Newspaper of Evening Star, January 18, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 18, 1861 Page 3
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"local news. UjT Tbccgb The St as la printed on tbe Cutest ^ rraui pre? In ase south of B*1 tisaore, its edition 1* to large u to require It to be pat to press st an ?rW boar; Advertisements, therefore, (bould be ent Id before 14 o'clock m.; otherwise they may not appear until the next day. ? m m ^ ? Notic*.?Dtatrlct of Colombia Advertlaementa ? be Inserted In the BaLrraoBB Sri* are received at and forwarded from Tax Sta* Office. Mxxtimo of trx Sosa ov Txmpxxahcx.?Laat nigbt, the Grand Divlalon of the Sonaof Temperance of tbe 9tat? of Maryland, held their quarter iv meeting in oi<r irinuy inurcn. ine exerciaea were introduced with alnclag, and prayer by tbe Rev Mr. Hera, after which the Grand Worthy Patriarch, Ret T. H. W. Monroe, addreaaed tbe meeting He aaid that they had met for the purpose of holding tbelr regular quarterly meeting. It had been announced In aome of the city papera that aeveral dlatlngulabed gentlemen would addreaa them upon the occasion, but aome of those who were to hare apoken had been unexpectely called rrom tbe city Among them were Ur. Kiley and Rev Mr. Brook*; but they still bad tome preaent who would be able to intereat tbem, and wbo would explain Uelr principle* and aim Aatbey were pausing along tbe atreeta be bad beard tbe queatlon aaked, wbo are they, and what la their object * Tbe anawer to tbe Drat query they already know;1hat of the aecond he would (give them In as brief a manner aa poaalble. He wanted it to be known everywhere that their order was decidedly and preeminently a temperance society. There was no other society of a like character la the whole land It was true there were a frw societies of Rechabitea, but their number was very limited, and their principles were almost identically th? same as these of the Sons of Temperance Their members were classified Into different ord?ri or vnHpfl nH M<>h trrnAm wi? ?nrrunt?l hv the color of tbe regalia. The member* of the subordinate lodges, which met weekly, wore the white; tbe grand lodge*, which met four times a year, were represented by the red; and the nap ? tlonel divisions was represented bjr the blue. The grand division Is composed of representatives from the several subordinate dlvlalona in a State, and the national divialon is composed of repre sentatives from the grand divisions of the.States. .Mr Monroe, after explaining at great length the , various characteristics of the ord.r, and the respective relations sustained by the subordinate lodges to each other, Introduced t^ tbe audience Be?>j K Oantt. Ksq , of Md. Mr Gantt nld be bad exp^ted to be a listener instead of a speaker, but as those who were to 1 bave apoken bad been called away, it had devolved upon him to s*y a few words He did not 1 expect the applause of the audience, neither did 1 he covet the reputation of an orator; but be did most earnestly desire to see the great work of reformation prosper He would not Insult the audience by attempting to prove that intemperance 1 was an evil. Any little boy could point to its ' bam ful effects In enervated constitutions, weak enfd s>st?-ms, ruined intellecta, and blasted hopes. In every department of life neither age, aex, nor condition baa been exempt from the destructive ' eff??cts of thia prevailing evil. It baa prostituted and perverted the high and lofty aapiratlons of early manhood, alienated the affections of tbe ( father from hla child, aunk him down to the level , of tbe b|tf 'e, and he has Anally gone down into bis nnlaflrented grave with hia sons following in bis footsteps How was this change brought about in a man's character ? It was not done at once. It was tbe work of months, sometime* the prolonged and ceaseleaa temptation of years, that J faet#>ne lirwin man tho *> 1 f.Hfiirnui ncr ann?til? for strong drink This appetite perhaps had been created In children by induigcflV but thoughtless parents, who. not fearing any danger to themselves, bad uaed alcoholic drinks at their meala 1 and elsewhere, and had unwittingly sowed the seeds of destruction and woe in their families. The society not only wanted the prayers of the church and the money of the benevolent, but unless tbe influence of parents was felt by the childi^n in onrxmitinn to th#? iii#> of linunm am n. beverage, they couid accomplish but little It wu particularly desirable that they have the cooperation of woman's influence. Their organization looked more to the young and future generation than they did to the presont for very great results Tbe influence which a mother or sister hits over a young man may tell for life or death upon his future history. At the close of Mr Gantt's remarks, Ihe Rev. Mr Hera waa introduced to the audience, who made an eloquent and ltnpreasive appeal to the people to rally around the temperance cauae; but the length and comprehsnalvenesa of hia remarka will not permit ua to give an adequate idea of them. A braaa band enlivened the exerciaea with music; and at the cloae of the meeting, the aocletv waa disnilaaAl wltb the benediction by the Grana Worthy Patriarch, Rev. Mr. Monroe. Lkctckb.?Wednesday night, Prof. Barnard, of the Ualversity of Misaiaalppt, gave at the Smlthaonian the flrat of a course of lectures up?n light. Notwithstanding the diaagreeable condition of iur imcwiuu, a mi^c auuiniuc wm prcsrui, lor^rr, in fact, than bu been at any previous aclentific lecture tbta season . The lecturer said that the particular branch of thia science which he should take up in the beginning of the courae was polarized light. The naiyzation of light had been tbe most perplexing inhiert that hart *v#r trnnhlf?ri th* mfnii of man "While nothing can be attained In tbe various art* end sciences without it, but comparatively little or nothing was known of It. It was true that great minds had pondered over It and a vast mount of important conclusions obtained, but as yet there was an Impenetrable mystery about tbe abject which science had not dispelled 1 While there is much that has been discovered in very modern times, there area great many facta whlcn were well known and established In tbe days of tbe ancients