Newspaper of Evening Star, January 1, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 1, 1861 Page 4
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fc.l I -I T . ' i THE EVENING STAR. (Foe The Last 5l?hi *f th? Ttu. IT LBTTil B Tln>?'? ruthl?*a finger h?? ma' k*d hia chert ? ? - * K.. fe? ?.-? at'Mksd with art? ; His brow la damp with the dewa of d ath? The O d Year is paaama away I Adieu, adieu, thou New Y"*r. he oried. At<*. i too <-*me in with glee; But Time, the resutleee. ?-? tea me ou. And I stand aside for thee. Adieu. a<li?*u, re mar iaugh again. At the fall of the old tr-? ; Iti dead bough* wave o'er a new made grave? A grave that shall ope for tk$?. The night fleets on. and hie eye grows dim, Acd hie voice I* faiiit and low; The New Year ooirtas with a joyful about. And he feela that he mint go. J he New Year oorw? with the dawc ef morn. And Joyously peaia the bell: White watchmen ahout o'er the Old Year's eravs "'Tis paat tweive, and ail la well!" Ths dy>ng Tear leaves manr a aigh. And its shadows o'e~ ns oast, A* back we tur? with tear dim d eye To viaions of the past. Ferk n. Spade. Th? time-honored spade is failing Into dlriM l.ook at vondar aon of Erin, as be drives the ablnlng blade Into the molat loam, and heaves out a square, compressed mass, two sides of which are smooth and compressed as possible. If you are standing near or working by his side he will hit it a rap and crumble the top of It a little, while the mass probably remain intact. The ground will be leveled off with a rake, and the lumps will bake slowly, and remain likely enough hard and impervious all summer, if the ground is not deeply worked again. When spading is done in very dry wea'her, it is not liable to the same objection in degree, yet It leave* the soil always more or leas lumpy. How different it is with the use of th? fork The spading fork is found of various forms in the shops we prefer one of narrow tinea, rather long and very thick, made of good stetl A good quality of sU*el is very imporUnt, (or often a sin gle tine striking a stone or stick has to take In tantlv th? whnlii forrj> of th#? blow nr ihnve Thu tinea 'should be thick; at considerable prying power ia often required; and they should be nar row, that the earth may be no more compressed than Is necessary A fork like this maybe driven much deeper with the same force It will lift the earth quite u well as a spade, and without packing it If roots of trees, bulbs, or anything of the kind are present, there is little probability that thev will De injured, if care Is used and the grouna may be loosened sufficiently In ruany cases without lifting the earth at all, in a way to tear the ryots. The fork, in fact, may be used wherever the spade can be, ?nd a shovel is not more desirable ?we do not claim for its superiority In shoveling and or gravel?and it may be used in many eLaces where a spade cannot be used. About ees. In raspljerry, currant or vine-borders, espe cially will the f-irk be found of incalculable ser vice, and the spade should be banished forthwith Jfvmtstetd. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NVlLLARDS* HOTKL ?J R Hyde, NT; L B P??sAn \lf? T (Vnn. IV ? MI. I t ?i*vu? ki?Vf ? wmif I ? V.IVO, il II , * H Martlndale. NY, Oral Pacy. A Flores,Ecuador; 8 Camactao. Venezuia; G l.elva, do; J 8 Hedges, Del; O W Hodgklns. DC; 8 Barnard. Md; Hon J P Verree, Pa; II B Tatham. do; F 8tunly, U8N; C H Ulna, O. C L Perklnks, NY; ES Rogers and lady, Md; J Maynaxd, NY; R F Havilaud and lady, do; t* B Lawrence and lady, Ct; T L Vail, N^jMissPJ Wright, do; L Bennett and lady, do, W F \Ylater, NJ, J F Wister M!aa; Col Ha ger. USA. NATIONAL HOTEL?Mr and Mra Wcrth lngton, Md; T Fiske, DC; W F \Vlater, Va; J J ^ later, do; E D Baker. Oregon. P B Hagea, Pa; S N Hall. Ct, T. F. Williams, Md; II E White, do. G A Martin, do. HO II Ages. NY:CRogga, Md, J T Rutherford, do; T Harran. 8(5; T Kai**, Cal; J R Murray, N Y; L W Garth, Ky; R Mullov, do, T B TJ!den, NY; T Rawllngs, Md; .W H D ..V *r... r r II'I ?n % 1?- r* fit ?- ? * ' u*cta, w\y, j u luiauii, > i ; u t DJ?r, ao; l Frederick, Mass, i Rapiles, Texu; D 9 A it house, BROWN'S HOTEL ? J A Mattingljr, Cal; 1, Edward., N C Wall, T Branch. T W Page, F Pleasants, J Barbour, J T Newman, Va; J tiella ney, NC, S C Duvdl, Pa; S Borland. U Sinithers, Tenn; M 8 Yancey, Mo. KIRK WOOD HOU9E ?8 W Flrklln, Va: C T Menner and ladies. C Cowell, Mass; F Carter, Mo, R Rpberts, V Phelan, NY. WASHINGTON HOUSE.?J B Amea, O; Hon Cobum, Me; P B James. Mass; Or T Bennett, N Y; J Oliver and If, W B Oliver, Ky. OCJiAJf a THAMIRS' SAILING DA Y8 Fa OM 1MB U SIT IB Staths. 1'mmwj. Ltavt. For. D?vt. Pt?ia ? ..... New York.-Liverpool?-Jan 9 Kangaroo New York... Liverpool J an t KaitoB.? .New York?Havre. ....... Jan 6 Ca ada ? Boston -.Liverpool Jan 9 Au?trai&sian ....New York...Liverpool ....Jan 16 FROM JSUROFS Palestine Liverpool. ...New York_.Peo 15 Hremeu 3outh'pt<<u... New York... Deo2S Ameno. Liverpool- ...Boaton u.Dm K Teut.>aia .... Sou lit pin...New York Jan 16 1 be California mul ateamera leave on the 9th. 18th, abd 29tn of ever y month. 'lO HOUSEKEEPERS Bf) WAHHIN6TuN,6EOR8 E-i# XUVVN AND VICINITY. We invite the attention of "IIonaekeep#ra to our very tare* and beautiful stock of CHINA, Uf-AJ-S an.lEvRTHKN WAKE, which i* now rendered complete in every department by oar recent im portations. We deem it Bnt.eoeee?ry to enumerate artioiea, a? we have every tain* that la usna ly k?pt in the China Buamea*, from rion decorated French China Diiilltfr ftnd Tr* tA Ar<4inaM C*rlkAM ware, aud ax we import tbe majority of^our tooda, wo are prepared to fiimiah the beat aua it?, either t> the whnlsaai* or retail trade, * luv u auj of th j importing doused of Baltimore engliah an 1 Am-*rroan calorr of superior qua'utv, ai?u. Horn, Buok aau cuooa ntadle cutler; from tne ?