Newspaper of Evening Star, December 31, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 31, 1860 Page 2
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THE F.VEN1NG STAK. WASHINGTON CITY: MOMIIAY DecrnWr 31, IM*. tyiril ml ta? m*rnUM fr?M. The IntiUiftncr rxptmn the achrme to mnrnm fncturtn public aentimeirt in Maryland in favor of diaunion The Con stitution undertake* to saub Senator Johnaon and General Scott under cover of reply D Aniikll/>?n nsrwri * "? w noivica in ncpii viivbii f ? Tbe Rrjrublitan, idwrtlng to a letter of Mr Huklo to tbe Governor <?f New York, suggesting. In behalf of tbe delegation bere, that New York troops be got Into condition to lustaln the Govern ment, says "If there is any duty, now more than ever required from tbe northern Governors, In tbe language of thair annual mnigrt, It la the duty of ditcrttion " Tm* CoxsriaacT.?Tbe aeceaalonlata of Foutb Carolina have now furnished abundant evidences that they have been long conspiring the dissolu tion of tbe Union, and have not tbe slightest idea of returning to their allegiance under any clrcum stances unlsss "coerced " Tbe following ?re extracts from speeches made la the South Carolina Convention, viz: Mr. Packer, speaking of secession, said "It Is no spasmodic effort tbit baa comr mdderiy upon us, cut it baa bren gradually culminating for a lone series of years" Mr Inglis said: "Most of us have bad this sub ject und?-r consideration for tbe last twenty veers " Mr. Keltt said: "1 have been engaged in this i movement ever since 1 entered political life " Mr Rbett *aid: "It is notbieg produced by Mr. Lincoln's election or tbe non-execution of tbe fugitive slave law It is a matter wbicb bas been gathering head for thirty years." And he further aid: "We are about to suniler our relatiors with that section, [the .North,] and 1 trust forever " On another occasion Mr. Rbett said: "Tbe Federal laws laying taxes on tbe p??ople of South Carolina have fallen this day; ?nd, so far as we are MBcerned, fallen, 1 trust, forever." Iirutr II ap^Tan luai lUCir unm >/rru a iwu^" concocted conspiracy to overturn the Government of the l'niu-d State*, and that the causes hereto fore alleged are mere pretexts. Does any friend of Union believe that these men Intend ever to return to their allegiance, no mat ter what concessions are made by the North* If so, be Is under a dangerous delusion. A R*soLrno!f Coiicnmso Coekcjos ?Th? Introduction, to day, in the Iloase of a resolution strongly deprecating coercion created greet ex citement; and for a moment a personal conflict seemed likely to occur over it between Messrs. Barksdale and McClernand. The extraordlnary excitement grew out of intimations thrown out that members desired shirking the question In volved in the resolution. As our report left the bail a motion to lay the resolution on the table was being carried. Congress having more than any others brought public affairs Into their present deplorable con dition, It ma-ters little indeed what their opinion In the premise* may be; a* it is not likely that it will have more we ght with ihe country at large than the opinion of any other body of Individuals of the same number. ? Floyd's Resiosatios ? After we went to presa on Saturday, Secretary Floyd re sign?d, as ant clpatea la tbe S'ar. We have every reason to bcneve that In bis letter of resig nation be based tbe act upon tbe fact tbat bis per sonal honsr bad been pledged that tbe military status of tbe United States la Charleston should remain unchanged ; and that Major Anderson's transfer of h:s command from Moultrie to Sumter having in effect entirely changed that status, he eonld nut honorably remain in tbe War Depart ment unless A was ordered to evacuate Sumter and return to Moultrie. Maiok AsDtaso.Vs Po*itio*.?We regret to say tbat we do not believe that it has yet been Anally determined by the President not to order Major Anderson to give up his position at Fort Sumter. Ere the Cabinet meeting In progress as we go to preas to-day terminates, the question will doubtless be Anally disposed of. We can only hops tbat In disposing of It the Government's now impregnable command of the situation at Charleston may not be given up. as the Commis sioners from South Carolina so arrogantly de mand Tn South Commissions* have up to this time bsd but a single interview wltb the President. In tha'. Interview they doubtless banded him a note in effect demanding tbat he shall order Anderson's command from Tort Sum ter back to Fort .Moultrie They are saying to many visitors that they have notified the Presi dent tbat unless receiving some official answer to that uete to-day, they will return at once to South Carolina and report the failure of their efforts at negotiation. Tux 9KtKBTAKT?Hir or War ?If an Acting ?ecretirv cf War be made, our impression ia that It will be Col Cooper. Adjutant Genrnl. Rumor baa It Ibat General Lane has already been appoint ed Secretary of War, to serve until March Itb ext. We do not place auy confidence whatever In tbil rumor. We abould much aooner expect to tern Postmaster General Holt transferred to the War Department, and First Aaaiatant I'ostmasw General King made Acting Poatmaster General for I be balance of the term of President liuchanan. An EiruxiD Miauet?The fact that the President waa this morning long closeted with bis private secretary, in the library of the Execu 't've mansion, baa strengthened greatly the pre vailing Impression around us that an Executive nluin ? ^ i *-vu?u wivtiuo auoirl Will Df Stilt to Congress t?-day. wherein all the Information in tbe possession of the Government on the (ubject will be dnly latd before tbe body, and its action IB tbe premises Invoked. I f to IX r > to oat, the expected message en the state of affair* at Charleston had not be^n sent In to Congress?though tbe arrival of tbe President'* private aeeretaty with It vrti momen tarily expected We doobt if tbe President will communicate It to tbe two House*to-day. Those sympathlz u? with the conrae of South Carolina anticipate that It (the expeeted message) will ask for sufficient force to maintain tbe Government a authority intact, wherever that may be menaced Kesigsaxioxs ?Messrs B F. Dtllnw and A. r nuua. vi ^ouiu *.