Newspaper of Evening Star, January 15, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 15, 1861 Page 3
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) ""local news: I , ?IJT'Tacnfifc Tn St*? la printed on the Cutot (teem prrm m oar aouth of Baitimore, It* edition It *n Ur^r u to require It to be put to preaa at an ewrly bonr; Advvrtiaementa, therefore, ahoald be * a. a ? ?-a * *" wrn* in lawr n ciof* m.; duicrwiie xtey Biy act appear until the next day. x Notic*.?District of Columbia Advertisements ' %o be Inserted in the Baltimokk Sun are received at and forwarded from Thk St * a Offlce. Citt Council*. January 14.?Board nf Aidermen ?A communication wu received from the Mayor, approving an act for the relief of James Rhode*. bills faftsid Joint resolution authorising the distribution of fsel to the poor of the city A bill making appropriations for the purchase of oil for the L nlon Fire Company. A bill to exempt from taxation the property of the free school on G street north, between Fourth 1 and Fifth streets west 1 A bill making appropriations for the purchase < f oil for the are companles of the city. 1 A bill making appropriation* for repairs on the 1 Northern Market < ills iirniiD. 1 Resolution (a relation to the annexation of ' Georgetow*. i A bill lor the grading of First at. west between i M and N its south. I A bill for the more general lighting of the city. < A bill instructing the committee before Con- t Cress to urge the expediency of cedi og to the Cor- ' poration all interest, right and title In certain fire < V:omDanif?. th?lr hnni* *- * T - ??viialluC*| H. U ^ III I Hbe ri\y; recommitted to the committee on fire i "department. 1 Mr. Brown reported from the committee on i Usance* bill for the relief of Taylor A Hutchinson, i Laid over till next meeting. 1 (Mr Bohrer moved to tale from the flies a reso- < lotion in relation to a change of hour for the i meeting of the Board, and that it be laid over till | the next meeting ' Agreed to. ] Mr Price reported from the committee on finance 1 a bill authorizing the purchase of steam fire engine fir the city Laid on the table and ordered 1 to be printed Adjourned. 1 Common Council ? Mr Jones, from ?:*? ? ?j u?n* mMin committer, reported Aldermen1* bill for ) relief of \V. D Wallach and R. A. Waters, and 1 recommended its passage. The bill was passed; I yeas 17, oavs I ? Also, Aldermen's bill providing for payment of principal and Interest upon certain guarantied ( oords. Several gentlemen explained that tbey 1 were Members of the Board when tbe guaranty 1 >? ** ordsred, but the ffci h of the Corporation is ' bound for it, and they would vote for the pay- 1 roent?; passed. A bill to pay the Assessors for correcting the ' poU li*ts, was passed Mr. Clark, from drainage committee, reported 1 bill for tbe erection of Aver's sidewalk fir*. I plugs at certain points In the Second Ward Mr Chapln moved to amend by authorizing the erection of others at variona points In the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Wards, where water malts are laid. The amendment was withdrawn. Mr. Easby mofsd to recommit the bill with instruciioua to the committw to report a bill for .the erection t>f pings in all the itreets of^he city where the mains are laid and proper outlets located; lost Ard the bill was passed. Mr Mohun, from same committee, reported a bill authorizing the Mayor to contract for altering tie ttre-pi'.igs on hand to Lowry's patent; pari Mr ?.?? * .... .., vni Nine tuiumiiwe, reporwfl a * blU making appropriation for making a connec- c tion of the water main of the Capitol with cer- * tain tire-pings; passed. 8 Mr Mvlloy, from claims committee, reported 1 bill remitting a fine imposed ou Victor and Qs * ?.ar Hulaski, passed ' Mso. asked to be discharged from considering ' petition of J B G run well; discharged ' Mr Mohun clf-red a resolution iustracti ig the 8 committee before Congress to urge the annual ap- * proprlation of S1.0U0 for lighting and heating the * military armories; passed. 8 Mr. Meade, from the police committee, re- 1 ported a bill for prevention of nuisances It pro- f hi bits the establishment of wood and coal yards, a or the erec'lon of blmcksmitW, cargenters' or * wheelwright's shops within fifty feet of a dwel- ' ling without permission cf the occupants of said ? dwelling or dwfllini?? 1 Mr Clark moved to strike oat the proviso granting permission; rejected Mr. Mahun moved to add cabinet maker's shops < to tbe list of nuisances; lost. On motion of Mr Easby, the subject was postpoaed till Monday next. Mr Knsby otf-red a resolution Instructing the drainage committee to report a bill for the erection of fire-plugs in the streets of tbe city where mains are laid; adopted. Bill from tbe Aldermen appropriating for oil for tbe Union Fire Company was referred; also, joint resolution authorizing tb? distribution of fuel to tbe poor of the rlty was adopted \| p f la r W * ? ? ? ??--*? ? * - ** "* * * vus> r? trn ju?ui resolution lor IDC ainiri- ' button of provisions to the deserving poor; which w?.? adopted Adjourned. j (cojimchic ated 1 To thk Pkoplk of Waihisqto* ?Attempts ' lire being made to wheedle you out of the adop- * tion of mons to defend your lives and property ' >:ands of conspirators, by intimations that 4 your city, if you remain quiet, may become the s??t of V'ov? rnment of a !*outhera Confederacy. * No intelligent man believes anv such absurdity, t Look at its proposed territory stretching from the c frontiers of Pennsy lvania to the frontiers of Mexi- 1 t:c; can you w:ieve mat a prudent government ? wo tild have its teat so near it* moat exposed fron- f tier ? Tbe idea is unreasonable and preposterous. < 9 Hut. were it otherwise, is that any reason why s the people of Washington should not prepare to i defend themselves against hordes of lawless ruf^ i*i flans' Is it a crime in a people, when their Gov? f eminent, their lives and their property are threat- 1 ened, to arm in self-defense? None but tbe con- ? * apirators themselvea^retend, and they do not be- " lieve. that any purpose Is entertained to lead you out of tbe District of Columbia, to butcher vour 8 brothers of Virginia and Maryland; but If ruffians fl come from elsewhera into the Disrict to over- ? h rrwar unlit llAwasfim?n* ? * ...? Tvw? wviuiuvMVj ucBuuy yuur pnipcny, and butcher you, will you tamely present your naked the bayonet and tbe bowie knife? Washington can do little to influence tbe current of events In tbe States, and her present military movetnent U purely defensive M?e mult rts&utely defend beraelf, and wait tbe current of events whicb she cannot control. If any doubt had been entertained about the necessity of h*r arming herself, It o^fct to be dispelled by the very opposition to It; wwhat reasonable ground ef opposition can exist, unless it be in a desire and design to rush in upon you unarmed and unprepared* R? iiai < T? o- J - -??1 ??V *v?. ? v ? Ul* uc I COUJ IW I rpci I the threatened invasion of ruffians, and with your | arm* flrmty grasped, await in peace tbe