Newspaper of Evening Star, January 3, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 3, 1861 Page 1
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f 0 # - I . v' > ' - < - ? p*i r ? n. j * : J- ' *- T w "* Cfirmitta ^tar. i f < V?. XVII WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. JANUARY 3. 1861 N?. 2.458. - I *. 0 ?? ??? THE DAILY EVENING STAB IS PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT THK STAR BUI I D1 PIGS, Csrntr of Pennsylvania avmut and 11(A it. BT W. D. WALLACU. " ? Kw Mrrio* *1 ( ft ri^n vn m V/ ? ?mi, or 37 c?cti per month. To nui iilncrlbin the p-ice is 53JD a ;strf m i^raiKi, #9 for six wonthi; 91 lot three mootka; and for l??a that three months at tha rata of Uoenta a VMk. Single opt**, oMcni; ia wrapper** two II7-AT)vntTi#f*WfT. snoald bo sent to the cfltoe betoro 12 o'oiook m.; otherwise they may not apfw antil >h?H*itday. GEORGETOWN CORPORATION AFFAIRS. C?rr*spondentt / TK* Star. Gioaorrowx, Jan 2, lSflO. There waa a special meeting of our City Connella on Monday er^ning laat. In the B-jard of Aldrrmea the "salary resolution." from the other board, was amended by making the Mayor's salary 9600, and the Clerk of the Market #150 The flrat amendment waa rejected by the Board of Common Council, and the aw ond agreed to This board then receded from the first amendment, and the rtsolutlon passed both hoards. The "police bill" was amended In the other board, and at amended passed both Doarui u provides for the election by the Council* on the 9r*t Monday In January of one policeman from Mich precinct. and one from the town at large, making flv*. at a ?a]ary ?MHB each; alao. a Chief of police, #6(X); alao. two police magistrates The London and Hampshire Railroad resolution was received from the other board, ;nd laid on the table until Thursday evening next, to which time both boards adjourned, as the next regular meeting night Is Friday, which has been recommended by the President to be observed as a day of fasting and prayer. In the Board of Common Council all of the m>-mb<*rs, except Messrs. Dodge and McCobb. were prfaent The President (Mr. Pickrell) being absent at the usual hour for commencing the sessions, Mr. Tenney was called to the chair by Mr. English, but declined. and moved that Mr. Dunlop take the chair; which was agreed to Petitions of Mrs Margaret Cozxens. for relief from taxation, and of Rev. Joseph Aschwanden, nakiiiil that tarn paia on ceruun 101s eiempi Dy law be refunded, were appropriately referred The board then proceeded to the consideration of the resolution directing the committee before Congress to apply for power for this Corporation to subscribe 8200,000 for 2,000 shares of Loudon and Hampshire Railroad stock; said subscription not to be valid unless approved by a majority of the voters, and applied to construction of a branch road to Georgetown Mr Stake read the ordinances passed by this Corporation in 1^57 and 1859 in relation to the proposed connection He then said the passage <>f this resolution did not bind the Corporation, but It would help to defeat the Long Bridge connection. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company by operating through the Board of Public st orks of Maryland want to make the canal in peratlve, and by stopping our coal trade do away with |some of toe objections to a bridge with draws The Board of Directors of the canal were elected by the Board of Public Works in May last to raise the rates of toll on coal, and for refusing were removed, and another board e ected. who will certainly raise the rates 25 eta per ton, and perhaps 50 eta One of these canal directors is an employee of the Baltimore and Ohio Rail road Company at a salary of Slot) per month The passage of this resolution will show that the people of Georgetown are willing to do something for themselves It will strengthen the committee before Congress, and he would vote for It as a doty to the town. Mr Dunlon then vacated the chair, which was tHen occupied until theadjonrnmeut by Mr 9take. Mr Dunlon siid that this was the most monstrous proposition ever brought t>efor*this Corporation. We had nothing to do with railroads, and it was never contemplated by Congress that we should carry on such works, it wns a matter for companies, or states, or individuals Here will be ft 12,000 interest annually to pay, and we are striving to reduce the expenses by curtailing salaries, 4c , and borrowing money. How is it to be paid? By the property of the town? After some other remarksMr. Tenney said he had hoped the resolution would be voted upon without discussion, but the gentleman hnd opened the ball and he honed he would be indulged in replying to hitn. lie (Mr. D ) was a legal gentleman, and" I," said he "am nst 1 am a practical genueinan?a ousiness man." He referred to the corporation* of Baltimore and Alexandria subecriDinif to railroads, and why not the Corporation of Georgetown T because we bad not power in tbe charter gut from Congress ia tbe very reason we want to aak for pow<-r. Tbe people have directed ua to do tbis tbree years ago, and because tb'ir minds may have changed in that time we propose to lay tbe matter before them again. After otber remarks of tbe same tenorMr Dtinlop said that it waa not a matter for tbe people, th?y bad nothing to do witb it, but tbe property holders You propose to mortgage th< property of the town for tbis debt, it amounts to that, mortgaging private property for public uses It waa agaius'. the Constitution of the United states. Mr. Trnney said the gentleman took a strong poeitlon in op[>ositton to facta. There was Balti more and Alexandria? Mr. Htake.?And YVaahington. Mr.Tenney ?Yes and Washington, subscribet< railroads, and why Georgetown cannot 1 can't s-e We had mortgaged tiie property of the town foi the channel, causeway, ana otwr improvement* and why not for this if It It worth the 4? 12,UW) lit then >iid he was a people'* man, and argued peo pie ?