Newspaper of Evening Star, January 15, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 15, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STARTHK TWO HA*BS. ? MAIS LIMO.I. A large brown hand by labor atained Four ??iOw? 6ni reprint, . a A* though a?worthy Cyolop* (trained A white ntaid to hit b.east And fon-Py did the browa hand hold Th"*? Pn< 'r? whit?a? ?row. A* though it wr? a link of gold That would not let the? g >. TiTje p%sa?9 on. The two hania clsap Another rewly given: * A? though they'd fou d an angel'a graap To draw thens up to heaven. On?? more tho brown haisd and the white Are iinkrd bo o?m : bofut , Aa though tru loving hearts BMte More eiu*?iy at the last. A Rkmabkablb Speech ?The Duke of New. caatle, who wju wi'h she Prince of Walra in thla l country, haa recently bren making a apeech, re j ferr'.nx to his vistt to tbi? country, wuicb is full at significant hinU Tbe following Is one of them: ' After leaving this country be went to another, which, it was true, did not at present own the sceptre of Oreat Britain, and, therefore, throughout the many thi-uaind miles through which he hid traveled, tuere wa? not tbe same loyalty, becaa e th?r was not the call for it in a country waich w*.? not subordinated to the Crown of England, but there was an amount of respect, of attachment, of veneration, and of love for the Queen of this country which far transcendrd anything that could possibly have been expected." Pita's Pkak ?A gentleman, wuo tor more than a year h-ts been out in the Pike's Peak gold region, wri es as follows: ' Very few know that there is a population of nearly sixty thousand at the base and in the gorges of tbe Kocky Mountains at Pike's Peak; that there are over tLree hundred steam quartz mills at wo. k, that there (a a town of seven thousand in binita^ts.coutaiaing large b lck blacks. chur^ps, and schools, supporting three good looking ana ably edited daily newspaper, where two years ago nothing was seen but wild animals!" ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. ' NATIONAL HOTEL?J Sheen, Va; G Taylor, DC; A Glenn, Ark; J H Cera, ?NY; E Goadard. do; M S Whiting, Ca!; A (iilmore, Hon H D Foster, Pa; Sabiistioii, French Zbaave; Gatigney, do; Frederick, do; Kaymond, do; Gautier. do. ill thinner, do; Chelar, da; H C Wiois ad ladv. NV; Miss Wilson, DC; K H Shipley, Aid; J V Overall, Ky; H P Gould, Cal; M Stone, do; T R IInn.c VI,, X a Uaisi.^ M ..q T ?4 A lav. andf"\LL J' W sipVvY;H~K Lari?*do;*C H t>Dow, do; P Curaw, DC; Dr R S Blackburn, Aid. Dr D M Rirte, NV; 1 Waller and lady, do; W B Smith and Udv. > V; R Jeaselyn, Miss; G H Martin, Pa; G M S-nith. Md; G J ZiiumeiHuan, do; D S Gregory, NJ; A Mernvin, NY; J Tracty do; E Dobbin do; B J PtniM, Oregon; F Clark and !*dy, Mo G Fowler, NY; H J Bridbury,Me; R W Briac <e, Cai; T J Dyer, Oregon; Capt Moor*, NY. WjI,LARDS' HOTEL ?G W C Lee, USA J L e-nry. Pa; D W (jratlf, ito; Hon T J Bar, N V; D L S?-vn?0'jr, do; G Harding, Pa; E P Morria. NY; 8 F Alexandria, Ga; E driuent, Pa; VV R Nix n, do; M J?bus.>n, O; B llar;ington, do; B Brcwneli, do; (> Walker, NY; H C Blory, Mo; J T Edward, do; R A Granden, SC; Col J Hayue, do; N J Hail, USA; Mr* Kiillngar, Pa; Hlas Hit I -X t< * ? * ? *"* * " M)ii, uo; a t?arnr <tna laay. 1 ; .hiu tsaraer,ao; N VVtUoa .in<l Uiiy, .Mam; Miss \\ iis.>n, do; T J Dver, Oregon: A Miller, NY; A B Miller and child, do; K M Harrison and lid v. do; J .M oiler and lady, do; W Wall, do; Col Huger, USA; F 1) Owen, Utah; J C Kicnardson, O, S 11 Newhouse, Fa; J B Walter, NU; Mrs Harris and son, NY; W 15 Maciary, do; B H Poorc, 1>C; F G Jewett, NY\ BROWN'S HOTEL?W Hurburt, 9 Ettlng, E A Goodwin and iy. Va; J T Woeless, Tenn; n Grauttutm, 111; W Openbeim. .Mrs M Brewer, O U Kirktiau., NY; L P Clark, Gi; A J Is^cka, K T, P 1 Colt, I SM; Mrs C H Cnapin, E Gesron, S R Somars. J Siodd^rt. H \I Norria F W Svk? and daughter, T rhomps >n, Md; J C Brick/.\1o; J J W:l;t,oii a d sous, .vliss AI K Warlield, Miss L Gaasawav. H Malcocu, Fa; F Sawyer, 1) Kirk, Tex; K H Tookar, NO, J cilia, Mass. WASHINGTON HOUSE,?W Lord, J Ward. R B Or ease a and wile. J Brooks. H J Burns and daughter. A R tswford, H Langly, NY; G A Peabody aua ly, Va, S A CrosiWell, 'i children and ervant. Vt. K1K KU OOD HOUSE ?A W Mosby. H Si-op on, Va; L Jenkins. DH Williams. Fa; G W Brown, G M Gui, J H Thomas S Wallis, Md; W W lo t, DC. 0 JLAaXHIEAMERS' sailing days Vroh tbs L sitkb States. 