Newspaper of Evening Star, January 17, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 17, 1861 Page 3
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0 LOC AL NEW 8. { ' ? ? i ?? |?7* Ttrmjh Th* 9ia* 1? printed on the fastest ? tm pr><M Ut we *>uth of Baltimore, 1U edition ) ao large u to require it to be put to preaa at an early hoar; AdverttaementB, therefore. should be fit In It o'rlork m ; otbrrwiae tbey nay tot appw antll the neit day. Nonr*.?t'lrtrlct of Colombia AdvertU^menta 1 to be Inserted In the Baltimore Sc? are received i tt and forwarded from Thb Stab OBce. Thk National Volfntbbbs, again?Another i Kwettmg "ever Burck't iwiii"?Oar special, tkinflf'd, everlasting. nlitkil reporter on hand? , hreat perturbation in tk0 rank* ?How tke mnna ging men came it ttrtr the innoontt?The secretary , i 44 for private reason*"?Tut Foi?*lerrs "mii retntm tnartire ?* certain contingencies''? , They Htnic they will, and they think th?y won't, and then they don't knotr?They whereas and re- j tnhi some more, and nHfoum. - |t vu "gin out" yesterday among the Initiated that another meeting of tbe dark-lsnteza order of "National Volunteers1' waa to be held laS night in the "ball over Burcb's stable " A remembrance | t-f the boM-pitaiity our reporter received tbere last ] mooting nlsjht, half inclined ns to let them alone , vereiy, but, on sober second thought, We decided ] that the more we wern't wanted, tbe more it was our duty to be tkar : We went. We floundered J for a season through tbe mllk-and moiastre <col- j ored mud abounding In that quartet of the city. ?r.d in due time came to (be corner of D and ] Fourteenth streeta, whereabout Is that ?'hall orer : Burcb's stable " \v> found a tell?a gigantic sentinel stationed ] oa the parement, to Intercept all "not friendly to ] i1* caase,1' but his immense height over-did the i bnslmss, for while be w;.s straddled like the ; t'olosjus of Rhodes,and closely engaged In look- i t ng ovpr the topi of the houses opposite, at some \ object In tb* next street, we passed noiselessly between his lw/%, slid up stairs, aud so Into '"the hall over Bunco's stable " 1 The primilpsl business in hand when we entered < fw>s cuastne There was considerable mtscella* i rm >us swearing, but the Star came in for the hot- i est r>l It. The ' Volu ite?rs " were undoubtedly , m*<1?crrxv mad?darned mad Tbrre was dis- ^ affctlcn tearing at the vitals of the N V's The < more national rf the members had discovered a , tabby of the largest dimension* undf r the meal of Mr. L. Q Washington's resolutions, sprung upon th?* Association at a previous meeting Tbe whole thing wasexposed. The resolutions were prepared, cut and dried by partita outaide tbe Association. On tbe evening of the meeting, Mr L Q Washington, reputed to bea Knight of tbeGolden Circle, and who has been traveling some the last vear. Dr Gam tt. son in law of Gov. Wiseof Va , and Mr. Charles Winder, of this city, appeared j aircnustthe volunteers for the tirst time as sud- j rlfl 1 v aa I f Kcv Karl H?Anrv?<l fenm tha Vi*?1 ? ? ? ? J W m J u uw ? m m v? n I M1. D* I V O j I UV J signed tbe roll of the association, and in jiftetn iminmt's tktrtaftrr were appointed oil the moat important committee of the association, tbat *>f drafting; r?*solutions. Tbe committee retired, '' and almost immediately returned with ?he resolutions, which resolutions were pushed through before opportunity was had to examine them by tbe few who thought they smelt something repugnant to their patriotism In tbem As published,nowever, th? next day in black and white, they looked so repulsive, and brought such Instantaneous odium upon tbe Volunteers, that something was imperative to set themselves right with the public. The resolutionswlll bear reprinting. They run is follows : The National Volunterrs of the city of Washington having met for the purpose cf perfecting and extending their existing military organization!. formed in the month of September. Is'iO, net-m 11 doid a ng&t and duty at tbta tlm>? to de- ' ' In* to their fellow-citizens the principle* which will control thpir future action The constitutional compact of the Union between the States of the late Confederacy of thirtythree States having been repeatedly and grossly violated by the North, a portion of the Southern States have been at last forced to seek by withdrawal that security for their peace, property and honor which the experience of twenty-live years h?s demonstrated could not be found under a common government That government having been signed by the party which has proposed and justified all these acts of aggression, bad faith and hostile agitation, is now no long'-r a shield of defense for the rights of all, but an agency by which the doctrines of a "higher law" may be carried out at such times and in such manner aa its advn- < rates may consider expedient. In a spirit of wise forecast and just regard for their honor, three of tbe slaveholding States have already witadrawn from the Union. Others will follow in a few days, and ere three months shall have passed, it is probable tb*t all tbe slaveholding States will be confederated in a L'nlon whcse symbols will be equality, good faith, and tbe protection of property of every description. We believe that this city would naturally be the teat of government for such new Confederacy, provided its citizens ( shall not suffer themselves to be drawn into an atttiude of hostility to tbe South, and opposition to tbe wishes and action of the adjacent States of Virg nia and Maryland. If Virginia shall secede, 1 it would clearly oe unsafe for the Federal Gov- < ernmeut to retain this point as a capital. If Maryland should imitate tbe action of Virginia, 1 and resume her sovereignty, the retention cf this 1 c.ty by tbe black republican government would ( be not only unsafe but impracticable. We hold, then, that tbe destinies of Washington are intimately linked with tbe States of Virginia and Mar>iand, and that to oppose their action would be ruin to every property-bolder in this city. While entertaining thosf views of future results, we expect their accomplishment by tbe logic of events, and not by arm? The cry of an alleged organization to interfere with theinauguration or tLe counting of the votes for President Is unrounded, ridiculous, and mischievous in ita effects. The to give it a color by military proclamation* and meetings, by enrolling tbe mil tta. by creating a standing army of 6 00U men In a peaceful city, by planting companiea of artillery at prominent points, gathering from exposed frontier* the troops" necessary to repel the marauder and tbe savage, and thus converting our city Into an armed camp, we denounce as a wanton and wleki d act of folly. It ia a reflection upon our existiug patriotic military