* property, and advocated the resolution a some length, after which it paaaed by the follow lng vote: Yeas?Messrs. English. Fearson, Hill, Pickrell Stake, Tenney, end William?7. Nay*? Messrs Dunlop and King? 2. Mr Tenney Introduced a resolution dlrectinf the Mayor to call together the citizen* in towi meeting at Forrest Hall, on Tueaday next, 80 January, to take into consideration the alarminj tite of thecouiitry, 4c. Mr Dunlop *aw no necessity for the passage o the resolution. We ou^ht to take no part In po lltlcal disturbance* Mr. Teuuey thought every city, town, hamlet and village, ought to apeak out Treason was n louger like a snake in the grass, but stalked abroa< like famished wolve*, hungry for prey Let u have an opportunity to expreaa our sentiment* We are particularly interested in the preservatioi of the Union, s* this will be the battle ground o North and South. and oar property would be a the mercy of d?*olatlng armies. Let every ma peak out. show hi* hand, and let us know wher v' K- / .... A AJC 'rr iuui U. Mr. Plckreli Mid that like Mr. Dtinlop be sawn necessity for this resolution. He did not giv way in attact mrnt for the Union to Mr Tenney ? any man, but we bad nothing to do with it here lie did not believe there was a disunion man 1 Georgetown Lrt bia friend Tenney get up memorial and express devotion to tbe Union In ? strong language as he pleases. and be (Mr. Pic) rell) would sign it Mr.Tennev was glad to hear his friend say tber waa not a disunion man In town. 80 much tb greater necessity then for tbis meeting; and 1< the fact go forth that Georgetown?a slaveholdin community?Is for tbe Union. He then pltche Into the secessionist*, eulogized Stephensand Hi of Georgia, and spoke of Keltt, Rnett k Co , a foul-mouthed traitors. He was surprised Wasi ington city had not spoken. Mr. Ounlop said it was wise in that city not 1 speak?it was policy lu tbe people of tbe Distrii not to meddle Mr Knollih nIH wt? th# rrMtiiPMnf f!?i gress, entirely dependent on their legislation, an it wu our policy to remain quiet. Mr. King would vote against it. He did n< know If be wu on* of those alluded (o by the gei tleman (Mr. Trnney), bnt in event of a dlssoli tion he, for oae, waa for the douth. Mr Engl ah, Mr. Pearson, and other*?And and I; and I. f Applause in the lobbies ] Mr Williams objected to th? third reading,an the resolution Ilea over. Mr. Tenney aaid be could call a meeting, would not )>? the first time he bad done ao The police bill, after being amended, pasted The salary resolution having been amended the other board, the first amendment, giving tl Mayor 9600, foiled by the following vote: ^ eaa?Messrs Hill, Stake and TVnney?3 Nays?Messrs. Dunlop, Kuglish.Fearaon, Kin Pirkrelland Williams-? The second, giving tbe Clerk of the Mark 150. was agreed to. as follows: Yea*?Messrs Hill, King, Stake, Tenney, ai W 1111am*?5. Nsys -Mmn Dunlop, bngllsh, Ftason, ai Pick ?l 1?4 Mr Dunlop thought tbe police might disrhar i jmt of the duties of tfce Clerk of tbe Market, Mr Hill n ide several iueftxtual efforts to ha tbe "Vanderwerken resolution" considered, the time fixrd for tde first payment was July I but falling, he in*ce an allusion to gaggsng, a aid some gentleman seamed aaxlout to stave tl matter off m-nlgbt Mr Tenney said If tbe gentleman referred hi in be was astonished at hla pertinacity In stnvi it on Was tbe gentleman acting tCrongh perso. feeling or for the good ?f the town Mr Kaglish.?For the good of the town b'JM Mr Hill said that in answer to Mr Tmiie lnfiumtions a'?out personal motive", be wo< aik that itenUeiuan what were his touttTis Sighting the resolution off ? Ue bad heard that ( Mr T ) owed hla success at the special elect to Mr. Vsaderwerken's whisky and money. The Chair decided debate to be out of order; and on the motion to luapond the rules to conalder the Vanderwerken resolution, the vote waa; Veaa?Meaara. English, Fearaon, Hill, King, and Wllllama?3. Naya? Mcaara. Dunlop, Plckrell, Stake, and Tenney?4. Not two tbirda; ao the rulea were not suspended R'-solutions In favor of J. F. Birch, of H. B. Walker, and of Galea k Seaton, were paaacd Toe reaolutlona in relation to claima of Georgetown Gaa Light Co. and W. T Duvall, after aomejjood humored debate, were paaaed; and the dvwiu aujwuiiicu. Extkxsivk Bcsgi.a rt ?This morning, betwnn 3 and 4 o'clock, a burglar, well known for hi* atvllih appearance, and the aaaociate of ?ome of tne moat respectable men in this city, who knew not hla real character, was ahot in the head while attempting to break into the gambling saloon of E H. Monteiro. W ben Mr. Monteiro fired the burglar fell. Mr. Monteiro called to his partner, and said : " Lut 11a get a watchman." They proceeded to get the watchman, L. Lyon, who la on that beat, but before they arrived on the balcony the burglar was gone, leaving his shoes, slung-ahot, and spots of blood, as a sign of his condition and course. Upon searching the premises occupied by the burglar the following property was obtained: All the laces, of Mrs Turner, lately stolen; all the plate of Dr. Mercer, partly melted. All the plate of Mr. Thomas Byrnes, about $600 worth; Jewelry. watches, and plate of J. D. Hill, Esq ; about S500 worth of fine cloth, Ac , of Fesquier A Co, No 3 Carondeiet street, and a varied assortment m .it i i .11 *t 1 i i oi oiQer vmuaoie*, an iae rrauua 01 ourgiaries in this city of lat?. When the burglar was ?bot, be was conveyed to tbe Cbarlty Hospital, where he now It. Mr. Montetro then surrendered himself, and gave bonds to appear in tbe case of shooting, which will only be a formal matter no doubt, as the community will thank him for his act.?N. O. Delta, "23<1 nit. Nobthkk* Fkkmng.?Accaunts from New York, received through Democratic channels, report that the anti-secession feeling Is gaining immense strength there Account from the same State, through Republican channels, go further, and after exhorting their friends to stand Arm as granite, say if physical force it wanted to sustain tbe Union enough can be sent from the Empire Htate to plant the District of Columbia with fighting men as thick as bulrushes. That tbe Union sentiment at tbe North Is powerful, daily assurances are received here from Democrats who go with the South all lengths except dissolution? Htrali Diipatek. All the letters trom the North Indicate a rapidly improving feeling there. Several prominent Republicans have dispatches from large New York mercnants, saying at an hour's warning one Hundred thonsmd men would be ready to go to Charleston to "collect the revenue. Even Mr Sickles has come back somewhat tamed, and be ays he never saw such