-roiim, clerks respectively lis tho Pension and Laud offlc?s, resigned their positions ?B the '-iWU .net The latter, it is st.ited. has left for Booth Ci(eU|^as n bearer of dis patches from the ComniidMwrs hereto the "gov ernment'' o'Booth Carolina. Tar Fits Millios Loss.?At s Ute hour on BsMirday afternoon, the Se. rcUry of the Treaaury Is understood to hsve received a dispatch from the Baak of Comsaerce, New York city, ottering to take all tbs balance of the Are million loss st 19 per cent. Inters*. The offer, we lesrn, has been accepted So the whole loan is now taken. SickBTsmtts Thokmoi a*d Thomas It tarns oat that those gentlemen bare not enter, la!nod the idea of resigning, as alleged all over Mrceiijr ?u Nuru?y aiiernoon last tboogb, we d??ht not, they bm ad viaed the President to order Major Anderson back to Fort Moultrie. Tax New Yoke Rtocb Mabkbt, on 8aturday? w?s firm, but not specially active. No Important chaage la money natters; but the tone la more cheerful. The Inpronacat within twenty days la about 3 per tout Twm W batmbb.?Tbe loUuwiaff report of the weather for the morniag is Bade from the Amer icas CoaooUdated Telegraph Lino to the tfmltb sooian InstltutloB. The time oi sfcomatloa Is about 7 o'clock. DrriMia 31,1990. New York, N. Y raining, sleety. Philadelphia, Pa. 31-, wiad N % Raleigh, N. C. rainy, cold cioadf, cold, cloudy, ?0? Mwm, 6l cloudy, cold. Colombo 9a ....cloudy. Montgomery, Ala.........cloudy, cold. J 3 k?ou. Ah.......*.?? (.do VBOM tvs vim. Pi Mb arc, clear. MP. Clerel*ad, O .... .aaawlag, 14?. Micada at the al 71. (cor rected for Mpctaim,) 30.953, at mm, w.trs TIwwmIw el 7 a. W; at aeoa, *eT Maximum dorlajrtt baura, tadlag f l. ui la. **Tt *" i ar. COR6RKUIOIIU. Momdat, December >1. Sk^atb ?Mr. Crittenden Introduced a reaolu on tbat a portion of tha eallerlea be aet apart fnr ;refj;n min.atera and their familiar Adopted. Mr Powell, from the Special Committee of 'htrt>-?n, reported that the committee bad In truded him to report tbat they had been unable ? agree. Mr. Douglas aaid he dealred to addreaa the Sea te on the aubjert, on Wedneaday. The report and journal were ordered to be >rlntrd; and upon the question of printing in xtra number, Mr. boaglas took the floor for iVednesdav On motion of Mr. Blgler, It was agreed that vben \be Senate adjourn, ltb? to meet on Wednes lay next. The Senate then postponed the consideration of Ur Crittenden's resolutions until Monday next at 12 o'clock. Mr. Wilson, of Mass , introduced a resolution >f Inquiry as to the places of deposit, protection, uiles. 4c, of the public arm*; which was laid on :he table. Hocsx ?A communication was read from tbe Secretary of War, relating to acceptances for transportation across tbe Plains; dwlarlng that all icceptances lodged in tbe Interior Department .is tecurltles for the missing State bond* were null ind void, and inviting an Investigation. Mr. Bocork moved that tbe messsge be printed ind referred to the special committee of five on tbe subject. Mr. Curtis desired that the printing be delayed until tLe facts could be obtained, and printed with it. Mr. Bocock said that this was simply the de fense of the Secretary of War. and wc ild not af fect the opinions which which might be subse quently formed. Mr. Grow rose to a privileged question, stating that communications to the House from tbe beads U1 IT|<II tliiril tvuiu uu j WV I * v?a ?UI VII^U the President. Mr. Bocock said that any man who bad been accused of malfeasance in office bad the right to defend himself through the Speaker. Mr Clemens read from the statutes that a com munication relative to contracts could be received by the House from tbc Secretary of War On motion, the question was put, and the rom munlcation was referred to the special committee of Ave. Mr. Crawford moved that when the House ad journ it adjourn to meet on Thursday. Mr. Brlygs offered an amendment, substituting Wednesday; which was adopted. Mr McKeon Introduced a resolution, declaring that the Government had power to punish all trai tors in wlntever capacity they may be found; laid over one day. Mr. Biugham introduced a bill for tbe collec tion ef duties on imports, (to amend the tariff,) referred to the Committee on Judiciary. Mr Aldrlch introduced a bill for the building of a wagon road in the Territory of Nebraska; referrtaj. Mr Hooper presented a petition from the citi zens of Utah, leading objected to, and petition re ferred . Mr. Stevens,of Pa.,offered a resolution request ing the President to make a statement to tbe House 111 relation to the forts, arsenal, kr . at Charleston, and whether any troops had been or dered tfcere; laid over Mr Mcpherson ofl'e-ed a resolution railing on the Secretary of War for information In relation to the disposal and sale of arms sincc the first of April, Mr Burch moved to lay on the table; agreed to. Mr Prvor introduced a resolution declaring that any attempt to preserve the union between these States by force will be impracticable, and destructive of republican liberty. - Mr. Hill movfd that th? House adjourn. He was determined to put down all resolutions that had nothing to do with the regular business of the House. Mr. Stanton desired to offer a substitute Mr Hlndman desired that thn ilmne ihmiM fairly mni the question Involved In Mr. Pryor's resolution. Tbe question on Mr Hill's motion bel ng put, the Hou-e refused to adjourn. Mr. Stauton moved to lay tbe resolution on tbe table, and called for tbe yeas and nays. Tbe yeas and nays were ordered; and being taken, the resolution was laid on tbe table?yeas 96, nays 55 Th* Com?i;ttik or Thiktt-Thrk*?The House committee of thirty-three on Saturday con sidered Mr Nelson's proposition for amendments to the constitution, being subsequently that offered bv Senator Crittenden. On moti?n of Mr. Cor - win,the committee struck ont the words Or hereafU-r required,'1 so that tbe division on tbe line of 36 d?*g. 30 mln , mav be applicable only to Territory now held by the Unitea States The vote stocd?yeas 17, composed of the Re publicans. with Mr Davis of Maryland, and Mr. Stout of Oregon; nays 10, all from tbe slave States, with tbe exception of Burch of California. Tbe question beinz taken on tbe adoption of ? ? ?? ?1.1, it ?? . ? vrtk. following vote: Yea??Bristow of Ky., Rurcb of Cal , naminon oi i fi . >nnson or va., Nelson of Tsn , Phelps of Mo , Stout of Oregon, Whlteley of Del aware?P. Nays-Mes*r? Adams of Mau, Campbell of Pa ,Corwin of Ohio, Curtiaof Iowa, Dsvisof Md., Duon of Ind . Ferry of Conn., Howard of Mich , Humphrey of N. Y , Kellogg of 111 , Morrill of Vt.. Mora* of Me . Robinson of R I . Tappan of N H .Washbornof Wis ,Windom of Minn ?10 Absent, or not voting?Messrs. Boyce of S C, Davis of Miaa . Hawkins of Fla., Hanson of Ala., Love of Ga , Rust of Ark , Stratton of N . J., Tay lor of La., and Winslow of N C Mr Taylor of La remark-d that the deciaion thus reached made it clear to his mind that tbsre wou'd be noa^r^emeut by the