Newspaper of Evening Star, January 9, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 9, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. * WASHINGTON CITY: WEDNISDAY Jantrr 9, 1961. ftflrit ?| (h* M*roli| frr? Tbe /ttiUifneir has something further to say bout Senator Hunter' proposition for a retroces sion of tbe United States arsenals, &c., to tbe States In which they lie. TKe B.mUi//is A en i mm that th? mnramsni set on foot by General Carrlngton, for organizing a volunteer militia corps, la a republican affair, at *lleg?d, and says " The Wide-Awakes of tills District have bad tb* subject of taking measure* to defend the city, in case of any disturbance, under conalderatlon, and wisely determined tbat It was not prudent for them, aa members of s single, distinctive political party, to Interfere In the matter " The Cuititutiom, in announcing the resignation of Secretary Thompson, pours the full Tiala of its wrath upon Secretary Holt, and modestly de mands that the President shall dismiss him (Holt) "before the sun sets '' Thb Special Mkssaob went to Congress to day. An Intelligible synopsis of its contents will be found in the Star's report of the Senate's pro tU|* ? !! iWIOUWU A Wide Gclf Opisusa Bsiwim Them.?It Is already evident that there is a wide gulf opening between tbe tvro wi nfcs of the Republican party? the conaervatlre wing and the radical wing. Oat aide of Congress, Mr. Weed represents the former and Mr. Greeley the latter. That the former have clearly the sympathy of the Tresldent elect, is evident in what the New York Tri'mttt itaelf has announced concerning the composition of the in coming Cabinet, which is not to embrace a si ngle man known to bold extreme views upon the slave ry i|?? *!nu. TUvk *Uu Know tbe relations of those two gentlemen are well aware that Mr. Weed's positions are those of Mr. Seward, for in thirty years they hare stood together upon all . points great or small; and further, that Mr. Weed has invariably been Mr. Seward's confidential ad viser in all that time upon every point in public affai't requiring a second thought upon his part, In determining his (Mr. Seward's) proper course with reference to it. Under these circumstances, It is morally impos sible that the present significant1 labors of Mr. W JUX1 a? a ? .. v<.- .v. puiuiatiuu tan iu u?vp Mr. seward'i cordial sympathy. Nor 1* it possible that with fall knowledge of the position and efforts ef .Mr. Weed In this connection for months past, that Mr. Seward would have been ottered the Secretary ship of State, unless Mr. Lincoln was himself pre pared to take earnest and strung ground with the conservative wing of the Republican party on be ing inaugurated. It Is clear to us already that Mr. Lincoln comprehends tbat his radical supporters will break with hlin on the instant the policy of bis government is palpably manifested, and means to let them go off as soon as they please His ob. ject Is evidently to nationalize the Republican party, as the only possible means of keeping it alive for more than four years, and he is preparing to &? his best to unite all of the South but the dis ft, puuiiisi rieiuenu mere, as supporter of what be proposes to make tbe policy of the Re publican party?tbc policy of Henry Clay, with out dotting au i or crossing a t. Such la our theory concerning what is going on In Springfield, Illinois, and here; and thre? months will prove tbe truth of these convictions of ours Tm Art Scholar ?The Constitution, to-day, In announcing the resignation of the Hon Jacob Thompson, Secretary of the Interior, parodies the style and tone "f the last billet dour, of the South Carolina Commissioners to President Buchanan (published In the Star yesterday) to a charm, Its asaault upon Secretary Holt for his eminent fidelity to bis trust and the vigor with which he Is discharging his duty in the crisis, being quite as coarse, accusatory and Insolent towards that gwiuein in ana toe President, ma that of ita Illus trious prototypes who left Washington not long since. each with a flea in his ear. Were it not for the sublimity of the impudence of the Constitution's article which has set the Federal Metropolis in a roar, the trncalent men dacity of ita treasonable tone would doubtless gen erate deep seated indignation here against that journal, existing as It does wholly upon the mis placed patronage of the Executive. How much further the Constitution will be per roitted to go on with ita work of aiding the de struction of the Government upon which, only, it lives, clothed with the panoply of that Govern ment's organshlp, is not the most uninteresting problem of the times, in view of the fact that the public are well aware that a large share of the eiming mischief la the result of the Impunity with which It bu aided its former Cabinet spon sors, in their labor of infidelity to their obligation to support the Constitution and laws of the L*nited States in the matter of the current conspiracy for the dismemberment of the Union. Tut Rkpicxation or riscKKTAar Thompson took place because the Secretary of War has sent reinforcements to Fort Sumter, of which fact he had nofcnowledge whatever until yesterday morn ing. and concerning the purpose of which he held that he should, as a member of the Cabinet, have been consulted in advance. In this doctrine be holds the ground that a member of the Cabinet Is entitled to be consulted concerning whatever any other member of the Cabinet may do in the discharge of the business entrusted to him?a very ahaiirit ??-??J ' _|wvt?ivn luucm nowcYcrj btd it prt* vailed in the matter of tbe case of tbe abstracted State.bonds, for which the Government hold Mr. Thompson s receipt, with Secretary Holt * known caution and decision of character, the Govern ment doubtleaa would not be, aa it it at this mo ment and ia likely to continue to be for all time, loaer to tbe tune of eight hundred and seventy thousand dollara by the dishonesty cf Mr. Thomp son's confidential clerk In connection with a trust /or which Mr. Thompson alone ia responsible to the United States Now, the English of Mr. Thompson's resigna tion will atrike men of common sense aa being imply because it was no longer possible that his position In the Cabinet of President Hnrh?n?? could enable h'.m to continue to embarrass tbe Government's measures to preserve tbe Union, Intact. The Stats or Thixg* im Chaxliktox.?A let ter from a distinguished gentleman now In Charleston, received bere yesterday afternoon, states that tbe condition of affklrs there is heart rending. No business whatever ia doing, and tbe isercbaau