Newspaper of Evening Star, January 1, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 1, 1861 Page 3
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NfWg Notjte ? HuVwrtbera to the Stmr la the Flat Ward of V> uhia|{toB city, are hereby notified to pay for t* rrTice to them from the cloae of the l iat week, Saturday, the*?2d December ln?t.,only to Mwrpnce M. W itherow, who la low the agent <<t the Star Office for the management of the aald \ lr?t Ward routea. All aubacriptlona for Start a?r*ed in the aald First Ward, prior to Saturday evening iaat, December 22, 1*00,) are due and payable to Wm. Dlllow, the late agent. W. D. Wallace, Publisher #/Stm 'fr^Tbcoph Tn* f*TA? la printed on tram pre* In u?e aouth of Haitimor ^ ^ rditlon la ? lifjje m to rrqnlre it to he f f (CJM ^ an mr)y hour; Adyertiaeinent., f ^ lhoUld be tfnt In before K o'clock n> %tfcetwlie lhe muy jk>! appear nntll the ney . ^ JioriCK^?Dtatfi f ^ Columblm aO vt rtlaementa n r ^ ^ Baltiho** i>TH are received aft and lonr fH>|n Tjjit OIBce p*T* ( CorwciL#. December 31.?Btnri of Alder ? .0 ?A VUIIIIIIUUIV??IVH " ? I fcv-tl ?IU II VIM ?ur ^ayor, In reply to a resolution of the Board, In relation to th? amount of balance of the old float ing debt of the city of Washington unpaid on tbe 24 of April and (till remaining unliquidated TUe eommtinlcitlflfl states that USS.STS z= of said debt hat been paid since the date above refarted t?, b-ing the entire principal and interest of the certiflcstea of Indebtedness !utted Under tbe act of September *i3, lootf; referred to the flnance csin inittee. Also, one from the Mayor transmitting the report of tbe Water Purveyor, showing why the contract with Thoa. W. Miller for tbe erection of Are* plugs warn not executed; referred to the drainer vmblttee. Also, one from the tame, nominating R. L. Mutln for police constable in the First \Vard, in tb? place of J. F. Edwards, transferred; con firm rd. Also, one from tbe Mayor, recommending the Issue of rertiticates of indebtedness of this corpo ration t > the amonntsf S*JO.OW),to be redeemed by thr first day of October, 1-61, in order to liquidate existing and accruing liabilities of the corpora #in?. onn.nt?It^n kivti, iriciicu iv aunuvc v viii tai i ?n,t Tfcf communication* of R. A. Waters, W. D. AVallacb, ?nd tUe Board of Assessors, asking for ompenaatinn, were received and dnly referred. A communication was received from Charlca Ranter berg, asking that the tax imp?aed upon the itrman school in G street, between Fourth and Fifth, be remitted; referred to llnance committee. The Cbair laid before the Board a concurrent resolution from the lower Board in reference to the day of fisting, humiliation a id prayer, re commended by the President of the United States; a l*pted. {The resolution requests the Mayor to Invite the cooperat'on of the people of this city in aald rec ommendation. and that the offices of the Corpora tion be i losed on the day named.) Mr Brown, from flnance committee, reported a Lili l.l <t.? HI. t< ..... ? . A _ * nil nuiuuruinu moy?'i iv menr pi ind*bt?dness of the Corporation. to the extent cf ISP.flUO, to be paid on or before October, 1961, fn order tnme*t present and accruing liabilities of tb?* Corporation. Mr. Moore thought there was no necessity for the act. Mr Ward thought It very impolitic to pass such a bill at this time Mr Rrownnlil It was with extreme difficulty that the Mayor had made arrangements to meet tbr interest due by this Corf>oration to-morrow Hes'des this, the object of the bill is to pay for work done for this Corporation The ward con tractors are unable to [>av their day laborers; nor will tbere be any better state of things before July or August next. The laborers are willing to take these rertill< ates in payment for tbeir claims. Mr Ward hoped the hill would not pass. The Alhrf Hnu tho lfW>.*ikf>r urnc fn tKp nrAawn/>a nf ?'jly Krglilrr, wno Informrd a gentleman that verv few of the usual city licenses were delin quent. The Tax Clerk this evening informed a gentleman that there was but a difference of a few thousand dollars in the tax receipts. Mr. brown said tbat be only recognized the Mayor of the city in this matter He is the foun tain head, and the only authority to be taken offl~i?llv here A desultory discussion followed, when Mr. Seinmet moved to strike out all after "S'iO.tMi" in the first section, and insert as follows : "That no certificate be issued for a greater amount than one hundred dollars, nor for a less amount than lifty dollars ". After further discussion, this amendment was so modified as to fix the amount of ttje certificates al one hundred dollars each; and was thus adopted The bill was then amended so as to make said certificates receivable at par in payment of taxei due toe Corporation for the year lb61. The bill was then read a third time and passed. Mr Brown, from the same committee, reported back to tbe board an act amendatory of the act providing for the assessment and valuation of all property in ihecity of VVashington, etc , approved Mav3U, 1^9. [Tbe ? fleet of tbe amendment is to exempt from the payment of taxes not only all beust-s of public worship, but also all ground upon wbicb they art situated and that enclosed and occupied foi church purposes In the squares where sucn house* of public worship are located ] The bill wsi read three times and passed. Hill providing for the care and efficiency o flre-plngs and Us-plug hydrants, providing'fo notice to water takers before shutting < ff the flow of water, and for other purposes; passed. Bill for tbe prevention of nuisances, with ai amendment; which was adopted and the bil passed. Adjourned. Common Commcil.? A communication from th< Mayor, enclosing one from tbe Commissioners o tbe Northern .Market, asking an appropriation o 1MVt? 58 for Improvement* of the market, wu re ferred. The petition* of Samuel King, George Keatlnj and others, in reference to the Northern Markei of \V. Van Reswick, for a law to grade Firat at east, from M to N; of W. H. Snyder and otheri asking a reduction of refill of butcher stalls ii Center Market, were appropriately referred. Mr. Jones offered a concurrent resolution in r? lation to the day of fasting and humiliation rec nmmended- by the President, authorizing th Mayor to act in conformity thereto; passed. Mr. Mulloy offered a resolution calling upon th (Mayor for Information aa to the cost of .the atari of colors presented to the Seventh Regiment < Sew York, and of designs and cards dlatribote among other military organizations in Washing ton on the occasion that railed for the testimon als; and alio, whether any of the companies ? the city were noticed in the distribution of tho< favors; pas?cd Mr Jones, from the ways and means committer reported a joint resolution instructing the con nuiHT "riurt v.Dii^rrw hi uk a ccuiun 10 to Corporation of the Government int.