrtWiT'i PlLLS AMD OlNTMIlfT Asthma ?Though thia disease h&? baffled the Mill, and b?en pronounced by eminent medio*] men as irremediable. The numerous certificate! daily raoeived by Dr. Hollo war, a'* a direct refutation to suoh ill-founded and fallacious ooncluaiona. Coughs, Colda and A at h ma in ail ita ramifioations of bronchial affeotions,diseases of the oheat, throat, to., hare b?en cured in their worst stages by theae expectorant and laxative remedies. Sold by all Drugslata, at 25e.JBo. and 91 per box or pot. deM Iw w Cocoa? ?The sudden ohanges of oar elimateara aonroes of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic Afections. Experience kaviag proved that simple remedies often act speedily and oertainly when taken in the early states or tiie disease, reoourse s*muld at onoe be had to ' Brown'i Bronchial M .1 it a ? ? ? _ l.? 4L. 7t .1 J l s _ or L.uzengrs, 101 ids voiQ, oouga, or ir ritation of the Tnroat be ever ao slight, m by this precaution a more serious attack mar be effeot u a.1 ',j warded off. Public Speakers and Stngeri will find them effeot a si for clearing and strengUiemnf til* voice. See advertisement. de 1-ly ... - ? Hokiopxthtc RxMKDtsa All of Dr. Humphreys k. Co.'* speoifio Ho tneupatluo Remedies put up expressly for family m, in boxes, at 35 and 50 oents eaoh. Also, in oases. containing 30 vials, from #4 to #5 each, with book of full directions. For sale or Z. 0. Gilmanj SAO Pa. avenue wholesale and retail agent: W. A. FitugeralU, 353 north F street; also by F. B. Winter, oorner of Massachusetts avo nue and Sixth street. Also, PoruTt Extract cj Witch aaxtl.fot internal and external inflammations of 1 kinds. Sold as above. ma ?- ly To THI Aftlictxd ! -Be sure to read the adver tisement of McLean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier, in another column. tf PlNffTKS. Persons desiring pennies will always find thom for exohange at the Star Office oaunter. tf MARRIED. On the 9th September !asi, by tks Rev. Father \Vhit?, GEORGfi W.EDWARDSlo PAULINE ATCHISON, both of Waahint'on. On VolcUt, the24th instant, bv th<? Rct. Mr. Hamilt u, Mr WILLIAM CRUX aud Miaa MA RY KURRISS. all of tlua city. * At St. Patriok'a Ohuroh, by the Rev Father Boyle. THOMAS J. MYERS, to MARY A. MoEVO^ , both of tbia otty. * DIED, In thia city, on the 26th ioitaDt, of oonreation of the lungs, ELIZABETH STERNE. daughter ot Hon. (jeorge W. and Franoca E. Palmer, aged 7 inontha. * VISITING CARDS FOR NEW YEARS, At de27 eo2t DEMP3EY A O'TOOLE'S. TNEW RESTAURANT. HE Subao.iber infirma thecitizena of Wash ington and the publio in general that he A . .A haa opened the Rrataoraut No. 4*9 SixthTtfSfcy street, between C and l,onieiana M?*nue.^2?Hx (formerly kept by JaoobSmith ) A new aiid ohoioa asaortment of LtOUORS,CIGARS, Ac .on hand. r in? irvsn w i o t c.n.0 up in every iijien all boura. d?22-ltn* _ F. O. HOUR. M INCE MEAT, made from aeleoted mate rial a. Je22 KING A BURCHELL ITiRESH FRUITS IN CANS, r PRESERVES. BRANDY FRUITS. deg KING & BURCHELL. j^OTICE TO ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS. We are having all of our account* made off to date, ami will take it an a great favor if they will call at an earl; day and settle the same. WM. R. RILEY A BRO., No "(Vnlri! Between 7th and ath ?ta , d* 17 2w Opposite Center Market r?ADET BLUE CLOTH, V> FOR MILITARY SUITS. Black Trecot Cloth, Black Cloths, for Ladies'Cloaka. In order to convert our stock into cash, we ar< offering our entire ?t<>ck at greatly reduced price*. WM. R. RILEY A BRO . No. 3fi Central Stores, between 7th and 8th streot*, de I7-2w opposite Center Market. T REMNANT."