Newspaper of Evening Star, January 5, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 5, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: SATURDAY Jaaury 5. 1941. Spirit *r tk( PrfH The Constitution of yesterday srunes in favor of Ute withdrawn 1 of Government troops from seceding State* and the surrendering of Govern ment property, arsenals, forts, Ac., to aaid States, as tending to the maintenance of peace. The Plates, nyt the Constitution, Will not allow their own forte to be turned against tbem ; and tbe General Government will have no need of forta In districts over wblcb It baa no longer jurisdic tion* Tbe Inttll'g-ncer thinks any advice given to the people of tbe Border States, in diaauaaion from tbe policy ~>f precipitate disunion, if j to ttrding from tht ?eet?$*on>stt thtmstirtt, abould certainly be heeded by tbe former, aince it has tbe merit of being disinterested, and quotee from the Charleston Mtreury to tbe effect that the cotton States have no right to call upon the border alare States to bear the brunt of tbe battle; that it "ia rain and cowardly for States further South to look to tbe frintlsr States, surrounded as they are bv attachments to tbe Union, and obstacles In tbe way of lta disruption by them, to lead the South in the recovery of Its independence " The C0nttiiutton and Intelligtnctr do not ap pear thla morning. Datlight Bkkaki5g?The Committee on the part of the border States, Mr. Crittenden, chair man, held Its second meeting last night, and at 12 o'clock adopted the following propositions : Recommending a repeal of all personal liberty bills. An efficient amendl ng of the fugitive slave 1 aw, preventing kidnapping, equalizing commission er's fees, S.c. That the Constitution be so amended as to pro hibit any interference with slavery in any of the States. That Congress shall not abolish slavery In the dock yards, &? ., nor in the District of Columbia, without ronsent of .Maryland, and the consent of the Inhabitants of the District, nor without com pensation. That Contrri>Cfl tksll nnt 1 ntovfaro I State slave trade. That there shall be a perpetual prohibition of the African slave trade. That the line of 36:JO shall be run through all the existing territory of the United States, and in all north of that line slavery shall be prohibited; south of that line neither Congress nor territorial legislature shall hereafter pass any law abolish ing, prohlbing, or in anymanner interfering with African slavery; and when any territory, contain ing sufficient population for one member of Con gress in any area ot fiO.OUl) sruare miles. shall ap ply for admission as a State,' It shall be admitted with or without slavery as Its constitution may determine The Committee represented at its meeting Mary land, Virginia, Missouri, North Carolina, Texas. Kentucky, Ohio, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Dela ware, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, and New Jert?y This report was agreed to under circumstances* leading to the hope that It will be accepted by overwhelming majorities of all the ru?rt!*.? tntn which Congreu is divided If such be the result the public may regard the whole trouble to have b?en settled by it. It will, of course, be opposed by extreme men North and South. But no settle ment that promises to save the Union will suit the end* the former aim to work out; while nothing will be sanctioned that does look to try ing the issue of civil war, by those of both Houses, who forgetting that Lincoln is emphati cally a minority President, are insanely bent on essaying to carrying out irrepressible conflictism in the Government in times like the present. Th* Isto*ixo Cabinet ?It is now known that Mr Edward Data, of St Louis, It to be a mem ber of President Lincoln'* cabinet, and also that the Secretaryship of the Treasury baa been cflered to Senator Cameron, of Pa It la to be boped that the lattet may aee flt to accept the position, not only because no other member of hla party la better fljted to discharge Its Immediate duties, hut be cause be Is well known to sll who know the an tecedents of the public men of the times, as being eminently conservative upon the slavery question. He Is a gentleman of proverbial sagacity and great energy and fore* of cbsracter, and the fact that he haa been Invited to become a member of the new administration will do much to asaure the South that it will not prove ultra upon the slavery question, we may not inappropriately add, here, that a strong desire that Mr. Schuyler Colfax, of Indiana, shall ajso be in the new cabinet is b?ing manifested here just noVr by conservative men of all parties, not only because he is known to be eminently competent, but also because It is wel1 known that his counsels, also, may always be re lied on to be directed earnestly to the work of re storing harmony between the at present so deplora bly divided and distracted adverse sections of the Confederacy. Til* PlOOKKSS OF THE W** Of Sl?CTH CARO LINA vs. the Uhioh.?The following are tbe conquests. k.c , of South Carolina, achieved in ten diys: 1st. Castle Pinckney, taken by storm. 2d Fort Moultrie; captured. 3d. The U. ? A'senal In Charleston; seized 4th. The U. S Custom-house and Post Office In Charleston; seised. 6th. The U . 8 revenue cutter brig Aiken, t ken 6th New fortifications raised on Sullivan's Island and Johnson's Island. 7th. Major Ai.derson besieged in Fort Sumter, ftb. One thousand negro slaves brought into service raising fortifications to capture Major Anderson. 9th The commander of the slaver Bonita taken violently from the custody of the authority of ths I'nited Stat-s To this we may add the seizure of tbe U. S forta in Georgia, and probably in North Caro lina. I* th:? "peaceful, constitutional secessions Or la It 11MID BIBXLLlOfl A.NO opsm war AGAIN*! t?b Uhitbd Statrs ' Tb* North Carolina Forts ?Fort Johnson, rear the mouth of the Cape Fear river, is, next to Fortress Monroe, the best appointed United State* fortification on tbe Southern Atlantic coast, while fort Macon, near Ntwbern, commands tbe best harbor on the Southern Atlantic coast south of Norfolk, Va It seems to be understood that Mr. Wm S Ashe (formerly in Congress) istcmana^e on the part of the revolutionists the work of wrest ing Fort Johnson fr?n. ?1 i.uuru Gov. Ellis, according to the on dit In disunion circles here, decline* pretending to author!re the act as an official one of the State, but la willing to wink at the execution of the purpose arranged here, which Mr. Aahs Is expected to carry out. A. ia ene of the moat rampant dlaunlonlita m tbe Soutb. and waa here not long since, and when here waa doubtless in close communion with the secret council in the Federal Metropolis who are seek ing to achieve "peaceful and constitutional seces sion" by armed rebellion?flagrant war on the 1'nitrd States in States that do not pretend to have seeded Tbi RirrsLicAS-PABTt Carers, in session yesterday (Mr. Howard of Michigan in the chair), conducted their proceeding ? B. ~i>u uvon, win dow*. Ac , hermetically emied, na it were. Nevertheless, It to known that after a long, gen eral and somewhat ttcrmy debate upon the duty of the party In Congress In view of the state of the times, they adjourned without taking a rote, until nooa to-day, that they might then have before them the report of the Border State Committeei elsewhere explained In to-day's Star. Moll extbaobdixaby Acts or "Pbackfcl ahd Corstitctional Sbci**iob !"