Newspaper of Evening Star, January 8, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 8, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. , ? i UJ~Tttonxh Th? Star la printed on the foatest 1 i*ein prem in o?e rnrvth of iiaitlmorr. Its edition I* to ta/i;e as So require It to he put to preaa at an **r?y boor; A4TFr;isea>ea*, therefore, should be *-Bt lo before I? o'clock m.; etherwlae tbey may no* appear until the nmrt day. _ 1 Nptt?-*.?District of Columbia Advertisement! Ic be 1 nserted in the Baxtimoki So* are received i it and forwarded from Th* Sta* Office. Th? I'jiio* Rioixim o* Wajhihotos ? Pursuant to a call, there waa a big meeting of the voung men rf the Third Ward laat night at Temperance Hall for the purpose of forming a volunteer military organization for the preservation of law and oraer In thla city In view of the tbreata of mob Invasion The room was packed, jammed, and the enthusiasm and excitement up to fever { beat Had the Richmond Enautrer man been prearnt the fact would probably have Inked through his hair at an early stage of the proceed- | inns that his " Minute Men" are not wanted In i Washington, and will be likely to meet with a warm reception abould they poke their noses across the Long Bridge. Mr Geor<re Cochrane, a venerable gray-headed citizen was called to the chair : Mr H B Curtis waa made vice president, and W. B. Williams, ita , secretary. Mr. Cochrane, in taking the chair, said they were met to art for the good of the city without regard to political or sectional feeling. He had fought the battles of his country in 1813, and. said he, turning to the l?rge American flag that draped th? rear of the platform, "I feel strongly Inclined to those stars and stripes." (Great cheering ) He bad been under them in every part of the world and trusted that he should not live to see them fill (Cheers ) Cries for " Carrington !" ' Carrington !" and that gentleman came forward. Major Carrington said that the crisis was now upon us. and It was the duty of every brave and ^ood citizen to meet it with firmness [Cheers ] They were aware that threats have b?ren made that our beautiful city shall be Invaded on the 4th of March ne*t by a mob. For one. he was prepared to say that he would resist such an attempt at the peril of his life. [Cheers upon cheers, yells, "tigers," and cries of "good," - good "] Threats had been made that the President elect should never be inaugurated in this city, [ iu old man in shrill treble, " Yes he shall I ''J It bis been stated that Chief Justire Taney?old and feeble as he is, with one foot in the grave? has been heard to say that he intended to discharge bis duty and administer the oath of cilice to the President elect if he had to go to Springflrld to do it [Cheers] Let us imitate his patriotic example and do our duty [A voice? "We'll do that!"] Let us see that Lincoln is inaugurated, like bis predecessors, uu tbe east front of the Capitol Any attempt to resist h<s inauguration would be rnrt by 5,uw> voung Washington ians who were ready to shed their "blood to that end [Vociferous cheers ] Shall it be said that the (>eople of the United States are afraid to inaugurate their President ? Shall one little State, or hfteen States even, deny the United States this high and important privilege ' The period had arrived when every brave and good uian ?f tbe republic should appear in undisguised colors. As for himself, he was for the Union, the Constitution. and the faithful execution of tbe laws. He knew "oo North, no Sou:h, no East, no West," and recognized no distinction between tbe people North and South. They were equally brave and patriotic [Cheers ] He was born on the soil of the Old Dominion, auu urr n? a ?uu iurm vuc uiumcr wuo uurc him Therefore he bad addressed the people of tnat State at various points lately, urging them to remain true to the Union He believed they would. Bat, whatever others might do. he could fl^ht under no ting but the Star-spangled Banner. (" Bully." ' Good."] * Madness rules tbe coar." Men have been heard to curse our Union; have been seen to tear down the Starspangled Banner and trample It In the dust Men have been heard to threaten to invade this beautiful city, founded by the Father cf his country, and containing tbe archives of Government He hid heretofore preached peace; but now he felt bis Anglo-Saxon blood boil In his veins, and be was ready to strike in defense of our Government and flag. [Cheers ] Proceeding in the same animated vein, he said It was aot his purpose to interfere with any arrangement of the District militia, but to strengthen it. He proposed to raise a volunteer company in each ward?seven in all?to form a regiment, to be called the " Union Regiment of Washington," which shall constitute a part of oar military force in tbe District of Columbia, as do the other volunteer military companies of tbe city. We would then have a trained band of 5,UU0 men In the District, more reliable than three times that number or raw militia. [" Bollv," *' Tkit'l M."| Give him 5 000 young Washlngtonians, let him drill them for a month, and he would pledge himself to whip 15.MU raw militia, come from what quarter they would, even were they composed of the loudest Sre-eateri that ever atrutted or bellowed [Tempestuous applause] The people of Washington took no part la politics, and held the even tenor of their way, but were prepared to light In defenae of their families, home, country and honor. He then read the following resolutions : \V hereas threats have been made that the President elect shall not be inaugurated in Washington tlly, and we have reason, therefore, to apprehend tuat, on the 4th of March next, our beloved home may be made thescene of riot, violence, and blood; and whereas we, the young men of the Third Ward of Washington, believe that the honor of the nation and our city demand that the President elect should be inaugurated in the National Metropolis, and are determined not to desert the post of danger sad duty, but to maintain our ground and defend our koines our country, our rights, and our honor, at tLc peril of our Uvea : Therefore, 1. Kttolvtd, That we, whosr names arc hereto subscribed, do constitute a volunteer military company, for the purpose of preserving law and order in our midst, and protecting our families and oar friends against Injury and insult by revolutionary and lawless mobs, and that we unite with similar companies that may be organized in tbe otber ward* or our city, the whole forming a re_'1ineut to be know and designated as the " Union R'.ginunt of Washington'* 2 R> solved, That we proceed immediately to the rlectlon of our company officer*, the fitUl officer* to be elected by the regiment after it haa been formed as aforesaid. 