Newspaper of Evening Star, January 3, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 3, 1861 Page 4
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I ? THE EVENING STARTHI DIRK RIDER. IT RUST P LMLAHV. Thft latter!ac olink of dancing h?oft Com?i tpmplngoai Bar*. th?re, Um ao?lU>r?d *?*"? fly With rattling. ringing toe*. P)n?g?. p nn*? into tk? mlliu "trown ; How ?tii?t?c*rc? a gomtnt ? turf. turc?," the laoarnffej dirge. (HfirillBI W?ior IW???M? faint Um bank. flioa up th? road, II r*M oaUtnpa the wind ?? oh peed.for know yen not Death rid*? the horaa tehind ! Ob eled ia waade of mournful hoe, Swift aa the awiftca! thought, Death strikes hia form with io> breath,? The flying a teed ia naught. Tain! Tain to hope from IV at h to fly. Li.e ia; Ufa waaand then?Eternity I Dutmbrr Ktk, 188U. [ Pkti Ertning Buliam Wiitim a*? Spbakixo ?The difference between the rata of writing and that of I peaking, with moat men, makes the difference between producing good material and b#d A great many minds can turn off a folr manufacture at the rate of writing, whlek. when over-driven to keep pace with spenking, will bring forth very poor stuff Indeed. Ana besides this. moat people cannot grasp a large subject in all its extent and its bearings, and gat their thoughts upon it marshalled and aorted unless they have at least two or three days to do so. At first ail la confusion and Indefinite nets, but gradually things settle into order. Hardlr any ufod, by any effort, can get them in to order quickly ir at ui, u is oy a ircmcuuvui ejection, whereas the mind bu a curious power, wltfcont any perceptible effort, of arranging In order thoughts upon any Subject. Jf you give It time.?Rtcrtm-tiont o/a Country Parson. CZT" The New York correspondent of the Philadelphia Preee says; There is a little flutter ol ex it<fment at the custom-house as to what shall b< done with the Charleston steamers Hereaftei their clearances from Charleeton will be made oul In the name of the State of South Carolina as s Power Independent of the United States, and th< custom-house are bothered as to what they shal do about it. The Columbia, by the way, whict sailed yesterday for Charleston, took out a larg< cargo, bat no mnskets. rrr A Baltimore dispatch nva: ''The schr Alioe Mows, arrived here from St. Domingo brings news that the guano ialands Alta Vela, ii the Caribbean sea, in legal poeeeaion of America] e'tizens, has been forcibly taken by the Dominical Government, snd the parties on the island tAkei prisoners to St Domingo, the Government slsode troying the American property ou the islands This is viewed as a great outrage, and a vlolatioi it Am*riMn plcrht* " Jp" A memorial, signed by toe most influentla citizens of New ^ork, will be presented to tbi Legislature, asking for the re-enactment of tb< old Law allowing rlt.zensof the Southern State to remain in New York wltb their n<*ero al.ves unmolested, for a period cf nine months; also r? questing the repeal of all laws, If any now esii oa the statute-hooks of thl? State, trading In an way to obstruct or defeat ihe fugitive ?Uve law. JET Calamities are orertakmg the Wester Virginia press The Pruntytown Visitor (Bei mpor,) the Grafton Guardian (ditto,) and th . Clarksburg Register (Breckinridge.) have als succumbed to the stringency of the times an gone under ARRIVALS AT TUB HOTELS. WiLLARDS' HOTEL? Hon W B Maclat NY; A Watrcn and lady, do; Mr and Mi Wheeler, Tenn; O W Castle, 9C; t) L Warrei NC; U Lylbtune, Pa; J II Hollonguist USA; P I rwUAnsr V V 1 II Asnta Pj *1 Uirfnn Ha J ? I * * ) a# > V ? ???V j a w ??r| Bar tan, do; L st?*Uon. NY; J Mc Anther, Pa; Mi M C Prlee, NY; J 8 Hedgee, Del, J Ctubing, M< W McKlro, do; E R Hutrblnaon, IV. \V 8 Htl and Udr. Mm; W Fin*er, Ky; Hon J R Mor< be*d, Pa: Hon 8 Cameron, do; Ml? H Mo re beat Mlaa J Morekead. do: J F Stirling, Md, H Moal< do; A J Bowif, do; H P Bowie, do; D Ri?ley,8C J Mack, O; J I. 8eaver??, Mm; J M Campbt-I Md; J Biug. NY; Hon C B Sed^ewick. do; J V Chandler and lady. Pa: J O Taylor and lady, d< Mite ? Morrill, Del; R Bertrand, Fpatn; Hon 0 VVaabin^ton, DC; A Frank, NY. NATIONAL HOTEL.?J R Hogg, NY. E Janney, Va; J E Plerpont, do: S Oreacer, Md: I Walia. do: C O Hyatt, do. 8 B Weil*, NY: W l Porter, U8Nj ? Richard*, La, A Deatony, NY; V McDufle, do; O K Lenard, Kan; A P kinjf. H J Bpeoorr. Md: J Davall, do; W D Bowie, do: J Baker, 111; H & Gamble, Ho; 8 B 8Unabury,M< SO Barton ?nd lady, U8N; J Scball, DU; R jueuirmn, va; i b moxitr, ao, u u o ronsran l*dy, do; C U Mad?n and ladr, do. BROWN'S HOTEL ?J Sirith, J Miller. F ftarei.den, 8 Rob'oaon, C Moor*, P McLauphli F Vjlender, J E Stirling, Md. E Janney, Ky; A Patterson, NY; U C Tappln. Mlaa, () Hall, Maa W|H?rbert, E Pier point, J Rutherford, W B O born*. R A Mayo, i) Jobaaoa, H T Hungerfor 1) WllliUXM. J MoD Carrtngtan, J W Preeton, Shearer, J Dmwadd'.e, 8 T Patera, J N Smith at Cam, K Ode Jarntlt, J D Armatrong and 3 1 dlea, Va. K1RKWOOD HOUSE ?W C Templeton, L S B Crewa, W O W l niton T O Cowan. Aia; Ca L Pariah and lv, Vla?M Venney, W Stewart, MlUa, C E Mlila, C E Sinclair. 11 Gallah?r, H Poster, Va: J Hien, S J Stafford, C H Nova, J K'der, B J Way, NY; J B Grldley.FtS; G Meypj, Ft A; VV Garneil and ly, Pa. WASHINGTON HOUSE,?Hon H Waidf ah ly, .Wish: H Garneil, P J Joatiange, la; J Brown, Pa; S Wllaon, K^GC Tbalclier, lad; Wurteneburg, Tex. OChAxV 8 TEAMERS' SAILING DA I From tub Unru Statu. tamers. Ltmvt. For. Datit P?raiA ?? Ktw York...Liverpool Jan Ka^sroo........New York. ..Liverpool Jan F? Um. Nty York?Havre. ......Jau Canada- tfoaton.Liverpool Jan Aiutralaaiaa....New York...Liverpool..? .Jan From Eckopb Eaieetine.. Liverpool New York... Deo reinen fcouth'pton... New York....Deo merica Liverpool.. ..Boaton ...1><o eatjma .... gonth pion...New York... Jan The California mail a camera leave on the ft 18th, and 2tta of every month. T PROCLAMATION O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, ttfcORtf ETOWN, ka. WktrtMt, At the pretest aeaaon o the ji CHOLERA MORUU8, DIARRHEA, CH0L1 DYSENTERY, DYSPEPSIA. dkr1lity. ao.. a prevail to an alarming extent: " *WT,-""?nwK^uv or Pans. offers his miraculous pain killer as the most certain and effectual remedy for the above complain 11a order to satisfy the public; that no imposition is intended m the Hie of LSI the monr<ir<wilt?1?k'keflnded in nil c&i4t vkN Ute medialne fails to jire entire satisXaoti Ask, then atanr Drnc Store for diCmpntakdr*? _ miraculous pain eh ler. take ae dirooted, and if aot p^r:^>atijr satisfied Ret em to oar at?ut. _ drs:clark, esq.. ?H Street a&d Pennsylvania Arenas, who will refund your money. Prioo?S* and SO Cents per Bottle. For aai? at ail Drac Stores everywhere. IAS. MeDONNELL, jTll-Jwtr ~ _ Bfc :unor FLOUR ^ COAM1*8I MILL ?1*1)^ CO AVadUu^Vfc.#Cn Comer of 12th a*d B atrMta, WMhingtOB oit tiy C?h ??d W all fctada ?f Oral a. ? ?-< W" OOP! W O O ot! BTOVK u4 KINDLING & ?? north ?J I. ?. ?. UMAL ?. B. KOTt. I.kllta d "" RKAT B ARQ A1N8 IN ^1A Ni lJ uo(Mm-??tk?