&<ne factories, Silver plsit-d Ware on fine Albatta, warranted, A large atoak of Co?l Oil Lamp*, numerous pat tern*, . Paver lampshades and chimmea, Cat Glass olo'm,'"' hjacitta Glasses, Fano* Articles, Toya. ac , ao. C. S FOWLER a co., 504 Odd fcuowa' Hall, no 16-eogw Seventh atreet. 's? proclamation I o the Citizens of washington, georgetown, jfce. Wktrtat, At the present season o the year cholera morbus, diarrhea. CHOLIC, DYBENTERY. m DEBILITY. Ao.,Ao., prevail to *n & arming extent: And wiertd'. It mnel be of the FIRST CONSEQUENCE toerery feral; to ^^gj^guy . _ OF Filll, offen !u|5j1jiACULOU8 PXIN KILLER ai thrf m >st ID V FFp ( In order to a&tiafy CERTAIN AND EFFECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE A1IOVE COMPLAINTS that bo imposition ie intended'Vn the Nkle of thia THE MONEY'v/ILt^B^kEFUNDED in all caji# rhen the medioioe f&ils to kit* entire aattaffcotlo Ask, tiec at %aj druf Store for ?r. mpntakpe's miraculous pain siller, take m directed, and if not perieotiy aatiafied Return to oar Agent, D. b? clark, esq., 4h street %nd peanaylvama Arena?, who will refaud jour monoy. Pnoo? 9? and 00 Centm par Bottle. For aaie at all Dri| Stores everywhere. jl!i J AS. modonnell, . -eotr wral b^ore. plour, bucrwhea^POTATOES, AP ! ' bmi " ? ?,?*! h-e. st* bank ion do. h at do. do. bma. new ricnmona Family and Extra Flour, ihe. Freeh Ground buckwumt Mea1, baibele White Meroer Potatoee, do. Rise do. do. * do. ch*etnatf. reomred to-day and for ml* low in lota to rait by ttl. morrison a CO.. *o Comer of Twelfth %nd b ete. A NEW BOOKS, At FRENCH A HICHSTElfc'S. 87S Pa. at. AhhIb f?r tk* wkolt World. Fo'ks Soncs, eiecantiy booud, printed on toned paper, fall Tori#T tit t: fio? fin if Mnt by nail. Th? Moral Hiitory of Woman, from the Frenoh of Ernest L?or?, trafs ated by J. W. Palmer; M. It: m*i'. AH or Marion Rar and'* Books, Nemesis. Most Bid?, Hidden Path and Alone; prioe each 91J6 by mail no gl ? T?*AVEL? IN THE REGIONS OP THE 1 Upper and Lover A moor, by T W. Atkinson, with a may and numerous illustrations; price $1?. Uoaello,a epaelto the Je? ot Verona, by ft. A. "iftwajr Abdallab, or the Enchanted Revs, and othe Taes, with an introduction by Miss Par doe. Volume one of Tom Brown at Oxford, a sequel to Tom Brown at R??>>y; sheap edition ? cents. Oar Year, a child's is pro?? and verse, by the aathor oflob n [1a if*x; p->a# 7S o?nt*. BLANcAaRD* MOBUN, d*? oonier E'evnth st. and Pa. ay. d 9E.-Efl?u?h, D?tAb, Swiss, ltaliaaend Mmwioai. KINO A BURCHEI.L. sT? A LVERT'8 CELEBRATED HONEY, Mads V/ ii> the BeePa:ac*?. Aelearand delieious ar uoie. (N9) KING 4 BURCHEDL. > ' M I >i i ? WOOD AND COAL TO THI PUBLIC! SO WHBRB TOU C A N OKT *T O U ft MONBY'8 WORTH , |yTET IT! PROYBIT! KNOTT IT !^3 ! TRY If HA T ? P>o5?'HUR MILLS, Md boy you PROVE WHAT* |U~ rrove mat you oan *et your WOOD there c>. paper than Uwwherem the oity ; and than job KNOW WHAT? E7~ Know that too get GOOD MKASURKand 8ie very b??t "f V'OOD for let* money. Cut FLLT. AND DUCTUS!) FrKKOF CliUI. Calx at thi riOR KKK MILLS! Slay OF THS BLUE FLAQ-STAfP. lOVTHWKT OoRUKE SlVINTH st. AMD 0AHAL (South of the Br idee, f no 19 GKORUK PAGE. Aqk^t. WOOD AND A O O A t Delivered to all parts of the oity, at the loweat poMibie rate*. T. J. A W. M. SALT, Office 989 Pa. IT., between 11th and ttth ?u., ma 17-tf north side. m snvn. KiviNi inwppv JL HE Next T>rawin? of t^e Roj&i Hikvani Lot tery, oondnoted by the 3wii?r, Gorernment, under the supervision of the Captain General of Gab*, will tut plaoe at Havana on FRIDAY, Januakt 4, 1881. aORTSO NUMS&O 648 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL. PRIZE f100,000. . 100400 Ml >0,000 to ,000 10,000 lit ALL B99 PRIZES. o prizes of 91,000 n do ?o US do 400 appro*. 1X0 Who. a Tickets, f-JO? Ha. res, 910?Quarters, *. Prizes cashed at aicht at f per 0911C aisoount. Bills on all solvent Banks taken at par. A draw: ci will be forwarded as soon as the resalt becomes known. Ail orders for eohetnes or tiokets to be addressed to ^ DON RODRIGUEZ, de 17-tr Cars of CitT Post. Charleston, ft. O. Cur* Cough. Cold, Uoa?t?ruxs, In Jlurnza. any Irritation or Son nets of ike Throat, Relieve tht Harking Couth in Consume tin n.. Krom* &?#? Ami***** ... aunrrn*) 4" Catarrh, C<#ar aii/i fire strength to th? voice of UBLIC SPEAKERS and SINGERS. Few are aware of the importanoe of oheoBinr a Cough or ' Common Cold ' in its firtt stage; that which in the beginiog would yield to a mild runs dr, if neglected, toon atiaok* the Lungs. "Broim's Bronchial Trotkes" oontainmg tieinuToentiiigredi enU, allay Paiinoii&ry and tfionohial IrnUtt?ko. 1 "Tha? troohle in my Throat, (for BROWN'S whioh the "Troth**1' are a specific) hanus: made me oftea a mere whim perer. N. P. WILLI:4. nROVVN'ft' " I fMommenrt their nse to Public . gPKAIM9,>> TROCHES REV- K- H. CHAP1N. 'Great service in HoaB'B BROWN'S JIBS*." REV. DANIEL WISE. TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWNS "Almost mutant relief in the di? fesHinc labor ol breathing peculiar to Asttima." KEV. A. C. EGGLESTON. " Con tan no Opium or anything injurious." DR A. A HAVES, Ch'm*n, Boston. TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES i BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'8 TROCHES "Aumpiaini pleasant combina tion for Corous. Jfco." " DR. G. F. BIQELOW. Boston, " Beneficial in Bboschitis." DR. J. F. W. UNB, Boston. " I have proved them exoellent for Wboppins Cough." REV. H. W. WARREN, Boston. " Keneficial when compelled to peak, tiiuJerln* fram Cold." REV. S. J. P. ANDERSON, St. Louit. " Effectual in removing Hoarse ness aod Irritation of the Throat, so oommon with StbaktRs and mas." Prof M.STACY JOHNSON, La Uranf, (fa. Teacher of Musio. Southern Female College. "Breat benefit when taken before and after preaching, as the? prevent Hoarseness. Froin their past effect, 1 think they will b? /r*rioajient ad vantage to me." n f ir n n w? *? * ? RCit. E-. IVUVYLilbl.A. Al. BROWN'S , Pr?iid#nt ol Athen? Callofc, Tenn TROCHES de 1 ly PROF. W OOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AMD BLOOD RENOVATER la prooisd* what it* name indicates, for, whl!? r'leasaat to the taste, it is revivifying, exhilarating, nvi go rating and ?tren the- ing to thi vita power*, and at the same time revivifies, reinstate*, ar.d re newt the Blood ia aJ its oricinal pu'ity.and thus at once rtttortt and reuders thu tystem inaulntrabU to at tar Us of Jistme. It is th ? only preparation ever offered to the world, so ohemioally and skill fully ?