Newspaper of Evening Star, January 16, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 16, 1861 Page 1
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f f 111 " * _ , f Stat V?. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 16. 1861 N?. 2.468 *r >- . - j \ THE DAILY EVENING STAR / TUB LIS HE D E VBR 7 AFTERNOON, f' SUNDAYS EXOEPTKD,) si vim ?uc icjnni i u iciCBuug tvavriuriiM iu rnaiun to the school fund, the water fund, and other mutters of interest; bat la the present crowded state of your columns we forbear, and will con elude bv quoting Mr. Laird's Closing remaps, as follows : "1 see no reason to doubt that the month of Ajril will And the pecuniary affairs of the Corporation at comparative ease, and with a proper prudeutial economy in appropriating the dfru uid arising during the year will, I trust, meet with a degree of promptness pleasant to all parties These remarks are made, however, altogether Irrespective of the dark cloud which Bfemj hanging over the country, the sad contemplation of which is so agitating to all reflecting minds, for none can tell what degree of disturbance it may pour out over all the relations and pursuits of life." At the meeting of our City Councils on Friday even ng last, there were present in the Board of Common Council all of the members except Messrs Dodge and English. A message was received from the .Mayor recom inenain^: a temporary augmentation of the police force. The ni??a^e wai referred to .Vlr Stake, ^ who reported a resolution providing for the appointment of ten additional policemen, to serve at the discretion of the Corporation until the 15th d*y of March next, to be on duty from 6 o'clock p m until 6 a m, at 81 per night, and to do duty during the day if called on by toe Mayor. Mr. Dunlop thought the time was too long. We m'.ght appoint until the 15th of February, and keep them on longer if neceesary. Mr Stake wanttd to keep the force on until after inauguration day. Mr Tenney moved to strike out " ten" and Insert " eight.'' Mr. Fea.-aon said make the time until the&th of Mircb. Mr Danlop withdrew bis proposition, and Mr. Htake accepted the amendment* of Mr. Tennev and Mr. Fearson; and the resolution passed It was amended In the Board of Aldermen by providing payment for day service at tbe rate of 3S cents per diem, which amendment was concurred in by this board. Tbe annual statement of the Clerk of the Corporation w*s refrr#d to ways and means committee. with instructions to have 1(H) copies printed. Tbe report of the Chief of Police, and the acf counts of Barnard & Co , Jas. F. Essex, H Ballanger. Wax. H Fletcher, Wm. Chamberlain, aud police magistrate White against the Corporation were rtcel ved and appropriately referred. A message was received from tbe Board of Aldermen stating that they had passed the resolution making an appropriation to pay deflclency forj mprovement cf Fayette street 1 tie roil jwing resolutions were reported, read once, mni lay over under the rules:?Resolution to pay expenses of poor and workhouse for quarter ending Sept 3<>, IsOO. Resolution In firor of W. D. WaUicb. Resolution In favor of Charles M vera & Son. i Mr. McCobb, from claims committee, ask<-d I that said committee be discharged from farther consideration of the accouutof C. B. Cluskey, and that it be referred to wrjys and means committee; . commltt ? discharged, and reference made. Mr King, from streets committee, reported on the Hiyh street resolution, that it would take nine cents per fr.">nt foot to pay the deficiency, but as a majority of the property holders had not petltloued for the improvement. n? farther front foot tai could be levied; report accepted. > The following resolution* were passed : Resolution to pay for a repair of new road; resolution in fivor of wtate of Lewis Carberry; resolution relating to town lots; [it authorizes the Mayor to sell on tbe first Monday in July, next lot 47, on Prospect street, and lots 31,32, and 33 on Water street with brick warehouse thereon, after three week's insertion in Evening Star;] resolution to pay for repairs of Pap*r-mllt brld?e; resolution to i<ay for repairs of Marke'-bouse bridge; resolution in favor of J J. Mctjuiilan; resolution in relation to s*rip of ground ou Frederick street; resolution for removal of lamp-posts at bead of markethouse; inuiukDn to wu vac manure in rear ot wavenhouse [Of the above resolution!, those in rela tlon to Fapermill bridge, Market-bouse bridge, and a strip of ground on Frederick street, and in Javor of J J McQuillan, were subsequently pass- d by tbe Board of Aldermen ] 'liie ordinance introduced by Mr King in July last, which makes it unlawful fur swine to go at large after tbe first day tf January, l?61, came up for consideration Mr King said he would move to alter the date to February 1, iiUl. Mr. Stake saw no necessity for such a law. The swine were all killed, and Mr. Tenney had got a fair sh-'re of th?m. Mr. King raid he bad Introduced bis bill at the earnest solicitation of a great many citizens, but Km waa /* ?!? i n !K*r? malArHti 4 n >? ? ? ?? ? *?v. w ? 1* mujvi it? 4 U ?uc DVBIU a?t U. There wu bit friend Mr. Tenney In the business, and Mr. Hill, who wai a nice man, and oagbt to be willing to get the bog* out of the way. Mr Hill, (lotto vot* )?'They don't trouble me. Mr. Fearsou, (exhibiting a ticket with a porker of aldermaulc proportion* at tbe bead of It, also tbe motto u Tbe wbole bog year In and year out," which was uaed .at tbe last election,) said that member* were elected to let tbe hoga run year in and y?ar out. and now would deceive tbe people. Tbey bad held out tbe flag and must serve under u u ? moat time lor tbe hog? to get out |Firat "" April, by law ?R'f ] When tbe preaent Board goes out, let tbe box* go out too. * Mr Kin* did not know bit name wai on tbe ticket until be aaw It In print. He thought bis friend Fearaon would vote with blm, u be aaw 40 to <50 hoga In Second alley Uet lumnicr Mr. Stake moved to lay tbe bill on tbe table. Mr King wanted tbe ayea and uoca called, aoaa to m<c wbo were the Uogulah men here. Mr HH1 oppoeed tbe paaaage of tbe bill. He eonld not duDtlvc iioof nronl* nf lh?lr knoa Mr King Mtd be kn*-w ft warn a ttckltah question with gentlemen, the election being ao near; bat it bad been Mid tbat none of these two ticket mm could get ia again anyhow, and be wsa willing to let t be matter go Mr. Tenney oppoaeti the paaaage of the bill, at aomo length, and moved to refer it to the next . Corporation; tbat la, to poatpone it nntll the lat of March nest I, oat, aa follow*?Mr. King calling ,?? for toe aye* and noea: *? A yea?Meaara llili and Ternev?9 Nor?? Meavs Dui.lop. Fearaon, King, McCobb, V .'plekreli. Stake and Williams?7 ?i Mr Tenney atid bla object wita to allow the Tt p~op}? to dMrtde tbe questiou at tbeensulnig elecai llM. Mr ICioK aald the only tLins< I bat would defeat the bill (tbey all knew tbe running of awine ct iar^a w-? * oulsance) would be the te*r of a e feat at the coming election ?. Tbe bill ?