*Cam4 HiuoPorto^ bovine boon M u* ? abort 0n? only, tk:IH| jEESKT Mm, it im liaaio Blorco? W. 0. METZBAO' Sol* Ai*mt of Steavmr 4 Sou' Or*r?tr fcfast ? *s /"'HK1- 8E.?Enjiiah. D*toh, Bwl*, Ifeiita i.'i"""' mo t m. tcaEL I ll III GAS FITTING, 4c. ?) LUMBERS AND OAS FITTER* J. W. THOMPSON * OO. Would oa.l th* attentioa ol water lutri to their fail a??ortm*nt of Fixture* necenaari to ita iutroducfiln>? feli(MTM-K!TC H KN RTlte Kt^BA Tq Tl Bi WA1 CL08ETS, HOT WATER BOILERS. KITCHEN SINK*. PU.M PS, Caat fr?a. Wroa?ht Iron, Iand OalTau.e-d W Affi?ATOrR"i rAVE Hariri* ?ap?rtor adr&uUMrts, with pnotioal k'ovl?<lco. we are prepirod tointn?daoe Water lato dwelling with all th? latest iim^rorer euU, yrown>7t mau a? PI IWI i HPI W?HUU? IMI W ? **/ 60 Peon. tnnw. no >4 JtMar 1 bet. 9th and loth sts.. soath id*. AWM. T. DOVE * CO. RE Now prepared to exeoate any tfiilw wttk Wbioh ther may be favored id the PLUMBING, GAS OR STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. tT~r Store on 9th street, & lair deoyi nerth of Pa. ev?<une, where mar be focnd a complete assortment ?thw ?A^ 8%? rH WSAS FIXTURES. E Hare in store, and are daiy receiving, OAS FTXTUkKS of entirely New Patterns and Designs ami Finish. sep*rit>r in sUie to anything heretofore offered in this market. We invite oitiseus general ly t?> call and examine oar stock of Gas and Watei Futures, feeling oonfident that we have the beel seieoted stock in W&shinf ton. All Work in the above ;ine intrusted to our otrt will be promptly attended to. MYERS * McGHAN. inar ft-t/ STB D street. ISNYDKR, PLUMBER AND OAK FITTER, Has removed to the oornrr of Twelfth and F sts i He is prepared to introduoe Water and Gas upot the mo*t favorable terms, and guaranties enu:< satisfaction Hehaa on hand a lot of COOKING and othei 3TOVKS, wnieh he will sell less th&a oust, as h< wishes to get rid of them. no IT rkFFlCK OF INSPECTOR AND SEALEB VJ OF GAS METERS. WARHIIfOTOn, July M. 1MB. > NOTICE IS HEREBY if IVEN, That,agreeably to the provisions of the oidinanoe of the Cor t poratu n *bproved May 12.1980. the undersigned ii Bftw irABAr?) uw'n*rAMr rMtiirAd in vritinr. &n( , on pre mont of the fe* of ftfty oents, to inspect : exanuna, test, prove, And ascertain the accuracy o; 1 registration of\ny ;u meter in use in thii oity.' ?- Every motor, if found incorrect, will be condemned ? Mil another, sealed and marked as true, will tx set in plac?. if proved to be aooorate in lti moasur?.naont of ras, it wfll bo sealed accordingly and aeain pat In position for hn. Offtoo \o. HO Seventh street,(near Odd Fal , .0*1' iiall ) Open from 8 rat? to 5 ?. m. I CHARL.ES W. CUNNINGHAM, jy lS-tf Inspector and Staler of Gas Meters. ! IOY FOR THE SICK AND SUFFERING. . J LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED P E \ D! t APF-LY THE KEMEDY n F. JO ICE *1N HEALTH. Friend, <lo yoV suffer? Are you the viotim of an: 1 ?r those namsroun ailments which arise trom im anrif n f tKd What re At H o *n?i ask k ?'l! in Vt tliV ?'SWW* f f U'J* ?i V J * / VH W*? Rather what are they not? The Mo exit is th s.mroe of life and iiialth. and it la the firat clemec of onr hoins t<> reapond to oauae which affect ? th? the pulse inialnbtv attpata The eve prevailing N">ura!si?, thf lrntatiDc Erysipelas, th it snbtie^orofols, the esociztB: Khenm&tism, Nor v voua Debility. Dyspepsia, I.trer Complaint with it ' torpor aad dojeotiou, a,-.a the numbarless ills tha fleau is nfir to, derive their hideous origin from th Mood. T)*%i kindly then aod gently with the bloot n Car the vitalising resources of catnre for Its all l1 <#id auQbr ja to oos,intend to your oonfidenoean . oae that truly valuaMe medicament ktown as ? MH.S.M.COZ'8 ? ltfDIAN JEGETABLE DKCOCTlOy. a With retard lo thie almost infallible apecifi popular saiitiment haa pp< t'?n la decided termi Z and the eviJno.-je:* of tins i,reat efncacv are aui ta>ned by constant a?o??!i of ourative offsets an th? happiest results from its dso are after all oth< j remedies and the heat m^dioai skill have failod. ' Let ua ssv, in conclusion, th>t certificates cures are not bought from tise illiterate and sopei ' Boiai, but ther are volunteered from the most r< " epectaM a sources and j unify the highest terms I J which it ia po*4ibie to eommend so valuable rs spooifio to pub 10 approval. We may a<1d also thi I- the ourative properties <>f the medicine are?^uall? I' nnly by it* restorative effecta, the system reoove i32 fromdnea^e with renewed conatitutional vieo For sa'e t.y ail respectable Druggists in th I .14. - ? k. mdu \i nr*v uii/t ftiiu iij imp .u i\c. iu< v>va? ?, None n*nuiae naioM hsr nimt is biown on tl bottle and her seal on the oork j fJJ- Price #1 per bottle, aix bottle* for 86. i; ly*e.Via<4 Atsnt. R. *. T. CISSEL. Dnigcii Georgetown. U C.. Wholeaalo Agent for the Di trict, and viit supply the trade at my prices. ' en M-tr CGA LTP? ITT STEAM FIRE-WOOD MILLS AND [J COAL DEPOT. V Foot ?f S?v*ni'?mtk strett, below War Dtpartmo* }; WOOD prepared, any length and alzs.toss , the wants of oaoh rmrohaaer ?i COV -KEPT IN COAL HOUSES, protects 8 from the weather?delivered fr?e from slate, dti id and other tin (.untie*. 2.240 iba. to the ton. T. J. A W. M. HALT, j no 10-if Pa. av.. b-tw. nth and '2th ats ?? f TAKE NOTICE! '? ? WILL Take a i ki ids of Virginia money for r ?, b<?ok debu and for Boots, Hbo <a, and Trunks. / <%- persons in?teb'ed to me will pleeae oall and aetl d up, or I aha 1 be oomp~ led to give their aoeoau a into the haads of a oollector. 3 K P. HOOVER, Iron Hall, ,a no 21 Pa av., between ?th and 10th sts, a OLD RICH, MELLOW AND PURE B U It N S I D E ' 8 Jit M0N0NGAIIELA RYE WHISKEY, A Conao;enti?>naiy dis'ihed by Mr. Jamea Burnslc r> ui Aiise&ny ?>oaniT, r?ni;a.t in we o.a-iasmon m bones: wat, froo, the aboineat and moat oarefuJ r oleMed Rye, and in no out ever ottered for m A until vlapt- u to wholMome dm by as? It ia ouoe the most pv'ataWe, as it ia ompraticaliy o on of the pu -*it hereraj*a in the roach of the publ . To the invalid, aa well as to those In health, comimcls itself for rta nnrivailed ^ualitiea aa u atimn.ant <>f t!ic safest, surest, and moat benefice description, and many of the most distinguish thyaiolara are nsiiif it in their practice with t ? aappie-t reanlta. '8 CuLRY * 9T0CKDALF. ProBrietora, 39? Walaut at rent, Phiiadelah VTM. C. CONOVEK, . Agent for the proprietors. Uii Pa. a t ae 24-flm opposite Willards' Hotel i fPMAH | SIMPSOIl] The abovo PtJRE W HISK Y, Cof p*m Distill c raox MaATKD O!ui?, bein* superior and mfo ' in ^aaiity, ai:<! highly improved tiy as?. ' pretfri nj o-nsain-iri to all other Whiskies, and pnruc - Larly reoouim%iuie<l by tha beat physioiaaa a ?h?io.sts a* possessing ail the re?uir?mrnts oi Tru* Tonic In*if orator and K$m*di*l Anent. The t<3noTlkiirwator of Philadelphia, used the distillation of this Whiaky, is proved by ana si3 to bo the softest and purest water In the Uail States : and to ttus mf.y, in a groat decree, be I On Uie Schuylkill nverfrtli WStik Offices?Wall street. New York ; 109 8o\ r ront an??t. riiiimiwipt**. n-i ? |> ALTiMORE re I) BUTTER HOUSE. Daily waiving f.