committee upon the propositions for the adoption of amendments to the existing Constitution, which would be ef fectual for the settlement of the isaue now pend ing between the two jrreat sections of the country growing out of the slavery question; and that in ronsrquence it was his purpose to take no further part in the deliberations of the committee It was his determination not to vote upon any of the other propositions-pending before it. He further stated that he did not prop* se to resign h's place on the committee, as It waa hla Int^nttnn to remain in a position which would enable him to join In a minority report upon the subjects sub mitted to the committee, If that such become ne< essarv, or appear desirable. Thereupon Mr Taylor with Mr. Wlnslow, of N C,and Mr. Houston, of Ala., left the com mittee room. Mr. Adams now offered a resolution declaring It to be expedient that all of New Mexico should be admitted as soon as may be, as a State, on an qnal footing with original States, and that the committee rauie to be prepared an enabling bill for that purpose This was agreed to?yeas 12, nays 10. One-third of the committee being either ab?ent or not voting The onlv two from the lave States who Toted aye, were Messrs Brlstow, of Ky . and Dav s, of Md. A Singular Documsxt?Reported Srk*m* re nd the Kit??p.? Df'ptmdoet ir?<A the Vuw of an Attach on the f S. Anenal at St. Louis.?The St Louis Republican announces the receipt of a letter dated Chicago, Dec. 13th, addressed to the commandant of th? United State* Arsenal at St. ]*euia. which details the proceeding* ?f * Repub lican meeting for Jhe purpose of aiding the Kan aaasufferers It then gires an account of a aeerel meeting of ten persons, during which a committee of three was called on to report wh it assistance had been sent to Montgomery, and what had been done at !*t Louis The plau developed was to take possetsiok of the United States Arsenal at St. l.oul?; also, toe Jefferson Barracks, and rvrucre all the property in tb?in to Kansas. The commit tee reported that f5,lW worth of arms had been sent to Montgomery, and ?10,WU had been de posited with the committee in St. Louis, aud thai they bad delayed the movement at St. Louis on account of there being from three to five hundred guns en rente from Kentucky for repairs, (a fact ol which no one whs supposed to have anv know ledge.) and that they wanted to make this addi tion to their stock in case of capturing the arsenal. The lettes Bays they expected assistance from a large number of Germans residing in the neigh w. iu?ra 01 me Araenai, and most of the workmen In the Araenai. One hundred men were to b? ent from Chicago to aid this enterprise Many other details are given, disclosing great familiarity with the internal arrangements of the Arsenal |?7"Governor Morgan of New York, on Friday Issued a proclamation for the observance of the 4th of January next as a day of fasting and prayer. Be recommends the people of the tftate on thai day to implore the Supreme Ruler of the Universe "to dispel the cloud pregnaat with evil which n?w casts its dark shadow over our land, and thst Be will preserve and strengthen those frater nal bonds, and that Union formed la the midst ol revolution and cemented with the blood of patriots la the struggle which gave its a name among the nations of the earth, and that He will re sew snd_ warm within as those seatlments ol love ana aBection which hin hitherto character ized us u a nation." COHVICTIOW or A NoTKD CoOHTSartlTSt ? Manaaaab, or "Minnie" Price, was convicted la Philadelphia oa a charge of baring counterfeit money In hia poaaeaaion Hla conviction la re garded aa a triumph for justice, the fact being well known to the police that ha wasaa extenaive dealer In counterfeit money, and hla house a grand distributing point for bogus money The Penneylvanlan aays Price had correepondenta all over the Fnion, whom ha supplied with oounter fe t money, and his boohs, with the names of hla correepo"deata la varloua aactioaa, written In cabalistic characters, were secured at the time the desceat waa made upon hla hooaa. JCTThe New York nepers note ' a mysterious movement'' in that harbor. The Express says the steam re venue cutter Harriet Lane, has steam up this (Saturday) afternoon, and la evidently pre pared for a cruise. Collector 8chell, however, aid at three o'clock, that she had act received orders to go any wLere la particular, bat might be bound on a cruise about the harbor la watch tome sarplcloaa craft or other. Smntlia ( Part Mnltrlt-Iuittaral la the tlty [From the Charleston Courier of Friday ] Throughout the city yesterday the greatest Itement prevailed la relation to the new* from rorts Moultrie and Sumter. As early * right 'clock la the forenoon the rumors of to* destroy* Ion of the former or thw military poa?s. ana im ceapatton of the latter by the fores of the United *ta?es. were circulated It was at first currently eported and believed that Fort Moultrie had been aid in ruins, that the guns were spiked, and fee carriages 4c , together with the barracks, burnai, ind that the post had been entirely abandoned, rhe reports spread like wild-lire, and soon gained rurreacv In every part of the city Crowds of citizens anxiously inquired of each other the latest intelligence in relation to the s?*lr?squads col lected on every corner of the streets, and In froat of the public resorts, to canvass the subject. The newspaper offices were besieged, the hotel halls were thronged and even the grave and serious gentlemen composing the State convention shared In the general excitement. On all hands anger and Indignation was expressed at the sup posed perfidious conduct of the Federal authori ties. at whoae Instance It was at first thought the movement was maa?. 1 ne people were j>really Incensed at the idea of a wilful breach of those assurances of non-action which had been ToJjin teered by the Government at Washington, and upon which to much reliance and confidence had been placed by the entire population that every impulse to take the necessary precautions for their own safety had been restrained. Instinctively men flew to arms. Orders were Immediately issued to the following companies to hold themselves in readiness for services Washington Light Infantry, Capt. C H. Simon ton; Carolina Light Infantry, Capt B G. Plnck ney; Meagher Guards, Capt. Ed. McCready, jr , ail together forming a portion of the regiment of riflrt, commanded by Col. J. J. Pettigrew and Major Ellison Capers; also, to the Marion Artil lery. Capt. J. G king; Lafayette Artillery, Capt. J.J Pope, jr ; Washington