-rest In tt artout tire engines and engine houses of tide clt* adopted. The committee also made an elaborate report c the proposition to light the streets with gas- mm by Mr Powell some months ago, accowpanlc by a bill for lighting with gas those streets 1 which mains axe l\id; and asked that it be print< and laid on the table; screed to. >lr Mohun.from the drainage committee, a discharge from the bill to erect four-way tlr rings at the Intersection of Second street east ar Pennsylvania avenue; agreed to. Mr Meade, from the police committee. ask< and was granted a discharge from the reaolutii In reference to butchers1 stalls in the Northe .Market. Aim, offered a resolution In regard to a redu tton of the expenses of the Corporation, directii the appointment of a special committee of o memb-r from each ward; adopted The bill from the Aldermen authorising t iMiie of certill ates of indebtedness by the Corp ration, waa passed. Mr Morgan Introduced a resolution dlrwtli the committee of ways and me?n? to inquire ic Vbe expediency of an laaue of ctty ecrip of t denomination of ten dollar* and upwards, to amount not exceedlug 9100.0(10. Mr. Jones thought the resolution would affi the city diwdvdutageoualy, and moved to lay on the table. Mr Morgan aald he wanted, while they w< affording relief, to afford It to all to whore ' are indebted. The issue just authorised wot afford no relief to the laboring men out of whi we have extracted the aweat of their browa, t wouia (a u> |?y tune won una lue Lorporau ?to> k* He wished to aSord the worklngir something which they could use in their da transactions for the maintenance of their faaiili Mr Powell he waa ashamed of tbe reao tion. because be did not think a city or ?t run tit ?> acknowledge poverty before it * pressed. Mr .Morgan replied that it waa usrless to do<! tbe question. The pressure hid fumr. and f>'t one, was not . shnmed to admit his itiabll U> |>?)r h individual debts. or to confrss wb ?t knew, that tbe city waa unable to meet its ol gallons. Mr Fowt-U called /or the question, and motion to lay on tbe table waa !?*??yeaa ft, n 13; and tbe rrSoliiUou waa adn|He(l?yeas u.?V*i- Adjourned a nf Deranna rnnnM-trii with nr, c here be* which bold Sond>iy nljrbt service h requested oa to a word ur two to tbe you lrr? wbo attend at ?ur'? hour* and f*jt? their t! in g?tnjj ll mid o-it, lounging atiout the eatr? dwor*. staring 4t the Ktris, keeping up nnmb! ccn*?-raitiui>? lu tbr rear |*w?. wbicb th?y * erall\ ai?pro^>rl?tn f<?r use apfttoona, d:iri.i? tjonr* of ??f*:ce. AM of tbta our frir.ida *ay BC-ya exceedingly tbua* who go to cUurcti worship; and they desire to know wbv tbear 1 Ing tob^ceotbew'ers cannot forego tbeir vagab bn'>iu for an hour or two of a Sundiy e?eti'.uj else couflae their preseuce to localities where a Irreverent and unmaalv demsaoor may not forced upoa tlM obwnitoa Niw V*A*'i Rn had a peculiar aspect this anniveraary In consequence of the state of national affair*; and while th? large h?tela. placea where people moat do congregate now o' nlghta. had tbetr quota of excited lievrj-aeekera, varioua churches were tiled with watch-meeting wor shippers, tmd the pray era and remark* indicated the thought nppermoat in erery mind. At the hotels and on the arm tie thete Was some ming more than the usual fevet ahd exilement, ana a light or two was threatened in the couraeof the evening. One feverUbtd gentleman pro claimed h!? disposition to light the Yankees. He could do It oti principle, and thought It high '.ime that this property question between the Notth and the South was settled. He ahould ginry ?n shedding hla las^drop of blood In such a cause, and deslretf no ? prospect of paradise His belief was that a southern mail Who got killed lighting a Yankee wasdead sure for heaven. The South to a man was ready to risk their lives on this stake; and this Speaker informed his Im promptu audience that wnen a man gets his mind fixed Upon heaven you can't keep bim out of It, In the aourae of his remsrkshesaid that he would spit on any Southern man who was opposed to secession, or words to that effect Mr A. R. Allen, who waa present, instantly remarked that he wan a Southern man ahd a Union man. This avowal caused quite a sensation, and but for the interference of friends, who carried Mr. A s op ponent awav. a flsht might have ensued. About & o'clock p. m a considerable crowd of people were assembled in Brown'a Hotel, and the everlasting topic was discussed with every Indi cation of fresh interest. Two Washingtonlans, both a little better or Wone for sundry liquid Im bibitions, sat talking to each other, and one de clared that he was a Union man; the other ex pressed himself for Immediate secession No 1 thought it would be a blessing to the country if all disuntonists were bung without benefit of clergy. No. 2 sprung up and requested in men acing tone* that No. 1 should commence at one* upon him. Both belligerents were Instantly backed by their friends, and a small scrimmage wat Imminent, when several constables and a magistrate Interfered And separated the pugna cious pair. ' After all prospect of a fight bad subsided, up steps the well known little patriot "who wouldn't sell his birthright for a mess of potash," and who hurt himself so seriously on a former occasion trying to straddle wide enough to tread in the footsteps of the late A. Jackson of Immortal mem nrv lin itpnc hp itrioi ntt* hli iar?kr*>t nf tiroi* anH "*/i ~r ?-v? ? *r' w" " *v* h,v/ throwing himself into the attitude pugilistic, in thia caae more properly stated as the attitude para lytic. bade defiance to the Union man, and chal lenged him to combat. He of the Union, rather wefl-knowu in thia city as of superb physical proportions, treated the challenge with cruel con tempt, carried even to the extent flf parodying the action of the lion in Don (Quixote, who, it will be remembered, replied to a similar challenge'by turning his royal posteriors upon tht Don. New Years Day was ushered in by different parties ia different ways. A very pleasant ball was given by Company H. National Guard Bat talion, at the Assembly Rooms Another dancing party met at Franklin Hall, and passed the entire night in alternate dances and fights Not a square from this discord a party of jovial fellows made the night glorious witti the vocal music, in pur Suance of an old Oerman custom of singing the old year out and the new year In. And, as before stated, the various "watch-meetings" were largely attended and characterized by deep feeling. Our vkxkbabli nbigubok, John Simfobd, ?