Newspaper of Evening Star, January 7, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 7, 1861 Page 1
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V?. XVII WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. JANUARY 7. 1861. N?. 2.460. THE DAILY EVENLNti STAB tt r UBLiSHBD B VSR Y A FTERNOOIf, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) IT THE STAR BUILDINGS, C arutr of Ftnrtrtlvjmi* avenut 111 A *t., ?T W. D. W1LUCH. Vftptri a?nr?4 ta pMkaffM by carrier* M |4 I xtr, ?r P oonu pm month. To auI aabeertbwa lb- prio* 1b $xjo ? y mt, m adMwi, ft for six worth* 91 for thro* month*; and for Im ttu ttre% month a ftt the rat* of It eenta a week. Sin* ie oop ??, dtiriHT; in wr%^?r?, two cum, r7"Aov?RT:****^TBioonld beaant tothe oftoe bHort* Uo'oiook other wiae they may aot appear nntii iktMitdtr. THE riKkT BABY Mj old school follow, Mar/ Thornlj, had been married two yean whan I made mj first call on her in her capacity of a mother, Did you aver s*e such a darling ?" aha ex claimed, toaaiaf the infant op and down in her arms. "I%ere, baby, that * ma'a old friend. Jaae He knowa you already. I declare,'' (aid the deftghted parent, as it amiled at the bright no# wntch 1 beld up to it. " Yoa never saw pucn * qniok child, lie follows me with his *>y?3 all ahdat the room. Notice what prettj littlo foot he bag, the darling footy-tootaies;" and taking both feet in one hand, the mother fondly kissed thein. " It certainly ia very pretty," said I, trying to be polite, though I could not perceive that the infant waa more beautiful than a doien others I had seen. " It haa your eyes exactly, M?rj.'' " Yes, and da da'a month and chin," aaid my friend, apostrophising the child; "hasn't ft, preoiooa And she almost naoU-ared it with Aa I walked slowly homewart, I said to my aelf. " I wonder if, when I marry, I ahall ever he so foolish. Mary used to be a sensible girl." In a fortnight afterwards I called on mj irienrt Again. " lloif baby grows," she Mid; " don't you ?*e it? I never knew a child to grow so fust. <irihdnit uj4 it is the he&lihiut child the ever knew." To me it teemed that the baby had not grown ?n inch; and, to avoid the contradiction I changed the thcuio. But, in a momont, the doting mother was hack to her infant again. "I do Relieve it'i beginning to cut its teeth," *he Mid, putting her finger in the little one's mouth. '-Just feel how hard the gum is there. Purely that's a tooth coming there. Grand mother will be here to-day, and I'll ask her if it isn't so." I laughed as I replied.441 am entirely igno Tant of such matters; but your child really teems a very fine one . ' Oh' yes; everybody sajs that. Pretty, pretty dear !" And she tossed it up and down till I thought the child would have beeft sha ken to pieces; but the little creature seeuied to like the process very much. "It is ere wing at is uiuiaer: it is laughing, is it? Tiny niny Ji'.tle dear. What a sweet precious it is." And ehe finished by almost devouring it with kisfes When I next called, baby waa still further advanced Only think,'' said my friend, when I bad male my way to th$ nursery, where she now kept her?elf from morning till night, * baby begins to eat. I qavo it a piece of meat to-day; -a piece of real broiled beefsteak." What'" said I, in my ignorance, for this tiid look wonderful, "the child eating beef steak already?" ' Oh'" laughed my friend, seeing my mis take. -what a sad dunce you are. Jane. But wait till you have babies of your own. She #aya you eat beefsteak, darling." added the proud mother, addressing the Infant, ' when v..u only suck the juice. You don't want to ?hoke yourself, do you babr? Eat a beefsteak! It's funny, baby, isn't it?" And again she laughed?laughing all the more bacause the child, sympathetically, crowed in rctnrn. It ?>s not many weeks before the long-ex pected teeth really appeared. 'Jan#,Jane, baby has three teeth!" triumph antly cried the mother as I entered the nursery. "Three teeth, and he's only nine months old ! Did you ever hear of the like?" I confessed that I had not. The whole thing. In fact, was out of my range of knowledge. 1 knew all about Dante in the original, and a dozen other fine accomplishments; but nothing about babies teething. ' Just look at the little pearls!" exclaimed my friend, as she opened the child's mouth. . wv laty not oeHumuir lou never saw any- i thing jo pretty?confess that you never did. Precious darling,''continued the mother, raj> turously hugging and kissing the child, jit is worth its weight in gold." But the crowning miracle of all w?j when "baby'' began to walk. Its learning to creep had been duly heralded to me. So. also, had it* being able tostand alone, though this meant. I f?>und. standing with the support of a ofcair. But when it really walked alone, the important fact was announced to me in a note, for my friend could not wait until I called "Stand there," said she to me, in an exult ing voice " No stoop, I mean, how can yon bo m> stupid ?" And aa I obeyed, she took her station about a yard off, holding the little one by cither arm. " Now, see him," she cried, as ho toddled towards me: and finally succeeded in gaining my arms, though once or twice I <* - '?- - " - iauwivvt numU tail) B CU3UIIJOHC J ITOQl W men he wa* protected, however, by the mother holding her hands on either side of him, an inch or two off. "There, did yon erer see any thiag ao extraordinary ? He's not a year old. ither." By this time I began to be considerably in terested in --Baby'rmyaelf. He had learned to know me, and would begin to orow when ever I entered the nursery]; and I was, there fore. almoct as delighted as my friend, when, for the first time, he pronoanced my name. 