Newspaper of Evening Star, January 9, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 9, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. BOB AlfDBRSOX, THE BOLD. * tOB? ?0B TBI IRDtUOR MUTING. (Air?John Anderton.) Bob Andereon. a hold boy ? No bolder In lha land Mr aa eent to guard bit oonntr* flat Ac?in>t a rebel band. la Moultrta'a walla ha found not Protaetion from the f > . An'1 ao, (aid ha, to Sumter pr?nd, Thia vary night we'll go. II- . 80 An''a'eon, the bold boy, \v heo darkoe>e bid the bay. S? piked *1) his cuna and ailentlv ToSomM; sped away. At r*rrr left the l.kvr?OM, But raised hia fla? onos more, So \nde ao 'a mors proudly vtTN O'er Sumter than before. III. Bob Anderson- the bold say a "Now, Treason, do jonr worst 5 The guna o t*>imter guard the flat ft m every hand accursed." The baffled, mai eeo*dera piaoover that taey'i e ao>d : Tbe they dread is gua.ded by Bub Anderson, the bold. Bob And won, the bold boy, Deserves the nation's thar.ks1 He knows and *o?-a his duty well. Despite rebellion's pranks. We'll gtvA three cheers for Union, Uur country's flag unfold. And th-e times thre<* we'U five to thee. Bob Anderson, the bold! [Pkila. Evening Bulletin. ITT An enthusiastic "Anderson meeting" was held In Philadelphia on last Saturday night. In .V .If rw * . 4.^1 a a.?.i ' -1 wuibu auvui ?,uw (rnoua pinicipaiea *>awonai Hall, the place of meeting, wu decorated with motto?t of Washington, Jackson, Webster, and Clay, and before the organization of the meeting the crowd manifested their enthusiasm by cheer ing the following : 1. "The Star Spangled Banner," three cheers and a tiger 2. "The Union," nine cheera. 3 Major Anderson. nina cheera 4. General Scott, six cheers. 3 James Buchanan, three cheers. 6 Senator Crittenden, three cheers. ?. Governor Hicks, of Maryland, six cheers. S The State of Delaware, three cheers Resolutions were adopted by the meeting ap proving the conduct of Major Anderson, and de claring that all persons who wage war against theTnited States for the purpos-of destroying the Union are our enemies; that they would sus tain the President and authorities in maintain'.njj me Constitution and the laws, and that the flag of our Union should be protected to the last ex tremity. Those who were unable to get into the hall were addressed on the outside, where the most commonplace Union sentiments called forth enthusiastic applause ErrscTs or the Socthkrn War.? By private letter* received per Kangaroo, we learn thatorders were received by the agent In England of oow of one of our largest manufactories In the United States, to send back all the revolvers that could be spared, by the first mall steamer to either New York or Boston, the demand was so great the supply waa not equal. From 3.000 to AAXM) of Colt's revolvers were to be sent at once.?Boston Tr*t tiler. U^The celebrated horse Cruiser, thst was so perfectly unmanageable until placed In the hands of Mr R irey, ha* arrived safe and well in New York. Thetis, a thorough bred mare, was also brouirht over at the urn* tlm? */? .k?ii I probably have a comparatively tfw race of horses la this country toon A Mossiaosiit BrRiio A lite?Tbe West African Herald says that a child wu recently born at Auomiboo. 9 miles to tbe eastward of Cape Coa<t Castle, with two beads, wltb four arms and four legs. It was burled alive verv shortly after Its birth, in accordance with native custom. C7"Tbe London Star says of the President's Message "Mr Buchanan has at length made I known his real views, in language so clear and ?recise. that we, who are accustomed to the tor ious phraseology of European Statesmen, have especial reason to admire It." A petition four hundred and fifty six feet long has boen sent from Philadelphia to the Penn sylvania legislature praying for a repeal of tbose provisions of the penal code hostile to the fugitive alave law. lE^Tbe ordinary colninz caoacltv of th? Phil. I adelphia Mint ia ?7,5(0,i*iO p4r month, which can t>* increased b/ working over-hours to ?lu, 000,1*0. ft 117" The Chicago Tribune thra||mia deadly conflict on the Missouri, Kansss, Ad Arkansas borders, and the Cherokee country, In the event of dissolution. U7"Geo. Soott waa heard to remark to a Sena tor on Thursday, "Mr. Buchanan Is acting nobly, ir, nobly.'* |]TA call has been made In South Carolina on tb? memberc of the old Palmetto, to organize them* elves into a force for the defence of the State. (JT A little boy in Vermont who swallowed a cent last summer is dying slowly by copper poison. He has already lost the use of nis legs. CjTThe National Fast appears to have been observed with great solemnity In all parts of the country. AHMIVALS AT THE HOTELS. WILLARDS' HOTEL ?F P Fltts, NY; W Carpenter, London; C W Bradly, China; O W Barnes, Pa; D vMUlams, do; J Uu d?-n,NY,l> M Fitrh An- \v n n tw * > u ?? tiuuic, in; n McQuaid, NY; J R Clay. Peru; Mri Clay, do; Mia* Crawford, do: Master Clay, do. W Osborn, Moi P Clogher, M v; S Barn am, Ma; A L Abell, do; P W Bennett, do; J C Hays, Pa, ?Jr Sheldon, NY; Rev Dr Hooker, Pa; Re* Dr; Senator Cameron and lady, do; H Ke.ler. Ant wort, L Anderson, O; (i H Chapman, Ind; C A AValdorn, Pa; W Scbly, Md; J P Ash. Pa; J W Manur and daughter, do; R C Ogden, NY; W H Williams, 111; W R 3cheU, NY; J B Jurtton, d , B W Tompkins. Ct; W Smith and lady, NJ; F P Talcott and lady, NY; J M Bailey, do; C W Swift and family, do! J; L Pratt, Md; B M F1 ton, Pa: J Bragg, .<Y; A Young and faintly, do; R S Lyon, do; Mr* be Janou, do; R Ddnby, U3N NATIONAL HOTEL?J T Davis, NY; J D Pavls. do; O W Jeffers, Va, T R Kennedy, Pa; B Willlan. DC; R Hodges. Md; J G Brown, Mo; O V Whitney, NM, G MUburn, Ind; R Brust. Pe; B J Collins, NY; J M Prlngle, do; Miss S Clark son, do, E Clarkson, sfC; J R Powell, Ala; H <i w 1.Hams, Md, B C Smith, do; H Lewis, do; c C Leigh. NY; \V Hopkins, Md; R C KMland, DC; II CWiailow. O, k H Bsjtlett, NY; D tl Morton, Hi; Hon w II helsey. NY; J L Taylor, O: T J MKa;g. Md, U L Croll and lady, Pa, C Herry, Md, 0?al gbrlner, do: Dr Reese, do; J M &a mer, do S H Aleutnder, Va; J B Armstrong and Udy. Ma, M Lloyd, Pa; K C Warrener and lad v. do: J r fciiiott, do. BROWN * HOTEL ? R Plunmnn, NY; W P Armle. J J \V Ward. W ? Rusaeil. NJ; J McAl lst?r, R Ferguaon. W 9 Reese, R Jobua, ERo? er, J Merryman. L W Em inert, Mlaa E McCau.ay, C .Mc'^aulev-and 1 y, J H Connolly, H Goodwin, Md. 8 Spigot, W Splaht, Mtaa, J S Wi.cox, T Pollard, R M Graves, W Walker, Dr J W CM?i burn, W Watklna, A 9 Samuel, Col Eatean, R J Owes, J S Meat. J Fame, Mr aud Mra label), J >1 oltoo. Col J W Wan. V?, P U Somers, E Mac Klttenick, la; C H Rundell and ly, USA; J Boyle, Ale. W Osborn, J 9 Jones, E Burden, E B Allan, W M Ewlng, Mo WASHINGTON HOUSE,?G A Penrre. Hd; W Enna, O; W M L>av;g. M n J H Campbell, Pa; R B?nuett, O: A Cunningham, SC; Mra VV Dell worth. Pa; J Huitta, E V. Carpenter, H Carring ton, NY; J Carter, Mlaa Buchanan, Mi?a Knight, J N Thayer. Mo. KIRK WOOD HOliav. w * w -cavti ?t n UC) j J C bannel, R M Weir, T*i J Brsckenborg, C Col li neon, NY, M Red gate, M.l, K Wbltlug, DC. At frknch aKkTcS^t^'s. ns Pa. at. A?