*.. tends his annual budget to the National In telligeneer. in which be gives an exhibit of the improvements ill the city during the p^?t year, as follows: Number of brick houses built 17*2, num ber of frame do 30?total 2tr2. In the First Ward 28, Second Ward36, Third Ward37. Fourth Ward 3?, Fifth Ward 0, Sixth Ward 12, Seventh Ward 44. .Numhsr of shops ID, number of additions 18. In the Firet Ward, the mo*t noticeable imDrove menU are several substantial brick dwellings, n neat brick meeting and school bouse, a new book and ladder building, the beautiful Art Union building In prourrss of erection by W. \V. Cor coran, Esq., andthc equestrian statue of Washing ton Tbe essential improvements in the Second Ward, are tbe numerous corporation water matin - tbat have been laid, tbe handsome two-story brick sc hool bouse at tbe corner of Fourteenth and Q streets, the Presbyterian church at tbe juncture ol New York avenue with H street, tbe grading ol New York aveuue, and the brick culvert in Thir teenth street. lu the Third Ward Mr. S. notice* the new Guard-house, with its steeple and bell, and sayi In relation to the Center Market-house, that it "ii in bad condition, and a new one should be erect ed without delay, for it cannot be doubtrd thai tbe additional income would be increased to an amount more than equal to the interest on Its cost Tbe ball above would always be In demand foi the Mechanics' Institute and many other exhlbi ' tions. At all events the east and west fronts, or Seventh and Ninth sts., should be done, and th< unsightly sheds which are now on the squar< i should be forthwith removed " TheChurchhii provements in thla ward come in for a handso mi notice; as also th? progress made towards th< completion of the Patent and Post Ottioe build ' Ings In the Fourth Ward the statistician aotices th< I improvements effected on the Four-and-a-hal street Presbyterian Church; also those on the I ) street Baptist Churcb, and says: "it has two low uusightly town's, one over each entrance, whicl ? spoil its appearance " Tbe i?ea!itifiil new build f lne erected on the corner of Four-and-a-half stree > ana Pennsylvania avenue by the Colonizatioi Society receives handsome mention, and also th two handsome iron-front houses erected by Messri f Ejfan and Coyle. opposite Brown's Hotel, f In the Fifth Want be mentions tbe Kr'a^ P'f ' ?rtss made towards th; completion of the Capfto in preparing the east entrances or porticos; als ? tbe additions made to St. Peter's (Catholic unurca. The noticeable change* in the Sixth Ward ai the amelioration* effected in the grades of aeveri streets. In the Seventh Ward important gr*d?*s h*\ been mad<* in the streeta, footways have bee laid, and Government water mains put down. Scpxkmk Court ?Yesterday, Daniel Stanifoi Dtua and Robert Leech, Eaqs , of Ohio, we admitted attorney* and counsellors of this Cour No vJO Rueaell Sturgis, claimant of the stean tug Hector, &c., impleaded with the ahip Wi conain, 4c , appellant, agt. Herman lio^er et al ownera of the lighter Republic. Ac. Appeal fro the Circuit Court of the United Statea for t! aouthern district of New York. Mr. Justice CI n>ru uruverea me iijunioii 01 me vonri, nmrnill the decree the arid Circuit Court In this caui with costs and interest. No. 333 Henry T. Bulkley, claimant of t bague " Edwin.'' appellant, ?^t. The Nautnke Steam Cotton Company Ap[*eal from the CI cult Court of the Ignited*a for the district Massachusetts Mr Justice N?lson delivered t opinion of the Court, affirming the decree of t said Circuit Court in this cause, with costs at Interest. No 11. John Fitch, appellant, agt Kdwa Creighton. -Appeal from the Circuit of t United States for the northern district of Ohl Mr. Justice McLcan delivered the opinion of t Court, affirming the decree of tbe said Clrci Court in this cause, with coats and interest. Nos 31 A. 35 The Washington, Alexandrl and Georgetown Stram-p^efcet Company, plai titTs iu error, agt. Frederick E. Sickles, et. i The argument or these causes was continued Messrs. Stone and Bradley for the defendants error. Adjourned until Wednesday. Fact vkrscs Fablk.?It Is said that an Indl who accompanied the party of Pocahontas Kn^land immediately commenced, when he lat ed at the seaport, to cut a notch In his stick every pale-face whom he saw ; but J hat the stj being too small for tbe tally, he threw It away disgust. This historical fact reminds us tha we were to notch all the falsehoods current Jn lation to Cabinet movements. Charleston matt* and other interesting subject*, a broom ham would not be quite Ion? enough for that purpc Some folk* seem to make stories for amuseme Theae are repeated as news, and the tie** la dl ded into fragment*, like changing dollar* 1 cent* But there i* an old adage which, if < erred, will save much alarm and aid to dlati guiah falsehood from fact, namely: " l.e*t folka suspect your tale untrue, Keep probability in view." The Last Dat or Gates ? For aeverai d past it baa been whlapered that the tax jale wo be postponed, and manv who were in hope such a postponement neglected settling their ta until yesterday, the last day of grace. The C lector and his assistant* were kept quite b during a part of the day in making out i receiDtlnif Dills for taxes due. How the rumo a postponement was started we are unable to i but it was stated in tlie Councils last night I the rumor was believed by many of our citix* which bad tbe effect to decrease tbe amoun revenue from that source. Union Flaos flutter now from every avail* position about Washington, showing unmlsta ably tbe public sentiment here. Among multitude of such demonstrations we notlc beautiful American flag flung to tbe breese fi the residence of Capt Lem. Towers, of comp A, Washington Light Infantry Ws believe t with a single exception, every military comp in Washington has. in some form or other, hibited Its love for tbe Union and Its readinei susUIn law and order in this city.