3. Rtsoivd, That we adopt a? oar uniform a jacket of Kentucky jean, ana a glaztd cap, of the plainest and cheapest material 4 Htsolc?i. That it i? the duty of the oth ers, who may be elected to command us. to commence immediately a proper system of drilliug, and to impart to us all the military information they can between this and the fouith of March next. 5 Ktfolrcd. That we mutually pledge to each other our rtiertd honor, promptly and implicitly to obey all the lawful commands of our officers, who m i/be elected by ourselves, es af?>res<ddi and to resist to the death, whenever it maybe necesairy, any disturbance of the public peace within the District of Colombia, and every unlawful invasion of our beloved city, from what ever section of the country it may come Lawyer J G obj eted to the uniform as too tbin for the season He did'nt want to fight in his shirt tall [Laughter] Major Carringtoo said that the uniform could bt determined upon afterward. Tbr; resolutions were then adopted with an overwhelming 41 aye;" aud then commenced a lively stampede towards tbe secretary 's desk to sign the roll The crowd grew ?o dense, however, in th'.s neighborhood that another plan was hit upon, and supplementary papers were circulated through tbe room, aud were signed on the tops of hats or otber folks backa. It waa presently announced that lone M) signatures had already been received, and it was proposed to udjourn to another night to obtain additional signatures. This was liei/atived. aud the election of officers waa entered upon General James E Csrrington wai unanimously elected captain, and made bis acknowledgments la a speech of stirring eloquence, in which be aid that it would seem to be somewhat against the rales of military etiquette for a general to accept the office of captain, bat tbat in this case he had enlisted as a private, and he desired no higher or prouder title than to be their tommandrr [Applause] J as B bheiicross was then elected Pint Lieutenant; Henry B. Curtla, 'id do.,and I. B. Ward, 3d do. Charles Bishop was elected orderly sergeant, and J . Murphy, Cbaa Matlock, and Isaiah Stuart elected 2d, 3d. and 4th sergeants; 'I'homas Johnson elected ensign, and \V B W llliams treasurer A committee consisting of Cspt K C. Carrington, 1st Lieut. James P Bhelllcross, 3d do H. B Curtis, 3d do. H. B Ward, and Treasurer W B Williams, was appointed to solicit subscription* from the citizens for the more efficient organisation of the corps The meeting then adjourned, after appointing a meeting of the members of. the c->uipany foi next Monday night, at the same place. Bv urERKXCB to our advertising columns i< will be seen tbst Macduff's well known stock o: 'Jspanese goods, No 'JUS Pennsylvania avenue < WiUards' Hotel) Is to be sold at auction, througl Messrs Jss C McGntre A Co . on Tuesday an*1 Wednesday, January 8th and 9th Mr Micdut has received a Urge lot of new goods, in additln: to mow mm n?<i on hm, mey geii| an i UI porta tlon direct from Jeddo. aud surpass anytbiui ever before imported They are to be sold to what U>ejr briny, and we earnestly advlae al lowi of the beautiful to go and mace their pur rbases, as aa opportunity like the present ma ever be offered again St Csjtiai. OViimocil Cask*.?Jobs Rolllss i waa ukea np for being dmnk and disorderly, am bring unable to pay the fine and roeta imposed b the law, waa sent to tbe workhouse for 90 davi Arthur Wise (colored) waa eut after hoars with at a legal per salt, and was also sent down foe 9 lays. Till Form Wn# Mkbtirs?A large mart- ! 1 Ing of rttliens of the Fourth Wmrd, In favor of \ s military organization for the protection of the City of VVaahington, waa held at the truck-honse of the Metropolitan Hook and Ladder Company I list night Dr J. 9 Smith waa elected chairman, and Mr. E. C Eckloff secretary. 1 About one hundred and forty men came for- ( ward and enrolled their namea as members of Ihe company. A committee was appointed to draw up a constitution and by-laws, and also to dopt an appropriate uniform The constitution 1 wss duly reported and adopted, and the uniform ( selected consists of a glazed cap. grey jacket, and ] black pantaloons. The name selected by the men Is that of the Metropolitan Rifles, and regnlar meeting nights were set apart for drill meetings. etc. u _ a a * _a n ** - ?? J * uc cum pan v organized oyejerung ioe ioiiowlng officer*:?Fir*t Lieutenant, W. A Grey; Second do., J. T. Chauncey; Third do.. D. Lewis. ; The company adopted the Hardle drill, and ] postponed the further election of officer* until to- | night A committee wa* appointed to solicit *ub- < icriptioni from the citizen*. j Fieb* and Alarm* ?l.a*t night there were several alarm* of tire. The firat wa* caused by the burning of a house adjoining Joyce's coach factory,on Fourteenth and K streets The promptnes* of the firemen and citizens of the Second Ward saved the property from destruction. The fire took place inside and damaged the roof. The loss Is small. While the firemen were at this fire they were railed nway by an alarm In the eastern section of the city, caused bvthe burning of a stable on I between Tenth and Eleventh streets east, belonging to Mr*. D ivis. It wa? totally destroyed Want of water was severely felt. It wa* supposed to be an Incendiary act About u'.ne o'clock another alarm wa* given and the firemen were ayain called out, and went towards Georgetown ; but returned, unable to ascertain any real cause for alarm. Circuit Court.?To-day Chief Justice Dunlop \ gave an opinion of the court upon the writ of error < in the case of the United States agt Lud\m A. Bargie, convicted of obtaining money under false , pretence# An appeal from the June term of the Criminal Court. Tbe motion for a new trial was overruled. Accordingly Ludim A. Bargie will go to the penitentiary for two years, a* soon as the I resent term of the court expiiea. The court took up the case in chancery of Albertus C. Spain agt. James Hamilton. Anniversary or the Battle or New Orleans.? The National Guard Battalion llred thirty-three guns tbia morning, In honor of the day. This Battalion paraded to-day, making a superb appearance. This evening Company B give a grand ball at the Assembly Rooms At 12 m the artillery attached to the Arsenal were drawn up in front of tbe Columbia Armory u'lth fnnr lO.nnnnH irnua with urKi/th V>??n ? -- u? >* |.v?.i.v? " j?u utvu tuvj M V** U> filute of one hundred guns in honor of the victory at New Orleans. How Is It??A city paper states that a prisoner named Michael Ryan neaped from the penitentiary Sunday night. We are informed that no such person has escaped from the penitentiary; but it is said that Sunaay a convict arrived at the depot, on his way to the prison, in charge of two officer*, that the officers went into a restaurant to get something to eat. and while they were eating some one smuggled their prisoner away. Thk I*. S. Frigate Pensicola, lately completed at Norfolk, arrived at the Washington Navy Yard this morning. She was towed up here to receive her engines, which were built In this Y ard, and are said to be the tinest specimens of machinery ever put into a war vessel in this country. Yesterdat afternoon, about 3 o'clock, a citlzpu Lamed liarnes. who bad been collecting, was !A*t Ad-.le^A Uitl I-- *U-- ?? 1 "?v.v* vairihui nui *jy iuc pony nmira ' Hams " Mr. Bsrne* saved himself by flight This act was in broad daylight; and yet the police rem not to be aware of the exlstenc* of the Rams Rbmk.mbkr the cotillon party of to-night at Franklin Hall, given by the Perseverance Fire Company No. 5. From whit we have heard we think that it i? impossible to get more pleasure for fifty centsat any other place. We would say invest " half a dollar" in fun to-night. Families can be supplied from Dexter'i restaurant, corner Eleventh street and Pa avenue, with the very best quality Oysters, served up in any style desired; can also get them by the quart or gallon, opened fresh every day. 1* Kuiwnilr Will ?V.*> nnllo nf val at the Island Baptist Church this week. This cauae recommends itaelf to all, and we would urge a generous response on the part of our citizens . To-night the Rev. E. Yeatea Reese, of Baltimore, delivers his celebrated lecture on "Home Affections," at the Smithsonian. Hostbttkr's Stomach Bittkrs. If the duties and occup tiom of wires and mother* are not so absolutely laborious as those of men, th-r ar* mora exhausting, and the fema'e system infinitely inure dellea:e and fragile than that of it a ., should be sustained and invigorated, if possible, by sum* safo an 1 healthful tonic and entorative. The tra .d desideratum, for which the sex so long looked f r in *ain, is realised in H?stetter'S Celeb a^ed Stomaih Biters. ? his prepa rat on not 011 * ofln a 1 mined at# and permanent reli -tii dyspepsia and alldisturltanoesofthe st*>nia~h and bowels, bat is in'aliia'ite in thos* eases ol bodily w> akn s< and mental depression which re su ts from functional irregulviues known only to the feebler *ex. Sold by all d.'t'ggiat;. ja 8-ec3t From H. B. hazakh, Esq. Washington, i>. C., Sept. 26,190<>. S \V. Fowl* ft Co.?1 was for a long timo afflicted with D).*pt'psia in its worst firm. M>ap ptiite va? eoue.and vliat littie foou I took was thrown ua after remaining in the stomach a short time. Aly abdom-sn win vary much bloated. In fa<*t there was complete derangement ao<1 prostra tion of thedlge?tive powers feveial very eini' e^t p;sicari8 at'eoded ine at various tun**, but their treatment gave hut little, and tnat only temporary relief. My suffoiiags were lutente, a> <1 1 became reduced t ? a iri're skeleton. At this timo one of our druggist induced in* to frr tho c<-l4brated Ory Ktnated hitters, whicli I diu, though with litt!? faith and great reluctance?f?r I had tried so many that 1 had come to the corclusion that a 1 proprietary li edici&es were alike worth!ess-~t>ut aftrr taking the first bottle I was so muoh re! if vr-d that I continued tho use of thein until a perfect cure wa? off- ctfd. I now most chcer.u'iy recommend the Bitter* to all as a certain care for I'ys^epsia. II H Haz ?rd. 212 Pennsylvania avenue Prepared by Seth VV. Fowle &. Co., Boston, and for sMe? in \\ ashington city G. Stott^ $. B. SV aite Z. D. Guman. John Schwarse, Nairn ft Pa.mer, John Wilej, J B Moore, and H. II. VcPherson; in G-">rgetowii by K. 8 I*. 'Jiss-11. and G. M.AJ. 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V Peraona desiring penaiea will alw?ya find them for ezoiianire at the Star Offioe owunter. U Runsx, Have yon aeen Prof. Wood'a Advertise ineut in oar paper. Reiv' it; ft will interest you. an 35-eoly ' lUAHKieil. OnthilSth ult.,by the Rev. A. Holmend. R. J. M a K!?UA t.l-. of s>t. Mary oount;, Md., to JANE V. FRANZONl.ufthucity. DlliD, i Onihe7th in?tant, HARRIET L., daughter oI Howard W. and Harriet Casley, aged 4 months and 14 ^ayi The fineral will take ?Uee to-morrow (Wednoedai) hom her parentr reudonce, No. 3%si Fifr teenth it., between K and L >ta. * in tfcia eity. aIhju* noon of the 7th instant, Mill HAN > AH WILSON,daughter of the late Joiepii i Wilso ,of \Vaihiufton. D. C . Hui.ypd above th* fear of death by the anfailini 1 faith of a chriitiaa, bore he/ linierint i>lnen ? with fortit*da, clonn* anfeof pa. ity, hofineM, ai d > fa'l of o efulneie, in the hope or a bleiied tmnior l tility. I Tj? * friendiof the family are invited to attend t e funerai Iroin ber late rriidence, n?xt do< r t< the oorno< of F and r velttk atreeta, at 2 o'olock oi * Wednesday, the Sth init [ 'On th* 5 h initant. of pneumonia, J UL1A BER' Rkt, axod Srooathi, i ancbter of Robert W. am 1 F*nuie M. MoHenry, of Baltimore oity. * . ^ _ A. - - _ AL _ etk i * ? in uwrinown, on m???n imwai, tmr a toni f a..rf pamul illMM, Mrs MUY OUAMBLRrelic* of the late John Cfcambera, of Montfomar: county. Md * B [ BaJto. Suaaad BookvilU Md. ?apor? ooyy.] i nktiftl. o. mam in i*8 skcond quar , 1 t*r la I?AN01M<i, at U?? Union Kama * Anadoaay, will oommnoa Saturday, January JH '* 5th, i? ,at half paatJO a jm Hu of taition.