Newspaper of Evening Star, January 5, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 5, 1861 Page 1
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VHi. XVII WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. JANUARY 5. 1861. N?. 2.459 THE DAILY EVENING STAR IS PUBLISHED RYBRT APTBRNOON SUNDAY'S EXCEPTED,) AT Tllfi STAR BriLDI.ieS, fjtrntr #/Pnntylvonxa mvtnus and 11 <4 it. IT W. D. WiLUCH. AiyBi iur cijai ? rerif nvwi, w ? u unci ru piioa la p?*Ul crraogemen ta, you atop the meant of communication. Sir, the perilous conaequencea which would remit from it will be easily appre ciated bv avery thinking man in every corner of the "tate * * Sir, 1 merely suggest thla. aa it baa been spoken r.f by othera. Secretary Cobb aald thatthe revenue of South Carolina from the Custom House didn't near pay tbe expenses of the customs. For the last quarter, 1 understand from tbe best authority that iiie poat office* of South Carolina cost tbe govern ment *.>40 ow. and tbe receipts have been less than #5?.0U) # Now, Mr President, I have a*:d stop for a day, shut up for a day the port of Charleston, and ttie ships now loading with tbe I roducta of our conntry would rot before they would jjo to sea if an oralnance was pasted, ibey will have no papers; they are stopped, i'sa.-. voor ordinance, and what ia the consequence ? Why, sir, we are stopped a single day If we ? ?' stopped two davt, all the eloquence of Mr Mevens would be but a penny whittle compared with tbe astonishing causes among ourselves The stoppujje of postal arrangements it an argu ment tbat will make a man silent. Tbla will be but the beginning. The port of Charleston shut, i osul arranjit-meiits stopped, the people united, their ship* rotting at the wharves, ana the whole r.f our ordinary transaction* will stop. Is there any argument that can obviate it? Mr. Gregg said : * * ? Wi htvi sow accomplished the WORE AFTER forty YEARS. Mr. Haynes sild: * * * The simple act of **>? esslon does not abrogate all the laws We have a great many laws on our statute books which wtre famed it the Governor and the fnivv Cocscil! ! i Mr. Chestnut ?we must revivify such law* ss will best preserve us from calamities As to duty, if you turn the ship of State adrift, what will t^ecome r>f the officers ? M r maseyck.?t here Is no duty for the collector of the port to do The post office has been swept elf My opinion is, that the present system of postal arrangements is a nuisance. The public ran be better served by private parties between cities like Philadelphia and New York at one cent Instead of three, and between less important PLACES TES OR MORE CE75T8. Mr. Calhoun?We have pulled a temple down that hat been bulltthreequariersofa century * Mr. Dunkin said : * * * What is a legal tender In the payment of debts? Is it not gold and silver of the United States * In the case of < .raring and entry of vesasls, we are very liable to have the same confiscated. Mr. Gregg said: * * ? Is it necessary to maintain the 15 to 30 per cent duties imposed by the Congress of the United States' Should TMESE DUTIES CO!fti!fUE TO BE LKVIID, ocr peo ple will SCEPKR A TERRIBLE calaxitt. Mr \la ulH* I .^t th? rnlWtnr nf tha rvrt battle with the difficulties as they come We submit to men of common sense, that these extracts show that this Convention already realize t bat they have '-cooked a pretty kettle of fish" for thetr people?an entertainment by no means as inviting to the people of the rest of the Southern Ptatea, as the latter supposed ere it became neees Siry to begin thus to inquire In earnest what they have really been doing. CA4E OF JIDGE JOH> C. WATROCS. Li the House of Representatives, Dec. 20, 1 eM>0.?Ordered to be printed, and the fur ther consideration postponed to Thursday, 27ta JJocember next. Mr. J II. Reynolds, from the Committee on the Judiciary, made the following Report: The Committee on the Judiciary, to whom were referred sundry memorials preferring charges against John C. Watrous, District Judge of the United States for the eastern district cf Texas, and praying for his im peachment, having had the same under con sideration, respectfully report: That in view of the previous proceedings touching the matters committed to them, they entered upon the inrestigatioa at the first ses sion of the present Congress ia the belief that it was of the highest importance to the public int?r*4f ftfl w*ll Ma tn tha ur*r*rw**! that ?nmo definite result should be reached, and some action taken which shauld be regarded as fiual. In the 3oth Congress much time was expended by the Judiciary Committee in the investiga tion of the charges preferred, upon which Judge Watrous was heard in person and bj counsel before the committee, a large amount of testimony was taken, and the committe? were equally divided on the question of im peachmcut. The Hou?e. upon a consideratioi of the case, refused to adopt the resolution foi an impeachment. Upon the present investi gation the committee came to the conclusioi to proceed er parte, and they have accord ingly taken additional evidence only in sup {ort of the eharges against the accused. The] ave also considered before them the evidenci taken during the 3oth Corgress. and the r? ports made to the H>use thereon, to be foam in vol. 6 of the reports of committees of th< llou.