'Diane," he said '-Djane"' llis mother almoat devoured him with kisses in return for this wonderful triumph of the vocal organ;, and whan she had finished, I, in turn, smothered him with caresses. I never after that smiled even to myself at the extravagance of my friend's affection for the baby ; the little love had twined himself around my own heart strings. How coald 1 ? And now, that I am a mother myself, I feel lees inclined still to laagh, is others may do, over that mysteries of mysteries, a mother's Iavc f.?r kai> 4 The Illustrioi's Dead op I860.?Man} I preit Dia? have been stricken frutn the Ht- . ii!g calendar fince lut jear ?u young From ( Christmas to Christmas the list if a long and illuairieus one. The younger brother of tho great Napoleon, Jerome, he who opened the 1 MUle of Waterloo, and fonnd an American briie, is of tha Princes who are gone. Of the j great writer*, we find the name of the daitling painter of history, Macaulay?the geniuawhotn J none can replace?the Crichton of History, , who could unite with eo daring a grace tbe pic turesque pencil of Froiaaart with the senten tious stylus of a Taeitu??who oould cover with the brightest flowers of a rare imagination 1 the gaunt figure of history, without detracting from the stern varacity of iU outline! by gain- 1 ins: in interest what is lost in instruction. i ik. ? ./.l 'J ' >UV/U? lUVKIMIIIKUllUI IA1C WUTlU U| PC I ?DC? now queuobea in darkness, we find the oimt of Kobcrt Stephenson, who invented the tabular bridge. raised the long eat and loftieat viaduct ! ever erected, and haa left monuments of his constructive skill in Borope. Asia, Africa, and America The builder or the Qreat Eastern did not long aunri*i him.and I Mm bard Brunei ( qtnekly followed the only man who waa worthy to be oalled hia riral. sir Charlea Barry too, wbo bailt the now Honaes of Parliament? which are to any other buildings in London, what the Qreat Eastern is to all other ships? must be Added to the mournful enumeration of the eminently useful men wbo are gone. The losses to art during the year have been neither few nor inconaiderable. R ?s among painters, Spobr and Julian among musicians kave departed?while the literary world de nlnrM that nt rt P R JimM. thabinil. I It and prolific noreJUt; Robert '-trough. one of the best of borleaque writer* ; Mrs. Jameson, whose labors wore sometime* brilliant and al ways conscientious ; Albert Smith, wbo made mora people lsagh than any man of his d%y,? all these precede the celebrities whose death we hare only within a few days been called on to ohroniele,?Croly, Bunson. Aberdeen. It is still more receotly*?almost simul oasly, la fact with the li^hrainf message w announced the matriciaal attempt of f C^rjlina?that the telegraph has tuld as el snapping of the last link of the chain w connected the stormy present with a glo creator the past. Ralph i'ajroham. of Actoh, tb? last survivor of the brave band who foashi at Banker Hill, U gathered to hU lather*. H< did not die too toon; not but that his handr ec and four years have been healthily and hap pily exceeded by many men before, but it was better, perhaps, the old man ahould die, than lire to see the frantic efforts of her sons to de stroy the noble nation he and his oomrade< battled so bravely to establish.?N. 1'. Cour ier Ar Enquirer. OPERATIONS Or THE PATENT OFFICE The following la a list of patents issued from the (J. 9 Patent Office for the week ending De cember 18, 1380?each bearing that date: John Allen, of Union, N. Y ?For improvement In harrows Eiiss C. Atkins, of Indianapolis, Ind ?For im proved method of attaching handles to saws. EG. Atwood.of Derby, Ct.?For improvement In skeleton skirts. Lewis P. Brady, of Mount Joy, Pa?For im provement in rakes for harvesting machines I.ysander Button and Robert Blake, of Water* ford, A'. V.?For Improved coupling for hose pipe. Cyrus Chambers, jr , of Philadelphia, Pa.?For improvement iu paper folding machines. Jot>iah VV. Church, of Cold Water, Mich ?For improved fastening for haune tugs John Ende, of Buffalo, N. Y.?For Improve ment in horse collars. John Durham, of Cherry Grove, Ohio.?For improved boot-lack. George N. I-alrchiid and Thomns Joyce, of New York, N. Y.?For Improvement iu colli mators. J. P. Fisher, of Rochester, N. Y.?For im provement in carriage wheels. E F M.Fletcher of Georgia Plains, Vt.-For iiiiuiUTtuicin III ? dtCi V* UCTiB 0 Cornellua Godfrey, of Brooklyn, N.Y.?For improvement in boilers. Joseph Grice, of New York. N. Y., and Robt. II. Long, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For improve ment in city railroad cars. J F. Hammond, of Lynn, Mass.?For cement for roofing Jacob Hiney. of Hartford, Ct ?For improve ment in faucets for bottles K W. Hli, of New York, N. Y.?For improve ment in railroad ci;r brakes Jedrdlah Holronib, of Hrandon, Vt?For Im provement in platform scales. J. Robin Jacob, of Ellzabethtown, Ky ?For improved valve gear for steam engines. John Jameson, of (jatesbeid. England ? For apparatus for expanding and compressing elastic fluids Patented in England January 11, 1S60. Frederick C Levpoldt, of Philadelphia, Pa ? For improvement in apparatus for cutting but ton-holes. lsiac Miers,of Clay Lick. Ohio ?For improve ment in r.ultivatu s Philo P Mills, of