? I'APERHANGINGS, I\ Lota sufficient to paper an ordinary sized roon or pannage at one fourth l?ss than the uaual prices also,a good assortment all grados Pa PKRHANG 1NGS, with appropriate Border*, at low ra'ea, at JNO. MARKRITER'?. No. 486 Seventh st .8 doors above de 19-eo6t* Odd Fellows' Hall. ^JR E AT SUCCESS! The enlr I gtpi; AND PERMANENT CURE FOR CORNS, BUNIONS, SOFT CORNS, And all Diikasb* WHICH AFFECT THE FEET, ta the InVALLIBLS 8y?T*M P* AC TIC EC T DR. M. 8CHLOSSER. SCROEO.V CHIROPODIST. RKAO READ th? following WASHINGTON TESTIMONIALS From H. S. Davit. B>kl>L.uF ku this liu raimnvAd fram l twelve corns, which vu done vithout pain, and my entire satisfaction. I chaerfully reoommend all person*, and eepeoially my friends vho sad with corns, to call on the Doctor soon. H. 8. DAVIS Washington, D. C., Deo. 24th, I960. FVom Horn. Burton Craigt. M. C,*f N.C. It givee me pleasure to oertify that Dr. Sohloei has this day extracted several corns from ay f< without pain. BURTON CRAIGK Washington, D. C., Dee. 30tM, I860. From That. P. Lowit, War Depart m*nt. I certify that Dr. Schloeeer has skillfally extra ed several eorns from my feet, and without pain TH08. P. LEWIS Washington, D. C., Dm. 19th, I860. From Dr. T. 8. Vtrdt, M. D. ftaaSifc I k&M K??n *an idamii^iIIv n rat?d upon by Or. Bohloaeer, withor t pain of I ort. t. s. Verdi, m. i Washington, Jaaaary 7th, 1838. In additioa to the above teatimoniala, ttoaaande aott arc in the Doctor's poeaeaaion. CAN BE CONSULTED HERE. OHL Y FOR A SHORT TIME, At Hia Orricz, 3ST penna. AVENUE, (South aide,) bUtwi lath and 15th atreeta. Offioe houra from 19 a. m. till 4 p. m. Notici.?Dr. Sohloaaer aaa oalf be ooaaalte hla oftoe, and baa no profeeaioaal oonneetion y an j one. da $ jf i HP MONET SAVED BY PIT STOCK ML'ST BE CLOSE ON THE FIRST OF NOVEMBER WE ADVI We have sold about half the Stock, and no LiKLo\V THf OSIOUIA.L Co?T. Ob th? first of Marrh we will commence to mint be elosed oat by that time, we would tber these troublesome times, to call at 373 Seventh st rtK CM*. IN THSIft FtaCBASXS. IN THE ADJOINING STORE, 37#, we I Alao, a complete assortment of HABERDASH An early call la solicited from all those wh< In this city. d* 2?-Jt CARPETING, OILCLOTHS, OUR ENTIR RU DR BLACK SILKS, BOMBAZINES alpacas, MERINOES, DELAINES CALICOES IRISH lin table li; AMUSEMENTS. Lfake reduced ST night op the ladies grand UNION BANQUET. The Indies oonneoted with the E Street Baptist Chut oh are in&kiac extensive preparation* tor a GRAND UNION BANQL'ET to b* gieva by them in the halt over Mei.rt. Gait's store, adjoining Hrown'i Hotel. Th? doors of the banqvtting kali will be thrown open TO NIGHT, at 6 o'clock. As this is for a b*nevo'ent object, and as these ladies think what is worth doing at all should be %t*ll done, promising a full eqniral?nt for all the money spent, and something decidedly reektrek* is premised, it is hoped the public wi l consult their own interest and extend a liberal patronage to the enterprise Htrawberiea and oream are among the delioaciea to bo served up oa this ooeasion. A hard of music will be in attendance and a splendid piano forte for any who may feel inclined to use it. An United States flag, with thirty tkret stars, ex tended from the window, will designate the plaoe. Admission 10 oents. de&lt s ECOND ANNUAL ASSEMBLY Or TBI Merry Social Club. The MERRY SOCIAL CLU B purpose, at their S coud Annual Assembly, on N E \V YEAR'S EVE, December 3l?t, I860, to fuliy ma ntain the rej utatiun for miith and socia bility that has