companies, tbe Riunlcipal authorities and an efficient police. It . leads to alarm, public Insecurity, and thus strikes at the value of prqpertyand the operations of com1ft n..t. n uctv? It t>" ? vu? uciiu*nuuii? VI V/UU^d M under the menace martial ru'e and discloses the melancholy fact that the Government it virtually in bands of a military dictator, whose sole idea of civil liberty is the application of brute force to coerce sovereign States We believe that a controlling aim with many of those who have tormented these unusual military preparations is to place arms, at the public expense, in the hands of Wide Awakes of this city and elsewhere, in order that these sympathizers with John Brown may make similar assaults upon life and property in this city Wc therefore resolve as follows: 1 That we will stand by and defend the South, and that under no circumstances will we sssums , W 1 i i.? aa ti.A a puviktuu ui uuawtikjr w uci iuwtcim ur a ill iiaie with a military organization prompted 6y a partisan spirit to subserve tb* alma of the black-republican party ? 'i T bat the reign of terror attempted to l>e inaugurated in our midst is a system of tvranny which calls for the most emphatic rebuke. 3 That we will aid each otier and all good citizens agaiust abolition violeuce, and attacks upon private property. 4 We will act in event of the withdrawal of Maryland and Virginia from the Union in auch manner as shall b?st secure ourselves and those State* from the evils of a foreign and hostile government within and near their Dorders " This matter and some talk aboat '-that boss" occupied the time till the formal commencement of business proceedings Secretary Gantt stated tb*t private reasons compelled him to tender bis resignation, but that be would stand by tbe action of Maryland. Other resignations were offered, very much to tbe disgust of tbe wire-pullers, and tbe following manly letter so excited tbeir ire that tbe name of the writer was ordered to be stricken from the roll, and his letter returned to him. Washixgtox, D. C., Jan. 15,1961. To tk? OjfUtrs and Members 0 of the " National Volunteers." Gssitlkxeji: I hereby tenser my resignation as a member of your association, and, in doing so, 1 would simply state that the reasons which impel me to sucn a ronrae are to be found in the preaaa K f m anil ' mi * lalttllf A n t Vv f itniia Krv/4 ? ?*aim rtlitvi iu'?J ia?cij uav. k.u wy jvui wvuj . I cannot lend my aid to. or countenance, any movement tbat casts reflections or Imputations upon the Kxtcutivt of tkt Unittd Statu 1 am also of the opinion tbat political military organization? are antagonistic to the true principles of a Republican Government. Very respectfully, Tvl ?r Powell, 1st Lieut N.V. Then came the job of covering up the Association's tracks upon the resolution bnslnew. Mr. F A Aiken offered some resolutions stating tbat th? Volunteers would accept tbe Crittenden tear,. * ivaaia t\f PAfnnmmia^. and that im I il ?IV|. m a* a /? ( v? ? f. , . _ n __ ^ _ la ij? toHhmgfnrit* Ikt Sat tonal Yclunt'tr.? wovbl r.Msin rmmelire There wh constilersble j-jwing about those resolutions It wu objected that the Crittenden plan bad been killed dead In tbe Senate, and fever* I of the crowd Instated upon backing up tbe committee's resolutions Finally Mr Aiken's resolutions were laid on tbe table by a Ur^e trot Tbeo. after scratching their noddles awhile, it occurred to the party that this nrr-ingem' nt wouldn't work, and the vote to lay on the table was reconaid-red. and after considerable muddled J-'?*- 1 /-AnpiuHM that thr> ranui'f of the Utu- , It w ... a following preamble and resolutions as it culxtitute for Mr. Aiken's resolutions was about the best " war to smooth Mm? thing over : Whereas m<Ktppreber>s>ou prsvslls as to the iuieut of the resolutions |>a*sr-d by this association 4, on the eveiiinv of Uir 10th lost , therefore. Resolved, Tbat nothing contained In those resolutions was intended to express any opposition, on the part of this association, to the pnclflc set ' -?? h?l. tie mem 01 prnui?K -r*" ?v i {W CoMtltuUoa (!!!) Tie* w*rt pMwd, and then, %tia taking 1 * measures to perfect and extend the organisation ' In the various warda of the city, In accordance with Mr Winder's military constitution, the meeting adjourned. So much for the "National Volunteers " As Charles Lamb would say, "the more we think of then), th? lesa we think of them " in tib Circuit Cocit, yesterday, the Kabtts corpus cue, wbereln Arthur G Smith applied to be discharged from the Insane Asylum, on the ground that be is not a lunatic, was continued at length and closed. The Court decided that inasmuch as the two physicians at the Asylum had both expressed the opinion that they would not like to take the responsibility of disc barging the young man after the short time he hid been conlined there, be must be remanded to the Asylum >? *? #1 I *4 ?- *1- _ ? a -? * * * * * urn >ulu nine am iue puyaicana migoi arem ll ta/eto permit htru to be set free. (The physicians bad testified tbat they had seen no traces of insanity about tbe young man during the ten days be bad been confined there.) Smith had been confined in tbe asylum tome ten days. He was present in court, and behaved Intelligently and rationally. His hallucination was alleged to be hostility to his mother and other members of his family, which had, according to the testimony, taken the form of threats and occttlonal personal violence towards thetn One threat used towards his family by bimt as alleged, was tbat be would bunt tbem Into their coffins; a threat which had seriously alarmed the younger members of the manly, nnd caused them to sleep together Id the Clor, with the furniture against the door, and illy to send for a policeman, who remained one sntire night in the house. On the other hand it appeared from the testimony of a legal gentleman of high standing in the community, that young Smith was a very Intelllgent and well-conducted young* man. The legal gentleman had first met the young man at Lis mother's house, where he had gone to transact business for a client,- and shortly afterward he had met him In the street. The young man asked adirlce as to how far a party acting under instruc Lium in certain unlawful transactions could be held criminally liable. The whole matter wbi rounded upon a distrain which had been levied by the .Marshal upon the furuniture in Mrs. Smith's home, at the Instance of a gentleman a-ho was the witness's client The witness advised the young man as well as be thought the ^ase demanded, and left him. Some time afterwards the witness again met young Smith. He :ame to witness's office, and said that his mother ind family had treated him so outrageously that ae had lost all affection for them. He said that t might seem strange to the