<>?h and?wo-t, in Gnehen pa< H?i. Alio, Ohio Batter, at ln1^ an<1 I2X ceuU. BLLIOOTT k. HRWF;9, I l?* CO KinUnt* PIma. Hultimnri 275 ^ o JACKSON, PLASTERERS. Pris*. Avswca, B?twe?u u<h and I lth ttreato. )e |.%LfORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. B. R PUREE E A CO.'g ttiiarantaed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PUR1 bat ground from fr<Mh Spioea, a?i?o(nd and olea by u? esfrpwiy for the purpoee without refer* t?> eo?t. They ve beautifully paoked in tini (linec w*h pap*r,| to prevent injury by keepl and are fall weight, while the ordinary gro * Spioea vj almost invariably ahorC We wan than, ia_foi'it of atraajth a^d jiohueaa of flavoi i?r? . BEYOND AL.L, CIIMI'ARISON. M&?fetS?izmstiad*ati7 ptov* r? r* \Ki reasonable dry eoop ' ' Cloaks, Bhavls, Flans M?nno?, Ottoman*, Blanket!, Pall Cloths. Lin* ? . F?acy Silks, tiilkRobaa. Poplins, ^alanoias, g . . , . Yarn*, Hoopod Skirts, Irish Li Bona, 8kajtinf?, Nspk I wk # <aS!?v#rC i1^1* _ ?aak Flaaaal, White Goods, . J .IMS Sou, Krobroidai IT. ~ Bombaiinos, Alpaooa*. a i? ?r * Co'afcrts. ToVslinfs IV J.I?' *"" *' TAYJort'?H"'TCHl'^ at TV UM DrJl? ? ' Uma olut?. prioo ft. ? JSUgSlXtial** u- ? ?> JoZ SSW&**- *" w'p- ***>"'. <? IH FRENCH m ft.'-^.-.jih?: J '.V>A^LidW. -^-i _- - ' "* _S ' MISCELLANEOUS. 1 Ttn Akauaiutioii or LiMguH<-11mli> I , growing teodenor ? thia h* to appropriate!** ; J most oxpreMive words or other lUHMNimi after t a while to inoorparete them into oar own; thna the ! i wotd Cepha'io. whioh la from the Greek, signifying * I "for the head."-is aow beooming popularised ia ' ooaacotion with Mr. beeUHng'e jr*?t Headaebe , f remedy; but it will eoon be u?m in a mora general ^ way, aad the word Cephalic will beoone as , oommon aa Eieotrotype and many others whoso ( distinction as foreign words has been worn away by oommon a sacs until they seen "native and to , the manor born.'* 9 *mr4It Realized. A. i a. tk a_ m _ . ft m. ft _ A . > f ni as n orn Die eaoaone mia anernoon, band l \ ? stopped into the hapotheeariee han'i ?ays hi to the j nan, "Can to* heaie me of an 'eadaohef* "Doe* i it hache'ard." says'e. "Hexceodingly," says hi, 1 and upon that 'e gave me a Cephalio Pill, hand ? 'pon me 'onor it eared me bo ^uiok that I 'aruly realised 1 'ad 'ad an 'aadaohe. i i I ? I ' * I IT"7?H?adachi la the favorite sua by whioh ! nature make* known any deviation whatever from the nstaral state of the brain, and viewed m this ligh. it may be looked on as a safeguard intended to give notice of disease whioh might otherwise , > escape attention, till too late to be remedied: and ita indications ahould riever be necleoted. Head* aohes may be classified ULder two names, via: , Symptomatio and Idiopathio. Symptomatic Head- i ache is exceedingly common and Is the precursor of a great variety of diseases, among whioh are Apoplexy, Gout, Rheumatism and all f'brile diseases. In its rervous form it ia s<m pathetic disease of the stomach oonstitutine rick ktndatkt%a( ' hepatic disease constituting toJtovi ktadackt, of ! worms.constipation and other disorders ofthe uow' well as renal and nterine affections. Disearea of the heart are very frequently attended with Head , aches; Anaemia ai>d plethora are also aff?otiona ' whioh frequently oooasioa headache. Idiopathic Headaohs is also very common, being usually dial tiugu-ished hy the name of nervou.i keadack*, sometimes ooming on suddenly in a state of apparently Round health and prostrating at oaoe the meatal ~ M _U? t ... I . _ _al l nu pujiiwi vn?r(in, aim id mil or n oomM on slowly. heralded by depression of apirtta , or acerbity of temper. In moat instances the pain ia in front of the head, over ona or both eyea. and aometiitea provoking vomiting, andar this olasa f mar a>o ba named SrurmUia. ? For Hie treatment of either o'aaa of Headache tha Cephalic Pilla have been found a aura ami aafa ' remedy, relieving the moat aoute paina in a few : minutea, and by ita aabtle power eradicating tha disease of whioh headache ia the nnernng index. Bxidokt.?Missus wants yon to Band her a box of Cephalic Glue, no, a tattle of Prepared Pilla,? - hut I'm thinking that's not jnat it naither; but per hapa ya'll be afther knowing what it is. Ye see ahe'a ni(h dead aud gone with tha t>ick Hoadacha, and wants soma more of that aame aa ralaived her before. Drutfist.?You must mran Spalding's Cephalic Pilla. Bridget.?Ooh ! aura now and you've eed it,here's r th? quai ther and giv me the Pilla and don't be all ~ day about it aither. a _ . it * Coustipatlan ar Castlveness. * No one of tha "many ills flesh ia heir to" ib so Brexalent. so little understood, and in nor .( footed as Costivenes* often originating in oare' l?iirra>, or aedentary habitant is retarded aa a slight disorder of too'ittle consequence to exoite anxiety, wliile 111 reality it is the prccji'sor and J companion of man? of the most f?tal and dangeroni diseases, and unless early eradicated it will bring th* sufferer to an untimely grave. Among the lighter evils i f which Costiveness ia the uanal atA tendant are llradaohe, Colio. Khcumatifm, Kon! Breath Piles. an<1othersofl:ken*tiire,whil?a1ong : train orfrirhtfui diseasessuch a? Malignai tFovera, j Aboeaaes, Dysentery. DTtpepria. Diarrhea, Apopl*xy, Kpi'^p'T, l'ara!y?ia, Hynteria. Hrpoohondriaaia,Me!anonoly and In?anity, first indioate their preaenne in the ayatem by this ala^cin* arpiptoni, r N>>t (infrequently the dis?a**a ramed orieinate in ' Const pation, bnt take on an independent exist l' ence unless the cause is eradicate*! man rarly state. Froin all these considerations it lo lows that the disorder should receive immediate att?ntmn wbenever it ooours, and no person should neglect to get r1 a box of Cephaho Pills on the first appearance of ' the their timely uae will expel tin . ' insiduoas approaches of disease and destroy this dangerous foe to human life. ?e it. A Real DI?n1||. PAwsieian. -Well, Mra. Jones, how is that head ache' ? Mr*. Jon**.?Gone: Pootor, a>l gone! the pill yon sent oured me in just twenty minutes, and I wish In a would Mod more so that I can have them andy Pkysieinn.? You oan get them at any Druggist*. it, Call for Cephaho Pills, I find the* never fail, and I rifiniumAnd (iiAm in ftJi ntua nf h<a<ia/iKa lit Mr*. I shall send for ft boxThreotly, and ahali tell ftll my suffering frlenda, for they aro artoi id bltuint. rt, ? ? Twshtt Milxions ot Dollar* Bated.?Mr. ' Spalding lifts sold two million* of t>ottlos of bu oel e orated. Pre pa red Q!u* and It ia eatimuted tout eaoh bottle saves at least ten dollars worth of broken ?7 furniture, thus making ftn aggregate of twenty milHi liona of dollars reolalmed from total losa by '.hia lie valuableinvention. Having madehisOlneabouaeta hold word, he now propoaea to do the world atill armter aervioe l>y curing all the aching heads with Hie Cephallo Pilia, and If thay are an good u hia Olne, Headaches will aeon vanlah away like anow ? luJuly. lU-Ovn bxcitzmk*t. and the mental oare and la. anxiety incident to oloae attention to bo* nest or nd atuJv, aro among the numerous oauaea of Nervoca lly Hendaohe. The disordered atate of mind and body tie inoident to thia diatreeaing oompiaint ia ft fatal at blow to a'l energy and ambition, suijerers by thia n* disorder can always obtain speedy relief from 10. th?ee distressing attaoks by using one of the Celt phalio Fills whenever the symptoms appear. It i a quiets the overtasked brain and aoothns toe strainct ed and jarring nerves, and relaxes the tension of d tha stomach which always aooompanles and ajhfl crftVfttM tha diMrdaraJ onndilinn nf t h? Krain ia. facts woith mowim.