*nu fa* tk* whole World. Folk* S<>ys, eiesantiy bound, sMnted on tone*4. MP?r. f*li Turiey l?i U frioe gin if teat by mail. The Moral History of Woman, from the French of Ernest Lee ore, translated by J. W. Calmer; M. 1).: prioe glby mail. A . of Marion Har and'* Books, Nemesis, Moss Side, Hidden Path and Alone; prioe aaoh $IJF by mail. no 2) r?\ , JgW?i l . t, between and 6th to 331 C street, between and Wh stroeta, imme diately ia the rear of the National Hotal, where the futineas will be ooatioued as heretofore at the old stand. |aolA4?] IHAAC HKRZBKRQ. o o d: WOOD!! . _ W O O D 2i 9TOVK and KINDLING WOOD,at the lowea yowible frisa _ T. J. * W. M. GALT, tl*?? P*. ? ., bttwMi UU and Uth ?u.. ma r>-tf twtrtlt *in CAN8' BRANDY FRUITS de 22 JELLI&P. KING A BI'RCHKLL. I. ?. a. LAM**. . I. WOTT. I^ANAA. NOTt * AU ?. V. ?M1*. MT8 ifiif urfAf .. Jlitt [UL usifKAUl feunes, Jgsbos ln?i^uno h JUK0B?M_ GAS FITTING, &c. pLUMBERS AND GAS FftTERS J. W. THOMPSON k. CO. Would o?U thti aOteauon ol w?tar lUM otrixtm {bK rirKB, H \ UKAN l~S MM l"A VK WASH" Krt. RUBBER HOSE. Ao- ^ , Hiviii* aupeuor tdmiU(M, with pr*ctio&: kowledfe. we arc prepared to introdnoe Water into dwellfnca with all the latest improves eota, provptly. and at prtoee that oannot rail to satiety. #69 Penn. avenue, nofridtMarl b?t.9tti and loth ata.. aoufch id* A WM.T.DOVKtCO, ARK Nov prepared to execute an? order* with wmoh tiTey mar be farored in the GA^ ORAXKAM FITT1N# frr Store on tth street, a few doora north of 1 l 'fclfowBaK * (a n W8 AS FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are dai.y reoeivinc, 6 AS FIXTURES ot entirely New Pattern* &ndD*eifna and P tiiish, aaperior in strle to anything heretofore offered in this market. We inriteoitisena seneral it to oaH aad examine oar a took of Gas and Watet FUturee, feelint oor.fc icr.t that we have the beet a*.??ot<*l a took in Washington. All work in the above nne intrueted to our oare will be promptiy attended to, MVEk8 * McGHAN. miLT 5-tf 5T* llaAnMi I SNYDER, . PLUMBER AND VAS FITTER, Rm removed to the oorner ofTweiAh and F ati. Heia prepared to in'roduce Water and Gaa upon the mo?t favorablfc term*, and guarantiee entire satisfaction He has on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVES, vhioh he will aell lee* than o?at. aa ha wiahes to f t rid of them, no 17 i 1FF1CE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER VJ OF GAS METERS. W AaH?NOTO!4i Jujr U< I960. NOTICE IS HEREBY QI7EN, That, agree ably to the proviaiona of the otdmanoe of theCor poratoon approved May 12.1800. the undersigned ia aow prepared, "whenever reeulred in writing, and ot pre payment of the fee of fifty oentt, to inspect, examine, teat,?rove, and aaoertain the aoonraoy of regiatration ofany gaa meter in nae in thia oity." Every meter, iffonnd incorrect, will beoondemaed, and another, sealed and marked aa true, will be aet in piaoe. If proved to be aoourate in iU meaauri-ment of gaa, it wfll be aealed aooordingly, and again put inpcaitioa for uae. OAoe No. 610 Seventh atreet,(naar Odd Fel .owa' Hall ) Oven from 8 a. m., to 5 a. m. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM, jy 18-tf Inspector and Sealer of Baa Meters. rpHE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIEfEMAR.1,2 and 3? Proteoted by Royal l.ettera Patent of England, and aecured by the Seaia of the Koole de Pharmaoie de Paris, and the Imperial College of Medisine. Vienna. No. 1 ia invaluable for exhaustion and natorrhea, and al> physical diaabilitiea. No. 2 completely eradioates all traoea of those diiMUN that have been hitherto treated by the ?au aeous and pernioi us use of oopaiva and cubebs. No. 3 hat entirely supplanted the injurious use of meroury, thereby insuring to the sufferer spe?dy relief, dispersing all impurities, and rooting out the venom of disease. TR1ESEMAR. Nos. t,2and 3. are prepared in th* form of a lozenge, devoid of taste and atnel', and oan be carried in the waintooat p"oket. told in tin niiM. aid divided into separate dose*, as ad ministered n* Velpeau, Lal'einand, Roux, Rioord. &o. Pnc* 93 each, or four oases for #9. whioh saves S3; and in #27 oases, whereb* tnere is a sav ing of To be had, wholesale and retail, of Dr. BARROW, of 194 Bleecker street. New York. Iruujediatelv "n receiving a remittance, I)r. Harrow wilrforward thelriesemartoany part of the wor d, seourely packed, and addressee according to the in struct ns of the writer. The Book, of all others, that should be read by ?,,au a-? ? r L_V. ? ? ... . W nil ua?in<ou ?'IU nroKen apwn OODBlltUtlOnK is "Human Frailty, or Fhvaiolocical Reaearchee." It ia beautifully illustrated. and treats ""iiutMy of all tne iy>np om* that icvariab.T develop them e'ves. sooner or later, resulting from the frailties and vitiAtiiyc habits or oarli ?outh. incapacitating the viotim from sharing the fruition of the matri monial state, and. if not checked in time, degener ating aH t e functions of manhood. and bringing him, ste? by st?p to a lingering and untimely death. Sold by Dr MAW ROW, 194 Bleecker street, four doors b-?low Macdougai, iVew York. Frioe 25 oecita. Sent free every where. Sold aiso by S. C. Ford, Jr., Drug Stora, Waah iogton. D. C. de 29 6m THE OILY PKEPA&ATIO* WORTHY Or UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE A PATRONAGE FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, CLERGYMEN. LADIES, and GENTLEMEN in a.l parts of the world testify to tlve effioaoy of PROF.O.J WOOD'S IIAIR RESTORATIVE, and gentlemen of the Freaaare unanimous in ita praiae. A few testimonials only can be here given ?-?