Newspaper of Evening Star, January 1, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 1, 1861 Page 1
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* ? V?t. XVII WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. JANUARY I. 1861 N?. 2.456. THE DAILY EVENING STAR n rrb uhprd e vbr r afternoon, SUNPAV8 EXCEPT BO.) AT THE STAR ||lLDI1ti?, tw / furwy/tMtf ? *??? mnd 1UA * ? Y _ / w. D. W1LLACH. ^apera served la ptokifM by carriers < k rear. or ST oents per month. To Mil sabeerlbeti he pnoe ia fSJn % rttr, W? idmn, <2 for six oath*; -91 for thro* months; aad for i*u this fcree months 1 the n? of II ?to > week. 8m?l* opies. oni cijiti ia wrappers, two CKWTS. JCJ-ADVK?THMj<*jrr? *oooId b? tent to the oBoe ?e!ore Uo'oiook m., otherwise thsj max not appear sotil the next dap. 3E0RGET0WN CORPORATION AFFAIRS. Ctrrtffondtnte / Tkt Star. GRoaniTOWK, Dee 31, I960. Tbe following is a brief report of the action of the Board of Common Council on Friday eveniug last, on tbe 'salary resolution When tbe rutea had been suspended, on motion of Mr. r.n_l ?h. aa stated In oar last latter, the rrf*>Uitlon win reaa lor Information. Mr. Dunlop suggested tlie addition of a "re pealing ciauae " It beinjj agreed to consider the resolution by Item*, the Cnair read the first?"Mayor, S3UU per annum " Mr Tenney wai glad this bill had been brought in in tiair to reduce tbe expense*, and he con curred In that object and was in favor of the reso lution, but must oppose this item He could do so without reference to party or to the present incumbent. He did not know who would be the neit Mayor The gentleman over the way (Mr. Stake) mt?bt l*. or he himself might be; but he did not think be ever would lie then urged that would be sutLcisiit pay nerhapa, were ! n'-J, for 4atins on the committee before Congress. Taid men w k best." He moved to strike out End Insert S1,0U>, (the same as at present ) Mr. S*Uke inquired if the gentleman (Mr T) bad not at the tiujs h - voted to give the Surveyor SI 111) and make hlin rannniulonf r of streets. promised to vote for a reduction of tbe Mayor't Hilary. Tw?- or three hour* etch day would be sufficient in tbe office, if the incumbent wu quick as hit friend (Mr. T ) wat. For bimtelf, b?- wji not an aspirant; he was too modest a man If be recollected, his friend was the first to advo cate the advance of tbe Mayor's salary from 9600 to ft,000. Mr Tenner said that be was not * number of the Corporation at that time. Mr Stake thought 9500 ample remuneration. The Corporation was in debt and could not pay mall bills W by it it ? Mr. Tenney said that when tbe Know Nothing Corporation voted to reduce theMayor't salary to StiOO, and appo nt a itreet commissioner at *400, v a J _ : a. 1* J t kf . />i 0 l tie vi tea against i?, auu worn mr. ^rnwioru ve toed it be voted to sustain him. He made the ex planation to dhow his consistency. He was a strong party mm before elections, but afterwards at ted for the ?ood of the town. He did not know ab nit the neifr mayor, or if we would want one. (f tbe sjggestions of the Richmond Enquirer are arried out we will have no Washington and no 4>e?*rg?town. But we have to act without refer ence to tbese mattere, and be only hoped the next mayor would be an able man. He would talk candidly h?w as to a brother, and would say that '.he duties of the May.or before Congress take up ? jrtn*. deal of time at the busiest season of the year for him, but If it were not for the?e duties he ui:ght be induced to accept a nomination. Mr Duulop said it was our duty to relieve those who bejr th? burden of taxation as much a? possible Twenty or thirty years ago $400 w*s coj?;dtrrd a sufficient salary, and our population was nearly as large, and the duties greater, as tbe Mayor then acted as a magistrate. There Is how very little ta do. As to the labors of the commit ter b-Jore Congress ttey amounted to very little He thought a suitable incumbent might be found iOr tbe proposed salary. Mr. Hillultl that he was glad if they would not help him to get money in the treasury they >v?re willing to take care ef what they did get. He would vote for #00*> Mr Fearson said it waa a sour subject for a can lidat? to &.\ hit salary before bia election to office. If any our didn't chooee to serve for 94M) or P5W, let him stay at home. Plenty of aa good men as Air Addlscn or Mr. Tenney could be got for that. Mr English, when a member of the com mittee before Congress, in 1650, or 1863, wan in formed that hU services were not wanting. They wanted the honors themselves. Mr Mitchell ana Mr Addison could ko oat there and swallow the Capitol or dry the Potomac up. They had dons so many things, he wanted them to rest two or three years He would vote for them to rest Mr. Tenney said Mr. Addison bad nothing to do with the matter. As for himself, his allusions were playful. His party had sometimes solicited him to be a candidate, but he had frowned down the off?*. The gentleman says that gentlemen could be got for but would they t>e worth any iiigic nr put a uigucr miaiiir ua ail own service* it unght suit rich men, but he had a growing family to provide for. When he accept ?