Newspaper of Evening Star, January 21, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 21, 1861 Page 3
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" 11 LOCAL NEWS. dfc irrThnniik n u? w-.? ?. ??*- - - -? * . , v? ? - ?? ? Ull lur iwai v*a?r, item In uae aoutb of Baltimore, ita edition la *? Utrirt m to require It to be put to pren at an 9 ?**rlv hour; Advertlwnenta, therefore, ahould be furl In before M o'clork m.; otherwise tbey may bot appear nnttl the neit day. Notici .?Dlatrlct of Columbia Advertisenaenta to be I na^rted in the BaLTiMoa* Sen are received ' at and forwarded from The STaa Office. Reiinoua ?\>?terday the weather waa more favorable for out-door movrmenta than for tome time past, and the opportunity waa duly Improved law rhrtfi'li irftpra Mttkc-Uyt Prof. ITkurrh, Ninth *t ?The morning service was conducted by the pastor, Re*. P. L Wilson.wbo preached from Luke. 6, 27 and 28. President Bates, of the Maryland Conference, preached at night, In conclusion of his official visit, from the text of Acts, 17 30. The text occur* in an address to tbe people of Athena. Circumstances bringing him Into tblsclty, Paul proposed to preach Cbrist to tbe Idolatrous people: bat the law prohibiting an addition to their gods was an | obstacle. Passing through the place of their worship, he saw an altar with tne Inscription, J "To the unknown God " This afforded him an opportunity to preach his discourse, and evade tbe | liw Tbe minister then reviewed the theme of ( v^l) 1 ' /) i a/>nn r?a nntll AAminw - ? ? ? -M-?vwui*vf U11 n I vvimiii^ ?V ?uc ICA?) uc I proceeded to show that without light no man la , accountable. There was a time when man, nnln- , struck d a* to tb? nature and attributes of God, j worshi pped him in representatisns made of atocka \ and stones Because of their ignorance of his attributes, this time of ignorance was winked at, cr overlooked. bv G?>d; but now that Christ, the light < if the world, lias come, and the gospel is held up ] j bef.^-e the world to illumine the path and guide i 'he wanderer aright, be commandeth all men to 1 (repent An explanation of what is repentance i followed, showing the difference between true ; ?nd false penitence; ll'ustratirg the power of I Svtiipatbv, and feir of consequences in producing 1 !?u oi'pireiii sorrow lum i? omeuuies mu.aiea lor penitence. F wrth Pretbf'rrtnm Church ?Rev. Dr Smith pr* ached from Job, 37 21. The Rev speaker iill'idrd to the inestimnble bl-gslng of tight, and directed the minds of his bearer* to tbe visible manifestations of God's love and mercy to us. In the present distracted state of affairs we should turn to tbe word of God as our oniv comfort and counsellor, and if our hope is fixed upon Cbrist, m and our trust firmly established in our heavenly fjther, the darkness In which we are now enveloped will only reveal to us that brighter light which only shin?-s in the gloom of sfHxtion and cl<-*r>onrtenrv The church was to a irreat extent r<-st?onnhl?- for the flanker tint now threaten* the land Professlug Christian*, instead of living peacefully and harmoniously together, wire en- ' Kajed in strife and dissension, and that prevdil- ' ing. effectual prayer, so extremely necessary at J be pre*? :.t time, had beers superseded by a trust ' In man's devices for peace and prosperity. Nothing I'M than the power of God can avert tbsstorm 1 ?h-M is now bring raised by the corrupt and per- 1 v> rted passions of men, and the only remedy for t^e dangers now threatening us is a revival of 'ellgiou throughout thr land*, that shall bind the ! hearts of ail men together in a common bond of 1 brotherfcrod. ' Wivgh Chnj>'i ?The pastor. Rev J R Kffln~er. preached fom Fsalms 91:'2. The speaker j nhowed the futility of trusting for support to worliilv hopes and prospects, and urqea the n?- , r^ssity of looking to Christ for help in difficulty. , There '.vas nothing stable or reliable on earth to ( *vhlch man could cling; but if his affection* were ' centered on high and his rest firmly established in God, no storm nor affliction of l:fe could daunt ' him, nor entirely darken his heart. Ills christian 1 if?- should be at all time* and ur.d*r al! circum stinct-* irreproachable, and bis rrliglimi duties should not he Attended to at stated periods only, but be should constantly dwell In Ihesecret places ' of the Most Hi^h. and ever be f^und with the spir t of God fully shed abroad in his heart He < nuld not expect to enjoy the fill! fruition ofGod's , promises if h's religion only consisted In attending church, aud the various means of jjriceat stated times, and his devotion was only |<eriodi T od, but his heart should ever remain true to bis maker as the needle is to the pole, and his affections Immovably centered in Christ. ' Graet Church, (Episcopal )?Rev. Mr. Holm*-ad. th* rector, preached from AcU'JT 20 This chapter, describing tbe perils of Paul's voyage toward Rome, the preacher thought should re- \ ceive the attention of our law-makers now. The striking similarity between tbe dangerous position . of tbe vessel in which Paul sailed, and our own *hip of Slate, was noted. But bow different tbe conduct of the crews in some reapects. In the rase of the one, they, in their anxiety to lighten j the ship, threw overboard their provisions and rven the veaael'a tackling The crew of our sb p are not willing to throw over tbelr smallest , pn-judicea to enable her to ride outtbeatorm. There were secessionists on board Paul's ahlp, . who wished to leava it, but Paul said "except ( tbe?e abide in the ahlp ye cannot besaved." They were needed to help work the veaael In con- ( r.lnalon the preacher expressed the fervent trust that terrible as was the atorm our own noble ahlp of State would yet ride Into the port of safety ?>earing all ter crew and wearing the stars and stripes. W'tlty Chapel.?Rev Mr. M<*Caulev, piator. pr?acne?i in me morning service a sermon upon the subject of Hapr'.ncM ?Ioae to be f 'tintl III the likeness of God, from the text of Psalms, 17.15. At night from the Uxt of 1st Timothy, 6 12. i MtthO'iist CkurrK S-u:h?Kev. J. A l'roctor prearhrd upon the relation of God to man, from Matthew 6lh, part of Pth verse. At night from A John 6 6? <u.d i>~. *-Christ the only source of eter iifn " Assembly'ti'hunh ?Rev.Mr Collins conducted the services durity the day, basing his morning 1 aiacoane upon soiemon x u>; at ni^bi, i.uke 19 1,10. ___ I Lahcksy os the Chssatkakk asd Ohio Ca>al < b* a Wa?hi.