anticipate a speedy a^d general bank ruptcy 1 aoae of them who can get away are endeavoring to ao arrange their affairs as to get as roach of tbe remains af their property out of South Carolina as they can, as soon as possible, In order to escape tbe current and impending extra taxa tos. exactlona under peril on tbe pretense of vol untary contributions, Ac. gickness prevails to ? alarming extent among t?e armed bands who control affairs there on the mob principle. The vooTenaoo Itself legislates under terror of those bands; and beef sells st thirty-five centa per lb. there, In view of the fact that the supply of pro visions In the city la aim oat exhausted . Tat Kksdall Littib? on Secession.?Orders continue to pour In, dally, for the extra Star to contain the whole of thla admirable aerlea, and that none may be disappointed in obtaining them (aa we aball Issue only the number actually ordered).we have concluded to defer the republl- 1 cation for a few daya. All who wish to secure copies will do well to promptly leave their orders 1 at oar counter. 1 An on mt of the day Is that the steemshin i< wmiaey Du been chartered by the Government to con vey troops and monition* of war to Fort Jefferson, on the Tortugassbosls, near Key Weet, and will leave Boston to morrow Fort Jefferson la not qoltf finished, and has only a few guns mounted. When finished itwill mount IX) guns flT The Baltimore Clipper says that a petition to Congress,-urging the adoption of Mr. Critten den'a rompromise measures, is In circulation in that city with a list of names 500 feet long, con taining about 10,000 signatures Over S50,00u,u0u are represented by the parties signing this peti tion. It is to be in Washington to-morrow. mr* Austria has just Issued bank notes to the Value of four cents each ' Bmimnim* or So it * ours.?The followlag la an extract from a pec Lai diapatch, from Charleston, to the Baltimore Amtrit**,dated Jan. 2, I960, vis: " The military on the coaat, unuaed aa tbey are to auch exposure and hardships. are Buffering greatly. Tne weather baa been quit* cold, aa well aa damp and dlaa^reeable, and tbelr rela tives In the city are In great dI?trees about them. The realities of practical secession are already found to be much more aerlous than was antici pated, although the first arun has not been Ired yet." Remarks?Here are the first frulta of secession? sufferings of the soldiers an?^ distress about them In their late happy homes?and for what' Merely to enable the R helts and the Kel tts to domineer over a fragment of a ruined country. And bow many of these gallant young mrn are to be sent thus, to their graves by tb? foilv and madness of their am. bltious leaders * Alas! it so*m* we are to have a new example, added to those of former ages, showing how the lives and fortunes of the deluded masses of mankind are sacrificed on the altar of unholy ambition. Ttlf T . a fl > Vlf . tf ) P-? ? In the Star of yesterday it wu stated that on the night previous there was a gathering of armed people, principally from Charlestown and Mar tinsburg, at Harper's Ferry, to prevent the U. 8. troops from taking possession of the Government property there. We now learn from a gentleman direct Irom Martinsburg and the Ferry, that those who gathered there, as explained above, were not armed, and that none of them were from Martinsburg; and further, that the Inference that that It was their purpose to interfere with the Government's possession of its property at Har per's Ferry, wss by no mean* warranted by the facts. Curiosity was probably the moving cause of the gathering in question. A^otbkr Step.?The Government disbursing iff?nt at PhsrlMtAn II II to the Department, yesterday, that the Governor of South Carolina had Interfered to prevent him from discharging hi* dutlea; and that the Asslst ant Treasurer stationed there had refused to notice his requisition for money, thereby entirely pre venting any payment to United States employee*, and rendering him perfectly helpless In hla of ficial capacity. , Personal J. Randolph Clay (U. S. Minister to Peru) and family; Senator Cameron and family, of Pa.; R. Danby, U. S. N., are at Wlllards'. Mr.L. Anderson, brother of .Mai. Anderson, is In this city, and stopping at Wlllards'. He comes direct from Charleston, on business with the Government, It is understood. He reports all In good health and spirits in Fort Sumter. Governor Wood, in hi* mrmsrto the llli nota Legialaiure. recommends a complete recon struction of the present military plan, bv dividing the State into tnree divisions, of battalion, regi mental and brigade formation; that the most lib eral legislative encouragement be given to the formation of volunteer companies throughout the StaU. He recoinmenda that the banks of the State be required to secure their,circulation exclusively by United State* and Illinois stocks In regard to the difficulties existing South, he says, if griev ance* to any portion o7 our Confederation have arisen within the Union, let them be redressed within the Union If unconstitutional laws touch ing upon the guaranteed rights of any of our hister States have found place upon our atatute books, let them be removed If prejudice and alienation toward any of our f?llow->:ountrymen baa faatened upon any mlnda. let it bedlamlaaedaud forgotten Let us be juat to ourselves and each other, allow i na n#?ith*?r A? ? ? # ?L-4 J p ? ?v ui i uv iiuiii n uat wcurriu to be our duty, nor pride of opinion prevent ut fronA correcting wherein we may have erred He recommends that, if Illinois haa passed any laws tending to obstruct the operation of Federal au thority. or conflicting with the constitutional rights of oth?rs, they be at once repealed Speak ing not merely for himself, but reflecting what he assumed to be the voice of the whole people of Illinois. Irrespective cf party, as it reaches him from all quarters, be adopts the sentiment of Pres ident Jackson: " The Federal Union?it must be preserved," to which sentiment he trusts the Legislature will give an emphatic expression at an earlv day. The Ihiances of the State are repre sented to b? in a very prosperous condition l?7" Extract of a letter ftom a gentleman In Boston, dated January I. 1801 : I wish you a happy New Year, dismal as Ibe prospect seems for anything out of which a troe friend of his country can wring the expectation of happiness or peace. To me it appears more than obstinacy on the part of the rannttlleana <n i'<>? grew, and almost as If it were a settled detcrml- ( nation on their part to drive thing* to extremi- ( tic* They know, If the country