- All prais the patriotic citisen-soldiery of Washington! We wiu tusbs and saw for ourselves; y? would be impossible to tell half we saw and joyed st the young Isdles* Mr in Thorn's bulk on Seventh street last evening The friends ol Island Baptist church need only be reminde this telr, to attend It will coat!noe through wk A fine band of music and a trio of u lent vocalists have bv?u engaged. Closbd cp ?This morning, the Corpora offices la the City Hall were closed, and no 1 transacted there A number of who had business there were obliged to unattended to until saothe/ opportunity. E i CiNTVAL GCABDRoct*?Effort Justict Tkomf ton.?For the general quiet or the city laat night, we offer the proof that there were but three cues in the watch-house, m follow* : John Andrew*, for disorderly conduct, wu commuted to the workhouae 60 days as a vagrant, in default of security and coats. James Butler, (colored) dis orderly conduct, was lined ?3 94 J Johnson, drank andrfilsorderly. Pined f-2 and costs. I.fTKBSST ON TBI "Col POB4T10!* DlBT ?Tbe Interest due on tbe bonds of the Corporation of Alexandria, on tbe 1st of January, ha* been pro vided for, and that portion juiy-able In N?w Vork, forwarded to the liank of the Republic, in that eltv. Ther#is no city In the Union tbat meets her obligation* more promptly than Alexandria, and ber bonds should stand high in the market ?Al exandria Gaketie. Dktititioh.?The train on the Orange and Al exandria railroad, yesterday afternoon, did not arrive here until three o'clock, baring been de tained at Gordonsville, awaiting the arrival there 4>f the Central train which was delayed by the now The Engineer on the Orange train reports having passed through anow thirteen inches in depth, this side of Gordonsville.?Alex. Gaxett* Phxlan, the renowned billiard player, la in town, and ire learn will give his friends and ad mirers a touch of his quality at Marr's billiard saloon, corner of Eleventh street and the avenue, between 4 and 5 o'clock this afternoon Berger, the great French player, will be In Washington in a few days. ? IltTKlKSTlNa TO IfOLDKKS Of RlAL KiTATl aiuack5t to thi UAfiTOL.-,-We understand the Way* and Means Committee of the House have inserted In the general appropriation bill an item of 8500,000 for the purchase of squares 667 and 686?to extend the Capitol grounds. Critter Mareet.?'This morning the Market 8pace wore a very dull appearance. The supply was much less than the average as to quantity, but It was fully sufficient for the demand. The ATTRRTion of the members of Burns Club is directed to the advertisement in another column calling a meeting. Dapgrrocs Fraud. Caution (o the Public.?We invite tho aid of all who konw the inestimable value nf Hostetter's celebrated Stomaoh Bitters to theafflioted in every ruction of the country, tn aid us in ferreting oat and hrinsir.c to justice the counterfeiters of the preparation and tiieir aiders and abettors. Several most pernicious imitations of this popular restora tive have recently been bronght our in Chicago, St. l.nms, New OrUaus and Mobile, and as the lives of person* are placed in jeopardy by these <-onooc tions, we feel it inouml>ent upon us to givethik tion aoquired by the uitters aa a cum for Dtspep sia, Liver Comp'aint, and all debilitating disease* or the stomach and bowels, has tempted into the field & hoat of shark*, who hope to profit by their celebrity. Please see to it. therefore, that ihearti c e^ri'U buy haa a fao simile ot the proprietors' sig nature on the label,and that the words' Dr. J. Hoa ftter's Stomach Bitter*" are blown in the side of the bottle, and stamped on the cap oovenng the cork. . For sale by druggist*and dealer* generally every where. ja 1 6o3t From II. H. Hazard, Efq. WapHISgto*, D. C., Sept. 26, 1880. 9. W. Fowlk & Co.?1 was for a long time af dieted witH Dyapepaia in its werst form. M> ap petite was gone, and what little food I took was thrown u? after remaining in the atomaoh a short time. My abdomen was very much bloated. In fact there was oomplete derangement and prostra tion of the digestive powers Several very eminent trsmians attended ine at various times, but their eatmentgav? but little, acd that only temporary relief. !Yiy aufTeilngs were intense, and I bream* reduced to a m?re skeleton.* At this time one of our druggist induced in? to fry the celebrated Ory L'-mnt+.i Kittfru vhiith I illil. though With llttlfl faith and great reluctance?for 1 had tried so many tliat 1 had come to the conclusion that all proprie tary medicines wore alike worth lew-but aft?r taking the tlrst b<>ttle I was so much relieved that I continued thu use of thein until a perfect cure wai eflVotfd. I now most cheerlully ncommend the Bitters t?> all an a certain oure fir iiyapcpsia. H II Hazard. 212 Pennsylvania avenue. Prepared by Seth W.-Fowleft Co., Boston, and for sale in YVashington city G. Stott, S. B. Waite Z. D. Oilman. John Sohwarze. Nairn ft. 1'a.iner, J oh u Wiley, J H Moore, and II. H. MoPherson; in Georgetown by R. S- T. Oiss'll, and G. M. ft. J. Southron, and by druggists everywhere, jal lw.r Cough* ?The sudden changes of our olimateare ton roe* of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic Affections.^jExperience Having proved tliat simple remedies Wten act ?pMdilj and oertainly when taken lu We rarly states of -the disease, reoourse should a* once be had to " Bro**n,t Bronchial Trochesor Lozenges, let the Cold, Cough, or Ir ritation of the Tnro&t be ever so slight, as by thia precaution a more serious attaok may be effectually warded off. Public Speakers and 'Sinters will find thein effectual for o:ear;ng and streng Miemnc the voice. See advertisement. de 1-ly HOMKOPATJIIC Kimkdiks All of Dr. Humphreys & Co.'s speoifio Ho meopatluo Remedies put up expressly for family use, in btfxes, at 25 and 50 cents eaoh. Also in oases, oontaining 30 vials, from 94 to eaoh, with book of full direotions. For sale by Z. D. Oilman. 350 Pa. avenue, wholesale ant) retail agent: W. A. Fitzgeraitl. 