>otos Nroao?Wiji. H Stant (color^) ran away from Wash'ngtoa in order to get < rid of a troublraome little affair of businesafor which he had become reapoj.sible by giving bail I Vfor hia appearance before the criminal court Safely out of the *Hy, Bill wandered up the canal, I towards which raging flood he had a fellow feel- i Ving, and inert;ng with a favorable oflVr, entered i into contract for service on a canal boat. Here i be remained for a short time until begot tallill F with the localities of things xeuerallv. fcnd found I tlm* to exercise his curiosity l;i particular with l reference to where articles of value were stored < away. His iraster having occasion to l?-ave the i boat one day for a short time, left it In charge of Bill Wheu be came bark Bill was gone, and on investigation a sum of money amounting to 5*0, < a-.d sundry articles of clothing, were also non *st. i He chased Bill to Washington, aud to his hoiqy | on the Navy-Yard When the officers went to < hia Hoiiv the w f didn't know wii?r? Rill but the officer* thinking tbey did know, obtained i K>;cb warrant, and (returning. entered tb? < bouse. wliere tbey soon discovered .Mr Bill Stai.t parked away uuder the b<d He w.t? 8 immarlly , Iraulcd out and taken before Jnstiee McKenna, wto heard the 'ateio^nt of the boatman, t*enrr,h was made, but unavailing, for the stolen money; but as luck would haye It. the stolen clothing , wu discovered, and thereupon BUI was mm- i nitted to jail to await a requisition from the State I of Maryland. ' Oca Amkbicam Coosiji" to-night at the thea- i ths nntiiilar rnm*-Hian In 1 >.J IC , m'.KA ?M? * V ^ruciBUU, > sa Trenchard. in which chf.racter ke La* won ' golden opinions wherever Le Las appeared in it J Let It be remembered that Mr Jefferson is en- | gaged for only six nights, and that no programme will be repented Manager Glenn certainly spares i no efforts to furnish the rmusement going public * acceptable entertainments, therefore let there be j | no vacant seats there any night this week . IDos't Beloso iiiTtiW?We learn that Mr. McCauley, of the Patent OtUce, who was mentioned as present at the late meeting of the " Nasi t M A TS #*? ,w.nat<4?P . liDllti ? uiu vvra iiv* vviivmvi uiuiarit < member of that organization as at present const]1 tilted He bflon^ed to tbe Democratic National 1 Volunteers of the late political campaign, but bat declined to connect himself with tbe Association 1 L m reorganized, and was present tbe other night ^ merely as a spectator. Releaabd ?Saturday night, at 10 o'clock, Godard Bailey, the clerk whose name has been so extensively circulated in connection with the case of th? abstracted Indian trust bonds, was released upon ball Tbe amount required was S.VUW. He j/?i at Browns' Hotel last ui^ht looking as well z? before bl? incarceration. Xo-hioht Prof. Barnard give* hi? third lecture on Lii{ht, it the SmitUoniu. Many interes t lit* experiment# will be made in the courae of the lecture. Lecture to commence at a Quarter of *ifcbt, a? nauit. wb<-n the d?or* will be closed and tie r-d light extinguished. fcETTKE-.Mr Jobn Burklnvbam, the Engl ne??r wtio w;?* to ba<ily Injured bv the explosion of a atom bolter at the College on last Friday. is, we hear. rapidiV Improving, and hope* are enterUiu?d thai he will recover hi* eyesight again. ArrLic*rios was made to-dsy, with what surcu we did not learn, by the officers of the Metro r poliUn Rifle*, for a supply of arms for tbat company, which baa b?cn regularly and permanently organized. E*tt ctivb Pabuoss were granted on Saturday last to J as Boyle jnd Robert Hrpbti n. tbe latter l eoneict?*d of axaault and battery, and tie former of larceny, and both of whom were sentenced to > a term of Imprisonment Id tbe county jail. LHojc Jacob Thomfso*, late Secretary of tbe * > i>efnrc tbe <1 rand Jnry to-day In tbe I CM** of (be abstracted Indian truat bonds. | I Tat "Snow-clad Bills" will be nog on next I I T-*" ""SS I L___ 1 w FriTiit Abiival* of Mimta*y ?Sixty-two United 8tate? soldier* from Fort Clinton, West Point, arrived here In the tlx o'clock a m train from Baltimore yesterday morning. They are a ntrt r\9 /?Am namtf A ?? ?* ? ? * i?. - w? r%, rm;iiirrii crpi, aiiu are under command of Lieut. Jas A. Dnane and Lt. Weltzel On their arrival at the Department, they marched Immediately to the Colombian Armory, where they are quartered. Preparation* were made on Friday and Saturday for their reception there A cook-bouse was erected outside the Armory, mess-tabl^a built in the Artillery room. Mower floor of the armory,) and stoves put up In the third ?tory, which la their dormitory. In a couple of hour* after their arrival they were a* much at home in tbe Colnmbian Armory as though they had aiwaya lived there. Their bunk* wtre prepared, arma and accontrementa atowed neatly away, and the men in fatigue dreaa were lounging about, chatting, smoking their pipes, rnnVara! nrr urltW ?? *- ? ^* 41 vw-tviwiu^ *?i?u ?ivivcrs, i ury arc mwuy young men. and hare created a favorable Impress! en by their military bearing and courteous demeanor. There are twelve hundred stand of arms belonging to the Government In the Columbian Armory, bealdea four pieces of field ordnance and other military stores of considerable value. The importance of having them duly guarded in these filibustering times Is api?arent A company of flying artillery, from West Point, numbering seventy-eight men. have been ordered here, and are expected to arrive by to morrow morning. They arecommanded by Capt Griffln, who is a thorough going officer. A squad of marines, fifteen in number, arrived here last night, _ J J _? . t ? ? iiu proceraea ro Deaaquartcrs at once. Itlasupposed that the United States Government will concentrate bere prior to tbe 4th of March next, three companies of light artillery, two of cavalry, and 9ve rompaniea of foot, including the m&riuea at the Barracks. A Savagk Horik ?Mr. Mavo, who livet at that xtremity of the city which lies close upon the Eastern Branch, and employs himself in the sumTier in curing marsh hay, and in the winter in lauiing the same