'fnmwi. Lsave. For. Davt. Tait-vi Su.ei ..Ne* \ ork.. .Glasgow__ Jau 15 Autrkiuiu PorUaud Liverpool.. an la Pa etliu*. ? .. New Yoi?...Luv3rpvoi J %u 17 Bremen New York...Bremen .Jan 1J Kuv? oooUau?.Portland Liverpool..... Jau 19 ...New York?.Liverpool Jan 19 Aruerea...^? ttui'oa .. .Liverpool.... Jan 23 Canadian Hort.-nd Liverpool Jan a> fcainbuig ?.New York...Liverpool Jan36 Jotun iiVii.........New York...Glasgow....- Jau 3* Asia. ?.Mew Y?rr_ Liverpool... Jan S<> Teutoma.. ?? .New York-. Soutn'pton. Feb 1 Niagara .. .goston l-iverpoou.. .Fab 6 JfBOH falROPB Tenfma Southpu.n.-.New York-..Jan i EdiaburgliM. Liverpool New York ..Jaa 3 Canadian,.... ? r*outiT'j.ioa- Portland ?.Jan 3 A-ia.._ .. .Liverpool New York....Jan i *euar.._ i.iverp ul New ^ ork.... Jan 8 Art* > ?Souttrpton...New York ._Jan 9 North Briton....Liverpool t*ortland ..".. Jan 10 I ha l'&ti!?rni? miii ab?raera leave on the 9th, I8U1, anil Hi.) of evary mouth. Read the following from the wall kno v. a ? attain of ilie Steamer Fuiton: N i? Oelkx>?, M Oot, 1A53. Dr. J. C. At/ft, Laroth.? ;ir: 1 am nrjed by my w:lo to report t-> j<>u * cars tout s>?>-?aparu.a hae di".Jo in our family, and aa it la the oniy way n whiefi wo oan make jrou any acknowledgement of our (rati&aa>.!ou, 1 win proofed t ftats My little a?>n. A'ovoa yeaia oil, has had 4'r /*;? aorta on hi* earr. neck and arna f <t live jears i hey were luaoa cftte time v*ry diatreaams* and we fetred m?T w?u l klU mm. At oral & swelling wouid appear, toes it suu.d break and rr.*k? a ruauiiig sore, whion wou/1 not hen'. They becaiac v??ry loath orn &a<l oft a painfu';th?y at pped aia growth a..d s ein-d to uuderm.aa liu h-arli. to toai he Deoame feeb 3 and eick.y. We tried Physicians and Medietnss. buv tnpy did bo good. A c.o'jjimh in our nei,hi>jrf." >d wuo naU ?~?n aom?* retna-kabie ouraa by jour Caerr? Kectorai, advi??U u> to trj jog >ar<s^n;i? aonwe nd. i ae >ma lest aorea an w.'d sy...p;oms of hea i:ig in about two weeka; in two nor? tft^y haaied, and In t?ro month* tha ohiid waa aa weu aa aaiCotly. He now enjoys perl ct neat h, with no remnant of thedisorcer about him taat we can uisoover. If you, air, are a parent,?on way weii oeUeve that we stall not soon fcrgat r 'U. Very truly, roar Lumbls servant, J no. w. Barak. Prapar^ by DR. J. C. A Y ER A CO., Lowell,Mass. (16 '21 Hill m *7*PRGCLAUATloft i O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, to, fhrMi, At th? present isuob 0 the y**r CHOLERA MORBUS, _ _ diarrhea,cho DYSENTERY. DYSPEPSIA, . U EBIL1TY?to.* fco., preTsi! to *n aiar?ung extent > A*ri wkirtat, kmoat beef tlu> P"RST CONSKQUENCB tn ever? fantiJ j to kuow <>f A REMEDY or riui, 1 offer* tus MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER XEMED fUV?HA|p^g3SiltAINT. la ordtr to aabtfr THE PUBLIC . that do Imposition la intended in the Bale of this THE MONE^^'ILlf'^kEFUNDED ta ftii ciiu wUen Ue medioine faila to gire entire aatistaotto A-..h..-?rfiPa,>8ir jo, MIRHCUI.UUS PAIN KILLER. tali aa di reeled, Bad if not perieotly aa&sfted Return to oar A^ent, D. B. CLARK. ESQ.. 4H Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, who will refteod yoar money. Price?i? and ?0CeaU per Bottle. For saie at all Drue Stores everywhere. J AS. MaDONNELL, t??uerai Acer." lyU-eotr PMjag? nOO'l** AND TO wit TKX w? ar# aow kinds of BOOTS sad SHO&B. and oo. stantr nonnu ig?| i suppiy of sostern m?d? work or ev-rr de-BHa oriiair, ma?n expressly to order, andwillw ?J be >;d * * msch lower prioethajk has bee#* Ilk heretofore cnarjed is Qua cuty for nuk inferior j *^P.?r%on? ! n tract of Boots and Shoes of mtUn m 1 :ty made work, will slways ftnd a rood Msertataa h tore and at & lowest ^pf^y fttfT as > ?1* PeBDsylrania ai ws. | EMVK HI N PR CO TRAVbUWO TKPWO r arn?