progress of events. Washington Tbb Paorotso Ezt?i:on or thk Baltixokx i5D Ohio Railroad Across tub Potomac ? S Jonn XV Garrett, Esq., President of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, baa nddressed a printed letter to the Chairman of the House C?mmltee, iu reference to a bill to authorize the Baltimore and Obto Railroad Company to extend tbe Washington Branch of their road to the Potomac river, and across the aame. for tbe purpose of connecting with southern railroads, and which, originally reported to the 9>-nate, passed that body 1 la an amended form on tbe 31st of December, and la now to be considered by :he House. Mr Garrett expresses the willingness of the < Company wblch be directs to engage in the work 1 |k of completing so necessary a link iu tbe great I chain of railways connecting tbe North and 1 Roiith. If the nrli'lnal i/rant h.inM ho awiHlaH It, but odd* that bis Company, wblch lslntereated 1 to the extent of only forty miles in the route, doe* , not regard the ^rant aa a boon, but rather la the 1 light of a great public convenience and It la un- ' willing, therefore, to accept it with the Impoaltlon 1 f burdena In the shape of tax^-a upon ita property 1 . within the Diatrict, or restrlctlona aa to the char- 1 acter of the bridge to be constructed ever the * Potomac The reputation of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company abould guarantee, be 1 aava. that the work will be built in accordance with the beat approved theories of engineering Nor will the compenyaccePt an act to be modified : at the pleasure of Congress, which it a peculiarity of ibe amenaea din. Tins Wabd Voliitiii Militia ?The Third Ward Union Volunteer* met last night at Temperance Hall, for the purpoae of completing an organization There waa a large crowd preaent. lien era 1 Carrlngton submitted for a constitution the contention of the Washington Light Infantry, saying that compear was.the oldest and beat in the city. This constitution, in a somewhat modified form/waa adopted. A reaolutlon complimenting General Hcott. Secretary Holt, the two .Militia Major Generals, Itt. WetRhUUAn and Thomas, for their patriotism, waa adopted amid loud cbeers. The Chair appointed a committee to wait on *1 the above gentlemen, submitting to them the ?-conetltutlon adopted by Ik# company, and IX the be approved, to apply Immediately for *' ansa, Ac The eonatitntlon declares tbe organization to be a permanent one, and not a temporary or political ??Generai Carrington Hid that be Intended to - make tbe U nion Regiment of Washington equal ' to tbe Seveotb Regiment of New York, or any "WJ-other regiment la tue country. (Applauae J St xt?e company adopted for their name that of c. ' tbe Company A, of tbe Third Ward of the Union pr Re.'lmratof Washington. ?? ?- tk? Mew Yifck Avenue Pre* II VVIH.HI ? brterlsn Church, under the direction of Mr* OecelU Voun^^whlch Mjwtlwrf to Ufce kJ ^ \ Ov?? Bnci'i Stabu ? Headquarters if tk* ' National Volunteers?Tktf Meet?The "Swr'' Reporter aimt Wanted ? O'er Burcb's stablr, corner of Fourteenth and D streets, a abort distance south of Pennsylvania avenue, there Is a large room, with an entrance which winds upwards from the carriage repository underneath. You enter first the large doors of the latter* and adTinrlnir thM* m - J "* "** B ...W v. ?VMI pnvrv tun JO WU ft UUOr OH IQt left; von then paaa through thia doorWay on to a broad step, and with another twiat to the left, aacend eight or ten atepe and land on a aecond broad atatr; again von turn to the left, and puahing your way boldly up alx more atepe o* w. ga bolt through another doorway, and And youraelf In a large room, the walla of Which are aupported by aquare wooden columna. In abape, thia room woutd be nearly a right-angled triangle but for the clrcumatance that one of the angTra lan't an angle Way up it the upper end of the room there ia a rough board partition with a door in it, the top t&atefully ornamented with cedar bousha. ana me wo'di ''Supper room" artistically inscribed above. As vou stand at tbe entrance you race about, half way to the rigbt, and note a little iquare r?m which obtrudea Itself into the main ' Hall,'' and which is called by courtesy the lad lea' dressing-room, though no words to that rffect are Inscribed over ?ti door About half wray down the wall to tbe right, there Is a pineboard erection about six feet high and some fourteen ftret long, with a bench extending the entire length, which Is reached by a flight of ttepa, and Is called the orcbester. Around the walls are a number of palntinga (duplicates), representing a background of barren mountains, and I. tK. # -? * " >irc ivickivuiiu two men on norseoacK, each barked up by a couple of dozen or so of soldier*. Dne of these horsemen sits on a white horse, and i man warn the aUra and atrlpea over hla head rhe other horseman Is mounted on a brick-dust colored horae with that sort of fore-left which Is t>est described by the word "bandy," and he (the nan, not the horae.) holds In bis hand a white Mnner. Underneath are the words, "Gen.Taylor never surrenders." Around the room are placed i number of long benches without backs, neatly ituffed with hay and covered with a sort of calico, >r what quilt-making grandmothers call "copper ilate Near the rutin square room which we ?ave noticed aa being situate on your right aa you lalf face In that direction at tne entrance door, here la a stove. This completes our description of the hall over Burch's stable, which ha 1, froin the fact that It las been devoted to th? purposes of a darkey b&Uoom, baa heretofore escaped public attention. It *'as in the roum above notic d that the National Volunteers met last night for the purpose of comdieting a reorganization of their company. Hith* rto they Lave been called '-National Democratic Volunteers " Very recently they hare stricken >ut the middle word, and now.propose, as we inderstand, to go it jam the Democratic. It was tere that our Ilea "assembled" himself last night, t having been previously understood*between lim ana several prominent members thai bis > esence would be acceptable. On entering the rtnm K* r?/\H ? ?.?-J J * ?. scaicu iruuDu ioe ?uive several au.illar face*; (thefs was no fire In that stove,) ind walking up and down the room were sev ral persons whose features were familiar to our It"? " There was Mr \V. R Thomas, Mr. C. binder, Mr. Bradford, Mr Tiettter; prrsently here was Mr. Russell, clerk, from (>a : Mr. 1.. ^ Wasblngton, Mr. Burdine, Mr. 0 fc Kirk, rfr. O'Donnell, Mr McCaulev, of the Model Department 1'atent Office; Mr. Ghant. Clerk lii Poat Jffice; Mr Clrary, Clerk in City liall; Mr Donmoo, do do.: Mr Cook. Clerk in Post Office, rom Mist.; Mr Sherman, Clerk in Lund Office; >lr. M Latrulte. Messenger in Capitol; Dr. C. ioyl*. Mr. Lloyd, Mr. Phil. Enuls,Clerk in Naval (tore; and suudry others, whose names dwell not n our recollection It was cold in that room, undoubtedly cold, and hose present, numbering some thirty or forty, ound it much moie comfortable to walk up ana town than to stand still. It soon became apparent o nearlv all DrMcut that nur <!?? " " ? nd the "National Volunteers" be;;an to collect ii little uroupsand converse in low tones, glancing :ver ana anon towards us, with that expression f fare which signifies distrust all over th* world. 