Artillery, C*pt. G. H. Walker; German Artillery, Capt Nobrden, all under command of Lieut. Col. W. G DeSaus sure; Adjutant, James Simmons, jr ; Sergeant Major, E. Prioleau Ravenei; Quartermaster Ser geant, J R. Macbeth; Surveyor, A Harbot; 5ur? geons, P. G. Robinson and Middleton Michel. Also, the Palmet'o Guard, Capt. Tbos Middleton, and Cadet Riflemen, Capt W. S Elliott All the military forces thus ordered out prompt I.. . t 1 Al _ _ J *1 _A__ * _ _ iv ooeyen xne inmmoni, ana me sireew were toon enlivened by the appearance of Individual men t>ers of the different organization* in tb?ir uni forms About noon the excitement in the streets had attained the highest pitch. The Convention was known to be in secret conclave, and It was believed that this was the subject matter of their deliberations The streets swarmed with people. Additional flags were displayed from the stores and bouses on the principal streets The custom houte, and otber buildings formerly in the pos session of the United Slates Government, dis played the bunting of the infant Republic of South Carolina. Every one looked upon the "war as actually begun." and all seem to feel that their brethren were in the field, and them selves began to grow restless at the prospect of inactivity and suspense. Later in the day, however, the excitement was somewhat abated, when it became known that the movement on the part of the (J. S. forces at Fort Moultria was not at the I nstance of the Ad ministration at Washington, but was merely a precautionary measure taken by Commander An derson, under conviction that his position within the fortress on Sullivan's island would not be tenable, if attacxed in it by well-organized and disciplined troops. The contradiction of the first reports In relation to the damage done the fort by the troops that had evacuated it. also bad a tend ency to allay the excitement of the occasion. FORT SrMTKR AS OCCUPIED. In order to ascertain truthful statements of the actual damage done to the fort, of the cam s of the movement, and of tbe (bite of affairs gener ally, reporters were dispatched to tbe scene during tbe forenoon. On the way across tbe harbor, the hoisting of an American nag from the staff of Fort Sumter at precisely 12 o'clock, gave certain indi cation that tbe stronghold whs occupied by tbe troopa of the United States On a nearer approach tbe for'res# was discovered to be occupied, the funs appeared to be mount^L and sentinels were iscoveredon duty, and tbe place gave every sign of occupancy and military discipline Tbe grim fortress frowned defiance on every side?tbe busy notes of preparation resounded through its unfor bidding recesses, and everything seemed to indi cate the utmost alacrity in the work on hand. FORT MOCLTBIE AND ITS CONDITION Turning towards Fort Aloultrle, a dense cloud of smoke wti seen to pour from the end facing the sea The flagstaff wai down, and the whole place had an air of desolation and abandonment quite the reverse of Its busy iook one week ago, when scores of laborers were engaged In adding to Its strength all the works (kill and experience could suggest. In the immediate vicinity of the rear or land side entrance, however.^greater activity w?s no ticeable At tbe time of our visit a large force of hands had been summoned to deliver up their Implements for transportition to Fort Sumter. Around on every side were tbe evidences of labor in the fortification of the work In many places a portion of the defenses were strengthened by ev ery appliance that art could suggest or ingenuity devise; while In others, the uncompleted works gave evidences of tbe utmost confusion. On all Lands the process of removing goods, furniture, at.d munitions, was yet going on. The heavy guns upon tbe ramparts of the fort were thrown down from their carriages and spiked. Every ounce of powder and every cartridge had been removed from the magazines; and, In fact, every thing like small arms, clothing, provisions, ac coutrements, and other munitions of war, had been removed otf and denoaited nnthinv hut heavy ball* and uselew cannon remained. Tbe entire place wu, to all appearauces, littered up with tbe odd end* and fragment* of war'* den otation Confusion could not have b^en more complete bad tbe late occupants retired lu the face of a besieging foe Fragments of gun carriages, Ac., broken to pieces, bestrewed tbe ramparta. Sand bags, and barrels tilled witb earth, crowned tbe walls, and were flrmlv imbedded In their bomb-proof surface, as an additional safeguard? and notwithstanding tbe heterogeneous acattelng of materials and Implements, tbe walls of the fort evinced a vague degree of energy In preparing for an attack A ditch some fifteen feet wide and about the same in depth surrounded the entire wall on three sides. On the south side, or front, & glacis Das been commenced and prosecuted nearlv to completion, with a|rainpartof sand bags, barrels. Ac On oue side of the fort a palisado of Palmetto logs is extended around tbe ramparts as a com plete defence against an escaladifiz party. New embrasure* have been cut In the walla to is Uj command the face ?>f the bastions and ditch. These new defences are all Incomplete, and are evidence of the haste with which thev were erected. Con sidering the inferior force, in point of numbers, under his command, Major Anderson bad paid particular attention to stresgtfeening only a small , part of the fort. A greater portion of the labor expended wai spent upon the citadel or center of th? west point of the position This he had causcd to be strength ened in every way; loop-holes were cut and everything was so arranged that In case a well concerted attack was made he would have retired from the outer bastions to the ciudel, and after wards blow up the other poitions of the fort Foi this purpose mines had already been sprang ar d trains had been laid ready for the application o| the match. The barrack rc-oius ana every othei part of the fort that was Indefensible would hav< gone at a touch. On the ramparts of the fort fronting Fort Sum ter were nine cigbMrich Columbiads, mounted ou wooden carriages as soon as the evacuatioi of the fort was complete the carriages of theat guns were flred, ana at the time of visiting tb< Fort yesterday, were nearly consumed, and th< guns thereby dismounted These guns, as wel . as idoh constituting me enure armament of th< fortress, were spiked before It waa abandoned This la the only damage done the fortification further than cutting down the flagsUtf, and tu< breaking up of ammunition wagons to form ram parts on the walls of the fort TUB