Newspaper of Evening Star, January 17, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 17, 1861 Page 1
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I ? Itliiii $hx, ' m ' V2S. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. JANUARY 17. 1861 N?. 2.469 ? - II .1?i? THE DAILY EVENING STAR I FUB LIS USD B VBR T AFTERNOON, f OUNDAVB EXCEPTED,) ann i * /ii\ Cvur of re-KM.rylvinni av*wu? and lit* it., IT W. D. W1LLACH. aerred la pukHM by nrrwri M |4 I year, or *7 nnti p-r month. To nail aaboorlbera tl'? ?rios ia $sjo a year, w? *dv**ct; ft for aix oiontha; 91 for throe montha; and for ioaa than trreo moctha at th? rate of 13 oeata a vwk. Biacla < piea, on* cskt; ia wrappers, two cim. 117 AnviKTiKK?anT8 aoonld bo sent to tha offio? before IS o'otook m.; otherwise they may not a#y?ar until the next dir. A STRIGGLK FOR LIFE. T CHARLES NORDHOFF I. It was tbe last day of the Indiana Conference. All business was dispatched, and the assembled preachers waited only for that last and most important announcement which should decide for each the soene of his next je*r s laDors. in oar Jletnodist communion the bishop who preaides over the annual meeting called the 'Conference' wields the appointing power. His word, in this matter, ha* been wisely made supreme; and though, with us degenerating Methodists of the Eaat, the bodj of presiding elders prompts the wisdom of their superior, while the larger and wealthier congregations go one step farther and ask priTately beforehand for the man. of their choice, in the generous W eat they stick to the primitiTe mode, trusting to the experience of iao unuup mm ao saan su at tuo uiou w tae churches that neither, may be wronged.. Nor, let it be said here to the honor of those venerable men, who hare now for more than half a century exercised this somewhat arbitrary power, has there ofteu been found just cause of complaint. The list of appointments is prepared during the session of Conference, and is kept strictly secret; so that no one know, nor ccruld form even a -probable guess at his fate. The murmur of voicett was therefore hushed, and all listened hs with one ear when the bishop rose to solve their riddles for them. One by one the willing servants bowed tbeir accepting heads, with a sigh of relief or sorrow. and lost their general cariosity in their particular interest. Presently was read oat: thottover Statu).*?Pacl Cliftoh." Whereat a few of the elder brethren looked over toward the young man so named, scrutinizing him with critical eyes, as though measuring his fitness for this 'Shottover btation;" while others, the younger preachers, looked up with eyes in which pity for him waa mingled wish ill-concealed joy at their own escapc. T- l % ? .. rur mey were nara cases ai ?noiiover Statioo. The church wis small and weak; the 'ouifiders' a turbulent set, irreverent to the last degree, exceedingly sharp at discovering the preacher a weak points, and very ready to take advantage of them. A very stronghold of Satan was Shottover, where the poor minister need, hope for but small pay and less respect, and might think himself lucky if he got off with whole bones. Once or twice, indeed, in years past, they had driven the newly-appointed man away by force of their brawny arms and leathery lungs; and once, taking an exceeding dislike to a young fellow just trom college, and serving here his first year, (and " uu, ?s mcjr cumpiitioea, "Know everymmg, ) they had combined together and literally starved him out. Therefore Shottover was a place to be avoided by all mean*: a plague-spot which had driven several tender-hearted men into other Conference*; and to which now for some years the youngest member was, by general agreement of the bishop with his subordinates, sent to make trial of his budding powers?jast as boys who have run away from home to sea are, on their first voyage, placed in charge of the eky-c-ail* and royal studding-sail, to loose and furl them. Whereby at least those whose ro...?...... i:_. k..? .k:. a 1 ? juauvo nw wui ratu-uocp, nuu WUU wore 1U* deed called, but not chosen, grow to hate the glorious sea-life in the precise proportion as they scrape the skin off their tender shins, and are glad, at the first port, to run away home agaiu. Which I take to be a fine example of Mr. Darwin's recently advanced theory of " Natural Selection." Paul Clifton, who sat in pleaded unconsciousbs#s a little on one side of the room, (like a young bear, all hi* sorrows before hira,) was a recant acquisition to the Conference. He had graduated with honor two years before at a tneoiogical institute in the East; had preached experimentally, and verjr acceptably, on various occasions, and to different citj and country congregations; had 14 taken a run over to Europe," and was now counted a promising Joung man, whom any Conference would be glad to receive; when |o ! to the surprise and disappointment of his friends, he set his face Westward, and ewhewing the flesh-pota of V? V...L. X 1 J? J ? ** vw x vi m, wauuuiru tuiu liiO UC9' ert of Indiana. Another John Baptist, said Miss Thomasina l>obbs, a romantic young lady, who was shrewdly suspected of designs upon the reverend Paul s heart?though very unlike John Baptist indeed, thought the rough Ho >s. ier preachers when they saw him pull