Newspaper of Evening Star, December 29, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 29, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. 1 Sx*v?si Oai-I'X " - A traduenaan waa wa!t#d noon at b!? ?bopt>r a npremely attired female. whom be politely addr-*??J, and <tealr*d t? ?new wbateofwnanda?be wiabed to favor blm with Tte lady, aflT llftng the veil wblab bid a not nnhaudaome face. lntimmU'd. In a etyle cor reepondinir with bee dm*, that, bearing tbere wae a vacancy In the gentleuian'e aenrice, abe de al red to be engaged by b!m aa a houaem iid Tbe gentleman atatrd that b!a ' better half" wee at ber reeldenre In tbe aubnrba TUe fol dialogue enatied ? -1-?. HfT lUT gin. (in 71 Qiwruvu* (1UU uiNJliauru tone ) Then you r*"*de tn the country?that would be *~> inconvenient GeoUemaa ?Bet then we could remov* to town Servant girl ?And tbe washing;. I *m jiven to understand, ladooe at home, which I don't much like Gentium*n ?But then we could give that 01 t. !Vrv?nt rlrl - And ere th?re any children? Gentleman ?Seven. ?**-r*am irlrt. (In ifreat excitement, and b?lf in eilo?d to (alnt)-^-wa children! Gentleman? Hut. then, to oblige yon. we c< old drown a lew of them The lady servant turned upon her heel r nd wept away from tb? p rami tea withtheal: o Cleopatra ft r rnev drv? a new aenaauon in ^ew ion, orrr tbe ititenifati of the New York correspond ent of the Mobile Register, to tb# effect that the federal ofllr?**a Jn the city of New Vork are con certing together to defeat the inauguration of Lincoln, on the grocud that by the at'cesaion of the State of South Carolina h's election tc the P reside.icv bromea void; that Mr Schell has be?n ln? -octfd'bv the late Attorney Central Blark th .1 the withdrawal of South Carolina would b? a virtual d'M.>li'tlon of the Government, and that the Cnl'ertor it the port of New York and Lla *a alatants would ?>e no lender accountable to the federal authorities for the revenues; that Mr. Cisco, the Assistant Treasurer, abarea these vlewa, and baa been painting tu- bara of gold in hia charge, white, that they may be removed without attract ing public attenMon, when n?:e4S2ry. When it la remembered thattbe Rtr Jo. Scovflle.of funny memory. la theaforeaald correspondent, w? think It will appear that the New Vorktra ura uunects aartly perturbed In the matter. Mrarc ?It la aald that Ole Boll will emerge ftom hia retirement, and once more tempt fortune before tbe r?b!ic. Poor fellow! haa he been apecul ting again ? It ia rr.>t>ab e that two d tbe gr??ateat artlata of the pr se- t centmy ? Leopo d~ de Meyer and Ernst?will never again be heard in public. 'I be former has been strirkrn with paralysis, and the latter is irrecoverable prostrated by consumption. Mile Antler, one of the leading singers of the French opera, met. on* day. Mile Soarl* a charm In* chorister, *ho held a little girl by the band, Oh! what a pretty child! whose la It?" asked Mile. Andtlor. ' Mine, mademoiselle !*'answered Mile. Sourls. "But you are not married:'* "No! but I belong to the op?ra.'' Gottschalk 1a eouducting the opera at Havana. A Philadelphia critic accords to Briguoll, "a larynx of sllvt-r with pearls of lead " Anber's opera of !.e Part d? D'.ab'.e Is having a greet success In New Orleans. An lT!?*xr*rTED Vi<mto*?A few days since the directors of a bank In State street were assem, hied In their parlor, mere as a habit than ft>r the porpt?? of considering the credit of anv appli cants for discount as their hook bad not been AMnMi te\r tnirn tlrnu Thfl flnAMfil flurfv tf?v? a subdued tone to their conversation, and tb-v wore a rather melancholy appearance. While looking into tbeir mind* for "a gleam of inn ahlne,''a gentleman with a white neckcloth en Wed and took hia seat The director* look at tkm unbidden guest who closed hia eves and foided his bands Not a word was said. Two minutes passed in si lance. The guest opened bis yes. looked around, and finding himself the ob ject oi attention, said in a mild voice?"Perhaps I'v* made a mistake Isn't tnls where the prayer meeting is held."?G<ts?ci?. Mississippi's Bonds.?The >f-w Orleans Delta safi a letter writer who holds some of the repudi ated bonds of Mississippi writes to a correspon dent la that Stau*. and urges him to go on for the aeparate indepeiMence of that State He says In the Unlon tho foreign b->nd-holders have no means of enforcing payment from Mississippi by those arguments which oue lnd-pendent Mate presents some times with great rffnct to another. In the Union they cannot g?t at her, but tkt morntnt th* d*cl*rtt k't tmdtp*ndtntt this matter ,t piacJ tit eery difftrtnt pnitiom, and ml* may b* mad* to d* to ker trtdtlori. Tb* U. 3. Flaa at Tax as ?We learn froin me o.aeai aeacapiain in if.* city, that l it* Sunday there was not a single vessel In port that bora the I*. 8. 