Newspaper of Evening Star, January 22, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 22, 1861 Page 1
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w 0 J 1 11 rnmmmmmmm p ??immmmmmmmm????? (gfrmittg pi ar. V?. XVII WASHINGTON. 0. C.. TUESDAY. JANUARY 22. 1861 N?. 2.473 ' I ???????????mmm THE DAILY EVENING STAR i? PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNO(fiV. SUN BAY* EXCEPT KD,) AT TW1S ST AH BULLDlNGft, Ccs**r a/ Tvnn 'tanii aver, ue andWtK *t., IT W, D. WiLLACH. Vnpera aerved la ptokifH by camera M II I "3*, ot ST cacta per month. To mail anbecrtber* the p rioe la $190 a T?r, m odeanet, $i for ail month*. 91 for three months; and for leee than t' ree month* at rata of 12 oenta a week. Pimte aof:ce, nni; in wrapper#, two caaTt. \ZT Ai v*iT:?K*a^j?#aottl<i be Bent to the oCoa pwre ? o oiooc m., otherwise isxej may not appear until the next day. FASHIONS FOR JANUARY. [From Le Follet J The reason for grand balls has not yet tornmenced, but we have already observed some ' varieties in dinner and evening dresses. The fashion is also nearly fixed for high bodies, and the different kind? of silk for winter wear. The Gabrielle form of dresses is distinguishable among the many others. The body and ekirt are made in one in front, without a band to mark the waist. There is a decided Taria?V. *LI. ?i ? t ~ ? ..J 2a 2. 1 ? L. vivftl IU IUC out IUI9 WlUlCr? ftUU It IB KOUWU uj the Dam's Imperatrioe. Last jear, it was the deep oasaque?very full, without plait# in front or behind?a fashion that was difficult to promote. The improvement renders the robe Imperii trio* more gr&oeful and more easily worn by all figures and in all toilettes. In front it is formed like a long casaque, widening considerably at bottom. At the seam, nuler the arm, there are wide plaits, like other dresses, and the back is flat and rounded at the waist; the fcieeres ar? with elbows and turned-back cuff< Black taffetas, with small bouquets, are de ldcdlv the fashion this winter. The i-lain brilliant taffetas, with plain or flounced skirts, aa.l the moire antique, are no longer the "mode." Dark colors for bennets, as well as dresses, are more and more in favor for dress Ti<its. Plush is much used for paletots and burnous, and is preferred to velvet on account of its novelty. Dresses are also trimmed with plush, even when made of velvet, if of a sombre color, and for negltgie. Morning dresses of white plush, lined with blue or gold color, are very a. 1 0if int an<l Ko.iAmSnA T t Km Kann nf vivgwu* Ull'4 V VVUIIU^i *. V uno VVVU Ui?i VVI v/t farprise that plush has not been more adopted for bonnets and their ornaments; but it will not be long before we see this beautiful material employe*] for these purpose?. Bonnets have not undergone much change in form since last month The mixture of black and white is still very fashionable, although colors are rather gaining favor. We must pass from the description of bonnets to some of the newest and most charming coif^ _ t a _ _ a i a a < .? nires ior evening aress. Ana nrsi 01 mese we mention tbe coiffure Uabrielle d'Lftrees. of ponceau velvet, over which wns rolled a thick gold cable chain, f>rming bow?, with a bunch of elegant white feathers at the side. The coiffure Duchess d'Etampes, of violet velvet, forming a kind of glory round Ihe h^ad. with a medallion of gold lace in the middle, fastened with an agraffe of diamonds, a long white feather curling at the fide. The coiffure Watteau?shepherdess style?composed of rouleaux and bows of blue ribbon, with a wieath of moss rose buds at the side of the head. The coiffure Reeamier, bavicg two barbesof blonde, drawn with strips of mauve ribbon, falling in a man ner to resemble a curtain, and on one side a large rose surrounded with buds and leaves A flit bow of mauve ribbon on the summit of the head The coiffure Zemea, made with a fulling of Magenta velvet, with a branch of white hyacinths on one side, and the foliage, with goid stars, placed in the midst of quilted velvet. This same