off his neady-fitting kid gloves on oeming into Conference room, and spread an immaculate pockSt-handkerchief on the dirty floor whereon to neel at prayers. c & m*ri ? j ? i ? ?. , xn? net ia. poaag ^imon ana oeen orea id r ease, and bad the outride of a gentleman, which U a disadvantage sometimes: particularly if the iaside does not correspond, lie had young man's natural longing to go out into the world, and ?ee a little of the rough side of it?to try his own wings, which he had now for some years been impatiently fluttering on the edge of the paternal nest. Add to this the boneet enthusiasm of the yeung fellow wh* believes himself called to show tne heavenly road (not as a finger-post, as Jean Paulsug* 1 t * - ? - gests, wmcn oniy points me way, but does not move iiseif > And this tempered, perhaps, by the modest thoaght that it would be easier for him. a young and inexperienced man, to lead rough Hoosiers up this steep and narrow path than the more refined intellectual congregations at the East?a little mistake I have known wiser men than the Rev. Paul to m&ke ?as though the wildest norses did not need the best drivers. Pat these together, and you * W ?? __ ? m rwro, 1 suppose, nearly ine mixture 01 motives which brought bim to avoid the soft ease of a "first-class city appointment."'nnd join himself to this unknown future of the book-woods. The bishop regarded fiim with mild pit j aa he read him hia fate. A set custom could not be violated on his account; nor, indeed, did the enerable man believe that this trial had beat be spared the young preacher. When the last byrna was sung, and the prayer and benediction had dismissed the members to their home*, he walked over to where Clifton sat, and shakind his hand nnoooragingly, said: " Rjcp up your spirit*, bro her Panl! the ?wrtrrt nt th? T-irH la an vour lid*?'th? iwnrH of the Lord and of Gideon.1" ? " Yea, tm," remarked an old fellow who overheard these word*; '*1 wish there was a lit tie more tiideon though," while a hard-featured circuit-rider growled to himself; "'Taint right, hardly, I've a mind to change places with him; he looks like good young fellow." " You leave him alone, interrupted the old Father Sawyer; "probably the bishop knows what he's about. Let the young man take his chance. The Lord will provide.* "I don't believe the Lord knows anything about Shottover," retorted the eirouit-rider, who had enough of Qideon about him, at any rate; and who probably would have rather enjoyed a tussle with that devil of mischief, who was said to be so strongly entrenched in Paul Clifton's new station. In which regard be differed much from Paul, ? * a - a IJ II ? I WDs> Wif DOl woai jou wuuia can a uueouiAr * Christian, forcing people heavenward by the fear of the Lord and a big fiat; but etniuently mild-mannered roan, slender, and more given to hU Greek Testament than to bU dumb-bell*. Old Peter Cart wright would hare counted him but (mall potatoes But then, 6TOO Peter ia mortal. In fact, I find nothing k> very mortal 4b muacle. Th<t he might properly prepare himaelf for personal conteat with the sons of Belial who made Sbottorer byword and a reproaoh in th? mouth* of tho brethren, t*?M took Mare to fall; inform Urotber Paul of the disagreeables sad trials he might expect in bis new station. (J?st in tkis way my grandmother used to describe to me beforehand.wUhgieat minuteness f and eonMientioasiMaa, the o?a*cu herrora of thst inimi'abla flavor of disgust, an Impending of castor oil; from which resulted to i*e. In the and. strong dialike. sot so moeh of * f ( tor oil as of grandmothers, and particularly thou of tba mala sex.) Thus advised, and in no very sanguine temper, Paul rod* inte Sbottover on the top of a stage, on a Saturday morning, and after refreshing his inner and outer man at the hotel, proceeded ta view bis church. Now, to an earnest and unsophisticated Chris. .? w ? * *. . . ... nan use toe nev. rant L'litton, used all bis life to comforts biy-cushioned pews, carpeted aisles, sofa'd pulpits, and scrupulous cleanliness in city churches, the little meeting-house of Shottorer was like to be a shock. A shock, certainly, to his sense of comfort x u ? ?__a_ _ I * * nu uecency?pernaps (wno auowsr; U) nis faith in the Christian doctrine. It it unpleasantly situated in the extreme edge of a bare and sterile clay-bank?down which, I verily believe, it will tumble some rainy day. Its low roof; its mud-bespattered walls, on<*e painted a dirty white; its narrow doorway, making no allowance for sinners in crinoline; its ragged wagon shed, like Jack Straw's house, neither wind tight nor water tifcht. and through whose board-sides several generatione of idle horses had gnawed sundry holes, which gave their successors occasional privileged squints into a cool meadow beyond, thus pointing a Sunday lesson, even to obstinate horse tlesh. by this pleasant vision of pleasant grass fields; and this flanked by an appaling architectural novelty?a bell-tower, or embryo steeple, standing on its own base, and giving the impression to an unfamiliar eye that it had been lifted down from its proper place on the roof by some ligbt-handed giant? all this does not promise well to a man who holds his faith by the ties of mere use and comfort. Within. th? narrow aisles are