Newspaper of Evening Star, January 8, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 8, 1861 Page 4
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I THE EVENING STAR. GEORGETOWN CORPORATION AFFAIRS Crrnfondent* of Thi Star. Siouitowh. Janmrr 7. 1M1 At tb# meeting of oar city council* on Ttaurs day mnlRg last, In the Board of Aldermen I letter was received from J. E Reealde protesting gainst any ext?nalon. by the Corporation, of tb< time of payment by Gilbert Vanderwerken of th< balance yet due on the tobacco warehouse prop erty, without such action on their part as would fully relsaae him, (J E. Keeside,) and saying that If not so released, he will proceed at once U adopt such legal measures as will afford him pro tection. The letter wu relsrrea to me Hoard o] Common Council. Tb? Board then pawed the following resolu tions ? Resolution to pav for repair of paper mill brtdgs; resolatlon in favor of Galea it Seaton; resolution In favor of J. F Birch; resolution in ftvor of H. B Walker; resolution authorizing ths issue of notes in payment of debts due th< <5?s Light Co. and TV. T. Duyal; resolution authorizing the Mayor to rent the southern ter minaMon of Montgomery street, after advertiaeroent three times for proposals in the Evening Star; resolution authorizing the Clerk to settle an account duo the Corporation for rent. The resolution in favor of Taylor & Maury wai rejected. The Loudoun and Hampahire R. R resolution was amended hut not put on its passage; and the Board adjourned. In the Board of Common Council, all of thi members were present ezcept Mr. Dodge. A message from the Mayor, inclosing a lsttei from W l). Wallach, with his account for advertising, was referred to claima committee. The following resolutions were considered and passed: Revolution authorizing the Mayor to rent tb< southern termination ef Montgomery street; Resolution authorizing the Cl?rc to aettle an account due the Corporstion for rent; and Resolution to pnv deficiency In appropriation! for Improvement of Payette street between Bridge and First streets The resolution in favor of Taylor & Maury (tc pay them for stationery, Ac . purchased by Mayoi Crawford In 1857) being 'inaer censideration, Mr. Tenney said he had examined the Items ol the account and found some that he did not think ongbt to be charged to the corporation. They seemed to be for the purchasers private use, but 11 was a small matter and he would not oostend. . M r. Dunlop said that be believed all the article* exempt the penknife were in possession of the late M aror, ana would come to us at the proper time. Mr Tennev said that as the subject was opened he would ask whether the late Mayor bad a right to take the property of the town to his private residence? There were many new-fangled notloni of right now a da>s, such as the right of separate state secession. In this account were charged a portfolio and a porcelain ?late Were these wanted for the Mayor's office ? A diary for 1857; wu this? and a leather pocket case. He did not know whether that wu a portmonnale or what it was; but if purchased for the use of ths town he could not admit the right of the late Mayor?If gentlemen acknowledged him to be such?he could not admit bis right, because there was a doubt about who was Mayor, and he was a claimant, to take he public property and keep It He would like Mr Dunlop to answer as to the right Mr. Dunlop said he did not wish to dlscu?s the right He had merely stated the fact. The resolution passed, but was rejected in the other board. as stated above. The resolution to pay (from the general fund) deficiency in appropriations for improvement of High street, was demited at considerable length, the question being mooted whether the corporation can l'Vy a .tax for street improvements exceed lag S'2 per front fool If a majority of the propertyholders on a street petitioned for the improvement of the same The law n*n i to be that if a majority petition, the property-holders must pay the whole cos* of improvement. Mr King aaid, if a further tax was levied on the property-holders on Hlgh<etreet there would be a rebellion; they would secede from the town. This was a great thoroughfare and :he town ought to bear a portion of the expense. Mr. Tennev said they could not go out if they applied. Colonel Roberts and others had tried that and failed They might do as South Carolina has done?resolve themselves out. Mr Dunlop moved that the resolution be referred back to the committee with instructions to inquire and report what additional tax per front foot would be ueesaary to pay the deficiency He miehtthea remit a part of It. Motion carried The resolution authorising the Mayor to sell certain town lota was, after debate, laid over until next Friday evening, and the Board ad}eurned. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL H^TEI.?A A Marshall. Md; J W M Dorman, do; T F Bowie, do; J G Toung, Mass. W D Jewett. Pikes Peak; J C Tiffany,!* Y; T H Master, Tenn; H Farnam. IH: TC Durant. NY; W H Ballsy. Tena; J F. lilllot, Pa; 9 M Murphy, O, J N Marks, Pa; C M Derlnger, do; J A ?er*non, Ct; J G Scranton, do; Mia scranton, F 9 :?'eveDa. Mm; T C Webrter and lady, NY: FT Hail and lady, do, W McDuffee, do: G W Knox, Pa; C H Morgan. RI: Hon E D Dakrr, Or g n: W E Farwell. Cal: C Phillip*. P<; C H 9no *, Vt; T Herron, n Y: Capt J L Clarke, Md; Mai $ H Stone, do: Lieut F W Kerchner, do;Capt E Whitney, Ship Peabody; J D Bowling, Md; C H Randall, Mo; T Rawlings, Md; G W Glenn; d : Hon J Caper,do; J B Stewart, Ky; W Ward, N Y; C D Shrive, NJ; B D Shieve, do; F Blake, 1^?; G Bl->w, Va; A \V Bailey, Kt; J Newbold, XJ; Miss Harris, NY. WiLLARDS' HOTEL ?C M Kunkel. Md; W E Jones, Va; Hon Mr McKentj* Pa; G E Tayloe, Ala; A H Rice, Mass; M L Buckly, Pa; W O Bu kiy, do; J F Pennlman, NY; J R Landy. Pa; E G Knight, do; C Medina and son, Costa Rica; Capt ^ K Dawson, USA, Dr J G Peters atid lady. NY; Mra fhay. do; D Washbough, Pa; W P Lvnde. Wis: J H i\v IV n Md; .Major Brice, USA; A Duncan, Pa; S Smedly, do; H M Jobnaon, do; R M Hunter, Fa; R Park, Pa; E l.ewia, do; H W French and lady, Maas; B l>aah, NV; W Peanall, Pa; Capt Schrowder, U*A; D E Sbeger, 9C; Col B Weeer USA; R ?1 McLan-. Md; B Ramaay and lady, La; Mlaa Hawthorn, do. BROWN'S HOTEL.?W Trlat, L Wllliama. D Hoj(e, H W Wi?Kfleld, 9 A WlngfleU, J W Ta It. A Aldrldfe, F Hollinday, Va; K and M Kelly. F F. Tucker, DC; N Jarria, J S Remaen. J E Perly. NY; J Alexander and faui, Pa; H 8 Du Val ai d Dim. Fla: R H Glaaa, M B Powers and ly, T Smith. Ga; J M Cannon, la; W J Martin, Mlaa; F McLaughlin, J Munaten, Md; C Browna. Po. KIRKWOOD HOUSE ?H Galnea, M Snyder, jr, NV; G A Meyera, Md; J B Gridley, FS, H S G&llobtr, A L Hooten, Vo; T Cradock, Md; J N Wooda and It, Pa. OCEANS TEAMER3' SAILING DA FS ra'jm tbi uh1tbb b is. Sttamvi. Ltm? ?. F Davt. Canada B? ?ton Liw pool Jan 9 AQstr&lasian ... New York. ..Liverpool Jan 16 Fbcm Eubofb Amfic* Liverpool... .Boston Dee 39 lent 'in* gouth'pton.