Newspaper of Evening Star, January 17, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 17, 1861 Page 4
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5346 5158 i 5244 5256 5243 5254 5242 5255 5)41 5253 5246 5252 5236 5251 5238 5250 5237 5249 5235 5247 4?U SflUfl THE EVENING STAR. CjT They ?eem to have two partlea In some of the Northern cities, on the question of throwing the* on tbe iced sidewalks.?the result of which is two orarers dally offered, which run as fol i . *. lows I PKATBR or THE OLD fOUl. V Pray, Matter ashrs on the sidewalk. F *r aa't. or saw-duat, or fint> >and, Th?t wo ma* freely "walk njrifhtljr." . Our feet thei ?lipper? way wilk-tand ; Piay, scatter with a liberal taad i ?n 'vary ?ide. Bo h far and wida. PKATKR or THI Torso rOLKR. Put not an ash upon tiie Mdewalk ** * '?? ? r.a-tKar u*|( rto nuu, II ' Tfcat w? ntmj >l:df <1 'wn M i with freedom ; And 'fthcold oik* wiit find faalt. Uec?n?A we Old- and >nak them nnlt, Jf their old aol?* a*e sorely ;red, Why. Met 'era lid*." Thi Conflict of Skill* ?A party of negroe* In Itbaca, N. Y., rer-?utly decided to Lave a Dall It took place about six iniles out of tbe city, and tbey engaged a splendid six horse team to take them to tbe spot. The owner of the team, a well known white livery-stable keeper of Ithaca, not wishing to entrust bis team to the care of any one ?' -?? t?? f)riva if lilmaotf A lor 4Via Kft11 r *( * KOVi'VU ?W Ml i ?V l? " WV.14 . i?4*V< ?MV "? * > was opened, one of the darkey managers politely Invited the gentleman to go in as a spectator If be pleased, and he did so. After while, the negroes becoming aroused by the dance, the odor of the 4. room became slightly objectionable. As the ball progressed, the aroma became stronger and stronger until he concluded to leave Just at that moment he saw a number of darkies in consultation, and on of them approached him with much politeness, and Informed dim that the ladles requested thxi he should leave the room. The darkey stated that he regretted to make the request, but thai tbe ladles insisted; because they said?he smelt too much of tbe stable' Will Hi Do it?? r? stick to a promise made If Lincoln was elected President, Mr. Edward Payson Weston, of Hartford, is going to walk from Boston to Washington. The distance is 470 miles, and tbe contract makes It incumbent 01 Mr. WritoD to perform the journey in ten davs, ayd bis arrival at the inauguration. He will leave tbe Stite House, in Boston, at noon on the ?24 day of February, and will be obliged to walk 47 miles a day until be reaches the Capitol. A man is to accompany him In a carriage to see toat he fulfills his agreement ? Boston Courier ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. WlLLARDS' HO I'LL.?A L Ble?:ser, NY; C L Ste^e -son, Mas.; J a **?-den.Fl?; G Thomas, NY; J 0 mint, N J; S G; C A Glaza, do; A Cumming*, fa; A Schell, NY; I' Webster, Pa: R Cbencv. Cal; S< H Willi ma, NV; H E Steo?ll, do; J Thompson, do; C Delano, O; Miss E C Delano, do; T E Wrstboff. NV; A M Harrison, Pa; R O Murphey, Minn; H C Freeman and daughter, Va; J Humphrey. N V; Mrs Humphrey, Miss Humphrey, do; T M Never, do; W C Merrill, do; J M Carrereck and ladv, Md; E Drake, O; P J M Smith. Va; O H Pearoe, Ind; C F Curtlsand lady. Mass; SR Comstrek. NY; MlssCom trek do: J K Moon and lid v. Mass: R R Thorn on, Oregon; U L Hardin. Mo; G B Brown,Mass, J W Co^hraue. NY; S R Rae, do; A W Lawrence, do: E G Perine, Md; Mm Perine. do; A T Stewart, NY; H Hi:ton,do;J F Van Wart and lady, Ma*: C Adams, NY; J Mann, Mau; J II Wentworth, CaJ: \V l.tppiucott and lady, NJ; O G Uanao i, Md, Mr and Mrs gtarbuek. NY; W F Masher, Miss; Tnlmadffe, NY; A Miller,do; J W Brown, NJ; R J Dobbins, Pa. NATIONAL HOTEL ?G P Kane, C H Relly, Md; B WilllaiTls, DC; G K Paddleford, Yn; Maj Reynolds, USN; J M Ramsey, \V S Johnston, N V; A F Freeman, (ja; G A Taylor and ly, H E Adams, Md; C Dlnby, Ca!; A R Spolford, O; E Hltfijwis, %ldi J A Kegta. P Jordan, NY; N fcscutt, O; BF Harding, Ore; D Stubblefield, Va; , J 1) Adams, Ark; J A Livingston, J M Matthews O A Caitie, G W Re*-de, S B Church, NV; W H Htrrlaon, S White. Md; J Cumininsp, Pa BROWN 9 HOTEL?B J Ctrter, W Cooper, E A SLands. H Hurler. P Dorruau and ly, W Portia, Ala; H Florence, B T Ktrke. J >1 Ellis, W War ran, Mans, B S Seymour, J Tower, NJ; J D l<mpie, J S Broadbeut, S Broadbent, F Br *dJ W Huff, Pa; C D Bailey, NY; W H k- Rih Mil ? KIRK WOOD HOUSE ?J E Neile, D H Williams Pa; A H Junt-s, i* Latt, Cal; A Morris, \V H Allen. Dr T Oliver, Md; B Ftcklln, J LSho ber, VV E Harrison, Va; J B Godson and ly, Mass, L Townseiid, G Watkinsou. NY; F Owen, WT. OCEAN STEAMERS1 SAILING DATS Fkom th? Usitib Statu. Sttamgrt. Ltart. For. Days. fk'estlne New York...Liverpool?..Jan 17 rsmen ? New York..,Bremen ? .Jan 19 ova 3ooUan? Portland Liverpool .Jan 19 G.aagow ...Mow Y or* ?. Liverpool _.. J an 19 America... ? ? Boston.? .Liverpool ... Jan 23 Canadian. Portland Liverpool Jan 36 Edinburg .New York.?Liverpool Jan 2b Jonn Beil ?...New York.. .Glasgow Jau 2? Aim New York_.Liverpool Jan3?