?Thl* morn ing the War Department received by telegraph positive Information that yeaterday three compa nies claiming to be State troops, left Mobile to take possession of Fort* Gslnes snd Morgan, In the name of Alabama; and also, that iso men yesterday seized the U S. Arsenal at Mount Vernon, Ala., by order of the Governor of the State. Tn Dmtbict or Columbia Militia.?Th? >t >r uvpuuunt arc bow puiblng the orgialu tloa of tfae mill tie of thla District with energy Thu? to-day tbe commiaalona of all the new com pany oflcera, fee., will be algned and aent to the peraoaa appointed, who will to-iaorrow or next day promptly commence the dlacharge of their r?a pec tire dutlea under them. ?ii??i Who has Violatsd Plkdoss??Until alnee Major Anderaon'a movement!, the a?*ceaa!onlats bare not pretended that the President wa? under any other pledge than not to aend reinforcementa to tbe forta at Charleaton. Tbera waa not a whisper indicating that the troops already there were not to occupy any one or all of the forta at tbe option of their cominandf r It waa thought by thouaands more than enough that tb? Uovern" ment ahould be deterred from takinir atrna to strengthen iU own forU and protect its own prop erty, by tbe threats of men whose palpable object was to seize both by force, If not peaceably sur rendered to their, but even the secedera them selves did not require a pledge that the troops already there should remain in Fort Moultrie. The President, therefore, violated no pledge, if any bnd been given, by sanctioning Major Ander son's movement. But how is it with the secessionists* They were under a pledge not to molest the forts If no reinforcements were sent. None were sent; and yet they seized Fort Moult(le nnd Castle PSnck ney, even without waiting to hear whether the President approved Major Anderson's movement or not: No reinforcements have since been sent; and yet they have seized the custom-house, tbe pott office, a revenue cutter, and the arsenal, with, it is aaid. seventy thousand stand* of arm*! Surely, if the President erer was under any pledge not to reinforce the troops In Chariestou harbor, he is relieved from it by their outrages. Amos Kimball's Lvttkk* on Secession.?In response to numerous calls upon us for a new edi tion of the able Letters of Amos Kendall upon Secession, published in this paper, we notify the public that we are preparing to print the whole of them in a singl* extra number of the Wxxkly (Dollar) Star. We shall print no more copies of the extra number, than may be ordered (and paid for when ordered) at the Siar'i counter, or by letter The price will be 3 cents per copy; 50 per hundred copies; or f'JO per thousand copies; and in proportion for any other numbers; each copy to be done up In a wrapper for mailing, if 10 re quested We will keep our book open to receive order* for them until Tuesday next, after which thne the extra will go to press. Thus, those ouly can get them who may send in their orders, with the money, between now and Tuesday evening next. They will be worth their weight in gold in bringing about in North, South, hast and West, the heblthy state of public sentiment so absolutely necessary, now, for the preservation of the Union. To THE FLAMTERk OF VlF<JI5IA A SB MARY LAND?We call their attention to the fact tele graphed from Charleston that one thousand negroes are working on the fortifications under the com mand of the revolutionary authorities of South Carolina Are you prepared to precipitate a revolution that thus bringa negro slaves in the field, firs* against the United Statea, and then, perhapa, against yourselvea ? The Wife of Major ajsperson?We hear, on reliable authority, that this lady received six thousand calls on New V*ear's day, in New York city, where she is now sojourning. This fact is truly significant of popular opinion there with reference to her husband's gallant transfer of his command from Fort Moultrie to Fort Sumter. <y3="COl.l"mbia typographical socr !_L3r kty ?a Stated M-etini of thii Society wTTbe hell in the Cuuucil Chamber THIS kven ing. at7k o'clack. j(? h a doipl'w c Y-5=?8ERV1CES WILL BK HELD TO-MOR X3 HOW (Sunday) in th* Episcopal Cnapel. onFourteenth street. No 509. between D a-.d Ohio aveune. at 11 a m., and l\? p. m, Sunday Sfahool at 3 p. m. It* C. II HALL. nrB?Youxe catholics.* friend so l rf CIETY.?'The regular moi thly n eeting of thi? Society ?i 1 l>e he (1 at St Dorainicki Church, SUNDAY AFTERNOON next atSo'cIork. It P J. VoHENRY. Ri?r"?o'T. VW?THK MEMBERS ?'F CO.'S A AND B, I 7 Washington Light Infantry, Battalion,who mt* lo>t Ui*ir l>aiform?(or miIiot t?a Mm*) are requ'ited to report auoh lossi Tnedatelr to Quar ter Ma ter Servant. Ja?. A. Ki >?, o- leave their namraat Corp 1 Orton'a, A'20 7th street, between D and E. where a hat can be found. ja5 2t Y5?MEDICAL SOCIETY.?The regular an ! I _ ^ nual meeting ef the Me<iical Societ* of the District ofCo uinbia will be held at the Washinton Infirmary on MONDAY. January 7th. at 12 ni. i 'ffire-n of th? aooi'ty and delegates to the National Medical Association for the year 18ol will he oitr- fccui It W. F. LIPPITT, M. D. Rm. Sec'y. rra^MOI'NT VkRNON BUILDING A?SO 1 L ? CIATION.?A Special Meeting of this As sociation Will be hold on TUESDAY EVENING next, tie 8th instant, at 7 o'clock, at Potomac Hall to consider proposed amendments to the Constitu tion. Stockholders are requested to attend j a 5-3* CHARLES ALLEN. Sec'y. YT?l-KCTl'RE.-On TUESDAY EVENING, Js3 8th instant, at ha'f-past 7 o'clock, a lecture wiTT be delivered iu the Smithsonian institution by Rev. E. Yatis Hkkkx, D. D.,of Baitimore citjr. Subject?H?me Affections Tne public is cordially invited. Tickets of adm:*?iun 25 oents; to be had at the door on lecture evening. ja 5 3.