Newspaper of Evening Star, January 2, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 2, 1861 Page 1
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? V?s. XVII WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 2. 1861 N?. 2.457. THE DAILY EVENING STAB TVHLISIIKD EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) VT THE STAR IlILDlSCft, C jrner of Pennsylvania w?H4 and llcA tl., ?T W r?. W4LL4ril. Papera rwred in fiwkMN by oarrtsra at ? a ye*r, or ST onti par month. To nail f?b*crtb?r? 164 price ia %\Si a rear, w mdvanct; $i for ait jr.->cAk?; 91 for three montha; and for leaa than tbree n.?otha at the rata ofUoebU a week. Single #cpie?, osa c?i*t; in wrapper a, two cent*. (I^ADvjutTisEKBXTs soouid be aont Id the ofloe before 12o'o<ook m.; otherwiae they nay not appear anti] the next day. THE WAR IN CHINA. ?* The London journal* are replete with inci deuta relative to the taking of Pekin. It ap pear* the Chineae offered every indignity to the prisoners they had taken : ' They were, whilst with Sang-ko-lin-sin'a army, treated in <t moit cruel manner, foroed to kueel before every Mandarin, howevor petty, their face* rnbbed with duat, they were bound with their hands behind them and car ried on horses to Tung-chow, and thenee, in the same state, in one of the carts of the coun try. to Pekin, where they were placed in dun ieons. and remained so until tan days ago. Ir Parkes was beaten when he did not in stantly reply to a qaestion, and Mr. Loch be cause he could not speak Chinese." TBI E5TRr INTO THE CITT. A correspondent of the North China Herald of November 30?h, writes: " 1 sent a letter to you from the camp, six miles from Tung-chow, on the 4th, which will probably reach you with this. On the follow ing day the allied forces were on the march in search of the Tartars, who were supposed to be in great numbers about foar or five miles off. The front of the two armies stretched over a large extent of country, but the enemj was not seen, nor any sight of an abandoned camp visible. We halted at 1 o'clock p. m. Kecon noitering parties were sent out at night, and they fell in with the Tartar pickets, who fiYed thrie shots at them. On the morning of the ftth we were again on the move at an early hour, but on reaching the ground where the pickets bad been seen all was still. ' Here are some very high brick kilns, from which several gates and other structures within the walls of Pekin were distinctly seen about five miles distant. Still in pursuit of the re treating enemy, we marched on through a thicklj-wooded country until within half a mile of the earthwork which extends along the nerth fide of, and distant one mile from, the capital, where some Tartars were seen among the houses close by. The King s Dragoon Guards went in at them, and they tied, leaving *ight dead or disabled, and one of the dragoons .Wounded in the skirmisn In a short time HMr mo cmuwurs wso io?;ucu. anu a gap of sixty or eighty yards opened upon a straight road of the same width leading to the north east gate of Pekin. The troops entered by this gap, and wheeling to the right, halted where we now are, within the eartheuwork? an embankment of forty to eighty feet high, which would b? a strong defense in the hands of efficient troops. Here the greater part ot the British army encamped why it did not proceed to the Summer I'alaffe at onoe, as was planned, I do not know. The French, and most of our cavalry, with some artillery, did o, but the former did not arrive on the spot until two hours after the latter, who were waiting for the remainder of our army. On the French coming up, the Brigadier offered to cooperate with them They asked him to go round to out off the Tartars while they at tacked the palace. This they did, and found :UMt riirnchi in ehiriranf if and fort v man wkn vvw - ? o "J ?V ?VM " take care of the gardens, only twenty of whom bad guns. They made a slight resistance; two euuuohe were killed and two French officers wounded, and they then took possession of the palace." THE S ACKI.VO OF THE EMPEROR'S PALACE. " The summer palace is about five miles by a circuitous road northwest of this camp, out side the earthwork. A description of it is given in Staunton's account of Lord Macart ney's fciubassy, and other works on China, but nu pen can describe correctly the scene that has taken place there within the last two days. Indiscriminate loot has been allowed. Tbe public reception hall, the state and private b?d-rooms, ante-rooms, boudoirs and every kka - 1. . .] . .1 uiucr apiiuucui uss uccu lau.ivticu, articles of virtu, of native and foreign workman ship, taken, or broken if too large to te car ried away: ornamental lattice work, screens, jade stone ornaments, jars, clocks, watches and other pieces ?f mechanism, curtains and fur niture?none have escaped from destruction. There were extensive wardrobes of every ar ticle of dress; coats richly embroidered in silk and gold thread, in the imperial Dragon pat tern; boots, heid-dresses, fan*, Ac.; in fact, rooms all but filled with them; store-rooms of manufactured silk in rolls, such as may be bought in Canton at $20 to $30 per piece. By a calculation made in the rooms, there must have been 70.000 or 80.000 piecoa. Hundreds were thrown down and trampled on, and the floor covered thickly with them; men were throwing them at each other, and all taking as A a- mm AM W A *? AA M 11 A A ' I' U a ? ? - 1 " --- J HO "W J vwa\> V??i J ?