to market, ia very much assisted n his labors bv a horse of bad habit*, of uncertain tge. Thia animal Mr. Mayo thinks, or rather thought, a model of meekness, and has been in :he habit of showing him off to the boys of the iHghborhood as something uncommon In the way >f gentleness and sweetnesa of disposition. The joys aforesaid, while they admired Mr. Mayo's ikill ill maiiavirif the affectionate niiarfruriMl re nainfd skeptical about bis disposition. On Sat- 1 irda? la?t Mr. Mayo brought out his steed again 'or the purpose of showing the boys how lamb> , ik<?bewas "He ain't cross, bless you," says Mayo; "A? won't bib-,'' etc., etc , at the^same i line whisking bis hand under the bosses" mouth i n a templing manner. The horse laid his ears ) ick on Lis neck and neighed?the master thought Playfully, the boys thought viciously "Kindest Imposition In the world." says Mayo, again a'hlsking his hand familiarly under the animals ins?, wh?*n, snap?and Mr. Mayo's hand was bewecn the teeth of the animal, and Mr. Mayo was oaring like a bull with pain. "Take him oil'! ake him off!"' roared he to the boys, but the boys houuht It prudent not stir a Finallv the jeast permitted his master to withdraw his fiand, ?r rather what was left of it, for he had severed be entire thumb and first finger, almost as neatly ' is if it had been amputated by a surgeon. Brutal A?s*ci.t?Vesterday afternoon, a ironng man was walking up Ninth street in the ricimty rf M, when he met three negroes, arm in irm. fhey occupied so much of the pavement that he was compelled to step into the street to <et by them As he passed by, the middle nepro began to corse him in a lond voice, and breaking iway_ from his companions, seized upon a hntf brick", which he threw at the white man with all Kii fnr<* It ?* ** v. _ ~ ~ v . ? ?v. ?uuutci j iiuoocu, anu iur nr^rti, ?nrasj?d, rushed upon the mail, wbo whs a drli:ately formed person, and dealt him a number of heavy blow* with hi* fist In the face The white man made all the tt^ht he appeared able to, but was powerless in the hand* of such an advcrsirv. \ gentleman who was out walking with his wife 1 i?--overtas the aflrav. l?ft the lady, and rushing ip to the brnte ga?ehim a blow which nearly knocked him down; but hr fell on his bands, and recovering, jumped up and ran ofl The young was very severely handled, and It is to be dot eil that hi* rascally a*sailant will be identified ind properly dralt with. Central Guardhouse, Vb*tkrdav ?Justicr Thompson?George Wilson, (colored,) accused af larceny of a lady's dress and other article* of clothing. \va? committed to jail for a further examination Kdward Outlay, (colored.) drunk :nd disorderly; fined 83 *.?1. and subsequently committed to jail on suspicion of t>eing connected with an attempt at burglary in November last. Ann Brown, {colored.) drunk and disorderly; committed to the workhonv for GO day* Kdward Butler. Joaeph Butler, and William Walker, (all \ ...? - l ? -? ? .uimm,; wui alter (tours, mini on e&cn. UH8I. Parker, (colored.) accu*?-d of stabbing Cornelia Corffee (colored) In a row oa Capitol Hill; committed to jail for court. Mike Wall, charged writb assault and b*ttery upon bis wife; committed to j til in default of security. Joseph H Francis, iccused of throwing stones in the streets, was Bned JM John Kemp and Lloyd Johnson, iisorderiy; fined **2 M each Kllen Powell, Patrick Saustteld, and Jwmes Callaghan. drunk and disorderly; fined 91 each, and committed 30 lays each, hi default of payment. J. Thomas Dolan, vagrant, committed JO days. Odd Fkllotv's Fcxkrai. ?Yesterday afternoon F.a?tfrn Lod;;* No 7, and the Grand Lodge I O. f) F . L?-::d?-d by Pro?peri's bind, marched from Liteir lodge room to the eastern section of the city, where ttj?-y were joined by the Navy Yard Beneficial Societv,and proceeded to the funeral of Mr i?eor*e Wilson, late a member of those associations Kev Mr. Ryan performed the religious p* rpiiiouies at tb?* houee; after which the cortege proceeded to the Congressional Cemetery, where Chaplain Parker H. Sweet conducted tiie *ervic?*s peculiar to the Order, afu-r which the remains !>.? i j - -? - ? **? >- him n?-u in (jrriwii' r in n inr^e coniourse of relatives and friend* of the deceased. Fibs Alak:4 ?fctaturdav night the Bremen were railed out at a late hour by a bright light 'n 'he direction of the Park, on Seventh street. The Franklin and other companies started to assist in extinguishing the flames; but after a long drag with their apparatus, they discovered that the tire wis beyond the oity limits, and in a location where they could hardly be of assistance, atid returned They did not ascertain wh.t v* :-.s ileitroyed, but supposed it might be a barn far out ia the country. Military Resignation.?lien. E. C. Carrington, of the District militia, lms resigned his commission for the purpose of taking eoiMiiand of ;ompany A, Union regin?ent, lately o-^aniied under Lit auspices. Criminal Cocrt.?William, otherwise cal'ed Swyper" Johnson, was placed on trial o? a [-barge of stealings pistol, valued at #14, from Frederick Wessinann The case was pending when our report closed. Cimrcir Cocrt?January T'rm ?The January term of this court begun this morning. AH the judges present The session wss jwsa-d calling ;>ver the docket and continuing of cases not ready for trial the pending term. Commo:* tXNsi rules the m?M of the people, what<i>v tko miu>.??iu<4 ?n > " ? ' ?? -- _ I. . I ?. ?I- ? - * I t I> luiniiixiivu nuu |TI]|IU5l>pilOj B may *ay 11 the contrary. JMiow t/icm a rood 'tii.1*; <-t it* merit* I e clearly <1 inor.strated, ai d they will not l,f?i;at?to gi vo it their most cordial patroi age Th? masses have aircady ratified th?