witness that he should alk in such a s'rain. but the treatment he bad re:elved was of such a character that he could not #?fra\n frnm Hnrr /* Ua a. v... ?V? tic IUCU TTCIIk OU IU UWIII* nunicate to witness intelligence concerning tbe iistrain above alluded to. of tbe utmost importtnce to witness's client He talked calmlv and ationally, and discovered noevldenceof insanity. Nearly everything communicated to witness by lim had since been corroborated by facts, so nucb so that witness bad taken his entire statelie nt for Gospel truth. During the examination young Smith was in :ourt, surrounded by a number of personal friends, ind behaved with much self-possession. After ht decision of tbe court be was taken back to he Asylum. Cintir Market'Thl? morning, the attendince at the principal city market waa much better ban for several sale days paat. The roads from he farms are probably safer than on Monday light, and offer an inducement for tbe country lealera to mak<* tbe journey to the market; aud he s dewalks afford an opportunity for purchasers 10 attend. A large lot of country pork was ofrered at th? scales, the superior quality of which kttracted much attention Tbe hay market was ilso well supplied. The prices are about as folows : 3eef, fresh. V S> 6c'15 Turnips,pk 12 *alt do 5^8 Cucumbers,doz.. 12 [)a>L sn/atuln_l *- ^ " "i? uw? *-ricr)r,DB Otfl'? button ?<?!0 Applet, pk. a? Lamb, qr l(Vgl2 Dried apples,pk. 50 Veal 8^1b ^pinnacn, pk :25 iausage, Vfb.... 12 Cauliflower, each 6 a 52 L.ard 14 Roll batter 2< a i-" Jaof 4^.-. ? .*? Kf\/zzT aum x ? * un,vi ?vu^urB' u'j'yO /?i runn prini> . Bacon hams 14a 16 Cheese 14@16 'ides 12-f 14 Eggs, V dor.... 25 Shoulders 10(<Z12 Oyster plants,bh. 4 I owls Onions 37 Dried beef 14 Cabbagehead. 2<g3 thicken*. Vpr... Ma'o Beets, pk 3 Irish potatoes, pk '25 Carrots 2 ?weet potatoes... 37 Rock,bunch 27 3orn,ear, Vbbl#323 25 Perch, do 37 3orn, shelled.... ^l>^90 Large Rock ...37(g?l 25 Beans. Vbush .. Sl.75 Widgeon 50 Rye,Vbush, ... 55(270 Teei 50 ')ats 35 a40 Rook 37 Vleal 75^90 Partridges, do? 1 50al.75 Aborts 25 Pheasants,each.50&<52,^ ^bipotutt's 30g?0| Redneck 87 Ducks, V pr 50?75| Mallard Egg plants, each. 2< Rabbits, each.... 12 Venison, lb IbjTurkeys 75?#2 Ukra,pk 75|Country Pork.. 87@? 25 Attempt to Fi** aChurch?About daybreak this morning, a gentleman passing along Eighth itreet, (Island,) in the vicinity of Grace Church, (Episcopal,) discovered that an attempt had been made to set lire to that building by means of a iponge saturated with turpentine, placed at the doorway entering tbe southeast corner of the church The determined purpose of the attempt may be judged from tbe fact that a sufficient quantity of turpentine bad been Introduced under tne door to extend in a stream for some feet along the floor and unrfn the line >w*n?>ii?h ih? ?t..vr By prompt action tbe tire was subdued, but bad It been discovered twenty minutes later, tbe building must have t>een reduced to ashes On examining the vicinity, tbe track of a very line boot was dis -overed In tbe snow thereabouts, and it is to be boped that the scoundrel may be detected by this clue. This is the second malicious attempt made to injure this building within a few days. * The Usioji Reoimrut?Their Arms ?A report is current to-dav that the lieutenants of L'ompany A, Union Regiment, lately organized In the Third Ward of this city, visited th? Chief Executive on yesterday for the purr*>se of obtaining arms from tbe U S Government, and that the President responded that it was his intention to grant arms to all volunteer companies regularly organlxed. We believe that the report J which Las no foundation) has grown out of tbe act that the Lieutenants of the company alluded to, waited on Gen. Scott the day before yesterday for the purpose of tendering their roll and constitution to the Department and asking for arms Gen. Scott was very much engaged at tbe time, and could not see them, "nor could be tell" /in thf> laniniave of nlir informants ?lirln?n would Lave"in opportunity to give them an ami!. ence." Thk Crittirdex Rifles met last nlgbt at Temperance Hall, with a full attendance Tbs coramltU*e appointed to report a constitution and by-law* for tbe company submitted tbe same, Which waa unanimously adopted. Tbe same committee, to wbicb was referred tbe subject of a unifo. in, made a report Tbe uniform selected Is a suit of grey, with appropriate trimmings, and Infantry cap. Tbe report was adopted. Tbe company then changed their name from the Crittenden Rliles to Constitutional Guards The follow.... * V -I 1. J - n *- i ??? ?? iii< urn1 rii writ iucu fin ira : ^apuiin, ? . H Dirges; Fir?t Lieut , James E Waugb; Second Lieut , John J. M. Kavanaugh; Surgeon. I)r Thos. Robinson; Secretary, John Clary; Treasurer, C. F. Cum tilings. Adjourned to Friday night ? La?t night, about 7 o'clock, an alarm of lire called out the various companies of the lire department, and they prc.eded, with their apparatus, towards the eastern section of the city. We have not be?n able to ascertain that there was any real cause for alarm. A lot of old barrels, boxes, Ac , containing waste paper and other rubbish of the Patent Office, deposited under the cast portico*of the build!ni;, was fired last night, prooably by accident from the contact of hot ashes with the Inflamable matter, and caused a considerable smoke. No damage, further than the blackening of a few marble block*, was done by It. CaixiSAL Coukt.?Tbe Court to-day took up tbe case of Robert Berry, colored, charged with assault and battery on Walter Scott, a white boy, on Christinas day. Tb?ras? was given to the jury, but no verdict was rendered before we le/t the court-room . Ja*. A. Wise, charged with assault and battery on a young man named l.owry, submitted his case, and was fined ?7. Tna Eviiung "Hops" of tbe season were In augurated at \Tlllarda' last night by a jubilant company, composed of tbe gueats of tbe botel and their frlenda. Tbe concert ball waa beautifully decorated, and a fine cotillon band made nutate for merry feet. Tbe company broke up at a l\te hour, having enjoyed themaelves to the fullest extent, with the conclusion that tbe Meaars. WUlard know bow to dispense pleasure. FiLtiwHKii will be aeen the notice of the anniversary bell of the Franklin Fire Company tonight. at Wlllard's Hall. From what we nave heard of the arrangements, we can promiae a very pleasant time in commemorating the birthday of Franklin. The Herndon Club also give a cotillon party at Stott's Hall to-night. A good time la anticipated. A CoLD-wATsa Aikv ?The night before laat a military company waa ?rganized In the Sixth Ward, with nearly fifty members on the roll, and a committee appointed on conatltntlon and uniform A cardinal principle of their programme is strict temperance, after