a complete revolution In sentiment as exist in New York Gen. Dix writes to tbe Government here that Major Anderson's conduct meets the entire approval of even tbe m< st extreme secession inen in New York.?Timts dttpatck. A Totrno English officer writes home: The forta at the Peiho are built almost entirely of mud, and the guns, which are numerous and of heavy ctlibre, are for tbe most part fixed, but such as are not are clumsily worked by capstans on each side. The forts sre very little elevated, and are surrounded bv two, and In some places, three ditcbes, tbe strip of land between the ditches t>elng stuck as thick as possible with sharp pointed sticks about two feet nigh?a most valuable protection from attack in that dire; tion, and tbe Ubl nese could eaally have shot down their opponent! while embarrassed amonsr the sticks. There 1? nothing to see but mud? everlasting inud. The first time I landed the tide was low, and tbe*e was about four miles of mud.which rose so gradually that in our boat we did not knew but th-it it was water ttll we got stuck on it. and then with difficulty managed to get off again We can get 150 eggs to tbe dollar, aud a line full grown bullock. In good condition, for&W. I'cachw, pears, pumfkilis, and apples are plentiful and theap Fowls, at the rate of four large and six small fur i a dollar. i Kxpokt or Defunct Cklbstials ?The export i of defunct Celestials to their native land, from i California, has about ceased. Tbe whole State i has been aearched by special agents appointed for that Purpose, until not a dead Chinaman can be I found from the mountains to the ocean. This clean sweeping up of the remains of mortality [ takes in all who have died In California as far back as lr48. when they first commenced their Immigration hither?the religion of the Chinese making It incumbent upon tbe friends of those ) who di#* abroad tn i#*** th#? fnk*?n h*rk In their native soli. All the Chinese who die at prevent are carcfully boxed up and sent to San Francisco. wh?re they are deposited In a special nicelvlni; vault, constructed for this purpose at the expense of some of the principal Chinese mercantile houses In that city; and whvn asufflclently large number have been collect?-d, they ar? sent across thf ocean to China. As many as three hundred Asiatic corpses have been sent to China in one uhlp, and formerly this ghastly material constituted a portion of the freight of every ship bound to China. > i When Garibaldi was in Sicily, a dwarflsb I deformed little man presented himself as a volunteer. but waa refused by thecommiltre Nothing f daunted, he went to Garibaldi, and begged the General to accept him. Here, again, he was re fused. After one of the first battles, the llttli t Individual came up to Garibaldi, and joyfully 0 exclaimed, "??e. General, you would not tak< 1 me, hut you could not prevent my coming I hav< foujrht well; indeed I have; ana I am wounded i. too!-* Garibaldi, who recogulzed the man, re " plied, "Ah! bravo! and where are you wounded?' 'f After tome hesitation, the o'her showed a wound t between his ahoulders. "Oh, fie! laid Garibaldi n wounded In the back. 1 knew you would nevei e be anything good." The soldier retired quit< confused and ashamed. Another battle soon fol o lowed, and It was scarcely over when the poo * fellow again accosted his chief. '-Here I am ' General, wounded again, but this time on th< !- right side;'- and, pointing to a wound in hi ? breast, he fell dead at Garibaldi's feet, a > T*orBL* A mo so th? Nkw York OrricULsl~ Mayor Wood, of New York, ?ent a comanunica tion to the city councils, stating th t he had sui "? pended Mr Devlin, the city chamberlain, wh was lately appointed by acting mayor Peck,whil et Wood was on a wedding tour. Thelatter allege K that Mr. Peck was merely his elerk in his ab d sence, pledged to discharge only the routine du 11 tie* of the mayoralty. Mr. Boole proposed a reso " lutlon that the letter be returned to the mayor I 1* fr\ vnlnni th*t th? hnxrH pm (firm (hn rnnflrmatln of the nomination of Daniel Devlin aa city cham ? berlaln; and that tbe board cannot recognise tb rlg;bt of the mayor to make the aforesaid raapeti aion. After a prolonged debate tbe resolutio ' was adopted by a vote of 11 to 3. d Conflict or Tunis.?At the fair in Od ot Fellows' Hall, New Orleans, on Friday nigt ?- (the town being quite allvs with the aeceasio ?- excitement, and the uufurling of the Pelican fla during the day) the orchestra commenced playln I; "Yankee Doodle." Tbe tune was hissed b numerous persons present, while others drowne id their hisses with their shouts of approval. Tb excitement was great The orchestra then playe It the "Marsellalse." The hisses and the shoute now swapped positions, and made more upro) than before Nothing more disagreeable than th in took place. A gentleman who waa present li be forms ns that tbe the ladies took sides as well i tbe men, and clapped tbelr hands and biased 1 opposition to each other, while the two turn gi were being played. -ct dT" Tbe button aristocracy in China Is a p culwtr institution. Tbe Emperor alooe has f k.1. L..ti 1 1 * At __ > uu on uuiion tar^v peon Among iDf manaarn the ornamrnti ire undnited according to ran! ud |be dragon, which the Emperor wears as b arms, is furnished with live claws or nails, but ?e citizen ran only have four embroidered on I coat, under severe penalties The yellow color lTe another imperial sign, and is sometimes worn I ai mandarins as a rcwa d for important service at- The vellow orange waist belt ts worn by the d trend.ints in a collateral line from the founder (jt, the present dynasty; and these men are often poor and so uumeroos that Uxey may frequent to Dc found conducting a plow i49tbskt Railw^j iii Mobilk ?Mobile at boasts of a well constructed street passenger ra war, which was formerly Inaugurated and open to public trattc on Christmas day It exten from Royal street to Lafayette, a distance of atx ilj three miles. la tmufmkxt or Pobltkt ?During the past w? be 15U4JU) pounds of poultry have been shipped la I Ion Csmdem ud Am boy Railroad for the New Y< market. MISCELLANEOUS. HOYT'I Hiawatha Hair Restorative It warrantee in every in?tAi>oe to Rkitokb ?rat Hair to its Original, Color. It hu been applied IN THOUSANDS UF CASES In the