* mbined as to be tn* lonst powerful tonic, and at the same tune so perfect!? adapted to, as to act in perfeot acoordauoe with tno laws of nature, and henoe will foothi tk* wtaketi stomach, and tone up the digestive organs, and tnus allay ail ner vous a d other irritation, it is perfectly exhilara ting and at tue same tune it is oomposou entirely of % f*t kit OikirilkinA/1 so ft* Br.uliiAA tlia mnst thorough torJo effect, without producing any in jurious consequences. bnoh & remedy has lore neon fait to bea desideratum iu the medical w? Id, for it needs no medical nk 11 to see that debility llowa ail attacks of disease, and prooaed ; aod in deed lays the sy*tein open to the insidious attacks ot ""any of the most fata), auc h, for example, as the following: Consumption, tndu&stioii, uyspepaia, ossof Appetite, Faiutn.:s?, .Nervous Irritability, Neura gia, Taloitation of tki heart, Meianohoiy, Night Sweats. Laugor, Uidiliness, Retention ol. aa well as Painful obstructed. too profuse, or too ao?nt Menstruation, and FaHin* of the Womb These ail depend upon genera' debilitr. Thi* pure, healthy tonic Cordiai and U'ood Renovator is aa sure to onre as the sun ts to r*e and set. There is no nuatake ai>uut it . But this la cot all If the aystem is weakened wo aro open to bilious at tack*. the liver becomes torpid, or worse diseased, the kidneys refuse to perforin their functions, and we are troubled with aoaidingand :nooi tinerce of prina, or involuntary dieouarge ottre same, pain in the baoK, aide and between the ?houidera. ex oaadingly liable to alicht colds, coughs, and if nn oneoked, soon emaoiatioa folio we, and the patient goes down to a premature grave. But aoace will not allow ua to enumerate the inanv ilia to whioh we are liable in a weakened oondition'ot the system. dui we wiii lay in mis t:ordi&l and Blood Kenova tor yon have a perfect, sa;>, pleasant and efTectna remedy for Iom of Appetite, biliousness. F atu ler.oe, w?ak and siok Stomach. Lancour, Liver Complaint, Chills find Fever,or an* IMiou*attack Cottivenesa, Aoidity oftheSt >mach, Nervousnees, Neuralgia, Palpitation of the Heart, Depression of Spirits, Sores, Pimples on the Faoe, or any dis ease arising from impure blood, such as Sorofula, Erysipelas. Uronohitis, Coach,diflicnlty of llreath inc. and all that olass ot diseases oal ed female weaknoss, and enumerated above. We will also say the traveler exposed to epidemios, ohange of olnnate and water, will find it a pleasant, safe and snre remedy, and no one should ever travel with out. Reader, try tf.for we assure you you will find in It a mend indeed, as well as a friend in need. All persons of sedentary habits will find it a per feot preventive ot, as well as a onre for those adl meots which they are particularly exposed Hence ministers, student*, attorneys, literarv gentlemen, ant ladies who are n?t amust med to much out door exercue, will find it to their advantage to keep a bottle constantly on hard; and above a>l mothers or those becoming suoh, will go through that most dangerous period not only with all their aoous'omed strength, but safe and free from the thousand ailments so prevalent among the female portion of the woild. In short, is indeed a mother s sordial. Try it old and young; no logger run the risk of deiay; it will relieve and prove it?elf emphat ically a R?ttorativ4 Cordial and Blood Renovator. U. J. WOOD, proprietor, 444 Kroadxav, New Vnrk 1 1 A Mark't ?. a. i_ i/. J . va?| m. M. m iiiHi K V? V7?? vrhi ?7fci LiUUiB. Hi U?? AIIU f> d by all good Druggiata. Priee Oco Dollar per Bottle. PROP. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL BLOOD R'SffOVATOR. Sjld in thisoity by C. STOTT, 37 3 Pa. avenne. au 10-ecly, aiw _ CITIZENS AND OH A RICHBTEiN'B ... plaoe intheolty where daily pnt>?raoau be found froi* every 8ta?eand oity In the Union. New York. Philadelphia, and Balti more pap ri delivered in the eity aud Georgetown, ihimediately on the arrival of the traina. All the Monthly and Weekly Papera end Magasinea. Now ta the time to aubacribe. with the beginning of the New Year. Sole agent* for the Char lea ton Mer onry. de 30 W FECIAL. NOTICE TO J^STR ANOER8.-r RENC 87^ Pa avecti*. ia the only p T1WSHHUft.VJ yr?!rZ Febraarj, 1M0. WjIiTmm WASfAaBK INGTON trforj TUESDAY and"l^^^ FHIDAY. atCo'alookn.m.,and ALEXANDRIA ?( hfwfpa?t 0 o'clock, lor CL'KttioMAN tad luc intsr/nadiate Lacdinee. < a her return tries, sue . 1ATB-L ROUGHS, COLDS. HOARSENESS, Ao. v ,r? sffW? QUM ARABia Thie pieaeant and popular Coogb Remedy hai been so Ionic kr.ownand extensively used, that most pers ona have Doooms fcuni .iar with its extraordina ry effioany. It oao be had at all the priooeal drag iUtree at aft and M) Mate a twittte. m8 lUmlwim* W TRAVELING trunks. K Have just rooeired the largest assortment Md n?w offer the ipost exteoaive varletf f AJ l/AH m OAu9| DA 1 vtlfjliOi 4rO.( ia tlit* ottf, whioa we are eel line at rerj Tow jrioee. WALL, STEPHENS A CO . nflB ?f S9w Pa. avenae. A FEW FINE PIANOS FOR RENT BY AP ctj^saa-rtiis-* 'jwoiSxfA:i'r,Y?? * ?0? Pa. av., bet. Mb apd loth eia Two Pianos for rent at #1 per moon. ? 6 GAS FITTING, &c. 5R8 AND GAS FITTERS J. W. THOMPSON A CO. Would oft!) the attention of water taken to their [all a*sorta?