style of head dress may be made of black velvet,* with white feathers and Sold flowers. The ooiffure Caatigiliooe. a baneau of green velvet, white dairies, and ivy leaves advancing over the forehead in a boanet; at the back, a drapery of tulle illusion crossing over a soft crown. A turban cap of tulle draps, fastened with g5ld gause. forming agrages. On one side some black lace falling over the tulle draperies, and on tbe other a group of manve anemones, with black enemones with gold centre*, and two bunches of green moss Black and lace fienus are both worn of an eveninz, and frequently are ornamented with bows ana ruches of ribbon, which enliven them, and render them very oharming in appearance. One fichu, which is of a novel style, surrounds the shoulders, forming revers, and terminates in front in tnro wiiip enrts ci-osapH and falling down nearly to tn? knee* At the back, it Has the form of a canezou, with a slight point. The moat beautiful aro made in guipure, with the small foundation of the fichu lined with a color suitable to the dress worn ?the trimming also, of course, being made of guipure. This fichu may be worn with any dresa, and is particularly becoming to the figure. giving a width to the shoulders. Tail Holt Brtter than n* Halt. The following laughable affair i? from a book entitled Fisber a River Scenes and Characters. Thft inr'irinnf ia 1 AS? r rwl in Vftptli Parnlinn Tt in the story of a man named "Oliver Stanley," who was taken captive by wild "iDjins." After dome consideration, tbey put bim into an empty oil barrel, and beaded him up, leaving 1 he buughole open that he might be longer dying. Xha prisoner relates a portion of nis experience in this wise : I determined to get ont'n that or bust a trace, and so I pounded way with my fist till I boat it into nearly a jelly, at the end of the bari, but it were no go. Then I butted a spell with my noggin, but I had no purchase like old rams have when they butt; fur, you know, they back ever so far when they make a tiltBo I caved in, made my last will and testament. and virtually gave up the ghost It wur a migh'y serious time with me fur sure. While I were lying there, balancing aooounts with t'other world, and afore I had all my liggcrs mads out to see how things 'nd stand, I he&rn suthin' acrambulatingin the leaves, and snortin', every whipstitch like he smelt suthin' he didn't adsaetly like. I lay as still as a salamander, and thought, maybe there's a chance fur S;anley yit. So the critter, whatever it mout be, kep' moeeyin' round the bar'l. Last be c* ns to the bunghole, put his nose in, smelt mighty perticler, and gin a men*troas loud snort I bolt what little breath I had to keep the critter from smellin' the iiitarnals ov that bari. I soon seen it was a bar of the wood*? I the bij king bar ef the woods, who had lived thar from time immortal. Thicks I, old fellow look oat; old Oliver ain't dead yit. Jist then he pat his black paw in jist as fur as he could, ana scrabbled about to make some 'scovery. The first tho't I had was to cab his paw, as a drowndin' man will k*toh at a straw; bat I !-*>n seen that wouldn't do, for yoa see he couldn't then travel. So I jist waited a spell with great flatterbation of mind. The next move he made was to put his tail in at the buDghole or the bar'l to test inards. I seen that were my time to make my Jaek; so I seued my holt, and shouted at the top or my voiee: "Charge, Chatter, charge! On. Stanley, on And the bar he put, and I knowed tail-holt were better than no holt: and ao we went. bar'I and all, the bar fall speed Now, idj hope were that the bar would jump over some prtsbrak the bar'l all to ahlverations, and liberate me from my nasty, atinkin' ily prison. And sure 'naff, the bar at fall ?peed leaped over a eaterack fifty foot high. Down we went together in a pile, eowballop, on a big rock, bustin' the bar 1 and nearly shakin' my gizzard oot'n me. I let go my tail-holt?had via n aa fnr it ar/l a tr ? U'Ant K?r I'W 1UVIV UCW ?V| av ? ? ? ** ? ' "J ? v?. %MU