6 1ST at its inast bead, as baa always been the costnm Daring a residence here of nearly twenty-five years. h? has Lever before known a Sundiy pan wUo?M'n^ this honor paid to our natl >nal fla^. With th:s#xceptlon, It la bellered there hte not been a Sunday since annexation, when the stars acd r'pes w<re n t area to wavo from It? abipplug ia our harbor ?Qiltnton (Jtzat) Sttct 9t*CK or War m Pksshtlvasi* ?Cntiltr County Outnci'd for W?r?We ascertain from reliable authority that the couaty of Chester has beea districted br the Republicans, each district bel:i^ required to fjrnlan a certain number of voluntre s for the war njfatnst tLe'.r brethren at the South The flit steps taken, collision of some kind or another will ensue, and, bluod enmeshed, win o? utKe.i n? to* c? M Tor tbe arming Of tha people la Philadelphia prepared ?? P-. nntfltn MM CT" The Wide Awiik*-? cf Philadelphia, known a* "The Republican Invinc'.blea," paMed Wednesday '.a d'aciuiiiff the propriety cf going to Wnahington or. the 4th of March, and, after long debate, poctpoucd tue subject to the next ARRIVALS AT THE HOTBLS. WILLARDS* HOTKL.-W H Corwrin, O: M Ginelaa, Md; > Ileidnikton, O; H Faruaa, III; J F Tracy, da; J W Oaborne. NC; L rtretraod.La; J Walven, do; D J Ke Ilium. NY; J Read, do;Capt J Graham, do; K G Sutherland, do; T I* KMn han, NJ; Hon PC Grain, ?; EP Jenkins, Md; J B McLanghlln and lady, Pa; G \V Hat I man. do; C D Walker and ladv. W Johnann. Mum- ? *. A dan.* and lady, NY: F P Henry and !idy, Mm; C Stuart and diu?hter, do; Mra Haydon, C \tc Klbbon. Pa; J H Baler, d'; A B Oliver and lndy, N V; H Anderaon, Cal; F Peoraal, Pa; L 8 Morton, V0A. N \TION A!. HOTEL.?G D Jettler, NY; Hob D E Some* .Me; T A Cunningham, Md, J Bl?ke V?; T S Wayne, Pa; O McCnntoek, YC; U N | Bandera, NY; W E Webater. J L Batcheldor and Iv, T A Matthewa. N C A Preble, Maaa, 0 Tyler, | & W Tyler, Pa; J C MMaon, Mi; S H Flaoer. O; J Simmon*. NY; C B Noyea, SC; J Brace. Ky; H Am',tb, Or Maynard, Md; A Hay, \Y Mowly,NY; W Farwell, Cal. BROWN'S HOTEL ?J M Poe' G W Dwyer, G B Irwin, Md; O 9 Cohen, Md; J Dixon, M;aa, J C Thompeon. I'SN; S J CreavUle, Pa, II Bald- ; win. Ill, M McMlckin, H Dickeraon, Mlaa; Dr J folen, Tenn: S Brsdley and ly.NC; W Jeuklna, JJ J Baker. Va: C Dalv and 1?. NY KIRK WOOD HOUSE ? L K Bowen and 1 j. Md; R P Wood, J Dougherty. N ? flnowden, O Brocknor, NY: J Wllkinaon, USN: E Maynard, Tm; H Dlekinjon, Mis; Hon M Taylor. La; J W and ly, Ala; S Lowry, Minn. WASHINGTON HOUSE?W Andaraon, W Smith. E P Wharton, M L Grayaon, Naw York; J T Hopklna, Penna: George w Boom, Virgin la; H Siiaw, StL, \Y B Smith, C \Vlth ?ra, Maaa. OChAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS From rna UsrriB Statu. s'lMwirf. Ltart. Jfor. Days Atlantic N-w York .. H&rra I>ec .9 From Eurofb PkinataiM ........Liverpool ...New York...Pec 25 'i ud 0* iXoru a mil. la*va ox. the tr.h, l?tn, awl a>ta of every month. ?? ' 1 1 " " HK SK.?Kntliaa, Dutah, bwiaa, lta.i*nan<l ? rf'<"' KING k Bl'RCHELL. rxuw fcdStlF THE VKRY lit ST a. . ao*l an MWbiire v*natr. nA . At BTfiVENffS jM# *???? * *?. hJw*2?h 2ST&HP ttLCKWUKA-r^PuTA-roBS, Afc> W*J** Richmond family and Extra Fioar, Ib?. Fr???b Orourd Ba.kvnnt Meat, JO* bn?n* a V* hit? Moroor Fofatoea, MB to. R aa do. do. $ do. CkNtniti. It <wa:va<1 to-day and for aala iov in lota to nit by 1^?.WHK?<?k ?OLQU?. OOLr^HOARaENK?S, Aa. COMPOUMD 3th V* OSQ CM AKABIC. TUi p.*^?ct and |K?p?iar Cou?u k-n^Jj baa baan so !ouc known aud ejtecairnfj ut?d, that moa y?ri' n? aa?a bM?B? facaliar with ita axtrnordln* ryaAovv It oau b* had at all tn? prinoaal druc tor? at *6 and V> cobU ? hotti*. ? ? <1.Hnfc?o4UI? WTRAVKHNO TK'JNKS. V. Ha** Ja*t r*oaiv?d th* la*iteet aacortmant W^Ktvn^f rt>? niuitfxt?rii"i" mil tj ( a i iL 01 8"' e I.KAlJIKtl. i.ADlKS' PKE^gft.yi and PACKING T!11'.>/K>?,HaT VAt |8K.*. CAKYKT RAG!*, SAToHKLS. Ac., la Uu? oujr, wUioh v# ar* *>U j,* at vory low ttrUM. VV Ail tiTtfPMI.'id A S?A or -dk *f HiutvaiiBi. a FEW FINK PIANO? FOR SENT BY AP iWVrfe'i* * sod r*. aw.. M til M;d li?th *U. Two Pl*HA? r?nt U|l ??r ?onti?. H? * /^HlNA 0*NAMKN r?. Dr?s*fcyi Cum. Port V/ Jb.'ioa BU' Prtifuui *ry, Ac , ?>h??p for fftth ax LAMMO.ND-3, 8*#*kU> .1 4- li 3.* WOOD AND COAL. TO THE PUBLIC I OO VVHKRK VOuT.VN^CSjr YOUR , U0NBV3W0RTH TRY TT! PROVE IT I KNOW IT \JEk TR T ~WHA T ? WH&irar riu;>it,:,r auklb, m4 b?f yo?r Mr*. proveivhatt li r Prov? that yon oao get your WOOD tb?r? o etptr than*i?ewhereiii thaoity ; and th?n job know whatt q7* Know k.>?t you ?etgooi> mkaburkaad tin very b??t or >vo*?0 for i*** money. Cut SPLIT, ax? Dbli vbrsl) l'kbk ut chak0b. Call at thr pionkt-K mills! SI9S OF THE BLUE FLA# STAFF, socthwm? cormbr shvkhth ?<t. and CANAL (doom of the bridew.c no 19 otiokti k PAGE. Abbkt. yy o o d and coal delivered to all parti <m ?:te oity,atth?lfl nble rates. T. J. a W. m. galt, ofiee 2?2 Pa. ar., betwoen uth and 12th at*., ma 17-u north side. T ROYAL. HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing ul U<? Royal Havana Lot tftJ-y, eoaanate-i bj tf?e Spanish Government, under (he snpervuica of tb? Csntain G?neml 01 Cuba, wiil t&fe n'aoe at Havana oa FRIDAY. Jascaky 4. 1E61. SOB.TSO NUXEKO 643 ORDiNJLRIO. CAPITAL PRIZE 100,000. prije of. 1 o .fl'W.MP - CO.UOO - SO.OM - fn.<w 10J300 18 do 30 apyrox. I If ALL i?S9 PRIZES. Whole Tickets, ?JO? Hvtm, f 10U narUrit, #4. Prises cashed at sight at ( p?i cent discount. Bills oa aQ solvent Binka taken at par. A dravine will beforwarced as Noo as the remit becomes known. All orders lor aobemes to de IT tr or tiqketa to beadtlr DON RODKIGUKZ, Oare of Citr Pnwt. ObarleetniiTs. C. Curt Couth. Cold, Hoarttntts, /* A>*rnza any irritation or Sort ?"