Newspaper of Evening Star, January 17, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 17, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. ?? WASHINGTON CITY: THCRSDAY Jiaurr 17, i sjtnt ?f th- f?l rnj?4 Crni, The InttlUgtnttr ?-?yt of the adoption by the Senate of the substitute of Mr. Clark for the plan of Mr Crittenden tbat, "If tbla decision of the * Senate deserved to be coualdered definitive on the part of tbat body, we might well deapair of n wll_ ? t_ K. prwemog IOC I\ tpuvi iC, C?VH * it will and truncated proportlona" It expreaaeatbe hop* that thia adoption of Mr. Clark's resolution Is not final, and looks for s more comprehensive plan of adjustment The Co*?f?riirK?i? anuounres that ? there can be no attempt to collect revenue In the South, or to bold forta In the South, without war. For there can be no coercion without resistance And the sooner iiiose in autnomy taie note 01 iaeidci,tne better for all portlea." The J\tp*bhc?h (ays that the rejection of Mr. Crittenden'a proposition* will cause regret, and some excitement, although temporary, In this *ecj tion of tbe country, but thinks tbat the people will b? convinced, lafeen they look into the mat* t*r, tbct.they involv^Hdeaa. not only not poatible to be accepted by tbe tree State*, but dangerous to tbe whole country. A Botox* Statk Movxhxst ?The Virginia Legialature have now before them a plan for uniting the border-alaTebolding-States upon a ..41.. t. W.< k...l ak. vuiuiuvh |>ut11 j %j% aukiuu, vu unu^ auuui iu?- ?rvtlement of the trouble, matured here by many loading border-State public men, which promises to work beneficially. The plan 1* a series of reaJolutiens proposing: First?That there must b? some delnlte and roncl?i?ive settlement of the slavery question between the two sections of the country, or a separa41 i- s . w? ? Euoii ta iuevi.?uie. Second?rro^osing tbe Crittenden compromise, with amendments, a* a baa!* for a fair and honorable adjustment, and tbe least Virginia feels I she could take as a settlement. Third?Tbe appointment of a Commissioner to etch of the St*t?-s In the Union, representing the action of Virginia, and inviting a response to this measure of conciliation. Fonrtb?A strong appeal tothe Federal Government to stay its hand and avoid all acts which may lead to a collision, pending the mediation of Virginia. Fifth?An appeal 1o the seceding States to prevnrt the existing statu*, and a'ao to abstain from all act* which may precipitate a collision. It la designed, if Virginia panes these resolutions, that they shall also be adopted vtrbaltm ft literatim by JSorth Carolina, Tennessee, Ken tuckjr, and Missouri, and that all of those States 1 shall unitewitli Virginia In making the proposed representations to all the other States. While It may not be that the exact terms that Virginia will thus propose will be accepted by three-fourth* of all the States, It It extremely probable that her propositions will prove the basis of a settlement npon which the requisite threefourtha will gladly terminate the difficulty. Her representatives and those of the concurring bor.U.U ?1 ? " ? - ? ? uci Matcuuiuiu^ III IQ1S laDOT Will IlOl hive to deal? < ? thoae here desirous simply cl achieving a really fair and satisfactory termination of the embro^Uo how have to deal ?with $hron!c pro slavery politicians on on? side and chronic anti slavery politicians on the other. eju<illy intent on preserving their own status In public life by the maintenance, intact, of what they call their record, rather than upon restoring the broken Union upon terms fair and honorable to all Their appeals will be made directly to a different class of legislators, men immediately connected with the interests of the peo pi* n every county in every State. It has for some time past been evident to us that though a Congressional vote asking the people of the several States to ronslder and remedy the d tficuliy is by no means impossible of achievement, the terras upon which they ithe people of th* several State*) may come to a final settlement, are to have as their basis some proposition pre .i W 1? ?v - u J -? *- -? * ?ivu?j uu UJ an me uoruer ?ia venoiaing States, who, after all, are those wbute interest* are almoat alone mixed up in the real dlsabilltiea concerning slavery under which the South rests at thta time; which said proposition will sorely b? kindly and patiently heard and considered by tb? North, whenever temperately and kindly ore seated, as explained above Thi Sinatb's Actio!*, yesterday. do'? not involve the fact that all prospect of a harmonious settlement of theexUtlng troubles by action o.* tbe present Congress has departed, as ts no* being alleged by many here ind tposed te any fair and reasonable compromise whatever. In voting on amendments-proposed to tbe pending Crittenden propos ilod. It bt-came evident b? youd the pretense of denUl, that not only the senatorial representatives of the States alleged to have seceded, but other extreme southern membets, ar% nat y?t prepared to sustain any plan of settlement that falls to embrace a provision that slavery shall be at this time declared to eiist in ell territory that may ktrta/t r be acquired by the United States. As worded, that proposition re ? a a ferred to such territory laying south it 3ft 30 north latitude But every man with half an eye In his head realizes that the United States will never acquire any territory whatever north of that line; all such territory on this continent, not now the property of this government, being that of itber England or Russia?governments that bid fair to exi?t in all their presebt power for centuries afU-r our own, under the desttuctlve management of its present race of politicians shall h.ave been numbered among things that were. It also became plain that tbe Republican politicians in in tbe Senate ere not y?t prepared to take the original Crittenden proposition, pure and sttnDle. _ M ? as tbe final settlement of tbe difficulty. Such were really the only two facts that were made plain by yesterday's proceedings la tbe Senate Chamber. There are still pending before Congress a number of propoeltions ont of which may be weaved a settlement that will prove acceptable to the great body of the country, which we by no meana despair of seeing accomplished. I, 1 ? M - 1 1 - ? - n is louy u> cneai ourselves wllb the idea that any settlement ia possible that will prove satisfactory to extreme men of either section?utter folly; for a considerable wing at the North la opposed