<?i oular fur wore, and it will be impoasible for you to doubt. <7 Wall St*kkt, N?w Yoek, D?o. 20, IB*. Gentlem-n: Your uote of the IStn instant haa bean received. ?aying that tou had hfard that 1 had b^en benefited by the use of Wood'a Hair Re storative, an' requesting my oertifioate of the fact if I had noobjootlon to give it. I award it to you ohee fully, because I think it doe. Mltl? i - ?.Knnt Ul , ? ? _ .- v 7 vtaiv | ?M" WIUI U| my hair *ut>urn, and inolmed to oorl. S^me five or ix years since it began to turn gray, And th? acalp on iti?o'own of my head to ioae ita senaibl lty and dandruff to form up^n it. Eaon of theaediaagree abilities increased with time, and about 4 months ainoe a fourth ?ai added to them, by hair falling off the top of my head and threatening to make ma bald. 1 In thia cnp!rwant predicament 1 was induoed to try VV ood's Hair Restorative, mainly to arrest the allini off of mr hair, for I ha<i reallt no expecta tion that gray hairoouid evec be restored to ita original oolor except from dves. I was, however, g'eatiy surprised to find, after the use of two bot , tl?s only, hat not only was failing off arrested, I bat the o"lor was estored to the gray hairs and aansibility to the aoalp anudaudiuff o*aaed to form on my h*ad. v? y mjioh to th? gratification of my w<fe, at whose solicitation I was induoed to try it. For thil. fLOintir thA m?r,w ? ? ? ? j wii(?ui/HO I UWC W her sex, I strongly reoommend all nusf-amle who va.ue the ad mi rati n of their wives to pro$t by mi example, and use it if growing gra* or urttin ba d. Very respectfully, Bin. A. Latikdu. To Q.J, Wood A Co. 444 Broadway, N. Y. My family are ah*ent from the city, and 1 am do looser at No. U Carrol Paoe. Hia*sto:?, Aim, July 20,1859. To Pftor. O J. Wuou U-ar Sir?Your 'Hair Restorative" haa done my hair so niion good unoa I oxnmeno-yl the a* of it, that I ?ish to make Known to the public of it* ects onlhe hair, whion are great. a man or woman ma? benearly deprived of hair, and by a resort to your "Hair Restorative" the hau will return inore l^antifu than ever; at least this is my expenenoe. Believe it a'l Yours trnly, W*. H.Kbkkdt. P. !*.?Vou can publish the above if you like By publishing in our Southern papers you will get m >re patronag* ?uuth. I see several of your cer tificates in tao Mobile Meroury, a strong Southern paper. W. H. Kzkkdt. WOOD'S HAIR RE8TORATIYK. Paor. O J. W OOD 2 Dear Biw Hawin* \*mA ?Va misfortune to lose the bent poition of my Tiair. from the rffMti of the yel;*w fever, in INew Or roans in lsAl, i was induced to make a trial ol your prepara tion aud ftiund it to answer as the very thins ntaded. My hair is now thiok and glossy^ and no words can express my obligations to yon in giving to the afflicted ?uoh a treasure Finlby Johksoh. Th? Sestorati v?.is put up in bottles of three sise*. viz : Ivge. intMlinm and small; the small hold hall a pint,'and retails for one dollar per bottle; the me dium bolds at least an per oent. more in proportion than the small, retails for two dollars per bottle; the large holds a <uart, 4fl per cent, more in propor tion, and retails for 93 O. JTwOOD * CO , Proprietors, 4 44 Bro*d way, New York, aad 114 Market street, BL Louis .Mo Sold in this o ty by C. 8TOTT, 3?6 Pa. avenue, an 27 eoly.a.w IL.L.vsiHATt.1) BOOKS trOR PRESENTS. We have now cor u?n&l Urge and rnagnifcoeDt assortment o ?l?r anMt bound aod i;lu*trated Hooka (or Presents for tne llohdata. The new Booka (or this i??r are verr beautifnf. Onr Juvenile Department oompriaeaaP. the lateat Flo-ika "ut and al the od onea auitable forohil dren. The Dissolving View Pio'ure Book is a new thine for the little onea. Oar assortment of rit ing Decks, Portfolios, Paper Tioea, Papier Maohe Boxei.Fanor Ink'tanda, Gold Pens, Fancy and all other styles Penknives. Paper Polders, Cutters. Ao , ft o., is large ami varied, and Will be aold at pr.oe* to auit *he times. BLANCHARDA MOHUN, de 30 cor. Pa. ay and Eleventh at. FD. L. MORRISON * CO.. LOUR AND GENERAL COAmNSION MERCHANTS, And wholesale dealers in MILL FEED, CORN URAL. Corner of tfth and B streets, Washington olty. IU* Caah paid for all kinds of Grain, aa ?6m HAVE YOU SEEN the ao oent Children's Books at FRENCH * RIcHSTEIN'S. 2TS Pa. avenue, selling for 10 oenta ? Have you aeen the elegant 92 Annuals foi New Year preaenta, at FRENCH A RICHSTMN'S. selling for only t , Hftli An<4 m*Va ' ' ^ Turn vuiDiiaiei injure uiey are all Cons. Xt FRENCH & RlCHSTEfN'8. de 28 aTft Pa. avenue DUPONT'8 GUNPOWDER, For tale at manufaotnrera prioe?, by JOHN J. B06UK, (iioRsiTowK, D. C? 8oU Atenct far the District Columbia. tMot. Order* can also be left at theoffice of Adama* Ei?r?? CownanT. Wuhimtnu. P. f!. ft S-lawlT City steam MKXtood mills COAL *"* DJSPOT. Fol of StnmteatUk tlrttt, Mew War Department. WOOD mpared. any lea<th and use. to aait WcOaL HOUSES, pro ten ted from the waatfcer?delivered Tr?e from slate, dirt, <bd other imparities. 3JM lbs. to the ton. no 10 tf Pa. av..' h?'t4. m'h'^nd^m^Tu. 12,000 MiMSiIMK#tNJL ^5 w -ft Wo. IT ?m wi at.. Bmhwhi, Ol BAK0A1NH IN EXkcfisr* >00 imw. MISCELLANEOUS. in tko At frigate to Fiftv tkreo Thous and Aeru. The (ttat of land to Wl?oon?in br Mt of Con tree*. approved August 8,1M8. "to ua in ths proreroent of the Fox and Wiwonun riven u4 to sonneot the ?o<* by a canal to the TortUory of Witconsm," and the aoU eupplemental thereto. navinc Dees to at adJaatea aa to Mttioriu th* reatoretioa to market or l be laoda hereinafter de ter i bed? Untie* it ktrtby gixtn that all the foilowini ra oant and unappropriated land a whion vere ?ubifot to private entry at the date of withdrawal, will be reetored to private entrr on the dayeandatthe plaoee hereinafter apeoified. at the ordinary mini mum prioe of 9l iS per aore.or at the prioeeto whioh they may have graduated at the withdrawal At the Land Offioe at Muusxa, on Monday, the net day of Janaary next. North of tht ban In* and *att if the fourth princi pal meridian. NE fraction N fr'ux Jtiver, of aeotion 10. town " X NK^.NK VNWX, ahi ani ~ aeotioi' iti'jn 4. to ar^a hip it.ranxe NEM.NWk'. W M. and KK BE *,of aeotion J; the Nw)( >W \ of aeotion 4, the fraotion on thtf eaat bank of Pox river of aeotion I, the NEfc DW1( of amotion K?, the 9 X 3*5 M ot aeotion 13. the W?NWJ<a-d NW j| 8WM of aeotion 14. the NE \ NE W H NE X ard NW ^ ef aeotion J4; 'he SKk i?W k and *vV jg 3E V"f aeotion 28, and the NW J* 8w % and sk X SjQfX of Motion 