-<l office be wished to All it well. The man waa a credit to the office, not the oitlc? to the man. Mr Kearaon here made a remark which Mr Tenuey characterized aa an Indelicate alluaisn. and high word* pas??d between those gentlemen A* the altercation was rather of a perao:ial nature ai'4 the difficulty waa ami ably adjjited, we withhoid a repoit of it After thla little episode, whlci w is quite spicy, and seeuied to threaten aa ' irrepressible conflict"? Mr. English said he waa sorry, to aee these per. aonalitiea The < ommlttee < f ways and mean* in view of the heavy debt of the town, and casting about to /educe the expenses, had commenced with the office holders He hoped future corpor ationa would look to aalariea aud atreet Improve ments Some bad been asked for which involved the Corporation and were quite injudicloua. In rnmnae-jclasr thia avatem of retrenchment and r?. form, We could fortunately legislat* without ref erence to any one. Mr E then proceeded to advocate, in an able manner and at some length, the recommendation of the ways and meana committee, elating among other things tiial he bad served on the committee b? fore Coii^reaa without pay. and other gentlemen bad done and were willing to do (O Mr Teni;ey'? 91,000 amendment failed to p?u by the following vote: Yea?Mr Tenney?1. Nava?Meaara Oodge, DuiUop. Engllab, Fear eon. Mill, King. Piekrell and Stake??. He then moved "fS4X?;"'which failed by th? same vote. He then moved "S600;"' In which the vote wai V?!?-M?ir?. Hill, !?tHke, and Tenney?3. . Nays-Messrs Dod^e, Dunlop, English, K?r on, King and Plckrell?<1. The item was then passed. The neit item? Clerk of the Corporation and Secretary of the Board of Aldermen, 91,300?aft* i cu>e remarks by the mem beta generally, com pit mentary to Mr Laird, the picsent Incumbent passed unanimously. The neit?"Surveyor and Street Commissioner S3ii0"-aad the next?"Water Engineer, out o tUt water fund, f3<iOM?both passed without d< >>ate [The present Incumbent of those offlcesget *1 400 ) The next Item?"ive policemen at 9150 each" \v?s opposed by Air. Tenney and other gentlemen wbo thought the present salaries (S500 eachjwer liitiu enough; and suggestions were made, but no acted ob. that the police might light and extin gutsh the lamps; sfter which Mr. Tenney' amendment to Insert S300 passed by the followinj vote: Ayes?Messrs Dunlop, Hill, King, Plckrell Make, and Tenney?6 Noes?Messrs Dodge, Engliah. Fearaon?3 v 1 h< rc are at present eight policemen.) i dc next iiera, tniei 01 ruiice ?> v," vn, o motion of Mr Tenney, amended by Insertlr, WOW," (the present salary;) which passed bytb same r<>> as the preceding amendment. The next item, "Clerk of the Common Councl *150," (at p.rearnt be gets fftju.) wu warmly di bated, all agreeing, however, in referance'V) tti ttficiency of the present Incumbent, Mr. W. A King, and Mr. Tenner laughingly remarkln that he thought the pleasure of listening to tfc debate* here would pay for one night's atteu< ance; after which the Item passed. The next Item, '-Messenger of both Boards an of the Mayor, use of town house and SAM;" paaset The next, "Scavenger $254)," was. after expli nation, amended by Inserting "SDOO."(thepreset salary.) The next, "Keeper of Little Falls Bridgef loo; passed The next, ''Clerk of the Market 100." was 01 posed by Mr Tenaey,*i)d<teb?tc4itaoan?l?ii?t : id Mr Tessey's UD?ndm?t of "#150," f*i|? Vy the following Tote: \ M-ilM i H1U, King, PickreU, and Te nev?4 Dunlop. Kngllab, Fitnoi, an Mailt*?4. Vir. Teunsy then propourd fl'JO; which p*aae The next, '-Superintendent of Fir? Apparat 400," w a, after explanation, sod remarks coi plliseutary to the present Incumbent, increased ' ??00," (as at present ) Tbe next Item, ' Oil Truatee of Um Poor u WoikLoi:ae #100," wis opposed by Mr Stake a/-count of bis rspognawce to "oos man power *:td advocated by others, wbo said that wb there were three trustees one generally did aQ t work: after which It passed. "1'i.e resolution waatben.on RMtlaa of Mr. Ti nrr. au>?aded bjr making the payments "mom lv 1 uctead of "quarterly." u4 the addition 0| repealing clause, and prnimri ananimoualjr; af which the Board adjourned l*?U*a \oLC!?T**oe.?The LouliTlli# Mp tated that a r< (1aient of Toluntorr? hod tx fcrn.ed In tbo lower port of Indians, who hi tendered their services to the people of Kentuc ocild any ?ia*e lowrfcrtloa oeeur. * Litibatcbk akd Akt?Mr Balfe's opera of Blanca, the Bravo'* Bride, baa been produced with aaccess at the London theatres, by the Pyne and Harrison company Mr Palgrav* Simpson la the author of the llberto, whose aubject ia taken from Zachokk'a dramma of the Abailiao. The critics apeak highly of the muaic. The new name of an opera oomposer cornea from Copenhagen Thia la M Berenat, whose opera, " A Trial of the heart," ia aaid to have had a sue cess at the Royal Theater. It U M<<t I** Pavii that Mr (<va hua fnnni) t t?nnr in Italy; also, that among tals opera* of 1MI are to be given " Gnillaume Tell," " D'Ktolle," (with M. Faure a* Peter,) and a version of the "Pre anx Clercs " How d<es such a rumor tell the tale of the 4 loat estate" of Italian music'?this, to*,while the Grand Opera of Parta la relying for its novel ties on a quasi-Italian composer, Prince Ponla tnwskl, and a German so ultra-German aa Herr Wagner.?At h( n/rum. Tagllonl'a new ballet, " The Butterfly," was produced with Immense success in Paris The oozes were thronged with fashionable people and the applause was continuous. Mile LI vry achiev ed a triumph and Inspired the feuilletonists with hitherto unheard of paroxysmatlc flourishes of rhetoric In her praise. Lord Brougham's new and long expected Trea tise on the British Constitution is promised this manth; also, Mr. Henry Mayhew'a new book for boys, "Vounsj.Benjamin Franklin." According to the Paris Sport, the Emperor Na rviloAn >a tnnn aa ha all ill 1 havp rnrrt nl^twl Ml history of Jtiilua Osar. intend* to present him self as a candidate for the French Academy, upon the strength of It. Pikpakatioxs For War in Massachusetts asdNew Hampshire ?A Boston dispatch,dated iWh December ssys: "There Is no disguising the fact that Massachusetts Is ready to respond promptly to any demand made upon ner for troops to sustain the Union and the laws. I learn to-day, from the highest authority, that seven thousand troops can be put in marching order op twenty hours' notice, and that one hundred and forty-live thousand men are enrolled in the militia of this State Of this number twenty thousand could be etally mustered. . The financial resources of Massachusetts were never In better .condition for surh an emergency; and the people are enthusiastic to be enrolled Adjutant General Abbott, of New Hampshire, arrived here this afternoon from Washington.and left Immediately for Concord, with the intention of recommending to Governor Goodwin that the Granite State be immediately put upon a war it ir Considerable excitement exists in consequence of the reports that the muikets removed from the Springfl id Amory have been distributed over the South Mr Whitney, collector of this Port, late Superintendent of the Amory at Springfield, re turned from there to-night, having been thye, it is supposed, with reference to the report from Washington to the Ueraid that twenty thousand muskets have recently been taken from the armory and sold to Virginia The feeling is deep and nf-tto be misinterpreted There is no mistaking the fact that Massachusetts lain earnest in the crisis The merchants are Filnckv, anjl the name of Andereon is uppermost n every conversation Cy Thecorrespondentof the Philadelphia Press savs: 1 notice that a Washington correspondent of me mcumom uisp?t<-b UTi he sits where t>? bat "a good view of Sickles. His face Is pale, and Its expression unhappy. Few members have any thing to do with Dim His wife is hsre, but keeps very quiet. and is rarely seen by anybody " Some body has been selling this man. I saw Mr 8. in Washington last week, and certainly never beheld him in mors robust health and better spirits. In the Hous? be appeared to be, and I understood from several sources is, on excellent terms witb most of the members, irrespective of party. As to Mrs. 8.. she baa not been at Washington during the session, but resides at Mr. Slokles'country place, at Bloomlngdal*. |?^The Hon. Mr Vinton once said the threat of srcasnlon reminded him of a man in Buffalo who futeued an old scow to the stern of a strain er. to be towed up the lake. After the boat bad got under way her wheels threw water into the the scow, and she was In danger of sinking The nwnrr r.ri?H out in tt.f rantain Holii nn Ihwc * Ifyoudont itop throwing water Into tbia scow I'll make "you " 14 Da?'' sbouted the enraged man. "I'll cot the rope, and lrt your old itwm boat go to thunder " Cj"Tbe Augusta (tia.) Chronicle keepa raking ex-Secr>-tiiry CobWor# and aft. la It* number for Saturday that paper observes : ? Even the Iloh. Howell Cobb, who has perhaps b*?a more than any other man Instrumental in tb* attempt to destroy the government of which t>* wtia in Unpor'ant com potent part, counsela hia fle^e men "to be prepared on that day ( March 4) to announce and maintain their Independence out of the Union." 1X7" The Hon Wm. Wliklna, of Pittsburgh, (Pa ) former Senator In Congresa, member of the Cabinet, M In liter to Kuaaia. Ac., haa written a latter In which b? takea decided ground agalnat secession. He Is over elghty-ttve yeara of age, and atlllwlelda an lmmenae Influence In Wesferu Pennsylvania. Mr. Wllklns la an old Jackaon man, and takes the Jackson ground that seres>lon 4 1 s a .? ? mime <<i m coercion, ana inai disunion win pro duce civil war. It la ?la ted that tbe proposed State loan ol South Carolina of S4(J0,UU0 11 already parceled ou< amon^ tbe wealthiest man of the State, mainly Id Charleston, and that each one Is expected to fur nlsh his share under the penalty of being con aldered disaffected. It will l>? a forced loan ai thoroughly as was ever any loan during the French revolution, or during the chroulc revolutions o: Mexico. 4i j? At a banauet plven at Nottingham. land, In honor of the Installation of Ihe Duke o: Newcastle a* Provincial Masonic Grand Mastei of Nottinghamshire, his grace took occasion 1i his addr?-?i to refer to hit late transatlantic trip and alluded particularly to the cordiality of thi American people ltMbtlr reception of the Princ4 of Wales. fT7* Dickens has written for the last number o All tb? Year Round one of his usual Chrlstma stories about adventures on the deep, entitled, "J Message from the Sea " The hero is a tru*-hrarte< Yankee skipper. Capt. Silas Jorgan, of Salem Massachusetts The sccne of the stsry is a llttl town in Great Britain really known as Clovelly but called by Dickens Steep ways. 1 |p* Princess Alice, of England, It la now pot itiveiy stated, will be married in 1SOT, when sh attains her 19th year, to Prince Louis of Heaa? Darmstadt. This young man stands in the sam relation to the reigning Duke of Hesae Darmstad aa the huaband of the Prtnceaa Royal doea to tb Ktng of Pruaala. and )a the heir preaumptlvct the Dukedom. Prince Loula la 23 yeara old. j02IAB mot a. Tobacco-Chews* ?A preache whose text led him to apeak of the prophet Jonal remarked Incidentally : "I am of opinion Jona wv an old man, neither amoklng nor chewlni from the fact that the flab retained him an lt>ng i hla atomach. If the fiah had awallowed the houi we are worablplng la, be would, no doubt, hai poked hlmaelf to death.