-e of Representatives for 1857 and 1859 t::d their proceedings are more properly to b regarded as a continuation of tne former in vestigatien than as an entirely original one The additional evidence taken by the commit tee daring the present Congress, in respect i the charges upon which four members of th Juliciarj Committee af the 30th Cengres iMee>r? Chapman, Billingburat, Mile* Tajloi and George ri. Houston) recommended th adoption of a resolution of impaachment, cLm Dot oaatariallj change the faeu as they the appeared. But considerable evidence has bee produced shoving the connexion of Judg ?? Kiroui who transaction* 01 a cnaracter ur, fltting * judicial offio?r or an honest man, an which mar not only present an independec ground of misbehavior deserving impeash ment. bat tend* alto to shed light upon th nature of hi* association* and private interest and enable os the better to estimate the jud cial integrity of Judge Watrous. so far as it i called in question bj the memorials or the ev desN. In respeat to tha charges contained in th memorials of Jacob Mussina and Eliphas Spei cer. the committaa do not deamit essential 1 enter upon any discussion of th#evidence, bi onlj to express their entire concurrence in tt views thereof preaented in the report sign< by Messrs. Chapman, Billingharst, Taylor an Houston, of the Judiciary Committee of tl i Dirij-Bim vosgrwi, upon wnicn an unpeaoi iuent w?j? rocoin mended. and also to concur i the recommendation with which that repo ooncluded. in respeet to th? charges there ooi id* red The committee hare had before them on tl present occasion the memorial of Wm. Ale ander, a member of the legal profession and citisen of the State of Texas, in which it charged, among other thing*, that indiridus constituting a board of land commisaionera the then republic of Texas did, in violation law, wake and issue fraudulent certificat of head-rights te person* not entitled to tl ?ame, and to fictitious persons, to an amou of about 25 006 000 of seres ef land, and I means of fraudulent or forged aaeigumea Fold them in the market. This fraudule transaction baring become known to the Co great o? the Republic, virion* lawa were e -re 1 to obviate the eriU ariiing therefroi etxl to pasia* meh peraona n might attem to make the alleged fraud' end forgeri?* j-.-a.eaof gnin, ai.J among others, an act a },?MeU on the 6th of February, 1S40, eatitl An act to punish individual* oosc?ro?4 ripwi in >wi in "i ? w - j?f, or St Mcti per month. To mail ?u bsoribar* tbe price ia ?33) a rn;, m advanct; ft for MA months; 91 for threa month*; ud for Isas than three month* at the rate of 12 cent* a week. Single aopisa, om rE.fT; in wrappers* tw?j hsti, Tnr,ADr**Ti?K**^Ti aaould be sent to the oftoe before tf o'o.ock m.; otherwise they mar not appeal nntil the next day. What Sbcsssiox Mbaks.?Tbe very best pos sible arguments agalnat such action u that re sorted to by South Carolina on the 20th ultimo, are embraced in the debates of that day in ber Convention, wben tbe body set themselves to work to count the cost of their movement. BelAw we print n few choice extract* from their age rejections on that occasion, u follow*: Mr. Dunkin said: It 1* well known that If i twI p?aae* the bar of Charleston without the regular paper* signed by the collector of that port, tliat vessel is llalHe to be taken up in twenty min ute* as a vagrant or pirate No vessel would ven ture that peril Tu? collector knew thl* He didn't do it. [Resign hi* 17. S. commission ? F.d Stab ] ? * * People without bread won't bear reason; their patriotism is dead. Sir, next to br?ad, in our artificial state of society, is ltght. I don't mean the glorious light of heaven; I mean information ana intelligence Next to bread, people most have Information They must have light. If, sir. you suddenly withdraw this making, selling and locating fraudulent land oertifioataa," whereby it was provided that to be in any manner directly or indirectly con cerned in making, selling or locating any forged or fraudulent land certificates, knowing the same to be fraudulent, the person con victed should be punished by thirty-nine | lashes on the bare back, and imprisonment for not lea* than three nor more' than twelve months, in the dieeretion of the court; and it is charged that Judge Watrous, since his ap pointment to the office of district judge ftr the district or Texas, Etas violated me provisions of this statute and encouraged others in the violation thereof. In order to understand fully the nature of this charge, it is necessary to state in 1837. bj a general law of Texas, donations of land were made to those who had settled in the country previous to 1836, the date of her declaration of independence, giving