vni like a whirl vgust ov woodpecker* were after it. I've never seen nor beam from that bar since, bat he has my beat wishes for his present and future welfare. Saving Mosit in a 8tovw-pipk ?Hose company No 7, of tbls cltv. gavr a ball recently by wbleb they realized ?ljO The treasurer, for safkrepiigt. pWt-d tbe money In a pocket book and put U lu tho plpeofas'ove In ao unused room The weather getting to be very < old during the past f-vr days bis wife lighted a lire in tbls stove iiakmiwii In her husband. The other evtalair Ibe trraanrer wrnt bou:e with tome of tte nirm4 hrri cf the committee to vet Ibe nmney, on looking in tbe atov^-plpe found nothing but the uh? of th# hlli* ai.d ?nn?e btark?iird quarter dollar* ? n. y r?u. K7*Tb# l.oiidoMi.'owrarrr.lni NrwaataU* tbat bundrt-daof Uri*li of Uie elartled fat of borwa are Imported froui CHtoud to England and told In u?pttru to epicure*. f The Cur-Hard?ar4 Oa?. Bill Rigden, whoa* azploita down on Red River we hava mentioned before, had been drinking some, and oontrary to hia usual custom waa blowing considerable, and finally said he could run faster, juinp higher, dive deeper and oorne out drier, ohaw more tobaker, drink more wbisky, and do more sttange, queer, and impossible tbiags, than any man in toe crowd, winding up by offering to tbrow any man or fight a doien, one at a time, then and there. A tall, oadaverous, tever-anJ-ague-looking chap got np and said : " I'm in for that last, stranger. I'm some on a wrastle myself, and I'll try you." At it they went, and Bill got throwi badly. They then tried jumping, ana bill was 'juchered again. There was no water near to experiment at diving in, and Bill himself proposed that they should try some whisky. ,l Wal," said fever and ague, "I don't chaw tobaker, but I jist kin drink you dead drunk V M in an nour. ' Never !" shouted Bill, and they sat down, whiling the time away by playing euchre. Game after game and glass after glass passed, without the leapt apparent effect upon the stranger while Bill roowed it badly, soon not being able to tell the cards or even to handle them. At this stage the pale faoe arose, remarking : " Wal, I guesa as how you're drunk enough, and cf you'll make me one drink, I'll mouut mv nniiv and bo nff " " that'll you have 7" faid the clerk. 11 Got any brandy ?" 11 Ye?." '-Put in a middling dram." It wag done. " Got any red-eye ?" a yeg_<? " Wal, a lcetle of that. Any turpentine?" " Plenty." " Abeout a ppuneful put in. Any red pepper?" Yes " " Shake in som?; and now. my boy, ef you'll put in a leetle of that aounforti? I see up thar, I'll take my drink and no gene." " My ?groaned Bill, "I should think you would. 1 ffive it un. Fin Dnn'l rlrinlr hat. Granger, yon 11 die, jure. I'll never say drink again, I swear I won't. Don't drink it.'' Amid the roars of the crowd the pale gent mounted his pony and cantered away. I.fdia IU-hrkr ix Central America.?A letter received from Central America siys "Major Hei*< who came down here the bearer of dispatches, has 'eft Nicaragua greatly dis appointed in not having obtained a government contract for gathering india-rubber, which was the real object of hi* coming to Nicaragua. The contract had been granted to Don Permin Ferrer, and some Americans whom he represents. It is an exclusive grant for 15 years and carries with it the entire rubber business of the country It covers the whole of Nicaragua, including the Musquito coast?just ceded buck by the English?a surface of ground . 