> l?*t by the Callowlna vote. Area Messrs Duuiop Fear>on. King aitd Plck' ?,;i 4 Noea ? Messrs. Hlil, McOtobb, Stake, Te*ney, a* anA \\ illiam??5 The rtaalatloa In favor of Joa. Ntobolaoo was advocated by Maaara. Hill, Danlopand Williams. Mr. Tenney wished it postponed for oaa weak, /or information; ifmd to. Board adjourned. \ e a AT THE STAR BOIUNH6I, Corner of P*nn*ylv*nia awn us and 1UA IT ' D? Yl ALLACQi P*f#n mtv?4 in p*eir&|M by carrier* il |4 I r?sr, or s. c?nu per menu, to bmui euDeorroeri tie pr.oe is $SJD a year, m? advatut; $2 for six onths; }! for three months; and for less Urns tkree months at the rate ofltoents a week. Binxle opies, ott? c?st; in wrappers, two cairn. Adv2ht!?jc*st? saonld besent to the offloe betor? 12 o'oioek itl; otherwise they may not appear maul the next day. GEORGETOWN CORPORATION AFFAIRS. % Ctrropondtnc* of Hi Star. ?>UH?IVWII. All UK V 11. INI, From the very Interesting and carefully prepared annual statement of William Laird, Esq . Clerk of the Corporation, which waa submitted to the Councils on Friday evening last, we learn that "the total receipts for the year 1860 amount to t73,714 iiU, and the total expenditures to S66,> S75.&4, of which Sl.211 39 belong to various a pedal accounts, and #5,627 25 to the general fund of th* Corporation." He states that '-the estimate of the receipts and expenditures for the year 1061 shows that if all the general taxes, including that of 1861. and the Interest due and accruing on the repair bonds of # the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company, could all be collected within the year, the receipts would th* Tn?nr1itnpp? Kit sn mAiml nf ?9.6<Vi 45. This fortunate state of circumstances, however, cannot be reasonably looked for. Allowing, therefore, tbat $ll,ou) of the general taxes due Iti 1S6I will remain over uncollected until J JNJJ,?wbicb is'about ?1,SOU less than the amount of general taxes now laying over?In tbat caae I tbe receipts of 1*^61 will rail short of the expendi ^ tur? s by about C 1.300, and if to tbis la added tbe continued non-payment of tbe Intereat on the Chesapeake ana Ohio Canal Company repair bonds?reaching in the course of tbe year 1&81 to tbe sum of 91 500? under th*t contingency tbe receipt* will fall short of th? expenditure* by SUUUI 90.7UU. Ue ?.air? further that "the contingent expense* of the present year largely exceed the estimate for the year; attributable mainly to the cost of repairInx Bridge street bridge, and dredging the channel of the Potomac river " We learn also from thla report that -'the specific appropriations payable out of the general fund for the recent improvement of Bridge, Prospect, Favette, High and West streets, reach an amount of ?<j 43f 40." Also, that "the amount of indebtedness of the Corporation in 1859, which has been discharged the present year, reaches an aggregate cf S!6.'2U3 66 " We may at an early day extract Alt INCISBNT or THK NlNITXXNTH C*NTTfnY? Romantic Elofbmbnt on an Ox Slbb?A Jubilant Bkidkokook ?The Detroit Free Preaa relitn the following, for the truth of which it vouchee, but we don't: An ox teem attached to a lumber tied, and bearing astride of th crossbeam* a coarse-grained young man and a buxom girl of about eighteen, dragged its slow length along Lamed street yesterday, and baited In front of Justice Purdy's office. The couple dismounted and entered the office, where they made known their wishes, and requested to be married immediately. The expectant bridegroom said be had come to town with a load of produce for his employer, who owned the team, and as Susan wanted to buy a kaliker dress, he bad brought her along on the top of the bags. On the way in they had talked the matter over, and In view of the fact that AL. III M V _*? * * ? turjr aurtcr mfQ racu inner, ana dm aone considerable courtln' on tbe ily, concluded to get married. They declared themselves of age, and took the bonds for better or for worse Tbe bridegroom was very much elated, and kissed tbe bride an unreasonable number of tim^s Then be requested tbe court to kiss her, and even went so far as to intimate tbst all respectsble persons among tbe spectators mfghtenjoy the same privilege. He was especially elate on the newspaper question. <4Pllt *pr in." talH In * manr,? 'er in tbe paper, and make Susan's name all capitals I'll pay for big letters Wbat's tbe use in getting married to a putty gal unless you can get it In tbe papers?" In the midst of tbis jubilation, the thought of the old man struck him, and he sobered down as though a shower bath had fallen on his bead "Come, Susan," he said, taking her hand, "let's go home and see It. Lord, won't he be mad ?" And h? dre%- a sigk and switched up the cattle, whose slow gait seemed all too fast for his palpitating hopes and fears. A Sketch or Liverpool ?Liverpool is a second New York in lta active commercial character. In its externals there is nothing to remind you that {? u i -* - * - .. ,m > fiirun cut. i ou are comwnuy reminded of Boston and Philadelphia. It resembles them more than New York. The houses In the best street* ire stuccoed, and have finishings of the lightgrey sandstone, so common In England; and there, as In all towns where bituminous coal is used as the usualfuel, the whole town hasa smoky and dark appearance. In their hotel arrangements, however, tbev have nothing In common with us; no public sitting room, no public parlor, no public or common tab'e. A public eating room, called the coffee-room, is fitted up like a refectory, with little tables spread for one or two persons, and here the siugle gentlemen take their meals, each Bt kurh an Vi ah * mm V*? r.1 ??