Newspaper of Evening Star, January 21, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 21, 1861 Page 4
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1 ?" THE EVENING STAR. ~ [Fob th? Stab. ??T" Tbe following piece of poetry wi? handed to me laat evening by a little girl of thla cltjr, about 10 years old 9he composed It yesterday while at school: - - . Th? familr Oiarrfl The Family Quarrel ha* begun. A nd do or.? know* where it will ran ; Sister Cam has gone away. And no one knows how long she'll stay. Bister Lulu is going too. IAnd Papa don't know what to do ; Brother A.'a has followed her. And every thing is all astir. Came has threatened to destroy Quite ail our peace, and us anno; ; J?he trie? to rise ai>ove us all. And make as feel so very small. * Pap* say s that Carr i e i s mad, Ai d tnts 1 unnK is very uu ; Our p*aoe is gr>n<*. our horn* destroyed. And all our happiness a'loyad. Asmi. Alabama ?The news from Alabama, that the delegate* from the northern portion of the State refuse to sign the Ordinance of Secession passed by tb? Convention, unless tbat be amended so as 9 to make It Imperative until after the 4th of March next, w*s not unexpected, in view of the fact that a very large public meeting held in Iluntaville, the third largest ci'y or town in the State, recently Resolved that the people of North Alabama will take up arms agninst tbe disunion movement, unless the Ordinance (of secession) be submitted to popular acceptance or rejection. The position of North Alabama is immensely strengthened by the fact tint an analys's of the vote of tbe whole S? t# fn ^lprtiirr to th#? Cnnvpnfinn bows that tbe Disun!on!s?s per se, though able to control the Convention, were really In a minority of more than ten thousand vote*; the counties voting with tbem having few whites and many blacks, (population), while those votHlj against them have comparatively whites and few blacks. Cotton Ship brrmd ?Theship Birmingham, Capt. Johns, was burned In Mobile bay on Saturday morning She was loading for Liverpool and had already 903 bales of cotton on board. 117"The Inspector at Mobile notifies all mariners tb>t the light-house at St Joseph's Island will be exhibited every night henceforth, until farther nolle*. Cv* Mr. Willa ' the name of the subordinate editor of Dickens' All the Year Round It is he who In reality does the editorial work of that magazine irr The Buffalo Expressways It Is fa?t becoming fashionable in that city for ladiea to wear the balmoral without any dreas over it. CT* A man carried another ten mile* in two bourt aid twenty minutes, at Haverhill, Ma** , on Saturday, for a dollar wager. (IT" A young woman, Claris*- Marbet, recently committed suicide, in Marseilles. France,because she bad lost her beauty by the small pox. IT/* Tbe ire rron nf thA HnHinn hut insi rnm. menced, tbe ice la ei^bt incbea thick. ARKTVA f.S AT THE HOTELS. WU.LARDS HOTKL?A A Belknap, M B Fl^ld. NY; H Morrison, do; J T Ames, Maas; J l> W Joy. dc i: A Weir, Ky; 8 P Wl'son.N V; J D Uowland, Ind; Capt Ki:iK*bury, USA; Mrs A G Porter. Ind. T Boyd, 111 H P Sinlth, Pa; G Jobnaon do, J M Lovinn and ladv. Ill; A Winstow and lady, do, Mlsa Winston, do; E Spra^ue. Md, R C Sprague. do, J II Hayward. do; G W Ci.iill vv-. I II !. 1 r?-. o n ?1_i_ v i , rf mj o-iivn auu uuy, I af rv nrruc, and lady. Caoa, H M Taner and family, NV; Miss Sniillip*. do; Miss Taber, do; Mr McCook. (); C T Harvey, Mich, J R Bradford, do; R C Grwnlaf Mass; \V Kndlcott. do, M L Doberty,0; J v% Gfigr-r do; V\ H Buell, do, Miaa King, do; R King. NY. Miss K King, do; Miss McRae. do; E Longaeck^r, do; A S Wilson and lady, Mass; G A Giirnrr and lady, Va, C T Blake. Mms; E P Hopple. Fa, L Hobbart, NJ, F G Gale. NY; J R SSwd'in, O; S S F Hnnimedrlen, O R R; T F Hommt-drien. do; J Carlisson, NY; J Notbeck. do; \V H fcldred nud 1 tdv, Fia; S Hedges. Del; B Taimad^e. NY; D Bill. Va, 11 H Allen, Cal; J H Hiilllvin. I). BROWN'S HOTEL*?J Cochrah, R \V Wist, J Miaea.J 0 foe rich, H Thomson, W Kennedv, J 1) Cusra and ly, J A Trotter, G J Browning and soa, Va; CA Waterbury, A WitUe.GJalnage, J Bradley. B J Osborn. H Quackenbols, N Y, T A Kwintav. J M Woodward, Tenn; W T Martin, Mite; Geu R T Thorn. Ala; N J Smith, ? W T French. J K Shevbon. F Phillip#. J Philtps, K Tbigten, L D Tender, D 6olb, A Colb, J Slyman. NO: J A Silver, J C Merrill, J Bertty, L O Fuller, Md: Col G \V Ewing, Ind. Dr C Taylor and ly, Conn; Hon J Williams, A C Davit, KT; J Faro. J O Reanny, O. NATIONAL HOTEL ? H N Gambrill, \V E Broderick, C A Sponsor, Md; J