^B u Tuea'lava and Thnradftya from 3to8,and Sm-UB artiaya froa tetf-pMt w to 13 o'oloot a. m, Ja VM * - REMEMBER the AUCTION of JAPANESE tV GOODS. Sgg advertisement. 2t_ A JUST RECEIVED 1 T FRENCH A RICHSTF,IN?S, 2TS Penn. 1 ivenue Marion Graham. or Higher th\n llapyi- f ne?s, br Meter Lander; 12m., oloth; tent by mail For ftl.25 Sabine's Notea on Dnels and Dueling; 12no., sloth; 91.25 by mat'. Suoarney'a iliuatra'ed Poeina; clotti gilt; 93 5*> by mail. > ii Lamb's Essare on Laha; 12mo., cloth portrait; j 1IJS by mail. ?, All of Longfellow's and Ike Marvel's Wo kf. e Oar n?oal heavy discount on Uooks from the putlshers' puces lor oub. a FRENCH A R1CHSTEIN, ? la W I _ jm t reiiD. avBMe. f RFMKMBKR the AUCTION of JAPANESE 11 GOODS. See advertiaement. 2t_ ? PIANOFORTE INSTRUCTIONS?The un- c K deralgned, Ion* well known to the^^|^^ ' Washington public aa a teacher of theBBBH Piano. bera leare to atate that he ia pre ?TT*T? par^d to take aoholara on terma to auit the exigensiea of the time*. Having vacanclea in hia time V u.t now which he ta anxioaa to fill up, he will teach a few acholara, if deairable to their parenta, ted take hi? pay in auoh merchandiae aa may be igreed on when they are entered with him. He ia willing to make auoh arrangements, knowing the moon* entente many who deaire to have their ohil iren taught the Piano experience now in getting money Mia method of teaching haa been high y tppioved for yeara, and hia relerenoee are heada of A the beat inuaical familiea in Waihiogton. Hia V terma are exceedingly moderate. m JOHN E^SCHELL, 1 ivemueno?? c* strati. j?5 lfi or MPly at M^tgerotTs. a DEMEMBER the AUCTION of JAPANESE i It GOODS. See advertisement. 2t_ J W 910.000 ORTH OF BOOTS, SHOES A*D TRUNKS, 8 Of all Stylts and (Qualities, t AT A. ORUT ACmiVICK ON COST. Stmt for Rent nnd Fixturei for Sale. n All the Stook in S. P. HOOVER'S STORE, HHIiIron H&ll,embra?inR every rarntf^Aa , B*Wt"f Ladiea'. 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Appiv to the aubacriber through the Washington city Pout Office, or at h a farm, on tne Columbia turnpike, six mile* from the Long Bridge <ja.V3t?) LEWIS BAILEY. Remember the auction of Japanese GOODS. See advertisement. 2t UNPARALLELED SUCCESS. The great auooeaa whioh has attended dr. schlosser (luring this, nia Seoond Visit to Washington, and, alao, being unable to fullfil all hie engagements dunns last week. oompela him to remain A FEW DAYS LONGER in WASHINGTON. DR. M. SCHLOSSKR takes thia opportunity of returning thanks to the Ladies and Gentlemen of Washington and vicinity, for their kind and liberal patronage beetowed on him * daring his sojourn here, and, also. respectfully announoes to parties vho wish to obtain A Permanent Cure of CORNS, BUNIONS, 80FT CORNS, or any other DISEASE OF THE FKET, to favor hi in with a call without delay, as this may probably be his Last Visit to Washington, interdiu.T shortly to Retiro troai Professional services. As a direct proof of the extraordinary skill attending Dr. Schlosser's Cares, he can, with pleasure, refer to a treat number of Ladies and Gentlenen m this city, whom he treated three tears iinnv ' and who have all been cured of the various Diseaiea of the Feet, to their entire eatiefaotion. V _______ Dr. Bchlosser's metlied has not only been suooestful in this oountry, but also in Europe, as may be seen by several thousard testimonials; from whioft he quotes the following names: From Hi* Majesty Ik* King Bavaria. His Imp. H. Print* Jerome Napoleon Bonn/ arte H H. H. Prince de Wmrttmberg. H. T. H. Arch Duke of Anuria. H K. H. Duke of Sack senMeiningen. H. H- Prince Rickard MetUmick. H. R. H. Duke of Saxe- Weimar. tF. H Cardinal Arckbiskop of Paris. t Alexis, Bitkbp of Nancy, First Ckaplain to I Napoleon 111. Martckml Canrobert. A- H. Arnttk, Pkysieian in ordtnarf to lA* 1 Dutktss Heltn* of Russia. ? " I R/fttarii Ko<>l/r. Pkviirinm. ta nr/timjiv** tn ?k* It M tk* Qtutn of (rrttce. ______ 1 The Sicnatvree and Seals of the fcbore name*, 1th several thousands more from Statosmea, C Merohnnts, Diplomatists, Clergymen, Physioiane, j Military Men, and Editor*, of this eountry and Bnropa. nay be aaen at hie oflto* a from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m., I SftT PENNSYLVANIA A VENUE, (Booth Bide,) between 13th aad 19th etreeU. v ONLY A FEW DATS LONQX* IN WASH* 1 Ja l-tr IN* TON. * 4 ' BALLS, PARTIES, 4c. ^IRST GRAND F.VNCY II KLL TO BB0IVWM BY TH* Georgetown Gymnastic Association, On MONDAY KVF.%'JNO, Jen. 14th, 1161, At FORREST HALL. Tim ia to be the greatest Fancy Ball ever siren i Georgetown. The Society invites tha laies and ?# t>mcn of Washington nil jjl eorgetown, and promins thein an agroeable/TM nUruiinment. udA Fancy dreeses. costumes f??r a1i#s, gentlrwen << 1 children can be bad of M* R-ut*n Marsha l. f Baltimore, who will l*> at l,aog's Hotel, No. 149 ridge street, Georgetown, on the 12th and 14th UStK jick'tsONH DOLLAR, admitting one genMelan and ladies ; can he had ?f Mr. Daniel Artz. uner of Potomac and Prus^ct sts.,or of Mr. C has. lemmert, No. 95 Bridge st No tioketa so'd to masks at the door. ja8-T,ThAS3t ______ A VVMVCDOl U1T Oaf ? ^ 1 T D I\ D A l\ 1 I) il ii Li I In Memory of the Buttle of JYeir Orleans. COMPANY "B? of th* _ NATIONAL GI ARD BATTALION. Take pleasure in announcing to their friends, lilitary and Civio, that they will celebrate oa he ever-memorable Kmhtk n/January b* a ** 'ARA DF, and BALL in the Evening at the^HA Va?hiigton Assembly Room* inmfc The Committee ol Arrangements pledge themelves that nothing will be wanting on their part to lake the evening a plearant one to the friends of he Corps, who will honor them with their prasenoe uring the evening. No intoxicating liquors will be sold during the vening at the ha I. No hau or caps worn in th? ball room, except hose worn by the military. Withers' oelebrated Band will discourse sweet nusio daring the evuing. Refreshments will be furnished hv Columbus. Tickets $ 1, admitting a gentlemVn and lauiiei. Commutee of Arramremmtf. 