1 jl l - - ? - - - inn exnions more and liner india-rubber trees than can be found on the tame space this side of Pera. Late explorations in Chautales and the Atlantic coast have been made, and the report shows that millions of the finest trees in the world?hitherto untouched?exist in these places, where asccsn is easy and labor sufficient, and that the rubber produced from them is only second to that of fera. It is in favor of this enterprise that there is little actual labor in collecting the milk of the rubber tree, and it gives a kind of employment that the natives prefer it to all others. Hitherto most of the rubber exported from Nioaragua? whioh amounts to half a million annually?has been gathered on the Pacific Coast, close to the village towns. Sornu of the treea have be?5n injured by native management, but this'exists only to a very slight degree, even near the cities. In order to protect the contractors, the Government has jusl pawed a decree making the injury of an india-rubber an offense punishable by heavy fines. Up to this time nearly all the rubber busiues* has been done on the Pacific: Coast, but the immense (identities existing in Chontales and on the Atlantic slope will enable the contractors?if they find it for their interest* to ncglect the whole Pacific coast and turn their energies to the Atlantic fide where the great body of the trees is found and from whence the rubber can be exported at one-t*ird less expense In Costa Rica, Francis Meagher, as agent for some capitalists iu New ha* obtained a grant, tbe particulars of which have cot yet been made public. Itoovers a large tract of land iu Costa Rica, but not the whole oountry, and if it did, the great value of the business would still llo in Nicaragua." ' Ralph Easel," the Paris correspondent of <k. X? X' 1- I* A _ t _ * I i? i? iuo ii luiiL L.tjircw, iciia tae unowing acxry: One of my Parisian confreres tells a capital story to the discomfiture of a celebrated physician, who is not, as he carefully declares, the famous Dr. Trousseau, though the initial of his name is among the last letters of the alphabet. I will add my own asjurance, that the member of the faoulty iq question is not Prof. Yalpeau, whose initial letter might be compromised, if this precautionary statement were omitted. If you should really be curious to learn who ia alluded to. I recommend you to apply to one of oar Parisian medical brothren! The celebrated physician, whoever he mny be, bad attended the only child of rich parent*, and bad,with the aid of Piovidence, saved the infant's life. A day or two after her darling was pronounced ont of danger, the grateful mother visited the man of science at bin office. " Doctor,'1 said the, '-there aro certain services which mere money oauowt remunerate. Scarcely knowing how to discharge my debt to you, I thought you might be willing to accept this pocket book, which I have myself embroir!ftrArt ma ? tri flint* nf mw ??>a?ihi/]a " ? ?. v? ?*jj gt uvivuv4w. "Madame," retorted the disciple of Jiilsculnpius. somewhat rudely, "the practice of medicine i? not a matter of sentiment. 'Time is money,' and we expeet oar time to be paid for in eaish. Pretty presents may serve%to perpetuate friendship, but they do not oontribute to the cost of housekeeping." 11 WetlPthen, doctor, replid the lady, mach wounded b* hii ton* and munnor " Ka enough to uime the (um at which j8u value jour professional services." " Certainly, madame. My oharge in your instance is two thousand franos." Without further remark the lady opened the rejected pocket book, which she still held in her hand, took two of the five-thousand-frano notes stowed inaide, placed tbem pa the great man'a table, and quietly bid him good morning. The doctor baa not yet quite recovered his disturbed equanimity. CT'In Chicago one evening laat week, tbere was a grand display of muscular science by ' resident and foreign talent " Dr. Wlndsblp, who was prrsent, lifted 9 kegs of nails, weigl.lug l.UUOlbs Next, with harness on his shoulders, h> ralicH 1 *17 Ihl VV1 tllim Tti/imMnn ?K? Chicago Gymnasium, did the tame The latter then went on adding weight*, and lifting, with harnesa on shoulder* and hips, until the number* *:->od successively 1,jA>, 1,036,1,736, 1,836, 1 936, 2 lOfi. 2,106?a vrrv remarkable lift, the latter, to Ik- cure Then Thompson swung the 100 lb. dcmb bell, and Curtis did the *ame, and Dr. \Vlnd*hlp lifted hiiiuflf with hia little finger, and Thompson experimented with a 165 lb. dumb hHi, sad Wlndsbip shouldered a 229 lb. barrel of