-Spaldlng'a Cephaio Pill* are a tei tern core for Siok Headaoh*. BiSi_ oua Hofvl&ohe. Norvoua Headache, CoeUvoncai, and Geoei&l Debility. % k G r?*t D:?covtp.y.? A mom the moat important a of all the great mertioal diacoveriea of tbia age mar J b? considered the aretem of vaooinatlon for protec9 tion from Small Pox, the Cephalio Pill for relief of Headache, and the uae of Uairine for the prevention of Fevera, either of wnioh ia a aure apeoikc, \ whnae benefit* will ho experienced by coffering A humanity long after their diaooverera are forgotten. I ? J a fTPDiP ron ever have the Blok Headache ? Do gy yon remember the throbbing tempiea, the fevered B .row, the loathing and diagaet at the aight of food. BOW totlk.llv unfit von WAM fnr kImium A^??t?ar?a tion or atudr. On* of the Cepba io Pilla would ? have relieved you from all the Buffering wbioh rou then experienced. For this and other purposes nil ?00 "honld always have a box of them on hand to use a* occasion require*. ?nd i i ?^ ^ NervousHeadache . Headache. g i DM noe By the lee of these Pill* the penodlo attaok* o lVimM m Sick Htadacht may b? prevented; anc 'J1',} If taken at the oommenoement oi an attaok inline an* diate xeliel frou pain and lickneu will be obtained f? They seldom fail in removing the JVmmm as* H*adaelu to whioh female* are io mbjeot. They aot gently upon the bowel*,?removing Cot tivtmtt. * For Littrary Mm, Stndmtt, Dehoate Female* S ! and all person* of ttdentart \k*bit?, they are al valuable aa a Laxative, improving the appttit* giving <?m and rigor to the digestive organ*, mm syi> restoring the natoral elaatioity and strength of th whole iJitMk he CEPHALIC PI LB are the remit of u>? iaa, liTWtiittiOB tod oareftlly oondnoted experiment! having been ia nee many years, daring which tim le*' they hart prevented and relieved a nit amoaat c pain and eaffering from Headache, whether ongi m. natiag ia tbeaartretM system or from a derange " state of the tttmmdi. They are eatirely vegetable in their oompositior haa aad aay bo tat en at all times with perfect aafst wlthoat amfcing aay ehange of diet, mmd <JU mt MT* smut tf mmy diMk4r?+iU uuu r&mdtrt it auy t mdmimiitr fAiUrflL BE WARS OP OOUNTERPEITO! ia. The genuine have iva aighataxaa o 1 Henry C ?* flfaH'at?? *Mh Bos. " Bold by Draggiata aad all otimr Dealers la Modi H? A Bo? will bo aent by mail prepaidoaraaiijtc ? Ul" PRICE, U CENTS. Allordsrs ahoaldboaddreeaad to - HENRY a BPALOOM, MlUkVlr M(MaiMM,NtvT?t, Y * K it i ? MEDIClSlfia. i itunm, lALrawu LOOK HOSriYAJ* t? tJU ?Mt Certmtn, SjmWj, mmd tmi% Jyfftttmmi Rtwudf m tJu Weri4, 'OR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDBNCS. let no false delicacy pretext. APPLY 1MMED ATELY. i cure warranted. or no char9m, in from onm to two dats. VwbiN af lk* lirt.lnlMVN ifllttni tfUl IMaqi i?d Bladder, inTalar.mj Iumum;, * ?!*. akility, War?aaanaaa, DfaMfi^Ucrau.Uv SaiKw. C* hwi ( Mat*, PilpiutiM af hmoiM af li|ht ? Jiddwaaa, Di>lu? af Ika laad, Tkml l?i ar Bkin, Afivum af lha knn, ItMutk M ftavala>?aa Tamkla thaari*.ar? inauf nan Mtuy ItHa ramtk?ikaaa Draadfml aad DaMWUTi Pntaticaa vkiak raa tat Muiia(a iapaaaikla, aad daauaj k*ta M; Ml Htad TOIM MI* apaaiallT vka fc??a kacana iha >iatea af Bart iij Ylka LMt dreaoral ana tiitntu'i uiit whiek anoaeiiT aveepe t is BcUnely jnm Uaateade af Yevaf Hn aftke (Met ei Lit ad Ulaoia u4 krtllaj.i inielleet, wbe oukl MtirviM Ut utrucid Uauoiag ImUl wlU UeitMin ef iIkiiim a niid m HHti; Ue ttriag lyre, >; Mil wiU nil ml IMU. """?? MUUU PIUOII,?Thi|HMMWarUbtMu rtage, keaaf nuiil pkyaiaal wiUnit, H|Ull dekllltj dirirmitili, *?., a pa a dl It ivii ! wht plicii hoaeelf mill Ue UN af Dr. J. m; reUrl Hal; era Id to hi* h?w u > (Mtliau ua (Mldntl; Ml fM t t (kill u pfcy ai tua. orricE n*. t aom ruDiuoiiruir, lift tend aid*itwo| frem kill Mr* niiu, t law deare t*M Ue earner. rail oal taakaana aajaa aad aaakai. MUI mat he fxii aad aaataia a iub|. BL JOUITOI, Miakait ef U? fcayal Callaga alBarpau, fcaadM, fradaal frara ana af th? meat eminent Calleyee ia Ue lulled Bute aad tha fleeter part af wkaee Ufa hae keea apest (a Ua hai Cilaaf Laodaa, Parte, Philadelphia and elaewhere, kaa a lad aarae af tha meal aeieniaktnf earee till vara e?i knewn; many traaklad with rtafiar io Ua kaad aad aaj whan aalaap; rreat narraaaneee, hemr a I arm ad al aaddl eeande, kaahfaineea viU fraaaaal Uaehiaf, attended aaaai Mm a a wlU deracf eraeoi af mud. vara earad Immediately. TAE* PABTIOBUA.R HOTICK. Taaof Haa and athara whe hare id Jar ad Uemeelree kj aarvur* practice iodalf ed in when alaoa?a laakti fraqaaai learned frara erll eempameoe, at at aakaal, Ua efacte which art nlfhtly fait eran whan aalaap, and if aai aara rerdara marriaf* Irapeeelkle, aad daatvaye talk mlad u kadr, ahaald apply immediately. - Toaaa a/a aom a af tha aad aad laelaacbaly afaeu predaai ay early hakiu af Teeth ?: t Waakaaaa af Ua kit aa, rain a in tha Head, Dlmneee af Bifbt, Laa* af Maaeali Pawar, Palpi la dan af Ue Keen, Drape per. Herraea IraaUkil ty, Derang amentaf Ue Dig eaiiTeraacuece, General Oaklllt ymptera* of lsat;tainpuenf ?e. MENTALLY.?Tat fttrfal ifitUN Ik* naiad art aatll k* dr*?d* J?Lot* af M tm*ry, C*ofeu*n af ld*?a, Darr aaau at Spirit*, KtU*, A'trtitu *fSaciatr, If-fhaUK kataaf Saluadt, Ti?:duy, el*.,tre eaae af ika etlle pi daetd. HERTOVt niBlUTT?Tkauaadaaaa aavjadg* wk la tk* e???t af thaii dttliaing kaaltk, leaing their ?ig*r,k easing *r*tk. ptlt, ntrraat and emaciated, hating atingai ifptuun akaaiih* eyet, caagh wayinptaaaaaf eaataiaplli D.'SEAIEfl Or IMPRKDENCK. When Ik* aiiegaided tod impradent ?at*rj af pleaaare la k* km Imbibed lb* *t*d* af thie ptinfal ditto*, It ta* afti kappa r.t ttai an tll-tiinad ttatt af abeme ar draad ef ditcetti dittftaun frarn applying ta thete whe, fr*ra *dactu?a at letptc.abiiity, cvn a font k*fn*od kin. II* fklle low li kandt af ignarant tnd dttigmng pretendtra, wha, mctpak af earing, licb hi* pecamtry tubeuuice, k**p km irifii * afttr month, ar ae la<ig aa lit amaliaal f?