Newspaper of Evening Star, January 1, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 1, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TUESDAY : January 1, 1*61. spirit ?< thr n*rala| 1'res*. The ImttlligtnrtT warns its readers against any undue despondency berause of a possible failure on the part of th? present Congress to suggest a basis cf compromise for the ratiflation of the peo ple. by way of amendment to the Constitution or otherwise The Confhtu'ton maintains the right of seces sion by South Carolina. The Rtpublita*, noting the suggestion to make Washington el'y the capital cf the new southern confederacy, ssys : " On this subject there can be no misunder standing The country was invited by Marvfond and \irt(inia to locate tire capital upon the banks of the Potomac, and no change of views In the vicinage wiilTnduce the surrender of the position, or of access to it, or of anything necessary to its perfect security. I.east of it is it conceivable that it would be permitted to be the capital of a new government arising out of the ruina of the old union." Thit Aim to I.vavoukats Civil Wa*.?Dots any sar.e man still fall to comprehend.that the present earnest purpose of the South Carolina oligarchy is to precipitate civil war as the means of preventing the North from acquiescing speedily In a settlement of tbe slavery question on terms securing the rights of the South in future, in the 1'nlott' If so, he is mentally blind, indeed. Do Virginia and Maryland prefer civil war and the government of the South Carolina oligarchy, to the continuance of tbe L'nion with an entire and satisfactory settlement of the fugitive slave law question, a constitutional amendment pledging tbe North never under any circumstances to inter fere with slavery in the States, and another em bracing the Missouri Compromise extended to the Pacific, as a future article of the Constitution of the United States ' Will Ueor^ia, North Caro lina, and Louisiana refuse such a settlement of the questions In issue, to join their fortunes under a government of tha Khetts. Keitts, Ac., of South vaiuiiiia, wuu uuny pruciaim iu? me eircuon ui Lincoln if but the pretense, while their settled purpose of forty years standing to destroy the Government of the United States, is the real cause why they have seised the property of the United (Mates in their midst, committed tee act of piracy upou an United States vessel, Ac., Ac ? Thb Act or Pieacy in Charleston Harbor The transfer of the United States revenue cutter brig in Charleston harbor the^other day to the se cession leaders, was as gross and attrocious an art of naked piracy as ever was perpetrated. Her com mander. a South Carolinian, one morning wrote to the Treasury Department a letter resigning his commission tn the service of the United States On the same afternoon be discharged bit crew, and pretendiug to absolve them from the obligation of their oaths aa United States sailors, swore them iu as tailors of the Independent State of South Caro lina, and hoisting the Palmetto flag, proclaimed the vessel and her appurtenances tae property of the said Independent State That the secession leaders have received from him this.I nited States vessel so obtained, inerelv proves that they are 'willing to resort even to dat-footed piracy to pre cipitate civil war, to make the settlement of the sectional troubles in the Union impossible. It will be remembered that in this case the oligarchy ?re without the pretenser that the property apper tained directly of indirectly to Soutn Carolina soil, as in tne case of the forts, arsenal, customhouse, and other Government fixed property there. mi t<c!D mo ijro?One of the South Caro lina bank* has taken a hundred thousand of the four hundrcd-thousand-dollar loan. Whereupon the Secession C< nvention has accorded to it the privilege of issuing more note* without their pre serving their relation to specie or other bona fide securities in its vaults, previously required by Sou'h Carolina law Now, this la simply the initiation of the old Continental-inonry system of raising the wind so as to pay war expenses. In thirty days the notes of that bank will not )>e worth more, in ordinary transactions between man and man, even In South Carolina, than Continen tal money waa la the middle of the American Revolution; though the aeceaaion leaders will doubtleaa take what property of other* they may fancy, " for the uae of the State," compelling the rer#?. nt at it* noi??i *-* - *' go. . ? ?? pijiMvm tucicici. mcy Tkk Rbop*mso or thk Africa"* Slave Trad* ?What but a determination that the Af rican alave trade shall be reopened under their proposed new dynasty, caused the "mob" in Charleston to rescue from the authorities of the United States a day or two ago, the captain of the* slaver Bonita? The Charleston Mtrcury not long since ur?ed its followers to say nothing for the time being of the purpose of reopening the Afri can slave trade, least they might thus render the border siaveboiding States suspicious of the dis union mutemeut. Hut the enthusiasm of the latter for their cherished policy thus overcame ... wuiiui on iqv instant a practical question arose In connection with which they mljjUt In that way prove the earnestaeas of their devotion to it. Tub "Mob" 1.1 Chablbstox. ? Itia well known that previous to Major Anderson's wise and patri otic evacuation of Fort Moultrie and retirement to Fort Sumter, he was informed by the secession leadera, that though he mieht rely upon their taking no steps whatever to molest liia command where theif posted, tbey regretted that they could give him no assurances that their inflamed fol lowers might not take It into their beads to en deavor to wrest Moultrie from him. Actinu on thit bint, Anderson (Imply feit called on to avail himself promptly of tbe mean* at h!? command of protecting bis tru?t from the tender mercies of tbe Charleston mob. And nobly, :nde|^hii he accomplished that object. w ThOfuciiioi tm Stole:* Cctti*?Be sides Captain Co?te, of South Carolina, who re cently betrayed bla trust In tbe harbor of Charles, ton, the officers of the vessel were 1st Lieut. In derwcod; '2d Lieut H O Porter, (i ton of tbe late Commodore Porter,) and 3d Lieut. II J Sanibrlll. of Md When Ccste look possession cf the brig in tbe name of South Carolina, they im mediately retired to the city