* ?41 "** hw uvui u? uc pioairb. a rcnucman who ladies must have hia aittlng-room aa well aa bedrooms, and bla meala are'served in his aittlngroom, with aucb food and drink aa he chooaea to order, and at aucb times aa auita bia convenience. The botela are much amaller tban oura, bave much leaa pretenaion In appearance, and the expenaea to which the traveler la aubjer.ted are about twice aa much aa with ua In botela of aimllar grade. Fatal Affray.?An affray occurred at the municipal election in Kllzabeth City, on Saturday laat, directly In front of the aeata of the inapectora of election. The parties to the affray were Henry Culpepper, J . W. Poole, YVin. C. Poole,' and Ju jius o. uasnieia. About noon of the day of electlon, Culpepper went to the poU* to cut bli voU-. Almost instantaneously with casting his vote, he suddenly whirled hlmaelf around to aa to face the Poolea and lMshield, who were standing iu front of the ballot-box at the time, and drew hit revolver, exclaiming at the time: ' You d?m a?na of b? a, you are my men?shoot, here's a heart for you." The other parties Immediately drew their revolvers, when Culpepper fired at some one of them, the shot not taking ett'ect. Immediately after Culpepp?r fired, the other parties tired, when Culpepper fell, having received two wound*, one in tee right arm, and one In the forehe&a, entering the skull and piercing tbe brain. Some seven or eight shots were fired dur i r> *? .a* V-* ? ' * - UK IW auiay, uui uow. uy WBOID, Ull al WtiOfll, owing to th? confusion, nobody can tell. By On occasion of ?om? artillery practice at Rexblll, in England, tome four or five thousand of the spectators took possession of a martello tower which Was the point to be tired at. All at. tempts to persuade them to retire proving vain, the Duke of Cambridge ordered a round or two of blank to be llred over them. Even tben they itond firm * nH th? Hnlra ! - - -* 1 m ?, ? ? .Mv turn ui urruu a vuiicy pi hot to be flred well ?ver their head*. The whist ling of the shot settled the bull nets, and the men outside vacated the position lu such haste, that they tumbled over each other and Into divers ditches In the most grotesque confusion. Dkskbtkks ?The 300 sailors sent from Charlestown to Portsmouth, N. H , for the sloop of war Macedonian, on Tuesday, occasioned the officers Considerable trouble in mf-mging them, while in the ran WMmMWI ?n i- ? ?*? - ? au ?uoit c*n viuita, about .W of them managed to elude the vigilance of their keeper*, and e*eap?d after the car? (topped by jumping from the car window*, the door* i being locked. Several of thern have ?iuce be*n recovered. Chicago on a Slow Routb to thb Skjm.? "Where are you goingf' said a young gentleman to an elderly one lo a white cravat, whom he overtook a few id Ilea from Chicago '-I am going to heaven, my son; I have been on my way ther-* for eighteen year* " ' Well good bye, old fellow; if you have been traveling toward heaven eighteen years, and ifot no nearer to It than Chicago, I'll take another route." Rich Gold Qcakts.?A letter from Melbourne mentions that a solid cake of Gold. worth ?9600, the produce of the crushing of only ten tons of quartz from a reef near Inglewood?locality scarcely known twelve months ago?had been sold to the Bank of New South Wales This bank bad also purchased at Sandhurst a cake wheighlng about 501 onnces, the produce of35 tons of quartz, and It Is affirmed that the same reef will produce 83u,000 a year for many years to come. {TT'Tbey bave a local Jack Sbephard In Cleveland. Oblo. Aftrr tk?? <im? >> t Q -fVV lUiCVt uc was put into a cell alone on Friday night, with shackles on bis feet He freed himself from the shackles, unlocked three cell doors, crawled tnrough a defective wall of an old ceil, and re?ch-d the open air just in time to be nabbed by a passing officer. IC7" The failure of Edward Lambert 4 Co., the great New York silk Jobbers, is saidfto be a very bad one. To one French importing firm they are indebted 8125,000. Tba personal expenses of the bead of the firm,who has been living in a quiet way in Brooklyn, are said to have been,* 167,000 in ten years. try In New Orleans, on the 9th Inst , the two wife murderers, Patrick Cagan and Gearge Osborn, were hong within the walls of tha parish Cson Remarks were made upon the scaffold both, asserting their Innocence of any murderous design, and attributing their downfall to the influence of liquor. (J^The railroads crossing the western prairies are protected from drifting snow in winter by high fenoea, which aerTe in summer to keep the cattle from the track. In the winter of la55, be fore these fences were constructed, the Illinois Cental Railroad Company expended >100,000 in endeavoring to keep their track clear. f]~~T* The wages of negro servants In Louisville, Kentucky, have Increased, In ronsequenoe of the difflmltv of obtalnln? th?m tholr muatuM in tx?. country'fearing to trust them away from borne during th? present excitement. H7*Tbe Boston Transcript, of Wednesday, says: The sleighing. is now very fine over three fourths of the surface of New England. The uinw Is very deep In the northern and central portions of thla Union. A Palxstto Flag Raised in Coxxbcticdt ? Some waggish young fellows raised a palmetto flag on Fort Hale, New Haven harbor, Saturday night, and there It waved defiantly In the breeze of Sunday morning till the citizens removed It. rrilici "Blow* Oct."