Greeird. O; J *> Withered. Cal: E Jarvis, NY; G S Hawklus,Fla; G G Fogg, NH; C Kaufman, ?; 8 W Mathews, B I) Sady, Col Spencer. T Ponltney, W O'Brien, Md; J A kendisf,?; G \V Ross, Ga; H Benton and fain, Cal; A N Bernard, Va; Mrs Harris and son, NY; Mrs Rock, Kv; F Morrison, NH; E S Pormish. Md, H ft Peter, Mrs Rus'on, Miss Ruston. Ky; E Tucker, Mass; A Parkins, C Morris, Va; ? S Fisher, J II Sullivan, O; C F Tom. NY; ? V *r i . d %* n ?? ? -- ?? v .i otiur, i a, i\ i'lacay, i\ \^iapp, LMOOrP. NV: G Martin. Md, D Jonea, Me; J H Hogg, W ; . AIcDuffee, NYKIRK WOOD HOUSE.?D Hanabraugh, ?; J E Mitchell, USX; J Norton, J F Green, E Rav, T Wis. W B own, Mo; S Garland. CN; T M Buck. Pa; J L Showers, E K Deuman. M W Fiibtr, R B Horull, Va; T M Taletb. R Wigglesworth N Y; J Farkli?son, Md; J A Mannor and ly, Mass m , . JJ ? - ? Oct;Art S TEAMERS' SAILING DA YS Feom th? Uvitbb Statu. L*cr?. For. Days. fa e*tine. New York...Liverpool....Jan 17 Bremen Xtw York...Bremen .Jan 19 Nova S*eotiaa?. Port'an<1 Liverpool Jau 19 6 u(o? ...New York ? .Liverpool.... Jan 19 A uer ea........tfoeton .Liverpool Jan 23 Canadian Portland Liverpool Jan * > fc<:?uDurx ...New York. ? Liverpool.... Jan2t> John B?U..._...New VorK...Gla4gow Jau2-? Ana. New York? Liverpool Jan3? Teuton:a__~. .New York?. South'pton. .Feb 1 % ..... ?? * " UUIIUU ? l-iverpurj,. f olj 0 From Eukopb Toutoma South'pion.~Nfew Yor'. ~..Jan 2 fc'UuLiiir<h.?. Liverpool New tork...Jan 2 CanaJiaii,.... ? S< uth pton_ Port'and Jan 3 a ia__ li verp-nm New York..^.Jan s Kular - Liverp *>l....New ^ ork Jan 8 Arwu .__Southi?ton?.New York ...Jan 9 North Hriu o Liverpool....Portland .... Jaa U> * I Ue California man aUsmsri leave on tile 3th, l?tk, and 2Wu of every month. TTTT* Alir *T T*T*T?-r? ? T% a "*?? XXLA VXILI i.'A .& IT AJ& A JLlUAi WOHTHT OF UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE A PATRONAGE FOR STATE SMEX, JUDGES, CLERG JMEX. LA DIES, and GEXTLEMEX in a.i part* of iheworld testify to rffio&oy of PROF. 0. J WOOD 3 IIAIR RESTORATIVE, and reutl*m*n of the Pr*?? are unannnoiu in its pram* A few testimonial* only can be Here given e'.-i eu ar fur more, ana it will be imposaible for Tou to doubt. 47 Wall Stumt. Nkw York, Dec. 20,1&58. (i'ntUm-n: Your not* <>f th*? 15th instant hu been rt*e*ived, ?ayinc that tou had h?-ard that 1 ha t lw*en Hsuefited r>y the use of Wood'i Hair Ke?toraf vp, ai' requesting my certificate of the fact if I ha S no objection to jive it. , , , I awar^it to you ehe* ful'y, foeeauss I think it due. My aze i? at out ? years ; the on lor of my ha:r auburn, and inclined to ourl. ft?me five or rix T??ar? ino?? it began to turn ((ray. and th? soalf vn ineo-own of my head to lose it* sensibi ity anil . dandruff to form upon it. Each of the?# dinagreefthilitlaa t ?' * ?? 1 ~ L -T-,? .mvi j w iku unici nnu aixmit 4 DlOnifll since a fourth was added to them, by hair failing off1 the top of my head and threatening to inako me l*Ul. In this unpleasant predicament I was indnoed to try Wood's Hair Restorative, maicly to arrest the Ja'iin* off of my hair, for i had real!) no expeotation that era? nair ooutd ever be restored to its % original ooior except from d*es. I was, however. cmaUt surprised to find, after the nee of two bot tMB ou.y, hat not only was tne failing off arrested, bat the clor was estored to the graj hatrs and aanaibility to the soalp. anddandruff cased Co form on my liead. very much to the gratifioation of mr wife, at whose solicitation I was indaotd to try it For this, among the many obligations 1 owe to bar sea, I strongly reoommend all nusfcands who v*a? bieadmirati >n of their wives to profit bv my axample, and use it if growing grar orgettin* hat. Vert rMwif"!!* 6? ? ' , - ., ou n. 1.1VISDEE. To O.J. Wood & Co.. 444 Bruadw?j, N. V. Mr family are af-??at from l ha city, (vnd 1 am no loagar at No. 11 Ctrrul P.aca. Hiamston, Ala., Jdly 3", 1M9. ? To Pmor. O J. Wook litmr Str? Your "Hair r*?tof au va" baa rlona bit hair ao mien good nr.oa cmmai oa<l tha u?aof it, thatl ?nh to maka known to tAa puhao of its til act* on'ha hair, whica ara cr^at. A man or woman ma? hanaarly daprivad of hair. an* by araaortto your "Hair Restorative" tfeahtir will ratnra mora beautiful than aver; at least thi* i* kt eipeuecoa. Betiave it all Your* truly, W*. H. KxifZDY. P a V? ' - ... ou o?n por>n?n Ike ??