> Teutonia-?. .New York_. South'pton..Feb 1 Niagara?- ......boatoa._? Liverpool Feb 6 From Eubopb Teutonia South'pti>n.?N*w York....Jan 2 E0Lnt>ur<h,^ Liverpool New York...Jan 2 Canadian,.... ?_ Soutii'pton~ Port'and Jan 3 A ha. I . i vAriuinl \ aw Vnrlr [an fc * . . MS 4 ? vi j. wv/i. vi m? . . i# au Hedai .Limi'?l New York Jab 8 Ara*??.??. f$outh1Dtnn_.New Yorfc ...Jan 9 North Britcn Liverpool Portland .... Jan lo The California mail steamer* leave on the 9tis, 18th, and iptn of ever? month. . _ D OFFICIAL Jr ROPOSAL* FOR fc. RECTI NO A COURTHOUSE AND POST OFFICE AT PHILAPHIA? PA* TR*AsrRT DirAKiME.NT. December 33.13M. Pkaled Pkopo*?l.* will tx? received at this Dwpa-tiii?ut until the 2xa day of February. A. D ir?l, at 12 o'oiooc at noon, for the construction of tn? . jTuivis pfna Court-flou** srnl Post (J ffioe. accord in* to the plans aad specifications prepared at this .Department. Tnese pr<"po?a!s must be for the whole work; but Moh portion <f the work and the amount b d therefor must be separate y statsd in the bid; the respec tire amount tor each kind of work carried out, and the total amount stated; the Department re serving the right to reject or &cc*pt the proposals hereby invited or any parts thereof, w; en it deems the ii?t*reet of the United States requires it; the department also reserves the rghr to exolude the Intil uf All! n^iuin hp whntn ' s. i __ J r . ? w . WMW - 1IVUI ? ll*'l V ! J UOt i cause to believe will not faithfully perforin thecoi tracts, or which thev have attempted to obtain bj indirection; and ail bids when there shall be parties in interest who do not join in the bid*, and all bids that, neon investigation, arc be.ow a fair priae for the work. No contract will be awarded to bidders until de tails am furnished the Department or the prioes of t.'ie a fferent kinds ol work and materials, whioh s- all be eutj^et to the revision of the Department, so that th? cross bi4 ?haii baequitab j apportioned upon the whole work to guide the Department in making payments ISinetT per oent. of the amount of work done and materials delivered, according to contract priae, i saj ' amount to L>? ascertained by the estimate of an ag*nt of the Department appointed for that par / win vr par- ir*mi ume lo UDI0 U ID0 WOrK P'Otreesea, sad ten per oant. retained until the oompi>-tion of tne contract and aoceptanoe of the work. ??0.. by the agent aforesaid, and be forfeited in the vent of noc fulfilment of oontraot. Contracts will be awarded only to master buildera or hm'uuci, and the aasignnGent thereof, eicept by consent of t e -ecretary ol the Treasury, will b* a forfeiture of the ?ame. f ' ? F.acu propo?a must be accou pamed br a writt n gn\r%iit^e,aigned *y Ivor eponsibl* persona (cer lifted t? be so hy the United States District Judge, or Attorney of tne said d'strict.) in the ism of #2n^wo. that the bidder will, when required, if his propoea1 b-? accepted. ent??r into a oontraot and f-ond. with proper aud sufficient securities for ita fa-thfal periormaroe. P:aus, peoifacatiuns and wtxrkin* dr&wtnrs can be examined alter forty days, an 1 oth?r information obtained on app ioition to the Department. The propoaa s must be sent to tois (? ,l-- ^ ? "" ?vw ?I|V uwi >-? * Ui llio 1 rWilTTi (1^* dorf'A ' Prarosais for Ik* Philadelphia Court Rcmte L in4 fo*r OJu-'.. ') and will tvs oyHN at 1 o'olnok p. m .oi th? lut da* n*m?d for r*o*mnf the Mine, id the preMooa of the bidders, if an? oJioom to attend. PHILIP F THOMAS, | iiM wfltaw Sarcterr of the Treawrr. T PROCLAMATION 1 O THE IWABHIWOT^NI e*feokelToww, *0. VTUmi, ? CHOLERA Mo4Vus'rtME^,6MOa ? ,""t DI^*HKAbHouc ?TE-i,Y8P^kBiuTY^^ ?rnmii to la *l*rminf ?xteni: FI*8T CoN^iQUENOB te mwrm ? * ..? / .umii ?uuw VI I A REMEDY it onoe Stft, Sr*'4*. and KJUmtitmt, DR. MONTARDK, _ or Paiia, offer* hit MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER m ttt? moat CERTAIN AND FFPECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE_ABOVE COMPLAINTS In order to satisfy THE PUBLIC that no imposition i* intended Is the sale of tkts THE MONEY"WILL^HF^kErUNDED in fmil m hen the medicine fails to ?i*e entire eatirtntifl tA ik. then at any Drug Btora for MIRACULOUS FAIN KILLER, take ae directed, and if not p?rf mjiYjt aatufied Return to oar Agent, D. B. CLARK, ESQ., 4H Street and Pflnr,?yi?an:a An nae, wtto will refuad joar atouey. f Tlc*-g# tad ftp CenU par Be. U?. ? or hU? M til Dr 4? dtorM evtYH bm ^ J B I ?L PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. pUBLIO NOTICE. DiraraiHT or thi Iktmioh,* Watkingten, Dee. a 1W?. > D*KIU ?W?? kAnia * I "IIW UVtHIV ! 0VIVUJ |IT0U >W WMMW I coupons annexed, of the deeerietion hereinafter ?et forth, have lately b?ea felonlo*ely abetreoted from the ovstody of the Interior Department, the same being the property of the United State* and held in trait for oertam Indian tribe*. Notte* ha* alao been given to the proper oftoer* of the reepeotive State* to stop the payment thereof; and all person* are warned against parehaaiac or run in* any of *aid bond* and oonpon*, a* the claim of the United State* thereto will be proeeented to the utmost extent. Each bond being for the ram of one thonaand dollar*, nx : Sis Mr ocnt. Miaaonri Covpon Bonds, iaaned in June nod Au(uat, 1857. 9t?U of MiMiouri.St. Loaia ud Iron Mouatnta R, R.Stat* Booda. ' Bond No. 2037 Bond No. 1823 H7? 1827 VM 1H22 1997 1821 19M 1820 zoos 181y 3007 1818 1993 1809 1994 1817 1995 1810 1891 1815 1990 1814 1892 1813 1991 1812 2003 1810 > 2002 1811 1992 1808 2006 2031 2005 ZU.M 2004 3034 200> 2035 1990 2036 2000 2032 .2009 182ft 1877 1828 1878 1829 1879 1830 1880 1831 1881 1832 man io ?a IDOi lOOO 1883 18W 1884 1870 1885 _ 1871 1886 1872 1887 1873 1888 1874 1889 1875 1890 2030 2045 2029 2048 2018 2046 2017 2047 2016 3044 2015 f*A A O AA1 d 2040 2013 204! 2012 2042 2010 2039 2011 1825 99 bonds 1824 Note.?Bonds No. low, and b?low of this series, issued J nne, 1807. and bonds No. 2noi, and above that, dated August, 1357, parable at thre Phoenix Bank, New York city, in 1887. State of Misaonri six per oent. ooupon bonds, via: Hannibal and St, Joseph Railroad State Bonds? r> i x7_ ism d?.j ioc llUUVl iW. 1UUU yuuv4 &1V* 1UW 1862 1627 1851 1628 1850 1629 < 1849 1859 1848 1865 1847 1863 1,846 1862 1846 1860 1844 1861 1832 1856 1835 1858 1833 1855 1834 1854 1836 1822 1837 1823 1838 1824 1839 1836 1649 1826 1040 1827 1635 1828 1813 1829 1613 1830 1614 1831 1615 1641 1fll6 1*42 1617 1643 1618 1644 1619 1(545 1620 1646 1821 1647 1611 1648 1864 1637 1634 1638 1631 1840 1632 1842 1633 1843 1622 1650 1857 1816 1636 1817 1630 1818 163d 1819 1841 1820 1623 1821 1624 1625 90 bonds NoiI.-ThMt bondi are dit*d inurr. 1WT, p&TftbiH at B?nk of Co mm-roe. New York, in November. 1830? interest payable m January and July of eaoh rear. State of Miaaovi six |? oent. Coupon North MUroori R. R. State bonaa. Bond No,?2932 Bond No. 1649 2940 1638 2939 1641 294! 1642 2942 1643 . 2946 1644 2945 1645 2944 1646 2943 1647 2947 1648 2948 1649 Z?4? 1640 2950 1850 2937 2922 2938 2923 1653 2924 1654 2936 1666 2951 1662 2963 1556 1657 2921 1705 2468 1706 2512 1707 *51* 2462 *6U 2453 2515 2454 2518 2456 ?H 2150 2910 2457 2912 2458 ?18 2459 ?14 2480 * ?18 2481 2915 3462 ?17 2486 2918 2464 2919 2465 2920 2466 2954 2467 2955 1651 80 bond* Not*.?Th? bond* numbwd K16um1 twlow, Ua^vCariS: MimovI North Bond No 2773 Bond No. 2763 1784 2787 2786 2730 2781 . 2717 2782 2734 2779 2721 2783 2719 2711 2733 2712 2722 2710 . 2720 27? 271# iill Hit m 17J4 ms % 2731 2788 2766 rm rrn mo 2718 2771 1716 2786 2714 2778 2764 2772 2728 2776 2726 2774 2723 2780 2713 2732 * 2787 60 bondf 0 * Bond No. 5246 Bond No. 5260 5259 5261 5233 5195 5282 51% 5231 5000 5200 4999 519* 4997 5198 4890 5197 4998 4310 4889 5238 4888 5307 4878 COAO lA?f tf?VO tfWI 5309 5M1 51 bonds &306 tertat poyabULa jiBMrruf JiTy of e*oh year. Condi of North Corolla*?Coapon ux yer o?nt North Carolina ni por oonU. Bond Mo. 35 Bond No. 303 | 33 301 31 300 33 . 297 9 135 7 234 34V 203 348 166 347 104 346 20 3J3 19 ?2 18 341 17 340 . 15 339 13 338 8 337 11 33tt 10 ?o 1U2 328 101 829 100 330 99 331 103 332 6 333 28 334 22 227 16 328 21 317 98 . 318 97 , 318 % 296 95 239 . 94 238 62 237 60 236 ? 303 72 bonds Noia.