?'The Montoar Iron W orkt, of Pennaylvanla, the Inrgeet jn the State except one. have stopped, and about 1,000 men Have been thrown out of work In the very depth of winter Of the three Liberal candidate* for the representation of the baaoutth of Southwark, London, one Is deaf, the other blind, and the third U the w?il known Oriental traveler and explorer, L?yard I]jr Oa Saturday last, the emancipation of ?erfdom In RuMia took effect Thla work wai inaugurated by Emperor Alexander II, In the year IM7 he thta movament 1 IKin imi p ?? ire made free. irr a petition tod bill ara bow before the Delaware LevUUtare for a charter for a railroad to roinect Towneend atatton on the Delaware Railroad, with a point In Kent county, Md. try Rarey contiaoea hia exhlbittooa ta New York, and tamee one or two borate before hU audleooe every night. ITT The ealebraUoa of the 8th of January at #v-t - " CLOTHING, kc. PANIC TIMES! PANIC PRICES' We hareJust received a >arge lot of CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS, HATS and CAPS, on ooneicnment, whioh must be sold before ths 4th of Maren, without recard to 001P. These goods have ail been made up by the beat houses in Baltimore and Phi!adelphia, and owing to the time* they will be aold at almost any prioe. our object being to tarn them into oath aa eoon as pcaaible. I. a RKJt i.t. * rn CVothiera, No. 439 Seventh it., V_*jve 0. N. B.?Come on?, oome all; now u the time to bur WINTER Cl.OTHING at any price on Seventh at. No. 439,4 door* above G at. de 28-Ira GREAT ATTRACTION! GRANDRUSH FORSEVENTH STREET! All Stop at S M I T H ' 8 , No. 460 SEVENTH STREET. "Go tkou and do likewise " (Suoh waa the lang uaice im^d bv a gentleman who had received aome of our great bnrcaina.) I have ju?t returned from the North with a very lane itook of CL .THING, FURNISHING GOOD*. HATS a?-d CAPS, bough* for oashattwo third* their net ooat,and which I will aelt at a small advanoe. You can buy a good Overooatfrom 93 to #7. a verv fine one froin Sin to ,%15. Pad* Ovnrnn&t I from 98'to $15, Boy's "Overcoat ancf Cape Coat from S3 50 to _&5 Alio, smKTS.UNDER OVWM1F.NTS, UMBRELLAS. SCARFS. SHAWLS, COLLARS, TIES, GlO V ES, and all kinds of Genu' Wearing AcD&rel. at astonishingly low prioes. irr A word to those that want to purchase: Having boucht these goods at very low prioea. I am confident that you oan save 25 per cent, buying from me. N. B SERVANTS' CLOTHING in abundance. Don't forget to call at the Pe?p e'? Clothing Store, No. 460 Seventh street, before purchasing elsewhere, and aatiafy yourselves that we are differing bargains. J. H SMITH, Clothier, de 14-lm No. 4 WO Seventh St., opp. Post Office. I^JENTLBMEN'S VT RE\DY-MADE CLOTHING. / ? _ a. a. f rt ** mm r ' ? ? ? i ?ti r* "iii pirBoui BHurimtim ui ?r.i iii&mc.l'S READY-MADE CLOTHING offers to oitisena and atrangera wishing an immediate oat fit aupe nor indnoementa, embracing, at thia time, all atjlea and qaalitiea of Dress and Business Garments and Overooata in all vari-tiee. Fyie Shirts and Un<ier-olothi-ng of all kinda. Kid and other Gloves of beat qua:ity. Scarf*, Ties, Cravats, Stonka, Hosiery, <ko., Ao. All of whioh we are offering at our uaua! low prioes. Clothing made to order in the moat superior manner. WALL, STEPHENS & CO., no 16-tf 3*33 Pa. avenae. W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite our cuatoanera,and oitizena generally, to an inspeonon of our preaent new, at traotive. and fileiant mmrhmi nt CLOTHS, CASSI.VfKBKS, DOESKINS, VII Vl-.STINGS, OVERCOATINGS, 4. o. \nf whioh we will make to order in superior 11 trie at *erj low prices. WALL, STEPHENS * COoo 25-tf 322 Pa. av? betw. 9th and 10th ata. jjMREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 717... QAm corn r C street and Louisiana a v.. ovtr Bank tj Washington. INSURE HOUSES AND\)THFR PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. . Directors. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfern, Samuel Cropley, William Wilson, Richard Jones, John D Barclay, Jacob Gideon, Andrew Rothwefl, TUos. Parker, Rishard Barry, M . B. B. French. No oharce for Policies. JAMES ADAMS, President Absl O. Davi?. Secretary. oo 10-e<?6m THK EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. fc.MRIOH. at the corner of penn. A t A avenue and Eleventh atreet, haa kenfcmW greatly improved reoently and now oifora'MbJHLL i greater induoementa for the patronage ol oitix?ua i and atranger* than any otlier publio houae in the oit*, hia prioea being leaa than thoae of any otlier hotel on Penn. avenue, and hia acooinmodationa lor permanent or tranaieut boardera unexceptionable. The bar and r-:a?aurant arraneemenu of the European Hotel have already beoomn very popu 1 lar, b? ing all that oau be deaired by the moat faa- ] tidious. Toe proprietor pledgee unremitted atten- 1 tionand oontmu'd liberal expend! turf a to giveaatit fu-ipon to all, and thuajrenewa hia invitation 1 all to give the Kuropean Hotel a call. de4-ti TPHE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. A TWtEfRMAR, 1,2 and 3? Protected by Royal Letter* Patent of Kneland, and scoured by the Seal* of tho Koole de Pharmacia de Paris, and tlie Imperial Collere of Mediaine, Vienna No. 1 is invaluable for exhaustion and natorrhea, ard al physioal disabilities. No. 2 completely eradicates all traces of those 1 diseases that have been hitherto treated by the nan- , seous and permot ns use of ooraiva and oubebs. No. 3 has ennrelr rapplanted the injurious ufc of meroory. thereby insiirtn* to the sufferer epe?dy re'ief, di^p^rsine all impurities, and rooting out I the venom r>f disease. TV ll-WL' '.I < R Mna 1 ? ?.? * > ( 1| l*UU U ?< V piOpAl W IU th- form of & loienise. devoid of taate ar<d amel' and can be earned in the waistcoat p'Mjkrt. 1 in tio oa*e*. and divided into separate dose?. as a<i miniatered br Velpeau. Ltfl'ernand, Koux. Ribord, Ao Pric? $3 6&"h, or four oasos for 99, which ?avea 93; and in ?27 oasea, whereb? tuere la a aaving of 99. To be h&d, wtioi?aale and retail, of Dr. BARROW, of 194 Bleecke; street. New V'ork. Immediately on reooirirra remittance, Dr. Barrow 1 will forward the TrieseiiKr to any partof the word, aeonrely packed, and addreesec aeoording to the iuatruoti na of the writer. The Book, of a'i otbera, that ahould be read by men with damaged and J>r<>ken down oouatitutioaa i is "Hainan KraiJtT, or Piirsiolotical Researches." It ia boanlifnlly illustrated. and treats ?rut.