9, townahip 14. of 9%ZR\ of Motion r the 8W * NE K; the 8E X NW *, and the NE * SYV * of asotlon 4; the b WX 8vv )i of aMtion 8. the tjWj* NW fc, and NW>>4' 8W\ of Motion W, the NR \ N W M of aMtion IS; tue ?v H MK \ and the W S NW \ of aMtion 20t and N E h N E 3* of aMtion au. town abip 14, of range 10. The E H N W \ of aection 12, and lota 6,7. acd 8 aeotion H. tovramp IS, of range 15. TiJe SW NE \ of aeotion 18, and the N W 3* SE M ot aeotion a. townabip 19, of range IS. Thi N E K N W M of aMtion 4, the it E 8E X. and the W >4 3E ^ of aMtion 6, townahip 30, of range 15, The SE >? NE 3% of aMtion 30, townahip 19, of ranee 16. The EK NE# of aeotion 8, townahip SO, of range 16, 'S he N W X of fraotion weat of Fox river, of aM tion lo, townahip 20. of range 17. The NE* SE \ of aeotion 6, townahip 22, of ranee 17. '1 he NE # NW K of seotion 34, township 15. of K NW )% of seo'Jcn 12, township 16, of range 18 Lot No. 1 of seotion l4,of township V, of range 18. The SE )i N W k, ami the E K SW \ of seotion 14, township 22. of * ante II. TheSEJtaW,V of se tion 14, township 16, of r*T^e VV % BW H of section 29, township 17, of range 19. Lots No. 2 and 6 of seotion 13, ami lota No. 4 and 8 of seotion i4. township 19. of i ange 19. The SB >? SE i? of seotion 22, township 20. of range'19. T.ebX NW ;4.acd the 8E \ SE % of seotion 12, township 21, ol range 19. Lota No. 1,9, and 3. and the SW \ NE of sec tion 10. the t*E 8VV k of aeotion 14, W ),NW }4 at d the W H S *V H of ceotion 18, and the E X N E V and the ?E \ of section A>. township 22, oi tange 19. The W H NW >4 of seotion 18, township 21, of range Toe whole of seetion 3D, township 33, of ranse 20. The W H SW X of s'Ction 3>, township w, of range 30. At the Land Office at Falls of St. Caoix on Monday, the28th day of January next. North of tkt base line and west of the fourth princi pal meridian. The W H 8E %. t*e SE J* SE >4, and the SW w of section 2; the N H of section 4; the S X ana N W V and S X of NE \ of section 6; the whole of seotion 8; t e 9 K of sect.on ln; the wtio'e of sec tion 12; the E X of section 14; the SE if of seotion 18; the whole ot section an; the W and NE of section 22 th? S X of seotion 74; the E >? ol aeotion 26, the N S ofseouon 28; the fc X and SW X of seo tion 9?: the E X and N W ^ of yetion 31; ihe E X ar<1 N'V V of section 3fi to?rn*nip i<7, of range 12. The E hi NW X and NW*N W x.and lots l 2 and 3 ofseouon8; the whole of seotion 18, the.N W X*nd the SE l4 of seotion 22; the W X of section 2B; the 8 ,'i of seotion <3: the SE X of seotion 3 ; the wh<>le of section 32; and the whole sf section 34, township 28, of range 12 Th' W S and 8K ?4 of section 2; the whole of sec tion 4; the whole of ?eotion 6; the N X, the HK X? and the N E X SW X of seotion 8; the NE V, the E X SEX, the NW\ SEX. and lots I. 4,5,6. and 7 ot section 10; the wbo e of section 12; the wnole of section 14, the NE X. the E X >K k and lota 1. 2. ft, 6,7 and 8 or aectiou 22; the W X and the N ? M of aeotion 24; the 8 X and the W X N VV 3* of aeotion 2b; and the K. X of aeotion 3ti.tow iahip7T.of range 13. 1 he whole of aeotion 2; the E >* and NW \ of aeotion 4; the whole of aeotion ?; t"e W X ol ?oo tion 8; the whole of aeotion ) >; ih?* whole of a*oti?n 14; the whole of aeotion 18; the K X of 8-otK>n 2?; the N X, the N X o' Sh X> and th? NHof KW )?' of wetiuo 8; the B H Nb Mi iht N X SK Itf. ana the K X HW X of aeonon 24; the W S and the IV K k of aeotion .8? the whole of aeotion 30 the whol* ofaeotio JCj the SW M N W \ and lota No 6, 7, and 8 of aeotion 34; and the N J>* of aeotion SR. towa h p 28. of range 13 . I h??*w 14 of itouon 28: the NK H. NEK,of aeo tion so: the NK^o' aeotion32; the NX. tne N X of8E V, and the X 8VV X of Motion 34; ir.d the whol* of amotion 36, townahip 28, of :anie 14. The 8 X ME X, the r X ?W X. and the NW * SW W ol aeotion 28: the whol? of aeotion 30; the whole of ?eoti<?n 32; and the N W X the 8 S NE .si, the N W M. and the 8 X ol aeotion 34, town hip 26 of range 15. TheN X, the s*E the N X PW M.and theSE X 8 W X, of aeotion 2, towoahip 28 of range >5 The whole of amotion 14; the whole of aeotion 18; the whole of acotiun 22; the whole of aeotion 24; the whole of amotion 26, the whole of aeotion 28; the N J* SK Jrf of a?o'uin S3? thu whnl? <.f tin the W X and 8K \ of aeotiou36, towuahip *9, of range 15. Tr<e wnole of amotion S;< he NEX<n>dthe N X 8E X <>f ? "tion 12; the E X, the h X "W X. and the tXNWKoi aeotion 14; the N b X of aeotion 24; the N Hof aeotion 26; the whole of amotion 32; the W X oJ amotion 34: and the E X and N W X of aection 36, townabip 26. of ranee 17. At the (And Office at Eat Claim, on Monday* th?2la. <Jar ot January next. North 4f tk* bate line and teest of the fourth prt*et pal meridian. The whole of aeotion Si; aud the NEX NW)( aLd W X NWK of aeotion 36, townahip 27, or range 11. At the Land Office at Stivbmb Point, on Mon day, the nth day of January next. h'or'k if tin ban lin* and east uf tie fomth princi pal meridian. Th3 W ? 8F X of a? otiou 4; the N X NE X. the SEX NEX, thn W fl X NW X. th- 8fcX NW X, *ud the .x K X S K X of aection ft: the EX NK M.NXNWM, and the 8WM.N W\ of aeotion 8: tne BE X "EX of aection 34; the K X * VV X, and N W X off X of aeotion 38. townahip 15,of range 2. The SX sVV X of aeotion 32, township 16, of ranee 2. TTte fiW^NEX of seotion 3ft, township It, ?f [ WXNW of Motion ft; and the BE A? BE M of section 3ft. township 19, of ran<e 2 Tn?) N H SVV , and the W H 8E of section 3; the N H ol MctK>u 4; and N E >? BE ** of seotion 24, township 17, of range 3. The w X N K 3%, the VV % seotion. and the W H HE i, of sfcotion r, the E H SW >4 aud N W V BE V of section 4: the W II S of seotion 6; the EK BE }i of seotion S; the N W * N W w and the fe W \ ?w\ of seotiou 12; the K H NE i' of seotion 14: and tue BW 9\V of seotion 3ft, township 18, of rente 3. Tne E K 8W \ and the BE of seotion 8ft: the B >i IM K X? the K S bW V, and fn? 8E X of section Si; and toe NW X NE V. th? N W and the NE X 8 W k <>f section 9R, to wnehi p l?, of rang? 3. Th? N W '? >\V X and th? WX 8W X >t eeo tion JO; and in? SW x 8E X of Motion 14, oftown hip 16, of rant* 4 Th*8W WfjVV^ and the 8W>4 of Motion 4; th? NEW NK X. and the NE X 8E \ of teoUoiiS; theHH HE X or iMhoo 8, tie W H sF, X of seo tion 10; lot No. 3, and 8VV X N W X ! Motion 12; the W S of aeo'ioe. and th? E S 8t, X of neotion 1 II; th? W * NW X. and the N E X 8 W * of seo , t>on 20; lot No 3, o* Motion 24; lot;??. 