principal oitiee of New Ennian'i, and HAS 11v/i r aiudu io hutl" iuiwjup hi w oompli'h all that is claimed for it. No Hair is so Gray or Red but the HI A W ATHA will change it to a beautiful life like Brown and Blaek. It ii not an instantaneous die which crooks, smuts and (ires a dead blaok color to the hair; the patient bav<ng to submit to eoaping, wash eg and sponging of the hair every time t is applied; nor is it a preparation of sulphur, sugar of lead,. Ac., nor of any ingredients deleterious to the heir of skiu. It is an article requiring no preparation, do washing before or after osilc, it is applied m ire miuut-? time, and with as lut'e trouble a* any ordinary article for the toilet. "People who havo used this preparation deoiare it ia miraoulosa in its elTeots, and that it will perform all that it pretends to do '?Ballou'* Pictorial. "Its sucoets wonderful, and we oan only say we i?dor*e all the proprietor aaya ia regard to it."? iioston Journal. "We observe, by a notice in a Boston paper, that a premium was awarded by the Massachusetts Me ohanios' Charita'i.e their lit* Fair, Boston, to Mr Joseph Hoyt of this city, for his celebrated 'Hiawatha Hair Restorative,' an article whiob riohly merited this favor. It was for its superior merits in this respect that the Committee, after sufficient evidcnoe presented to themselves, awarded to Mr. Hoyt this flattering testimonial Providence Evening Pott. Bold in Washington by J. W. Nairn. D. B Clark, Kidwell k. Lawrence D. G. Ridgeley. In Georgetown by J. L. Kidwoil, and by Druggists generally. de 12 Im Read the following from the wsll known Captain of the Steamer Fulton: New Orlbax*, Sd Oct,!?.?. Dr. J. C. Aver, Loieell.?Sir: lam urged by my wife to report to y?u a oure your 8%rsaparilia has made in our family, snd as it is the only way in r li irtli is. ,1 oe n ma La voii sn> a/?lrmi rr? l*>il m >nf of W ILIVIII ?? ? vn 11 11IVR?' ? *FU ?II j itvaiiw t? 1' inviik vi our gratification. I will proceed 11 rtata My little son, eleven year* old, iiaa had Serr/uin eorea on hla ears, nee* and arm? for five yearn They were muoh or the time very dmtressicg. and we fe?red ihey would kill him. At first a swelling would appear, then it would break And make a innning aore, which would not heal. They became very loathiom' and often painful; they at"pped bia growth and seemed to undermine hia health, ro that he b^. name feeble and aiokly. We tried Pliysicianaard Medioin?a, hut they did no good. A olergynian in our nei<hbjrh'?od, who had ae?n aome remarkable cure* by your Cherr* Pectoral, adviaed ua to try your ^arsaparilla, and we did. The aina'leat aorea ah >wrd aymptoma of healing in about two weeks; in two more they hal healed, aud In two montha the ohild vm aa well as anybody. Henowenjoya perf ct heal h, with no remnant of thediaorder about him that wo can diaeover. If you, air. are a parent, you may well believe that we anal I not aoon forget you. Very trulT, your humble servant, Jno. W Ba.te?, Frepare.1 by DR. J. C. AY ERA CO., Lowell, Mm a. _ue21^*?lm ^PEUTAL NOTICE TO OUR FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERS. We have had iliBir billa all made off, andthoae who prefer oallina at our deak 'or them will pleaae do ao by the 28tn inat. After thatdite we ahall render ?v?ry bill on our booka, and owing t~> the * reat panic w? must a*k ?~t?r friends to make prompt rayments, as ve are in want of ail mnner due us at tustirae. J. W. COLLF-Y & Co., de21 2w i-j'.i Seventh Bt.. above Pa,av. THk EUROPEAN HOTKL, KKPT liY P. KMKICH- at the corner of 1'enn.A . i A avenue ami Klevcnth street, has b*?''Yr*Bp Y greatly improved rocently and now <i(T.<r? JUuSLX greater inducements for the patrona<e of citizeus and strangers than any other public house in the oiti, his prions being less than those of any other hotei on Penn. avenue, and his accommodations for permanent or transient boarders unexceptionable. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the Kurope%n Hotel have already beoome very >o>u lar, ail that oan lie desired by the most fas tidious. Tne proprietor pledges unremitted attention and oontiaued liberal expenditures to rive sttiffantion to all,and thus renews his invitation all to give the huropean Hotel a call. de 4 ti CLOAKS! CLOAKS!! C L O A K S!!! The Camilla, the Arab, tho Garibaldi, The Romeo, the Zouave, the Albanas, The Richard, the fcnglish Sa^k. tbeFronoh Sack. With many other new and beautiful sty es in Rept.Trooo awl Frenoh Ueavor Cloth, in yriofls from 93 So to $38, to wiuoh we uk the attention of the ladies. no 17 TAYLOR * HUTCHISON. NEW PAWN OFFICII. O y E. WAR d7~Dealer in N??U 6 aud Cast Off Clotmn*, respeotftillj informs ttie public ft at h* has opened a uICENSEl) FaWN OFFICK at No 7fl Louisiana avenue, betwe-n th and 10th ate., a few doo-a east of tho new Cen tral Guvd-house, wherd he will be at all timca prepared to wait on hia patrons with promptness, attention and the strictest iustice. N. E ?Jewelry. l?ry Goods, Clothing, Mechanics' To Is. &o.,alwaja ou hand at pruata sale. de 7 lm* IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THE UNION Call at HARVEY'S, Who haa just reoeived a large snpnly of fresh LOBSTERS, FISH, and fine OYSTKRS,v-*ie>w>K which he will nerve to oustomera at shortest not oe and on libera1 terms. P. 9 ?Oysters served to families and hotels a'6 not scaldeo; they are only scalded for per so as eating them at the saloon. .lea T. M. HARVEY. Singer's Sewing Machine*. 3S8 PENN. AVENUE, NATIONAL HOTEL BUILDING. 1 We invite the pub'ic attention to onr new 9SO FAMILY SEWING MACHINE. This Machine ; in unsurpassed in the househo'd. It runs smooth and swift; sews, htmi, fells and talkers, will sew the finest swiss or cloth ten layers thick, and auv . thine between the two extremes, in a beaut ful and ' substantial manner Machines in mahogany, wal' nut and ro?ewood caso* froin 860 to $100, Om ? large vibrating presstr machine xfor coach trimmeri ; and saddlers, is without a rival. Silk, Twist Thread, Needles, Dohbini, Oil, &o., always oi . hand at New York pi iocs. , [?7"Send for a cony of J. M Singer A Co.'a Ga . xeW CHARLES A. SPONSLF.R, 1 no?7 6m Agent. r /ON NOTICE. /0\ ' /"a removal. ?y\ Owl have removed my O C PAWN OFFICE r to 331 C street, between 4X and 6th streets, imme , diateJy m the rear of the National Hotel, wher< e the business will be continued as heretofore at thi , old stand. [no 15-6m I IS* AC H KKZBKR6. WATCH REPAIRING AN I)SILVER WAR1 MANUFACTORY. 