Washington, Ohio -For im provement in sugar cane leaf stripper. D. K. Nixon, cf Sindyville, Ohio?For im proved device for preventing bogs from rooting. W. H. Pease. of Dayton, Ohio ?For improve ment in tobacco cutters. John Pike, of Syracuse, N. Y.?For improved cburn. Robert Plew?, of Smltbfleld, R. I?For im proved cylinder* for spinning frames. F. VV. Robinson, ef Richmond, Ind ? For im provement in grain separators John 8 Royce, of Cuylerville, N. Y.?For im provement in harvesting machine George M. Seidell, of Troy, N. Y.?For Im provement in eaves troughs Smith A. Skinner,of West Berkshire, Vt ?For improvement in fountain pens J. J. Slocum, of New York, N. Y.?For Im proved rotary engine. Krastus N. Steers, of Providence, R. I ?For improvement in oiling spindles. Sidney M Stone, or New Haven, Ct.?For Im proved means of ventilating buildings. Claude Sturel, of New York, N. Y.?For im provement in lire escapes. Horace Topper, of Buffalo, N Y.?For im provement In turnout* for street railroads D. T. Ward, of Manstleld, Ohio.?For im provrd churn. Seth Wheeler, of Albany, N. Y.?For improve ment in ash sifters Christian K Hostetter, of Ka?t Donegal Town <htp, Pa , r.s?i<rnor to Jacob R HoflW, of Mount Joy, Pa ?For Improved bag-bolder and con veyor liirah Helneman and Jno Buaer. of New York, N Y., ainljjnor* to Hirab Helneman afereaaid ? For improvement In machines for covering cord Xavier Ksrcbeakl.of New York, N Y .aMlgnor to 1-oui* T Valentine, of same place?For im provement in manufacture of vegetable parch ment. Peter Ketfer. of Reading, Pa , aaalgnor to h!m lelf and D A. Ulrick, of tierka county, Pa.?For improvement in car brake* John Ij Maban. of Pbiladtlph'a. Pa.. aMlgnor !o D Stuart and R. Peteraon, of lime place.?For Improvement in gaaatove* Andrew Parktnaon, of Norwich. Ct , assignor to Jamca Parklnaoa, of Newark, N.J.?For Im provement In looms C P. 3. Wardwell, of Lake Village, N. II , IMiunor to Samuel H. Doteu. uf Plvmmitii M?? For improved comb cleaner. Parker Weill, of Middletou, Mam., assignor to Rimer Towns?ndand William Well*, of Boston, Mui ?For Improvement In pegging machines Charles E. Bertrand, of New V ork. N. Y.?For improvement In tanks for cry>tal.ziux sugar. Levi Bisael, of North Bergen, N. Y.?Far im provement In stove pipe* John Blue, of Covert, N. Y?For Improvement in harvester! Gabriel Boot, of New York, NY.?For im frovement in machine* for en<uueling inould nn E D. Bootman, of Janesvllle, Wis?For Im provement In automatic attachment to keyed mu lical instruments. Lewis H Bowman, of Norristown, Pa.?For Improvement in operating the valves of steam ?g!iei. Benjamin F. Campbell, of Roxbury, Mass ? For Improved steam boiler J. A. Chapman, of Poquetenuck, Ct ?For im provement in machines for winding woolen rov ings Elisha Clark, of New York, N. Y.?For iin provtment In copying prets Jud Chriaser. of Chattield, Minn ?For im provement In water wheels John ti. Dunham, of Rarltaii, N J.?For im provement in mowing machines. Joaeph D. Forry, of Lewiaton, Pa.?For im provement in machines for hulling clover. joan o ueisinger ana U.H S. Williams, of Montville, Ohio ?For improvement In cultiva te. Charles Graham, of Scran ton, Pa.?For Im provement lu spring balances for safety valves to toilers. James 9 Gray, of New York, N. Y.?For im provement In vapor lamps Joseph Gam and St Clair Gam, of Marseilles, 111 ?For improvement in cultivators. Jaeob Haejge, of Shllch, 111 ?For Improvement In (rang ploughs Charles G Haskini, of Providence, K I.?For Improvement In studs Augustus H. Hews, of Cambridgeport. Mass.? For Improvement In slides for watch ribbons. Jasper Johnson, of Jasper, N. V ?For im provement In water wheels. Solomon Kepner, of North Coventry, Pa.?For Improvement m detaching horses from carriages, lllosea Kieeman. of Columbus, Ohio ?For 1m provement in glut cutter* Jos. 11 Knight, of Newburyport, Mm -For Improvement la shoe tacks F. W. Rroeber, of Forbestown, Cal.?For im proved wrench Geo. W. Latbrop, of Weedsport. N. Y.?For Improvement in exhaust pipea of locomotive engines. VVm Mal!erd,of Bridgeport, Coon?For Im proved gaa-burner regulator K. C. Mnuck, of Harrisonburg, Va ?For Im provement in macbinea for cleaning grain Patrick Franc la Milligan, of Baltimore, lid.? For improvement In railway signals Jobn B. Murray, of New York, N. Y ?For im provement in envelope* Richard C Nash, of Somervllle, Tenn.?For Improvement in cotton aeed planters >1 F. Noraconk and Daniel Hoatz, of Milton, Pa ?For Improvement In machines for bulling dovttNtd U. W. Plttock, of Union Mills, N. Y , assignor U> himself and Merchant Perrlde, of Saratoga, N . y ?t or improvement Id coal sifter* Ira C. frail, of Morton, 111 , assignor to himaelf tad Tboma Parker, of nme placo.?For im provement In beoklvas. Tbos. L. Pye, of New York, N. V:?For lm iw< bracket* far earteln rod*. John Reynplds, of New York, N. Y?For im brovpiuent in toain plough* Ktfa Ripley of Troy, N. Y.?For ImprovM vrrench John Russell. of Tioy, N. Y ? For improv* Bnil In *to?? cavart Jot Ryder, \Vm. Carpenter, and H R Jollcy, if Cttntofc. La ?For imfirowMnt In cottou cleaner* t Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson, of Spring ? field. Mass ?For improvement In revolver* John Solon, of Fredericksburg, Vs.?For im proved shutter operator. Samuel Solliday. of Humneytown, Ps.?For Improved steam boiler. Henry J?. Stover, of New York, N. Y.?For Improvement in Woods planing machine. i Kooen Thompson, or East Davenport, Fowl.? For Improvement In smut machine# B. D. Tripp, of Moravia, N. Y ?For improved device for guiding deamonda for dressing mill tone*. John J. Watson, Wm Hardfcker* and TLoa. Toye, of Buffalo, N. YFor Improved apparatus for ventilating and warming railroad cars Adolphus K Wenzel, of New York, N. Y.? For improved automatic lathe dog I.ynander Wright, of Newark, N J.?For Im proved circular saw guage. McCllntock Yountc, jr., of Frederick, Aid.? For improvement in harvesting machines. Henry Fuse*, of Haverstraw, N. Y., assignor to Thos. H. Bates, of New York city.? For Improve ment in sewing needles. *? Warren Gale, of Ohlconee Falls. Mass., assign or to himself and B B. Belcher, of same place ? For improvements in machines for cutting straw. ?