> jud< IMW ofa, concerning the virtaes o I Hot Utter't rtiftrr.i, as ii ay I e ?o>\n by the immense iu*ntiti??of this medicine which are annually sold ia every section of the land. It is now recognized ere*ti> superior to a 1 other remedies yet devis< d for diseases of the digestive organs, such ascliar litra, ily. entert, dysp -psia, and lor the various r vers thai arise from Jeratig<*meut of those portieus if the ststein Host-tter's name is rapidly becoming ? hot'*e ho d word. from Maine to Tesan, from tne shores o( the A'lantlo to the Pacific. Try the _ 1 - i i trusie tun 1X9 M'lsuru. Sold by all druggula in the world. ja :i-eo3t TiMKLt CarTJo*. The following letter lrom a gentleman in Philadelphia, who cams near being imposed upon by a worth: e* article, and who, knowing by experience the virtues of tlie genuine Wi?tar's bnliim nf WrJ Cherry, wi?hes to oautioa the public against umilar imposition* PBiL*Dn.rHTA, Jan. 90, 1880. M'nrt. Sttk IP. Fumlt tt Co f#w ? My wiTe. having b*S afflicted with a verr severe ooujch for nearly two j#arijr?B induced by afriend to try Wistar** Btlsam of WildXJherry, and,fin! in* great r^ie* in v, sne pnr?everea in it* u?e with the must beneficial remits. A My object in writing is to inform you that you would atlvauo* your own interest, as well as that of tM suffering community, by advertising such retail dmggiite aa keep it for sale. Beta* on one occasion oat of the Balaam. 1 called at a drug store in thiaoitjr to purohaaaa bottle, when a spurious and worthlee* imitation was offered me as the genuine. By adve-tiaing ie this manner, ton will protec the puMia from imposition and advance your own luterecti ah a raediouie bavin* the infutimable virtuaa t<f Wistar's flMeam or Wild Cherry should never suffe* iu reputation by coming m competition with worthless aud deleterious mixtures. With rwprct, yours trulr, C. M Hallowsll. Prepared by SJeth W. Fowled Co., Boston, and for ! ?'? in Washington city Q. Stott^S. B. WaiteZ. D. Oilman. John Sohwarae. Nairn * Pa.mer, John Wilej, J B Moore, and H. H.McPherson; n G*- r*?tn?rn by R. 9 T. Cits 11, and O. H.t J. Southron. and by diugfiata every vhere. ja 17 lw,r Cor one ?The sadden change* nf onr eiimateare io'iroo-i of Pulmonary Bronchial and Atikmaiic AfeetUns. Experience having proved that staple remoUiM trtien aot aoa MrUiaij when Uk-umtho aarly tt&iMOi the dimu.raoount 'i? i uT<] at one" ? had to ** Brown't BroncAiql Troekts." or L.oa?ng#a. tot th? CoH, Coagh, or Irritation of tho Tiiroat b? ew so alight, a* by this preoautt n a mor?wno?iattook km tx>Hr?o<a*ny warded off Pmblit Speakers and fWUHH them effectual for alMrtac bad auoncuimun* the voice. 9n adTartuvrnt- dal-lf To tub Arrucm f-JI* eacftoreadttfadvartiaement of MoLean'e fltreagflwtiag Cordial aad Blood Purifier. to aaotker column. 1/ P dmiri >o22^jSu slws ^ | ~w~~ - " Hoviorimc Rekkdim All of Dr. Huffl^fcreT" ?(!? ' ?p?qilo HonMpttMc Rame<<iH tut or mh?mIt for fiunirr use, in boxen, ?t 35 and V> cent* each. Al*o, in oaaes, containing a) via!*, from $4 to ?t each, with book of full direction*. For *a!e by 7.. D. Gilman. .150 Pa. a venae, wholesale and retail Ai^nfe XV. A FltxgeralTi. 34s north F street; also bj F. B. Winter, corner of Ma**achii?ctt? avenue and Sixth street. AI*o, Ptmd'i Erimrt VfittK Hnzrl. for internal and external inflammation* of ail kind*. 8ol? a* alx^ve. - ina 9 Iy Hollo\v*t'* Pill* a*d Fart:? for th> Million.?hi a recent rnvctmrnt of n?" t fouon |ovofnnieni. inese medicines are admitted free ofoiity into all port* uf France. The* are extensively emp'oyed in a l tbe public ana military hocpitals throughout the Kmpire. The Kinperor has signified Ins appreciation of their virtnrs in an autograph letter, to Dr. HoilowayDuring the late Campaign in Italy, large quantities were used for the wound'd at Breieoiaaml Montechiero. * old hjr all Druggists, at 25 cts , 62 cts., and per bo* or pot. iaiMw Rradu, have yo* seen Prof. Wood's advertise inent in our paper. Refr' it; it will interest you. au 3fr-eoly MAKRIED. On the 17th January. Ift61, by the Rev. Dr. Hall, HKNKY DAVEV.of Washington,to .Miss JURY PIC. of the Nav* Yard. DIED, On theJlat inatant. of typhoid fever, HENEY ROCK, in hia 27th year. Hi? funeral trill takep'aoeon Wedneadar eroninc, at half paat 2 o'clock, from hia residence,oorner MftaFaohoaetta avenu* and Sixth at. Fnemla and acquaintanoea are inrited to attend. * On the morning of the 2lat instant, after a abort illneaa. EUGENIE PENNOT, eld?at daughter of J. I. and Louiaa Donnelly, aced lo reara and 3 month*. Her funeral wiK take ('aoe on Tueadar after uuvu,tuv luiuirn, si a o oioci, irom the residence of her parents. No. 246 L atreet north, between 18th and 19th sta went, to which the fnenda and acquaintance of the family are invited to attend, without further notice. * (Philadelphia Ledger copy.) Bnotiok. y Order of the Board of Trunteee of the Pjhlio School* ol thia cit?, prop'ieals will be received hy tha undersigned until Saturday, the26'h in*ant,for the supply of auoh Stationery ard Text-books for the Teachera and indigent pnpila of the public bo hnn! a a mm ? )>a no<ia.-*a?? * ?? -v ? wo ikuj </w iivvr-cii y 1"* lliv l>(|iaiiL'r *11 tlio school year oadinc JuIt 31.1M1. to be furnished in ouch quantities as may be required from time to time. Persona desiring to bid for the above will t>e furnished with a list of the l>ook* and other articles required upon application to the undersigned, ja 16-eoty V. IIARBAUHH, Treas. PANIC l'KICKS ! PANIC PRICES! GREAT RKDUCTION IV THE PRICES OF CLOAKS, ARAB$,FASQUES, CHESTERFIELDS, h . *e. 9/n Cloaks, Basques, Ac., reduced to 915, 916 do do. do. A12. Srl4 Chesterfield* and Arab* do. $M, * 12 Arabs, Knglish Sacks. <kc., reduced lo iff?. $10 do. Ba*i|nea, Ac. 4.0., d". ?7, ft.c. The above rednced prices muit enable us to c!o?e out our ctock ol Cloak* Arabs, Basques and Chesterfi?ld? by the 10th of February, whioh is onr determination. in* Now is the time to secure bargain*, ?t ja IG-3teo M AXWF.LLS', .'<3* Pa. av. L/< BEEF-SALT BKKF. OR SALE, in lots to suit purchasers, about 4 000 pounds Salt Beef, in excellent condition, at 4 cents per pound. Applv to W. Lll^KlN'S. Stall 66 Center Market, or 5 and T Western Market. ja lfl-6t I.VIK T\vn wi.-fira i jnum-u i un? > - ' V ? cijixc uv/11 U ft IV l PKlALili ? o->ntiml<* to ?ell the na ance of the stock of Dry Goods in "torn No. 521 Sevonth street, (sign of th.1 Red Flat,) at errativ rm'uc^d prices, before removing to niy new huililin; on tlie Avenue. HKNRY KUAN, .Vil Seventh ?t. ja 1<t-6t .Near Avenue House. PftUMM OP OUR OWN IMPORTATION. Wo are tn-<1\y in reo lpt of our usual supply at tMs'eftfon of firtst quality Bordeaux Priiii-**. selected jor u? in France. They are cepea:aliy large ai <1 rich in flavor. ja 17 KINO fc HI RCHK.l.t.. \r WOOD AND COAL. OH Will miroly get you' money's Trorth by calling at the PIONKKR MILLS, fvuthwest ccr fur of SfVfnth sti'rl ami ('anil, (6KO. PA6K, A<?ni > i n"y ??