* eao k* * tuned, and in deepair leate him with raintd h**lth t* *1j e??r hit railing dieappainUnent; ar ky tbe aa* af that dtad pa.tan, Mtrcary, batten tha eanetitauanal iynjp.eant af U terrible dittmt, each aa AVactlanaaf Wit Bean. Threat, Mai kin,Be., progittur.g with fngbifal rapidity,till dta:k pan pared t* bi* dretdfal **f*rii>gt ky tending kmtatkali uiteertred eaantry fram vbaa* kaaroa r.a traveler retarae DR. JOHMIOK'IREMEDY FOR ORG ABIC WEAUIR All) 1MFOTENCY. By IS.a g-?al tad luBtftant remedy veakneee af Ike erga ar* apeediiy ear*d ana fall ngtr r**tar*d. Tkeaaaade art HMI ........ ..J ^.k.lil.l.J _ .. k.J |u, *|| . . . ?"? u?? ? ?"! m mm ini mi mm yw % mm ktka immediately rali???d. All imp?iliic?nu la MirrUf t. PkyilatJ ar Meata! Dltaai Iuiimi, kMi ?f PratittiiT* Pawar, Hiniw lrriUkU Yraukluif and WiMhihii iLkmiln (U* bmtftil kiad paattiiij carid. icndouemeiit or tbb mu. THE MANY THOUSAND! car?d atlbu ioamatlaa vttl lk? i*tt HIIOUID Tfirt, ?od lh? iraparuDl Bar Ml aparmiiani ptrfaxotd ky Or. Jahnaan, witnakaid ky I riparian af th? papara and am; aikar nrtMi, aetlan watak ht?a appacrad af am aad agaio kifara Ua aaklta, I Id** kia atam-wig ? a faatliaaa af tkaraataraad raapaa MUty, la a iifit'tai (auu;i< ta U* iflltMi |aa Ui Dr. j. bovke dod's imperial wine bitters Are now betnf iHd from Mud? to the Great Si Lake, anl tao iiniTerea! vcrdiot of all who o Ihem either aa a or aa a b$rtr*tt, la tl thsy are unaurpaaed in the world, l>r. Doda hi thrm siiocaaaliillT In hia >raotioe for tt yearn ben we pnrohaaca of huii tot to.e rixht to manufaclc and f rwnt tJao.-n for a*;o to ine pobljo. For t core of iTjui^ur.t Uonsaaiftion, iad'ieation, I* p??-"a, ril?h Ner?osa Oiseaaen, fr emaie Co auu all cx+t-j i->?a;nnj a tonic, they are ! rcnu dov!>t a moat iiirai>w?b!? reroeJy. Aaide fttheir mndiciuvi propsruta they are a pure, wno lorn* Kll fir Iff ri! BrrkliiAinv a ! I ji-JMaut exhmvaUiif efison oflBrandj or vVI without thmr rsn-lte. t.rt all frientln -.nmactty ard t!l adT?<?at-a of temperance mi as it rabrtifciiis th??e vtluatAe Vegetable Bitt lor the r.iHcral wile*? and *d?tit*r+n4 Lii* with which the ocmitrr la ?ood?a, and thereby footn?.Ir ?<* ia bammfc'ns Disease and Drunken* rroca the JiuhL CHARLES WIDDIFIELD * CO., Proynctrra, Tf* Willi vn street, Now York. J. fcOrtWARZE. A rent, Waahincton, D. C. DR. J. BOVEE PODS' IMPERIAL Ollf BITTERS, Por Dlaeoaea of the Kidney a. Bladder ana Una Organs, and eapeoially for Female Obatrootio nover fail to oaro, and aro warranted to (We aal (actio e. CHARLK8 WIDDJFIELD tc, CO., Proprietor!, 79 William at.. New York, J.HCHWARZE, jo7 itj Agent. w aanmgton, i). i TRAVKIjfiRS' DIRECTORY Baltimore andohio railroad. WASHINGTON BRANCH. fiflHKRH ci1anoe of hour8. On and after SUNDAY, November SStb. I860, tr&ina wtli run aa follow#: LEAVE WASHINGTON : First tmn at a. in. Heoond Train at 7.40 a. m. Third train at 3.10 p. m., Expreaa. Fourth traia at 6 p m. LEAVE BALTIMORE: First train at 4 15a. in., Expraaa. Sec nd train at 8.36 a. in. Third at 3.10 p. m. Fourth at 4.J0 p. m., Kxnreat. _ in?urii,iMH>uj ana imra trains rrotn >va ington o'jnDMt through to Philadelphia acd N York. The second and third oonneet at Washing Junction with trains for th > West, South, i Nortnwest; also, at Annapulia Junction, for i napolis. For Norfolk take the '4"?,ra. trai >. l-or th% accommodation of tha war travel tw?en Waahinclou and Laurel, a patsenger will t>e attached to the tonusge train whioh lea' at 3.40 p. m. Oa Saturday the 3.10 p. in. train goes to Ehilat phia only. no 26-a T. H. PARSONS, Agen NEW ORLEANS IN THRBB DAY! T?ITB THS CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ^OEOFlBiBB^O ALL RAIL ROUTE. Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR*: Virginia and Twkmjw. East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and C halt an*? Mrmptus and Charleston, Mississippi Central, /V6t? Or lean* and Jatks TO NEW ORLEANS! racket New Onea&a. W MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUT] onUonery by Raul, tbenoe to Mobil* by Fi olata Packcto, Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DjULY TRAINS?BtiniiTa Inclvs Lmt* wathiiuua at e a. m a?4 6a.| The StoamweEORQIi PAGE leavee her w foot of Seventh street at 6k a. m. and tit p.m. oonneota at ^lexandnii with the Orance and anuria Trarna for the Sont/;we?t. OBoo?Pecosylvauia arense, ooroer of Sixth J iahau ujuoud moon <n nv obuj (. Mlkhm MMIManaliM m 1 8 cox rule? >8 00 Mvson .! ChdtUaoot* .MOO Oolnmbu ?J Dal ton?. *t 00 Montfomorr .J HuEtaviile? noo J tia M einpbiat Grand J unction W on IV. O.J m 6. J nno_< ,, NMhTiiio U JCI \ Ti?Mobii?,? THIS ROUTE IB ENTIRELY BY RAJ i MO MILES SHORTER. M4 84 HOURSV 8 tku iot oU*r LdM?th? Lroahbvrg Eztoa being now completed, u ueo the Ifi?leely . Central, raakia* it the 1 QUICKB8T AND MOST PLBA8ANT RO1 ' FOR SO VTHRRIf TRA TBLXRS! j ii u piutiuou wiui rini-uius djocjihi \sm -r ist==i * * oi^^.M^rurr^vi^s ; . ET THMOWOB TICKETS TO TBM JLTOW VIRGINIA 8PMJNBB. ?J?2l*SSffl WM- ? ^bKBMsattc: ft MIBOKLLANBOUBa [No. Clil a J?Y THB FBEBID^NT^JP THE UNITED ? 1b r*rt?im? of law. 1, Jam** Bvcbaii*ji. PrcaidMt of the Uaitad State. of Amfmb, do hereby ' deoare and make kaowa that aab.m wIm will ha ^id at tha a ader mentioned l and Oft?N in the in or Ciiiroaxu attaa pen ode kwaaaltw J aeaignated, to wit; * At tfc* Lan<1 OAooat M&*Tar;i lb, coanmenoiag 1 ob Monday, the 3d day of Jan? ant, for the di*m? j aa: oftheaubliolandeheretofora anofered, eituatad : in the following towaakips ?*d parte ol lowaaaipe, : i viz: jv?r(4 tf tka uw /mm mmd mil th* Metmi Dimwit ' Towaahipa t and fctke NW fc of aaetion *; the | ! N X and U10 iW 3* oi action 3; eectioa* 4. S and , l 6, ol towaihip *?; the 8 W * of aoet-.oa th? 8E ^ of aootion IS; ti.e SW \ >1 eeotion IT; eectioa. II to 36, inolumvi* of towchip 31. of range 1. I TawmKI na ft 1ft tft * the N H ofih? N B 5! the"?lf iof N K *. the ' , M oi the 8E V, md the W H of b?kj'1i>b ?; . tionK 5,6 7. and 8; th? ?E \ ?f tbe N K *, tha 9E M and WKof action 9: tt|W S ?'f the N W M. lha W ofSVV jjj. an* the 9E \ of the >W ^ oT??? ' tion 15: aeot one-7 to 21 iMiuiiTr; thi NW k.Ul N H of the 8 W M, and the 9W K of s?\V k. o? awot on 33; the W S wfthe N\V \ %ad 9W % o( eeoboa I i.7; wouu-ii ? to S3 inoluai ve; the ?Wkof the NK If, the N W it, and the 9 H of eeoUoc M, cftownacip 9. of ran*e S. 9ectlona 1 to II inolaaiva, of to wnahip 10, of ranee North ?/ tkt ban lint and tent ?/ tki Mount D%a 6/ WWM. Townahipa S, 9 and 84; tr >W * of Motion 6; the W H of amotion 7; the 8K \ of eeeaon IS; the N W % oi netiun 18; the S X of aeouon 19: the 8 H of wotion SO; the 9 X of ' c .ion 8i; < he 9 K ol eect ion 82; the N E V of tue 9 Mi of aeorion S3; aeotiona U to 35. ii.cIumvp, of rownatup 31. eeotiona 1 to SO incle . ai?e; the N VN \? of aeotion 31; the NK X ifcetiaa 33; eectiope 34 ant! 3.S, of townab'p V. cf ranee I. Motion* 1,8,3, and 4; the N h V ol eao'ion 9; a?o tiona in tol5, inaluaiY*; the NE ? of aeotion 33; ee?tiona 33 to SS, tnoiuaive; E % of .action 36 ol towaahip I; aectione 1 'o 4. inoluai ve; the N b \ ot eeotion 5, the 9E SL of aeotioa *; eeotiona 9 to i5, inolu aire; the E X ol aeotion 17; the E X of eeouon 80; aectiona3l to88, iuoinaive; the NF \ of eect on 39; eeotiona Si, 34, and SS. of tovnahip 9; eoouona I to6, inoluaivn; the N W X of aeoUon 7: the E X of aeotion 9; aectione 1> 11, and 13; the NEKol amotion 13; the N\V l? ol aeoUon 14; tae N X wl a abon 15; the 8 X of aectioii 25; the SE V o/section SB; trie F. X of aeotion 34; auction 35, oftownanip SI; Urn 9K V of aeotion 9; th-J E X and ti < 3\V \ oi auction tO; tne 9E X oi aeotion i8;tae K S and !