to any other arbitrament ttun tbat of the sword, while a larger wing st tbe South is opposed to any settlement that may defeat Its darling reheme of severing the connection between tbe two sections, even though the North consent to surrender la advance a11 the territory that can possibly be ? acquired. Tboee who are Anally to aettle the trouble are mot tbe politicians of CongreM, committed to tbla or that ex'reme view; but tbe <r?at maaa of tbe people, North and South, to whom tbe continuance of tbe manifold blmingsof tbe Union are vastly more important than tbe triumph of any ultra aectional policy conceivable. Th? PivroaiTioK* or Ma. Clark, adopted by tbe Senate yesterday, will probably be reconaid red to-day, an* duly laid on the table. Tbeir adoption waa an lnconalderate and miachievoua move, which by no meant eipreaaed the purpoae of thoee voting for them, la the matter of the final settlement of tbe troubles. Tib I.icoMiMo Cabinbt?Information from parties is Sprlagleld renders It certain that up to this time the President elect hu determined positively only oa two member! of his cabinet? Messrs Bates and Seward. He reserves the final election of the rest until after bis arrival In Washington city. * Csickmatcd ?See our telegraphic column for ? - - - ine lateat new* from Arkanaaa? the Legislature of wLieh State haa defeated the acheu.e of thediaunlontata per it to bltek her on to the tall of South Carolina under a whirlwind of excitement manufactured to that end. ConcLVd i* Etimm-i ?The nomination of Mr NAH (A K. ? -? ?' - " * ,,. I, - wv w ?? ai, win o? a uiv com prebended by time who here dreamed of the poMobility of the evacuation of Port Sumter bjr order of the President, tbat In ao dreaming tbrjr bare done tbe Eie^utlee injustice. Lisvt Hall baa not atarted back to Fact Sumter, with new Instruction* from tbe War Department, aa Is being alleged by more or leaa of ?tv- wnndom^ - * ?- - "?? pr??. am dm merely I left thk city on ? brief y?H to kit relattrn i ? I It - COW6KBMIOHU, Sijati ? Yeaterdav, after the cloee of our report? I be President announcedtbat tbe special order of the bonr. the Pacitlc Railroad BUI. was befort tbe Senate Mr Bigler moved to postpone that and all other orders to tbe consideration of Mr. Critt?nden'a resolution On thla motion the ye??wer*27, nave '<26 Mr. Powell's amendment adding to the ?r*t resolution." or hereafter to be acquired," relating. A_ Aft A 14 .4 *1 at-IA-4 III / _ Aft Tfl to iuf ifrriM'ry r?i inf tDiica nuwi, wm io?n pur and agreed ?yeaa 39 nays 24. After a prolonged debate, Mr. Collatner troved to postpone the resolution before tbe Senate, and call up the bill for tbe admlulon of Kanaas. On thla motion the yeas were 25, nays 3<?. The question then recurred on the substitute of Mr. Clark, as follows : Hrsoittd, That tbe provision* of tbe constltutlon are ample for tbe pr?servatJon of the Union, and the protection of all tbe material Interests of the country; that It needs to be obeyed rather than arrmdrd; and that an extrication from our present dangers la to be looked for in strenueus efforts to preserve the peace, protect the public property and enforce the laws, rather than new guarantees for particular interest*, compromises for particular difficulties, or concssslons to unreasonable demands. Rt solved, That all attempts todissolve the present Union, or overthrow or abandon the present Constitution, with the hope or expectation of constructing a new one, are dangerous, illusory, and destructive; that in the opinion of the Senate of the United States no such reconstruction Is practicable, and therefore to the maintenance of the existing Union and Con?titut!ou should be direct*<4 1*11 tTi* ?mm rtf *11 (Ka ?.0 ?.** ?UV vtiVi^ivy Vi ntt ?uc <iruaiHiirii<? l'| IHC Government, and the efforts of all good citizens. On the question the veas were 25, nays 23; so the resolution was adopted. Mr Pugh then moved to lay the resolution on the table; agreed to On motion of Mr. Collamer. the Kansas bill was made the special order for Friday at 1 o'clock. The Senate then proceeded to the consideration I of executive business; and, after a short session, tbe doors were reopened and the Senate adjourned Hocsx ?After our report closedMr. Garnett having tbe floor on the Army bill, aid the present difficulties were not brought about by the election of Mr. Lincoln, but by tbe usurpation and domination of one section over another, wbich would not stop until it had taken possession of tbe executive and legislative departments The masses of tbe northern people bad never seriously considered this important question before, but tbe danger to the Union bad awakened them to th* question wbich is pressing upon them. If an appeal was made to tbe North by tbe South, no aouui toe r*orm would rally to the rescue of tbe South, and hurl from power the men who have refuted conciliation and denied the means necessary to an amicable adjustment. Mr Garnett proceeded to show the benefits that would be enjoyed by the Southern Confederacy, and urgrd thnt if the present Constitution could not protect them in their rights, permitted to establish a government of tbtlr own Mr. Gurley said that the rights of the South were as jealously guarded by the North as by the Smith That in ' ' ? I *'? , u?. ... vuov ut u mu ?V I1J3UI irtWUII Hit* Northern people would turn out by hundreds If necessary. to aid their Soi^htrn brethren. The people of hi# State were for the preservation of the i'nlon and the enforcement of the laws It was time to stop the traitors who are now seizing upon Federal property. Thtv must obey the Government and be put down by the strong arm rt f tK<a 1 ??? Mr dolman denied the right of ?e?egsion, and said that the South bad no cause for such a step He wis against coercion, hut If any St.?te violates the Constitution he would enforce the laws of the Government to the fades' extent Mr Morris, of 111, also denied the right of secession, and charged Mr Buchanan with the breaking up of the Democratic party After a lengthy speech from Mr* Morris, the committee aro?e. and the House adjourned. Thursday, January 17. Se.natx ?Immediately after the reading of the ^uurnai? Mr. Hunter moved to take up the deficiency bill. He said be hoped to get through with the bill to-day. Hr Hale thought the morning hour business was gone through with first Voices ?" Let him have it." The motion was agreed to Mr Fessenden presented the credential? of Hon. L M Morrill, U S. Senator from the State of Maine, virp Hon H K?mlln ?