to married men one league and to those unmarried one third of a league of laid , I nder this law it appears that boards of land commissioners were appointed, whose duty it was to investigate all claims in the government for head-right to lands, as they were oalled, and to grant certificates to such persons as should prove themselves entitled to the same. It seems that many of these boards of commissioners engaged in most extensive frauds, by granting large numbers of certifi cates to fictitious persons, and to persons not entitled to the same. These transactions be came open and notorious, and threatened se rious injury to the interests of the republio, and is order to guard against them so far as practicable, the law of 1840 before referred to was enacted, as well as othor laws, tending to accomplish the same object. It is auite obvi ous that if the immense number of fraudulent certificates put in circulation should be con firmed by surveys and patents, the whole of the vacant lands in the republio would soou have been absorbed John C- Wafrouj was appointed a federal judge in Texas on the 23th ot May, 1S41). soon .fka.k*. ?v,~ r? ? aiMi nuuii^iuu iuiy iud %j uiuu. 11 is a significant fact that his appointment wag very eareatly pressed by Jas. N Reynolds, a resi dent of >ew York city, who was then engaged with Judge Watrous, in organizing aoompany to deal in false land certificates, and who af terwards figured conspicuously in the business of the company thus organized. Other gentle men also interested in the same business strongly urged the appointment. A short time previous to his appointment as district judge of Texas, Judge Watreus was en?24??4 with cer tain parties in the city of New Vork, in organ mug it uoui|)ttoy ior specuiauon in muu certi ficates. It is entirely obvious also that it was designed to engage in the business of buying and locating land certificates known or be lieved to have been fraudulently issued. Judge Watroushad given an opinion as early as 1S44 or 1845, to the persons engaged in forming the company, that the title obtained upon fraudu lent certifiers would prove valid. During the year 1H40 the proposed company was organised under the name of " The Texas Land Emigration Company." In this coin Fany Judge Watroas had a largo interest, rior to its organization money for the pur chase of head-right certificates was raised [rom parlies in New York, which Mr. Jas. N. Rey nolds took to Texas, and with the aid of one J. G. Miller, a resident of that State, a large amount of fraudulent head-right certificates were obtained and brought to New York by Reynolds, and assigned to parties who had ad vauced the money. The company was then formed. In the distribution of the labor in carrying out the object of thin enterprise, Miner was purchasing agent, Reynolds was to superintend the locating, and, as litigation was anticipated. Judge Watrous was counsel; and each were interested in the company to the extent of one-sixth. It is clearly established that the certificates obtained by Miner were of the class known as fraudulent, and were pur chased at a very small price. It seems also that Miner undertook the process of manufac ture himself. Under the auspiccs of Judge Watrous, fictitious ouits were instituted in the district court of Texas, upon fraudulent certifi cates, and transferred to the Federal court of New Orleans for trial?the object being to ob tain a judicial determination in favor of cer tificates known to be forged, fictitious, and fraudulent The evidence connecting Judge Wetrous with all these transactions is of a most conclusive character, and the committee do 1 not deem it necessary to refer to it in detail. There is evidence also connecting Judge Wat /iMa ** J ? V? a* nnf <-. C a ?am amK nft i uuo nuu uiuci cuici yi ijvs ui a a<;uionuai niiu* iUr character in respect to land speculations in the State of Texas, and particularly with a company organized nt Louisville, Ky., known as the Peters Association or Colony, in nil of which he appears to have been a prominent and moving spirit. It appears to your committee quite unneces sary to enter upon any argument to show that a man engaged in such transactions, with such associates, resorting to the most unscrupulous means to render thsm successful, is unfit to hold a judicial office under the Qovernment of the United States. It is quite true that the operations of the land company in the purchase or manufacturing of fraudulent land certifi cates, knowing them to be such, and intending to procure them to be approved as valid, were not judicial acts, yet we think it clear that it is such " misbehavior" as gives jurisdiction by impeachment. It cannot be pretended that a person who deliberately sets about the viola tion of law for the purpose of gain is fit to ad minister justice to others. It might as well be said that a notorious felon wan a proper person to exercise judicial functions in the Federal court of Texas, and we do not perceive why, upon the evidence before us, Judge