now common to all. Tbe first recorded examination loto this subject was made by Euclid three hundred years before the Christian era. Plato, Pythagaras, and others, wrote treatises upon light, but their discussions begun and ended in mere speculations. Galileo found that an object made two distinct image* upon tbe ?ve, but oulv made one lmpreaaion upon tbe mind; nd Kuclld wu tbe first to discover the principles ~?f reflection snd refraction But the grest erineiDies of light were overlooked froin that period down ,SroD?b nearly 1.8U0 years, and not until quite aerently hsd sny Important results been realised Fide in y was tbe first to discover that reflection and refraction were two dtsttnct principles. Optics Is divided into two classes: Dioptrics, or the feotnetrical branch; and stetoptrics. or tbe Physcal It was a long time before any law determining bow much a ray of light is refracted in passing from one body through another, was established. It was found that the ratio of refrac i;on 01 a raj 01 ugm passing irora KM Sir into water was as 3 to 4. In looking down vertically Into a vessel of water, the bottom appeared onefourth nearer the surface, and looklog obliquely the deception la still greater. Newton discovered that light waa composed of aeven component parts, and thit each part was a distinct color of itself White was a combination of all these colors; but white could be obtained by a proper mixture of * _ _11 A. * ? - isree coiors ur ?v ouaiion discovered iui id? spectrum formed by a prl>m wn crossed b? black lines, seven In number Subsequently 9'iU were counted, and, at a still later date, Dr Brewster discovered 2,0U0. The next thing which the genius of Newton followed up was the discovery of Robert Hood, that all thin, translucent substances appeared to hare color, aa la set-n in soap bubbles, fcc In 1078 a treatise was written In Denmark upon the peculiar formation of light, as was shown in a piece of crystal from Iceland, now known aa Iceland apar. In 1806 the principle of double refraction was evolved; and in the sucreeding years great results have been attained In Ike s?leiMA Having given a brief synopsis of the discoveries 1b optics, ths lecturer said that at the next lacture ha should enter more minutely into the science of the polarisation of light Hia remarks were Illustrated by beautiful drawings snd Ingenious scientific appsrstos; and ths whole course promises to be one of pleasure and profit Ta> Washihotos Luit Qcasd*.?Ths regular meeting of the Washing too Light Guards took * place last evening at Odd Fellows' Hall, Na%y Yard, and the first business la order was the < _ election at the remaining oflUers. This bavins been done, the following 1* a 1 let of the officer* elected: Captain, S A. H Marks, 1r : 1st Lieut.. Samuel T. Ellis; 3d de , Donald McCathran ; 3d de , Wm A. A Item o?; Orderly Sergeant, 0 E McCoonell; ~2d do. Lloyd W. Humphrey; 3d do , Arthur W. Clements; 4th do ' Edward M. Boteler; Mb do., Charles W. Walson; 1st Corporal. Wm. T. McLane; id do , Andrew V. Robej; 3d do , Henry C. McCaaley; 4th do., J as. W. Simmons, Ordnance Officer, Stephen Coster, jr.; Secretary Wm. M. Clarke; Treasurer, Lewis A Dellwlg. Tk??AM(llni<iUi anil h i 1 " ~ siA^l VVIM?I?U*I wu uu?* v - ??? * w ?uru nuw^mil. The rommltto* on uniform having made their report, ft was adopted, and tbe uniform selected ia as follow* : Grey caesimere root and pent*, with red trimmings, snd etej French Chasseur hat. also trimmed with red. The company is expected to be uniformed Immediately. Tbe oArer* elect were then drawn up in line, and three heart? cheers were given by the comoanv for the men of their choice t?>? company adjourned to meet at their new armory, corner of Us/rlson aad L streets, at tbe call of the commanding offlcer. Several new names were added to the list daring the evening Usnrvi IxroiMATioi to Svrrmii ?We publish in thin edition a communication f om Dr. feeklflaaer oa "Neglect of tbe Feet and danger of ruitlng Coras " Air suffering from corns should * (? imm their hcssit. and tbn? mot suffering oogbt to paruse It. If oalyfor the nice of curiosity* Tbs doctor, a* will b? sren by bU new sdvertlse?_ ment, will l?*w Washington shortly, it would be judicious for Uoae suffering Use diseases which r S3" " v~u"?'I rrvpv w e r? Wiowam Last Niom*.?There waa pretty.' Urge attendance at the regular weekly meeting of the republicans at the W lgwam last night. Several new membon ware elec #d After the transaction of uaual routine bualneaa, Mr. Hensbaw called op hla amendment to the constitution providing for the increaae of the executive committee. Mr. H. stated that he tbouebt the Association had acted inconsistently In laavlnj* twice voted to increeae tbe executive committee, and twice repudiating their own action He had called np tbe queatlon in order to withdraw it entirely, for be wu afraid tbe Amociatlon, by their TiariHating legislation, were fact winning for themaelvee a reputation similar to that of the late 41 Dem. Jack Asa." [Laughter ] Mr. Blgley deal red that tbe Aaaoclatlon adjourn over for four weeka, and therefore called for a suspension of the rules. Mr Hensbaw objeoted. Mr Brown sustained Mr. Henshaw'a objection. He thought the Association ought to keep up their regular weekly meetings. He was glad to see the excitement about that executive committee allayed; and now it was incumbent upon the Association to meet regularly, so aa to be prepared for the coming Corporation election. Mr. Btgley's motion was tabled. On motion by Mr. Brown, it was resolved to hlVf intlk?ri at tK? maAHnos tbe Association. On motion of Secretary Clephane, an appropriation waa made to pay tbe gas bill. Mr. CBombs tben addressed tbe Association briefly, in relation to tbe defeat of tbe Crittenden resolutions In the Senate on Wednesday last The propositions contained In those resolutions were such as could never recel re tbe support of the republican party, and be waa aorry tbey had been made. It was aaklng tbe republican party to roe*t1? fVmn Ih. ? ?vi-i. '-J ? ?M? WUVIMUU TTUICU lurj VbCUpiCU during the lata Presidential canvass. He waa afraid for the affecta which would follow tbs defeat of those reaolutlona, becauae the border-Stats people had baaed atrong bopeaupon them: but the republican party could never accept of *propoaltlona looking to a constitutional guaranty for slavery in all the territory south of the line of 36 3" now held by the United States, and all territory outb of that 11ns which the United States Got eminent iuikdi acquire in ine iuiure Metsrs. Clephane and Wood addreased the meeting briefly; after which they adjourned. Scpkkmi Cor?t? Wednesday ? No. 48. Wm. Thoinpaon et al? plaintiff* in error, agt. Lewis Roberta etal. The argument of thla causa waa commenced by Mr.Mayer for the plaintiff* In error, and continued by Mr Alexander for tbe defendant* in error. Adjourned. Thursday ?Edw. Sw&nn, Ksq , of Washington, D C . was admitted an attorney aid councilor of tbi* court. wo w m. V" .