? of I he Throat, Relittt tk$ Hacking Couth in Contnmr tion. Bronchitis, A Ama, t Catarrh. Clear amA ~ tnf.k tj tki vottt of PUBLIC S P R A K EES ^HSalr and SINtiKRS. Few are awir* of tha i-.qport&jo" of oheckin: a Congh or Common CofiP' in it* firet atAee; that wfiioh in the beg'nicg would yield toft mild reme dy, if neglected, toon atracka the Ludrs. "Broum'i Bronchial Troth's." containins demuloeut intr?x3i enta, allay Pulmonary and J>ofiihial Irritation. ' "That tronMe in my Throat, (for BROWN'S which the "TVoei<?" area ?p<*oifio) _ harint made me a mere whla TROCHES perer." I*. P. WILLI!?. BROWN'S MI recommend their Die to Public bkuwnp Sruiu|.. TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Great BPrviooin tmbdainc Hoab?b BROWN'S SBH." REV. DANIEL WISE. TDdfyi-s "A'most instant relief i.i the dn ** t*eei?ine labor of breathing peculiar BROWN'S tjA"KH^; A c> EGOLE8TON. TROCHE? "Contain do Opium or anything iniuriout.'' DR A. A HA * ES, BROWN'S Cktmitt, foilM, " A aimpl? and pleasaut oombina .TROCHES tiou lor Copgna. 4o." nn?.n.,? UK. ti. P. BIUELOW, """""" ISjStOH. TROCHES " ITW.'l&B. BROWN'S Botton. ? . "I hare proved them excellent for TROCHES Waoprisa Cocqh." REV. ft. W. WARRKN, BROWN 8 Bottom. TROCHES &3#M BROWN'.- AEV. 8. J. P. ANWRBgN^ TROCHES " ErrBOTCAL in remonnr Hotrie nee* andlrfttation of the Throat, ao BROWN'S eon<mon with tPK*Kt?? and Siiio TROCHES M. STACY JOHNSON. Ln (trniife, Ga. BROWN'S Teacher of Via bio S-uthern Female College. TB nriTVQ 11 n*AAt hrnnflf *li?n Ulr?r Kafnrft an-i afW preaohiiig.aa tha? prevent BROWN'S Ho*r*^n*??. From tn*ir |>ut tffeot, 1 ttnnk the; wiil bj cf permanent a<3 TROCHE9 vanta?e to m?" REV. E. ROWLEY. A. M. BROWN'S Preaideot of Athens Culltfi, Term. TROCHES ir7"^M ??y ?'! Dros*i?tiiaf T'?VTN YY FIVE CENTS A BOX ^3 di 1 It To THE PROCLAMATION CITIZEN? OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, Ac. Wktrtas, At the proses? isaeoii o thereat CHOLERA MOitBUS, DIARRHEA. CHOLIC, DYSENTERY, DYSPEPSIA, DEBILITY. Ac.. Ao.. prevail to an a'armibc ex tost: 1 trWwj, I t matt l? ? of the JT C?jN F K3T CoNSEQUBNCB to every farailr to *r.o<v of \ KKME I) Y at once ^and^ipicatiMu. ' of PiKii, offer* hie MIRACULOUS PAIN KILL&U as the m<>*t CKRTAIN AND EFFECTUAL REMEDY FOR the ABOVE COMPLAINTS In order to sutwfy TflE PUBLIC that no imposition is intended m the sai.3 of this Great Medioins, THE money W1L1. BE REFUNDED in all cttt when the niedioins fails to give entire satiaie.cuo Ask, tLen at an? Drue Store for DR. MONTARDE'S MIR ACULOUS PAIN IILLER. tako u directed, end if aot perieotiy ?au?f.iJ Return to our Agent, D. U. CI.ARK, esq., 4X Street and Pennsylvania Arena*, who will refund your money. Price? 23 and SO Cents per Bottle. For sale at ail Druj Stores everywhere. jas. McDonnell, General Aror.t, Baltimore. WKtiARS AND TOBACCO FOR TUfc. MIL B> LION! The undersir\a<i would reseeotraliy inform hla rnm?rn?ia fn?n/U erH tU ? * w- ?>? ??? mi? yuvunk vuv wpM? twrahip heretofore existmc under the firm of Bihibks * WieeMANX, ku b?in (lieaolrert by mu tual content. atd that he bu opened a atore on the oorner of C end {Seventh ats. vmI, opposite the Bank of Washington, where may be found a eh lioe assortment ofSEGARi* ^iid TOBACCO, of direot importation, M veil u domestic Manufacture, wholesale and retail. , . Thankful f >r past fa*brs. he hopes by fair deal in* and etnotattentioa to the wants and interests of the public in his !in?, to merit aoontinu&noe of the patronage so liberally bestowed a poo the late arm no? lm* P. WIRAMANN. \ji|f Corner of 19th aad H sis., few doors south of Fa. av? Farter's old stand, First Ward, Washington. His Bar is sonstntly sap pi led with theohoioeat Lienors and Cigars. Tns best Friod Orators in Washington oan be obtained at hia place. Families supplied with Oysters ia eve ry sty fa, and at reasonable prioea. as S-*o6oi ml u/ unnira AT FRKNCn*i"KicH8TKrfc'8. *78 Pa. a*. Aunts for the whole World. Folks hoik a, elerantiy boand. pMuiad on toned paper, fall Turret Ui L fio* 910 if sent t.j mail. The Moral History of Wown, from tlie Freuoh i of Ernest Lerore, translated Ly J. W. Paimor; M. I).; prioe #1 by All of Marion liar and's Books, Nemesis. Moaa 1 Sid", Hidden Path and A'one; prioe each $i.2ft by mail. notl Travels in the regions of the Upper and Lover A moor, by T. W. Atkinson, With a map and nameroueihastrAtions; prioe #2se. Lion el lo, a sequel io the Jaw ot Verona, by K. A. i Br?omni, 8. J. i Hamn A Wallah, or the Epehaat'd Keys, and other Ta ee, with an mtrnduoUon by Miee Pardoe, Volume one of Tom Frown at Oxford, a sequel to Tom Brown at Rugby; oheap edition 91 oenta. Oar Year,* ohild's book in proa* and verse, by the author of John Haiifvi: pnoe 78 o*sU. blanchar l> A MOHL'N, de S oorner Eleventh ?t. and Pa. ar. children'* B<H>K*,*o.. Ao. *0 To french A RlCH8TElN>t No. 878 Penn avenae, and examine their extremely large and beautiful assortment af Children'! liooks, Games, Ao., the finest assortment ever offered be fore in thie oity. Oo earl?, before the rash, and awke yoar selections. Also, a large and varied III ITT TTTI W III DO r*Ml Ved I >y Mxt ateamer a oumpliU aaaortraent of l?nf liab WW?I BOtl GrEClAL N<?flC15 TO CITIZEN** and f*TRANGERS.-FRENCH & RiCHBTEINTS 379 Pa. ?vi?nu?, ie the on y slaoe in the oity where Sfc IMH, | paper* can be foaad from every 8tan? and e i ty 1 Union. N^w York, Philadelphia, and Balti ruore pap r? delivered in tiie city and Aeorgetown, mmediauly on the arrival of the tralna. All the Monthly and Weekly Paperaand Maiaunee. Nov ! the tf:ne to ?