-W -* W ciuiiiauu ff uiniuil) Ul ilCW ) Orf, ^ Hi signnr to himself and John R. Hathaway, of suae place.?Fur Improvement In machines for making cigars. John .North, of Middletown, Conn.?For im proved j?dlock. Ktitsmts.?Spencer Moore, of Central Bridge, N. Y.?For improvement in threshing machines. Wm Van Auden, of I'ou^hke?paie, N.Y.?For improvement in portable copying apparatus John 8 Wikersham, of Brooklyn, N. Y.?For Improved folding bedstead. Robert J. Marcher, of New York, N. Y.. as signee of J S. Barber, of Boston, Mass ?For im proved machines for cutting irregular forms VV. H Seymour, 1). S. Morgan. S. (i. Williams aim ^v. i aimer, en urociporT, IN. Y , aaai^neies through mesne assignments of J. A. St. John, of Janeavllle. Wis?For improvement in raking attachment to harvesters. Dttign*.?E H Brown, of New York, N.Y ? For design for iron ahutter. Elemir J Ney, of LoWell, Maaa , assignor to the Lowell Manufictnring Company.?For de signs for carpets G. Smith and H. Brown, of Philadelphia, Pa., a*aij{uor? to Librandt and McDowell, of sime place.?For designa for atovea Jacob tftiffe, of Philadelphia, Pa , assignor to F and G Hauck, of Mecnanicsburg, Pa?For design for cooking stove. N. S. Vedder, Kzra Ripley and \Vm L San derson, of Troy, N. Y., assignors to Potter A Co., of same place.?For designs for stove plates AdUttonnl Improvements.?James Sadler, of Kgremout, Mass ?For improvement in couplings for thills to axies. Frank G. Johnson, of Brooklyn, N. Y.?For composition to prevent depredations of insects Dcniel P. SLOpe, of Mllesbury, Pa ?For lm provtd washing machine. lglil ? I A R_l E 9 . j86I Commence the Year imth a Diary. A ra'uaMe Pookflt Companion for registering events pant, present, and future; containing rates of pontaie. al:nai>Ho, a bl&nlc spao for menwranda for every day in the y*ar, oa?.h aooount for eaoh mun'h, annual summary of o.\?n account hula payable and receivable, Don't be without one of these useful litti? souvenirs. The H.ost oomplete, eirjcant. and desirable assortment ever issiir^.oom prismg twelve Riz<? and upwards of fifty styles, at SH1L.LINU ToN'S Bookstore, Odeon Building, oornar of,Of street and d* 20 Penn avenue. BRADY'S NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPH OALLKRY. 332 Pkkji Avk.nck. On exhibition, beautifully finished Photographs of the President and Vioe President eloot; Imperial Photographs of all the I'tMiutnU from JuIkah m Bootiau.VKof all the Momfoera of the Senate and Hiiutie of Representative* of the trreaent Cos/r*M; of the Prince of Wales and a larte number of dia tinguished foreign persouagea; <>f nj\r!y &!( our prominent Stateainen, Poet/, Artiata, Authors, Ed itors, 0!er* Generate aid Coniuiodorea. The largest Plain Ph tographs in th? world. The Colored Photographs must be seen to be ap preciated . Twenty five fiitllmfth Portrait plaiting Carda, elegantly finishwl for five dollars ! ONE HUNDRED PHOTOGRAPHS FOit FIVE DOLLARS!! Prioec for all other atyles equally moderate. de 10 lm ^O INVENTORS AN? PATENTEES MUNN t COMPANY. Proprietor* of the Scikktific American, and Agenta for procuring American and Foreign PATENTS, IVifA Sirtten Years'1 Erprrumt<e tn, Refer to Hob. Judge Masou, Hon Jesep i Holt, Hon. W D. Bishop. Ex Commissioners ot Patents, ?* > ? ? ? iii'mv iiinu i ni;N .'?fi (( I ** ' r ft I UT WHO have i<ad business done through AIuld JL Co.'s Pat ent Ageucr. Pamphlet of Advioe tent free by mail. Patent Law* and Regulations, It? fa* eg, 25 oonU mat! Office? No. ST Park R'<w. New York. \Va*h irntou comer F and Seventh ??*., oppo?ito Patent Office. de?2-eo2>t A~MUSIC HOOk IS TH K BEST GUKIS TM A8 GIFT. Moore's Melodies beautifully bound. The Musioal A.bun., w ende gobr.'n Son^s, without wcrds, Th? Home Circle. Ail tua Operas, with and without words, Besthoveti's, Mozart's aud dementi's Sonatot. Baoh's Cnerubim's, Marl and Aibrecuta berjer'a Theorotioivl Works, All the Oratorios, Selections ol Mus.c with beautiful title paces. Also, a large assortment ol Steiaway tc Sons'and Raven, Hacon & Co's Overat u g Piauos, un doubtedly the best now Manufactured. A very ltrje stuck of Piano Ktoois and Covers at reduoed prices at the Musio Storo Af W G METZEROTT, de 72 corner Eleventh *t and Pa av. 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With many other new Mi heaatual ety es in KefL Treoo and Kronen Beaver Cloth, ia prions fr?m ?3fiO to #?,to vkMh weask the attention of ??"*' TAYLOK A HUTCHISON. W traveling trunks. B Have just reoeived the mrceet aatortment MWWiB |SE? WOOD AND COAL. to the public: GO WHKKF. YOU c A N (IKT YOUR MONEY's WORTH HTTRY IT! PROVE"IT ! KNOW IT TRY ~W HA T f ^JD^Tr^the PIONEER MILLS, tojl ?