-?ly of all tnj srmp om< that ir.vanab'jr develop th^m*e;vos. sooner or later. resulting from the frailties and vitiating habits of earlf youth, incapacitating the viotim from sharing the Tuition of the matn monial state, and. if not checked in time, decenerating all t'?e functions of manhood. a-<d brinrmg him, step by step. to a lingering and untimely death. Sola by l)r. "AHROW, 194 Bleecker stre"t, four doors b^low Macdou?al, New York. Price 25 oontf Sent free every where. Sold also by S. C. Ford, Jr., Drug Store, Washington. P. C. de 29 6m Booth and sboks to suit tmk TIMES. We are now manufacturing all kinds of BOOTS and shoks. and oorstantly reoetviqg a?^? supply of eastern made work of everyde-BHJ scriptio", made expressly to order, and will w HM Ka ?aM at ft. mnnh Iawap UV vviu ? V XVII IV w W| JFi twv ?1UIU UOM IAJUIt W^lPi heretofore oharged in this city for maoh inferior IIMMk Persona in want of Boots and Shoos of eastern or oity made work, will always find a jood assor'.men in store and at the lowest prices. Sire us a call. 6RIPF1N & BRO., ap*-r 314 Pennsylvania avonue. Five hundred traveling trunks arrived this day, embracing all ?uali-??M ties and sues of Sole Leather, Lvhos'j&jfjrJS Drees and Paokini Trunks. Our trunk^*1""4 sales room exhibits at this time the cr*&tent variety of traveling requisites, at moderate prices, to be found this side or New York. Also, every description of LADIES' HAT BOXES, VALICES, CARPF.t BAGS, SATCHELS, *o. ^ IP* Old Trunks repaired or taken in exohanie ,v. >?. WALL) BTEPHENa A 00? Trunk S?iea Room, m*r ?l-tf 3<8 P%. ?tw. E* D. L. MORRISON A CO., f LOUR AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And wholesale dealera in MILL FEED, CORN MEAL. #c., ft.. Corner of 12th and ii atreeta, Washington oity, TT7" Caah ?*id ft?r >11 fcinda of Grain aa 28-flm f SALTS' V^IHY STEAM FIRK-WOCM) M1LL8 AND COAL DEPOT. F?ot if Srvnteentk strut, below War Dtmrtwimi. WOOD prepared, anr length and sixe, to auit the v&nu of eaoh surohaaer _ COA'.-KBPT IN COAL HOUSES, protected from the weather?delivered fr?? from slate, dirt, and other imparities. 3*M0 lt?. to the ton. X? J. W? M> HALT, no 10-tf 833 Pa. av.. b*?tw. 11th and 12th eta. ROUGHS, COLDS. HOARSENESS, Ac. TYLER'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF QUM ARABIC Thia pleaa*nt and popnlar Cough Krmedy has been so long known and extensively need, th%f moat persons have beoome familiar with its extraordinaaeSeaor. It oan be had at all the prino.pal drug ires at 25and SOomits a bottle, sen d9mJfc??o4in* rm l*ut caminv K?BO I rAilVI t> AT PRICES TO SUIT THIS TIMES, An? On Pmics Usiy, At STEVENS'S FANCY STORE. no C-tf 3X6. tv?tw. 9?h and lnth >t?. P,.i3S>JEolLT.K8 AT f *Jces ro suit tii e X TTME8.?S*le?mu?t be forced; (tore too much ro,rt*" - jgwnr ELUS. deal SO0 P?.?T..h,t?th.nH m,k A FEW FINE PIANOS FOE RENT BY AP &J&3US&V?& %!* ~ -< ,3M p,u ?Ij brt. #th and lotto ?u. Two Piano* for wit ?t |f wowth. iU? / - CARRIAGE FACTORIES. Washington carriage factory, ? ~ D St'iK, AitNM 9(4 amd 10(4 Struts. We have ju at finished a number of first class CARRIAGES, auoh aa Li*4i Awv/JBMh park Pktatont. Family r*' rirTri riafu, and Butgtts, whion we will Mil tf " aver* small profit. Be*:.I praotioal meohaaioa in different branches of th? business, we flatter ourselves that we too* the a tries and ?oahty of work that will live eat. a taction, oombiianf hf htaeaa, comfort ana darabiii noptunng prtwnpuy ana oarefully attended to tfee enorteai notice and moat reasonable cti&rree, WALTER, KARMANN it BOFPT Coaolurcakera, auooeeaora to Win. T. Hook. T HE 8?beoribe?^a*n? made tddiUiutc hi iMtory, making it now oneofth? In the Dietriot, where his f?oiliti*e forBCJSWk manqiaotimncCARRIAGE k LI9HT" * m . WAGONS or all kind* qannot be earpasaed, and from hia ions experienoe in the basweaa, he hopea te rive general aatiafnotion. All kiuda of Curriacee u4 Light Wagona kept 01 Ad HKPAIRSneatlr deae.aadall erdera prompt !y attended to. Baeead-hand Carriages taken in exeharre ter irv ei?. ANDREWjTJOYCE, d earner of 14tb and K ate. WOOD AND COAL. TO THE PUBLIC! GO WHERE YOU~CAN GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH EyTRY IT! PROVE"IT ! KNOW IT TR Y ~WHA T ? KT Try the PIONEER MILLS, and buy your WOOD there. dpnvr urrr j x xw\y r xi rr iiii x rrr Prove that too can get your WOOD there c eaper than elsewhere in the oity ; and then 70 a W1 KNOW WHAT? ID" Know that you eel GOOD MEASURE and the very best of WOOD for le?? money, Cdt Split, and Delivered Frkb or Charge. Call at th* PIONEER MILLS! SIGN OF TUE BLUE FLAd-STA FF. Southwest Corner Srvhith St. and Canal (South of the Bridce.j1 no 19 george I'abk. Acbnt. W ? ? ? A ? P ' n r% a *_ Delivered to all parts ? the city, it the lowest possible rates. T. J. A W. M. GALT, Office 388 Pa. a*., between 11th and 12th tU., raa 17-tf north tide. GAS FITTING, &c. pLUMBKRS AND G_AS FITTERS J. W. THOMPSON * CO. Would oa!l the attention ol water takers to their full assortment of Fixtures necessarv to its introduction as follows:?K1TCH KN RANGES.BATH TLBS. WATKR CLOSETS. HOT WATER BOILERS, KITCHEN SINKS, PUMPS, Cm! fr<m, Wrouiht Iron, l.ead and Galvanised \TER PIPES. HYDRANTS and PAVE WASHERS, RUBHER HOSE. Ac. Having superior advantages, with pr*ctioal krowledge, *a are prepared to intrndnoe Water into UwAilincs with all the latest m.proven cnts, promptly, and at piioes that cannot fail to satisfy. 869 Penn. avenue, no 2?-dtMar 1 bet. 9th and l(?th sts.. sooth side. Awm. t. dovk at co. RE Now prepared to execnte anr orders with which they may be favored tn the PLUMBING, GAS OR STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. fTT Store on ?tU street, a few doors north of Pa. itcdii*i where may he (buna a oornRlete a*sortroenl of CHaN DKLIKRS and other GAS. STEAM anil WATER FIXTURES. i?g7-lr WGAS FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are dai.y receiving, 0^5 FIXTURES of entirely Now Partem* and Designs md Finish. superior in style to anything heretofore offered in this market. We invite oitizens general ly to oall and examine our stock of tiaa anu Water Fixtures, feeling confident that we have the bMl elected stock in Washington. All Work in the above Tine intrusted to our car* nil be promptly attended to. MYERS ft MoGHAN. m a# ? ? ? ? iiuir a-%I II ttrMi I SNYDER, PL UMBER AND GAS FITTER. Has removed to tha oornrr of Tweif'h and F ?ts. IIa is prepared to introdooe Water and Gas upon the mo*t favorable terras, and guaranties entire latisfaotion Hehas on hand a lot of COOKING and ether 3TOVK8, which he will sell lees th\n oost. as ue wishes to get rid of them. no M OFFICE OF IN8PECTOR AND 8EAL.F.R OF GAP METERS. W &suiNejoM. July It, I860. NOTICE MB HEREBY GIVEN. TTiat.agreeably to the provisions of the ordinance of the Corporation approved May IS, 1SW, the undersigned is now prepared,"whenever required in writing, and . ? _,? _ c f ff. ?