the manner of The Chionto Zouavea CoxvALScciKo ?Tbr many friend* of our talented young fellow-citizen, Mr. F. C. Bangs, of tli? Washington Tbeiter, will be glad to learn tbat be is recovering from a severe attack of congr-stion of tbe lungs, by wbicb be bas been proatrntfd for several davs jvst We bone soon to see him again before a Wasbingto^audience. CIXTIU OcABDHorsa Casss ?Peter McQuay, disorderly and profrae; line aud costa, i W John Collins, do : K 69?workhouse 80 davs. Morris I R?dyf carrying conceded wetpoju; / # 9 Thk Tatars*?We Remawmorr genuine delight than ?u expressed bv the audience last night, at the performance* of the company of Zooavea. It was something to see tbr genuine Zouave article In the genuine Zouave costume: but, more than this, the company has merit and talent enough to aM op half a dozen theatrical companiei. The dialogue, of course, was "all French" to most of the audience; but the company periorm wun sucn vivacity or action that ine loss of the spoken words was tea reel y felt la buffo tinging tbe company is wonderfully good; a?, for instance, Zouave Prederich and Zouave Glatigny Jn ?' Lr? Deu**A venules " Manager Glenn deserves tbe thanks of the community for introducing to us the Zouaves. Arrived at Carter's wharf, foot of Thirteenand-a-half street,schooner Orion, Stone, Phlladel Ehla. with 93 tons of coal for Messrs Moran k, 11 ton. r* u_ ~ editor stab :?uan you inrorm me now many of Mayor Rerret'a police belong to the "National Volunteera?" Qcbbt. Thi Attxntiox of our Georgetown readera la called to the advertleement of a meeting to form a Young Men*8 Chrlatlan Aaaoclation. Tixbly Cacttow. The following letter from a gentleman in Philadelphia, who came near being impoaed upon by a worthleas artic.e and who, knowing bjr experience ?n? virtues ui me socainn nisiar f naumm oj Wi'd Cktrry, withes to caution the public against similar imposition* Phil&dvlphia* Jan. 30,1800. M'strt. SetK W, Fnclt #> Co . Boston My wife, having been afflicted with a vert sever* oough for nearly two years, was induced by a friend to try Wistar's Balsam of Cherry, and, find ins great relief in ir, she persevered in its nse with the most beneficial results. My obi?ot in writing is to inform you that yon would advanoe your own well as that of the suffering community, by advertising such retail drncgirts as keep it for salo. Being on one occasion out of the Balsam, I called at a drug store in this city to purchase a bottle, when a spurious and worthies* imitation was offered nie as the genuine. By adve-tising in this manner, iou will protec: the public from imposition and advance your own interests ss a medicine having the inestimable virtues of Wistar's Hal-am or Wild Cherry should never suffer in reputation by ooming in com pniii'Mi wun wurinieBB nnu ueiomnuus mixtures. With respect, yours trulr, C. M Hallo will. _ Prepared by Seth W. Fowle St Co., Boston, and for sal* in VI ashington city 6. Stott, S>. R. WaiteZ. D. Giiman. John Schwarxe. Nairn St Pa.mer, John Wiley, J B. Moore, and H. H. McPherson; in <??orgetown by R.S. T. OlssMl, and G. M.St J. Southron, and by druggists everywhere, ja 17 lw,r Homeopathic Rzmzdixs All of' Dr. Humphreys & Co.'a speoifio Homeopathio Rem*dies put up expressly for family use, in boxes, at 25 and so cents each. Also. in o&KAa. containing 20 vmli. from Si tn AS each. with hook of full direotiona. For sale by Z. P. Giiman. 3A0 Pa. avenne, wholesale and retail AS*nt: W. A. Fitz^eralU, 353 north F atreet; alao by F. B. Winter, cornor of Maaaachuaetta avenue and Sixth atreet. Alao, Pond's Extract of Witck Hnztl, for internal and external lnflaminationa of all kinds. Sold aa above. ma 9-It Hollowat'* Pills and Oixtxint Facts for the Million.?By a recent enactment of the French government, tfieae incxlioinen are admitted free of duty into all porta of France. Ther are extensively employer! in a') the publio and military hospital* throughout the Kmpire. The Kmperor has signified Ins appreciation of their virtnesinan autograph letter, to Dr. Holloway. During the late Campaign in Italy, large quantities were uard for the wounded at Hresooia and Montechiero. Pold by all Druggists, at 23 cts., 62 cts., and 91 per box or pot. ia9-lw Coughs ?The sudden changes of our climate are source* of Pulmonary, Bronchial and A'tkmatit Aftt'.ions. Experience having proved that simple remedies often act speedily and certainly when ( Iron in ilia carlr vtfl > as >. f (ha Hisacsa. roAnnraA ?i?i* 1 it >it ?? v * ? i j uir->b va ' ? * ?<i w ui u vi* dub v uut/ i a stiould at one# ba had to " Broten's Bronchial frockcs" or Lozenges, let the Cold, Cough. or Irritation of the Tiiroat b? ever so slight, as by this precaution a mora serious attack may he effectually warded off Public Sr'tkers and Sinters will find th">m effectual for clearing and strengthening the voice. See advertisement. de I-ly it is a common o8servatiox that thereara more ufferors from debility, among American*, than oan be found among any other civilized nation. Tho reason isobvio'i*. We take too little exercise, and forget the wants of the hody in the abKorbing pursuit* of business. In all such cases, ordinary medicines can do little no id. What is required is jart such a tonic and invirorntor a* Dr J. Hostetter has giver to the world. 10 his celebrated Bitters. 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The frionils of t^e family ar? roqiiPFtml to Attend hi? funeral from the residence of hia uncle, David Walsh, oorner <>f 1. ami Sixteenth atreeta, on Friday evening, at 2 o'clock. * JN PEACE PREPARE FOR WAR. Just received by expreaa, and will be sold at a very *mat> a-ivano*. a laze aaaortment of COLT'S REVOLVERS, r?harp'ii. Smith A Wesson's, and other PISTOLS. Doub'e and Single SHOT GUNS, RIFLES, Colt'a SHOT GUNS. A 100,000 Mticket Caps 5o,0fm Elly's A Brothers Double Water Proof do. Colt's Cap*. 20,'Ot<G D. do. And all kinds of Field Ammunition. JOS. I. RAVAGE, Penn. ave., bet. 10th and llth sts. jal4-lw (States) Sirii Gilt !*aw. JMPORTANT TO LADIES! I hare just reoeived a lot of Sable Mink MUFFS, male from skins caught this senson, vhich I will sell at nearly ha f their usual prion. Also, on hand,French Sable and Wat?rMink SluFFS, prices from #HAl?F*CAPESand VICTORINF.S of various kinds of Fur extremely 'ow. A few more Childrens FURS left. MuffsTSocnts, $1 and 31.25. M InrKPV U1TB i. D..... . ?A f?l? ??* i #v/?