^New York-. Jan 16 The California mail steamers leave on the y:h, Vth, and 29ta of every month. rJ>HE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIE*EMAR, 1,2 and 5? Protected by Royal * Letters Patent of England, and secured by the peals of ths Eoole da Pnarinaoie de Paris, and the Imperial Coll ere of Mednme. Vienna. No. 1 is invaluable for exhaustion and natorrhea, a ad all physical disabilities. M. l-.-i- * " - - . wmixmr nrsuioaies ai: iracee or thoae diee*a*a that hare b??a hitherto treated by toe ui moui and pernioi na uae of oopaiva and oubebe. No. t haa entireii supplanted the mjurioaa ure of mercury, thereby lnaunog to the sufferer apeedy relief, dispersing all impurities, and rooting out the veoomofdisease. TKi F.aiE MAR, Noa.t,2an<l S are prepared in th* rorm of a iosenge, devoid of taate ai*d amel*. and ean be carried in the waietcoat pocket, fold U tin eaaea, and di ?i led intoaeparate doaea. aa ad mi male red by Velpeau, Lailemand, Rous. Rioord, Ac Price #S caoh. or four eaeea for >, which mth AS; and m iToaaee,whereb? there la a earing of w) To be had, wholesale and retail, of Dr. yA.RROW.-of ttU Bleecker rtreet. New York. JmmeuiatMy nnreoemng a remittance. Dr. Barrow will forward the Tneeemar to any part of the world, securely packed, and addreeaac aaoording to the iaeUeotioa of the writer. The Boot, of all othara, that should be read by an with damaged and broken down aocatitutiona la "Human Frailty, or Phyeiological Keeearckee." It ia beautifully lHaatraud, and treata nonutMy of all the symp om? that invariably develop th?m aHree. eooaer or later, reenlting from the frailtiea aod vitiating ha bite or earl* youth, incapacitating the victim from shanng the fruition of the matri -UVI. 11 uvi ODMIN in time, dMtllMiMi( *11 the fraction* of manhood. a*d bringing ki?. itM br step to* lingering ftndintimelr death. HWo.HVA^.'sA;"5Jr?.,,T,uu"? T& JStfS "7o?'K, Dr? fitor*. w wlm ton .DC. d*? 6m /Ov * NOTICE. /Ov I h?T* rero.wd * L ' 6? PAWN OFFICE to S31 C street, between 4H ?nd 6th atreets. immediately ia the rear of the Nitiowl Hotel, where the tasinoa* will be oontioued u heretofore at the old ?t4nd tnol5-4ro) IS*AC HKRZBKRS. WOOD! WOOD!! *induns *o8),sfi|? tonn md UUL rn. m. MOTY. l.kiinT. B AJUULtNOTV* AWTEY, Will lioi* Hit a Court of Krrora uU Ap?&. &.& ea/lisaB^ *L4Sr c-isiHssa wsri^asv^pipo? )Hh.n.bmnwm* I k - * ? ^ i ' A * GAS FITTING, fro. ' pLUMBBRS AND OAS FITTERS J. W. THOMPSON A CO. Would ofttl the jatenuon ol w?tor uk?ra to tb*tr fall M?ortm?>ntoiT>iztare* gtcMivt t? lulntrodaoujn^a foiiowg? JSITCHKN RANJ>ES,BATH Tl'BS, WATKK CLOSETS, DOT WATER I BOILERS, KlTCHhN SINKS, PI'MPS, C?*t r ffllR. Wrouiht ffnn. I f**A kn/ w A : mWiVWI8ii&M'n!vr w"a: Havinc superior advantages, with practical k'owledfe. we are prepared to introdaoe Water I into dwethnca with ail the lateet improTeirenta, r promptly, ana At prioee that oanaot fail to aatiafy. ; >169 Penn. armue. ne 34 dtMa* 1 bet.9th and jinn fto.. aoath aula. r A WM. T. DOVB & CO. ARE No* prepared to exeoute any orders with Wfaioh thej mar be favored in the t PLUMBING, 6A? OK^STKAM FITTIN# ITT Store on 9th afreet, a lew doora north of Pi. 1 averue, where may he found a eomolete avortmeni : 1>K^ J^jR^nd other SAP, STKAMToJ OAS FIXTURES. E Have in atore, and are daijr reoeivinr, if AS FIXTOR ES of entirely New Pattarna and Deaicna ; and Finiah, aupenor in atrle to anything horetofbre i offered in fhia market. We invite oitiiena feoerai It to oali aad examine our atook of Oaa and Water Fixturea, feelniK confident that we have the beat ' aeieotat stook m Washington. All Work in the above Tine intrusted to our care I Will be promptly attended to. MYEk8 * MoGHAN. > mar S-tf 37* P ?traet. 1 SNYDER ' Clumber and qas fitter, Ha? removed to the oorner <>fT h and F at*. He ia prepared to introduce Water and Gaa upon the mo?t favorable terms, and guaranties entire satisfactionHe has on band a lot of COOKING and other 1 9TOVK9, whioh he will sell leM than ooat, aa ha wiah ja to get rid of them. no 17 OFFICE OF JN8Pfc>CTOR AND SEALER OF GAS MC2TERS. 1 W AaHiNOTON, July 13, I860. > NOTICE IS ffEREBY GIVEN. That, agreeably to the provisiona of the ordinance of the Cor> poration approved May >2.1M0, the undersigned ia . now prepared."whenever reauired in writmr.*nd on pre par msnt of the fe? of fifty cents, to inspect. , examine, test, prove, and ascertain the accuracy of registration ofany gas meter in uae in this city." Every m?ter, if found inoorreet, Will be condemned, ' and auother, seaied and marked aa true, will b? ; setmi?? plaice. If proved to b? aeon rate in iU ineasurt ment of gaa, it will be sealed aooordingly, and acaio put inpositio* (or uae. 1 Office No. 510 Seventh street,(near Odd Fel-ows' Hall ) <?pen from 8 % ra., to 5 p. m. CHARGES W. Cl'NNINSHAM, jy 18-tf I nspeotor and 8ealer of Gas Meters. Read the following from the well known Captain of the Steamer Fulton : Nkw Orleans, 3d Oct, 185*. Dr. J. C. Aytr, Lou>iU.?zin 1 am urged by my wile to report to you a oure your Sar*aparilia has pia<l? in our family, ?nrt as it is the only way in whioh we oan make you any acknowledgement of our gratification, I will proceed t < state My little n'B, moven years oia, nas DM Scr fula Bores on his earr, reck and arms f>r five years They were inuoh of the time very d'stressmg. and we fe\red ihoy would kill htm. At first a swelling would app *ar, then it would break and make a running sore, wliicli would r.ot heal. Thejr became very loath mm' and often pau.ful; thoy stepped his growth and sfenifd to undermine hi* h-al'h. ro that he became feeble And sickly. We tried Physician* and Medioines, hut they did no good. A clergyman in our neuhlwrhood. who had seen some remarkable cures by jour Cherr* Pectoral, advised us to try *our !