* v*? UOVVI 4IJ~ I stead of rope to secure the loading of carta filled with them. Throughout the Frenoh camp were hundreds of pieces, Nine heaped up, others usod to make teats or beds and coverlets. l'rapt'rd Attack lpts the Capital. It seems that Messrs. Lincoln and Hamlin have ^oth received anonymous letters, threat ening violent opposition to their inauguration on the 4th of March, and the Richmond En quirer very coollj propose* for the States of Virginia and Maryland to secede and prepare a force to capture the capital of the United bt&ted and not suffer Lincoln to be inaugurated. Ti inf ona an foolish u to fnr?nt that nn> ?Ki?t in locating the Capitol of the United States at Washington wat tnat the land, being ceded to the United States, and surrounded with States supposed to be particularly favorable to mod eration and the Union, and central to all parts' of the Government, would be able to protect itself from mobs and molestations of whatever character. If there is the slightest danger of disturb ances at Washington, the nltimate result will be, and before any very distant day, the re moval of the seat of Government. The people of Washington will find, indoml th?v w?ll kn?w. that all disturbances of the publio tran quility most pall down the value of real e?tat? nore rapidly than any other eause. But in Washington any such liability would simplj lead to the transfer of theoapital to some place of unquestionable security. At this time every thing o? tokens the augmentation of the power of the West. It is the West that will #ttle tbe eetional controversy. For years tte center of population hu been gravitating in that di rection further and further, and there is no doabt that any soc^ incendiary attempts as hive been indicated, would, in the first place, b.-ing down hosts of armed men from the whole of the northwest, whose revenge would lay WtlfA Vi rtvi nia aknuM t Kav nmt* ? tKaw mast, from the (beer force of nam ton, even tually successful. In th? meantime, and in case of any reverse, instant attempts would be aaAa to remove the Mat of Qovernmant west ward This would be an obvious result, and, al though most disastrous to the unity of the country, its immediate effects would be to ren der Washington itself, with all its magnificent public buildings, a waste, howling wilderness. As for its becoming the eapital of a Southern Republic, even supposing secession were so successfully accomplished, and supposing it to embrace the whole of the slave States, that would be impossible and absurd Situated so cloaa to the borders of Pennsylvania and of the Free States, how long would it be before a dos w * w? * a ?? - ^ ?d jonn crown wouia capture u, u cue cap ital of a Southern Republic ? The removal of the teat of Government from old Rome to new Constantinople resulted in the ultimate division of the Empire into East ern end Western. A removal of the Capitol from Washington westward might be attended with similar remits eventually, and therefore it ought to be opposed, and all cause* tending to each a result. Nwthing will ever do it bui the folly and wickedness of ooaspirators again*I the public pea?eand Co??tit?tion ? Phil. IaJ gtr, D?e. 29 iTPIn New Haren the carriage Duiices owiug to the troubles of the country, has beet aim ?i destroyed. Many handrad workmen m oat aC work FROM TtJriS. A letter received in Washington from Tunic i Barbary) dated November 18th, oontains the following; 44 His Majesty the King of Sweden, haa late ly invested His Highness Sidi Sadek, the Bey of Tanis, with the Grand Cross of the Order of \Vasa. The ceremony of the investiture was a most imposing one, and was accompa nied with all the splendor and magnificence of Orientalism. Mr. Guatavus Adolphus Tulin, Consul-General of Sweden, and his suite, were escorted in splendid oourt carriages by several If _?? 1 r* ? ? .? ? aisunguisnea uenerais 01 tne Tunisian army, to the Bey's palace of the Barde. They were here received with military honors and a royal salute, and on entering the large hall of audi enoe the Consul and suite were received by 11 is Highness the Bey, who was seated on a splendid throne and surrounded by all the grandees of the land. Mr. Tulin having in vested the Bey with the insignia of the Order of Wasa, expressed to His Highness the friend ly feelings of esteem which His Majesty the King of Sweden entertained for him and the high appreciation and admiration with which His Majesty regarded the constitution which has lately been promulgated in his regency, and which His Highness the Bey is enforcing with such enlightened wisdom. The Bey re Elied, with much feeling, that he was highly onored in receiving an mart of liis Majesty's good will, and added many expressions of Eastern eloquence. "On tho day following the inveetiture, the Consul General of Sweden received from His Highness the Bey, the Great Star of the Order of Ifthar. and the Vice Consul and the Chan cellor of the Consulate, lower grndes of the same Order. In addition to the above honors. Mr. Tulin and his lady, and the lady of the Vice Consul, received souvenirs from the Bey and his princess wife, of jewelry, amounting in value to nearly $5,000. " In connection with the above, a few word* in relation to the Tunisian constitution, may not be uninteresting. The constitution con tains enlightened reforms and generous con cessions, and cannot fail, if faithfully exe cuted. to produce a most beneficial influence throu^hoyt the land Its liberal principles will elevate this regency from an unhappy state of political degradation and commercial misery, to an honorable and prosperous posi lion among tbe nations of the earth The articles of the constitution are as follows : "1. Perfect security for life and property. "2 Equal taxation. "3. Equality before the law. "4. Religious freedom 41 o. Limitation of the period of military ser vice. "6. Admission of non-Mussulman assessors in criminal tribunals. " 7. Mixed commercial tribunals. "8. Equal participation of all classes and denominations in immunities and privileges. "9 Free trade and cession of the right of the government to traffic as heretofore. "10. Right of foreigners to make establish ment* md to introduce foreign enterprise and industry. "11. Right of foreigners to purchase and to possess real estate in the regency. "In the grand scheme ot progress and re form. which has so happily been inaugurated iu mis couniry, ilia Highness the Bej, wag assisted by the enlightened counsels of the diplomatic representatives of seYeral of the European governments resident at this oourt. " Among the numerous works of progress and improvement whioh have lately been ac complished in this country, is one of extraor dinary mirit, which will be of historical in terest, and will render memorable the reign of the present Bey. The splendid aqueduct, which once supplied aneient Carthage with water from the pure and limpid spring which gushes in abundance from the side of the mountain of Zowan, about thirty miles dis tant from the ftitv of Tnn!? k?