EVACUATION i The fort was found to be In charge of two offi cers and four men, who had been left behinc merely to act as a watch. The place was sealed i to all but the watch, and none but these wen allowed to enter. From the officers In charge it was learned tha the eracuatlon of the fortcomtnenced a little aftei ' sundown on Wednesday evening. The met were ordered to hold themselves In readiness, wltl knapsacks packed at a momenta notice, but up U 1 the moment of their leaving had no idea o: abandoning the post They were reviewed or parade, ana were then ordered to two schooncn , lying In the vicinity, where they embarked, taking with them all the necessaries, stores, tcc, requl lt? ( n tK?ii m ?vsAiiaHAn mm* <M?. II V Tsvuavivu Several trips were made during the night, and , a great part of the provisions and camp fur nlture were transported under cover of night The brightness of the moon, however, afforded but alight concealment 01 their movement!, and in one of the trips, Lieut. Davis in command, i schooner full of soldiers and baggage passed di rectly under the bow of the guard boat 5iina. Th< officer who mads the statement expressed hlmseli Ignorant whether the watch on board the Nini discovered the movement or not?at all events, b< said they did not signify any cognisance of th< bet. arsons roa kvacc&tiom. Prom conversations bald with the gentlemen in possession of the fort yesterday, it was aacertained that the first Impetus given to the work of strength enlng the fort was after the speeehea of Mesare Mag rath. Memmlnger and others, when fears wer< aroused that the time would shortly come which would call Into exercise the use of force in pro i tecttng the public property. L pou this all the en ergies of the officers and men were rally! forth U reader the position as strong as possible Attack) were expected only from the land aide, and to tbi strengthening of tlyaa points nil the availsbk force was put. The officers expressed tbeawlva I to bs able, after preparations, Ac., to make a son I crssful rrtuttnee against any mob or undlsclp Ined force, but against organised troopa the nnall ;arriaon could make no stand. Maj. Anderson bad been ordered to bold the ori. to protect the work, and be intended to do it it erpty badard He denied that either the Preti lenter Secretary of Wat h.-d ?lren any order* 'or tbe evacuation of the poet. Mat Anderson bad tone thla on bisowa responsibility?thinking that >T such a atep be would maka bimeelf aecura ij^lnst attack, protect tbe lirea of biaaoidlers, ind could better guard tbe public property; for, n bia poatton at Fort Sumter be could easily com mand, and if necessary, alienee tbe batteries of Fort Moaltfle thx occrpATion ov roar mocltbia bt ?octh C&aOLINA TROOP*. At twenty minutes to eight o'clock tbe troopa I r*n KnarH th? Vina nn() Hpn Cllfifth landed OD th? wharf of Sullivan's Island. Rapidly forming. I they proceeded utider the command of Colonel OrlSauMure towards the walls of Foft Moultrie. A sergeant and ten men held possession of the place On the approach of Col. DeSaussure's command the detacnraent of U. 9. troops retired without offering axy resistance. The gates were not closed, even, and forty min utes after the steamer touched the wharf the Pal metto tlag, mounted on a hastily prepared staff, (as the original one bad been cutaway,) was flung to the breeze amidtho huzzas of the occupants. Arti*e preparations were I mmediately commenced to render the place defensible. Tbe spiked guns, and those dismantled by the burning of tbe car riages, will soon be In a position to respond to any hostile demonstration made sgalnst tbe place. At 12 o'clock last nlgfet, when our reporter left the Island, all was qnlet and orderly. Sontrles were pacing the ramparts, and tbe ball of " All well" resounded at regular Intervals from the At Cattle Plncknff tbenoie qniet prevailed op to the hour of going to preaa. The aplrlted com' mauds in ponaeaalon are active in their vigilance, and perfectly competent to take care or them aelTca. thi btoemisg or castlk hkc*"jit. The Cbarleaton Mercury glvea the following account of the atormlng of Caatle I'lnckney by the State troopa: The rifle battalion, under commander of Col. J. J. Pettlgrew, aaaembled promptly upon the Citadel Gret-n. They were substantially equipped In winter uniform, with blanketa, knapaacksand revolvers. Tbe battalion numbered no trie one hundred and flfiy men. and conalated of de tach* menta from the Meairber Guards, the Carolina Light infantry and the Washington Light In fautry Shortly after four o'clock the word Was given, and the companies advanced in double quick time, without music, towards the Cooper river. None of them, we believe, excepting 'be officers, were aware of their destination They mbarked on the steamer Nina, wblch Immedi ately heeded for Castle Pinckney, and they soon became confirmed thst th?* destination of the com mand w&t to take possession of that fortress. On ncartng the fort a number of men were ob served on the wh*rf, one of whom, in advance of the others, was oliserved holding what appeared to be a parer In his band. This was said to have been the Riot Act. As soon as the Nina touched the wharf the storming psrty who had been de tailed for that duty, sprung ashore and rushed rouud to the rear of the fortress where the gate Is situated. This was found closed, and a cry for storming ladders was soon answered by a detach ment bearing a dozen or more of them. These were Instantly planted, and under cover of the rifle) of the battalion, the walls were eacaladed and the gates thrown open On entering the fort it was found to be tenanted nnltr Kir an nf ?nai nrpn fin/i amall ntrtir V ? J ? J ? * tU '.VI Vk VII^IMVVIV Mil V* H 91*111 It f ' I J of laborers, none of whom made any resistance. Tbe officer was informed that be was at liberty to leave, end remove his personal effects, and In a few minutes be set out in a boat belonging to tbe fort, accompanied by four otber men From tbe direction in wblcb be steeyed it is supposed he went to Fort Moultrie. The flag of the Nina, consisting of a white star on a red ground, was then hoisted amid loud cheers; and when our reporter left a strong guard had been mounted and prepirations for garrison ing tbe fortress were well advanced MAJOR AKDIBSOJI'S REPLY TO THE CHARLBSTOil AUTHORITIES The Wilmington (N. C ) Herald says: After Major Anderson removed to Fort Sumter, Gov. Pickens sent Col. Pettlgrew and Major Capers down to him with a dispatch. The Courier says his reply had not transpired, but we learn that a gentleman who arrived here yesterday from