>n li i iin a ?j i u uca * ci biiu I rib, for $2 and 82 5> lesa than coat. Termacaah. B. H STINEMETZ, Hat Store '236 Penn. avenue, ja 14 between 12th and 13th ats. TREASURY NOTES IREASURY NOTES TREASURY NOT Ed TAKEN AT PAR FOR CLOTHING taken at par for clothing TAKKN AT PAR FOR CLOTHING AT WIERENFELD k CO.'S AT WIESENFELD A CO.'S AT W1ESENFH LI) A. CO.'S FASHIONABLE CLOTHING HALL FASHIONABLE CLOTHING HALL FASHIONABLE CLOTHING HALL COR. 4H ST. AND PA. AVENUE COR. 4* 8T. AND PA. AVENUE COR. 4yt ST. AND PA. AVENUE jaT-Th&i?,2w Great sacrifice or PARISIAN GOODS! Having & very larp* a took of thn fineet Pariaian Gooda oil hand, winch I must sell under any oiroumatanoe*. I will make th* freateat aacrifioe that ever waa offered to the puhtio in ttkiuK off Si5 per ocnt. ot the regular prioe. My gooda being marked in plain figarea no one will be deceived. I.idi?i in Diirauit of fooda aa Cloaka. Freroh Bonnets, Einb oideriss, Party Dresus, Head Uresses, Flowers, Wreaths, Ribbons. Pans, Laces and a great variety of articles generally kept in a Fsnoy and Trimming Store, will do well to give me a call before they purchase an; where else. Ladies will please hear in mind that ail my Roods are bought b? mvse f in Paris, consequently are vf the latest styles in the market. M. WILLI AN. Importer, jall-lw,if 38 MarketSpaoe. CMBB8' WIG. BRAID AND CURL MANUV FACTORY, 343 Penn. avenue, near the oor nor of Thirteenth strew.?A very complete assortment of Braids, Curls, Fnsettes, Bandeens, Ao., now on hand; also, mode to order at the shortest notioe. Hair work repaired or taken in ezohanre. no VALENTINES! VALENTINES'! Fo* 1861!!! The trade snpplied at the lowest New York srioea. A beautiful assortment of 8entimeutal and Comio of all styles and patterns, at FRENCfa A RICHSTEIN'8, ja9 378 Penn. avenue. .x'lii r.. +WW Wanted immediately, 6,(TO men to bu?^V military caps,&omtaapiece. vvi?^^ juat received from Baltimore, from our factory, ian dosen Military Glased Capa. told at whotoaalA and retail. MiTitary UaU and Fatigue Cap* made, to order at the ahorteit notioe F D1TTRICH * BRO., No. 433 7th ?t. J* 1& St* near Patent Office. gCHENCK'8 PULMONIC 8YRUP. Dr. SCHENCK, of Philadelphia^ ftnda it impoi tbie to viait Waahinjton every week, and i.aa as trassawwsjsSfc1* "!UX* He hai * anitof rooms at the Arenne Honae, where patient* oan obtain advioe free. He only ohargea when it ie neoeeeary to make a thor. n(h Syrap, pnoe ?1 perbottla, for the on re of Coaf W, Colds And uoiiMmpuon; sonenot* 8m Weed Tonia, prioe ?1 per bottle, for Dyijwspiie; Schenck'i Mandrake P.tli, price 25 oenta ber box. for Liver Biiiom Compl&iate and Conatipatios of the Buy"u;r.?*ui2 ? t \ AMUSEMENTS. yy A II H I N G T O N THIATEt! L?*tn and Nftraci 8. W. 6l*w* ae ing Manager J.T. Ratxohd Poeiti v*ly. the !a-t auht I > of one of T H F. ZOUAVE ?. Th*?? are the original French H'ldier* who act id bofyre BebastopoJ during the Crimean war THIS EVENING, S Mic? Manh wtii deliver a cmtam lecture to Mr. RiTMttlO LA V I K b L I R E. M*.* skill* uk UN TIGRE DU UENGALE. ! _ _ ambb;udih limxm. Oaring th*t attack, one of the Frenoh fltg having i-oou wiiii ny me Ra'iitn*, y.onave encac*^ a BAYO.% KT 1-IGtlT with the hearer ofthe Am dad retook po?*e??ion ofil. Thisficht will be performed as in Crimea. H BALLS, PARTIES, &c. " j Anniversary ball T TH* Franklin Fire Company, ! At WILLARD9' HALL. 1 The Franklin Fire Company reipeotfully an- 1 nounoe that they will five their Tkirtn-fovrtk M Annual Ball in oomraemoration of the birth day of the Patriot Franklin, at the abovej^B named Hall.on ?| THURSDAY EVENING, January 17,1861. Tiokeu ONE DOLLAR; admitting a centle man and ladies. Mi?Ml'*. Robt. K. Doyle, Wm Durr, A.S.Dent, Jno H.Sessfbrd, Geo. R. CrossfieH, Grafton Powell, Wm. H.Fanning, Win. M.Payne. 1 Jacob Hem, Conrad Ftnkm&n, I F. H. Fridley, I). Vei*hmyer, ? Simon Steam, Wm. J Gary, l t:.G. Bekloff, W.Offutt, J. F.Maddox, Jno.Shackelford, R. E. Mooney Wm. Crampton, John Miller, E. J. Crampton, Jno. C Reeves, Ed L. Waters. Thos J. Fisher. (SUte> ) ja5,12.14,15,17 f^RAND COTILLON PARTY I AD ?I1W herndo'n'club, 5t To h? given at /IB 1 S T 0 T T'S HALL, Guflfc I Corner Twentieth st. and Pa avenue, c On THURSDAY, Jan. 17th, 1861. Withers' celebrated hand is encaged. Tiokots SO cents, admitting a gentleman and ladies. Managers. E. P. Piggott, J. Murray, ' J. Bury, 3. Brady, ja 14-4t* PERSONAL. I I (VIOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT I | I" forewarn all persona from trusting any one on 1 m? account without my written order, aa I will not pay any debta to ocntr&cted after thia dat*. j. w. birch. January 17.1981. ja 17-2t* j WANTS. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN wish"* for & Situation a* cook, washer, and 1 ironor Th? mnit satisfactory recommendations. ' Apply at 3*20 Fourth street, betveen G and H sta , VV ashington. ja 16 2;* \\J ANTED?By a respectable yonnx girl, a SIT" UATION a* nurse or chambermaid. Reference if reqair'd. Inquira at No ISth street, earner of D st., south aide; or address a note to Box 13, Star Offioe. ja 16 2'* WANTBD-A NURSE, one well exp?riercoo i i ? n uttint care 01 an i mailt- rxone but such as can furnish the heat recommendation* need apply, and to such, most liberal vaiei will he paid. Apply at No. 309 V street north, between Uth and 1 12th street* ja 11-iw* WANTED 1 HI MEDIATELY?From 9S to , $10,1**1 worth ol SECOND-HAND FURNI TURK of all kinds, for which I will cuarantv to pay the highest prices, and, as umal. at the shortest notice. R. BUCHLY. Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, &e.. oc 9 403 7th ?t.. bet. G and H. east side. 11/AN TED?SECOND HAND FURNITURE. ! " Persons declining housekeeping, or havin* a surplus of Furniture on hand, can obtain the cash and fair prices by applyine at 369 Seventh ft. no 17 BONTZ ft GRIFFITH. T nnm a rv -n/\rr%Trv juuoi AXMJJ ruuivu. POUND-A BUNDLE, consisting of a laly's shawl and five or six yards of n oth. The owner o?n ret it hy calling at No. Virginia aveuue, near Fourth street east, and paying for thin advertisement. ja 17-3t* li^OUN D?On my premises, about two weeks ago, I a red and white COW without hotns. arfr# The owner will please call, prove proper tjr, pay oharges and take her away. mSmJmm E. LOF.FFLF.K. Washington City Garden, on New York a v.. j* it at- netwoen m ana raw. west. OFFICIAL.. T?U?c*r DEr**tmknt,f January 9, 18bl. \ Notick is iikrkbt oivbh that sealed proposals Will he reccivfd at this Department until the 19th day of January inst. for the hum of such balance of five m'litona of dollars in Treasury notes as may then be lawfully issued in exchange for (cold coin of the United States, deposited with the Treasurer of the United States, the Treasurer of the Mint at Philadelphia or the Assistant Treas urers at Hnston, New York, or St. Louis within five days from the aooeptacoe of euoh proposals under th? Aiithnritv nf t.K? nf PnnrrAii ** An aot to authorize the if sue of rreasnrj notos, and fjT othtr purposes.' approved Deoember 17,1P60. Suoh Treasury note* will be issued upon the reoeipt here of certificates of deposit with those officers to the oredit of the Treasurer of the United States. They will be mvfe