> jr yon like Br aabUahtng in oar Southern paper* yon will (W m ?ra patrot a?? s<>utu. I eee aeverai of Tour certificate* ia the Mobile Meroury, a itroniHou'nern mif w. H. k?mki>y. WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE. Peo?. O J. Wood: D*ar Sir: Having had the n>>?f*>rt?ne to loe* the beat portion of my hair, from th? efTeoU of the yl .ow fever, in Nev Or?a<? in D4I. | was in-faced to mike a trial of your preparation. %ud found it to anawer aa tha very tying n?td<4. My hair ia now tbiok and glosay, and no exprsaa my obligationa to yoa fn *>T?n? . V lii# ?HlJOied luoa & I.'FMUK FlXLKT W.t.O*Th? Reatorati ve ia tut up in battles of three iiim. vii: -ATI*, medium and *.na I; the email hold half a ?tot, sod retai-* for one dollar per bottle; the medium hold* at >M- 30 per oent. more in proportion than the imfti!, retails for two dollars per Dottle; th large ho Us a f oart, 40 per oant. more in proper tio?, and retails flr>r #3 _ II, J. WOOD A CO , Proprietors, 44 4 Broad m. New York, and 114 Market street, BL Loain Mo 8o'd in this o ty by C. 8TOTT, IT# Pa. arenat. _an n eolr-aJw j VtMt w* ** ?jn?~ > ? ? J. W. COLLEY 4 CO., ? ? ^ i MISCELLANEOUS. The AvAMtHAiio!* or Latocasbs.?Th?r? in rowing tendency ? tiue m? to appropriate the j most *xpr9?*ive words of other Imubmnaih) after a while to inoorp%r?te them into our own; tbaa the ~ ^ wrvy W IVi ? IIIUII BO 11 UIU 111V U I OVB ) ?>| UU J 1 U| J 'lor the h4*d}" ib now becoming po?nl%nsed in e<>n?eotlon wah Mr. SMioing'e great HmmImIw remedy; but it will toon M na?d in a more general **j, and tli* word Cepba'io will beoome aa common aa K'l^stfotype and many othera whole diatinotion aa foreign worda haa Men worn away by common naace until they aeen "native and to the manor born." * ? * * 'ardly Realized. Hi 'ad 'n 'orrible 'eadaoke thia afternoon. 1 atepped into the hapotheoariea hand ?aya hi to the man, "Can you heaae me of an 'eadaohe?" "Doea it haohe'ard," aaya 'e. "Hexoeedmgly," aaya hi. tnH nann tKat 'a >a i>a ?na m Pankalia Dl'l ?iu up'u iH?? u ?a*v mo WV|?||?UU > nil nuu >on me 'onor it oured me so quiok that 1 'ardly realized 1 "Ail 'ad an 'eadaohe. * CTHiauachk ia the fhvorite sign by whioh nature ms.ce* known any deviation whatever from the rata ral state of the brain, and viewed ta this light it may be looked on as a safeguard intended to give notice of disease whioh might otherwlM escape attention, till too late to be remedied: and its indications should never be nerleoted. Headaches m%y be classified under two names, vii: Symptomatic and Idiopathic. Symptomatic Head AO he is exooedinslT aommnn And la the Brnnnri/w of a grut variety of diseases, among wJuoh are Apoplexy, Gout. Rheumatism and ail fibrils diseases. In its renrous form it it sympathetic disease of the stomach constituting sick Ktndack?, of hepatic disease constituting bilious htaJacke, of worms.oonstipation and other disorders of the well as renal and uterine affections. Diseases of the heart are very freq uentl y attended with Headaches; Anaemia and plethora are also affections whioh frequently occasion headache. Idiopathic Headache is also very nommoi, being usually distinguished by the name of nervtmi headache, sometimes oomiuk on suddenly in a (tate of apptrsntlv sound healtn and prostrating at onoe the mental and physioal energies, and in other instancies it oom?s on slowly, he'&lded by depression of spirits >>r aoerbity of temper. Inmost instances the pain is in front of the head, over one or both eyes, and fill*. Bridget.?Och ! ?ure now and you'v? sad it, here's the qasrther find civ me the Pills and don't be all day about it aither. 1 ( nMlpatten er Cesttreness No ope of the "manx ills flesh is heir to" ia so prevalent, so little understood, and so much neglected as Costiveness Often originating in carelessness or sedentary habits; it is regarded aa a slitht disorder of too'ittle consequence to exoite anxiety, while in reality it ia the precursor and oompanion of many of the most fatal and dangerous diseases, and onlesa parly eradicated it will ui iini9 ?uirrrt>r iu an unumeiy grave. Amonc in0 inhter evils of hich Costi veness is the usual attendant are Heartache, Colic, Rhftunatum, Fool Breath Piles, and others of like natnre.wbilea long train of Cnc htrui diseases siioh as Malignant Fevers, A beess***. Dvsentery. iWspepsia, IHarrhea, ApopL?xr. Kptiepsy, Para'ysis, Hysteria. Hypochondriasis,Melancholy and Iusanitjr, first indicate their pr?f?n'M> in the evstem by this alarivm* symptom. Not nfreqnentl* the dn-'a'cn named originate In Conwt'patini), but take on an independent exist enc? tin <*ss the cans* is eradicated in an early utare. From all these consideration* it follows that tne disorder should receive immediate