covered with a fine coating of rich Indiana mud. The hard, straight-baokad, uncushioned pews afford no rest to the wicked; nor, indeed, to the pious either, unless, as is sometimes the case, piety and adipose tissue are found in the same body. The preaching-stand has. at least, the merit of consistency, being neither clcaner nor more ornamental than the rest of the church. Rain-stained windows, bare, whitewashed, and partly 1 peeled' walls, white whf>r? nn itiina r\f tnKaeen ti?tn)r?n rait. ing place of some saint who chews the cud of Virgioia content beneath the shadow of the preacher's long arms; and a huge store, whose pipes stretch like raat arms along the ceiling un both sides, as though preparing to shed a ferrid blessing on the assemblage; truly here was found cause sufficient for a series of shocks to Christians of weak faith or sensitire nerves. Ita t>. ^?r.vr.n I ^ ? V UH VW*? tiilUKIl/1 j ARTEMIS WARD ON HIS TRAVELS. Letter V. Onto the Wijco, Dec., 1860. Gents of the Editorial Corpse of Vanity Fair:?Since I last rit you I've met with immense success a showin my show in varis pl&cis, particlj at Detroit. I put up at Mr. hussel'i tavern, a very good tavern too, but I am *orry to iuform you that the clerk tried to cum a Gouge Game on me I brandished my new wavwwu uvnm UUUUB?VMUU niWU fUUUU OUU* siderable. A as I was dresst in my store clothes A had a lot of sweet-scented wagon-grease on my bair, I am free to confess that I thought I lo?kt putty gay. It never once struck me that I lookt green. But up steps a olerk A axes me hadn't I better put my watch in the safe. ' Sir," sez I, "thatwatch oost sixteen dollars! Yes, sir, every dollar of it' You can t cum it over me, my boy! Not at all, sir." I know'd what the clerk wanted lie wanted that watch himself. He wanted to make believe as tho he lockt it up in the safe, then he would set the houa? a fire and pretend as tho the watch was destroyed with the other property! But ho caught a Tomartea when he got hold of me. From Detroit I go >Vest'ard hoe. On the cars was a he-lookin female, with a green cotton umbreller in one band and a handful of reform tracks in the other. She sed every woman should hare a Spear. Tbem as didn't demand their Spears, didn't know what was good for them "What is my spear?" she axed, addresain the peple in the cars. "Is it to stay to home A darn stockins <fc be the ser-lave of a domineerin man? Or is it my spear to vote ? BpejK <x snow mvselt tre ekul ot man f Is there m sister in these keers that has her nroptr Spear ?" Sayin which the eccentric female whirled her umbreller round several times, A finally jabbed me in the weskit with it. " I har no objecshuns to your jroin into the Spear bianiss," sex I, 'but you 11 please rein> mber I ain't a pickeril. Don't Spear me agin, if you please." She sot down. At Ann Arbor, bein seized with a sudden feintness, I called for a drop of suthin to drink. As I was stirrin the beverage up. a pale-faced man in gild spectacles laid his hand upon my shoulder, A sed, "Look not upon the wine when it is red !" Be* I, "This ain't wine. This is Old Ryo." "ir stiugrth likt a Adder and bitketk hitt a Sarpentr" sed the man. "I guess not," sed I, "when you pu* mignr in it. That's the way I allers take mine." "Hav you sons grown up, sir?" the man axed. ' WpM " T r?n)ifla ?i T nnf m voaI f ah tal/1* ! my beverage, my son Artemus junior is goin on 18." "Ain't you afrlid if you set this example be4 him. he'll oome to a bad end7" "He's cum to a waxed end already. He's learnin the rhoe-makin business/' I replied. "I guess we can both on us git along without your assistance, Sir," I observed, as he was ab >ut to open his mouth agin. "This is a cold world," said the man. "That's so. But jou'll git into a warmer one by and by, if you don't in'md your own bianiss better." I was a littled riled at the feller because I never take any thin only when I pamIIv nppH it T Uurno'l Ko a temperance lecturer, and if be can injuce men la atop settin their inardson fire with the frigh fal lickej- which is retailed round the country, I shall hartilj rejoice. Better giv men Prusick Assid to onot, than to pixen 'em to death by degrees. At Albion I met with overwhelmin sucoess. The oelebratod Albion Female beminary is located here, A there air over young ladies iu the Institushun pretty enuff to eat withaut eaeonin or saw. The young ladies was very kind to me, rolonteerin to pin my handbills onto the backs of their dresses. It was a surblitne site to see orer 300 young ladies goin round with a advertisement of A. Ward's onStraleld show, oonspiekusly posted onto their resses. They're got a Paniek np this way and refooie to take Weatern money. It never was worth much, and when western men, whe know what it is, refooie to take their own money it la about time otner folks atopt bnodlin it. Bankaare bustin every day, goin up higher nor any balloon of whieh we hev any record. These western bankers air a sweet k luvly set of men. I wish I owned as good a house as some of 'em would break into. Virtoo ia its own reward. A. Ward SriitRO Caxhox ?There it no method of spiking a cannon which will forever prevent ita u?r If the spike It made of iron or of unbardened steel. it may be removed by the drill. If It la loosely Inserted, or without much