continue? united, they are dead to all intent* and purposes Lin- [ coin's administration must conform to the wishes \ of the majority of the people, who are against the \ republican platform. Their party will be thus divided, ana can never make headway again. To get rid of certain States would give th?m a better ( chance, and I am afraid that Is a key to the con- ( duct of some of them, to say the least But, my | dear sir, the South are making a terrible mistake. I If they continue in the Union, no such exhibition of sectionalism can ever be made again. It baa , run its course, and run out Oar people?mean- j ing moderate republicans, men or the old whig ] stamp in general, who really mean no harm, but I who have not reasoned very closely? have bad a ' terrible letfou I solemnly assure you, that I be- < litve a maj jrlty of them in Massachusetts would as soon handle hot coals as touch a vnt* ?nrh ? they have just given, again. In tbla State the Bitting of that party has been rapid alnce the elec tion. In another year we shall have the State In our band* Our aouthern frlenda are too baaty, and will make a fatal mistake If they place tbis matter beyond recall God Almighty, In hli mercy, avert the direst of all calamities to them end to ut, which la impending ""The UsiTin States Stia.xkx Brooklyn ? The Norfolk Day Book of Monday saya: All day yesterday tne strictest surveillance was kept over her, and visitors to the Yard can hardly get in sight of her, as not only the usual sentries are posted around and aboard of her, but more than is usual under ordinary circumstances Her armament is b?ing increased, the smallarms over hauled and replaced by more effectives ones, and every improvement?as If warm wurk isexpected ? ia bfincr mtil* Lieutenant Chapman and Maiter Mills, United states Navy, have resigned their commission* In the service; both of the gentleman are from Ala bama, and were attached to the United Htateg steamer Brooklyn, which vessel is now, beyond a doubt, destined for Charleston. !T7?The Hon Robert McClelland, ex-Secretory of the Interior, is out with a letter on the present crisis He reviews the causes that have lea to the present state of affairs, reritlng the grievances of ooth the North and the South, and recommends, as a solution of the difficulty, the withdrawal of the slavery both from Congress and local govern ments until the people of a territory shall form a !*tate Constitution, and also a modification of the Fugitive Slave law. He thinks disunion will be aa destructive of th* nt ?h IUC IHMUJ U U1 the South, and entreats the Northern people to so act as to strengthen the conservative men of the South who are making constant appeals to our magnanimity and patriotism. Among the manv apparent trifles continu ally being brought to Ihe surface from the ideal nnder-worJd of the unknown, there are occasion ally simple articles costing but little in detail, but whose combined benefits, usefulness and economy of time and money, aggregate on the baais of mil lions Such an article la Spalding's Prepared Glue. Its uses are innumerable, and as its cost is next to nothing, the demand for it is universal. It it prepared with chemicals, and used eold?re quiring bnt little skill or time for its application. A'. Y. Home Journal. Tut Nkw Yobk Monet Maeket.?The late news from Washington has had a depressing effect on the stock market iu New York, but money matters grow easier. The supply at sis per cent Is in excess of the wants of the brokers. United States 5's of 1874 sold down to to, and State stocks generally lower. The new 12 per cent Treasury notes sold at 'i% percent, premium Virgicla 6'a are quoted at 75 Ka75V: 75%; Missouri rs65aA5,K. The Indian Bond* ?The Select Committee appointed by Congress to Investigate the recent Indian bond theft* are in this oity, staying at the St. .MchoUa Hotel. Tbey have already conferred with Judge Roosevelt, and have decided to main tain a profound aecrecy In regard to all their movement* and deliberation* Reporter* will be excluded from tbelr meeting*, but at the termina tion of the Investigation the results will be given to the public through the press ?N. Y. PH. Abolitionist Mobbed in Massacicsktts.? The Springfield Republican says that Charlea C. Burl?lgh, a rabid abolitionist, delivered a polit ical address st West Farms, Weatfleld, Thursday evening, and uttered sentiments so offensive that i mob gathered snd broke up the meeting, and celebrated their triumph by making a bonfire of the school-bouae and its contents. trr Rumor cornea from Charleston, S. C , that King Cotton ta about to be made uae of to defend the arraelontate It la the Intention to cover the tal?*a with a foot of earth, ao an to prevent confla iraiiuu from ti.e hot ahella eipected from Port Sumter If the obatnirtlooa contemplated for the tarbor should be made, Char leaton will n? longer Ma port of entry Naval ?The United Statea frigate Congreaa, md the jrun-boat Seminole, were at Rio on the tfd of November. CONGRESSIONAL. Wkorbssat, January 9 8iwa.ii ? k mtwiye from the President at the United States was received and ordered to be laid on the table for the present. Mr. Seward presented the memorial of the Chamber of Commerce of New York, praying additional mall fkcl titles to Mexico and New York. Mr. Hnnter took the floor on the President's message for Friday next, and Mr Seward for Sat urday next. Mr. SlideU.of La., Introduced a resolution, re flUMtincr thi> />f *>? I'ni?? form the Senate who wai acting aa Secretary of War; whether J B. Floyd waa now acting, Ac.; laid over under the rule Mr. Clark Introduced a resolution, favoring tbe enforcement of tbe lawa, and the perpetuation of the Union; laid over. Mr Lane called up a bill In relation to certain military roadaln New Mexico, which waa amend ed and passed. Or motion Friday next waa aet apart for the consideration of private buainraa Mr. Maaon desired to call up hia resolution of inquiry aa to tbe ordera given army officera in tbe Southern States; when After debate aa to tbe parliamentary practice in regard to tbe reading of tbe President's Message, The Chair decided that the reading ef the Pres ident's Message waa tbe only thing in order, and it was read by the Clerk It (tbe message) states that at the opening of tbe session the President had called the attention of Congress to tbe atate of the country, and had asked them to take proper meaaures to remedy tbe tend ency of affairs. He would not now repeat what be had then said in this connection, but re iterated hia call for Congressional action. He de scribes the T resent increased