*' tTT" The proceeding of the South Carolli " Sovereign Convention" areaadullaa thedolni of an ordinary legislature. The collector of ti { ort of Charleatou notiflea the Convention that 1 a conducting the dutlea of bla office and collet injj revenuea nnder tb? ordinance* of the ind pendent State of South Carolina. lE^The Fernandina Floridian notes a greet 4 mlnutton of Northern visitors to that tftate, an ay* the fact it attributable to the disturbed co ditlon of the country, to the scs/clty of moot and to the scrutiny which la exercised over tl conduct and movements of all persons from t Northern Htates. Bosom Friend ?Well, deer, now that yt are a widow, tell me, are you any the happier 1 it? Interesting Widow.?.Oh, no. But I have t freedom, and that's a great comfort. Do y< krow. my dear, that 1 bad an onion yesterday, I the first time these fourteen years*?London Punt ET John Brougham, the actor, has met wl great success at Liverpool. Ob the evening af his trst performance a complimentary supper w gives him at the Waterloo Hotel, at which B< erly Tucker, the American Consul, presided, si a number of prominent citlsens took pert. il_/- oayara i ayior waa hlaeed fartooaly wh delivering a lecture in Brooklyn on Tueaday e^ nine. The cauae of offence wu an altonpl apology for George W. Cnrtla, tbe abolition 1> turec Til ATTtTVBt O* SoVTS CAKOMXA. TOWA1 THt Oothi*im ?"Beware, air, beware; Ii alini, but desperate; diminutive but determine ?J?-r amd ?*. - ? ? MISCELLANEOUS. rpHE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIKSEMAR, 1,2 and 3--Proteoted by Royal Letters Patent of England, and toured by the ^la of the Eoole de Pharmaoie de Paris, and the rial Collece of Medialae, Viema. No 1 i invaluable for exhauation and natorrhea, and al: physical disabilities. No. 2 completely eradicates all traoea of those diseases that have been hitherto treated by the aau seous and pernioi< us use of ooaaiva and oubebi. No. 3 has antirely supplanted tbo injurious uae of mercury. thereby insuring to the sufferer ?f#MT relief, disp-rsing all impurities, and rooting out th* venom of disease. TR1K*EMaR, Not. 1,2 and S are prepared in the form of a loaen/ce, devoid of taste and amel1, and can be carried in the waistcoat pooket. Sold in tin cases, aid divided into separate dose*, as ad ministered or Velpeau,!eman<), Roox, Rioord, Ao Price #3 faoh, or four oases for 99, which saves S3; ana in 9*7oases, whereby there is a sav ing of 9?. To be had. wholesale and retail, of Dr. BARROW, of 194 Bleecker atreet, New York. Immediately on reoeiving a remittance Dr. Barrow will forward the Trieeemax to any part of the wor'd, securely paoked, and addressee according to the in structions of the writer. The Br on, of all others, that should be read by men with, damaged and broken down oonstitutions is "Humin Frailtv, or Physiological Researches." It is beautifully illustrated, and treats *n>Kut?iy of all ths urmp om? that invariably develop them e'ves. sooner or later, resulting from the frailties and vitiating habits or earl? youth, incapacitating the victim from sharing the fruition of the matri monial state, and. if not checked in time, degener ating all fie funotions of manhood, and bringing him. step by step, to a lingering and untimelr duath. Hold by Dr. HA K ROW, 194 Bleeclrer street, four doors bnlow Macdougal, New York. Prioe 25 oenU. Sent free every where. Sold alio by S. C. Ford, Jr., Drug Store, Wuh ington. O. C. . d? 39 6m JJO FOR THE HOLIDAYS! SEVENTH STREET FOREVER! FUN FOR THE CHILDRBy PX.K8K5T8 Suitable for All Aobs! CHRISTIAN RUPPERT, No. 322 Stvtnth it., btttceen Danl E. We have enlarged, improved, remodeled, and renovated our establishment, an that it now is, in fact, the large*: and best reeulated Toy, Fancy and Variety Store in the oity. 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The andersigned would respeot/tolly inform h eroue friends and the public that the 00par BHRBHS& W iwMi.114, has been dissolved-by mi lal oonaent, aid that f Mrahip heretofore existing under the firm Bbhrsi * tnal 001 oor nor BL, ., Bank of Washiniton, where may ha found a 1 a*aortaient of 8 EG A RS and TOBACCO, of dira importation, aa well aa domestio manutaotar lolesale and retail. nsent, a> d that he Em op?aed a stork on tl of C and Seventh sta. west, opposite tl if Washington, where may ha found a ohoii I ing and striotaftention to the wanta and interes of the put..10 in his no** to merit a continuv.iee the aatrouage ao liberally bee towed upon the la firm no ?-!? ? P. W1KGMANN. REST FANCY GOODS, Thankful for past favnra. he hopes by fair daa lattentJ " th ter as V to suit THE times, At otkvens's fanc^^ollfc:'K '* BO b-ti "136. b?tw. 9th tad loth ?t? nd ite re d BO m im i ' goob uoht(iakip u6 Safe light f^UPONT's gunpowder, " jtpi m4* *1 m?n?f*oturet? prio^.bj john JTBOGUE, 0*o*4??towi?,t> c? SoU Atmet ft tkt District v twiwhii |At.- (Man tu aiao b? 1?Ta* th*<^bc? of Adu limn conyurtwiuiiftob,]). c. m j l?? MISCELLANEOUS. HOVT'I lllawatlia Hair Restorative U warranted in aver; instance to Rimyork Ubay Hair to itb Orwi.xalCoi.or. IN TllbhU8AN&#ifF^CA8K8 In the principal oitiea of New Kngland, and HAS NUT FAILED in a ainrie mataiioe to ao oou>pli?h all that 1a claimed for it. No Hair l? ao Gray or Red bat the HIAYVATUA wili ohance it to a beafli.ful life like Brown and Itlaok. It 11 not an tnatantaneona d?e which erooka, bmut and girea a d<*ad hlaok oolor to the bair; the pa'ieat having to submit to aoapinr. wash ng and ponging of the hair every time t ta applied: nor ia it ft npAaarftiinh nf anlaku* .?f '?? ' ? ?'