> ?J ?- ? uu a wvvu J CLIJV-U the destraotion of the city of Dido and ct' Hannibtl, by its rival of Homo. but a mag nificent ruin, a proud relic of pa.'t greatness, and a sublime object to the archieological traveler. After nearly throe thuuiand years have elapsed sinoe this great work of antiquity rendered service to mankind, it is again being restored to its former usefulness, and will, in a short time, supply with water the. inhabit ants cf Tunis, who are at present dependent upon tho rain which they receive aud preserve in their cisterns, and which, often failing, causes much distress and suffering among all classes of the oommunity." Tm Pir?pu P>?i TV.. ? ? ?Li.t . I ut r*UKW WU1CU we have lately given from the article# of the French prens on American affair*, whilst equally conclu alve with ttioae of the English against the cher ished Idea of foreign interference ill behalf of the Southern Htau-g. exhibits a hearty and unaffr^ted friendliness of tone towards our whole country which must be gratifying toevery true American. La Presae, which declares Its conviction that iti sentiments are the sentiments of the French Government, says that the duty of France is U labor with all* her power to prevent a dissolu tion." She has helped to make this people??h< will never help to destroy them. France wasth* first ally of the United States?we hope that eh< will be her counsellor, and expose the abyss lntc which they are hurrying. No one can doubt th< iocerlty of this language It is the evident utter ance of old and true friendship Fiance Is atthi momenta truer friend of America than America -isoffc^rself May we not hope that even Soutl Carolina will bear the voice of France which, ii would seem, ahe has herself iiivoked.?Baltimor American A Scistid Dia.mosn ?The London Court Jour nal sa\s a great sensation has been caused amonj the principrl jewelers by the introduction of i ^scented diamond." The stone has been recent]' discovered in Ava, and has the same value a others, the same transparency and brilliancy, an< the same weight; but it possesses the most extra ordinary quality of emitting a very agreeable odo under tbe Influence of a high temperature?such for instance, as is more frequently than agreeabl felt in tho ball room. ^avi.ioi dark.?iae Qoetniuft o Lyon, Man .) art not by any mean* destitute o money, but have something laid away for a rain' day. At a recent meeting of the Lynn Five Cent Savings Bank, which has been organized hut i short time, tt was announced that th? deposit amounted to about 931,000, there having be?u i constant increase for some time past. Bkvkn Pimois Exkcutkd by a Mob.?Roller a white man. and six negroes, were suminaril executed, at Fine Level, Ala , last week, for a. attempt at inciting fnsurrectiou among the n? gross The white man was convicted on the evi dence of his own brother, who was permitted b depart. It is stated (says the Bath Chronicle) tha the Interesting Brahmin couvert to Christianity Jogurth Chundra Gangooley, will shortly be mar ried at Bristol to an American lad?- Mr. Gan zooley is now staying at Clifton, but will take hi departure for India, on his missionary labori OOB aiier ma marriage. H7" A new religlout corporation baa been ei tabtisbed In Alegerla, under the name of "Th Ploughing Father* " Tbey have lmpoaed 01 themaelvea the task of ploughing aucceaal vely an< gratulto laly all tbe uncultivated portion* of th Mil of that colonv, which they will then mak over to the State for the uae of Immigrants. Ul^Weaeeln foreign paper* Tery interest In, accounts of the "Bible woman's movements" 1 London More than one hundred women are no* engaged In going among the woratand most mil erxble, to read the Scriptures and sell copies c tbe Bible tJ" One of the leading literary journals ? i England, In printing tbe "International Ode," b Oliver Wendell Holmes,sun? at tbe musical fei ?? am w> hk rrtnce 01 wain My* ' tbey are the best wim of the kind in ou knowledge " |W Scurry has already made its appearanco 1 Kaniu, eupefladaaed by acantlueaa of rood. Tfa physic I ana there dread an epidemic from the aaa cnnae. I?7* A a tarring wife In England baa wrltte to the Philadelphia police, begginx them tomak inquiry respecting her husband, who left her li year* ago [HT" The cumber of slaves la Uarylandls foua to have been diminished more than 15,000 aiac I860. The whole number now la abaofVfr^OM. MISCELLANEOUS. II O Y T ' I Hlawatlia Hair Restorative la warranted in every lnatanoe to Rk?tukk Gray Hair to it* Orioixal Color. It has fieen applied IN THOUSANDS UP CASKS In the principal <ntiea of New England, and HAS NOT FAILED in a smile inaiarioe to ao oonipli'h all that is claimed for it. No Hair i* no Gray or Red but the HIAWATHA will ohangeittoa heant Jul life like Brown and Miaok. It li not an inatantaneoua die which orooka, amuta and givea a dead Maok ooior to the hair; the patient having to submit t<> soaping, waahng and aponging of the hair everr time .t la applied; nor ia it a preparation ot sulphur, sugar of lead, Ac., nor of anv ingredients drletwrious to the heir of skin, it ia an article requiring no preparation, no wash ing before or after usicg, it ia applied ia five min ute* tune, and with as lnt'e trouble as any ordinary article for the toilet. "People who have used this preparation deodar* it ia miraculous in its effects, and that it will per form all that it pretend* to do Ballon't Pictorial. "Its sucoees wonderful, and we oan only sajr we ivdoroe all the proprietor says in regard to it,"? Boston Journal. "We observe, by a notioe in & Boston paper, th%t a premium was awarded br the Ma<?achu?rtts Me chanios' Chantag e ?heir Kt? Fair, Boston, to Mr. Joseph Hoyt of this oity, for his oMebrated 'Hiawatha Hair Restorative,' an article whioh richly merited this favor. It was for its su perior merits in this respeot that the Committee, af ter sufficient evidence prevented to themselves, awarded to Mr. Hoyt this flattering testimonial Provident Evening Post Sold in Washiuzton by J. W. Nairn, D. B Clark, KriHwali v r? 11 ui.i-.i-- i- n iiiunvu w, n i ?