Watrous was not, with his associates, under the laws of Texas, liable to be taken from his judicial seat by the officers of justice and punished by thirty-nine lashes on his bare back, and also subjected to imprisonment for the period of twelve months. The fact also that Judge Watrous, knowing these certificates to be false, sought by his agency and inOuenoe to have them approved 1_ _ iL 1! J J! ? ! . oy me courts as vaim, msoiosea on nil pari I view of the administration of justioe quite in consistent with the idea that he, under ail eir cumstances. would exorcise judicial funetiom with puritj or impartiality. A judge who with associatee of a questionable oharaoter, fei purposes of private gain by the employment ol base means, uses the influence which bis posi lion necessarily gives him to procure courts ol jnstice to sanetion fraudulent and forged titlei to land, should be expelled from office. Tha Judge Watrous has been thus engaged, youi committee think the evidence clearly shows Thay therefore report to the House the evi dense taken by them, and recommend th< adoption of the following resolution : Resolved. That John C. Watrous, Unite* States district judge fer the eastern district o Texas, be impeached for high crimes and mis demeanors. Dk.isitt or thk Population or Pabis ? 8uc is the crowded state of the Paris thoroughfare tbat the during the year Ave thousand person have been wounded and seven hundred killed, b tbe vehicles of all kind* which fill the streets, an render the crossingof the latter almoat inipoaaibl to pedestrian*. The creation of undergroun railways, and of crossing brldgts for foot passer lien, Is proposed and will probably be decide upon. Mtstkkiocs Emsbzllkhxst 15 Iowa.?1 has been discovered that about 87,000 of the fan of Alamakee county, Iowa, are missing. Th recorder and treasurer, Kllas Tophlff, died aud denly, a short tlm{ since. It (a supposed tfc money was rm bet tied by some member of th family The offlcisl bona, or the estate alone, amply tulBcient to protect tbe county. mojkt mattmb ik N>? Yobk?Tbe Ne' York Kxnreaa of last evening savs 8*les of 12 rx cent Treasury notea have been made thi? aft? nooa at 2 per rent preoriuin, at wblch tbey ai ttrmlv bel?. Money t?nd? toward lower rates c commercial paper. We quote9*12 far brat name and hc? of a ijae paaaed oiucL under 0 par wit GAS FITTING, &c. pLUMBERS AND GAB FITTERS J. W. THOMPSON A CO. 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HK BF.i?T KIND OP P&E8JBNT8!?N?f _ __ pno?? from f3S to i WOOD AND COAL, TO THK PUBLIC! GO WHERE YOU C A N GKT YOUR MONEY'S WORTH OTTRY IT! PROVE~IT! KNOW IT!^n TRY WHA T ? ^T7htha PIONEER MILLS,*cd buj your rtiUVE WHAT? fry Prove that yon oan cet your WOOD there o' ?aper than eisewhere in the city ; and then yon Wl KNOW WHAT? ITT* Know that you *et GOOD MEASURE and the very beet of WOOD for lees money. Cot Split. AM) Dxli vxxid Fill or Chars*. Call at thx PIONEER MILLS! SIGN OF THE BLUE FLAO-STAFF. Bocthwkst Coknib Sxvxhth St. and Camal f (South of the Bridie.)" no 19 GEORGE PAGE. A>wt. WOOD AND COAL Delivered to ail parti of the oity, at the lowest possible rate*. T. J. & W. M. GALT, Offioe 398 Pa. ar., between 11th and 13th sU.. ma 17-tf north aide. I ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing of the Roval Havana Lot wry, oonunoiea oj me Spanish ttorernrr.ent. nndet the uHmiiitn of the Captain Seaeral *tl Cab*, vUl take piaoe at Havana on FRIDAY. JmilT 4. 1C61. SORTBO ItUMEKO 648 ORDINA&IO. CAPITAL PRIZE 9100,000. ? pnaes o I #1 m do *> 169 do ** aoapprox. . .. . 8J"*" 1 prtie of ?100,000 I do ?,?*> 1 do *>,(**> i do *?^no 1 do lo,oon tN ALL 398 PRI7.KS. Who.eTiofcote, Jio-Hn.rM, 810? Quarter*. S9. trizea cashed at nifht at S ?or coot, dmoount. ills on al! #o'Yent Bank* takes at f>*r. A drawing will he forwarded aa aoon aa the reaalt beoumea known. All orders for icheraea or ticket* to l>e addr**?ec lo DON RODRIGUEZ. do 17 tr fia^eofCitT Po?t. <*bar!*nton. *. < . r?.. r.M u.? ?? Jfwnzz any Irritation or of the Throat, Relitre th4 1/nricin.K Couth tn Conswmr tion, fironrh'tis, A.-hmo, | Catarrh. CUar and gift ftrrntth ta the roic? of PUBLIC SPEAKERS *-?D SINGERS. Few are aware of the importance of oheckinr a Coiuhor "Common in its atace; that which in the beginm; would yield to a mita reme dy, if negleoted. soon attack* the Lunia. Bronchial Trnthft" containing 'emuTcentinnreai enta, allay Pulmonary and Bionehiai Irritition. ! "That trouble in my Throat, (for BROWN'S whioh the "Trochc?*' are Bpecifio) having made me often a mere whie TROCHES perer." N.P.WILLIS. rrowN's " I reoominend their nee to PrsLic Dft ? SPIA*KE8. TROCHES REV, E. H. CHAPIN. "Great service in auMuing Ho*b-k BROWN'S nbm." REV. DANIEL WlffE. TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN': TROCHES BROWN'S inoiiiri rfiw in mo ai* tressing !ab'-r uf breathing peculiar to A?t nun." KKV. A. C. EGOI.ESTON. " Contain do Opium or anything injurious." DR A.A HA*ES, Ckemitt, Boston. " A timple and pleanar.t combina tion for Cough*. 