? showed symptoms of kealing in about two weeks; in two more they had heaied, and la two months tne ohijd wa? as well a* anybody. Henowenjojs perf ct heal'h, with no remnant of the disorder about Him that we oaa discover. If yon, sir, are a parent, you mar well believe that we seal] not soon forget yon. Very truly, year humble servant. J so. W Bates, Prepared by DR. J. C. AVER A CO., Lowell. Mass. de 21 eolm SPECIAL NOTICE TOOUR FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERS. We have had their bills all made off, and those who prefer oailmg at our desk 'or them will pieare do so by the 36th inst. Alter thatdite we shall render ev*ry bill on our books, and owing t-> the great panio w? must ark car friends to make prompt payments, M we are m want of all money due us at ibis time. J. W. COLLfcY A C<?., _de2l 2w Seventh st.. above Pa, av. EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. EmRICH. at the corner of Penn.A . . A avenue and Eleventh street, has b*enYk3ft| T greatly improved reoentlv and now offerslfdm greater induoements for the patronage of oiuzeus and strangers than any other publio house in the oitt. his prions bein< less than those of any other fiotei on Penn. avenue, arid his aocomnidations or parmanent or transient boarders unexception able. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the European Hotel have already beoome very popu lar, bring all that oan be desired by the most faa tidioris. Tne proprietor pledges unremitted atteo tio:. and oontiaued liberal expenditures to give sat ufantion to ail, ?n<l thus rsnews hi* invitation <* alt to give th* r uropean Hnt?i % rail. de 4 ti HAVE NOW ON HAND A COMPLETE Sto?k of? , Lao'ies' Kid and Las tine Velvet Trimmed] Boots Ladiee' Kid and La?ting Buttoned Boot*, I m Ladies' Morooco and WoaUkln Buttoned Boot* Ladies' Thiok and Fur Boot*. Mi?sea' Kid Velvet-trimmed Boots, Miaaea' Kid Morooon and Goat?kin But'd Uoota, Ladiea' and Miaaea' Rubber Loo* Boots,, Whioh I am ae line from ?0o. to fl pair lover than the aame quality caa be boug ht else where in this oity. Aiao, a fu!l aanortmeat of Boots and Hhoea for leota', boys', aodroufks* wea<-. J. ROSENTHAL., No 10 Ma-ket Spaoe, de 1 eotf Pa av., bet 8th and Pth *t?. I^OTICE TO THE PUBLIC. The undersigned haa luat opVned a wholes PRODUCE and MARKETING STORE at.}.-* Ninth street, opp laite Center Market, wherei. will be receiving daily a general assortment o everr thing that grows on a thrm. freah from the hanaa of tao farmers, suoh as Turkeys. Chickens. Duoka, Qee?e, Eggs, Butter?of all qualities, at gaitimore prioea?Pried. Kruit. Applea. Flour, eana, Ao , Ao., which 1 will aeil aa cheap aa can he Iwnght in thia city, Alexandria, or Baltimore. u?aiers and nucK'ters are r-specuui j larnej u> call and examine for theinaelvas. deft If J. H. CANFIELD. CLOAKS! CLOAKS!! CLOAK S!!! 7tie Camilla, the Arab. the Garibaldi, he Romeo, the Zouave, .th* Albanaa, 'Ph* Richard, the Kn*li?n Ha^lc the French Saelt. With many other new aud beautifdl sty ea in Kept, Treoo and French Beaver Cloth, in pnoei from #3 so to 928, to whioh we aak the attentiou ol the laaiea. no 17 TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. rfpK NtW PAWN OFFICE. AK O WE. WAR DTDealer in Ne? 0 C and Cart Off Clothine, respectfully informs th? puh'io that hi haa openod a LICENSED I'aWN OFFICE at No 7? Louisiana avenue, bet wee r Hh and loth sta., a few doo*a east of the new Cen tral Guard-house, where he will be at all timet prepared to wait on his patrons with promptuesa attention and the strictest iustioe. N,B ?Jewelry, Dry Goods, Clothing, Meohan ior'Tools, Ao.,always on baud at private sal*. de 7 lm* IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THE UN ION Call at HARVEY'S, Who has Just received a large supply of fresh L'?B STERS, FISH, and fine OYSTER**,^ whioh he will senre to oustoinera at thei^^ shortest not oe and on liberal terms. P. 8.?Oysters served to families and hotels ar< i. tk^. ... r... ? ;uk uwuru, i hdj aio uui; bvxwucii iui put vuua owv ng them at the aaloon. de8 T. M. HARVEY. Singer's Sewing Machine!*. 388 PENN. AVENUE. NATIONAL HOTEL BUILDING. We invite the pub'tc attention to our new $3 FA.ttlLV SEWING MACHINE. Thi* MaoMn is uosarp&Med in the household. It rum imoot and wilt; feies, hems. fells and talkers, will ae' the fineat awiva or olotti tan layers tiuok.and an thine between the two extreme*, m a t-eaut.ful an aubatantiai manner Maohineain mahogany, wa Sat and rosewood case* from #60 to #ieo. Oi ^r*e vibrating presser maekiney for ooaoh trimm*: and aaddlera. ia withoat a rival. Silk, Twia Thread, Needlea, Bobbtna, Oil, Ac., always c hand at New York price#. fT"7"Send for a oodt of I. M 8in?er k. Co.'a Gi seYte. CHARLES A. SPONSLKR, no77 8m Agent. NOTICE. /0> REMOVAL. 1^. I have removed my . I# I PAWN OFFICE to 351 C street, between and 9th atreets, irnm diateJy ia the rear of the National 11. tel. whe the business wilt he continued u heretofore at tl old stand. [nolS-dml 1J*\A0 HERZBERG. WIG, BRAID AND CURL MAN! _ _ _'ORY, 948 Penn. avenue, near the oo ner of Thirteenth street?A wry oomplete aseor mint of Braids, Curia, Fnzettee, Ban<leaus, Ai now on hand; also, made to order at the shorts notioe Hair w ork repaired or taken in exehanj pURB OLD RYg WHJ|KY FOR MED Pritt 99 jtr galio* or 90 ctnls jut htttlt. The vast home and foreign demand we have t this article sufficiently attest its parity and exo< ,ei.c? Moreover it may be mentioned ia this oo nexion that many invalids of delicate orKamsatsu noable to nae whisky of other brands, have fcc the abpve most nAoaeious and liam in tie effeo A liberal disoount on the above prices made the trade. E1)W*RDHALL, _ * Dealer in fine Wines and Lis oars. Family Groceries. &c,opp. Center Market, oo 27-eoSOt bet een 7th and Ith streets WOOD! wood:: TK and KINDLING W T. J. 4k W. M. GALT, W9 Pa. av.%b?twera 11th aad mh sta., ?