* v-e-PHCEMX BUILDING ASSOCIATION' ; L Sf A Special meeting of the Stockholder* of this Associition will be helrt at Temperance Hall, K street,on WKDNEPDAY EVENING, th- 9th of January. in?t.. at it * * ? ?- t M ?? V<\>V > /i punc'tiiii &t tenitMioe ofail the members is particularly derire<t. ?< important amendments to the Oo:istitution will be ntir<niittr<l. Ja5 4t J. M. HANSON, Rw. 8?c'y. Y^=-SMl TBSONIAN L EC TURKS ?Prof. !I ? Kaibma.n Ruokis, of the Uiiversity of P^nn Tlv*n ?, will ieotire oil MONDAY. 7th VVKDS KSDAY,9th. and PR I DAY. 11th.on Roa4a and Hridg-s. A red light will l>e rxhi'ited at the top of the h'?h tower on each evening of Ucture a d will be extinzms-ed and the door* oloee^ at a quarter before 8 o'oleck, when the lecture will com mence' ja5-S,M,W&F?t ^=?TO THE PlBLIC.-The~Young Men of I ?r the Third Ward, who are not now connect ed with eome military company, are earnestly in vited to a*semb'eat Temperance Hall on MON DAY. the 7th i^t, at 7 o'clock p. rn.. for the pur pone of forming A Voluntur Mi itary Organization whose object shall be the preservation of law and order in onr midst, and the protection of our fami lies an l friends from miury and insult by revolu - nonary acd lawless mob". Addresses will be de livered. A full attendanoe is des red. jaVtt MANY CITIZENS. rr NO PERSONAL UEVIL?War in Hta ren?h'ailr* J *?-* " r?'?iicu Mjranon ? IHIn philvs Fisek will deliver ft discourse at the old Trinity Church, on Filth street, next SUNDAY EVENING,at 7K o'olock, upon* the subjeota in iica'el above. 6, "And the ftnge.s which k"pt not ther 6rst estate, but left them wu hat ifa tion, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under larkneaa. into Hidgment of the great day." Seats rree. The public are invited to attend. ja3 2t* V^5=?THE UNION PRAYER MEETINGS IJJ will be holden everv day tins week, in the Fi urth Presbyterian Church, < Rev. Dr. Smith's,) in Ninth street, to ooinnience at 4 o'clock, and to jontuiue one honr. de31 ry?OFFICE GASLIGHT fOMPANY. Washington. Deoember 30, tWii.?Notion s hereby given, as required by the ehsrter, that in election for five directors to mat.aae the affairs if th s Company during the year 1861 will be held at he office f the same. No 514 Eleventh st. west, ID MOX B/lV. Jamiiir. i 4. ucook m Attest: de S>-!?tawtJan 7 J. F. BROWN, Secretary Y^P?COLLECTOR'S OFFICE, CITY HALL, k5 Wa?u:?ioton, December 6,1060. TAXES ON PERSONAL PROPERTY, SLAVES, Ac.?Notioe ia hereby riven that the tax ulla fur Hou?ehol.] Furniture,stock*. Slaves, A c., or the rear 186\ and previoua year*, are now made >ut ana ready for delivery, and are payable at tbia >tfl?e, Tho-e who do.not oail and settle their billa rithin twenty dare from this d%te will be oalled on iy one of my aasiatanU. and if the hiiia are not paid rithin MXty daya from thia date I sh\ll proceed to nforoe the oolfection in the manner required hy 1*. J AS. F. HALIDAY, de lS-9Dt Collector. 336 Pa. Av., between and 10th ata , au 27-6m WasHilfsroN. I?OR SALE-DEVON COWS AND CAI.VK? Irnporters of fine w EDDIN VEDDLNG ENVELOPES &ijj$ IffiMBHfl. PBS, the moat beautiful styles. . vi iaree pure blood D?mn Cov*,^#r4i 'ith jri'ucf C&lves Tli" Cows are exrel ft milker*, and sold only *o lessen tbe JfaaJkat tooK on hand. Apply to ih? snbsoriber through le Washington city Post Ofiioe.or at h sfarm,?n Columbia turnpike, aix miles from the Long ridge 'ja V3t*) I.KWIH BAII.KV. )lANO FORTE INSTRUCTIONS-The un . deralgned, lorn well known to /a hicgton public u a texoher of theBBBB iaao. beet leue to state that he is pre *11 ?' ' inslio take scholars on terms to suit the exigen e* oT the tiiuea. Having vaoanole? in kis time it now whioh he ia anxioaa to fill up, he w ll aoh a few echo ar*. >f desirable to iheir parentc, d tan? hi? p%r tu snoh merchandise * ?? - k rrawi "*L? *' # v -- .?'J ?nru iq?j are entered with him. Heia i.line l>? make sunh arrangement*. knowtea the o<>n ODieure mjiiT wnodeaire to haTe their enu en taajr-ttpa Piano exeerienoe now la getting imey unmet nod of teaching haa been hi*hr ip oved for vara, tod kua referenoe# are head11 of e beet miuioai fatnihea In \Va*hington. Hia rma are *< a* U BCBELL. C0H0RKMI01IU. In ibi Szsate, on Thursday. after our report clnw-d? The report of th? (elect Committee of Thirteen was laid before the Senate, when? Mr. Dou^lai Mid that it wu extremely painful to him to announce that the committee could not agree In order to properly consider tbe subject, it was neceesarr to so behind the late election and into the hlmory of abolitionism. He referred to the action of Congress in 1820 upon this sub ject, and said that as long aa tbe provision of tbe Missouri Compromise were carried out there was peace and barmony Had the extension of that 14 sL. n- -lo- ? -? * ' 11 uc HI un i m liiC, pftipwa oy 01(11, Deen Mtab lished by Congress, It would hive been tbe end of slavery agitation forever. He threw tbe blam? upon Northern representatives The narty formed In 1854 overthrew the peace and quiet secured by tbe Missouri Compromise lln?, aud defeated the very objects for which they are now striving. Tbe republican part? had aroused the apprehen slons of tbe Booth, and it was their duty to give some assurances that no harm Is Intended toward them. He dwlred the Senator from Oblo (Mr. Wade) to say whether It was not tbe Intention of tbe republican party to stifle and confine slavery to its present limits. Mr. Wade replied that the gentleman would find answers to all his qnerles In his speech Mr. Douglas did not expect an evasive answer; but if he could not obtain a direct answer from Senators, he would refer to Mr. Lincoln'speeches; and he defied anv republican Senator to siy that tbe policy he haa pointed out was not the policy of tbe republican party. Mr, Douglas concluded by saying that tbe Southern States should have no fenr from the ad ministration of Mr Lincoln, but that tbe 1'resl dent elect would sink the partisan in the patriot. He would be powerless in the Senate, ana could have no advisers except such as the Senate should recommend Tb? nmnA?pH - | MUIVIIMUIVUI IW IUC Constitution would obviate all difficulty, and re turn confidence to the minds of the South, lie denied the right of secession, but acknowledged the right of resolution; and s.tid that South Caro lina snould be regarded not as a rebellious State, but as a common enemy. He complained of the secession of Florida, Texas, and Ixiuislana,which had cost so much; and said the amendments he had proposed were demanded by the country. On motion of Mr. Toombs, the futber consider ation of the subject was postponed to Monday next. Mr. Crittenden obtained leave to have his reso lu'ion printed;? When, on motion of Mr. tiwin, the Senate ad journed. Hovsk.?After our report closed Mr. Carter, the chairman of ths Committee for the District of Columbia, said that he had been prevented bv sickness from calling the committer together, and was not prepared to make a report. He moved a postponement of the business of the District to Thursday next. M. li 1 1 J * * " .mi. ntigurs eaiu luere was nothing before the House to hinder the taking up the special order for the dav. They could at least act upon the railroad bill. After some discussion, Mr. Carter's postpone ment was agreed to. Mr. Bin^batu reported a bill from the Commit tee on the J udicia.y, providing for the more * fl'?