<* (/... w _ M ?? ?? V-JI H'.'i Mr. Morrill came forward, and having .been worn, took bit seat. The Vice President laid before the Senate the credentials of Hon.S. P Chase, U. S Senator from the State of Ohio, after the 4th of March next. Tk- A " ' " (lac ucu<.irncy um was men utcn up, and It I was read, together with a number of amendment* from the Committee on Finance. T be subject wai debated at length. Hoeti?Tbe Speaker presented to the House several communications from the Secretary of War, transmitting to Congress reports of various transactions of that Department, which having been appropriately disposed of, Mr. Adams of Ky , offered a joint resolution for the benefit of George H Giddings, agreed to Mr Pottle reported from the Committee on Naval Affairs? joint resolution ''? ? H. Paulding t? accept a sword and grant of land from the government of ,\.carayua, and moved that It be p>;t upon its passage. Mr. Hindman said that be condemned tbe course of Com. Paulding, and objected to the isolation; which, being objected to, was not then put upon Its pars ige Mr. Burch railed up tbe special order, (the Indian appropriation bill ) Mr. Sherman moved that It be postponed and mide the special ocder for Saturday Agreed to | Mr Webit-r asked leave te present a memorial from the citizens of Baltimore county, Md., praying the adoption of the Crittenden resolutions L.aia on the table On motion of Mr. Sherman, thr House went into Committee of Whole on the A rmy Bill, (Mr. We.shbaro, of Illinois, in the chair ) Mr. Ttiomas, of Tenn., bad the floor, and addressed the committee on the existing sectional .roubles. As Important Nomisatio:*.?The President to-day duly transmitted to the Senate the nomination of the Hon Joseph Holt, of Kentucky, to be Secretary of War. nZ/-From French* Rlchstein we have the capital February number of the Knickerbocker M*?. aztnc, and from the ume and from J. Shllllngton the ditto excellent number of Godey for February. fry In the Virginia Legislature on the 16th instant, the House Committee on Federal Relations reported Mr. Smith's resolutions: That It 1s* inexpedient in the Federal Government, under existing circumstances, to make any additional display of military force In Virginia, Inasmuch as it is liable to misconstruction and tending to create uneasiness in the public mind; and requeating the Governor to obtain immediate information of tbe General Government with respect to the strengthening of the millUry force In the Arsenals, etc , in Virginia. No action was taken, but tbe committee were granted leave to sit during tbe sessions of tbe Legislature to consider Important informalien recently received It is understood to be tbe has!* of an adjustment approved by leading men of both parties at Washington. T U ~ ll-l*' iyr nan:more American says of these resolution* " This compromise it probably the same as we find alluded to In the following Washington despatch: 'I am authorized to say that Senators Crittenden and Douglas, with a number of leading gentleii.en from th? border States, are maturing a new plan for settling the difficulties of the ......? ?I - >- ?* - vwuh;, wuicu wui pc maae public in a few day* Wm. C Rives, of Virginia, I* also en* gaged in tbe work.' " A correspondent of the Richmond Enquirer, in this city, pitch's In the ktgkfalulin as follows: "The vital blood of the Union has almost congealed and stopped. The frost has gone down to its cen'er. Four of its planets have withdrawn tteir sun. It feels the shock which lies hark una which will presently itlr the whole universe with commotion/' We see that tbe Star of tbe West Is waiting for order* to return. We supposed that she had received orders to return from the gunners at Fort Morris. We are sure that no orders she gets, come from what source they may, will be obeyed with more promptness than the unwritten ones she heard on the morning of the ninth ?CJtarltttim t OMTUT. |n* Seven or eight larg;e wagon load* of pUtol* andcarbiue*. from Coif* factory, went through our street* thl* morning, directed to Col Colt's agency In New York Their ultimate destination Is unknown. In addition to this, we may state that 16,000 pounds of powder passed through the city one day last week.?Harijdrd "The French ulrnnnm?n _ wiv UlVtUWIii^ IUV nature of a cloud detached from the iuq'i di?c during the lata eclipse It was invisible to the eve* of obaervera, but left Ita lmpreaaion on the photographic pictures of the sun, taken daring the eclipse. f . I UitTH or Ruhof Cobb*.?The Right Reverend Nicholas 11 Cobbs. D D.. Bishop of Alabama expired at hia residence, In Montgomery, on Friday last. ii/ i ne rniiaaeipbla Preae doubt* whether the actual realdent population of New York ia equal to that of the former city. JL7" The Philadelphia police appear to b?Yerv emctrnt, aa burglars are captured aim oat nightly there ITT Dr. Hadaway waa accidentally ahot and killed at Metnpbla, on the 27th ult , by William Helatou, hla brother-in-law. k- ?SL*C,ual "P*0* of ">? John Brown C?^'fT^ rep0r 10 lb6 Vlr?*"?? L^UUture ~ ' 0 - Major Reynolds, U. 8. A , li at the National. Hon. L. M MorreU. U. 9 Senator from Maine, aucceaor to the Vice President elect, la topping at the Washington House Capt Stephen R. Roe, of W?t Point; Hon. Jatnea Humphrey and family, A W. Lawrence, A T. Stewart, H. Hilton, New York, arc at Wlllard*'. Mr. Rowlbv, of the London Times, who was killed by the Chinese, will live In the history of Journalism, a* he la the firat correspondent of a dally paper who haa received the crown of martyrdom while engaged in hia professional duties in a distant land. Timothy Heenan, fath?r of the puglllatl.l I a J i * * - ?" jnun v/ qrriian, aiea in we? rroy, on Thursday. He*bad Wn ilf for some ITme The deceased bad a good share of tbe "muscle" jossessed by bis son, but us^d it to s better purpose, and was an lndustrions and respected master blacksmith in the Watervleit arsenal. Cheat Union Mfktixo at Wilxikqtok N. C.?The Wilmington Herald of Saturday afternoon says : The meeting at the theatre, last night, was one of tbe most imposing ever held in this place. Tbe array of the venerable and white-haired gentlemen who occupied the staae, and manv of whom bad not turned out before for year*?the brilliant assemblage of ladlea In the gall-ry, and the very large crowd of "bone and Tnew'' In the parquette, and crowding the aisles?all of whom roae en tnaitt, with ahouta, and waving of hats and handkerchiefs, greeting every allusion to the Stars and Stripes,the Union and the Old North State presented such a scene as Is seldom witnessed The greatest enthusiasm prevailed, and it was evident that seceaalon had no sympathy in that crowd, and that as long as a thread of hope remained for the Union, they would cling to it to the last. Balsam of Wild Chkrry ?irf our columns tkl. ? 