*ar?aparilla, and we did. The smallest sores showed symptoms of healing in about two weeks; intwomoift they h&4 healed, and In two months the ch>ld was as well as anybody. He now enjoys perf et heahh, with no remnant of the disorder aftoat him taat we can discover. If you, sir, are a parent, you may well believe that we anal 1 not soon forget you. Very truly, your humble servant, Jjio. W Bates, Prepared by PR. J. C. A YKR A CO., Lowell,iMass. de2t eolin T' PROCLAMATION O THK CITIZENS OF 117 a qof mnniakt a r?r*r?? - TTAoninuiUllt WftUlltotil'll Wrti ftOi Wkertas, At th* preaent season <y the year CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA, CHOLlCf DYSENTERY, DYBPEP3IA. DEBILITY, A o.,&o., prevail to an alarm:n* extent: And whereas, It mnat he of the F'RST CONSEQUENCE to ever* family to lno? of A REMEDY at once Y A RD ^'"' * ' ' or Pahis, offers hia MIRACULOUS PAIN RILLER aa the moat REMKD? 1T)V THE AHU^E COMP^AINTS : In order to satiafy THE PUBLIC th*t no impoaition ia intended in the tale of thia Great Medicine, THE MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED t* all easts when the medtoine laiia to give entire Mtiafaotio ' Ask. then at anr Drur Tnr DR. MONTAKOE'S MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER. take at directed, and if not perfectly satisfied Return to oar Agent, 1>. B.CLARK, ESQ., 4X Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, who will refund your money. Pvioe? H led 60 Centa per Bottle. For aale at all Drug Stores every where. jas. McDonnell, General Agent, jyll-n4r Baltimore. PL're OLD rvk WHISKY FOt MEDICiNAL Llf*E. Prici 52 per gallon or 50 etnt! per bottU. The va?t home and foreign demand we have for i tin*ariicle auffioiently ati*e:s its purity andexoelleno* Moreover it may be mer.floned in this oonoezion that inany invalids of delicate organization. i unable to uee whisky of other brands, have found the abj>ve inoat eflioaoioua and happy in ita effects. A liberal discount on the above prioea made to thetrade. , edward hall. Dealer in fioe Wines and Ltauora, Family Groceries,Ac.,0pp.Center Mvrk?t, 00 27 eoSOt between 7th and 8th streeta. ILLUSTRATED BOOKS i 1 FOR PRESEHTS. We have now our u?ua! l*rge and magnificent assortment o' "letantiy bound and illustrated Books for Fr^sentr for the Holidaya. The new Books for thi* *ear are verr beMtiraf. Onr Juvenile Department oomprise* all the latest Books rut and al the od onea auitabls for ohiidren. Tfte Dissolving View Picture Book is a new thing (or the little ones. Our Assortment < f Writ ing De?k*. Portfolios. Paper Tioes, Papier Mache Boxes, Fano* loketands, Gold Pens, Fancy and all other styles Penknives. Paper Folders, Cutters. 1 a a. _ ?- ? J * ' . *?u v??ea, and till be sold at pr<oe? to salt the timet. d?? BLANCHARO A MOHUN, J?e? cor. Pa. av. and Kleventh it. ^easonab Lje dry eoo d s : Cloaka, Bhawla, Flannela, Merino?, Ottom&ns Blanket., Full Cloth., ' Liaaeya Po.iin, |,&ac' SlIkVr , AlkKobet, 7 ' Pofhqa, Valenoiae. Rep*. ? . . . . ^ arna, Hooped 8kirta. Inah Linena, Phestmca, Nark in. \Vh>???r ?T#r .th> o "aok Flannel, u' l' - Linen Seta, EmbroiJeriea, r Bornjwiinea, A'paooaa, Counterpanea. Comforta. Toweling.. A^,,f .hroh.. ?^y^g"ttoH.e?g.[la.N.. AT FRENCH t^KICUsVKiVl! MS p*. _ ? Atents for tkt ichoU WoAd. Foi*a Son*., eleiactly bound, printed on toned Pa-fh? vf J'i",' Gl H II}0* t\? if aent by mail. The Moral Hiatory o7 Woman, from the Frenok by j- * , ? . ? ? ?u<i atvuo( pi IUO OMO 9^*^ DJ mail- no 21 FD. L. MORRISON A CO.. LOUR AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And wholesale dealer* in MILL FkKU, CORN URAL. fr.. *e., Corner of 12th a&d U streets, Y\ ashington olty. f[y Cash paid for >11 kinds of Grain an tt 6m HAVK YOUSEEN the Wont Children's Books at FRENCH * RICHSTEIVS. 878 Pa. r avenue, celling for 10 pent*? Have you seen the ej*cant Ml Annuals foi New V'ear presents, at FRENCH A RICHSTKIN'S, sellint f>r only 9.. Call and make your j>aro?ases before they are ail gone. At FRENCH A RICHSTEIN'8. , de ft 378 Pa avenue. DITPO^T'S GUNPOWDER, For sale at mannlaotarers erioee, by JOHN J. BOOL E. GjoaeiTowit, D. C? Sol* ifracy ftr tk^fUtrut 9/ Colwmbi*. A large susp.y, embracing every variety, always on hand, ?n<1 delivers! free to all parts of the Diemet. Ordera oan also be left at theofioeof Adams' Kx?r*e? Com?*nv. Wiuihinaton. O. C. fel-lawlv City steam FiVfe-woon mim.? aa? COAL DBPOT. Foot of Sfonltrntk strut, b*low War Department, WOOD prepared, anT length and alse.toanit the want* of eaoh puroUaaer COA ?KbPT IN CO\l, HOUSES, protected | from the weather?delivered fr*e frnrn elate, dirt, and other impurUioe. lb*, to the ton. TTJ. k. W, M HALT, no lft tf Pa. ?y.. b?tw. 11th and 12th eti. 12.0(H) o^9?L6"^BI4J5f. ARC the attention of the pnblia to oar large and veil ee | leoted etook of Chainpa?ne and Crah Apple Cider, which we guarantee to be pure luioe, and will be ' fold oa re^eooabia twni fa order to make room 1 w rwlla # wrww ?? irWlM I Wl I v|| 8ULTANA RATSINS, LATER RAISINS. 3 K Di.RAIS'NS ^J^RDEAUX PRUNES, CANtQN CIN9ER ^ . <le 2J JI1NG & BURCBELU ? # * V t % MISCELLANEOUS. . NOTICK OP j-HE 'SfiiTOEATION TO MA?i\A^oV4?cSlafi( in JfllMMilM* lA? *? EV - ** - - ? ? ? ??<???? * v*t mw? i ntmsamd Acres. The grant of laad to Wliwuin bv lot of Congress.Tlpproved Atiuit 8,1B46, "to ai4 is the improvement of the Fox tod W itoonain river ud to connect the rave by a canal m the Ternrer? of Wistonsin,'* and the aots supplemental thereto, having been so ffcr adjusted as to aathorise the restoration to market of the lands hereinafter described? Ifoticits ktrtbt given that a'l the following raoant and unappropriated lanis which were oubieot to private entry at the date of withdrawal, will lie restored to private eotrr on the days and at the plaeee hereinafter rpeoified. at the ordinary mtoimnm price of 31.2* per acre, or at the prices to whioh they may have graduated at the date of witLdrawai At the Land Offioe at Mkxasha, on Monday, the 91 at H*w nf fanner* r?v? North of tht bate Unt and east tj tht fourth principal meridian. NE fraction N Fox mver, of action lo, township 13, Oi range 9 N W VA NK.VNE NW ana N \V N W of seoti>>n 4, towaihip >8,range 9. NWfcNK* t>EX NKVNVT*. W K?W V and K * 8F. v4, of stotion 2; the N A ?\V * ofsociion 4, the fraction on tbe eaat 'tank of Fox river of aeotion 8, the NEAtf #WJ( cfseotion 10, the9H9K )i? ol aeotion 13, <h? <V % N W *ard N W <i SW % of eeotion U.thsNE * NE *, W * NE >4 and N W Ag of section 34; ?he 9Kk s*W Af and > vV A? 8E V? of sootion 38, and the NW)i 8\V X and st, \ avVH of aeotion 33, township 14. of range 9. The 8 X 8E X of section? the SW X NE K; the 8E >? NW %, and the NE >? SW ^ of n*oti >n 4; the S?w 8\V \ of section 3, the hWk ,N W and N VV % 8\V * of section 1?: the NE * N W \ of section 18; tl.e ?v X NE >4 and the \V >4 N W v nl seotion 20; and IN E \ N E S? ?( aeotion ?), town tup 14, of range 1? 