'apt P. 11. Kins, Sergt. H. Reese, >ieut. J. Lackey, " P.Morgan. " J.J.Kane, Priv W Whalon. ja 5-St THOS. DUFFY. Treat. ^OR THE GOOD OF THE CITIZENS. ID GRAND ANNUAL"COTILLON PARTY OF TH* Perseverance Fire Company, No. 5, To be given at RANKLIN HALL.oorner ot Ninth and D ats., on TUESDAY, January 8th, 1361. The members have the pleasure to announce to !ieir mtny inquiring frlen'la, and especially Ti he Union-loving people, that their Annual Jflt )otillon Party wi'l take place at the above#!* uentiont i Hall on Tueeday, the 8th inst ksflS The universal aatiafaotion that has aiways been ; our former parties is a sure guarantee that his on* will surpass anv that has yet been given. The Ladies are cordiallf invited to attend f* nasse, as there will he no invitations issued. Prof Schroder's Band has been engated. N. B ?Positively no h*ts or caps allowed in the oom. Tickets FIFTY CENTS; admitting a gentleman ind ladies. Committee qf Arrannmrntt. W. W. Grant, J. R Harrover, t* iir Pol^u.A. u it u r? ?* . vviuiaiQi , rv. * . ncnrjr. A. Glassgow, j* 5 3t lost~and found. LOST? Between Fourteenth street, near G.and Eleventh str?et, on Pa. avenue, a black LACE tTElL, on Monday evening. the 7tn instant. The indsr eaving the veil at the Star Office, wiM h? mitablj rewarded. ja8-3'.* FOUND?On Wednesday, the 2d instant, in a Georgetown omnibus, a sum of MON EY. The >wncr cm have it by applying to F. S. WALSH, Kighth st. east, near the Navy Yard. ja7 3t* & I fi REWARD?Loat, on the night of J?nuarj 5IUl?t. a GOLD WATCH a.,d Gold Chainn, between 17th st.. Washington, and Water st., Georgetown. The watch engraveddboB h>ack; go'd dial, (discolored.) Whoever has found Lhe same and will bring it to W. THEUKER'S L'anal Reitaurant will receive the ab^ve reward, ja 5 8t* personal. B Washington, January 7th, INT. K IT KNOWN that, on this soventh day of January, A. D. 1861, ( have constituted and appointed,and do hereby constitute and appoint. JOHN SCH ALL. Jr.. mj lawful attorney, for me and in mr name tn receive, collect, sue for and recover, all monies due the late firm of McCamlt tc. Veil all. for me and in aay name to receipt fortho same, and to do any and everythine that may be necessary in the premises; hereby ratifying ar.d confirming all that, mv R.ii'i ittnrna* mo v l*?rn!U in the premisss. ja8 3t? WM 11. SCHAI.I,. ASTROLOG1ST MADAME DRVISK. rronovnr.ftl the Greatest Wonder Lirtng. The demand* are so numerous that sho can-ot ret awav. Hundreds visit her and &re astonished. Gnat noe loheral' who are in trouble. Planets written speedily and Horiaoopes drawn most truthfully. Madame telle by dice ana cards aUo. Price* mod-rate Residence?Richmond Uuuio. o??rn?r h irhtn Hid 1? ?t?.; private entrance on D si. Gentlemen admitted. ja7 3t* T NOTICE. H E Public will take notion that I t'ave this day revok?d the Kower of Attorney which I gave to James McCamly and John Sohall, Jr .doing bun ness in the firm nsmo of Mc'/amly 4 Schall. a? well as to each or either of them, to purchase oils and transact the (?l?tiiing ttiisine** f*>r me. ai:d in my name, in Washington. D C. They Have no longer any authority to art for m-?. ja5 3t . WM,I,IAM H M'Ml \1.1.. j^JADAMK CLINTON PRICK. This ditttmruulW America!! Clairvoyant can l>e consulted on Health,1 huracter and Future Events. Kooit.No.534 Twelfth street, 2 aoo.a below Pa avenue. jal-lw* WANTS. WANTED?By ft steady, induHtrious colored man, a SITUATION as gen'leinan's servan'; has good recommendations. Address Box No. 1, Star Office It* llf ANTED?A neat til ItL, from W to !6 jreirt >i( ? a??. to do housework. Appl? at No. 95 Kourar;d-a-ha;f street, between Maryland avenue and C street. _____ '** A YOCNG UIKl. WANTS A SITUATION as ohamliermaid and sewing, or to take charge of children, or to do the housework for a small family; the best reference can be given. Inquire at No. 3S0 Sixth gt.. bft G ai d H ?fi >t? HOUSE WANTED.-I desire to r*nt a small Hons-h) 1st of February, cmtaininc 6 rooms, at a low rent. Personsjuiving such will fi-d * food tenant by addrcsiing a note to Post Offiae, Box 411, stating locality and puce, Kent ravable monthly. ja 5 3 * W/ANTKl) IM M RDI ATKI.Y?Frnm ?.S tn Vf fllVfln worth of SECOND-HAND FIRM TCRF. ofal! kinds, for which I will guaranty to pity tr.e highest prio??, and, aa usual,at the shortest uotioe. R. BUCHLY. Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, Ac., _oc9 40Hith *t.. l>et.. G and H, east Fide. YVanted-*ePond hand furniture. " Persons d?'c ining housekeeping, or having a surp us or Furniture on hand, can ( tain the cash and 'air prices by applying at 3fi9 Seventh ft. no 17 ilO.NTZ A GRIFFITH. BOARDING. Sever a l handsomely furnished RO MS, wnh Hi ard,c(vn he had at N? 339 F st-eet, between ?h and l??th sts., on rra??nai>'e terms Persons in * a ch of plrasaftit bearding houses wuulvi do wel: to call and exam nefor themsel fi inR-fii * ? !\|RS AWN OGLE" MJVALE HAVING TA l"l ken the house on E st. north. NT<>. 4*6 between 5th And 6th. previousij kept h? Mia* Owyn, it now pr'pv ed to aooommoaate either p?rmanei.t or tr?n icnt boarders with pleasant ROOMS, furnished or nnfiirr.ixhed with or without Board, a front Room on fi >t floor, With private entra<oe, suitable for an office. ja8-lw* THE THIRD WKDNESDa-Y OF EVERY MONTH. Dr. SCHENCK, of Philadelphia, finda it impos ibie to visit Washington ei'rj week, and made arrangements to ?<>aitively be in the city the third Wednesday of every montn. He has a suit of rowing at the Avenoe House, wh?