4.V DR. (J. F. BIOELOW, Boston. " BeneSoia! in Bbojwhitu." DR. J. F. W. LANE, Ahim. " I have pro red them exoellent for WHoprifie Cocoh." KfcV. H. W. WARREN. Boston. " Benefioia'. when ooir.p?lied to Pdak, fuMerin* from Cold." ftEV. S.J. P. ANDERSON, St. Lo*i$. " Er?Krrc4L in removing Hoarse new and Irritation of 'h? Throat, so oommon with JMkakir? and Si!?8 IEI " TROCHES Prof M.STACY JOHNSON, La Urnif, Go. BROWN'S Teacher of Musio.SutUern Female College. TROCHES "Great benefit when taken before and after preaching, as the? prevent BROWN'S Hoarseness. From their paat effect, 11 think they will be of penn%nent ad TROCHES vantage to me." REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S President of Athens College, Team TROCHES ^So]d&7aU DruggistsatJTWFN de 1 It IVE CENTS A BOX .Gl PROF, ft OOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AND BLOOD EENOVATEE la precisely what its name indicates, for, whit* pleasant to the taste, it is revivifj ing, exhilarating, invigorating and stren th? ;ing to the i ita powers, and at t?e nine time ravivihes, roinsiates, am r? news the Blood iu a 1 its original pn-ity, and thua at once restore* and rewlers the systrm inrulntrahlt to attacks of dtteas*. It it til - on'jr prepvation over (jtJrreu to the world, so ohainio&ily and skill fully combined as to be toe moat powerful *0010, aud at the aame time ao perfectly adapted to, as to act in perfeot acoordanoe with the law* of Datura, and hence will soothe the %c.akrst stomach, and tone up the digestive organs, and t.'iu* allay ail n?r voaa and other irritation, it is perfectly exhiiara ting and at the aame time it is Of imposed entirely cf vegetables, vet so combined as to produoe the most thorough tonic effect, without producing any in jurious consequences. Snoh a remedy has lore l>een felt to be a desideratum in the medioal wMd, for it ne?ds no medical sk II to see that debility llows all attacks of disease, and proceed ar d in deed lays the sy?tt>m open to th? insidious a'taeks ot ???any of the most fatal, suoh, for example, as the following: Consuinption, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, oss of Appetite, Faintneea, Nervous Irritability, Beura gia, Palpitation of the heart, Meianouoiy, ight sweats, I .an g or, Giddiness, Retention ol. aa well as Painful obstructed, too profuse, or too sent Menstruation, and Fat'.inr of the Womb. These all depend upon general debility. This pure, healthy tonie Cordiai and B'ood Reaovator i? as ?* : - * j 4 ipu._ inr* 10 core h <n? nun ii to r'pn ?nu in. m-mn no mivtaks about it . Hut this ia not all If the system is weakened we are open to bilioti* at tacks, the hver becomes lorpid, or worse diseased, the kidneys refuge to perform their funotiona, and we are troubled with scalding and moontinei oe of nrine, or involuntary disccarge of the aame, pain in the back, aide and betwcn the shouUlers ?*x oeedingly liablo to alight colds, coughs. end >f an oheckea, Boon emaciation follows, and the patient com down to a premature grave, iiui soace will not allow ua to enumerate the many ills to which we are liable inaweeJctfned condition of the system. But we will say in this Cordial and Blood Renova tor yon have a perfect, aafp, pleasant and cffectua remedy for loss of Appetite, biliousness. Flatu lenoe, weak and nick Stomach. Langour, l.iver Complaint, Chills and Fever,or any II Hon (attack Cot tiveness. Acidity ofthe St maoo, Nervousness? Nenralgia, Palpitation of the Heart, Depression of Spirits, sores. Pimples on the Face, or any dis ease arising from impure blood, auch as Scrofula, Krysipelas, ilrnnohilis, Conch,diffioulty of Breath ing, and all that olaaa of diseases oal ed female weakness, and enumerated above.' We witlalso Bay the traveler exposed t?> epid*roioa, change of oliinate and water, will find it a pleasant, safe And aure rexody, and no one should ever travel with out. Ke*d -r. try it, for we assure vou you will find in ita fiiend ind we!) as a trend in need. All persons of sedeutary habit* will find ita pe IW3i yr?T?aiivn ui, u won u nun iui invrn > menu which tney are particularly exposed HenoJ minister*. students, attorneys, lltemr* gentlemen, and ladies who are not aooust m?d to much out door exercise, will find it to their advantage to kees a bottle conetantly on hand; and above a>l mothers, or tl.ose oeoomir c such, wilt co through that most dangerous period n?>t onlr with ail their aoousromed strength, bat safe ana free from the thousand ailments so prevalent among the female portion of the woild. In short, is lolwsi a mother a cordial. Try it old and yonus; no to ger ran the risk of delay; it will relieve and prove itself emphat ically a Restorative Cordial and Blood Rtnevmimr. O. J. WOOD. propri?*tor, 444 tfn>a4#ay, New York, and 114 Afatket Street. St. Louis, Mo., and sotd by all food Druggists. Prioe One Dollar per Bottle. PROP. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL BLOOD R*i"k0VAT0R. V. IV BSia in mis ouy dj v>. e ivi r, * > r*. ivrnae au 30-aoly.aJW or >rt is*. 