-mpton et al., plaintiffs in rrror, agt. Lewis obertsetai. The argument of thla cause waa c< acluded by Mr. Mayerfor the plaintiffs In error. No. 23. John f Almy,jr., plaintiff In error, igt. the People o the State of California. Thla cause was aubmiUed to the conalderatlon of the court on a printed argument by Mr. Benjamin for the d*f*nd?nt? In mnr No 47. Henry 9 Foote, plaintilTln error. agt. Cyrns \V F.gery et al; TTie argument of tbis cause was commenced by Mr. Huges for tbe plain* tiff in error. Adjournea. Criminal Coxjht ?Robert Berry, (colored.) tried for an assault and battery on Walter Scott, was found guilty, and sentenced to one week's Imprisonment and one dollar line. George Hugbes, accused of larceny, was tried ind found guilty. He was aent to jail for six momns ana nned one dollar. Same party, tried In another caae for larceny, was sentenced to one year in jail To-day, Hannah Wilton (colored) waa tried on i charge of stealing a bonnet valued at 50. rrom Samuel KelW. The jury fonnd a verdict of guilty ft* indicted \Vm Johnson, better known aa " Swyper" Johns in, was arraigned on a charge of stealing a revolver valued at 811 Patrick McCullom was placed on trial for stealing a number of articlesrrom Mary Ann Grimes. Thla care was pending when our report closed. Thb Fraxelix Ball?Last night, Willards' Concert Hall was crowded by the friends and members of the old and efficient flr? company of the Second Ward?the Franklin. The occasion was the annual ball of the company, and, as usual, the managers made every effort to sustain the well-earned reputation of the company in these mauera. roe nan was Handsomely and appropriately ornamented. An excellent cotillon band furnished the mus e, and a very large company of ladies and gentlemen- enjoyed the pleasure afforded. In addition to the representations of the various companies of our local fire department, several gentlemen, representatives of the Philadelphia fire department, were present as guests of the Franklin. The ball was kept up until the early morning. Metropolitan Riflks.?This new military organization met last night in their drill room, the basement of the "Old Trinity Church," for the purpose of drill A large temperance meeting being held in the andieuce room, the Rifle* exhibited their appreciation of thecauae in which their neighbor* were engaged by withdrawing from their room to drill at the City Hall, that the noire of their step* might not disturb the meeting above them. They number overa hundred members, and they turned out about eighty for drill The company regularly engrafted into the volun4 -* 1 J f ? uiuihiij 0y?%uu ui *uc i/iBvrici, ana ant'cain connection with tne regiment to which it would be attached, will be a great addition in all re pecta to the volunteer cerpa. CtXTRAL Gcardhousk ?Be/or* Ju*lict Clark. George Porter aliaa Job Porter, charged with obtaining money under false pretenaea from Mr. Harney, and Dreakiug open a letter addreaaed to Mr. Pollard; aent to Jail for cour.t, In default of 1 it a v f r* ? - ? nan rmrau j in? dwinian, cnarked whd creating a rumpus at St Patrick's Church during religious exercises; sent to the workhouse for 60 days Barney Hllbua, disorderly and profane at a ball; fined ?129 James Welah, disorderly and profane; fined ft? 17. Thomaa Connelly, profane and disorderly; fined S3 17. Charlea >1. Young, alias Geo Johnaon, alias C M Hepburn,charged with profanity and uttering rallying crlea; fined 3 42 Thk Smwiio.iux ?The venerable eurator, Mr. John rarden, 1? busily engaged at tbe Smithsonian in preparing tbe shells?duplicates?intended for distribution to the various institutions of our own and foreign countries which are entitled b" the system of exchange pursued by the institution. This .preparation and distribution is made under tbe supervision of Prdf Baird. Tbe shells are from the extensive collection made by the Wilkes' exploring expedition Thespeci rfens are beautiful, and will doubtl?? be considered as valuable acqulaitiom by the institutions for which they are intended. Bear Stealers About.?About dark last night two fellows entered the grocery of Mr. Murphy, corner of F and Fifth streets, wbtle the family were at tea, and seizing upon a quarter of beef, made off with it at excellent speed considering the weight of the load they bore. Mr. M. discovered the theft and gave instant chase, when the rascals sepa'ated, the one carrying the beef making up Fifth street with all his might; but he was soon compelled to drop tbe bttf in order to save bia own bacon, which nesucceeded iu doing. A Lakok Company spent last evening at Clay's Hotel in tbe exhilarating convivialities of a social "bop " Many of the Representatives were present, and in the pleasure of tbe hour seemed to forget tbe distracting and wearying cares of politics, and joined in tbe mirth with a hearty zest These social gatherings go for to strengthen the feeling of friendship and fraternity between the representatives of the conflicting sections of ths csuntry, and soften down the asperities of party una. Police Matties.?Be/art Justiet Donn?Mr. O'Brien wu attempting to sell a cow at the Center Market yesterday, when It waa identified by a woman passing along as one sbs had lost or had stolen from her some time ago. O'Brien was arrested and taken before the magistrate, where be stated that be bad purchased the cow about a week ago from a third party. Tbe Justice told the woman to take bar cow away, and O'Brien went off vowing to bold tbe party be bad purchased of responsible. Makimb* ton WASHiNoroN ? On Saturday, a draft of thlrtv marines left tbe Charles town Navy Yard for Washington, under the command of Lieut. Kendall. Tbe marines all appeared to be in good spirits, snd seemed desirous to visit the Palmetto State Onr reporter remarked to a tall, thoughtful, ferocious looking fellow: "No doubt you will be comfortable there, as It la warm in that latitude." "Ah," said be, "that's what makca me thoughtful. We may find It too wum "-iiKis r??. Wi lsabh that the concert at the New York avenue Presbyterian Churca, under the direction of Mrs. Cecelia Young, was largely attended, and psaard off In a moat socceaatul and satjafkctorv manner. Mrs. Yonng's excellent voice aid brilliant musical accomplishments are alwaya .