given their Cluh its name. Thay propose to bid the Old Year a joyous well, and, in the festivities t hat shall beguile th? niMiinf hnn _ hon? in itsfln in r ivha^ fihltvinn th? it their A i tare m-inoryof all that wan unpWna>it in it* rouran. The New Year they intend to greet with a aroiling wrlcome. and devote the first rosy momenta of eighteen hundred and sixty-one to enjoymenta that hall lend a golden tinge to all its succeeding hour*. To youth and b'auty they ?ay ''Come, and trip it aa you go On the light fantastic toe 'T We would inform oar friends and the public gen eral y who reside in the northern and western aec tiona of the oity that they can reach the Ha 1 by the following meana : Those of the western section will take tlia Georgetown cjachea to the corner of Seventh at.anil Pa avenue, thenoe by the Navy Yard line to the Hall : tho?e of the northern sec tion will take the Navy Yard line, which will atop at the Hall. At the oloae of the Party crashes will positively l>e in a'tendanoe to convey our gnests to the west ern, northe-n and !slan<l sections of the city. We feel confidoct, after having made the a)>ove arraugomenta, that our friends will not fail to l>e with u?. tchimler'a Band has l>?en engaged for the occa sion. Tickets FIFTY CENTS, admitting a gen tleman and ladies Committee of Arrantfmtnt* James Kenton, Jain>s Mat! ieson, Samuel Howell, Harris L Atchisen, Wi Ham Kdelin, James Forrester. de?2t* BALLS, PARTIES, &c. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL .'?The nwm bera of the MOUNT CLARK club ft* take pie**ure irT informing their friends that jj? their Fourth lirand cotillon PARTV4A will b? given at Franklin Hall, corner ofUHl 9th and D *ta.. on MONDAY.(New Year's t,ve.) December31 st. Admission fit. Committee. F. Mohlcr, J. E. Hilton, G. W. Hinea, T. Gritftn. _ J- Knott. de 3>-3t* Anniversary ball IN XIXOBT OF JACKSON AND NEW ORLEANS, Will I* given by i comp'Y B, NATION A L GU A tt D B AT'N .1 AT THIt WASHINGTON ASSEMBLY ROOMS, Ou the Evening of Jan. 8th, 1WU. Particulars in future. ile2^ t&Tiitf A WANTS. WANTED-A first-rate BAK-KKh PER, whi understands Lis line of business thoroughly Kt quired immediately,at No. 355 Pa avenue, nra Gth st. de 29-2t* \]|rANTED? By ?/oure man who is capable a ninVinf hitiiM^Ir iihaiiiI At inr Mini n bu*inc<Ka, a SITUATION \>y which he can at le*? < arn hia b a'd during th* winter; haa had consider al>le 'xperience in teachicg. Addrcaa A. H. C , thi offioe. it* WANTED?By a young woman, who under atanda her liMiaeaa a PI.ACE aa a cook, i a respectable private family. She will give entir aitiafkction to her employer!. Pleaee addreaa i note to Box No. 16, Star Office. deS7 3t WANTED IMMEDIATELY?From *5 t SIOJWO worthol SECOND-HAND FURNI TURK of all kinda, for which I will guaranty to pa the highest prices, and, aa u*ual. at the ahorteat no tioe. R. BUCHLY, Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, Ao., OO 9 4 08 7th ?t., bet. G and If. eaat aide. WANTED?SECOND HAND FURNITURt "" Femoiia declining houaekeeptng, or havin a lurp'ui of Furniture on hand, can obtain theoa* and (air pricea by applying at 36U Seventh ?t. no 17 BONTZ & GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. IOST?On the evening of Wednaaday, the *7*1 A between the Capitol and Eleventh at. near I, c in one of the Georgetown otnnibuaea, a three li*i gold BREASTPIN. The fimler will reoeiva a lil eral reward by leaving it at the Auction and Con minion Store of CLEARY A GREEN, t>etwe? Pa. avenue and D street. on Ninth. de? 3t flfcQ REWARD FOR RETURNING TO TH wnf J PAai^AtiAii of thu AvnAr. Mr VV M ft t'RDEMANN, Capitol Hi" 1. a brindieKf COW, 8 or t year* old; on* born verv&aAi harp, the other with the tip out off. de 71 St* PERSONAL. TTAKE NOTICE! HAT I will pay no debts contracted by wif Bridget Donovan. de?