force, it may be blown out by firing a charge of gunpowder filaced in the bottom of ttie bore. Butif tbesplke ? made of hardened steel, to fit the vent closely, and ia driven in with greal force; and if ita lower mi '.? m->dn toft ana rlvett-d within tbe bore, tbon Mltbrr the drill nor gunpowder can remove it; tbe vent re u?ina perfectly cloaed. Tbe only remedr in aacta caaea ia to drill a new vent, which may he done without impairing tba aervlceableneu of the gon fTT* A itrict attention to etymology ibowi that the anctenta were not as ignorant in many re?pec afea aoma of na Imagine. Take tbe word "rcataurant " for example. Tbia. hi every one knows, comes to us from the Latin, through the Preocb. The original meaning of 1U component CLOTHING, &c. PANIC TIMES! PANIC PRICKS' We havejuat received a large lot of CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS, HAT8 and CAPS, on oonaixnment, whioh mint bo aold before th? 4th nf March, witho-jt retard to cost. Theae good* have a<l been mode up by the beat houaea in Baltimore and Phi ade'pbia, and owing to the time* they will be aold at almoat any price, ourobjeot being loturn them lBto cath aa aoon aa poaaible L A. BEALL A CO., /I ? &L I ? _ < n r\ . . l . _ i K vxuiniera, mo. sevenui at., aaove u. N. B.?Come on?, ooraeall: now it the time to buy WINTER CLOTHING at any price on Seventh ?t., No. 439,4 door* above G at. do 28-lm A GREAT ATTRACTION! GRANDRUSHFQRSEVENTH STREET! All Stof at S M I T H * S , No. 460 SEVENTH STREET. "Go thou and do likewise " (9uch waa the language used br a jent'eman who had received aomo of our (tr>>Rt I argains.) I have just returned from the North with a verv larce ?tock of CL ?THING, FURNISHING GOOD*. HATS I* A PS. hnu*-h? Tor iittwn thirds their net cogt.and which 1 will tell at a small advance. You can buy a norxl Overcoat from S3 to ?7, a very fine one from 910 t<> SL5, Cape Overooat from S3 to 315, Boy's Overooat and tape Coat from .$350 to .?5 Also, SHIRTS, UNDKR-GARMF.NT9, UMBRKLLAS. SCARFS SHAWLS, COLLAHS, TIES, GLOV KS, and all kinds of Genis' Wearing Apparel, at astonishingly low pnoes. ILT~ A word to those that want to purchase: llnuinP ltnnr ht thAOit irrwu] at von- ln?r nrinaa I ?m confident that jou can save 25 per cent, buying from me. N. B SERVANTS' CLOTHING in abundance. Don't forget to oaliat the Pe p e'? Clothing Store, No. 460 Sevsnth street, t>efore purchatintf elaewhere, acid satisfy yourselves that we are uttering bargain*. J. H SMITH, Clothier, de 14-1 rp No. 4 *0 Seventh at-.opp. Po?t Office. r^ENTLKMEN'S VI RE \DY-MADE CLOTHING. Our Dreaent assortment of BENTI.KMKN'S REaDV-MADE CLOTHING offers to citizens ana strangers Wishing an immediato oat fit superior inducements, embracing, at this time, all styles and qualities of Dress and Business Garments and Overcoats iu all varieties. Fine Shirts and Underclothing of all kinds. Kid and other Gloves of best qui lty. Scarfs, Ti?s, Cravats, Sto?lrp, Hosiery. Ac., Ao. Alt of whioh we are offering at < ur usnai low prioes. Clothing made to order in the most superior manner. WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. no 16-tf x'2'2 Pa. avenue. W MERCHANT TAILORING. 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No. 2 ooinpletelf eradioaten all traoea of thoae direaaea thai hav* !>e>?n hitherto treated by the nau c and pernio! tu in? of oopaiva and euheb*. No. 3 hia entirely supplanted the injurious u?e of meroury, thereby Inaurmc to the auiTerer apeedy re'ief, diap?raiaK all imparitiea, and rooting out the venom of dwwaae. TK1E*E*iaR, rxoa. l.Iand 3 are prepared in th-? form of a lusenge. devoid of taate ar;damel', and imii ba earned in the waiatcoat packet. >*t.!d in tin ca?ea. aid divided into separate doae*. as * ' miriiatered ny Velpsan. Lslieinbnd, Roux, Ricord, Jco Piic* $3 t-a^h, or f ur oaaea for 99. which sav^a S3; and in 92?oa?ea, whereb* taer? i* a aavi l ?li -p,. I I I 1 1 ? .. lux i? -iv tu ur Mtvu, wnu;"Haio anu remii, oi nr. BARROW, of 191 Bleecker ttreet. New York. Imuiajiat* * onreoaiTiort remittance, Or. Harrow wi:! forward the 1 riesenmr to any partof the world, securely packnd, ami audressec according to the in truoti n* of the writer. 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It oan be had at all the principal drug stores at 35 and in cents a bottle, se ? rt?m Aeo4m? dest fancy goods, to suit the times, prices At stevens's fancy Store?" 0l,tt' BO 32-tf 3J??. h?tw <?*h loth *?. PSjj^Oms AT PRICES TO SUIT THK TIML9.?Saleitmiatbe fo-owt; itore too much orowded; bow la the time to buy cheap. JCTHN F. ELLIS. d? SI *06 Pa. ? ., b?t 9th and 10th wU. A FXW FINE PIANOS FOR RENT MY AP Tw Pi*no? for rmii at ! p*r month. 