attention whenever it occurs, and no person should neglect to get a box of Cephalic Pills on the first appearanoe of tiie^somplaist, as their timely use will expel the insidious approaches of disease and destroy this jub w? iiunuin mo* A R|>I B1hiib|. Fkvtietan.?Well, Mrs. Jones, how is that headache' Mrs. Jonts.?Gone! Doctor, al! gone! the yill jon sent cured me in Jnst twenty minutes, and rwish r<>u would send more so that I pan have them bandy Physician.?Yoa win net them at any Druggista, Call for Cephalic Pills, 1 find they never fail, and! rcoomineud them in all ca*es of Headache. Mrs. Jonts ? I shall send for a box directlv, and shall tell bits tint. Twintt Milxionb of Dollars 8av*d.?Mr. Spading ha? oold two million* of bottles of his oelsbrated Prepared (Jlu? and It in estimated that eaoh bottle ravea e.t le*.at ten dollar* worth of broken furniture. thus making an aggregate of twenty trillions of dollars n?olaimed from total loss by this valuableinvention. Having madnhiaGluea bonsebold word, he now prrrpoaea to do the world itiU ;re*ter aervice br oaring all the aohing heada wtth his Cephalic Pilla, and if th*r areas goods* his G'oe. Headaches will soon vanish awar like snow in July. II^Ovkb kxctteme^t. and the mental care and anxiety inoider.t to olose attention to bun nest or stuJv, are among the numerous causes of Nervous Headache. The disordered state of mind and bod? incident to this distrvesing oompiauit is a ratal blow to a'l er.rr5t aud ambition. Sufferers by this disorder can always obtain speedy relief from these distressing attacks by using one of the Cephalic fills whenever the symptoms appear. It quiets t;.e overtasked brain and soothes the strained and jarring nerves, ard rei&xes the tension of the stomach which always accompanies and at (javates the dieordered condition of the brain. 7 Facts worth inowtjsq.?9pftldin*'? Cepha,Uo Pills are & < ertsiri oarf for Sick Headache, Bilious Headach*. Nervous Headache, Costiveneas, and General Debility. Grfat Discovt*t.?Amonu the most important of aU the errat medical discoveries of this age mar Iks oonaideretHhe svstem of vaoeination for protection 1:9n tsir.aM Ho*, the Cephalic Fill for relief of Headache. and the uieof Unioine for the prevention of Fevers, either of winch is a sure apeoifio, whose benefits will be experienced bv n?r?rin. Humanity lone after their dlsooverers are forgotten! fC^DiD yon ever hare the 8iok HeadacheDo you remember the throbbing temples, the fevered i row, the loathing and disgust at the sight of food. How totally unfit you were lor pleasure, conversation or stud? One of the Cepha'io Pills would have relieved yon from all the suffering whioh voa then experienced. For this and other purpoaM yon should always have a box of them on hand to u?e as occaston requires. NervousHeadache Hcadache. By the nse of these Pills the periodio attacks ot Ferrous or Suk Htadathe may be prevented; and if taken at the commencement ot an attack lmme diate relief from pain and sickness will be obtained. They seldom fail in removinc the Nau$*a and H'tdncke to wbioh females are eo subject. They act gently upon the bowels,?removinc Ce?licmtn. For Literary Men, Students, Dehoate Females, and all persons of sedentary knhitt va'uable aa a Laxative, lmp-oving the arr*tUe, eivhif tone and ettor to the digestive organs, and restoiing the natural elastioitj and atrength of the whole iya*>in. he CKPHALIC PI L8 are the reeatt of long inveatigation and carefully oouducted experiments, having been in nac many yara, daring whioh time they have prevented and relieved a raat amount of pain and Buffering from Headaohe, whether ortgi rating in the nerrous system or from a deranged state rf the stomcdL They are entirely vegetable in their oompoeitioa, an<l may be taken at all time* with perfeot aa/ety without making any change of diet, and tkt ah i-nrf. qf ant dffritablt tattt rtndtri it Miy to admxmtlir ikttn to children. BKWARK OF COUNTERFEITS! The genmne have five aignaturea of Hmut C. Spalding on each Box. Sold by Drnggieta and all other Deal era in Medicine*. A Vox will be cent by mftil prepaid ox reoetptol the f RI6E, iS CKNT8. All order* ahoxld be xddreeaod to HfcNRY C. *FALD1N6, noUd&wl; *6 Cedu ftteot, Now Yoffc. I ???? PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. n II R I. I R NOTICE. Dbtastmsht ov ram IntiiioiJ WmsAimgtm, The. as. lMn. f Public notioe ia hereby given that kooda and oonpona annexed, of the description hereinafter aet forth, hav? lately been felonionaly abstracted from the onatody of the Interior Department, the aanne being the property of the United Statea and held in trnat for eertain Indian tribe*. Not toe aaa alao been given to the proper o Seer a of the reepeotive BtatM to atne the n&Tment thereof: and ail pcnoiw Are vtmd against parohaaiag or reoeiT inc ut of aaid bonds and ooapona, u tho olaim of the Uniud States thereto will bo proaoonted to tho u tin oat extant. Eaoh bond being for tho ram of oao thouaand dollars, vn : Six per oent. Miaooari Coapon Boada, issued in Jane and Aagaat, laW. State of MiHioari. 