-3f JOHN DONOVAN. ^STROLOGI 3 T ! READ?READ! KXCI1KMENT NOT OVER YET! MADAME DEVISE induped to remain a lit) longer, in coasfquenoe of the groat demand fro hundred* of ladiee and gentlemen of Washingtfl hat thoee who with t.i consult this grea* and aato ishing lady mast oome this week and next onl Madame will bring any one to you and eause th? to love yon. All who are in trouble of any kind i at oats to her. Lawsuits. Business Losses, Nni bers. all explained Prioae vary moderate. R?i ?- d;A _,l II L-i.ktha./tn.t 0V007*IVI0Dniuuu nuuao, wviuvi Bitn?u ?b? V print* entrftnc* en O st. Gentlemen alio oall. daX ?t? BOARDING. TWO GENTLEMEN CAN PROCUR BO \RD in ft private family in the Weit En *lao,? Farniehad Honte for rant. Apply ftt t tftr Otto*. do? 2t' CEVKRAL HANDSOMELY FURNISHf 9 ROOMS, with Board, oan bo hftd at No 3S9 treat, between #th and U*h ate., on reaaon?l term*. Perion* in aoftrob of pleftaftnt boftrdi bouie* would do vail to oftll and examine for the ealvae. da ?-6 J^OTiCE EXTRAORDINARY! BEFORE THE 1ST JANUAR THOSE REAL MAGNIFICENT Nov ia the Store No. 206 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, UlDD WlLLAAD*' HoTSL, MUST BE SOLD WITHOUT ANY MMOARD TO COST! CoxrRMim? Elegant Inlaid Cabinet*. Work Boxes, Card Uoxee, Writing Deake, Chow-Chnw Cum, Pingnr Bowls, Glove, Jewel, and Handkerchief Boxee, Porcelain Cape. Pistes, Bowie, Diehee, Ac., A< Having resolved to eell oat, we are oferi ng tl SPLENDID LACQUERED TftAVB /WkUk kaaiar ntftr At ONE DOLLAR EACH! N?w ? tax Tims for CHEAP HOLIDAY GIFTS! d?tT U F. V. MACDPF rp REMEMBKR, 1 HAT Yos mow than 10 jwt omit. on dollar t.) buying jroar DK \ UOOD3 at 8tor* $ 41 8*T*ath ?t.. *? the* arc oliinr off to nun Ufc.NR V E0AN,4*ifS?v.ctt. ?t. de .Nt,*r Avenue tlvu RCHASING FOR CASH. D OUT IN SIXTY DAY*. F.RTISED TO SF.LL OFP, AT PRIME 008T, E STOCK OF GS, HATS. CAPS. UGGETS, BOOTS AND SHOES, w off.r the call re balance on hand at Faicaa Fab i make Impro /einenU In the Store, and the stock efore advlae all thoafe who dealre to ecomonlze la r?et, and arc (riiAiTii to mrx a savixo or 90 Lave a full and complete atock of i, FLANNELS, CASS! MERES. ENS, SHAWL BORDERING SENS, BROCHK A STELLA SHAWLS ERV. > wlah to purcbaae tbe cheapest goods ever offered R. BRICE HALL, 373 aad 374 SEVENTH STREET ! GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS fr*-NOTICE-I ICE NS E S.-A11 arsons ''L3F whose Lieena?s front tae Corp^rauon of Georgetown expne on the 3 it lasta't.are hereby notched proirpt j to take out the ?am?. under the new law, approved Jay 7th, 11-0, they snt'joct ttemselves to afire, and the law is com - pu sory upon the proper cfhoers to enforce said fine acainst all delinquents ue 27 staaUaalO WM. LAIRD, Clfrk. uuuak: SUGAR1! ^ SUGAR"! BROWN SUGAR >er?nceniif?r poind, do eighth c?nU do do nine centa do WHITE SPGAR tea eenta do , Loveriuc'a CRUSHED ?L'GAR nine pound* for a do:l?r. A liberal deduction to those who bay by the b*r ] rel. T-ermi cash. Ail kinds of bank notes except Soutk taken at liberal ?ates at the Anti Separate State Seceeaioi-Siore.Geoigetowa, D C., r S A. de?-6t W. H. TE.NNKY. 500 SACKS G. A S \ KT Expected to arrtre this week, aud for sale low from the vessel. by d*a6-4t W. H. TENNEV. CAA APPLES. OUIP BBLS. Prime No. 1 BALDWIN APPLES, per schooner J. and N. Maker. Will he au. t on reasonable terms !