-Theee toads ue dated Juun, 18M, payable January. WW, at Bank of Republic, New York. Interest payable in J an nary and July. North Carolina 6 per cents. Coupon Bonds. BatiJ V- ? J '? *,w- 1IVUU iiu. IOC 832 736 831 " " 758 830 759 829 760 834 781 836 782 836 763 837 784 838 790 871 ' 791 872 792 HI A JVX 874 m 875 795 876 796 877 797 878 798 879 799 880 800 881 801 846 802 M 80S 848 804 849 805 850 800 851 808 851 807 853 911 854 812 855 813 858 814 ocv A* ? noi 813 ft58 816 860 817 861 818 864 819 863 '820 864 821 865 822 866 823 867 824 888 835 869 826 870 827 883 828 882 839 884 840 885 843 731 844 732 84& VM 734 104 bonds Those bonds are dated Jaly, laff*. imMt Jul*. 1887, ?t Bank of Refubllo, Now York; IhUrsit payable in juovy and July. North Carolina six yer oenU Coupon bonds. Bond No. 599 Bond No. 4D3 600 494 603 49& 604 496 605 497 606 621 607 498 608 il0 16 511 611 481 612 483 613 id? 609 484 14 486 622 486 23 487 21 488 625 489 626 490 627 .V38 28 M9 41 540 W Ml MA 542 ?? 5tf 844 S50 646 ?47 6J2 ?? 538 *U 5*4 . ? 535 * il* MO ?1 AST 518 <U? 329 !!I 516 818 ftW i tii $ ? ?? 545 ??" 547 3 MS AM ttJ W 471 431 471 22 473 4? 474 437 475 ' 417 476 iM mm ATI 435 478 4* 479 433 480 431 513 01 513 544 "1 118 bondf 483 n'^Sx6mssiSSBssri^mMffi&EMISI.S uecobor. IM, ptitklt U1M, it Bank of ?Vp?blio, Bead Ho. 61 Bond No. 161 62 162 63 163 64 164 6 166 M 166 - * # ' ' t Bond No. 97 Bond No 162 98 * 1M W KM IfM i?<. 122 178 123 1?1 124 192 125 193 12# 194 127 195 128 1?? 179 * 197 180 1M 129 1W 130 200 137 ? 144 46 bonds 146 Two bon*o for 91,000 each, dated Apnlt 18S7. Bond No. 9 Bond No. 10 Fifteen bonda for ^1,000 eaoh, dated Qotobar, I im, k : Piykbli It Bmak of tMlblw. October. lsar.Ti*: . Bond No. 1183 Bond No. 1192 1184 11)3 1186 HM 1186 1195 11B7 1196 1188 V r* H97 1189 V % 1190 * 15 bonds 1191 oity, of the rollffwinf i?mb?ri, mm dated Jafamry, 1852: fl 1 \T_ At ? VI. . a J>Ona ilO. 211 JDOQa ?10. 415 278 419 294 470 297- . 477 409 491 4]3 498 414 723 And of the following cumber* iuned Januarr.lBM: Bond No. 828 Bond No. 1278 ' 829 1368 830 And of the following numbers mined January ,1156: Bond No. 1744 Bond No. 2655 21 ip 2891 2133 2SU2 2581 3066 2605 3121 And of the following number* iaioed January, 1856. Bond No. 3149 Bond No. 420V 3464 4208 3465 4209 3466 4210 3467 4211 3469 4212 34T0 4213 3471 4214 9I"O 4 in* y*i* *401 3758 4527 3894 4529 3941 4550 3942 4666 3943 4566 ' 3944 4569 3945 4570 3946 4571 3985 47 49 41S>9 4751 4200 4881 And of tha folio mag numberaiaaued January, 1857: Bond No 5056 Bond No. 5419 5195 5421 5326 6426 5359 5427 5360 5430 5381 5434 5362 5436 6363 5437 5364 5438 5365 5439 5366 6440 5367 5441 5368 5442 5369 5453 5370 6444 # 6S71 5445 5372 5462 f OMfl ? > a Mil1* 5874 551? 5375 5520 5376 5521 5377 5522 5378 5703 5379 5704 5360 5705 5381 5708 5385 5707 5386 5708 5387 5709 W8S 6710 5389 5711 5390 5712 5391 5713 5392 5799 5393 5839 5416 5840 5417 5B42 5418 Orvici or thb Secretary or thi Interior, December 26, 1160. a 12 dtf J. THOMPSON, Secretary. OLD RICH, MELLOW AND PURE B U R N 8 I D K ' 8 MONONQ AHKT.A RVR WmsUTICV Conaoientiouaty diatilled by Mr Jamea Bnrnaide. of Allesany Count?, Penna., in the old-faehioned boneat war, from the ohoineat and moat carefnlly aeleoted Kye, and in no oaae ever oflered for aale until adapted to wholeaome nae by a*e It ia at onoe the moat palatable,do it i* emphatioally one of the pur***} bevera*ea in the reaoh of the publio. To the invalid, aa well aa to thoae in health, it commnnda itaelr for ita unrivalled ^ualitiea aa a irimulact of the aafest. an rest, and moat benefioent desnripdon, and many of the moat distinguished phyaioiana are naing it in their praotioe with the h&Bai Ha t rAfltilta CLBRY "i 8TOCKDALE? Proprietor*. 328 V\ alnut street. Philadelphia. WM. C. CONOVER, Agent for the Proprietor*. 225 Pa. av., ? 24fim opponfte Willarti*' Hotel. PURE OLD RYK WH18KY.-On hand tevera brand* orPare Old Rye Whl?ky. Copper Ontilled, made by the most reJiabe distiller* in Penn ylvanja, Maryland asd Virginia, warranted pore, Alao, Imported Brandies, Ilennescy, Ot&rd. Dupay A Co.. Jnlei Robins, fco. Also, Peach and Apple Brandy, pare Holland Gin, old Jamaica andSt, Croix Rnm, and Wine* of every variety, all of standard brand*. A olioioe lot of Cigar* and To??*oo?i. YSWIi? * KEPHART, Agents, *? i?-iy y% ?T.. btw. 9th and loth alt. X ^pwaart^E ^ yt TKU hi'i mmnitfmrtvtnt t* . 4&^1 Jj/?W?/o? aw &v ('A? / .aft/Jrr t? ? V t" l f y MT '*? ^iOty *f ikt M nMtpair..<,) jjl I \r**i b* JP I ?3 L ?n U7 dcprtui Vt~.n getting m rmr. mrt*/#%? 