__n u i. ? - 1 wui oibvujvu, iu iue (jcriormance 01 IOC piece* elected oy her for this occasion. W Takb amothke look at Riddle's advertisement, and "make a note" of tbe thousand tfleeant article* of jewelry that may be purchased for tbe anall sum of one dollar. Never before in the history of bard times were valuable goods forced into tbe market at so dlsriltrous a pecuniary sacrifice to the merchant. To-sibht, Prof. Barnard, of the L'niversltv of MlasUslppi, deliver* his second lecture on Light, at thr Smithsonian. Lecture oouimencee at quarter of eight, when the doors will be closed, and the red light extinguished An attempt was made last night to Ire an unoccupied dwelling house near the Bladensburg toll-gate. This Is the third effort that baa been made recently to bora tbJ> bnUAlm*. I " T .n ,.T?\hi ,*> ,?,? *f*i 'i ?_ .. 5 T "? ??????????? Thi Thkatkk.?'The attractive performances of the Zouavea at tbe theater are drawing to a clow, and ahoald bo Improved by all who like tbe wit and Infinite vivacity of brilliant French vaudevilles, enacted with auch spirit by their world-renowned aoldiera Tbe bill to-night an itnmenae one Sea advprtiarment. 1* thb CracriT CotrKT, to-day, application was made by Mr. Carlisle for a writ of execution against Henry Addison, Mayor of Georgetown, to oust kltn from bia office. Joskph Jirrxaao*, tbe favorite American comedian, baa been poaltlvely engaged for a season of alx nlghta at tbe Theater, to begin on next Monday night. ^ Tixklt Caution. phfcr* '-rfor ' *>*-1 ?".r^???~t. ~<fc. uS^'kfl^-V | ^i-.^.!r. jm. ?, i^o. I It*/ ** (? iiMf IU| uovu (kiuivvou WUII *TOTT WTWT? coach for nearly two years, vm induo??l by afriend to try Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry, and, find ing great relief in it, she persevered in its use with the most beneficial results. My obieot in writing is to inform you that yon would advanoe your own well, as that of the suffering community, b? advertising suoh retail draggiits as keen it for sale. Being on one occasion ont of the Balsam, I called at a drug store in this oity to purchase a bottle, when a sourions and worthies* imitation was offered me aa Che genuine. By advertising in this manner, iou lrul proteoc the pnblio from imposition and advanoe your own interact*, as a medicine having the inestimable virtues of Wistar's Balsam or Wild Cherry shoold never sufife' in reputation by oominf in competition with worthless and deleterious mixtures. With respeot, yours trulv, C. M. Ha i. low ill. Prepared by Seth W. Fowl* & Co., Boston, and |U| VOIW aw ?t MniUKM/U ou; V. O. ?? ftllB' Z. D. Oilm&n. John Schwarxe Nairn ft Pa mer, John Wile*, J B Moor?, an4 H. H. MoPheraon; in Georgetown by R. S T. Claa'll, and 6. M. ft J. Southron, and by drnjfiata ever) where, ja 17 lw,r Homeopathic RMDIII All of Dr. Humphreys ft Co.'a apecifio Homeopathic Remedies put np expreaaly for family uae, in boxea, at 35 and 50 oenta each. Aleo, in oasea. containing 3D viala, from #4 to #5 each, with book of full direotiona. For aale by Z. D. Oilman. 350 Pa. avenne, wholesale and retail agent: w. A. Pitxgeraltt. 353 north F atreet; alao by F. B. Winter, corner of Maaaachuaetta ave?.? * U.-.U - * A I o ?>- xr? -? ' uuw Buu oiAui avi urw, Ain??f rvna 9 Axiraci ty rr lie* n?f^*Jor eternal and external inflammation* of all kinds. Sold m above. ma 9-1? Hollowat's Pills and Ointmsnt Factt for the Million.?By a reoent enactment of 1' .? n > U ^ if ... 4: ' - a ?uu riDuon Kufermiieni. move menicinm are Aanutted free of duty into all porta of Franoe. They are extensively employed in all the publio ana military hospitnls throughout the Kmpire. The Kmperor has signified his appreciation of their virtues in an autograph letter, to Dr. Holloway. During the late Campaign in Italy, large quantities were used for the wounded at Breseoiaand Monteohiero. f old by all Druggists, at 25 cts . 62cts., and fl per box or pot, jaSMw" _ TW- I J. L. ? - r u i vuuuu& urr muuen oiiiiukoi ?i uur oiimnie mi roes of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic ejections. Experience having proved that simple remedies often act speedily and oertainly when taken in the early states of the disease, recourse should at onoe be had to Brown's Bronchial Trochesor Lozenges. let the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the Tnroat r>? ever so slight, as by this precaution a mors serious attaok may be effectually warded ofT. Public Shakers and Sinters will find them effectual for clearing and strengthening the voioe. 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Every article fkirly represented, and warranted, or the money relumed within five days. P. J. BELLOW & CO. CARD.?We don't employ Agents to trot round the ooaatry as Great Original One Dolltr Gift A?*nU. ja 17-2t* OOBITCOLTMAN TAKES THIS METHOD n. ot ..fonJi, to. .~i. Kd f LOURING rfif Kr* ghop. ami ail guj, Nf:, ^ KoW Pir., *\ Jr 1/ 4 * . * #- & % V. . I AMUSEMENTS. yy AIH1NGT OJ* THEATER! Ao'iaf Manager l.T. Ratmbwd Lut a*pea*anoe >?iit oi?? of THE FRENCH ZOUAVES _ via !? ??*- ? * * * * iw i "non poiainn wno i?rm<*a a Diamine Co pa during the Crimean Ww. THIS E'VFNI'MG, Th? performance will oomriKBoe with _ LA CHAMURK DEl'X LIT*, (The French veraion ot Box ana Cox. > After which, _ LA MAR8KIL.LAIRK. The hit hit ?ufcea?'u! Vk jderilJ* of LA CORI>E 3ENHBLK. . LF.9 DEl'X A VENGLE8. AMBUSCADE AT INKKRMANN, In whioh Zouave SEBASTIAN will latroduoe A BAYONET FIGHT As it oooarrod dunni the Crimm War. To-morrow^ benefit of the ZOITAVES. mr. joseph jkffhwon. it the WASHINGTON FAVORITE ( Washington favorite Washington favorite washington favorite Washington favorite Washington favorite Washington favorite v, ??.,aisr'UV W&k 1 WILL aPP*a* 1 ^ \hfc a?B?6 WILL on MONnAY \ Sffl$ 9? 