* nerth id 8TOVE and KINDLING WOOD, at tie low. possible pnaa. oSd.m p Ds i" v|n?iw'ii w( NiriiHi f Dutai ui icmii U('l of am iDgredients df leWious to the heir of skin. It is an artiole requiring no preparation, no wash ing before or after usicc, it is applied in five nno ut-M time, and with aslitti? trouble at any ordinary aiiinie for the toilet ' People who have jised this preparation deolare it ie iniraouloaa in its effects, and that it will per form. a>' that it pretends to do '?Balleu'rPietorittl. "fti ouooess wonderfiii, and we can only ?aj we iedorseall the proprietor hji in regard to it."? Boiton Journal. "We observe, by a notice in a Boston paper, that a premium was awanled by the Ma?saohusefts Me ohanios* Charitan.e their lat- Fair, Boston, to Mr. Joseph Hoyt of this city, for his celebrated 'Hlawattia Hair Restorative,' an article whioh richly merited this favor. It was for its su perior merits in this respect that the Committee, af ter sufficient evidonoe presented to themselves, awarded to Mr. Hoyt this tiattering testimonial ProvidentI Evening Post Sold in Washington by J. W. Nairn. D. B Civic, Kidwell A. Lawrence. D. O. Ridiceley. In George town by J, L. Kidwell, and by Druggiata generally, de12 Im Read the following from the til known Captain of the Steamer Fulton : Nkw Oki kans, 3d Oct, l?M. Dr. J. C. Aver, Lowell.?sir: 1 am urged by my wife to report to you a oure your Saraaparilla hu made in our family, and aa it la the only way in whi?h we oan make you any acknowledgement of our gratification, I will prooeed t? state My Utile on, eleven year* old. fiaa had Scr fuln aorta, on hia eara.neok and arma for five years They were much of the time very aiatreaawig. and we feirrd they would kill him. At firat a swelling would ao pear, then it would break and make a running aorp, which would not heal. They became very loath ?om? and often paicfal; they at< pped hia growth and a*em<Hl to ur.derm;ne hia h*al'h. to that he be came feeble and sickly. We tried Pliyaioiana and Memcin?a, but they did no good. A olergyman in our neighborhood, who had aeen aome remarkable cures by jour Cherrr Pectoral, a<!viaed ua to try your Sarsaparilla and we did. The aina'lest sores CLOTHING. &c. A GRAN D R USH ATlf *A^KNTH 9TRKKT! All Stop at H MI T H * 8. * No. 400 SEVENTH J?TRKKT. At 20 Fee Cbht. Laes jh&x the Vst*al Rates. At SMITH'S, So. 460 Set-fnf* S:r*<u. N. B-All in want of CLOTHING and FUR NISHING GOOD? wi i find it greatly to their au vantace to give me a oall. qe7 lin J. H. SMITH, tioxHUE. MERCHANT TAILOKING. E Invite car cuetoaiera.and oitieene aoneral ly, to an in?peo*i'>n of oar araaent new, at., tractive, and eletant aaaorUn?-nt ->f>H CLOTHS. CASSIMfcRKS, DOK8KIN8, *1 VfcSTiNGS, OVER COATINGS. 4c. W which we will ir?ak<s to order in euperior"^^"* trie at Terr low pri?e*. WALL, 8TEPHF.NS L CO.. oe 25-tf S2? Pi. &v.. hetw. 9tb acl inth ta. Dr. J H McLEAN S STRENGTHENING COEDIAL AMU BLOOD Pl'RIFIEK. THE GREATEST REMEDY ta f*? WORLD, faod the moat /TV Diuciors and T*? DELIGHTFUL Jt ' K'' ni o Tit a w M' aramaj EVER TAKEN: It ia airiciHr a act aotifc and ( ta ble Ccrupoand, pr? eared by (be dletiila uoo of route, berbe, and barke. V allov Dock, Mood Root. Black Riwt.gnrupa nil*, * iid Cherry Bark, and Dandelion aottri isle lie un paoluea. The ?nUr? active ramadtal principle 4 of eaeh iiurredleat la ..Srrfil.'SKK}111" '"?>? 1 dUtlUiiijr, prodaeinf a dellcioee, elk tiara tinf aptriu and the moot Infallible remelj for r?no?autf tba duautl eyetea, and reetorinf lie tiei, eaf eruif, and d?kUiiat?d israiid W bealtb and euenf-tb McLEAirs STRENGTHS NINO CORDIAL Will efeataally car* Li?er Complaint, Djepapeaa, Jaan diee, Chrome or Narvoaa Dabtiity, Dlaaaaoa or tba Kidneye, and all diaaaaaa ariainf fmm a dtaordered Llaer or huuck, Djepepela, Bean bam. Uvard, Aeidv.t or Siekqeee of tba Biocnach, Pailnaaa af Blood to ibe Heart, Oall Pain or Swimming In the Baad, Palpitation of tba Heart- Pallaeae or Weirht in lb a Btoi&ach. Soar Eroeutione.Chokin* or lafooaunf reeling wben 'arm# down, Dryoeee or Yellow, oaaa of tha Bkio and K?ee, Nlrht l??au, Inward Peaere, Pain in tba Small of tba Back, Cheet, or Bide, Sadden Flaahee of Baal, De(.reeo*on of epirita, Frifhifa! Dreame, Uacfaor, Deepondeuc/ or aar < arroaa diae,?t. B rea or Biotobee of, tLa Bkui, *nJ Poor aad Arse (or Olui.e and hnii OYXR A MJLLIOiY BOTTLES k?'i ba*n aold dartny tlx l?a< tit n>ontha, and u> u la tune* baa u .'tiled ia ri'uif tuura aauafactioc. W ha, than, will iifw from Viumh or Dability vtm McLKAJIfl rr&EMOTIIKNniO CORDIAL *lll ear* r? 1 II* lar.jaaf * can eaa??r an ada^aat* id*a *f th* iouaadt al* and tlmaat mlracaloaa Chang* prodactd by taha| thto Cardial in lb* dlaaaaad, d*blllt?t*d, and *batt*r*d Q*rv*aa ijiur.i, vbtUcr brok*u down by ticaaa, vaak by l atara, H impaired by Mcknaaa, lt>* r*lax*d aud an*trai.j[ otfaul atian ia r*al*r*d t* it* pnattn* baaltb and vifa* MARRIED PERSONS *r *lh*n, canir.iaaa af Inability froir wba;***r c*aa*. will nd Mci.KA.H1 mUCNeTnBNlNO CORDIAL. ibo rM|b r*ftu*rat*r of th* iy*Wa; and all *ka uay baa* in et*d tfeciuMlTm by improper inda'.faaca* wiii Bad in thi* tdl.l j ctriAui and tp**dy rau-ady. TO THE LADIES. MckkANV mLKNUTHENlNli CORDIAL U a i?*r ifn and *p**dy car* far In dpi am Ceuaamptiati, Whit**, OBatracud cr DiScalt Mtnatraaiioe, Ineo*tin*nc* of Orin* *r lna*:sntary Dueharf* tb*r*af, Falling of th* Womb, iddu.***, Fainting, and all di**a*a* uicid*Dt to P*mal?