and n-.ttlfled the De partment here of Cost?'s act, themselves awaiting further orders from the Government here. The Foscid Loss ?It turns out that tbe autharitlw nt ? ? - " * vwvuui uave already bad to resort, practically, to the Mexican plan of gettiug their loans taken?the forced loan plan Thus It ta said that ths taker* of much of th" SIOU.'M) they have so far ralaed, were made totjke tt under the penalty of otherwise being regarded a* dis affected to the cause, a position In which no msn can stand lh Charleston now.witbout realizing that his life and property are In momentary danger. , ~~~ | A Tax or S16 ru hud oji Slaves has h*?n laid by South Carolina, by way of raising the wind for the execution of her ac heme of involv ing the whole South In civil war with the North. Are 'he slaveholders of Virginia and Maryland willing to begin by ptylng a similar tax on eacn and every one of thair negroes, for the privilege of aiding South Carolina to make a peaceful set tlement of th? troublea In the Unlm utterly Im possible' Thi Habbiet Lint, we apprehend, has not been ordeitd to Charlratoa, as stated currently upon Pa .avenue >esterdiy and today. 8b? was at New York yesterday, and no each orders to her commander have emanated from the deak In the Treasury Department, from which all revenue ruiwrs crmtiu^ orders bavo heretofore Invariably cnauated. Tmi CtniM or thi Hoca ?Tbe atatement of a correspondent of tbe N. Y Tribune "that several t> ouaand bonda, bearing nambera adver ttaed by the Interior Department, were purchased by Messrs Rg^a & Co , of Washington, In New York, for aa ount of the President, and are, or were recently, te:d by him," baa not oaa word of troth la It. Not Tack.?1 be atory if tbe dlacovery of a de falcation lathe Treasury Department, In tbeahape of tbe atotrarticn of SIOO.WO In Treasury note*, or something of tbe aort, uow floating around In tbe press, turns out to be utterly untrae Nothing of the aort la known at tbe Department Tax Ksckptio* at the Exkcvtivk Mansion ' to-dat was a ratber meagre one compared with j some former ones. At II o'clock tbe repreacnta- ' tlvea of tbe principal foreign Governments at tended in full official costumes, <a alao tbe Army j and Navy officer* resident and temporarily here, 1 and th^ indo-M nf th? Pnnrt anil f?Anrt I of Claims. paying their re*pert* to the President of the United States. At 12 o'clock m. the doors were thrown open to tbe public, but, as already stated, tha rush was not so great as on some previous New Year's re ceptions, a fact due not a little, we presume, to the awful condition of the "slush-covered" streets. The only noticeable feature of ths oc casion was the fact that both secession and Union cockades were visible upon tbe persons of not a few present, females as well as males, and that In more than one Instance the wearers of such badges evinced the fact that they were endowed with more partlzam bitterness than good manners, the latter being what they should have manifested, rather than the former, on suoh an occasion at least. They, however, refused to manifest the latter, to the extent of declining the President's hand, and sweeping by him with an efl'ort at a display of lofty disdain which caused a suppressed nuer on tne part or all well-bred per sona who witnessed the ill-bred airs they thus manifested. We regret to have to add that some women, as well as men, were guilty of participation in this breach of the privileges of the Executive Mansion on New Year's day, accorded to all on the theory that on this day at least all who go there will at least respect themselves, if not the authorities of their country at other times. Sicrxtaby Thompson xot Rxsiqskd ?To-day the city is again filled with a rumor of the resig nation of the Secretary of the Interior, the Hen. Jacob Thompson, of Mississippi. We have to' say that there is not a word of truth in it. We base this declaration on the fact tha' as late as yesterday afternoon Mr. T. emphatically declared his purpose of remaining at his present post until the 4tb of March next Patent Laws? A Point teortk Conxtdtrimg.? One of the miserable consequences of a disruption of the Union, will be the destruction of all patent right property, as there will not be any Supreme Court of the United States to give it its usual pro tection. <j*v Hicks and the Extra Session. Gov Hicks arrived in the city last evening from a brief vi?it to the Kastern Shore, where he has received the assurances that bis refusal to call a e?s:oo of the legislature at tbe preseut time meets with the hearty approval of men of all parses in that section of tlie State. Tbe endorsement wbi<-h his court** /eieivts in our columns this morning, in a published list embracing the names of many of tbe most influential citizens of Haltlniore, re-, gardless ct party divisions, wHl doubtless serve to balance wLatever influence the address of tbe Murylihd Senators, which we published yester day, may have had. The Governor states that he is in regular corres pondence with ihe Governors of Virginia and Ken tucky, and with numerous conservative friends of the Union in high position at Washington. He Is consequently possessed of knowledge with re gard to movements tbatar*1 in progress that many of those who are impoxtunirtg him are wlioU v if noranl of A? aa evidence of these movements to Involve .Maryland in the vortex of disunion and civil war. he baa authorized ua to lay before the public the following extract from a letter from a gentleman in high position at Washington, whore character gives aaaurauce that he haa good author ity for the announcement that be baa deemed it bia duty to make to the Governor : \V AtHisoToN, Dec '25, l*-60 To Hii Excellency Gov Hicks: Deak Sir ?Without the honor of your peraonal acquaintance 1 take the liberty of appriaing you that from, intelligence which baa recently come Into my poaseaaion, 1 bav? every reaaon to believe that the disunion leader* intend to make Mary land the baais of their oi*rationa during the next two montba Apparently aatiafied that the ' Cot toa States" are autBcienily pledge t? the over throw of the Federal Government, they hope to tiring Maryland Into the line of the " aeceding brfort th* 4/A of March n>xt. To tbta end they will at: mutate your people by every vartety of appeal calculated to undermine their loyalty to the Conatitution; will, if neceaaary, reaort to threats of violence In caae the allurements of am bition abouid be powerleaa to move you from your ateadfaatneaa. and will ? . ? m ? y ?