-7?v?vj i/, v*. tiiu j^oi oy . in UDOI *? to wn by J. L. Kid well, and by Druggists jteneraku jr. de 12 Im Read the following from the well known Captain of the Hteamer Fulton: New OKLZAlfS, 3d Oot., 1859. Dr. J. C. Aytr, Lowell.??lr: I am urged by ray wile to report to you a cure your Sarsaparilla has made in our family, and as it is the only way in which we can make you any acknowledgement of *>ur gratification, I wil! proeeed t-> state My lit'.le con, oloven years old, ha* had Serr/ula sores on his ear*, neok and arms fur fire yoam They were much of the time very distressing, ard we feared they would kill him. At first a swelling would ap pear, then it would br?>ak and make a running sore, which would not heal. They bccame very loath - iom? and often pamfal; they stepped his growth and seemed to undermine ins health, to that he be came feeble and sickly. We tried Physicians and Medicines, but they did no good. A clergyman in our neighborhood, who had seen s >nie remarkable rnrAR h* ?nnr rhArrv Vrm 1 a Htn? > * ? ~ j ^ m v ..? ? i ? wv?"l umt f W\J ? I OVU UO MJ II J your Par'aparilla. and wo d'd. The * ma lest ?orf* sh jwed symptoms of heahns >n about two weeks; in two mora tbey had healed, and in ttro month* the ch-ld win as well as anybody- He now enjoys perf-ct health, with no remnant of the disorder about him thai we can discover. If you, sir, are a parent, you may well i.elieve that we?;.all not soon forget you. Very truir, your humble servant, J*o. W Bate*, Prepared by DR. J.C. AYER A CO., Lowell,Mass. do 21 eolm ^PECIALiNOTICK TOUUR FRIENDS AND O CUSTOMERS. We have had thoir bills all made off, and those who prefer oalline at our desk *or them will please do so by the 2Rtn inst. Alter that d*tn we shall render evry hill on oar books, and owing t*> the sreat paoio w? munt a-k< urfrienosto make prompt payments, as we are in want of all money duo us at tliis time. J. W. COLLEY A C de21-2w 52.? f*ewenth nL. *hnrn Pt.*v. TMH" EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. EMKICU. at the corner of Penn. A . ? A avenue and Eleventh street, has ^"en Tr^Euji T grea'1? improve.! reocntly and no* offer* JJaU&A greater inducements for the patronage of citizens and straogers than any other publio house in the cit?, his prions being less than thoao of any other hote> ou Pern, avenue, and his accommodations for permanent or transient boarders unexception able. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the European Hotel have already hfcomn rery p<>pu far, being all that oan b? desired by the most fas tidions. Tne proprietor piedges unremitted atten tion and continued literal expenditures to give sat Ufautinn to a!l,and thus r*iwir? his invita'ion all to give the huropean Hotel a call. d? 4 U T HAVE now on H*Nn a nnMPi ?rt 1 Stock of-' ~ ~ " """*" Ladies' Kid and Lasting Velvet TrI;iimed Hoot* Ladies' Kid and La*tinic Buttoned Bouts, Ladies' Moroooo and Goat' kin Uuttonod Boots Ladies' Thick and Fur Boot*. Misses' Kid Veiv t trimmed Boots, Misses' Kid Moroooo and Goatskin (1'it'd Boots, Ladies'and Misses' Rnbbsr Lorg Boots, Which I am selin* from 5^3. to.$l pair lower than the same quant; can bo oought elsewhere in this oity. Also, a full assortment of Boots and Bhoss fur (rents', boy '.and yon Mih' *??', J. R<9ENTliAL.No 16 Market 8?aoe, de 1 eotf Pa av.. bet 8th and Hli sts. J^OTICE TO THE PUBLIC. Th? underslcned has iust ooVned a wholes* PRODUCE and MARKETING STORE at5. m rsi'.tfi atrert, o;>p. site Center Market, woerei. will be reoeivtng daily & general assortment o every thine that grows on a fanr.. fresh from the hands of "bo farmers, such a* Tarkeya. Chickens. Duoka, Gee?e, Kn-?, Butter?of all ?ua itie*. at Baltimore prioes? pried Fruit. Appl*a, Flour, Reana, Ac . fto., which 1 will sell aa cheap aa can be bnught in thia city, Alexandria, or Baltimor.% Dealers and huok?ters are respectful y innted to call and examine for themaolvea. da6 tf J. H. CANFIBLP. CLOAKS! ULUAK8!! CLOAK SI!! The Camilla, the Arab, theQarib&ldi, The Romeo, the Zouave, th? Albanas, The Richard, the Engliah ?a*k. the French Sack. With many other new and beautiful in Jlept. Treoo and French Beaver Cloth, in prices r un *3 50 to $28, to which we ask the attention of the ladiea. no 17 TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. NEW FAWN OFFICE. E. WAR D, Dealer in New! ...i4 HIT PI ** " * nun va?? \'U \/ivi)i>uiKt roapcuiiaiiT IDluriQ8 IH0 nub'ie that hs ha* opened a LICENSED PAWN OFFICE at No 76 Louisiana areuue, between ;-th and loth ltd., a few doo's east of the new Cen tral 6uard-house, where he will '.e at all times prepared to wait on hit patron* with proir.ptncM, attention and the striotest iustioe. N. H?Jewelry, Dry Woods, Clothing, Mechan ics' Tools, 4o., always on hand at private sale. de 7 lm* IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THE UNION Call at II A R V E Y' 8, Who haa just received a large supply of fresh LOB STERS, F1S1I, and fine flV Tin 1 Sj?fl m which he will serve to customers at thej^w-^T^* ahorleat not ce on liberal tfrmi. P. 8.?Ojratera aervtHi tofa-niliua and hotel* are not aoalded; tli?jr aro ouly scalded for person* eat- I ing them at the saloon. ? ilea T. M. HARVEY, i Singer's Sewing: Machine*). 389 PBNN. AVENUE, NATIONAL HOTEL BUILDING. We invite the pub' 10 attention to our new $30 FAMILY SEWING MACHINE. Thi? Machine it untu'PMised in the houaeho'd, It rune amooth and awift; sttet, htvit, ftlls and talkers, will aew the fineat awi?a or eloili ten layers iliiok, and an* thine between the two extreme#, in a "sut.ful and aubatantial tnanaer- Maohineain mahonanj,wal nut and rosewood oaaea from SCO to #100. Oar large vxbratinr rretstr mathin*xfoT ooaoh trimmers M.d aaddlera. la without a rival. Bilk, Twiat, Thread, Needles. Bobbins, Oil, &c., alwayi on hand at New York prioea. 