- ?_ 1 i7u jr? w va; ui %UO 1 On UI Ut(>J yOIlHS, W IDSp^dlj examine, teat, prove, and asocruin the accuracy ot rsniBtration of any *&? meter in uae in thia city." Every meter, if found incorreot, will beoondemned, aid another, sealed and marked m true, will be eetmi'? place. If proved to b* aoourate in iU moaaar^ment of caa, it will be sealed aooordinjly, and aeun put in ?o? fioa for uae. Office No. 510 Seventh street, (near Odd Felovi' Hall ) Open from 8 a. in,, to 5 p. m. .CHAKL.E3 W. CUNNINGHAM. jt 18-u inspector and 8?a!?r of 6aa >i*ter?. [REEMAN | SlPSOjj'J W FAM1IY RYTif FAM1IV Dvr! The above PURE WB1SKY,Coffm Dtstillke 7rox Maltrb Giain, being mmrior and unHorm in fn&litr, and hijhlj improved nf age, ta preferred by consumers to ait other Wiuakiea. and partionlarlr reoomm^ifJed br the beat Bhoinmni *n<f ofcemiata u aoaasaaing all the re?Dir?n>ents of a 7V*? Tonic mmitorator and Remedial Ateut. TheBohuftkiirWater of Philadelphia., uaed in the diatillat'cn of tins Whieky, is proved by ana! 7 da to be the aofteat and pnreit wafer in the United ity," may?ina great degree, be attributed the exoelienoe or tfttta Whiakv. For aale by FREiiMAN & SIMPSON. ~ ^ . .. .Ph?nix Dianllerr. On J&?Sok?ylk)li river. Ptn!adelptt? Nbw Yorl: i?9 South ww? rT7V| * >iiiauoifuiife< T"*r 2^-if LOUR, BUCKWHEAT, POTATOES, APPLES, Ac. 140 bbia. new Riohtnond Family and Ext! a Flour, ft,nm I ha. Freah Ground Buckwheat Mea', 500 buahela White Meroer Potatoea, 100 do. Blue do. do. 5 do. Cheatnuta. Reoeived to-daj ami lor aale low in lota toaait by D. L. MORRISON A CO.. an C?>rn??T of TTrwXth ard Rata N MERCHANT TAILORING, KW PAI.I. STVI.m r I O+ua f * uai ? ....... .? ? a ?< w V ' a UtJt WUk'kJI MFRS.A$D VESTINGS. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 398 Pennsylvania Avenue, have just reoeived a largo variety el new Fall Good*, to wnieh they invite ute attention of their friend* *m1 on>tomer*. an 8l>-tf HAVE YOU SKKN the 50 o-nt Children'* H<h*? at FRENCH A RIOHSTEIN'S. 878 Pa. avenue, celling for 10 cents.' Have you seen the elegant 9? Annual* fot N<wr Year prenenta, at FRENCH A RICHSTEIN'S, *eWin* for only 8 . Call and make y?,ur purchase* before they are all gone. At FRENCH A RICHSTEfVs. ?le 39 8T8 Pa. avenue. ( aauiua e.a. mott. i. a. iitit, I AMAR.MOTV* AVTRY. _ ATTORNEYS- ATiAW WillyrtettMtoCoinofVi.-ron Apfjaliat Jtekson, th? PedenTConrt at Pontotoc, to# Courts oftk? Seventh Judicial District of Mis??'. ?*? will Jtteed to tb? OoilMBos ? Cltim* kr??,,??? *i,m Mvtli Mimai?U?t MH-tf WOOD! WOOD!! WOOD!!! ^OVEted KINDLING WOOD.* the low T. J. * W, M. GALT, r?. ?v., mtTM lit* ud 12th (U.j m> W-tf noHtijtfil w7 VjKSjgglWpf I and now offer the moit eittnaire wrix^gMjiyoor I DENTISTRY. riR&. LOCK WOOD A DARRFLL ARB PRE" oared to iwMrt TEETH on TULCAX-^^pE^ 1TE BAS'K, a new and improve mod-**!^*? Whan mad* on this they are eom ^-*? rp fortabla to wear and meoh ?liMMr than any other. Also, T?eth inserted on Oold Plate, and a!l Dental < iperations of any kind that may be desired. Olfioe? Room No. f in the Washington Bu'ldmr.o<>rner Pa. av, and ?t. ja 10 3v* MmmT TEETH. LOOMIS, M. D., the inventor and patentee ofthe MINERAL PLATK TEETH. at-^>^K=* tends persona.Jy at bis oAoe iu uu? oitt Maw . .Many perron* 0*11 vev these teeth wh"i ^liro oannot wear others, and no person ou wv other* Who oannot wear these. Persons calling at mr offioecan be accommodated with any style and prioe of Teeth they may desire; but to those wno are particular and wish tlie purest, cleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture that artean sroduee, the MINERAL fLATK will be more folly warranted. Koo.-ns in this o?ty?No. 338 Pa-avenua. I^tween 9th and ICtb sts. Also, 90T Arcn street, Phtladei p iua. 00 u> tf n_ DK.NTAL CAED. I' R. MUJVKON Hu returned ivod revised hit profession. Office and house at 403 E third door east of 3ixth. In addition t< every o?her approved style, Or. M- ha? eet^* ' '?' teeth on vuioanite Base for tbe ia*t three year* and. from ex??rier.oe, knows it exoe.s all others, and is one-third iess in prioe than {old. His old Citrons of Waeh<n(toa. Alexandria, and t?eorse? are respectfully so Joited to sail. auS&eoly TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY BHALTIMORF. AND OHIO RAILROAD. WASHINGTON BRANCH. CHANflK OR HDITRR On and after SUNDAY, November 1 WO, the trains will mn aa follow*: LEAVE WASHINGTON: ?r?t tr*in atfijn a. m. oond Train at 7.40 a. m. Third train at 3.10 p. m.f Exprau. Fourth train at 6 o m. LEAVE BALTIMORE: Firct train at 4 15 a. in.. Kipress. Se>oond train at 8JS a. m. rr?l; i _a. n ? - ? i niru si 0.10 p m. Fonrth a? 4.2i? p. m., Express. The first, second and thtra trmns from Washington oocneo* through* o Philadelphia aud New York. The seoond and third onnneet at Washington Junction with trains for th? West, South, and Northwest; also, at Annapolis Junction, for An napolis. For Norfolk take the m. trai >. h or the ecoommo-iaUon of the war travel b$twen Washington and Laurel, a pars^rger car win un uucncj vu m? um:i*ge train wmcn leaves at 13 m. On.S?.turday the 3.1" p. m. train poe? to Phi'adel hiaonly. no 26 d T. H- PARSONS, Agent. T^HE STEAMER JAS, ?UY Will retime hCT I triira on TUESDAY, tlst of February, Wiii leave WASH INSTON er?7 TUESDAY acd?"1""lT ^*r" FRIDAY, at o clock a. nx.,and ALEXANDRIA atha!f-ps?ts o'clock, for C'JRRiOMAN tn?l the intermedia:* i?an<Jinf8. On her return trips, she will leave CURMIGMAN every W EDNKSDAY _ _ J a (?TI? rv ? - - - * * ?au oa a v . at * o'oiopc a. n>. LUOIAN S. PAtfE, Pro?rift?r. NATH'L BOl'SH. At't. Alexandria. ft r> IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THE UNION Call at HARVEY'S, Who haa juat reorived a large aufDly of freah I,OUSTERS, FISH, aud fin* OVMT.'Hf.