>re patienu can obtain advice free. He on!t charge* wh?n it is ueoessary to make a tlionugh examination of the Lungs with the Respirometor S. H. Watte la agent for ?ohenok's Pulmonic ?rrup, (.rice 91 per t*?ttie. lor theouro 01 CoukIir, Cold* and Consumption; Schenck's Sm \Vo-<I Tonic, prioe SI per bott e.for uyapeptia; Schenck'i Mandrake P.jla, prio? 25 oents Mr DOS. for Livei Bilious Complaints and Constipation or the Bow I>r. Schenck would b? grat**fu. to those whr tey^^ bwn cured by his remedies if the* would iv? their certificate* oi cure with 8. B. WAITE, corner Sevtnth ft. and La iiv. de 19-3m NOTICE! NOTICE!! NOTICE!!! 8IG. P. CALLIS. Ixporter or FOREIGN WINES. LlOUORS, AND PRE SEkVES, Ha* received, per la?t steamer,an immense qu*ntitjr of Liquors and Wines. uneaualed b? auj wholesale dealers >n Washington. Aiao, xei of Preaerves, of different kiu.U, such a* caanot tx bought for less than 21 por cent, in an? store. Giv? m* a call and try ray goods. No. 374 i) at., bat wee 1 *th and Sch ?U., Washington. de 5 eolm CRK8II FHUIT8 IN CANS. r PRESERVES. BRANDY FRUITS, J BLURS. deg KING A BURCHELL. tl?OR HOLIDAY PRESENTS, For Children's Book.. For Children's Gun, For eleirant Presentation Books, For all the new Books, For N swim pets from everywhere, F04^to0h"VRE^l5H'1k RICHSTRiN*S, ds >0 No. a? 8 P*. avenne. W SALTS' OOD AND COAL OFFICE. 869 Pa. At.,B*tw. 11th usltTB St*., Wharf f^^reDUe.UA jVfNCE MEAT, m*d* from seleetod oaU KINO 4 BURCHELL % mm % 3 GEOBGBTOWN. Correspondent*t of Tk* Star. G?okg*tows, January 8, 1881. Onr City Councils were la joint couTeation laat evening, at th? town booor. foe the par poor of electing aiiiatclpal officer* for the ensuing rear M r Caperton presided All of the nembtri were present except Mr Dodge. On motion of Mr \\ m King, the rule requiring the mm .on to be brld with cloaed door* was A ilrM.i>a^1 ? >-?). okil UV.kM wt7b a crowd of I nU rested aper tatora I * For Recorder. Hngh I'iprrloo received 9 vote*. s W.S Coze 3. and F. W. Jones? So Mr Caper- ~ ton waa re elected. Mr. Wm. Laird waa unanimously re-elected ,, Clerk v Flour Inapector?Geo Shoemaker, II; William Clabaugh,4; blank, 1; and Mr Shoemaker waa re-elected. Gauger, Ac.?J as F. F.aaex waa elected, receding 15 votes. 1 blank. e Collector of Taxes ?Cbaa. D. Weleh I, Geo " Sotheron 3, K. II Harrett 2, Z OlTutt 5; so Mr. ^ Welch waa reelected. ? Clerk of Market? H. B Walker 10, Robert ft McPberson 4, A. Kuhna 8; aad Mr. Walker waa Police Magistrates ?Robt Whi?e and W .A. King were elected unanimously. ti Chief of Police.?A LVlzell U, J. H Newmaa C 2; and Mr Delzell was elected. H Police Officers ?There *u a spirited contest, there being twenty-live applicant*, and after cm- H alderable balloting the following were elected l*t precinct, John Drill 9, re-elected-2d precln-t. W. G. Tanner, 10; 3d precinct, J?* H Beitch. 12, d 4th precinct, J T. Flndlny, 11; town at Urge, J ti L Shsckleford, 9. Inspectors and Markers of Lumber?Charles a Myers 1'J, on flrat ballot, and Henry Wigate 9, on tl second ballot, were re-elected. a Weigher of Hay. Straw, and Fodder?lgnitiua Clarke, 13; H. G Hitter, 2; so Mr. Clarke was re- tl elected. Wood Corders and Measurers?Win. Collin*. 15; Henry Burrow*, 8; John T. Baker. 0: John T. Tracy, 1, *o the t!r*t two were re-elected. Tru*tee of the Poor?On second ballot, Thorn** 0 Knowles, ?; M. V. Buckey, 6; and Mr. Kaowlrs 0 was elected. c I n* pre tor of Fire Engines?J . Larman reelected; no opposition. c Chimney Sweep?Mr. Silence, 13; John A g Knight, 2; and Mr Silence wa*re-elected ? Purveyor and Engineer of Water \\ orks?E v D T. Myers, 11; Mr. James McHenry. ji., 4; and t Mr Myers was re-elected c Judges of Election?First precinct, Benedict I Hutchins. J. F. Burch, E. B Barrett; second L'J r-? ?? ? * -* * urrvintt, nu vuapmaii, \ u?l. HI. WSUPWI, H. <rodev: third precinct, T. F. Boucher, Henry Birrou, John Marourv, jr ; fourth precinct, E G. . Brown, Jacob RamsOurg, R R Shekel la, were ' elected. Waier Board?Geo W Beall, of the Aldermen. [ and Wra King, of the Common Council, were ; elected. J; Guardlana of Georgetown School?G. W. Beall, . (reelected.) Kaau IMckrell, C F. Barbarin, C. M Matthew*, W .C Magee.XVm Dtinlop, and John , Marbury, jr , (reelected,) were chosen Inapector of Tobacco?P. Magruder wai reelected, and the convention adjourned A stable or outhouae on the premises of Mr J no. Dickson, In the northeastern section of our * cltv. was discovered to be on fire last night at an t early hour, and before the engines arrived it waa t burned down The loaa is smsll t The order for reorganizing and artrrtog the ml| litia of the District bas{created considerable ex ^ citement in our spunky little city, among adult* and juveniles, male and female: and you may aet it down its a fixed fact that Georgetown will toon be on a war footing. Aspirants for military bon- t ors are as " thick as autumnal leaves that strew | the brooks in Vallambrosa," or as plentiful as i blackberries in Cooney. Seriously speaking, however, no matter w bat differences of opinion may prevail among our citizens in regard to the present rtislurbrd state of iwtlitical affairs, all are | prepared to reix-l, promptly, any invasion of the , Federal capital, come from what auarter it may \ At a businesa meeting of the Potomac Light , Infantry last evening, the followiug othcers were | elected: Captain, Mr S McKenney; 1st Lieut , i John B Davidson; 2d l.leut , .Mr. John Cruik- j shank (reelected); 3d Lieu., Mr Win U Ridgely, J Jr It is understood that Capt. McH Hollfngsworth has l?een appointed Lieut. Colonel, which li me cause or tbe changes About -n mrmbrri were taken in last night?making 7-2 enrolled. y The Anderaon Rifle* (named after the gallant Major) was organized last evening, and seventvflve members were enrolled Tbe following officers were elected ?Captain, Cbas M Rodler; j 1st l.leut,. James Goddard, Jd do , David Mason; :td do., Kdwin Krouse; Ensign. W. A. Hutch Ins, , Orderly Sergeaut, Ricb'd Chick Col Wm Stewart is raising a new horse company, and bas thirty-live names We hear a talk of other compaiiits being formed, but wlit not mention th?