<ny joar PROVE WHATt (17 Prove that you oan cet roar WOOD there e eaper than elsewhere in the oity ; and then )uu KNOW WHAT* m- Know that f nu getUOOD M KAPL'R K and the very best of WOOD for lee* money. Cut Split, and Dkt.ivkrkd Frkf of Chabsr. Calx at th? PIONEKR MILLS'. S/tfiY OF TMK BLUR FLA&-8TAFP, SonnivwT C<>BMica B*vkntb and Canal (Soulij of the Kftace.H noj9 GKORii K PAGE. Agknt. WOOl) AND C O 1 li Delivered to all parts at the city, at the lowest jot si bl e rates. T. J. & W. M. GALT, Office 999 Pa. av? between 11th at.d 12th sts.. ma 17-tf north aide. Cure Coygh. Cold, Hoarsen***. In /lu-nzn any Irritation or Sore ness of the Throat, R'lUve tht Harkin? Couth in Corny mf tron. ttronehttit, Athmc. 4r Catarrh. Clear and give strength to th* voice of PUBLIC S P p A IT l" B _ _ ? . u n u l% O and SINGERS. Few are aware of the importance of cheokmj; a Counh or "Common Co'.u" in its firat atace, that whioh in the beaming would yield to & inihl reme dy, if neglected, lonn attacks the I,ante. Bronchial Trnrkes" oontainm* demule?etineredt enta, allay Pulmonary and Bronchial Irritation. "That trouble in my Throat, (for which the ' Trockeare a apeeitio) having made me often a mere whia perer." N. BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S ' TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES N. P. WILLIS. "1 recommend their nae to Public Si'EAKMii." REV. E. II. CHAPIN. "Gr?at service in subduing IIoakiz ?e?s." # REV. DANIEL WISE. "Almost insta>.t relief in the dia treaaing labor of breathing peculiar to Asthma." REV. A. C. EGGLESTON. " Contain no Opium or anytl.inf injurious." DR A. A IIA v ES, Chemist. Boston. " A simple and pleasant combina tion for Corous, ? o." BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'* TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S vn. u. r. UlUbLIMV, Boston. * Beneficial in Bkohchitts." DR. J. F. W. LANK, Boston. "?l have provrd them exoei lent for Whopping Cocsh." REV. H. W. WARREN. Boston. " Benefi?iial when compelled to speak. Mrflerin* from Colp." REV. S. J. P.ANDERSON, St. /.MM. " Effkctual in removing IIoar?e new and Irritation of the Throat. ?o common with ^pe&kxks and Sitio XK8 " Prof M. STACY JOHNSON. La Grange, (fa. Teacher of Mumo S utharn Female College. "G'-oat benefit.when taken before and after ther prevent Hoarneneaa. From their pa?t effoot, 1 think the* Will ! ? of n?rm*n*n? ?.i TROCHES ??VBV:^rFOWhEV.A'.'M. ! BROWNV President oI Athoua Collene, leun. TROCHES lETSol<1hyaUnniKicii.taafT\VV:N VY FIVE CEN T? A BOX.??H do 1 iy HOVT'I Hiawatha Hair RcNtoratlve la warrantod in every incta,.c? to < Rb?turk Gray Hair to it* 0*ibi?ial Color. It has tieen riuplicJ IN THOUSANDS <?F CASKS In the priR <ipal citieg of New Engl and, aid HAS NOTFAluEDina angle inetanc* to ac comp!i?h all that la cia'med for i? No Hair Ueo Gray or Red hot the HIA W ATHA Will ohanee it to a beaut.Jul lite like Brown and Wiaok. It ia n"t an instantaneous d?e which crooks, tii.uta and given a drad oolor to thn hair; the j patient havnp to au' mitto aoapinr. waah Lg ar ' gponjrmi; of ?he hair every time t ia app'ie^: uor ia | it a preparation ol ?u!ptiur, ?u<ar of le*d, Ac., nor of an? ingredients d-leserioita to the heir of ak 10. I It is an article repairing no preparation, no waeh iok before or after uai r. it i-: arpiieu la fiv? iniu ut?? time, and wth as lilt e trouble as any ordinary aiticle for the toilet. "People whp have used this preparation declare , it is mira?ni.o<>a in its rfieota, and that it will aer , torinall that it pretend* to <Ju alltru't Pieloriai. "tu*uoo<a>s woudarfui, i;i?l we c\a nr.ty *a* *? i-dor?e all the proprietor nj h iu regard to m"? Boston Journal. "We ot-aerve. by ft notioe in ft Botton paper, thftt n premium was awarded !><r the Ma"?ftohua< tt? Ms nhanioa' Charita'-.e Aae"Cta'ion at -bur l\t- Kair, Boaton.ti .Vr Jonnph Hon of tbia city.for hi? uvirMwl' li iftwaiba Hair B eatorat: ve,' an article which rich!? merited thia favor. It wai Jor its ru perior roerita in thia reapwet that the Committee, af ter Fiiflhoieut evidence yteaeated t.-> thenn? vhi, a warder) to Mr. Hoyt thia flattering testimonial Providence firottai Pest SWdin Washington by J. W. Nairn. D. B Cla'k, Kid well A Lawreuoe D. O. Ridgeter. In George town by J. L. Kidwell,and by Druggists generally, de 12 're> FOR STAMPING PACKET OF PAPER AND ENVELOPES TO MATCH, at the METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE, PHILP k. SOLOMONS, Aunts for l.aurr*rt's ttUbrand Linen Paper*, "M'tropo'uan Mill*," fe., # ?. *o * ly 33'i P*. av., b*t. 9t' and loth ft*. Singer's Sewing Machine*. 3S* PENN. AVENUE. NATIONAL HOTEL BUILDING. We invite thepub'io attention tr our new $3" FAMILY SEWING MACHINE. Thi? Maohino la un?urpa*?ed in the homehold. It rum amooth and twin; sews, kern*, fell* and tntkrrt, will iow the finest awiaa or olofta ten ayera lluok, and an* thine between the two extreme*, id a i*ait fui aad ubetantial manner- Machines In mahuta:.t. wal nut and ro*ewoo<l o&aea from to ?l"0, our JHAKbtl I&rcfl vibrating pretter m/*cAw??, Fur ooaeh trimmrrs and aaddlera, ia without a rival. Silk, Twnt. Thread, NmIm, Bobbin*. Oil, Ac., always on h*nd at New York prices. C^Send for a ooa? of I. M Himert Co.'iOa seft?. CHARLES A. SrONSL.HR, no 27 6m AfWt. H most a *se. OWE'S IMPROVED WEHJHINSSCALEIS Theee Scales are offered to {fee suolio aa tha eeales aunpie.durabie, and reliable scafeaeTer nut ia Firat class premiums have been awardedthe* ^the United Static Fair and Virginia At icuitural )i?tr; Virctnia Slate Agnsnltural Fair: Franklin Institute