flour, aiid put it dawn carefully, and Curtis " pushed1' I DO lbs in each band with the pulley. and then IoO lbs In cacti hand aud then lying down on bis back, put up 110 lba in each hand fiat the feat of the rvealng was the great lift of Thompson, and the iudpe* so considered It In the award of the fJUO prize to him. IH^A party of four hare recently returned to Wyandotte, Kansas, from t two months' buffalo huiit In the Far WeH They brought back upward* of four thousand pounds of wild meats. |CT A priest In (.aasur, near Toulouse, Prance, baa beeu fined toil) for growing potatoes in s grave yatdr He liked an article with a good deal of 1**1 y to It whirl) Torn will rtcvivtby wtfkJy InStthntntr CLOTHING, &c. W MERCHANT TAILORING. EW FALL STYLES or CLOTHS, CA8SIMERS.ANU VE9TING8. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 389 Pennsylvania Avenue, h&ve just received a large variety of njw Fall Good*, to wmoh they invito the attention of their friendw and ountomem. an an-tf PANIC TIMES! PANIC PRICES! WehavejaatreorivedaiarKelotofCLOTHING, j iTBVunivn cnnnw itito r ? r>o I wMtvsviaiiiu vuvi/Cf unio nun VATO. l?n consignment, which must be soid before the 4th of Mjtroh. without resard to oost. Th*>*? good* have a J be*n msde up by the beat house* in Baltimore and Phi'adelphia, and owing to the times they will be aold at almost any prioe. our object being to turn them into cash as soou a* possible. L A. HKALL k CO., C'othiers, No. 439 Seventh St., above G. N. B.?Comeon?, come all: now is the time to buy WINTER CLOTHING at any price on Seventh st? No. 439,4 door* above G si. de 28 lm f^KNTLHMEN'8 V* RK\DV-MADE CLOTHING, Our present assortment of GKNTLKWKN'i REaDV-MADK CLOTHING offers to eitissua and stranrers wishinr an outfit ms?. ri?r inducements, embracing, at this tim?, *" stylos and qualities of Itross anil Bu?in*?* Garments and Ovarnnats in a;|r\*ari-?tiM. Fine Shirts and Underclothing of a.I kinds. Kid and other Gloves of best qui ity. Scarf*, l ies, Cravais, Sto?k?, Hosiery. Ao.. &o. All of wluoh we are offering at our usua low prices. IL/~ Clothing made to order in the most superior manner. WALL, STEPHENS It CO., no 16-tf 3<a I'a. avenue. W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite our ourtouiers, and ottizens generally, to an inspeo'ion of our present new, at _ a? tractive, and elegant assortment of^BB CLOTHS. CASSlMfcKES. DOESKINS. Idk VfcSTLNGS, OVERCOATINGS, ft o. W whioh we will make to order in uperior"^*" tjle at very lowjpnoes. WALL, STEPHENS ft CO., oo 25 tf 322 Pa. av., hetw. 9th and 10th sts. THK EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. EMRiCH. at the corner of 1'enn.A . . A avenue and Eleventh street, has MenyfTAw greatly improve*', recently and nn* offirs AluBLL greater inducements for the patronage n| oitir.ona and strangers than any other pulilio honaein the oit?, his pnoes being !*aa than those of any other hotel on Penn. avenue, and hia accommodations fur I.. K -J tui rvi (>u?uvu? wi kiouoioiik ia/wuoii uucAorpuuir able. The h&r and restaurant arrangements of the European Hotel have already become very ?opu l?r, bnnit all that oan be desired by the moat fas tidiouA. Tue proprietor pledge* unremitted attention and continued ll'iornl expenditures to five &atisfaotion to all, and thus renew* hi* invitation all to jive the Knropcan Hotel a nail. de 1 ti ^HK ALL-SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIEVEIVIAR. 1,2 and 3-Prot?oted by Royal Letters Patent of England, and secured by the Seals of the Ecolo de Phanuacie de Paris, and the Imperial Collegeof Medisiu*. Vie? na No i is inva.liable ft?r exhaustion and nat?rrhea. and al' physical ilisalultHec. \;rt i ?II a. ? ? f liui * u*;ili winwi J naUIUilliOA o11 b'OkOrB fl| di?e*ae!? that havo been hitherto treated hr the hmi*e?