'Ites" begun to think he wasn't wanted there, ['hat Idea soon be/an to receive confirmation, in hupe of confidential whispering* into his repororial ear by certain personal friends, (for be It mown that "Ites" has several very gortl friends imong the "National Volunteers~") "Itts" felt |fueer. He had been invited to attend, bad pur" sea to be present, ana was present. He liad lso purposed to give to the world a fair, imparlal account of the proceedings of the "National Volunteers" at that meetinir. held in th?t h?n er that stable. The more tie wanted to do this, be more it became apparent to Mm that the National Voluutetrs" had that to say and do rbich they would much rather should not tee layligbt. It really looked like tbe old timed (lira political associations used to meet and conoct political schemes with closed doors and seniaels and passwords After a while,when It becam^necessary to go to work, or go hoine without doing anything, our ourteous friend Cleary, the President of tbe National Volunteers, came to us and said that, as >ur friend he felt bound to say- that, while so far is he was concerned, he should be most happy to ?ave Itea" stop and take notes, yet there was a leclded majority of those present positively opposed to any reporter for the Srar b?"ing present. I"n i ?? v u.vjw uiuii/uujr, lurmurc, ue aavisea "Hfs,'' is a friend, to step outside. '-Ites" replied, tb?t le desired it to be on record that he Lad come by nvitatlon, and In good faith, to give an honest eport of the proceeding*; and having no desire o Intrude htf pretence where it was not welcome, le would withdraw. He then gracefully withIrew Pr S Pas?lng by Buret's stable this morning, **e deceived such a knowing wink froin one of he horse* that It induced us to approach thesaga^ ious animal. He gave us to understand that be* \'as a good Union Loss, and fancying something in wholesome was going on up stair* the night >reviousJb>' kept bis best ear open and his favorite ye cocked In the direction of a crack over his tall that enabled him to see into the dance bail. i appears fom nis (horse's) narrative, that innnelia'elyaft-r our reporter lefttberoom, tbe reporter or the Republican wai smoked out and invited t* eave. Several other persons, who it was lutpertrd night belong to the press gang, received a sigililcant bint to leave. Mr. Latruite thea took hi* poat at the door aa lertjeant-at-arma President Cleary called the neetlng to order, and said that he auppoa^d ft waa inderatood that no one would remain In the room vbo was not friendly to the cause of tbe National Volunteers Everybody said "aye " About this ime the reDOrter of the Constitution ?nni)iiiu>?t tia presence. Some caucusstug took place, and t was decided that It would be Injudicious to lave any report of tbe proceeding* j;o out, not >ven at colored by the friendly band of tbe Cohtitution. Dr. Boyle salil be hoped no report would be made; that tbe National Volunteers did lot wish any report of the proceedings to be pubished. Everybody again said ' aye " The Contitution inan was, however, invited to remain in iomnounton, as " friendly to tbe cause." Hoes says that at this point one of the sentries ip stairs happened to halt in bis rounds, and planting bis big hoofsdl'ectly over the convenient :rack of courss shut off all observation. From oe waisperea muuerinus max occasionally came 0 bit ear be believe* tbat a small minority above ivere disposed to kick at the resolutions passed by be meeting last week as going a leetlt too far. It would appear also tbat .<om?(4tnc4>ad turned lp In tbe course of tbe week tbat occasioned conliderable fluttering amongst tbe N V 'a,and tbat 1 portion of tbe membership were in consequence lisincliued to come up to the scratch of signing be roll. Before tbe meeting adjourned, a pledge >f secresy was exacted of each person present. Mice, patriotic, above-board proceedings, says loss ! Tax Militia Officers ArroiXTiD.?The list >f militia officers having been made out, comnlisloni were yesterday Tnued to tbe following gentlemen to act la tbe several capacities herein nentioned: Colotult of Infantry.?Jas A. Talt, Colonel of ;he first re* 1 ment. Peter F. Bacon, Colonel of tbe tecond regiment. Martin E Bright, Colonel of the third regiment. James E Morgan, Colonel of ibe fourth regiment. Jonah D Hoover, Colonel jf the fifth regiment. Lemuel J Middleton, Colonel of tbe sixth regiment. Tbos. BUgden, Colonel of the seventh reg I ment. R ich'd P Coxa, Colonel of the eighth reglmeut. Luutenmt Colontl* ?G A. Schwarzman, Lientenant Colonel of the second regiment James V. Davis. Lieutenant Colonel of thefourth regiment. Jos Peek. Lieutenant Colonel of the sixth reitl uent. J McHenry Hollingswortb, Lieutenant Colonel of tbe eighth reglmtnt. Major*.?Chat 9 Wallach, Major of the first regiment. John Watts, Major of the third regiment. F. A. Klopfer, Major of tbe fifth regiment. F B. Scbsffer, Major of tbe seventh regiment. Insptttor General, toitk the rank of Colon*!.? Chas F. Stone.?Republican. 9vr*imi Cocrt, Yesteedat.?David D. Coltou, Ksq , of Calfornla, was admitted an attorney auu vvuu?cuw? vi tui? vuui? No. 22. Miguel Davila, plaintiff Id error, agt. Jesse Munaford et al. In error to the district conrt of the Ignited State* for tbe western district of Texaa. Mr. Justice Netaon delivered tbe opinion of tbe Court, affirming tbe judgment of the said district court lu the cause, with coats. No. 45. Geo. H. Kyle et al , plaintiffs In error, agt. John McRae et al. The argument of this cause was commenced by Mr. Thomas for the pla'.ntifia in error and continued by Mr. Geo. W. Brown for the defendants In error. Adjourned. VV b would call tbe attention of our readers to the lecture of to-morrow ntgbt, at the Assembly's Churcb. by He*. Mr Collins. The great Interest now attached to bla subject (Japan), and the wellknown ability of the Speaker, promise an inatruc ti*e entertarnment. Mr coinns having traveled extensively through the Interior of Japan and spent some time In Yeddo, he Is enabled to glee accurate Information as to the hablta, custom* and natlonalltiaa of that secluded poo pie. Ckntbal Gcaxd hocsk Casi ?J as Cavanagh was arrwted as fragrant, and ftjs morning was Fifth I.term* o!i RoaDs ah? at the Praltbsonian institution, by Prof. F Roreri. of the University of Pennsylvania. Tbe lecturer aid that having treated In the two previous lecture* of the various forina of beams and girders, be would consider some of tbe points of interest in connection with tbe location and general con U-J J i- J?? -??? ? - ? I uluuh ui unosc*. in designing a uriage, tne , engineer Is usually bound by certain 1 mita, such I aa tbe height of tbe roadway on top. and of the headway underneath. The approaches sl*o require consideration, and they are sometimes m re (tiAcult and expensive than tbe bridge structure Itself A careful study of the stream Is also necessary to determine the action of the eurrenta. and tbe danger to be apprehended from freshets. Tbe supports, usually of masonry, at tbe end of a bridge, are callrd tbe abutments, and when the saK im * t. ? ?