1 have one of the liest establishment*. and fnr niched with a complete set of tools for repairi in* every desoription of fine Watohes, and o particular attention five to the Mima, by a?MI f. thorough competent workman .and a. work Kuaran tied AlfO, every descnp ion of standard SJI.VEl WARE, plamand ornamental, manufactured nnde k my own supervision, which niy oastoiuers will Bin I* far superior in quality and finish to northern war sold by dealers in general and represented as thei is own manufacture. H. O. HOOD, ? e#6 *33 Pa. avenue near9th >t. >- f^IBBS' WIfi, HRA10 AND CURL MANU e VT FACTOR Y,'242 Penn. avenue, near the cor i- ner of Thirteenth street?A very complete assort n m'nt of Braids, Curls, Fnsettes, Bandeaus, ho now on hand; also, made to order at the shortea notice. Hair Work repaired or taken inexohangi oe 1 Sw lt T>URK OLD RYE WHISKY FO* MED1 'n JL CINAL USE. Prict 9t r*r gallon or SO etuis per bottlt. K Tlie "vast home and foreign demand we have fc y this article aufficiently atteata iu purity and exoe o lence. Moreover it may be mentioned in thia eor te nexion that many invalidaof de'icate oreanisatioi A unable to uae whisky of other branua, have four ? tue abpve moat efficacious and happy in its efloct A liberal diaoouat on the above arioaa made I r the trade. EDWAED HALL. ' Dealer in fine Winea and Liaaora, ! Family Grooeriea. Ac., opp. Center Market, u oe 27-eoant between 7th and Rth atreeta. ? 5|2 SOTIA PB^^^NT AND 5(( HAMILTON, 8RO. A C0.*8, No- oltl SiviiTH St., _ i? the place to find the oeieDrated Gutta Perot e" Roofing and Paint. Alao, a general aaaortment < or Houae Painting Matftriala. na Painting in all iu braoabea ex*onted with dn k. patoh and on reaeorable terma. Mixed Paicta a i! waya on hand and for aale. wi'h baaket and brai . to loan free of charge AM ordara left at the atn for Old Olasing or Job Work of any kiad mill , promptly attended to. ? OO30 ?IS?? PliTTY IS 1K1WN.?*18 >y ????? mar travki.inr tbiineh. z tt k hat* just rmmveri tho lar??i.t m>ortme ? srtffiaflSHftsmlwk? d'SKJKT ? ?d packing trucks, h at boxts.** !)' vai.1sbb. caftfkt bags, satchkls. a< Wt J? auroiysa |w wbtf p?. ?win? 11- vrkncupiowkuofthk very bkl 2 ' "'""^KgSivs || >ut ma x aaa.h? Iran&ffH swmmm. WOOD AND COAL. TO THE PUBLIC! SO WHKRK YOU C A N GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH QTRY IT! PROVE"LT ! KNOW IT1JFJ TRY ~WHA T ? Tr^the PIONEER MILLS,Md b*j yoar PROVE WHATf H r Prove that job can get your WOOD there o' eaper than eleewhere in the city ; and then yoa KNOW WHAT? inr Know that you get GOOD MKA8URK. and the very beet of WOOD for lace money. Co* SPLIT, awd Dtiimiii F*ke or Cnui. Call at ths PIONKKH MILLS! SIGN OF TUE BLUE FLAG-STAFF, boithwut Coknkr SuVgNTH ST. AND CANAL (South of the lirid(e.P no 19 GKORuK PAGE. AgnxT. Wood AND 0 O 4 h Delivered to al parte of the oity, at the lowest poeeible rates. T. J. A W. M. GALT, Office 989 Pa. aT., between 11th and 12th at*., ma 17-tf north aide. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing of tho Roral Havana Lottery, oouducted t?t tho Spanish Government, nnd*r ths supervision of the Captain General vl Cuba, will taie place at Havana on FRIDAY. January 4. 1861. SORTSO NVXBRO wa ORV1SARJO. CAPITAL PRIZE *100,000. 1 prise of t IfKyxfl to pnsos o?? I."'* 1 do #>,000 (0 do K0 1 do Jtyx*) i*s do vr 1 do *n,o<o 30 appro*. tjw I l do 10,w IN ALL PRIZES. Who.e Tiekets, ? io? Ha.ves, 81 o -Q nartftrs, 99. Prises cashed at sijht at k per oent. discount. Dills on all solvent Danks taken at par. A draw inr trill be forwardod as soon as ths resait becomes known. Ail oraen tor kmn or ticket* to bo addressed to DON RODRIGUEZ, dp 17 tr Care of City Po?t. f!)>arl*??.on. ft. f!. Curf Couth. Cohl, Hoar if*its. In Aima any Irritation or SareA-vMnM Throat, Kflirvt th? AcwSMa Harbin* Cough m Conmtnplil'fil'ltliliJl li?m. fironthrti*, Aihma, yulKUMn^ 4" Catarrh, Clear and *?? ? WMHW .Urtnfth t* the r>oie. of ^iLfiRBEr PUBLIC SPEAKERS A!?D SINGERS. Few are aware of th* importance of checking a Cough or ''Common Cold ' in iti stage; that which in the beg'ning would yield to a mild remedy, if neglected, soou attacks the Lungs. "Froim's Bronrkiol 7VoeA?*." confining demuloetit incredi ants, allay Pulmonary and Bionehial Irritation. "That trouble in my Throat, (for BROWN'S which the 'Trorktj" area specific) having made me iflen a mere whisTROCHES perer." N. P. WILLIE. rrownn "1 reoommend their use to Public bkown a Sfkakxrs." Tnfk/-nire R EV. R. H TH A PI N. M UlT ? 'Great service in subduing HoabsiBROWN'S HKhk." REV. DANIEL WISE. TROCHES "Almost instart relief in the dm . tref??in< lafior of breathing peculiar RROWN'R Asthma." f KEV< A c ECGLKSTON. TROCHES "Contain no Opium or anything ; injurious." DR A. A HA ? KS, BROWN'S Chemist, Boston. tbooubp : BROWN'S ^ l'K i- FTRnPHi <t " Benefioi*i in BRoacitiTis." TKOOMLSS 1)R. J. F. W. LANE, BROWN'S' Boston. " I hare prored them excellent for TROCHES Whoppins Cocgh." REV. tt. \V. WARREN. BROWN'S Bottom. " Peneficial when compelled to TROCHES j speak, suffering from Cold." r.D?nrM. REV. S. J. P. ANDERSON* BROWN'." ! St. Ltmu. tbopuem " Effectual in removm* Hoarse rKUOMW; nessanU lrntat on of the Throat, so ngnwvxi common with Speakers and Sins ?? *? w I ? TROCHES Prof M. STACY JOHNSON. Li (rraMfe, Go. BROWN'S TROCHES "Great benefit wnsa taken before and after preaching. m tliev prevent BROWN'S Hoarseness. From th?ir put effect, 1 think they will be of permanent adTROCHES vantage to me." REV. E. ROWLEY. A. M. BROWN'S . Preeident of Athens College, Tens. TROCHES de 1 ly PROF. WOOD'S RESTOKATIVE CORDIAL AHD BLOOD EENOVATER la precisely what it* name indicates, for, while pleasaut to the taste, it is revivifj inn, exhilarating, invigorating end stren the, in* to the % ita powers, aud at the ?ame time revivifies, reinstates, and renews the Blood iti a 1 its original pu itr, and thus at onoe restores and renders the sfftrm invulnerable i toattrtfkf of dtseas?. it is th* only preparation i ever oflWeu to the world, so chemically and skillfully oinbined astobetne n ost powerfal tome. and at the same time so perfectly adapted