*\V X *?f ?" " uon is, iu? p ? 01 BfanuD i?; s?ouon is; lit a?, Ak of Motion 17; the 9W \ of taction If; Motions 19 lo |T 35, ino usive, of township 32, of nnf 2. , Townships 24 and 32; sections SS to 35. inolasiYC; * of township 33, of rang? 3 The SW \ of seetion 7; sections 1) to 33, meln 41 sive, of township 29; > eotions 1 to 3, melusire; seotions 8 to IS incl?sive; Motions 17 and 21* to J#, ini, olar ivp; sec'io a 32 to 35, molttsive. of township 12, m sections 2), X, 27,34, and 35, inclusive, of townstup 33. of range 4. 4, Township 29, of ranee 5 JJ At the Land Office at Himboldt. commencing or Monday, the NUh day of J one next, for the dub? po;al of the public lauds heretofore iaJ, sit ila uatid in the following townsnips and parts of gg townships, vix; North of the biff hm* a*1*'it nf tk* Mount D<*b1o k mrrtdtan. ih Thfl W kill wrtinn 7: th? S W of Motion 11 th? ??i W ,'t of s?.'Uon IP; the S S of *c tion i9; the N tV i & <> tbe 8 J* of section an; the 8 X of section SI; tbe '? 8 >? of section *2; the > S of cii?n *3, seotinns it to 28, inclucive; the E '? of seotion 2y, the F. S of M section 33; sections 34 and 3), of tovnship o, of ranges. m The >W ?4 of section 1; the SE and the W X of * seotmn *; tne K 3* ofteotinn 3; stations !?. 10, II, ? and 12; the N H ot unction IS, the N }? of section 14; the N *. the ? W \i. and the W > .f the 8* V of aeotton 15; the NF. '? of seotion 21; the N \V j* and |2 the XV )* of the Nfc. .V of section .2, of towiithip ' 1?. of ran?e 4. Section* 1,2,3 4, and J>: th? NE of seotion *; the SR "4 oi section 7; section* 8 and 9; th? NW V " of seotion 10; section 17; the N K 3%' of seo ion I*, of ,t toTMtip Mj ttwHW efinfail jfca r W nf iniiM 6, sections?, 8, ?. and 10; tha 8W V of -eclton M: " sections 15 ar.d 17 to S5, luo'uure, ot town?h>r 17, of JT ranee II. , Tne SE )< of section 1; sections 11,12 13. *"d U; _ the NE )-? of ??ct'on 25; section 24; the N E ftf sec tion 2.5 of township 17; aeotmns 3 to 10, inclusive; the 8 W % of section 14; seotiaos 15 and 17; the N E , A* of section 18; seotions 2^, 21, 22,atd 23. sections alt 2? t" J!' iticlasive; sections 32 and 34: the NW [ ? A, of aection 35, of township 20; the N W k' of seciat tion 3; sectjoni 4 to 9, inclusive: sections 17 to si, ied inoia. tve; sections 2^ to 33. inc.usive; th" SW % of ir% section 34, of township 21; th?NW ^ of seotion 1; ire auctions 2 and 11; the N W of saoton 14; eeotions 27, 2', SI, 32. 33, and 34, of townablp it; eeotloas 1 to ra- 18, inolusive; aeouons 20 to 27, iuo:us!ve; eeatioa m 55, of township 23, of range 12. >?- flections S and 4; tn? NE of taction 6; aection 9; the NW U ofse.itt:?n 10; section IS; the 8?-. Jg of I ! - section 14; the8W \ of seotion 15; sections 2. to i .he 24. inclusive; aeottons 33. 34, and 36. of township 17; I tne tbe W H of seottor, S: sections 6, 7. 8. 9,17,18.19, of ar.d 21; t''C SW A? of section 22; sections 2? to M, let inclusive, of towuslup t8; soctions 3 10,15,22, 23, ?rs X. 27,34, and 15, of townauip22; the 8E \ of (Action e*? 12; aeotiona 13 ?nd 14; the sr. % or section 22; inef Uons J3, 27, and "M, of township ?). of ranf e IS. dm Actions 1 and 2. tr.? !<E V of section S; t^e N % of aection 10; aection* II, 12, IS, 14, CI 24 ti, at d ?, the SK *? of auction 34; section 3%, of t?wnsiiijp 18; the N W \ secti >n S; sections 4,6. and 6; the Nt H' oj auction 7; sections 8 and 9; the 8 W if of amotion 10; the W % of section 15; the E S of aectien 17; the NEK uf section i0: sections 21 and 22; the HW ,L? of section 23; tuo \V S "f section 26; seoUi ns 77, 2ft, 33, S4, and 35. of township 19; the 8W k of a*o in tion 7; the 8\V J* of seoti^n 17; a 'ctiona II to 35, iuC elusive, of township 21. ol ra?se 14 Sections 11<> 5, inclusive; the N B if of section 6; sections 8 to 15 inoiusive; the N K Ja of section 17; sections 21 to n, inclusive; the N K * ol section 2S; the N K of ?. otion 3?, section 36. of township at>; sections 1 t > 4, "nsluai ve; the NKj(of section 6; J. the K X of sections; sections Into 15. ino naive; seotions ?< to 2!*, inclusive; the 8K if of leotior 3.; ? section* M2 to 3j, inolasive, of townahip 21; aection 3; tiio K H of aeot!on4; e*ou<.us 8, 9. and 10; trie 8\V \ of section 11; sectlona 14,15. and 17; the N K ? of section seotions 21, 22, and H; th? BW % of seotlon 24; sections 25 26.27, and 23; the PK \ of section &2; sections 33,34, and 35, of township 22, of ranco 15. BIfortk of tkt bast limt and *a$t qf tkt Humboldt vuTUi%4LM, The W K of section 3; sections 4,5.6,7, .?, '0. the 15, 17,18.1*, 20, 21, and 22; t;ie N X of aeotios 27; aectiona 28 to 93, mo naive; the S fc of section Si, of township 4, of i&Bge 2. North tf tkt bait ttMc and wett of tkt Humboldt su rutin*. The tJW \ of section 7; the SW J* of seotioa 17; aeotion 18; ttie K K of section IK; sectiens 20. 21.22. and 33; tbe W % of MoQoa 84; the W X of aeotion 25: auctions? and 27, tii? .N K \ of ctiOD X; the N E X of aectiou 34; Motion as, ol townahip 1, of ranre I. . Sootiona 1 to 23, inolaaive; the N X of aeotion Sc b the S >? of aeotion 2S; aeotiona 2B, 27, 2U, and 29; tbe ew N ol ?9 Hon *>, f townahip 1. sections 1.2, an J S, UeNW if oftheNW *, tho o H of the > VV Jg, ton and the of ?oction 4; the NKMof th? NE Xj "id the ? X oft e N K *, the SE M of the N W *. ai7d the 8 H of aeotion 6; the s* X . flthe S K X. of aeotion 6; the N E X? the S X of the N" \\ X aud the 8 X of o*- aectiou"; a-otioca 8,9, in. and 11; t?e N X of reo?ar fion 12; the N VV X of aeotion 17; aertion It; the N r?< >4 at.d the SE X of aeotiou 59; the 8W X of asotion 29; tbe KX of section 3P; aecUonaJl.SJ, and 33; the '?1- & W X ol at otion 34, of townahip 2 of range 2. The SE of aeotion I; aooticne 10,11. and 12; the ' N X of atctiOL. 13, amotions 14,15. 22. and 23; the 5 X ? of aeoti n 24; the N X of aeotion StS; amotion* 36 27. SB and 34; the N W M of aeotion 35, of towcahip 1; fractional townahip 2, of ranto 3. At the Land Offioe at Stockton, oommenetnc on Monday, the 3d dap ol Jane next, for the diapoeal of thebnblio ianaa, heretelore unoffer-d. aimated in the following towaahipa and parte of t3VBaHtpa, B*ix: North of th* bau Jmu and tntt of iht Motmt LhaMc m.*rui\nn. Peotiona 4. 6. 6.7, 8,9.17.18. and 19: the N X of th? NE X< the N X of the N Wand theSW X of the 8W X of aeotion 20; aeotion ?