8T8 Pa. the only plaoe in the oitj where mora H(*r> delivered in the city and Georgetown immediately oa the arrival of the trains. All th< Monthly aad Weekly Payreand Magazine*. No* ^?Krian?^^iaB52.t is* k -a. r or ?; 3 n?, a. A PKW P1NB PIANOS POR RENT BY AP ^'Susa^E^ rio w p'lfeu'Wf1 Ti 7 CLOTIIIXG, &c. A ORKATATTRITION! 'VuRAND KL'SH FOR SEVENTH STREET! All Stop at S M I T H ' S , No. 400 SEVEN TH STREET. "Go tkou and do liktttitt w Such was the language ?"*< h* ft gentlem%n who had received some of oar groat t arg aina ) 1 have ju?t returned from the North vitti a very area itook of CL ?THfNO, FURNISHING 30OD9, HATS and CAPS, boaght for oaah at two ihirdt their net ooat.and which 1 will tell at a ??nall tdvanoe. You can Uu? a good Overcoat from S3 to J7, a very fine on* from ? lo to 915, Cape Ovsrccat rom ? to $15, Boy's Overcoat And Cape Coal rom & S V) to Aft Also. SHIRT!*, UNDKR -GAR.MENTs*. UM BRELLAS. SCARFS SHAW I.*, COLLARS, flES, GLOVES, and all kinds of Genta' Wearing \PParel. at astonishingly lev prices fry A word to those that want to purchase: Having bought these good* at very low price*. I am confident that you can aave 25 per o*>bt. baying "rotn me. N- II SERVANTS' CLOTHING In abundance. Don't forget to oal I at the Pe<-p e'* Clothing Store, No. 460 Sev?nth street, tiefore purcha?ingy?'M irhere. and satisfy you'eelvea that ve are < airing bargaics. J. H SMITH. Clothie<\ le 14-lm No- 460 Seventh St.. opp. Po*t Office. PKNTLEMKN'S I* REVDY MADE CLOTHING. Onr present assortment of GENTLEMEN'S READY-MADE CLOTHING offers to oitia?na ind strangers wishing an immediate oat fit ?upe nor induoemonts, embracing, at this time, all ?ty lee and qualities of I>rees and Buainese Gar ments and Overcoats in ail vari-ti?s. Fine Shirts ind lJnder-o!othmg oS all kinda. Kid and other txiovea of beat q<i?ity. Scarfs, Ties, Cravat*. 3to?k*, Hosiery. Aa.. ?o. All of vhioh we are offering at <?nr usual iotr prices. ICT" Clothing m\det:j order m th? most superior manner. WALL, STEPHENS 4t CO.. no 16-tf 3'2'i Pa. avenue. CJ R EAT BARGAINS Offkrep at the PEOPLE'S CLoTHIHG STORE. No. 460 Seventh Sikeet. CLOTHING, lmid viauivn i:/i/\na r t ivnicni^u u HATS and CAPS, At 20 Per Cist. Lf** tuam the I'scal Rate*. At CMITH'8, No. 460 Sgrrntk Str-rt. N. B-All in wait of CLOTH IMG and FUR nishing GOODS wi'l ficil it greatly to their ad ran t*c? to give me a call. de7 Im j. Ii. SMITH. Clothier. W MERCHANT TAILOHING. E Invite oar c??to?er?,and citizen! general ly, to an inspec'ion of onr present new, at _ tractive, and e'etRnt Mnortxn- nt CLOTHS. CA9SI.Ml-.RK9, poeskins, vfcstings, OVERCOATIN6S, Ac. W which we will in&ke to order in uperior^"*' style at verr low prices. WALL. STEPHENS A CO oc 25 tf 322 Pa. av.. betw. 9th and 10th st?. Read the following from the weli known Captain of the fcteamer Fulton : New Orlkak*, 3d ?.ct. 1W. Dr. J. C. Avft, Lowell.?-ir: I am urged l.y my Wile to report to y<>u a curs your Sarraparila has made in our family, *nd a* it is the only *m in which oau make tou any acknowledgement ol our gratification. 1 will procecd t> ?t*te M y little on, eleven year* old, has had Set fuia torrn on liia Aire n?rlr an<! Anna f ?r ? vA * An - m I' K*? a much of Ite time vary distressing. ar d we feired they would kill him. At first a swelling would ap pear, then it ?on.<l l>r*ak and make a tunning sore, which would cot Lea!. They became very io*'h son-and often pan fal; they at-pped bia growth and se emed tc uj.deunir.e lus li**!*h. m> that he be oain? feeble and erokty. We tried Phrsirians -.tid Medicines, but they did no good. A clergyman in our aeuiiborh'Htd, who had seen some rema. kahle , oures by four Cberr* Pectoral, advised us to try yon- >ar.<apanila, and w? d.d. The ama'leat aorea ahowed symptnma of hea iqk in about two weeks; in two more they had healed, and in two months tli>ohi:d?MU*?llw nuMr- He now fnjoji perf-ct heal'h, with no remnant of the disorder about him that we oan discover. If yon. air. are a parent, you may well b?Ueve that weatal! not aoon target you. Very truly > your humble aervant, Jjio. W Batx*. Prepared by DR. J.C. AYER A CO., Lowell. Mass. de21 eolm HOYT'I Hiawatha llalr Restorative la warranted in every matanoe to Ristoek Ukat Hair to its Oeioixal Coloe. It has been applied IN THOUSANDS UF CA8FS In the priR~ipal mtiea of New England, and HAS NOT FAILED in a single ica<ano# to ao oorupli'h all that la claimed for it. No Hair is so Uray o' Red but the HIA W ATHA will ohaiite it to a beautiful life like Brown and black. It is not an instantaneous dye whieh orooks. tin lite and gives & dead hlaok color to the hair; the patient havnx to submit to soaping, wash n* and spongin* of toe hair every time t it applied; nor is it it preparation ol sulphur, sugar of lead, 4o., nor of ?nv ingredients d-Iet-rinns to the heir of akin. It is an article requiring waah lag before ? r altar uan a. it la applied iu five miu ut'? time, and with aalitt'e trouble aaany ord*r.ary aitic'.e for the toilet "I'eopie who have nsed thia preparation declare It la rairaculooa in it? rtf>eta, and that it wiil per forin all that it pretend* to do ballon'i Pielorial. "lit rucoora wonderful, and we oan only aay we i-d?r*e ail the proprietor aaya in regard to it."