to, as to aotin perfect acoortlanoe with tne lavs of nature, | an<1 henoe will sootke ike weakest stomach. and tone up the digestive orgaus, and thns allay an nervous and other irritation. it is perfectly eiht ar* i ting and at the same time it is composed entirely n| , vegetables, yet so <jombined as to produce the moat I thorough tonio effect, without producing any injurious consequences, ?nolt a remedy has lore been felt to be a desideratum in the medioai w~?ln, for it needs no medical ?k H to see that debility llows all attacks of disease, and proceed - ar,d in deed lays the syctem open to the insidious attack! ol many of the moat fatal, such, for example, as tin k following: Consumption, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, P i oss of Appetite. Faiatuess, Nervous Irritability Renragia, palpitation of the heart, Melanohoiy, I lght sweats, Langor, Giddiness, Retention ot. ai > well aa Painful obstructed, too profnse, or to< ? sn?nt Menstruation, and Falling of the Womb These all depend upon general debilitt. I hi* pare - healthy tonio Cordiai aud B ood Renovator i* ai I scire to cure aa the sun is to r>?s and set There n no mutake about it . But this is sot all If th< . system ia weakened we are open to bilioua at taoks, the liver becomes torpid, or worse diseased 1 the kidneys refuse tt perform their functions, anr [ we are troubled with scalding and inoontide1-ce o I urine, or involuntary disci.arge of the same, pail I in the back, side and between the shoulders, ex r eeedinaly liable to slight oolds, coughs, end if an j checked, soon emaciation folio*s,and the patieni e goes down to a premature grave. But space wii Y oui IUIUW US U> OUHIUOIOW lire ni'v.i * lire > w w hivii wi are h*ble in a weakened oondition ol tiie ayatern Bat wa will my in thia Cordial and Boo<1 Renova - tor yon have a perlaot, safe, pleaiant and efeoma - remedy for lot* of App-tite. biliounueaa. Rata lenoe, weak and aiek Stomach. Lamonr, Lave Complaint, Chilli aud Fever or an? BIiuu> attack Co. Uve.iesa, Aoidity of the St imacn, Nervousnesi it Neuralgia. Palpitation of the Heart, Depaessio; \ of Spirits, Boras. Pimptaa on the Fan*, or any dia ease arising from impure blood, iuoh aa Sv;rofuia - Kryaipelaa. Rronolntia, Cough, difficulty of Breath - inc. and all that olaaa of diabases oal ed femal weakneaa.and enumerated above. Wa villain ay the traveler exposed to epidemics, chance c ol innate and water, will find it a pleasant, safeen >r aure remedy, and no one should ever travel with I- out. Reader. try it, for w? aaaara yon you wi i- find in it a friend ind~*d,as well aa alri?n<fin neet i. All persons ofaedeutary habita will find it a per d (eet pi event: va oi, aa well aa a oar* for those ail a. menta whioh they are particularly exposed Heno 4) miniatera, atudenta, attorneys, literar* genilemec and ladieawhoare not acaust-mod to muoh oul door exercise, will find it to their advantage! k?e? a bottle conrtartly ou hand; and above a mothers. or tboje t.eeoininc aaoh, will go throng ^ that moat dangerous period not only with all thei 2 aoonaiomed strength, but safe and free from tft thousand ail menta so prevalent among tb* isma portion of the woild. In abort, u in Jeed a mother cikhui, try u uiu ?nu juau?? uu iu ?01 ?* ??' !$ rt?k?>fdelsy:itwillrejieTeMd proreii*elfetnpha 01 icaUy a Hittortiivt Cordiml tmd Bleed Rtnovctf. O. J. WOOD, proprietor, 444 broad , Ne r York, and 114 Markrt Street. ht. Louie. Wo.. ar ^ w d by all good DracguU. Pnaa One Dollar y " ?? *" PROP. W00D'8 RESTORATIVE CORDIAL BLOOD RENOVATOR. Sold in thie oity bj C. BTOTT, J"74 Pa. avenu ? aa?-eoly,aiw ft ?l>Kniil. VUTirP TO CITI*RN? AN S58TBAN6 KRft.?* BENCH fclUCMfJTEIN "'? 818 Pa. aveau*, is the ?diy plaoe ib the oity wfca 1_ rcore npari delivered in the oity ud Georietow ?T Himediatelj ?n the arrival of theitrwoi. AQt k Monthly and Weekly Papers and Msni nei. Nc uJ ii the time U> *?b?cribe, with the b?wnaiii| of t New Year. Sole ac*nta for the Charleston Mi T ??ry. *eS or A FEW PINE P1AN09 POE BENT BY A * k I? Piaooe for rwt?( ! f? noatkT de CLOTHING, kc. A GREAT ATTRACTION' GRAND RUSH FOR SEVENTH STREET! Aa Stop at i SMITH'S,' j No. 460 SEVENTH STREET. "G? then mmd da lihtwim " (8a?b ni the Ubc uar? n?*d b* a t?r,t>m\n who had raeeivod some of oar (rnt bargain* ) I have jnat returned f'orofie North witn a r+rj <Mfc tf C.l?_?THINO,. FL'RN ISIIING , uinjun. h A i t* ard CAre.noaeh' lor oMtutvo j thirds their net oo?t,and winch I will tell at a small N Kln?e?. ' o* oan bi; a (ood Oweott from $9 to 97, a ver, _.?e one from 9)0 to #15, Cape Ov >reoat from #8 to 915, Boj'a Overooai and Cafe Coat from 63 ?o to 95 Aifco, SHIRTS. UNDER GARMENT?. CMApearel. at aetoniehiagtr low prleea. |Or A word to those thst want to purchaeoHaving bought these good* at twj iow prros. I am oonfident that you oaa save 25 per cent. buying from me. . i N-B SERVANTS' CLOTHING in al undanoe. ( Don't forget to oall at the Pe p e** Clethin*St Me, i No. 46ft Seventh atreot, lefcr* purobatinc eiae- i where, and satisfy youraelves that we are ? ffering bargains. J. H SMITH,, de 14-lm No 4 f>0 Seventh st . opp. Po?t < Iflica. ( Gm KNTLEMEN'S RE tDY-MADE CLOTHING. Oir present assortment of fiEXTLKMh.N'i i RE*DV-MADE CLOTHING <ffera t? cit?*-re and atran<ers waning an immediate cut fit supe \ rior mduoementa, embracing. at Una time, all atylee and aaaSitiec rf Drees an t Haziness Garments and Overooata in alt ran?tie?. Fine Shnta sik! Under-olothing of all kinds. Kid ami other Gloves of lw?t quiity. Scarfs, Ti?s, Cravats, < Sto-kx, Hosiery. <5co.. lea. All of vhioh we ar*. 1 offering at ? cr u?ua 1 >w prioe*. IO- Clothing mv1? to ofd<*r m Mi* moat nymor manr.Kr. WALL, STEPHENS ft. no 16tf <'22 1*%. a7fns?,_ R E A T II A R G A I N S vj offered at thi i PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STORE. < No. 460 Setesth Sikit. CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOODS. 11ATS ajtp CAPS. At 20 Pe* Cbnt. I,e?s thaw the I'iiil Rate*. 1 at smith's. No. 4 GO Strrntk Strrrt. i r*. H? All in want orCLOTUINU anl K- I NICHING GOODS will find it greatly to their ad- i vantag# to give me a call. Ml lm J. H. SMITH. ttftTHiti. W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite our ouxtomera.and citizens generally. to an in?