-?j iiiuuaM lUUliy uianu- | factoring public sentiment In Baltimore and all other points in tLe State, seek to give a factious strength to their ill-omened cauae. TLe motive of tbelr labor* la thia: If tbey can succeed in bringing Maryland out of the Union, tbey will Inaugurate the new "Southern Confed eracy" in the present Capitol of the United states If this can be accomplished before the 4tb of March next, they will aucceed in divesting the North of the aeat of Government, and by retain ing in their possession the public buildings and the public archives they hope at once to extort from foreign Government* a recognition not only of tbeir dt facto but of their dt jwe pretentions Such is the scheme. To compass its accomplish ment they hope to shake your preseut wise deter mination in respect to the assemblage of the Leg islature of your State. I have no /ears that you will reconsider your resolution, but that you may not be surprised at any amount or degree of en ginery which may be brought to bear upon you during the next live or six weeks, I have thought |/iv|*cf iu piace you in possession of the pro gramme at present proposed to themselves by the dlsunloulsts W Ith great respect, 1 Live the honor to be, &.C., The Governor has also letters to the same ettVct from other parlies, showing that an organization is in exlstencein Washington.and actively spread ing it* Influence throughout Maryland, with thfe design of an jarmed prevention of the inaugur ation of Mr. Lincoln. A meeting of the Legisla ture and a convention Is stated te be the first move towards " precipitating" Maryland into "a reve lation" with the ' Cotton States "?Bait. Ameri can, Jan. 1. [D"Ayer's American Almanac has now arrived and is ready for delivery gratis by the agents to all who call for it. Our readers may be surprised to know that this little pamphlet which has become so much a favorite in our section has quite the largest circulation of any book in tpe world, except the Bible It is printed in many languages and scajtered through many nations as well aa ?nnnIi?H i"4?* 41 " rr.._ ~ luffnure population of our own vast domain. Every faintly should keep It, for it contains Information which all arc liable to require, when alckneaa overtakes tbein and which may prove Invaluable from being at hand in seasqji. If yon take our advice, you will call and get an Ayer'a Almanac, and when got, keep it. M*job A*dkrso3?We recently stated that tbla gallant officer waa stationed aome time at Tren ton. Mi C C H-tven, of that place, publlabe* a statement that Major A 'a father, a captain In the revolutionary arniy, bore a conspi< uous )*rt In Wasblngton'smirpriK* of tbe IJeMians. C?1 Kahl h.'tl been Informed be would be surprised, and kept watcb. Capt. Anderson attacked an outpewt. killing six men. Rahl, thinking this was tbe attack alluded to, allowed bis man to ?n lo quarters, and spent tbe night In a carouse- Being thus thrown off his guard, Washington was eua bi? d t<> effect the operation which turned th? tirf* _# t?* ? VI ?? ar?i-vfvar* (iV. J.) Adetf. Philadelphia .Military Preparing for Prr TicB ?Tbe Philadelphia inquirer of yesterday Lontain* the following statement: Some of our military compaoi^ are preparing themselves for any emergency which may arise in tbe present trouble* N'ext Thursday Company A., of tbe Philadelphia Llgbt Guard Regiment, Capt. C L. Mlntzer, will meet at tbe State Araenal lor drill, where book* will be opened for the enroll ment of young men, to fill tbe ranks preparatory to offering service In defence of the country. \V e learn that application* for membership of other military organisations are unusually numerous. Immigration this Ykab.?The total number >f immigrants during tbe year at this port, says be New York Tribune, W#? HO.GJij tbe largest lumb'r b? iiiR in tbe month of May, when '23,449 irrived T6 * amount of money brought into the ountry Is estimated, from the records of paat rears, at an average of (70 p?r capita, or a total >f #7 H75,1WI. of which over #3,?*M>W was brought >y Irish, and nearly f3,000,UK) by the Germans. A Divided Ddtt ?T. 8 Peters, Ksq , a citizen >f Alabama, opposed to secession, (nibllsbes a rtter to U?e Presld*** ??n~~ ul? "?* ?miu^ u i iii "wnw f protection are those to eipect from the General iovernmeat who wish to remain in tbe seceding r revolutionary State*, and to continue citizens f tbf lJiiite<1 State* of America, loyal to the Con ization, tbe Goverement snd the law* thereof." Ct ?t?>t>T or TBI BcmcH Childsbn ?It wa? uitonn: td a few days ago that the question of tbe u?tody a d care of tbe children of Mr and Mr*, lurch bad been brought before the Court by a 'lit of liatieas corpus A dispatch received In Iteuy, on Friday evening states tbat tue care of f you ten child h?s been awarded by order of .v court t' Airs I!arch hcikdii is Taxi* ?Tbe Georgia Legislature is been In session several weeks. patting tbe :ite on e mar footing, and tbe result li the tain e Increased 5u per cent?a pleasant prcspect at e very moment that all tbe operations of trad* id business are suspended, and tbe people by ousands thrown oat of employjMBt. COIfOREMIOtl&L. ? SikaTI ?Afttr Wf went to press yesterday? Mr. Lane introduced a bill to provide for the payment of clerks to land office* in tbe State of Oregon. Mr. Crittenden called up bta resolution propo sing certain amendments to tbe Constitution of tbe United States; snd. on his motion. It was | made the special order for Wednesday next, at one o'clock. Mr ?v.