1 al|l us i MONUA.1 JANUARY TWENTY-FIRST. JANUARY TWENTY-FIRST. JANUARY TWKJMTY-FIRST. SIX NIGHTS ONLY. SIX NIOHTSONLY. SIX NIGHTS ONLY'. ja!8 2t PERSONAL. " (VIOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT I 11 forewarn all peraoos from truating anjr one on mv ftAAAnnt wilhniit m* ?ritt?n pay any debta to oontiactf'd after thia d*t?. J. W. BIRCH. January 17.1*61. ia 17 ?* WANTS. WANTED-By a reapectable woman, with a " good breatt of milk, a SITUATION aa wet nurie. Good referenoe given. Pleaae call at No. 634 Ma?aachu?etta av., below Firatat It* WANTED?A NURSE, one welta experienced <n taking oare of an infant. None but auch aa can farniah the beat recommendation* need app!y, and to auch. moat liberal ware* will be oaid. Apply at No. 309 F street north, Between 11th' nod 12th utreeta _ ja 11-lw* WANTED 1MM KIM ATKLY?From *5 to S10,?iri worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI TURK ofall kind*, for which I will ruaranty to pay the higheat prioea, and, aa u*ual. at the ahortest notioe. R. BUCHLY. Dealer in Furniture, Stovoa, Ac., oe 9 40ft 7th 11., bet. G and H. east aide. \*7ANTED-SECOND HAND FURNITURE. *" Peraona dec'ining housekeeping, or having a anrplua of Furniture on hand, can obtain the cash and lair prioea by applying at 369 Seventh at. no 17 BONTZ A GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. Ir<OUNn-On Tuamlar. '5th inatant. n'a* the corner of Twelfth and G atreeta, a PORTEMON iHAir,, containing a email amount or money; whioh the owner can have by calling at the store of 8AM UK I. LEWIS. No a.?0 Pa. avenue. It* Ifc?9T? Between the store of Messrs. G?o. Pari ker t Co. and Fourteenth ?treet, FIFTY DOLLAKS in city hank notes of $10 and 95 A liberal reward wi 1 be given if the finder will return the same to Messrs. PaRKER k. CO., Pa. avenn?, opposite Brown's Hotel. ja 18 3t* ?O REWARD?Strayed or stolen, on Friday, tP" the 18th, from my restaurant, No.<?^ > Si94 Soverth St., between L and M. Urge white Newfoundland DOG. The " above reward will be paid to any one on returning him to me. (it*) H. KOCH. FOUND?A BUNDLE, consisting of a lady's shawl and five or six v&rria of n oth The own er en get it by calling at No. 540 Virginia avenue, near Fourth street east, and paj ing for thi * advertisoment. ' ja 17-3t* C^OUN U?On my premise*, about two week* ago, a a red and white CQW irithnnt hn ni The rrwner will please call, prove proper Wf* t), pa; charges and take her away fak E. LOF.FFLKR. Washington City Garden, on New York av., ja 17 3t* between lit and ate. weat, JN PEACE PREPARE FOR WAR. Juat received by expreaa, and will be sold at a very (mall a t vaace, a lage assortment of COLT'!* REVOLVERS, ??harp'? Smith & Wesson's, and other PISTOLS, Doub'e and Single SHOT GUNS, RlFLfc.8, Colt's SHOT OON9. Also inn,o?o Musket Caps. ul (vki vii. >. * u, tyr...l.l? ll'.l.. d f j.. uii/ * w t/i wKuvia i/vui'tv ?f awl x |W1 UU* as.onn Colt's Caps* 20,000 G. D. do. And all kind* of Field Ammunition. JOS. L HAVAGE, Penn. ave., bet. 10th and 11th eta. jaU-lw (States) Sicn Gilt Paw. ^REAT SACRIFICE PARISIAN GOODS! Having a very lane- stock of the finest Parisian Good* ou hand, whioh I must sell under any circumstances, I will inakn th? greatest sacrifiie that ever waa offered to the pubtio In taking off 25 per cent, ol the regular price. My goeds being marked in plain figurea no one will ba deceived. Ladiea in pursuit of goods aa Cloak*, French Honneta, Einh oiderins, party Drrasi a, Head Lreaaea, Flowera, Wrratha, Kibbona, Fans, I,ace* and a great variety of articlea generally kept in a Fanoy and Trimming Store, will do well to give me a call before they purchaae any whero e ae. Ladies will pleaae bear in mind that all my gocda are bought b? mvge f in Fana, oonaequentlj are of the lateat styles in the market. M. WILLIAM. Importer, jali-lw.if . 32 Market Spase. (BIBBS' WIG. BRAID AND CURL MANUJ FACTORY. 842 Penn. avenue, near the oor ner of Thirteenth atreet.?A very complete assortment of Braida, Curia, Fnsettea, Uanrieaua, Ac., now on hand; also, made to order at the ahorteet ootioe. Hair Work repaired or taken in exohanfe. oo llw VALENTINES! VALENTINES!! Foe lt*?I!!! The trad" supplied *t the lowest New York pricea. A beautiful aaaortment of Sentimental acd Comic of all atylea and^ttnrnj, at r KEIMCn & KICHSTEIN'S, j%9 '27S P>nn. ifcnu*. NOTICE. Wanted immediately, 5,0*0 men to buy^^P MILITARYCAI'S.KomUapieoe. We'^ juit received from Baltimore, from our factory, 150 aosen Military Glased Cap*, sold at wholesale and retail. Military Hata and Fatigue Caps made to order at the shortest notice F DITTRICHA BRO., No. 4!l3 7th>t , ja 15 St* near Patent Office. ?CHENCK'S PULMONIC 8YRUP. Or. SCHENCK, of Philadelphia, finds it impos aih.A tn visit Wdphinvfon Av&rt waakr mrtA has made arrangements to positively be in the city the third Wednesday of every month. He has a suit of tooms at the Avenue House, where patients oan obtain advice free. He only charges when it is necessary to make a thori ugn examination of the Longs with the Kespirometor. 8. 0. Wsite is acent for Sehenck's Pulinomo Syrup, prioe fl per l>ottle, for the cure of Coughs, Colds and Consumption; Schenck's Sea Weed Tonio, price 91 per bott'e, for l>yapepsit; Schenok'i Mandrake P.lis, price 25 cents ber box, for Liver Bilious Complaints and Constipation of the Bow Is. Dr. Schenck would be grateful to those who have been cured by his remedies if they would leave their oertifioatea or cure with 8. B. W A1TE, corner ftev< nth at. and I .a *v. d? 1?