>, neept the SE X ol th* SE X of townahip 6 of ranges. TownMiipr 4,5,and 7, of raace 7. North of tht ban Unt and mil of th* Meant Diabl* __ nurtdvon Townahipe6 and 7. ol range 1. Section 2; the NE X of aectioa 3; the W X of eeo tion&; aeotion 6; aeouou 7, exoept the S X of Ui B W if: the N \V M and the b X of aeotion (: the t! *"> >6 of iootion #; the 8 K of aeotlon 10; eeotioa' II; th< W J, ol aeotion 13; aeotiona 14 a?d 14; aeotioa 17 xo*rt tb? 8 H, of the 8 W *; ttia EK of Ute NW >u, Xt the K X "I the18 W i', and the K * of aeotioi * ^ 11: aeot ini 22 and 23, the W K of aeotlon 94; th? W K of aeotioa 2*; aeotiona SSUnd 77; the NK k - the E K of thlMv If -the 8K \ of the NW X 1' the N X of the 8E M. th- 9E it oftheSK M oi aeon? t on *; the E X of Ota NK V.aod the E X of Uu 8E X of aoation SB; aeotiona 34 a d 35, of tovnahij 4; aeotiona 1 and 2; the N E X of aeotiwn 3; the 8E X of aeoiion 10; aeotiona II. to 14, icoloaire; the N * ? )? of the N E \ of aeotioc. 21; the N X of the N W X, and the E X of aeotma 22; aeotiona 23 24 2 > anc hart the E X of the 8W X and the E X ?f aoouon 27 tue W X of aootion 55; of towoahip 7, of rui< 2. ** South of tk4 bm*4 line mmd emit %f tkt Jftwl DimHi it mtriMmm, Baotinna 1 to 27. lnoluaive; the N X. the N X o ?? the 8 VV k. and N X ?f the 8E if of aeotmn 2B, tht M the N ^ of the SW V. an? th mH W Zk mm feb k of Motion S*; the Nt V end the N % of th< 5 SK X of naotioi. SO; the NK \ uf Motion 34; the > 5 m S ol Motion 35 of townthia 3, of ranae ft. r ' i^MtiOBi i. (, T,I, and 17 to !1, is laiiv*; It* N W L *! 3t and the 8 K of acction ST; Motion* T> to 34 inoln 8 ~ aive; the W K of amotion 3d, of townamp 3, o k ru |6 6 K m Kraetional Motion* 1 and 2, Motion* 3.4, ft. and < w 00 the NE M of Motion 7; Motion* 1,4,10,ami llffrae . tu.nal *eotioai It; mo'ioiu 13,14- aid M; the NK j* o * Motion IT; the NKK of section 21; eaetiona 22 to 27 inolueire; the NE M of Motion 34; aeot'on 36, o KBB tovimhip 5; eeotion* 1.2,11,12.13,14,23. 21, 24, 31 -i? and ?, of townnhip S; Motion 1; the N fc> M ol eeo *j0B tion 2; eeotiona IS, IS, St, and Sfc, of townahip 7, o ^The 8 W y and the W % of the ?K * of eeotioi * It; MotuHi li; the W X of *Mtio? ?: aeetoona 3" . SI, and 32; the 8 W \ ol eeation 33. of towuahip i ril tovMhiMtaad 7; eoobona 1 to ft, tnolnaive; th fc or eootionfc aoetonelto 15, inolneive; th rNE ^of eeotion 17; the NE M o| potion Sis Me ti<>aaS2to 27. indaaivr; the 8E Aa or aeotioa S3; aeo tinea 34 and 35. of tovnahip*, < f ranfek Townahipa 7, S, and $. of ranee ?. Towr.ahipa 6 and . of ranee 10 E88 TuwnahipeC. 7 and t, of range 11. Townahipa 6 aud 7, townahip t, exoept eeetion 31 and 32. of ranee 12 MVS Township* ft, 7, and I, of raag* IS. At th* Laad Oftaoat Stocktob. Mmwtiii <w Ala. Moadar.Ua 17thda* of J an* next, f<r U? di??oM so, * ofth???blio land? Wr?to!or? uaoBarad. sitaata Ma, id tha folio wiii tawaahipa and paru of tnwaaaip [ Tit: South of tit batt limt aU Mil *f tk* Mmhm DmM TA 2E^Pwfc.Vf?HrtSS.Krvt?u.? taolaat ra; ctboii RtuSt. inolaviT*. of towaah* I th* I; tawnskiMt, 1,I, t, la, n. and It. of raac* It fteotioaa 4 to ?, lAoinairo; ?*?Uoa 17to *1, taata itb. Motioaa a to b. tnolaiiya. of lnw?hiyl i,. 10. tod ll^eeetkw I to a. imIuit* ^ ^ir56iSsaS?MSKSS 4 tmwmmkip*, tow mIiim ] m4 It; mttoM 11* M mImw, of toVMhip IJ of tU(l U BMboaa 7 ui IS to 36. imImit*, of uvtikir I*; otioni I to II. iaoiaara mMiom I* m4 rr to C. mlmm; mu*m *7 to St. ImImiv*. of utni ii I; HOtlON ft. ft, 7, tt.U, If It. AM B. t? 71, lMl? *'-? yna* ?? * * *' towaahlf It, of At U* Lu4 OCm it V kali a, ixwMMti on loidtf.Ui* UU itor <rfiiwcil, f ?r tk* k tk* pv*. ? land* b*r?t?for* ai oforwl, aitaalod a U# fo. uwinf tovukiyiu' parte of tovukin. mm SaMA of Ik* ?aj? Ium mmd MM ?/ >i? Kmmm DmUI0 MMMk 1 ??d t M1* l*K fc of eea ion t. miwm H.M. and IS. the.NK fc of M?(joa 14; iMtiom .? kpd IS,. J township 17, iKtioM 1 to 5 iMltorf; the > X of section ?: aeetiona to I*, 100 naive. Ik* N fc. uf IT: Uf N K Jh o( Motion B; MeClone 23.34 ud! , the N K ^ { aectioe ?. of t< WB hi* It; aerttona 1 to C. inenaive; tk* N K S of M?tion 7; Metiooa I to IS, inolweive; the NK h ot tootica 14; tkiNEVi 01 Motion M. of tonilui X. uf ranee n Towsfh p* n. ?. aM I*; aeetiona t to *T. iMt?' It*; Um N K V of ,aM>iui a; lha t K St of aeotion St; a^ctio' * X H>d *s- of tovriahif *1: a<ollona 1 and 8. tiia N F V <>f section 3; aectio a ?1. ?t. S. and 14, Uie \K V <>f N'ioa a, eeetioa >4. the \ m Motion 14, of tovaahif a. of ranee 1&. Sections 1 toll, mc n?i ?*; the N t? ^ of section 91; eeetionn 94 and SS of township 21; M?tio(at,(, 7, and ?; tH-CW fc "I MtUoif; the k ofae?tio? 15; ??ttoDa. 17 to 8 ir.c oat re; he t* W K of aeotionS; Motions ato SV iM iair*, of towasie S^eoUooi l.i.aadl; the NI" of eeotton 4; the INE k of aection 10; aeetiona 11, IS. IS. and 14: the N K V o? aaoiian 8: Mct.ona >4 and 3S, ua 8t V of aectiou 8. Motmaa 3). 34, and *, ot townahi?23; aotUont I to S inclusive; the Nk fractional V( of ae?fi<<n 6; the MK ^ of aection h, aeotiooa t to IS, inoln > 1 ?e; the N K V* of eeeUon22; aecu->n? ?. *4.iS. Si, and V, ?<f townafcip 24; a. euuna 1.2. and ?. the NKJ^iJerotton 4; th? N E \ of section 10; aeetiona 13; the NK \ of aection 14. aeauon S4. of township X. of ranee 17. Townehta 21; nec'inn* 1. 2,3. and 4; the NK H of Meting 5: the \ K <>( eeotion 4; ae. tiona le to 14, incisure; the N v \? ?>f eecti.>n 15 the NEk of ^ tioii 21; the S\V V Jf eecti?n SO; aeeuon S>, ihe KW u( Motion 32, of t"Vn*hip 22, ae< t o. a 1 and 4 t<> 9. idoIu ive; ?eo*u>n? 19, 13, and 17 *v B til* t*W Vi o' n 22. he ft W of action 23. see fa tiona 24, tj 3%, inelaiiv*, f tow..ahip 2i; tovnbip ' 24 ; a*ei ion? 1 to IS, ino!a*itre; aeettob 17; the N K 1? of paction U; the NK V ?f aect'ou ?ec ioai 23. 24, ami 2'i; the V . i eeotion SB. of townehip 2V action l;tiieSF V -tion 2. the^W VofMrti.u 3; aaationa 4 to U, inelaatra; the NW)? of ee?tiun 19; the NK M of section 90; ere ion* 21 to SR inola Ira; the NK of a?"tion 27, ?f UvuhipSI, ? f range IS. Kraotional townahipa SI, S2. and 23 tovaekif* 91. 25. arxi 26;aeotion? 1 to *, inela*ive;**oimn* S to 17, itiolative; aeetioaa SI to 2?. I net u aire; **ctoBaS4 and St. of township 27; aeotiotia 1,2, ana 12, of townahip ?, of racgalt. Kraotionai town?hips 23 and 24: townships S3. SR. and 27; s'oiior.* 1 to 2? inolaaiva, the NK I* of ? ? Uon 90; the N t. \ o{ aaotioa 34; aeotoa Sft, of town ahip 28, of range So. At tha<1 Office at Vis ilu. oommenainc on Monday. fhe 24th daT of June next, for the 4faf?aal of the public lands. heretofore onoffurea. at?? ated in the following townships and parta of tmrai hips, Tit: South ot tkt bmtr Im> and will <tf tkr Mtmnt Dt*hn? Nrtffaa Towaahipa 27 aod 2*; national In 6. inclnaire. the NE it of aeotioo 7; aoetioaa to tt, mtiuwvf, the ?X"T aoction It; aectiona i^to ?*, indla****; the NK!? of BOwtinnSS*; UiaNKIfpf aectloa S3, 34. the N W of auction U, of tovnakip W, of ran*e 21. Town?hip?21 and 72. fra tfona! towaahipaSS ud 24:townahipt 2ft, 2*. and 27. of iane*?4 Towm-hipa 2i. 22, 23, 24. ?, ?, 27. ?, 29. and a*, of ranae XV Townahipa 22. 23, 24,25, X, 27, 2*.*>. and S". of ? ranee ? Townahipa Si. 23. 