*? ? ?? *- * >?vu i* u?cu mcj iiiuii ur uruuk ruou^u 10 rmiss tbe tbrust. Tbe supports in the stream, called pias, are built of stone or iron or even of wood, and as they have to resist a virtual pressure only, they may be much smaller than tbe abutments, and should be, to obstruct the watei way as little as possible. Many methods of forming tbe pins In tbe water are iu use, adapted to tbe various circumstances which present themselves The lecturer then described at some length the forms of coder dsms, caissons, and piles In use, mentioning especially the pneumatic pile, of Iron, which has been used in Kuropean examples, and in this country on tbe Pedee river in North Carolina. When tbe superstructure is of wood, it Is in thu form nf th? truss Af trti Iron, in any of the form* before described; when of atone, in the form of an arcb. Suspension bridges of chains or of wire ate rapidly gaining favor, and have been mach improved In strength and stiffness. The lecturer described by the aid of diagrama the suspension bridge?tbe method of anchoring the cables and tbe manner of stiffening by trussing and by wire braces. The tubular iron bridge built fey Stephenson over the Menal Strait was then described and compared with the suspension bridge over the Niagara by Roeblini; This , engineer Is entitled to the credit of having built the flrat railway suspension bridge of long span i (ttOO feet) after it haa been pronounced to oe imDossible bv thf> K.null*h Miirlnxn Several other forms o 1 Bridges were then described and illustrated by drawings. [commcsicatrd Columbian Tkachkks' Association.?Has it ( been abandoned or suspended, or has it died a I natural deith. I learn nothing of its action of late. Tnere is doubtless no better method for the teachers of this cily to secure their just influence in the great educational movements of the day than by regular associated meetings. Community t has a right to demand this of them. Whether a 1 public or a private teacher, the amount of money : paid them is sufficient to justify the people of the District In requiring an efficient Teachers' Asao ciation in this city. .As a patron of our achoois and deeply interested in their aucceM, I would 1 request that if the association of teachers long existing in the city has been abandoned, that a | convention of teachers and others interested in education be called for the purpose of forming an association which shall hold.its meetings evenings, the better to accommodate *11 interested. < "#15.00 pes Quarter or Tis Wkeks." \ l A Floral Compliment ?This morning, Hon. John Cochran, of New York, received from the American Institute, Baltimore, a beautiful vase or basket of flowers, as a complimentary acknowledgment of bis able address there last 1 night. The base of the vase is decorated with 1 thirty three diminutive representations of the stars and stripes. Above the base ft a large basket of rarest exotic flowers, exquisitely arranged, and around its edge bang small baskets tilled with the delicate and fragrant products of tbe green-house. A staff arises from the baudle from which floats tbe star-spangled banner, and ! on the top sits a dove bearing in its beak a spriu i of olive. The vase some three feet high, and 1 altogether is a floral achievement more elegant and significant than anything of the kind we bave ever before seen. i Arrest tor Larceny?Some time ago a gen- j tlemin stopping at Wiilard*' lost a quantity of money from his room The suspicion of larceny rested upon a young employee named Patrick O'Neil, but there was no positive evidence. The , honesty of the waiters and servants at the hotel j has been seldom questioned, and tl4cy. with the proprietors, were anxious to discover the oflender. A quantity of money was marked and put in a ' portinonnaie and iefl in one of the rooms A war- ( rant was then issued by J ustice Hazard and placed i In the hands of policeman Ward,charging O'Neil i with the form r larceny. The marked money 1 was soon taken, and O'Neil was arrested snd ' carried before Justice Hazard last night, and the marked money was found upon LI in. He was sent to jail for court. Somnambulism.?On Sunday morning, W. P Boteler, (son of Mr. C. W Bottler.) aged about 1G years, got out of his bed while asleep, and ruined thewli.dow of hit room, in the third story ( of his father'! dwelling, and stepped out, falling , a distance of 20 to 25 feet, to a porch below. One i of the family fortunately heard him moving about and the window raited, and consequently relief was soon afforded the unfortunate youth. He was verv badly hurt, and the extont of his injuries could not be certainly ascertained. It is feared his spine is Injured. Thk ajsxrAL MRKTisaof the American Colonization Society, this evening, at 7 o'clock, will be one of deep interest. After the reading of the annual report, several gentlemen will address the Society At the opening of the meeting, an address isexi?ected from the President of the Society, i>ir. i.nroue, 01 nnnimgre. we aouDi not tlie hall will be well filled. The Quakkx* Movmo ?Tbe Rockvill/* Senti- i nrl rharj/fa upon tbe Quakers of Montgomery connty, Md , tbe fact that r*eceaafon resolutions ] were tabled at the late county mass meeting held at Rockville. ( A falsk aiam of fire, about noon to-day, 1 brought out the apparatus of tbe Franklin Fire | Company In a twinkling. There being no call for their aervicet, the boy* returned after a abort run. 1 Assault axd Battkrt.?Hat Foley and hii , wife, were ^rrested yesterday by policeman Carter, for an assault and battery on Honora Myers They were taken before Justice Donn and held to security for Court. It is a common observation that there are more sutlerers f om debility, among Americans, than can be found among any other civilize 1 nation. The reisou is oovion. We take too little exerc'se, and forget the wauU of tlie body in the absorbing pursuit* of busiuess. In all tuch ca?e?, ordinary medicines can do little (cod. What m required is just \ suoti a tomo and invigorator as Dr J.Hostetto; has given to the world, in his celebrated Bitiirt. The < weak and nervous donizeu of tne counting house, the exhausted toi er upon the shop board, and the prostrated student of tin midnight lamp, have tound a wonderful regenerator in the llitt-rs, ami prefer ib iu iituio jiicioauuui. \tut less nnoACl'?us metll cnfl^. iJut it *hould ndt he forgotten th&l the &ceut wliioTi i? so magical in it* influence upon a frame whioti is merely debilitated, l* equally powerful in assisting nature to expel the mott tirriWe forma of disease. Who would not give it a trial: Hold by druggists and dealer* everywhere, ja >5 ?o3: HoMxoraTHic RSMXDIM All of fir. HnmnhrAvi Ar fft ? tatA/ufiA Oa. meopatliic Remedies put up expreaaly for family use, in boxen, at 25 aad &> centa each. Al?o. in ouei. containing 20 vials, from #4 to Qi each, with book of fuli directions. For sale by Z. D. Gilman. 