*c tual collection of duties on imports, with amend ments [This bill is similar in character, if not substantially the same, as the " Force Bill" which was passed on the former occasion of resistance to the execution of the revenue laws, in South Caro lina, during Gen. Jackson's administration ] Mr. Bingnam Said that be had been Instructed by the committee to report the bill, and move for its recommitment Mr. Houston objected to that course Mr. Bocock asked If the bill had been reported in response to any resolution or petition. Mr Bingham s&id it had not. Mr. Bocock wished to know by what right the committee reported on that subject Mr. Bingham said it came up In the regular order of business Mr. Bocock objected to the consideration of the bill The Speaker said the bill was reported back in the regular order of business. Mr. Branch demanded the previous question on Mr. Bingham's motion to recommit the bill. Mr. Sherman said that he bad the tioor. Mr. Crawford aid tbat be did not understand how Mr. Bingham could bring up tbe bill In regular order, if Mr. Sherman had tbe floor Mr. Houston moved tbat tbe bill be referred to the Committee of tbe Whole on tbe state of the Union, and asked tbe gentleman from Nortb Car olina (Mr Brauch) to withdraw his motion for tbe previous question. Mr. Branch declined to do so. After some discussion it was agreed that the bill should come up as unfinished business on the proper day. On metion of Mr. Sherman, the House went into Committee of tbe Whole on the state of tbe Union, (Mr. Etheridge iu the cbair,) and resumed tbe consideration of tbe executive, legislative, and judicial appropriation bill W bile tbe bill was being read, it was found tbat th*re w?? no quorum present, when the com mittee rose, and the House adjourned at 3 o'clock Satckday,January 5 Sexate ?The Indian acDronriatinn >?ni read, and on motion by Mr. Hunter, referred to the Committee on Finance Mf. Mason, of Va., introduced a resolution Baking the President to communicate to the Senate a copy of ail orders given to military officers, plans submitted by military officers, and instruc tions relative to the same, in regard to the occu pancy of any United States military posts in Vir ginia. the District of Columbia, and the States bordering on the Atlantic ocean 6outh of Vir ginia. Mr. Slidell called up his resolution relative to excluding from tte gallery of the Senate all re porters connected with tbe Associated I'ress. Mr. Slidell said that In not making proper efforts to discover the perpetrator of a false dis patch to the Xew Orleans Crescent, the agent of the Associated Press in Washington had made himself responsible for the erroneous statement Mr. Wilson thought the agent of the Associated Press bad shown that he was not responsible for the dispatch. Mr. Anthony remembered to have seen the dis patch in a New Vork paper first He did not think It would be proper to punish a man in Washington for an oflVnce committed by another man in New York Mr Seward thought the better way was to let the thtng correct itself. ' Mr Cameron was inclined to vindicate the mmakici ui mecwnaie, Dy voting for the resolu tion; but be tbougbt, perhaps, It had better be left alone. Mr. Slldell said that, as the mendacity of the reporters of the Associated Press tad been suffi ciently testified to by all the Senate, he withdrew kis resolutin. The Senate then took up the special order being the House Pacllic Railroad b.ll, with tundry amendments. {X7~ Gov. Jackson, of Missouri, In his Inaugural >ppose? coercion, and advises tf-e call of a State Jonvention to ascertain the will of the people. D NOTICE WING TO THE PRESENT ALARMING *TATE OF AFFAIRS throughout the country, md th* uncertainty <t? regarJs the juture, the )?riit>s who leased from us the Stor* v? oeespji, 1.1D WHO WUI TO HA.VB TAKER POSSESSION OX THK 1st or JANUARY, NOW DBCLI -\K TO &ISK THE NDSKTAKIX6 We therefore beg leave to inform he pul>'io. and our fri?nW? i? - *'?" ? u pvi>lVUiA'|lllftt VO ihall continue to ?ell until the whole of our stock * disposed of. We have yet a tare* stock on hand, ind FROM THIS DATE WE SHALL OFFKR 7OK CASH norne of the very best bargains that ire to be had in this city. We have a splendid stock of Domestic Goods, ?ine White Goods, Silks, Shawls. Woollen Press ioods. Kid Glomes, Hosiery, Blankets, Flarnels rish Linens, Black Goods. Bays Wear. hmbroid >nes, Laces. Ac. Ao.; all of which will be aold rithnnt reserve at such pntfes as cannot f* il to atisljr all customers. CLAGETT A MAY, j a 5-3t 3'24 Pa. a v., Let, fttli and 10th sts. 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REMNANTS APER HANGINGS at one-fourth lata than ooat arohaaing for caah, and allowing no old atook to MjumuUte. peraona needing the above gooda will ad it to their advantage to sive me a oaU. All ork exrcufd and superintended by practical men ho have served a regular apprenticeship at their ade. Plaaae give me a call. Remember the i um ir. JNO. MARKRITKR, No. 486 Seventh st ,S doors above oi<< F?llowi' HalL P.. remember, L hat Yon uw mora than to per oent. on the ?ll?r hy buying your DRY GOODS at St or* No II Seventh at.. M the? are aellinc off to move. HENRY eoan.a-if Seventh at., tfa l?10t N Jar Avenue Hotw. rcvuuf1'2 KSffiffltsr&rK. I " one, aellin( for 10 centa? Have you aeen the MnpI? ? iSHfers.ft-" RhUMIiWS the VoeT'^oS. Washington City. D. C., J&ru&rj 6, M(l. [Ordered to be inserted in UK Evsxiiie 9t*.k, it being the iew?paper having fee largest circulation sf any daily paper pablished in Washington. 1 IDT All person* applying for letter* in the follow tag li*t, will please My they are asriamBD. L4DIE8' LIST. A4>n>a, Mr* Jn? Oord?a, L?