Fair, Pennsylvania; Nev York State Fair, Vermont State Fair, Ae* to. la every oaae whets exhibited they nave reoeived first olaaa prsnumma For aa a at f # Louisiana avenue, Depot of Siller's Ceil ed Iron Sues. de lS-ly E* C. PATTTSON, Acent SPECIAL NOTICE TO OUR FRIENDS AND ? CUSTOMERS. We have Lad their biiia ail made ofT. and thn*a who prefer oallin* at our desk 'or thrm will please do ao by the 26th inst. After thatd?t? we tliall render evry bill on oar book*, and owing t > the great panio w? mut ukror friends to make prompt p& we are in want of all money doe as at Una time. J. W. COLLEY AC'., de 21 2w A22 ^erenth et.. above Pa, a v. Nkw cAssi MERt*. AND VBSTING8. WALL. STEPHENS fc CO., 399 Pennaylva nia Avenue, have juat received a large variety of new Pall Gooda, to wkMh they invite the attention of their frienda and oeetomera. au tH-tf avenue. New Booke?Cotton ia King, large t*o.. Lit>r*ry (beep, price 96, by mail: Partea'e l ife of JaokaoatS vols, elotb, prioe #&. by mail; Co ml lot of Life, by Emerson, 12mo. olotb. pnee f t. by paJL The waal heavy disoount given in all our bonntl booka. de? |*7B NEVE* HAD SUCH BARGAINS IN vf PIANO f OETES aaat areeejat, hot* new an4 a'cpr.d band- JOHN F ELLIS, de *0* P* avema bet !Kh and I?Hb ate. de 19 CLOTHING, Ac. A OR KAT ATTR ACTION ! GRAND Kl'HH FOR 3KVKNTH !*TR KKT! All !*Tor at H M I T H ' H, Wo. 460 SEVENTH STREET. "Ot (Am mm J 4* I iWwtu " (Suoh ru Uialaoguax* u?*d b? a *#nt *>nvi vUo ha.! re^ciVMl tome of our (r**at targaiui) i Hare jo?t returned from the North with a r*ry I art* nook of CL (THING. Fl RNIHHIMi ??OQI)H, HATS aid CAI'S^yjb' for oa?h at two third* their net eont And whieli I will tell at a mall aav&noe. > ou ou i>uy a *<kxI Overoo&t from $* to S7, a very fin# on* from $10 to $15, Cape Ov -ro< at from 9? to .fl5, Boj'b Orercoat and Cape C?at from *?3 ?*? to ]fs Alao, SHIRT!*. UNDER GARMENTS. UM fRKI.LAS. SCARFS SHAW 1.4, COLLAKS, IES, GI.OVKS.aixl all kiadnor lienu' Wttnic Af parol, at a?Umi?hingly low pnee? IU~ A word to Mim? th*t want to pnrchaae: Having hourht lh?M (00J1 at my low prioaa. I a;n confidant U>at you ?aa save U par oect. baying from rr>?>. N B SERVANTS' CI.OTHIHC in abnadanee. Don't forget to call at the P<*-p e - Clottn n? St-?:e. No. 460 5e*?nth street," before purcla'in* eiae where, and ratiafT yon? #>? ? that w?< are < fferin* bargains. J. H SMITH. Clothier, de 14-1 in No 4 KO Seventh at.. opp. Poat Oflioe. /GENTLEMEN'S 1* RKvDV MADK CLOTHING. Oar prevent a?aortw?ent of fiRNTLGMRNI READY-MADE CLOTHING < dera to citia-ns and a'.rangers wishing ac immediate out fit au?e rior inducements, embracing, at thia time, all tylea and auaiiUea <>f Dreas ami ttuameaa Gar ment* and Ovetooata in a'l vari?tiea. Pine Sh . rt* and Fader-clothing of ail kind*. Kid and other Gloves of beat quvity. Soar fa, Tie*, Cravats, Stonk(i, Hosiery. 4to.. 4.C. All of whioh wa are offering at n?r usual low priee*. IC7- Clothing made to order in the moat anterior manner. WALL, STEPHENS k Co., no Ifi-tf S'J'i Pa. avenue. C2 K EAT B A R G K IN 8 OriMIP ?T THE PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STOKE. No. 460 Seventh Sruit. VL.u l n i .1' >, FURNISHING GOODS. 11 ATS and CAPS. At 20 1'ek Cist. Lin tham the I'iiu Ratss. At SMITH'S, No. 460 Sermrk Sirrtt. N. B-All in want vf CLOTHING and FUR NISHING GOODS wi'l find it great!? to their ad vantage to five me a call. ?e T lin J. H. SMITH, l iPTHirm. WmerchlVn-ttailoking. E Invite our cu?tomers,aaij oitiaens renera - If. to an mapec'ion of our present new, at tractive. ??<( clerant umrbr ot ?>f CLOTHS. CASSIMfeRKS. DOESKINS. VfcSHNGS, OVERCOATINGS. Ac. which we will make to vrder in superior' ?t?leat very low prices. WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. octf -tf Sia P*. a v.. hetw. *th and l?th sta. wiern 1 ?T?IIK EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. I EMRICH. at the corner of penn.A . ? A avenue and Eleventh atrert. has jreatly improved roco..tij and now itf rt crentnr i- r' - greatly improved roco..tij and now cff-r? ar.d atranirera thn any other rnblio honaein the oit <, his prioea beiac leea tiian thuae of u> otner MM on Penn. avetne, and hi* accommodations lor psrman*nt or transient boardera nnex-eptioc able. The t.&r and reatauraiit arranceinenia o( the European Hotel have already become very poju l%r, bring all that ean be deal red by the m<?*t fa? Udioua. proprietor p!e?1(?-? ( remitted atten tion and contiaufd li'-era! expenditure* to giveaat iafaotion to all, and thua renewa ki? invitation ?* a!, to aire the haropean Hotel a oall. de 4 u /(K NEW PAWN OFFICE. 9 OK. WAR d7~Dealer in NewQ 0 and ?. av 0;T riot'niu, respectful.j informa tl.a pu'> :e r at h ? ha* opened a 1.1CKNS?KI> PaWN LJKHOK at No T<> L.oat*iana avenue, between th and 10th ata , a I'* doo-? eaat of the new Can Lral Guard-honte, where he will he at all timet prepared to wai: on hia pitrona wtUi promptly aa, kttection and the atriot^at iuatioe. N. B?Jewelry, I>ry Good*, Clothing, Meohan ioa' To*?la, Ae., aiwaya on hand at pmate aale de 7 Ire* Dr. J. H. fflcLEAN 8 STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AID BLOOD PURIFIER. nnunajfiAill t\ c. PI r. U 1 in IIU WVKLlt, and the moat Dkl:cioc? asj) 1>KLIUHTFUL CORDIAL RVBK TAKEN. It i* itncik* > kI niiie end T(jru bio Coiuposud, i-t? curad ty tlx dii'illa lie ( rkarta, o&d tirka v Dock, EUwd R.jut, B lefc Rom, n..*, Wild Cl.ttry B'rk, >cd Dudalnu titara into iu coui pOOtllOil. Tho ontiro *eti?a rmtdiii puoeif.a; ul o?eh mjirtdiou: ta Before takiug. LiouUtat, Erodocta* ? daitc>uu, oxiiiUrouof ipirti, And U>a t.ooi u folhblo r?.u?'