-??1 ? -?? .? ? . vigsvi anvvvu ?uu% TT urn ?Uf k*CIISlC BOJOUm It adjourn to Wednesday, at twelve o'clock. Mr Collamer moved that the special order, which was the bill for the admlMton of Kansas, be made tbe special order for Monday next at one o'clock: which wai agreed to. The Senate then proceeded to consider tbe joint resolution making certain amendments to the Constitution of the United States Mr. Ilenjamln addressed the Senate at consid erable length Calling the attention of the Senate to the state of affairs in South Carolina, he said that tbe body had never been called upon to deliberate on more Important or solemn questions than those now pending. We are called upon promptly to meet an issue whose results havet*pen seen ror years. We have warurd tbe republican party again and again that we were drawing towards a point where we should* be driven to separation. But oor statements have been disre garded, bur assertions derided, and our predic tions scoffed at South Carolina has, he said, with a unanimity unexamDied. dissolved ne tion with the other States of thlf Confederation and declared herself Independent. We are her* to-day to acknowledge that Independence or over throw It by force of arms. We muit either yield her this or put her down by military force. There i? no other issue, and there can >>e none. Between coercing a State and coercing the people of a State there Is no difference, especially when the people act under the public authority of the State Not South Carolina alone wili go out, but next week Mississippi. Georgia, Alabama, and Florida, soon to be followed by Louisiana, and then by Texas and Arkansas. Mr. Benjamin, in concluding his speech, said : Senators, we shall soon part to meet no more as Senators fn this chamber If we have determined to withdraw, let us depart in peace; and he con jured them not to let their conscience or their honor,de)ude them into an Invasion of the seced ing States Should such an invasion occur, none could foretell what would follow. The South might meet with adverse circumstances; dcsola iion mtgtii in- carried throughout the land, and those fanatics u ho advocated- civil Insurrection may, under the lead of advancing armies, stir it up; the suvages on the borders may be Invited to join in, as in the Kevolutlou, but he would sav that under ell of these circumstances, the South could not be subjugated Never! Never! Never! As the speaker was about to resume his seat, deafening apphuse, cat-calls, hisses and other violent demonstrations followed from the vast crowds of both ladles and gentlemen in the gal leries, who seemed to rise en matte. Several $en at? ri sprung to their feet, and Mr. Mason < ailed upon the presiding officer to clear tha galleries immediately Mr Yulee moved to adjourn. Not agreed to [Cries?" Let the galleries be cleared. Let the dignity ai;d decorum of the Senate be main tained.''] Some of the vast crowd began to edge out of the doorway, and the appearance of the Sergeant-at arms with a large force soon rendered the gentle mr?n' (rallon-' r? m w a j vuvallt. Mr Mamn said be did not intend to Includc tbe ladies Ln having the galleries cleared Mr. Iiak>-r obtained tbe door, when tbe Senate adjourned to Wednesday. House.?After our report closed? Mr. Cochran offered a resolution. "That the use of the ball of this House be granted for an observ ance of the President's proclamation on Friday, tbe day fixed by him for humiliation and prayer, in view of tbe evils which now threateu the I'nion." Agreed to Mr. Stanton moved a substitute to Mr. Stevens' resolution. Mr. Stevtn* could not accept it. Mr Davis, of Ind , offered a resolution,14 That tbe Committee on the Judiciary be instructed to Inquire into and report to this House at any time what legislation, If any, has become necessary on tbe part of Congress In consequence of the posi tion thus assumed by South Carolina Mr. Cochran mov-d a substitute, denouncing tbe constitutional right of secession, and that tl.e General Government Is invested with power to collect the public revenue In all cases, and to pro tect Its property wherever situated; and that the j uuiciary Committee be lnitruct?<l to Inquire and report whether the litws now In force are sutflcl^nt to thla end; If inaufficient, to report the nec-ssary toll, to effect it, by the employment of the Army, Navy, or other forcea required. Mr. Davis declined to accept the substitute. Mr Hill n:oved to lay the whole aubject on the table; which was lost. Mr Sherman recommended that a vote be taken on the resolutions, so that they might be at one* d ? posed of, and thus prevent their discuaaion Interfering with more important bualneta on another day. Mr. Harris, of Md , moved that the House adjourn. Tellera were ordered, but there waa no quorum, and again the motion for adjournment was pressed, and the House adjourned at 3o'clock till Wednesday. v>r|i?putu 1 r VIZI >1 RSQinglOD. W ahuinotox, Dec 31.?The report which pre vailed throughout tbe city this afternoon that Lieutenant General Scott had been appointed Secretary of War, ad interim, produced a thrill ing effect and occasioned much indignation among the Secessionists, who are fully aware that General Scott is in favor of extensive military preparations. The truth is PostmasUr-General Holt is in temporary charge of tbe War Depart ment, an d to-night was attending to duties there in company with the chief clerk. General Scott has not been either at the Depart ment or President's House to-day. Both Secretaries Thompson and Thomas were at the Cabinet meeting to day, though rumor had urciarea omerwlie, Many report! prevailed with no truth for their foundation, and which serve only to add to the already intense excitement. No decisive action was taken by the Cabinet to-day relative to the Charleston forts The President's special message will probably be transmitted to Congress on Wednesday. It Is understood h^ will submit such facts as have come to his knowledge for such legislative action as may be considered necessary concerning the secession movements Senator Hunter intends introducing a resolution having in view an adjustment of the property and other questions with any seceding State. Mr. I'rescott, "Serretary to the South Carolina Commissioners,will leave Washington for Charles ton to-morrow The Commissioners will remain to await Executive and legislative action. Skcbktart Floyd's Communication.?In the House yesterday (as xtated in the Stir) the Sneaker presented a communication froAi ihe Secretary of War defending himself against certain charges implicating him as a party concerned In the late Indian trust fund. Tlie communication states that at one time in the year 1858. It Uecame abso lutely necessary to start large trains of transporta tion across the plains to Utah, when there was no available means to put those trains in motion Acceptances were given to contractors then to enable them to start, and they did so. Thes? ac ceptances have, until the past autumn, been to large amounts, nor has any complaint whatever, until then, brtu heard that means were not pro vided to meet and redeem them.. There has never been the least concealment or mystery abo'it this business. It was perfectly known to ail who Ind any Interest In knowing anything about it They have been given only when there was a subsisting contract, out of which means to meet them would r-.erwniy arise, ana for the execution of which there *as nn exUtiny appropriation. They are prohibited by no law. Hut the promt*?