330 Pa. avennp, wholesale and retail agent: W. A. Fitarera.Tl, 353 north F street; also by F. B. Winter, corner of Mamiaohuaetts avenue and Sixth street. Al*??, Ponrt't Foriract nj WiuK Hamel, for internal and external inflammations of all kinds. Sold a above. ma 9- ly Fmox H. H. Hazard, E*?i. W'abhixoton. D. C., Sept. 38,1860. 8. W. Fowl* * Co.?i w*a for a Ion* time afflicted with Dyspepsia in its worst form. My apMtitA WfLM rAlii And vhat litfrl* fn/vl I J/wilr waa thrown u> titer remaining in the stomaoh a ?hort time. My abdomen ra vary much bloated, in faet there was complete derangement and prostration of thedigeetive powers Several very eini. ent P'sioiaua attended me at various times, but their treatment cave bat little, and that only temporary relief. My sufferings were intense, and 1 became reduced to a mere skeleton. At this time one of our druggist induced me to try the o^lebrated O.ry tmated Bitttrt, whioh I dul, though with little faith and great reluctance?for I had tried so inmy that I had come to the oonclusion that a I proprietary medioines were alike worth but after taking the first bottle I way no much relieved that I continued the use of thein until a perfeot ocre wm (onku. now man oneeriuny rcnc>iDii<end the Bitters to all as a certain our* f ?r i?ysr?i>sia. H H HiziiD. slid P?ons)lvt!iii ?v?nui) Prepared br Setta W. Fowle k. Co., Boston, and for sells in Washington sit; O. Htott, S?. B. WaiCe J;. D. Giunan. John Sohwarse. Nairn & Pviner, ohn Wile), J B. Moors, and H. ii. MoPherson; tGeorgetown by R. 8. f. Clss-ll, and (>. w. t J. athron, and by dr ax gists everywhere, js ? l w,r Hollowat's Pills a? Oi<itnirt Fact* for the Mtllitm.?Bi a reoent onactment of the Franoh ro?ernment. these medioiu^s are ad mitted free or duty into all ports of France. They .I -- -iT .L- E-i: - - - i? ^ T Ku.f.wjwu >u m'l Ii?e puuiio U?1 military hospitals throughout the K.mpin. Tae Emperor has signified his appreciation of their virtues in M Miojnpk letter, to Dr. Hollowly. Daring the late Carnpati n in Italy, large quantities were used for the wounded at Kreseciaaud M< nteohiero. told by all Druggists, at XS cU.,Uati., and f I per bo* or pot. jaitlw Couuhs?The sudden changes of our olimate are sources of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic AJfection.}. Experience having proved that simple r.medw? oftei act sp~x3iU and oertaiujy when i* eEr,7 *** or Ike disease, reeourge should at onoe be had to Brotpn't Br on- ml TVoeAii." or Lountai. *t thn P/ut.K . i. ritation of the T?ro?t fn ever w. ilifht, u by this precaution n morn eeriou* attack may beeSec aa-llj warded off Public Spmktrs and Stmters will fied Um efeotsai for cteannc and atreofUieninf the vuioe. Hm advertiMmanU <te l-ly .To tn Anunn!- ? nrat? nod Utidru DIKD, r s * & _ f 1 4 BALLS, PARTIFS. Ac. I /"JRAND COTILLON PARTY vl or thk #4 HKKNUUH CLUB, #9 To b* *iv?n at F"~& STOTT'S HALL, teJSk Corner Twentieth at. end Pa svenne. On THURSDAY, Jan. 17th, 18SI. Wsthera'eelebrated ban<l is entacei. Ticktta 50 oents, admitting a gentlemnn ana la^iea. Manager}. R. P. Pifpott, J. Murray. . J. Bury, y. Brady. ja 14-4f Anniversary ball BY TH* Franklin Fire Company, At WILLARDS' HALL. The Franklin Fire Company reapectfnlly announce that they wiil rive th?ir Thirty- fourth t% Annual Ball in onmm'mnration of the birth JCS cay of the Patriot the above J|B nmiwl U.ll ?.? "THUKSDA V EVEN ING. Jmnvy 17,1?^ Tioketa ONE DOLLAR; admitting a gentleman and ladies. _ MauatT*. Rot>t. K. Doyle, Wm Durr, A.S. Dent, Jn<> H. Seaefordt Geo R Oro??field, Grafton Powell, w m. H. Fanning, Wm. M. Payne, Jacob Heea, Conrad Finkman, F. H. Frtdley, D. Veightnyer, Simon Mtearn, Wm J. Gary, y.O. Eckioff, W.Offutt. I C U ?? ? " * ?r* & niMuuAi JOO. ?nMKciiorat R. K. Mooney Wm. Crampton, John Miller, E. J. Crwmpton, Jno.C Reeves, Ed L. Waters. Tnos J. Fisher, (Stafa) WANTS. W ANTKD?By a respectable yoon* woman, a " ISITUATIOiN as wet nurse. Apply at No. 711 oorner H and First sts. east. It* WANTKD-Bf two respectable jirls, aSITUA" TION,onea* cook, washer and iroter. the other as chambermaid and assist in general housework. Apply for two days at the oorner of Seroud and H north. ItV17ANTED?An experienced NURSE, eo ored U or An AmnpmAB- tn Lait* nf ?? wbo can oome well rec o na me tided f App y at No. 433 12th street. above G. ja U-3t* WANTED?By a competent and steady colored Man, a SITUATION as waiter or driver, or to do any kind of work, lie can (five references as to ti s character and c?pa?ity that will >atisfy any one wurii.g to ernploj nucha person. Please aMrrss Box No. 8, at this office. ja It 3t WANTKD?A NURfE, one well experienced in talcing care of an infant. Nane hut such v* can furuish the l>e*t recommendation* need api>'y, and to such, most liberal wages will he paid. Apply at No. 309 F street north, between tlth and l?rh .frn.tii - " ? WANTED TO R ENT?Between 4K and lMh streets, and New Vork avenue and D street, i RAKKRY, already estab ish'd, or any place nil table tor such purpose, with st"re,oven. yard tnd stable Apply to F hRXI'DNER. Richmond House, corner fcijhth and U sts , Washington. jail 4t* WANTF.L) 1MM Kill ATEl,Y?From *5 to JlO.nui worth of SKCOND-HANI) FKRNl rUR E of all kinds, for whioh I will guaranty to pay the highest prices, and. as usual, at the shortest notice. R. BUCHLY, Dealer in Furniture, Stove*, 4 c., oo 9 40** 7th ?t.. bet. G and H. enst aide. WANTED-SECOND HAND FURNITURE. Pernous dec in!?i)t housekeeping, or having \ surplus of Furniture on hand, can obtain thecasn vuu ton viivva uj ?krvijiut. ai covrum pv. no 17 BONTZ ft GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. LOST?On Satnrday la?t, i-i the Capitol, near e a?t door of the ladma gallery of the Senate; a (itch FUR TIPPET. The finder will be mutably rewarded by leaving it at No. Pa. av., near 2id itreet. it* L/'OUND?On the steamer Powhatan, on Satur r day, the Uth.two PACKAGES marked Official Business, War Department, with no direction I he uw;.er may ha e them l>? cvimg on tlie clerk of the Powhatan, at the foot of Sixth street, and paying fnr tlila <! nrti ?orr>n . * ?v'"v-t- J A pea KK, Cleric. IOST?On Thunday last, either in th? Certer J Market lloure or on Ninth (treet, or on I), between t<ie corner of Ninth and L>. a .d Tenth, between D and K,a BREASTPIN, on the ba-lc of wriiich were the words "From Arthur to Mother." A rnitaUIe reward will be paid for its return t > the Star Offic*. lt*_ UTRA> EO OR ST?LKN.-A b!ac* ton TER~ Ull'll I' i i> i.. .1..,? - *% t _# ?? t v | iw ? o\>ai via mp?ar> J tide nf hi* right ey>*, ear* cut clone, & I" nr jji'iy ta:l; had on & red cotton collar. Tho " finder. wi'l lie retrardoJ by leaving aid Dog at brown's Hotel. ja U-3t ROB'TCO'.TMAN TAKES THIS* METHOD of informing the trade and the putiiic ceii' rally Uiat lie will reop?n tiia MK I'KOPLITAN Si'F.AM FLOURING MILLS. 