Charleston says that Major Anderson received the abovenamed gentlemen courteously, and stated to them that be had acted upon bis own responsl LlllA.. J m 1 A tl * 1 -1 4 J AL . oiiiiv, aim lor Kcuniy?mo* uc upprpcawu 10c necessity for it, and hoped no attack would be made upon him?that he should bate to turn hit gunsupon hlscountrymen, but, unless commanded by the Government of the U nited States, he would never surrender the po^wbile he lived, and that if an attack was m&dPlipon him, he hoped the first shot fired at the fort wouid pier e*u heart it t* said he has one year's provisions In the fort, and over two hundred men. Th? Ob?ri.?ton Mercury says : Captain Foster, U. S. Engineers, visited Charleston on Thursday, and remained for some time during the great ex citement resulting from the transfer of the garri son from Port Moultrie,with which he was acti ve Iyconnected. The act shows that a United States officer relied on the faith and honor of South Car olina, even after bis superior officer had insulted, outraged and defied the State. SECESSION OH A CXITKD STATES VXSSIL. Captain N L. Coste, late of tbe U tf. Revenue service, in command of the cutter Wm Aiken, has given official notification of bis resignation, and has discharged his crew The crew, or being notified of the position of Captain Coat<?, mul-r the late ordinance concerning thecustoms prom fitly volunteered to remain under Lis com mand &a an officer of South Carolina under thai ordinance. Yy?THE UNION PRAYER MEETINGS 1 will be hoMnu ever* day this weak, in th? F> urth Piesbvteriin Church, (Rev Dr Smith'*, on Ninth street, to ooinmence at 4 o'clock, and u .continue one hour. fie 31 rT5?BURNS CLUB.?There will be a meetipj L_? oi the Club on THURSDAY *VE*INO the 3d Jauuary, at7o'cloos. at the Kxchaaje Hotel on* street, bet vroon and 6 h Punctual a't"B auce ta requested. aa an eko'ion of oifioera wi! then take place for the nauin; voar. Persons de kifousof becoming members will pleaso attend. By order of the Presi enr. de31-2t* JAMES SWORD. Sec. REGISTER'8 OFFICE, December 28, l?l Notioe is hereby f i?-en, (hat Lioenoes issue? to Owner* of D-igs will expire on the Slat instant and that said Licenses mu?t be renewed, in c<?m ni finae with ,*w. at this Offine wilh'n fan rf? >?ft? that time. je a-tja3 WILLIAM MORGAN r\u Aii, Regi?w, fY"*?" R KGIBTBR'SOFFICK, December 28,186< K_Sf Notice in hereby given,that L'oen*es is.?uei toHnckatsra will expire on the Slat instant, ar that raid Licences niuat fee renewed, in complianc with law, at this Office within tea day a alter tha time WILLIAM MORGAN, de 28-tja3 Register. nrS*"MUTUAl. FIRK 1NSURANCF. COM 'lj3 PANY ? NOllCE ? All Policiesiseued b Dim company will expire on MONDAY, Decmhe 31. 1?W, and are required to be renewed at or befur that time. deai-ootji CHAS. WILSON, 8*>e. OfFICK GASLIGHT COMPANY Waihisoton. December ?, "SUft.?Notic la herfbjr given, aa required by t e nb^rter, tr>e an election for five direotors to manage the affai' of this ?;ompan? during the \ ear 1881 will be held n the office < t the aatae. No 31A Llevrnth at. wet' on MONDAY, January 7, lttjl, at '2o'o ock m Atteat: J. F. BROWN, de ao-3tawtJan T p Secretary, t<!5=?FAIR.?The ladiee Fletcher Chapel wi 1.L3 hold a Fair at No. 374, Seventh street, tx tween L and M ate., from 20th to Slat Deoembe inclusive Come, enjoy *ourselveit and procure ai tides far the holidays Season tickets, admitting gentleman and lady, 30 oenls; single admittance 1 cetti. de is m* VWCOLLECTOR'S OFFICE. CITY HALL lUJ WajhisoTOM, December 6, 1880. TAXES ON PERSONAL PROPERTY SLAVES, Ac.?Notice ie hereby given that the ta hi!la lor Hou<eliol? Furniture,Stocks. Slaves, Ac for tno year IIS', and previous years, are now inad out and ready for delivery, and are payable at thi orfeoe, Tho e who do not call and kettle their bit! within twenty dais from this date will be oailed a by one of my assistants, and if the bills are sot pai wi'hin sixty days from this date I shall proceed t enforoo the collection in the manner reqoired h law. J AS. F. HALIOAY, de 13 Jot Collector. y-S?DEMPSEY a O'TOOLE. J3 WEDDING AND VISITIN& Importers of fine WEDDING b'/aVi6NER^ WEDDING ENVELOPES, the mo?t beaotifnl style 326 Pa. At,, between 9th and loth ate., au 27-6m Washihoton. T>IANO FORTES AT PRICES TO SUIT THI r HIUL?0 U.1 ?a. - M - - ' jm, ?iiuuo.?^mmuHinwirsaoi ((ore WO IMQ crowded; now ia the Um to buy cdmi. JOTIN F.ELLIS, . d^St 306Pa. ?t.. bet. >tb and lKk ete. ! O FG ARD'.ESS <>F COST.-JVOIT 18 til L IV chaxck.?Melodeons, Guitars, Violins. Ht! jos, Aooordeons, Tnmhorines, Flutes, Files, Musi . Bouks, ttleo Books, Piano Stool i. Piano Coven 4? ,&o. Remember, at saori&oes regardless ofeos > 306 Pa. ?T?Jhet. nh^'nf lothits. f Great bargains in good iecond hand Pianos, ds! ! \f NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. I?l00RE'8 B?uill Orops will stop a Conch i fivd minutes, M>ore's Compasioa Ldnineotwi core Chilbtaina, Kro?t?d Feet. Pains in Faoi Spr^ina. It a. Moo-e's improved Benaine will re i move Paint, Oils,, fromtMmost deli [ eate eoloieo silk or wool*n tools without lojnrisi Ue oolor oi texture. Prepared and so-d at MOORE'S West Erd 0 of Store, de Sl -lw H3 Pa. ar-nan. , pREBIDKNTa LEVBE TO MORROW! j our lira kid gloves. i da 'I colors, for ladies aod yents. Also, a fa f 1 i t llfai Trlf|ri|>brd frm Wuhliftoa. WiiiiMm. Der n ? I'otdmUtt 0??nl Bolt to-dar ordered warrant* to be draw* In favor of the mall contractor* in South Carolina for a boot thlrty-eii tbonaand dollar*, being tbe balance to I tbe credit of tbe department deposited with tbe J AaalaUnt Treasurer at Charleston, tfeua securing J to the postal seniot all accrucd funda In that ae- ' ceding Stat*. The Secretary of tho Treasury haa jost recoiled i a despatch from Charleston, stating that tho rere nnecutter in the port of Charleston had boon seized by tbe authorities, and that the captain, who ia a satire of Charleston, haa resigned Tbe lntelll- , gence was immediately communicated to the < Cabinet. The Navy Department at two o'clock received a despatch from Lieut James P Foster, com manding the slaver Bonlta. which wu carried Into Charleston, stating that hla prisoner, the cap Jiln of the slaver, had been taken before a State ddge by writ of babeaa corpus, that the Judge remanded the prisoner to hla custody on the ground that be had no Jurisdiction, and that on hla war to the Bonlta with bla prisoner be had been taken by force from bit costody by a mob. From California, he. San Fsaxrisco, Dec. 16.? ludge Baldwin has sent In his resignation ss Judge of the Supremo Court, to take effect Jannary 1ST The political rumor finds considerable credence thatOeneralJ A McDoogall, Hon J W McCor k!e and Richard P. Hammond hare formed a combination to uaetheir unltrd influence with the Douglaa Democracy to elect Hon. Mr. McDougall to the United States Senate thia winter, Mr Ham mond, Governor of the State, nest snmmrr, snd u-r?vu rniM 9hte< Jrott*. on the mi invvvimiv w ?' ? -? , expiration of Mr Latbam'sterm The prog ramus* will meet-with strong opposition within the Door la* ranks. The two strongest candidates for the enatofsblp tbts winter appear to be General McDoogall 8n?t General Denver. The organization of a joint stock company to open the AYasboe sliver nines la among the most noticeable features of the time! At often as two or three tlm??s per w?