7y v w fiuv aw? f a* i *< /?>? mT MAUli ?oid by tht OettU om\. Itiar+JJ . ' MRMtfRiM btfh* fr*t Jtfiricn* f?V f 9_* ffl! I ' ?*? tw.?*?..(* jrwxnwi J1 PM i' ^ - vrr CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL . IN RURCHASINC THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS DALY'S NtOMUtfi WHISKH WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE 9 All liJIT ATinu IUH ft OAiinrrnrrir nn imi mnun nnu a uuuni tnr ti i OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HDALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR 19 SOOTH WILLIAM S! NEW YORK. POM BALM IN WASHINGTON MY * ?qttRoi't ? ??*nriw R AN G KR9,-^ ft EJfC Hit WbSMM J 9T8 Pa. ftTMan, 1* th* nplr piaae ID tb? oity vtMTfl ! gss,sgg T " V - - MISCELLANEOUS. ? Til Amalgamation or U?(M?-Tktn lii srowiac tonrt?or >a Uii? ace to appropriate tha ' most iirMmr# words of otk?r lurufMAoO war a while to moorparata them mfo oar oti; tkaa the , wo'd Cepba'ic. whioh la froatke Greek, atgaimaf "for the hea<L'' i> iov beoownng poea ariaw >a ooaaeenoa with Mr. 8Mt7|a|'i (raw Headache I remedy; bat it will eooa be ia a More general way, aod tbe word CefkaJio will beooiae M oo alia on aa Eleotrotype and many othera w hose di?tinotion as foreiga word* has beea wwa away by eoamon aaace a Bill they seem "satire and to 4 the manor bora." artfly Realize*. j Hi 'Ml 'n 'orrible 'efcdnche thi iJUnooi, hand 1 I tep??d into the hapotherariee ban<1 ?ay? hi to the I n*n, "Can yon h#*e* me of an 'eadnohe."' "Dom I it haohe'arU." ?;i"Hexoe*din*!f?ti hi, and upon that > kit* me a Ceehalio PiTT hand < >on me 'onor it eared me so euiok that I "am j realised 1 'ad 'ad an 'eadaohe. I i FTHuaicHi it tb? lkrorito sign by wluoh nsJure bu(n known My deviation fUUnr from tl?e natural state of the brain, and viewed u? thl? light it may be looked on an a safeguard intended to give rrftioe of disease which might otherwise aoape attention, till too late to be remedied; and its indioafion* should never be nefleoted Head aohee may be o!as?ified nnder two namee, vn: Symptomatic and idiopathic. Symptomatic Head aohe is exceedingly oommon and is the preoaraor of a great variety of dieeaeea, among which are Apoplexy, Gout. Rheumatism and all f?bnle diseases. In ita rervous form it is sympathetic disease of the stomach constituting tick ktmdtukt, of hepatio disease eoiutituting bilious ki^dnckt, of worm?,oonstipation and other disorders of the well as renal and uterine amotions. ihseaees _ A.i? a - m ui uie o?ntn very ireaaently attended with H?f- i aohea; Anirmia a-d pCathora are alao affeebone I whioh frequently ooomiod httdkch*. ldioeathio I Headaohe it alao very oommoi. being aeaally dietinguiahed by the name of a?rro?* ktadackt, iow?- < times oomink on sadden.y in a rtate of apparently I sound health and proatrating at oaoe the menta' and physioal energies. and in other laataneea it ooraea on slowly. he-aided by depression of spirits or aoertuty of temper. Inmost instances tha aain I ia in front of the head, over one or both eyes. and sometimes provoking vomiting, ander thia olaaa mar a so he named Neuralgia. For the treatment of cither e'aas of Beadaohe tha Cepbalio PUla have been found a aore and aafe remedy, relieving the moat acute pains in a few uiuukca, ? <> uj iu hdii? yower eradioaUng tbe diaeaae of which headaohe la the unerring index. Beidokt.?Miiidi wanta yon to Mod her a box of Cephalic Glne, no. a bottle of Prepared Ptlla.? bat I'm thinking thftt'e not juat it caither; bat per hapa ye'll be afther knowing what it ia Ye see ahe'a nigh d**a and gone with the Siok Headache and wanta aome more of that same aa reiaired her before. Drmttxst.?Yon mast mtan Spaldlnc'e GoahaJia riua. Bridtst.?Ooh' rare now and ron're a*d it, hare'a the qua ther and giv me the Pills and don't be all day about it aither. Caaatipatlaa ar CnUm?M. No one of the "many ilia fleah la heir to" ia ao prevalent, ao little undrratood, and ao much net- 1 fee ted aa Coetivene** OPen originating in oareleaaneaa. or aedentary hahita; it ia regarded aa a alight diaorder of too'ittle oonaequenoe to exeite anxiety, while in reality it ia the pr*oaraor and oompaaion of many of toe moat ffcml and dancer hub uuiHBi.kgo nnieaa ear t eradioated it will bring the aufTerer to an untimely grave. Among the lighter erila of whioh C?ativeneaa ia the Benal at- ' tendant are Hfadaohe, Colio, R heumatum, Foul Breath Pile*. an<1othera of like n?tnre,whil* a loot ! train offnghtfu! dieeaaeaanoh aa Ma.litr.ant Fevera, , Abaeaaea, Dysentery. Dyapepaia. Diarrhea, Apo?le*y, Kptteps*. P&ra'yua, Hyateria, Hypoohonnaai?,Melanoholy andInaanity, firat indioate their reaenoein theayatemby thia alarmng aymytom. Not unfre^uently thediaeaaea r ained originate in Conat pation, bnt take on an independent exiat enoe nnieaa the oauae la eradicated in u * From all these considerations it to'.lows thatTtlie disorder should receive immediate attention whenever it ooonrs, and no perron sh? old nejlect to *et a box of Cephalio Pil'e on t*e first appearanoe of 8e comp.aiat. aa their timely use win eipel the aiduous approaches of diaeaee and deetroy tins dangerous foe to human life. A Real BleMiag. m FA^uia*,?Weil, Mrs. J ones. how u that headATM. Jtmt!.?Gone ! Doctor, all tone! the pill yo? eent oured me in Jftst twenty minatee, and 1 wish Iron would send more so that 1 can have them handy Physician.?You oan ret them at aay Drnffiat*. Call for I5eoh?.1io Nk I ' ?? reoo>BfTi*nd them in all cases of t/eadaohe. Mrs. Jon4* ?I shall Mod for a box direotly, and hall tell all my snffering friends, for they are a rtU bUssin*. Twehtt Millions of Dollars 9avm>.?Mr. 8t>& ding has sold two millions of bottle* of his oal brate<l Prepared GlB?and itia estimated that each bottle eaves at least ten dollars worth of broken furniture, thas making an ax tree ale of twenty mil lions of dollars reclaimed from total ots by this ! valnable invention. Having made his titae a boaaa: hold word, he now proposes to do the world still 1 greater service by curing all the aching heads with his Cephalic Pills, and if they areas food aa his Glue, tieadaohes Will soon rmrJ?h ?? in July. ftt'ovkr kxcitkmkxt. and the mental oare and anxiety incident to cloae attention to bus nena or rtntlf, are among the numerou* caunpn of Nervoua H t'M&ohe. The disordered state of mind and body incident to thia diatreeaing complaint it a fatal Mow to a:l enercy and ambition. Sufferers by thia disorder can ai?aya obtain tweedy relief from , th?>ee diatretBiig attacka by uaing one of the Cepralio whenever the aytnptoma appear It quiets the overtasked brain and aooth?s the attained and jarring nervea. ard relaxea the ttnaion of the atoniaoh whioh alwaya acoompanlee and ag giavatea the diaordered condition of the brain. 1 9 m saessaishssr' r,6 mat Dhwtim.-A room the moat Important of ail tho great medical discoveries of thia ace may b? oonsidereifcihe'system of vaccination for proteoIk!??' llie CephaJic Pill for relief of HeMAoha, and the use of Udilid6 for the pvtrnHon of Fevers, either or lrtiioh iaa aure apeoifio "P^iencA by anfferini itwiiHHi fcj ivui mt voi moir aisooverers are forgotten. j . I [T7*Dtd von ever hare the Piok Headache t Do yon remember the throbbing temples, the ferer*<3 > i row, the loathing and disgu?t at the tight of foo<l. How totally unfit'Ton were tor plaarure, conversation ?r stud? One of the Cepha'io Pills would hare relieved yoq from all the suffering which vo* , then expertenoed For this and other parpoaee ! yon should ai ways have a box of them on hand to use aa oooasion requires. ** ; NervousHeadarh* CURE JP , ^ Jrin&S ? Headache.i _ . i By the in of the** PUle the periodic attack* ot < Nervous or Siok Hmdaekt may be yrmaUili and ! If taken at the oommer.oement ot an att?ok tain# j dial* relief from pun and atekneaa will be obtained They eeidom fail in resonnc the JVa?u?i and Htadadu to vhieb female* are eo eahjeoL may act gently upon the bowela,?raaaoruig Cm| tivtiuts. L For LiUrmry Mm, StmdmU, Dthoiti FmuIm, j ud all peraona of itdtumt kmbitt, thay are all valaable aa a Lmxativt, improving tha aprttiu, givtng totu and vigor to the digestive organs, aad i restoring tha natural elastieitj aad atraagth of tka I whole system. ha CEPHALIC PI LB ara tha raaalt of long j investigation and oarafally oondueted sxperimants, having boon ta in many years. dunn* whmh tin?? i they bar* prevented ud relieved a vast amount of ' pain and flaring from Headache, whether ongi nating in the ntrvomt ay item or from a deranged j state of the ttommck. They are entirely vegetable un their eompoeitioa, and may be taken at all time* with peefeot safety ( without making any ohaage of diet, and tkt mb wmi ?/ ?** dxtagTM+tU tub re*d?r< it euy < 1 administir UUm t? ekiUrm. I BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The geaaine have five lumtarMof Hmr. n Spaldlag on mmh Box. ] br Drnffuta and all other Dealer. la M?4i- , A B?x vlu be eeot by mali prepaid on rs*4?af j fee PRICK, 81 OBNT*. \ t? .t.