8t. Loais aad lroa Mountain R, R. State Boada. Bond No. 3037 Bond No. 1823 1376 1827 1996 1822 1997 1821 1998 1820 2008 1819 3007 1818 1&93 1809 1994 1817 1995 1816 1891 1815 1990 1814 1892 1813 1991 1812 2003 1810 > 2002 1811 1992 1808 2000 2031 2001 2033 2004 2034 2001 2035 1999 2036 2000 2032 2009 1826 1877 1828 1878 1829 1879 1830 1880 1831 1881 1832 1882 18?8 1883 I860 1884 1870 1885 1871 1886 1872 1887 1873 1888 1874 1889 1875 1890 2030 2045 2029 2048 2018 2046 2017 2047- 2018 2044 2015 2043 2014 2040 2013 oti 11 oni o *V7* AVJA 2042 2010 2039 2011 2038 1825 99 bonds 1824 Noi*.?Bond* No. 1000, and beiow of this terlea, iMued Jane, MOT, and bonds No. 2001, and above w Plra?"1 Btat^of Misaonrj }? p#r oent. jpoRpon bonda, mi : nunioai ana si. joM^n Kturoaa mate BondsBond No. 1853 Bond No. 1626 1852 1627 1851 1628 1850 1629 1849 1859 1848 1865 1847 1863 1846 1862 1845 I860 1844 1861 1832 1856 1835 1858 1833 1855 1834 1854 1836 1822 1&3T 1823 1838 1824 1839 1826 1940 182* 1640 1827 1635 1828 1612 1829 1?13 1830 i ah ia?i 1616 1641 1616 1642 1617 1643 1618 1644 1619 1645 1620 1646 1621 1647 1611 1648 1864 1637 1634 1638 1631 1840 1632 1842 1633 1843 1622 1660 1857 1816 1636 1817 lum ? wwv 4UtO 1639 1819 1841 1820 1623 1821 162-4 1626 . 90 bond* Noti.?Theee bonds are dated Janoary, 1897. arable at Bank of Commeroe, New Vork, In November, IMS-interest payable in January and July of eaoh year. State of Miaeonn aLx Mr oent. Coupon Nor& Missouri R. R. State Mhda. T)^A Va lon^o " o?J ww* vuillltlim, HUUOr mil OLAH mar a! so be named Neuralgia. For the treatment of either olaaa of Headaohe the Cephalic Pilla have been found a aura ana eafe remedy, relieving the moat aoute paina in a few minulea, and fr ita anbtle power eradioatinc the diaeaae of whioh headaohe ta the unerring index. Bkidokt.?Miaaua wanta yon to aend her a box of Cephalio Glue, no, a bottle of Prepared Pilla,? but I'm thinking that'a not juat it naither; but per hapa ye'll be afther knowing what it la. Ye aea ahe'a nigh i!*ad and gone with the Siok Headaohe and wanta aome more of that mm aa relaived her before. _ Ibrutfut,? Vou rauat mean ?palding'a Cephalio A?VUU UUUU i.1V. I ') ">? 2940 1638 2939 1641 2U41 1642 2942 1643 2946 1644 2945 1643 2944 1646 294? 1647 2947 1648 2948 1649 OOJU 1i?iA 2950 1660 2937 2022 2938 2923 1653 2924 1654 2936 1655 2951 1652 2953 1656 1657 2921 1705 2468 1706 2512 1707 2513 2152 2514 2453 2515 2454 2516 2455 2911 2456 2910 2457 2913 3468 2913 3459 2914 3440 2914 3481 2915 2482 2917 2483 2918 2464 2919 2485 2920 2188 2954 2487 2855 1651 80 bondi Not*.?The bond* numbered 2616 end beiow, leaned in Juouj, 1847; No 3910, and *bore thAt. i?iued in Aaxnet, 1897, ?A;abl* it Phoenix Be.nk, New York oity. MiMoari aixeeroent, Cpajon Bond*, ties North MImoo/FR. If. But* bonde. Bond No- 2773 Bond No. 2763 2784 2787 2786 2730 2781 2717 2782 2734 277V 2721 2783 2719 2711 2733 2712 2722 27t? 2720 2725 271ft 2777 2727 . 2778 2724 2766 2731 - 27? 2766 2769 47*0 5770 2718 2771 2715 2785 2714 2778 2764 277J r28 2776 2726 2774 2723 2780 2713 2732 2797 H beo* sressssaae* '? , * f $ IMiMomrl SU-#^r-?MC PtolA* Kailnwd Stat* Cocpon Bowk*. Ham) V? t*il i ? no. 9JOT 5150 5)81 5245 5J5S *244 5158 5843 5254 5*2 5255 5241 5253 5240 5252 5230 5251 5238 5250 5237 5240 Mil lAii* 5234 5348 5233 6105 5231 5194 5*1 5000 6100 4WV 5199 4997 5198 . . 4800 519T 499g 5310 4389 5136 4888 5307 487# 5308 5157 5309 5162 51 bofidi t?r*?t payable la Jmhttm J air at Moh jmt. Bonda of North Carolina?Coupon sue par o*nt. "North Carolina six par mbu. Bond No. 35 Bond No. 303 33 301 32 300 23 297 9 236 7 234 349 203 344 166 Oi*P t?< Ml 1VH 346 20 343 19 342 18 341 17 340 15 339 13 338 8 337 11 336 10 335 102 328 101 329 100 330 90 331 103 332 . 6 333 28 334 11 227 1ft 32ft 21 317 93 318 97 31ft 9ft 2Vft 95 239 94 238 62 237 60 23ft 303 72 bonds Nori.VTheee bonds are dated January, 1366, payable January. 