>i oiioipf r ami fciva i>?tt?r r.ietsure than any otiiom in the uity?cut, split, a&d delivered free of charge. 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A message from th? nme, enclosing a report of the organization of a volunteer patrol force, the election of Col. Richard S Co* aa chief of the same, <Jcc j and aa account of Mr. Chas Truunel, for gravel Tbe following resolution! were paaaed Resolution to supply deficiency f>>r Improvement of High street; one authorizing the Mayor to accept the services of a volunteer patrol; [this resolution originated with Mr. Tenney, and ta not the same as was passed by the Board of Aldermen;] one relating to a strip of ground on Frederick street; one to pay expenses of p.?or and workhouse; one in favor of \V. D. Wallach and Charles Myers A Son; and one In favor of Jos. Nicholson. The rammllti>? r>n wtlumnf? ? ?v ^.>Vvra? mstuai^m from further coneideratlon of the petition of ?am*l Rainey. When the Chair announced unftniahed buaineaa aa next in orderMr Stake aald that before proceeding he would tlate that we were without an acting Mayor, and 'it would )>e ne< f**ary to notify Mr. Crawford and have him Installed. Mr. Tenney asked what the gentleman pro- 1 posel to do? The court, if he waa correctly informed, bad not decided that Mr. Crawford wai i Mayor, but only that Mr. Addlton had not received a majority of legal votes. He (Mr. C ) i waa Mayor by virtue of holding over from 1S57, and there waa no need to iwnr him In. He bad 1 ur-cii iwurn in. ne(.nr renney) would recog- i dIii* hlmu Mayor to-morrow Mr Fearson said it was customary to swear In the Mayor before both boards. He wanted to comply with the forma. I Mr. Hill said this debate was not in order If there was no unfinished business, let us take up the buslnew from the Board of Aldermen. He ?tid not know why the papers did not go on the President's desk Mr. Stake read the law relating to instillation of the Mayor, and said the timeliaving expired for which Mr. C took the oath as Mayor, It was i^wwooij H/nwmr uim uin^ain. "H WOlllO JJlVe me great gratification," said he, "to tee that gentleman here among us; hut not aa I uw htm nearly two years aco It is the hlghe*t position to which we can elect a citizen, and It ia proper he should take the oath in a aolemn manner before this body." Mr. Tenne'y restated hit position, and appealed , to Mr. Dunlop to know whether he had stated the decUlon of the court correctly. Mr Dunlop could not undertake to speak of the official action of the court, but the decision as h? understood it was. thaf Mr. Addison had not receivea a majority of votes Thi? action wm ratber hasty, and we bad better wait for some , official notice from Mr Addison or from the Clerk. Mr. Hill said we knew nothing of the case officially. and ought to proceed with the regular ord?r of business Mr. Tenney asked the President if thers were not communications on his desk signed H. Addison, Mayor T The President (Mr. Plckrell) said there was, ' and we could not act on mere rumor her*. Mr Fearson was at court when the writ was issued. He bad not seen it served, but understood it had been, and that the ex-Mayor bad moved froin tho M avap's **w\A /*?*? * "*" .?v ujvt a auu ?vi'? II1B fllTflir property off The office was vacant and readv for a new tenant, and be would take the responsibility of moving that the Chair appoint a committee to wait on Mr. Crawford and deaire hi? pretence 1 here. Mr. King thought we had better take the advice of the Corporation Attorney. He had advised 1 it on both occasions of swearing in befoi*, but was not regarded. Mr. Tenney was glad bis friend (Mr. F?arson) used the term ex-.Mayor. Mr Addison was exMayor contrary to the will of the people, and, in his opinion, in opposition to justice. He was also glad be bad said private property, and not public property. Mr. Fearson accused no one of stealing. Mr.Tenney had not charged any one with steal iuk. oni who lacing away the property or the Corporation. We were not the Corporation. It would require a joint resolution. The Aldermen mint act with us Mr Stake said, no course we could take here would be more inconsistent than that of our illustrious predecessors, who, while the matter was !n court, swore in one of the parties a first, second, and he believed third time. They did their duty to their friend," said he; "let us do our duty to our friend. Let us pay him the respect due to him. There is not a man here but is fully satisfled the office is vacated, and it is our duty to swear Mr. Crawford in, notwithstanding his holding over. If the board do not wish to act tonight, however, I will yield " Mr. Tenney?I wish to ask the gentleman if he honestly believes that R R. Crawford received a majority of votes at the last election? Mr Stake ?I do. Mr. Tenney ?Ttien the gentleman differ* with a ?worn jury of his own side Mr. Stake said he could not speak for what took place in the interim Mr. Fearson movtd a committee be appointed to wait on Mr. Mr Stake said this was not the proper time. He was gDintr to prepare a message to the Board of Aldermen. Mr Tenney wanted to know if this wa? unfinished business. Mr. Stake moved a suspension of tbe rules; which motion was lost. [Mr Stake subsequently prepared a message to the Board of Aldermen. which was agrt-ed to and concurred in by the other Board, proponing a meeting on Monday evening at o'clock.] Bualn' u from tbe Hoard of Aldermen was then taken up. Tbf^etter of J K. Rees'.de was referred to Messrs. Strke. HIil. and King The report of the Hoard of Guardians of Georgetown School was referred to school comniitu-e. Mr. Tennev asked nnatilmmiaconsent to introduce a resolution inquiring of the Recorder if it was nec?-*?arv to swear Mr Crawford In r.gaiu. Mr. Hill objected The Vanderwerken resolution having been amended in the other l>oard by substitution of "10 rui? ?->rvt ' >? ? ? ??? " **' " vvH*> iy *>-?? 1/ f?