1 - * * ' iuk n^iTdn an aav?*ru*emeni or wistar's Baltsmof Wild Cherry. If it really be a superior article, and there is much reason to think t?, tbe prejudice In many case* just against Patent Mtdicinrs should not (Bert it; and the proprietors of tbe medicine bring befote tbe public good evidence of its beneficial effect, from some of our most respectable and reliable citizens, who have long used the article. Jno Wells Simpson. I>q . of this village, to whom references was allowed to be made in the advertisement of the Balsam, at the request of tbe proprietors, authorizes us to say that be has used the Balsam in bis family for the last ten years, and has found it, from his experience, to be very valuable remedy for coughs and cold*. A trial might satisfy many of Its beneflcisl effects.?Latcrenteville Herald, May 19, 1860. ???????????? A Virginia Pastor Madr to Discontinue a Disunion Sirmon.?A Richmond correspondent states that on the Faat Day, the Rev Dr. Pryor, father of the Hon. R. A. Pryor, attempted to preach a disunion sermon in the High street Prea ovterian Church, Petersburg. Va., where he is the officiating pastor. After discoursing at some ? a.?*v. * * icrugtu, muniuk >muiu v mrtmiin ana commending her action, he was interrupted by one of the prominent member*, who rose in hi* seat and declared such sentiments to be treason The reverend gentleman not desisting, several members left the church, and one, more daring than the rest, entered the pulpit and requested Dr Pryor to discontinue his sermon ar.d leave the building, which the pastor did, amid much excitement JO"The New York Tribune comments with favor on a plan to settle the slavery question by the Government buying out "ail the t-laves In \ a *? * " ii>nw:in . tuarvima. MlMlourl, Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana, and thus secure to freedom the states north of the Potomac, and west of the Mis sissippiIt thinks two hundred millions of dollars would pay for the slaves, and that "the North will cheerfully pay her proportion of the money 'r As the i\orth would be the only gainer by the plan, mlffht She not hp uenrrnii* ?ti?fioK r??? ?? - I .uc whole uof the money?" The whole thing is a ridiculous Idea, first set afloat by a sensation d<*s patch In the New York Herald, and eagerly caught up by the Tribune. I nioft IVIebtijig at York, Pa ?A large meeting of the citizens of York, Pa , without regard to party, was held on the (Sth inst., for the purpose of expressing their devotion to the Union Resolutions favoring the Crittenden compromise and the repeal of the personal liberty bills, pronouncing | Ill-advised the course of :*outh Carolina, and de- I ciaring it the duty of the federal government to collect the revenues at Charleston, were unani.inously adopted The meeting was addressed by Jaa JV1 Buchanan, Jr, of Baltimore, Hon Robert J. Fisher, V K. Kersey, Esq . E. H. VVeiser, Esq , H. L. Fisher, Esq , ana Alfred E Lewis. Esq , of York, Prizb-Fight near Richmond.?A prizr-tlght took place in the vicinity of Richmond on Tu?s aay, oeiween one 'flatter" and a New Vork boy An eye-witneaa of the att'air Informa the Ricnniond Diapateb that they fought twenty-aix rounda In thirty-live mlnutea, and in the luat round the "New York boy" hit the "Plaater" between the "wind and water,.' and made him "go under like an eel." It la further atatcd that about tbree hundred apectatora were preeent Activity at Fort Adam*.?'I be Newport (R I.) Newa announcea the arrival of Lirut. Kdaon and alx men, for the purpoae of putting the ordnance of Fort Adaina in complete order, and adda th? fnllnwl no " This movement i? beli?ved to have been set on foot at this time in consequence of startling disclosures which have conic to light In relation to designs upon this fortitlcation, and which we are not at liberty at this time to make public " The fc'nir Channel to Charleston Closed The 8avaunah Republican of Monday mentions 11 -*' * ? >u<j arrival mrrc un iue preceding aay oi lour (hip* and one bark?all from European porta? which had been prevented from going into Charleatcui harbor by the sinking of three veuels in the ?hlp channel by the authorities. Another Abomtiokmt I1i#?kd Down ? II Ford Double*, agent of the Mataachusetts AntiSlavery Society, attempted to foiat an ultra abolition htrangceupcn the people of Lancaster, laat TiIM|)?V i*v?i?<nrp K.?? "r ?"u * 11 J vvuiug, via* ?uc ll< a i KB U1 UIBipprO* button were so strong that tbe lecturer wn compelled to withdraw, and tbe meeting ended. D7*The State Military Association, of New York, met at Albany on Tuesday, and adopted a resolution, declaring that tbe surrender of any of tbe exclusive 'lghta or prerogative of the government, to any State, threatens the disruption of tbe government; and that all acta contemplating tbe dissolution of the Union are treasonable. rv ?- * - ? u%talcatiotc and n.ism?Tbe late Republl- I can State Treasurer cf Michigan. Mr John McKtnuey, baa proved to be a defaulter for upwards of one hundred and tbirty-four thousand dollars, and has betaken himself to flight Several leading Republicans are lmpllcated*wlth McKlniiey la tbe embezzlement.?Louisville Courur. E7- While 135,000 guns have been aent South from tbe Springfield Armory, during tbe laat year, something like 120,000 still remain, and a better description of weapon than those s^ntaway. The guns of tbe latest model, Maynard's primers, are taken up for the mllltla of the several States, iivnu anu ouuiu, u iui at mey un DC iiiidc. 1X7*The Gloucester Fishing Mutual [nsurance Comptnln have closed a fairly profitable year. The amount insured during the year by the two companies has been about 91,000,000, and the premiums received about 958,000, more than half ct which, after paying the losses and expenses, has been ^turned to the insured. _ ICTThe Toronto Freeman complains that the Koinan Catholic Blthopa of I or on to and the prleata are often taaulted by the vileat language and hootinga of the children from the very doers of their achoola. Blabopa who have vlaited that city have declared that for the flrit time lu their livea they have been lnaulted in Toronto. E7~Judge Smalley, of the United StateaClrcuit Court at New'Vork, on Monday, charged the grand jury to preaent all peraona aelllng arma to go South, to be uaed in realating the Government of the country. IC^Miea Lily Maralaater, now Madame R??oh. mans, brings her Belgian bridegroom a million of dollar*, ao any the uncharitable goiaipa, but they neither admit that the bride haa youth or beauty. 