<idi* Mmm, MrilC tattoo, Mim Hatti* licrcri, Mia* An* Norfolk. Mia Etna Bwrkt. MraMnrj a Q?rr?ch?, Mr* L O Mlina, Mar/ Berna.MMa MirvC Ha?a. Mr* M E Pollard, Mra M P n , _ _ ?a _ _ ? ? . ? - ? *- - ani j.iniwiiiAryja ntam, nir|ir( Pirrj, i?iti Jrnalll Bihmu, Mn Alex' Maaiiartaa, M:u Porter, Mrs 1 ?r J at J Baylor. Mr* LW ME r?uo. MnCi BoWitr, Mm Mir/ Ropkin*. Mr* P 0' PitUTfou, Lure UUrk, Mim Id* Hamilioa.MmFau'ePeteri, Mm Ellen forpeutar, Mm Howard. Kelecn A Ru:itr, Mim E H Annie liiir.*n, Mr* Con M Reader, Salli* J Doucanaoa, Mm Jhrie, Mr* G P Shea, Jimin luaa>i Jordon, Caroline A Smith, Mr* J ait* Ellenur Santa, Mr* Sarah L Luiie T) Spcncfr, Elita Ra??e,MmTirjiaia Knott, Mi** tl Bjir, Mm Elit* F Ktmp.MmLii Deaofaay, M?re* L* wi?,.Mm<J* , n<ri" Liwii,KiiiUnitP Ipnligcl, Mi? Delta*?.Mm Fany Lallr, Mr* Jno R.mnaktr, Mi?*M'? KIIk.Mih Mirr McRae, Mr* E St**dm*a,MmA'*K Eblittt. Mm U* la Mudd, M ** M E H*jdill,Mr*Luciiida ( 'rye, Mr*T B Moore*, Mr* M'y C Thompoon, Mix Pane, Lad? G*or{i- Moor*, Miaa M'y A Marr V >A Matungly.Mra L M Tboa??, Salli* A Pillar*, Mm M E Malhoney, Mr* Von, Mm E A Planar in, Marjart Malhot.Mra LacyC William*, Ml** E Ftnnell, Mim Mary Moouey, Mary Jan* Lionld, Mr* W A Morion.MmHn'eA Wtltibiry, H C Qardner, MraMary Maoamf, MrtMary UKNTLKMKN'8 LIST. iv<rt. W B PI...... ri... * n i Ayer, Paauf Abecco, Vincent Alien, Thoa Q Addiion. J no Arnold, 1 N?4 Aldrich, J???4 Appleby, Htary Allf o, u T Aniircwi, Chai?4 B>rrjr, W H Blum, Wm Urookbank, Tboe Boyuton, S C Brown, Paul Burke, Pat H Bennett, Oliver Boend,Johnaou Barnwell, Mr Baird, Matthew Burke, Michael Boone,Jno Booth, j w?a Bright, J F Bright, John* Brock,J 8 Bciwell, Jno H u - - a. d _ i u Feuwick, B J Gray, Win H Goodwin, W F Uibeon, Lt W?2 G tiner, W T Uattrell, W B bill, Theo?i Glo?er, Towueend Gaeiyuekl, T F Garland, Baml Garrett, 8 R?4 Guerk, B M Griffin, Jno T Graugner, J D Goodwin, J N (jil'tou, Jaa D Gaaen, Her.ry Green 4 Bro GambiU, H R Gordon, H L?4 Gr lhani, G W Gilbert, A C Hotmail, Wm Heck, Win G Hortou, V B?4 Hulae, Capt 8 i Pywell, Win Phoey. Wm Philiipa, Wm Perkme, W N Porter, J J?t Parker, HAW Pierce, 8 B Pauldinr, L?4 Patiok, Louie Pafe,H F Pippeu, K Phelpe, i> Parker, D F Payne, C H Riclardao.i W A Rankin. W G Row I md, Samuel Randall, N K Ricketta * Newly Rollioe. Major Reed,J Roeekume, leaae Richudaoo, Judaoa Rolteon. J ae C Rueeell, Jno H Rohmeoo, Henry u* vuiic i ? w, / n BUcktud, J Bennett, J W Brayley, J Brewer, Jno Blackburn, ? ??2 Blood, H Awoa?? Bruce, HHC Bailey, H F buckler, Ueo T Bagljr, U W Btijrden, Fred Be* man, F C Bennett, E L Birrett, K B Beverly, E Bokee,D A Br 4dley,Cyrat BUncliord, C S B 11d win, B H Builer, B F-4 Barly, Baylor burr, B B Br.tti?on, Benj Barbour,A M bergtnan, Alfred Jutler, W m Jrawford, V T Jarroll, Peter L'reneo, Gion ' ?rf A 1 * iwu, Dotaoron Hauler, R M Hopk, Pbillip G Hauchctl. Lutlier H .<11, Lucun Hendncke, Jnu P Hockodajr, Jno M Haiuee, J W Henderson. Joo Hoffman, H B Hotkim, H (J Hwuki, G P Htuui^.U (i N? 2 lUcinun, t' Herbert, K R Hoghea. I) W Huakue:, Cliaa H tnf j, C At Hodgekim, Alfred Hendricka, A W Hemphill, A D Hajnea, Anihonjr Hourer, A W lf?. A B JetTera, Wm N Jacobea, W m Judah. T U Jonea. T A Johitaoo, Stephen Joaljrn, Robt Aeio, ueo Rerxvld, G R Kou, Ueo Rm, ? Riclxrdcon, E Rand, D Rierhler, Alfred Sewell, W t-? 8eick, Wm 8un pa on. Wm ShalUer, T I', Jno Short, T J Shel.< burner, S Smith, Mr Schemruerhorn.M L Stremmel, Lnu<a Sibert, Lortoto Sartoir, L C Stock, S G S? it, Jno W Sherman, J W Slmf erlaud, J Sejinore, J Scherinerhorn, J J S.tford, Jacob Sherman, Jaa Suii. var , J J Smuh, Geo Seydel, G;o DofTmat,, J W ~ardou, Jno Jouoer,Juo B Jarreuloii, Jonah Wrapper, Jno J A Jampbell, Hugh Jhurchill, H -.Uu^hton, H O J lark, H F -Took. H J ^adwaladtr, Geo -ollina, E P horning, Eraatua Jaaenaugli.Ldwd Jurua, C L .-'aaer, Cliaa -ox, Air Juvall, WTS Jriakel, Timothy )avia, J? W >illey, S *u)l K Jonneilv, P )enm? & P-utou Jotige, M C la v la, J M K )ick, Jus )uckett, Juo H, Jio )?Lee, I) C )e?me, Jaa P Jytr. Joa T Juutngton, Jaa A )ougUa, Jno C >niin & Hardin* >uii iup, f) T >eniiiceuex, D )riuk<trd, C J )*?! A Lre?oling Johoaon, Mjj E Kf nail, Lt Kmg.T R Kraminer, G C SI Kerne a, Juo Keller, Joo Kelly, Joo R Keechmer, Jno M Keller, C M Kuowltou, B F Knapp, Aaron?2 LeUnd, W W Lycett, W in Lowij, 3 B Low, R t L ' * reu ce, L C Lincoln, Li Louj,Jno Locner, Anthony Mayaon. W L Mitchell. Win Martin, W F Moore, W E Moaley, W A Moore, Thoa W C Maceubhiu,T?o? M Moran, Thua Morria, Robt Marilull, R J Moriarty, Michael Murray, Mr McLeod, Mathew Martin, L?2 Mum, J? Mairy. Juo Milburu, Jno R Mullen, Jno Morehead, J J we/uen, uen t? Spaldiug, G Sinker, Frank Schnabel, E B?3 Shorter, Ely SchafToiau?2 Saudi, Capt Shepherd,C W Sampaon, C Scott, Chae Shield*, B Steel, Simpaon H Snow, Crf Taylor, Jaa C Thompaou. Wm Tyler, Wm Tnpleu. T Trowbridge, R E Thomaa, H J Taylor, lane Thorn.ia, Jaa A Thornton, Jaa A Treadway, Hanry Turpiu, Hanry Thorn pa >n, C H Verdeual, J M?4 Vearkern, Henry Vau Brockle, J Vninn, Jno Webb, VV H Whutiker, W H Whittiker, Thoa K Wilaon, Thoa Wiaimer, 8 Wbarton, R P Waruock A Co White, J H Wille, Ja* W eatcatt, J D FCIOII, A JU SI tuiiiel, J T inmcrt, Wm lluon i Tefiir Tiritt, R J <K?Ui J T d war da, J M liil, Jno A chloff, C r 'itijjerald, W 8 lacher, Wm Ittmi.g, T W letcher, Phillip orward, O H 'rtedenwald, J \g in, Jaa owle, C O ogr, Geo W ry, Ma) Clay H Milone, Jno MurUrty, 1 Miller, Sunl Meredith, ) E Mobltun, F Mvtheva, C 8?9 Morran, C II MipTua, C Motfui, A low to Morg ?n, A McA?oy. Jiio H MeKee, Jaa W McCUrr, i * T Noma, Html Noih, R P Nugent, L O Neupei, Chae Oliver, P H Wil.iama, J 8 WaUou, j<l ? Wortbin jtoa, J G?S Wilaon, Jaa Webb, H S Willing, G M WiileiiDecUer, E V* ilaim, C 0 Waleot;, C Wright, C R Waauuigton, R B Wallace, B P?i Williawa, A?I Whitney, A W White, *A S Williainaou, A Wir kfield. A Webb, A J White, A S Paine, W h-3 MISCELLANEOUS ?Pet S? H et; J. W. E7*Lbttbb? must in all ca?bs h Pbbpaid. Jan 5 WM. JONES. P. M. I>ALLS, PARTIES, &c. ANNIVERSARY BALL. In Memory of the battle of New Orleans. COMPAIY "B? i lends, >j& NATIONAL GUARD BATTALION. Take pleamre in announcing to the'r f londs, lilitarv and Civ.c, that they will oelebrate ~ ha ever memorable ktfhth January by a 'ARaDK and BALL in the Evening at the V>mm>GTc<* AWMLT Room* I Th>J "ommitiee ot A rrangoment* pledge tliem p, ves that nothing wilt lie wanting on their part to i%k?* the evening a pleasant one to the frioi ds of tie Corp*, who will honor them with their presence uring the evening. No intoxicating liquors will he sold during the vening at the ba 1. No hats or caps worn in the ball room, except hose worn by the milUarv. Withers' celebrated Band will discourse sweet iusi"i during the ev- uing. Refreshments wi'l be furnished by Columbus. Tickets $1, admitting a gontemin and ladies. < ommittee nf ArranftwHt*. !apt P.H.King, Sergt. H Reese. >ieut. J. Lackey. " P Morgan. " J.J.Kane, Priv W. Whalan. j* 5-3t THQ8 IHTFFY. Treas. ^OR THE GOOD OF 1 HE CITIZENS. D GRAND ANNUaITCOTILLON PARTY or THE PfiMftTArannA T7ir#f!Amno?w k ? v*?