^fcv whioh ho will icfve to outtoroera at ahorteat u?t ?? aid on !ib?ra; t*rn?a. P. S ?Oystcra nerved tc. families and hotel* a'? not aoalded; t hey are only aoalded lor peraona eatinr tham at t>i? nUwrn. <f?8 t T. M. HARVEY. /Ov NOTICE. /<K JLWA REMOVAL. A A V O I have t^moved mv O O PAWN OFFICE to 321 C street, Mtween 4X and 6th itreeta, imm?diatvijr in the rear of the National Hotei, where th? hocinees wiU be cvntinu^l ait heretofore at the old ?tand. [do 16-45m | IS \ AC H KRZOt-R<?. Dh. J. H McLEAN'3 STRENGTHENING CORDIAL A1U ULOOD PIRIFIKR. THE GREATEST REMEDY t? tk* WORLD, / V^t ' J " ttnetW ?eij. I y|T aolitc and TtfiuUm;iL kit Coiuposnd, (r?- np^nr gy J e?r?d by It! di?'ji:?- fcf -J1 . cT jIL tian of roots, oorbo, M fi and bark*. TV. iow . ?? ni?" ^ TZZ BW A<r W B*rk, ?od Daodali?n wL.%1 /9|tf r'irt mto iu cam- li, !\fl f - Th? ?r,un aetfr* S^f > ? fltrJL JE remadial rnncirlt rl. ^ jT ? i P* ofaaeb ir.ff?di?uiu^*??M^6? Jbefore iakui?, kon"irl,l,,,u'ac'-,'Aaer lakinr Lca.iJmr,by my caw ra.ihod O*1 ?ftlUe. diatillinr, faadaciaf * dallcioaa, atbU> rating apiru, tad tha dmi infailibla rataa Jy far ranavauug ,h? diaaaaad ayatam, and r??t?riDf tka aiek, i*f anof, ai.d dabilitaud inralM \i batlib and atran(tb. McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will afacmlly eara Li*?r Complaint, Dyip?p?m, Jinn dica, Chronic ar Marroaa Debility, Diaaaaaa of lha Kidnaya, and all diaa&taa ariaing frara a diaordarad Ltrar or Stomacfc, Dyagapata, aartbara, Inward Pilea, Acidity or giekaaaa of in* toreace, miww) ? uicxxj 10 tns Mead, Dull Pa<n or Swimming in ths H?id, Palpita'jon at ths B?ul PiIIoim h W sight to th* Stomach, Soar Cracuuons, Choking or Saffoc?unf Fssling whsn lsrtn* down. Drycsss or Y 1UWriH at th* Skin and Eyss, Nir' i Iwtrj, Inward r???re. Fun uj the Small af lb* Back, Cheat, or Side, Saddan Flaefats af Beat, Depreeeion of Ppirui, Frighifai Dreams, Laufaor, ar say r.erroae dieeaas, Sera* or BJotchss an the Skin, and Ferer and Agae (ar Chills and r?Tw.) OYER A MILLION BOTTLES hare baan said daring 'J?s last HI months, and in ne instance has it failed in firing ertirs ssusfscuen. Who, than, will safsr from Wsatnsss or Debility whan MCLEAN'S rniCNOTBEmife CORDIAL will ears yoa 1 Na lengaaf s can eanrsy an adsqaats idaa of the immediate and ain est miracalean ebej.f ? prefaced by Ukipg this i*raiai in toe aitettea, aeeuiu-tea, ut eh&tterel mrMU eyaiein, whether broken d?jwn by iicm, *iit by Dt'.iri, ar impaired by eickneee, the related ui uetmi erfuiK.Ueo la reetered te iu prietiae health and ?ij? MARRIED PERSONS, er ethere, caoecieve W inability from whatever eaaee, will tnd McLCANI BTKEHOTHKNINO CORDIAL a ifcereafh regenerator ef the eyiua; aad all who may have la |axed theuoeWee by iinyreper indalgei:ee wiU tad u> thie Cordial a certain end epeedy remedy. TO THE LADIES. McbSAHV 8THER8TRENIKO CORDIAL te a eeeereign aad epeedy care far Incipient Carve am puec, Wt.uee, Oeetraeted tf DiScalt Meneiruunn, Incontinence of trine er In?elnr.u.ry Diecharre thereof, railing ef tbe Womb, iddineee, Fainting, aad all dieeaeee incident to Femalee. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Safer ne longer. Take U according te direction*. It arill etiaalate, etrengtben, and invigorate yea aad caaee tbe bleera ef health u meant yoar cheek agaia. Every bottle ie a aaCan art a aa ^?ion FOR CHILDREN If rnr cblldrao u? nckly, pan/ or ?SleU?, MCLEAN'S C0KD1AL will iaak? tkan b??.lthr, fat, an* rotmat. D?l?? at a maiaamj uj it, and /? win ka Mart oca d. it U ? llaiMMtauka. ri rrrrn v w'mm ? a llfui of draf|MU or talirt wk? m> uy I* ptla span ;n mid* bittor or urwp?nlU iruk, which thoy ma bo* choap, b* uuifil 11 tin u foci. A?oid *acb boo. A ok fur McLfcANTiVraEPOTHEKIllG CORDIAL, u< tak* uotkiDf otto. It to tho oolj rt a>ody that will parifj tbo Blood toe rcaghl* tad at Uo oano tiao ou-obf-tiioa tKo *70(001. On* loaapooc.ol uk*a orory morning fa*uaf i* a cortatn provopti** far Cbotora, Cfailh and P*?*r, Yaliow P***r, or in* rrovalont disoaao. It U pm no in iarrt bcuio* Pnco 91 por boulo, or ? boul*? for #&. J. H Mi LEAN oto proprietor of ikii Cordial; aloo. McUu'i Yatcauc Oil Liaunoot. Principal Dopot aa iho Mri.or of Third and Fin? alraala. At l^ru Ma McLean's Yolcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LMtMEI?T IK TMK WOU.P ) Tkt aif wft mi uruio cars for Cut can, PiIm, T?awt, ?nd Brcnchll* or Co%t. PiralrMa, Nmnlfia, ViilntM th? Mucin, Ckranic ar tarj lluB?linn fliifmi tb? Joints, Cat tncud Maclii m kif isinu, E*iach? ar Toothach*. fin-iM, praiua, Praah Cat*. W?oud?, Vlctn, Pa??r ItrN, CtkH Br ok. Sort MiprlM. Bnrmi, Bca^da, Rtrt Thraat, ar u; laSat.rn.iMc or pain, M dltaranca haw M?m ar taoc tka iIihim nti kara aaiatad, McLEAJfl CELEBRATED LINIMENT ? a etruin raiaid j. TT1MWOGI Of min aatnf* n*?? Hn und a Itf* of ilu enpitad* ud miaary by tfca ao* of O.M litilutili ro Mt LB AITS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT WUI talt*?0 poin inltiou Ml?lj ud It Vtii tlOMk. partfy ud kul tk* foalut wu it u iicndlUl akert urn*. FOR HORSES AND OTHKR ANIMALS. McLEANV CELEBRATED LINIMENT ifiko or.It hJi ud nliikii rtnidj for tk* ear* of SpaTia, iUnfVoao, Windfall*, phata, udmMvkI Lamp*. Nodti or Niilun It naoar failed u ear* Bi| Hud, PallavU, r?taW, OM I buikt 8or*?, ar Hint, if mj*rlf ifplMd. For fortiu, Brtu***, Scratek**, Cruktd Hmk, lUdlt ar Collar Uali*, Cats, Boro*, or Woudi, Utau lutaUikU '"rwe'tril* m imfir wifk lb* out votcMmi llyg?1? OVWM ? NP^| ?f Pit SICLE aNICIlE J. H. MeUul>t< PmfriMw. Coraar Tkir4 and Plna au_, It. Uot, Ma. R|il*l It ITOTT. n fk.i<4Mli i(Mt la Wuktu Ct?Kl.O????> ?? wH-Dt*!; M'SSf -4* *- ~u-- ~" 4.D HUM * BVBCULi. TUP \I' L' L' I I It IWkl a An ina nuui KWLLAA M AR. Vkii rntUHt Ptali? u< H?n iut ? irttut nrxt) of mMmoii r?ft? (tea eu be foaad it tar Nfcw u ? Fnd%j oraia*. o*fj, p* unm. ??.#1 ? Fit* oopioa - . .. ? .. .. 