*iit of l-'ixturea neceisar* to its intro i?ouon^alolio*r?.?KlTCH BN RAN6ES.8 ATH * ^routht Iron, I .end and balmnedWA PK9, HYDRANTS and PAVE WASH ^RS. RUB ?ER HOSE. Ao. Having superior advantages, with praotioal Itr owle>ige, we are prepared to introdnoe Water into dwellings wuh a!! the latest improvements, promptly, and at prioaa that oannot fail to satisfy. 969 Penn. avenue, noMdtMarl bet.9th and loth sts., soath side. A WM. T. DOVE A CO. flRE Nov prepared to exeoato su arfan with Which thev mar be fbrored in the PLUMBING, 6A8 OK IjTRAM FITTING ITT Store on 9th street, a few doore north of Pa. WO A 8 FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are dai.r recuriM, GAB FIXTURES of entirely New Pattern* and Designs md Finish, superior in atria to anything heretofore offered in this market. We invite oitixens tenerai It to oall aad examine our a took of Gas and Water Fixtures, feeling oonfident that we have the beet aleoted a took in Washington. All Work in the above line intmated to our oare "* "?T" ,M 41-gh8 * MoG HAN. mar S-tf JT* D alreM. I ,9DE^[lU#BER ANPJ}A^ FITTER, una innurni WJ mo OOTMr OI 1 Weiltn iDfl K StS. He ia prepared to introduoe Water and Gas upon the mo?t favorable terms, and gnarantiea entire satisfaotion- , Hehaa on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVK8, which he will tell leaa than cost, as he wiahos to get rid of them. no 17 OFFICE OF IN8PECTOR AND SEALER VJ OF 6A8 METERS. Washington. July 18,1860. NOTICE IS flEREBY GIVES, That: agree ably to the proviaiona of the oidinanoe of the Cor poration approved May 12. I860, the anderaigned is now prepared, "whenever ream rod in writing, and on pre payment of the fee of fifty oenta, to inepeot. examino, teat, prove, and ascertain the aoonraoy of registration of any gaa meter in nee in this oity.'1 Every meter, if found incorrect, will be oondemned, and another, sealed and marked aa true, will be set in i*? place. If proved to be aoourate in its measurement of gas, it wfll be sealed accordingly, and again put in positioa for use. Offloe No. 610 Seventh street, (near Odd Fel .ows' Hall ) Open from 8 a. ra., to 6 p. m. PIT A D i L'u xrr i u vcmivuuo ?? i V/Uil lllll<7IlAlUt jy 18-tf Inspector and Sealer of 6m Meters. JOY FOR THE SICK AND SUFFERING. LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED READ! APPLY THE REMEDY REJOICE 7JV HEALTH. Friend, do yon suffer? Are you the Tiotim of any of those numerous ailments wiuoh arise trom im purity of tho blood? What are ther, do you ask f Rather ank, what are they not? The blood is the boo roc of lift* and health, and it is the first element of our being to respond to any cause whiob affects th? syctem, a< the pulse infallibly attests Tlio ever revailin* Nouralria. the irritatinr subtle Scrofula, the agoniaing Rbevin&tinn, Ner vous Debility* Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint with its tor?o r and dejection, ana the no in he rises His that flesh is heir to, derive their hi<1eoua origin from the blood. Deal kmdly the^ and gently with the blood. U?* the vita'ising resources of nature for iU aid. and suflV us to commend to yoar confidence and use that truly valuable niedioament known as MRS. M. COl'S INDIAN VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to this almost infallible cpecifio popular sentiment has spoken in decided terms, ana the evidfenoea of this great efficacy are sus tained by oonstantavowaja of curative effects and th? happiest results from its use are after all other remedies and the best medical aiili have failed, bet us eay, in omiciueion, th*t certificates are* are not Bought from the illiterate and super oial, but th*y are volunteered from the most re apectabla aonroea ami justify highest torms in which it is possible to commend eo valuable a specific to punlio approval. We may add also that tne curative properties oft he medioine are?^>.ialled only b." its reatorative effects, the s?st?m recover ing from disease with rene wed constitutional vigor. For aaie by all respectable Druggists in this oity, and by the proprietor, MRS. M. COX, None cenuine unless her name is blown on the do rye ana nor b?u on we oorl try Frio? 81 P?r bottle, biz bott!e? for 95. WAoitsah Agent. R. H. T. CISSEL. Omcclft. OeortetoVD, D C.. Wholro&le Aiect for the Di? triot, and will supply the trade at my price*, ao 18-tr . __ C, fiALT^* /ITY STEAM FIRE-WOOD MILLS AND COAL DEPOT. Foot <tf Stt.Mcentk itrett, btloic War Dfpanmtnt. WOOD prepared, any length and aiie.toamt the want* ?t Atah Barotikur ? COAt.-K KPT IN COAL HOUSES, protected from the weather?delivered fr?e from alate, dirt, aud other impuritiea. 2,240 lb*, to the ton. T. J. A W. M. <iALT. no 10-tr 293 Pa. av? b'tw. Uth and I2tb iti. I TAKE NOTICE! WILL Take all kind* of Virginia money for mr book debts and for Boots, Shoes, and TrnnKs. All persona indebted to me will pleawo oa 1 and settle up, or I &ha'l l?e eompeil.?d to give their aooounts into the haads of a collector. S P. HOOVER, Iron Hail. nogl Fa ay., between 9th and loth sts. OLD RICH, MELLOW AND PURE BURN SIDE'S MONONGAIIELA RYE WHISKEY, Conscientiously distilled by Mr. James Bnrnsids, of Allecany County, Penna., in the old-fash:-.?ned honest way. fron theohoioest and most carefully selected Rye, and in no ease ev*r oflercd (or sale until adapt'Cl to wholesome use by age It is at onoethe moat palatable, an it i? emphatically oce of the por*?t bevera<"s in the reach of the public. To the well at to thone in oommonds itself for its unrivaliwd qualities as a timulaqt of the safeit. surest, and most benofioer.t description, ana macy or the most distinguished physicians are using it in their practioe with the happiest results. CLERY *. STOCKDALli Proprietors, 388 WAlnut streot. Philadelphia. WM. C. CONOVKK, Agent for the Proprietors. 92# Pa. av.t se 34-6m opposite Willards' Hotel. 5|2 OUTTA PERCIj^PAINT AND ?