1H" Major Gen. ganford haa tendered thewhola of the first division New York State militia to the Governor, to be ready for service in ?n hour's notice. No ordera have yst been issued to the rank and file. [E7*Mr Belmont has purchased fourteen acres oflind In Newport for <47,000 It Is said that the rich banker intends the erection of a splendid villa, to cost not leas than S200,(XX). ITJ- A letter from Louisiana aaaerta that owing to the crisis, property valued at aizty thousand dollars In New Orleans ?nl?t f??? A."- -?'? -?. ? ? ?! a^u iVl nine thousand dollars, on twelve months' time. |fT A poor Irish woman named Malony, was burned to death at St. Joseph, Mo , the other day, while endeavoring to save some valuables from her burning dwelling. (XT' The first negro slaves directly imported into Cuba were forty negr*ea brought from the Cape de Verde Islsnds In 1502. They were sold for abont S50 or S90 each. DIT The Ames (Chicopee) Company are manufacturing bronze twelve-pounders for Alabama, and a large amount of small arms for several other Southern States. IE7" George W Locke ha* been arretted at Parkeraburg, Va , for polaonlng his wife, who died suddenly on toe 7tn ln?t. (XT'Incendiary Area have been freqnent of late at Centrevllle, Md , and a night patrol h'aa been eetabllahed as measure of protection. ITT"There la a girl of tweaty-oae In the prison t Morsintnvii v? * ? * " * ? from inordinate dm of tobacco. ID" U the city of Canton, China, there are on a average of about 3,000 luicide. every yeaT ?.?? v J f ' Itaaaa Telegraphed tram WMklB|t?i. WA?ai>aTOs, Jan. 16?I.teut Hall left here to-Bay for Cbarlraton, with lnatructiona to Major Anderaon Their exact character baa not tranaplred. but It ia aarertalned from a reliable aource that the troooa Will not be withdrawn fr?m Flirt Gunner as demanded by the South Carolina authorities, and tbat Important post will be defended. Such, at least, is the present condition of affairs. The Senate, in Executive session, to day confirmed the appointment of Mr. Taylor. Chief Clerk In the New York post office, ss postmaster The minority reports have not all been made yet from the Committee of Thirty-three. Messrs Love, of Georgia, and Hamilton, of Texes, unite on something like the Crittenden basis Messrs Nelson and Ferry have rach presented tbetr views Mr. Adama, of Maaa., withdraws his assent to tbe majority report for the reason that the Southern members nave generally retired from tbe Committee, thereby showing an unwillingness to accept anything that the North could yield in the way of compromise. A minority report, aigned by the Representatives from the Pacific coast, Messrs Burrh and Ptout, declares that the reqnlslte vote for the adoption of conatltutlonal amendments by this Congress cannot be had, and since there is such a contrariety of views and opinions among the members of tbe same pirty as leaves no hot>efrom tbetr action which would "meet all demands, they are willing to refer the matter* of difference between the North and the South to the source of Federal power and to delegates elected with a view direct to their settlement Tbey concur in many of ths measures recommended by the majority, and report a resolution in addition to theirs This resolution received fourteen rotes, while flfUen members voted against It in the Committee. It proposes to call a na< tonal convention. Col. llayne. Commissioner from South Carolina. hai. It fl Iindfrttiuul miw(?r?U<l tila vi?ut since hit arrival here. He will remain here several daya yet. The opinion Is almost unanimous in secession circles that all collision for the present should be studiously avoided He has been daily counseling with the lenders of the secession movement who are opposed to precipitating hostilities It Is believed that a strong representation has within two days past been urging the authorities of South Carolina to afford Major Anderson every facility for obtaining marketing and other domestic supplies. The Baltimore Clipper correspondent says : It is stated by a Senator that a Northern Democratic Senntnr tlili mnrnlnu r>n Mr Secretary of the Senate, and informed him that unless the disuntonlsts in bis employ were immediately discharged, measures would be-^fcen to begin the removals with the Secretary himself. The conservative# in the body now have majority, and no traitors will be allowed to draw money from the Government they are trying to destroy. Tbe secession cockades have ?-ll disappeared in the Departments, owing to tbe reconstruction of the Cabinet, and It is rumored that .vaitunuiniiinn tuc uai'lliuuil, UniiKill^ whisky st other people's expense, and prearhing treason against the Government, will nil shortly be removed. Since the appearance of the artillery here, the Southern volunteers have been less noisy, and the talk of preventing Lincoln's inauguratlon by force has ceased These gentlemen are now given to understand that the conservative citizens of Maryland and the District intend to see the President Inaugurated lu every emergency. If it is necessary, they will be expelled from the city. v The N. Y. Post has the following aensation dispatch: A republican who has just returned from Maryland. reports that ten thousand men have h*-?