payable to the order ot suoh bidder or bidders as shall offer to make suoh exchange at the lowest rsrte of interest on saoh note*, and they will ca<-ry that rate of interest from the date of suoh deposit. The proposals most state the rate of interest without condition and without reference to other bids, and oontain no other fractional rates than on* fourth one half,or three fourth! of one per oentura. One per oent upon the amount proposed to be exchanged must be deposited with oce ol the offioera ?.KnvA ortnr?r?tAH ?hna? nurtifiAfttm nf in/th Ha. p >ait must aooompany each proposal as eeourity for its fulfilment. If the proposal is not accepted immediate directions will be given to return suoh deposit. Should the proposals vary from the provi sions of the aot of Congress or of this notice they will not be considered. AH proposals under this notioe must be sealed, and inscribed on the outside " Proposals for Treasury Notes." They will be opened and awarded at this Department at 12 o'olook, noon,on said 19th day of January. PHILIP F. THOMAS, ja 10 Secretary of the Treasury. ROB'T COI.TMAN TAKES THIS METHOD l M T/\ p m l n w f k A t r r ^V> A nnn I I A >f An pa I If* ui luiui I* ijk tim *i o*id auu yuuim ?,rir m il that he wil! re:ipcn the MKrROPl.ITAN STKAM FLOURING MILLS.12th *t. and canal, on Thsrsday. Jan. lu. 1661, where he will t>e pleaded t-> serve all who mat favor hun with their patronage Family ami Kstra Flour of an unsurpassed quality will constantly he kept on hand at the o w st prices. Also, (Jorn Meal, Rye Chop, and all kinds of Mill Feed. A fall respectfully solicited before purchasing elsewhere. -jalO lw M NOTICE TO THK PUBLIC. OORK'8 Squill Drops will stop a Cough in five minutes Moore's Comp.Arnica i.inimert will euro VUMiMdlUlt r iua?ru rc*-fc. aiua iu rnuo, Spr&ina,&o. Moo-e'a improve 1 Be-izine will remove Paint, Oila, Gr^aee. A o., from the moat delicate oolored ai!k or woolen roo<1? without injuring tue color or texture. Prepared and ao d at MOORE'S Weat End I) uk Store, de 31-8w 113 1'a. .vnue. Tnew restauraHt. HE Sub?o. il>er informa the oitix<>na of Waahinaton and the publio in general that heA . ? A haa opened the Reataurant No. 489 Sixth V|fmV atreet, between C and Louieiana avenue, (formerly kept r,y JaoobSmith ) A new and choice axaortnrent of LIQUORS, CIGARS, 4c ,on hand. Fine freah OYSTERS aerved up in every atjle at all houra. de28-1m? F. G. ROHR. OUR BONNETS, HATS, and FLATS of the very lateat atj|e?,and in all oaaea inade^^N ot the Mat material. Call at once and *etO? choice. At STEVENS'S, nog-tf 336. hKw. 9th and loth ?t?. g E A 8 O N A B L_E DRY GOODS! Cloaks, Shawls, Flannels, Merino*, Ottomans, Blankets, Full Cloths. Linseys, Fancy Silks, gilk Robes, Poplins, Valenoias. Reps. Yarns, Hooped Skirts, Irish Linens, Sheetings, Napkins, Beaver Cloth, Saok Flannel, White Goods, Linen Sets, Embroideries, Bombazines, Alpaocas, Conntnrpsnes, Comforts. Towelinics. All of which we offer at prices to suit the times. de H TAYLOR & HUTCHISON. I FRENCH & RJCHBTE1N, 818 Pk*ii. Avium, Are ac?nts for the Baltimore Amo ican and Exohangc, Charleston Merourj, fto. Subscribers "Tved at low rates. Papers from every oitv in the Union?weekly, monthly and ( arterly. Call and Cbeeribe. Now is the tiraa. New York, Philalphia, Baltimore and other papers delivered in the eity and Georjetown immediately after the arrival o| trainfr . ja 15 * TAKR iwrvriCK' A WILL Takn nil kioda of Virginia moony for mr book debt* and for BooU, $bo?a, and Trans*. Ait peraona indebted to ma will plana* nod aattia "* o"-u 8. P. HOOVER, Iroa H&ll, no gl Pn > .. hatwnau 9th nnd 10th ata. W? GOLTt} AND SHARP 8 PISTOLS. R Htri taaaivmI ft fiirth*r iubbIv? IOolt'a Improved Navy and Pocket Pi?to'?, I % GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS fHRKE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARDMAYOR'S OFFICE. I _ Gnoicnon *, D. C , Jtiii&rv 1 Ith, IKl j . The tub ten er will fir* t reward of Th'0? Hundred Dollar* for ?u?h information a* will !??<< tn tn- coBTicti'Mi of ut p r?on or pera<>na who have ret on fir*, or who shall b?re?fter set on lire. aay house within the l)oi poranon limits of this town. HENRY ADDISON. Ja UdlUtiairiT Mayor. Al.L Person* iodelt*?l to'the late irm of T. O'Donnogiine * Son. are here y notified that anlees their aoe*>uata are nettled b? the 1Mb inataat th'T will be p aoeJ in the haada of an oSwr for Mifrotion. SARAH O'DONNOGHUE. ja2 eoSw* Haeoatrix. A NOTICE. LL Peraona indebted to the Bnder*icn*d are requested to come forward and eat le their ??n or nniM; u not attended to, their bi will be pit in the hand* of an off oer for oellec ion.witfoat regard tn ptrion. J. M BELT. fieorg*town. Jan. It, H61. ia 16 3t | 930.000: Important announcement! In order to reduce oar large and wall assorted itook of DRY UdODS we will, during the next ID 1 lata, deduct 10 per cent. from nil e*tk purchase* of |5 and over. Save your mon?y and oall at 9* Bridge , it., fer bargain a. SPlLMiN t HUNT, ja7 eolm Georgetown. P. C. , fU8T RECEIVED? , 10 hhde. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS, lfiO bbls. oid Rye WHISKY, 280 bbU. HERRING and ALE WIVES. fio bhla. Crushed and Refined KUGARS. 3n ba<rs Rio and Java COFFEE. 10 hhds.<iow-prioed> MOLASSES. For sale by JOHN J. BOG UK. ? 10 VIASSEY, COLLINS A CO.'S PHI LA DEL" , lT? PflflA 6RAL GHT ALK.?We are oonatar.t j 1 oMTiDi fresh eupahea of the above delittitf?i berand invite all peraona who vast a pore ?nkdc terated Ale, to rive it a trial. ARNV Al SHINN. A,.m. til itlSrMD it. flkinrietovoi 1 foITsaleandrentT^ 1 [ For oiktt "For Sal? and Htnt" t Ml Ar.?t p*ft ] * For rent-a furnished room for rent with or witbout board. Apply at <4S D it., between l?th and 15th >t?. ja 17 3t* |?OK RKNT?Four FRAME HOUSES. eon I" taming six room* each, situated on Mastaohti* iett? avenue and Filteenth street Kent 98 per nonth. For particular* ir.quire on the premises. ja 17-it Market garden for rent-two law squares of Gronnd, ea?t of the Capitol, confining altout 8 acres, veil fenoed and improved by i I nd frame h<>u?e. Ac. Rent will be low to a unctual tenant. Inquire of JOHN B. KIBBEY, So 65 Louisiana avenoe,between 12and2o'olock. jall-6t l^OR RENT.?The STORE and DWELLING I No. Undue street, Georicetown D. O.. irown as the old Confectionery stand. 1'osression [iven immediately. Apply to ARN Y A 8HINN. I?OR RENT-Two frame COTTAGE HOl'SEH. I" containing six rooms, situated on M?kh. avenue and Fifteenth street; pump of good water in the yard. ja 5 I^URNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT, at 4Oft D 1. street, between 6th and 7th sts. de 4-tf FOR RENT-The fine BRICK HOUSE No. 100 West st., Georgetown, at present ocou pied by the subscriber. It has >2 rooms, with gas Mid water throughout, a fine yard, stable Ac, and is in agood neighborhood. Apply to JAS. A, MACRUDER. to2S tf FOR RENT-A three story brick HOUSE.containing 8 room-:, iu good order, with ga* fixtures complete, on It rtreet, !