|2 HAMILTON BK(i. ft CO.'S, No 512 Srvb^tu St., is the pl&o* to find tho oelebrated Gutta Peroha Roofingand Paint Also, a general assortment of Mouse Painting Materials. Painting in all its branches ex<*outnd with dis patch %b<1 on reaso< able terms. M ix-d Parr,is *1 ways on hand and for sale, wi<h bucket and brnuii to io\n free ofoharpe A'l o'dcrs l?(t at the store for Oid Glazing or Job Work of any kind will be promptly attend?d to. no?' 3|g?HI TTY 18 IIOWN.-ftia g A ?K I N O O U M SWEENY. RITTENHOlTfK. FANT* po. W ill open for customers, specie, currency, and Virginia money aocoaats. Buy and sell ooin aud exchange at the most favor able rates. Carrenoy and Virginia money wanted, no 34 lin (PREAT BARGAINS IN PIA.NQB.-Ou* very "I moeseven-ootaveCarvedPi?noForte,_~wer^ having been in use a fchort time only, th?BflW owner leaving the city, for sale for ?300."?*?' One very ni'* Rosewood Chickering Piano for ?135, at the Musio Store of W.G. MKTZEROTT, Sole Agency of Stemway A Sons' Overstrung 275 all.n 275 JACKSON, PLASTERER'S, Pbxma. Avfitoi, Between loth and 11th acrnots. IMPORTANT TO HOU8KRKKPKRB. Pianos. no 2 gALTiMORK Dally reoeivlng ages. Also, Ohic lv* BUTTKR HOUSE. E. R, DURKEE & CO.T3 Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, but ground from freeh Spioes, seated and eleaned br a* expressly for tho pnrpose without referenoe to ooet. They are beaotifaliy packed in tinfoil, (lined with papor.) to prevent injury by keeprng. Sd are fall Weight, vbile the ordinary *roand noes are almost invariably short. We varrar<4 them, in point of strength and richness of flavor, BEYOND A LL COMPARISON, u a sintle trial will abundantly prove. Manufactured oaJy bv t?1 irt*^fwS&rk. g E A S O N A B L_? DRY GOODS! Cloakt, Shawls, Flannels, LinWI. po,, .1 Iriih Linen*, Hlin.linc., ^ NVpkim, L. . _Beaver Cloth, Saok Flannel. w n<M uoout. Liuen Set*. Kmbroideriea, Bombazine*, Alpaoca*, Counterpane*, Comfort*. Towelinn*. All of whiob we offer at prices to suit the time*. do It taylor A hutchison. Tjust out-new books. HE Prinoeof Walee in Amvioft, by Kinahan Cornnalh*. 12mo.. clota; prioe 91. Petty Anoojanoe*. from the French of Honor* de Bi?Jzao; prioo f 1.2S. Old Mackinaw,fce., by W. P. Striokland, 12mo., #IOtk;AV,?*,,'p'RKWCH k. OTCH8TElNt?, do Penn. avenue. V.?.*.UMAM.- < I. MOTT. r. k 1IT1T. Ar Oonrt at P loial Di?t:i CollMtier !Ot01 NOTICE. e? ~x " "WK'fSfSfc AVRft*3 Martrte Worlu, 1*9 ^Kftrih. I MISCELLANEOUS. Tu Amalgamation of L^mcisu-There m trow in* tendency n> thia a?e to appropriate4b? moat *xpreeaive words of other Iuiumn,%ik1 after a while to mooryarate them into oar own; that the Weed Opbaiio. whiok Ib from the 8r?ek, ?nuilyine "for the head, ii now bfoomint popularised in oomeotion w*4h Nr. feeaJeint'a treat 41 eadaohe remedy; but it will soon be need in a mo!l jreneral way, and the word CepUalio will broome aa 00 aim on aa Kieotfotype and many othera whose diatinotion aa foreign word a haa been worn away by oommon uaage until they eeeu> "native and te the manor born." 'ardlr Htaliz^l. Hi 'ad 'n 'orrible 'eadaohe this afternoon, band I tapped into the hapotheoariee hand ?ays hi to the man, "Can you hease me of aa'eadaohe?" "Doe* it haohe 'ard," says'e. "Hexoeedincly," says ki, and upon that 'e itare me a Cephalio Pill, hand 'pon me 'onor it on red me eo quiok that 1 'ardlr realised 1 'ad 'ad an 'eadaohe. (T^HIadachk is the favorite sign by whiok nature makes kaowp any deviation whatever from the natural state of the brain, and viewed in this light it may be looked on as a safeguard intended to give nokoe of disease whioh might otberwiee escape attention, till too late to be remedied; and >ts indications should never be necleoted. Head aches may be classified under two names, viz: Symptomatic and Idiopathic. Symptomatic Head ache, is exceedingly oommon and is the precursor of a great variety of diseases, among which are Apoplexy, Gout, Rheumatism and all f?brile diseases. In its rervetis form it is v*mpathetio dis ease of the stomach oonstitutinc sick htadarAt, of hepatio disease constituting bilious h*o4ac*e, of worms.oonstipation and other disorders of the uow els.a* well as renal and uterine an*otions. Diseases nf In A K<M rt ara ft?a? nMitl ** * ? - ...v ..wu. . <>< w ??I T II n|ncuki} w IWII licotr aches; Anemia a>d pietnora are also affectiona whioh freqaentJy occasion headache. Idiopathic Headache ia alao very oommot, being usually dis tinguished by the name of nervous ktadatkt, some times ooming on auddenly in a *tate of apparent]* aound health and proatratinr at oaoe the menta' and phyaioal energies. and in other mstanoes it ooraea on aiowly. heralded by depression of spirita or aoerbity of temper. In moat inatanoea the pain ia in front of the head, over one or both eyea, and aometiines provoking vomiting, under this olaaa mar a ao be named Neuralgia. For the treatment of either o!aaa of Headache the Cephalio Pilla have been found a aure and aafe remedy, relieving the moat aoute paina in a few minntea, "and by ita subtle power eradicating the diaeaae of whioh headaohe ia the unerring inaex. Bxidukt.?Missus wants you to send her a bo* of Cephalio Giue, no, a bottle of Prepared Piila.? tut I'm thinking that's not juat it naither; but pet Anp* ye'U be afther knowing what it ia- Veaee she'a nigh dead and gone with the Sick Headache, and wanta aome more of that aame^&a relaired her before. Druggist.?Yon must mran Spalding's Cephalio v >? ?.?uuu sure now ana you ve ltd It, Here's the quarther and giv me the Pills and don't btf all day n ho at it aither. No one of the "many ills flesh is heir to" is so firevaient, so little understood, and so much ne* eoted as Costiveness Of en originating in care lessness. or sedentary habits; it is regarded as a slight disorder of too'ittle consequence to excite anxiety, while in reality it is the precursor and oompanlon of many of the most fatal and danger ous diseases, and unless early eradioated it will bring the sufferer to an untimely grave. Among the lighter evils of whieh C?stiveneu is the usual at tendant are Headache, Colio, Rheumatism, Fool Breath Piles, and others of like nature .while along train of frightnil diseases snoh as Malignant Fevers, Aboesses. Dysentery. Dyspepsia. Diarrhea, Apo plexy, Epiiepsv, Paralysis, Hysteria, Hypochon driasis, Melancholy and insanity, first lndioate their presence in the system by this alarrcing symptom. Not unfreqnentLy the diseases ramed originate in Constipation, but take on an independent exist enoe unless the cause is eradicated man rarly stage. From all these considerations it fo lows that the dieorder should reoeive immediate attention when ever it oocurs, and no person should neglect to get a box of Cepnalio Pills 011 the first appearance of the oomolaiat. as their timel* nu win ?