*b?onbe, with the beginning of the New Year. Sole agent* for the Char lea ton M?r oury. de 20 nath'l BO&xa}?i\\Pt$lSb?*wrl?? OAS FITTING, Ac. pLUMBERS AND OAS^lTTEttS J. W. THOMPSON A CO. kit tbo sttwOoo ot *nnr takers t? thw CUKN 81NKS, PUMPS, Cut ?| ?SSSM^WA^iS: F.K*. KUBhKR HOSE, ko Having superior advantage*, with rwttoal IHfV WW w l?n *<i ?MO IBVOCh iDIPIUTOII PW f promptly, and at pnoea that cannot fail to eatier?. MB fenu. a venae, no 94 dtMar 1 bet.9th and luth ate.. sooth aide. AWJt. T. DOVE Jt CO. _ BE Now prmarea to execute any orJvra with W jpLUM?5Srj, GAS OR J^IAM FITTING fT7" Store on Kh atreet' a few doore north of Fa, avenue, whew may be foand a oornniste aat ortmeni WG A 8 FIXTURES. K H&va in etore, and are rtai.y rooei vine, &A8 FrXTURKS of entirely New Pattern* and Design* and Finiah. superior in atyle to anything Heretofore offered in tnia market. We invite oitiiena general It to call and examine our atock of Oaa and Water Fixture*, frelinj confident that we have the beat aelected atock in Waauincton. All Work in the aN>ve line intrusted to oar em will be promptly attended to. MYERS & MeGHAN. marfc-tf ST? Decreet. I SNYDER, PLCMB1ZR AND GA* FITTER, Haa removed to (h?t aor ner of Twelfth *rd F ?tr. He is prepared to introduoe Water a&d Gas upon the n?o?t favorable terms, and guarantiee eutire satisfaction He baa on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVES, wbioh he wiilaall less than oost. aa ha wishes to get rid of them. no 17 QFFICE O ^aPsEMKTE R 3N? BKALKK NOTICE IS WSr?bF iVk%.JtZu'?w? abiy to the provisions of the otdinanee of tbe Cor poration approved May 12. I860, the under an nod is now prepared, "whenever reanlrad in writing,and on pre payment of the fee of illy cents, to inspect, examine, :?st, srovo, and ascertain the aoouraoy of registration ofany (aa meter in aee in this oity." Every meter, if foand moorreot, will be oondemned, and another, aaaied and marked aa true, will be set in i'? plaoe. If trovad to be aooarate in its measurement of (as, it will be sealed aooordingly, and acain pat in positios for nse. Ofi^oe No. ?10 Seventh street, (near Odd Fel APP-LY THE REMEDY REJOICE IN HEALTH, Friend, do you aaffarf Are yon the viotim of any ofthoee nnmeroua ailment* which arias Irom im parity of tl.e blood.' What are they, do you aak? Rather ask, whit are they not ? The blood is the aouroe Of lile and health, and it ta the fa rat element of our being to respond to any oaaee whioh afieota the ayatoRi, u the palae Infallibly atteata. The ever prevailing Neuralgia, the irritating Eryaipea*. the aubua Scrofnlijtbe agouiaing Rheumatiam. Ncr vona Debility, Dyapepais, Liver Complaint tftthita torpor and rinjooticn, and the numberleaa i.'U that fle*b ia heir to, derive ?heir hi-ldu^a origin from the blood, l>*a! kindly thea and gentiy witn the blood. Use the vitalising reaouroos of oataib for ita aid. and auffer na to commend to yonr oonfideuoe and oae that truly va.u\'-le medicament known aa MKS^fiL COX'S _ in 1*1 AH V Mir JITABLE DECOCTION. With regard to this alm*st infallible specifio popular sentiment hss spoken in decided lerme, &rj the evideuoes of this treat are sus tained by oonetant avownjs of curauve effcti and til* happioet results from iu use are aft?r all other remedies and the bert medical akill have failed. Let at say, in conclusion, th*t oortlfioates cures are not sought from the illiterate and super ficial, but they are volunteered from the moat re speotable souroee and justify the highest terras in wbiob it is possible to oommend so valuable a - [v-<r. to to approval. We may add also that the curative properties of the medicine aro equalled only by iu restorative effects, the system recover ing from disease with renewed constitutional visor. For sale by all respectable Druggists )n this oitj, ana by the proprietor, MRtJ. M. OOX, None genuine uniesa her name is blown on the bottle and her seal on the oork rrr Price # 1 per bottle, six bottles for Mi. WKoUtaU A?*nt. jj. f*. IT CISSKIi, Druggist, Donrceiowii. u yj., ** iioieMie Agent Tor the DU trict, and will anpply tae trade at my prices. an 18-tr ___________ f OALTP' C/ITY STEAM FIREWOOD M1LL8 AND COAL DEPOT. Foot of Stvmitintk itrttt, btlow Wmr Department, WOOD prepared, any length and siie.toamt the wants of each purohaser COA- -KKPT IN iIUAl. HOUSES, prota-ted from the weather?delivered free from alata, dirt, and other impurities. 2JU>> hi. to the ton. T. J. A VV. M. WALT, no 10 tf 3SQ Pa. av.. b*tw. 11th and lifth *ts. I TAKE NOTICE! WILL Take a ! kiuis of Vir*inta money for mj book del ts and for Boots, 8r.o-s, arid Trunks. Ail persons indebted to me wi>l plr&se oa I and settle up, or I vfm ! be oompei'ed to give their aeocants into the hauds of a collector S P. HOOVER. Iron Hall. do 21 Pa av., liPtwcwi 9th a;id 10th sts. LD K1CU, MELLOW AND PUHJS BUR^BIDE'S () MONONOAnELA RYE WHISKEY, Consoientioasly distil>'d by Mr James Buraside. of Allegany Couetf, Penua., tn the old-foshioneu hoaost way. frou tue choicest and most oarefnliy elected Rye, and in no case ever offered for sale until adapted to wholesome use by age it i? at oiioe the mo. t palatable, a? it is enap-atioa'.ly one of the pares.t bere;ag*s in the reach of the pnMio. To the w*rl as to those in oommecii* iuoif i?r ita nnrivalled qaalitie* a* a atiirio'atjt of the acr-at, an<l moat hsc^fic.eirt Joaoriptiou, ami many of tho woat rtutingtiahed ahyaioiar.a aro name it in their practice vith the kafpiOHt result*. OLEKY * 9TOCKDALK, Proaneiora. 