4 ?s Ten oop.w M Tw?t; ?t* (ufM __ 9 or IW?f? CM "WMMiM NOT' Ukftt ku Mil rw Dmiit Krmtmt Stmt mumtUf o ren*r?l:T thro?Sko?ttb* w>anti7- # C7*n?: ?opi?? < in wrapper* > om t? proc*f< at the ooantcr. imn?diAt? y aft*r Um im?? of U* paper. Pno??THREE CENTS EDUCATION A I,. T?? iwnwi*iB Mire ft tln>ro?f h and ?y tematic education. whrr# tk?r?hya<ca! traintnr wiil receive daily aadjMaifc! ttf nboc. U 1*1 or th? in oat a? p roved llllll ofOklitUfetue* and Gynnaetioe. wfimiiftfelitfidto nait the ten r Female Arorxr rou UtnUitkud Nov York * . r- ?"ragi j^EMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL * ?, ?. x. Tba thIrt eeath annua, muiod e/ un laaUtatinc will ooiniwnw on Tuesday,8*Uet?r Itth. ntfce houaa raeently ooeapiad bi BylraaUr ftootl, Ee*., A A 1 Ml K 111 m t(/aal The oouri? of atady will ooiQpriea *11 ih* branohea reqmaite to a thorough Kn*b?h cation, tad Mumc, Freaoh, Latin and Drawing, U deal red. In addition to day a?h?lara Mr*. MoCnrrruofc Is prepared to receive* JumU-d number of pepilf M tx?a'der?, who. oo?iatitutin* a part of her own Jam i.y,wili t?e under her immediate o*re to.! tuper*' UMVllluThe?i^orUa^?a^hiakMMM ^fUftrnu**.?Rer. Geo. H. Norton. Rev. Dr. Kaaa Harriaoo. Re?-D F w.n.._ o ri?i KHiar Heary Marhwy. fe-., Cejn? MoRrmw Km.. Robert H. Honrcu, E*? . W D Wal Mk 10 aJnno?. w ny, Mn.?o ?nd LaaKua*M at ProfoMon' pnoM. iLr- No extra oharge*. u &. t! ? " I ? #(V? Ctmtk. Cold, Nntmmii. / JLumx* M| 'rrtiaitN ?r S?rr ?'<< i4< TVMI. ACIMIX ik< Hofktmt Ctmtk m t?u?mr IIM. 0fMK?*iMi Aihma, t Ca:arrk, CUmr amd rti* .?rrr*irr* ( r*id ^ Few ?r? avir* of th? importu** of ehMbif a Cou*h or "Common Col4'* in itf ftrat at*c?, that which in the beg>cin? would jinla to mua rem* df, if n?cl*ot?d.?or>n*ttMk?Uie l.nna?. "Srewi'e ??? t-- r> ? - T - ?r.vw* M VWV16#. uimwmiDI OVVTlllIMni mjraai Bti, a.iay Fa tnonarr and K.onelnal Irritation. "That trouNe in mj Throat, (for BROWN'S which the "Treckf*" area epeoiftol havm* made me often a mere whi? TROCHES jerer.* S.p.willis. rrowN'4 " I reoommeod thmr aae to Pvbuc r* 8riutu>. TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Great aemoe id eabdainc Hoaifl brown*? ?m.b rev. Daniel wit?E. Tonn<Lv " Almoet in*tact'in the dl? 1 IVUt IlL" frAtkln, K/>? ?.f ? 1 VI VTWUIfil UBMI1 I BROWN'S 10 A"t..h.,'A REV. A. C. KGGLESTON. TROCHES "Contain bo Opium or anythinz tOWN,!^ *i&?SE TROCHES uonVrCorA"'1 fi!**- #0"Nn* BROWN'S WR- ? * BI8ELOW. TROCHES * Benefioiai in Biomitu." DR. J. F. W. UNR, BROWN'S Battm. , " I prow) tb?m axoallonf trm TROCHES Waorriw* Comb/' rw kk.v. h w witlrm , BROWN'S' ~ Iwtw. M Benef oial when oorapellwl to TROCHES ?p?ak. Mifltnnr ftoari CoLa." oan?sl,- \ REV. S. J.P.ANDERSON. BROW.V; I St Limit. Tinmrfs *" Errncmi in rmony H<*rai ,KUtMfcf nniand Irritation ofth? Throat, mo BROWN'S oomroon with trmui and Sine THftfHKH Prof. M. STACY JOHNSON. TROCHES, _ _/.?Orfar?t Ga. brown-si TROCHES "Great benefit when takes before I and after preaohir.g. M the? prevent BROWN'S Hoare^neee. from their paet effect, I think they will be of pet wi*n?ct idTROCHES raaUure to me." REV. E. ROWLEY. A. M. BROWN'S, Preement 04 Atheaa College, Teaa. TROCHES PtOjtettiflK"de 1 ly FOR STAMPING A PACKET OP PAPER S T AND ENVELOPES NO TO MATCH. *1 Mtka 'CHARGE! METROPOUTAN BOOKSTORE. PHILP A SOLOMONS. ilMU Jo* L.nttrtnrt t A.*nem roper t, "Mttropc'ua* Mill*." H., ktm V It 338 i?* a*.. b?t. St ud inth ?u. 1861 ^TTTTTT |g6l Commence tke Year tnth a Diary. A va'nabl* Pocket Companion for refitUnnc rrentt pMt. *rN?nt, and f?tur-; oonl?it,int rat.* nf poatace, almanae. a bl%ok Mao f ?r m?ujra iO\ for eveiy day in tn* year, oa??i aoooant for tajh month, anneal nummary of aocount fci la payable and reoei vafcle. Don't t>? with oat one of these useful little souvenir* Tr>e moat oomplete, eiTact. aod deairableaaaottntAtrtaver teased. ??m prising twelve aizM and upwards of fifty sty tee. at SH1 LUNG TON'S Rook .tore, Odeon Bunding, oorner cf.4H street and deap Per a areaae. DIARIES: DIARIES" jiiiljKS:: 1?S1, IW1, IPBl. CHEAPER THAX ETER. We will take an rxt a d<ao?unt of V> per o*bC off of all Uiar;e? purohaaeo frctri, *c for c&-k. We are do?iron* ^f oloairf o?? the rewnixler of oir icrre took of DilriN of all ki mI? for IKI. FRfcNCH * RIOB8TEIN. ia3 2T* P*nn avera*. WATCH REPAIRING ANDWLVER WAAL manufactory. I have one of the beet aatablishmenta, and far Dished vith ? complete set of t<-ol? for repair- JN io? every dewsnpnon of tine Watches, end #3W particular attention five to the rune, by ?4Uff t' orouch competent workman.and a work cuarftntied Al?o, every deserip ion of s'ar.dard Hl.VtR WARE, p'a.nand ornamental, manrfact':'ed under my own supervision, which my customer' will fend far superior in quality and finish to nortuera ware old by dealers in generai and resrreei.teti a* Ureir own manuliaotore. H. O HOOD, ne 6 *** Pa. avecoe ne^rmhst. ^ MUSIC BOOK IS THE BESTCHRISTMAS Moore's Melodiee btuuwii boud, The Me?c*i Album. **?u<je ohr't Bonce, without vortU, The Home CiroieT All th? Operw. with vU without word*. Bert xiven'i, Mo**rt'? end CfoiMnti's S^netou. Beoh'a Cberubiiu'a, Mara ia4 Albreofctstmrier'a Theoretio*. Work*, A 11 tKe fkMtArine *?< ?ot um ol Maaio with beautiful title Hf** Also, a larf? aaaortneat ol Mainvay A Hou'm< Raven. Baoon A Co ' Own a?| fiasoa, udonbtodly ttf beat mow maonfk*tared. A rerr large ikw of P. a to **aooband Oown at radaoad pnoee at the M aato Store of W G METZEROTT. deg oorper Eleventh et and *'a ay. At feenrtl 4T ri^wi-tf^n**. ?t8 Pee a. ntnunnrvwn, vi biibvt ui "wi, b? Meter LudtriUa.. clock; sent bj tei. for 1J5 Seine's Not** tm D*e)s and Da*ha? i Itmo., oioth; #1JS *ry mail. ftsoaraai'a illnetratad Po<n; oioth (tit; ft SO F"?*Ti OB Lalia; Una., sluU portrait; of Loncfeilow's and Ik* Marvel's Wo-k*. Oar nrnal beayy dine ant oa Books from the pwtlisbers pnom lor oneh. r i.i, IM PO R TE JUJ?AucV\\LSShumI D**! FORtiGx v ks*bra urx*. No. 49 Notre CuaBL1* ?Tmr*T, flw 4nt? L'fiHgfn ft. aoa-lr fn fifl a Ban r? n ? n , I Youths' mmd Clotk*?g fm* tick*W mmA mth**oniiac M?*on, fcr* itri'id ( > uwur ttr rwii! ?7? *u". ?ilij?i MMrtant BO\ ?> CjLOTHlNiJ,iriior* tta* ?M eW#"T. C^A4 SUBCHCU.. I

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