* made were not kept?were* broken This paper wv. It eeina, placed In the hands of the clerk of the In terior, who bad abstracted a large amount of so curltlrs belonging to the Indian trust fund t ind ing thia to be the case, an order baa been given to cancel and annul all those acceptance*. Tlieir perversion baa rendered tbein void and of no ef fect. The belief is asserted that no one connected tn any way, directly, remotely, in any shape or form, with the duties of the War Department, bad any the least connection with or kuowledgc >f this embezzlement, in Its Inception or Its pro gress. Speaking of bis administration be adds :? 'Strict economy is enforced, and perfect respon ilblty In all money expenditure is and has been uccessfnlly carried Into effect. Within four rears, since I have presided in this department, lot a dollar, 1 believe, has been loet to the govern nent by eml>ezzlement or theft, and within that line sixty millions of dollars have been Hiihnr??l so system of administration, no line of policy, I hlnk, could rfcach bettor result*; no system of ccountability could be more perfect. The facts confidently- assert, and the department Is every where full of the proofs of tbem. I invite any nveatlgatlon which the (loose may think proper o Institute Into auy or all of my official acta." Rmourn the Oti> Yea* Oct ?The custom of I aging the Old Year out and the New Year In at lew York, was kept up fast nl^ht. u it has been m..u7 jkmiu previous. At 11:46 Mr. James LVllflfa commenced to ring the Trinity Church bimes, aud continued nntU the following tunes rere played: 1. Ringing the changes on eight bells. 2. Hall Columbia. 3. Yankee Doodle. 4 Airs from Child of the Regiment. J Intermission to allow 14 o'clock to st'lke Ringing the changes on eight bells. 0. Evening Bells 7 Airs br De B*?rlot 8. Bine Bells of Scotland. 0. Last Rose of Summer 10 Scotch Air?Roy'i Wife, &e. 11 Hone, Sweet Home. IJ7* Mr. Layard, the famous traveler and ex orer. has been re-elected a member of the Brlt h Parliament against great oppoeitlon. Gnveranr Flayd'a Got. Floyd's letter to the President tendering his resignation as Secretary of War, with the President's reply, w*>re aa follows : Wak Dspaktmekt. Dec *29, liWl). 81* : On the evening of the 27th tnatant 1 read the following paper to you In the presence of the Cabinet; 'Council Chambb, Executive Mansion. " Sik : It la evident now from tha action of the commander at Fort Moultrie that the solemn Sledges nf this Government have been violated by laj r Anderson. In my judgment but one remedy la ndw left us 1>v Which to Vindicate our hnnnr and prevent civil war It It In Tain flow to hop* A for confidence on the part of the people of South ^ Carolina In any further pledge* as to the action -J of tbe military One remedy only is left, ?nd \ that la to withdraw the garrison from the harbor / of Charleston altogether. 1 hope the President will allow me to make that order at once Tbta order, la my judgment, can alone prevent blood shed and civil war " John B Flotd, Secretary of War. " To the President. " December 27, 1?60.? I then considered the honor of tbe Administra tion pledged to maintain tbetroopaln tbe position tbey occupied; for such had been the assurances given to the gentlemen of South Carolina who had a right to speak for her. South Carolina, on the other hand, gave reciprocal pledges that no force should be b'ought by them against the troops, or against the property of the I'nited States The sole object of Doth narties to these ! reciprocal pledges vr.n to prevent collision, and the effusion of blood; In the hope that tome means j mikLit be found for a peaceful accommodation of I the existing troubles, the two houses of Congresa J having both raised committees looking to tblsob- -J ject. J Thus affairs stood untfl the action of Maj. An- } derson (taken, unfortunately, while commission- | ers were on their way to this capital on a peaceful mission looking to the avoidance of bloodshed) has complicated matters in the existing manner. Our refusal, or even delay, to place affairs back as they stood under our agreement Invites collision, and must inevitably Inaugurate civil war in our land 1 cannot conseut to b? th? agent of such a AaJamllo V?lUllli WJ . f deeply regret to feel myself under the neces sity of tendering to you my resignation a* Secre tary of War, because 1 ran no longer hold It nnder my conviction* of patriotism, nor with honor, subjected a* 1 am to the violation of solemn pledge* and plighted faith. With the highest personal regard, I am moat truly yours, Johh B. Floyd To his Excellency the President of the U. States. Washington, December 31, IfWO. Mt Dear Sir: I have received and accented your resignation of the office of Secretary of War; and not wishing to impose upon you the task of performing its mere routine duties which you hive so kindly offered to*do, I have authorized" the Postmaster* General to administer the nflairs of the Department until your successor shall be appointed. Yours very respectfully, James Buchanan." 