? Boston Journal. , "We observe, by a notice in a Boston paper, that a premium wa^ awarded bv tne Massachusetts Me chanics' Chanta e their lit- Fair, Boston, to .Mr Joseph Ho't of this city, for hia c-*l?b!ated 'Hiawatha Hair Restorative,' an artiole whioh richly merited thia favor It was for ita tu pern>r menta in thia reapeot that the Coirmittee, af ter mfficiont evidence presented to th?mse ves, awarled to Mr. Hoyt this flittering testimonial "? Provident* Evening Post rv%Mi in v> asnincion uy j. d v_i?* *, Ktdwel) A lAwr#iiO? D. *} Ri Jco.PT. In George town l?y J, L. Kid well, led by Driugists cenerally. da 18 tin WATCH REPAIRING ANDSILVER WARE W MANUFACTORY. I have one of the l>est establishments, and fur nished with a complete set of tool* tor repair- JK inc every d>'*0'iption of fine Watches, and Particular attention give to the earoe. by NBMS liorouch competent worn man .and a. work cuariin tied Al-o, every descnp ion of standard SILVER WARE. p!a n and ornamental, manufactured under my own aupervision, which my customer* will find far superior in quality and finish to northern ware old by dealers in general and represented as their own inanufacturfl. H. O HOOD, ?e 6 33S Pa. avenue, near 9th at. PURE OLD RYE WHISKY FOU MEDI CINAL USE. Prict #3 ftr gallon or 50 c?sll ft* bottl*. The vast home and foreifn demand we hay* for this artieie sufficiently attests its parity and ezeel lenoA. Moreover it may be mentioned in this con nexion that many invalids of delicate organization, unable to use whiaky of other brands, have foand the ar>pve moet emcacioii* and happy in its effeen. A liberal discount on the above prices made to tlietrade. m EDWARD HALL. DVfeler in fine Wine* and Lienors, Family Groceriee. Ao .opp. Center Market, oo ?7-fo20t between nh and 8th streets. ?J2 GUTTA PERCHJ^PAINT AND HAMILTON, BRO. * CCJ^S, No 512 SiVEHTH St., it the plaoa to find the oeieurated Gotta Perch* Roofing and Paint Also, a general assortment ol House Paint.og Material#. Painting in all its branches executed with dis patch ana on rwaeo-able terms. Mixed Paints al ways on hand and for sale, wi'h bucket and brust to loan free of charge A'l orders left st the stor? for Old Glazing or Job Work of any kind will b? promptly attended to. no?? lH-a.PLTTY 18 DOWN.?>18 Huwt'a IMPROVED WEIGHING SCALES These Soaies are oflerad to Che sabhe as th< most simpie, durable, and reliable toaiee ever jut ii Ei. First olass preuium* have been *wardec ihea the United Btates Fair and Virginia Ag ienltara :i?ty; Virginia State Agruu'taral Fair; Frankiu Institute Fair, Pennsylvania; New York State Fa.r Vermont State Fair, A a., Ao. In ev?ry case when xhiUted they nave reoeivad first olass preraiaini For sa e at Is Louisiana avenue. Depot of Siller' Chil.ed Iron Safes. delkOv E' C. PATTISON. Agewt. W TRAVELING TRUNKS. K Have just received the largest assortmer and bow offer the most extensive vftrirtjnrn of SOLE LEATHER, LADIES' DRES&RHV and PACKING TRiWKS.HAT BOX' S,*1** VAI-ISES, CARfKT BAGS. SATCHELS, An in this city, which we are sell cg at very loi prices. WALL. STEPHENS A CO . n?? tf _ *92 P?. fcvnw. SALTS' WGALTS? O O D A W P O O A OFFICE. S89 Pa. At., Bnw. 11th aks ISm Mill and Whftrf foal ofSe^'nteertfc ?V, wt *f h4ow w?r fVMrtmonl v?.wON SINGER, * ? KING A BCRCHELL xY FRENCH k RIcnSTEiN'S, No ?Tl t ivwui N?w Book*? Cotton is Kiag, l*r?? ?*? Library ihMt, pnoa #6. by mul: Partoa'a > Jw:k?j.a,S*oJ?.e!oth, >no* ?s Vy imi ; Ow!? M UMr Ibwiob, llao. oloth, pno? 01 I M*n. Til* ?Ntl h**Ty diaooant kitm la Mi bowwl bwoks. 49# THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. ringi* oopr, par ubib. PIT* OOf 16* .. ? It laimnftbly oonfema 0m " Wukiitftoi N?v?" that bu mmd* TV Dtu'i Imux Sm <tiiHH ao f?B*r^ly throatboat tha ooutrr. v GT'Bintl* oopiMda vmnn1 o*a b* prwwX t the ooanter, la??i>tii? Alter Um imm ?f Um Pno*~TH REE CENTS FOR SALE AND RENT. 1?OR RKNT OR LKA?E FOR A TERM OP YEAR?-Tb? HOL'tfK tad QROl'NDd l*te<r uoen?i*l by PoataHitar Gmw?. B-own, an4 rmrj r*o*ntly held by Mrt. m a ftau* For further information ?rr ? to CHAS ABERT. THOMAS LAWSON. da 4-eotf Soryeon GmwJ I . B. Ar?y. CH>R RENT, in the Firat Ward?three " *ni of the Wm Uirvtinwl-4 nwll OF FICK. with back room, or the former m*i mi?w for a shoe: and Parlors an 1 Chambers, separate, or auits ot Koomi. furnistied or unfuraiahed ; cloee to the Are? ue. Inquire at this ofice. de 3 2tawtf POR RKN'T-A desirable and vail located Int r class RESIDENCE. No. 4S* o* Sixth .treat, between i> and E >U. The hoeae is famished with all the modern improvements. Apply to THOV AS PARKF.R. ne M-eotf FOR RENT-The tine BRIOK HOUSE No. 100 Wert at., Georgetown, at preeeat ooee pied by the subscriber. I\ has it rooms, with pee M. i water throughout. a tae yard, ?a|iM Ae , and la in atood nei^mrhood. Apply to J AS. A. M A 6RUPER. oe ? tf IT'OR RENT?A three story brick HOUSE,oen r taininf 8 rooms. In good order, with (ae fix tures complete, on H at'oet, between 4th and Mil. Alao, a two-story brick COTTAttK, with tarte yard attached, corner of F street north an 114th at. east. To punotuai and reliable tenants the terms wi 1 he moderate. Apply A 446 Twelfth street, a e _ J ?