denlnr*l>le rnnriltlnn of the country lnfglowlng language, and says that when Congress niet,strong hopeexlsted that peace might be restored. But, since, that hope had gradually faded. He Instanced the reault of the bidding for the loan as showing bow disastrous all thfi ha* been upon the public interests He had. In the annual message, while denying the lawful right of secession, explained his pur pose of executing the laws ana protrctfog the public property without making aggressive war on any State, and he now proposes to carry out that policy as far as the means at bis command will admit. The danger has, however, gone above and beyond the executive control, and he commends the subject to Congress, as the only human power capable of arresting th? current tendency of affsirs. They alone can preserve the peace now It describe* at length the glorious state of free dom and prosperity to which the country bad at tained at the opening of the present difficulty; and predicts calamities upon all Inconceivable now, from the destruction of the V nlon which Is threat ened. It alleges that the trouble at the South arises from misapprehension there of the purposes of the great mnss of the northern people, and urge# that the question should promptly be re mitted to the people at the ballot-box, by Con gress It aho urg*s that Congress should at once turn its attention to maturing a plan of settlement, and recommends, under existing circumstances, the Crittenden plan as one on which the matter imy be fairly and promptly settled It calls attention to the fact of the seizure of the public p'operty in t*tat? s not pretending to have seceded, holding that to be the most ulirming symptom of the times tie bad refrained from reinforcing Major Anderswn as Ion? as possible, in order to att'ord no pretext to ftouftb Carolina to commence hostilities, and recounts the history of his correspondence with the South Carolina Com missioners, and of the Information received by the Government from Major Anderson, to show that the latter's retirement to Fort Sumter was called for by the circumstanrcs by which he was ....... J J * - mrvunatQi ana wdB in conrormlty, under the circumstances, with the spirit of hit orders. It declares bis purpose of protecting the public peace and the authority of the Government in this District (of Columbia) at all hazards, while saving that he entertains no serious apprehensions that any attempt to Interfere with the Government's authority here will be essayed Mr. Davis, at the conclusion of the reading of the Message, called for the reading of the papers accompanying It; and the correspondence be tween the South Carolina Commissioners and 1 the President was beinu read by the Clerk as the Star's reporter left the chamber Hocsz ? After some routine business, on motion of Air. Grow, the territorial business was post poned to Wednesday next. Mr Bingham reported, from the Committee on Military Affairs, a statement from the Secr?tary if War. Laid on the table, and ordered to be printed. A special Message from the President was then received and read, [see our Senate report to-day,l *nd was referred to the special Committee of Thirty-three by a vote of 133 yeas, 6s naya. POSTPONED.-Wesley Chapel fc*bb*th L3 School willjt've an hxhlbition TOMOR ROW (Thursday) EVENING. in the Chu'oh All riends of the Church and Softool are invited to *? Lena. Aamunon free. It SINCERE THANKS 1 TENDER LS| to the Western Hose and Vigilant Fire Companies, aad my neighbor! for the efficient aid ejr rendered me on the night of tho 7th ult. if JOHN DlCKSON.g Y"^*CARD.?I beg leave to return my sincere L < thanks to the Fire . Companies, Captiin So'tdard and his officers, and tho many f i?n<!?, f>ir iheir prompt and kind assistance in extinguish! t the fire iu my premise* on 'he night of the 7th inst. It AN DRfcvV J. J0 YC I. O. O. F,?EASTERN LODGE, No T, ATTENTION.? Membera of Ea?tern Lodge Mo. T, I. O. O F. are hereby notified that ihe Lodge will m?et on n?xt FRIDAY NIGnT, I th instant, in 3d story of Potomac Mail, corner )f 11th ani Marjland ave., Island Uv order, ja9-3t? P. M PEARSON, fteo St-c'y. v^-FAIR AND FESTIVAL By THE LA I 3 diet of the Island Baptist Church, at Th th's Building, Seventh strret Extraordinary ntirac [ion 1 he justly celebrated Partkj.lo ChiLlhkx, whose ri?rna'kal> e vocal powers have exmteJ the nlmiration </fm>r ad* of mghtiy visitors, and the muoh admired Amphiok Qcabtitti, whose miiM .al abilities are too well known to ntvd eonunent, ha e Kind y consented to sing on Till RSDAY and KKIUAY EVENINGS. th? inrh ..rf h.k ? " XT ... ?wa ?*. HI ?u I J I I [Tank Taylor, B. A. Ballantyn*, and Wm. Lord, >r at the door on the nijeht of th<? lecture. Ther? rill be music by the Choir, over which Prof. Daniel will preside. ja 7 3t* Y^5=?OFFICK mutual FIRE ins. COMP., L5 VVashijigtoh. D C., Deo.31,lMn In pursuance of the charter the followins state - nent of the condition of the company ia published, ris: AmoBnt of premium notes on band $ 1s5,<176R3 Do losses during th*year?.... 9 01650 Do caah on hanrt. 9,6% 00 JIT" Noiite t* also given that the annual m**ticg ifmenTbers wi 1 l>e li -hl at the office of the oompanr ?n MONDAY. the?lst lnitant.a 10 o'clock a. m , ?hen an "lection will be held for seven Managers, o serve for the ensuing year. ja7 eo6t CHAs. W1LSON, Secretary. SMITHSONIAN LKCTUR K 8.?Pro*. L3 Faikman Rogers, of the University of '"nnsylvania, will Jectu'? on MONDAY, 7th WEDNESDAY,9th.and PR 1 DAY. 11th. on Rra !s ,nd Bridges. A red light will lie exht' ited at the o? of tlie hick tower on each evening of l?ctnre *' d rill be extinguised and the doors olose-i at a uarter before 8 o'oleck. when the lecture will onm aenoe- ja5-8,M,WJcF4t r5*THE UNION PRavkb ? ? ? uiil I111V9 L j will be holdan everr day this *wk, in th* snitlish Lutheran Church, oorner of llth and H trMti, to commence at 4 o'clook, and to continue ine hour. ja7 ^ ^COLLECTOR'S OFFICE. CI.TY HALL, L5 Washington, December 8. I860. TAXES ON PERSONAL PROPERTY, ILA VKS, Ac?Notioe is hereby given that the tax tils for Household Furniture,stocks. Slaves, Ac., ?r the year I860, and previous years, are now made ut ana ready for delivery, and are payable at this Ace, Tho who do not call and settle their bill* rithin twenty days from this date wHl be oailed on y *>ne of my assistant*, and if the bills are not pmd rithin sixty davs from this date I snail proceed to nforoe the oolleotion in the manner repaired by iw. JAB. F. HALIfiAY, de 13-JOt Collector. L3 WEDDING AND VtBlTlNG Importers of tne WED^I## STATION ER$. VEDDING ENVELOPES, the most beautiful