11 I *-? ? I1VI1 JUHH I>. r LOT D J Diphtheria.?Aa the newspapers are full of remedies for this dangerous affection of the throat, some of them very good, and some of them very silly, we will give one which we know to be ' used by some eminent physicians, and which we 1 have never known to fail, if applitd early. Diph theria in its e*rly stages may oe recognized bv J ar>y persons of ordinary capacity, by two marked ( symptoms, the sensation of a bone or lmrd sub stance in the throat, rendering swallowing diffi cult and (winful, and a marked factor, or unpleas- I ant smell of the breath, the resxitof itsputrefactive tendency Oifthe appearance of these symptoms, 3| if thf patient is old enough to do so, give a piece ^ of gum camphor, of the s'>ze of a marrewfst pea, and let it be retained in the mouth, swallowing slowlv thetaliva r.harcrMt with it 4? ^ n v I U II tit it 19 Ult gone.' In an bour or so giire another, and at tbe end of another hour a third; a fourth will not usually be required, but if the pain and unpleasant breath are not relieved. It may be used two or three times mere, at a little longer Intervals, say two hours. If the child in young, powder the camphor, which can easily be done by adding a dr?p or two of spirits or alcohol to it, and mix it with an equal quantity of powdered lonf sugar, or better, powdered rock candy, and blow it through a quill or tube into its throat, depressing the tongue with toe haft of a spoon. Two or three applications will relieve. Some recommend Powdered aloes or pellitorv with the camphor, out observation and experience have sati?flrd us, that the camphor Is sufficient alone. It acts prob ably by its virtue aa difl'usible stimulant, anti septic qualities ?iV. Y. Examiner. 11 y" In the notice furnished to us of the meeting of member* ofCongreaa at WI Hard'ion Friday ev ning lait there was an omission, which justice requires us to supply. The Hon Mr. Ilughea, of Maryland, addressed the meeting earnestly on the aide of Union and peace, and spoke with so much effect that, by common consent, he was permitted and encouraged to go far beyond the tlve-ininute rule to which the speakera were restricted.? National Inttlli^tncer. ID- Advices from Texas state that a band of Indians, nine hundred strong, had assembled fifty miles from Dallas, and the settlers were leaving in^e numberfl Companies of rangers were or ganizing to proceed to the scene of danger. iV"5=?CO\CKRT AND EXHIBITION.?Th? Waneh Chapel Sabbath School will give a Concertand THL'R^ l?AY NIGHT, January 3d, 18*1. Th? *ell known pianist Pro essor Little, th* Pnrtello ohiidren, with h < oth. r amateur vocalists, will assist at the I '/>nr?flr t 'I'tnL-ala IK ^" ' J * wv> ? IV*V mm Itl utuvfl) W UC liftu OJ HI1J FTl H FTl I)t?T of the school. Jft l-3t rrg??MITHSONI AN LECTURE S.-Prof. I L < Kairmax Rookbs will l?>ctu:eon VVfcD NfcSDAY KVKNINti, January 2d, 18*1. on Roa1s and Bridges. The lecture will ooinmence at 7>?. affr which the doors will be closed ar.d the red light on the tower extinguis- eU. ja 1 tt ry-5=?THK UNION PKATEI MEETINGS I J? will l?e liolJen every day tins week, in the Fourth Pieshyterian Church, (Rev Dr Smith's.) on Ninth street, to commence at 4 o'clock, and to contirue one hour. de 31 BURNS CLUB.?There will be a meeting I? ol the club on THURSDAY KVKMNGT. the 3d January, at7o'clock, at the Kxchan?e Hotel, on C street, betwesn and 6*h Punctual a'tenrt a ce is requested, as an election of officers will then take plaoe for the nsuing year. Persons de irounoi neoomiQK mfrab'ri will please Attend. B? order of the Preei-en'. de3l-2t" JAMES SWORD. S?c. fy3=?RF.0ISTKR'S OFFICE, December 28,I9WV Notice is hereby civen, that Lioences issued to Owners of Dogs will expi'e on the Slst instant, and that raid Lioeiines mint be renewed, in co n pltance with law, at thi? Office within t.^n d\? after that time. WILLIAM MORGAN, dff 2S-tja3 Register. rv-s^RKGISTER'SOFFlCE, December 28, ll?n. IK? Notice ia hereby given,that Lcenses Issued to Hucksters will expire on the 3'st instant, and that raid Licenses must be renewed, in eomp'ianee with law, at this Office within ten days alter that time WILLIAM MORGAN, d?!l-tji3 Register. COLLECTOR'S OFFICE. CITY HALL, TAXES ON PERSONAL PROPERTY, SLAVES, Ac.?Notice i? hereby given that the tax bill* (or H?>u?ehold Furniture,Stnoka. Slaves. A o., for the vH(vr I86-'. and previous year*, are now made out and r??ady for delivery, and are pnvable at this office, Th<> e whodo not call and *?>ttle rbeir billa within twenty dais fro*n this data will Ik> called on l?> one of m* assistants, and if the t?ilis are not paid within si*ty days from this date I shili proceed to enforce t.'.e ooliecuon in the manner required by law. JAS. F. HALlDAY. de 13-2Pt Collector. Washington, December 6, 1RG?. Importers of fine WEPDIN WEDDING ENVELOPES WEDDING ENVELOPES, the most beautiful styles 396 P#.. Av? between 9Ui andjnth sta , ????-??" WASHllfeTON. IT'OR SALE.? Wer?l fine work and driving I HORSES. wh ch will bo Bold low if an- fT\ r if-1 lor toon at the Nalional Stables, on '' 1-." st., between 454 and 6th sts. rw/ ^ ja l-itt* FLEMM'NG A FOY. poR BALLS AND PARTIES. 23 dozen Ladies' and Gents' White Kid Gloves at 75 oents a pair. Also. 30 dox?n Ladies' light oolored Kid Gloves at SO o?nts a rair. HENRY EGAN. 621 Seventh st., i? 1-St near Avenue HouA. M. NEW YEAR'S PRESENTS. W." tiALT'fc H KO eaTaUeution to their unusual!? iarco asso tment of new and oiocant JcWflry , VYatohee. silver Ware, Ao . gotten no and aeicciMi especially Tor (be holiday trad*. All the aHota food a ar? marked at prices far below any heretofore named. M. W. GALT tc BRO., Jewelers, 344 Pa. avenaa, ja I 3t 4 doors webt of Brown's Hotel. ^jREAT BARGAINS IN DRY GOODS! SELLING OFF TO MOVE! For thirty dais longer I hall oonhaue to sell the ja 1 ? near Aveoaw House. PA PER HANGING 8. PAPER HANGINGS all traces and arioaa; war kt eu G > d Band WINDOW SH L>E:-: Buff, rac-eu G . U Band WINDOW SH?1)E.': 1 3re?<i and Bine HOLLOA ?1> SHADES, all i nade io order; also, PICTURE C'?RD r.\ 8KL8 a. ai*#? ant oolo.a. REMNAWio PAPERHANGliXjS at one-fou:th leaa than oort Purchasing fur . ash, and allowing 1.0 old stock to icouinul&Ut. carrot.! n.?*<1 i r?? ih? ?hn?? 1 L ,r J - T'J to fir* m? ft cftll. All pot Mrt HMuud Slid ?np?r intended bj practice raon u? !?rf T/i MrT#d * apprentioMhip at their ! !?J? .01 MrT#<1 * r**?]*rapj>r*QUo*?Jup H U?r * ~?N^.AvrR^.'- v J. .-.010,- NO' """Kb ISfftfEu. -s * TRHAWKER'S MON1 kmrmi tkt amonnt at til crrriu m th? TVianrv, init mmd ?? Ik* Mint and branrk't. fry r?turnt '"irM to J drafts kaw torn $nmd, but terrt I km unpaid, and tks ai>?, U< a mom*/ tfJuXm* tran\frrt to and from drr?l In wk?t plao*. 'rwuury of th? United State*. \Vaahin?t?n, R. C iMiatant TrPMurtr.floitcMi, \1a??arhu?