>y J. G. WATERS. Oe 17 8w No. 109 Wat?*r ?t., Georc-t?>?n. JUST RECEIVED? 10 tihds. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS, 150t>t>ls.o.d Rye WHI>KY, 250 bbls. H ERRING and ALE WIVES, fin ht?!s. Crushed fcnd *1TQARb, ? Immcs Rio and Java COFFEE. 10 lihris.dnw priced) MO LA 1WI58. For sale by JOHN J. BOGUE. ee 10 I 100 bbls. OF FKIME cider, U'T Arrived acJ for ta;e cr>e*p tor oaah. no IS ARNY A t HI NN. (Vf ASHEY, COLLINS Sc. CO.'S PH1LADEL Ui PHIA draught ale.-Weare oonetantly reoe:ritif iVsah supeliea ofthe above delightful b?T erare, and invr.r all persons who want a pars u> adulterated Ale. to five it a trial. ARNV A SHINN. AcenU, to IT Srwi at.. 6*nrf?tnva FOR SALE AND RENT. 1 [For oiktr "For Sal$ and Rt?t" tt*first Mfi( ] Hern don first class boarding HOU^K.-S?Wf?l large and handaomely fur niihfl f'ont hooms, with modern improvem ?nta. may he had bv ?pj>!ym; at the a!w>ve houa?. orner Ninth anrt F *t? . bear the I'&teut and Foal Ofiicea. de ?> 3t* Large and desirable f?rst-clas* RESIDENCE IN georgetown FOR RENT OK lease.?The fine reaideree of the late Vincent Taylor, Km-, No. 5117 Bridge at eet, i ia for rent, ami offer* ma-iy a.i vantage* and oonTe ni'iicea. It ia one of the m?at xpacioua an.I finely fi&ithed private h< u?oa in the Diatrict. f'oaaeaa ai< n given immediately. Apply ot the preuuaM. de 23 eo2w 1 li^OR R KNT?Four pl<atant front ROOMS ic i I private amily. where there Are no Itoardera location central: terms ir.oderata. Addreaa G. H. Star Office, aivinit real name. ilta 3t* FOR RENT-An e'igilny located HOUSE, fur r.iahed in (ood Htvle, and fitted up with mod ( em convenience. !?*tii-rooni. wat^r closets, Ac. A piimpol fine drinking water in the yatd. ln<|Utr? i of l)r J. HALl< MOOKK, 190 I street, ifar i?th or Pout Office Department. de ^8-3t* i POR RENT.?Will be rent d to a piivate faini i l It, on reasonahlt) term*, a convenient and com ' fortaide three-atory HOUSE, on F, batwoen I3U and 14<h atreeta. Inquire of R. C. JOHNSON. a I the store of J. L. Savage. J'a. avenue, between lOtl and 11th at*. de 71 fiteo A SUIT OF FURNISHED NOOMS FOH RFNT. inquire at 4S6 Eleventh at, bMweei * i E and F. deS6 lw F* [*OR RENT?A two-at ry FRAME H??USF. aiVitated on the corner of Twenty-??oon<1 and 1 street*. Fitat Ward. Poas?*ai?>n given on the la of January, !861. For terma inquire of Col HUN J. , GERFORD, No. 39 t New 1 ork avenue; or o I Mr. M AGNESS.on the premises, where the ke; 1 may He found. Itoo'^taina '? rooma d? 21 St" a IIF.NT REDUCED.?That pleasant COTTaGI IA R r>l DENCE, containing 7 roomi. with fron " balcony lar^e ?ard il fro:,t and rear, routine H at ~ in Printing Offioe Square, between North Capito n and Firat eta., will lm rented for #16 per month t * a punctual tenant. Addreaa, by letter or in peraoii ft WM. ST1CKNEV. de 11 -tf IPOR RENT-Two fine PARLORS on fir* I floor, and three CHAMBERS on the eeeon floor above, at No. 1 3 Missouri avenue, bet wee 4>? and Sd its .near the oorner of Sd st. de lfl-HawSw* 1 BURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT, at 40f. 1 street. Ii?twf?n 6th and 7th ?t?. d? 4-tf CM?R RENT.-A three-storr BRICK DWELL CBICKERING 4 SONS' UNRIVALED PI AN OS, at all prio?s, acd of a!! JOHN F. ELLIS, nn < SO* P*. *?.. hatween ?th ?im< l'<h ata N MERCHANT TAILORING. EW FALL STYLES or CLOTHS, CASSI | MERS, AND VEST1NGS. WALL. STEPHENS * CO., 389 PennevlTi , nia Avenue, have just received a large variety < new Fall which the; invite the atteatig of their friends and enetomers. au S?