-in at prMeiit We also hear this morning that Mr Richard 3 Coxe.oue of our most esteemed citizens, bis becu appointed hieutenaut Colonel of Militia. >ee the advertisement in another column of a grand fancy ball to l>e given by the Georgetown Gymnastic Association, on Mondav neit, at Forest Hall. It prou.iaes to be a flue afl'air See Georgetown advertising column for ^places to buy your groceries and dry goods at tbe chra|>e?t rates. n c/^i>nt,rri'itu\T a ntruurprifmo V? J_iv / JLVvTLj J. \J TT li A1JV?jU1 JI 1 O Y"5*-AT I ENTION, ANDERSON RIFLES.You are hereby notified to meet at your armory, corner of Gay and Hicli st? .on WEO NK>DaY NIGHT, January 9th, 1%!. tfv order of the CAPTAIN if r-3=?MAYO?'S OFFICE. Giomhows, D. O., January 7th, 1?61. Sbaikd Proposal* will iw received a' this office uit 11 MOND.W, the 2I?t inxtant, from persous who nny wish to rent from the Corporation of Georgetown, the Southern te-minafion of JVIont fomory street, for the term uf two years, the rent to he paid quarter)*. ja 8 WS?3Jt HENRY ADDISON. Mayor. f^NOTICK ?L ICE NS E fy.?AI. person* l??f who?e Licen*?K from tr.e Coip ration of Georgetown ex pi e on the 3 ?t m*ta>.t, are hereby notihod promptly to take out the iain?. under iue rt*w law, approved Ju;y 7th, 18 it, otherwm* they subject themselves to a fine, and the law mcompn'sory iiDon the proper otiicers to enforce wild hoe again*' all delinquents. _de 27-3'awtJan in WM. LAIRD. Clerk. |)OMESriC MOLASSES AS YET. 2-* barrel* prime old cop < ?i!ean? MOLASSES, S< do do new crop do do. A* thia Mola**e* ha* uot had to pay aur rnatont flouae dull on it will he *oM corresponaingly lo we. than foreign of the came quality. Hank note* of all the State* errrpt South Oarotira taken at par for Grooenea. of which the *ub?or;l>?r ha* a large and varied stock, and wi 1 sell at H?net price without regard to cost W. H TENNEY. ja7 St (Intel.) Georgetown. 0. C. A NOTICE. I-L Persons indebted to the iate firm of T. U IMiBOgMt ? f?on, a?e here y notified thai nrlesa the.r'acfjounts are srtUe.1 by th> IStli instant they will be p aoed in tn? hands of an office for collection. SAKAH 0'i>U>.N()(illL'K. ja2-euow? Executrix. JUST KKCFIVRL)? in hh:!?. prime Porto Rico SUGARS, 150l>bis.o,d Rve U'HlrKV, 250 l>bla. HERRING and ALEWIVFS, "SO ( rushed and Refin??l ~UGAR^. 30 bags R io and Java COFFEE. lnhhdo.iiow priced* MOLASSES. For naie b> JOHN J. BOGUE. if IP \IASSKY, OOLMNri * OO.'S PHlLAUfeX 1*1 I'ill A DRAUCi FIT ALK.-WC arc onsrtant.j rwiTim supplies of the above delightful S?terace, aad iiivite ail peraont vlto want a tore nnKivi'.Tar^d Aie, to rive it a trial. AKNY A SH1NN. Ai?cta. si * Srssn it.. RsnrcstnTH, FOR SALE AND REN1\ [For otk*r "For Halt and Hcxt" *drerUfr*nntt, ? ? first Vn * ] F'OR RENT-?Twowell FURNISHED ROOMS* (b d room a-d par or,land if require 1 only on* i room, a' 357 D street, between 9 h and loth. ji 8-2f I?rR RENT?In George oto.i?i haide Market "* *1.... ii t TV r\l M /' _ r _ a tiron, iwu wrj Duiiii/i.iu " ? rctimi each, with baok buil'injt, satiable for stores and dwellings, or th" corner ols a fir?t rate tavern i (Und Rent m> d late. Applr soon to JOB. K. GRQ83. H8 West street ja t-St* , |?OR RENT-A two-story HRICK HOU*E, I oontaiiiinc nine rtomi, pleasantly situated on 13th street, one door north of N?w Vorkavruu*. ' with ia? ineaoh room. Rent moderate to a punctual tenmut. For further psMicuisr* apply to Mr CoHENS store corner I3tfi nt and New Vork av., or to J. T. FhN \\ 1CK, No 1T1 south F atteet. j * 8-3t l/?OR RKNT/Jilke STORK and DWHLUNG 1 No. Si UrHtv street, tieorgetown I?. O., krown as th? okl Ccnft clionerj stand. Po??e??iou r given immediate! jr. Apply to A RN V A :>HIN V 5 J*2 > iron R EN T?Two frame COT TAG E HOUSES, i & oontaiBin* six rooms, situated on *a?s. avenue and Fifteenth street; pump of good water la the yard ja A POR RKNT*The HOUSE on Twenty ftiatal, vest side, near H st. recetty ooeopied by Kir. Rh*tt>The key is at Mr. btover's wood ya d on the same square Apply tt A. HYDE. ja 5 St FOR RENT -Will fee rent d to a ariTste family. oa reasonable terms, a o'-nremenf aad oora fortaule three-story HOUSE, on F.^hetjreen 13th * ri/i 11-h ifrAAta Inninr* nf V <"* I 11 V \ NI a#* WW? w ? I Mw VI # vy k7Vi? V* the atore of J. 1* Savaie. Pa. avenue, Mvien lOU Mil 11th lU. d>T7 tUo IT OR RKNT.?That three itury brown f?ont r HOU6E on New York tvww, Nw?n 10th - and 11th ttrMti, will be rented very low to a (u,ii tenant. Reasonable repair* will be made. Apply to^JL fofflgTER, ILtenor Uepartnent^fVent ; % * THE LATEST NEWS TELEGRAPHIC. (Per Ttlc*rmpb ] SPECIAL DISPATCHES TO THE STAR Tkt UalitaM UitvbUm RIkiIm Nrw OiLim, Jan 7, 1MI Editor Wasktmgitm S?f .-Tbf trujtfle br rem tbe ceparaV S?*?e wren* *?i 1?t? and the e?peratlonlBU In the rterti*n for delejril?? ?o tk? w Convention bu been eery ifw here *ur tvtts iirr hwi * * rnnnv^, H ? eTed the immediate nrtmo?l?'i ha*? curtod be cltv { (VatM r?r??m ?Kb ] ? A Sraiurltl .lontaattaa HinitKia, Pa., Jan 7?9 I. in Kditm StmtTba rrpabllraa Irytalatlr* caaua today aomiulfd Edgar Cowan, of Wirt ?orelaod county, to aurcerd Got Higlcr 1m tba r. 8 i*?aiU; on tbe alith ballot, wberala b? rari**d S? to?m It i* a victorrof Qea Camaraa'a ieoda Vtr(lala Lr|t>latar* K u HMoir, Jan 7 ?Tb? Houae of Rrprraeatarem today adopted a rvaolutloa to appoint a ommtttf* with natructlooa to report a Mil for ic calling of a Mate Coaveattoa. Autl-coerclon reaolutioaa wore introduced ta botb Richmond. Jan 7-p m -Tbf nmb?n ?