*: ucin i^uaiiniy, said amendment wai not concurred in. and .Mr Hill aaked a committee of conference, which was agreed to, and the chair appointed Messrs Hill, Tenney, and Dunlop. Account for fuel for Orphans' Court; referred to claims committee. Resolution In relation to patrol; laid on the table. This report is already so long that we are obliged to omit the debate nn Mr. Tenney's I'nion meeting resolution, which waa opposed and voted J -A-* > ?U-*-ll f ' uuwu iui iuc irjuuni di Bi.uru, lumiui wrre I Iiioil men here, and that If a meeting I* desired It would be better for the citizen* themaelvei to act, and not the Corporation. Adjourned to Monday. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS Y*?GKORliETOWN TAXES FDR l-KO.F. 5f All p'f*on? in arren's tor tsxe* tor Ufi' are h?rehy ur*etitlr rfqurttrri to c?l> ? the Ma* r'? Office aa?Tpay the iun? to Mr.* i.aird. the i'lerk < ! ilie Corp ration, who is herel^y auth'iMied to receipt lor in9 tlunnr my confinement to the houae. I trust tha'thia call will he rnaponried to, iniiainuob aa I sin di*a?led,nni will be for ? me CHARLES D W ELCH. N. B. School Tax ahoal.l lie paid previou* t?? the day of ( ution. ja 19 rp JF.WKI.kvstokT: I H E Uadoraisned continues her late hua* an<l'a liueineae at tne well known J-.'welry Eatab- Jtv lislnnent, No. .VJ Mridee atreet. Fine Jewe ry f7|l for ?ale at th* loweat rat' a. and wa eh repai CuJai im attended to iu a faithlul and prompt m&nn r a* uaual. ja 19 3t Mrs. MARY WATSON. p* astern fish and apples: HERRING, ALBTTIV^CS AND MACKEREL! ?K) barrels Kastport No. 1 HERRING, SO ilo lldstua Nu. 1 do liiO do Labrador No. 1 do 2" half-barrel* do do barrel* Meremnche No.l ALEWlVfcP, I0? do >*t. John's to 25 .'o No.Slarge MACKSKEL, 26 do No. 9 su.all do ?? do No.2 BALDWIN APPLE9. Allofwhiohwe propose to oloee out at ?2-5' to $2 75 for Herring; ?4 to $4 50 for Labrador H'rrinn; S3J0 to .?4 or Meremnoti* and *4 Y> for St. Jnhu a1 wive*; $5 26aud S# 50for *mnll and large And laalae ? ?' ???Ae * ?? fm ' ?? meet the view* of&ur*T*.r HARTLEY ft BROTHFR, 99 and 101 Water itrcet. ja W >w 0?or?town. D C. 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Thr aecond resolution waa amended by appolntlnir Trier, Wm C. Rlvea, Jobn W. Brork enbrougb, Geo W. {*? miners, and James A Sed dona, coinmiaaloner* to Washington on the 4th of February, to meet connlaaioner* to be appointed by otber State* The fifth resolution was amended, modifying Mr Crittenden's proposition to give additional protection and security to alare property Tbealxth resolution was amended by appoint mg Mr i yier a commissioner to wait on the Prnidwit, and Judge John Robertson a Commit loner to S^ontb Carol! r>\ and other seceding State#, to request them to abstain from hostilities during the pendency of the proceedings They were then pawed?aya* ?l, nays i. Mr Bruce offered the following : Rtrolwt, That If all efforts to reconcile the unhappy differences between the two sections of the country shall prove abortive, then every consideration of honor and Interest demands that Virginia shall unite her deatlnlea with her sister slaveholding States. Adopted unanimously. Mr. Stuart offered abaslt of adjustment contemplative the withdrawal of the trust in regard to the Territories from the bands of Congress, and providing for an equitable partition of tbe Territories between tbe slavebolding and non-slaveboldlng States by an amendment to tbe Constitution ; and tbat tbe States created out of tbe Territory nortb or south of 36 30 shall be admitted with or without * aves, as their Constitutions may ordain Ordered to be printed. The House concurred in the Senate amendments above given. Mr Seddon offered a resolution of that the Interest* of Virginia are those of her Southern sisters, and that no reconstruction of tbe Union can be Permanent or satisfactory which will aecure to each aectlon self-protecting power against any invasions of tbe Federal I. nlon upon the reserved rlghta of either. Adopted. IHaiuiliiietti Legislature. Bo?Tox,Jan la 'The Legislature has unanlmoiltiv liaucd runliittont taiJwi no lh? p.i?. inch aid in men and money as he may need to maintain the authority of tbe General Government. The preamble derlarea that South Carolina haa committed an act of war. The Senate haa paaaed a bill authorizing an lncrraae of the volunteer millitary of the State It will doubt lea* paaa the Houae to-morrow by a large if not a unanimous vote A bill waa introduced in tbe Ilouae for tbe enrolment and equipment of'JO ,000 me a. to be ctyled tbe Mnsaarhuartta Volunteer Militia, to continue one year, and authorize the Governot to tender the samr to the Preaident ?T*? ? _t * - - " B i ur i/ men araoncumion Here li to be a public meeting in Franklin Hall. The Hon. Ldward Everett la to be Invited to apeak A memorial it to l>e aubmltted to Congreaa fo^ the pacification of the existing difficulties l>y auch a compromise a* mav be deemed expedient Mr Redpath ia here, and denies that it la hia Intention to run ofl'clavea. Gearjla t?a**atl?a-RrcrptM ! the New Yerk Reselntisna Millkdgsvillk, Jan 20 ?The Governor of fieorgia yesterday communicated to the Convenlion the "threatening resolution* adopted by the New York I/euisiature on the 11th inst?nt; after n reading of which Mr. Toomba iatroduced the fA1U>?( iviiumn^. Be it vnanimcvily retolved the people c/ Georgia, in eonrt*tion anembled, (ai a re?|?on?e to the re#olutionsof the Legislature of New Wrk.) That we highly apjirove of the patriotic and energetic conduct of the Governor of tbla State In taking possession of Fort Pulaakl by the Georgia troop#, and request him to kold possession until the relation* between Georgia and the Federal Government shall be determined by this Convention, and a copy of tbis resolution lslierebv ordered to be transmitted to the Governor of New York The resolution waa unanimously adopted VceAUn in Ltaitiam?The rrijrimnir Arranged New OPLtANf, Jan. lb ?The programme for the Louisiana Secession has Iwen agreed upon by the leading members of tb? Convention. Arrangemen's are making with tb? seceding State* to bold a General Convention at Montgomery, on the *JOth of February, for the purpoae of devising a plan for the new Confederacy. adopt the federal Constitution, claim the title of a Republic, and ask recognition by the European Powers The 1'nlted States forts at the mouth of th> M iuiui be largely reinforced, and It ia contemplated to fltout private; rt, if coercion ia attempted by tfce North New Oklkaks. Jan. 19 ?The returna from tbe election for dt-le^atea to tbe State Convention abow tbat two-tbirda of tbe inembera to tbe elect are aeceaaionlsta Florida irad* forTroapt New Orlkan*, Jan 17.?Tbe commander of the Florida forcea haa telgraphrd to the .Mayor of New Orleana for 0,(?ii0 men to aid In the capture of Fort Picken* New Okleak*. Jan. ?Tbe Mayor replied to the reauest for troopa from Florida that 2,(iU0 men could be raised In forty-eljjLt hour* if Hor'.da would equip them. To tbl? tbe Governor of Florida answerrd : Send immediately. Tbe excitement h?