3tW W^r.vt PM|ad?y>hia. Agent for tbc P'oprfetora. WS5 Pa.'av., ?e 9i-6m oyyoafte VVilharda' Hotel. 512 OUTTA PERC^yPAlNT AND g|2 HAMILTON, HKO. A CO.'S, No 512 SiviWTH Pt., i? the piaae to find tho oeieurau-?i Gutta Percha Roofing and Paint Alao, a genera! assortment of Uoaae Painting Mat?ria!a. Paint'.nc ia all ita branches ex'-ontM) with dis patch *aa on reaaoratiie tenr.?. ANK1NG HORSE ot ways oa hand and for Ml*, wnh bnoket ar< brush to loan free of obarge A 1 cdem l?ft at the store fur Old Glaus* or Joh Work-of ir.y kind will be prompti y^atten.)*!ytoy IB QQWN.?319 B SWEENY, RITTENHOTT8E, FA NT &. CO. Will open for oastomers, speote, currency, and Virginia moey aeoounts. IIu j aod sail ooin and exohange at the moit favor able rates. Currenoy and Virginia money wanted, no 24 1m C^REAT BARGAINS IN PIANQS^One very moe Mvso-oo'ave Carved Piano r "rte_^a?. having been in dm a short time only, thfVSBBU owaer leaving the oity, for sale for ?W.'" I*1 One very ni RoMwood Chlokerlns Piano for f 136, at ike Mosio Store of W. G. METZEROTT, got* Agency of Bteinway k, Sons' Overatrang Pianos. no 3 OALT1MORE O BUTTER HOTT8E. Daily reoe'ving fresh and sweet, in Goahen pack *!"<>. 0? IvSR M Kvehange Plane. Haiti more. CM. It 3 OT K. A L. L. it N aii/ A " Z/d JACKSON, FLA8TXRMM8, Piuna. Avinos, p *nd Htb wtrmtM. je H |MPOHTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. K. R. DURKEE * CO.'B Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, tat fround from freeh Sptoct, selected and slsaoid by na expreesly for the purfoee without reference tn ooet. They beautifully packed iu tinfoil. ml n 1MWWI tu w ? imui j buv/i ?, woiiw . 'fiffifri&iMvixtiMr" M % sin?le trial wiU abandantly prove. Manufactured only by _ _ tw *1 ft' N.^wS^o?*. REASON A D L E DRY GOODS! onawis, Flannels, A Merinos, Ottomui, Blankets, Full Cloths. Unsays, _ Fancy Silks, , Silk Robaa, ^ * Poplins, Valencia*, Reps, . . , . Yarns, Hooped Skirts, Insh Lin?ns, Rheatmss, Napkins, B?avsr Cloth, Saok FJaanW, \V hit? Goods, Luian bats, Embroideries, Bombasines, Alpanoan, Counterpanaa. Comforts. Towel is vs. All of whloh wa offer at prioas to suit the tiroae. TAYLOR 4 HUTCHISON! T JUST OUT?NJJW BOOKS. HE prinoe of Wales in Ara?noa, by Kinahan Cornaalua,Una,cloth; prioe fl. deB*7 ^AnnoTjuioes^froin the Frenoh of Conore (ftn^kftaw^a^by W. P. Striokland, 12mo., eloth; prioe fUi. FRENCUtftlOH8TEIN^ >. t> Uia. ?. M. HOT*. I. k 1VT1T. ItlLTlniM, Miss., tn the Hijrh Court of Eirori Ap km, the Fed?r?l Oonrt it Poctotoo. iho torpmt* JmdiamJ Dutnet of rfS? iht (Miraw of Claai %wjm 017 * Marbto odl la uth. MISCELLANEOUS. ttowlac >w4wef in thia k? to ?ppropna.t*4h? kOSt ABfr*uiv? words 0(0 < ft-r Uuu4M,iii4 *lu?r a w'nil" lu inoorp&rat* than mto our own; thai tfca w>'d Cep haiio, wiucn U frontirt Qr**k,*iftafyin< "forth# hMul,' U now beo.-niinf popu.&ritsd in on?eotlon with Mr. SM.].iin*'? * thn MMD and th wauwm iii*j us cunnea auaer two names, rn Synjtoniatic and idicpaihio. Symptomatic Head ache is exoe*din{iy cnsnon and ia the precursor of a great variety of diaeaaea, amor; whiah ar? Apoplexy, G<.-ut, Hheomatiam and ail f-brne*. In its rervon? form it it sympathetic dis eaaeofthe stomach wmstitntinr sick hiadatkt.of hepatio disease constituting bilious Ktadach*. of worm",oon*tipahon and other disorders of the uow Njae well as renal and uterine affections. Diseases of the heart are very frr<j uentiy attended with Head ache?: Anaemia a?d plethora are aleo aifeetions which fr?<j uenMy oocaaion tmadaohe. Idiopathic Headashe ia aleo very oommoi, being usually dis tinguished by the name of marrow* htadackt, som e timea eominir on suddenly in a itate of apparentlr sound health and prostrating at onoe the menta1 and physical energies, and in other mataapM it oomea on alowly. heralded by depreaaion of spirit* or aoerhity of temper. Ia aaont inatar.oaa the pain is in front of the bead, over one or both ayea, and aomatimee provokine vomiting, voder this olaas may a ao be named Smrmhti*. For the treatment of eitber o'aaa of Headache t be Cephaiio Pilla have been foand a sare and aafa rainedy, relieving the moat acuta paina ia a few minates,and by ita subtle power eradicating the diaaaaa of which headache ia the unerring ladex. Bkiduxt.?Missus wast* you to Mod her a box of Cephalio Glue, do, a bottle of Prepared Pilta,? but 1 m thinking that's not just it uuthar; bat pea haps ye'll be aither knowing what it is Tim he'e uith d?ad and gone with the Siok Uea<)ache. and wanu some more of that same aa relaived her before. ^^>niirrt5r.?Yoo innat mean Spalding's 06phallo Bridget ?Ooh ! sure now and you're sed It. here'a he qn?