*. THERE IS NO MISTAKt ABOUT IT Smff*r a* longer. Tab* it aeeordiag to diractiona It vllt (timalat*,* (traogthan, and iaaigarat* ytm aad caa** th* bloom rf health to maaat yoar c'.aak agam. Every botlla to vunaudtt girt a*UafaCUoo. FOR CHILDREN If yoar children ara aickly, pai.? or aBictad, McLEANI CORDIAL wlU xiii tbam baaliM, fat, aad r*btit Da Lay dm a mauiant; UT it, u< yoa *>11 N catovlncad. It ia 4a Ucioaataiaka. CAUTION. vara af draffiata or daalora wha mi? try ta pain ipm yH ma biuar or iimptaiU traah, which tkay can bar ehaap, byaaymrit ia laat aa rood. Avoid aacb man. Aak for MCLEAN* STRENGTHENING COKDUL. aad uka notbinf alaa. It ia tha only ran.ady tkat will partfy tha Blood taoroagklr and at th? aaira tima atranfthan tba ayataia. Una taaapoonral takan a*ary worn in f Uatinx >a a cartawi pra?aoti?a for Cholara, Cbilla aad Pn?r, Tallow Faaar, or aay pra?alant diaaaaa It ia pat ap la larr* battlaa Pnca only |1 par bottla, or ( boulaa far (L f. U M< l.KAN, Sola propriator of tbia Cardial; aiao, McLaaa'a Volcanic OU U'owcact Priaeipal Da pat oa tba coroar of Third aad Piaa atraata, St. LmU, Ma. KcLean'i Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TDK EE*T LINIMENT IN THE WORLD.) Th? aoly aaft and cartaiu cura for Caocara, Pilaa, Ta. raara, iwalhi ft and BronchiU or Caatra, Paralraia, Naa ralfia, Waaknaaaaf tba Maaclaa, Chronic or lotisiutory Rivaaniauam, But naa* af tha Jaaota, Cotitractad Maactea oi miaUi Earacha ar Toethacha, Braiara, Rpraina, Kraab Cau, Woanrta, tTUara, Fa?a? Soraa, Cakad Braaat, Sara N:pp)aa, Barna, Bcalda, Bora Throat, or any iaAaiamaiien 01 pa la, no difaranca haw aavara or laar tba diataaa Mai Lara aiiatad, McLEANI CELEBRATCCD LINIMENT ii a eartaia ramady. f^oaaaada of bsaan katnga ha?a baan aavad a lifa pf dia crapitada and rniaary by tba aaa of thia iuaalaabla rauady. MeLBAITS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will ralirra pain alaoat iaataatanaoaaly, aad it will claaa parify aad baa] tba foalaat aoraa ia aa incraditla abort Uon STtR UrtRKKX A vn fiTNKR avtmai s ftfcUKANH CKLKBRATED LINIMENT ihi only Mfi reliable remedy for the ear* of Hp**u, Ru,rK>ua Wiodfaila, Spliata, Uanataral Lamp*, Nodea or arellinr* It aerer failed u ear* Bt{ Heed, PaUenl, Pi?tali, Oil Rannii.f Surea, or Btr??ojr, if properlr icpiud. Pei Bpr*it.a, Braia**, Cerate hoi, Creaked FU?l?, CWn, Saddli or Collar Oalla, Cete, Sorea, or Woatda, it U au mfallibli remedy. Apply It aa directed w4 a eara la earuia la ever iaauaea. Thau trila ao loader vi?b tit a away vartbiaaa Linitnao*. affirad to 70a. Obtain a aappir of D* McLEANU CtLt ERATIuD LINIMENT It will eara roe J. H. MclKAN, lala Piafriaw, Comar Third and Pisa au., St. Loaia, Ma CHAR.LK8 STOTT, U6 Pa. *., aala uai'. ia Viakiti IN| K,S.T.CWEli,Oaar(alo*ii. aaM-DAWly piANClR H A K P K ft, FAMILY GgUOKRV?A*NBVkKDBTt)RK, Ceraar V A'tw York <tv*uu* and Tttuh >trtet. Rei>pootfullj aoiiciU the patronage of thoeew mar be in wajk of mt article ia the abotr* line. Hi e:i'learor? ahali be to ?leaeet a* J by a strict atteu tion to the wants of the pnt^e, Im bopea to Bent hare of tliwir patronac*. **:- - - - F. - ; -a- - " a. l nil KTH r.UIWIW m aiUL'.r u f Ul II found iu a ?rit-oliai Family Grooarr ud COAL W?ALW O O d and OFFICE, #? Pa. At., y^fTw. Uth ajib Jtr? Br? Mill ud Whirf loot oMsjU?^enyjjjt; " U? thorn nmd 4* Ixkrwis* " (Buoh vu the language need b* a gentleman who had r??iv?d lome of our cr?et harxaiaa ) 1 have jnat returned from the North with a very large atook of CI. ?THINO. FIRNISHINO WOODS, HATH ar.d CAPS, hough* for <MUh at two third* their net cost And which I will a*it at a ?*>*.. I advanoe. Van can buy a good-Overeoat from 93 to 7, a very fine one from f 10 to ?15, Cape Owrooat from $t to f|15, Boy'a Overcoat and Cape Coat from $3 50 to #5 Alao. SHIRTS. UNDER GARMENTS, L'M BRK1.1.A8, SCARFS. SHAWLS, COLLARS. TIES, GLOVES, and all kioda of Genu' Wearing Apparel, at aatoniahmgly low prioea. 1L/* A word to thoae that want to purehaee: Having Itouzht theae good* at very low prioen. I a.n confident that you can save 25 per cent, bojmr from ine. N. II SERVANTS* CI.OTHING in ahnndaoce. Don't forget t^oallat the Peop ' Ckrthmg Store, 'No. 460 Seventh atreet, before purchasing elae where, and satisfy youraelvea that we are rffering bargain*. J. H SMITH. Clothier, de 14-lm No. 4 <>0 Seventh at..opp. P> <t Otfioe. CGENTLEMEN'S I RK4DV-MADE CLOTHIMG. Our present assortment of GENTLEMEN'S RKaDV'-.WADE.CLOTHING offers to oitizens and strangers wishing an immediate out fit sup? nor inducements, emtraoiuf, at this time, all styles and qualities of Press anl Business Gar ment* and Orerooats in all varieties. Fine Shirts and Under-clothing ot all kinds. Kid and other Gloves of best qua itr. Scarfs, Ties, Cravats, Sto?k?, Hosiery, fto., Ac. All of whioh we are otfering at nor usual low pnoes. IET Clothing made to order in the most superior manner. WALL. STEPHEN* ft CO.. no 16-tf 3'2'2 Pa. avenue. G REAT BARGAINS OFTEHn AT tbi PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STORE. No. 460 Situth Sheet. CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOOD?. HATS AND C A PP. THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. Vkk MMUmt PMally aa* Nm J laiaiac a in?m nnH? of Pnday Stack* oofj, pm una. ?. 11 ? Fire oofiM - - 4 T* 1>Mty in i It tawiftbiy ooottuna til* "WMhikftN Nm ' tkftt kH OMdi TV Dmiit mo gmmmilj Lhroachoat Uia toutrr.> oopiea (in *ra#para > ou I At tkaooantar, Immadialaiy imiiaTUm W?. Prio*?THKKfc. CKNTS FOR SALE AND RENT. FSWfLVi%?WRio0VSu^&"JiF, woariM !>) Puitmut*! (im?r?. Brova, aud rmr racently haM by Mrs. Smith m a fi?il> inatitr .J. For further information apply to OH AH AKKRT, K??i , or tn tha aattacnhar. THOMAS LA WHOM. da? aotf S?n?o? Uonti U. 8. A^y LMIK KKNT. in tiia Firat Wanl-Ut?a h??'