#d tki^dar. Dm and HM< "t So'? Leatb?r, Liui??BI|V Pt?m and Pllokiin TranU. Our mm room exhibits at tM* tlm? i\ a gr?a:?at ?r?j| of re**:?ita? at mo-l'rat* trices, to he a-.M^r^"?rthoxKs7v*u5tt ""- THffiassak. nftPaaMum, T^rrriT rn * a *%Tm r U UJLHJ Ali V JliKTiaiSMEIN T. pUBLIC N OTICL DvumiiTor thi Iktkxtob.J IftilawlM, Dee. 36 1MB. | PiMio notioe la hereby given that bo ode ud oonpona annexed, of the deecriptton hereinafter aet forth, have lately been feionloaaiy aba treated from the oaatody of the Interior Department, the ume being the property of the United Statea aad held in truat for oertain Indian tribea. Notioe MM alao bees given to the proper offioera of the raa|H tire State# to atop the payment thereof; aad all persona are warned again?t parehaaiac or reoetTtag any of raid bonda and eoapona, aa the elaim of the United Statea thereto will be proaeeated to the utmoat extent. Eaoh bond being for the ram of one thonaand dollara, vix: Six per oent. Miaaonri Coapon Bonda, iaraed in June aad Atgaat, law. ma. a. ae i t ?a A. a a_ a mm * sune 01 miMiouri, Bt. Liovia aoa iron mounwin R, R. 8M? Bond*. Bond No. 2037 Bond No. 1823 H7rt 1827* 1606 1H22 1997 1821 law laA) 200S 1819 2007 1818 1993 1809 1994 1817 1996 1816 1891 1815 1990 1814 iao<> iait im in w 2003 1810 2002 1811 1992 1808 2006 2031 2005 2033 2004 2034 2001 2036 1999 2036 2000 2032 2009 1826 1877 1828 1878 * 1829 1879 1830. 1880 1831 1831 1832 1882 1868 1883 1809 1884 1870 1886 1871 1886 1872 1887 1873 1888 1874 1889 1875 i son 2nan 2045 2020 2048 2018 2046 2017 2047 2018 2044 2015 2043 2014 2040 2013 2041 2012 2042 2010 MM 2011 2033 1825 99 bonds 1824 Norm.?Bonda No.SOOO. and below of this MrlM. laan?d Jane, 1897, and bonds No. Jffl.ind abort that, dated Auzuit, 1M7, parable at th? Ph?nlx Bank, New York city, in 1887. 8taU of Miaaonri aix >?r o?nt. ponton bonda, vU :^JBaanibai and St, Joaeph Railroad mat* Bond No.|1853 Bond No. 1626 1862 1627 1851 1628 1860 1629 1849 1869 1848 1866 1847 1863 1846 1862 1846 I860 1844 1861 1832 1866 1836 1868 1833 1866 1334 lftSl 1838 1322 1837 1823 1838 1824 1889 1826 1849 18# 1840 1827 1836 ,323 1612 l?? 1813 13.10 1614 1831 1615 1841 1616 1842 1017 1043 1613 1044 1019 1046 1020 1046 1021 1647 1611 1648 1354 1637 1034 1038 1031 1840 1032 1842 1033 1843 1022 1050 1857 181ft 163? 1817 1630 1818 1639 1819 1841 1830 1623 1821 1624 1625 9U bonds Not?.?Theee bond* are dated Jaiftary, 1867, MTabi* at Bank of Coram ?roe, New York, la November, 1886?interest payable in January aod July of eaoh year. State of Mieaoan it* f?r oent. Condon North Mi? aoan ft. h. buu oonas. Bond No.|?52 ?<md No. 1539 2940 1938 2939 1641 2941 1642 2942 1643 2946 1644 2945 ; 1645 2944 1646 2943 1647 2947 1648 2948 1649 2949 1840 2950 1650 2937 2922 1653 3924 1654 2936 J951 1652 295* 1656 lft57 2921 1705 2468 1706 2512 1707 2513 2452 2514 1U1 V>VS 3454 JM6 345A 3911 34*6, 3910 3467 ^912 , *08 291.3 34A9 2911 3400 2?I* 3401 ?15 3403 2917 3463 2918 J464 2?I? 3464 2920 2466 ? 2954 3467 # 29M 1W1 80 boada Non.-Tl? bonds iinbtrtd SSMtpd bolov. 1*Miwoan ilx^r oen^ C^oc^on^Dadt, n?: North Bond No 1773 Bood No. 2703 2784 2787 2780 2730 2781 2717 2782 2734 2779 2721 2783 2719 3711 3733 2713 ? 3733 1710 3730 *T35 1716 3777 3737 3776 3734 3766 3731 3766 3766 3760 3730 3770 J718 3771 1714 1784 1714 1778 1764 vnt 2774 27* 2774 2728 278*1 2713 2732 27?7 it bonda s*%&& ?t . r ? MiMcmri flix-MMmt. Paoiio Railroad BtaU CtapOV DODdft. Boad No. bU6 Bond No. &260 535# 5381 5345 5358 5344 5356 5343 5354 5343 . 5355 5241 5353 5340 5352 " Mtta xui 5238 5260 5237 52W 5235 5247 5234 U48 5233 5195 5232 5196 5231 5000 5200 4990 5199 4997 5198 4890 5197 4998 5310 4889 5236 4888 5307 4875 MOB M57 5309 5262 51 bond. 5306 threat payable in Juury ul JUr of taM rwr. Bonda of North Carolina?Common au Mr oodL North Carolina aiz ft omU. Bond No. 35 Bond No. 303 33 301 38 300 23 297 9 235 7 234 T40 jvo 348 166 347 104 346 JO 343 19 ?4J 18 . 17 340 15 339 13 338 8 337 11 336 10 335 10* ' 328 101 329 100 330 99 331 103 Ml < W? u 333 2S 334 - 22 227 18 326 21 317 98 318 07 316 96 296 9A 289 94 238 62 237 60 236 303 72 bonds ^"ubUo. N?w YOlrk. InUrwt p?yitl? In Juury and Jily. North Carolina 6 far oonta. Coo pan Bond*. Bond No. 833 Bond No. 755 832 736 831 758 830 750 8? 760 834 781 835 76i 836 763 837 764 838 790 871 791 87J 792 873 793 874 794 87? 795 876 796 877 797 878 798 879 799 880 RO?) 881 801 8^6 m 847 -50J 848 "&04 8? 805 BoO 806 8il 808 8W 807 853 Ml 864 812 8W 913 856 914 857 815 * 8*8 . 816 860 817 861 818 8?2 810 863 820 864 821 866 822 866 823 867 *824 868 825 869 826 8TO 827 m m 884 ^ 840 885 843 731 844 732 846 733 734 104 bonda K?1'1 RkWStfS: North Carolina six pt owt Ooapoa bonds. Bond No. 699 Bond No. 493 600 401 008 W5 m m 005 497 008 621 007 498 008 510 410 5U 011 481 012 482 13 483 MO 484 014 485 022 m 023 487 821 488 6* 489 028 490 027 538 ew 589 Ml 54<) 64J 441 643 642 16 543 644 5M 646 Ml 64T 633 648 633 645 684 64# 635 AtA JK>?