4a ? s WOOD AND COAL. TO THE PUBLICS 90 WHERE YOU C A N GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH lyTBY IT! PROVEIT! KNOW IT!JQ try what ? ^TTr^the PIONEKR MILLS, and birfoir proveIvhat? lU~ Prove that yon oan get your WOOD th?? e paper than elsewhere in the city ; and then you know what? inr Know that you get GOOD MEASURE and the very bent of WOOD for leas money. Cot Split, and DsLivanxn Freiof Chaksk. Call at thk PIOMEKR MILLS! SlUN OF THE BLUE FLAU-STAFF. Southwest Corner Seventh St. and Canal (South of the IJudje.r t?o 19 UEOKiiK PAOK. Acent. VV ODD w and GOAL Delivered to &1! parta o( the city, at the lowest possible rates. T. J. A W. M. GALT, Office 983 Pa. av., between 11th aud 12th sts., ma 17-tf north side. GAS FITTING, &c. pLUMBERS AND GAS FITTERS J. W. THOMPSON t CO. Would o&'l the attention oi water takors to their fall assortment of Fixtures necessary to its introduction^ follows:?KITCH EN RAJSGES.BATH TLBS. WATER CLOSETS. HOT WATER BOILERS, KITCHEN SINKS, PUMPS, Ca?t Iron. Wrought Iron, l ead and Galvanised WATER PIPES, HYDRANTS and PAVE WASHERS^ RUBBER HOSfc.fto. naTiuft superior tavanwiei, Wlin predion! k'owledge, we are prepared tointroduoe Water into dwelling* with all the latest iit.proven enta, promptly, and at price* that cannot fail to eatiafy. ..... . 269 Penu. avenue. no 24 dtMar 1 bet.9th and loth *U? *nuth ida. A~7~ WM. T. JJOVE * CO. RE Now prepivrod to execute any orders wltfc wcich thev may be favored in the Pl.lIMRlNlfi. RAS nu 8TP1 u r'TTr Vo V| v W v?\ W JI U AM AAA 4 111 V BUSINESS. O" 8tore or. Pth street, & few doors north of Pa, avenue, where mxy be foand a oomntete assortment of CHANDELIERS and other OAS, STEAM art WATER FIXTURES. ia?Mv WO A S FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are dai j receiving, OAS FIXTURES of entirely New Patterns and Designs and I inish, superior in stjle to anything heretofore offered in this market. We invite citizens general ly to oail and examine our stock of Gas and Water Fixtures, feeling fwnfident that we have the beat selected stock in Washington. All Work in the above line intrusted to our car* will be promptly attended to. MYERS k. McGHAN. mar S-tf STR I) street. 18NYDER, . PLUMBER AXD GAS FITTER, Has removed to the corner of Twelfth and F ?t*. He i? prepared to in'rodnoe Water and Gu uson the moat favorable terms, and guaranties entire sati?faotion fie has on hand a lot of COOKING and other STO V KS, which he will tell less than cost. as Ue wishes to get rid of them. no 17 OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER VJ OF GAS METERS. Washington, July 18,1880. NOTICE KS HEREBY GIVES. That.agre?abiy to the provisions of the mdinauoe of the Corporation approved May 12. I860, the undersigned is now prepared, "whenever reeolred in writing, and on pre payment of the fe* of fifty cents, to inspect, exainiuo, teet, prove, and asoertain the aocuracy of registration of ^ny gas meter in ase in this oit y .** cjTory in?wr, iimana incorrect, win Moonaemoea, and another, aaalM and marked aa true, will be eet in flfto*. if proved to b*> accurate In lta measurement of gaa, it will be aeaied accordingly, and again put in poaitios (or uae. OAoe No. 610 Seventh street,(near Odd Fal.owa' Hall > Open from 8 a. m., to # p. m. CHAKL.ES W. CUNNINGHAM. Ji U-tf inapeotor and Sealer of Gaa Meters. ""carriage factories^ WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, " D Strtt-t, Bt:t*ten9tK and \0tk Struts. lir< : a 1 ? -* ??* -? c unvu :u?i iiuiauou m uuniiwr UI urn C1MI CARRIAGE?, suok & I.irht Fancyf FF/i?<ms, /'art Pkeat<ms. Family Car-wWjwa1 na?j, and Butties, which we will eell?t*==*c5 a ver? email profit. Being practical i.inohftaioa ill different branohea of the Buaineea, we flatter ouraelvoa that we know the atylea and tur. ity of work that will give aatia faction, oombining lightneaa, comfort and Uurabiii ty. Repairing promptly and carefully attended to Uie anorteat notice moat raaeonable charge*. WALTER, KARMANN A BOPP, Coactimakers, raccAaaora to Wm. T. Hook, ap 17-dly T CAR KI AUKS. fxK 8ibscr:b?r h*?uif sdditiouele hi totory, mskini it cow on? of the iff in the Dmtrict, wli^re his fsoHitioi forvgCKPC ia?i?ul?cturinj:CARRIAGE A Lift 11T WAtiONScf nil finds ;saoot be surpassed, an* froiu his lout experience in Its IssiLeaf, he te^i to five gvnerkl s*tis>f?cuoii. A'l kinds of Carri*?#s %n? Ligkt Wtteu l?pt?> *A.7! RKJJAIRSn??t;j<sas,t34n;#ri?rs>r?isH 17 tUecSwi t". -lu-r? Ctrrlfcfss take^ln ?xsfc*a(?J(ftrwrw wmwm, ?ni/nn J . JVJ I uti, 4 ?ra?T *f Utb *b4 R ate. |pMAN t\ SIMPSOHJ W OLD W OLD \ \ FAMILY RYDI FAMlDf RYE| The above PURE W H1SKY.CorPM Distilled from M altbd ?*A1N, being superior and uniform to ?ualitT.aiul highly improved 17 age, is preferred l,.Tu>n.nm?r. ??G T.H.mi -J ? larly reoommended J?y the f?-at physicians and cheraieta as poaaosrmg ail the reemrvK'nts of a r?%? Tonic in v* to* at or tm/i Hcmedini Attnt. The Schuylkill Water ot Philadelphia, used in the diaM'latlon of this Whisky, is proved by analysis to be thn softest and purest water in the Un;W State? ; and to this may, in a great degree, be at* tribnted the excellence of this.Whisky. For sale by FREEMAN fc SIMPSON. Phecix Distillery, On the Sohaylkili river, Philadelphia Offlees?96 Wall street, Nrw York ; 109 South Front street. Philadelphia. , w?> 3Q-i> COLOUR, BUCKWHEAT, POTATOES, APT PLES.Ao, 160 hbls. new Riohmond Family and Kxt a Floor, lbi. Fre?h Ground BujkwiiMt Mm1, 600 buahela Vv hite Meroer Potatoes, loo do. Blue do. do. 5 do. Chestnut*. Reoeived to-<lay and for ?a!e low in lota toauit by D. L. MORRISON k. OQ., no Corner of TSr^lfth ?nd ft ?U. N MERCHANT TAILORING. KW PAI.I. STYLES or CLOTHS, CASSIMKRS.AND VEST1NGS. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 3*8 Penn?ylvania Avenue, have juit received a lance variety of new Fall Goods, to wnioh they invite the attention of their friend ? itiui wimttimerm. *ii80-tf Tf l vi' vnu gri'V ?k. in rtiiJ-i- u?i? nmm. < IJ I ?