*Ua isflistAnt Treasurer, New York, New York U laaiatant Treanurer. Philadelphia.. PonnaTlrania ittsisianl Treasurer. Charleston. South Carolina issutaut Trea*urer, Nc" 'hum, Loaiiiwt issistant Treasurer, St. Missouri.? insistent Treasurer, San Franciaoo, California. .1 )epo*itary at Buffalo, New York. depositary at Baltimore, Maryland depositary at Richmond, Virginia depositary at Norfolk, V irginia depositary at Wilnuncton, North Carolina depositary at Savannah. Georfia depositary at Mobile, A * Si ma depositary at Nashville,Tennessee.... ..... ..... .... depositary at Cinoianati, Ohio depositary at ritt*l?ur*. Fennsyivania ..... depositary at I.ouisville, Kentucky......... depositary at Galveston, Texas.......... depositary at Norfolk (Sawyer) ,. depositary at Cincinnati ( Mcl^ean) ... depositary at l.ittle Rock. Arkansas........... depositary at Chicago, Illinois. depositary at Detroit, M ichisan >epo*itarr at Omaha City, Nebraska Vpository a' Falls ofSt. Croix. Wisconsin ..... depositary at Olynipia City, Washington Territory . >e???itary at 1 allaria*e?e, Florida.. depositarT at Omaha City. < Gilrnore >. tssay office of the Cnited States. N ew York mm 01 the i mt?<i states. Philadelphia, Pa... {ranch mint of the I'm tod State*, riiarlntte, N. C.... ? ranch mint of the United State*, Dahloneca. Ga Iranch mint of the United States. New Orleans, I,a .. iranch mint of the United Statas, San Franeisoo, CaJ 1! Deduct oTerd rafts Deduct difference in transfers Net amount subject to draft . Transfers ordered to Treasury of the United Statei Transfers ordered to Assistant Treasurer, New Y? Transfers ordered to Assistant Treasurer. J*?n Fin Transfers ordered to Depositary at Norfolk, Va. Transfers ordered from Assistant Treasurer, New Transfers ofdered from Assistant Treasurer, Phil Transfers <>r 1?red from Assistant Treasurer, Nes TrsnsfArs i ?- ? "* iiiaivis vmricu IlUlli A8?|PV5'il ? riWllI TVfi ?( J Jan 1-11 JELLING OFF! SELLING OFF: 3 FOR CASH-FOR CASH ' Oar entire etook ol Winter Dreea Good*, lhawta in aroat variety. ^adiea'Cloaka, Fanoy Ores* Sitka and Silk Rot>ei, Plain awl F oneh Mennut, Popliaa and R<*p?, r" ine Bed Blanketa. all at ooat for raah. Mao, a lull atock of central Staple Gonda for family wanta. All wiil be aold at re^o?ed pi ices for caali. J. W, CO? LBYA co, d?? 29-2w Seventh at,, ab-'re Pa- ?r. A pew in EPIPHANY OHl'RCH K)R SALE ? Pew No 105, near the pulri'. in the n ddle aiale. Apply to the J*xton. deg-iw* Pi <no fortes at h rices to suitthe TIMES.?Saleamuat he forced: atore too maOh jrowded; now ia iho time to bur eheap. JOHx F. ellis. d? 31 306 Pa. av.. bet. 9th and loth aU. R EGARDLESS of COST.-/TOIT IS TUB f*UA Y~/~* P ilal.Ja.... 0-..4. XT .. V uai'vtf I'HI U'J rnn.a, \j IJ 1 MJ ' ^ , V IUilDI< DZkD oa, Aeoordeom, Tamt?>nn?a, Flufs. Fiiea, Maaie Kooka, 6l??? Booka. Piano Kti-ol<. Piano Oo?eri, J kc.Ao. Remember, at aaonfio^a r-rardeag of o at. JOHN F. EI.LlS. | 306 Pa. av? b*t. rth ani WMi etc. Great bargains in *uo<l lew'iul hand fianoa. d?3l \f NOTICE TO THK PUBLIC. IOORK'8 Sauill liropa wrl atop a Couch in; iv* ininutrs. M->or?'a Coirparioa I inim^nt will 1 Hire Ch'lhiaina, Kmnw1 Fe^t. 1*6 ma in Face, i *p'raina.&3. don s'i improve! B* ix ne will r? nove Paint, Oi!a, (jr? a??, a c.. from the moat deli sate colored aiik or wool >n too 1* w tfaoot loiarine i a ? (t - - * ' " - uo uuiur or leiiurn. rreparea ana MO a at MOORE'S WmI Kill I) uk Store, de 31-2w 113 Pa. avnue. | NOTICE-. I BEG Most re?pec?ful!jr to inform our customers Jiat 'heir bills for January i?t are now ready, and w< nld l>eoh i**d by their catling aad getting the ?mf tie29 R. C. STEVENS r NOTICE. HE Bill* of all our cu*tom?ra hare been made iff, and will be rendered between Una and the lit >f January. We earnestly deaire an rarly settlement of all >ur ao-iunta, and especially thoae that were ear ned ?>ver from July last. de 29 V M. W. KALTft BRO.. Jewelera. ?0ST RECEIVED BY I FRENCH A RICHSTEIN, 278 Avkci. lallam's Middle Area, ?hi> new Boston Literary Edition River aide Preta; ton-d paper; price ?5.75 y mail The naual heavt diaoonnt at ouratore., the aame editions of McCauley, Ham*. Gib >oa. Carlisle. UmK ?*naltf pwar. de g> rjAVK YOU SEEN the 50 e*nt Child:en's Bo^lra tl at FRENCH k. RK HSTF.l N'S. 278 Pa ivenae, selling for 10 cents? Have you seen the , 'Want S2 Annuals for New Yeaf proaenta. at , RKNCH 4 RIOHSTEI.VS.aellint for only #.. < Lallan'* make y>ur purchase* before they are all i onr. At FRENCH ft RIOHSTElN'S. deS9 27* Pa avenue. auii oayjn&u ur: ALL SNOWED UP! ALL SNOWED UP! | I I ALL ROUND THE 8TOTE! AT THK PEDLARS' AND PILGRIMS* REST. PEDLARS' AND PILGRIMS' REST, PEDLARS' AND PILGRIMS' REST, A KEW YEAR'S STORY, ArriA%4tN TUB #k <' Id In the Citr of New York, ?>n the above date, will una^e puf>lir. the above alt-excitinc. a'l absorb c incrdent or which almost every one is anxious hear or know aomething. Be it known, therefore, that John Ron Dix, xq , has written a most reinarkaMe New Year's ory?remarkable alike for ila intensely amusini id thrillinc narrative. genins end p~wer. which not fail to carry with it delight and amn?en>erit to the household of every family in the land. >ldom. if ever, has a storf been pnblished mare lited for universal pernsal at the commencement " a new year. The reoords of the wonderfa! tale* Id by the pilgrims and pedlars who were all iow*i np together on the memorable occasion ferraa to, are ail happily blended together by the ithor in a style at once genial, attractive and en rtaining, in this new story. The above gtory has been written speeia'ly for e Household Journal, ooauoeaoing la No. 16. It ill appear exclusively IN TBI HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL The FarariU Faulty Paper, The Sd of Jannary, 1861. SIXTEEN PAGES. THREE CEBITS# SIXTEEN PACKS. THREE CENTS. SIXTEEN PACES. THREE CENTS. SIXTEEN PACES. THREE CENTS. told by All Booker Hera and N??? agent a. N>we enta pl?*ae Mad m your ordera m tarly ae poeei ? to tnurt a prompt aupply, ['he HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL if the |rH ni'f penodioal of the M?. Pubhahed weekly lot ThrM Otali. ubluhed br A. HARTHILL * CO.. 90 North illiaoi at. New V ork. Mm a?l to aat a'dreee Tor Jo* year, with he follu*i.| iad?oa<a?BU to 97?k year; M oopiee, 911 So; IS ?iee. R16 3i); SS oopiei, $25 a yew. ample eo piea mailed free to any addreee hr the >liahers. Sea*1 for a oopy. So d by ftll Neva nU. ' de*7tt J E NEVER HAD SUCH BARGAINS IN Hl.Y STATEMENT. Txszxs'as&zxsxtszsr ?nK p*id .though j?x-t to dra.fl s.m'ri f 12S.T7T 74 mjK2 91 21V; 97 m I W.l?7 67 ?W 51 0? 4 ? IS 3KA& tr 4? 41 i .*47 a 41 JW *S lit ..91 46 iS. 134 92 *1.191 T SR sta M 1.* li 4.l4 i IK a arc t* 6.4 a ?s 12JM 49 l.4:3 ?m _ 9.W7 tl t <a i.i . a fS^an Vt *,519 ? Mi.U* 7S 7.494 93 14.19* to ?'