12t i canal, nn Thsrsday. Jan. in 1861, where he will he pleaded tu serve all who mar favor him w?th their patrunace Family ami Extra Flour of an un<nrpasssd quality will eon*tantly he kept on hand at the owmt price*. Also, Com Meal, Rye Chop, and all kinds of Mill Feed. A call respectfaiiy solicited before purchasing el?ewiieie. ja H> 1 w \| .No riCli iO THE PUBLIC. _ inut'Ki-,'3 MUM Drop* wnl stop a Cough in fiv.? minutes IVHiore's Comp. Arnica i.immei.t will cur? Chilblains, Frosted Feet. Pain* in Face, Sprains, Jtc. Vloore'i impro ve J Benzine will remove Paint, Oils, Greaee. A c.. from the most ileliPite colo.-ed silk or wi?ol ?n roods without injuring tne oolor or texture. Prepared and no d at MOOKK'S \ve?t End I) us Store, da .11 2 w 113 I'a. avenue. JELF.GANT CLOTH CLOAKS. UST Opened f?ir th? Christmas and New Years PrenenU. all marked down at the lowest prioei to suit the tunas, for cash. de 19 _ J XV COLLEV A CO.. rp NEW RESTAURANT. * HK :?ur>?o:ir>er i..l<>rms theoitir!" * of Washington and tha public in c?(ioral tr-at he A *. ? A hu opened tns Restaurant Mo. 4*9 Sixth VjTJJfcV street, between C ani Louisiana lJ"Koa 1 formerly kept ly Jacob^mith ) A n?w and choice ftcsurtir.nnt <>f LlQUOKS, OIGAKS, A c ,on hand. Fine fresh OYSTERS served up in every style at ill hours. de?-lra* F. G. ROHR. OUR BONNETS, HATS, and FLATS of ths very latest style*,and in all cases made^^r of the best material. Call at once and getQEf uhoioe. At STEVENS'S, no 22-tf betw. 9th and loth sta. PVVM. H. WHKATLEY'8 REMIUM STEAM DYKING ft. CLEANSING ESTABLISHMENT. Offitti?No 3*3 <otnk yyl' Pa.avtnut btttctm ar-taik its., Wtxktngtc-n, D C.. And 4U JrfftTfon street. Irrorgetown, D. C. Replete with every deairab'e apparatus.and provided with the beat talent and artistic akill in Am*rioa, the aubaonber is prepared to demonstrate to hia customer* that pre-eminent aa may bavo I een hia previous reputation, hia motto ia "Excelsior*' in Dyeing. Cltanstng. and tieknx thing l.vliea'and Gentlemen's Apparel?SMIka, Velveta. Satins, Merino, Clotha, Ac. He me%ua to atand unrival ed, and he aolicita the oontinoed cnato.n of tho community. Gooda received at either of the atwve named offijca. attended to with the ntmoat promptitude and oare. Gooda received and returned by Expren with the ntmnifc DrnmntnAai and Hn?naf?Vi ja8-1 w WW. H. WHEAT1.KY. Dyer. Reasonable dry goods: Cloaks, Shawls, FUanels, Merino*, Ottomans, Blankets, Full Cloths. Linsers. ? francy Silks. , &lk Robes, Poplins, Valonctaa, Reps, Yarns, Hooped Skirts, Irish Lin<*ns, Sheetings, Ne pinna. Beavsr Cloth, Saok Flannel, White Goods. . Liuen Seta, Embroideries, Bonrilidrines, Alpa-icas, Counterpanes, Comforts. Towel inrs. All of which we ofTer at prioes to suit the times, dc ? - TAYl.OK tt HUTCHISON* T'HE THIRD WEDNESDAY OF EVERY M A1UINTU.. Dr. 8CHKNCK, of Philadelphia, finds it impoa sibie to visit Washington ev?*ry weok. ai d tM made arrangement* to positively be in the city the third Wednesday of every month. He has a suit of rooms at the Avenue Hons*, where patients can obtain advioe free. He oak oharges when it is necessary to make a thor. ugh examination of the Langs with the KespiromeVr S. If. Waite it aceut for Sehenok's Pulmonic Syrup, price #1 per bottle, for the cure of Couclis. Colds and Consumption; Schenek's Sea Weed Tonio, price ftI per bott e, lor ttyapepsia; Sohenck's Mandrake pJls, price 25oenta berbox, for l.iver Bilious Complaints and Constipation of the B<?w _ , _ Tk_ U_? I. ? - * c * in, otiioaoi womu ue KmiNU: 10 move who have been oured by hit remedies if ther would their certificate* of cure withS. B. WA1TE. corner t??vf nth?t. auu La. av. de 19-3m TAKK NOTICE! WILL Take a:i kir.dn of Virginia money for my t?ook debts ?rid for lkx>ut Shoea, and Trunin. Ail persons imieb'ed to me will please oa 1 and settls up, or 1 sha I be cumpe >d to give their acoounU into the hand* of a colleotor. 8. P. HOOVER, Iron Hall, no a Fa av.. between 9th and 10th at*. 1 NOTICE. BEG Moat respectfully to inform our customers that their bills for January 1st ^ie now ready, and 1 woald bo ob iged by their oailiac and cet'inn the ?am?. t d?? R, C. 8TKVKNS. T..? ROYAL. HAVANA LOTTERY. HK Next Drtvini of the Evyal Havana Lottery! conducted by the Snaniab SoTwnrasnt, under the aapenrmon of the Captain Sen era! of Csba, will take place at Havana on TUK8DAY. Jahca*Y 22 1861. BORTJtO NVtlSRO 649 ORDINAJUO. CAPITAL PRIZE 100,090. I b S? l*T?*** 3fBp9SfiGE? All outers for eehm* or tirtete to b#?d4rwwe< *% t-tr P*L ?Ofopft?CcBarl?ton. &. Q. r*BICKEHNfi A BONK' ITNBIVAI.Kn ?M_ ^ ? _ Corrupondtnct #/ Tks Star. Giouitowx, January 15. l?fti. We are gratified to be able to announce that Richard 8 Coi, Kaq., baa received bia rommiaatoa aa Colonel ?>f tbe eighth regiment of militia of the District of Colombia. and Capt. J. McH. llol;l nk'?worth late of tbe Potomac Light Infantry, h'a rcmm1?a1on aa l.ieut Colonel of aatd regiment Both commiaaiona are dated on tbe 5th 4f Jarmry, and tbe nppolntmenta give grrat aatiaftirt'on to our cttitena Col Holilngaworth, wbohaaieen service in Mexico, la actively engaged in instructing tbe newly organised compan lea here. Tbe Georgetown Mounted Guarda, at a meeting held at Union Hotel lai* evening, organised by tbe election of Wm Steuart, captain; Eauu Pickrell. first lieutenant; Stephen Gough. aerond lieutenant; and Peter Dill, orderlr sergeant. The company number* already about.'IS mei. The patrol force 1* still actively engaged here, '"here wai a (mall attendance aMbr Third Ward meeting last night, and they try It over again tonight. The resident* and property holders near the intersection of Benll snd Green streets com plain that thev were taxed to have brick pavements in front of their premises, and that now they have no flagway crokinK*, and are obliged to wade In the mud. We hope the evil will be remedied. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS rpHREK HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. MAYOR'S OFFICE, ( GboIobtowx. D. c., January 11th, 1861 \ The Hulisor iter will (ire a reward of Three Hundred Do I.ars for such icforma'ion m will lead to the conviction of any p*rson or persons who have Kt nn fire, or who shall h-re? fler eet on Lre, any house within the Corporation limits of this town. henry addis'?n. ja H-dlt&2aw?w Mayor. A notice. LL Persons indebted to the late firm of T. O'Donnoghue A Son. ire here y notified that unless their acoounts are settled by the 15th instant the* will be p ace<l in the hands of an offioer for collection. SARAH O'DONNOGHUE. ja? eo3w* Haecntnx. Just received? 11 hhd?. prime Porto Rioo sugars, is) hois. oi l Rye whi.-ky, 2S0bbls. herring and ale wives. so bbis. Crushed and r^finnd fl'gars. an i>ags r io and Java cof fe e, In hkj. , ?1. U..I . jji.o * ' ii i iv w hi tuou t .'1 V U /\ OCC?Oi For wtle t?? JOHN J. BOGL E. ?6 10 \fAS8KY, COLLINS * CO.T5 PHILADELr 1M PHIA DRAUGHT ALE.