|>ec'i?n t?f oar present new, at _ tractive. and eterant nt "f "^fjk CLOTHS. CASSIMfRKB, DOESKINS, W VESTING*. OV EH COATINGS, Arc. W which we will make to ordor id nupenor " tjla at very low prions. WALL, 8TEPHF.NS & CO-, on 2S tf MS 1'a. a v.. betw. 9th and l<wh ata. Da. j n. McLean s STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY t* tkt WORLD, DELIGHTFUL j? Ef J CORDIAL r /j E V E U TA KEN. \*ff rj??&< otitic K< i.\? bl* CiwifKnd, prw?uS4j rartd by lb# dtauila- K|JPS| tivii of r?ui?, htrSa, Black Root, Baraapa^ Bark, and DaiidtliM Jf-* rrmadial pnacipla *(XSV'MhF of cach infradianitaTr^Before tiki?~^SSS--lfltr uk'n8dtkullinf, rrodaein* a aibilaraunf kr?rtt, u< tbk awt infilliM* r?.o*atiur ?* d>kka?*<? kr?u?, and rtatorinf ihk kick, aaitruif, ar.d 4?bUiiaUd ia*alld w baa Kb and atrkefth. MeLEAlTS STRENGTH6XINO CORDIAL WiU kfkMaaMy CBrk Ukar Casftetat, Dyarapaia, Jaandick, Cbraoic ar Naraosa Dkbility, Uihuii of iba Kidnkja, and all dffeaaiaa ariiu>[ froan a dlaordarkd Urar or Stomach, II..papal*, Baartboro, Inward Pil??, Actd.tT or Hickraaa of the Stomach, Falls kka of Blood w Ui#, Dali Pain or Swimming in ibk Haad, PaijwiaUoT of tha Hk&ri, Fallnaaa r Wkifbi In ihk Siomacb, Soar Kracuuoea, Cboku.g or afoeaticf Fkklinf whan larii e down, Drj .aaa or TkiieWna?a of th* Skin and Eyaa, Nignt Swrata, Inward Pk?kr?, run ID Ui (BUI w u>a UI'.I, W.MI, or 011 a, nana* of Raat, Dapraaaion of Spirtti, Frightral Dr?>a>, Linfivr, Piiemdiiie; er aa* normaa duitti, Boroa m Blotchu M tha Sim, Mid Fa?ar tad Agn (or Chilla and flTM.) OTKR A MILLION BOTTLES ka?a baao a?ld daring tha lax ata roontba, and ta no laalanca ha a it hjlad la aiding arura aatiafar.tian. Who, than, will aaCar fr?m Waalnaai or Dabiiity wfcan MiLLAN'I rrRicMcnucmno CORDIAL ?UI cur* y ? i No langaaga can tttiif an adaq?a;a idaa of tha inrna^iata aud alaaoat mirutlMi ehanga predated ty uk Lg an Cardial id tba iutuid, dabiiitatad, and abatsarad narroaa ayitam, vhathar brukaa doaru by aacaaa, aroak by ntwt, or liapadrad by aiekraai, tha ralaiad and Bciainug organisation ! raatorad la tti pruuna hailth and <ipt MAHKIED PERSONS. r otfcara, conacioaa or inability from aunaiar caoi. vU] lad MiklAll STRKHaTHENlNQ CURUUL a tboroagh ragaaaratar of tUa ayitain; and all vbo ma* In, a la land tkauaal'aa by improper itdalgaiicoa will tad > this Cordial a cattaw and apaady motuj. TO THE LADIES. McLEANY rrHEIfOTHEHINQ CORDIAL ia a aororaign and aptody cara for lnctpiant Conaarapcoa, Whitea, Obatrnctad or DiScait Manairaition, Ii>contioanca of Uruia or Inaolantary DiacUarra tharaof, Falling of tba Woacb, Oiddmooa, Fainting, and all diaaaaaa incidontto Famalaa. ""pob ic v/i mictj r r innrrr rrr Bafar do lorfar. T ka it accordinf U totctiou. It will uuilit), au4 luvifnraia yaa aod C1IM tba bloom / hat lib te meant your chaak i|uo. Erary haul a la . vuiuut V* (tf? aanaf?cuo? FOR CHILDREN u tut children ui iiekl;, pui> or tew4l MCLEAN'S CORDIAL vill ntki tbim btiltif, hi, ud nl'in DtUf uet % roomaut; tit >V. u4 jcu viii ba caonacad. It ia daliciaaa tataka, CA UTJON. , Roar* of driffiiu or italara who mat try ta palm a poo , yoa ao?na bittar or a*ra*|nnlla trnih, vhi^h t*?y can bar Cbaap, hyaayui f it la iaat aa rood Avoid 1Kb Ma. Aal I 1 for McLfcAS-BTrrRSTNOTHtNING COUUL, and tak? nothinf alaa. It U tha aaly ramad* that vill parity tha ' Blood thoroafhlr tad at tha aaota una alrangthao tha ay at am. On* u?*poocfal ukan cirj inomiiij faaung ia a certain ' pra?aoti?a for Cholara, Chilla Pavar, Yollov Pavar, or an* pravalaat diaaaaa. It ia pat aj> U> lara tv .Uaa Prica aaly 91 par, or I boulaa (or ft V H Mi LEAN, ' Bala propria lor of thia Cardial; alaa, McLaan*a Volcanic Oil biaivaat- Principal Da pat ao tha coraar a* Third ui ? ? ...... a. r ..1. aa. * 1 IH1 WSPt ?""'"I ?? f McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, f (THE BUT LINIMENT IN THE WORLD.) 1 Thi ul; wfi ud certain ear* far C&acere, Pilaa, Tameri, B??Uicg?*ad Broochile or Cottre, Puilnu, N?aralgia, Wmknifi af tt.$ Maaetee, Chronic ar Inwaiiwr} t nilfiiin af tke Jei.ite,Contracted Muc h ar ) Lifameata, Earache ar Toothache, Bnriaaa, Bareioe, Freeh I Cau, Wonoda, Clean, Kim Sore*, Caked Breaet. Sara Nipples, Bans, Scalds, Bora Throat, or aaj uitMaauta or pain, no difference haw nun or long tht diatsst att bare uimd, MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ts a certain remedy. - Thooeaada af kanta beings bar* bean ee?ed a li/a of du arepitade aad ruiserv by tie aaa af this inraiaaUe remedy, i, McLSAIfS vdLCATflC OIL LINIMSST a Will relieee pain aiaoat iaetaataaeoaely, aad it Will clean, _ parifr aad heel the foaleei acres la an lacredible abort time. .. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT u the oait eafe | aad reliable remedy for tke care af Sparta, liapMe, I 0 Wiadralls, Sptiata, Unnataral l.arcpa, Nodte ar Swrlltnn f It ne*er failed to care hf Head, Metil, PtetaU, did d hiuiiBf Soree, or Bwteaj, if properly applied Tar Sprm.Li, Braiaae, 8c rate tea. Cracked Reela, Cha/re, Saddle II ar Collar (lalU, Cau, Soree, ar Woaude, it ie aa infallible I. reaaif. Apply it aa directed aad a care ta certain ia every imuaci> Thn. trtle aa longer wish tke many worthless Liaiaieate j strtaioToa. ucuu tuiui hi nibumvkbir r BttATM LIHIMWIT It wtll ear* jom. J. H. McLKAN, Mi Propniwi. . Omit ThM u< Pint M., fc. unto, Mr CHARLES BTOTT, m P*. *r?nt in V?kn( h **** *?* T.CISSCL.O?rf?K??. ? K-D*WI? a u ownimprovkp wEieanwe bcausb ! n. Yh?M en&lM arooflMM to the ?ab.o M th? i* o*t?impi?,dmr?bl*,a.wl rsHfebl* mftfaaoror Mt ia m Firsto1m? prerttianu kfT*k?Mift*ftrMUi? ? by th* I nited Pur tad Virgin** A?*ion;turV - ' w Vermont fcnvt* Fair, 2kc.,A?. In *rery om? ?h?r( 141 ?xklMU4 tfcy Mre reoetved ftrct cLmc premivn* ? Por m e at I* Loui?i%n? are**?, Depot of giUer'a Ctul.ed Iron Bum. 4M?-1t B* C. PATTlgON.Ay?L W ? ? D ? 0 ? * L ?- WUrf foot of.t^nuyrthrt..^ _ ?HA 17 t? WW?HT w^r flmMt. ^ggta^'fifcotrx't: jks THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. Tkli ?so*aeet PMBlly Mi Nm iwrl hi Fn<Uj momni. 8iai*oopy, pminia-? ??.#1 ? Kit* 0091** - ? w Tm MflN., - ? Trf tr iifnpiM 9 It linmblr mlUM the "Wukli(t*i IW o tMmUr tkro?