2. 01 scotion ! 2b; an<fth? NW V NE*. th? 8E X *E\?. and, th? 9W * 8W X of eeotion 28,townahip 17, of ranee 4. Tot No 3, the W ?NW V, and th? W*BW X ! oiMoUon 4; the 8W X and the 8 X 8E ? of Mo tion 6, th? K >i N W X and th? E >? 8W * of mo tion ?, th? 8WX NE X. tl?? H > W X lot? Nob. 1 and 3. and th? *Wl N W V of eeotion 10; th? N X NW*, the BW\ N W V. ana the 8W % 8W X of (Botiou 14; th? oE X NK X an?' the to- X NW J,' of Motior an; th? whole of amotion 22; the N H.NR M.the 8E X NW X- *nd the NW X SNV X of seotion 34: th? N E X is W V and lot* No?. 2.3, and 4 of ??otion *6; th? N K X of aeotiou 2B; the 8 X N W fr. X and the N X SK X of iooUo i 305 the NW X N?\ the 8 >. NW *,th? E X ?W w and th? N \V V SK X of section 3r, and l.eNKot eeotion 34 townahip 18. of ranee 4. The 8 X of aeotioo 32, township 19, of rani e 4. The who ejif fraotlunal aeouon 4; th?? XBW Xt and the 8 X 8E X.of arctiou '0; th? N K V #? X of seotion IS; the NE X NI*X. the SW X X\\ X, and th? vv H 8WX of nootion 14. th? W * NE X, *r"l th? N ?V sVv\of eeotion 22; the MS X N k X of Motion 2?; and th? N X N W X. th? N E X8 WX.t*# 8W X N E X. 4Md th- N VV X 8E X 01 Motion 26. tow n a n ip_ Ifij _o fr a * * *_ 5. . - f "J.O * n ^ * OI SJ,t!0n 4t N x NW K.the ?JOW 2, M-l tfie 8 W * BE * of i?oti>.n?; the N W \i N vV of ? motion 10: th? W >* SE w, and lot No ft of section 18; the N E Ag 8K >4 of Motion ?>; the w K NW M. and the N VV * ? v* W^f ieo tion 28; tlyj E X 8w % and 8W Af 8 w V ^motion JJSthe EX N fe. X, the 8 W X NG W, U?NW * NWX, and the fch J* of eeetion 38, the N H 8E t ? >ecuon .*>; the 8K \ *K 3? of enotion Si; ud the N R * N W X,N XhWJ< NH^U.ani V X afc 34 of ecoticn 36,to ?rn?hip 17, ofraujl W * the cs W * H The NK \ and the 8 W \ 8F. M of Motion Sftand the N SNWJj and the 8W XNW V of Motion Si, township 18. of ranreS. TheWW VNF. H.theNW * the8E*8W*, and th? E X 8E of erotion 2. (he N X ft W V.the HE M NK w ard the NEm SW * of7eotioB4; the SE* WW of Motion ?; the MW M NEkof s-on>nl4: and the NE\ Nwk andihe8WJtf 8E V of eeotion SB; township 1& of range 6. Th whole of fractional section 2; fractional seo tion 4. the W H of the N w JW amUthe W H of the |W \ <*f ?eotion8; the NE\ NK V of aeotioa 8, jii hw ^ * d the 8K jjf 8fc J%* of Motion 10: the BE 3% NW k of i?otion 14; the ^ W Af 8E X o/smj tl?? IS; the SW M N W if ofMclion A th? R H of Motion the_EH_\w fc?aod 8W * ?f 9 5 NJSif tAjES?TwnJ. *?4 too N h\ 9El% of Motion ?, town?hip 16, oi r?n?* 0Tlj? NK8WX, tb. 8W ?W?W, tk* N W* BE V of section U; tbo fc H N ? v tha fiw V N K IliUd tk? 8K Hi of Mohou a. int IM NW SB *of Motion 34 township 15,of rant* Tho NE V ??E V ?od fotM So*. 1 and a of Motion 24 towmlji* l.Vof rui?(. The EH fc \V X of Motion 3), town (hip 15, of ' At tlw UndOloaM La Ciomi.oo Monday, the tlst da; of Jannary next. Nortk <J ikt tmjt lt?* and ?ul q/ Ik* fourth prtnti ;xi I mtridian. TmJV H *f NE Kof Mtion$,th?8WJ? NW ^ [otui r? w * off i action of ootion 14. And Lhn 8E of the 61 hi ol ?-oti'?u i Of aoti-n 1ft; to?n?hi? 19: th? NK w of the NEi, of Motion ft; lha NW M of the IS \V\ of i action ?; thaNKtyoftha ' 9\V of the IN \V\" of i action ?; W of Motion U, arc the 8E * ti?B X, to wn?hif H. of rang* I. Given under my hand, a*, thaoity of Washing ton, tail 11th day ul Ueoembor.iaan. I -S ft. WILSON. Commiauocer of the Genera. Land Olio*, de 14-w4wF iA M1WW1U1M WS. j?fU*?Ton, BAJ.TIHOKI LOCK ROiriTiL Hm? DU*+?rUi tk* mil OrtM, Smttdf, and mJ) Efutnal Rrmuiy tn Mi Wor id, FOR ALL DISEASES OP IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMBP ATELY. A CVRE WARRANTED. OR NO CHAR9M, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. ViUi?M?(ib< k.ltfUiUM tfMiiwi >tUi Maay? ud Bltddtt, niTvianory DUchurf**, laMtiMy, fltlMl Bakllio rl ? ? * ~ sjmywmwj, I ( */, MV (PirU, UW" afldaaa, PalpilaliM< aftbt Mauri, ""midity. Tram kUaja, Diuhh af tifht ar Jiddwaaa, Ditaaaa afuia Baad, Tkraai, Immi ikm, ifiwHi af Ua Uun.lwuitw law #l?? Ikm TimUi Diaarttara anainf lr?ia Mllttj l>Mu at T?aih?ibaaa Draadfal aad Daatraativa PmuiH wktak rn dar Marrtaf lapaaaikla, and d aura 7 k?u ?*dy u4 Miad TOIKI MM tfUUllT *! ktfi aataina tfea nMlMtf M117 TIM, ikti draadfal and daatraaura kakit vhtah aaaaall* avaapa M an vnlunaly (rata Lhaaaaoda af Yaanf IUd afttl imii ?l alud ultcu and kullaal intailaai, wha might Mkirvm kaM alranaad llataaiof Saaaiaa viU Ua ikacdara ( alaaaaaaa t vakad ta iuui; tk* ltriaf lyra, Bay tail vtlk nil aaat <???. MAJUUACB. MAU1U rUIORI,ai TnifMia aaaiaapUUaf Mat ria/t, kainj awaraaf akyaiaal vaakaaaa, affaalt daktiliy, dararmiuaa, *?., apaadily carad^ a wha placai htaaall cndat ika ?ar? *f Dr. 1. nay rallrt aaaiy aaolda ta hi* hanar aa a f aaUtaaaa tad aaaldaally raiy pan hu aktll aa a phyueia. urricK Ma. t aom ruouici iymest, laft kand aida rain* liu Maltlnara ?? ! ?? ?<?? ? Ik* ?aro*r. Ai! M Htkuiri mbi ud ilaht, k*uan HI k? piM U4 MlUll I lUBf. &. juiKrroB, Hmbin af tka b;ilO*lli|i af Ivy *? *, ^nIn, miutl fraro ?n af Iki niMt minim Oil<(N la tka liHil lulNi and lha (IIIUI part af what* Ufa hu k*an ap*oi la tk* ka* iuU af Landau, Pari*,Philadelphia and tlanbiri, iu f*tt*d Mm* af tilt n?l **taui*Binf ear** tfctt **ri *?*? knawn;maay tmUi4 witk ringing to th* kaad and aan wh*n a*l*ap; |r*al D*rv*xii*aa, k*i:ig alarmad at raddaa and*, ka*hfaTn**? with fr?qa*nt klaaaing, att*nd*d * Na?* Wlik dannf *n*nt if mind, war* ?ar*d lnt**adUla!v. Till PARTICVkAB. HOTICK. Taauf M*n &od aiktr* wha b*?a ia)ar*d i&ama*!?** ky t atnam practie* inda!f*d in wth*a a Ian*?a hakit fraqaaaty Itarnad fram *?tl eanipaman*, ar at acbaal, tk* afaata a' which ara nightly fait a?