1*6. at Bank of EepubMo, New York, lournt payable in January and July. North Carolina 6 per oenta. Coupon Bonda. Pnn/1 fl? 11 J U. ?u */VMX4 iA/UU IfU, IOO 832 736 831 753 I 830 759 820 760 834 761 835 762 836 763 837 764 8* 790 871 791 872 792 R7A Tat w'w VI 874 794 875 795 876 79ft 877 797 878 798 879 799 880 800 861 801 84ft 802 fU7 V?? WU 848 804 84# $05 850 - 800 85! 808 852 807 8-53 811 854 812 855 813 856 814 857 815 858 816 860 817 861 818 862 819 862 &ai 804 821 MS 822 8W 823 807 824 8rt8 825 809 826 870 827 883 828 882 H3V 884 810 885 843 7.11 >U4 732 845 ?nu 734 104 bond! Tbaea bond? ar? datad ioir. 18ff7, payable July, 1387, at Bank of Re?ubiio,N#w Yon; intereet payab ; in J an nary and July. North Carolina ail per eent. Coupon londa. Bond No. 599 Bond No. 493 600 494 603 495 604 496 605 497 606 621 607 498 wo MO 610 511 611 481 612 482 613 483 609 484 614 485 622 486 623 487 624 488 625 489 636 490 627 538 A*XJ .> 641 MO 642 541 643 642 616 543 644 530 646 531 647 632 648 533 646 634 64? 535 660 536 661 537 mtm mm* ?1B 616 529 61f 516 618 . 515 61? 517 455 514 457 422 458 545 ? 470 546 602 547 439 548 440 560 442 562 430 471 431 472 433 473 A It 4>i 437 475 427 47# 429 477 425 478 421 470 423 480 _ 421 612 ?01 513 544 491 119 bond* 492 York. Titiiii> >t>?fi?Cm "*>?? No 51 Bond Mo. ltl ? Iff. M 153 +e 54 j54 u. . " 3 M J?? ??? nwSrft nw-Ji f? |4#*>< Bond No. 97 Boad No. 163 98 163 99 1M 1W J2 178 191 lit 193 1** 19.1 m im 1* 196 179 197 IS IS II? ? 45 bond* MO Two bonis for #l,ano Mob, dntod A?nl, l?r. Bond No. 9 Bond No. 10 FiiU?n bonds for 91 .OB OMh.dntod Qotobor, \vn. Tig: Pnyabls it 0*ok or Ro^abtto, Oct >bsr. 1*7, Yia: Bond No. 1183 Bond No. 1192 1184 . 1193 1186 1194 1186 1196 1187 1190 1188 1197 llftB 1190 15 bond* 1191 tudnimiiz Hr oont. Coupon Bonda. of t\M? e*oh, of i3Vl .)f II'* jay?b? l?n la Nf* York olty.of tha following nni&aara, aad dated Ja_aBond No. 217 Bond No. 415 278 41V 294 47ft 297 477 40V 491 413 4tt* 414 723 And of tha folio wine tumbaraiaaaod January,1M4: Bond No. 828 Bond No. 1278 q9g 19k.o 830 And of the following numbers issued January ,1M6: Bond No. 1744 Bond No. 26# Slip 2491 2133 2892 2581 3066 2605 3121 And of the following nimberi issued January. 1*56. Bond No. 3149 Bond No. 4207 3464 42U9 3466 4209 3466 4210 3467 4211 3469 4212 3470 4213 3471 4214 3472 us I ST58 4^27 3894 ?29 3041 4550 3942 45o? 3943 46W 394* 4M9 3946 4670 3946 457! 3985 4749 4199 , 4751 4200 4861 And of th? following namb?ra iuu?d January*. 18TTt J V/V CA LA T) * *T r < uuyu ?v. r>ona no. 5195 5421 532ft 542ft 5359 5127 5360 54-10 53ftl '5454 5362 5436 53ft3 6437 5364 5438 53C5 5439 536ft 5440 5367 6441 5368 5442 5369 6453 5370 5444 5371 .VUA 5372 645 2 5373 5518 N 5374 5519 5375 5520 5376 5521 5377 5522 5378 5703 5379 5704 5380 5705 5381 5706 5385 5707 5386 5706 5387 5709 5388 5710 ?,i?U 111 1 P 471 |1 U?0 5712 5391 5713 5392 5799 5393 5639 5416 5849 5417 5842 5118 Orric* or the Secbbt&bt or thb Inteeiob, D?oember 86. 18fln. a 13 dtf J. THOMPSON,Secretary. QLD RICH, ?IELLOW ^N,l) ^URE MONONGAHELA RYE* WHISKEY, ConaoientioBalr diaUlled by Mr Jaraea Burnaida, of Allecanr Coaou, Penna., in the old-fa?tnoc?: honoat war. froi) th? ohuiorat and most oa.r?fW1l* aefeoted Rye. and to no otn ev?r offered lor *&ie ontil adapted to irholeaome uee by ag* It ia at onoa the mo?t palatably, a* it i? emphatically cue of the pores) beverage* id the r~voh of the poblio. To toe invalid.aa well as to thoee in health, it oommnnda itaeii for ita unrivalled *nalitie* aa a stiinnlant of the aafeat. aor**t, and moat beuefioect description. and many of the moat diatln|ni?he l Lhvaioiana are name it in their praotioe with the nppiest resulta CLERY & 3TOCKDALE, Proprietor*. 339 Walnut atreet. Philadelphia. WM. C. CONOVEK, Acei for the Proprietor*. 226 Pa. avn ae 34-ftm opposite Willard*' Hotel. pU RK OM) H \ K \y^I5*Ky.-On hand eevera * i/I gu* ?f] rarv U!Q KTI W nil 111 Utl* tilted. made by the not', reliable diatiiieraiK Pet.najlranm, Maryland ar,J Virginia, warranted para, Alao. Imports! Rmndiea, Hencwaay, Otard. Dupuy fc Co., Jniea Robins, &o. Also, Peaoh acd Apple Brandy, pore Holland Gin, old Jam&ioa andsL Croix Rum, and Wtoea of erery rarjety.a/i rt atand&rd branda- A ohoioe lot of C cara and Tobaooo YOUNG A KEPHART, Arentt. ap 14-1* #* Pa a?- and loth at*. ^ nil ! j*'.4 4' r . ^ j I I xfti?Smfnr m* b (rl? #V?' A.f ^ >a w 'm^CSY ?Ff*? rvw*/ik* M<m~<r>kf>*,) f~m ? i ^?00 Wfc/w* 9MJ>- ?|T tj?,/4?Mn/ } J 25^lP lBm*_?frd."r~*!!i?9*i?r -f-/'* v mmtm r?? i?>u> YaUvf HI ?*?-, at t, jLuimWWiit Ml'< ( / . /i ^rjk j iwmWt?