-th?r and bit me the Pills and don't be all day about itaither. Cauatlpatien er Cestlveness No one of the "many ilia fleah ie heir to" la ao prevalent, so tittle understood, and eo much neg Icoted aa Coativeness Often originating in care leesnes*. or sedentary habits; it la retarded aa a slight disorder of too ittle consequence to excite anxiety, while in reality it la the pr?ou'?or and companion of many of the roost fatal a?.d danger ous diseases, and unless narly eradicated it will bring the sufferer to an untimely grave. Amour the lighter evils of whioh CostUene*s is the usual at tendant are Headoohe, Colic, Kheuutalfitn, Foul Breath. Piles. and others of like n%t?re,while a long train of frightful diseases so oh a? Malignant Fevers, Aboesses, Dysentery, Pyspepsta. Diarrhea. A do piexy. tipi ep?r, Paralysis, Hysteria, Hypochon driasis,Melanoaoly and Insanity, first indioate their presence in the system by this alarmnj; srmptom. Not unfrequautly the diseases runml originate In Constipation, bat take on an independent exiat enoe unless the oaose it eradloated in an rarly stage. Prom all these considerations it fo'iowa that the disorder should rtcelve Immediate attention when ever tt ocuurs.and no parson should neglect to g?t a box of Oepnaho Pills on th? first appearance of the 0omplaiBt,aa their timely dm will 0X9*1 tlje iiisfduons approaches of disease and d??Uoy this dangerous foi to human life. A Raal Blasting. PA^'u-i?a.?Wsll, Mrs. Jones, how It that head Airs. Jtmts.?Gone! Dootor, all gone! the pill yon sei.t cured roe in Jnst twenty m in at**, and 1 Wish you would iwiul ibore so that 1 oaa have tkois han^ 1 Yon can ret then at any Druggists. Call for t'ephalio Pille, I find they never fail, and 1 rcoommend them in aJi oases of tfrnda^he. Sri. Jones ?I shall tend for a box directly, and 1 tell all my suffering friend*, for they are arsaJ bUtting. fi./~Ovs* fjcitkmkxt. and the mental oare and anxiety incident to close attention to but nee* or stnJr, are &.?r> >ug the (.umerons causes of Nervona Hoarianhe. The disordered state of mi'.d and body inoldeat to thi* distreesing ooeiplaint ia a fatal b ?rw to a'l enersy and anr-biUon. Sufferer* by this disorder %.?a?? obtain ejeedy rejief from th<??e dist-Msipg attack* by using one of the Ce phalic Pule when?;vr the aynproni# appear. It quiets the overtasked brain a- d soothes tna (train ed and jarring narva*. ard relaxes th? tension of the stomach whioh always accompanies arid ag gravates the disordered ooudition of the brain. Twairrr Miluo*s ow Dollar* 9avk>.?Mr. Hpftdinghas sold two millions of boiLesnf earated Prepared Gi?<*and it it estimated that aaah bottls mtm at :?%?t ten dollar* worth of broken furmturo. that nakice an a?*re*ateof twenty rolU liona of dollars r claimed from total ioaa hy tnia 'a:"?b!e invention. Having made bit Otoe a hoaae hild word, he now proposes to do the world still au*%ter a#i vice by curing all,the aching bead a with niiiOfha'ic Pi 1 La. and if thsy areas f<H>d a> his Go?, Headaobea will aeon vaniah away like snow in J Uiy. Facts wosth kmowi^o.?9p*ldin*'a C*phalio PHIa are a certain ourc ior 810k Headache, Bili ous HaMaohe, Nervous Headache, Coativenaaa, and General Debility. Gksat Diacomay.?Amanc the moat important of a:l the great medical discoveries of thia ago may bo considered the iriUm of vaooinatioa for promo tion from Small Pox, the Cepjia 10 Pill for ralief of Headaahe, and the aae erf Um: ine for the preven tion of Fevers, either of which iaa sure apeolfio, whose benefits wi l be experienced by sufennc hainauiiy lon( alter their disoovarara are fcrgottan. irr Did too ever have the sick Headache t Do you remember the throbbing teuipioa, the ferared i row, the loathing &n?l diaguat at tu? tight of food. How totally unfit too vere for plnaanre, oonveraa tion or atndy. One of the Cepba 10 Filla would have relieved yon from all the aufFerinc whioh you ttien experienced For ttua and other purpose* yoa ahould alwaya have a box of them oo hand to bm aa oooaaion re^uiraa. oJiC A CURE Headache. Br the in of these PUIa the period 10 attaoka ot Strvom* or Sick H*adacAi may be prevented; and if taken at the oommenoement ol an at Wok imme diate relief from pain and aiokneaa will be obtained. They seldom fhi! in removing the Nmuita and Hemdaeh?to which females are eo aubjeoL They aot geutiy apon the bowels,?removing Cos tivmui. For Lxtermrn Mm, St*d$nt$. DelisaU and al! persona of ruientary .habit they are all valuable m a Laratir*, improving the living font and vigor to the digeetive organs, and restoring the natural iatUsit} and lUength of the whole gyatem. bo CEPHALIC PI L8 are tba ranlt of long investigation and carefully oonduotod experiments, having been in u?e manr ysars, during which tins they have prevented and relieved a vaat aaoant of pain aad safleriag from Headache, whether ongl nating in the?mtomu systsig or from a deranged tato of the ttomatk. Thay are entirely vegetable ta their eomposition, and may bo takea at all timsa with perfect safety without naking any change of diet, mmd tk* afr ttnct mi du*tr*4*bl* lull rmut*r$ it MUf to mdmimittmr Hum to cAiUrm. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS i The ganuiaa have five signature* of Heary C. Spalding on aaah Box. BoM Dy Draff lata and *11 other DwIiti la Medi inee. A Box will be Mat by nail prepaid on milftrf th" PRICE, ft* CENTS. All order* eboaid be addressed to HBNKT C. SPALDING, Ml3-4fcvlv 8 Cedar etroec. New York, MEDIO INKS. "cUSfiiias ' j LOCI HUirtVil, Mm W'mmmi ?(>: *>, HfKmmi Xtwudf m U. <r?rii, FOR ALL DISKASE8 OP IMPRUDENCE i^T >0 PALMS DSLICAC J FUSTS NT. APPLY 1MMED ATKLY. A CORE WARRA.rTSD.OR NO CHARBM IN JROM OAS TO TWO DAYS VukiiN ?f U? Itik lirintu lltittMitfUtCHtri ??4 Ktidir, IcvatBBwry OMttfH, " ilMny. ?n. Py ftoMa ( UtM, PllfXIUtr Um.ihi t! luk ? >i.iji..ui ??. >)mfir. Uy?r,l?? ??irut.Cwt (Ittwr ftilflltn. Rmi w Skin, Aiuimi ?f U? Lmuft. I in trtaiex TNtfc-OM Pr?a4fkl ud UmomiWi Piutttii vkitl Timkli Dia*r4ar* inner fr?i hUkir liktta m tM Himfi iapMaUi, ud daxrvr k*M M? ni Miad TOmMU fcywMII wk? bt? latMit Ih* ikum rf M ary Tim, Art driirtfal ud dtmuu'l t>Ml *IIU aaaMaiif M an fiumtly ftc*? IbaMt&dl *f Tnr( >Un ! i'.t am u lit<4 t?!