1 He F,HN \V J* of seotion 13. ami lota6.7,and 8 section 13, township 18, of range 15. , Trie WW * NE * of seotion 18, and the N W M SE M of teouon 32, township 19, of range 15. The NKMNWJ* of aeotion4. the nEJj BE *. and the W \ SE * of aeotion 6, townahip 20, oIs range 15. TiieSE.V NE# of aeotion 30, township 19, of range 16. The E X NE \ of section 3, townahip SO, of range N? The N W X of fraotion west of Fox river, of aeotion 1>', township 20. of range 17 The NE * SE V4 of seotion 6,township U, of range 17. 1 he NE K NW of seotir.n as. tr>wn?hi? i* range 18. The N X NW H of stotion 12, township 16, of ran** 18 , Lot No. 1 of section U.of township 2', of range 13. The SK H N W k, anil the b X 8W % of Motion 14,town?hip 22. of >ance li. The Sh )? s\V l4 of M.tion 14, township IS, of range 19. Tne \V X 8W X of Motion 23, township V, of rsnge 19. i Lots No. 2 and 6 of seotion 13, and lots No. 4 and 8 of section 14, township 19. of i ante 19. The *E SK X of seotion 22, township 20. of range'19. Te r. X XW '4, and the SE \ 9E X of section 12, township 21, ot range 19. Lots No 1,3, Mid3, and Ihe 8W '4 NK X of section 1". theSR '? 8\\ X ofstotion U, W X NW '< a< d Uip \V X S w X of section 18,and the j4, and the bE '? of seotion 36. township 22, ot lange The WX NW X of seotion 18, township 21, of rarg9 20. Tne wno'e of ?e<>tion 30, township 22, of range 20. The W )4 9W X of section 3>, township 25, of raoKO 20. At th? Land Office at Falls or St. Croix on Monday i the28thday of January next. North of the bate Itne and went of the fourth principal meridian. The W X SE X. tie SE X SK and the 8W >4 of section 2; the N X of section 4; the S X ana N \Y >4. and 8 X of NE X of section 6; the vhole of section 8; t e S X of sectioa 1''; tho wno'e of sec tion 12; the E X of section It; the SK X of section j 18; the whole ot section 20; tho W ',*i.dNE *4 of section 22 tn S X of seotion 24; the E X o! seaiion 36, the N X of section 28; tho E X aud SW X ofsoo tion the E X and NW X of auction 3t; ih? E ? ! and N >V X of oeotion 3fi t.> ?n-hi n .7, of ranice 12 1 The E X N W '? and N WX N W \.and loU 1 3 ano 3 of sect ion 8; the wh'Weof section 13: tho NW Vi snd the ?K X of seotion 22; th* W X of section 28; the S X of seotion 23, the ?E X of section 3-; the whi le I of ?r<Mion 32; and the whole sf seotion 31. township I 28, of ranee 12. I h^ \V X and 9E X of seotion 2; the m hole of see tion 4; the who:e of 'ec'.ion 6; the N X. the HK X, and the N E X S VV '4 of section 8; the N E X. the ! E X SE X. the SW\ 5>E X, and lotil.4 A. h. and 7 01 section 10; the who e of seotion 12; the wncle of ; section 14, the ft E X the E X SK ^ and lots 1. 2 ft, 6. 7 and 8 of section 22; the W X and tne IN E X of section 24; tb* S X a?id the W X N *V X of section 28; and the X Kof?nfioaMtn? 11 1 he whole ot section 2;the E X and NW X of seotion 4; the whole of section 6: the W X ot aso| tion 8; the whole of section 10; tne w hole of seotion 14; the whole of section 18; the K X of section 2"; the N X, the N X of Sh X? *nd tha N X of 8 W J* off ootior. 22: the E X N fc X. 'he N X 8E X? uu tne K X SW X of aeouon 24; the W X and the NE X*f seotion .te, the whole of seotion 3u the whol* cfseotio S2; theSNV VNW k and lots No 6, 7, and 8 of section 34; and the N X of seotion 3s, tow* ah p 28, of raoge IS i be?W x or Motion 28; the NE X NE X of a?otioii 3ft: the * X NK X of seotiou 32; the N X. tne N X of SK X, and the M X 8W X of section 34; and Che who!? iif amtion sa. township IB, of* 14. The 8 X HEX. the and the NW X 8 W X ot section 28: the whole ot seotion 90; the whole of seotton 32; and the NW X N " X. the 8 X N fc X? the N W X. and the 8 X of seotion 34, town ship vb of range 16. Ti eN X. the t?E X.theN X 8W X.and theSE X 8W X. of aeetion i, township 28 ol range "ft The whole of amotion U; the whole of seot:on 18; the whole of section 22; the whole of section 24; the whole of spotior 26, the whole ot section 28; ti.n N X 9K X ?' s'o'ton S3? the whole of seotion 1H; acti the W X tud 8E X of seotion 36, township 29, of range 16. Ti e wiote of aeoticn 2;1 he NEX*nd the N X 8E X ?f "tion 12; the b X, the b X *W X? and tlie K X N W X of section 14; the Nb X of seotiou 24; the iX X of seotion 28; the whole ol amotion 32; the W X oi amotion 34; and the F X and N W X of atotton 36, townsuip 26,of rauge 17. At the Land Offioe at Eav Claim, on Monday, the 2la' day of January next. Honk (J tk? bate lint and west Ike fourtK pnnct pal meridian. The whole of section 32; and t^e NEX NW X and W X N W X of seotion 36, township 27, of range 11. At the Land Offton at Stkvkns Poimt. on Mon d<\y, the 28th day of January next. m.r i - + - > ? * - - - - " nor** of ii( vait itne ana east oj Me fowrth prmciral meridian. Th<? W?SK3< of section 4: the N % NE X, the BE * NEli, tbn W (1 ,H NW fc.the 8tt \ N W X, and the NH \6 8K of section 6; the E\ NE X NW J%. aurt the 8W ofsrotion 8; in" 8E J* -?K \ of seotion 34; the K)? IN \V !%, anH N W S W >4 of seotion 36. township 15,of range i. Tho 8 Y% ?W >4 of section 32, township 18, of range 2. The NW St NE M of ieotlon S8, township 18, of ranca 2 Tub W H NW fl. of seotion 6; and the 8E JW SK W of section 36. iowi.ship 19, of ranee 2 I'ha N K81V *, and the W * *K * of eeoUon 2; the N >4 or seotiou 4; and NE >4 8E V of section 24, township 17, of range S Th-? Vv H N K >4, tho W >4 section, and the W S 8E M of seotion 2; the E H SW '4 and N W '.4 BE of section 4; tne W H >4 of aeoiion 6; the EX ttE Af of section 8: the N W At N W is and the & W A, aW >4 of section '2; 'he K S NE .'4 of section 14; and tne SW A? 8W Aa of section 96, township 18, of ranges. _ . I he K % 8 W >? and the 8E of aeotion 26; the 8 A. NE W. the K H SW V,and tae 8E i? of necUon .4; and t ie N W >4 NEV the N W >4, and the NE w 8 w A? of seotion 96, townshi p 13, of ranee 3. The N W J* rw W >4. and tt.e vVA4 8W A* of seotiou 10; and me 8W A? 8E \i of section 14, of township 16. of rang"4 Tha SW A* NW A? and the 8WV of Motion 4; ly 1 *L- ail. ?> ???. 