<A? J>r?? /Vi*"? ? #<f? HI' U? r?fe" ? f? tu Ktuiemal M PI I IW i CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS inmimraf WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL AO OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND h COUNTERFEIT j OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WMJLDALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR I8S88TMWILUAM ST NEW MIL lOJt BALM IN WAnHlltVTOM MY ??4f RAIROVR A flKMWR* ST? BT***. h Uw ee^ plee* t? vlim eVJ "** ** ^ *?f I - L j ? " ' !' MBD10IKB8. i w lurmou loci ButrniL, XJ?| niHfll id fj* M??f f, f ! Crit^a KC*(tMAl fimii't ta lii FOR ALL DI8EA9E9 OP IMPRUDENCE. LET HO FALSE PWLtCACT FEETEM". APPLY IMMEO ATBLY. ACtEE WARRANTED, OR ItO CHARGE, in FROM ONE TO TWO DATS WiUim ( im lul.limwfM ihwimtih IkMH m4 llaMtt, iitmurj DuOtipt, laiMMt, w?nl ability. HtmMM, I>f?y???f,Uirwi.U? IMAI <V i>?ifHln Mm ihi 11 ~ ii ililj TiiHlfcai OiMMirfkfblw JtliMtM, I>:aHM M Skia, AfKxtM ( U* W?i ft. tN? Timkli nMrtin intiuf lr?a MMu; ?k? ? TMU?ik*M Omiril u4 PMmio PKIIKH ?*.?* ( I Mtrruf ? iar?uM?, u4 4mu?T MM I*4T U? MM TOIK* HU IfWltft *? Um kiumi ui txUai af I ?ij Th?, Iku 4rani u4 4muiwiti mm vtiM muil* i?m|> ? a aauntcly t*?at?nd( W Y*an( Mat <tra Mil thW kiMu u4 u.tailaat, VM atffci ?>mm ba*a MliutU UtMkll(l?uiM ink UltHMtM ?<tlM?ll|i m ?v*ii W unur U? l/r?. m*f Mil vNfc rati >?? UUUIt uwii rn<OM ? th>| m?? f,*u.a ?? ltaft,k?kf I?in?( HimiI TMklM, Mftiit <?Mln, hAmiun, ti, iNtlllr ??n4. Ii vW >1iim bfcr.alf a?4*a lk? UN af D? I. ?af !? ? tmalj iMlit ia feu hanat u a g aaUama u< MiHMl) Nit apaa Ma afcUl aa I pbyaialaa OrriCE Ma T 909TB PB.SDBt'CI mEBT. left kul ?4l |Mf fNM ItlUVMI HNU. ft* <MN tN? l>? iwii?t IUm WMmri Mat a* 4 naWt. fcmin mN |*M 1*4 aaaia>a ima| ML JOIHTOB, Maakan af lb* Eara4 CaUaga aflaifiaai, baate, irctnw hia aaa af Ut ?aa? aaiaaat Caiitfaa ia lb* kiwi lans a>4 lb* mtui fan af vbaaa Ufa baa baaa *f *ai la tba b*?Malaaf Laa4aa, Pan*. RMMh aa?*lan. baa a*fcwa< aaaa* af taa aaat aaaai iibmy caraa Uai aaw a?aa kaa?n, nui uaabiad til rlaffiaf la Iki baa4 am4 aaaa *kaa ula?>, fraal Btrnaaima, l?a>( aUraa4 ai aallaa aaanda, vitb fraqaai.t k .aabir.g, auaa4a< *?aaa aaa vW 4aaaaff*aaa? afaarf. vara aarad laaa?lata)i. take rttncik?a nonet. Jmmg M*? ud Mttn ?>m btti w|m< iktiu?l*M *7 I MnuB |mcliM In vk*a alaa*?a feafctt fraaa*a. J laari.?<S fraiu *?il tMiruuu. a* at (thaal, ih* ilii j *Wct at* oiffctly f?h *??i> *t?n aal**>, *ad if mm ? " n*4?n marrtaf* iDpMtikl*,u4 <wui>* bait mtm4 m4 fcadv, *h*?j4 apply ircfs*dlAl* f Tim* ar* ?> a/tk* ia< ati miutM; |Mm?< kt early liikiu *T tnth ?i? I Waakc*** Wik* ImI aatf llakt. nwi in tb? <!, Dibun* *f Lm ' Mwdtti Nvw, PklptuiMo af lh* in,P??p?p?t. IIiumi IrrtuMlIf.DMUfMrinKfUl* D.j??u?? fniuu, ? ?! D?fclhty, ymp^iii af C?.aamf>ua< , tc MKNTALLT.-Tia faarfal ?f*tUM Ik* al*4 a a* a*?k ta N 4r*ad*d?t#aa* af Mtreary. Caafaaian af 14***, (nrrtu t* af Spirit*. B?ti rartadm**, A**ma> af Sacitty, Inf PmrMt, ka>* af Mm4*,T;ai4fif, tu .ar* *aa* < ika a?ll* paaRCRTOII DII:k!TT -Tkmitki ui a?w lair* vkil * lllkat.uaafik... ?- ? * _ . ..... .1 ,.,.1. m.uiiiii lltnil. IM.i g Iflair ? (?l. *|Mvng vaak. p?l?, r arr??? and matutad. h??tr.f f?t?? l^?irull iMii'.'i ayaa, tMff r*rinf?atM*f Diak.A?u or iMPKuncncK Vkia tk ouafaidad ?nd mpn4tp| tturj af ylnnn k? ku tmbibad the Mid* af tftia pnir.fal <hi>u, H im afUa ktfftni ibftt lil-tlfnkd nkii ifih?nl ar dread fdnct't't daiara bin Inn *rf!? ?( thoae *k?, fran iJhm* reapecubUuT, ?> 4Una befriend km. hit* lata tbe budi el Ifnmm and 4Hif"in| nt'.?4in, wH?. in'.aft ki? af ckmi, tick bu p?c?n'it? uWaci, trap bus Mlktfta) IBMtb, ar ae lanf ae the emalleei ?? be attained, and in 4aef>air Im>? Tun ?nk reined bee Ilk te eiak <tr kM(i!!ix| dieappauxmeri, m If i!vf aee lhal 4?tf? paiean. Mercarr. baeteo tk* cane-ita immI jirrnar?a *f ta<a terrible d??ua, eacb >a A(?(lNM?'ttii Naait. i hraai. K??. V,n.4c . prejreaai? with friftufai rapidity, till daatb patf Cd te hia dreadfel aifirtrn bf eecdr f hife la->ei ee ?ered enctr; frern ?baaaMin? ee in?abr ralarva M JOIllflnitMtnr rie naaaat. ??* -?" AND IWFOTCfTT By tkli rrtu N?Mr vMlMMrfUi rntti in ipitdry iiriJ u< f?U ?if?? hkh< Thimii M*l MHMI u4 4<tiU?iH4, vM kid I Ml all l?y?. h'l Mm t???4Wt?lj r?li???4 All tmp*4im?ou ( Mirrttf*. PfcrrtMl H Mwttl Amoco . km ?f PmriiO'i Pivu. rt*w !rmiM?u I Yramklinf &o4 W >k**M *i LiktMUM ' tk? Mil rHkte4 ?H??4i> c?r?4 nniiurxuT or mr rm cm THE MAW V raOGCAKHI c?r.i itlhw i'?ut*?M I Ui lut H?nuu run. ar.4 tk? n?m?r??i imparuM ?'f Ml p*rti>*r< fr'rmti ky Pi. Jdaw. ? < If i nnrin ?f |k? ptpm u4 nk?