?f>-r rrmxttiug -b? duooaod ajaitu., ibd rtattnof tli* ai^k. ??.d dolilitotod iu?Uid m it&ltfa oitd Otltuflb- m IdcLEAX'S STHENUTHEN1NO CORDIAL I Will ofoctaollj coro Uatr Cou^i Uint, Dytptpaii, Joan llco, ('t.rsuic or Ntrropt liability, Unt .Ki of Iht Kidnara, .ud ali d.aa aaa _nainj fr?m * diaurdarad L??ar or (unucl, ^ipipnt, Maorlboru, Inward P.iia, Acidilf or Rickniii ol ha nrnmsch, KolU ota of Blood to lha Haad, flail P'm or Iwinnuof in tha Hood, Palpitation of tka Haart, Palinata r Waiftil in lha ?toii-ach, Soar Krncutiooo, Cbokinf or lafoc?t!cr Fatltor orhon lattnr dovn, l)r?ntn or TtlleW ... .V. Ok.r .Id Kw.. V ??> K " 'tail ill tha Kill af tha Bick, Cf?n, sr lids, Bart J an 'tmhas af Km, Dapraaaioo of Spirits, Friftufal Prtim, *angaer, Daapoodancy ar ui &srvoa? diaa-st, lorn or Jlotehss so ui Ikm, ud Ks?sr and Arm (or Chills and PlTU.) OVER A MILLION BOTTLES >a?a kssn Mid daricf tha laat ait months, and in na ia taoca has It failed in rising arurs satisfaction. Who tksn, ril! scffsr from Waakusss or Dst ?haa McLKiNl rTRRNuTnEMIMU CORDIAL will car* yes 1 Hi larga&gs can eonsay an adaqaata idaa of Us iianadi la and aiiaaat miracaioaa ebaaga prefaced by taking thaa Cardial in tha diaaaaad, dabiKtatad, and shsuarad nsrssas yataia, ?hati)ar brokan down ucaaa, aaal by attara, j mpatrad by aickuass, tha rata tad aad aaairaif argani alian la raatarad to iu priatina baaltk aad sigar MARRIED PERSONS, atoara, eaasetaas a# inability fro? vkantir caaaa, will Ind McklAni KTKKHGTUKNIKO CO&OlAk a tba aagb raganaratar af tta ayststn; and all who may h??a ia arad Oiaiaaalraa by i mpropsr tad algaacaa aril! fad la this Cardial a tartain and st ssdy rsmady. TO THE LADIES. MrkKAN* rTRKNUTHEMING CORDIAL la a sosar tin aad apaady ear? far laclpiant Consaiaj tioa, W hitaa, Ibauaciad ar DtRcaJl Msoatraaiioa, lacoauaaaca < Unaa >r InTalaaUrr Piachargs tbsrsaf, Falling af tha wonk, hddinsss, KainUc-g, aad all diaaaaaa incsaaat to FaaaaJaa. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT lafar aa longsr. Taka it according ta diractioua It will timalaia, strargthsn, aad Invigorata yoa aad caaaa ika loom M haaith u> moant year chaak again. Every baitia ta ranaaud ta gt*a satisfaction. FOR CHILDREN If vMr AKildlran at* ai^klt. nail* nr Mi<LEAV?i ;olDIAL will inaka tham haaitlv. fat, ud rabmal. Da lay lat a mainact; uj U, and foa %ifl ba cat'mead h ta da Uiili la 111*. CAUTION. Itnn ml draf fiata of lulm wla at; try n paUa irw Mm* kiuir of i-mp?iUi itub, wbiah tkty cu iar b??p, b? uiisfjl :? |m u coo*. A*o.d aach man Aak or McLKAiriVTRnuTHKNING COUUL, u< uka lOtMrr alea. It ia tk? only ramad? that will rarify the 'load taoraaffclv aedattha Mm Baa atraofthaa uta ayataa. Ob* taaapaenfai wkti tMr; oaarauic htuaf u a eartatn ^rifUUft for Cbolara, Cuili u4 PfTtt, Tilio? Pi<ir, Of dt [rt'tlitt 1:hui. I: la pat ip is larrt bottlaa. frica mJt 91 par baftla, ar Ibaulaa far 3 H !MCLEAN, lata proprietor of thia Cordial; alto. Me Lain1* TataaiaM Oil Laaumaal. Principal Daaat aa Iba earn a r ml Third ud no* *ir**i*, ?. bNii, ?. McLean't Volcanic Oil Liniment, (T*r BUT LINIMENT m THE WORLD ) Tkl Mly uli Mrtu mm tar Cuwn, Mm, T?> Ml, Bwcitinf* ud Bnxichil* ar Out, Panlnu, N*a ralfta, WiUntu of lb* ttluciM, Chronic ar hfcanmw? U.4tiMUini lufntu *f th* Joint*, Coeir&cl*i Mu ,?t or Lifaiaoitu, Itnelli wlWiieta. Bruno, pr*tn?, Pr**b J*t*, Woaoda, UlMd, PtTor Beroa, Cabod Irani, Ivi IimIm. Dm, Baaifr. tan TWaat, or any utawum or MIC. so dif?rtnc? how uiiri or iaug tb* 4im*m mwy U7* *ii*t*d, McLEAN* CELEBRATED LINIMENT i* i eirtue Hiiiij. TIiimh Hi of MM Vataf* ba*o boo* m*r%4 i llfo of 4m tnyiuii u< biomj by tb* a** of tbi* iavalaabi* wirty. McLEAPTS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will r*hav* paia ! Immunoily, ud K will claen, parity u< h*?j tb* fealeet ooroo 10 ea itwitHi Mtort Daw. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. K CLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT u tb* ooly *aft u>4 raiiafeU nai<> far tbo ear* of Sparta, RiarVoae, BTiadf alls, Bpliau. Ueaatar*! Lamp*, Ko4ti ar tviUiwi it a*?*r ftilid to eara Bif Head, roll**il, PittaU, Old Laaatof Saroa, ar Hint, if inatrit tppM Far prate*, Bwmm, Saratrb**, Creaked *?fa, Cbafx, l??li m Cellar Oalta, Cat*, Bora*. ar Wiah, it M aa lafallibl* bawdy. Apply it aa directed u4 a car* k* certaia la *?*ry Am ttt*? M tmf?r ?M tM m?aj vmIImi Lriajaii'j fm41* m. otmm rr ? <*' Dm. McLtiin CELE ULATED LINIMENT, h wifi car* rwi J. 41. McLKAN, Kbit Pupitmr CM?inH>^pu.?,aLu?l4 _ ATcES?n2?UV - aSsftr Fa?ct Hiur* VB DOB U J?6, t*tw.9U Md l*ki *W. THE WEBfcL? DO LIAR STAR. Flatly Mi fltn jMr? ttlaiac a tfcaa ou b? toumi Lm Fn4*y norma*. Bin?i* oopy, pm Pl? OOpiM .?1 - . 4 n tvwr m?ofui It isvanably *1? Mm "WukliftN Nm" thit- hia Bill Tk* D+tlp tiwix flMr ?4romuu? o (Wtiir Uroaikoat tfct wutrr. C^SiBci?w>fiM(ta wr*jpor? m* kt yrt?ir*4 ftt Ut* eviiUr, lauMdtiUir after U? MMMW th? PM?