|kott tk wulrr. fETflmlt ?piM(ia tnww tubtyrmiret K tktMuatw.luidttUir iAn tw M|(tt tfco paper. rnoo-THREE CENTS FOR SALE AND RENT. XKMi?icd by I'uatmUMr Brum, aa* rmf recently held by Mr*. Smith m a fxmi* i&etitylf. For farther information an!; to CHA9 ABUT, K?V, or to th* *ab*oribor. THOMAK L1WPON, d*4 ootf lkr|>o? Qwwtl U. >. Amy. FUR RENT, in tho First \Vard?Uir** mmwnm fit of th* War Department?* mmIi OFFICE, witli book room, or the former mar uutm 'or a hop: and Parlor* aad Chamber*. par at*, or rait* cf Room*, furnished or *nfurai?h*d ; etw \o th* 4r*i u*. Usair*at Uu* oAo*. d*? ftawtf fr?OK K ENT-A de?irftWe and well located fcrel cliii RKfinKSCIC, No. 46* of fUxtii kreet. Mt??fiUMdEaU. Tk* kosa* M Nrtifbtd vtU t-"??\iyjy FOR RENT-The In BRICK HOUbE No. 100 Went It., Georgetown, st present oooa pied by the ighwnbxr. It hu It ro<>?ta, with (M Mid water throughout, a fane yard. rt?M> A o , aad it^n a |ood neighborhood. Apply to JAB. A^f^FOR RKNT-A three ator? bnok IIOUftE.oontft; nine ft roeiaa.lR good order, with raa ?*turn* complete, on H (treot, between 4th and 5th. Alan, ft two-ktory brick COTTAGE, with large r*T5 attached, corner of F atreot north an" l?th at. Mat To punotufti and reliftble tenants the torna wi I be moderate. Applj ftt 440 Twelfth etreet, tvtween ii aid H. no IS tf ITOR RENT.?Two new three atory BRICK r IIOlSKS with hook lm tidings, each hoaee DO?U;niDf rooms, with gas, pleasantly aitaatod Dn ?tfi af reet r ortli, lietween M ftnd > street* , rent BMVierm'c. Aeitl* to E. LAZF.NMT. ODDMlU.Or to JOH N T. LF.NMAN, Ohio avenue, batwfM 12th ani l.Hth ' rft? OC 9tf LM?K K KNT-The Fl RST FLOOR of the by lid r ilk immedia??iy opposite the wmt win* of the City Hal., r J<>ent!y ooospied by Chas. 8. Wailaeh ii an office. Alan the front room ia Uweeoctd xsssiiwateiijhwcli <?/ ? Logistivna avenue. )* U 11 educationalt TPEMAI.K EDUCATION. HOPE PftrMti who wish their daughters to reoei ve a thorough and systematic education. Where their ph> McaJ training will receive daily and special attention, under the meet approved system of Calisthenics and Gymnastics. are respectrslty invited to vmt toe i n ion Female Academy, corner Fo?t teentii si.aud New York av. MR. A MRS. Z. RICHARD*, an 3*> tf Principals. K7EMALE BOAR DING AND DAY SCHOOL M ra. 8. "j .^MwC^itm {?k. j4'weir ai.. The thirteenth annual session of this Isstitstioe will commence on Tuesday, September ltth. in Us hour* rsoently occupied by Sflrester Soott, Esq., No. l*n Kit k street. The course of study par??r?i will eompriapau th? branches requiaite to a thorough F.i't.iab Edu cation, and Munie, Pienoh, Latin and Drawtnj, if deal rwd. In addition to day asholaro. Mrs. MoCormiek prepa.wt to receive a limit?-d nuinker of pupils as hoa-d^ra, who. constitatinf a part of her owa Jam iiy, will l># unmr her immediate oar* and super* ion. ^!?e will end?avor. a* lar a* possible, to sur round tliem with the comforta and kindly influences /i,/rr?Re v. Gso. H. Nortna. Rev. Dr. Eias H?rri"on, Rev. D. Flbprim, \\ 11 flam H. fowls, Em., Mjtar Bnowden. tee., Edmund F Witmer Esq., Henry Alarbury. Esq., Lewis MottMCie Esq., Robert H. ITnnton, Em. w. D. Wallach Editor Evenine }-*ar, Benjamin Waters. Esq.. Jas Entwiale. J r? Is*., Col. J oka W. Miuot. LsMaa Meaara. H.aok.ock It Marshall, Messrs Cor Brothers. Board, with Tuition id SPtk. Enj lish Branches. for the aunnal aeasion?pay able aemi -anneail y, in a<Kano?. Mujic and l.iui*na?et at Profeaaora' pnoea. tT No extra ofcarges. as #-tf ??--?r? DENTISTRY. m m Tf CTU Irl. LOOM I?, M. D.,tt?e mrentOT and patentee of the WIN KRAL PLATK TKKTH. M tends persona ,ly at hi* qIm in thia tty.AaflMBr Many persons can wear theee teeth wl?,,,l,rn cannot w?ar others, and no person oao wear others who nan not wear theee. Pereoas caiiiac at my off oeean he loc 'irmodatM with an? ?tj!e and price of Teeth they nay deeire, bat to thoee who are particular and with the purest, Oieaneet, strongest, ar-tl most perfect o- 3,11 re taat art ovi prod use. the MlNh-RAL J'llATE willEe more fully warranted. Rooms in this oJty?No. Mi Pa averse, beteeea 9th and 10th su. Also, 807 Arch street, PVuladeT pbia.. oc 1* tf Dr. MUNSO^fita^tan^ ?'nd resumed his profession. (iflloe and house at 463 B sC^-^K^ third li^oreast of Sixth. In addition ttMfB very other approved ?ty!e. Ur. I.b* eet^*ir riJ teeth on vulaaaite Baee for the laet three rears and, from exrerienoe, knows it exae.e all others. aid ia one-third lees la priee than cold. His oM patrons <>{ VVaub nrtf n. Alexandria, aad ?eorseiownare re-peotfu tip soicitod to caw. aa * eol y CARRIAGE ]FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE PACTORT, T? D Strut, Bitwtm 9tk mmd 10U Strmtt. We have iuat finished a number pf first oiaea lAHHiAvr.r, ILOD u LKM ""'liia 1 a Wmrtmt, park Pkf-attmi. fmmtiv Omr-yJm.Jn^. rxmjttt, and Put rjet, which W* will Milal ? ~~ -* a vw? mall profit. Beirt practical mrrnar.lo* Id <?1ffer?Bt branches of th* tnMineea, w? flatter oaraeivee tha'. w? know th* atylea mJ * uaitty <*' work tti?t will fiv* aatia nation, oemMaun lightaeea, oonfort and dioabui tf t purine proir.p'Jy and oarefklly attended to " "?HK1jS5KMiWgV p/T Coachjitakera, aaoMtaori to Wm. T. Hook. ?INBy 1 HK Bilwrlbor\aviri niace add men* I* kl factor*. mak'.ac >t now on* fftliclvraUjM in too D'atrict, where km faei?t?ea (ww2S5 man niacin nnc CAR R1 AttE * LIVHT^BHK WAGON'S of ail kjnria oannot be rarpacee^aad from hi* .one expeneooe in the baain?, h* Kopea t? i'T* ienera.1 aatirQLcQo^. -At' kicda c' CamacMand Light warenatr *r band . . .1 KEPA l *6 ?est!y *ew.??4eai eriers pr*?? The the the insurance oompant insurance company life insurance company mmm op virginia O" VIRGINIA MARINE OP VIRGINIA In* art* lou or by fcr? apoi M r***<m*bU terms m ?ny o ?i^ct of mmi rupcmrt biiitp. heath a OSe?? Room Horn Buk of Wuhinrv't, g. o. demuth a co, mporter8 AAd Wi.ol?Mi? Md k??aU dmiFORKIOX w"VA BRAJ . oitra. t*.. " ?ll >' ITU I lilLII PTinT, Fir* doert mtm LcmmM ?-, o 2>-1t l?lU?r ?. ^CHOOL AND OOLUWK OUTFITS Youxks' and CUtkimc f*r mmi i^Mwi^Jnr?* an3*rat?n*iT* fnita???l tm h v$\**. Gu Flxtarai, THE BEST Asijq^jl^^jyrrwi OFFERED ?*m who 4?ar* to ?e!?rt froia m*w pettenw. the fc'rtnU|? of % rodootu* IB pnoM, vUl N^Mflr tod^HZU^M. ^ Kia>||i1 intr tMini [M Tlo their dwt'.lnti U> mmr .?or ftieiltti#*, m4 iov pcioM. hr tlu brMMh Of Oif tn*9. ?_ \a ESSKSSSSS^ uca-tjMi w TriuMKoow * 00. ' ill??a?^s J %

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