-uv? ? ? ' *? HENRY a SPAMMUW, , { ? Otter rtrwi Nov Yor*. I 4 ? - - ~ ? fc * I MHDIOIKH. I |A *91imrva. Lr suriaou A locm bospitu, " Htal Di?tmtrU tk? MM Fiilm, Swtdf, mmd EfitruMi htmtdf m tin WorU. I POK ALL DI0EA8K8 OF IMP?LDE*CF. LET NO^FALM ^ RETENT. i C9KE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE. IX FhOM ONE TO TWO DAYS VNbMii'Ui luk.ltritiiH A*?|?? il|t?pfcMj ?4 UtJdit, uniuutf OiMktrfM. winl NHlit;, llirinin?, Dywytfy. La< n*?.u? into, Gt+tan M M??>, ?fikt Wurt^mtiny.TfmHmgu, 0>mm? at ? JtMam. P*hn tfikt 4,rwwvl l?l ? tin. Af?M<n? ?r s*? n liMaCtW ?? !?? km T?rnk Dsum.i >niu.| rna l*i ti; lui* (t rNtk?Uwa Dnilfii n< PiMtrun rrtti.:ti ?k>?k r??l?r Mtrrafi lapatik.i. ?a< '.u - ? t*u ut MM TOIMMU l^llllIlT kccatr* ;ki Salary fcal 4r?i df?, u< 4nuH(i>t te?n tw*p? M la MUlMif fn?i inmaa m i?aa| I I x ? ? -1 ? Ou4 kU*au *i?4 kn. ml iauli?M, ti? Mttrvm fctn wtrulH iwMtiirlitau* vllk tktUMtn .' ! * * rmk*4 M MBMjlki liviag lyn, mtf Mil vHft f?ll ! Imh. AUUCK. millll PWORI.w Mu rU*?, Miif ivtnri rtjKu: f xtiw Hp>II ??? . ? Umntuii * ., MtdOr im( ?k? plfcCM kkMtlirlK Mi MM af D? I kit I*H|Iwdr mUi la Ms toon u t pMiMU ul ?wldiacr raf Ifn ku skill u ? pk? nana. urnck iu. ? ?orr* niDmciirtiR. It k*a4 Mil (ut bw liltlMfi wiu, i h? Inn (N? ifea Hnw. rill Ml u ahaar't uai u4 iiaHt. Ullir MM ka M u< M(?Lla a Ntaf. ML JOIIITOB, abtn af Ua EayaJ Call?fa aflai|MM, Lm<h, ra<?M? Itaa aaa ( Ua MM aaiMM Galiag aa la Ua alia? tad Ua fvaatar part af whaaa Itfa kaa kaaa aftai la Ua baaniait af kaodaa, Paj-ia, rtiladalphia and alaavbara, kaa MUd aaroa af Ua aw aataoiaa'nf taraa Ual vara an* laavn, may traaklad with rtaftuf la Ua kaad aad aara tkaa Uiaat; craai ?aniki?ni. ka:cf alarmad al akJdaa laaadi, kaabfaTaaaa ?IU (Naaanl k aahiag, attaadad ?ai t>aa *IU daruftaati af Mad. vara iwad laaaiuulr. TAKC rAKTIUVkAK POTICK. Tn>| Mas ud athara whi k>M mtarta ikaa*a!?aa ky t kanain praauca wdaifad lai.wkaa akar.a?a W?u fraqaa*. y Ittrctd Iran a?il impuiim. aa at dim,, tka tlicu a. Ucttn Di|tU; fait a?an wkaai aataap,?. 1 if <.?i aan' raodari BUDtfa Impaaatkla, aad iaavaya *?tk aiad u< ^ Mr, akaa.d apply lanadiatal* Tkaaa ua Hat aftka aad ui nluatalf afaata tMaaH ky aarly bakiu af tmiIi iiii Watkaaaa af ika ??ck aad Itaka, Pair a la tba Haad, Dimnaaa af Sifht, Ua af Maa-aat Pavar, MpUBan af tka a*rt,DT*papaa, Mirttu irmakiO* ly t Daraaf amaul af lLa l>i(aau*a tauai<*L>. oar* Ptki. ty, iwptam ef Cai.ainpuak Ac. MENTALLY.?T?a faarfal afacUH tka aatod aaa aaaak ta ka draadad?L?aa of Mamary, Gaofaaiar, af Idax, Da|>ra? M f Spirits, K*il Fart?dtnf*, A*ara?aa af Bac >air, liir D<< ml, bar* t B?lti%?*,Tma4uj, iu ,ui mci af Ui ?:! aaa( Ml RDITOW DIIIUTT -Ttentila iu aa?)adf# *M la tha uui af than datlUiof, iaair* thatr ?ifar, k?aaaaiaf waah. pa,a, imad aad aaacutad.haaiaf a u-fiMi ipfuruti tkMi tha ayaa, eaaft- ar avmp:aoa af im?nlw DlltAICI Or IMP&ODEHCB. Whaa th* Biafaidad aad irepradai t ?autj af plaaaara lad* kl ku lnklkid tha aaada af thu pa.rfal d>aa>?a. it taa a'taa happana thai aa tll-tinad aat>aa af iktai ar draad af di?c?? try datari kin fraan applying la thaaa ?ha. fraat adacatiaa ud raapactahUitj, tu alaoa hafriaod Mm. * fci'a lata tha haada af tfnarut aad daaifciof pratandara, vha, trcapahla af ciru?, tleh hia pacaaiary iibatuci. kaap him c l af aath anar Math, m aa laaf u tha aaallaat fa* caa ha ahtaioad, aad la daapair laa?a htai with raioad haalth ta aifh arathiajalbii( diaappatauaai-ti ar hy tha aaa af that daadia pataaa, Marcarr. haataa tha ca,autaoao?l i^nptMa af thta timtn iiitu), *aen u tiicwii'ifca i??r nwt, Pm, Vkin.Ac.. pr?rr*Mibf ?iJi frif bifal rapidity. till 4?'t* fat* aanad ta his draadM f*nor* fcy *ti>du,j his ta thai aaihir MWiU} fna *km mum aa lr*?*i*r rtiara* M. JOUIOI1KJCMEDT FOR UROAMIO ttttUI(a A?D iMpormcr. By IkU rmi aad laaanaot ranady viUtio af iti MnM in tpaadily aarad and fail nfa? taaiaaad. Ttmuli * M Mat aarraai aad daMlhaiad, wfca bad laat ail baft, kin Mm luaadUtaly >? i**adAll tmpadiaaou la Marrtaya. Pkyalaal ar liaau DtoaaaltlaaUaos, baa* af Praaraa.IT* P*w*>, Kar?aa* l*rti*a?.itf rr?B?iu>f ua wmuwh Iikuwn ' U* MukwW kM iftMOtr (Brad. nnoutmiT or ra> ntui TIB MART TMOSIAHna ew*< attbi* imUiNm ?Mb Ik* Itn h'iluii fnri, u< tk? ?tr* *r*M mfWiui ???' Hi rirttiwa by Dr. JakiMK, viHhm4 ky M NNntn tf U? f-y?n ul May itk?r ??r?