*>tween 4th and 5th. Also, a tw<<-story brick COTTAGE, with laree yard attached, corner of F street north an-* 14th st. east. To punctual and reliable tenants- the terms wi I l?e moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, between G ajd H. no 13 tf ijun kr..i i-mer in? i * luuk oi me ranar in? immwm'.eij opposite the vnt wine of the City Hal.,reoeotly oooupied by ChM. S. Waltaeh m an office. A lno the front room in the second tory and the third floor of the same bujldmr. For term* apply to RICHARD WALLACH, No. 9 Louisiana avenue. :a IS tf I^itR RENT.?The HOUSE and STORE on Pennsylvania avenue.ltt Ward. oppo?ite the Seven Bul'dinr*, lately occupied by Alex. Dyer, an a sh >e establishment, persons desirous to lent will pleaee apply to Mr Carrau next door, who will iwg the premise*. WM.F.MMERT- ja7eo2w RENT RKDI'CED.?That pleasant COTTAGE KrfelDENCE, containing 7 room*, with front ba'oony, large janl in front and rear, fiontirj H st., in PnatinK Otfioe Square, between North Capitol and First sts.. will l>? rented for 916 per month to a punctnal tenant. Address, by letter or in person, WM. ST1CKNEV. desfeotf LHIK RUNT OH LEASE FOR A TERM OF F YKAKS?The HOUSE and GROUNDS lately ocouned by PontmMter General Brown, and very recently held by Mr*. Smith an a female institute. For further information apply to CHAS. AlJERT, Em , or to the subscriber. THOMAS I.AWSON, de 4 eotf Surgeon General U. S. Ar?r?y. Ir?OR RENT?\ new BRiCK HOUSE, with back building and oAllar. having ft rooms with gas, and si o alley, situated on L street, near Thirteenth. Rent moderate to a good terant. Inquire of M. GREEN, Groc?r. corner of Thirteenth and I. stb, Thia property is near Franklin Row. only a few minutes' walk from the Trea?ur* Buildings, and one of *he healthiest locaiuna iu VVaehiueton. de 21-1 moo* l^OR RF.NT-The large three atory FRAME r HOUSE on New \ork avenue, betw eu 4th and 5th streets, recently <>ocnpied by Rev. Mr. Caruthers. AddIt to JOHN \V. MANKIND, or to Mr. BO&!*, next door,where the ke* ma? r?? fuur.d. Also, the three three story Bricks at the oorner of Ninth and N sts., Northern Liberties Or for sale low (or cash; or property in the county taken in exohanee. Apply at Mr H AGUEKTY':* suire opposite, for the terms and the key, or to DICK StjN A KING'S wood and ooal yard, corner ol 1 street and Vermont avenue, or to the subiortber, at Georgetown." de 19 ?*;?w JOHN OI^KSON. FH>? RENT.-A three-etnr? BRICK ItWKLLING HOUSE, with back building, on 12th st . No. 4 70. between F and G street*. Apply t" J. KIRK WOOD, 476 Twe fth st. bo fa-dtf THE INSURANCE COMPANY OP THE STATE or VIRGINIA CASH CAPITAL *300,00". Insures Merchandise, Buildings, Household Furniture, ft o , &;ainst loss or damage by fir*. , HEATH & KNOWLKS. AgenU, Office?Rooir. 16 over Bark of Washington. J\ 10 WGALTS' O O D AND COAL OFFICE sea Pa. At., Bftw 11th a.hd 11th Sti, North side. Mill uid Wharf foot of Seventeenth et., m> IT t? R?lo? W?r TV>aartm?nt. ttULTANA RAISINS, O LAYER RAISINS. SEKDl.F.SS RA18 NS*. BORDEAUX PRUNES, FIGS, CANTON GINGER de 22 KING * BI RCH F.LLw t w. t* d ??< ? r r u r rt u v JI C1 IV C.Vy r4 I V ii A/ II 1 FRENCH A RICH8TE1N, U78 PKXM. Avksuk, Haliam's Middle Acea,th? new Boston F.iterary Edition River aide Press; ton*d paper; prio? 93.76 by mail The usual Iieavv discount at our store. Ai?o, the sameeditio-s of McCauley, Hume. ?>;!>hon. Carlisle. Umii. Snalmpear. de 2*) CALVERT'SlCELEBRATED HONEY, Mad* in the Bee Paiaoes. A olear and delicious article. (rte 22> KING A BURCHKLL. /iREAT BARGAINS IN PIANOS.?Oue very VT moe seven-<>otave Carved Piano Porte,_4M^ havint been in use a short time Only, th'BpBn owner leaving the city, for sale for $2nn ?l? * * * Om very ni e Roaewood Cbiokermg Piano for S1S&, at the Music Store of W. O. METZERt ?TT, Sole Agency of Steinway A Son*' Overstrung Pianos. no t 275 A L k E N 275 JACKSON, PLASTERERS, PiRRi. Avaitr*. Between loth and 11th a treats. )e lft T CEMETERY NOTICE. HE Stbeoriber offers for sale his a took of M ARRIVE MONUMENTS, TOMBS, GHAYK STONES and MARBLE MANTELS at rednoed prices for ouh or approved notes. An early salt ia aolioited. WM. RUrHERFORP. Marble Worka, 36a E at. north, oo 17 8m between 12th aifti 13th. VI A T Tl iMt ID la* KAU A luavnu BUTTER HOUSE. Daily reoeivm* fre?h and sweet, in Goehan packages. Ai?o, Ohio Butter, at lOfr and 12>k cent?. KLLICOTT * HEW KS, |< M l> Kiidianrn Plait*. R*ltin>nr?. IMPORTANT TO HOUBKREEPEao. E. R. DURKEE A CO.'8 Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PUR E, but iround from fresh Spioes, selected and oimnad br as expressly for the purpose without rrforenoe to oost. They art beaatifklly packed la tinfoil, (lined with paper,) to prevent injury by keeping, "w?HE2y ' ^ ? - THE LATEST >EW 8 J TKLKQRAI'HIO. I Six D?r? Later Ifm Cirtpf c-T fvaii t. JH i? ? D??wimuip INIMll, from Southampton on the "sb. pauM Cap* Race tbl* oiornliig She briiifjs 335,000 In epecta Tbe Ten Ion la bring* oalv tee Liverpool commercial report of tbe 5?b Tbe Ntlnitm sales of cotton that dajr were about* 000 bale* Including 1.000 to peculator* and exporter* Tbe market opened quiet and cloaed steadv I be corn market wai ?toady but artiee Tbe tendon mon?v market opened doll on the 5tb Conaol* per account. The steainahip Pie*' York arrived at Sontkiaptoo on the 6th snort of roal The Paris bourse on Saturday cloaed heavy On Sllilllir Ik. tl I t.L.I _ .. - - .ux: WH i ?cxri puuiiVDni V OfTTCf ?WinyIngthrdatlnon sundry articles ard alM > drf rr? r^dtislng t?ie Interest on tb* 1 r?*, bills to Sa3)f and 4 (vr c? n? respectively On account of the death of tke K1114 of Prussia the ball at the Tulllerics was postponed Pekth, Sundsy ?Ycsterd?y disturbances occurred at Ke?rkrempt (') and the soldiers fired on the crowd, serionslv wounding S p*rsoi>t Oait4, Tuesday?Mortar batteries ban bwn estab'/sned in the valley. Tabic, Sunday ?Negotiations concerning <ise have betn opened between Tmnce and Har IMS. fttrLK*. Friday.?A Bourbon conaplraer baa Men dlacovered and four royallat gtunli have Mrn arreatfd Thfy were proved to be agenta rf Fraar! II from Oaet*. Several Neapolitan off -era were alao arretted Tbe bombardment of jieb contlnuea 7Vri?. Saturday?Gen Carlgnin will probably leave for Napiea on Tueaday. . I la Ian Meeting at Philadelphia. PftiLADKLmiA, Jan IS?An Immenae gather dk took place here to night at National Hall, In obedience to an lavltatloa to tn*n vf all pert lea In ryyumihwu hi iac irpuuncini ItrSOIUCOM HW* nc conciliation luitrad of tbe coercion of the South. and a peaceful arparttlon, tf it must be, ratbrr than civil war, wrr* *do pted Tbe meeting alaoadopted re?olutlona appealing to tbe South not to turn away in anger frein their friends, leaving tbem to th?