styles, between Bth and lpth ?U , Washington. SS6 Pa. Av autt-fia Iv SPECIAL NOTICE. R Cuetomeis will please oome fori _ . , .... .?? >?uu V? r>ut for a ohoic* ?eleotion of rautical gems. No ea tr^char*e for adrm??ion. It* v^g=? A CARD ?At a lata meetinc ofthe Saciety L5 ofSt Vincent of I*au!, the foliowinK reao lution vat adopted and ordeitd to be published in Uie city p".p*rs: R'talred , i hat the Society of St. Vincent of Paul, offer their grateful thanks to the ladies ami leiitlrmen who?okiudly volunteered their tervioes M th? lat" Chant) Concert, thereby renderme most efficient aid t > the Society in their effort* to relieve the poor. That to Mr. T. N. Caufieid, the \oc>nipli*hed conductor,ai;d to all who took cart in the Conoert.the Society feel themselves indef.ted tX?)ond their power to expreeii It* ya?THK MKKTIXU ?tv muivm i v imt.. r? lll/IUI/- J L5 Association advertised to take p net nn i WEDNESDAY EVENING the Oth, is postponed j Ull further notice. j jag r, T. M HANSON. SeorPtarT. Y-5=? ATTENTION. NATIONAL DEMO Jj? CRATiC VOLUN I'KKKS !?An impor aiii meeting of the above Military organization irill be held ?t HARilONY H A 1.1,. on D s'reef, . iear 12th. on THURSDAY EVENING, at 7H 1 >'cl<>ck. Lei every member be prrsent and all who , ire desirous of joining the organization aremvit:d ' ,o attend. K. CLEAKY. Captain. J H. GANTT. Reo. Sec'y. * ja8-3t? i Vy?LKCTURE ON JAPAN.?The Rev. V. D. - I? Collins will de'iver a lecture on the abo\? inTyeot WEDNESDAY KVk.NI.NG, January 9th. , '. ? o'clock, at the Assembly's Churoh, c-rner r ifth i ma I streets, for the benefit of the Sabbath School i attached to the Churoh. Tickets 2S ots., to l>eob- { ain*d at the stores of Mes?r?. * m ? ? I Liverpool advice* to the 'itth of December hare been received at New York by the steamtblp , Palestine. Business had been suspended for the Chriitm4? holiday*. Political affair* generally were unim portant. The political crlaia in the United States wa? rr carded a? be I ti? more sertoos in England than at first supposed, jtnd waa attracting much attention. i uonaon ruse*, In a leader, Mff It thinks It quite powlble that the problem of the Democratic Republic may be solved by an overthrow in a few daft In a spirit of folly, aelSthneaa and short sightedness Italian afi'airs continued unchanged. It waa reported that the French neet was about to quit Gaeta, but a counter rumor prevailed in Paris that Russia and France had avreed to sup port Francis II. In hla resistance until spring Great demoralisation waa reported to exist in the besieged army at Uaeta. It waa atated that a decree was preparing at Naples ordering an extraordinary levy of men between the ages of 19 and 55 years of age Placards baa been posted at Rome, bearing the arms of Victor Emmanuel and the words :?"We desire annexation to Sardinia " These placards were surrounded by crowds, but no arrests were made A circular had been Issued by M Schnierbing, of the Austrian ministry, detailing certain reforma granted. Its provisions are verv liberal China advices atate that the ratification of the treaty with the Alllea waa exchanged, and the convention signed at Pekln, October 21th The French army retired from Pekln November 1st. The hnglish would remain until the Ambaasa dors left. A large force were to remain at Tien tsin till the treaty conditions were fulfilled. The principal clauses of the treaty are as follows The Kmpernr is to apologize for the Pelho affair last year English and French ministers are to reside at Pekln; the Indemnity fixed is to be doubled and Tlen-tsln Is to b? opened to trade Immediately and emigration Is to be allowed. Cawloan has been ceded to Qreat Britain. The Emperor's summer palace had been entire ly burnt. . The bodies of the English prisoners who died in the hands of the Chinese were brought to Pe kln and burled. Capt Hrabazon and Abbe Hue were beheaded by tbe Chinese about September 21st. Their bodies had not been recovered. The Kmperor was attll in Tartary. CIT The Ohio Leglalature met at Columbua on Monday. Governor l)ennlaon'a message ia occu pied mainly with State affaira. He recommend* a more effective organization of tbe militia, the present organized militia numbering about l.gno men, while the unorganized force ia estimated at 285.CUU men. Noapecial prominence ia given to thia subject The Governor arguea at aome length in defense of his courae in refualng the requisl tiona of the Governors of Kentucky and Tennessee for persons accused of aiding in the escape ot fugitive alaves He discusaes the seceaaion ques tion denying tbe right of any State to aeceae at pleasure, and affirming that Ohio remaina loyal to the Union and the Conatitution. He augsreaU tbe repeal of the obnoxious features of the fugitive alave law. and the repeal of any personal liberty biila subversive of tbe fugitive slave law would thus be secured; at the same time the Southern States should repeal th^ir laws in contravention of the constitutional rightof citizensof free States, who cannot be aitlaiied with leaa. and who will n.aiBi u]'uii tutir uonsiiiuuonai rignu 111 every State and Territory in this Confederacy. These they cheerfully accord to Citizens of Southern States. determined to do no wrong, they will not contentedly submit to any wrong, and are una wed by threats They dtruand the employ ment of all the constitutional powers of the Fed eral Government to maintain and preserve the Union?rejects the whole theory of State secession as a palpable violation of the Constitution, and cannot consent to the exercise of any power unless under its sanction The integrity of this I'nlon? its oneness and indivisibility?must be preserved. Specie Imposts or Kxwlasd.?The latest Lon don papers announce that the vessels on their passage from Australia to Kngland, of whose sailing advices bad been received, bad on board 83,200,000 in gold The West India steamer bad arrived with S559.090 in gold, and 8035,000 in silver. ID1" Fighting men abound in the office of the N O Delta An editorial cays, "should any person desire to attach responsibility of any kind to this paper, the responsible parties can very easily be fouud by inquiring at tne office." |?7~ Mayor Wood, of Sew York, has vetoed the resolution Increasing the police force of the city 400 men $500. -A REWARD OF ?300 WILL BE given for the arre?t and eonviotion of the person or persona who set fire to my staieon the ino-niug ofjanuary 21. >331, 'hereby destroying rny entire aiook and other va.liable property. j?3 lw H. C. PURDV. VALENTINES! VALENTINES!! Fo* I?61 !!! The trade supplied at the owwtNiw York prioes. A beautiful atiortmrnt >>f ?w<A . - ?