#h wk*u aalaap, aad if aai aarad randtra nirnsf* ImpMtikla, aad daairaja katk alad aad kady, *haaH apply immidiataiT. That* ar* **ti>* af tha *ad and malaackaly affactr aradaaa* ky aarlr hakit* af yaath ail i Waakna** aftka fcaek aaa**, rain* in tha W*\i, Diana** af Might-La** af Matcalar P*w*r, Palpitalian af tba tfaart.PyapapaT, N*r?a* Irritaklil ty. D*rang*m*nt af th* Dig**ut* Panci-ati*, fiaairal D*Mllty, ynptoiu* af Car.aampuaa, Ac. MENTALLY.?Th* fatrfal (Tact* an tka mtad ara aaak la ka draidad ? Laaa af Mabiary, Caofaaian afldaaa, D*jpr**?iaa afRpint*, Bti1 Parhadlnga, Araraiaaaf facial?. *lf-Oi*tra*t. bara af BalHadt.Tiiaidily, ali.ara irai tf tki trill pra daaad. HUITOII DKllklYY ?Tkaataada ?aa fktl la tba eaaaa af th?ir dadinlnf baaltb, iaataf ibtir kt aarniof vaak, pila, ntrraaa cod initulid, fearing utofalai IfflUUK akaattba caajb a? tjraptarataf (nilari u DltKASKS or 1MPKUDKKCB. Whaa ika miaf aidtd and irrpradant ratary af plaatar* lidi ka fcaa ircblkad the to 1? af U>u pmufal dlaaaaa, lltaa ?f?a aapptia thai ao ui-umtd mdm af ?h .m? ai draad af ditcartry datara bin frara applruif la tbaaa vka, frara adacabau and raapaciability, can a fan a kafnand him. Ha h!la law Ik* kanda af iftiarant aad daaijmuf prataodara, vka, iaeaaakl* af carur, tlch bia pacaniary aabtt&nca, kaap bim raanib afitr roanth, araa iao* * tba amailaat faa can ka af laioad, and la daapair laa?a nim vitb rauiad haalth la nrk arar bia railing diaappaintiaant; ar by tba aaa af that daaalV pauan, Marcary, b&atan tba canatitatianal aymptaira af iku ?arrib!\ diaaaaa, akci a* Af actiaua a' U>a Haart. Tbraat, Naat, kin. At., prorrttaicf vitb frifhtfcl rapidity, till daatb piu a SariaJ ta bia draadfal aafarinra by aandiny bite ta tfeai aa iitararid eaaouy fram vbaaakaarna oa traralar rataraa DR. JOmSOHt &EMCDY r0a0R8A*lC wnusn and iMrurEwcT. y tkia fraai aad iraaartam ramady vaakaaaaaf tka arraaa era apaaduy carad and fail ri gar taatarad. Vkaaatoda af tkk aaat narraaa and dakUlttltd, vka kad laai ail kapt, hare k??a tmreadiaialy faliarad. All iraptdmtQU la PfcytUtl *r M*?l*. Dttaull Imkki, Ihi *f PiMntilfa P?wir, Rittiu IfliUHUtt Tt*aMto(?ad WukatMM Sikta?tl*a cfik* MlfcufB H>4 ifload. KlfDO UtMKMT Or TU flDa. r? MART TIOVIAhDIc?t*d itthii inaUtatlM vilkla lk? l*rt iivioiiin T?tr?, ?')4 Ik* nro*r*a* iinp?ruct liift Mltr?ntl?M ftintBM ky Di. J(tenarwiUiiM*< ky U* rtptrtin *f iki pipm ?nd ini; *U*r MfMoi, tnllM > bet intmi t|tl*u4i(tli k*f*t* Ik* fkkHs, ka lidu kl* *t*jidiB( ? a f*iil*au ?! lUruui aad tUty. 1* ! ! ?( puuui w tk* &9t?i*d. I)-:; DR. J. BOVF.E DOD'B IMPERIAL WINS BITTERS, Are now being used from Maine to the Great Salt Lake, anl the anireraai verdict of all who use them either u a ?u4utiM or as a bitram. ia thai they we ancar*aael in the world. Dr. Doda u?ed them aH'weKf&JiT in tua practice for M yeara before we Foroha*?d of htm the sole rifht to manaiaeture uid prraKi tkson fcr ?le to the rcblio. For the :areof loeipU&t Coaa*. nation, Indiceetion, I>ya *r??ia, Pi er. Narroai Direaaes. Female Com lainta, aid all c*ae* rsfunni atonic,they are ba rorni doa^t a moat .an lebie remedy. Aside from their mNioin&i T-cjert1** they are a pure, whola ?<>nie aad delifhtfcl tieverace, troducins all the ?lea*ant ezhilerating eS'sow of Brandy or Wiae without their ieJarti** r??iDit?. i.?t aumanitr ViJ all adrcjat^s of temperanoe a*slat at in aabatituinr tL4?e TaluaMe Vegetable Bittora for the ??)mi ud m4*ittr+t*H Liquors with whioh the country la flooded, and thereby ef Vc' aid in banishing Dimim and Drankeneaa trom the ui(L CHARLES WJDDIFIELD 4 CO., Pref rlrtora, TS Will-am atreot, New Yerfc, /.8CHWARZK. Ager.t, Washington, D. C. DR. J. BOVEE DODS' IMPERIAL BIN BITTERS, For Disease* of the Kidney a, Bladder and Unnarj Organ;, and espeaialiy for Female Obatraotiona, never (ail to oure. and are warranted to fire aatia *Sh?ARLE8 WiDDJFIELD * CO.. Projnetorn, 7 <5 William ^Y^ffwARfelS JeT-lyjr Agent. Washington, D.'c. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. B ALTIMORK AND OHIO RAILROAD. WASHINGTON BRANCH. CHANGE OF HOURS. On and after SUNDAY, November 2Mb. lteo, the trams will run u follows: LEAVE WASHINGTON: First train at *& a. m. Second Train at 7.40 a. m. Third train at 3.10 p. m., Express. Fourth train at 6 p m. Lp.AVR BALTIMORE: First train at 4 is a. m., Express. Second train at 8.35 a. m. Third at 3.1" p. m. Fourth a* 4 an p. ra., Express. t;>p tirnt, aeon-i and third train* from Wash ington oonneo'through to Philadelphia and New Y?"k. Tho eecond and third oonneot at Washington J u notion with trams for tin West. South, and Northwest; aloo, at Annapolis Junotion, for An napolis. For Norfolk take the * 40 a. m. train. J-or the aooommodation of the wm travel be tween Waabinc ton and Laurel, a pa*senger oar will be atiaohea to the tonnage train whioh leaves at S.40 p. m. Oroiycrd.%y the 3.10 p. m. train goes to P hi Lad el * ho 36-J' T. H. PARSONS. Agent THE STEAMER JAS. ?UY Will rem me her 1 trips on TUESDAY, list oT" JP?^ February. 1*0. Wii! leave WAKH C^mqP INGTON everv TUESDAY and^*"^^ FK IDA Y, at o clock a. m.,and ALEXANDRIA ft LaJrpast 8 o'olook, for CL'KRIOMAN and the intermediate Landings. On her return trips, she will Imm mm inoV* M ?? ajpnurtihi u ?? - - r r ? ** w '??? * Vi M vTsviiBoyAi tod SATURDAY, at < o'olook a. m. LUCIAN S. PA6E, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. Ac% Alaxapdria. fa? QLD RICH, glELLOW JURE MONONQAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Consoieutiooaly distilled by Mr. Junn Bnroaide. of Allo?any Coantr, Penna., in the old-feahioned honeat war. frow the ohoioMt and moat oaraful!y aelaetod Rye, and in no oaM (T*r off?r#d lor h1? until adapted to wholaaoraa use by ace It ia at once the moit palatable, aa it ia emphatically one of the pnreet beverafae in tha reaoh of the publio. To tha Invalid.aa wail aa to thoaa in oommanda itaelf for ita unrivalled quahtiee aa a timii :aqt of tha aafr?t. anreet, and noat benefioeat (lAMriotinn. nn<i m&nv nf thu A pi)yaio'i&ni kre tuing it in their pracuoe *wltij the im ' * ? A tent for tho Pro?rieWjr?. 39ft >0 M 6m oppoafte Willird*' Hotel. DALTiMORK 13 BUTTER HOUI Dm! j reoeiTinjt from aa?lsweet, in Go?hen pack 275 275 JACKSON. r L AS T M MM M M. Between 10tliAarS^tk%Ml& J?l* _ _ fcr ^^^9 M persons" ir" 'Mr Miiwt inflrtt TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. Ml* ITWI1 IVNU tie? and iiw of Sole Leather. l-?A??'l Dt?m kod Pictn Trinii. Oar alee room exhibit* at thi^ the (Teateet tvm(j qi Ujrelin* rf^jiut*. at aaodermie pnoap. tb be SUHWIII 979 Pa. tr?cu?, m the only plaoe in the city where daily paperaoaoMfoaad from every Ktateaad oit* , New Vork, Philadelphia, aad BaiO delivered in the oity aad 6?or|?U. wc. . _ paper* tn the I oiod. e Mfri delivered in the oity aad ?? aad lately on the arrival of tha trail Dthly and Weakly Paper* and Mmu lmm< Monti: j and Weekly Paper* and Macasi ia tha Urn# to anbeoribe, with tha beginni _ Naw Year. Bole acenta for the Charleston oory. <Je m S*or|?Uj??. uaa. AU the asioaa. Nov inninc ofthe .neeton Mer PLRK OLD RYK WHISEY.