11 c * ! ? o 4. sou me r* c. * sc. >4 ol ?eoiiou 6; the S<K Sii Jfc of section 8, tie vV K ?E \ of action In; I** ao. 3, and S w N W A? or ceotion 12; the VV ' of cc'ioa. aud tbo E >4 aeotion II; the W X N W and the N E \ S^V \ of aeo tioa 2<>; lot iXo 3, n ??oiion 24; lot ao. 2. ol aeoHon 2b; an"the NW M NE*. the SE * ME*, and tr>e 8W % SW 3* ofteotion 23,townihlp 17, of r&nro 4. botNo 3, the WHNW ig. and the W H BW X ofaeotion 4; 'he H W Hi and the 8 H Sbjiofaeotion 6; the K H N W W and the K S WW ?' of eeotion 8: the 8W * N K fc. the ? X - W V. 10U Not. 1 and 3, and the * W \ NW k of aeotion iOc Ui? N h N W *. the BW\ N W\, *na ?h* ?W X 8\v \ of cation 14; th-> oK Af S K J< aim the K >2 NW ja of aeot'on 2h; th? whole of ?ectJon2J; the N XNK X, the SEMNW and ihe N\V J4 SW M of ?eoti.?n 24; the N E ^ r*W3< nod loUISot.', 2,3, and 4 of amotion i.6; the N K k of tectum 28; the f* % NW fr. V an 1 the N X 8K k of eeoti?v. 30: the NW* NwV the 8> NW&.ihe K? slv? ana the NW)J SE k ?? section 3^ and t * N >* of section 34 t?wn?hip 18. of ranee 4 The 9 X of emotion 32. townahip 19, of ranee 4. The who e.of fractional emotion 4; the 8 S, BW X, and the 9* SKfc ofefction '0; the NK V V ..? aeotign IV'; the NK J| N I'X,the ?W X NW X,'?n?i the W K8WK of motion 14 the WSNR)?. and the N F. X a W X of auction 27; the N tS X N + X of Motion34: *n<1 the N X N W X.the NE VS WX.t'e 8W X N K X. *nd Ui- N W X 8E X oileotiou 26. townatiip 16. ofraige 5. The N X N W X of aeot'on 4; th? N X NW\.th? BX*W X ?n1the8WX ?? X of ?ectin?;the N W X N W X of seoti.-n 10; th* \V X 9E X'. art? Jot No ftof>rcMon 18; the NE X 9K X "f amotion Sn; the \V X NW M, and the N W X ?W X ofaeo tion 22; tha K X 8W X and 8 W X **** X ?Iamotion ?4:ih?EXNbX.:hesW X NK X, Me NW X N w X. ??d the bE X ?f "^tion 28, the N X 8E X n ?*otion 9"; the ?K X*B X of ???tion 32: and the W *.2 E X *W X N x ?$. X. and thebW XoEX of notion 36,to*n?hip 17, d7range The NE X and the 8W X ?B X or aeotion 30-,and the N XNW X and the b W X NW X ofwotlun Si. towcahlp t8. of r%nge 5. The N W X N K X- the N W X the 8E X 8W X, and th*? E X SK X of amotions, the N X N vV X.the 9E X NE X,ai.d the NEX 8W X of.eotion?: the 8E X NW X of crotion the iSW V NEX of aeon on 84: *ud the NEX NW X and thesW X 8E X of aeot.on 28; townmiip 15 ol range f. Th whoie of fraoiional aeotion 2: motional too ttoo 4 the W x Ot the N w v and ?*? W X of the 8W X of reotion 6; the NK X NE X ol aeotion 8, the MV X * *' theSMX 8K X "f amotion l(fc th* igisfcwtf lit ^ * 'PV"|'U>U| of ItVK 6, ?3' f^ir^ra&vS tw% s "la atewytrrS! ovi.r~- i 1 #' ' ' 5 NK ?.tho E * NW k* th? 3W \ NW n*i ? NBE J* oi Mot?3l 32, townmip 16, ol la"** > ' The N * SW *, th? W[ ?W^, and t*? N W* BE li of B^tjor. 14; tho E X NE '4. th* S* K N R and ths BE jig of aeoti?? 22. ai*i ti>? NWw ?*k U of Motion 34 m wn?hi p 15, of rang* S. i bo N E >? (*E it mud lots No*. I and t of itcQoi 34. towvtHip INcf ranted. Th? EH NW 4 of Motion 3\ townahi p i v 0( ran* e ! ). r ^ i At the bandOSoeat !<& Ciotst,on Monday, th?21et day of January next. North of tkf bm** lint and om*t of tkf fourth rwdfl vnridian. The N H of N E \ of Neboi S; the 8W V N\V * of aeoti'n 10; to*n?hie lfc the NRM of tb? NK S of aection 6; the N\V \ of the ft\\\?fi eetion *; the NK ?? of the N W S? of eectinn 14; ?od the 1*E '? ol the 9b * ? ol ' eli "ii *6, to wn?hip U. of range I. Given ander tny hand, a' the city of Waehmgton, this 11th day of l>eo?inber, Hfr\ J< S S. WILSON, Commiasiorer of the General Land Office. de ? na>iOi a tci. . JtOKIWH, w* BALTIMOR | LOU HUlPITAi, Hmt DU??rU tk? mm) Ctrfm*. Sjfttdf. mmd ?Uy Eff*etu+i Htmtdf m lii world, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. JLfT JTO FALSE DsLlCACY PRETENT. APPLY 1MMED ATELY. 1 CITK* WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Vttki tad lladdaa, ItftlMMrj IHacfcarjaa, Ibmuci;, ?nnl Dakltiiy, Narraaanaaa, Itmu, U? Fkmau *f Idaaa, P*lpit?ti?" airihi Baar-i, Timidity, TramUlBfa, Diuiin af fi|h; ar iidtliraaa, Diaaaaa Ua Itaad, Tkraal, aa ar *kir,, AfKoaua afiha Laura, llamach at kawaia? ikaa Tarrikla Oiaordara Vnaiuf frai# Saliiirj likta tl T?tb?ibaaa Draadfal and D?air?t;i?a Pncutta wkitk rti< 1 Hiiria|i itapaaaikla, ui daairaj kau Sad7 ul Mtet TUfN?MEJI KapaaiaiiT wk* UTI k*c?m* th* victim af Sal ary TIm, tkti dr**ofal and daatracu** haklt whiah aanaailr *w**p* U 4a ntimily frara lhaaarnda ml Y*ar.f Man aflh* nw ** altad talanta aud kniiant intdltet, vbi rsirht ath*rwi?* UM atranacd lUtaninf Itoatii witk tk* tkandara af a laaaaaaa M waked u IMU17 ik* ItTlaf lyr?, aty kali wttfc fall Hal4mm. m??nai KiUlU PUIOII, n THtf Mta eeatteaplatlar Marrtafi, kainf aware af akyaiaal waakeaaa, arfaal* debility, defarmiUea, *., apaadil? cared. k< wn* placu hhnaalf aodat tka aara af Dt. J. say ratifi aalj tan Id* ta kit kauar a* a faailaaaa aad aaaldaatly raly pas kia ak 111 aa a phyaieaa. OrFICK Ma. 1 IOVTB rtlDKlICI ITH*T, 1 ?ft kand aide reinf fiaa Aiaaava atreai, a law daata fraa tka earner. Pail oat laakiarra am a aad alakai. belief* at ka paid aad aaatala aetawp. si jobmtob, Memkere efth* Raja! Gellef a afBarf aaea, kaadaa, f radteU fram ana af the meat eminent Callagee In tka ultkd Sutaa, and tha jraatat part af wha*? Ufa kaa kaao apant ia tka kaeEtala af Lender, Pane, Philadelphia and a!aa where, ka* afcted *am* af the icaat *?tar.:*bii.( car** tbat were * ! man; many treakled with ringing ta th* k**d and aart whan aalaaji; frast oerTeaenete, kamf alarmed at aaddaa aaaoda, kaaSfkln*** with freqaent klnehinf, attended ?aaaa tiara wttk dtranf *ia*nt ?f mind, war* eared laaaedlatelT. YAKS PAKTlCVhAE HOT1CE. Tn<( Man and alhere wha here mjerad iberaeelaee ky atrtain practice inia! jad in when alan*?a haku freqaeat y laarnad fr*m e?tl campaniana, ar at echeal, tha efecta a which art aifhtly faltaaan whin aaiaap, and if nai eared randara marriage irupaea-kl*, aad d**tray* katk ail ad aad kadr, ahaald apply immediately. Tbeie ara earn* of th* *ad ana m*iao*k*ly *f**l* pr*d***< ky early kakit* ol reaOi rin W*akn**a af tka Back aad liraka, rain* in lh* Bead, Dimneae af Sight, Laaa af Maaaaiar Pavir, Palpitatian af th* Beart. Daaoata*. Nan>? ty, Daranf aroant af tba Pigaati'a ^ r,etiaoi,C*n?f?l Daki'ltp, kyroptftma ef he. MENTALLY.?Tn? fa?rf?l aVatla ?n Ika ralnd '? nuk U h draadad?La?a of M?rnary,Onfaaiar> ?f Otpriit.M f pirm, Evil Farbadinfa, AvaraianafBaciatT.Salf-Diatraat. L??a af lHndt,Tirai'iKj, #>? , ?? ?- ? af tka rtli f>? (M?i. KtfcTOII DE1ILITT?Yba???ad? ? * ??w |?df? wbal la iba caai* af thtir d?etinin( mint tbair *?: - , *k. ?!?, nar?a?k sod arnaciatad, kaaiDf aainfalai V V " ,* **1e?g* w typlMii af a?aaaaptiaa 0f" IMPRUDBHCr iff** 1 AaA od "?Pf?<lkn'- ?attry af ptaaaiM ladi .?-<* af il'? pn.'fil diaaaaa, it taa aftaa u5w'Kfc|Mil "'bread iipii af ab'.raa a? draod af diar*T?ry Inn;'1 applying la thaaa vba, fraia adacatiar ?t4 raapatf.'V^fli-r, cao afaoa kafrand him Ha (alia irta iki kinda af ifnaraot ?!n<! daaipmiif pratkndara, wba, innpaklt af tannr. Ilch btt pacan'iry as>itanca, kaap bim infii.f taaoth aftar uauib, ar aa laur a* tha aroallaat faa can > aktajnad, and in dttpatr laa?a btra ar-tb rsmad baaltMa airk a?ar h:a railing diaappamlniarl; ar ky lb a aaa af that daad% paiaan, Marcary. baatan tba canati.aiiona] armscan af tkli Urribl* <1 ! ?