/V VU Ui? HfP U'M? \ 'III IHI VII 0 IW 'KB at FRENCH fc RICHSTEIN'S. 278 Pa. svcnuo, selling for 10 oentu ' Have you seen the el?*ant f/2 Annual* foi N?*w Year presents, at FRENCH & RICHSTEIN'S.seH.n* for only 9 . Call and make your puroh&ses before they are ail cone. At FRENCH ft RICHSTfcLVS, dgfl 878 py avenue. (.(.(.UlUt. a&Mft. l.kimT. Will praettoe in the Hijb Court of Errore and Appeals at Jackson, the Federal Qourt at Pontotoc, the Courts of the Seventh Jndicial Distriet of Miasippi.and will attpcd to the Colleetiea of Clainta >VFMrKA?l Mi wm MHa?l M *4- H WOOD! ? _ ?? w v u v:: W O O DR! STOVE tad KINDLING WOOD, 1 th* lowm roitibl* pnoe. T. J. * W. M. GALT, 994 Pft. AT., bctwasn 11th uid 12th >U., w?T>.K on W* - DENTISTRY. |\R3. LOCK WOOD k DARRKLL ARK PRKL? pared to i .sert TKKTH on vtflA'A!v /4b ITK BASK, a new and unproved mod* When made on ?hie plan they are com ' ' rp fortable to wear and niach oheaaer than any other. Aiao, Ti>eth Inserted un Gold Plate. and all Dental Operation* of any kind that may he desired. Office?Room No. i in the Washington Baildmc ,oorner Pa. av, and Seventh at. ja 10 3?* M TEETH. 7 LOOM IS, M. D.. the inventor and patentee of the MINERAL PLATE TEETH. at-^ t?ndfl AAranna w mt kia .si tkia Mlr> Many pereom can wear theee teeth wbo^4iiiD cannot *Mr other*, and no peraon oau wear othere who cannot wear theee. Persona calling army nffioeoan beaoo-mmolatej with any style and price of Teeth tb?y mar deeire; bat to thoee who are particular and wish the purest, cieanest, strongest, and moet perfect derture that art can prod uee, the MIN KRAL PLATK will l?e more fully warranted. Room* in this city?Wo. SS9 Pa. avenae, between 9th and loth sts. Also, 907 A. ch street, Pkiladel phia oe IS-tf Dmm DENTAL CARD. R. MVN8*ON Has returned and rrumMl hie fTofenion. Office and homte at 4?3 E si i m j nird door east of ?ixth, In addition t every o'her approved style, Dr. Jf. has ? 11P teeth on vulcanite Race for the last three years and, from experienoe, knows it exoe.s all others, and is one-third less in pnoe than gold. His oid patrons of Washington. Alexandria, and Georse town are respectfully solicited to eall. as SB eoiy TEAVELJEK8* Pi RECTOR Y7 O ALTl MOR K _ A N D^OHIO_ R AIL R O A D. u WASMIXUTUN BRANCH. CHANGE OF HOUR&^^^ On and after SUNDAY, November ?tta, lwtn.the tram* Will run m follows: LEAVE WASHINGTON : Fir?t tr*in at *.20 %. nt. Second Train at 7.40 a. m. Third train af 3.10 p. m., Eipreec. Fourth train at 6 p m_ LEAVE BALTIMORE: r irai train a( 4 IS a. in., ivxpress. Second train at ?.35 a. m. Third at 3.10 p. m. Fourth a* 4 an p. m., Express. The fir?t, seoonl and third train* from Washington connect tnrough- o Philadelphia and New York. The second and third oonneot at Washington Junction with train* for tu? West, South, and NortSweet; also, at Annapolis Junotiun. for An napolis. For Norfolk take the * 40 a. m. tr&i . hor the accommodation of the w travel between Wan^ington and LaniH, a r?'*?"n*er ear will be attaches to tue toan*ge train whioh leaves t 14 r? k all* - On Saturday p. m. train goea to Philadelphia only. no aG-d T. H PARSON8, Agent. TIIE STEAMER JAS. ?UY Will reeeme her tripa on TUESDAY, Slat of JP* Februiry, lw". Will leave WASH IN8TON every TUESDAY FRIDAY,at? o'clock a. m., and ALEXANDRIA at hail-past 6 o'clock, for CURRIOMAN and tnr intermediate Landinra. On her retnrn tripe. ahe will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at b o'clock a m. LUCLAN IT PA9E, Proprietor. NATH'L BOU9H. At'L Alexandria. fe? IK YOU WANT TO SAVE THE UNION Call at H A R V K Y'S. .. Who hasjnstreo^ivwo a large supply of freeh LOBSTERS. F1*H, and fcne flVl iVlT" I Mt'li whioh hs will serve to customers at the^^-iS** shortest not oe ai.d on lil>erat terms. P. S? Oysters served to families and hotels are not scalded; they are only scalded for persons eating them at the saloon. ?___ T. M. HARVEY. /Ov NOTICE. /Ov A A REMOVAL. JL^JL y y I have le moved my ? 0 PAWN OFFICE to SSI C between 4H *nd 6th utieeu, immediately in the rear of the .Natiocsl Hotel, where the butineta will be continued aa heretofore at the QldHtanJ. 1 no 15-6n> 1 IS\AC HKRZHKR6. D*. J. H. McLKAN S STEENGTHENIHQ CORDIAL AND BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY ?* tk* WORLD, &ud the moat tl)KUCIOr? AMD DELIGHTFUL ?f ri CORDIAL (1 gtfMx J EVER TAKFXXkM* l( i* atnctto I ki- W ' JBE^3 ?outc and V?fitbit Cufupomnd, pr?tur?J by (! dittilla- U1 t?; Uvt< ?f recti; b?rb?, BL t j uid barki. Tallow |? 71 Dock, Bluod rwx, tt| BUck Hoc., 8?r??j? T*!j*E nlla, Will Oarry Bark, and Diridalioa ( r? into iu cam- J aula* M i a - - ,?n ) . to* *?ur? acu?* ^ K] i. Ikfort lailnj.taking. dnuUli.f, prodactu? a <i?>iwk>B?, *? rating ?J. rit, aod U* clmi >unJSlbi? r?uj?'T fuf r*i.o*aui f tit di**M*d ???t*rc, mO iMitntf tt? tUk. mf*nr.g, ?cd d*tilii*l*d .u??.lld M h*altti iiid Mc LEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will ifictMll; car* Lt??r Unit, Pj*p*p*i*, Jaaodie*, Chronic or N*r?oa? f>*fc?lt:y, I>< ?! of th* Kidr.*?*, and *11 di**a*?* arui.if from a 4 it <fd?r*4 LiTtr or Storuck, Pft|?p?ia, tartbarn, Ii.wird Pile*. Acidity or Sickr.ttt of lb* StMsach, Fallotti *f Biix-1 u. th* H*?d, Dall Pun or wimmlnf inlh*H**<!, PalpitatM* of th* Htnri, Kalli.