( tb? egialature biw nearly all arrived Nothing w?i oae to day bevond what baa %am prevlouaiy anamttted. Tbe bill to arm the State rom?a up to-morrow. nd will probably bf pa?rd Tbe S'ate Coavenon qoeatlon la tbe ape. lal order f??r Wednesday, rd will probably be paaard. alao Tbe excitement la aomewbat nbatdlng, bat jere la a Arm pnrpoae to r?alat all aggreaalona on oatbern rlghta Miaalaalppi Srreaalaa ( Jacaaos, Jan 7 ?The State Convention waa rganired at noon to-day. by electing W S Barry, f l/>wad<? countv. aa President ? ?n tiktB( tbe batr be apoke la taw of arparate a-cMioa A resolution baa been adopted, by which a ommtttee of fifteen la to be appoint-d with intrusion* to prepare and apeedily report aa ocdlanee of ae"eaaion. providing for tbe Immediate rltbdrawal of M'taiaalppl from the I'nlon. with lie view of eatabllablng a new Confederacy, to be ompoaed of aeceding States. Tbe Convention then adjourned till to-morrow. Important froai Mexlee NlW Oil tiK< Jan 7 Th? Hn tt?V ilMinikln Valorous, from Vera Crui, bound to Peaaacola, oucbfd at the SoutbeHt Pan to-dav. and retorted that M i ram on waa completely routed on he 2Jd bv the Constitutionalists. and that on /hricUnaa tLe Liberal armv entered the Capital a triumph Puebla bad also capitulated. Juarex tad been aent for, and goea to tbe capital on the d It la supposed tbe war ia over. The City of dexlco la tracq .11. Pcaasylraaia Senatorial NraiaatUai H ABRisitrao. Jan In tbe Le^islatore to-day Ir Cowan waa nominated on tbe alstb ballot, byhe republicans, for L' 8. Hen a tor. Tbe vote waa: :owan, 5?; Wllmot, 36; Walker,2. Necrsaary to 0 a choice, 50 The democrats nominated Mr. Foatcr ov?r Mr. >Vitte, by one vote. MltMirl Le|islal?rr St. Lccts, Jan A resolution was unani nously adopted In tbe Senate veaterday, lnatructng tbe Committee on Federal Relations to report 1 bill calling a State Convention. Aiabanan Coaveatiaa ArGrsTs. Jan. 7.?The State Convention met >ere to-day at noon Mr Pbillipa. aSeceaaioniat, aras chosen temporary Chairman, and Mr Horn emporary Secretary. A call of tbe counties ihowed that all tbe delegatea were present Mr W Brooks was tbtn elected permanent PresKWnt >y a majority of eight over J a meson Mr Fowler, i Seceaalonist, waa chosen Secretary The proceedings were very quietly conducted. Mississippi State < snveatisn Jacksok, Jan. 7 ?The State Convention asseen sled here thla morning The delegates are unanmaus for secession. A resolution wes adopted lmmed stely after organizing requesting toe President to sppolnt a Committee to draft an ordlnanca of accession. The Governor Las ordered tbe artillery forco of the State to prepare a supply of ball cartridges Pennsylvania Mate Treasnrer. Htvii'irifi, Jan. 7.?Henry D Moore, of PhiladelphI i, has been nominated by tbe Repub licans for >tite Treasurer during tbe short snd lone terms. The nomination was made by acclimation Mr Sllfer, the present State Treasurer, resigns to-morrow. Reiafsrressseat far Mtjsr Ai>dersaa \' vu< V'na r I?n ? . TKa a (a* wt m ?lta? *%t (Ka ?' ??? i ?an ik: traiun i'?i w? mr Wert, wLlch niiied hence on Saturday, wn chartered ft tlie order of General Scott, aud took a full supply of provisions for Major Anderson. and 251* men under l?lem< nant Bnrlett. 8he will be at Charleston by to-morrow afternoon. Thr Gr*r{ii ktaie Uareiitita Etertm Augi-st*. Jan. 7.?Beturna from one hundred and four counties have been received, of which in seventy d#l-t'*'?s are elected favorable to immediate secession, twenty-nine are for cooperation, and five are divided. Tro*|u Ur Harper's Ferry. Bali im'iik. Jan 8 ?The troops which arrived here yesterday, from Carlisle barracks, were not infantry as stated, but a con |>any of cavalry, <54 In number, who proceeded to Harper1* Ferry t attsn Italy llnrnt. Mobilr, Jan 7.?The Ship Birmi righam. Capt. Johns, with a cart'" ^ bales of cotton, was burnt yesterday in Mobile bay. BRllinsr* narkata. Halt;jio?b. Jan 8 ?Flour dull; Howard ?t. and Ohio ?L1 50. Citv Mills ?LS Wtw-M arm. red *1 3<>at white ?i 4Ual <Ai Com Arm, sew whit* ffi&itKi;; ^id do 6-tTic. Provisions firmer; mew pork 917 l.&rd lOfcc Coffre active at l'J^sl3c. W tiisky dull at l&^alOc. "*ew Yorh n-t'kiu New York, January 8?Flour 6ae lower and dull. Wbest and Corn dull and easier Provisions quiet. \V ttsky nominal at 19a20c. ~~~ rtaaaelal. Nrw Vom. Jan 6?Stocks lower Ch1<-?po and Rock l?land 6-1 %; Illinois Certiaishares 7*\; do bonds 94; Michigan Southern 34^; New York Central 7T\: Pa Coal Co. 77; Reidiug 10; Hudson Rivrr R K. 40; Cantons 15; Va fc's 75; Mo. 6'* ( f^TOTICK OF COPAimXLRSaipTThe Hnhiio is n*spoetfnity informed that I navo this i1*t a?i>oLiale<2 wi ii myrelf in copart&c> ship Mr. Wathicgton B. \YU!i*m- in the Auctiou a- <1 toinTinnon and Furniture Bunues*. The firm wi.l t<? conduct*! in the uaroe o( (iaaiw ft W illiam*. a.grkkm. W. B WILLIAMS All peraon* harm* o'aimi afainst the luhiciH* will pl.-a-e pr sent their accouata for erttlenaei't, and nil tnose indebted are most* requested to come far ward and settle their aooonnta. RMawtMl), A. GREEN, ja 3 mM H NOTICE. AVIN'G Entered irto oopart ner?h?i> with A. G-eon IE tue Boat* Furai*bia(. Auction and Com mn?i n BuHnera. andnr Uie nam* and atyle of linn A William*. I hope at frieata nodtkn pnh ie in (M?ra< will *ivn u% a a hare of thetr pattoua?e, a* 1 a*aore them no pain* will M apared wuh bnaineaa entruateJ to ???r o*re ja 8 W. B. WIL'.UMf. PAPER HANGINGS. PAPERHANGINGSai; ?ra leeand nunae; war ranted Go.d Band WINDOW ttlvpfc9* Buff. Granaand Blue HOLLAND #HADEKa< made to order; aiw, PICTURE C"RD and TA-8EL8 all aiaea Md ooivn. REM.NAMT8 PAPERHANGl^O^at oi lnnntAan oont. Purchasing for uaan, and nlwwiua n? aid nlnek to aoouinniate, per?ona needing the above cooda will h a it to titeir nd*nnfn?e to five an a nail. Au work nnuImI and atfpeiiut*a<l*d by p aottoai mm who hare aenr*d a rega ar apyr*?U*a*kiy at U>*tr trade. Pi?ae give me a oall. JtMnralwr Um amber. JN'>. ' No. 4M ???mU at. door* aten jal-* 1** o3.l Pillow*' Ball. 1 HK(i Moat i*ap*o*ful>} to inform oiretatoMrii tnat 'heir bill* for January lata* now mil, and I w->?ic lie oL> iged b> uien o?. ipg tad gat tag tk* R; C. PTEVKN* JUbT RKCEIV I D BY KRKNOH JL R1CRSTKIN, ITS Pins Avairci Hal'am'a Middle Aim, *k? ? H >?t-Ti I nerary hdttioo River aide fr?t?; U>n d paper; price %\i% >>y Mail The aaaa kaav; d.aooaat at oar ?tof*. A i?,Ut am* edition* of MeCa*k?y? Han*. *?ibh??n, Canute l,a?w?. t*nai peat 4a *<_ f? CKMKr- kV >t (TICK. ^Vj*rji**T^^rg|y*rssywim?. DiMM cimpiM* Sir -ct r> " f it toutoiM u Ufhth* (Ukl li?l f ?1) t? My?m<il oftMr>,U*ir?*l?ri m4 - *ai4??o?*; *iw,C ?|.? nun*! Di <>ry, & ? li? t.f tb? ?<pWs^k^^sEJHs: ssjx*

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