-We are oonstar.tij rfoeinnc fre?b ? applies of the above delightful beverase, aod invite au person* who want a pureasad altera ted Aie, to tire it a trial. ARNY 4b SHINN, Agent*, te 47 flr?m St.. ftonrretowa. FOR SALE AND BENT. I For olkm " For Sal* and Rent" J *** first part ] ' Market garden for rknt-twolarge squarei of Ground. ?a-t of the Capitol, cnataimug about ft acres, well fecced and improved by a ft cxf frame h<iu??. Ac. Rent will be low to a Runctual tenant. Inquire of JOHN B. K'HRkY, [o (">.') Louisiana avcune, between 12 and 2o'olock. j?11-6t A RARE chance.?For sale or exchange 1 2*0 acres of the bast LAND in Central Texas, (lo cited WO y?a. ago,) in Dewit oouniy. Also. 40" acres in Wisconsin. n*ar th* Great Central railroad, and not tar from the Fails ot St. Croix, in f'u k couuty, located four years ago, and is ?>*iev?d to be fqua> to ant land m the s>u*e Will exchange for uumrumtered and improved eit? ^ropnrty. Audress b< Utter or in person 4?0 New VIA ??ruuc, Jft IU OOJl rnR RENT-The STORE and DWKLMNG I No. * ! KriL^e Georgetown D. 0., kr?wn as the old Confectionery stand. Possession given immediately. Apply to ARM V & SHINN. ja7 FOR RENT-Two frame COTTAGE HOUSES, containing six roomi, situated on Ma>i. tv?nu? and fifteenth street; pump of good water in the yard. jaS I BURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT, at 406 D street, I et ween 6th and 7th sts. de 4-tf FOR RENT-The fine BRICK HOUSE No. 100 Wert (t.. OMirictdwn. at orM?nt mwn pied by the subscriber. It iias 12 rooms, with km and water throughout, a fine yard, staMe Ac , and ia in arood nei*hl.orhood. Apply to J AS. A. M AGR1PKR. rc25 tf fOR RKNT. in the First Ward?tlvee squares P treat of the War Department?a small t?FFICK. with back room, or the former may answer for a shop: and Parlors and Chamber*, separate. or atnts of Rooms, furnished or unfurnished ; close to the Ave: ue. Inuuireat this ufioe. de 3 2tawtf CMJR RKNT?A three story brick HOUSK.oon* tainine 8 rooms In good order, with ea? fixtures complete, on If street, between 4th and 5th. Also, a two story brick CoTTAGK, with larce yard attached, corner of F street north an ' 14th st. east. To punctual and reliable tenants the terms will be moderate. Apply M 446 Twelfth street, between G a id H. no 13 tf COR RKNT?The FIRST FLOOR of the build ? icc immediately opposite the vest vine of the City Hal., recently oocupied by Chu. S. Wallacl as an office. Also the front room in the second tor; and the third floor of the ?ame tatldinc. For terms apply to RICHARD WALLACU, No. W Louisiana arenne. ta 13 tf I70R RENT.?A three story BRICK DWKLLF ING HOI1*!;, with hack building, on 12th st.. No. 470. between F and G streets. App!? to J. KIRK WOOD. 476 Twe Kh st. no 19-dtf i THK INSURANCE COMPANY or THE ! STATE i or VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL ?300,00?. Iiisnres Merchandise, Buildings, Household r urnuure, xo , acainsi loai or damage ' ? ore. heath a, Agents, Oflioa?Roonr. 16 over Bank of Washington. jalO pa per hangings, 486 PAPERHANGINGSall trades and prioes; war ranted Gold Band WIN1X)W SH?I>E."<; Buff, Green and Biuo HOLLAND CHAl)Es,aii siz^s made to order; aUo. PICTURE C'"RD aud Ta^SKLS alt sire* ana colors, REMNANTS PAPER HANGINGS at one-fourth less than c??t Purchasing for r?sh, and allowing no old stock to accumulate, persons needing the above goods will find it to their adv*n:a*? to give me a call. All w?rk executed and superintended by p-actlaal men wh? have served a regular apprenticeship at their trade. Please give me a call. Remember the umK?r I V I I UltflfDITLD VVI l? '? i?S ait n 1% 1 A IV IVI No. 4S6 Seventh st, t doors above ja l-e->lflt* Odd Fellow' Hall. SUPPLIES FOR CHRISTMAS. Fruits and Nuts of all kinds. Hume-made Mince Meat, made by my direction and ar<ler my supervision, warranted the beat ever od red for sale at 16 oenta per pound. Best Old Whukj. Brandy and Wines, ?>0?!o?en Fresh K({i. Goshen Battel and Cheese, 75 bl>ia. Flour, best brands. Family, Extra, and Superfine. A complete assortment of Gmoenes of all kinda Good Su*ar at? oenta per pound. 1SRAKU DEMING, Nn A?J ^?varl i> shaat de 17-eortw betwwn Louiuut ay. ani D st_ CM ?AUTIER> FRENCH RESTAURANT. DINNER AND SUPPER PARTIES. In soheiUrg your patronage, would respectfully os.ll youf attention to bis eieg\nt salts ol PARIORS. Rfc.cfc.PTlON and DINING ROOnS, furtushcd iu the most fashionable style, and always r?edy to aooommodate several parties at any momont. Pa avenue. de 5 eo>w Ladies thick winter boots of kid Morocco, G^ats Skin. Lasting*, Buttoned, Laced and Velvet Trimmed. Also Misses Boots of the same style*, arer ! sellinr from Sfi eenta to *1 Mr **.ir. Io??f' than iUtvlwre in Uie oil*. at J. ROSENTHAL'S, No. 16 Market Space Fa. av. t>et gtn and Hk atreet* l.adiea' and Mimn' Lone Rubber Boou. jateo ~ " HO YT'I Hiawatha Hair Restoratlf^ la warranted ta ewrj mita e* to Rcstoks U?at Haik to its Oiisixu Color. It haa IjWd appned IN THOUSANDSOF CASES In the aria-Meal citiea of New Kaflan<t, and HAS NOT FAILED in a amcla lnsi&r.oe to aooompliv h ail that la e aimed for it. No Hair ia?o Gray or Red bat the HIAWATHA trill chance it to a be**t.ral Ufa like Brown and Black. ? It la not an inaUntaueoiiB d?e whioh orookt, imaU aadgivee a d<ad blaok oolor to the hair; tit* pttiMt htvini to anbmit to aoaptng. wm4 eg a?r aponging of the hair erer^iia* tiaapp?ied; nor la it a preparation of nlihil nrtr of lead. ft.e., nor of an? tfgredieata d ie>noua to the heir of akio. ltj* aa article im wring no preparation, no waahing before or aftar naiii. it u Mpned in ire annate time, and wth aahtt e troable aa any ordinary aitiele for the toilet. 'People who have need Una preparation daoiara It ia ufraculoca in ita effeoU. and that it will per 1 jrm all that it preteiida to do '?BalUm1* Pictmiml. "Itt *nooe?a wonderful, and we oan oni; aa; wa irdoraeall the proprietor aaja ia regard to it.*? Boston Journal. We ohaerve. b* a notice in a Boston mtr. ?V?? I ft premium *u ftv&rded by the Mfr-uchaeetU Me cnemo*' Chert Ue their let* Feir, liixton,to Mr- Joseph Hoyt of tku city, for his c-iebmed 'Hlaweths. Heir fteetomtire,' en trtioie which richly merited th?? favor. It vy for tie perior merits in thia re?pect thet th? CommittM, alter iuftc.?Ll ovidenoe preewted to tHemee<vw, I THE LATEST MEW e? TKT-wnn 1 pnin ^ u m vf mm 4* a at a v/ koith Carolina affair* Cbahlbhtos, Jan. 14.?I' 1* brl!f??d Lm by many person* tbat Major Anderson ahot two mutineers at Fort 9um?rr last week, and turre ara rumor* that several more of bis men ara tn chains. It la alao said LLat one escaped to Cbarleaton and wa* returned by tue authorities Inquiry, bow. ever, shows tbat tbta la all "fudge' and there la no truth in aay of It. * A resolution be* been pawed by the l.egtaUtura unanimon*lv. setting forth tbat any attempt bv tbe Federal liovernment to reinforce Fort Sumter will be rontidered as an act of opea hostility, and declaration of war Alao approving of the art and promptnesses the military In firing on tbe rtfwxr J?tar of the Weat, and promising support 10 me uov?-rB?>r 1 (Wlufi of drfenae A resolution wu alao oflered. hut withdrawn, inquiring of the Govrrnor why the work on the rauarwav. between Fort Moultrie and the mala land, waa rtopped The Loglalaturt alto ;?j?ed a raootutloa to Ire fifteen round* for each ??cedln? !