> 6*1 537 JW 518 616 520 617 518 ?18 515 . 619 517 ?5 bli 457 422 4M 646 470 545 AAA I ou* 547 419' &ig ua MO 442 562 480 S i? 471 4? 473 & 474 S 4r* - HI 478 IS 477 425 478 Pr 4* 471 423 480 421 612 601 618 M4 491 ' U9 boodfl u!5MS ^'ug&S.TtMSSf.eA StoL? Jff!2???5r5: hv1 Via * . ? ?? ? ?.pUUUO, Brad 5? 41 Boal No. 161 * * 142 ej iM o? * 144 n m 99 )M t 4 ? Iff 1 >|! ^ . P. .< 1 Bond No. 97 Bomd No. 1?J 99 163 99 1M 1M " IN 122 178 . 123 191 124 192 124 IBS 12* 194 127 US 128 190 179 197 180 198 129 199 130 200 137 1** _ 45 bonds 146 Two bond* for f 1,000 mqu. dated A?nl, 1WT. Bond No 0 v? m - ? wuu A*V. iV Fifteen bond* for #1, *) eaeh, dated Qotober, IWi <>: Payable at Mak of Repmbno, Oot jber, 1b?7, Tit: Bond No. 1183 Bond No. 1101 1184 1102 1186 1193 1186 1194 1187 1196 1188 1196 1189 1197 1190 15 bonds Til "*aiv Mr -i * eaohvof loan of l&'t par*bif lie/ In taew^?ork olty, of the following numbers, ana dated J aweary, 18fl2: Bond No. 217 Bond No. 416 278 419 294 476 297 . 477 409 J91 413 498 414 723 Aad of the following cambers issaed January.1834: Bond No. 828 Bond No 1278 829 1368 830 And of the following numbers isaued Jasuar y,tS?: Bond No. 1744 Bond No. 2056 21 IP 2891 2133 2892 2681 3006 OAlls "?"? *vw Oil I And of th? following numbers issued January, 1896. Bond No. 3140 Bond No. 4207 3464 4208 3466 4209 3466 4210 3467 4211 3469 4212 3470 4213 3471 4214 3472 4431 3758 4527 3804 4529 3941 " 4550 3042 4556 3043 45M 3944 4560 391S A?irrt ?' ? ?? -*W I v 3946 4671 3985 4749 4199 4751 4200 4881 And of the following numbers iuu*d January, 183?: Bond No. 5056 Bond No. 5419 5195 5421 5326 5426 5359 5427 5360 * 5430 5361 5434 5362 5436 5363 5437 5364 5438 &MA A < 7a 1/lUf 5366 i>440 6367 6441 5368 5442 5369 5453 5370 5444 5871 6445 5372 5452 5373 6518 5374 5519 6375 5520 5376 5621 3877 5522 5378 6703 5879 5704 5380 5706 I Ort - _ own dioe 5?85 6707 6888 6708 6387 8109 6388 5710 5388 5711 6390 5712 6391 5713 6392 5799 5393 5889 K4 ti} in i a Jtiw OOH) 5417 6b12 5418 Owes or thi 9*c?*tajit or tbb Ihtirior, Deoeraber 26.1860. * 12 dtf J. THOMPSON. 8+orefrry. {*LD RICH, MELLOW AND PURE LI BURN SIDE'S MONONGAHELA EYE WHISKEY, Conaoientloaaly distilled by Mr. Jamea Buroeide, of Alle?any County, P?nna., in the old-f*abion*a boQMt w?r, froTi thoohoine?t and m??t oarefully aeleoted Rye, and in no o&ae er?r offered for &! until adapted to wholesome dm br a** It is at onoetne most palatable, aa it i" emph atically one of the parest beverages in the reaon of the piiblio. To the veil as to thoee in oommends itaeli for ita nnnvalied qualities aa a stimulant of the safeU. surest, aad uioat beneficent description, and many of the moat distinguished Cyaicians are using it in tlieir praotioe with the ppiest reeuita. Ci-ERY * STOCKDALIi Proprietors. 329 Walnut street. Philadelphia. WM. C. CONOVEK, Agent for the Proprietors. 2 i4 Pa. av? ae 24-6nri opposite Wi Hards' Hotwl. DUKfc OLJD RY K WHISKY .-On l.and s?v? a A bracd? olPore Old Rye VVhl ky, Copper Di?tilled. made by the moat reliab'e distillers in Pennsylvania, Maryland asd Virginia, warranted pure. Alio, Imported Brandies, Hences?y, Otarri. Dupuy ? Co../nles Robins, Ao. Aluo, Peach and Apple Brand}, pure Holland 61b, old Jamaioa and m. Croix Ram, and Wines of every variety, all of standard bracis. A choice lot of Clears and Tobaooo. YOl/NG A KKPUART, Ag*rt?. as 14-1v 8*9 p? ? .. hettr. 3th and 10th st*. K"k> M >i?t?; it manv/u1% r.v'v jg ?* yw^/y ? b* (<4? ?W?( Ditbthr I'lVf tt-* Mvyib jrbwN^dbfa,)/? S ? ? fl 0 * ? **/??? W?M/ ir',i'7?^k)*? ?/wwM?t>?\ lectin roliww \T sill 9MU ^ U] (fl Jf ? ? drrmnd nana MIim< nvr? Xtr'rW, Tdtf'*> JtwA'-n tintm*tl4 Vmilty H'bikrr, ? T, fj5rtf ? Ja* ? ?M it ri? HattU Oft'. It it rr ,y ~i{tO -VJt yW ItmmitiM it lit fir* ngrietant uur p _ ' F p! \J. lit Tmi'* ? b iu JUkiMi 1/ P&g'tLl ?r ???.<?.. of v^ssy . *< fr ^AIITinW PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TQSEE THAT IT IS mCVMYMKEY ; UN THE LABEL. ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HDALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR IS SMIR WIUIAIS! NEW YOWL MOM BALM IN Washington BY t?.H MAiMtnt * tRMVM Sfft P*. *T*cua, u Ota o n hr yleee in th* oTty whar* jS^thPSs airiM**** pa^A^ha <m?7, 4#P / HI MISCELLANEOUS. | Tu ilAU/LiUTioii or LiM(*aik-TWrt U ft I a while lo inoorpBrste thMB into oer own; ibus tfce , word CephB-te. which la from the Oreefc. aiguifying "for the heed, ie mv beoomiBg poiniriwd in ! ooneeclioc vrti Mr. PeBldinc's irMt HNitalM remedy ; bat it will toon be seed is a more |Menl wBy, tod the word Cephn!io will beooaie a* oommoD M Eleotrotype and many others wh<?ee dksti notion aa foreign words kM been worn ?nr toowiBoo MM* nntii they sem " native nod to ouutor born." 'nrtfly Realized. Hi 'ad p "orrible 'Mdnohe thfs aAemooo, hand I stepped iato ths hapotheoariee hwl ?nys bi to the ?"*n,**C?n yon henae me nine'endBeher' "Does it hnohe'ara," asya'e. "JfexoeediBaly." says hi, aad upon that *e gars me a CeeaaJio Pill band poa me onor it cared me ro *uict that 1 'ardiy realised I'fl'idu 'MdMk*. JTHumciI li the favorite tin by whioh arc mute* known ur deviation uttoTW from the rataral state of- the brut, tad Tie wed in this light it mar be looked on u ? intended to five flotioe of djeeaee whioh m'ght otherwise eeoapn Attention, till too l?te to be remedied; and it* indication* should never be newleotad Head aohei may be oae?iAed under twr camee. vis: 8j ">FtomaUo aod Idiopathic. brinptomiUo Headache ia exoeedingly (cninun and la t.te .ireeareor of a great variety of diaeaaea. among vhioh are Apoplexy, Gout. Rheumatism and all rbnia diaeaaea. In ita rerrona form it ia at mpatheLc di?t V. ~ .. - - ? ?~ - miv bkwmavii gudwiiiuunc 9%cm h|fltfma#? oi hepatic disease constituting- Mums huidackt, of a orm*,oonstipstion and other disorders of the bow a* well m rena. and aterinealf<*otions. Dihmm of the heart arereiy frrquent. attnuded wt?h Headaohes; A ntmit ard plethora are also affections which frequently oooasion hnadaohe. Idiopathic Headaohe is also vrr? eommoa, brim usually distinguished by the name of arrreiu keaHackt, sometimes ooming on suddenly in a ttate of apparent]* sound health and prostrating at onoe the menta1 and physio*' energies, and m other instances it oomes on slowly, heralded bj depression of spirits or aoerhuy of t*ir.per. In noct instanoes the pain is in front of the head, over one or both eyes, and sometime* provoking vomiting, under this class may a'so be named Aewroista. For the treatment of either o ass of Headache the Cepha'.to Pilis have been found a sore and safe repiedy, relieving the most acute pains in a few minutes, and by it* sxbtle power eradioating the disease of which headaohe is the unerring index. Bridget.?Mimob wants yon to Mod her a box of Cephalio Glue, no. a bottle of Prepared Pilla.? but I'm thinking that's not just it caither; bat per hap* ye*!! be?wflher knowing what it is Ye sea she's ni(h d?ad and gone with the Sick Headache and wants some more of that same aa relaired her before. Druggist.?Yon must mrao Spalding's Cephalic Pills. Bridget ?Ooh' sure now and you've aed It, here's the qna-ther and giv me the Pills and don't be all day about it aither. * i tniupaiKD ?r ( ntlTriHi. No one of the "roan* ills fl??sh is heir toM is ao prevalent. so little understood, and ao maoh net footed m Cos?ivt?nea* Of en originating in oarelessnes*. or sadentarv habits; it 11 regarded as a slight disorder of too 'ittle consequence to exoita anxiety, while in reality it is the precursor and oompanion of many of the most fetal and dangerous diseases, and anless early eradicated it will bring the sufTeror to an untimely grave. Among tha lighter evils <.f irhich Cost!renews is the asuaJ attendant are Headaohe, Cnlio, RheumaM'in, Poal Breath Files. andothersnflikenatarevwhilealonK train offnghtfai diseases such as Malignant Fevers, Aboesses, Dysentery. Dyspepsia, Diarrhea, Apoplexy, Kpiiepsv, t'ara'ysis, Hysteria. Hypochondriasis,Melancholy and Insanity, first Indtoate their presence in the system by this alarr mg symptom. </^hvm?v7 i?