> ? . w..*iiUVhw?i auu vvmiv of a!I styles audj>ittems, at FRENCH A RICHSTE1NS, ja 9 273 a?-enne. REMEMBER the AUCTION of JAPANESE OOOOf* gea advertisement. 2t_ WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRV'7AT TENTION ?The Fiauo which I haveloaawi for the Coooert at Smithsonian. is on* of Chioker ing'* beet instrument*. If sold within five days I will pre sent the nett prrjit* to the Washington Licht Infantry. JOHN ? '. f.LLlss Ja 8 306 Pa. av. ttet. 9th and >oth *t?. PWM. H. W H E AT LEY'S REM1U.M BTEA.M DYEING A CLEANS ING ESTABLISHMENT. Officts?fio 3S3 sontk tide Pa. avenue between \% awiflrksts., Washington, D C.. And 40 J'ffirfon strtet. Georgetown, D C. R nolft* with ?v?r? Huirah!* - ? ? * *- ?* ? w wi** ?r |?*?* ? ' ? ? w??* - * v ruled with the bent talent and &rti?tio skill in America, the *ul>fcril>er i? prepared to Oemonstrate to bi? customer* that pre-eminent as may nave been his prevt<fua reputation,4im motto is "Excelsior" In Daeint C.fansing. and iUfini*Mnt I.amies' and t?eiii!emon'? Apparel?jMiks, Velvet*. ?atms, M# riii?'t Cloth*, tcc. tie mean* to stand unrival ed, and lie solicits the cntinced custom * { the ooni uiur.itr. Goods received at either of th?* above named offiiea, attended to with the utmost promp; itude mil care. Goods reo'-ived and returned by Expr<vs with the ulino-t promt/tne-s and iloapateh. jaR-lw \VM II. vv HEATLEY. Dyer. 1y ROYAL tiAVAjNA LOTTKKV. HE Next I>rawing of tbe Royal Havana Lot tery, conducted by the yrarna:: Government, niKier the caper vision of the Ct ptain General of Cuba, rill taxe p!*oe at Havana on TUESDAY, January 21 1861 SORTEO NVMKKO t*9 OIIDINARIO. CAPITAL l'RIZE 9100,000. lpri*?of- fioo^wn to pr<*** of? l,w I do . fO^OO ?n do ?W? 0 *M?00 153 do Vfi o ?? 80,000 2U approx. MOP do lo,noo IN ALL **? PRIZES. Who.e Ticket*, ft'JQ -fta.ves, tlO?Ooarters, |f. ?ri?os cashed et sight at? per oer.t. discount. ills on all solvent Banks taken at par. A drawing will bo forwarded as aoon aa the reaxit jeoomea known. All ordera for aohomoa or taoketa to be addressed lo DON EOORieUEZ, ja 8 tr fare of Oitv Pn?t. Charleston. S. C. a EMEMHKR the AUCTION of JAPANESE GOODS, ^ec (utvprtmcinent. it A JUST RECEIVED (YT FRENCH A. RICHSTEI N'S, 278 Penn. ivenue. Marion Graham, or Higher th-n Happi io*s, by Meter Lander; 12m., cloth; sent by mail or 91.2S Satiine's Note* on Duels and Dueling; 12mo., iloth; 91.2S by mail. Sigoumej's illu?tra'ed Poem*; elotti gilt; ?3 50 by mail. Lamb's Eimti on Lelia; 12mo? o'.oth portrait; 11.25 by mail. All of Longfellow's and Ike Marvel's Wo-kr. Jur usual hfavy drtoount on Books from the pub ishers' prices (or oish. FRENCH k. R1CHSTEIN, ja7 37* Penn. avenue. II KMEMBER the AUCTION of JAPANESE GOODS. See adverti?anient. 2t PIANO FORTE INSTRUCTIONS-The un dersigned, lone well known to the^^m^ A'a hington pub ic as a teacher of th<>|EMl9 >iann. bess leive to state that he is pre If mil l*r?i tO tAlc? tnKnl?r? ?!? ?> - <m ivima vw BUlk HIC C1IIOI1* nea of the tim?a. Having vae%ncle* in hi* time 11st now which ha is anxioui to fill up, he will each a few scholars, if desirable to their parent*, ind tak* hi* par in such merchandise a* may be *re??d on when thejr are entered with him. He la rilling to make suih arrangement*, knowinc the noonvenienre many who desire to have their ohil rcn taught Ue Piano experience now in setting nonty Mis method of teaching ha* been huh y ipp oved for yars, and hi* references are head* of he best mutioal families in Washington. Hia arms are exceedingly in'derate. JOHN K. SCHELL, Residence? 29# G street. jaS l?n or apply at Mftierott s. KM EMBER the AUCTION of JAPANk?E GOODS. t*ee advertisement. 2t ft \JLT #10,000 ORTH OF BOOTS, SHOES and TRUNKS. Of all Stylet and QualitUi, AT A SKI AT SACKiriCK OH COST. Stort frr Krnt and Fixtmre* Jor SaU. All the Stock in 8. pTHOOVER'S STORE. (iron Hall,e-nbra-ini every variety of I MiiiiJ ?~? v* * m???i . vnuuiva i tnaBHI I _ ta'SHOES AI?o,TRAVfl SLING TRUNKS* are row being sold,/or* K uMir'Al raorifioeeonuaual retail aelltnidpncee. < ixleed much below origin*! oott. The attentioa of lie public it aoliaited.aa great induoementa will i * mud* to pureh&s*ra. . The above oompt teea a large atook of the aaeet : uality French aud Airer oan tiaitera,Shoea,Boota, 10., fee., ior }a!iea and gentlemen Tii'Store u for rentand the Fixtaree for aale. ; ipply on t' e premiaea, Iron Hall. N. B.- The above atook, either in whole or in art, will he aoidat private aale. To any one de iroue of entering the Boot, Shoe and Trnnk Baai eaa thia afford* a better opportunity than may ' gain be preaet* J p.*T?oua indehuni will ooafar a Ihvor by promptly ailing and aet^bng their acoonnte. Ja7-tf fcrnttHAaSHSft.*' JArAf"&" AMUSEMENTS. gPIPHANY F_B 8 T I V A L! ST. ALOYSH'S SUNDAY SCHOOL Will gi*? their SECOND FESTIVAL T H man a v r?i*>k mi In tha BtMnnt of the Churoa. 1 and North Cm* t?l Street*. PIOGRAMME-Pait I. , I. Prooeaaion with full ohorm, ai aging Ada*to Fi Z. Pee??-1 ho Thrao King* ia th? Ea?t. 3 See amid the Winter Snow, aolo and ohoraa i Soani? K?og Herod. Hi? l o da, esUr High Priatt Herod and tho Thr?e Kmc* 5 Prajer from Moaaa in Egypt, aolo ohoraa. Par II. t. Soen*?Shepherdssaee, *hepherde; eatar Kiaga. 7 Pr??eenon Siugiar, >tike Strite the Harp*. ?. Soone? Offering of tha (iifU by tha Kiaga. Shey harda, &o. 9. Welcome Littia Jasua, aolo ohoraa. Past HI. 10. Arohangale; enter Soidiera of Herod; tha Moth ara o< Bethlehem; Chi dren Lamentation of iha Mothera. II. Liraa on Earth ona Baing. 12. God Save the Union. pAiama ? ia. ^ f?--l *- ?- * ' vv?muvuviu| i u viuci* l lOftCil 1U OVBU? cnii dren Scents. js. 9-2t LOST AND FOUND. f OST. on Saturday, the 5th instaat. bttvwii 14t. IJ ifrwt and Capito! Hi'l, a GREY OVEH COAT trimed with far The finder will r*e*iT? a liberal reward hj leaving it at Birch's Stable, 14th street. ja? ?* LOST-Ob Thureda? night, (Januarr SI,)at an emertaioment at the house cf W.T.Carroll, Kaa-, corner F and Ei*ht? enth streets, a bine en ameled BK A?'ELET, set with pearl*. A ?ai?aMe reward will be paid on its retsrn to Mr CAR ROLL'S reei'lenoeaa above. ja > 3t* OQA REWARI).-T.ost, on Tu??day last,on Pa. a venae, a POCKET ISOOK. containing f 7u in Baltimore money, aid a good manv note* ai.rt drafts. The above reward will beealdbtany one on retiming it to S^aire CULL'S Offw*. Navy Yard- ja9 X.' CAME TO THE SUBSCRIBER ON THE *th instant, one speckled BUFFALOt J;OW and one stra ?h? horned (,n*; a so. >ar others, two >! them beffalos TheJ owner will come forward, prove property, pay vi'ai ?uu wft* tllfH iWlkf. J . tf MAW, ja 9 3-* Boundary street. IOST? Botvwn Fourteenth atreet, near U.and J Eleventh *tr?et, on Pa. trtnut.t blaok LACK VKIL, on Monday aveninc. the 7th inttaat. Th?