333 north F street also by F. H. Winter, oomer of Massachusetts ave nue and Sixth street. Also, Pond's Ertritt qf Wild Hiizel, for internal and external infiammatioiis oi all kinds. Sold as above. ma 9-ly To the Atflictkd !? lie sore to road the adver ti*emf>nt of McLean's Strengthening Cordial am iilood Purifier, in another column. tf Rkadkr, have you swn Prof. Wood's advertise ment in oar paper. Kead it; it will interest you. as Qf\_an 1 ? Cincinnati, Hamilton Cochtt. Statt Ohio. Uefore me, t'<e subsbriber, a Justice of the Peace id and for said county, personally caine Johflai^e" who. being duly sworn, deposeth and saith tnat h had beon suffering with Chrnnio Djarrhu-a for th pait twenty-two years, and hal corisaltrtl. and re o-ived prescriptions for his case from ail the pnn oipal physicians in Philadelphia a'd Cincinnati but all to no effect, as he has received no re f f. A last he was rediio d to a mere skeleton, witliou even the hope of ever finding relief, but, by the ad vice of a friend, was i-vduced to trv H-.s tetter' Celebrated Stomach Bitters, and, to his ulUrsui pria", found relief from the first trial; ai.d in I" than two months, found himself perfectly cured < his aomplaint, and is daily recovering his street of body, and increasing in flesh; and oheerfull gives this certificate. in the hope that others a; dieted like himsel: may be benefited. John Lkk. Sworn and anbscrilied to before ire,Aug. 21st, 1M C. F., Justice of the Peace, de24 eo3t Nok44 Westtrn at., Cinoinneti. O. iloLLOWAT'a PlLLS and OlNTMK*T. A'thmn ?Though this disease has baffled t) skill, and Ween pronounced by eminent medical m< as irremediable. The numerous certificate* dai reocived by l)r. HnUowar,a-e a direct refutatu to such ill-founded ana fallacious conclusion Coughs, Colds and Aathina in all ita ramifioatioi of bronchial affections, diseases of the chett. thron Ao? have been cured in their worst stages by the expectorant and laxative remedies, gold by i Druggists, at iSo.,62c. and per box or pot. de 36 lw Pennies. Persons desiring pennies will always find the tot exonariga &i me ?ur urnce c?unier. MARRIBD. On the31 mt Decemlior. by the Rev. Mr Mora* GABRIEL. I, BALliWIfj.of \Va?htiutnn. D. < to Miss ANNA S , daughter of tha late Th<>? Lo' of Mary land. ' FKE8H FRL'ITK IN CANS, PRESERVE*. BRANDY FRUITS, JELLIES. d?J2 KING * BURCHELL N OT1CE TO ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS We are haring all of o?r accounts inade off date, and will tak? it a? a great favor if they ? call ataa early day,and settle the same. WM R. RILEY A BRO.. No. 36 "Central Stores," Between 7th and 8th *ts , da 17 2w Opposite Center Market ONE PRICE ONLY! VING on hand a vert heavr (took of DR K IL, i the [ed ition >ual ona * It rutni umc?. 1\ANCING ACADEMY, Lr At Fsahklih Hai Prof. L. 6. MAR I NIB tMond uuarfr in Di in* will oemmeno* on FRIDAY. January ?, i 1861. Days and hour* oi tuition for children J and ?<>ung ladiaa, Monday* and Friday*, from J ffi I of IM )ol u.< in< r of y. '.bat NU, t of TRIMMINGS, I will offer the Mine very cheap Cash,and One ^ ^ no 22 tf . h?tw?Mi ?th and 10th ?ti no a n ?jMREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 777.. .9309,000. QtUt tarn r C strut and Louisiana av? over Bi of Washington. INSURE HOUSES AND OTHER PROPER' AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Dusctoba. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Red fern, Samnel Cropley, William Wi^mn, Rioitard Jonea, John D Barclay, Jaoob Gideon, Andrew Hoihwefl, Tho?. Parker, Richard Barry, .. . _!}. p. Frenoh. no charge lor rouciea. JAMES ADAMS, Preai<tei Abbl G. Dxm.BwreUrr. oo in ? '|"?0 IN VENTORS ANO PATENTEES MUNN A COMPANY, Proprietors of the Sci*HTiric Axuimii, Ageula fur procuring American and Foreign With Sixteen Ytart' Expert**u* in the Bus tit Refer to Hon. Jadse Mum, Hon Jmtii |] Hon- W D. Biahop.Ex CominiMion?ra r>rPat? and to more than Afiten thousand invent or t < have had boaineea done through Munn A Co.'* I **Parnphlet'of Advioe sent free by mail. Pateut Laws and Regulations, lt? patea.% o "oitoe No. *T Park Row, New York. Wi inftoni?Im-oorner F and Seventh aU.^pp. MONEY SAVED BY PU1 STOCK MUST BE CLOSE] ON THE FIRST OF NOVEMBER WE ADVE CARPETING OILCLOTH#, RIM DR< We have sold about half the Stock, and nov Bklow tri Omeiiu Cost. On the first of March we will commence to must be cloasd out By tbat tl ins, we would there these troublesome time*, to call at 373 Seventh iU I'fcK CIXT. IV THEIR PuaCHASZS IN THE ADJOINING STORE, 374, we fa Alao, a complete assortment of HABERDASfll An early call ia solicited from all those who In thia city. d?89-3t WAN TED-A WKTNURSK ts gojrith afam ' " ill to South America. Add.sss to Dr. GaR N ET1. or to 44S Sixth st. The family will stay only this week in Washington. ja 1-** _ WANTED-A SITUATION by ft respectable * * - middle-ftgrd woman as oook ia a private fam ily or boarding house, where there ia no washing : ne irnmn. A ?.n Am.m Uaw M.. O a? BLACK SILKS, BOMBAZINES. ALPACAS, MERINOES, DELAINES, CALICOES, IRISH LIN) TABLE LIM WANTS. V? IKTIUli AUUiOWl 1VI IWV UOJ UVA il v? thia office. It* w TURJ the highest | tioe. Dealer in Furniture, Storee, 4o.f oc< 408 7th at., bet. G and H.eaat aide. no 17 BONTZ A GRIFFITH BOARDING. SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN BF. ACCOM inodat*d with BOARD at 378 Eighth atreet, between 1 and K. de31 2t* SEVERAL HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, with Board, can be had at No 330 l* atreet, lietweeu 9th and loth ata., on reasonable terma. Peraona in search of pleasant boarding houtea would do well to call aud examine for thf m selvea. de26 6t FOR SALE AND RENT. [For otktr "tor Si I* find Rtnt" adrtrtiumtnt's, aaa^ral p?g$ ] I^OR SALF.?About twentj-five aoera of LAND r in PriroeGeorce' theHrate of Mary land. laying near the main road between Tebee and Hoeehead. Alx>ut one-third in good white oak ; tiie ba'anoe la good fertile land; good water, and a fine outlet from the traot for aaitie. Also, a aaw mill within 2K miles of 'aid land; the nuildiucs are ordinary. Pog-ession given at any tim?. Apply to or adJresi EDMON D R OCKET, at Brand; wine Post uffic?, Pnuce George's oounty, Md. Terms for th?25 aoers and saw mill together, #200; one f urthoash; the balance in6and 13 months, s-enred id the land. ja l-T&F2t* Hern don first class boarding H 0 US K.?Several large and handsomely fur- ; nished front ROOMS*. with modern improvements, may he had by applying at ?he above house, corner Ninth and F sta., near the Patent and Post Olfioes. d* 29 3t* IARGE and desirable FIRST-CLASS J RESIDENCE IN georgetown for KENT OK LEASE.?The fine residence of the late Vinoent Taylor, Esq., No. ill? Bridge st eet, is for rent, and offer* many ad vantages and conve niences. it is one of the most spacious and finely finished private houses in the District, Possess sion given immediately. Apply on the premises, ile 29 eo2w FOR RENT.?Will be rent d to a frivata fami ly, on reasonable terms, a convenient and com fortable three-story house, on F. between 13th and 14'h streets. Inquire of R. C. johnson, at the store of J. L. Savage. Pa. avenue, betwren lf?th and 11th st*. deTT fteo A SUIT