^ni i OliiOU ITIJI QftlO III Constipation. bat take on an ir.cie p> ndent exist eao ? nniec* the cause m eradicated in an farly tut. FroiTi all the*A oonaiderationa it loLlowe that the disorder *h u d reoeive itr.inediatc attention whenever it oooura. and norfion ih^uid ne?leet to get a box of Cephaiio Pins on the first appearance of the ooinpiaiat, m their timely nse an!, expo! the lLetduous approaches of diseaae and destroy Uus dangerous foe to hnman life. A Real B1hs?B|. Phyicim*.?Well, Mrs. Jonee, how it that headMrt. one! Doctor, all cose! the pill roe sent oured me In just twenty minutes, and I wish t"q would seed more so that I oaa have them Lan'y Pky:Uinn.?Yen qan tet them at any Dnutista, Call for Cephaho Pil.s, 1 find the* never nil, anal reoornn^nd them in all cases of Headaotie. Mrs. Jonu.?I shall send for a box dlraotly, and shall toll all my snfferlncfriends,for they areaM nmiH? Twenty Miltiows oi Dollars Bavjd.?Mr. ; Ppading has aoid two millions of bottles of his oeiE>d Prepared Q ??m< it ia Ntim?t?d that each ?tm at lea*t ten dollars worth of broken tare, thus making ao aggregate 6f twenty milI lions of dollars reclaimed from total loss by Uiis valnable invention. Having made his Ghie a househoid word, he pow proposes to do the world still rrenter service hy coring ail the aohing heads wifb his Cephalic Pills, and If they areas good aa his Glue. Hoadaches will soon vanish away like snow in July. H7" Ovn fxciTKMBNT. and the mental oare and anxiety incident to olote attention to bns ness or, are among the romerous causes of Nervous I Hood ache. The disordered state of mind and body incident to this dist'eesing complaint is a fatal biowtoa'i energy and ambition. rMilferers by thii disorder can alwais nhuin th?*e distreau"g attaoka by budi one ot the Cephalic Pills whenever the symptom* appear It aieta the overtaaked brain and aoothea the etrainand jarnng nerves, acd rwlaxea the teneion of the atomaoh which alwaya acoompaniea and a? I ra vales the disordered oundiUon of the brain. I 9mm i t acts worth mown**.?Seaiding'a Cephaae Pills aro a certain oure lor 8l0k Headache, Bi?ona Headache, Nervooa Headache. Coative^eaa, and General I>ebtltty. - ? Oseat Difcovray.?Among the moat important of a'l the great >ri?<1icai discoveries ol thia age luaj Sn ?? ? a ? 1 ~ ' " ? ?imc bjaiam hi tiaciduionjot proteotioi* from Small Pox, the Ceph%iio Pill for relief of Hcsdiche. and the use of C^airine for the prevention of Kevert, ?ither of wnieh ia a apre ae?cite, whoao benefit* will be experienced hy e offering hnmanity long alter their diaeoverera are forgotten. iryPis yen ever have the Siok Headache f Do yon remember the thrvbbing temple*, the feverad i row. the loathing and dieruet at ih? atght of food. How totally nnEtyon were"for plee?nre. conversation or atndy On* of the Cepba io Pilla would have relieved yon from all the Buffering which voa Uien experienced For th:i> and other purpose* yvv ahonld alwaya have a box of them on hand to nee aa oooasion require*. i *gpi?a f\ ! CURE I NfiPVn 11?Hoa fla eh? nvi fVM^uwuuaui^ Headache, By th?ua?o( th*M PUU th? pwiodlo fttUoka 01 Ntrvous or Sick HtadtuJu may b* pr*v**tt??i; ud 1 00 ? * * - - ii tuvn si m? oom*enoem#nt of an Idm I diate rel tet from pain and sioknees wilJ be obtained. They klom fail is removing the Nmmu* and HtadaeX* to whieh female* an ao subject. ; They tot gently upon thebowels,?restoring 0m k??uii. For IMtrmn Mm, Stwdsnu, Dcboate Femalee, and nil persona of **Unt+ry kabut, they are aQ valuable u a Laxative, Improving the (wtiti, giving 10*4 and vigor to the digestive organs, and reetorlng the nntnral elasticity and strength of the whole system. he CEPHALIC PI LS ere the reemlt of long investigation and oarefnlly oondaoted ex pen menu, having heen in ue many years, daring vhieh time they have prevented and relieved a vast amomnt ot fain ud affaring from H?duk?, wkeUei oriel natlnc ia Um mtcwu ifitoa or from a deranged ftate of the itommck. They art entiraly rentable in their oompoeiaon, ud My b? taken at all tine* with perfeot aafcty irtthont nakiif any ohange of diet, aad (JU aft wwi o/ wy diMfrnaii* MM readers ix mh le arfmtawttr Um to tkildrt*. BKWARB OF OOUNTEftFKITB! The genaiae hare five ucoatareeof Benrr C. lytldlni on eaah Box. Bold by Dracgiata and all otfcar Dealer* u Madi A Boa will be Mat try nail yreya^d aa raartttof PRICK, * CHtNT*. 11 ordara ahoald be addreeaed to_ wlM*vw ( (MriM.NnTin. > - k ' 1 ?