*MW A M V WUl^UfUJ I A1U, UI To b? given at RANKLIN HALL. co'ner ol Ninth and D sts., on TUESDAY, January 8th,18Hl. The members have the pieasnre to announre to er in my injuring friends, and especial!? 'ML le L'r.ion-loviog people, th^t their Annual otillou Party *i J take place at tacabove^M ientioned Hall on Tuesday, the 8th last f Jfc . The universal satisfaction that has a.way s l>een ! our former parties i* a sure ciarsntee that ii* on* will surpass any that has yet been Riven. The Ladies are eordiall' inviUd to attend en .asst. as there will be no invitations issued. Prof Schroeder's Band has been engaged. N. D ?Positively no hats or caps allowed in the mm. Tickets FIFTY CENTS; admiring a gentleman id ladies. Committee of Arrantrmints. W. W. Grant, J. R. Harrover, F. W.Cololazor, K. V. Henry. A. Glassgow, j ja 5 St i NNIVERSARY BALL L BY THK Franklin Fire Company, At W1LLARD8' HALL. The Franklin Fire Compaay respectfully an iuiics that they will give their Thirty-fourth nn*al Bull in commemoration of thebirth JH .y of the Patriot Franklin, at the tbnv?* tned Hal',on THURSDAY EVENING, January 17.1861^ rioketa ONE DOLLAR; admitting a gentle Mi and ladies.. * Mmmsgtrt. Robt. E. Doyle, K. 8. Dent. 3eo. R O rots field, IVm. H. Fanning, [acob Hess. F\ H. Fridley, Pinion Stearn, G. Eckloff, L F. Maddox, t. E. Mooner lohn Miller, I no. C Reeves, rhos J. Fisher, Wm. Durr. J no.. H. Bessford, Grafton Powell, Wm. M. Parne, Conrad Finkman. D. Veijhmyer, Wm JTGafy,' W. Offutt. Jno. Shackelford, Win. Crampton, ja 5,12,14,15,17 8i A P H U P P L I E 8 ,1U .od Nut, ?l 11 t,J.OR CHX'STMAS. nne-made Minee Meat, nude by rny direetion t Old Whisk/. Brandy and Wines, dozen tregh Ekks, Qi IP hen BntteJ and Cheoae, bbla. Flour, beet brands, Family, Extra, aad Superfine. l complete assortment of Grooenea of all kind*, od S?8ar at 7 cenu pei-pound. loKAfilj jULWIWUi ?fc Mo 334 Seventh street, o 17-eoStr between Loaiaianaav. aad D at. | ONE PRICE ONLY! LAYING on band a very hear? stock of DRESS LIMM1NOS, I will offer tbe samerery oneap for h, and One pnoe Only, R. C. STfeVENS, 336 Pa. ar . oO tf batwoon th ana 10th ata. EST FANCY GOODS, ^ O SUIT THE TIMES, _ rORRESrONBKRPV. Wtmntroii, Ju 3,10? Major J a tun Y Dtru?Drmr Sir The Ijjnrt, d??*ply rntp??> Itg with yourself aa4 the I.lgfct Inftatnr ha* win tbe l?ss sustained by the e?rpa by tb? desiroctton of their armory bv Are on Wednesday moral ng last, bar*. tf agreeable to Touraetf and the hattillon too com mand. thought proper to profftr a complimentary concert for the benefit of the Lljrbt Infantry, to take place under auapieea, at sorb time and place aa tbe battalion may suggest. Awaiting roar earliest answer, we hm the honor to subscribe ourseli Your*. respectfully, Jas G Bmct, W W Sea ton. Richard Wallach, Wm Morgan, Daniel Rate!' T?, John Ooyle, J. C. McGuIre, Geo 8. Gideon, C W Doteler. jr , * J F Bf)wn. T. J. Flalier, Geo E Jillard, L F. Clark. Peter F Bacon, Win Gait, J Stilling ton. F B Scbaeffer. Marshal Brown, J H Kirk wood. A. W Klrkwood. J 0. Willard, H A.WIllard, James A Talt, Joseph Pe*k, 9 W Owei, Capt. Ralikeck. Capt Hollmgihmd. James F. Halllday, \VahIiJsotom. Jan 3, 1*60 Hon J. G B'rrtt, ir W S'at on. and otMtrt : OmtUmtu:?It wra with unfeigned pleaaure that we received your note, ao generously proffering to the Light Infantry battalion s complimentary concert; the proceeds of which to be applied for ita benefit. I am Instructed to convey to yon the battalion * sincere obligations, and would atate that the molt agreeable time for aald concert would be on Thursday evening, January 10th, at the Smithsonian Institution. With high regards. I am gentlemen. Respectfully yours, Jixii V Dati?, Commanding W. L.I. Bat. Pistols, Ammunition, &c. SHARP'S PATENT BREECH LOADING REPEATER, to be used with C+rrcr Cortridtti. For simplicity of construction, oomp*ctn*ss and durability, is superior to ail others yet offered to the public. Havinn no revolving cylinder, it shoots pa?t no joint,(through which there t? more or less escape.) and consequent! r has more penetration than any other fire-arrn of its sue. It will (oroe a l>all through a one inoh soft pine board at the dia tanoe of three hwdred feet. onlv (nil nmda Ou?/u Alto, COLT'S. ALLEN'S, SMITH A WESSON'S. and WARNER'S REVOLVERS. CARTRIDGES. PISTOL BALLS, POWDER, tro., fco., Ac., at price* to soit the time*. J. E. SHIELDS. Haiswui Imfoktbe, ia3t .139 Pennsylvania avenue. T O T~H E PUBLIC. Having a large amount of money to par prior to the lat of March, and * wing ??> the general stagna- < tion of business, ?e have determined to offer an i extra indncement for purchaser* to bay of us for oath, and we now propose to make a discount of 10 Eer o?nt on all casn sa ea during the next SIXTY >A YS. in order t<? reduce onr very large stock of good*, and realix? the money fur them, previous to Dpenmg Our spriug supplies Cash customers wil. readily see the advantages thev will have in tradirg with us. on the te ns oro- i p:>*?d.a?an examination of our atook ar.d pr cm will ahow for tliemaeivea whether or not we are < ii:oer? in our propoMtion. and aa the greater por- i tion of our Fancy Stock haa a:ready been marked I down aince the crisis began, we feel confident that i the extie induoementa we mw offer will be highly ippreciated by every one having good a to bur who % e at all faici'iar with the pricea generally charged slaewher". We need hardly add that our a took, owing to the I ira<? of tke limes, ta now very large, in many kinda I if Staple aa well a* Fancy Good a. and purchaaera 1 arill be able to ?upply thcmael vea with almoat every irtice in our line ofbuaineaa, at v^ry low pricea. ind in many inatanosa, at lets than the actnal < ;oat. The loweat price will invariably'be named at I <1* M kiUITQTfO A. r>r\ 9 >noe. uonc unare, ne\r ?iunt?r Chapel. Apply on the >laoe or to V. P. CORBETT. j? 1 lw Ladies thick winter boots of Kid Morocco. G >at? Skin, Lastinxa, *-<> , Hottored, Laced ard Velvet Trimmed. Mao Mine* Boot* of the eame atyie?, are* Hi telliac f.ora 50 c-nta to 91. per pair, lower* ;han elsewhere in the citr. at J. ROSENTHAL'S, No. 16 Market Spaoe Pa. av. bet 8th and 9th atreeta. Lariiee' and Misaea' Long Rubber Boou. jaS JELLING OFF! SELLING OFF! 3 FOR CASH-FOR CASH.