-ek some cnrnpenf, with a nominal capital stork ranging all the way from 5500,000 up to several millions, Ales article* ef in corporation with the Secretary of Stite. electa ef flrers. and appears to be earnestly preparing to commence sliver miuing. Some of these com prise men of wealth and character, while many are doubtless stock jobbing operations. Some line specimens of coal, resembling in ap pearance the West Hartley coal, are on exhibition at San Francisco, and purport to have been firnnsht from a newlr discovered mine about eighty mile from Carron Valley, where a com pany have claimed three thousand acres of land, covering the mine, and are preparing to com mence developing. The coil la very much needed iu the Washoe silver mines, as other kinds of fuel for smelting purposes are ecarce and difficult of access. A copy of the Honolulu Commercial Advertiser, dated November 1, ha* reached Sen Francisco via Vlctorls. The news is four days later than pre vious advices A complete change in the American Consulate office was made at Honolulu on the 27th of Octo ber. 8 \V Harden, Consul, and T. T. Dough erty, Deputy Consul, were removed, pursuant te orders from Washington, and F L Hanks ap pointed to the latter position The latter appoint ment was followed bv the removal of the physi cian and surveyor of the hospital. Commercial mat'ers at tb? island continue gloomy; whalers' bills, five per ceat discount, money two per cent, per month, interest since the 11th of October. JO THE PUK LIC. Havinp a large amount of money to pay prior to the 1st of Marob.and 9 wing loth* general stagna tion of business, we have determined to offer an extra inducement for purchasers t i bay of us for oath, and we now propose to make a duoount of in pero?nt on all easn ?a as du-ing the neat SIXTY DA VS. in order to reduce our very large stock of goods, and realixe the money lor them, previous u> opening our spring supplies Cash customers wih readily see the advantage* they will have in tradi- g with us, on the te ins pro posal, as aa examination of our stock and iron will snow for themselves whether or not we are sincere in oar proposition, and as the greiter por tion of onr Fancy Stock baa already been marked down since the crisis ben an, we feel confident that the extea inducements we i nw offer will he hit lily appreciated by every one having goods to buy who are at all familiar with the prices generally charged elsewhere. We need hardly aid that onr atook, owing to th? state of the times is now very large, in many kind* of staple as well a? Fancy Goods, and purchasers will be abletosupplj themselves with almost every artiole in our line of business, at very low prieae. and in many instances, at lets than the actual oost. 1 he lowest price will invariably be namad at onoe. W. M. SHUSTEK * CO., No. 3? opposite Center Market, de t7-VHdeo?t between 7th and 8th sta. w NflTinR. 1 BEG Mont re?p*oifully to inform our customers that'heir bills for .'anmry 1st are now reidy, ud I woald t>e ob i(ed by their calling ud set lag the ??U? R. C. STEVENS. T NOTICE. HE Bills of all our oustomers have been maie off, and will be rendered between this and the 1st of January. \Y e earnestly desire an rarly teltlement of all our aoouuts, arid especially those that were oar ri?<i over from Ju!y ant. de 29 3'_ M. W.GALTft BR P., Jewelers. JU?T RECEIVED BY FRENCH 4 RICHSTEIN, U78 Pexm. Avtuc*. Ha'.'am's Middle Aees,'h"> new Boston Literary Edition River side Press; ton-d paper; prio* 43.75 by mail The uin*i hravr discount at onr store. Aisa, the same editions of MoCanley, Hume. 6ib bon, Carlisle, Laml>. Shafcspear. de 29 HAVE YOU8EEN thefiOe ntCliild:en'? Ho-ks at FRENCH A. RI.HSTEIN*. 878 Pa avenue, sellinr for 1?? cents? Have you seen the elegant $2 Annual* fo> Nr>w Y>*r presents, at FRENCH At RICH?TEIN'S. selling f ronly 9 Call and make y >ur Purchases before they are all gone. At FRENCH fc RlfHSTEIN'3. de39 878 Pa avenue. JELLING OKF! SKI.LINGOFF: ? FOR CASH-FOR CASH! Our entire stock oi Winter Dress Goods. Shawls in areat vanttj. I-ail if>?' t.loaks. Fancy Uress Silks and SUK KoMi, Piainand F ench Merinra, Popin g and Rrps, Une Bed Blanket!, all at oost for ? a?t>. Also, a tuli stock of gon^ral Staple Goods for family wants. All will be sold at reduced prices for cash. J, W. CO LEY *CO, df 29-2w 431 Seventh st., ah ? Pa. a*. A PEW IN EPIPHANY CHURCH ? OR 8AI.E ? Pew No 105, near the pulpit. in the mddleaisle. Apply t > the->xton. de38-iw* IJ*ARM HAND.-F-t hire from the 1st of Jaa? ary a voting NEUKO MAN, loent >mrd to wo-koaafarm. For honest* and rood cha~acter he can bf recommended. Addio&s Box George town, D. O. del* st* nt\ic TIMVSi i PAX1C PRICES' Wehave ju*t r?fiH a arge lot ofCLOTHf NG FURNISHING SOODd, HATS and CAPS, or consignment, which tnusl be soid before th* 4th o| March, witco-t re*aru t-> cos'. TIim* Rood* liav? a 1 b*>-n m*de up by lha heat houam in Baitintor* and Phi adelphia, and owing to tho time* the* will he sold at almost any price ouro? jeet t eing 'o tun them into ca?h as soon a* possible L A. BKALL A CO., Cothiars. No. 139 ?mnth it, above 6. N. B.?Come on*, com* alt: now it the time t< buy WINTKR Ci.OTHING at may price on Bev euth sU, No. 439.4 door? ahov fi it dea-lm Extraordinary o a r d-chariti COMBINED with A >KCKSS/_?^ tv.?The Piano i ha??? 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J baa opened the Reetaarast No. 4*9 Sixth VflAI rtreet, between C and Latwuea amie.ifMJ (formerly kept fey JaMbSmith ) A new and etw>?e? *"d*a""m* F. 6, EOHR. ^JENKRAL. STAGE OFFICE. ~ irietorsof tb? follow Marlboro1, Nfd^L^onkf biSWSaijttMStSi the Kirr.mell Houn*, C ?t.. made A F. Kimmslx. o C >C, 4K tad Ct] __ Hot*4, M Ac*w. On m i#tr Um* fete the pnbUc vi rMMOwl to ill at tfc Kiramell Hout to take wiu for the above u?? .Mm ?M'&Tr'F^" Prof M^boro*aadCbcytieoLine*. N. B.?The kUcitwr iii(i L&or fcrdtowi will leave tbeOBoe on TttaaOaytTTbaxedaje, mm 8a*urd?jra, oommMoinc oa Ugr-* AUCTION SALES. Hi cl?a1(V i '. ?