-tf PURISTMAS PRESENTS! Large and fresh atook this day received from Ne iu(, on 12th st i. Apply to J no 19-dtf No. 4TO. between F and G btreeta. KIRK WOOD. 476 Two.fth at. FURS-PURS! 1 or*. GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICES! Water Mink Sets, ?lo, worth $17, French Sabl? Seta. $7, worth $ IS. CuwlkMink,^airrelud Fitch Seta in proportio Ah endleea variety just opened for Miaeee. The are in eeta, and beantilul, For theae (real l?arjaina oall at W. F. SEYMOUR'S, de32 1w Georgetown, ... BONNETS, HATS, and FLATS of tJ .. very lateat atyle?, acd in all oaeea made^ of the Beat material. Call at once and (etCB ohoice. At STEVENS'*, 7 o 23-tf 3S6, betw. 9th and 10th ata i ou,?, ?. CALVERT'S CELEBRATED HONEY, Ma V in the Bee Palaeea. A olear and delicioua i Hole. (tea) KING A BURCHKLL KS. E! TS.Fll A LMONDS, PECANS, SHELLBAR A GLISa WALNUTS, BRAZIL NU' Bl RTS. oe22 KING A BURCHELL VULCANITE BASE FOR ARTIFICIA TEETH Dr. WADSWORTH haa made full arran?eaei to iatrodnoe the Vulcanite Baae into kie^ praotioe, and to fully rteommend it to \ .. patienta. E Full and partial Set* of Teeth can be ineerted id. | {<5*(tm?.atlc*?<rprws?and with an artietio beaal he oorr.fort and durability unaurpaaaed. ' ; de 17-eo8t* No. 366 C atreet ID QENERAL STAGE OFFICE. ?le We, the underaigaed, Proprietor! of the folio' ng I logSta<e Linea? I^ee-burf, V?.; Up ? 1 ? ? Ua.ikA.Al MA I AAnartlhiwr FCI .'1 ! ? Wl W 'lu.j ? JO""" 1 """ ?? ii f - _-? - , MdJChoptioo, Md; feockville, MdTH^R&S and Frederick, Md ?have mad* A F. Rimmkll. theRimmell House, en C at., batween 4>? and < ate., near the Nation*! Hotel, an Agent. On a after thia date the public are raqueatad to aill at I Kimmell Houae to take aeata for the abovw-narc placet. BKNJAMIN COOl.EY, raA'^iflr1-"4 Prop. Marlboro' and Cboplioo Linei Washing ton, Deo. 24,1MB. N. B.?The atuee r?r *'hopttoo aad Leonardto will leave the Oftoe on Taaedays, Thursdays. I Satu-dare, oomnuaoiag on the ial January. 1MI deM-lw JA& 08B01N, Vro| ^ MUSIC BOOK MEST CHRIS TM Moore'a Melodies beaatiSflj bound, The Musioal Album, *e:uie so tin's Songs, without wcrda. The Home Circle. All the Opera*, with aad without words, wsmsss All thwOnitorios, SoiActioce ol Maa:e with beau Ufa! title pagea. Also, a large a?eortm?at ol Steiuway A Sons' Raven. Baoon A Co *a Overst mof Pianos, do Med If tha beet now manufactured. A l large stock of Piaao wools and Covers at reds priori at the Mosio Store of W 6 MPTZEBOTT, detS oomar ElnnU at- mm* r? a r roaauta, alt marked down atlkt ioveat pnoa suit tfca timM, tor Nik. da 1? J W collkv * co.. i (>r? cp pianos ror ikmt ok f ' * lLU\ I ' ) II ll_? THE LATE8T NEWS TELEGRAPHIC. FROM tOCTH catuu. Cuumtoii, Dec C*ft Humphrey* ?UQ holds poMfdl n of the Unltea tola lwul CaMle Finr.kiMtv an<l Fat! MauIi?u? "J the Statrtrwpt under tbe lutractloMof ImOm ernor of th? State, to bold peaceable pessiselow of Lb eat forts. and for tbe purp?M ?f prcSectlaf Government proprrtr Caetle rlockoof asd Fort Moultrie wu beld by about t?*l?? m*a. wbo peaceably surrendered Tb?r? wu no collision and none was snticlpstrd wbea tbo troops imtl tuo city to garrison tbeee forta The excitement la now subsiding. Tbo (on resiles CMAiLitrov, Uec Mr Rbett spoke <-n ilo report of tbe Committee wbo bad tbe conoldera tion of tbe Addr<-ea to tbe IVople at tbe Soothers State*, and also tbo Ordinance for forming South ern Confederacy. Mr. Rbett aald tbe e^ect la a peedy organisation was to protect oar rights per mutenliy. He made a propositus to double tbe number of representatives front tbe weeding States to tbe propoeed General Cooreatlos, to be coastl aa tV?