-Oa toad eevera brand* of Pare Old *ye Whi? fcy. Copper Die ti od. made by the moit renal e diatillerain Penn ey :vania, Maryland aad Virginia, warranted para,, Imported Hraixbaa, Henneeey, Otard. Dupay A Co., Jalea Robine, Ae. Alao, Peaoh and Apple Brandy, para Gin. oid Jamaioa and St. Croix Ru, and Wraee of every variety,all of standard brand a. ^ohoioe Jot of CUcara aad To Jovnt itfpss ffi'imam9 AFP-LT THKDRBMXDY AH ^ REJOICE IN HEALTH. Friend, do yoa Buffer.' Are yo? the rietia of uu of thoee namerone ailnienU whioh ariee iron ia tnrlty of the blood? What are t bey, do yon %ak! Rather ujt. what are they not / The blood i? the tonroe of life and health, and it u the firet element of our beinf to respond to ur canoe which ?ffecta tb- eyetem. aa the pulse lafilfibiy attMti The erer jreyailinf Nearalf ia, the irntatine Kryeipalae. the obtie Sorofula. the aconisinc Rheumatism, Nef yous Debility, Dynpcpsia, larer Complaint with it? torpor fcn<: action. and the nnmbfrlMR ula th*_i flesh ia heir to. derive their hideoua origin from the blood, Deafkindiy the* aniTgeiitly with the bloc*} Ua* toe vitalising reaooroea of nature for lu aid. and anffer oa to oommend to roar confidence aad nse that truly valuable medicament known u MRS M COX'S INDIAN VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to ttiia almost infallible apeciGc a alar aestiment haa apoken In deoidcd forma, the evxlenoea of tliia treat effieaoy are n> tamed by constant avowal a of curative effect* and th? happieet reealta from ita ceo are af*?r all other remediea and the beat ine*lioal akin have failed. Let na amy, in oocciuaioc, th*t oertiPontea oaree are not aonght from the illiterate and anaec ficial, bnt the* are volonteer??d from the moat re apeotable aonroea and jnetify the higheatterm* in whioh it ia poeaible to commend ao valuable a specific to pub<io approval. We may add alao that the curative properties of the medicine are equalled only by ita reatorative eJocta. the aY*t?ni recover HK from diaeaee with renewe.1 cor*titnt<onal vigor. For sale by all respectable Drn**i*U in thic oity. and by proprietor, MRS. M. COX. None renuine ur.leea her name ia biown on the bottle and hor aeal on the oork fnr Pnoe 01 per bottle, eix bottle* for wXolttalt Agent. R. T. CldSEL. Druggist. Georgetown, 0 C., Wholeaaie Agent for the Dta triot, and will anppfy the trado at my pnoe*. an 18-tr FREEMAN ,V SIMKflU'f EXTRA* OLD 1FAMIIYRYI SVHISKi: EXTR/C OLD FAMIDT K\ OTKKE The above PUKE WHISKY, CofP** Dianu.*? from Malted 6*ain, bemn anterior and inrfora 10 quality, anil hichly improved by age, is prewired * ^ |4|pi i % j | 101AU t ^ * I J ? |f i v * ^ v m ? j by ooneumers to all other Whiskies, and Early reoonunemled by the best phyaioians a: chenueta as aossessinc ?11 the resair*mecta or Tr*4 Tonit Invif crater and Krmtdial Atmt. The ScfcuylkilT Water ol Phi:>ule.?hia. used is the distillation of this Whisky, is proved by analy sis to be the softest and f Brest water la the United States: and to tfcfsmay.jn a treat decree, be at tributed tEe axosl^ejgoe of this hl^y. rvrikivuj rftDAIIAnCPl On the Bohttjlkil/nJS1*' OBIom-M will street. Now Y Front street. Philadelphia. N. 101 -It Y rep3 awwn DISPATCH Bife tkj_Pie?eil At iniitmtt will torrMi # #* im wtU-ri fmmiliu, it ia r*ry 4s?irable to have tome cheap acd aonvflniati 7U far repair Lux Farcitara, Tor*. Creakery, Aa. irALOine*! nutrAiuto glu* meet* all snch emer(eooiee,aad ao household oaa afford to be withont it. ft is always ready and up In th* ahftkin* Tka** ?? ? ? 1?? - - ? ? ?? -r. p? ? ?ww itj for iimpiiif otiatrBi splintered " near?, fceadleea dot.i, and broken orad !m. It ia last the article for c-ce shall, and other ornamental work, ao popular with ladiee of re&aemeiit and taate. Tiua artmirab.e preparation la need oold, hrnnj chejntoally held ia aolotion, and poeeeeaing all the valuable qualities of the beat caUcet makers' else. It may be caed in the plaoe of ordinary maeilate, bc.n; vwtly more adhesive. " USEFUL IN BTMET HOVSM.? Prvn, U oenta. N. if.?A Braah aoootnp&niaa eaeh bottle W\4lts*U Dt?*t, No. 4S Cedar vtreet, Maw Tut ddraes REMIT cTsPALDIN? * CO., Bex No. S.ft&O, New York. Pat ay far Dealers in Caaee containing Poar, Kicht, and Twelre i>o*ec?a beauufalLiUocrapn ic Show-Card aoooinpanyuu each paokace. JET A rinile bmle of SPAZJUNfFS PRB PAji RD GLUE will eare ten nines its ooat an nua! to every leasehold. Sold by all prominent ttatloner*, Drafgista, Hardware and Faraltore Dealer*, ?rooera, aad Fancy Storea. Country msrohanta a ho aid make a note of SPAL Blfi&S PREPARED GLUE. when makuu na tumr irn. ii win itmi any o)in?to h lft^l r 5-5SJ5J roo . tigs* i 1* CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IK PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS WITH THE SIGNATURE OF y A ON THE LABEL AU OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.RDALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR IBSNIIWlillMI SI MEWY9ML MUMUU in ^ MISCELLAN BOOS. T*i AxAL?iKiTii<> OV Law?TTbor? I* a iro??( Md?Mr i? uua m? to mtprmpnf U* Mt *m?r?11 > wor4? ot ?Utr liwI ??.? < MR a vkilt to uaorMftt* tMxi) iato oar ovi, tfca* tk? wn'd Coy^ir.w r. ch U U?6rw>, n| MMrtM wkk'5?TOfc%i(-iM',r,trCJritiLl?0K^ rMMdr: Nit it wifl soon V ?m4 i? % more iwwi) v?f, wd U? weed wi" m oommon m K ix 'r lfre MMl May ntkar* ?koM d.itiD.-ticn m forwfa VMM baa bill wora a*a< by fonmon iai? aaUl tfcar "aativa aa4 to 'arflr Hi *a4 > 'orrihli 'aadaeka Una aft?raoo?, , into tii* kapotbeoariaa kaa'i *aya hi to tb? it MCaa y??a * * ~ wa,**Qaa yoa baaat* ? of aa 'w<t?inr* "Dim it l|Hbi *a?j.** aaya *a. ~Halc>?#diB?iyY" ?ay? ki, and joe tbai * i?m a* ? Ctfiaht PilPfcai^ *on to* oRof it eur?i mm ao ? >?* UatT*M?lr (7 Humcii ii tli* fcront* Utnr* MM known any _____ the natarai etata of the Nrain. u4 riiwd in tfrt* M?bt It may W lo<-k*4 raut nfr onto lit* bf vkirti utfvw I'otr U|bt It may W I<hImi himi itUgM to () ?t>OOe of tll*?a*e Which ia>fht otfcOTWIfO MOW attention, nil too iate to he rrm?4i??l, au j itoiU'H ?u?ai ikovld n?T?r he imImM Head aokaa m*T m o^aaMted 1 udrr two aaaMa, m ?f?lftofnauo ar,<1 Idiopathic. SynetofnaUo hwt aohe la exoeedinfly common an" ( lb* prer*r?