? ! VNI of the War WparUaant -a ainai OF FICK, with hack room.or tha former im; *n??M for a ahoa: *i?<1 Parion and OhMnh^n, aep%ra??. or auita ol Rooms, furnioaad or arfaranliod . c.oa* to tha Arai ua. I r.qui re at tint <??oe. _ae s w*wu _ l/OR K K\T?A d*?raWa and wall k>o?t#d fcret r rlae. KKMUKNCt. No. on M*?tnDudbiU. The h?aM i* fiimmW with all the modern improremenU. ApH' to THOMAS fAKKKR. _ weM^oil FOR RENT?The fin# BRICK HOUSE No. iOA WHtlt, <reorcetnwn. St prMfnl ooou pied by the Miheoriber. it ku it toubm, witi iu and water throe thou*, a fine y*?d. table k . awd la in a rood nei<hl>orhood. Apply to J A!*. A.W A 8RIDKR. oe?tf tM'K KKNT-A thrw atory brick UlllSK. ovir r tainmf 8 roowa. In good ortUi, with (M tt turea oomp'*ta. on H atreet. hetweea ?th ud ath. Aleo. a two-?tory hriok COTTAOK, with iarr* yard attache J, oorner of P at reel north ar,? 14th at. ?%at To punctual hnd reiiaMe tenant* I ft* irrm< wi'l be noderat?. Apply at 446 Twiflk street, hstwwn ? knd H. no IS-tf UH>R RF.ST.-TW9 new three atory BRICK HtM'HEr* with back 6u. Jinra. each ii'>sa? oontAimiHE 8 roomi, with &*?, pieeseouy aitaated on kth street north, t*'w?aa M and N atreeU, rent nwlfrttc. Appl* to E. LAZKNBV. oppoaite, or to JOHN T. LENMAN, Ohio unup, between 12th and 19th atreeta. or (Hf ".HUT. niV" I'UUI I W14i III HK? PW'WI boaialaaa ia 13 u EDUCATIONAlZ T FEMALE EDUCATION. HO^E Pareut who viah their oMf hU*ra to re oeive a thorou*n and avatematir education. where their phvt<i'ft> training wi.l receive daily apd apw'.i attention, under the moat approved araten of Calie thAr in unH f*a % .1 miaJit \ t\* r?f !lf iRiHtA'l t/J visit the l'n:on Female Aoadeir.j. rorMr Pont toenth at. and N ?w York ? . MR. *. MRS. Z. RICHARDS. au y-tf jhrlacipala. I?EMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL T Ai-EXASDK/A, TA. Mr*. S. J. McCOBMICK, PantcjpaL. Ta? tkirtaaatk arnaa! ?e?noa 01 this lasu'ation will oororrienco on Tuesday,Ujthe h?ise rcaeotiy occupied by Sylve#tar SooU, Em., No. 1*0 Ktnc street. The conree of *tidy pirruad wil! comrnsea the orsnclit* inquisite to a thorough En?;isn Edu oauon, and Muno, Fretoh. Latin and Drawing, if desired. In addition today scholars. Mrs. MoCormiek is prepared t? receive a limited number of pup.% aa roa-ders, wlio. oonstitnttng a par* of her ow"e 1*tt lly. will be ?n^?r liar immediate oara and auperri aiot. She will endt*vor. aa lar as jnaaiUa. to an; round then with the oomfbrta and kindW iuisiavi of Horn? Hefirtmci.-U.9r- Gao. H. Nortpa. Rev. Dr. Eliaa Harut^n, Rev. D F.Spncg, Wuham H Esq.. Edgar Snowden, fie?. Edmund F Witwer Esq.. Henry Marbury, Esq., Lewis McKeoaie aua?n MMi jinaaii. oiBua.wk a. iUMi?u? .'?? ! v(H Brothers. _':th Tuition in TCto Krj(U*>i B.?1~. for th? annuai aeakiuo?p?5 *b.e MIDI *&ana?ly. id l ?nd Lukimn at Profciiin' pn?M. lo extra ohargM. ??? DENTISTRY. p%t*r.t*+ 3L kSSSI&^SmXKi tend* personally at hi* ofnoe lnthj?oit? Mid; ^nom o*.n wear tbeee l??Oi wNn oanoot wear others, and no person om vnroUwi who cannot *e?r these. lVrsous calling at my ?fioe oao be neoowiBw.xlU'vi wun any eiyie ana pnoe ui i eria U17 ? bat to tiioee wlio are partiou.a: wxiI wiab the o.e?c??t, ?fr<>n*e?t, 8t ! noft aorfaet ilei.lvre Hat art can ?r<Kin??, the MINERAL t*LATE wiii I* 3re rally w*rrar.t?d. o&m* in this oitr?No. 33" P*. iwhiJ a&d 10th ata. Ai?o, DOT Arab ?treat,*. phi a. 00 l$-m D DENTAL CARD. R. MJJN#QN 6m rrtnraed and r?? rrofMajon. ?8w and huiM at 4U E aU. iird door aaat of Rixth In addition U, every e'har approved ?t> le. Dr. Jf. U*? M teeth on io&zute fiaoe for the Laat th teeth on TaioaaiU tiwe for the laat thraa and, froaj experience, known it cxoe.s all and 1a one third ieae la prioe ttuu futd. J patron* of Waub nctoo. A iexaudrlfc. ui t'wn are re*p*otfu'iy ao lei tea to oall. a? CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. ? D Strtrt, Btli*?* ttk amd IMA Struts. We bare iu?t &aiah?d a comber of fi CARRIAGES, auoh aa Lttkt Famrr-j Watont. Park nmtljf Oir-)| ru?(f, ?a4 Butrvt iipr?fi" lvf< Btn?ui pr_St. {10a.: .Reinc praotioa! m?*ohar,1o? In different Nrnncbe* ^ ML _ ? of the baanneaa. we flatter our**, ree thai we k p<>w the atylaa and qo?Hty of work that will cira eat.a faction, oombi&int lichtneaa, oomlort ncd darabi'l it promptly and o* re fatly attended la V'alTe'C Xa*RM/lS'h** hmahera, aaeoeaaora to W m. T. H 00k. *R the * Concl ?P**-di* e ftdditieaa ft* fet ) i eereeseM. m<4 truim, 1* kn*? M cire c?aer%: mtinhcuoK Au ki24? ofCurtacM&tf* U(kt Wlfni rr?t ? Ad REPAIR? n?*tlT4?*#,M4all?r?#n rr*?r? l*-?f 'HE THK TH INSURANCE OOMPANV INSURANCE CQMPaNV LIFK Iasurance COMPANY ssihsb vr i ii? ri it i b OF VIRGINIA O" VIRGINIA MARINE OF VIRGINIA Intur'a ?caiomt i(>M or (Uwfcce b? fir* ? reattmablt terms M *bj o mpeny of rttpmMi bihty. HKATB A KMOWLKt iMirwo* Afro s Oi(?-Roo? 16 <>r?r B?ck of Wtahinffton. < IG. O. DKM UTS * CO- . MFORTKR8 And WMmI*?d<1 feotail er? ia HAVANA CJGARP, FOREIGN WIVES, BRAMlES. OINt fx.. No. 40 Noktb Criilm 9tU(T, r?v* 4mt? Lumjim *i.. uo: j^CHOOL. AND COLLBeiw OUTFITS. TontXt' and B<ry*' Clothing ft 8ek??l *md Dr*** Wemr. {fflrafarur^?aa^o?s?>aK kog?ri>?<l; UcGvitnu.i. darabio aoaity. at vorj modarat* pron waxL, j*TKH?ky<? a c*j. aa ?> tf lilt Pma a??-r THE BEST AW**?ET*fE TKVKKO>PKRFD |tt TBI* CITY. Thoo* who d??ire to aoieci from pew p?Hnn, with tU* f**aetaca of a radueti* la priooa, will "^TvroaMalao^all U? attaouo? of r*ra?aa about latr daoi"! raa i* to tfcojr to oor tr>-' or aao-1 Mitilia*. and ooaoeqaaat low prtooa, ft>r Una b>-anoh of our trarfa In itiBf all who doairo tMrvnrl 4owayerwaftf*. aad frNKva fm I akaroa. to ??| ?t J?jPi ? oSi-tiaal OO.

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