* ?? * ? - "* ?" * Mlopt article? of confederation for a Provisional Oc*tru m*nt. Mr. Metnmlnger, In secret mum yesterday, from the committee to Whom wm iilKitd tbe re solution In regard to citizenship, rspertsl that every person residing is Booth Garall.iaattbedaia of secession, whether bora r'-eldentowr naturalized, be considered a cltlaes, unless s foreign ssaidenc* shall be established with tba lateatica of expatri ation. Also free whites bora within thv territory of the State or oatalde, whv?e fstLer was tben a citizen; and also persons beioaglag to nay of tha tbe United State*, who, witbla twelve moihi of secession, resided with tbe Intention of remaining, upon taking the oath of allegiance shall be eoa sldered citizens of South Carolina. Alao.cltisars of otbar States coming here after aa expiration at one year from the date of secession to ac tually re side seven months with the intention of rn<>s!a Ing, shsll. upon declaring their allegiance be considered citizens, also free whlbs entering tba military, naval, or civil Institutions of tba Mate, upon dtv ,&r!ng their silegiaaca, be considered citizens. Fla Mews froas ( harlaatoa, Orricn or tub Assoc.stbd Pasts. Washing ington, Dec. st9. I 30 p. in ?Nat s word ia rela tion to afl'alrs In Snnth p.?r<v.t> * at tbla ?.Olre ainee - p. m y# aterday Conatrrlil and official dlapatcb** In relation to buaiaeaa Lava barn rectived <n usual. ao far as la known Kirtfem l)iKtiar(r ef Artlzaaa at Fart Inaltr far Hrfaaing ta Bear Arm* A|tia?l Stalk Carat ma Balt.mobk. Dec 29.?The Sua baa on 1 ta bul letin a epeclil dlapatcb from CharUataa, aayinjf that the rarpenu-r* and bricklayer* from HaltT more now employed n Fari SumUr, refusing to war arms egalnat SoutL Carolina, bare been die charged by Major Andfaoa. and Will return home by the steamer Keyatoae State to-day. Frara lalifarala per Paay Kiprna Foit Kutxtr, Dec. % ?The California Pony F.iprraa of tbe 15th baa arrived bere. No buainnii was doing and prices were drooolav Tfc? ?n>. eral new* it unimportant. The Keystone Conpcnv were opening copper mine in Calaveras conn which they clalat to tic tljr richest vein e??r discovered on the Pact Ac roast, being nearly as pure as (tw beat Virginia or Lake 8uj>erlor copper The vain appears to be Inexhaustible. Arrangements are matin* to ship the ore to Daltlm01*. aa It la believed It can be put into the Kastrra market* cheaper than Lake Superior. A solemn mass had been offered la the 9an Francisco Cathedral for the repoae of the souls of those who fell in the defease of the Pope Material aid was solicited A Letter frsw Gaaeiml Waal. to the prrsent crisis Union sentiment prevalis here, but sll hope of ac adjustment of ths peadtog difficulty Is well nigh gone. Probable lTaf?uded Raaaar N*w Yon, Dec. 29 ? Tbe Tribune of tk!a morning publishes a dispatch from Mocoa, giving a rumor of sn insurrection la some Aootfeern lo cality [A private dispatch from Augusta makes no mention of any thing of the kind?RsroaTaaJ SrceulM ib Martda. riitLUTOi. De- JS ?Advices from Jackson ville. Florida, of the 24th. state that frea tba re turns of tha recent elections la that Stat*, four fifths of the Convention will go for lmmadlata aecccsston. tiaaacia 1. New Vou, Dooember 29 ?Stocks are alight!r firmer Chicago and Rock Island Ml; Illinois Certialshares 09^: do bonds 91; Michlgaa ftouth ern31 X; New York Central 75%; Caatoas Ca 14; Va. 6 s 7?