*r?* ? Intense, and meetings will be held to-morrow. New Okleaxs. Jan 19?Tbe ptlotaof Peua*rola have been notified not to bring In any I'nlted Stat?* vessel* under penalty of death A ship is tahore fifteen miles east of Fort Pick ens supposed to be the United States store ship Supply, with the officers of the Navy Yard on tujird. Lieut Skinner commanding. Fort Pickens ia expected to surrender to the Florida forres. who have twenty-five heavy gut.s Alabamt Legislature Moxtgomkkt. Jan IV ?Tbe House passed a bill to provide againat tbe Invasion of tlfe State ItV sea Pilots bringing foreign vessels into Mobile are made liable to fine and imprisonment in the Pen'tentinry The Commander of Fort Morgan is authorized to destroy the bearon Jigbt and other land mnrks at his di*cr tion, and to contract for tbe construction of a tel egrapti line to Point Clear in order to ensure more speedy communica lion wiTti t-ort Morgan It ia underatood that Mr Huper. of Mobile, will be a candidate for Clerk of the Southern Congreaa, and will be warmly support >d by the Alabama delegation. It Ta lmpowible to get Information of the secret proceeding* of the Convention The Mlwtari UaTrntlia St. l?on?. Jan 19.?The Houae Convention bill was aligbtly^amended by tbe Senate yesterday. In which tLe House concurred, and the bill finally pawed. The amendments reads thiia: ' No art. ordinance or resolution shall be valid to change or dissolve the political relations of this State to the Government of the I'nlted St it*-s or any other State, until a majority of the qualified voter* of the State shall ratify the same Mr. Russell, Commissioner from Mississippi, made a strong s?v?*?aioii speech before a joint session of the Legislature last night The^New Jersey Legislature. TkINToM. Jan. III.?The mainritir of lh? I Committee on Natloral AlTiirt reported a atriea of resolution*. to the Senate, fully endoralug tlie Crittenden resolution!, iintruding tUe Senator* of tue HHr In Congreaa. and reaueatlng the Repreaentativea to support them. Tbey will be dl?cusaed next week, and paaaed by both Houaea. no doubt Tbe Coii.iultlee also rail upon Congre* to order a National Convention In rnae Critten den's or similar measure* are not speedily adopted wniTiiiraiiva ?i M r p> Bl rruiCtll* Pes?acol*. Jan 19 ?There are near two thousand Florida troops at the Navy Yard and reinforcement* are arriving from ail directions The United 9tates*teamthlp Wyandotte it now lying at the entrance of this harbor In communication with Fort Hiok?*ns. having the families of the >.Hirers on board S*he is out of coal and supplies, hut is not permitted to enter the harbor. Opinion here is divided as regards the prospects of a light. Mississippi Legislature Jack*on, Jan. 19?The Committee on the 9outhern Confederacy In the Legislature haye re* f 1 .- * ? * ? ? - 1 -M - * % " * ? putKti rrwuuuunB uiprovioe iorinr n^ouicmeni ; of a Southern Confederacy and a Provisional Gov- j rrnmrnt for the seceding States It is proposed lo send delegates to the Southern Convention that I lueets at ,Montgomery on the 4th of February. Opp?tli*a to Ctnprmtie. PiTTSBCBu, Jan.-20.?Last night an exceedingly disorderly and (inharmonious meein? was held here in reference to the national difficulties. At l*rg? proportion of the meeting were opposed lo the Crittenden or any other com promise, *nd final- I _ _ ?- as? - a * - - -- ty me meviinif nrosr up in com mon, me M^hta being extinguished by order of the Mayor. The Mar> land Uaamln. HtiiKKBG, Jen ?Powket Pa'mer, of the Senate, and Hon. Gideon J. Ball, of the Houae. recently aent to Maryland by Governor Curttu, retinned la?t night from Annapolia They exi>r?MS themselves highly gratinid with their interview wtthGovernor Hicks jiuiiifuvi ? ?r icriBuiriUB Pbtbbubpbo, Jan 19 ?One thousand kegs of powder and 'JU.WO pounds of q^ot aud shells, from the Tredegar works, Richmond, Wft bere Ibis morn I no by special train via tbe Weldon and WiUntagtM Railroad destination Cb?rk?U>n, to 1 fr?a lUatl rtrtllat Cha?l*?tom, Ju |? ? HwlMHI Ttlb?L Major Andervon'a beam of to laeka i^iirk^ W >ukl Tk. tcj I ? Washington are gloomy. Am executive ao-aion of tbe Senate was bf Id a greater part of the night la refrrence to tbe n??tter Tbla morning a flag came from Fart Sumter Tbe object of the meaaenfer la n!d to bare been to demand of South Carolina the atof> paff of her fortlgcatloua now la progreaa Lieutenant Davie. with foar aoldlera from Fort Sumter, la In tbe rftr Tbe aoldlera are witneem la a murder caae. Lieutenant Devia la oa parole, and ia bring entertained by bia frlenda Ha drtnka to a peaceable settlement Major Andereon la allowed to get freab provlaiona in Cbarleaton Pmibi tar<>? V wan Mb t' ? ?a i. ? ? * - w i ?.?amynHf i? ?j??" hrrr to-day Five gniM we rr Or d from the clta del yeaterday n honor of tbeaecedlon >Ul? The aeceealon of Georgia produce* ? happy ?Act. Ml there ha* aa yet been bo general demuoetratioB to celebrate it. Cbablb?tob. Jan 21 ?The four aoldlera Jfrom Fort Sumter aa wltnraaea Id tbe murder caae attempted to eacape from the grand J?ry room oa Saturday by jumping from the window Th a waa prevented, and on lowing the court ttejr were eerortcd to tbe boat by a fie of Sooth Carolina troopa Yeaterday (Sunday) Gov Plckene a-nt freab provision* 10 .Major Anderaoa, wl ft bit compliment*, but M'jor Andrrton darllaed to receive tbem. thinking the Governor for hit arte*), but saying be inuat decline to receive anything until be knew what tbe Goeeranwnt at W uUacton Intend* to do In the premlate Salf ef Mlraati Strantrt New Oblban*, Jan. SOth ?The Mexican prlxe teamen, tbe Gen Miramon and tbe Marquis d? la Habana, were aold yeaterday morntn* U> partie* in Hattit. Tbe former brought SI2,500 and tbe Utter flu.oOO. Teaaeeaee