* Our entire atook of Winter Dreta Good a. jhawla in ?i*s.t vari<?tj. adiea' CV?aka, Fancy Drean S.lka and Silk Rofcea, ?l*inand F enoh Mern<>?. Poplma asd Repa, ~nie Bed Blir.kete. ail at coat tor - aah, Viao, a lull ato^k "f general Staple Gooda for family wanta. Ail will be aold at re^u^ed pricea for oaah. J, W. CO' LEY A CO , d?* Sf*-2w fi2:t Seventh it.. *b ve Pa. ar. J^ANCING ACADEMY,a Prof. L. O. MARINI # second qu?i t?r in Danc ng wi:l o> inmence oa FRIDAY, January 4, 861. Days and hours of tuition for children JR >nd ?nuns lilies, Mondays and Fridays,fromJnM t->5 p. in : for gentlemen ami laJ>en, rvtriUB ilonday, Wed-oeday, and Friday, from <. to 10 p. m. de 2fi-5too* PI * NO FORTES AT PRICES TO SUIT THE TIM ES.?Sale* must be foroed; store too ranch rowded; now is the time to buy otienp. JOHN K. ELLIS*, da SI 306 Pa. av.. t>ot. 9th and luth sts. [) FGARDI.ESS OF COST.-JVOtT IS THE Li. CHANCE.?Melodoo;.s, Guitar*, Yio.ins. Han as, Accordions, Tan bonnes, Flutes, Filer, Mu?ie ioi'Ki, Gi*e Hooks, Piano StooW, Piano Covers, (0 , Ac. Remember,at saor;?cs r-rard JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Pa, ay? bet. cth and 10th sts. Great bargains in c?od eecond hand Pianos. deSl L m M/^TIPO T/? ?? "** g I IVTi 1 V 1 riCi ri/H lilUt lOORE'S Ssull Lropa wi'.l stop a Coach In v?m:tiut>s. Moore'r Coirpanoa inimrnt will ur? Chilblain*, Frosted feet Pains ia Face, pmus.&o. Moo'?'< improve) Beixine vill r? love t'aiai, Oils, Grease, a o.. fruin the moit deii %teco!oied ?ri or woohn coot* w.tlioat injuring ue oolor or texture. Prrpared and so d at MOORE'S West E'd I) n* Store, de 31 2w 113 Pa. awna*. f NOTICE. L BEG Mo?t refpfctfiilij to inform oar customer* bat <heir bills for . anu<\r> 1st a a now re?dy, and wonld be oh iged bj their catiiog and ret inn the line. de2^ R. C. STEVENS. IL>T RKCEIVKD BY ' FRENCH 4. RICHSTEIN, J7* Pfks Avkjice. [allam's Middle AE*-?,?h-< n-'w H- ?ton l.iterary Edition Rivernd? Prokt; ton d paper; prioe 43.75 j mail Tiie usxa heav? dib^ount at onr store. iSj, the aaiao editions of J.lcf ftulfy, Hum* bib un, Carlisle, Lamb, Shakepear. de J3 DIO HOUSEKEEPERS JQf) WASHINGTON. 6 BORGe I* TOWN AND VICINITY. JM We invite the attention of Housekeepers to oar trj large and beautiful stock of CHINA, GLA*>8 od EARTHEN WARE, whioh is now rendered >niplete in every department by oar reoent lm oriations. u;. a .i ? - ?? ? uvoni *% umi^OBB'* IJ tU ODliniPTkTf &Tt20t6tf I we have every thing that ie uiut It kept in the hina Bnaineaa, from nea deoorated K renoh China inner and Tea Seta to the ordinary Earthen (Tare, and aa we import the majority ofour gooda, e are prepared to firniah the beat aBalitr, either ?the who'eaala or retail trade, aa low aa any of te importing ^>uaea of Baltimore ngliah ani Amenoan Cutlery of anterior qiiahtv, lao, Horn. Buok and Cnooa handle Cutlery from the aame factories, ilver plated Ware on fine Albatta, warranted, large atook of Coal Oil Lamp*, numeroaa pat tern*, aver Lamp Bhadea and Chimmea, Cat Glaaa Globea, yaointh Glaaaee, F^r.aj Arti^lea^T?y>(Ao , Ac. * 404 Odd P^owi' Sai. no 1*-?o6w Seventh atreet. jMREMEN'8 INSURANCE COMPANY o? WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN, capital flea com r C *tr**t and Lwumm ?r? ??r Bank <rf Wa$ktnfto+. {SURE HOUSES ANp"oT HER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. DtlKTOM. Geo. Shoemaker, Samcel R ~ unnel Cropley, Wilhara wi:ijn, ichard Jonea, John D Barcla*. 100b Gideon, Andrew Kothweil, hoc. Parker, Richard Barry, Jaoob Puk?r. B. B. French. No oharge for PolioiM. JAMES ADAMS, President. lilL G. Path. Swwterr. IOTIOE! NOTICE!! i NOTICE!!! orxioIP'wiNig^Jh^uo&sZ*iWd fme OaareeetTtd.per ltat?t*m?r,Mi*?iMM??o*o y of La^nora and wish, aneaamWd by aay toleaale dealer*'t Wuhmrtoo. Alio, l.oofl b^xea PrsMrrM, of different ktnda. oca ae cannot be U(ht for lees than * ?or orat. in aar ?tore. ?ire I a call and try my goods, N#.S74 i> sl.brtweaa i aad >th Waahinftoa. da S tola 'ALVERT'S CELEBRATED HONKY. Mad* ia.EUl* AS&wiSiSQE' AUCTION SALES. Br WAIX * BARNARD, A Cmur 9tk *trr*t mmA inlA mi f*. rtmm* FUR8?FUR8?FUR8 AT AUCTION. T^RfJSTBk* RALE OF A 1.AR0R AND 1 9rrui 9t?ti ?r l ets. Pliwi Rose* Ac., ??.-0? I'U K9DA V ?rd WKDNKSDA*^ ?mi Mi imUmU. wmmmik at II (Toiook, w wi'1 *!' by <?** tte Aao uon ncaniw bvihi ui u ? i ?? a?p?i oi? a aararh a??^rtmaDt of lad a* and |f Lti>*iii Par*, and Vie;* h Rob**, of the itook of a Nov York im aortar and Mapatotaror, coirprttmf? Larr* Mink, HcdaoB Ba< ar>? thor feaNo Cardi nals. _ Ps'maa. Capoa,Vietormoa, M ufi. and Cafi. i*tona Marton, Mink, Fitrk and t. -i no, RiohSeu and Mtnifa Piaoaa Stone Martoa an1 tb*r Fnra, Watar Miak, Mon stain Martan.S'barian ?aairrol. Gs-mar. Fitok.Blirar Mailoa, and Royai ^airrot Oltrr Capa, B?*r?r aad other M offl'ra. Alao ?r?rj ran at? of I whoa' aad c hndroaa' Fara, Hieub R> boa *o., *o. Th? (to -da will ba oa eihih.f.011 oil Mr-nda? ir.o nu* raJa,acd th? pablla are mnlM t" aa exa-nlnaton. Tboy ara froth aada. aarfoet and ao?nd in ar?ry war and aaawaring daoonaLoa f i?eB. Saia without raoa-va. Tarma oaan. P ? ordar of the f ruataa. JaS WALL ? BARNARD. Aaota. Br J. c. M GL'IRK ft CO.. AiMioown THUHThK'? BALE OF STOCK Or Wnmu ?m> JiwiLiYf Siltb* W*?i. CiiK, Hiiiim fA? ?, Ktevtitoi. Ac ? On WKDNKJt'A^ MORNING. Jumh ok.(t>U>rrNo.)Ot PfUiyliUltlVMH. httvtrri 91 a and 1-th atieeU. by rirtnaof a MM of rv?t execuU fl A p it JB. ISM. ?tid <!a!y rwcdtd is Liber J A i*o ?0, li thi 9?. at . wa (Wall II the ?Btir? "took oi I- ixtaraa, eompnaiag? A boat lift* Goto arid Mi*er Watakaa. May of than. pi th- very boat makare and of bigk ?oat, Fall Seta of Diamordi. Cameo, Lara, Monk and oth?f Jfwi Iry, (lo'd Va?t. N*?<k. and Fob Chain#. Fm*Oo!<t B a??l#ta, Neoklaeoa. Braaatpma. Ear riota, t-ii f+r Ktaca. Sttd?. Thimblaa. Ao . Solid t*;lrer Tab a and Tm Spoor*.Forka, Batter DiiIin. Fnb Kntvea. flutter Koitm, Ltd.r, Muk? Si t ai d Muat&rd Bp >ont. Ac., tilxer plated I'a* H*t?. Co tea Urna.Cake Ba*k*tf, v. a tar? |e? l'itc?rv? ut [ mi, Bottla Caators. M n??, and Form. Ac, Sup-rior Man'el Clock? a> d U-n?m?nti, F? or large m d h?nd">ni'> p ate ( a,* S*Dow Caraa. villi al vrr p ?i cd iiiouatino. Two Frrmli a a'e Gi t frame Mrrora. and lar?e JewelWa' Faf? by Hernac A Co., Snportor R "inla'rir jB ft??e?n,d Hi#, Carpet. Oilclo h.tftove. and Btora Futuraa (' _?ral!|. _ Tfiiii ea k. O? Trustee. j?Sd J. C. McGl IKK t CO., Aaeta._ BrC. W. aOni.KR A Aeetioaoeta. HOIT8K AND LOT *T rUBIJi? AUCTION. H* virtue of a deed of Imft, bearinf date F*h wr Itiii. 1*0, a> d r*ooM?d i? l.iber J. A 9. folio* 3*i ?l <?? ol the U?