OF furnished BOOMS FOR R ENT. Inquire at 4S6 Eleventh St.. between E *ad F. de 26-1 w FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT, at 406 D street, between 6th and 7th sts. * de 4-tf I?OR RKNT?In Georgetown, a handsome and F ownvuiwt COTTAO K I* BtM DK NCK, con taining 9 room*, kitchen, pantry, Ao. There is at tached a argc and spacious tot, and abundance ot aqueduct and pump water on the premise*. It is in the immediate vicinity of the College and Academy of the Visitation, equi-distant from both. The property is all in complete repair. Inquire oorner d and High sts. de 14-eo3w* IT*OR RENT-A new BRICK HOUSE, with r hack building and cellar, having fl rooms with gas, and *r'e alley, situated on U street, near Thir teenth. Rent moderate to a good tenant. Inquire of M. GREEN, Gtoc?r, oorner of Thirteenth and L sts. Thia property is near Franklin Row, only a few mir utes' walk fioni the Tree-miit Buildings, and onoof 'he healthiest locations >n Washington, de 21-lmeo* IjM)R KENT?The lar*e three utory FRAME HOUSE on New York avenu t, t>etwen 4th and 5th streets, recentfy ocoupied d? Hev. Mr. Ca rothers. Apply to JOHN W. MAN KINS, or to Mr. BOS*, next door,where the k -r may be f<<nnd. Also, the three three story Bricks at the oorner of Ninth and N sts., Northern Liberties. Or for sale low lor cash; or property in t ie oountv taken in exchange. Apply at Mr. HAGGEKTY S store opposite, for the terms and the U*, or to DICK Si?N A KING'S wood and ooal 1 ?rd, oorner ol I street and Vermont avenue, or to '.he suhtcriber, at Georgetown. d? 19 s>4w JOHN DICKSON. The stock a.mj i ixuki mn larub MKRCHA.NT TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT f()R SALE?Th* ?ahac-iber having de termined to retire from liuiuiati, ofers for sale hit entire stock of fresh and well n!t Ud Cloth*, Ac. The stock if not very heavy, and we'I assorted from late lirtportations. The nlore. whl hc h?* occu pied for over twenty years, u an >ld established stand, one of the best on the Aveu e. under a large and well patronized hotel?the Un>l'd States. Foi Wire, Ac., app'y to P. \V. BRO" . NlNG, undei United States Hotel. de 14 JtawtJan 1 tr*OR "rj;NT-Two fine PARLOR* on firai floor, and three CHAMPERS on the secon< floor alK?ve, at No. 75 Missouri avenue, betweei 4'. and Si s's , near the corner of 34 sC de lo-2aw3w* RENT REDUCED.?That plea<any?OTTAGI Rr>ll)ENCE,. containing 7 rooitli, with fron balcony. large *ard id frontand rear. Toe tine H st in Printing Ouioe Square, between North Capitn and First sts.. will h? rented for 816 per month a punctual tenant. Address, by letter or in persnr \VM. STICK NEY. de Sl eotf FBIOK RENT.-A three-stor* BRICK DWELL ING HOUSE, with back building, on 12th at No. 470. between F and G atreeta. Applv to J KIRK WOOD, 476 Twe (that. fio i9 dtf PERSONAL. A STROLOGIST A MA DA MR DEVISE. THIS WKWK ONLY. Those who wi'h to oonautt h?r mart call th week as it l muit pomtivfly ber la?t in Waahinj ton at preseitt. All who are in troub'e of any km ito quirk to llio Madams sh? will brine any one I yon an>i cause th?m to !< ? you. will alco oam early roarriasea an-1 tr At kappinoM and gnt In ok. Madame will advise iu regard to Laweuit Numbers, Bumne?i? I osses &o Priees v>?ry ir.odf at?. Residence? Richmond House, corner h i?ht and D Kt?.; private entrance on D ?t. G*utle>n< admitted. ja 1 2t* jy^ADAME CLINTON I'RICE: Thm distincnifhed Amenoan Clairvoyant nan I eomulted on Health, < har&ctcr and Future Even! Rooms No. 434 Taelflh street, 2 aoo/a below T arem?, ' ja 1-1 w* 'P TAKE NOTICE! 1 HAT I will pay bo debt* contracted by wll Bridget Donovan. de29 5t* _ _ JOHN DONOVAN AM IJ81C BOOK IS TH E BEST CHRIS TM / GIFT. Moore'a Melodies beautifully boand. The Maaioal Album, II An/<AlaAknl? Unneii Wi t KaH? VflrHl. The Rome Giro)*, All the Operas.with and without wordi, Bosttiovei.'s, Mozart'* and dementi's Honat<??. Haoh's Cherubim's, Mars tad Albreootabertei Tneoretioal Works, An the Oratorio*, ( elections ol Mane with beautiful title pages Also, a larg? assortment ol Steinway A Sons' a Raven. Bacon A Co 'a Overst nt? pianos, doubUnJIy the html now mannffctarad. A vt large stock of Piano Moola &sd Covers at redac arises at the Masio Store of WO MKTCKROTT, de 22 corner Eleventh *t and Pa av T" HE THIRD WBDNE8EUY OF EVES MONTH. Dr. SCHKNCK, of Philadelphia, finds it imp< sibte to visit Washington ??nj week, and r made arrangements to positively be in the city I third Wednesday of every month. Ha has a svitof roomi at the A venae Hoi where patient* eaa obtain advioe free. He 01 ohargea when it ia neoeaaary to make a thorn examination of the Langs with the Reepiromet H. H. Wait* la acant lor ttohenok's Pnlmo Syrap, prioa #1 par bottle. for tne oa?* or Cons Colds and Consumption j Sohenefc's Sea \v< Tome, pnee 91 per ftoiuo, tor (itimiii*; soneno Mandrake |?,ila, prioe 95oente beraox. for i,i Uiiioaa Complaints and Constipation of the He a. ?l>r. Sshenok woald be fraWu to thoea 1 hare 1mm oared by hia remedies if thej wo leave their eertifioatee of oar* with 8. B. w A(1 eorner a*h ?t. and La a*. 4e 1^-3) CADKT ,LUE C^TAilitaj(y m~ Black Traoot Cloth, Black Clothe, for LadtM' Cloak a ft order to conveit oar a took into (l?tt .... IkiW between 7th and de 17-<w oppoeite Cm tar Mart HBMH .. trtW oderiiif oar eatire ?t>ek at f reaUp ^hB?ok!lk ' ftCHASING FOR CASH. [> OUT IN SIXTY DAYS. RTISED TO PELL OFF, AT PRIME COST, 5 STOCK OF iS, HATS, CAPS, 'GGETS, BOOTS AND SHOES. v offer the entire balance on hand at Paicss Fan make Improvement* la the Store, and the stork fore sdvlse all those who desire to ecomonls* In set, and we tcnimi to tmm a unm or 1U t are a fall and complete stock of , FLANNELS. CASS1 MERES. SNS, SHAWL BORDERING. I ENS, BROCHE * STELLA SHAWLS IRY. wish to purchase the cheapest foods ever offered R. BRICE HALL, 3T3 mad 375 SEVENTH STREET. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS rT*?BANK OF COMMERCE, . GroaoiTnwft. 0. C., Jannarr 1, IMl. A partnership a*soe;a<ion ha'viuc bsen heretofore entered into brand between tbs foilowias named Individuals, Charles E. Rittenhotme. Hujth B 8weeiiT. Hamilton (? Fant, Samuel Fowler. John L. Duhef, William T. Hemm,Richard Pett.t, Riok ard Al. Bo) er. Mrs Susan Ireland.h ur h B. sweeny, ezeontor, and Ann R. O'Neaie. executrix of Tim othy O'.N ea.'e, dfO'iid, f>r the purpose of c?rr> mg on th? banking business m 6*or[rtoTn, in the District of Co umbta.ia the nam* of the Hwk ol Comm?ro?, aod on? of the a-ticl of ?uoh a??oci? tioa having provided f >r the continuance of ?aoh pa-tnership until the lei of Jannary, 1861.and Rich ard M. Borer, one of the said partner*, having died during the existenoe ol such partnership, the Ha' k ol Commerce wiU hereafter be oond?et>d, in the same tue filloving named indivtdnale: Charles K Rittenhouse, Huth B. Sweery. Hamil ton G. Fant, Samuel Fowler, John L. Dnhef. Wil liam T. Herron, Kieha <) Pettit, Mr?. Seean Ire land. C. E. RITTENHOUSK. ja 1 ?' 