-Sm MNOTICKTOTHE PUBLIC. OORE'9 Squill l>ropa will atop a Couth ia fiveminutea. Moor#'a Coma. Arnica Liniment will cure Chilblaina, *Froated Feet. Kama iu Face, Spraina, Ac. Moore'a improve! Benzine will remove Paint, Oila, Greaae, * o., from the moat delicate oolored ailk or wool?n rood a without injuriug the oolor or texture. Prepared and ao d at MOORE'S weat End D-uc Store, deS1-2w 113 Pa. avnue. Tnew restaurant. nta a_i : i.? : < * - - - -? ? a. aCj cuiibo iiw uii"rras me ciuz*ns oi v> ? nintton and the publio in *eneral that he A ^ . A haa opened the Restaurant No. 4S9 Sixth VCjAy street, between C and Louisiana avenue, JyiaLL (formerly kept ny Jaoob Smith ) A nev and choice asaortment of LIQUORS, CIUARS, Ste ,on hand. Fina fresh OYSTERS served np in every style at 11 hours. deg-lm* F. O. ROHR._ Ou* BONNETS, HATS, and FLATS of tha \ t vary latest style*, and in all eaaes made^^A of tha best material. Call at onoe and getCKp choice. At STEVENS'S. ' noS-tf 33fi. betw. >th an<1 loth st?. UKAI TH IS WKAI.TH. AND SICKNESS n TOVERTY INDEED. Read and eee if Dr. Ayer'a Medtoinea do not do aom~ thing to ennoh mankind. Chicago, 12th November, 18r9 Da. J. C. Am* ? Reaoected Sir: I ataonld be wanting in oommon gratitude if 1 did cot acknowledge to yon what tom akill, or more aoourately yoar BxTaacT or BAasAPAiiLLA ha* done for my wire, the haa been for eome jeara afflicted with a humor, which cornea out upon her akin in the autamn and winter with anch inaufferahle itching aa to readera 1>fe almost i ntolerable it ha* never fa lad to come upon her in cold weather, nor haa any r?midit) Know ?KU hi KtaUn ?* _ . w_r.w w !? > IUIV laiUI O | senag, or to at all alleviate her sufferings from it. Thu muob it began in October with iU usual violence. By the advice of our calibrated 80 r I eon. Dr. Kimball, I cava her your 8*ieaparilia. a week it had biought the huroroat upon ber skin worse than wa had ever seen it before; hot it oob began to disappear The itcbicg bae oeaaed and the humor ia no - entirely gone, eo that the u eompletalv oared, bat still continues taking tha Pareaparilla, to laeare a complete expulsion of the diseaee from the system. Yoars, reepeetfally.^ . ffirT*rWl b7 ^ J' C' * CO.^L^w^1, I < fV - GEORGETOWN CORPORATION LiWI. A RiaoLvriea author;iio? the Clerk to aettle an accouat due for rest Rttolvtd bn tk* Board of Aldermen mttd Knmrd mf Commtm Countt! if tht Orfmhm ?f Giergrlf^m. That the Clerk be, and be la hereby, authorized to aettlr with Mr. Joeeph Revnoldi few amount rent doe thla Cor portion, by reoelrlng hla Bote, payable July let. 1*61, with lnWeat from November lat, 1880. with as lndorarr to be approved by the R reorder. [Approved January 5, 1.61. A RsaoLcyioa authorizing the fans of notea In payment of debts due for lighting the (troeta with gM Resolrtd by the Board of AH* mm and Board of Common Comnctl of tkt Corporatism of Gtorgttom, That the Mavor and Clerk be, and they are hereby, antbortied and reoneated to aettle the claim of the Georgetown Gaa Company, aa per bill rendered, amounting la thm? thousand tm hundred dollar* and eighty ceTTto. for gaa furnlahed op to April lat, INK), and alao the bill of four hundred and fftv-one dollar* and aeventy. f Te centa. for balance due aald company for erecfe Ing lamp porta, by giving there for tne note of thla Corporation, bearing intereat from the lat day of April, 1800, and payable out of the gaa light tax And they are hereby authorized and requested to aettle the claim of Mr. T W Durall, aa per bill rendered, for balance doe him for making gaa poata, amounting to Ave hnn<ir?tfl .l.Mvji. dollars and forty-four rente, by Riving therefor the note of tbia Corporation, bearing interest from the 1st day of January, 1359, payable out of tbe gas ltght tax. and subject to s reduction for any claim tbe Corporation may have against him And be it further rttoivtd. That be the duty of the Clerk, and he is hereby directed, to curtail the aforesaid notes, whenever he shall be In funds from a surplus of gas tax receipts Approved January 5,1MI. A Rksolbtios to pay for repairs on Paper Mill Bridge. nriomta ejr ty Hoard of Aldrrmm and Foard Common Comn.eii of tkf Corporation of Gtargttotm, That the Clerk be. and he ia hereby, authorized to pay to the order of H K Walker four dollar*, for repairs of Paper Mill Bridge, sod charge one half thereof to the Levy Court. Approved January 5, 1861. i ???' " UKUKUETOWJf ADVERT'MTS RENT IN GKORGKTOWN-Ob* twoitori-uil >?wmrnt FRAME Hdl'SK. on Prospect street.containing 6 room*. For partioalars inquire of RICHaKh PKTTlT.oorner ofSd and Market its.; or J. J. McWL'lLL.AN. High si. ja H 3t A NOTICE. LL Persons indebted to the nndemgned arc t^uMttd to oome forward and set le their bills,by ca?h or notes; if not attended to, their bit will be put in the hands of an officer for ooIIm ion, wit* oat regard to person*. ' J. M BELT. Georgetown. Jan. Ifi. 1H61. ia 16 3t 1? 20.000! MPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! In order _t<weduo?_qur large and well assorted iuokoi VK1 VUOHWWI. MMMMtlj data, deduct in per cent, from nil cask pii'oha*e? of #5 a?.d over. Save yoar mon?jr and call at 9" Bridge at., for hartaina. SPILMaN A HUNT, ja 7 eolm Gfo^W"". 1). C. J~~ B8T RECEIVED10 hhda. prime Porto Rico SUGARS, 1?] Rye WHISKY, ISO bbla. HERRING and ALEWIVES. 50 bbla. Crushed and Refined SUGARS. 90 ban* Rio and Java COFFEE, in hhdv.dow priced rMOLASSE8. For nale bT JOHN J. BOGUE. ?e in aa laarv nm i ?- n/\ **? ** ** iw| *?uv7u ? i wuijiiio at ou1. 3 rniLAi/E L LTl PHI A DRAUGHT ALE.-We ere oonatantiy receiving freah auppliee ofthe above delichtful beverut, and invite all peraona who want a parent adulterated Ale, to rive it a trial. AKNY A.SHINN, A?enta, te t IT fireftn at.. Genre Mova. FOB SALE AND BENT. [For otktr liFor Salt and H*nt" tdvtrtittwuntt, uijlnt pay* ) FOR RENT-A FURNISHED HOUSE, oontaining 8 room*. Fu-r.iture new and oempletr. Apply at No. 399 G street. between 12th and 13 k ta., between the hour* of 3 and 5 p. m ja 18 3'.* FMOR RENT-The three story brick PWELI/INtt-HOUSE, with I>astm ?nt. No 505. on E. between 2d and 3d street*, nt present occupied t>j J)r Lewi* Jones. Possession civen on the lat of Februa y. It has ail the modern improvements, wa'er, gas. 4c Rert f45?> per year App y to HENRY KG AN, 521 ^venth st; or W. EUAN, 503 E St..(next door.) (Intel.) ja 18 tf C*OR RENT-A FURNISHED HOOM fo|i & :?L *? * - ? a. rrni wun or wunoui DOard. Apply U U st, between 14th and 15th sts. ja 17 3t* FOR RENT?Four FRAME HOU9R8. containing six rooms each- situated on Ma??aehcsetts avenue and Filteenth street Kent #* per month. For particulars ir quire on the premisos. ja!7-4t JVIARKET GARDEN FOR RENT-Two larce 1*1. squares of Ground, ea?t of the Capitoi, containing about 8^acres, well fenoed and .mproved by ? ?