*t>ti and kriliant intaiUct, trb? niftt at*?rw?? U?i HlflMM UNMlDflNIUI vuk tktUuAn rfllMMil Vakad M tMU) U? Htm* iff*, My Mil *KI Mi mU 4mm. mauusk. atinn rtafa, <tnrnit:n. 4 It wIm plica* Itmiifitdii Ua Mra af Pi. J. u; nUfl Mir midi la Ui Iimii & a riiUiui u< imHiiui j IfM kta akill m > ptTIHill. orncE teoete r?ede?JO??TE*rr lift kind aid* _!?-?* frmm kiUnm iuiu, ( * omt i tk* aarvir. fill Mt mlMm uai ul nakll kauaM Mat M paid ud tMUll ll?U|. I PUIOM,*r TM>|llnintMyliUi( Mu mil if ilrvitl tHh&, H|?iU dik.utj ftt , afaadll* ?INi. cu kiniif c&dat Ua Mia af |h. J. u; ialt(l w. rVM?l W?f NwVin afika I471] Cklip fliifMU, W?lf. niiuM ft*a mi af tba Bwt latetn C? 'i(ta ia ib? Bulttd *uih, uiUti |Ttitir prtifwlMH iift hai tin fact ia Iki ka? at?ai*af baodae. rani.Pbiladaiahia ltd i>ui^n1Miif fbctad Mm* ?f lb* ibmi ar*.a.:i?bing cart* (feat *m I'N kaava, ituty liMUid wiia nufiaf >a t*i? kill aid aan fUiuinn itMi D<r'iiiLiH,kii:.f alarntd at taddaa *a?ad(, buhMntM vitfe fraqa*t.l btaatmf, tuaadad mm* vttfc dataoftntoi af mind, vara ear?d iBBtdUiaiv. Till PART10S WA* HOTICK. TMnf Mm aad athtra arhi bava ir.jarta ttiBialm by MTU.B prttUet iadaifad la vfeta atai.a?a babu traqaaai f ftau aril ra&paaiart, w at c.haa:, tfea afaata vbieh art m^bily fall aTM vbtn aal*?p, aod if oat ?a??d randan nurun ltrpaaaibl*, aad daatrayt kaU alad aad bad7, aboald apply iranadUttlV. Tu*<* ti ?am? of tba aad aod mtitaabaiy ilnu ppadaaad by ttrlf babiu af vaaib na: Wktbucu aftfea Ittk aad Uaba, riioi ia tha kaid, Duu. ?m af Mif bi.Lat* af HuilUi Pawar, Palptuuaa af tba tfwrt,Dfipipir, Miraan IrifUMit ty, Daraaf tiMiit af ifea Di(iiu<i rHtuasi, titanl D? butty, lympwm af Ca-.tuupiian, fee. MXIfT ALLY?Tii? fttrfai ifnu u Ui calad at * aaafe M ba draadtd?Laat afMtiaary, Caafaaiac af ldkai, Dtartaataa aftptnu. Kail Paetadiafa, A?aratanafaciata. B*H Ojati ?I, k*Ti *f IsliiMda.Tiiuulit*. ?"-? ?' ,fc- ?ti- - dMtd. , amoil DBBlkTTT -TkattuOitaa MVllip *Ui U tti umi (lb :r dacltuinf baalth, iMiti tbair *iga?, b# iwilf VMk. pala, oarraaa and nucuiil, iw.ut..Jnplu aWaiika ayaa, taafb aray npuattlwuiBpUa DIIKAIU Of IMFKkUKMCK. VlMlk* mltfaidad ani impr?iai.t *alary af plaaawa I h* ku im>ibad tha la af thta paiutai diaaaaa, It taa (Am happana that an ilKlma 1 mm af ataama ar draad af diaeaaary datara him frata applying ta tboaa wba, frara idnauaa aa< raapactabuur, can a Una bafnand bin. falla mv* lb a kao4i*lifnaruland daaigntng pritaiMtm, viM, laatfakli f carirg, llch t.ia pacantary avbaunca, kaap hie tnllng aaoth aftar month. ar aa lacg aa tha Mtiliit faa can b? ab iaload, and ta daa^air Inti him with rata ad haalth ta auk aar hia railing diaippatcuaant; ar ta Lb a Baa af that daafly paaaan, Marcary. baataa iba eahatiia-.iaatl lypiiai af Uh larritla Jiaaiaa, aacb aa Afactianawf w>* Haari. Thraal, Maaa,, prograaan g with frigtiifal rapidity,till daatb pa.a a panad ta hia draadfu aifanop by landing kim ta tkat aa* Iblt'irtl cauitr; frarr vbaaabaaraa oa tiaailit ratajaa DL JOIHSua tEKMEDT rOftnu&IIC WIAUM AMD IMPOTEMCT. By tku rraal tad laHttaai raraady vaakraaa af tba arnai ara apaadily carad aad fail ?iga? raatarad. Thaaaaada a? lb a att oaraaaa lad dabliluwd, vka kad iaat alt bapa.kaM baaa liaraadiitaly raiiarad. All ImpadiaaaDti ta Mairkft. Pkyait>! at Maata! DtaaaaB a, kaaa af Fraaraaura fatlt, Harvdaa IrrUaMUtf Trarablmg tod Waakaaaa at ??kaiao? afika ataatfaaifW klad ?pa?ad-ljr carad. EftnouzMnrr or rn i TUX MARY TIDPIAMDI carad atlbia lnautailaa wlthta tba Iaat aarantaaa vaara. aad tba oanaraaa Unpartaal l?n| Ml aparatiaea parfaraad by Pr. Jakaaan, wucaaaad by tba reparian af tba pa pan aad auy achat paraaaa, aaoaaa * Wink bar* appaarad ajtla aad a^ate bafara tba pabJla, ba atdaa bit auudmg aa a gaatlaaaaa af akaiaaut aai rinaad blllty, la a aaBaieai (luuua ta ika afl'.atad. |aaP T\R. J. BOVEE DOTVtt IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS, > now beln< need from Maine to the breu Ball i. an 1 the mnlTarsal verdict of aU who in i either aa a mtdirtmi or at i 6??*ra*?. u tts? rpaeed tn the worlcL Dr. Dode Med Klir In hia praotioe for ? rears before we ?4i/cha*<?i ei Sirc the eole rifki to micufaotsTe andpreeent ikttn fer aia to iLe public. For the care of IpolpU:;? CcusaiLSticr., ludtfeeUot, Dya pnvsia, riles, Narrows Iuaeaaee. Female Gem plaints, and all oases reatinnc atonio,they are be j u:ui doabt a moat invariable remedy. Aside from Luiwl dosbtamoat invalsable reioedy. Aside from leir modiolnf) properties they are a pare, whoie aome and deacbtfai Berenice, erodaeinc aU the p:?as?Jit exhllemtu-; e?*3ta of Bra lAj or Wine without their inJarloas results. Let all friends of nsmasity and all advocates of temperance assist us in subatitiitn* these Talnabie Vegetable fi tters for the miiural ftwni and dwittr+ltd Liiuori for the muwral ftweu arc edwitm+ud Livuori with which the ooantrr la flooded, and thereby rf f?c' aid in bamahkic Diaeaee and Drankeneea un?KUKB WllJmKIELD & CO., Pr.,3 Sort. T - ^^?^.N VhL J- wK d!