11 r*S?n<l fnr H cunt "f M ? z?Yte. no 17 6m ? vwirl M ilft >! Il*"l tV VUl * CHARLES A. 8P0N8L.KK Aicent. i have removed m removed my PAWN OFFICE to 351 C >treet, between 4)4 nod 6th aWecta, imme diately m the rear of the National Hotel, where th? buaineaa will t>e continued aa heretofore at the old ataui. [no 15 6m] 13\AC HKKZBEKU. fMBBS' WIG. BRAID AND CURL MANU UT FACTORY, '-148 Penn. avenue, near the cor ner of Thirteenth atreet?A very oomflete aaaort mrnt of Braids, Curls, Fntettee, Ban ieaua, Ac., now on hand; also, made to order at the ahorteet notioe. Hair work repaired or taken in ezohanca. rat Sim r" ViRal"?.*MISUJ" Prt? |S xr gaUon or 50 tMtt nr bottU. Tli? vast home and foreign demand we hare for tint artiele aufltoientljr attests it* parity and exoel lenoe. Moreover it may be mentioned in tnia con nexion that man; imm of deueate orcanizatuiHf unable to nse whiaky of other brawls, have found the abpve moat eaeaoioue and happjr in iu effect*. A liberal duooaat on the above prioee made to the trade. ^ , , "ltl)WA.RD'HALU Dealer in fine Winea and Liauora, W00""woo?!! STOVB ud KINDL1NS WOOD, S.&&S. ?o??ibia mot. ^ T. J. * W. *. 6ALT, (HPIMh betvean 11th awl lSth eta., ma n-tf north ?i<f K !?N?w or ?to*?* Aocord?on?, f n?io,*o. JOtfNKELLlS, d?lt 30* Pk.iTn bet. ?th ?nil loth aU. WOOD AND COAL. TO T<U PUBLIC! GO WHJCKK YOU~CAN (JET YOUR MUMtV'S WORTH Bp^TKY IT! PROVE"IT ! KNOW IT !JQ try what? * IDT Trr Uia PIONKhR MILLS, and buy your WOOD there. proveivhat? ETPro" that you o*n eet jour WOOD there o' caper than luewhere in the oity ; and then yon will _ v istrt w Tir Him uiv vy rr rr ii il 1 JET Know that tog get GOOD MKASl'RKand the very beet of WOOD for lein money, Cut Split, and Delivered Free or Charse. Call at the PIONEER MILLft! SIGN OF TUB EL UK FLA&-STA K>\ 8outhwe?t Corner Skventh ?t. ahi? Canal (South of the Bridie.P no 19 GKORU K rAOK. Aghnt. WOOD AND C O 4 L Delivered to %U firti of the oity, at the ldw??t possible rate*. T. J. A W. M. GALT, Office 9*3 Pa. av., between Uth and 12th ?t?., ITlft 17-tf nnr*^ tej-y, oondnoted by the Spanish Government, under the supervision ??f the Captain General of Cuba, will ta?e place at Havana on FRIDAY, January 4, IPfll. SORTEO NUMERO ?8 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE 9100,000. JX ALL FRIZES. Who.eTiotote, 'iO -iia.ves, 910?Uuarters, 8ft. Priies cael'ef! at sight at 6 per cent, discount. Bills on all solvent Banks taken r.t ?*r !?rlj0"" t do 1 do 1 do 8100,PC? |o prises of. . ifl.ono co do . . ?jm 1*3 do . XOfOPO aoappiox. . - lo^on - ?w - < ? _ ?^no A drawing wilt be forwarded as aoon u the tmiII becomci known. All orders for sotaaroM or tioketa to be addrsimed to DON RODKIGUEZ. de IT-tr Pare of Cut Po?t. ChtrlMtan. M. tl. Cur* Couth, Cold, JfitrNiiwi. In flu nza any Irritation or Sor? n?' j of ik< Throat, Rtlittt th* Hatktni Couth ?n Consump tion. Eronrhiti*, Athma, t Catarrh, Clear and rir? strength to the roiet of PUBLIC 8PKAKERS *5D SINGERS. Few are avtrt of th* import&no* of checking a Cough or "Common Cold" <n its fiut ?ta?e; that V, . th. K- " ' ' ' wmvii iu ?uo 1/05*iiiup; woujq Tieia 10 ft niiid rt?in? ?ir, if neglected, ?oon attacks the Lunis. " Eroicn's Bronchial Troth it,n containing deinulnerU m^rcOi Auti, allay Pulmonary and b.unchiai Irritation. "That trouble in ray Throat, (for whioh the "Troche*" area speciho) having made me cften a mere wh's p?rer." N.P.WILLIS. ** I reooirmond their nee to PcrLic Spbakkes." REV. E. II. CHAPIN. BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES "Great ?ervio* in subduing Hoarse NBsb." REV. DANIEL WISE. "Almost instar.t relief in the di? tressiug lab^r of breathing pcouliar to Aerns/i." KEV. A. C. EGGLESTON. " Contain no Opmm or anything i injurious." DR A. A HAVES, Ckomist, Po?ton. 'Aiiiari??n4 rteasact oombina tionfor Corona. Jto." BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'si TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'; TROCHES! BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S 1)R. G. F. B1GELOW, Boston. Bcuefiaial in Bkonchitis." DR. J. P. W. LANK, Boston. I hay* proved thom exoellent for Whoppinb Cocoh." REV. H. W. WARREN, Bottom. " lienefioia! when compelled tj psak. *inl'rtriii)f from Cold.'' REV. S. J. P. ANDERSON, St. Limit. " Effectual in removing Hoaree nsii and lrritat on of the Throat. ?o oomuon with Si-kakkkv and Sixa KRK " Prof M.STACY JOHNSON. La (irange. Ua. Teftoher of M ns.c Southern Female College. *HUl<UE.S "?jreai wneni wnen uixen boiura S'ld after preaching. as the* prevent BROWN'S Hoar?en?BS. From their p&stefleot, , 1 think they will h? of permaneut aU TROCIIEt? vantage to mo " REV. K. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S* PronUeut of Athena College, Teuu. TROCHK9. p-^.J.^U^TWTN da l It PROF. HOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL ip> BLOOD RENOVATER Ia preotaely what tta name indicates, for, whiU pleasant to the taste, it la revivifying, exhilvating, invigorating end atren the inn to the v*ui powers, and at the same time revivifies, reinstates, and re new* the Blood lu a 1 :ta onimal puit*, and thua at once restore* and reuters the sy<t*m inrulnfrabt* to attacks <yf rhsnase. It la th on!y preparation ever olfereu to the world, ao chernioaily And skill fully combined ast<>betne n oat powerful tonic, and at the aame time so perfently adapts to, aa to act in perfect aooordance with the laws of nature, and hence will sooth? th' weakest stomach, ana tone up th* digeativo organa, ana thua allay all ner vouaand other irritation. It ia perfectly exhilara ting and at the aame tune it ia composed entirely of vegetablee, yet ao combined aa to produoe the most thorough tonic effect, without producing any in junous consequences. snoh a remedy lore been felt to be a desideratum in the medioai w-?