> finder leavint the veil at the Star Offioe. will t* tuinahly rewarded. ja8-3i* FOUND?(In Wedne*day, the 3d instant, in a Georgetown omnibus, a la m of M* IN K Y. The owner can have .t t?y applying to K. 8. WALHIl, Kir hth at. east, near the Navy Yard. ja 7 3t* PERSONAL. ||y|ADAMK CLINTON PRICE. Thia distinguished Medioal Clairvoyant can be oo insulted on i)i?aa*ea, Character Ac , at Rooks No. 434 Twelfth street, 2 loo-a below Pa avenue. Partieu'ar attention paid to. and onrea trade of. Chronic Diataa^a Rheumatism, Ao. ja*-lw* BAVahitjcgtos. January 7th. 186 K IT KNO^N tha', on this ???enth dat of Jaiuary, A. I) IKI, I have eoniti'nted and appoint ed,and >'o hereby constitute and appoint, JOHN SCHALL. Jr.. my lawful attorner, ror w and in mr name to receive, collect, sue for aixTrecover, ail inometdae the late firm of MoCamlt A V'casix. for me and in on? name to receipt for the same. and to do any and everything that may be neoessary in the premises; hereby ratifying and confirming all that m? ?aid attorney may lawfully do for me in the premise* _ja * W* W.M H. 8CHALL. ASTROLOGIKT MADAMF. DEVISE. Pronounced lh? Greatett IToi?<f/r I.H tr*. The demands are ?o numerous that she can'ot getaway. Hundreds visit her and are astoniahed.< Go at onoe to her all who are in trouble. Planets written speedily and Honscope*drawn most truth fully. Madame tells by doe and cards also. Prioes moderate Residence? Richmond Houae. corner Kuhtn and D st?.; private entranoe on D st. Gen tlemen admitted. ja7 tt* WANTS. WANTED-A PERSON to Uke charge of two young children and sew. Address Box No. 6 Stir Offioe _ _ J**"?' WA VTCD-A *ood plain COOK and a WASH ER and 1KO *KK lor a srrali family, at 2fil I stroet, between 17th and 18th None need apply un ess well reroinmended. co ortd girls preferied. Ja?-?? WANTED 1 MM EDI AT KLY?F ro? fS to fin cxn worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI TUR E of all kinds, for which 1 will guaranty to pay tli*highest prioes, and, aa u?uai,at the shortest po Uoa. R. BCCHLY, Dealer in Furniture, Stove*, Ao., PC 9 40S 7th st.. bet. G and H. east aide. W AN TED-SECOND HAND FURNITURE. Persons dee ining housekeeping, or h%viug a surplus of Furniture on h&nd.oan obtain theoasn and fair prioes by applying at 369 Seventh ?t. no 17 BONTZ GRIFFITH.^ |Y?TPARA iTL E L R D 8 U C C K 9 8. The rreat tuooess which hu Attended DR. SCHLO88ER during this, ni? Second Visit to Washington, and, also. being anableto fullfil all hit engagements during last week, oompeis him to remain a r o h i;&l3l,Ui<IUU[ in WASHINGTON. DR. M. 8CHLOSSKR takes thu opportunity of returning thank* to the Ladies and Oent'.omen of Washington and vicinity, f ir their kind and liberal patronage bestowed on him during iiu sojourn here, and, also, respectfully announoes to parties who* wish to obtain A Permanent Cnre of CORNS, BUNIONS, SOFT CORNS, or any other DISEASE OF THE FKET. to favor him with a o*11 without delaf, an this may probably 1>* hie I.a?t Vint to Waahirg ton, intending shortly to Retire from Professional eervioea. As a direct proof of the extraordinary skill attending Dr. Sohloeeer'a Cures, he oan. with p'eaaure, refe^to a treat number of Ladiee and Gentlemen is tkia oity, v whom he treated three years alnee, and who hare all been eared of the rations Diaeaaea of the Feet, to their entire (atiiffcotioa. Dr. Bchloaaer'a methed hu i.ot ?1> h*M uooe??ftr! in this oonntry, but also in Enrop*, as may be aeon by aereral thousand taatimomala; from whiob ha quotas the folio vine names : From His Majesty ike King %f Bavaria Vii Imp. H. Prime* Jerome XapoUon Bonaparte. H R. H. Primet Alexander do Wurtembtrg. H T H. Arch Dube a/ isilhs. H R- H- Dteke a/ Sachttm JSexmtmgem H. H. Printe Rtckard Mettermick. H. R. H. Duke of 8nzt'Wt\m*r. t F H. Cardinal Arekbiskop of Parts t AUxit, Bishop of Nnntf, Pitt I Cknplmtm la Nnpolton ill. Mart thai Camrobert. A H. Amtth, Phytic*** vn irdtnmry I* tht Duchess H*UfM cf Uussts. ttrnard Ko***r, Physician m rrdttsmry ( th? H. M. tht Qwstn / Grttct. The Picnatnrea and Mi of tk* above imm, rith Mvnt) tkoiuodi sort front gutwan, lerehaoU, D.jlomaUtU, OtergjraiM, Pfcyaioiaaa, liliurr Men, aad Lditori, of lbu tsmmln and '.drop*, uaj be Mm at kla oAm from 10 a. m. till 4 p. a., t Ml PENNSYLVANIA AVRNVE,(9o?U Mo.) Mini mh aad Uth itroeta. ONLY A FEW DAYS LONGER IN WASH Ja*-tr I NO TON. AUCTION SALES. Br CLEAtY ft GREEN. A?oUc Htmtk tod fr? m d*y toaay U th? took ia 4i*p?m4 mL wa ahfth Mil a htrfa and xUmt* a??ortiwart of dd Goode H ota. *ho?a, *o.. ?t th* a*or? of w. Oyywlmiir. No. 999 N i nta street. iniMit tidr op?omU the Outer Mkrtn. Tfce stock m large ud romyritM. in jart? FmeMrer i?M Mngleand Doe Me Ctmifi aad _ Kun HwpfM, Pu? 9ibi1i ?li1 DoibltCvt, Wi|Pi,ud Ploatk llTMM, Fim riddle* and Bridles for 'adiee and twtliwu. Un* lot of CollMi,BridlM.RkaiM,l?>'> Oirtki, Wel liing. Cornha Briiako* Ac , Unt* assortment of fine Carnage, Pnnag, ami Kidinr Wn?>. HArMComt, M N*U Very Urge lot of Harness Makers' Tool* u4 1m - plsMeata, A l*r|? iot of veil assorted Hardware for Boait ? tug fcne H*rne'a.n.nrh of r tl'rer y'llH, Trunks, V slices. Hat Boies. A e. BOOTS. SHOB8, HATS. CAPS. 4c. Men*' and Bora' Calf, Kid. tad Patent Leather M(x<ta tad 9hoea, Bn gane fjr Servat.U. LaJiea' and Childrens' Gaiters and Fanor Skoee. La:ie>'. Gent a. and G&i.drets' Qia ttkoae aa4 Baaaais. L rte lutoi Youth's, aad Boys' Hate and Cap* ofal. ciudm. Men'* a- d B >??' I < at?, Pants, Veate, l.'ader Oar met ta itositri, Haudkerehiefa. Collars. Stiaw'?, and ?/U?*r W rarlnf Atparel, Coaat-r, 8ti?ivta?, bouacea, nr.J SUit??. i he attention oi tk* tr?4< I* o?ll> d ?< Ue tlw?? Ml*. Th? a'??fc i? in tood ordrr ??xi inaat ba aold wTk?vt raaarveto t':e ktrhre?^r. T?no? eaak. j? 9 dtf CLKAHY * ORKEM, AmU. THIS AFTERNOON & TO MORROW . '|H> THE TLBLIC. 1 I aha! offer AT PI'II.IC AUCTION, Tkrcuih i. C McGutra A On WEDNESDAY MMl THUKSDAT. January <?tk a. d 10th, oomtnenclnf at 10 S a. m., ?3h la J. All ti?-M MAGNIFICENT JAPANESE GOODS, Nov ib Morn it No. SOft PecMTivftnia arcane. Under Willarda' Hotel. Hannc receive I nrdera frrni the owhti tkereef they wiJ I a sold far what the? bring* Kiikvut any k?wrrwiM. Tkia ea!e will afl.-rd pa-ttee in eeaiek of Cabinet ornamenta both naefal and beaNUfnl, an npporta nnj. which may Lever oocur ?