<1 He->orda of tkeovmity "f \\ aakingtiin, in ?h? Pietr.ct of Co lumbia. I aha I ?e!l at p*iO-io amotion on tt'? prent iaen, on \VKl>> \. th? !?'h uay of January, at 4 o'olo-k p m ,al! t>?at let, p"? > and paroe of gronnd in the * * it y of tVaehinaton, in the Di toet of i'.oln" bia, h ?loc pa<to> Hm-f N?. sa?. whiek I* branded a? foiiowe, lo wit. ? Refinnlnr U a point oa 4th etreet weat aeventy an (mi mstin chea from the coi ner of 4th ttreet *Mt and N atr*et north, running theoce north with 4th atreet *Nl twenty feet cine and a auarter inahea, uanoe eaat fifty fret on* inch to S?w Jerw? avtnte. tktno* aouth with Now Jeraey avenue twenty feet, thenee weat fifty five feet six lichee to the piaoe of be timing, with the f.-ame hoaae thereon. Ternr.? : Oae-third of the parohaae money to b* paid in oaeh, and the balance in two a^aal inatal meuta r?? o<n<i (.?> at>ie vug interact at a.x an"i montUa fr.?m tar of eai?. ar.f1 ooured b? a deed of trust on ti* pr<>p?r'y aold. Aii conveyar oinrat the caatof t h? purotiaeer. I* the term* of >ale are rot oom?.i?d wit'i witnin fir* data from Jay of ea'e, the ?*id property will be reaold at the riak and expenaa oi the tin* purchaaer. KI?\V S\VA\N, TraetM. C-W BOTtLKRft SON'}*. J* iinwi.i A?*bon*w>. Ht HUM'/ A GRIFFITH. Auctioneer* 171 RMTt KK AJK? EFFECTS OFaFAMl I i.i DtcumiG HocaniPi^ti at Public Accii^n ?On MONDAY M"KNING, Jaiuary fih. at m n'clofk, in front oftha Aunuon Roomi, No 3f?9?*?ven'h afreet ? we Hm.ll Mil a large aa i "'ino t of \erjr tood Fu'Citara a'.d Hoareho d EfTe?-U o. a t< i-t.e.ukn leaviug the city; eompriainc n part? Mahogany Spring aeat fnfaand ferior Chairs, Do Arm Woekeraand ArmChtiri, Do anl WaJnot vlarble top .Dressing Bu reau* and Wa*h?taada, Hair and * u?k Mattresses. heath- r Pi lnw and Bolatera, Bi*nK*ta. Comforte, Spreada. Ac , Mahogany Jenny Lind ifedate?da. Cottage ditto* Mat' 11 c,? a'peta. I'rooke-y. G aaaware, Cutlery, Plated Fo ks. Hpo^na, to , karlor, Cookina, and otb*r htor?s, Together with a general aaaortuient of Kitohaa Requ'ritaa. Tern s oash. ja 3 d BOXT7 A GRIFFITH, Aewts. By THO&. DOW LINO. Auctioneer. tfi?r?i*wa, D. C. f? U R M Tr R K AT A L OTION.-On TUE*DA V i MORNING next < be tth instant, at 10 o'oloek. alia i tell, without r?s"rv?, at the reaideroe of lanrt p?r on. Ma ket >pac*,hia entire Effects, I nsutlrg of? 3ane teal aod Wood Chaira. Dining ard otner lab ea. Bureaus, ieda'.eada and Mattreatea. Carpet* and Oileiotha, Crockery and Giasa Ware. ^Ainpa, Looking Glaeaoa. Stovea, Kitchen Farm ture Ao . Ao. Ter?> a c?en jO -H THOg. DOWL1N6. A net. By fcREEN A WIC.I.IAM**, Auotionaera. A'?. i'26 Srventk ttriet. U OH? HOLD AND?I ITC H ?N_FU R NI - t-M. ILKK AT Jl'CTl * ?UD ,HU.M>AV, the Tth ?*tant, at in o'cl a rn . we shall se ; at the e?id-uo? of* gentler!.aa f,-elinin* Housekeeping, >n6tn ?tr*et. h-twe?n M ?fa N str eta north ,n?? Joe Wal'utSul e, o >nmtli,(t of Soft*. Easy and *?id? Chairs. iVainut \larb e top Center Table. .V'almt Whatnot, Ottomans. a;.J Tablee. tVah.ut Dressing tfareaus, Washstarvds, and Bed steads, Tat K?ck, Wsrdrobes. acd Footstools, < i-ah. Cane-iMt, and other Chaira. rVa rut Extension Tab!*(jaii leaf,) )ne fine painted Cot'age !*et trnsael* ln< rain, Venetian, and other Carpets, lair, (iotton lop,and Huik Mattraeaea, 'tair Rods, Hlj?, Oi oloth. Mais aod Shales, 'father Pi low*. Bolsters and B*ds, Cr.iT*-s, Plated Fori*, Table aod Tea Spoons, llanketa and Comforts,<<toub ard ain.le,) nearly tew Cooc and other Stores, 'hina. Maaa. and Crock-ry Ware. I large lot o' K to'en Reqniaitea, and macy other aruoiea too numeroaa to enumerate. Term*: A I ?um< of a-.d under ?<" oa?h; orer M', a credit cl jn and 90 days, for a^prored en osed notes. b?-ar'n? interest. ja?-?t ??R,EF.N ? Wl1.1,1 A MS. A act* By WALI< A BARNARD, Anetioneera. rRt>TEE*S SALE OF FINE GROCERIF.S, V%15ES. I IJCOH. CliAKS, A!?P ? OSMHIIKTS t Acctioh ?On TtfUKdUaY MORNiNtt. U let. at 10 o'e'ock, we sha'l sell at the Aution to ma. the remaining a took of S. T. D.ary, ooss laiirin ursacy, n aiBKCJt IH- troll Md JI K urn. t sctbrry Rod App> Brandy, '<>rt, M&doia, bhirry, and Claret Wimi, <> aeaes. Cider, and Htonchton Bitters, 'namp&cue, Cordial, aod other Liquors, ?ff e, CanJlea, Staroh, and $"ap, '"Pfxr, Ginger. C nm, !<%Jeratu?, a?4 Cmr.ani' p, a i? and j*r? l,ul>?!"r. Aoparacun. uch vi'i and AneV v? Ha?t?. I'&to ?fe K >ic Grar, heese, Mruj',?'d Pr<eervee, ner* and Tnbv^oo, mi Jr. , Oe.nn >hn?. MawirM, Bina, ounter*,and . ther Fixtures. 'te e foods are all of the be?t qua! ty. are writ kuovo to the eeetomnrs of Ax. S. T. t?mry. T (rm? : tfO raah; ove- that amoairt a credit of land 6<d\>i, for reproved endorsed Botes, best .% interest. T. DRU?Y. Trartee. Ill J WALL A BARNARD, Aucta. the Above sale is postponed LKSUA V,* h icat T. DRIRY, Tiastee. jaS WALL It BARNARD. Auota l?T " iTL'1 J * RVHA L'S SALE.?In Tirti* of t writ ?( 'I fie-i faoiaa ueoed from the Clerk Oflioo of te Circuit Court of the Diatrioi of Coinmbia for le County o( Waakiufton. and to me directed, I i 1 ??" to pnhlic we.for oaah. in front of tM oort Ho??i> door of iMd ooMt;, on THl'Rs* AY, Ike 1 'tii day of Jaoaarr riext. 1K1, at 12 oi<>ok m- tneloilowir.f de?cribM property, to wit art of Lot No. 6. la 5*?ua e No 841. at le north weet o >rner of (Aid lot and raining thebee Mt on Virgicieareeuel9feetl (Mb: the no* oeih r MiuUvMt th? depth of aaid lot; thn<w weetby mtnwegt to the xnthvNt oorcer of said lot; iei;0? nofh h? n->'thee?t ?! feet 3 incnee to Vir nia arenas, containing I 672 *qaare feet, together ta aii anc iiut ar tke improvement* thereon, ia ie City of Washington, U. C.. aened and levied on ae t*>e property of Joka Mennekeia. aad will 1 told to Mb?f? jadioialt No. 14. to Janaaro term, 61, <? favor of J. K. Wo.lard, nee of John Pardy. de 18-dta W 8ELDEN.U.S. MarehkJ. ^OR HAVANA. Via KEY WEST. UNITED STATES MAIL. ISABEL^ LlUt The STEAMSHIP ISABEL, William ReL Ki, Commander wi 1 leave Charleston i the 10th and 2Mh of aaeh month, for^3??J> avana. vta Key Wee*; aad. retnrain*.^^^^^* ill Imva kavana ai /i tt mm W ? ? 'h of e?o? n.onth F?t information ?r p???a?e apply *o T. BAR ARD, No 1 Tcdd'i Baiidinc, *Mbinrto?: or MORDK'JAi * CO., 110 Em! Bay, Chorlaa n. IfT Ml Mail matter matt b# pre paid at Ua Set Qft~c de >ANIC TIMES! PANIC F RICES' We hav jaat roofir?d a arc* lot of CLOTHING. L'KM"lliNO hOOUe, HATS and CAPS, oa uaicu:neat, which inii't be aoid before th? 4th t.f area, vitaoat retard to eo?r. Tbaoa foods Kan I Ix^ii m-da up by the boat honeee ia Baitimnr* id Phi ante pl?i*, aad ovias to ibe Una* taar will aod at annual aoj pfioe our otyaot l-otng to tarn am nt > cat h aa aooaaa aoaaibta C othiora. No. 4 3 V ^e veath at. alm^t.

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