*-l_l I MEDIOINKS. LrOCm HOtriTAL, mrnt mntnrnti tkt m*i 8r~df Mr Awm if m ikt (fjrM, FOE ALL DMRABKS OF UlPJtUDFNCU. J.MT NO FALSE DBLICACY P > EfMyr APPLY 1MMKP ATKLY, a crsi warra&tsd, or iro chabvm. in from orrs to two dats Htim tM ItO hnum iliiuwt ?' !? I ^'r* u4 IM<M, Owte^N, hMlMf. >'?t?? Mmy, >?nmi m. Ptty^yUryif Uw twnVU> Itaw W Miu, wiM 4r\.T,i?4i,i,Ti??H?p. di*dm tt > iimjr , . IfKuMI lh? kwn, llMMCll M ft? W I j Mm Tirnkii [)nwil?n uwm( mn It'iurv KkMH ?tf 1 Ttri?!k?H Pr??d'?l 1*4 PturMU'f Pniw* ??i?k rn 4*1 Ntifltff tafOTwU*. uhI k*ta 1*4/ l Vt?4 w y ' *? mii IfNWiT ?? k??? > ?? ? U* 'KUM af kit iff TI4I. ik? i tiwlfi; ud 4 Mtnt u?? ktku whMJi UDHlIt IVNpa M | M bbuik*:^ |n>i iSnub4i ?f Ta?n{ M?ri ?f ib? ri iJwd wImii h4 knliuti tatofltM, vh? mifkt nkHVM k<>< " "* U"??? -? - -??? aka>vW*m m.t ~ 'rift? ! fff vaiad ta Mnut tba ??li>< IfN, Mf Mli ? *% ****** MiULKI mum rmoii.H t Mm rta??. ituiaf pafaiaai M|?u itmaiun. 4*.. ? car ad. ?ba f Iicm hkH?l(if<w Iki UN ?f Or I. wlifi aaaly Mtiil l> ktt Sar at u a ul iHliHl'1 r?'? i^m bw aktli u * pferoc orriCK m* ? orrt niDBUci truvr. ?af? but atdapitij fraaa ItitlMPH rtrrai. Hm c**n fim Lb a mtih, Fill cat I* abaar'a MM a?d ? >??. bttitl* MM pJlulMMla iitiaf M joiiwtoi, . aban af Iba fcayai Caliaga af largaaaa, baa<ln, (?4mU (m as a af tba Mat ia?wl Olltfta tfca Sana] tuui, at Iba yraatar part af vbaaa Ufa baa baaa ipaai ta tba ba PWala af kar.dar Pan#, Pbiladala.'.ta aad alaawbara. baa Mlaaiad aan.a af tba maat u?].ahirj caraa ibai vara a??? kaava, ntaf traablad vtLk rtafii.g la (ha baad aa? aara trbaa aalaaa, vraat nar*aaanaaa. bamg alariaad at aaddaa aaasda. baabfb'caia vilb fraqaant blacking. attai.da* aaa* taw vttb lanipnaaiafBltl, vara carat laaatlitalv. vi e runrivii minnl Tmi| aad Mhtn vba biti ia)arad kf mlula pnitttl Mal(<4 u> vMd iim< ?* ktkn fn^a>? r ImihI h*n ?ti1 *aaaipaaaaa*. at ll nM, ct( llwu a vUct ? nifktl; Itil ITM *kM MMhutlfMI MM' noitn niitiuft tmp?**afcla. ul (mui/i Ml mtal ?* Mr, *l?*aid apply taailuulT ftHi Ul Hat af III *ad ana ?iaack?ly afaau MMtMlf It aarir habit* afraath via I W*aka*** aftk* B*cl *ar Ifaba, rain* m tb* Mod, Diianaa* af af*'., Laa* af MinM* h?*t, hlfiUMr till* luri,Dnp*|*f, N*r*aaa linKlW\j, Dtraof an, an-. af tk* Dif **ii?* taoebaa*, taaara! DcbtlMp, ifantiii af Cf),.??mpu*o. Ac. MkNTILLT.-Tm faarfal *V**uan tk* alt^ ar* aaak I* ha dr*?d*d?Laa* afMaroar?, Oo'aaac afld***, D?w?nk* af Spirit*. lC?il rarba4m?, A?*Aian aflaciat*. If i>i*ira*i ba** af SaHtad a, Timidity, iu . ar* arta* af tk* anla praImML VULTOII PKllkITT-TkMut^i au aa? 'adf* vk*l Ik Ik* a*a*? af thair <**clintt,f b?*Ub, la*u,f lh*lt rija*. ** aaaf **?l, pal*, fiarraa* aad *aaaci*tad, k**u>( * a u fata* *pp*afaa?* akaat it* *f*a, caark ar*rfnpta-?aaf taa*aap?aa diiuiu or impivdknck. Wkka Ik a KMfaidad aad impr*4aut aaur; af plaaaar* lala k* baa Im>akk4 J>* ***<J* af t?x paioft' 6ia*a*?, It laa afar* kappao* tbat aa ill-tinted a to* a af abam* ar dr*ad af diacarrrp d*l*r* bin fraaa apptrtnf ta Ctft <h*,fr*<a *d?cal,an aad raapacubiiity, Caa afar,* k*fn*nd ban. * fall* lata tk* kul* a( ifiiWul aad daaayaiatf prataadcr*. via, incapakl* af carina, Itch ti* pacaniar? aakataact, k**p bia> irilir j aaotb after taacth, ar a* laa* a* tb* am*llaat fa* ear. b* akUinad. and M daaDair laava hiai *nh rmr ad Kaatfli i? * rk | inr kw falling diaxppataunaat; ?r ka tka aaa ' that d??/? paiaan. Warcary. bu:tn tka tatiautaUaail lympwin ( uU umbli diaiui, aacb u A f'lfca It&ru T*r? ., Faaa. km.Ac . pnmii n( wrh frifhtfal till 4a?lh f wu a Mtwd u hi* iraadfal aiftricn kj Htliif kin la M?*i aadlHt'irid eaantry fratn tbMi tnn^ m nlarat MLJOunoiitKMEDT ro? OMAinC WKAUOI A*P 1MPOTKKCT. By Ilk (TMI ui laiiw?? nail; vaakaaaa af tka nrtM in apaadHa aarad and fall aifar raataaau tka?u<< J lit Mat Dirmi i?4 daktlllaui, Wka kad laat all *apa.ka*a kaaa iaiaadtataly railaaad. All impadiaaaia la lliritft. rk jalaai at Maau Ptaa?aUtaaltaoa, Iwi af PntrtUTf Pavat, larrNi ItaoaWn^ Ttaakiir.f *b4 Witiaaai af cuthmi a! m mm faa?M kiad apaaadr.j iml CNi>t)u>MU)T or rii TVS NtHT TMOf?AI*''? carad aii.M uutltatMa vitfc* Ika laat aavantaan Ta-aa, aad tka ctnaraia impaftaat Ml afaiauaaa parfwuai k; Dr. Jataaaa. vttuawad kf Br? raaaatan af tka ptytn aad rcaay atkar aaraaca, saoaaa af vkaak kaaa itaaual afaia aad utia kafaaa tka aaWit, ka Mil kkaun^ui# > A vax'**.. af aW. ..... -/ MUty, M I NillMi [u'ruui ? ill UllMi K? ifc y JOY FOB THKSiCK A>D SVFFFRlNtt. LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED APPLY TH& REMEDY REJOICE HEALTH, Friend, do yon Buffer' Are yoe the netiir of itf of tboee DBmerona ailment* whloh ?tim irwa m. rarity of the biood' WUi ire ?bwj. oo yo? uk Rather Mk, what &re they not/ The blood u t'-e ource of lile ?j;4 health. end it la Ue ir?t element of o?r bein* to respond to ?nr cause which affect# tb?syrtom. m t.'