( www nnwwn it >3Q n. nn ?a-u OR RENT.-fw? new three-atory BRICK with back banUirifa, Mob hore* F contvnirMt rootna, with can. pieaaantly aitaatod on ??*i street north, between M and N atreeta . rent moderate. App!? to J?. LAZKNBY. opp.Mite.or to JOHN T. LF.NMAN. Ohio tuct*. between l?th End 13th atreeta. no fr?OR rknt-Tlii FIRST FLOOR ofthebniWh iDf iminediat?ir cppoa.te the weat witi of the ity Hal.,reoent!y oocnpied by Chaa. t*. wailach aa an off-cv Alao the front rtv>? in the ae??>rxJ atorr aa<l the third ioor of the aama boiidin*. For terma appy to RICHARD W ALLACH, No. Louiaiana >wnia i> H tf EDUCATIONAL^ T female education. HOSF. Parent" who wiah their OMifhtera to r? oeive a thocnngh and ayatOfnaUe eduoation. where their phywcai training will reoeivedailt and aaectal attention, under the moat approved aretem of Calia theme* and Gvmnaatica. are reapeotftaliy invited to nait the Union Female Anadeay, corner Fonr teenth at. and New York a v. MR. It MR?. Z. RICHARD*, an an-tf _ a I7EMALE BOARDING and DAY SCHOOL ALEXAMIH1A. TA. Mra. {*. J. McOORMICK. PmiitriraL. Th? ihirtMntii Annual miimn of this I natitflvfirifll will corniueuce on Tue?d*y. September Wtlu *0 the hjiui?> recently occupied by Hylvettei SootL, Esq-. No. 1"*0 Kin( street. The course uf stud7 pursued will comprise ail the branches requisite to a thorough F.nclish Kdu nation, tod Alu tic, Firaeh, I At id ud Drawing, il d mi red. In addition to day Mho'.ar?. Mre. MoOrmtcfc i? prepared to receive a limited number of pupil* aa boa-Tiers, who. constituting a part of her owra fam iljy.will be under tier immediate oare and superri ion. t?i?e will endeavor. m tar a* possible. to enr round them with tiie comfortsand kind!? mllieiMi of Home. _ Bev. Geo. H. Norton. Rer, D'. Kltaa Harrison, Re*. D F. Sprigg, Wuliaa M. Fowie. Esq., F.d?:ar Snowdon, Km.. Edaiund F W it me* Esq., Henry Msrbury, Esq., Lewis MeKemie Esq., Robert H. Hanion, K?q . Vf. D Editor Evening Star, B-njaiuin Waters, Kaq..Jae Ei.twisif, Ji.. F ha..Co., John W.Minor, Losii'>un Messrs. BiteKluck 4. Marsha... Messrs Co* Brothers. Tom. _ _ . . Board, with Tuition in a Jl the Knclish O-aeohee. #2i?' for t he annual session?payable semi -aaaaaiiy, in uKuce. Music and Languages at Professors' pnona. H7" No extra ohargee. an M-tt nUVTl BTPV mj a. mjkj m. n m. M teeth. . LOOM I f, M Dm the i n rantor and p?t*ntM of the MINKKAL PLATK TEKTH. U tenia poraoiia^y at hn oftoe lnthucityl M?r.? person* oan wfir theae teeth who oannot w?r other*, and no paraon ou ?f?r oUiiri who ounut wear theae. Perenna oaJlicc at mj off. oa oan bearo^rrmodato^ witii anr atj-leaud prioaof Teetb Ihey may do*ire, bat to those wbo are p \rtio?lar and wish the pnreaC aleaneat, atroiifeat, and moat perfect doctara that art oati prodnee. the MINERAL PLATE Will W more folly warranted. Room* in this city?No. 33* Pa av*?ae, Setweea 9th and loth ats. Also, 907 A rob tract. Philadat phia. oo IS P D DENTAL CARD. R. MUN#ON Haa retarn?>a and reel profession. Oftoe and hoase at 463 E at. laird door east of Siitii In addition t, orery o'her approved style. Dr. M. haa aet teeth on ruloanite Base for the last three year* and, from experience, knows it exoe.s all others, ard ia one-third lees in pnee than gold. Hn old rtrona of Washington, Alexandria, and Oeorce wn are respectfully soxoiied to oa !. an ? eoly CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. * ' D Str**t, infWM? Hk mmd IM Strut, W? bare >uat finiaked * bu mber of krwt oiaaa CAR R1 AG f.S, aueh M Light Pans*t I??? ?*, Pmrk Pkmt0?s. Pmmti?r for rxam, amd Buttt??, which we will Mli at a ver' etna!! profit. Beinc praenoal moohanioa is different bra of the bnaineea, we flatter onraelTeb that we kaol the atyloa and qoant^ of work that will fire eatif faction, combicmf Iff htneea, oomfort and darabili ty Repairing promptir and earefully the ahorteel nctioe aid moet reanonabe o WALTER, KARMANN A Cooc.'.maiera, auoooeaora to Wm. ay r-dly T CARRIAGES. E Babaoriber h?nr.c addltteaa k? kl ?ry, makins it bow one 01 the li * i D-strict, where hia frcilitu la the Diatrict, where hia facilitiee Wnctaetarina CARR] AGK A L!6 AGONSor all kinds cat cot be i Nn nil Ion* exr?rwnoaid the tc?.L?ea,kea te [ t? general aaualaetiOB. Alt kinda of CarmcM aad Ufkt W kan".. The the THE INSURANCE COMPANY INSI RaScK COMPANY LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY FIRE OF VIRGINIA O^ VIRGINIA OF VIRGINIA THE IfaTI of THE STATE MARINE nrarra t Iom or by |r? i _ BST" u'~ Offioo?Room 16 over Buk ofwubTi^MLli *? IG. O. DEMUTH * CO.. MPORTERS And WkolMliud R*UiI DmI era . c HAVANA CIGAR*, QINB. #c* foheiox witraa, brandies. 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