- In, for it needs no medioal ek II to see that debility f llows all attacks of disease, and proceed ar.d in deed lays the system open to th<> insidious attacks ot Tiar.T of the most fatal, such, for example, as the fallowinj;: Consumption. Indigestion, uyspepsia, f oss of Appetite, Faintue**, Nervous Irritability, Neuragia, Palpitation of the heart, Melancholy, Night Sweats, lAngor, Giddiness, Retention ol. as well as Fainlul obstructed. too prof'lse, or too sc*nt Menstruation, and Fa'ime of the Womb These ail depend upon genera! dehilitf. Tins pure, healthy tonio Cordial and B''mn1 R enovator is as sure to cure as ttie sun is to nse and s*t. Th*re is no mistake about it . But this is not all If the system is weakened w?s are open to bilicu* at tacks, the livor beoomes torpid, or worse diseased, the kidneys refuse to perform their fuuetions, and we are troubled with scalding and-inooDtioeroe of urine, or involuntary discharge of the same, pain in the baok, side and between the shoulders, ex oeedincly liable to slight colds, coughs. and if un oheoked, soon emaciation folio* k,and tue patient goes down to a premature crave. Hut soaoe will not allow us to enumerate the man* ills to whioh we are liable in a weakened condition ?t tne svstem. But we will say in this Cordial ai d H.ood Renova tor you have a perfect, sare, pieattaui and efl>crua remedy for loss of Appetite, biliousness. FiaUi lence, weak and sick Storanch. Lan^our, Liver Complaint, Chills and Fever, orany IJ'iou-attack Co- ti venesb, Acidity of the f*t >maob. Nervousness, N' Mil 1^AllkltAtinn t%f M >? r? n*r.ris. vf Spmta.gorea. Pi'nplea on the Fw.urinj dia ea*e arising from impure blood, auoli aa Sorofu la, Krystpeiaa. ifronohitia, Couch,difficulty of Bru&lii inc. &r>d all that o'ass of diaeaaea eal ed feniale weakness, and eau me rated above. W??:ll?i?u aajr the traveler exposed t> epidemics, ohanco of ohmate and water, will find it a plraaant. aafe ?nd aura r?Tdy, and no bn* should ever travel with out. Rvd^r. try it,for w? assure you you vill find in it a friend ind-ed.aa w?llaa a friend in need. All peraona of sedentary hahita will find it a pei feot preventive of, aa well aa a cure for thoae ail raontH whioh tney are particularly exposed Heooe ministers, atudanta, attorneys, literart gtnilemon, and ladies who are not aeouat rood to muoh out door exe. oi y, will find it to their advau&ge to keep a bottle constantly on hand; and above a1! raothera or tiioee beoommc aaoh, will /so through that moat dangeroua period not only with all their aoonatomed strength, bat *afe and free from the inuuMinv miidbdm ?o previueni fttnonx we portion of the wo. Id. In ehort, te indeed a mother cordial. Try it old and young; no lo *er run the ri*k of de'ay; it will relieve and prove it*elf emphat ically a Restoratin Cordial and Blood Rtnovntm. O. J. WOOD, proprietor, 444 broad# at, New York, and 114 Market Street HC Lome, Mo., and eo'd by all good DruggiaU. Price Oae Dollar per Bottle. PROP. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL BLOOD RENOVATOR. Bold in tkiieity by C. 8TOTT, 375 Pa. avenue, au ao-ooly, atv fonthljr and WMkli the um? to rabMrl w Year. Sol* oury. CLOTHING, &c. Aorkat atth *ction : UK and hush FOR skventh strkkt: Att Stop at S M 1 T 11 * S . No. 4<ii> skvknth street. "Uu tk?u amJ < " (Such tu the? laiuuane a {*bI!?niU! who had r?ori veil ioim of o?r croat tar{aib?.) I have just retaruej from lt?e North with a y*tj lar?e (took of CL ?THINU. flrnfshim. GOOD"*. hats ard CAff.iMth' for cash at two third* their net cont.and whieh I will sell at a *ma l a<1 vanoe. You can 1 u j a food <?v^reoat irain ?3 tu S7.?v?rj nee on* !r?m 910 to 9 IS, Cam Or; re at from ?8 to *15,- Boy'a Overcoat *wl Cape Coat from %3 5? to A5 Al?o, SHiRTS, I'NDF.K (JAlHlKNTS. I'M BRKI.UK. SCARFS. flUWW, COLLAKH, TIK.9, OI.OVI5S, ami all fcirdeot Genu' Wearing aftoaifthingl} low pri?e?. II/* A word to thoee timt want to pnrcha*e: Having Ixiutlit lit*no |<wd< at veijf low price*. I aai oonfident that you cm save 25 per cett. bn>in< from me. N. K WERVASTO' CLOTHING in almnden-*. Uon't forget to ceil at the Pe p e'-Clethin* iKwe, No. 460 Seventh etreet, before purcha?mi else where, and satisfy yourselves that we are < tiering I terrain*. J. H SMITH. Clothier, de 14-1 rn No 4 00 Seventh st, opp. Pout CH2KNTLKMEN'!* I RK\DV-MA1)K CLOTHING. wur pretent assortment of UKVTLKMKN'S READY -MADE CLOTHING < ffer? t?? cit;a?n? and stranger* wishing an immediate outfit nip* nor inducement*, eiptnvju.p, at this time, all tylea and qaaliti** of Dr?M and Business Gar ment* and Overcoats in all van?tte?. Fine ?h>rts and Under-clothing ol ail kinds. Kid and other G'oves of best qn* lty. Scarf*, T??*, Cravats, Sto'-k*, Horfiory. Ac.. fa. All of which we are offering at '-ur u?ua low prioes. |T7" Clothing mad^t-i 01W <n th? most s?ipen>r manner. WALL, STEPHENS & CO., no 16-tf .182 Pa. avenue. R E A ~B A R~ J A I N S l ?.urLA S CLOTHlfrQ STOKE, No. 460 StTK.ith SlESET. CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOODS, HATS AND CAPS. At 20 Fee Cekt. I,e?* that* the Usual Rate At H M I T H' S. No. 460 Strentk Strt't. N. B-All in wn.t ol CLOTHING and FUR NISHING GOODS wil fiad it prcatty to their ad vanM.ce to give me a call. .!? ? 1 rv. ' " ?I!TU a. CtUl 1 '1 , VLUTIIiKK. W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invito our cu?u>ioorB, und citizen* genera. 1 r. to an in?p*c'ion of our prasei.t new, at tractive, and extant annrUn- ut of' CLOTHS. CASSIMfcMKS. DOESKINS, VfcSTINGS. OV KR COATINGS, Ac. which we will make to order in eup?rior' tjle at ?or* k>w pr.cea. WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. oc 25 If 322 Fa. *v., )-etw. Sib and l'Hn ata. cnn a. - i I)r. J. H M?LKAN'S RTBTTVOTurwTva onrnriT ?*<ai ui a *11 u vrv/xv uxaii AND BLOOD PLRIFIKU. the greatest REMEDY ?