.?M 25 77^*4 ? ?W4B! a J?R 01 19UC7 9.S3R 65 31.757 15 IM 9P 4.114ft C7 15 4<r 4f< 1 .If *< 1JM Ci I .* w 4."Sx ?.' 2.2Mb to *7 Mi jn *4X3 r* 1? *AS 74 *1 .lis f? ai?jM x> " ' "l?v: 4* W.7.W M SV41 63 irtft* *> 23 474 *4 I* 34% C 4~> 4?o ?T OS M 1.7SS 4' l.?S. M ! ? 1<\?W ? 1.411 <m _ 9.?>?> /| im.i.i ?n ? . *? ?7 IJR" 44 1.2*1 ?M S4.2I6 *Wi SIS 7* I.WV5 IS 1S.HM ns a<?^i3 ?? m,i5< i?' < > tt.W ?<3 3N.#7 ?B A?> non no 3 U 1.757 9S 3SX> 3S ** <v i,6?4 a 1? ?.'? Oi I7.ISI V. ??l? *4" 94 SH ?M 7* I.** IS T< ?vj;a ?? 1 -VIM i? 32 ft?i f 7 W ? * a*.*? ?*>,! ?M ?.??' ......... ........ ?2X ? 83JU.718 M , 9IJK.SH K ?2ab.a? so 196. N ?"? XXI I ;4 i? .... i*:,w u' (.Washington, D. C.. >rk. N. Y..... wt Iti ?? ? ?M 57 Jtfl0 M 7 .7 >10 ?r York, New i* l*ie ph(?, a - r (>'|o?n?. La looooar Louii, Mo ?t AUCTION SALES. Bt WALL A BARNARD. Auction TRL^ rKE'? SALE OK FIN K GROCKR I? *. VVijii*. I ivro**. Ci?ab?, *i?r <*nnniit>r?T? it AnritiN On THl KH1MV MORMMi ~t n?t. at 10 o'eock, w# thai *!! at the Antion Room*, th? rqMinmc utook of r*. T. I). n r* <..?> maiBg? Barrels Brandy, Whisker. Si. Croix and J?n * (* Ham. B'?olil"?rrT and Apple Brandy, Port, Mad?i-a. feherry, Mo?na?,and Claret W inea. Mol?u?*,Cid?f, wd t*i"?i?hton Bitter*. Ch?inpMB?, Corrtirv a' <1 >tn-r Liquor#. nofVa. Candlea. Siaroh. and Soap, Pepper. Ginjer. C.ovea. Sateratus, and Cinnamon. I'aaa and jara TomttuN. Lohster. Atpa-ais*. Aneh ,*!? and Atcti.'VT Pnste. Pat? da Foie Gia*. Cheese, Strap*, a- d Preserve*. f^nar* and Tobacco, S an Jar*. I>eniu?hr>?, Mfwurei. Bids, L'ounter*. and tner Fixtures. Tb??e food* ar? all of th? t>e't and are veil known to the cnatomara of mi. S. T. liturr. Term*: 8*? rash; ?w that amount a credit of Pand ft 'daya, for approtad eudoraed bo tee. beat idk interest. T. nni'? Y. Ti?st??. ja Id WALL* HAKN AK 1). Aurt* li? W.\l,L * BARNAKD Auctionaora. CcmfT A'tsti *f. nn4 ttmIk left F? ??. BBAILIFF'S PALE OF HOUSEHOLD FI B Mtririr ? -? m vv *> *? 11 ca i ?' m'n MOK N ! \?>. 5th instant, at 1" o'clock. I will atil n front of the Auction sore of Wall 4 Barnard, Houiehoiu and Kitchen Furniture, comprising ? Hair Spring seat S ua and Parlor Chairs, Mahogany Marble top Center and Side Tables, arpt-U, Oilcloths, Step Carpets ?nd Ruga, V1ai<o^anj Ktegere. Rocker an t Arm Chairs, Cane aan Wood seat Chauaaud Lounge*. J?ttage Set. and Wardrobes, Curtains. Glasses and ""rales, Bedsteads, Bureau*, Wardrobe*, Washetacds. heather beds. Ha r and Shuck Mattresses, Bol rtera and Pilow>, rooking, and Chara'er Storea, Kitchen I'tetsi.i, Terms cash. J. H WISE. Raiiif jaj WALL k. BAHNaRD.AuoU Of CLEAR V k. GREEN. Auctioneers. 406 NistA tirtH. (lOL'SEHOLL) Ft'R >lTUR E on EFFECTS ll at Arcrioitj-On THURSDAY MORNING, lanoarj 3d, we shXil sal. at tha residence ol a tami ? declitmg houtekeeping. No. 337 H street near Ith street, at 1" o'olock a m., a good lot of we.1 tept Household Fun itore, cor sisting in P?r?? Hahojar.j Sofa, Spr:r,? seat Chairs, and Rockera, Do Caetorand Fancy Parlor Chairs, Do Martve lop Burraur, S de board, and Wat hunk. Do do do Center and Side Tablea, Walnut B dst ads. Lounge, Ha* Rack. 7ar,e aeat Cha rs and Rockers, Whatnot, b.ztensiin Dmicg a d other Tab!-?a, feather Beds, Bo.'st-rs, and Pil owe. El air.Cot'oi. and shuck Mat'reses, fWV| v/i U.''kU, ?? U Tin nil, 2<?kir>cf Ra?li*?or. and Chamber ^to e , Wardrobes, U a ik> U. Comforts. and Q ul.ts. ?hinx. Crockery. aud Ma-sware. rocpiher with a trnera auor mtct of Kitchen T* m : Ail ?unu under ??o cash; over #?" a ir d.t of 9> days, !<>r ct'i wi'Ufaot >rily endorsed . Marine fniereft. The Uouie is lor rent, insane >f the Auouonecrs. deSt _ CLKARY A fiKKKN, Auots. VI ARSHAL'S SALK.?In Tirtne < ( a writ < f "I fi<"i faoiae issu?d from the Clerk?s Office of he Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for he County of \Vn?hinfton, and to medireeted. I n'l eip"?e t<> put ic sale,for cash. inf'ontof tbe 'oart House door o! wd ooncty, on THL'R* )AY, the Hah day o( January next, 1K1. at It i'clock m.. the following desoriiiM propert*. to wit: 'art of Lot No. 6. in Seua e No. MO. besiunini at he northwest oorner of Mid lot and rn^cinj thenea ast on Yirf imaaTenuel* feet 1 ineh; thenoe south >k. J? I- -/ ' - ' oothveat to the inithvNl corner of Mid l?t; henoe north b? niitiiaaat W feet 9 inch?* lo Vir mia avenue. oor.t&ibing 1.672 rqoare f-e?. to*ether nth ai. and ain^u ar the improvement* thereon, n he city of U. C.. aeig*d and levied yon a? the prnp*rt? of John Mennefcein. and will * no'd to fatirfv jndina ? No. M. to Janaa term, ?fil, la favor of J. F- Woilard, ??? of John Pardj. Am. to U' QLM ML'V I' u 14 - , de 1R dt? W PKI.DKN. U.S. Martha. FOR STAMPING A PACKET OF PAPER . AND ENVELOPES TO MATCH. at Dm All A r\AP rMAKbU METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PH1LP 4 SOLOMONS, for Lourftrt'* etltbrmtrH Lm'n Prrnr, "JUtiny't/ow Mill*." #t., fx. - It 33U P*. ? .. t>?t. M' nn?i l?th ?*. p REMEMBER, 1 HAT Von mnrt U,?g 10 p?*r eeot. on tH? :>llar hy huvinc tout DRY GOODS tt Slor# No ill Seventh ??,. at the* are ?el lint off to move. 11 ENK V EttAN, ftilt S?r*nth it., r'e 19-lftt Nmtr Avenue H?n?>. >ANIC TIMES! PANIC PRICES' Wtktvrjyut reoeired i :?rr? lot of CLOTHING. URNl*HfNG fiOOD!*. HATS ?nd CAPS, on >n?irnm?nt. which mint b? so d bof-re th? ?th < ( larch, without rerard to eost. Thee* rood* ha?? I been made up bj the hen hooves m K*tira>r* id Phi arielphia, and owmt to the tioi?" the* will > ao'd at ilinoii any price, oorofject t eint 'o turn i*ra into oa?h a* iuod at poacihle L A. HKALL Jr CO., Colhiera, No. 439 Seventh at., ahove G. N. B.?Come od?, cove all: now ia the time to it WINTER CLOTHING at any prioeonfrev ith at.. No. 4 39. 4 door* ahov- ft at. d? ?-lm jVTTRAORDINAKY CAR D. ?CHARITY U COMBINED WITH A NECESSI- ? - y.?The Piano I have leased lor and oharitj ooncert thia meht al Wil *TT 1 If rda'Hall, lor the h#n*?t of the poor, la one of hiokering a heat Piaaoa, and if aoid within six '???" r K> u ?.? JO?? 1jTsffi? ? tofrai: vkv,^"^" *"Ihi * " '!?- LAl,D- Sv."A,ai',,?. ci ic " r55-^ sSsSsbY" sBaasSsEjgi v;ri Iea-?W1? F. ii ROHR. 'KK.NCII Fl OVVfc.R5.uF THK VfcRV bU*T Pfcuc jr St< >r?, 1 K*? u 33te. hot*, ttk ?n,l 1*1 wdiBSttS WCU, fcii tMrlK it.tb* ba**?, lot ok W__ B MEAT L'ss; ? HN? * BLRCHLLL V -A

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