*** w .t_A i_ . w . m~ ~ k. a ? - ' ? ? WW ii|n; in uiv ^ wt ?umcT.A UfHia, i/i>OKirr cr ajocaunf ruling *t*?o l?y">ir down.Dryaaaa or TtlfoWd*m of tk? IHn ui Kjm, NifliilwMU, Inward Fitin, Ptlo in tha Small ?f lS? Bid, Chtr., or Mid*. Iiddan Fiiulm ef Baal, OiprtMiw. of Sptriti, Frifhtfal Drtima, UaL(uar, l)NPMdft.<; ar ?aj uartowa dlHtu, Soraa or Blotchaa Ml ihl Skin, and Fa'ar a?4 Af?a (or Chilli and VmiJ OYER A MILLION BOTTLES Uri km Mid dannf lh? latt an nnntita, and ii H batanca Lu it failad in fltuif aniJra Htufatuw. W he. tfcaa, will aafar from Waaknaaa or Dabtlity wLan McUCAjPB T K?.7t1iTM f.NiNO LUKDIAt WlU tkn ?oa 1 Ha l*-ifa,-j? can cer.'tj an tdiquu i<!?? rf t>? imraadlaia and alroau icirac*!?*a chanfa f rodncad by ukicg thu Cardial in lb* dutuod, dabiliiaud, ud ?b?u?r?d mrTcmt yitam, whatfear brokan dtwn by iicih, wtik by Qatar*, at in. pair ad by tickoau, tha raUxtd and ir,iiru( wfaciKalian la raatarad to iu prutioa baaltb an<1 ?ifa* MARRIED PERSONS, I aOiara, eanscovi of inability from vhat**ar cum, will nd McLEANV fTEEHGTrtENI^O CORPIAL a tfcaN|lnmtor?f fcttrn; a*d ail vht m?v h&v? in kirtd iksoiitlfii bv imir*D?r lndiltiiiCfti will d, A m ihu Cardial a taruir. and ?! ?dj raraady. TO THE LADIES. MckKAN't STRENGTHENING CORDIAL to a aa?ar if n nad tpaidy car* far lncipiant Canaamptiao, Whitaa, Obiirvettd ar DittcaU Manauaatioa, locaulinanca of Urina ar Invalvntary Dtacbarra tharaef, Falling af ih? Womb, Oiddinaaa, Fainuof, aa J ait diaaaaaa ircidant U> Famalaa THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT afar na louftr. Taka it according ta diraetiaoa. It will admalata, atrar.fihao, and ia*ifa*aia tea aad caaaa ika blaaci al baaltb ta moani yoar chaak again. Erarj baula to virruttd ta fiva aatiaf&ctiaa. FOR CHILDREN If real cblldran ara aiekljr, pan/ ar aBi?tad, MCLEAN'S CORDIAL vill m&ka than baalthy.fai, and rabaat DaU* a at a mafnaati try tt, aad ya? will ba Mnviaaad. It to da uc.Hi.iai*. CAUTION. Ilttn of drmfftou or dtaltra ?k* may try u fain ifw JM imbi bittar or aaraaparilia iruh, wbicb thty can bar Cbaap, br ?yjor it iilut u rood. Avoid tncb men. Aak far McDfcAlfa TREBKiTHCmMO CORDIAL, and uka nothing alaa. It la tha ooly ramady that will panfy iba Blood thoroafblT and at tha anna una atraafthao tha tyattaa. Ona laufaoanl Ukan a?ary atonalnf hitiuf aa a cartain prtTanUT* for Oioltra, Chill* and Fa?*r, Yallo* Fattr, or my pta ?alant daaaaa*. hiapntap ia Urra kottlat fnca only |l par bottla, or I boula* for Rfi J. H M( LEAN, kol* prepriator of tbia Cordial; alao, McLtu'a Volcanic Oil UuaMt. Pnacipal Da pot as iba uniit of Tntrd nod Piaa tuaau, lL Uw, Mo. KoLtan's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BUT LIHIMENT IH THE WORLD > Tha ao'.y aafa and cartain ear* for Cancan, Pilaa, Tn. mart, wainnf* aa# rooeaua m uatri, Paralrata, N?a ralfia, WiUum W it a Maaelaa, Ckronic w Iniaamator? UxUHtMB, ?uf naaa mi tha JuUita, Contraetad Mucin ar h'f tuti':[J, (cTootkt(h(i SpraiAa, Prtth I Cata. WhdIi, Clean, Farar Boraa, Cakad Briut, Bora lfipplta, Bini, luUi, Sara TKroal, ar any iataMmatiaa it pain, oa dtffarao?a haw aaaara ar koaf tha diaaaaa at; haVa asiatad, McLEAMI CKLEBiUTKD UM1MCKT ia a c attain ranad*. Tfcaasaoda af nraan barn ft ha*a baas aavad a Ufa af dia crapitada aad mi fry bp tha Baa ?f thu laaaiaaMa raaa4f. McLEAfTS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT WU1 raliaaa paia alaaat laatanf a?a?ily, aad it vill cltajt, partf? aad haal tha faalaat aoraa ia aa incradtbia abort uma. FOR HORSE* AND OTHER ANIMALS. MeUCANI CELEBRATED LINUCENT ta tha_aalf aala It aa*ar fnllad to ear* Bay Ha*d, l*?:i??il, PSatala, Old B fcr?!e>mK 111, SCShlt! audZ m Collar Oalla, Cata, bra, ar Waaada, It w an iafclHWa f??*> Apply it aa dlraciad tai a ciira U cartels la a?ary Tkaa trita aa loo far vttfc tka man * worthlaaa Linimaau aTarad to yaau Obtiia a apply of M MCLCAJf* CKLXBBATED LUTIMENT ear a yoa ? Ma Propriatar. Coccar Tktrd aad ft*? ata., <- Lo?ua, tU. CKAKLSa rrorr, m Pi.?.,aali artu Taiknt < T.tlWII ,mW|W??. M'iSj?* MBAT, mad* ft? mlMtU mU<U? JUN? 4 BUBCBBLL. It lannablr eontaiaa tka " WMhingtot N?w* that bM mad# Tlu DmUy Xmmu Stm ?ro?>aM ao |?Mit!]r Utmachoit tk? aoaatry. C^Sinf . oopi?? (in wraapara) Ma t* proaaraJ at Um ooaatar, immediately after U* inm of tk? HHr. Priaa?THK.BK CKNT8 EDUCATIONAL. T f KM A LK K 1)1'C ATI ON . M. HOSE Parent* who viik their dMf htm to r?> cf ir# t thornufh ud iftlcmttit tduulM*. *h*r( their phjuea train in* will reoeire daily Md ?j>eoial Utentiun, angler the moat approved naiMaoffVUT and Gymnaatic*. art reelectkiLj m?lt?d to riait the I Bion Female Academy, corner Fourteenlii at. ud New York ?v?. MR. 4 MRfte RICHARD*. ?? ?Mf Pnncyaia. C'EMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL * Mr?. 8. JVbiwcifal. Til* thirtMntb arnoa *mod of this ln?Ut?tiMl will MmmfRM on Tii*?dar,9*pt*nibar ink, in tha houat r?o"ntly oocupit d by lve?t?r Soott, F-m . No. lt?0 Kmc itrML The court* of at?dy foriutd wi p t;.prl??ail th? hranohm roqni*:'* to a thorough KngUth l>da oalion, and Miuio. Fianob, Lfttia a&d Driving. It dMirvd. In addition to day scholar*. Mr*. MoCormtok t? Prepar<v1 lorKi>iv?? imitKl nnmWr ?I pop. t aa boarder*. who. constituting b part of bor own fwnily.will u> <W hor iinnodiai* oara ar.! ?up?>rT> ion. will ?