Leflilatare. N a??villb. Jan. 10 ?Tbe Uuuac baa accepted the Senate Iftendmeni to tbe Convention bill, that delegates be elected *n the lih and if n>UW la Convention on tbe ttlb of February. j Haw f?rk Tlarlrata ' Nkw York, Jan *21 ?Floor Ir-w Inn and dull. Wbrat dull and unchanged. Corn eaater Pork quirt. I<ard ateady. Whlaky dull at la^c. 1CT Wt aee It atated that Andrew Hirnth, a young colored lad, now about twenty vara of age, who aailed from Warebam some tbr#e fear* ago In the Speedwell, on a Whaling voyage to the Pacific Ocean, deaerted the ahlp at one of the Society Itlanda, and la now married to tba anuiiairr oiuif ?ving or tfou Hoia. one tb? Society group of islands. H7" A man put two drunk' n women on the cars at f biladelph'a, on Monday, and the conductor at once put them off One fell prostrate, and a policeman coming up. abe clang to his knees, while the other nearly strangled him. and he was thrown down too With toe assistance of b> sunders, the women were taken to the station house. ^O TO eHEPHLtD'S, eornsr nta and D.sts., j?n ? gCHENCK'B PULMONIC BVRl'P. Dr. 8CHENCK, of Philadelphia, finds it mpo* aib.e to visit Washington every ??rt. and Ma [ made arranpomenta to positively be in the city the third Wedneeday of every nonth. He haa a auit of rooms at the Arenne House, where patieute can obtain advioe free. He only cba-fea when it ta neoessary to make a thoruaju examination of the Lung* with the Reepiroaaetor. 8. B. Waite is acent for ttohenok's PiIhoim Syrnp, price $1 per bottle, for the cure of CoacUs. tJolda ard C on^nrrption ; J*oheno?'s Sea Heed I Tonio. pnoe 51 per bott ".for Uvepepsia; J^chenolt'4 .M&nd'-ftke prioe ?c?dU t?*r box. for Liver Bikou* Complaint* and Constipation of the Bow els. I)r. Sohenok would be grateful to those who have t-een cured r?y hia remedies if I tier would leave their certificate* ol cure with 8. B. waitl, eorner t*gy?nth ?t. and 1A a*. *e l? Vn Health is, and sickness poverty US deed. Read aod if Dr. Aver'a Jtediomea do not do in thing to ennch mankind. CHtrifio. 12th N'nrmnhfr. IIS* Di. J. C. Atkb -KmnoH Sir : 1 should be wai.tin* in oonimon gratitude iff did cot aoknowl hJ**1 to too what youi aktll, or more accurate ? ronr Kxtract or Sabsapakill* haa done for mr wife. ?ha haa been for some jeara afflicted with a humor, which oomea out upon her skin in the au tuidn and winter with audi insurferaM# itching aa to renders l?f? almost into, erable. It baa never failed to some upon ter in cold weather, nor haa any r?w edial aid been able to haa ten its departure before apnnc, or to at all alleviate her sufferings from it. This aeaaou it began in October with ita uaual vio.ence. By the art vice of our oelebrated Burgeon. Dr. Kimhal . I cave her ronr Sarsaoarilla. In a week it had brought the hair or out epoa Iwr km worse th?i. we had ever seec it before; but it aoon herao to disappear The itcti:n? ha* oeaeed and the hamor is no* entirely cone, eo thai eke te oompiete!j cured, but ?Ull continue* taking the Saraaperille, to insure a oomplete expulsion of tke diaeaae from the system. Vours, reepeotfully. H mi. CsPTIP Prepared tvy Dr. J. C. AVER * CO.. Lowell, Ma*. Jal6 eoli |MPOETANT TO HOimEkEEPERft. t,* d ni- n tr ? ' a mi O. IV. VUdBbEi m. <-U.D Guaranteed not only ABKOLUTRLY.AND PERFECTLY PURR. ')Ut)tro?;. j Irom f ?h Sptwt, and e.wcned jy >?? xpr*wly for the pcrecce without reference to ooet, Tt e? are beautila. j packed 10 tinfoil, (,.ned w:thvaper,l to p:tsvent injur* by keeping, and are full weirtit, while tfi* ordinary froand Spice* are almost in variably short. We warrant them in poirt o? ^tren^h and rich (.en* of flaTwy, BEYOND ALL comparison. ? a aiule fri* will a -itidantiT ?ro??. ,xfcnn?icture>l okiy hj e. R. DURREE * COH ft> U-if.D* W.ti 1?? Kwarl ?u N?w_Vor*. French flowersof the very best qa&!it), ?n<i kq exter.mve v*net?. n A . At STEVENS'S Wight F&nc; Store wH no 22 tf ?nit l#l> ?*?. HPO INVENTORS AND rATENTEES. mi;nn a "company. Proprietor* of the scientific amkbicam, %ad Agent* far procuring American Md Foreign PATENTS. will Sitxlten Xtart' Krptrfnct t? Iht B Refer to Hob. Judte Mmod, Hob Jomm Holt, Hob. W D. Bishop. Kx Cn*mn?ioii?ri ofPaterU, Mid to rnnrt th*b kflren Ikcruimmti who hare had buuaeca done through Mncn A Co.'a Tat eat Agercy. Pamphlet of Adrioe aeat fir?e by mail. Patent Uviud Re(ulat)oDe,U4> pa?ee.3S ftente mail Office?No. ST Park Row. New York. Waah iBf toB offio*?oorcer F and {Seventh au., epposite Patent Offioe. dea eoS-H /2IBB3' WIO, BRAID AND CURL MANU"I FACTOR^ , 242 Penn. arenne, near u<? oorn? of Thirteenth afreet.?A very complete aeeortrn* nt of Br.Mdt. Cnrla, Fn set tea, lUndeaqe, Ac., no* on hand: alao, rcade to order at the ahorteet notice Hair Work repaired or taken in exohange. IM S *IT THK I K4I1R A vrff OAUPiNV K7W MM i? V? U VVWI M i ? I OF THE STATE or VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL f300.00?. In?ur?* Meroh&ndiM. Buildings, HosMfaoid Furniture, Ao , litiait Iom or dtM(t b* iro. HLATH A KNOWLE8. AgenU, Oftoo-Roon 16 or?r Bank of WMbinftoa. j* to rr, NOTICE. Wanted tntmodiatoly, 6 AW men to tay^V ^ MILITARY CAP*.8S<*nU apiM*. jort ( eiwd from Baltimore, from oar factory, V oogen Military G!az*d C?n?, aold at *h"'Ntl?U'< r<-ta I. Mint*ry HtU and FaUcu* Caw m?de u> order nt the shortest notice F IMTTRICH A BRO , No 494 7th ?t.. J* 15 M* near Patent Oftee 275 A L fc E N 275 JACKSON, I L AS T E R t M S. Pkitra. Amni, Between l?h and 11th street*. )e 10 f ? CEMETERY NOTICE. * nnMwuw oneraioraue nn ?t"<Ji o MAICESS ?*" - ?OTVT7h AV'SSt, Mftrbl* Work#. 348 E it ior&, Mltini Sotwwon ltth %ad uS??. TAKE NOTICE! WILL Ta??lkiu*iofVir|i?i? noon far my * det.U fcDd for BooU, 8ho??, md Trim ?U pers na mdeb ed to me will pleaa* o*'l ud Mttle tip. or I aha I t* eompe led to their toootaU into ine Uudi oi * c * eotor. ..... ^sss^&iar, setu. VALENTINE*! VALENTINE!* " Po* 1N1!2 T\t* trvl- rappliod m th? ovNt Nov York priom. A b?Mnitifu & wirtmeet of b?atiB>?otai ud Comic ? f ?U ?tj te? and ?t FRENCk * PICHSTEINfL J*? >'?>.>?????. Hard TIM KB r* PlA*o?.-w? tof* fc* p acad * our atar* Mvaral fcn? h>?- for aaM at ia?tiloM for oaah, ui aoooacaof i? M *06 **a. a*.. batlt' f -"^ U...Ma only! ^ M FeiMlftiSiSUC CANB"' ""M53W <\tn 4 9VSCMLL

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