24, 25, 26. XT, and S*. of ranee XT. At the Land Offioe at Pas Fa**rieco, ooar menoinc on Moada?,the T^'h da> >1 June next, for tbediaaoaa' of the pablie land*. heretofore aeofffered, aituated within the foil'.vine tovnth p? A aad part? of townanipa, Mk fforth nf Ike bas* Itnt amd trot of tkf Mount D**bla f m*rtH tin w Town?hl?6. aaotiona I, X. and 3, the NE It of e*etion 4. the W H Of awtion S; eeetioa 7; ta - H W ^ of aeotion a; the fE V of aeotion ?; ?ectioaa 10 Ut !), ioo ??' ve; trie E S. the N vv \ and the F % of the SW V of aeotiot *; section* /?, art, 31, and 32, of townamp 7, of ranges. J II. Worth oj Ik* b*M l**t and wttl if I k* Sam B*r??rdtno m*ndian SMtionr 3 and 4; the ,1 KM of Motion 5; the N K kal ouon #; MUm 10, of townalup ft; tn? > W M oi'Motion 5; ssctioi.a 6, 7, 1*. au<1 19; the 8 \V k of esoUouJO; aeotione 29. 3f, 31. fc.d S3; the !4W jj of Motion 93. ot t^vrehia 9; auction 1: the h H of ee?tion 2; the }? H o: eectioc 3; the PR % of action 9; at otiou I# to 36, inc.uiive, of towuabip 10, of rsxi(? 24 Section* 1 to it, inolnaive, of townah'pS; tbeBW H ivMCBN 7. aeetiooa 13 to 36, i,.claaive, of town- i nip 10, of rM;ge 56. I !ve y>K % and the W U of erot:on 4; tectiona 5 ti 11. iD<-iu?ive; *e?tmn u. excrpt the N % of the NKMi boo Loan 13 to SS, luoiuaive, of township 10, of range 96 section# 1 to 24. inc'uaire the Nh \ of Motion 2S. of townaiup 10, ?f range 27. otlona 1 t-> It ineiu?ive, of tr>wn*hip7; the 9 W Si of Motion 19; the ** H of aootinii 85, the HF. )| of aection 16: eeotion* 9* to 36. ino.naive, of lovulii| 3, of ranee SO. TownMiip 11, of range 31. a? ? ? . iWa Ml? Lr K7*-VW4?'U? 1 W ?? 11* VI ??| ?U? >? I| VI PTVkl"ll 0, the N W U of section 90; the K >i of rotten Si. i-otion 35. of townahip l<h township il, of rMKC 32. l^and* appropriate by lav for the in of eahoeje, military and other pur>oe?a, or thoee eorerK by oorfirmed private iand caimi, together vita tie warnp or overflowed lands, will be excluded from the HUM. No * mineral lamHs m or tracta containing mm era! depoeite, ere to 6* offered at the pablie pairs, i anoh miraraj landa being hereby ex? reealy excepted and e xoudrd from ?a e or other oi- poea . pirnant to the requiremer ta oftheaet of C0L|r<??ap>'0">b March S, iUS. ent-il'M " An aot to provide for the urreT of the pubuo landa in Call form*, the grant log of pre empUon rights therein, aid for otjer pu_poeca " The ffferinit of the above landa will be eom menoed on the da;a appointed, aod will arooeed in the order in whieh they are adve used aoti! the whole aha'l have been offored, and the tales thne aloeed, hot no aate shall be kept open longer thaa ' two week*, and no private ectrv of an* of the lands i will be admitted aatil after Ue expi'ation of the two weeks. Given ander mr hand,at the City of Waahinyton, ' this twenty eecond day of October, anno Domini one thoaaand eight hur.(ir?c ant sixty. , JAMc.8 BUCHANAN. By the Praaid*nt: J OS. R. VT ILKOif. Commiationer of the General Land OSo*. NOTICE TO PRE EMPTION CLAIMANT* Every acraon entitled to the right of pre-emption > to ny of the land* within the t" wnahipa ud p*ria of t-woahipe above enumerated, la required to eai tabnah the same to the aaUafbction of tne reglater and receiver of the proper land oftee, a no m mkt f paymtm: tkmft an toon ?i prativblt mfur iwm< i Uu motto, Mid before the dap appointed for the I commencement of the public aaJe of the lande em I bracing the tract el aimed: otherwise each claim I will be forfeited. J'lg ? WILSON, r Commiaaioner of tha Genera. Land OftN f jfttfa.?Under the regalationa of the D*parti?er.t, aa heretofore and now axi'tiac. no papm^nt caa be made for advertiaing proeiamat ona except to each . publiabera aa are sprrutlly m*tk<n\ze4 to aabtiah bp f the t'ommi*elon?r of the General Laud CHkca. o?*s lawiftw.T : At fefnch *k|<ych!its ta. at. i Aumtt for tkt wk?U WmUL. P?'k? Soma. *!*rantiy bound, printed 01 ton< . pw*r, f>;! Turtay tti fc f rw? 9 HI if aeat by nail. tk? history of woum, from tfea kr*mk I o( Erna.t M?U?. traaalaUtf by J. W.PiImi, M. a I).: ?n?? Si nj mail. . All?(M*non liar a >d'? Book*, Nwiita. Mo? sid*, I! lid ml Path and Alonr; prio* *Mk 91J9 by w-il ao t1 1 ^RAVKLS in THK rkqilont* OF THR 1. Uff'f and l.o??( Amoor. b' T W. AUkm*. with ft map and auanoroo* ibaatratioaa; pile* ft J*. a Ltoaallo.a ?*4a*l to the Ja? o| Varnna, by M. A. 3>w a fetal ah, or tfca f,nch?nt'd Key*. aad oa'tli'ii, witfcao<VLrHi<>n by m m F*r4oe. vn nmo omoi Tow Drnwa at oxford, a a?ta*i lo Ton Brora at k a?by. obatkp ajiuond eanU. Oar > car. a rl>.,tt? bo?l u proae a?4 vara*, by * * * ** '' Sfemmi-gairH, da a aoraor klrwatt at. aadfa. ay. ' 12,000 a?r. ?? (, tba atto:?u?>ii of tha p>. j'ic to ? ar larf-a?4 wimi aa a imChi atook ?| ?%?ircpax na aid Crab A ppta c'.dar. vhtek vcgaaranteato Fa para ja>oe, aud will m South of tk* bast line and east 4/ tk* Mount IHmblo inert dum. J TMmMt 2n ol rwii? ?. Township 21; moUodi 1.2 and S; the K H of Motion 4; the I. H of eeotion 10; section* 11. 12 and IS; the K H of emotion It Motion 24; the NK i? of tee ti^n 23, Motion 25; the SK V o( Motion X, the UK W of Motion 34; Motion SS. of township *4; the t* %% j* of Motion 14; eecti<?u? IS. in, J: and 22; the W % acd t? e sK j* of eeotu n l\\ the 8 S 0/ Motion >4; iMiiom 2S, .6, Yi *'d 9; the NF, fc of eeotton 2*; the NK V' uf eecUOM 34. Motiou So, of towaahip 2S, of rtoit lO. Township 24; sections 1 to It, 1 no Inside; th* N X of section 1 -. section* 2" to SB, iroIbpi ve; the NBM of section 29; the f?K % of M?t'?n Si, eeoUons *. 34 ?rd K of lownthip 25; t>>wn?hip X. of r&nj? 11. Townshis 27; fi actions) . ouon* 2 and 2; MoUone 4 to 10, iuoitiaire; f-aotiob* sections II, U?Dd 14; Motions 17 and 18; the N W M of eection i?; the NE \ of eection 22; Motion 2S; fractioria.1 m?Uob< 24 *no 25, tiie N K 3% of eeotion 26, of township 91. of rvnr? 13 Township* 15. X and *7; Motion* ' and t; fmotion* section* 3 4,9 and 10;section* 11 to 15, tnolw siro; s ctK'ii* 17, lBaod 2"; section* SI to 24, ino'u?ive. the NK i| of a.otlon 27; the ft VV % of Motion S>. of township at. of range 14 The N W % of *eotionS. sections 4 to?, inoluairei the J* W of section l?. sMtiona 15 and 17 to 23. in olntirr; sections *7 to f4. inclusi?e; th#8W % of Motion 35. of township 29; township* 3Pan"? Si; w tion? 1 to 12, molnsi ve; tl.? N E % of section 13, of to?n?h p 32 of range 19 The SW % of iMtion V7; the 8E ud the W >? of section 17; ?eotior,( it, I* and pi; tk? HW )(ot eotion 21: tneSWif rf reotion 8.; sections 2< to 34. ine us:v >: the 5 VV of seotion S>, of township 3<">; town- hip SI; sections I to It, inclusive; the N VV K of aeotio.. 9; the \K k of src'ion SI; rortion* 22,23. M and 25; the ft K of section M; the ft K Ik of aeo'lon r?. of township Si. of ranee *> The gli If of aooti.-ii 17; the ?W of sMtion 1*: Motion* P and 20; the W H of arotion SI; the 8 W K of auction .7; aoctio&s 28 Ij 34. liicirsiv-'; the 8 it of Motion 36, of towaahip 31; townrtup 32, of rance

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