>>' of a |nM rarie*y of <Whmm, Mnont whioa are Arr*?Tt Qoat. Eluy?tuir and tH Y-MW c MMN. la lU rerroa* form it ii a- nf?tkHi? dl* eaae of the vtoMMh a?nautatin M I ooaatitatia* nd Watfadkrf be?atio diaaaae oonetitatirc frWiaai ktmdmtk*. of uf.oopatipakioE aadother aieorc: -r* ofthe ow MtJM well M renal and aterine tf-otion* Diumm oftfie heart are rer* fr^oetiU* attended with Heafl aohae; a DKmia a^d atotttora are aiao af'-etmr* aki?kfr?..?.ti. ........ * ~ ' wu ? .V WWIW. luMmmn H ?<\dacha i? a.*' v#r? oummoi. bainc aaav.7 dia tiBf?<?had hy the name of ?trr?B? ktmdmtk*. torn* UmN ooniii on ?uddcny i<tkitol*o(u|ftr?i<Jt round heath aud proatratin* M odw tkr mwiU1 and phyaioitJ ritrtiM, and in uthar imUmm ?t ooiaaa ob alowly. h?'aJd?>d bydapraaaion of ^irtte or aoorhity of taoiper. Ia aioat laatanoaa the paia ia ia froat of tk? h?ad, owr om or both arm. aari aoaatiiuM provoking vomiting, ibOn Uua otaaa mar a'.ao ba aaniod Jtwrvlgi*. For th* treatment of either r> aaa of H'adaoM> lb* Opbalw) Pilia hava boon foaa* a aara and aaf* remedy, roliirini tbe moat acate paina ia a lav u r,ui*a, and by iU aubtla juwr AadjoaUr* tb# diaaaaa of which headaohe ia the iu>*rrihg isda*. /lainoKT -Miaaaa watt* yoa to aand k?i ? box Cwhai tcGiua, no ,a bottle of Prepared Pillt.? bat I'm ttiibkiDC that not Joat it uaithar; bat p*% Lap* ya'll ba aflhar knowing what it ia \a*M> he'* mth dead aiid gone with the Mac Headache, and wanta aoma mora of that aaue m raiajrM bar before. ^>r?Mtrt?t.?Yoa woat mraa BpaJding'a Cephalic Brtdtft.?Oohl' Kara now and rou've eed It. here'a the gua ther and |iv me the Pilla and <JobM be ail day aboat it aithar. (aaatlpatiai ar Caatlvri No ooa of tha "many ilia fleah ia hair to' prevalent, ao littia Hnder?t<><?d. and an nacv iecteo m uoiumiM* OPm ori$inaung in otre iNiDNi. or eedentftry hftlute; it ia received m ft light disorder of too 'ittle funi^ueno? to exett4 ftnxiety. while ia reftlity it ia the pr?oftr*or aod companion of noftcj of the irrnit (Wtfti ftmi dftacer o?i dieefteea. ftixl unleea e?rl? enulMftted it Wilt bring th* Bufferer to ftn nnt:inel? trftee. Among tb? lighter enla of which Oativeneea ia the uruftl ( lend ftn t ftre H'ftdftohe, Olio, Rhrumftti>m, Poe Hroftth Pile*. other* rf like hile ft long trftin offrigbtnil dieefteea *uch ft* Mftlignftot Pevw?. Aboeeeea. lHaentery. Dye pee* ft, I'lurke*, A po l?xr. Fjn w, Pftrftijeia, Hritnto. H ?poo*nri onften.Meiftr nh?!y and Inaftaitp, 6 rat tndioftte their ereeenoe in the ayatem by th:a ftlftri in* iimfom Not unfre*aenUr the 4ia?fte?c i.ftoriec orig tnftt* to Conat-pfttion. bat tftk* on ftn ladependent exiet eno* unleea the o*nee ia erftriieftted in ftn rarly ?tft?e. Prom_ftJi theee oonaiderfttmne it fo love thftt th? diaonfftr ahonld reoei ve immed iete fttt-nhon vheo erer it oooira, ftod bo pereoc ahoald negieot to ret ft box of Cephftlic Pilla on the firat *eaeftrftooei>f the oomplftiftt. fta their tin^ly mee win exp?i the iralduona ftpproftehea of diaaftie ftod deetroy thia dft&gerooa foe to tiniuii life. 45 A Real BlewU|. Weil, Mr a. Jooe?,how u thftt hftftd fri. Jrmjui ? . I ?? vwnn I Ml g''ur i UN ^lil TPB e:.t cored me in jut* twenty hdibvIm, scd I w|?|i too wonid eend more so UK I ?u have Ufr> Mr reoommmd thena ir a cm?i of Hr?<!aohe. Mr*. 7mn -I aha.: Mad for ? tx.x direetlr, and hall toll ail my tuff*not frlenda, lor thoy ?re artmi bUu' Twiktt Milxiom* or Dou^aa 9im.-Mr. Pea d; n? ha* ao.d two mi.iiona of bottiee of hia mI ebrated Prepared Gie*and it 1* eetiaatod Llm ' bottle htm at le**t ten dollara worth of broker (urmtire, thea making an iuri|tu of tweaty bU none of dollar* reclaimer rron total loaa by thia alnaMe uiv*nt?o:i. Having made t..* Glue a hoea* hold word, be now propoeea to do the world etiU greater aemoe by curing all the aching beada with hi* Cephalic Piiia, end if they ar?H good m hi* Glue. Headaohee will aoon vaaiah away like new iaJur. C7*Orn axciTncnrr- and the Mental oare and anxiety incident to oloae attention to baa neve or* among the nnaaerona eaaeea of Norroje leaeaehe. The diaordrred elate of mind aod boar nt to thia diatreeeing eoaaaiaint ta a fata) blow to a'l enerrr and ambition. Sufferer* by thia diaorder oen a ?a>i obtain *p*edy relief from th*ee djatreeaing attaoka by caing one of the Co rmrto^ia apyear It , r . ?? * vlVtu I?II? vn? BITVH ed and jarring ard relax ee the t?na?on o4 the atomach which a] way a modbniiin ud af grarat^i the d.tordertd oondiUon of the hraia. KiCTf WORTS litowtM.-Pralding'a Cephatte PUla art a carta In care for Sick Headache. Bia oaa Beadache, Nervoaa B*a<Uohot CveUraoeee. iu General Debility. Oiut Dikotiit-Apoi| the moat important of all the great medical dieoovc-iee of thia age mav be cv r.picif red the araiem of vaortnation for proteo tion from Small Pox, Uie CepUaia Pill for ralief of Beadache. aod ihe aee of Own im lor the fr?T?n tion of Perece, either or wWL la a aare eeeetfcn. whoae ben? ?a will be ex?eiienoed by adoring hamanity ?on( aJt*r thwr dieooverer* are forgotten. C^Prt) yon cror bare the Sick HeadacheDo yoa rem?iDi^r the throbbing teirr.ea, ?he revered row, the loathing and diagatt at the eight of fo<>4. Bow totally uant yoa *r? for aSea*are, conreiea tion or atudf One of the Cepha ?c villa would tyive relieved yon from all the anffericc which hfi wywwmed For tbi? ?ad otS*r nryowi yon ahoaid lav* a box of tb*? o* bind to ace m oocmiod ntiim, ^VCURE * ^3 CURE ^7 NervousHeadache TTo anVi/^ By ttM um of ttm Pill* tk? p?nodi? Muki <4 Ntmtu m Sick N?d+tk* My be ynrnM; ud If Ukw M the touMMMmt of u fctt?ok diaterehof from ptiaMdatekneeewUl be obtained. Tk*r Mid on fkii la rMsoruic Um Hmmrtm and H?d*cK* to which feraaiee are m> ?*h(*et They aet (Mill mm the ttovMi.?tmbotuii Cm rie?mj. For Lilm+ry Mm, DrliMti Pn?in. ud all person* oi mdaumry kmkitt, they lf? Ml nlubl* aa ? Ltxmtivt, the ?yyKii<, (iTias tmu u4 m? to the di? eeti ? oriui, ud rMtoiisg the aatarai ilutiMtj Bad *Ue&<th of the wbo.e iji'm. he CEPHALIC PI Lt) we tho remit of Um laveaticattos and oarefaiiy ooodaoted exyenieote, ha*lcf been in see our yeara, d?n&? vhioh tine they hare prevented tad relieved i mt teoul of fain ud aaflerlnc from Headaehe, whether ongi yiunorlroa ?ftb? hmmuA. Ttoy W* wpiM? UI U??ir M at all t)KM Wllil MK< MV 4% iir?bU tm*U rmUart u ??o> U MhllMUlir ikrm M (A?Ur?k BEWARE op COUNTERFEITS! (MliM ktu S?( MIMUrM ol Haarr C. by DriflHtiuKitlitHtor Pnlwil?M<i os will to Mat by atil pra**id oa i PRICK, U CENTS. i afcaaM toaMiaaaa* la

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