> dn(<otirai of a aectlonal party, and declaring that democrats are tbe true friends rf tbe I'nlon Recommending an immediate repeal of all legislation unfriendly to tbe South, and that it la tbe duty of the State, by keglaLatlee enactments, to aRure to citizens of the doutb every protection to peraon and property wtme sojourner*, approving o| the Crittenden compromise resolutions. and if nil fall, that a State Convention he called to determine with whom tbe lot of Pennsylvania should be eaat; whether with the North and Kut, whose fanaticism has precipitated this misery upon us,or with our brethren of the #outh. whose wrongs we feel a* our own; or whether Pennsylvania will stand by herself as a distinct community, ready, when occasion offers, to bind together th broken Cnion and resume ber place of loyalty and devctlon Seve ral attempts at cresting ? disturbance occurred during tne meeting. Cheer* were given for G?n Scott, for the I'nlon. and for Major Anderson (iroans were proposed for South Carolina and the Palmetto flag. Tbe dilbculty was finally settled bv tbe police Spewcbe* were made by Messrs V.S Hradfo d, Juaiah Kendall. win. H. K(*d, I nit**d StaU* District Attorney Wharton, Ben.Hmiii Brewster, and other* Krsm Smmih Car?liam Cmarlestox, Jan 16?Gov PUkeos has sent a message to tbe Legislature. advising th? raialrtg of two more artillery companies and one more regiment to serve ttiree years. He also advises the Crmanent garrisoning of the fortlflratlons of uth Carolina This, he says, mav be expensive, hut considering that we will soon Us re a Southern Confederacy, It Is n? cesssry to protect the ee? coast, and afterwards tbe Mate can transfer ber troops to the new Southern Government Tbo fanatical excitement of tbe N ortbern people shows us. says tbe Governor, that if we expert to preaerv* the pcac we nuiit prepare for war. The House of Representatives ptsaed a bill t?? pv for tbe collection and-proaccation of all deb'a clue by South Carolinian* to men In non-alaveboldlng States until after December next Lieut. Buchanan Mead, of Fort Somier, reached here this afternoon, on leave of absence to jjo to hla home In Virginia, ou account of tbe illneaa of his sister. " % Oesr|ia < ventian. Millkdgxvillb, Jan. 1??Tbe Georgia State Convention met here at ten o'clock Jua^e Bee nlng was temporarily exiled to tbe Cbalr, and subsequently Hon. George W Crawford, was chosen President by acclamation A R Lamar, of Muscogee, waa elected Secretary A Committe was appointed to wait on Com mlaaioner Orr. of South Carolina, and Shorter, of Alabama, and request th<m to coa*muulcate with %nc v/vii ?riiiiun auu iti-rpt nil The Convention tben adjourned unttl to-motrow (forth lartllit Lf|lilatirf. Raliigh. Jan Ifi ? No vote baa yet been taken on tha Convention hill in either Houae Tbe anticoercion resolution* passed a aecond reading in tbe House last night, and will be considered again to-irorrow They are strong agalnat coercion pledging tbe State to resist any attempt by tbe Government to cotrce a at ceding State The Convention bill 1a being debated in the House to-night ? *nsrot??tsn ? tk* Herder Stain (ran iriaiylruii L#a?*ca*t kr , Pa., Jan 16.?Prominent republican bere recooamend the appointment of com nrriasioners to tbe border State* with power pledging Pennsylvania's full performance of her constitutional duties, bv tbe repeal of all obnoxious law*, in order to counteract tbe efforts of tbe emissaries of tbe seceding States, and secure tbe continuance of the border States In tbe Union Miaseari teaventiea Called. St. Lorts. Jan 16 ?The Senate of this State passed the Convention bill last night by a vote of 41 yeaa to t nays Tbe bill leaves it to the voters to decide at tbe time tbe delegates are elected whether the aeccasion ordinance, If paa?ed. shall he submitted to tbe people for ratification. The election of delegate* will be held February 10th, and tbe Convention will inert on the '28th War VeaseU t* be (' ceatratrd at the Month f the Mlalioppl River a ad at Peaaacala Niw Oileams. Jan. IS ?Coaaul Pickens went to Vera Cruz thia morning, baring important Waahlngton diapatebea to tbe American Commander of tbe Gulf Squadron It iarutnored that tbe design ia to con-entrate fleet* at the mouth of (Via 11 iLiiaa'nnt rivar an/t at tha (if P?nt^ cola. ** EleetUa ( (J. S Atatttr (rem Iwliait. Indianapolis, Jan. 16 -HenryS Lane, Governor ele> t of Indiana, wu laiagurated on, but to day the Lectalaturec'.ected him United States Senator when b? resigned, andO R Mor ton, Lieutenant (governor, appeared and was sworn In aa Governor The Arkaaiai Legislature. Memphis, Jan. 16.?The Arkansas L^lalatur* unanimnmlv nuvd a hill n:hmltlln^ the t on ventlon queatfon to tb? people on tbe IKh of February If a raajori?y are in hror of aconveu tion, tbe Governor will appoint the time. Military tUBfati at NtwOrlraai NiwOiluki. Jin 10.?Volunteer* are daily drilling here, with the view of anp; lying reinforcements to tbe surrounding Forts Alexandria Harkrti altxandria. Jan 17?Flour?Family 96 oca f7 00, artra ?SSUiS7S; super *5.50 Wheal? white fi 2tia?l 45, red file. ?l.35 Corn?white 63*66-- ; yellow 65?99c.; mixed t&*66c Rre ?7atW Oata*M3lc Cra Meal68a7^r p-r buaU-i Seeds-limothy ?3a?3 50 ; Clover fd25a?6M; Flaxseed SI 40a# I 45. Provialona? Mutter, roll, 10a*20r : Macon llal3c.: Pork S7 00a?? 50 Lard IMte.' Egga 14al?s. ' WhUky *4a3Uc rr ? * tttiuatr* flUtlM. Baltimobb. Jan 17.?Flour dull. Howard ?? and Ohio held at $5 ft); no buyer* Wheatatoady, rrdKl 35al 36, whtU-Bl 4Sal & Cora Irtn. mlird 62*63 Proriaiona ?t??dy; m?ea pork !? Sj. rump 13. Coffee quiet at l*al3c Wblaky lower, City Bod Ohio N?w Yobk, Jan. 17 ? Floor 5c lower Wheat quiet: all qaalttiea atighuj declined Cora dull and lower. Provision* dull. >Vblrky dull at **? ? rina.clal. . Niw You, Jan. 1??Stock* we better and active. CMcago and Rock foUnd M%, Illlnoia Oertial tbarea 8P ki do. bonds ttk, Michigan Southern 34 %; New York Central Wi,. Reading 44; Hndaon River R R 43#; Va ? 74*, Mo Hd. PIANOFORTE INSTRUCTIONS -Tbo X der? gned. lone wall known to W? hiortoa ?nb ic M ft tOAeher of Ii 'UM Piano, bote to atftte tkftt he ta ore ?I1 pftrad to tftke aoaolftra on Urw to tut the ex if en cio* of the tm-a- Hannf vftoa?ole? m hi* umo iftat sow which ho ia ftaxioo* to fill ap, ho w l, teach ft fow echo are, [ <te?irab e U> iheir parent*. a .0 iftk > hi? pa? in aooh meroha: a ae ft* roftjr i>* agreed oft whon the* are entered with Imm. Hr> fl Wiiliac to wake eu?h ?< rMiMMtl*, kim?ii< th* iuo?ft Oaiou ? mfti<) whod*a?r* to havo thtMrahtl dron tM(ht t e Piabo rxp?rieuo? tow la |?U ui nunc* Mn metuod of teooliiac ha* t<**u kuli .

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