<tate There are algna of peace, but U la believed that President Bucnsnan a policy will ha drivelling, and there may yet be a chance of war New military com pan lea are pouring la from all porta of the #tate TbeUoveraor to-day aent a meaaage to the Houae of Kepreoentatlvea detailing plana for guarding the coaat He propoaea the purchase of three team pro pell era. am 111 iron acrew propeller* be Ini; preferred, of light draft, n h provided with tblrtW-two aeamen. one propeller to be (Utloaed In Cnarleaton harbor, one ?t iu*nr..rt mnA ?n. ? Georgetown Alar to fortify all the Sale* and month ifrirm wltta rrdoubuir.d ordntaw Tl?a hosts to keep a constant communication between tbr points, aa a protection agalustauddra invnaton Kstlirr Messenger Krst ts Fart Naaator Chaelksto*. January U, p m ?Gov 1'ickena sent an aid to Fort Sumtrr at 4 o'clock this after noon, with despatebe* for Major Anderson, sup posed to be In rehtion to tbe matter now occupy lug the attention of tbe Departmrat at Waabington. Nothing haatraneptrrd. towrvrr. In relation to U>e nature of tbe negotiations now evldeutly g?rn^ on. The people arc quiet and tbe excitement baa greatly subaided. Tbe work of perfecting the defences goes bravely on. A bill was voted down In the House df Repre entativea to-day providing for the rmr.ahmont of white* or others found engaged fa circulating Incendiary pamphlets, newspapers or other matter Virginia Legislator*. Richmond, Jan 14 ? In the Senate to-day. the report of tbe committee on the preeereation <T the public pence was taken up. Mr. Douglass offered an amei>dn<er.t to the effect that tbe r*fcste shall declare herself out of tbe I'ftlon unices Congress and tbe nou siavebolding Stales give a speedv guarantee of tbe adoption of nu-asures more effectukllT to guard tbe rlgtta of tbe ?*o?th Th'e was tabled and ordered to be p?-1 nU-d Tbe House w iuc sruic imtnamtDn 10 uic convention bill. A resolution wu offr'ed that the further strengthening of the forts in Virginia, and the removal of arm* acd munitions of war from the araenaia within her limits. by the General Government, will be looted upon as a menace of war, and we pledge the faith of the Mate t? rtstore said forts. etc., to the General Government Intact if tLey are entrusted to her keeping in the event of r peaceful restoration of atf Ira; and in the event of a dtaao lntlon to account for them in an equitable divistoe of the public property. Referred to the committee on federal relations Resolutions were reported, and ordered to be printed, looking to the holding of a national con *cuwvu m\ TToiuia^voii, on iiif* no oi r * orutTV, to consider and devlae some plan cf adjuilment The President Elect and His Visiters. SpBix?riiLD, 111., Jan. 13.?Junes Appleton, . jr., of Buston, and ?dgar Cowan and J P Sanderson. of Pennsylvania, arrived at a late honr this evening. Tbe visit of tbe last mentioned tw? is in reference to tbe Cameron Imbroglio. Mr Sanderson, who was here with Mr. Cameron ten days ago, is direct froui Washington. Tbe report that Henry Winter Davis is to be In Mr. Lii roln's Cabinet was authoritatively denied here to-dav. It is understood that no Southern appointments will be determined upon until after Mr Lincoln's arrival in Washington. North t nrelinn LegUlntnre nikiinn, J AH ?| D? HODW pMM I rWOiUtl?>n to-day requesting the General Government and ?tate authorities of Poutb Carolina, ?*ch to leave the forta and arsenal, aud let matters remain in main quo for tbe present Tbe same resolution was argued in tbe Senate, but not tluallv acted upon. Tbe Convention lill! waaargued in botbbvuaes, but no vote was reached. There is not much excitement here. Mr. Reward's ^eech ?t Altatay. Albajit, Jan 13.?The New York papers of ?*aturrtay evening, containing Mr Seward's i ffth. werr ?ag*rly sought for Among ouae vatlve men of all partiesIt is very om. h ro?niended. A few Republican* d?-rlar?- ttiat tbi Senator has cowed before his enetnlea. but the numlx-r of such ia comparatively small. Hia ?}<eech. It la thought, will hasten the passage of the Robin?on resolutions Appropriation tor Ssath Carsllaa Bostom, Jan IS.? Mr Freler Introduced a resolution 1u the House to-dav appropriating a sum of money for the ptirrhaae of provisions and stores for the relief of suffering fellow-couutryinrn :n Carolina. Staath < aralina l)Kl?rr<l Uallty tl Trruca New Von, Jan 14.?Judjje ^malley, of the United Statei Circuit Court. in bla charge to the lirand Jury to-day, declared South Carolina, by her wcriiion ordinance and aub*M)iient ac-ta, guilty of high treason against tbe federal government. Mere Alabama Ir?tp?Ordfrri itPrmrtla Macos. Jan. It ?Advice* from Alabama gay that additional troop* have been ord?-rrd to Pensacola by that State The Auburn (Alabama) Guards left there thia morning, and the luakagee Zouave* leave to-night Other companies are also going PrapasiUaas lr*a Saa'.h Carallaa New Voaa, Jan. 14?A special dispatch re vec nere rrom Washington aaya tbat South Carolina hat ottered to evacuate ah th? fort* and public property in caae Viaj Anderson ahell b? ordered back Fort Moultrie. Arkansas Seaste Re(*>M U Pan the r?iveatiaa Bill. Wasmi&ctoh, Jan 11.?Private d'anatch** from I<lttle Rock, Arkansas. say that tba Sc-uate of tbat State baa rejected tbe Houas Convention bill % Alexandria .'larketa ALixasraia. Jan 15 ?Flour?Family *6 00a 7 OU, extra ?5 5*t*5 75; super f4 5os5 UU Wbeat ?wbite Si v0<*l 45; red 91 It- .#1 35 Corawhile <V5a6?>- ; vellow#5ifoc.; mixed hjaflttr Rye 87?6J? 0?Ulfo.?lc C< ra Meal SMTSc per bushel Seeds?1 inothy f 3a?i M ; Clover i?a#0 9U , FIuspmI SI Jim* I Pmriiiont.kntw rail. lOailOe ; Bacon I la 13c.; Pork ?7 ?u*?: H) I>ard I3al4c E*>>s 1U16-. Whiaky *ta3Uc iialiluri narktu. Jan. 15 ?Flour firm Howard at and Ohio held at ?6 Cfcy MllU Wb at Arm, r?d f I 3u*l 3?; white SI 45?1.66 Cora ?d van-iiiy tencncv, 3c higher; tolxnd 6?e. Prov! atoua firm Coffee ateady at IX)|cal3c. Wblaky steady at 19c m ?m ?? Niw Vou,Ju 15?stocks active and higher Chicago tod Rock 1 aland 55 1111 noli Certtal shares 8o\; do bonds WX, Lxi Crone and Mil 1, Michigan Southern 33\; New Vork Central >*; Reading 4", Hudson River R R 47K, Canton Co. 14*; Va. ?'s 7?, Mo. ?'s W, Treasury twelves luH>i. 275~ all** 275 JACKSON, r L AST K KM a. 0. Ptwha. A vans a, IMvmi loth and Utk stisota. f 19 CEMETKRY NOTICE. n E> IWIMT waHIHrWtUKWHWJIUl; 01 E MONlMKNTs, TOMBS. Cu ST"NK?Mi MARBLE MANTEL* ?t iVfcnl scrJr *" " Avtsiv-1' ' ,n?. giXTmo.. H Duly rMWTiM fresh aud ivnt. id gu?ta*c h?? ItIP << Htltiw"*IHflllTiNT T?l HUHUVkVir?k'k? E. E. 1HJEKEE h CO.* ficraiiMd ik>* only ABSOLUTELY AND KKRFfcCTLY FUEE, Dut croud hum ftmh bpio??. mc c. bj ua^rtMl) lu.-the pitrpu** itBMt MMMI to ooaC Th*y ar? tMaaufii.l? pack?c unfo. iirtJ&riKiJr Kzrrvi&'TTX' SftM irt ilamlwnmbi abort. We vtrrtrt Ififti. in irtint ttf >tr*nxii uiJ nnkn? of llaini i 4 * ?i ' - ?

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