-.e lnfauibir attfata The ever prevailing Neara gia, the lmtatme kni r?iU.tu* aul.tle Sorofu!*j the tfoiusini Hhenmansm. Ner V vms AfOI'ttlVJ I i/TP |j|T?r UBMim wtu it* toraor and dejeoti on, and the nnntftarjeea uim that Bno ia heir to cen> e -j.rtr indeonaVngin froan t..e Bood, Deal k;r.(t> the* and jently with the Woo-:. aa the nt&iisine rr-soaroes of natare for tt? aid. and aniler a* to ooir.mend to roar eonfidenaa ana bm that truly va tytble medicament known aa INDIAN r?a?f'ABL)lIDSsnXTION. With retard to ttoe a. moat I;Ue aaeoific popular sentiment haa awoken In decided terma, and the en4enoee of Una treat eftoacyMf* n? tatned by oonatant avows of ekratire <w-?ou and the happiest results from ita aae are after aJ other remedies and the beat medical skill hare failed. Let na ear,in ooncluaion. th*t certihoatea a urea are not aoufbt from the illiterate and aae?r ioial, but tney are rolnnterred from the m'-rt re apeotable aoaroea and justify the hicheat terart 10 whjoh it ia eosaibte to ouaimeod ao valuable a : 1 ??' vwiaw HI fHuiw Mjrruv?j. *? mmj fc.ii llfct the curative properties of the me<!icii<e ?re equalled or.iy by ita re*torativo rflect*. th? f;?t?ui recover.ti fromdieeaee with r*ne?M oouetitnt'mia! vigor. For aa!e i y all reeteotable Dmggmu jn ttwa 01 w, and by Uie proprietor, MRK M COX, None tecum* uiilnu her nairieu ti.own on tbe bott e and her eeal on the cork Bar Price jfl per bottle, t.x bottlee for Wkol/taJi Armi. K. H. T. ClJSfcEL. Drufrint, Georgetown, 1) C? Wboleeaie Agent for the Die trio*, and wiQ (apply the trade at my pnoee. a* 18-tr Dr. j. bovbe ix)i>t! IMFKRIAL WJVE BITTSttS, AM hm * ? ? - vjcu uuni Jimm w inf o * Like, ani the acirertal verdict of all who cw> theia either M a or a* I f>*?>ereira. ia tna< they are uuir|ia?: L? the wcr: i. Dr. ftoda eeed theme=~c. s.j?ijy is L:? pr??uo- for II yens before we paron**e? ef him the eole rif hi to ire and pretest -koia for ?> to the pebiie. For the oare of lnt ?i*nt Cen??n?tioii, lndij:*er.?n, J>yepepu*. Piles. Iaerroea lUiirai**, Fa-na.e Com pmlnti, and a.1 ever reex.nac atonio, they arr L?erord sloaH & rt?r>?t IsvvaP.ble rerc9cj. A fide from their t^Cic ro..1 properties they are a prre, wl o'eaome and deUchtfvi fl*>?era?e, c rodneinf ai'. t? ? pleasant exhiif-rzi^ tf-aia or Alr*.*dr <?r Wioe Without their irJari^ea reeitta. Let ail friends of namanltyand aliadvooafe < f t^nperaieo vuft a a in aattctmlnz these vaiaabte V?f etab e Bittere for the ?vmw?i ritMi end m^witmmud Liquort yith Vhlfih th?t fl/iuntr* \m a 1 - ffcTM^ly ud la fcirusttc* Ihimu PnaifB?ti **mlleifSj[L38 WJDDIF1KLD * CQm Pi?f riciore, WiiOMT, il-est, N(* Yert. DR. J. HOVKL D>OD?' IMF EX IS L GIX BITTERS. For Diseases of ttte K:itneja,Blftdder and Urinary Orgacc, and eapeojally tor Fenm ONrtraction*, never nil to oere, tnd rra to rafted to (in a?utv t'on, CHARLE? WIDDIFIKLD k. CO.. Proprietor*, *8 \Y.limn at. New York, J. SCHWAR2E, Je J ly4 Ajenl. W&&bin< u.n, D C, & 10030XTI V\ DISPATCH! N?/cT Sato thc_ Ficect! At >w<wi> ?til kmwmt 0?m <* wtl-matoi?4 J fmmiiUt, it la Tory te&imbie to Imt? ao?> ci.c?? *&4 confer i?nt wxr tar rvfftirt&c r anutare, Tci?. Omiwi.**. rALPIRO'l rUBTitREP SLCI gmti All anca k?tt?bomc. and bo beeeebotd Ml flord to be vltiioottt. It ta rmAj u< ay ioua, R.nd broke; orn..ea. it lalaat tl?a arUc,e far ooui. ahfil, And othaf orumeBtd work, ao jepaiar ei?enue*ify^)?ta tn wUtioa. ui*! Tk.uaj.8 tuUliM of Uie beat w.Nnot moctr*' |hM. Jt rcaf ts cm*: in tL? ^iim of ordinary mieuK* trft.m rMtiy more ocUmIto. ? nxrvi. IN rrSBT HOVSE* IWfc-lESi, ^ trktU$mJs Dtrtt, No. 4ft Codrx rtroet, Nov Tort. 4"'~ 1 rot m for n?.?? *? " * ? ~' KijLt, ai^Y WS-a fnr 4 aiMla kettte of GPALJHWS TKBFARED bLUE wlli ? Urn um lta Mat muaily to OTDrf konaahohL^Ul _8oW t>7* *U trnOuaKt Mationorm, Dranirth BtidTv? aa<t Yuraitmra Deaiara, Groom, MM Faaoy Stores. ^wjg?MPti?varv^t ftairltat. It wfil rtAcC e.nj o/.rost* 1* jy 12,000 ?S r*2i?.!VKV t&jsS nioti v* jt?*r*nteo toTt old on rmto&fl.M? t*rru? in orior to tg**? r**H? fco.r .,nr? .took. A, . tM;V',rMuKUUA|tuuittnL F<uriFi?nuA HUiltuU rili1Tw.Mj \fccifc. N??Y?II dCfcU- h> "t c<u.#G iruo H||^ r wor ? ** G. rATH90N, &|?ai, ^,_L_n^_ - %

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