*n secretly organized in Maryland and Virginia, to prevent the inauguration of Lincoln, and to atop all proqrew through the State to the Federal Capital. He aava that he traveled as a Virginian, and gained the confidence of the conspirators by taking the oath of secrecy. Some uneasine? has been created here by the large amount of money deposited in bank by jiersons considered Irresponsible. These, however, are thus far only rumors t'xio:* Meeting at St. Louis.?On the 12th Inst . an immense Union demonstration took place at St Louis The resolutions adopted declare that the possession of slave property is a constitutional right, and ought to be ever recognized bv the Federal Government, and If the Federal Government iball fall or refuse to secure this right, the Southern State* shall be found united In Its defense, in which event Missouri will share the duties and dangers of the South The resolutions also cordially approve of Crittenden's proposition as a basis of settlement of the present difficulties, believing them to be satisfactory to all parts of the country, deprecate coercion as conducive to civil war, entreat the seceding States, as well as the Federsl Government, to stay the arm of the military power until the people cau take such action as oar troubles demand, and propose a Slate Convention and consultation with all our sister States. The reading of the resolutions elicited much enthusiasm JJ^Some Tennesseeans appear to have turned the tables of Lynch law As thus: "The Knoxville (Tenn.) Whig says that a fellow recently passed though Roane county, tilk lng disunion talk, and cutting up considerably, as we have been told The Union men laid hold of him, and bung htm with a grape vine, and so choked him. that he bad like not to have recovered They made him take an oath to sunnort the Constitution and tl<;ht for the General Government, a* well as talk in luture on the aide oI the Union " -yS^NOTICK.?A meeting will be held THIS U? EVENING,atlH o'olock, at the Lecture Room of the Congress ctreet M. P. Church, for the purpose of eifeotng a permanent organization of a Youni Mr?'? Christian A*koc>atiou All favorable to the cause are invited to attend It rrw- WASHINGTON MGHT^ INFAN'RY. UJ? ATTENTION !?roinpamen A and H will meet TO MORROW <TUur?<iaT> EVKN1 NO,at the * rmory of Company C, on 7th ?tre?t, tThorn's BniMins.iat 8 o'o'ook. A full attendanoe in par ticular'y requertad. J AS. Y-. DAVIS, Ja 18 2i? M?J. W L. I B. (Y*="SONS OF TKMPERANCK-The O'and 115 Division of Maryland and Diitrict ol Cofumhia will huld its quarterly i-m'nn in tbia city on Timrrday ai d Friday, the l'th ar.d 18th irst, at T?fPP*rano? Ha:l. A piibl"* m^ellrg wi l t>e hHd onTlll R^HAV KVKMNG, the 17th,af 7* o'c k, _? >L. nu -l ~ ok tuo um iiiuiiy uim cn, en r um itrwt 'ill? Kev. D-.McKfnirkk ? .lit Kev. Mr. Hexa, Rev. Mr. Kio kk. PMt 6. W Patriarch J). K. Gawtt, Kev. T. H. AIo.iro*.Grand Worth* Patriarch.&:.d other* are expected to a dreaa the m^etmr. to which the public are invitod. A band pf nm?io will be in attendance la 16 2' iVy-THE UNION PRAYER MEETINGS ILJ* will be holden everr day this week, in the English Lutheran Church, corner of llth and H street*, to commenoe at 4 o'clock, and to oonti^ue one hour. ja 7 |Y"5=?DEMPSEY A O'TOOLE. JJj WEDDING AND VISITING Importers of fine WEDDING , WEDDING ENVELOPES, , , , 336 Pa. Av., between 9th and loth ate , an 27-6m Wa*hi*??ton. For SALE CHEAP?The STOCK and FIXTURK< of a small Fruit and Confectionery Store. Apply at 506 Eleventh street,near P*nu. avenuo. It* P~~ RUNES OF OUR OWN IMPORTATION. We are to-day in reo ipt of our usual supply at this *ea*on of firat quality Bordeaux 1' un'i, aeleoted for o? in Franoe. Th?y are eapejially large ard rich in flavor. jaj7 KINO A nURCHKLT-. YWOOD AND COAL. OU Will aurely get your money*! worth by oal'iflk at toe PIONEER MILLS, )(wi4weii cor ntr nf Seventh ttreet and Canal, (GEO. PAHK, Acent ) They sell oheaperand live better measure than any others in the city?out, split, and deliv?raH fi AA ftf nh*r?r? If ? .? l?l??? -a ? ? ? -. ?? .? v..?.0v> ? "* > wu > i;rno*o l%, |1VV the Pioneer Mill* a trial, and be satisfied. ja I7-Iy,r THE CRISIS-THE CRIS!*-THE CRISIS! THE CK181S!!! AT THE ONLY ORIGINAL ONE DOLLAR STORE Ever opened before t? fhis city. P. J. BELLOW k. CO., I'sdk* mi National Hotil, Pa. Avkhvi. \rr Remember, we hare no ooncaotion Wiethe lateoogua importation to the city professing toaeil | at our aiaodard pricea?#1 for any thing you may ram. W* ke?p nothing bnt fin?, well seleoted Retail Gowie, which we tell at $1, irreipeotive of ita slue. Ladies i>nd gentlemen, call when it loiteron. See our hmotifu: ?et? u( real fice Jewelry. Pine and &s?&g3RB$S3? E ji I 1 gf'enrtK' fnu ,eta, for $1 "?,Md ,0" "" fe'ri'll RBpjHSiSSK 111 Fine F??"oh *fl* fttu |in? * T Your 5^?i* ? ??-"* yviuiwiu lull* uuaiu VUBiU? 1U[ VI fcl -gant Children'* Arroleu for Zl Splendid Gold Crosses, in xaritty, for 2l Fine Gent*'Fing*r Rincs for SI Full Sets Silver-plated Table Spoons for Si D". do. TeaSpoons for II Do do. Batter Knives for #1 Full assortment of Genu' Boa'f Pios and Clutter Bosom Pins, la all styles la the trade, for ?1 ILf Take your ehoioe of any article in the store for%l eeoti. Heme ruber the >lao??th? O-ifiaa' Regular JeweJrj Stor?, under the National Howl. * GrntlemaniT elm ka al waya ready to wait on yon. hrory article Ikirly represented, and warranted, or the money returned within fire day a. F? J? BkLLOW & CO. CAMDf W* doa't etneley Aceata to trot round iiwr6" 0r~ 0M r?? f* Hampton Roads?The I/. 9 steamer Brooklyn. Capt Walker, which tailed from Norfolk oa tbo 9th Ins'ant, with staled order*, baa returned to Hampton Rood*, where sbe arrived on Monday night. The Norfolk Day Book ear*: It U wi-ll known that a be went down the coaat to Charleston harbor and would ban tone la? or, at least, would bave attempted It?but for the 1 fact that jnat as she got of the mouth of tbe river be met and apokeaamall, roujjb-looklng achoonW coating out, aald acbooner carrying no da* " W h*r? an? roll kouiul *"' wm ukrd b? one of the officer* of t1?e Brooklyn. " Pbiadilpbla," tMwrrfd the schooner. Tbe schooner then Imparted the Intelligence that tho Star of tbf West bad attempted to enter tbe harbor and bad eighteen or twenty a bo la tired Into her. and abe tbcugbt It Imprudent for tbe Brooklyn to enter In Tbe Brooklyn rounded to. and was Surprised to see that tbe schooner did sot proceed to sen It was also observed that a tteamer cime out of tbe harbor and talked with tbe schooner and then took ber In tow until she was some distance fToas tbe Brooklyn. The steamer Anally went beck and the schooner leisurely made ber wmv Into tbe barbor. It now occurred to those on ooerd tbe Brooklyn that tbe aallora on board tbe acbooner wore black atlk bat*, standing collars, store clothes etc , and tbe impression soon prevailed that the schooner was one of tbe guard vessels thst bad been sent out to intercept the Brooklyn. Tbe Brooklyn made no attempt to enter tbe barbor, but remained outaide until she started homeward Sbe arrived in Hampton Roads about dark on Mor.dav night, and came to anchor under tbe guns of Fortress Monroe, In or near the spot occupied by tbe Great Eastern when she was off Old Point. It Is a little remarkable that none of tbe runs on RrAnlrlvn u'sra IasH/wI r?r van tin 1?a r fnr tbe purpoae, nor was the alighteat prepirmtlon for action made on board during tbe whole cruiae The aailora that were on hoard were divided In sentiment, some beingaouttern men In aentiment, while othera were Influenced by northern feellnga Aa for tbe officera, nothing could be gained from them; tbey were perfectly mum on all tbe various subject* connected with the ship or ber cruiae, and if they diacuaaed the subject at all, did so privately. 