*??! *>? insiducu's Approaches of disease and destroy this dangerous foe to human life. A real Blttsiaf Pkvtteian.?Wall, Mrs. J one*, how is that head aohe' Mm. Jon*i.?Gone! Doctor, a! i cone! the pill tou seut cured me in just twenty mincte?,and 1 wish you would send more so that i oan have them hanrfy PktsieiM.?You can cetthem at any Dri'tgists, Call for Uephaljo Pills, I find they never fail, and I rf ooniwend them in all cases of hakd&ghe. Mrs. Jona ?i shall send fur a box direotly, and shall tell ail my suffering friends, for they are a r?ai bleaint. ic^ovbr vxcitrmbnt. and the meatal oare and anxiety incident to olose attention to bu* ness or stu it, an among the numerous causes of Nervous headache. The disordered state of mind ana body inoident to this distreeslrr oosnplamt is a fata! hinv fn a:l ?r.Araw nh a.. ? *? *l L. . ?huikj wiiu Biuuiii'/ji. CUUCICF B uy I Li I a disorder can always obtain epeedy reiiof from th??e diBtTBsi"* attaoks by nsfng one of the Ce pbalio fills whenever the symptoms appear. It quietsihe overtasked brain and soothes the strain ed and jarring nerves, and relaxes the tension of the stomach whioh always acoomraxiiesand ag gravates tho disordered oond.uou or Ute brain. Twbntt Millions ot Dollars Savkd.?Mr. Spa ding has soid two millions of bottles of his cel ebrated Prepared Oloeand it is estimated that each bottle caves at toast ten dollars worth of broken Furniture, thus making an aggregate of twenty mil io0 of dollars rec.aimed from total loss by this variable invention. Having made his Glue a house hold word, he now proposes to do the world still greater service by onrin^ all the aohing heads with jvisCephaho Pills, and if they areas guyd as his Glue, Headaohes will booii vanish away like snow m July. I4 acts worth *wowi!??.?Spalding's Cephalic PtUa are a certain oure for Bioi Headache, Bin ous Headaohe, Nervous Headache, Coetiveneeg, and General Debility. Great Ducovxxy.?Among the moat important of all tho great medical diegoveriea of this age mat be oonaidered the avatem or vaccination for protec tion from Hmai! Fox, the Cephaho Pill for relief of Headaohe, and the uae of (Juwiine for the preven tion of Fevers, wither of wmoh iaa sure apeoifio, whoae benefits will he experienced by suffering humanity long after their diaaovercrs %re forgotten. (17 Did you ever have the Biok Headaohe f Do you remember the thrcbbing temples, the fevered row. the loathing and diagnat at the sight of food. How totally unfit von were lor plea*ure. conversa tion or atudy. One of the Cepha'io Plila would have relioved you from all the Buffering whioh vou then experienced. For thia and other purposea you should alwaya have a box of them on hand to use aa occasion requires. * vv nc NervousHeadache Headache. Or tU? u?? of these Pills the periodio attacks 01 IWrroH* or Sick Htadarht may be prevented; and If taken at the commencement of an attaok imme diate relief from pain and eioknees will be obtained, They, seldom fail in removing the Namst* and HtAiiatkt to which fetnalei are to aubjeot They act gently upon the bowels,?removing Cot tivuuis. For Literary AT?a, Students, Delioate Females, and all persona of sedmiary .habits, they are all valuable as a Laxative, improving the mppatitt, Hiving tone and vitir to the digestive organs, and restoring the natural elasticity and sirength of tb< whole system. he CEPHALIC PI L8 are the result of long investigation and oarefnlly oonduoted experiments, having been in ase many years, during whieh time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount ol pain and suffering from Headache, whether ongi nating in- the nervous ayatem or from a deranged state of the stomach* They are entirely vegetable in their composition, and may be taken at all times with perfect safetr without making any ohango.of diet, tmd tk* a* iiiui ?f any dir*gr*Mble tant renderi it Miy la mdtninitttr tktm to ekildrm. BEWARE OP COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have tn aignaturaa of "Henrr C. Bpaldi&g ob each Box. Bdld by Druggieta and all other DmIw la Medi tMfa Box will ba aaat by mall prepaid on reaaipt of ^ PRICE, M CENTS. All order* a ho aid ba eddreaead to HENRY C. SPALDING. bo 11-dAwly 48 Oedar etoeet. Now York. MEDICINES. 1 kft. ItllttTOR, BUTUiOM LOCK HOtTITU, Hmt DiN?Mr?l U? MMl CVim. Smttdm, mmd ?U| Rftamml Ktwudy w lii Wttii, FO* ALL. DISEASES OF 1MP&UOKNCB. i.*r JVO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY 1MMKP ATBLV. A CURB WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE. JN FROM ONE TO TWO DATS. WMbmiftki ktt.luMnni AIh<i WiM Uton IM lltMti, HtMHun DMirpt, Ibmumi , ttttnl ;>r?^??