#, mc'i u A wi Hurt. "fhr??;, Nut, k' prorrtiiiii* with frifhtfe! r?pility,tl!l dtith pai* tried ( hit arindfiu t?firi.,f? *y tcodwig hire t? Uti G!*c**?r?d cikr.irj fr?as wtwi ktsrm n? ;r?T?|?i iiiarti PI. ? *EMBDY KOR OK.9AM1U VtALMKI AMD lMrOTEJICT. Bf tkli rittl >?d iaptrum nniil; wi*kQ*u ?f vk? ui cartd ana fall ?i|ti ri?*r*4. Th*a**?d> ?<** ?t Dtixn id4 dtkiliuiad. wka k*4 Iwt til kip, tin km toia?4Ul?1y r?U?*a4. All lmp?diip?nt?U Mnni|i. Phy?i??l ? Mtau.1 OU?wHIuUmi, kn< ?' pTMr??il?? P?wir, RuTtu IrrluMlH* Yftickhaf *nd WliktIM II ItkiuM <rUl Mlfuifti kitd ?p?*?dilr t?r?d. EHDOUIMUT Of TIB mil. TIE MAM Y TBOMtMDt tartd ttthu lntuurUaa vltkte ik ikat tlTtndfu jiin, tort th( o?rair? J? inpartuil Ul ipintlmi firhinia kr t>?. J?ho??c, w.iamti k; UM rtp*r'.m if lh? faf?n ui an; Hkii MKMi,altltN M vkKk kin iniinil tftia ud afx*D kafar* iki k?kliiui?| piilwiiif tkiitiuiuo nwikd kUitr. t? > Itsi pinitii uiki k>t?w4. |u V-l/ DK. J. BOVEE DOD'S IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS, Are now bete* aa?d from Mun? to the 6reat Salt L*ake, anl the nniTfrut! ventiot of all who uae them either aa a or ae a btrtran, is thai th?y are nnearfaaa^ in the world. Dr. Doas uee<! tiiem ?a ?ce?)ifai!T ia his traatioe for Si rear a b?fora wo pnronate^ ef kin tbo ao!e rixht to mar.uf&cture *nl present t*-re far ?! to Uis wblio. Fortfcf aureof lnf iyi?T!j Cenavmation. Inaieeetion, I>t? Pi ?, Nervosa l>iB?U3a. b emaie Com plftinta. ?nd Ml ? ?? roaamnc ft tonic, they ftre l?Tor.<i doubt moat inrajiiftbie rsm^dy. Aside from thsir mfxlicinv aroaertf *e they ft''* ? fore, wholelome ftad deligDtnu Utftn?{5, producinf ftll the plo??ftnt 8*htler?ynf efeota of Brftndy or Wine without their Injaivwe reaulta. Let ftll frienda of anmftnitT ftnd ftl! adrcct'.ns of tepijerftnoe assist aa in ant^tit jicc tbM? T& own vecet?lue Bitten for tho vai.'j** and miviwmtt t Lifvor* with wiuo?i the ooartry t? flooded, ftnd thereby efRtaa.lT fti'l in tftmaiuDc D>eeaee ftr.d Drnnkertaa at the lftnd. CHAttLES WI.DDIFIELD It CO., Proprietors, 79 Williim street, New \?rt. J. 80HWAKZE. Arent, Wulunxtoc, D. C. OR. J. BOVEE DUDS' IMPERIAL GIN BITTERS. For Disease* of the Kidney a, Biftdder ftntf Urinary Orc&ns, and eapeoiiuly for Female Obstructions, never fail to cure, ftnd ftre wftrrftnted to sire sat.a^HAfeLES WIDDIFIELD * CO.. Prnanotors, T6 William at., New York, J.8CBWAR7E. Je7 1yjr Agent. Waalunston.T). C. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. BALTIMORE ANDOHIO RAILROAD. WASHINGTON BRANCH. CHANGE OF HOURS. liter SUNDAY, November tHh, l?n,the trams wil: run as follow*: LEAVE WASHINGTON: Firat tr*m atsj" a. m. Seoond Train at 7.40 a, m. Third train at 3.10 p. m., Express. Fourth train at 6 p m. LEAVE BALTIMORE: First ttain at 4 15 a. in.. Exprea*. Seo'wd train at 8.35 a- m. Third at 3.10 p. m. Fourth a* 4.2n p. rn., Express. The first, seoonl and third train* from Washington oonnoot through to Philadelphia and New Y?'k. The seoond and third oonnect at Washington Junction with trains for the West, South, and Nortiweet; also, at Anaapoli* Junotion, for Aa napoiis. For Norfolk take the "?40 a. in. trai >. hot tin aooommiviatjon of the wai travel between Washington and i.aurel, a passenger oar Will be atraohea to the tonnage train whioh leave* at 3.4) p. in. OtLSaiurdar the 3.10 p. m. train goe* to Philadalphiafenlr. _no 26 a T. H. PARSONS, Agent. TPHE 9TKAMER J AS. BUY WlU remvmm her I trips on TUESDAY. flst of Februarr. lMn. Will !*re WASH INUTON every TUESDAY and^ "^"? FRIDAY, at o'clock a. m.,snU ALEXANDRIA at haif?pa*t 6 o'clock, for Cl'RRIOMAN and the intermediate Lorriints. Oa her return trips, sbe will '.?are CURRIOMAN apery WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 6 o'oiock a. m. LUCIAN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. As't. Alexandria. fe? OMLD RICH, MELLOW AND PURE B UR N S IDE'S MONONGAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Conscientiously distilled by Mr. Jamas Burnside, of Allegany Count?, Penna., in the old-fashioned honest war, fro>r: the choicest and m?at oarefully selected Rye, and in no oaae ever offered for aale until ad^ud to wlmleeome aae by ace U la at OnnA tK* mnat ? . r ??? i" viufimviOBi I J uur of the purest beverag?a in the reaoh of the puhlio. To the invalid, aa veil aa to thoae in health, it oommendf iueif for Ua unrivalled qualitiea u a atimnlant of the aaf*?t. aareat, and moat benefiapct deioripCioa. &nd many of the most diatinguiane'1 phyaiciana are name it in (heir praotioe with the happiest reaulta. CLERY * STOCKDALE, Pro?rietore. A?ent for the Proprietora, 89A Pa. av? ae 34-6m oppoaite Willarda* Hotel. Baltimore BUTTER HOUSE. Daily r*owv1nK freah and aweat, in Goahen pack*'" oluo BfcWUi. iris M Kinhiwi* PI?m. lUltiiaora 275 ALkEN 275 JACKSON, FLASTERSMB, PatNA. Amn, Retwaaa 10th and litk atraata. tola 1 w ILL TkJce kiod^of Vi^miaBap^tormT book deUa and for Boo la, Aboea, and Trmus. All ^riuiii indebted to im will pleaa* oall ud settle up, or I tha'l be pompeiled to give their tosowU into the hand, of ? ff'i^c^oo YF" R 1 Hall ih??i r*. v.. between 9th ami Wji ?U. | % TKUNK8, BOOTS AND 8H088. goon AND TO SUIT * * jz pug w,^ssaf.*iiasv?.!2g? rcppljr of carters mad* work of rrerfd* Ml or^Uof. made eipr?M>y Wi order, aad willfW Js; "r/;Ss sskm a^.ra^ss.r in ?tor? ud at tbo Iowmi ri^ ^gnry ^oalL ?*-r ?1? PoaiwlSLha aroaiU. J niw ni'vn-.'. ?? I r??D aviiwuy IKAVbLl^tt TfWHU arrived this d\j, embraoitg ftl! qaa.i MB taes ami aisos of Sele Leather, Lmww'HM Dro?? ar.d Packing Tracks. Oar traak^ *^* ] eaJ?* room exhiMta at thi* time the freateet-variety ot r^iisitM tt moderate pr;o4fe, to be found thi* wdo of New York, Ai?o. ry <rwrens ?AjsaM luJ" Old Tmnki repaired or taken ta exobaoge for Mf ODM. WALL, STEPHEN* A CO, ar ?l-tf CPKC1AL NOTICE TO CITIZEN* AND f^8TRANUfcRS.--RF.NCB A RlCHBTElbt SI 9 Pa ?ma?, is the nn'y plaoe ta the oity ?b*r? daily papers can he found from every tita-e and oltr ta the tf aion. New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore pap*m delivered in the eitr and Georgetown, immediately on the arrival of the train*. AH the Monthly and Weekl* Paper* and Ma* an nee. Nov i* the time to subscribe. with the beginning of the New Year. Sule agents for the Cha:le*u>n M*renry. de P| URE OLiTrvK WHI9VY.