1 lie iwu ?*ui? rn wuu ?rui in mrir rrvi^a?Mun? the day before the Brooklyn sailed were on board during the whole cruise. The acceptance of their resignation! had not been received up to the Bailing of the Brooklyn, and they were compelled to remain on board until they were absolved from their oaths of office. Tbe destination of tbe Brooklyn is unknown. Sh? Is nnw in the roads, and it Is believed she Will Croceed to New York; but nothing certain about er future movement* It known. Moxakchy foe thi Socth.?Tbe Liverpool Post publishes a letter from a Scotcu gentlenan In Mobile The followjng la an vxtract: "I hope Queen Victoria will lend us twentyor thirty of her men-of-war ships to assist our commerce. If she keeps good faith with us th?re Is no telling what m'gnt happen. I would not be surprised to see good, sound, constitutional monarchy here In three years. We are a republican arlatocracy al reaay, nnd sooner t&an allow tbe country to t>? destroyed by enta i.cij ation of tbe regro, we boldly look t" a strong government, and who would suit so well as ow nf l^ueen Victoria1! suns? You then would be our friendsoutand out. Our eight states are as large as all Europe, save Russia, and here is the foundation of a great people?negroes and all. We want foreign commerce, the establishment of the useful arts, we want liberalism, tbe arts and sciences, and we have riches enough for all this " A Remarkable Kail road.?The immunity of the Baltimore and Obio rail road from the responsibility of the loss of buinnn life on Ita passenger train*, for the last seven years is remarkable W. P. Smith, iti bis annual report, says: "it la a source of much satisfaction to observe that another year has been added to the long period during which the road has enjoyed a complete exemption from personal Injury to passengers on Its passenger trains. Since the last Instance In which a passenger has been killed on the road, nearly eight years u.'i ana me great numurr 01 passengers hive been carried on the company's line without injury." A letter from Liberia, published in the London Star of the 26th. states that the population of Monrovia. 3,500 in number, find difficulty in providing for th? 4.(tio recaptured slaves recently thrown upon their hospitalities. Ladles, Call Early AT RIDDLE'S ORIGINAL f 1 STORE. KIDDLE'S ORIGINAL $1 8TO*E. RIDDLE'S ORIGINAL *1 STORE. R1 HOLE'S ORIGINAL ?1 STORE. No. 30ti PENNA. AVENUE, No. 302 PF.NNA. AVENUE. No. 302 PENNA. AVENUE. No. 302 PENNA. AVENUE. A4UW-. JXttf " "" ^ *, x\?KE?YO?*E CHO?CK POR ONLY YOU CAN TAKkVp UQl laR. MED.A?V MAN MOSAIC SETS. ,''4n?Es? *XLET8' / - ^Sflv,/ is' vtsr ub.MNS. GENTS' WMI'H KEYS, GENTH'SKAI.5 M11 ('H^RMS, GENTS' 8? KK.VE UUTTON"?and 8TUD9, THIMBLES. PENS, PENCILS. RINGS. SILVER PI.ATED SPOONS, GOBLETS. CUI'S Ac. Everything in the utore new and perfaot, and guarantied o ti? bcoh as represented. Every article mm/act wed for the regmletr rl tniltrnHe, and warrantee to t>e the sa^ne quality at i? r?tailed from five to tM'ty dollars each \Ti iI'D PLInlPP Pf?o r*w?> *''* ' 1 " ' t \/c cv vKv/iurj r */l\ t?.l ?? 1 /V/liiiA Reoaedlk* or Cost. A* (hi* $reat sale continues hat a short tim?. pw*ons d??i inr to rnpplt th^m*?! vm w^th Jewelrv at these unheard of prices will please oall early at ?Ur ORIGINAL ONE DOLLAR STORE, 302 Pennsylvania nwnce between 9th and l?*th streets. D W.RIDDLE fT7" Remember the Nsnrber, 30*. as w?have no o >oneoti'Jii witli others, prufessin, to tell at our prices, in this nit*. _ . , - i" ?w*a Hard timrb v? piano^.-w? hahad pltotd at our ?tore fit? Pi???? for ra.e at saarifice* for oash, 011 aceount.>f the hard ttm*a JOHN F KI.LIS. ja 1ft *06 Pa >t.. be. 9t and 1' th ?t? OFFICER*, PKTTV n?FI^kr8,AND i??ainen who wore on board nt anr IT. J*. ?hiaa *? the oaptare of any slaver oanliave thri' olaims for B nntj and Head Money promptly attended to by applfinn to or addressing C. P. WAI.LACh, Washington, D C. j? 16-tf PIAN'OS FOR RKNT.?Several at one dollar per month. Aleo, two very fine onea will be rented low ta careful person*. JOHN F ELI.18, j% 16 SQfi Pa hrt. Wh and l<*h mt?. ngiAT ^CPycnofLtw nicwi dULLiiTV Ufr-SiLLJfftf The wbo'eofour iarg? stock of Dreaa Gooda. ruck aa&iU Robe*. Droit 8i!k?, Mrrioos, Popina, All D? Laina, R*p?. Valenoiaa. so fact ? I Wiat?w Dmi Good a we will aell ?1T thia month, at craatlr reduo'd prioea, many at lea? that ooet for the cask. or an handanme Black Cloth Cloak* remaining in our atock which wa offer now at an per oent leas than ooat. We invite the ladiea and aJ! ia want of a handsome Dreaa or Cloak to o?il and examine our atock before aarchaaint elaewhera. I. W. COLLKV k. CO., ja 16 Sw 0 #83 Seventh at., above Pa av. /y\ NEW rAWN OFFICE. 6,0 E. W A R D.Dealer > N.?i U and t;??t Off Clothin*, reaeeotfally inform* the puHUo that behaaoeenid a LICENSED Pa WN OFFICE at No. 76 Lomaiana arena*, between 9'h and 10th ?u., a few doora eaat of the new Central Gnftrd-houM, whore he will be at nil timM prepa-ed to wait on hi* patrona with promptneaa, attention and the atrioteat juatioe. Oooda, Clothiaa, Mechan ics' roots, ?o., ai vsjs on nana M irtral* Ml*. ja l? lm* rpO INVENTORS AND PATENTEES. MUNN * "COMPANY. Proprietors of the Scientific Auntie**, Mi Agents for procanng a men oat and Foreign PATENTS, Witk Sixteen Yiart' Erpertenet is the Busituf, Refer to Hon. Judge Maeos, Hon Jotna Holt, Hon. W D. Bishop. Kx Commissioners ofPatenta? aod to more than ft\/ttm i4?sms4 inrentort who Dave ti&u DtiiDua done through Mmfc Co.'t Pat ent Agency. _ Pamphlet of Advioe Mot free by mill. ntMt Lava aad Regulations, 1<* pagea.K oaata "offio?-No. 37 Park R??w. Nnr York. W'Mhingtor. i ffioe?corner F aad Seventh au.eppoaite l'atn;t Onoe. dtg ertM JJEAVY REDUCTIONS IN PRICES! the r^ASfLmarfiicff1"SILji RO R|I8 and DRESS SILKS ia Kraai .ro fnnon, of most Misot atyioa, wi^J! VI&'.SVW'QOOI* b, ,. PE-ftToBffPiTNS, MATT1NUS, OIL CLOTHS, ?o.,?pp#r floor*. _ I nA IV KAIA AMA I BMikAA #A - of p?non? ?i' h inftii purwa. ,.v?ra?' ffawn&Mt'" # % - ? AUCTION SALES. ft* J. C. HaSriKK * CO . IMHHm _ rpRUBTKB P SALE ?>r EXCEL^E^iT FU" M J. MTVII4HD ,elf ?. I* " CRUAV *"RNlN6.J?M?r? ?*? ntlMrtt U? Awotiow Roow. *? ?