^k*r(Mr.bav ^?rfU. <5S? Oi m n aaa affefkl ar itUnta, Dunm ?l tka 4aad, Tkraat, aaa w VkiBi ihwMM ?f tka Uul twauk a* Wwata? Itm T*rnk?a Dmtfaw inau lha MMuy mMm g TnU-Um Draadfal u< DM(mu?l PniutM vkiM rw t*> Mtrntf lapnakli. u>4 (Ml*; k*uM) Ml BM TOHKU Bap* ill 1 It vka ka?a kttnt tka ncitw af Ml ary TIM, ' that drtidfal u4 daairaau** kiktt vkiaa utuil? i*Hf( M U ntiMlr (ra*a ibnauda af T ?tr| Mm af tka MM ai illid udir.ia u4 krlllaat u>tallaai,vM nufki ?U*rvM k<r| Mlrutld llataalnf llulH ?ttk ttltkUlM af llMMMI ? till ta IMUI7 tk? UTtef Iff*, aay Mil Ml fell MU dNM, iuuuam. K1UUU PUIOII, ii Trr-f HtyTMwrlKit Mar rhf i, kti*( tvtriif tkfi.ul liklUQ ImiMUM.te., midiif (uii * ?b*flicu kiudfndai U? mm af P*. J. My Mlui aaair imHi la kii Mam u i pMllkii ud MtHmtl; rMJ kit akili u a pk? *it;aa. orricE k* r sovra r&sometiruir, l?ft Mod ud*jmag ft?a Itliwi uvim, lav Man Ina ik? wn?i. Fill art I* aMarra aaai u4 iuk*i. Uttw Ml M pa" u4 MaUla * wu otL joBirrroB, Miakui aftka Raya! UaUaga LwIb, rnda&M ham nm af iNi nm *alaM C*U*fH 1* tk* lattad lain, ad tk* |Tt*lii part af tkai li/a kaa Maa apaat la lk? Ma CUlaaf Landan. Paria, PhiladalMia aad alaavMra, M* a#> cud aam* af tka maat aawaiakiag tar** tkat vara I'M knawn; many iraabltd wilk ringing la tka Mad aad aax vMaaalaaa: craat i.*r?aaaoaaa, kalog al&naad u *Md*a aaaoda, kaaaraTo*** vith fraoaant kiaahing. aUMdtd aM? Ma** vltk d*raxg???r.t af mind, tin tar ad laaaftiauiv. TASK PAariOkAJi HOT1CB. T*lu| Maa aad at'iara vM kit** ui)ar*d tk*ia**l*a* kp UIUL pracutt tLdlf td in wbtn aiaot? habit fraqsaai J iaarntd fraio ?tiI ctnfuMH, ? n Hbwl, tkt iIhh m which art iigt.:,r ftlt ttta vkaa ump, ud iImi iiiU rtndtrt raarria(t tmpaaaikla, tfi tNtfifi kMh ?lad 1*4 bad*, thaaid apply iit,a.t<!iattlj>. Tbtat ir? Mm* ofIh? tad ?nd nilantUI; tfttu krtdaatd by ttrly bahitt *f ttaih ?n i Wttknttt aftba Bad aad llmba, PiiM IB tba Ifttd, Diatnaaa af Sight, Laaa tf Mataaiaj Pavtr, hlpiuUtn tf-Jit Start, Dytptpty, Ntrtaat Irnukltl ly.Ptnnftmtntaftht rhftatitt raoaUaaa, Ctatral Dtbduy, tymptomt of Contamrtiati, At. MENTALLY.-Tm ftirfal tftcltan ikl -tad art attkU kt drtadtd?Latt af Mtraary, Caofaiiaa a/ldtat, Dtarttaiaa tf Ipnta, Ktil Farhadinn, ATtmanaftacittr, Stlf Dwtraat, ktx tf ttil-.tdi.Tiiiiduj, tia.,trt Matt af tht tnit fit daetd. MERTOVI OMMfhirr -Thtaaaadt aaa u?|i<ft vkal U tht eaatt af thtir : f baalth, iaalof thtlr * f?f ? ttaini vtak, palt,, ntrraat and tniaciattd, MTtag aalnfWtaj Ifftiruit ibtattht tyaa, CM|h artyatptaiataf HuupMi D1SKA9EI Or IMPRDDKHCK. Wkta Ut i^Mfaidtd.aadiaiprBdtDt ?ttary tf pltuart ladt kt huimhibtd tht tttdt af thtt painfal dutatt, it taa aflat kapptoi lhat an lil-tiaad ttDtt tf thtrat tr draad tf dlatattr* dtitrt him fram applrirf ta ihaaa wka, frani tdactttaa aad raaptctabtiity. c&a afant bafntnd kim. Ht hilt iota tkt bandt af if aarant and dttiyning pratandara, wba. locapabl* af cannr. (!eh hit ptcaniary taDttaoct. ktta htm tnilaf aan'.h afttr ruanth, at at laof at tha tmalltat ftt can kt ah tainad, and in datDtir IttTi nrn with MinaH k?)(k ? a*ar hia railing diuppainimtnl; ar by Oil an af thai daa<^> paiaw., Marcary. buna lb* eantmauaaal ytrstatni af tik tarnbla didua, i?cH at Afaeuaniof U>? Burt. Thraat, Mm*, km. Ac., vitb frifh'.fal rapidity, till daitb pad a triad ta bit drudfal tafmnra by itndtny him ta that aa dlacavarad caautry fram af-Mt baaroa aa traralar tuaraa BR. JOIMOMIKEMIDV FOR OR.SA.lTIC V1AUM A WD IMPOTEWCT. y thU nail ill kmpartam rirrtdy w lakaaa* af U? ntui in iptidily cart l ana fall rifar raatarad. Tbaauadt Mill aat oirvaai and dibilliaud, vba bad 1?m ail t?fi, kt'l bun Imiaadialaly ralurad. All tupadimacu ta Mirriifi. Pbyilaal at Maaial DimuB faaliana, baa* af Praar*4liTl Frail, Racita Irrltaatlhy VraabliBf and Waikawi ai Sibaaattaa alui MlthwfH klad apaaadfly (arid. KMDOUXMUT OF Til PUH. TUK MANY TROBJAMOR tarad aitbti lAtiurtlaa vttfcto tbi laal ai* inula tiiii, and tba nanamt impartial >aia< 'aal apiratiaci pirfaraic by Or. Jabnaao, witaaaaid fry tM rapaiuri af tha papiri aa? may aUar paraaai, aatlaaa af autb bara appiarad tfala ud tfui bifan tba Mblia, ba tdia bli itaiiCv.f ai a fi&'Jamaaaf tkuuuiul niMart bUlty, la a aalitaai raarutu la Ua a Hand. |aa It-ly Dr. j. bovee dod'b IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS, Are sow being need from Maim to tha 6re?t Bait Like, acl the uiTtml rerdiot of ail who aae thorn either u a motto*! or aa a fcr?*rari, it that they are unr?rp?**l in the world. Dr. I)od? uaed them ?noo?54liiiT la hi* prart<oe for * years before we rurohaa?a afVm the ?ole ncht to nuv culture Rod preeont them fer sale to the public. For the onre of lsoipter'j Omnmptioi), I>ye pepsi*. PUet, Nericra Diaeaaee, Female Oom piai-tc, acd all ea?i rMRinnf a tome, they are bo yood doRbt a tuost inTalRable remedy. Aaidafrom ill sir mediciUfJ srapertiea they ire a pare, whoie pme ud aellfhtrel fiererace, producing a. the p!ot?aat uhilera*l&f efocte of Brandy orW -ce without their inJvrioa* results. L*t al! friends of numanity and all adrrviate* of temperanoe assist as in sabctitiiinc time r&.sati.a Vetetable fj.u^-e for the rMiw ana *4 L?f?ers with which the country U flooded, and thereby ef feotnaJy nJ in b&niiUrc Diseaee and Druukeneee from '. OHARLEB W1DDIFIELD % CO., Washington, j07BT DR. J. BOVEE PODS' IMPERIAL BIN BTTTKRB. ases of tho Kidney s,B ladder and Ui and especially for Female Gbetreo never fail to cure, and are warranted to five taction, CHARLEB W1 DDI FIELD * CO? Proprietor*, TS William St., New York, Jel lyj At set. Wuhimtnr. n V; TRAVELERS1 DIRECTORY. Baltimore andohio railroad. vtashisuton branch. HB CHANGE OF HOURS. On ar.d after SUNDAY, November SMh, 1360, the trams will run as follows: LEAVE washington: First train at ?.20 a. m. Second Train at 7.40 a. m. Third train at 3.10 p. m., Express. Fourth train at 6 p no leave Baltimore-. First train at 4.1S a. in.. Express. Seoond train at 8.35 a. in. Third at 3.n>p. m. Fourth at 4.20 p. ra., Express. The fiftt, ecooad and third trains from Wash ington oonneot through to Philadelphia aud New The second ar.d third onnneet at Washington Junction with trails for the West, South, and Northwest; also, at Annapolis J unction, for An uapunr. I Ul iiunuil Utce U1B.7 40 &. m. trUi . l-or