-On hand severe brand* of Pure Old Rye Whir ky. CopparDis tilled, made ry the molt re.iab e distil I train Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia, warranted pare. Aieo, Imported HracrUee, Henneeey. Otard. Da pay & Co.. Jnlesllobin*. Ao., Peaoh and Asale Brandy, pare Holland Gin, old Jamaica andVt. Croix Ram, and Wraee of every of standard brands. A ehoioe lot of Cigars and Tol bacoo YOUNG A KEFHART. Agents. aa 14-lv 9*9 Pa av.. bctw.Mh aad lath ate. J"" APF17 THE REMEDY rM*>*?i2K&of an, of those numerous ailmenta whioh ana* trom ia parity of the blood? Wnt'.sra t her, do yoa aaY? Rather uk, vhftt are they not { T*e blo^d ia the source of life and health, and it i> the krtt element of onr being to respond to any oaaae wiucb affects tli? system.aa the palae main hi7 attests The erer prevailing Neuralgia, theirritating Erysipelas, the subtle Sorofnia. the agoniung Rheumatism, Nervous Debility. Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint with ita torpor and dejection. and the numberless ills that flesh ia heir to, defire thwr hvdeou* ontin from the blood. Deal kintHy the* and gent!? with the blood. Us? the vitaliaing reaonroea of nature foritaaid. and Buffer us to oommend to your oonfidonoeand sae that truly valuable mcdio&ment known as MRS. M. COX'S INDIAN VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to this almost infallible er?oiKc popular aentiment haa spoken in decided terms ana the evidences of thia great efRcao* are sastained by constant avowals of ci.rative effects and the happieat reaulta from ita uae are after ail other rcmsdiea and the ?>eat medical skill hare failed. Let ua oonolusio^, th*t certificates caret are not aought from the illiterate and super fioial, hut they are volunteered from them^atre ..aaUWU.. ? J J *- ' ? ' * - - pociai'io vuarore ftnu jqpuit in6 nignwi wrmi IC which it it possible to commend so v*l?al>ie a gp?oifio to punlio approval. We may add ant thai the onratire propertiesofthe niediotne are equalled only by 1U restorative effect*, the system recovering from d:aease with renewed oonstitnt onal Tigor. Fur sale by all respectable Prncgiats in thi* oity, and by the proprietor, MRS. M. COX, None penoine un.ees her name is blown on the bottle and her seal on the cork iTT^Pnoe 91 per bottle, six bottles for 06. W\oitfalt Atint. R. f*. T. ClSSfcL. Druggist. Georgetown, I) C.. Wholesale Agent for the Pis triot, and will supply the trade at ray pnoea. an 18 tr FPFFUAM & NllDCAii'p The above PURE W H1BK Y.CoffE* Disttllbe noM Maltxs Grain, bem* interior and uniform id luality, auu hi?nly improved by a*e, >* preferred by oonaumera to all other Whiakiea, and parti on larly reoommended by the bMt p^tyaMiana and obemlata aa aoaaoaainj all the re?oir*menta of a TVtu Tonic InwiteratoT and Rtmtdxal At ml. The Sohcrlkill Water ol Phi'adelprir.. aaed in the diati l&tioc of thia Whiaky, ia proved by anal y aia to be the aofteat and pnreat vailer in th* L nltod States ; and to Una may, in a freat d*f r#e, be attributed tha nxoeilenoe of thia^' tu?kj. For aale by FRHKMAN* SJIfVSQN. fbeaiz Distillery, On the Schuylkill nrer, P ^i.adelphW OBeoe?9ft >Y all street, New York ; lOt Bottk Front street. Philadelphia. m?r Mt /v^Tv<y*lln?* v & \ f ^ J? SOOWOKT A (<?*, ? DISPATCH! ^ \^AsTfitTe the_Fieeei! fK^ A* Midmts will h*rrm, t+m 4m mli-*?rult4d fmmiiU?, It la very desirable to hare sone aheap and oonTeniast tst for repairing r arm tare. Toy a. Orookcry, fee. SPALDING'S PHKPARKD BLTI meets all snch emerr?T!Cio?. and no honaehold ou afford to bo without It. It ii always ready and np to the stroking point. There ia no longer a neoeeaify for urnping ohai re, splintered "*neera, heaflieea d". t, at.d broken oradle*. It ia Just the article for cere, ebell, and rthor orn*rorntai work, ao popular With ladies of roinemeat and taste. Thia Admirable preparation la need oold, being ot.emica'lT held in solution, and possessing all the vV liable qualities of the best oar>met makers' glaa. It raay be naed in the plaoe of ordiaary macilace, being vastly more ad heel re. " USEFUL IN ETE&T HOWSM." fries, It cents. N. B.?A Brash aooompaniea eaok bottle ITktlumU Etrtt, No. 40 Cadar atreet, Now Toft. Address BENRT cTbFALDIN* h co., Box No. S.AAO. N?w Vork Pit for Dealer* in Cam containing Foar, Eight, and Twelve Oosen?a beautiful Lithographic show Card accompanying oaob package. H- A ainale bottle of SPALD1WS FUMED ULuB will cave pin times ite ooat annually to every honaehoid.^Ol Bold by all prominent Stationery Draggiats, Hardware and Furniture Dealers, Grooera, and Fancy Stores. Country merchants should make a note of 8PALUlflU'S PREPARED OLVE.whn making n> their list. It will stand any oil mate fe lMy ifl'A Ul Tlii M i<4n ii xf'? J (>' Ol JJuVw/or mt (lit Jdnt Ih&lltr > )Z ^ C- r f P |f lit tml'ty / li> K?n^ii>'at)/nai 1 y700 . {Wtff < >*rrpmr+d bf jf ?PIr #171 depend ?t?<n petti*?* r^f ?*?*'? \? r d < * *>1ML A? <*? * ? o? ? <;? 4 f 5 P 0 ^ 1 Jiii w *>.</ k tie fattU eeJm. It ?? r* .y *\iC.fjk J ?1 w. rfW ?, ?A* Jfc-* nr'n.M Ui^V p _ r If! TV tk* Vm<m at In ilt Mtitcutal M tty | y-Tftp - f f Boie^ropSUtor.l <* CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VAUEY WHISKEY Tp SEE THAT IT IS ZD A. Ii Y' S iRnutnrvaiiFYwuRifrv naiwnuiuu inLUl niliviikl WITH THE SIGNATURE Of ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHI8KEY. WMJLDALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR ft SOTHVIUUM SINEW YORK. ?01 (BXLS or WASHINGTON MY \ in* BAMMown* Mtmmm % ?> MISCELLANEOUS. Th ft UMfiM.-Tk?ntt? g*ovt*f indiaer t? Vm ?? ? Um Mtt ?iirmiv> word* futfcw MfWf?4f4 alto* a nil* to iMorMitM thmm iM? ?w evt) Um n? *0?d C??to)l?, VkMk U IrOBlHStMk.llMlAlM "for tke k?d, ia aow b*oo<*iM in wt.MOM wkk fir. bMWInf's creaTBhH?U remedy, bat it trill aooa be meed ir ? more ie?*-\. vty, Mi t^e eord CeffceJio wrl heco? mm tymnfrnn M BIWtfMTM UN WIT >tt?ri*lK>M riiet'nrtios ee romse werie fcM bm* vora avar by Mfal th*? MM "Mtrr? %a4 Vft 'mr4It Rm1U*4. Hi *?d > '?mN* NiMk* tki? aJUrBaor.Ma* | UyH inlotka Mfo(li?e>riN K*n-' ?*t? ki to |W "C?? TO* m? <>I IB "l>rM itksohe%r?.M "H'XMMiMlr,'* aaj* In. M<1 D^or that V far* m* a C*?h*i? PiyTlkiM Sw^asriar V' U * i rtt />u? aa #ka ?api*a afttf m *- ? > a natora n aaaa known any ierlaxtoa VUtoJir'nS the r.atara. <ku of tha braia. nawad ib ibb light tt mar ba l<x kf? oiua uftiM iM>d4m In f\rf nctioo of fl|?oa?a wbtah m>(M oUtarwtM aadapa atw>nti >n. nil Uk> lata to ba r*??d i?d, tail lU i?t.a?'l?r.* rt*Y+r b* *?l mt*4 H?M aobaa mar w oaoiioi: aadar two aamat, nmSrmptoaiatie ar.d ifiiopMfcta. gymptuwatie Hm? aoha ia a*?oadin?'f * >mmon and i* tha pra??ara< nfairaat rario*y of d ?*? ?, among vklfiar^ Apoplaxy. Goal. Rhiamtfoa a ad ail f knW maiMa. la ita r*rro?a form it ia a?myditic 4i? mm of tha ?U>maoh aonatitatlnc ik? 4?<ar??, oC beetle di < %?* oonatatBtu.