^ DR. 1. BOVEE DOD8* IMPERIAL OIN 2ITTBkS. For Dieoaaea of the ladder ana Urinary Organa, and ??n*uial:y for rem&le Obctruodona, never ftul to ottre, and ars warranted to five aatia *#HARLBS WIDDIFIELD t CO,. i-ro, Je7ly,r Afent. Waahiofton. D O. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. DALTIMORF. AND OHIO RAILROAD. t> WASHINGTON BRANCH. CHANGE OF HOURS. Onand after SUNDAY, November 2Mb, ISM, U* trains wifc rnn as foliova: LEAVE WA SHI NO TON Ffrtt train at a m. Second Tram at 1M a. m. Thud train a* S.10 p. m., Expresi. Fourth train at 8 m lkavk baltimore . Firat train at 4 IS a. m.. fc/xpre?n, Seoond train at 8.36 a. m. ?hi:d at 3.10 p. id. cnrth atp. IT).1 Exprsaa. The fir?t, aecond and third train* from Waah ington connect throufh to Philadelphia and New Y<?rk. The Moond and third oonneot at Waahinfton Junction with trai?a for th- Weat, South, and Northwest; alao, at Annapolis Junction, for An napo'.ia. For Norfolk take the ' 40 a. m. trai a. ( or tha accommodation of the travel be tv>en Waahiraton and Laurel, a pa*a?nfer oar will he attaohea to th* tonnage train which leavea at 3.40 p. in. Oo Saturday the 3.10 p. m. train goea to Philadal phia onlj. no ? d T. U. PARSONS. a cent. NEW ORLEANS V? CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE. Via Orang$ and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURR: Virginia mad Tennessee. East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Ckattan?ga, Alemfkis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jmehsem, TO NEW ORLKAJI8! MEMPHIS ROUTE: Memphis by R?il, th?oae\>j Pirat aim PukMi to 11 TRUNKS,BOOTS AND SHOES, AffP VJRf, *** T*K "IT< >rf II i? ? fti'tflll > Ih 1?i * HliOTM nnd eaOE#, ar.4 gcppij of ?i(?ri tun.- v*rk of wvot-j <* Kail Ku>?Uo-, nidi loon!' .fMl [i *?w?? ? w?oi l.^rw '!<->? tk&r Hm baae" paL ksr*efcrs N*/|?e is tWa ?ty (W axek ir.fWCr Sswtf S^M^sesr ta rturcaad U U? lowaat riw <.i*? u |3i.. ^^Ri^riM A bK M *-? >14 Pnuiiruit tmu. C*1 VE HUNPRKD T*AVLLIN?"TiwNlia r UririJ thit ?laT,?mt>'eciee ??i < ?:! *? , f t ?t,r **> room exbtMta fct tfait p?U?1 v*ri?ty f HfrUi+t, / *t?. M aoder&Ui jricaa. lo r? found this Bid* of N?w \ ork. A.?o. *?? ,-} daaaria SAf'r r V5!K %B?* . IETOiJ Trunk* rapfcirad wtUM la sohawc fO' CtTOM. " WAUL,, BTEfHKW * 00? fr*nkSo;e Ri*><: wtrB tf X J2 T*?- i.r? aOtfTBKKN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, o iH Ttr Snnt, Oprtnii Odd Mimi' ITa?tia<l?i !> f. TrtTMfn will ?*o? tiketr irtereeu 0? eiaaunii m! rRC^KS, VALfCKS *r (!Wori. per ?n. iiknLf c.Mvrri Aa i ca? bol* t.ui tu? By**. beet KatenaltAe nark eta-foefe**! tke b*et vorkKM. 1 0*1. ooui.d*?l. j tfour mend my work to h* eapenor in Si"wi?sxl Co Tre^ka that in uva^c |a ot ottiM and eo.d Uer?. i keep ouDftUti) Oil I4id,tii4 taekr to order on oa? ?wk'i rot.oe) *vrj deecnptier. of SfJl.m LEAZfiKH It<(>X MAJPJiFKkNrji DkKS8 HAh1 wmk 'ver?<l tc auy K t of tte City, Seorte illH' JAMES 8. TOPRAM. Tmnrs. tc., K6^4ir manlike matuer. at afc- rt notioe Trenk* ver??d ic I wATcK*'%-Mimwn' wa" I hare on* of th? heat raUKisbnrippti. tnj fu nuhed witb a complete aet of tool* for repair jfy me every d> aenction of fine Watehea, and M] particular Attention five to the aaan*. b* ?4MK itoroilb oomsatftit vurknaa ami * ?n?il EXTRA" OLD -AMiiyi 0VHISKF EXTRA OLD FAMIDTRYE) LWHKl O?o???1 Oft Ui? Bobaylkih riv? *6 W?!l Btroet. New Y leet?d stock ot Cfeamparca and Crae Appla Cuier, which wa jaa'atiU-e to M jure jiioe. tud wili >+ old on rtuoLtblt term* 11 ordar la Mlt roon for our syrutc stook. Giva ma a oa.1 at ttj U'cioa BoCtlia ag Dnot, FD. L. MOkH I*ON A. CO? LOUR ASD eKI^KRAL COMMl-HON And arnol^aala (i?alrr? in MILL FEED, CORN MEAL. # ?.. #>r? Corner of Utn and B atraata, WaahiofUm city. 117" Cuh paid for all kind* of Grata, aa 2S r.m aimpte, daraMa, ar.d ra!iar,.e t. cr aat ia flratclMi aroniuma have been awarded tr>?w by the United Kairatd Virtiaia Aimc : lurt. ty; Virj-:uia>tat^ Atrieaicrai Pain Frank', s. ------ - *u.e?l?ama; Naw Yort Mate V air; [naututa Fair, Faiuiatlvama; Nai Vermont State Fair, itc., Ac In. exhibited tker aava received firet OJkaa pranuama ?t a^oniaiaaa avenue, Depot of ViUer'a ?XiSfr U-1t R> C wrnanw Krout etrwt, PhilAdetpbti. ' mm ? ? it InUmII ??iU iw. fmmihu, 11 ia vary tMr?U? to m*? tow eh<?? ITUDUO'I FUrARKD GLCB meets aJl nsk eeeergeeciw-Bad uo bonseho?l sma fcfforJ to be without it. It is *1 viya raedy ?t U up toUMatlCklB( roiit. Tt?r?u RO IOB|W t BM* eity for lintptmz chelrau apH.t?rei! he*o .*m don., Md broker cr*clee. It ia Jaat tM wtic e l?f one, aheli. end other oraeir-r.ta; work, ao fofaier with lMiea cf refinement &tu! uute. Tina n.oiti r&bie preparation la neod oold, being cr t-uior.liy held IB eolation, tad ecaaee*<tj ti' '.l* ftloftble ?aaiitiea of tbe beat aatxuet net era a'ye. Itpiay be aeed in the piacaof ordinary maci tta, betbf vastly more a/Iheeive. M USEFUL IN MTEHT HOWSM." Wk*ltfU Dtp*t, No. 48 Csdar strati, N?w Veri. ddreee HkfIRT cTfcPALDINO & CO Bex No.*. New \ o:k. te ihow-Oard accompany ir i eeci paonna. irr* a ainxie bottle of SPJi fiivvi ??r?. I CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREHJL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS DAXiY'S ON THE LABEL ALL OTHLfcS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM-ttDAlT. SOLE PROPRIETOR N Mil VILUMI ST NEW YORK. Q* BALM nr WASH1XUTON MY I Ml MkAfOUB % MMMM

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