< wu ncbiiio iiuuBo. ao. nni win lie low li Runctual tenant. Inquire of JOHN B. KiHRhY, |o 64 Louisiana avenue, between 12aod2o'olock. jal!6t FfOR KENT.?The STORE and DWBLMN6 No. *4 Bridge street. Georgetown D. C., krownaa the old confectionery aland. Poaseasion Riven immediately. Apply to ARM Y A SHINN. jft? fpOR RENT-Two frame COTTAGE H<?1 SLS, containing six rooms, aituated on Mm?. avenue and Fifteenth street; pump of good water in the yari. Furnished rooms for rent,at 406 d street, l?etween 6th and 7th ate. de 4-tf I70R RENT?Th? fine KHII'k HdimE JT 100 Westst., Georgetown. at present occti pied by the subscriber. It hat '2 rooms, with gas and water throughout a fine >ard, stable ft o . and is in agood neighi>orhood. Apply to JA8. A. MASRIIJKK. <cg?tf FOR RENT?A three story brick HOU8K, containing 8 rooms. In good order, with gas fixtures complete, on H street. Iietween 4th and 5th. Also, a two-story brick COTTAGK, with large yard attached, corner of F street north an Uth ?t. east. To punctual and reliable tenants the terms win in luuurrnw. Appij w no iireni* iirwi, between G anl H. no lS-tf FOR RENT?The FIRST FLOOR of the build mc immediately opposite the VMt *iu of thr City Hal.,reoently occupied by Chaa. 8. Wal'.acfc aa an offioe. Also the front room ib the aeoond atory and the third floor of ti.e same baildinr. For tonna apply to RICHARD WALUCH.Wo. 8 Louisiana avenue. ia 19 tl FOR RENT.-A three-?tor? BRICK DWELLING ROUSE, with baok building, on 12th at.. No. 470. between F and g streets. AppW to J. KIRK WOOD. 476 Twe.flh ?t. do 19 dtf THE INSURANCE COMPANY or THE STATE or VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL iSOO.OO*. Insure* Merohand;*e, Buildings, Hontehold Furniture, to , lou or da mate by fire. HKATH A KNOWLES. Agent*, Office? Roorr 16 over Bank of WMhinrtou. j* in W ?ALTS' O O D AND COAL OFFICE 8Stf FA. AT., Bktw. 11TH ana 1*TH ST?? North stdp. Mill and Wharf foot of S4Taato*nUi at., m* M *' H?ln? W?( p*Nrt<iMtnt SULTANA RAISINS, LAYER RAISINS. SEEDLESS RAIS'NS. BORDEAUX PRUNES, FIGS, CANTON GINGER da28 KING A BURCHELL. JUS?T RECEIVED BY FRENCH A RICHSTEIN, . 27W Pimji. Aviscx, Hallam'a Middl? Aim, new Boitun; k'Hlfmn R Ivor aiH? u---? B?Mr< nn^a A*l n by mail The usuai heavv disoount at our store. Also Jthe same edition* of MoCauley, Hume Gibbon. Carlisle. Um^. t*haksp?ar. tie iP> PAL VERT'SpELEBR ATK1? HONKY, Made Vy in the Bee FkteoM. A clear and delicious arUole. <de 23> KING ? BURCHKLL. REAT BARGAINS IN PIAl\OS.-Oue very VI nioe seven-octave Carvrd Piano Forte,_a^^ having been in uae a short time only. thiHMHB I owner leaving the city, for sale for #>? *I? 1T" Ooe very ni e Rosew>?>d Chiakering Piano for 9135, at the M usio Store of W. G. M HTZ EK OTT, Ante Agency of Stemway A Sons' Overstrung | 275 ALkKN 275 JACKSON, PLASTERS Jt 5 ? Pnnii. Atikii, BttVMn loth ?Jid llti itrMti. ) It Tcemetkby NOTICE. HE 0ab*erib?r of era for mU? nia?t?ok of MARBLE MONUMENTS, TOMBS, GRAVE 8TONKS and MARBLE MANTEL* M reduo?3 rioM for caeh or Mr? l note*. A? e&rtr oall u Solioiu*. Vm. RUTHERFORD. M&rbla Work*. 352 t et. north, ooTt 3m Ittk nW i?t>. BALTIMORE BUTTER HOUSE. l>atlyraoamns fr??h u>liv??t, in Uoahci, paokmm. Ai?>.oh,? Ufp Kv?k?r.r? Pl*o? H??tiwix 1~~ TAKE NOTICE' " WILL T?kt ail kinds of Virginia moor j for nj book d?bti and for Boots, ghoet, and Trunk*. All peraoas indebted to me will pleaa* ea 1 and aettJ* ~?"u ' f^?THP?iw?enn?*na i?u w+ I * * THE LATEST NEWS T E ILEGR A PH10. Vii|lwa Lf|UI>tar? Ricwmo*d. J in 17?The ftrnau CommtttM o* r?^er*l Rrlaton* Mir rr ported a otIm of mo Mum winBg mm M4i, ! n9 opinion sf Ibc Gnml A?sembljr of Ylryinls. Ibe propositions embraced In Senator Crittenden's resolutions constitute such basis sf UlMtant as wo?M be accepted br the people of this Conmon wealth, that Commissioner* he appointed to the General Government. and si so to 9onth Carol I aa and other seceding Pistes, with Instruction* mitctfuUy to request the President and tho suthorlties of wrk Sutrs to agree to abstain, pending the proceedings contemplated b\ the action cf this Goners I Assembly, from sll nets raleulsted to prodnoe n collision of srats between the Mates and the Gs?I sral Government I Df rasolutloo* W*? Mit tw Mte Of tha *?jr far to-morrow CaDitdmblt oppaaltlo* wu ? manifested rnd substitute wu offered Tb? Gorernor rommnilcilrd tkr rrwltttnM ?f the l^lslsture of New York, w th a aporisl message. NprralBg the utmost 41idtl( for tk? sentiments therein contained Clatllkf. be hvi : "The threat rwirerrd can Inspire no terror with fTeemen " T?MJ ? - *? ?1 Tbe House adopted tb? resolutions reported by tbe Com mitt** on Federal Relstlons, control plating tba holding of a National CiaveMlM at Washington, on (tie 4th of February, with an amendment that the Commissioners appointed be subject at all times to tbs control of tbe 0 an oral AMemplr, or if in session, ts that of tbs ? ate Convention This embraces an approval of tbe Crittenden resolutions Great I n ten Meeting Cinitii inp, md , Jan. 17?10 A m ?Tbe Union meeting to be beld here to day prom tare is be tbe greateat popular demonstrstloa that has e*?r taken place In Western Maryland Tbe circulation or disunion documents by Snnstor McKaig has bad tbe effect of roualng tbe patriouam of Ibe 4 miners end vrorklngmes In favor of tbe t'aloa, tbe Conatltntlrwt tk The morning trsin from tbr mining regions was full one-third ?fi mile la length, and oar city li warming with strangers The Irst train brought nineteen Lundrrd men, and another 1* coming of equal length The whole sentiment of Western Maryland Is for the Union, without acknowledging the right . of secession. or any contingency that would warrant revolution. cmiitlird, Mb , Jan. it?The people ef Allegany county, without distinction of party, assembled In Convention to-day, at this place, to the number of from three to four thousand. Great enthusiasm prevailed, the universal sentiment being In favor of the preservation of the L'nloa. A aerl9a of rMnlutiAn ?? -1? ? ?? --*?1 ? - ?wr?r?? wvi? mmmv nmm??U| BUUK*^P endoraing Major Anderaon. favoring the CrltUa dm resolution*. or any other that may tend to the preservation of the Vnlon. Fr*a Stalk Ganllu Chailbctoh. Jan. 17 ?In the South Carolina Senate to-day > report waa made bjr the Military Committee providing for the raising of four comprniea of artillery, saying that the exlgancies of the timea demand that Smith Carolina oe Disced on a war footing to meet opposition from anr quarter; that th? State should bav? a permanent military establishment for frarrlaon purpoaea In tbe Suite fortifications This establishment tbe committee recommend to constat of a regiment of infantry, and a battalion of artillery of four companies, which will form a nucleus around which the volunteers and militia oan rally. It will, beside*, also be a peace e?tabliabment or furnish South Carolina's quota In tbe army of tbe Southern Conf?