|t u, lo firobM* tt lOW priMl. ja? 81 J. Mil" DUFF. Afct. B) C. W. BOTKLER * >ON*. AucUoomti. Extensive rai k *?f fashion*rlk di tn akp Olokkd CLutu, Aran Htr QCaa.Ac-Oa TtllK^OAl MuRMNU.Jui ary I0tr,o 11.? twoni II ?or<?f oar A action l<wmr. cuinm*' cinc, at I w'olcofc, we i hai. Mil a itttt aa Lariira' Cljth Pa'rtot*, ioo*e and tight fittiac Ohet-terhHda, Araha 'iarahVdia. Romtoi, Kail and I'.ain mp" trimmed Frenon Cloaka, ftp Th ! t!i" ftoflk of a lujf im? .rt?r and inana faotarer of fi ? e v? ?*I a?a ami \lautil aa in .New York, ano fore d into ihf iiiar??>t on aoooar.t ol th? rreva.lirg nu>n?y o.iau. ?li ?-f winch were mad* for tut c.aca city trade, a. d mutt he ?o d without ieaerv?. Th?? l.vlieaare reap-e'fu'ly invited to attend. Terma ca?h. O. W. BOTELER * 4ON0. Aaota. N. P. Th? C oaki w,,l rx? on ?xmbitioi ar*?i ? o'e och oh ?he mornina of ??le jaRSt By WALL fc BARN AMU, Auotioueera. A FIRST RATE HORSE AND F?MM.V I'klKTASI AT ArCTIOK.-Op iHTR^DAV M R NIN <?. the l? h mat , at 11 o'olook. we will aeli in f'ont ol the Auotion Kouma, a Fmuf Horce, petfeotly aoand and tact e, and a foar aeat Family Carriage tint little usmI, and la rxoettent oondition. j*7 WA1.1, t BARNARD, A acta Hr WAI.I. k BARNARD, Anetinnrem. Comet fttk %tr?rt and foutk suit Pa. arm*' FURft-FURA-FURS AT AUCTION. rf'RUMTEK'* HALE OF A i.ARGK AND I Prm? Stori of Kca*. Plzish K???vfcc.. *c.?On | U K M) A V and \VEbNE8DA V MORNINGS, 8th ?n?l 9:h inatante. fiaa^wiii at IS o'oiook, we wv i mi i>t o**a.of ue, at t? e a no tion Rooira. and oontir tie until atl is disposed of, a r uperb asBorimect of 1bdie* and gentle ??ena Far*, and ol?i(h Rohw, of the stock of a New York lia porter and M*Diihotcr?r, eomnriairc? Larce Mink, lindaon Ha; and other Sable Cardi nala, P*!me*. Capet, Vletorinea. Mufa, and Cuffs, t*tone Marten. Mink, Fitch and hrnt'B*. Rioh S?u and Mu?fe 1'ieoea Htone Marten an 1 ' ther Furs, WlUr Uifilr O.l a ? ^ . ... *?j - iiwui .*1 bt wrn.n i'v? 1 " (ierman Fitoh, St.ver Marten, and Royal Sqairial Otter Cap*. Beaver and other Moffl'rt. Alao *t*tj variel? of 1 a^ie#' acd childrena' Fura. Sleich Rot*>i, *o., to, The goods vi1! l?e on exhibition on Monday mo mr.f pr ceedinc *?le,aiid the poblioare invited to an exaTimat on. They are fresh made, perfect and aouDd in ev?ry va? and aaawen&f deaeripfcoa (lren. 8a e w.thont reee-re. Tarma oaah. P? order ?1 the trustee, ja 5 WALL k. BARNARD. Aaota. MARSHALL SALE.?In rirtne of a writ of fie-i fae.aa leaned from the Clark'* Olfcoe of the Ciranit Court of the Diatriet of Colamhia for the County ot Washington. and to me directed. I wiil exp->?e to pnbiio eale, for oaah. in front of tb? So art Hour door of e*id county, on THL'Rit AY, the l?th day of January next, IH1, at IS o'olock m.. thefollowiofdaaorihad property, to wit: !>..? ?f I M. ? ? J - ? * iioi I/I? " w. D*fllBin( M the nortKwfdt orner or Mid lot and ra?niBff thaaoe tut on VirKiniaaT*nnel9feetl inch, throe* aoath by southwest th* depth of Mid lot; theroe vast bp ontiiwest to the southwest oorner of Mid lot; theno" north b? n<v theaat 76 feet 3 inch?# to Vir ginia kvrnuf. oontainicg 1 TO Hurt feet, to*ether with all an-1 singa ar the improvements thereon, in theo>ty of Washington, D. C... seised aad ievied upon a? the property oi John Mennekem. and will be told to ?ati?fr ju'lio;aia No. 14. to January term, Iffit, is faror of J. F. Woilird, uae of John Purdv. de 18-dta W SELDEN. U. 8 Maraaal. REMFMHER the AUCTION of JAPANESE UUUDS See advertisement. *t_ M notice to the public. OORE'S 9^atill Uropt wM atop a Conch in five rninutra Moure's Comp.Armoa Liniment will cure Chilblain*. Froet?d Feet Pain* la Faoe. Sprain*. Ao. Uoort't improve) will re move Paint, Oila, Greaee. a c.. from the moat deli cate colored ailfc or wcolen gooda Without lnjaruif tue oolor or texture. Prepared and ?o d at MOORE'S Woat End U mr Store. daSI 2w 113 Pa. a venae. JU ELEGANT CLOTH CLOAKS. U8T Opened for the Chriatmaa and New Yaara Presence, all marked uown at Uie lowest prices to s*Jit the Umea, for cash. ___ J W CQ1.I.F.Y A CO.. rw* REMEMBER, I H *T Vnn ?ave more in per cent, on tha dollar by buying y<;ur DK% (>( < OS at Store No A21 Seventh at. a* the* are aeitinr off to move. HENRI EGA N, 6'2I Seventh at,, da S-IM Near Avenue Hn?^ REM'MBER the AUCTION of JAPANESE ( " Hi GOODS. See a<!ve tu.ip.Tt. tt_ ONE PRICK ONLY! AVING on htnd t very hr*vr atoek of DRE88 TRIMMINGS, I will offer tne aame chwiiuir Cuh.twj One Price OnJv. no 23 tf R. C. STEVENS, 3S? Pa. ? . t.rtwMB <nh and loth >ta. WOOD! WOOD.! WOO D!!? ?<loo dif.r>?i?tt #1.16 peroird.3 mile* from Lone Bririr*. nenr HuuW Cbapel. Apply on the place or to V. P. CORBKTT. ja ? lw fiBLUMOfP! SKLUNG OFF! ? FOR CASH-FOR CASH! Our entire (took of Winter Dreaa Gooda. Shawia in cieat v?rictj. I.adiea' Cloaka. Kane? Dreaa Silka and Silk Rob**, Plain and P eich Mor'noa, Poplita and Kepi. Pine Bed Blacketa, all at ooat for ca?h, Alao, a toll a took of general Staple Gooda for family vaata. Ail will he aoid at rada<??d prioaa for oaah. J, W. CO LEY * CO , d> &-2w >83 Seventh at., ab re Pa. a*. REMEMBER the AUCTION of JAPANESE It. GOODS admtiifiMr.t s tt_ EASONABLE DRY 600D?1 Cloaka, Shaw! a, Kianaeia, Mtniuu. ? Blankets, Pall Cloth*. Lunti. T*aacy Silk., , &lk Robot, ' Poplins, Valeooiaa. Repc. , . > ?m. Hooped Skirts, Insh Linen*, Pkeetiars, Napkins Bearer Cloth. 6aik riaaael. White Goods. Lineo fteu, ErobroKlenes. Bombasines, Alyuou, Co? d tnrpe n??. Comforts. Toweiintt. AM of whioh we offer tt pnoee to suit the tin**. TAYLOR 4 HUTCHllfo.N. CB O H N. No. J6* Pi*** Amrt DEPARTMENTANDCOHQRESSIONAL DI . RfCTORY. The raoit complete directory erer pablnhed. It oontaiae an alphabetical U?t ? f all the (overaaaaat olfioers, their ealwy aad resideooe. Aleo. Coag raa sions.1 Direc ory, Ac a oomplete list of the diplo matic corp?. United Sta'es Ministers A?. Bold by the PaMi?har; aisj, at the boocstores ia the aity. jaS-iw* LADIK8 THICK WINTER HOOTS of Kid Moroaco, G' ats 8km. Aaetincs, Ac .^a. KnfLmAil I anM( ar./4 VaI m* *** I Alto Ml?r?r Hnnta of tM r'linx f CHH ?o o nla tat #1. *or pair, loww' tton riMWUcr* to tit* ear. it J. ROSENTHAL'S. No. 16 Mark* P?ao? Pa. ?v. M ttk Hn atrNta 1 adie?' ocd Mi xx' Low; R?aW Boot*. j? >oo ALV KRT'SCELKCKATKD HONKY. M?U VV IP the B-o fblMM. A eloar Mil 4?iiaio?a ar ta?l?. ! ??> KING A HURCHKl.L QRKAT BARGAINS IN DEY faOODfe SELLING OFF TO MOTE? ~ . For thirty dot* tear*" I *hall ooatian* to a?U tha ttock of Dry Oo> di u. iiort No. itll 0*imU ?t . at treat) f rwtac d P'iom. tHook M fill I tare* aoi vail a??t.rtrci Caii eorif and gat ba-gaik*. HENRY bflA> ?*1 to**!.!* al. jalCt Mar Avom* H< FLATS of tho fVL'R BONNET*, HATS, an jUUWWu ao* tt mA?V ?

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