&? whr??s; tfc ftrft, ?t l? o'o^ook * *?., * too* tot of w?.1 r*pt B om?hoM Fwrattmr*. w^HiUii >!( " mt Ctvri, >o?l ahogaay ftnl*. J*pnn? k fc_ WMUIMIB, Do d<> do Cntor wl Mr T?M?, Wain at RMitndf, Lour*, Hw tut Cm* mm Ch4 ri and Rookera, W h*n Exwo'i n I>?cia? ?r d oth?r TiWh, F??%th?r Bed*. BoUteri. ard fil o?i. Hair, Col on, and Bhvck M>ti?ww. Carpet*. Ot cloth, ard Maitinf. rr d.tofsndayi, for no tee aauafbctorUy baaTinc lataraat. The Uobm U lor rant. insane of the Auouoo?r?, deSi CLEARY> GRKEN, A.ol.. ]\f AKKHALTS SALE.?In virtaa of a writ of 1*1 te-i iiciM i?aue<t from the Ork'i Ofto* of tba Ciroait Coartof the Dtatnct of Co.ambia f<>r the Countf of Waahinc ton, aad to me dirootod. I will axeo?e to tabae aola, lor aaah. In front nt tha Soart Hoaae door of said ooncty, oa THURl AY, tha lath day of January next, IK1, at IS o'clock m..Uiefollovia(d(>?c'ibod property, to wit: Part of Lot No. 6, m :*?*? No. M9. beataniai at the north wee t corner of aaid lot and ra?nia< tbene* eaat on Virginia avenae 19 feet 1 taah: theaoe aoath Wl| * M JHHW ? ? tw IUVM. ??T7||vr- OV?M< by aouthwaet tha depth of aaid lot; thenoe weetbr aoatbweet to the aoathweat ooraor of aatd lot; theno" north by northaaatIC feet S iaohea to Vir ginia avenue, oontainior * CR e^oare feat, totethfr - .1, I ? ... .k WIU ftll ?? i?H miv w,,, . the city of WikShinfton. U. C... mim* ?nd lerird upon M t*?? profit* o( John Meonekfin. aad tRiJ b* ?o'd to ??tielV judicifcii No. 14. to Jaamkrr t#rni, im, iw furor of J. K. Woltard, qm of John Kurd*. d?U-dt? W 8ELDEN. t'. ?. M*tmuU. ^ ALL SHOWED UP! ( ALL SNOWED UP! ALL SNOWED UP! o* I ALL ROrifD THE STOVE! AT THt PEDLAR*' AND PIL9RIMS RERT. TEDLAR8* AND PILGRIMS' RERT, PEDLARS' AND PILGRIMS' REST. A NEW YEAR'S STORY. APr?AB?oif tits * 3d of January, in61. In the City of New York, on the altore date, will be mvie paimc. the above ail-exeiUag, al abeorb in* ir.cidf ot Of wkioh almost ererj on* is acxieos to bear or koow something Be it known, therefore, that John Rmi Dix, K?h , has written a moat remarkable New Years story?remarkable alike lor ttm inteaeely anmiinc snJ tbril'inc narrative, r^niu* and pwer. which o&nDot fail to carry with i? delight aixl amusement in'o the household of every family in the land. Seldi ir, if ever, baa a story been published users suited for universal perusal at the comraeooem?nt of a new year. The records of tha wonderfa! tale* told by the pilgrims and prdlare who ware all snowed up together on the atetnorfeble ooeasioa referred to. are a 1 happily blended together by tha UIH"T IU m Hi I"" > uuwt >?IW| ?i - ?<-? i T? aau ? - terttiniDg, in thia new ?w>ry. Tbe afoo?e Stor> hu been wntt?n pacia'lr for the Household Joirnal, oommeacinf ia No. ll It will appear exo.utively IK THE HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL The FiTtriU Ftallr Paper, Tbe 3d of January, 1*61. SIXTEEN PAGES. THREE CENTS. THREE CENTS. THREE CENTS. THREE CENTS. So'd by all Bookaellera and Newa acenta pInane tend in your orders aa tarly aa poeat ble to enaare a pr<> cut ply* Tbe HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL ia the grea ' ?? 1 *a* Ka m v a Pn hi laliMf sofc 1 SIXTEEN PAGES. SIXTEEN PAGES. SIXTEEN PAGES. Centa. J'ublubed by A. IIARTHIIJ. * CO., 2? North 1 illiana at.. New York. Mm ?d to an? a-ttiroaa for $l.S<ia >ear, with the folio*U| ii*laoern?aU to cluba: 6 ooptee, |7)i| year; 10 oopiea, 8115", 15 oopiea. f 16 3f>; 25 oopiea, #2S a year. Sample oopiea mailed free to any addreaa by the put Itanera. Send for a oopy. So <1 by all Se? mat*. ?ie271 P OFFICIAL ROPOSAL* FOR KRKCT1NU A COURT HOUMi AND POST OFFICE AT PH1LA PHIA, PA. Truifit nmtTsmT,Dee?nbma4l|M>. Pealfp P?oro?*Ls will be rroeired attb>a D? pa tment uau the 224 day of Kebraarv, Al) MW, at It o'oivoli at noon, for lite ouattraottaa of tka Philadelphia Court-Houe- ai d Poat Odioe.acoord in* to the plan* una apfcinoatioca prepares at taia DmitoMoL Theee pr< po?ala B ?at be for the whole work; brt erch porta n < f "o? w? rk and the amoaot b 4 tbe'e f >r mint b> separate t stated i* the bid; the reaper tire amount lor eaen kind of work carried out, a.nd the total anvout stated; the iMfutnwit serving the right to reject or accept the proposal* hereby invi'ed or any parts thereof woea itd<-em? the interest of the United tftatos reqairee it; the Department atso reaervea the right to 'xoliide (he biaa ofai.T person or persons whom there iajaet oanis to be:ie*e will not faithfully perform the eoe tract*, ??r which thov have attempted to obtain bv indirection; a> rl ail 6'ds when thore aha!) be parties in intrreet who do not join in the b da. aad ail Wa that, upon iuveatigation, are below a fair price for the work. No contract will be awarded to bidder* a a til de tails are famished the Depart meat of the arioee of the different kinda oi work aad roateriafa, which a?ai! be aatject to the raviaion of the Department, ao that th* croaa bid ?hail be e^aitab r apporiionec apoo the whole work to gaida the Department la making paymccta Ninety par cen'. of the amoant of work 4am aad material* delivered, aoeordiag to ooa'.raet priee. (aaid amount U be aeeertaiaei by Ut?,*Ue<U of an ages: of U>* Department appointed for that par po*e.) win be paid fr*na time to time aa the work procreeaea, aad tea pec e.'ft retained uetii the com pWLon of tf.e contract aad aoocetaaee of the work. Ac., by the agent aforeaud, aad be forfeited ia the rant orbod iuiBinieui 01 oontraot. Coatracta will b? awarded ?alt to MiUr hsiM nOf MM?anio?. and the Miignmeit Urwf, ex ee?t by eooaant of t* Mer*Urr?l tktTmitrT, will ba a forfeiture o| tbe i IfMk | m m e 2<V*n, that the b;ddar will, when retired, if hia (rotoal b? iomvM. enter into t oontraot and bond, with proper ?i,<! aaAaiaat eoanUee for ita ^PllwB,,epaoiLo?twtn? and workinc dra? iui aaa ba after forty day a. Mi otter iaforma tioa obtained oa ayr lottion to tta p?i>iaiBt The propoaaia muit baaaat to ttw Departmem. addraaae>' to tta t>aar*tarr of tta Traaaary. (?a Prtpofl i far Ik* Pkilmdflphxa Omni H?mM and ftt (/>< ?,") ai.J wilt to opaaed at I w el oak p. on .01 th? iaatrfav u%a?ad for reoeiviag tta aaine, tsr " & M of Uo dcS CANS, i?Y KKU1 KINO * ILL J^OTICB TO ALL or OUR CUSTOMERS WcirthtriMlll of oar toooiita midt of to dale. and will tak* it M a groat favor if Umt v.11 ?C ? ? ?rt, dayjM. de 1? *w 1 *U? oU , oator Markot ?ADKT BLUE CI 8&5JS32.r la Qiair to ooarort oar itoek ta o#?riac ??ar oauro ?to?k at ?r?atij ONE PRICE ONLY I iSZZZZXSift