th? ncoommodation of tha wn travel b? t??en W&ahinctoD and Lanr?l, a paaeonger oar mil t>? attached to the tonnage train whiohlcarea at 3.V1j>. m. On Saturday the 3.10 p. m. train goee to Philadel phia only. no 26 d . T. H. PARSONS, Agent. NEW ORLEANS in i CHOICE OP THREE ROUTB8. ALL RAIL ROUTE. Vi* Oratigt and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR*: Virgin** and Tmrutte*. East Tmneisi* and Vtrrinia. E*Jt Tennesae* antl Gr?rgi?, Naskvtlle and CiUttMMfc, Mtvtfku mnd Charleston, Mistitaifvi Central, . Nine Orleans mnd Jwlw. . TO NEW ORLEANS! Memphis by TWO DAILY TRAINS?Bras*Tt (Mlim, Man WuklMtoi tt ft. jp. km I p. aa. T he SMtmr 8EOROR PA6E Intm her wharf foot of tieva&tb rtr<** at tM a. b. ftod (K^a. aaJ noota at Alexftsdn* witii the OrftB?e aod Aiax _ rift Train* for the fonthvaat. ORoa- I'enMTlTftnift aranftft, aorsar of Blxtk at ?r*{ak?i TUB KOUTK IS ENTIEBLT ST IHfc 00 MILKB UOKJ&LaMl 84 BOUR8 km ^'u^sj^Meesasr q uicksst affdmostplm. for southern travelers! It la provided with Fift ol? BJmum Cms ! VIMK I -5Z2KJt1k?&?^Mr fjy throws a _ rYovb rntojyu sPrinvs. msv?wi la atortaitt at u? to vest tnoea Gi?? ns ei^rvi N k ^0>| O dm. nrund Of takes ta WALL., PTKPHKV* A P^Btf STEPHEN*A CO? '*3 tf^f?a. * rrmo GOUTBKRN TRUNK MANUFACTORY. M|Mm? rti'*F?i4tmfitm. i>. Travelers ill stndj their interest* ir> u r TRUNK ft, V ALIO h>? Ae.bofore Mr ! wwywt As I up* dob* bat fli. bwt attteria. Uie market affords ud ?n p.. the tvt vurkHon, I oar. eoi.identTy reo>>i? mend ork to b* snpcner in Strmtik and fNpnUsjtn Tjanks that are n^ad* ia other ottie* and inks, 4o., Repaired atxl Cowed, ta a work ike manner, at short notice rranks drtirereri in any part of tU eity. 9*^ own. or Alaxandria. s^vsveaiffs*'' FiM,LT doO-le JAMEP ?. TOPHAM. WATCH RE PAIRING ANJpPILVER WARK MaXIFACTOBV. 1 have one of th? beet eatat.Wahmenta. and fur iihftl with acomplM* net of k>nli for repair- JNk iac ever* description of fine Watches, and /W) tarUcu tr attention civ# to the same, bj i^il thorough competent workman And a work jtuaraii tied Aj'o, every deacrip ion of atsr.danl SmLVER WARE. plain and ornamental, manufactured under ST own aupervmu-n. which my ou*l..mer> will fcnri ,r superior in quality au<1 finish to northern war* old by dealera in genera, and represented a* tiieir own manufacture. H. O HOOD, ae? 13* Pa. arem*. nrarKli ?t. lO A Ail GALLON* CHAMPAGNfc AM) CRAB APPLE CIDER-We inriU the attention or the psbiic ?ar large and wa*i so looted stock of Ohampacne and Crab Apple Cider, which we (uarartoeto no aare imee. and wi bo ac, i on reasonable term* in order to make r00a for our ?pr.lx stook. Give ut a oaii at the Urior, Bottling Depot, let Mo. IT Orww it. U?nrf?t w?. FD. L. MORRISON A CO.. LOUR AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT*. And wholesale dealera in MILL FEED, CftRy MFAL. #r., #e.. Corner of 13th and B streets, Washington city. JET Cash paid for%ll kinds of Grain, an 2b Km HOWE'SIMPROVED WEIGHINGSCALE* These Boaies are offered in the ?it>!ie as tbo moot simple, durable, and reliable ever sit 1a asc. Pintclars prenynms liaveboen awarded the* hv the I" t ti*rl Hf * f * P?r m.nA Viriimi if; Virpnia tttet* Fain Frirl:.n Inetitute Fair, Pennsylvania; New V ork Mat* Fair; BoeMtfj _ _ t8T'v&iii&; tiPw on Vermont State Fair, *.c., *.0. In erfry Jdbited ther aare reoeired ttrwt ira e at II Louisiana avenue iU e*j Iron Bum. tiiw it elaee rrnrniu , Depot of Btuer e U IS It B* C. PATT1&ON. A*efi?. f REEMAN ^ SIMPSOIfJ EXTRA^ OLD rAMiiy I MISKEY* EXTRA OLD FAMIDf OTK] The above PURE WHISKY,Corr** ruoH Maxtss t?*Ain, being eeeerior end eni*>rnj in eiuUilv. ft.TM hitK)? im?r<iv*4 k? ? * oonaamera to ail other Whtefciea, and partioa y reooBuaoDdwl by the boat phyaiciana aod iata m aow^g.nj all the reeaireiaecta of a Tpmu mttf Rtmtdiai A$ tm. "fcier of Philadelphia, aeed la >a Whiafry, ia proved by i the aiatuladaa of thia f|a to bo the aofUwt aod puree t gt&tea : and to ttaa i la ?ro water iathefflud . ? ~ u?t. la a treat decree, be at tiibnted u.e exoe. epoe of thia Whiahy. Por aale by FR EKMAJJ & SIMPSON. Phemx Di?ti . *rT, On the Bchaylloli nwr, Ft., ao^.puia 6 Wall atreet, New York ; IMpot Oft oo P (i Front atreet, Philadelphia. South Am mtiidmtt art11 kmrrm, i?? * wll-rtguUitd fmmiiUt, It ia rery dee'rable to hare soiueehaap aod ooDTeulttt way far repairtm Farm tare, Tor a. Oraahery, 4 a. . iPALDinfl'i rncrARBD ?lci meeta all auch eir.erjeneiea, aixl do hoaeehold ear afford to be withoatlt. It ia alwaya ready and ap Sofia, amTLrokej crad.ea. I; :* jaat the article (or eoce, hell, and other ornamental work, so pop alar with la^lie>? of raftnemeot and taate. ThU admirable preparation } uaed ?old, belni C' rminaily held m eolation. ted poaeeeeing all the aleaNe^aa'iUea of tho beet ofbinet maker*' ?lue. It may be need in the place of ordinary maeuac*, beinf aetly more aabeaire, " VSBFCL IN MftRY HOWSM aeeompaalen eaeh bettia Dirt, lie. 48 Cedar Krset, New TfH. K?KRY cTisPALPIN# k CO., Boa No. I,eo?, New Vor*. Pat np fer Dealer* in Oaeee e<->qtaintrf F<?r, Eiinu and J)ogen?a beaatrfnl Lithograph - U BhowCard aooompaayinx eaeh paekacn. IDT A ain*le little of SPAI-VINN'S FKH PiKED BLUE will aare ten Uniea IU coal an naal .y to every honaeho.iL^ni ^ Bold by all prominent fUtione-Tc Draw let*, iware and Furt.tare Deal era, Wroeera, a-d DT H tor ft# a try merehacta ahnnld make a note of ST A1. , VS PHXPARXU BLUE, when maklnc ?p ir Hat. It will atand any oltinate fa |Si? < var, i* CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD EE CAF.ITUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT iS mraraa WITH THE SIGNATURE CF > ON THE LABEL ALL OTHLPS APE All IMITATION AND A CQUNTFRfllT OF THE ABOVE WHISKZY. WM.HDALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR nanHinuAMs:K??m *OM &ALM IP WASMIMVTOH J J t Ml BiltOVl 4 BKMMM

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