-n<l"Bvor. a* tar a* p<>??iM?, to ??ir round th?m with the oomforU and hiadlr InflaeaoM of H?tn?. Rt'-rmtrt.?H?t. Goo H Norton, Her I>?. KUaa Eriaon, R?v. D F. f?prigg, William f) F?wi?. Edgar Snowdoa.fc.M-. Edmund F Witnior Hwr> Mirblrj. kiN.. Lfwn ?.M , RotertH. flanton. . W D Wai.not fcditor hveiiinr Star. Wat*r?, Lh .Ju ^Board, with Tuition in a^ the Knglnh BraeeJwe, #jnofor the annual eMaion?paytbie mdu-aannaUf in advanoe. Bukio and Language* at Prof???or?' yneM. TF No extra charge*. M ?-tf #(Vrc Covti, Ct>ld, MNrmtii. /* Jlmnta any mtatton *r 9re ?V? Thramt.Jifhtr* tki Htr-ktn* Ctntk i<f ( horn. B*cnc * >lt*. ?i?r<, # Catarrk, Clmr an-i gift urrvrtk t9 Ikt CfKI PUBLIC 8PF. AKERS i!ft SINGERS. Feware ?wnr? of the importanoe of obeoainc a Coach or ' Common Cold" in ite S??t itue; the* which in the beg n-ng would riejd u> a mild remedy, itnetlectvl. iooatOMkithe Lunct. "frmm'f ?*mtki?l Troclet." eontmjmnt iemotoeTittiifrediI ?nU, allay P* nionarj sod Uionohial Irrttati'-n. - I r That tro"h,# >0 ?r Throw. <for | BROWN'S which th? "T*ockt<" are a apeafic* havin* mad* me often a mum whie TROCHES jarer." N. P. WILLI*. BROWN'S M ' recommend their cm to Prsuc TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Great eerrioain eubduinf BouuRBOWM^t m DLL' n> vil i tar lui* ^ I THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAB. Tfcla ?owl PMtiiy ui Km tfcas ou b? ton ad la aay ether-te ? Pnday aoruai. Tnun < ??*?<?.? ^ni, Single copy, par an nam #1 ? Fire ?fiN _ ? 4 V> Tec oopiaa t W Treaty IntoftN *> w WW u I\ u ? VAniEfU " IOC" TBnmc? "Almost inst&'t r?li?fn*? di*iRutMt. fewiee i*t>or 01 brstthinc peculiar BROWN'S toATSEtfV c. EGOLBBTON. TROCHES "Confeu do Opium or anftkioi I injunoBB." DR A. A HA * BS, BROWN'S CXtmiMt, Btrton. TROCHES ~""i" BEOW.VS TROCHES " ^"X'VANP.. BROWN'? . Btt~. i ' I hare prowl them exoellent for TROCHES WHorriito Cores." KbiV. H. W. WARREN. BROWN'S Bmim. TROCHES j&g"*4 BROWN': REV.8.J.P.?ND&R?,N1( TRnrnirs "ErritcTtii.l? r*w?TiM H<*rwne?a arvd Irritation ot the Throet. so BROWN'S wnTOOB vttli brutiu mmS tfiittTROCHES "8P?* M.mCTWBNSOM, -r ^ imt* ?? TROCHEE "Great benefit when takes before ?it8 after frxwohUig. a* the? prevent BROWN'S Ho*r**n?e?. From tbeir paateffeot, ; 1 thin* th?y will be of permanent adT ROC HEP ruuutr to n*." REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S President of Athens College, Tenn. TROCHES' nvtTCtNT**A"BoX 1/5% de 1 ly A O FOR STAMPING A PACKET OF PAPER ^ AND ENVELOPES NO TO MATCH. At tbe CHARGE! MKTROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PHI LP A SOLOMONS, Atmtt for Lattrenee'i rt.tbr&ttd Ltmm P*n*t, Mtll*," #*., tc. It 33* Pa. ?r.. b*t. 9t' and Tth Ha. 180! D,Ai-,ES- 1861 Commtnef iht Y*ar wit A a Diary. A va'ual le Pocket Companion for regnterinc evnnU part. pieeent, nod futur-; AObtUmn* rktM of postage, ftfir%i:ac, a l<luk ap&o f->r ir.-m -anda for every day in the year, ca?ta acooont 'or eaoh month, annnaUauminary of o\eh v-'in' ti la payable and receivable. Don't be withoe' one of Lheae aeeful littie eoavenira The n.oet ooipplete, elerant. and deanable assortment ever ta?ued.O"wi priaiog rwe'^e aimee and upwarda of fifty atylee, at SHILLING ION'S Bookatore. Odeon Buudinc, corner of,?K atreet and de an Penn avenue. DIARIES! D1AR1BAT diaries:: 1*61, 1W1. I**l. CHEAPER THAN EVER. We will take an ext a diac >unt of *? per o^at. off ot ail Uiariea purobaaed from ?>? lor < a?n. wnm deairona nf aloimc ont the remainder of oar iirr* toot ef Dunes of *11 ki"d? for i8*t. FRfcNCII ? RI0H8TEI*. ia 3 '27* Pent; trwii', ATCH REPAIRING A? DHI^VER WARE I have one of the t>eat establishments, and Air aiahed with a complete ?et of tool* for repair- JTv in* every deaonption of fine Watches, and (A) particular attention give to the xani*. by ttiorooch compet jt work mun .and a. work jtuarai tied Alio, ev?ry de*cup ion of aaodard SILVER WAR E. pla n and ornamental, manufkotn-ed tender my own auperviaion, which my curl?mr? will find far superior in Quality and buish to northera ware old 1>* de&iera m csoer*! and r?f r?*eented m their own Mfcaafagtar*. H O HOOD, M> 6 W? Pi. ?r?tM rw?r!Wh et. A MUSIC BOOK IS THE BESTCHRISTMAS Moore's Meiodiee b?ui tfiSl^VSK withomt word.. TbeHomeCiro.e. All the dpf'M, witk ?od vitboat word*. B^thovec1., Mowt'f ftud 5ont*?fc _ UMh i unerubinra, nui ana A.t.reoLU-^rier * Theoret.oal Work*, All U? Oratorios. Selection* ol Maaie with beaatiffcl title pun Ajeo, a larf? aaaortwnt ot Stein way ft Son*' tad Raven, Kaeon ft Co ' Overet ar| Pimm, an doubtedl? the beet now Btani^otureo A very larje atook of Piano Wool* and Cover* at redneed j" ioe* at the Mnaic Store of W 0 MKTZEROTT. dag eorner Eleventh at and P? ar. AT FIEN'-H "?"*? fmn. avenue Manor Orakam, or H ther lb a H*Pf?~ bv Meter Lander; Ua., olota, aeet by Tor #1JS Sabine'* Not** on Dael* and Daeluu ; ltoo., oloth: ?1.? hr Mil- _ , _ ~ tkfoirno'i Powt "loth (lit; fW b*? Kmra on L?li*; ttao., cloth portrait. i^Sbf mail. Ali of Lorgfellev'a ud lk? Manwl's Wo-kf. Oar i?M) knvy on Bouii from tk( m1 * listers' prioas for ommh. FRENCH * BlOAfTFIN. J>7 l?8 P?n lMPORTERS?A^KWhnkSl> Dw mmwmrr No. 40 NnlTl CliILtl StIHT. ft? d?0rt mkmrt * eg It ?|CHOOL AND COLLK&M OCTPITA. m**' mmd Bo**' CUtAmg f~ Bek~U mmd Pr?4_PT??r. ^ r ? 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