# ?, mOmi 0 Vkwh k*?? iwttrri ipia ud tf&la k?f*et ifc? p?klt?, k? Mm ku iuidu| 11 * fniliauif ikimuiua rriMtfkiUly, to t iUi;ui puuwt m lb* tfltkikd (* W-lv JUY FOR THE SICK AND SVFFKRIN6. iST ALL WHO ARE AFPLICTBD KB AD' APPLY THE REMEDY Aire REJOICE 1H HEALTH, J?"*' <lo yon Buffer? Are yon the Tiotun of uy vi uiosc CDWeroui mmfr.ii wmob triae tTOB IB- * purity of the blood? What are tber, do yon ukf Rather i?k. what are they not? The blood la the I 3urce of tile and health, and it la the firat e.ement our being to reapend to any oanse which %ffacU th* ay stem, a* the infallibly atteata The em prevailing Neuralgia, the irritating bryaipe as, the eabtle Serofu a. the agonizing Rheematiam, N'er ooa Debiuty, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint with ite torpor acd dc.oction, and the namberlesa ilia that fleah ia heir to, derive 'heir hxleoua origin from the hood. Dea. kindly thea and gently with the biooo Uae the TltaJising resources of nature for ita aid. and Buffer ua to oomjnend to your confidence aad aae that truly valuable medicament known aa itf cors INDUS YEQETAELR DKC<X7TION. With retard to this a.moat inlaWible a?ecifie popular eepUment lyt* apoken in jleoided tarna, uu Ui> niungn 01 Uill |r?I fflkOMT ar? IUtainad by ocnataLt tvon i of eurative *i*cU and ui? h&ppieat reaulta from it* dm are alter a.Y other rrrr," !.?? and the bfcet meOioal akili have failed. Let ?r, in oonoluaion, th*t oertihaatee aim are not aonfht from th? illiterate and nht fioia), but they are voloLtwred from the moat r?apaotabie aourcea at J justify the in cheat terma ia which it ia poaail.le to commend ao nlub^ a apec.fco to pattlio approval. We may fid alao that tna curative properties of the Biedioice are eq vailed only by ita reatorative et>ota. the aiaUm reoovarin* fromdiaeaae with ret.cwe<i ?onirtjtol'onal ritor. For aaie by all reapeotable Drugciata in ttua oity,aud by tne proprietor, MRS. M COX, None genuine unleea her name la bicwn oa the . bottie and her e*al >* the oork IH" Price #1 per bottle, aix hott'ea for ai WkoUutU Arenx. r. u. T. CliSKL, 0r?((M, Qonrtetnirn. D C., Wholesale Agent for the DieKnot, and will supply the trade at my pnoee. an 18tr Dr. j. bovee dod's imperial wixe bitters, Are now belai ued from Maine to the Great Salt Lake, aal the anir6rsa. verdict of all who aae them either m a cmIuw* or aa a it ftua | they are onearpaeM is vae world. l>r. Dodc v**4 them eaooeeefsljy in h'? pr?pt;?? for ti yer.r? Sefora I ve earohaeed efh'ra the sole nifct to m?ouftetar* aadpreaeiit lham <cr aal* to the eaMie. Fortre sare of lMipirrj Cenreinptioc, IncUfeetion. J)r? j.^icu, lod *h oam ncunu a lor.ic, tn*r ar? b*fond <Suibt ft rioet 13T&. a*bi? rerueujr. Andt f-ua their mw.ic.rA. jro?*rt!ei the? lue a ?nre, wholew^?; gs& "Saa ttafcls without their iLj*r>o?? remit*. I^t all friend# of ftuna&ttyand ?iiad7oe?tna of t?m?*r*,noj? assist m IE eubrt^tain* th?ae T^n&Me Vegetable Bittera i i^rthe MMrtl ptumi and admit tr+tU Ltivn I yith which the ooastry la floodea, and thereby eftnuu?hiB? D tMfs and Dmnkeceea "cRARLES WJDDIFIELD A CO., Prt>r1Hor?, 78 Wtluani rtreet. New York. J.TjCjrWARZE. A*jbI, WubiuloD, D. C. For OImmm of the Kidney a^Bladder and rnaa-? Organs, aad especially for Femai* Obetracti?p?. never fail to eara. and are warranted to grre ear* <&AkLEB WIDD1FIELD ft CO.. ' w 1'^WSriWkp. >e 1 ly j Arect. VVaahingtor.. D. C. ' 0 /*WFO*T! / ^ DISPATCH 1 ) >1/*^ Sari the_fieeei! i j m/,' lima mm? 4i itili-fAnu4iAi rMRi;*??.it la Tary ioalrabla to hare toM(h?f M MBTCkint ww Mr nfurlm Ftrutin, fm. J Braafcary, *a. ? iruDine'i ruBfiRKD SLU ? *? all aaa* amortenaiea. aad no hoaaahaM aar ftfqra to ba v.tUost it. Ii ta alvaya raady aa4 of MiWilimBt T^araja po loe?or a c?w? r<jTl?rin<n>rok*ec cral'lea. "ltT? Ja?t the arttcfr^or JsS^^SSU%S^jlS i jSSE * aalittea of tha beat oabtart mbrrclM. 4 It w ba aaod in the plao* or oraiaary atactica, MIB( WVMI MMn. M CSMrWL Jit BTEBT HOWEZ.m VMmUi Am, Flo. M (Mar etrwl, Rtv T?1 Pat a. fe> n? ... i. n ? -? Iticbt, Md'fVelvt beMtTf^Lit hOCT^JJI^ ioBmv CardtMomrurui "wok pooktf . KT A mdci* bottle ot SPAL21S9'8 FRM'Mxszi^rh*? " ?Bold br *11 fro mine* t MtOo>n\ Drmcriata. Hardwire ul Firutin Mm, Bio?, ud ??o?eof KPAI em *&.? % 12,000 ?56 " Lhe attention <>f the klM to our larf and w*r. mMtad stock of CimniMMMd Cr*k AppM Ckdor, ^Lw^sssr?^: nbrvSSSS br otr sprit* ttoafc. Cir? m a ?!t M tkt fcl Wfcil o. rATvaoNtU* j 0

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