*; Mo. 6 s 6*V flaw Tark markets. Niw V on, Dec. ? ?Floor firm, WUt teas active; Corn quiet; Provision* Tm W iithii.?Th? fcUnwim report of the weather for the moraine la made from the Am lean Consolidated Telegraph Lias to the tfmJtfc sonlaa Institution. The time of nhaai latloa is about 7 o'clock. DscxHBBa SO, IBM. Burlington, Vt ..overcast New York, N. Y cloud/. Pi.Ua.drlphia, Pa. cloudy. Baltimore. Md clear, cold. WasUlngtoa. D. C cloudy, wind XK Richmond. Va. cloudy, UiV Petersburg, Va. clear. 33*. Norfolk, Va cloudy. &3 Raleigh, N. C clear. 39?. Wilmington, N. C cloudy, cool. Charleston, 8. C... cloudy, 37?. Augusta, 6a. clondy, cooL damp. Savannah, Ga cloudy, 44?. Macon. Ga. nliy, cold Columbus, Ga rainy Montgomery. Ala.....?... rainy. I sr Wa^n A Hi rlonHv Mobile, AU ralaj, a?? no* TBI Wilt. Frederick, M4 ?Wodr,ool4 Higmtovn, Md .overcast, Mid Cumberland, Md. overcast, cold Grafton, Tl overcast, coLd Wheeling, V*. overcast, cold Parkeraburg. Va overcast, plm Cincinnati, O rainy, sleety Barometer at tbe Smithsonian at 7 a. m , (cor rected for temperature,) 30,480; at mm, 90.473 Thermometer at 7 a. m.. at imn, 33 . Maximum <*-r n? *t hours, ending a. m. to? dsf, 33)f; minimum to'. Wins Awakes Oboaxizim as a MtLmar Body ?The different W ideAwake orgaalzattc oi rn?Durj{. an*** la aii, met oimutNiyirifr mm laat. al the Armory of the Waablagtoa Light, Infantry, in that cltjr. and adopted a resolution oftfd by Gen J. 8. Negley. wommfdlny all the Wide Awikf companies of AllrfUf county. Pa , to otyanlae immediately Into* military body, and appointing two delegates from ear h earn pan y to arrange a plan of rrganlsaltoa. rpHE THIRO WKDNj^OAT OP IVKIY Dr. BCHENCK. of Philadelphia, tads it aibt* to visit Washington e??rj woefc. at tiurU mSk* Ha kaa a salt of raoam at the A wo ere patieats ou obbla adnae ' charges vhu it la examination of tfce ?. If. Wait# m atwt f? Kas&fc'sSSw Bi i ui Gomalaiocs and C?. a a. Ur.MSik Waft to inM to Uo? baa* Imb eared by hta reaaedlapjf tow leave their HrtMMa a. ear* with 8- B.yf' ,v;u?r e?T(|l4awlU^. * ! alb \*t, were ? i D? i roy Arena tbiaaorntn* publish*-* a letter from General Wool stating that the Watervltet Araenal la eEcluatvely under the jurladlctton of the t*ecret*rv of War, and that ou the 9tU of tbe |*eaent month ten thousand musket* were aold by the order of Secretary Floyd to 8 B Lamar, of Savannah. Georgia. and were shipped from the Araenal on the Mtb Irrat Tbe price wan two dollars and a half for each muaket Tbe gunearrla>^a at the Araenal designed for the IMtUburg guna have not yet been removed. Reception UlenUr Baker. Sr*T*ori?LP. Ill , Dec 2? ?Senator Baker wm publicly received by bla friend* thla afternoon, at the Court House The hall waa densely crowded. in an aaaress, occupying three quarters or an hour in its delivery, oe expressed the earnest de votion of himself and constituent* to Um Union, scouted the idea of an lndedendent Pacific Re public, and declsred emphatically that the Union should and would be preserved, and the Federal laws executed both North and South. His re marks were warmly applauded. Democratic Meet!agin Albaay At bast. Dec. 87 ?A meeting of about on* hundred and fifty proiiiin?-nt National Democrats was held at Congress Hall to-night, convened by circulars Issued bv John A. Green and Mr Me Mshon. Forms of petitions were adopted, re questing the Legislature to repeal the Personal Liberty law of 1<M).ar.d to restore the Nla?rooutba Slavehoiding law of lotT, to be circulated ia cash county. From North < arollaa RaLbioh. N C . Dec #?.?All qalet here The times are very doll. Most of the members <>f the Legislature have gone home Meetings are betag held in the various counti#* ft th? #hiL 1b

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