3t President. (Vw?NOTICK -L ICEHS E S.-All persons !L3 whose Licenses from the Corporation of Georgetown expire on the 3'at instant, are hereby notified promptly to take out the iam*, ander the new iaw. approved Juy 7th, ltd), othei ?ns they subject themselves to a fine, and the law is oom pn'eory upon the proper oifioers to enforoe said fine against all delinquents. de27-3tawtJan l? WM. LAIRD. Clerk. SI'Ta R : " : 8 U G A k7T~ SUGAR!!! BROWN SUGAR revea oenis per ponnd, do eighth cents do ilo nine oenU do WHITE SCJGAR tea eents do Lovenng's CRUSHED SUGAR nine poind* for a dollar. A liberal dedaotion to those who bay by the bar rel. Terms cash. All kinds of bank no tee except South OiroJmg taken at liberal lates at the Anti Separate State Seoesaion-Store, Georgetown. D. C.. (J S A. de29-flt W. ?. TENNEV. N O. 119 BRIDGE ST., GEORGETOWN. AT REDUCED PRICES FOR CASH. Wishing to reduoe oar (took of good* (which is well assorted i as low a* pessiMe b\ the 1st of Feb ruary . we wiiI ull for Cash, from till* time, every description of DRESS GOODS, SHAWLS, EM BROIDERIES. BLANKETS, FLANNELS, Ac.. A?.. At RKDrriD Prices foe Cash. JET We would also remind our c??totner* that their bill* will be presented to them on or before the 1st of Jauuary, and. m it is important that we shall raise money, we will be under renowed obligation* ; to them for an early settlement of the same. We < tender to all *uoh our thanks for their libera! pat . rona<e, and hope to continue our existing relation* With them t* the Union de28eoat SMOOT A BURROUGHS. fUMl " APPLES. I OUUbBLS. PripteNo.l B ALDW1N APPLES, i per schooner J. and N. Baker. Will be sold on reasonable terms by J. G. WATERS, de 17 2w No. 109 Water st., <?e??rg?-U>wn. iUST RECEIVED >10 hhds. prime Prtrto Rioo SUGARS, I l?bbls.O,d Rye WHIs?KV, 3S0bbl*. HKH RING and ALE WIVES. 60 lib!*. Crushed and Refined ?l'G ARS, SO bags Rio aud Java COFFEE, 10 hhda.Oow pnced) MOLASSES. For sale by JOHN J. BOGUE. ?e 10 J too BHl.B. or FRIMK CIDER, U**T Arrived and for aale oheap lor cash. , no IS ARNY A SH1NN. \fASSEY. COLLINS A CO.'S PHILADEL LT1 PHIA DRAUGHT ALE.-We are oon*tantlj receiving fresh supplies of the above delightfel bev erage, and invite all persons who want a pare as adniterated Ale, to give it a trial. ARNY A SHINN, Agents, te * f7 Sr?M at.. 0 enrgetnwa. ) ~ CHICKER1NG A SONS' UNRIVALED PI ANOS, at all prioes, and of all soales. JOHN F.ELLIS. no S Pa. ST.. between 9th and lnth sts. a I.WONDS. PECANS. SHE1.1.HARKS. KN /* GLISH WALNUTS, BRAZIL NUTS, F1L BERTS. &g KINO A BURCHELL. QRKAT SUCCESS! I The #uly SAFE * AND PERMANENT CURE FOR CORNS, v , BUNIONS, . SOFT CORNS. And nu. Diseases WHICH AFFECT THE FELT, ia the InrAXLien Strtem Pkacticko BT DR. N. SCHLOSSER. SURUEON CHIROPODIST. READ READ the following WASHINGTON TESTIMONIALS: From H. S. Davis. Dr. Sohloieer hut this day removed from my f twelve ooraa. which waa done withoat pain, and my entire aatiafeotioa. I ohrerfu ly recommend all person*. and especially my friend* who aa( with oorns, to oall on the Doctor eoon. H. 8. DAVIS Waahmston, D. C., Deo. Mth, 1MB. From Horn. Burton Crmigu M. C%ttf N. C. It liras n? plaasnra to oarttfy that Dr Schlo# hu thia day extracted teremi oorns from ar f without pain. BURTON CRAIG 1: Washington, D. C.. Dm. SOU. 1MB. ^ From Tht. f. Inru. War Dtpnrtmtnt. in- | I oartifr that Dr. SohIos?ar has skillfully extra ,rT ad a?varal corns from my foot, and without pain THOS. F. LEWIS Washington, D. C., Dao. 13?h. 1 From Dr. T. 8. Ttrdi, M. D. I testify that I have bean vary snooessMIy ? rated npon by Dr. Behloaaar, witiort pain of i sort. T. R. YERD1, M. I Washington, Janvary 7th. 13j8. In i4<litioi to tha a bora tost-aaoaiala. mti thousands mora ara m tha Doo tor's poaaaasioa. CAM BE CONSULTED HERE, OML Y FOR A SHORT TJMJS, At Sis Orricn, SIT PKNNA. AVENUE. < Sooth aid*,) b*tvMs 12th and 15th itrttU. Oft oe hoir* from 10 a. m. till 4 p. m. Notice.?Dr. BokimMT oaa onlj bo eoaaalU hi* oftoo, and haa ao profoaaioaai ?onn?ouoa i WW ? THE LATEST NEWS T EL EQKA FDIC. KKOM SOI Til CAROLINA. Ch*?i.i?tok, Dr >1.?It lm!d on tto author Ht of tbochalrmta of U? Comai:tw. that aorrct mtl?M will prlKlptUr occupy tto remaining time of tbo CodtmUm up to tbe (itl adjournment Tbere bar* been no restrict!OM placed oa tb? tranamlM'.on of intelligence from tbla city Tb* correspondent of tbe pr?sa baa rfrrmrd II n**dlasa to transmit mere rumors and baa coatned bJm - aelf to fa<-ta. all of which have been faithfully chronicled. (Bab!] Mrong fortliratioaa have been rrertcd la and around the barber to prevent day reinforcements to Major Andaman, but no attach on him ta pr? mediated The autbortUea are am lonely await ing tbe reanlt of lb* miaalea to Waablairt.m Tb* populace ta quiet without aay ofllclal re?trah?t The Governor la hourly reeelviag tender* of as sistance from abroad, bat generally he rnfusaa to accept The ( rntlra * CaABLnaron, Jan. 1 ?Tbe Convention opened with prarer th'.i morning, by the Rev. Mr Du pree; la the courac *f whtch be said. 4,Ob 6*d, wilt thou brlag confusion snd dseomflture up*a our enemies, and wilt tbou strengthen tbe hearts aad nerve tbe arms of oor sons to meet this great lire In the name of tbe God of la>**l " The President cf the Convention baa received a highly important communication, of a arcret character Oh the table immediately fronting the I'ril. dent lit most beautiful boat of John 0 Calhoun It li of pure white marble On a piece <f pa per lying by it. to fbe Inscription, " Truth. Jua- . tire, and Fraternity You have wrltWn yomt name in the Book of Life. Fill up the page with deliberation The Moral ia from the North The day to far apent, the night la at hand; oar horoea and honor iamBi>n the rlti zena to ap pear on the parade ground for lnapectlon " Every dav ia religiously obaerted, and there ia a pealing of belto. Mr. Lincoln'* CnMnet-- Pennsylvania LegU I atare ( aicaa HAKKi?BrK6, Ta , Dec 31?A private diapalrh wji received by a citizen* of thla plare to night which annouucea that Mr Lincoln baa arlerbd General Cameron for the poattion of Se* retarv of the Treasury ^n hia Cabinet Ueaeral Cameron to now at Springfield' and It to stated baa gone to accept. 