** " ell. by rtrt??ofid^ of trMl.? S' L'T * ? lot of Parmitar* tad Hon eiio)d Effc^u. ?o?f ri? Klhot "* **ir ^fn>* Ann 4?4 Fr??eh Pw fArtaTfl tM ftofe UMl C*?Ur T?bl*?, . __ _ f ^ . m.nA Imiiii C?r?'U. oilcloth, ftair Cw ? " oil Rodnni Ktm, Caoeam Wood teat Cmire, Loaare. Mabrcaa f ud V\ eloot I rMtini ttoreaea. BM ftrSTa UrWukiUi^. f?ir and 1*1 aak Maltr?Mii, B^letere tad PHIowe. Waketa, 1 tWorta, Com tor ranee. rMB'.ula* tand Crocker? are. Window Ca 'taiaa aad Mia-lee, Co< kisi MBd other 8tow?, Kitchen I'tenaila. t?. rR eorder 1kr tba Traat e. (?"? * J. C. MeGCIRR 4 CO., Aaata. By 6RKKN * WILLIAMS. Aaouo Deere TT'RUSTBE'S BALfc OF OKUt'KHU, t<.. 1 intHoviil. >Lr FrE.iiTriE.-H* nrtit of a d?ed of tru?t from Lorott K Jmu to Mm aaboorihor. an<1 duly rwoot do* on the Mi day of J mutt , 1?1L 1 ahail !> at pabho Motion 01 MONDAY, the ilit day of J?ot try inat., K 10 o'aiooE a. m., at the rea idanoe of aaid J oa Ah atraot, Mtvaan K and F. i la and)?U of th* (<><.&. atook. and ix tarea. hoaaaaold aad kitchen fa nit a re roeaUoced U aaid daad. ooaaiatlE c of a largo a took of Grnoenea. Liqnora T ? . Ao., And an enure aat of Parlor. Bad-room and Kitofcoa Faraitara. Tarma: Ah a a ma of .aad aader oaok: war that amoui t, a oradito/ *? and ? day a la EOtaa. VALUABLE MARKET FARM FO* 8ALK. (.i,.WTirt?*ofth? Mwtr tnM in him by ? Biortoc# i Vom Joka T??lor. mniuc on 0>? twenty-einhlhdny of October, mhu*n ban drarf *.nfl A t)<i BOW of rMMrd In tk? Clerk's OSioi of the Oirecit Court for i*?rvl*'? $?will off* at pahlio Mia, oa MONDA\,th? 4th day ot F?br?rr next, on the premises, at the hour of I* ' look m.,(if fair, it not, on the next (air day thereafter.) the PAK M now in the possession of J oho Ta*lor, and lately the property and residence of Mr. Wilmer J. Ta bott. Tnit land oonaiata of ftne hundred and seven- ' teen AorM, more or leea. a od arifoins the property of Dr. John H. Harneand t'homas E Berry, K?a., and is disUnt from Alexandria about t?n mi lea and from Washington aboat six. Both of theee are accessible bj good and direet r< ads. The lookuon ii ne?nn; ?nu pinw ? i,?no in mui oinf reepeotf deairable. The aoil i? well nuapted to the jmwth of frmt Mid ail the vegetables cnlti vmted in this section of the oovntrr. The eocietj in the neighborhood ia verr atr?eeble. Episcopal. Catho110 and Methodlat Cbarchee are within two m m of thi? farm. The boiidinra consist ofnoomfor table Dwelling and Kitch?u and mil neoeeaar? ?ntbnildincs ior snch a resid?noe. The title t this property la aninenmbered an1 ? a n kl A IPUIlf > ? ? The term* of ami* mre: Ose-thind in emmh oa Ut dmy of sale; mcl th* remidae in ttmr?w ?sum . annemi iBstmlmont* of twelve, eighteen, mod twenty-foar months, m deed in fee simple to M given the pnrohmeer, mod the deferred payments to be e?oared by m mortgage oc the premises, to b* executed hv the purchaser to th? subenrit>er. The deferred pay meats will hear in ir.tereat from the dmy < i amle. C. t?. ktt( H. <Mort?&cee una Attorn** ! ?? tM J^A?T WEEK IN WASHINGTON. THE ONLY SAFE AiND PERMANENT Cl'RE FOR CORNS, BUNIONS, SOFT CORNS, I B and ALL DISEASES OF THE FEET. * I ia th? UNERRING SYSTEM Prtotioed by % P* M. A. WHLOMER. WHAT II* A CORN f Corn* are a tuberouinr exoreeoeaoe. imia to a wart.which develop themeelree on tfee to*e, between the t>e?,(ftnft Corn?,)on the eolee of the feet and the joint of the big toee,(Bnaioaa.) THEY ARE PRODUCED BY MANY CAU9EB. lit. The enmprruion ouwl by a narrow, aai particularly by a short shoe. 2d. Pometimea th* ran a* ia the opposite; a aha* too large in whioh the foot Blips. 3d. tUookirg < ill fitting, and forminc piaita or laeqaalitiaa, alao are a oauae of oorna. e*peeiall? la walking upon a harp, a neTen, or broken pavement*; the continued rubbing of the aboe or boot at the Jointa. determines a point ot irritation, therefrom . rAft 1111 a nH n* irfit! a \ma Many who are that affliot*d. hare roooura* to a rasor or aoiaaora, and oat off th? ?ap?rf>oiM el th? oore, and obtain relief for a f?w days. BUT WHAT 19 THE RESULT f By reaaon of oatting, the uorMMnM baa IM ~~ opportun ty of axpandin*, bordering and rootoag ltaelf, and on the rme p.toe. by catticg, yon uto grow a mnb?r of oorna, after which it ia m mi* < that it ia oat or plastered. Boaetiass oorn stay a I longtime without g iring tain, brft that aast not belaid to the i?1ea that they are becoming inert, and that they will remain no, for, sooner or later, to the great diafeaa of the person who haa to bear If lk?I will **lilhll tkair Mai Pain, iwf line, fower, miwrr of do ordiaary da o-iption wt'l ante, and wili ba difioaltto aabdae, without creator attention than oan nodar ordinary oiro*matano?a ba raid. WHAT MUST BE DONE ? i nc. vu?ns mtST UK EXTRACTED f DR 8CHLOS8KK, by a ayiten) M onoe novel, beeed upon kmc *xp? rieroe end Approved by the hi(bed medio* I utkor ltiea, and wkitk ran only be tarried out by 4i?im /, h?* ?uooeede<l in rxtrecting the ro-?t of the eore, no matter what their net urea. trttAevt rirtm the lean pain or inconvenience, either derteg their re mora, or uwtvtrai. Dr. SCHLOSSKR hu the latiifMtioi ofl?rlB| Mur? the pnb io at kit consulting rooms, aa a proof of U>? extraordinary e*U a taction (ires by kia DMirpuiMl atjleof treatment, a mmtton list of teiti-roaiala from oiuxeta of tk? kick eat ittndisi m Wukiofto*. Also, lrom Miabtri of the Koyal Families of Earo^e, m woll m number )om one* from St?t??men.Difiom?tisU.Clorfymoof Physici*iii, Ambuitdori, Merchants Md Editors I of Ikii ooaotry Md Eirope- f CONSULTING ROOMS, 947 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,(So?U ?tde,? Mini Uthaad lath streets. Offioe hoars from lit. m. till S f. m. ja U LAST WMMK IN WASHINGTON. WORTH OF BO^Vk^RHOBS Atn TRUNKS* Of mil StwUt mmd Qmmlit???, . AT A flliT tACKIVICI O* CMT. Start fmr JUM mmd Flxtwru far Milt. All tka ttfcrw.k i- W nnifBiH SSrf'?T?i|KS. ttaaOT VTMtMioriiooaoaaaaalrJUn M>: tarfpru**, ibAmkI nacu belov oruci a?l oort. Th? ktU?Uo? of the publio a solicited, m groat laduosmsnta wi'l bsjMMU to MrofctMra. t mm boot* (naipniM ?fW aUMK Of tiM iMft ITSffltei K=""k--Itau' Th* Store i? for rent ana the PtxtBres for Ml*. Aaaly on t?e preiriaee, Iron Hall N. B.^The khor* atook, either ia vhoUor t| Bert, will he "old at pnraie tale. T?* eey nee 4*Sroti of eateriM the Boot. Phoe and Trunk Bomneat tfcia aforde B better epportuul; thee map acaiB be presented. Tw?ota iede:>te*l will scalar a tkror by proiaptip ealliac and aettlini their eoeoaata Jal U FW.2/tXisx& Tgg* im, I m

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