-derary. The Senate went Into secret session to day o? a proposition to lay a aubtnari ne telegraph Unfbetween Charleston. Morria laland. Porta Moultrie and Johnson, ana Castle Pinckney Apprml sf the Caam ( Gs*er?#r Hicks Harrirbcrg, Jan. 17 ?The House to-day unan ltncualy passed a s? ries of resolutions approving the course of Major Anderson and Governor Hirks, and pledging to Maryland the fellowship and sugport of Pennsylvania It Is certain that G<*ernor Cartln will aend an Embassy to Maryland Mr. Robert Palmer. .-pwieroi iae rv-naie, ana oiaeon J Ball, or trie, from tbe House, have been selected for tbe misaion They are to vialt Governor Hicki, and to expreaa to Dim tbe allegiance of Pennsylvania to the Union, and will offer him every-as at ance of tbia State to auataln htm in tbe national course whkh be haa been pursuing to defeat secession achlnea. Thla baa already cauaed discussion here, and more will follow it. Some persons bave ad aneed the opinion that Governor Curtin bad better leave Maryland to tbe Marylanders. and have Pennsylvania taken care of by Pennsvlvanlans, while others sustain tbe coarse that tbe Governor has decided to adopt iMMrUat fr?n llrl?a?. Niw OiLiiM.Jtn 16 ?PI*companieso<New Orleans military arrived tbls morning from the arsenal of Baton Rouge, leaving the barracks garrisoned bv State troops Major Haakln, with the United Statea furcea. has left for St Louia A regiment of regular State infantry la being rapidly formed to garrison the fortitlrationa Tbe reported seizure of tbe cutter Waahlngton. at Algiers, Is Incorrect. No seizure is contemplated Tbe Fire Department are forming into military companies Nocoercion is anticipated here against s?reding States. Preparations and plans for the organization of a SnnlLtn R.....KK. ... ? am?|iuw>iv >? piwvrruiui; The volunteers here nre daily drilling, and reinforceutenU are surrounding the forts Hrsr|ls < veatlon. Millbmkville, Jan it?The Sovereign Convention of Georgia assembled this morning at 10 o'clock. The only buainens transacted to-day was the reception of the Commissioner* from Aouth Carolina and Alabama Commissioner Orr. of South Carolina, additiwd the Convention, urging prompt and decisive action, and waa followed by Judge Shorter, tbe Commissioner from Alabama, in a brilliant sad eloquent speech In favor of Immediate secession Tbe Importance of Georgia as the keystone of the Southern Confederacy was urged at great length by botb of tbe Commissioners * On the conclusion of the addresses tbe Convention adjourned to 1 o'clock to-morrow morning. It ia reported that a test vote, having a bearing on tbe ordinance of aeceasion, will be taken on tomorrow The Ltalilut NrU?Trlippktl RKfplln ( the MilUrry Chaki.estoM, Jan. 17?Ttoe Courier Lu dn patches from New Orleans, dated the 16th lnat . which atate that tbe troop* which t >ok tbe Baton Rouge Araenal have returned, and were greeted with a grand and triumphal reception. The Arsenal and Fort Pike are now garrisoned by Louisiana troopa. Tbe prompt action of Governor Moore in relation to th* occupancy of the fort and arsenal, is viewed there as a peaceful measure, and generally sustained as patriotic and timely. The Arkaniss < ssvrsiiss Qseatiss Submit, ted U Ur feeple MtMPHis,Tenn , Jsn 16 ?The Arkansas Lerislature has unanimously passed a bill submitting tbe question of a State Convention directly to tbe people, wbo are to vote on It on tbe 16th of February If a majority is found to favor tbe calling of Pnn v?*n tlun t h* nvs>rnor is amnnwam^ Ia appoint a day for lt> meeting. r North ( araltaa Leglslatare. Raleigh. Jan. 17.?Tb* aspect of tbe debate In tbe Legislature on federal affairs has not varied to-day. No rotes were taken excepting one oa aa unimportant amendment la tbe Senate Tbe times look perhaps a little more squally. Messrs. Outlaw and Morebead spoke In the Rons a f< r a general Convention. and there were man y strong speeches for a cession The House Is holding nlgbt sessions Arrival of the MarUi frsos IktrlcilM. New Yost, Jan. 18 ?The steamship Marion, of the New York and Charleston line?Leretofore reported to hare been detained for war purposes at Charleston?arrived bare this morning. Sba brings several laborers from Fort Sumter as pss> senv?rs These report tbe troops m good spirits, with plenty of provisions except market truck. Ksssir < aatradicted 8t. Lor is. Jan. 18 ?Tbe reported selsurs of .? a b 1 _ a * ? - ? ????- * * lie pcvorr ueiougiiift (O . LiOun ramoini. by Louisiana, U simply untrue The po?(*?r has not yet arrived at New Orlfwna Neg o- i *tlona are still Id progreM for tbe purchase of the powder. Mlaaaarl Legislature. St. Lock, Jan. 18.?The lower houae yesterday passed tbe ConvenUon bill aa amended, refterrli. . the action of tbe Conveattoa taa vote of the peo pie. HititiBtr* *iark?w Kti tmon Jan 18 ? Floor dull. Howard at. and Ohio S? <W Whrai dull, rod tl 85al 3S, white SI SOal 66 Corn firm, while M>7V; retlow Mi6> Provialona active; meaa pork S18. Lord act it* at ISjg Coffee ?toady at ISatte. Whlaky doU at **? l?- Marktu Niw Yoek, Jan. IS ?Flour U norractlrr, b t the market ii gMMrally unchanged rt h?i U dull, prtrec are weak wltb but Utile Inquiry. Corn la quiet Provtalona quiet. Wtaiakj dull. * Fluatclal New Yoaa, Jan 18 timber, CMcaco ud R<wW,4 VI 1 111> ?Uar*? 6S U : do bonds 96k: Mi<-Ll*mn Southern Kjf; Nrw York Central tftlfc; Reading 46; Hudsoo Rtv?f R ft 4#Mo.#s*>*. TrwrT Iweirw it**

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