-. Pno??THRKB CBNTB FOR SALE AND RENT. FOR RKNT-Th# Im BRICK how; No. 1 (HI WMit, (>*ori*tovi, at fnint ooo? pi*d bj the ?Mti*enb*r. It kM It imh, with ru m..' wsler thr. utnout, a tn# ysri, ewile ti . >H ii in arood Michlorkood. A^ply to J A?. A.. M4 HRl I)KR. ooBtf FOR RF.NT-A tkrM tory brick HOl'SK. ooa* 8 room?,lr ??o?1 ortUr. with (* ftx tona on H ?trw?C, h*tv*?a 4th Mh. Also, a l*? ?t?ry hriak CtlTTAHK. VItk kw yarfl att*?n?d, oorner *f F atfMt aortk tiH 14th at. lupanM^Matviiwi* ioomu IM tarai wi I )< Moderate. Appij at 44b Twelfth kltwufiiWH. aaUtF f^oK RKNT.?Two M* three etm* BRICK HOI CKS with hart baildtno, each koi?? eantaiaiac room, with rae, piee?Ut utitlMl oa ?rti drMt north, klwMr M aad N alrMti. reel moil?rft>. Appl? t*? E. LAZENBY. o*pn?it?,vr to JOHN T/LBNMAN, Ohio itmh, between Wh *n?1 mh rtr?eia. oe mf K^HtBNT-TH Pi mart puwt ?r?aa bam fcssstrw&svE; r%4 as m an oftoa. Aleo the front room ni the **or " tory and U>e third floor of tit* am* baUdia* For termi appiy to richard WAi-l*ACH7rla. l/nii?nr.*?r?nsi. la II t# EDUCATIONAL. T female education. HOSE P?r?t< who wish their daofhters to r? jeive a ti?or<>-.nh and yetMaab* edoeatmr. where their phjeioaj wi.l raoeivedaij* and ipmaI Utentioc, under the mod approved araten nofCalie '.heiiio? and fivinnaatiee. are reapectTelif invited to rieit the Utnw l emtn Aeademy, eornar K?w eeuia at. and New York av. MR. * MRS. z. RICHARD*. uv-ir EM ALE BOARDING A\D DAY SCHOOL r AlMXJ.SJWIM, ta. Mra. S.7. MoCORMICK. ParjicirM.. Tha thirteenth annua. iwwxn of this Inatitatmn nil oomnirnoe on Tunsda*, S?piamt>er lath, in the l>>Ube recently occupied by Sylvester boott, Km-. V<?. 1*?0 Kin* street. The conrtf of study pursued will comprise aJi he I'ra^cbe* requisite to a thorough Kaglish Rdn .atior, and Mu*ic, F.enoh. Latin and Drawinc. if lesirea. Id addition to day a?h?lars Mrs. MeCormiok is repared to reoei re a limited number of pupils as K?nl?ri. who. constitutive a part of her owa lam iy. will l>e under liar immediate oare and euperv ton. She will endeavor. aa far as possible Ho snr ound them with LLe oomfortsaaU kiadlv talueaoe* X H umo Ilt?e***r?s.-R0w. Geo H. Norton, R? TV. K ?i larnaon. Rev. D. F. Strife. William H fowls, I K<l*ar SiMrwdna, kae.. Ed (aa ad F \\ itnw M(V !>i)svuai, fcM, ?sa.t Henry Marhnry, h?n.. Lwwis McKeime it)., Robert H. RMitnii, ts^ , W D waliaeh alitor Evening fttar, Benjamin Waters, Laq..Jas ;ntwis!r, Jr.. I.FS ,Col.ioha w.Minor. |/Oud<mn fessr*. ti bcklock k. Marshall, Messrs Cor Irothoi ?. Tnai. _ . Board, with Tuition in aJi the English B aoohos. r3*tor the anuuai session?payable aaii ana?In , a a*fvance M umc am! l.tnmarM at Profeaaors' prioea. IL7- No extra char gee. aa M-tf DENTISTRY. TEETH. loom IS, M. D.. th* lnn.ptor and fttntM fth# mineral plate teeth, at >nda p?rsooaiiy at his oBm mtiussltyJ Man) persons can wrai these ImU who mnot wear other*, and bo person eaa wra h>> oar.iKit wear theeo. Persona ealli nj at my office oan be aoeomnodaied ith aw? rtyl* him) priee of Teeth th?y may dneirw, it tothoee wtn> are partiou ar and wish the ?ar;Mt, strongeat, aid most perfect defature tbaf rt oat produse. the mineral PLATE will be ?ti prod use, lore fully warranted. Rooma in this oit? ? Na. 3 Pa.arena#, between h and 10th ?U. Also, 90? Ares street, Phijjkriai CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIA6E FACTORY. D Strsef, Bttw**n 9tk mmd Strmtx. We hare j u at finished a mm her of in* etnss A K RUSES. such as Ltwki Fmmet, "tomi, lark Pk*al*n$. hmut Csr-i mrf Euttnt, which we will Mill WI mali ?rr>st. Being pn>-rtioa! idmIiuIm ta <1ifa?-eat 'the, we Catter uaraelree that we kt>' * Atim an-1 <Mht< of work that wiM &* aa?i? cti-Jh, cooitiimni lititaeee. eonrfert aaid daraUii Reaairinc from jtiy til esxrfu! W attended to a a&ortoct n< tioo and moat reasonable oiiarcee. WALTER, K* R V > "A* BOPP. Coae' Tiivkart. auceereora to Wm. T. Rook. V 17 dlf PI CAR HI A? . HK Sahaeribar hana* story, leaking it cow one the Dirtnct. where hia kculaet.irtM CAKR1AG A6ON80Iall kiuda rarnot >n>aiB locg experveno* la tka aire genera! aat n&rtion. Uli Lii.d* of Carr.aget a: 4 L^gkt W?;?aa kept*a k1,RKPAIEJSaa*tiyda?a,aB4ai;ar4arerT??H ta aamH?g?v^n^' "Ml E THE THE irirance company ISt ranck company LIFE isl'R ance company fire OF the piate SfwiSfttt f virginia F USSISU """"E n>or?i acainet lots or damace h; it ipoc n ?i<m*bU una* m %oy o^mpan? <vf nmj rr ij-ew* i law. heath a knowles1. Inanrance A|Wiu, Room 16 ow Rack of WMkinilnt. * *> |7atch REPAIRING anojmlver WARK manufactory: [ hare one of the boat #?tm?hi?hm*nU. In uhed with a complete ?et of tool* for repai t ornry d-muption of 6ne Watchoc, a >rUeniar attention gira to um aam*. m orooch oompetent workman.aiid a. work cnarai. ?d Al?o.every demsnp ion of 'arwlard !*m.v f R 'are. plain and ornamental. mauufact?'ed unfr y own npervtaion, which my euatumere will r iDDfrior in ai!liit?uih (niih to uitlkm Id by deaiera {Mettl and ref aa th?ir rt nuufiwUrt. H O HOOD. Pv ?TfBO?. ?<"?' Ml K. 12 GUTTA PERCljA^PAINT AND 5^ Hamilton; bro. a co/s. No- its SlVKTVTH St., the plaoe to find the oe!ehrate<i Ritt* Peroh* auhiiiud ratal. Alao. a general aaaortm*t.t ( dim Pat Lt. nc Mattriaia. Painting in an ita braonhw ex-eut*<J with ?tie Xoh %n4oa reoao- ?l? tor ma. Mixed Patau a 1 M> on hand aad for aaia, wt'k bucket aad br??k loan free of cSaria AJl odera l?ft at U? iU"? r Old Ulas 1 at or Job Work of an? kiad will t? ontfcly and Weekly Paforaaa: XatatuM. No* tbo time to aat>?oribo. witk tlie bet, nnmj of Ike v S ear. Sola aceata (or tka c'karloatoc Mor try. de? G. O. DEMI'TH A CO.. . MPORTERS Aad Wkola?leaad Retail Peai jnii 5 HAVANA CIUAK*. OKMiarr winks, bkahbibs. eim. *<., No. 40 NuSTB ClULIi BTB1IT, Kn doort mbor* Ltrinrtom #?., JCHOOL AND CVLLKeK OUTP1TB. outks' mmd Bows' Clothing for School m?d Dr,j, Woof P?rent? ?nd rurdiu* wiakiac to Nrtusk their ij4r*n?ad nrti witk 9mttnn Col). ro ObHu

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