* b%l?>( wi?rBM,oon?tipaU.>r. ando?bardi*>rd*r?rfth# o* al? .? wall m raaal and atarinaa(T*?'iona. Wiwiim ofthahaartarararj frr^narjt!* att?ndrv1 with HaM aabaa; An*mi? a-d ptathora ara aU? Rlfaofio?a Eli (Vaqaactlr oooaaiun bwMaoba. Idi<>?*tfci? *3 ha ia alao rorv axnaoi. baint MMlly d?a <ahad by the nam' <>fa?rr*?i A<ad?rA?, aoar?a limaa aoauoc on anddaalf i* a tata <?( apparantl* aoMrvd kaaiti and proatratiac at onoa tha ma t*' and phyaiaal ra?rgiaa. and ia ?thar laatanoaa it oomaa on atotrly. tanHnl by dayraaaion of a^lnu or aaarbuy of tairaar. la moat iHtknMatWMia ia ia froat of tha baad. om ana or both ayaa. and px'VUIILI TOnilUII, IMM Ull tlM mar ho named !itwr*Um. For the t***tm*nt of rithe r o ut of H'trianae thm Oyh# io Pilm hare been found a aa~e an" utik mMf, rflwnni the noit Mali ^?in> in a few INtM. m< by iU eabtle fowar ?r?di<?Uii| tM diMtM of vhteh b**timch? U the enemas imm. Ttltl ynm to Mild b*T a bos of OfbAli'! Olee, DO. a Sotvie of Prepared Pill*.? tat I'm ihuk.i.* that'* cot ;nat it i aither; bet e*t hup* ye'll t?e arther knowing what it i* Ye ee? abe'* n<th d??u1 aitd gove with the r*iok peadaehe, mm) nnti KHM more of that B4oit a* retailed her baton. [brutrift.?Yob malt mu fpaMlai'i C*ftolie PU1*. BrilutOoh' *are bow and Tn?'w eed it. here'a tit* qnvth?r and ?iv me tbe Pi,.? end 4ea't be all day ab.?*t it aither. (eaattpattea or ( Htl?fi*M No one of the "manj ill* ieeh la heir to" la a? Irarftlaat I4**U -J a *-* * ' viv*wivn?| mrr iiimC linirl*NKia? WIH PC* WM f>^f[ fected m rmtiTWiM* Of moriflNtiD|ii wr* leeeneee. or eedentary habit*, it i? reeaMed a? a flight diaorder of too itUe eon*e*eeaoe to fvt* aoxiety, while in realty it ! the preeo-em mmi companion of aianj of the moot feta aid dtmw oa* disease*. nod early eradicated it wiU bring the (Terer to an untimely jrnw A n>"if th? lighter tin "f whioh Coetlvenees ia the n?ae! e* teodant are Headache. C?nt KhMnnH'ir*. F?u' Breath Piles. a?d other*of ife r;*t?re.w hue a !<??? train of fnghtfa' disease* *uoh a* M* not Fever* Aboe**es. Dysentery. Dyspepa-.a. Diarrhea. Ap<> piexy, y.ri *p?y. Para'yai*. Hmn. Hfp<x?fc<>n dnaaia.MVianoholy and Insanity, first indicate their sreeon^e in trie *yst?r t>y thir alart- id* Tfnptoir. Not anfreqaentLy the diseases named originate in Constpation. but tab* on aa maepeadert mit anoe aniens the oanna la eradicated in an early eiasa. Prom ah these oonaideratiota it fo Iowa that the disorder should receive ifroediate attention when ever it i.ocora.ard no perron ah-'Bid ne**r* to *? a box of Cephalic Piil* on the fira? appearance -4 the Complaint, aa thai; timely uee wtfl nr tha insidaona approaches of liimii arxj 4sstfoy this dangeroB* foe to Ha mar life. A Real Bleeetaf f^wwaa-We'l, Mr* Jonea. how i* that bee4 Mr#. Jen**.?6on? Doctor, all gone the pill rn* Mi,t ourod me ir. ;uat twenty and I n?k toi would *en<! mote ?o that i ou Kar* thora r?<x>mjr?d<f the.n in *11 ohm of Headaob*. Mr*. Jmut ? 1 aha II mwI for a box d i recti r, ux] ajuaJtell all my a off? nr.* friend*, for Uey are a real Twmtt Mimosa or Poluku tUrzp.?Mr. fiealdini has lod two milion* of bottiae ?fkit .W e6rated Papered Ola* an?t it ta estimated tWt aaoti bottle MTMkt itMt Wen dollar* worth of brofcaa furniture. thai makur an MiraikM of twenty ?i>not? "f 0". i-? 'rr.aiaMd iraa UH*. >om by tine valuable invention. flaring made l.u Give a boaae bold word, ba pew propoeea - to do the world "till greater aernoe by caring all the achtne beada with Lie rertut io Pille, and If thay are a* ?ood aa hi* Olne Headache* will aoon vanish away like anew is Jmiy. IE^Otk* KxriTKMisT. uxl the mental eare a*d ?u|*tr inoioent to elnw titration to t>ai* na*? or atnJr. i'? iirom Ui? unmfroiia hum uf Nervoua Homm.ik. The diaordered atate of mind and hodr incident to thia dntr*f<lnf complaint ia ? fin blow to a ) enerr? and ambiUon- sidferera by titta d:*< rdc- oan aTwaya obtain y relief ttvm thw diitr?hi"i ttUaki by dkIuc on# of the C? pbalio Pi:l? whenever the yiDp'"ma appear I* anirU the overtasked brain a-.d aooO?** the vttaia ed and jarniu norvee. ard r?-laie? the tension of the atnmach which alwaya aoooroparlAe aad ac iravatea the disordered condition of the braia. Kactj" woith iwiwim.-Ppaldtnit'e Cerhatt" Ptlla are a cerUlL ea-e for Sink H?e<Hohe. Uia out Headaohe. Serroua Hea^aoUe, Ceatoviacae. a&d General Debility. Grut Di*coT**y.? Amonr the rao?t important of all the great medical dteoovene* of thia ace mar be oonmdered the aratem of vaor i nation/or protpe tion from Sma.i Poi. the C?h?i?* a*?i: '?? Headache. tad tb* iim of t?ui? id* f. r tie prerru tion of Pererp, *iUi?r of which ip k eure *pe<?if?r. whop* benefits wi I he experienced b? catering hamamty ioag 6-'tor thoir diaooverert are forgotten. fft rhr too (tm hare the Hick Headache ' Do you remember the throbbing tempi?*, the fevered i row. the loathing and diageet at t)i? pight of food. How totally unfit juu were for plea?ure. convert* tioc or ptadr <ln*ofthe Cepha ic rtli* won>4 have relieved yoe from all the puffering which ?<> ! then experienced For thia and other p?rpoe<-? you ahonld alway* have a l>os < f tiiem oa hand to aa oooasion re^nuee. A\ NervousHeadache Headache. Br th? im of theee Pills Utt panodic attacks of Ntrrou* or Stck H'tuiark, m*y b* prfmt<^, ux] If taken at the commencement of an art* ok imm diate relief from pain and siokneea will b* obtained. ml wiiium au in removing u?e >??mi and Hmdackt to whioh are eo aehjeot They %ct gently a poo the bo we I a,?removing Ceatte mttt. For Literary Mm. Student, DflioaU Fmhjn, And ail peraon* of mirmtmry km?*tt, they are Ail niaabla u a Lauitn, in^orui the ar *?'?. (1 vine end rtfir to tht digestive orfua, and resto-ieg the natural elasticity and atrength of U>? Vboie tya'em. he CEPHALIC PI L? are the reeeit of long investigation and carefully conducted experiment*. having been in nee many yeara, dinii which time they have prevented ar d relieved a va*t aaoaat of pain and esffering from Headache, whe,k*r ongi Dating in the *?rre?4 ayetem or from a deranged tat* cf the nimari ' They are entirely vecetabie in their nom position, and may be takes at ail time* with perfect safety withe a l making any chance of diet, and tkt eft mki tf ca? <a?e?rs*e*fe lam rmmdmt M *m? i* adairaule >4*m ie UtMna. BEWARK or COUNTKBFBITS: The geaaiae have ire signalers* of Bear? C. Bpaldiag oe eaoh Box.. Bold hy Pratfieta aad ail other Pea)era la Metfi A Box vtU ha Mat hp mail prepaid oe reeetpt of PRICE, S* CENTS. HENRY C. SP*UMN?. MlM4vU ? ? Octet mrmn. Not T?rt

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