* ?A? world, and the most Dkliciol* and DELIGHTFUL CORDIAL ever Takes It it urictW a ?ci ntiflc and Vtgtu b>? Cornpooi l, pro caf *4 bf U>* iMUiU u<m u? i '"vt id b&rkt. Ttllow Dock, Blood Rom, BHck R-oot, X?n?rA" riiU, Wild CKarry Cork, ind Dandtiioo tan mU ita com mUm. Tha antir* aeu?? raiaadial pnaciplai of aaah 10gradj?m is . . - ?ltk|0? dialilUnr. prodaeia* ? daiiei?a?, axhiUrmtiaf apirlt, u4 tha raaat ii.nillhla ramaly rfnonuur tii 4iaa?tad .ytt?rc, and rattan a f ilia ai-k, tafaruif, iud daklliuud la?alld u taatlih ao4 atranfth Mr LEAF'S STRENGTHENING^ CORDIAL tt in ? l ?jij uyaywpvia, jim* diet, Curonic or N?i?oaa Debility, Diaaaaea'uftha Kidnaya, and all diaaaaaa arialr(f from a diaordtrad Liver or Btninach, l>7*p?(aia, Haartbarn, lrw-rd Pilaa, Aridity cr Sicknaea of tha Stomach, Faiinaai of Blood to tba Head, Pali Ham or wMi.rairf in the Haad, Palpitation at lueHear', Fallnaaa r Weifht to lha 8'omach, Eractsuoua, Chokin* or 1 Caffocatinf Feelinf vheu latin* doars, Dryueaa or YelioW. Ltaa of the Skin and Krai, Nijpt 8?tiu, lnw-rd Ferara, J fain in tha Small of tha Back, Cheat, or Side, Svdden | Flaatiea of Neat, Depraaeion oI Spirita, Frifbtfal Dreame, Uaug-Vcr, Daapoiidancy or aay narrona dieeaee, Soraa or Blotcbta au tha Skin, and Tatar and Ague (or CkiUa u,d * ??!.) I OVER A MILLION BOTTLES hnte been add darilf tha iaat ail im-ntha, and tn oa in- < etance hie U failed in firib( enure eutiefacuan. Who. than, I will eater from Waakuaaa or DaMmy whan McLKAM'l I TKKNuTHEHlJfO CORDIAL mill care yoa 1 I Ha lap.jar ja can eanraj an adaqaata idaa of tha tmniadi- | all and alnaat nuracaiece change produced by taktnf thia | Cordial in tha diaaaatd, debilitated, and abatiartd iiertaaa eyaieoa, whether broken drtrn by eiceee, vaak by natara, r lmpalrad by eickaeae, tha ralaxed and aaauaj<( arfVLi aallan ta raaiarad ta ita prutine haaltb and rijer MARRIED PERSONS. > Conxion of inability from ?La;#?ar ciui, Will r.d McLKAMI BTRKIKiTHKNIKO CORDIAL a tb? r?f>> r?j?!i?r?;er ?f tha ??ti*m; udt!1 ilio m>< titu In )?rad lhar.:?al?aa bj imprapar u>da!f ancaa will lei in tbia Uardltl * ciruiu and apaaly rao.ady. TO THE LADIES. MclEANt rTRSNGTHlCNlNQ CORDIAL la aaaar airn and apaacv cur* far Leeiptanl Coaaamptioa, Whmi, Ow;r? or Diflolt Manatraatioo, Incoounanca of Urtna r lu??!mniarr Duebarfa tharaaf, Falling at lb a Womb, tiiddmaaa, I* minting, and all diaaaaaa incidani to Pamalaa. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT afar o* lonfar. Taka it aCCordinf to diraetioaa. ItwIH aureala-a, alranflhaa, and Umjforata yaa ar.d camaa tba bloom ! baaltb to raout joar ch??k again. K>arj bauJa u varra^iad ia gif* aauafacuon. FOR CHILDREN If yaar cbildrsn ut aickly, paiiy er aRictsd, MCLEAN'S 1 CORDIAL will inaka thaia haalthy, fat, and ratal'. Data; UK a momant; itf it, aad 70a will ba caoTiucad. It b da- | lie 10 a a ta Ukl. CA UTIOIf. Bswira af drafgist* or daalara who m? try to pain ipoa y?a aoioa bittar or*partlla traah, whicb tbay can bso | cbsau, by sayuir it lajaat aa food. Avoid anch nan. Ask for ?H LKAN'8"?TUI?NGTHENING CORDIAL, aad uka BOtbiof alaa. U la tba only rsirsdy that will parity tha Blood tnoroafblT tod at tha aamt tinia atranftbtn tha aysia ui. Oi.a taaapooafal taktn aaary ?ori.liif faatinf is a cartaia pra asali's for Cholara, Chills and Pmr, Yallow Kitai, or any prsaalaat diaaaat. ltupoicp lu tarra boulaa. Fnct only 91 par tiottla, or e boulaa for #5 J. H Mi LEAN. Bolt proprietor of thia Cordixl; also, McLean's Yoteanic Oil Liaircant. Principal Dapot ou tha corn ar of Third and fin* atraaia, It. Loaia, Mo. McLean's Yolcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEIT LINIMENT IN THE WORLD ) Tbt only aafa and csrtain eara for Caacara, Pilaa, Ta mora, Swelling* - ad Bronehila or Coatra, Parti rata. Nea ralfia, Waakaaaa of tha Maaclaa, Chronic or Iniaainaatory Raeanauam, Stifneaa af tha Joanta, Contracted Maaclaa at aanta, Earache ar Toothache, Braiaaa, Spraina, Freeh I Cats, Woajida, Ulcere, Pe?at Scree, Cakad Breaat, Bora Nipplee, Porta, Scalds, Bora Throat, ar aay ielamaeauoe or pain, ao ditaranca bow aearre ar lonf tba dtaeaaa nut baas sitatf(1, MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT 11 a cartaia remedy. Tboaaacds af bunas baup l a?a baao eared a Ufa of dia trepitade and mieery oy tba aat of thia inaalaabia reined? Mrl.EAN S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will ralia?a piio Uibni imuiituioul;, ai d it will cittn, par: Ty uid baal lb* fonlMt tor? in ao iceradibla abort uaaa. FOR HORSES AND OTHER AN I MALM. McLKANV CKLEBRATED LINIMENT la tha oel* a.fa u< raliabU r?ma4? for tha cut of Ipxia, KiuWa, Wiadfalli, Sfliata, VUMtaral Lsir pa, NotSaa or Sarilwr* It M'U fmlad to Cera big Hted, htloil, Ficiala, OM Rwiuuif Suraa, or Bw*?uj, If proparl* appli**. Far Sprue*, Braiat*, Bcmchea, Crackad n*?lt, Coaft*, Sadul* r Ollar Gall*, C*t?, Sort*, or Woaiyl*, it ii at ir.fallibla raaai;. Apply it a* dtractad ud a car* ta eartu* u *?*ry iaataaca. Tbaii in>? Da lanrar vitfa lb a incur warthl*** Liainaut* of.radu.joa- Ol.uun a aappl* ofDI. McLEAJTS CELE BRATED LJlflMEMT It ill ecra voa. i. H McLEAN. Mi Fmriiwr: Carntr Third ud Pan at*., It. Loot*, Mb. CHARLES BTOTT, >7f Pa. a?., aola aj*ut la Wi*hn> fat fc. ? T. C1MEL.O?>|*?w. aa K PAWIr MOjyK-SlMrROVI^p WKi>piNCgCALy 6XH*on iN??ilNO , B(,>CI,gu, bound books. d?* THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. iirteilrui Nm J greater nmtj of lai OU be fcftftd ift ft&J Friday HonUftC. Tnm-ChjA, iw?f fi<>. to 8ia*ie ?ofy, per Treat It isvftnftbir oontftiM the hat Lfta made 7\j DmUp Mt mo g?Mmlly throngboat the ooantry. C^St&iItoopiMda vnynni tu ki )W?< at the ouinter, Immediate: y after the ie?oe of U* m?r. Pnoe?THEEE CENTS FOR SALE AND RENT. l^OE EENT OE LEA?E FOE A ThK* OF r V K AKS -Tli* HOUSE and GEOUNDf* lately oceuyied lij Poitmittr 6m?nl Brown, and vnrj raoeritly told by Mr* Smith ? a f?Mj* inaCltaM. For further information app> to CHA9 ABEET. K*?., or to Ike ?al>?aril<er. THOMAS* LAWSOM. d>< eotf i.owii I.E. Aff. FOE EE.NT. in the Firat Ward-three equaraa vest of the War l*wkrtroent-a aaail OF FICE, with back room.or tha former ma? answer for a imk aad Parlort and Chamber*. separate, or atiite o! Eooma, furruihad or yrfurniahad ; cioaa to lite A rem a. Inquire at thia oAoa. de S Stawtf /OR KENT?A de?iral>> a r.d vail located ftrat ?? a. ? ? wtm mammm umiiim win all the modern Improvementa. Apply to THOMA!