'I hla to from a source deemed reliable. The Democratic Legislature caucus have nomi nated Dr. Hull, of Montgomery county, for Speaker; and Jacob Zlegler. Chief Clerk. Tb?* Kepnhlj. an caucna of the llouae have nominated F.Italia XV Davta, Speaker, and Edward Ranch, Clerk. I be i;? puhllcsn Senators hsv* nnminitM Robert Palmer for Speaker,and RnhtII LwfU foe Clerk There < strong antagonism man fest?d bere to the appointment of General Cameron to a Mat to Mr Lincoln'a Cabinet . Mr Lincoln baa also telegraphed to Ales K McClure to come to SpringAeld. and be baa gone Mr McClure is opposed to Gen Cameron, and will meet tbe latter at Springfield, It is supposed . when a violent rupture will enaua It la believed lb at tbe contentloaa will end in tbe appointment of Hod Wm. L. Dayton to a place In tbe mw Cabinet Tbe Democratic Senators hav? tbelr caucus to morrow ?^ Marine Ltoasters Wilmisgtos. N C , Bee 30.?Tbe ship Emma, of Liverpool, one hundred davs from Bombay for New York with a cargo of llaxseed apd woof, was run asbore la a fluking condition oo Friday night tbe 2y<h lust , tbree miles noftbeaatof New Inlet Light Tbe captaia and crew were saved, The vessel has bilged and as tbe weather is heavy with a northeast wind to-day she will probably soon m to ni^TM . Bo?TOR, W 30.?Tbe British ship Emperor, of London. Mowleur. from St Johns for Penarth Roads, with a cargo of deals, sprung aieak on tbe 17th Instant, and bore up for Beaten.. Tbla morn ing the ran ashore on Schooner Bars, C batbain, and filled. Tbe crew left la boats, stood out to sea on account of surf on tbe beach Tbe captain stayed by the ship, and was taken off this after noon by a life-boat Tbe vessel Is probably a total low. Frsa Earspe Dee 31.?The steamer North Ame rica baa arrived from Liverpool, with dates to tbe iutb lust. Tbe negotiations for the evacuation of Gaetaby tbe King of ft a blea having ft lied, tbe bosnbard meut of the place by tbe Sardinian navy was to re-commence on the 19th of December, A Russian diapatch. with Intelligence from China, says that tLe English prisoners, Messrs. l)ornea u, Bowlby and Anderson, and'three French officers, have certainly been* riaaaarred by tbe Chinese Tbe Directors of the Atlantic Telegraph Com* psny have determined to keep afloat, .a the hope that something favorable will happen Tbe London Times' city article of Thursday evening says tbe funds opened with a decline of . and subaequent:v experienced a farther fall, owing to tbe unsatisfactory news of affairs la Bom bay and the depression at tbe I'arla Bourse, Is conjunction with Intimations given AusUis that she must aell Venltla or prepare for war In aprtng. Kates at tbe Stock Exchange continued firm, with an active demand. Tbe dlsconut market was also active. ?? N MERCHANT TAILOUlfiO. KW FALL STYLES o? CLOTHS, CASSi MERS. AND VESTINGS. WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. Pennsylva nia Avenue, hare juat received a .a:*e variety of new Fall whiok tiie* invite the attention of their friend* and customer*. an IS-tf rvlta DIIMVL'TO U iT4 PI ITS nftka UV. .v ? very latest style*, and in all oum mid* of the best material. Call ?? ohm ?wi W choice. A (ST h VKN 8 Pt bo2t-tf 336, bet*. 9th and Iflth it*. TS;& ' . j ffiSSSv^ _HKLL_ deg KINO 4 BCKCWBLL. P OFFICIAL 'n" R0PO8AL* FO* KRECTING A COITRT HOUfK AND POST OFFICK AT PHIUA-. FBI A, PA. Tkeakckt Dipaitiust, Dwraibw 8,1W1. ^r.ALtn I'aorossLsnrill be reoeived at th<e l?? p%rtm^nt until the ?ta day of?breary, A.D 1WH. at U o'oiin k at nuon, for the on??truouoi of the Philadelphia Coart-H?us? and Poet O*oe. accord lot to the plane and epecifcoaUone prepared at thie UMartment. These pr< po?ata milt be for tfce whole work; bet e*ch portic n of the work and the amount b d there for mutt he separately stated m the bid; the rcspe* tire amount for each kind of work ca-ned ??tit. and the total amount stated; the Department " serving the ri?ht to reject or ac<-?f t tht pro?i?eel? hereby invited, or any fart* thereof won itd?eme the icterest of the I'm ted Htates requires it; the Department also (MtrrH the rich* to ?*olu??e the bids ofanv person or persons whom there is jest csase to beiiers will not faithfully perform the not t'aoU, or which the* hare attempted to "hum ??r indirection; and all bids when thore shall l?e parties . s. a .. iL. L.a. ?A Z I UJ. in imrp-fi w*iii u?? dvijuin m vtiv n ua. dq m*i ?y that. u?on investigation, are below a fur price for the work, No contract will be awarded to bidders until de tail* are furnirhed (he Department of the prir>ee ?>f the different kinds of work nnd material*, which ?*!! l>? subject to the revision of the Departai??i, o that th<> iron hid shall heeqmtah * apportioned upon the whole wors to irndo the DtH'UMiit in making pa?mei.ts. Ninety per oent. ofthe amount of work d?ae and material* deirered, according to contract pric?. oec by the eeUnrte of (Mid amount to be arosrtai an agent ofthe Department appointed for that par pose.) will be pain from tun? to time as the work progreases, and tec per e?rt retained nn'il theeom pi? t.on of the eontraet and acceptance ofthe work. *x.. by the acent aforesaid sod be forfeited in tha evert ofnon lulSlmeot of suntraot. Contracts will be awarded only to master bet Id - rrs or ism? ante*, and the aaeignment the-eof, ex oeptby consent of t^ secretary of the Traasi; rj, will be a forfeiture n( the same. Kaoh proposa: must he aooon panted b* a writt- n gnarantee,. igned by two r aponsihi persons < aer - tified U be so h* the United States,et Ju<i(*. or Attorney of the *aic ' *tnot ) la tke up ? SVtt. that the toddar will, when required. if kif ropoeal h* aocepted enter into a contract and bond, with proper aad suftoient seesrities for ita fe thfal perf.rmanoe. Plaus, *pec i h out ions and wm king draw nigs oaa KaaVAJBifUMl kJtAT fortv Ha.VI ft'l 1 olh#r I Hon oMumI OB m U) Um Tke iroinHii must b? Mat to tti f. m ."i tne iwim' ?MT lor r?w>*ivit * im mm rf* " "XVM'n w.';" d*?4 fxtev nf tk? Trm??r? '|? O T II fc. PUBLIC. Htviat t Itn* MDOHt of montf to par the 1st of Mtreh.ftod ?wio? *oU? f*oor?l boa of Ihiiiiiom, * Hrt to ?fwM **tr? inducement for parckoeer* t> hay of for o^Hk.ood we now fr poje t ? inakoa iiMmxit ?f_ tp p?. o lit ou all will m. ? du m u>r> mt mxiv PA i 8. in order to r??diitw ?>?r ?mt t?rj? M?k of CUo4*. and realise tfe* money for them. prcvioua tu oar rarmi nmIM

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