< mmm, omMw H vlilk Wti tra*ar?d ifui ?><5 ifili ktfer* tk? nllii, M lMnklniu4?-|iii |NUtau rf ikinitu u< Hllir. ! I ntiliil (HNitM M IM ifliili'. -'? I JOY POR TBhiMCK AND HUFFF.RJN9. LET ALL IVljO jlkf AFFLICTED APPLY TKFDKVMRDY A*? KWJOICE IX HEALTH. Friend. do toa suffer? A re yon the of ap? oftnoae narnerova arme^.ta which ana* from tin , nrity of ti e biood.' Wi.atare the*, do yoo Mk 1 Ratbei ask, vktt are they not/ The blood ta the 9m mine of liie and health, and ?t u the first element , our being to respond to *.oaaae whieh aJTeete th? r,yatem. an the pa'*" infallibly efteeu Thee??r j frerailinc Neuralgia, thr irntatinc fcrya.pelaa.the ? ni tleSerofttta, the aci'L tiQc R henroatiem, Nec to a* Debility, I>/fpeseta. Lirer Complaint vithite ptraor aod dojeotion. and the* tilt that fle?h la heir to, den*e ?h*ir hkleope ohjic from the b.ood, Deal kind(? the* acd fently wifli the Mood. i Uae the Tita.:mt reeouroee of natare for ita aid. aod alitor aa to eotrimeud to your tor.hrtenoe aM eae that traiy walaab.e medicament known aa WDIAX r$?E}-A?LE iAcQCTIOX. With r? -tT' ^ ; ?"A ibHUllDKC PD^Olte f?5 '- ?fttniwt hap spoken la decided forma. ?r?itt.*Ii?2?5 <* tLl? *F** '^T if* ? tainM bj constant ?to?d? of Mr?tiT? ?ff?oti and th? happieet nsati ta from tU dm tyrr ait?r all other remedies and tfce t-esl toxical akili Kara fi^ed. uet 08 M?,m eono!n?ion, th?t oertiboaiea SUIT? Kr".7k ?"*ht ty'1" arTaaaer i ?oiaJ, bpt they arr ToluDteerad from the moefre KEfr1?? r?Bro? Wd J?f'T the hsrhM ^m.Tf Which it la aoaaible t<? eoirmen.1 ao raluah.e a aaeoibo to pcVlc &ppr<\*l. We mar Md alao that 1 earativa p'n?erno?o?the medicioc are am uaJlad t?oiy oy n? r-^'.'TRriv* pffiBote. the ?yet~in recover i In* from disease with renewed oonetitetionai vigor. . For sale t>T all reepectable Drnrsist* in Uue eltr, And by the . roarieter, MRS. M COX, None reuuine anlee- her nun? is blown on U?? bottle and ber ?eai on the cork in- Prioe 91 per bnttle, sis bott'ee for *. I Who I- '<i? jitent. R. K T. CIR8EL. Drug 11 si, 8*iir[fbiWDi 1> C.. Wholesale A cent for the District, and will supply the trade at ir.y pncea ' an 18 tr DR. I, BOVKE DODTJ IMPERIAL WINK BITTERS, Are now being need from Maine to the Great Salt Lake, anl the nnivrrsat verdict of all who uee them either as a *>rft'Mu or s? a fc?*>?r<w?, i? that > they are nanryarci Is tl;e world. Dr. Dods need * them stsoce**f*.iy la his piactice for tt year* before we puren*'e<< e! his: the n/ n;ht to m&nuActure ?(J prcwt ?-ns r?r * to tb? rvblio.ForUut cursor C*rjj;cnoi..l^d^ ucm. I>r?mmil PUM. Nsrriiu PasMM, Fsmii* to? ySucu, fcad ?S: o*?*< rr*i!TT*s ? tonic, rota 4o*bt? moat Ix-n.taole :en??d7. Asivle frop ? th?ir nW.c'.nfl prot?:i.f? tlie? fcre * >*r?< orce aa?l dei:rhtf*i j?ere<-*;e >r'* afl |M J.-SUar.t ?AU^ne e?ota ?T without their IsJmrwss ??**>?*, L#*t ?. i Meede*f nonuunty ?td 1.1 <!? :-si!.** ?>f tsrap?r?i>cs^fc?st?t k . - ,* a _ _ _ - I- ? ~ ni in "* K? ?C- ,^ wmtmmuw ?e(0M,oie tfinsra k W?W ?J.d 4*tUrmfd Lumti I ^ f *? 1<kx}?, ?D<! thsre^y ?/ lr?mtiiejs?Ln * eeBecao(1DT1lnfceilwe i ^BBKESfs** W**hin*tor>. dTc. tes? ^irav^rddias: lEn'o Cttr*' Mc: '' JTaiitod u>glv? MU. ^UA'RLBS WIDPIPIELD * CO* Proprietors. TK Willi** it., New Vort, *1-1 jf b. /JvBKworT \ f'^5; ?? DISPATCH 1 \ 7 \\ Sl/vSm ilu_Pice?! J mmmdM ?<?t * * ? " ? . ww mmrrrn* " * * fmmiiUs, u la rarj iminsif k> *?t? mm ik?M 1 ?n4 oodTeclcnt *w Tor rof*lrta< Firmit?rt, Th>j%, a Orookory,*o. iPALDnia*! riucriRKD alti inoetc all rach (xsercescte*.no feocMtinld c*o iJTorti to bo without it. It ? ! v?y? roo4y ?f It tkp ?tic?ili point. Tbi w po loaror a ?w?mm, hell, aid oCh?r orounettii work, bo popular 4 vmlMtM of rfLneinont ud ta*te. I empijw^ ??huvd. ua maambiaf ym'uM.le analltlM of the host ofMntt m&kvnr fit*. It w bf put*: in u>* ptee* or ordinary ia?eU*o< MacrMtJyninr- aidh??lYa. - W8FPWL iti'XWMRT HOVSM." Dr*i, ?l*. 48 Codftr itiwt, Nrr T?V to Show Cart MooiayaAiiac mm rtokti*. ITT* A iimI* Iahu ? ? , ? ??fAJ FTHKD elVS wii: ?*T? tec tinea 1U ooM ?n ullr to ?wn ko??hold?m Bold br ail ?romin?t WtAbonwa. DnntM, fjirowjni (tad Ptoraitvr* DoaJera, flroow*. ta? iwagaK noirlict. It ti:! rtud u> tlntt? wWl? 12.000 tks attention oTfee aabiio to oar l&rte *ad *fi.H leotwd *U>ck of OhMifMO* wkJ A pple (. liter, muk we f? wu>? to br ?ori? laio*. w win be CiM on r*uoDtbi? termi in kthi to Mkl roMB r amr ipntt Nook. ?t*e * * * Fj{8MBgg4?aW^glB 4?U *?P*.??.. hi tlnjJwMiBfc^ ^ A FEW PINK PIANO? FOR RKNT IT Af *5ssfivrift .

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