* t'ARKKK. w POR K fcN T?The fane BRICK HOUSE No. r 100 VvMt Georgetown, at preaent eeoa pie<1 by the aabecriber. It haa if ro>>m?. with km and water throughout, a in* yard, etable Ac , Md la in a rood ne.*hU>rhood. Apply to J AS. A. M A ORlItKK __ oe? tf FOR RENT-A three atory brick HOUSE, oon taining ft ro?ma. In food order, with faa fiz turea complete, 011 H atieet, between ?tb and Mh. Aiao. a two-atory brick COTTAGE, with large yard attached, corner of F street north ani 14th at. t. To ponetuai and reliable teaanta the terma wi I be n.oderat*. Apply at 44C Twelfth at reel, between W aid H. no H-tf |7?OR RKNT.-Two new three-atory BR ICS 1 HOUSES with hack buildinta, each koaee containing a roorna. with faa, pieaaamly aitaated i>v>*jwsiiiiii^ i v?'nn, w iati a * ^p^11 y i?v>; on *th atreet north, between M and N atreeta. rent moderate. Appl? to K. LAZENBY. oppoaite, or to JOHN T. LEXMAN, Ohio avenee. between ( in ??nn i??*n an WLf. ??c mi lA;R RENT-The FIRST FLOOR of the hiiid r ise im Me.y op font* the west win* of th? Olt? Ha rcoent!y oooupied fry ChM. 8. WkiMt u office Also the fn-nt room in tb* seoond story aad the third floor of the him building. For terms a^lr to RICHARD WALLACHjVo. I Louisiana av?oae. 1a U tf EDUCATIONAL. _ FEMALE EDUCATION. HOi*E Parent* who wiah their daughters to re aeti-o a thorough aud systematic education. where their phystcaj traitun* wi.l receive daily and speoia UtenLon, im-W the most appflpved ryst** of Caiis Lhenio* and Gj mi.Mtics. ar? re?p?ctf?Uy invited to visit the I'mon Female Academy, corner Fo?r teeiith stand N?w York ar. MR. * MRS. Z. RICHARD#. au tt tf Prmoipals. 17 EM ALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL r ta b. j., niw^ro. The thirteenth a?nut; i>4uiod of this IssUtatinr. will coimn. no? on Tuesday,September 13th, in the (muse recently occupied by Irutir ftoott, Esq . No. 1 HO Kmc street. The course of study pursued will comprise a?l the bra.dies requisite to a thoroach Entish Edu cation, anU Music. F.enoh, Latin and Drawing, il desirtxl. in addition to day scholars. Mrs. McCormiok is prepared U> receive* limited u amber of pnpi.s as boa'J^rt.. who, constituting a part of her own fain liy. wil! t?e u> ner her immediate care aad sspervi non. M?e will endeavor, as tar as possible. to ?nr round theqa with the ooinferUand kindly infiuenoee of Home. RtJrTi net*.-Rev. Geo. H. Norton. Rev. Dr. EIim llarri-ort. Rev. D F.fcprigg, William H Jfowie. Esq.. Edgar Soowden. tea . Edmund F \V it met Esq.. Her.ry Marlmry. Esq., Lewis McKensie Esq.. Robert H. Hunton, Esq. W. D. W altaoh Editor Erfening Star, Benjamin Waters. Esq.. J as Entwisle, Jr., K?q..Col. John W. Minor, Loedoan Mecsrs. B.aokiock k Marshall, Messrs. Cor Brothers. Tniii. Board. with Tuition m iu? Kncliah BrtMlM, 9%u for th? annual muiud?patabi? truii -aaaaaji, la advance Mumc and LaocnacM at ProllMaon' pn< ITT No extra c'.argefc. an tt-tt DENTISTRY. M. LOOMI9, M.V, Ut^iraitor a?4 oftha MINERAL PLATK TEETH, at tenda peraoca .y at hia ofKoe in thia elty.j Many peraona can wear tnaac teeth wbo woiiui ?nr uiovri, kuu no person ouvtutum who cannot wear these. Persons calling at my nfloeoan be aoeomaodatad nth &i.y style and price of Teeth they nay deei'e; bat to those who are particular and wish the purest, s.eanest, strongest, and most perfeot dertsrs that trt can produs-, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms in this city?No. S39 Pa.arenas, hotweec ?th and l?Hh iU. Also. 907 Aroh street, Phnadel >hia. oc it-tf D DENTAL CARD. R. MUN?ON Has returned and profession. Office and hoaee at 4A.1 E su third door east of Sixth. In addition U *very other approved style. Dr. M. has teeth on loanite Base for the last three years Mid, from exsenenoe, knows it exee.s all others, bed is one-third leas In pnoe than gold. Bis oM patrons of Washington, Alexanarta, and 9aorse town are respectfully noftoitad to eall. asVeo'y CARRTAOR FAffTORTra WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, TV 1) Str?i, Bttwtm 8tk mmd loU Struts, of lr?t > We have just finiabad a nai CARRIAGES, auoh aa Lxtkt Ware**, Park Pketttmu. rtattt, and Buttttt, wiuoh we wl roSt. la diff< WKMand ? k tot* imti: proFT I Bainc practical mMhanl f the baaiueaa, we flattar be atylea and aaaHty of ? wwilw thai w the atylea and qoai.ty of work that will kit* aaba fkation, eombiuiuf lightnaaa, oomfort mm darftbui ty. Repairing promptly and oarefaily attended to tfca abortaat notice and moat reaaon WALTER, KARMANj Coaohmakera, aaooe~*ora lo r-dly rp CARRIAGES. .1 HE Bihoeribor nannj made irSMBSsiUs tr C.WJ manuffcetnncr carriage jt lishtsh^b wa90n8 of ail kind* otnnot b? amryaamd, from hi? lo&c exk'^co* la iks bbiieem, ke hepee to *ire c?l?rt ukbr*ct2on. ALi tioda ( ovrlacw uckt wacwa k?* mm t A.:repairbb?41t*???.uu*u 'vul# rj^he the ^ THE insurance company insurance company LIFE insurance company fire of virginia op virginia MARINE mmn OF VIRGINIA Incur** ifiiut lou or damace by fr? ?pon m re*$on*t>U term* M *4ir o^mnnj of tonal r'tmmn butiy. HLATH ft. INoWlbC OIKm? Room 16 of?r Bank o remark* Itt. O. DKMl'TH * CO.. MPORTKRS And WkoteU ftad R?Ui. Dw. FOREIGN GINB. 4*-, No. 40 Nobt* Ciulh Ptkbbt, rxv* doors ?t??n LuiaiMs M., BQg-lf BeUimor*._ ^OHOOL AND COLLMK OUTFITS. Youths' and Bow' Clot kin# for School mud DfW W*ar. ta and cnardiM* viofciag W> fvrnuk tftm Vb, wWons tb?y au ft out their aluUlrei, or All him in a few mom?r?s with ?T?n iaocn* tion of R -arty-ma*!**, <>f ubaUatlki and THE BBSTAt?0K^2|^HTRyBa0rPBftEI> TkoMvh* dMirt to aalact from mv fiMru. witk tM ^iTMUft of a roduoti . ia ynw>. will 0*11 ?ar.\ fcrul *Uai '*. We wo?id al>? oall Ik* attention of abo? t iBtrnd??inf im 17to tfcoir awollirr* to oar it? M MKl faoilip?.aa^ ?o??mHit iov pitaaa, for thi* braaok of oar trad*. |a> iUbc all vbo ce?ire tk?ir work deeeyrpeftiy, aad fr?* from tu I akacaa, to ca<l at ra. a> ? Hi. M?o*ii f?tk aad Tt tM iU , aoaUi _ M. botwa loth aad lit* *?_, bovU _moa **?' J W TI#OM?ON *OB. noil OLD R V II WHIHK V ?Oi. I

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