>n? and 'ornici us use of oooaiva and ont>ot??. No. 3 he? entirely supplanted tho injurious n?e of mercury, therefor insuru;* to tho aiiliorcr ?peedj re inf. aiip^m'me all impurities, and rooting out the venom of di*eai>e. THIt>E*lAH, Not. 1,2 and 3. arc prepared in th-< form of a lozenge. devoid of taste and gruel1, and oan be carried in the M-amtcoat pocket. S'old in tri o%*e?, ami divided into separate done*, a* ad miniatc-red h? Veipeau, L^Hemend, Hon*. Rieoril, .Vo F'ifl? 93 each, or t >nr oaeea for $9. which aavra .93; and in 9X1 oa?ea, wherefo* tnere i? a sav; jkrv T? 1-.^ a ?L-1 I * " - iiik ?? -7J. i ii nr imu, wiiuinwkie anu reian, ri j/r. BARROW, of 194 M-ecker street. New York. Imirenate'v on reoeivinga remittance. Dr. Harrow will forward the I'ricaetimr to any part of the wor d, securely packed, and addressee according to the m8truoti"i)8 of the writer. The Hook, of a11 others, that shocld he read by men with damaged and broken down oonstitutions it"H?man FrailtT, or Physiological Kenearohes." It is beautifully llluetrated, and treats ""nutely of all ttis symp om? that invariably develop themselves. sooner or later, resulting from the frailties and vitiating habiu or earl* youth, incapacitating the victim from sharing the fmition of Uie matri muaiai anu. 11 no; onroK'Hi in timft, necenf rating all t"e> functions of manhood. d bringing him, step by step to a limceriiieand untune! r death. Sold by L>r- HAH ROW, 194 Bleecker at-*?t, four door* b?low Mtodoucal, New York? Pnoe 25 oecta. Sent free ev#'y where. Sold alro by B.C. Ford, Jr., Drujc Store, WashicKton. D. C. de 29-6m BOOTS AND SHOES TO SUIT THE Tl MES. We are now manufactprini all kinds of BOOTS and SHOES, and constantly reoeiviru tgdi| I irnlllv i~if AAdforri mn!f of o? nr? - ? oriptio", m*d? expressly to order, ar.'fwill^Mj bs sold at a much prioothan has been* heretofore charged id this city for wunh inferior articles. Pertons in want of ffeots and Shoe* of eastern of oltr made work, wilt always fu.'J a tood aeoortmen in (toreand at the lowest price" #tv? u? & call. GRIFFIN 4. HH.O., apt-r .114 Pe cnsylvaii [a a venue. GMVE HUNPRF.D TKAVfcLIN9 TRUNKS r arrived this da*, embracing all <nalt-anrn? ties and sixes of Sole Leather. I n 1i ii'MlfrfT l)ress and Packing Trunks. Our tnmk^ **u sales room exhibits at this time the xr^atert variety of traveling re?ui*ltes at moderate pn>.e?, to he found this side of New York. Also, every (Jeaon?. tion of LADIES' HAT BOXES, VAL1CES, CARPET DAOS, SATCHELS, Ac. lr irOIH Trn n t rr.Bfti nv f? * aw U Xf^r VM VI 1U OA?lWH|V for new odm. WALL, 8TKPHENJ? & CO., 'f runic Sale* Room, mar ?l-tf __ aa-i Ha. nvenue. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawinc of the Royal Havana Lottery, oouducted by the Spanish tioverrjne;it, under the sneerTtaioa of the Captain General of Cuba, will taxe place at flaraua on TUESDAY, JasOAEt 22. 1*51. SORTED NUMERO 649 ORDINA&IO. CAPITAL PRIZE *100,000. 1 prise ot (|loo,noo i to pmet cf? #!,'<? 1 do !0,?*<o *o do mo 1 do I0.U00 | iu do MO 1 d* to,(w? I ? appro*. tjot 1 do lOjOW I /iV ALL i!89 PRIZES. Who.e TiofceU. ?90? Ha. yes. #10?Uaartera, 9*. Prisee cashed at sieht at per oent. dieooa&t. Bills on all solvent Bank* taken at far. A drawing will he forwarded as soon as the reerll becomes known. All orders for eoheinee or tickets to he aridreesetf to DON RODRIGUEZ. ja8 tr Care of Om Port. Charleston. 8. C. HOWE'SIMPROVED WEIGHING SCALES There Scales are offered to <he public as th? most simple.dumb % and relTable roa;os e?er put ia ise. First class premiums t>avetv??? awardeattie* ^the United States Fair and Virginia As>ioalturaI \r.m-l?i- U'-?J A - ? -?la ' I.* ? a-1 ? uvwm / ) ? iiLiui.i cwkbc .i^iifuuurai r u r > r (ft institute Fair, PcnnBtlvarua; New York St&teFMr; Vermont State Fair, Ao., A*. in eyerr oase vhni exhibited they nave rwir^j trit class prenuams For sa e at ft* Louisiana a?enue, Depot of Siller's Cbil.ed Iron Safes. de 1?-1t K? f! PATTIBON. At*nt. FD. L. MORRISON A CO.. ^ LOUR AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And wholesale MILL FEED, OORN ME At.. #-e? ft., Corner of 12th and B streets, Washington oity. |CT Cash paid for all fc;nds of Grain. aii 2H Bin C ?ALTS' ITY 8TEAM FIRE-WOOD MILLS NO COAL DKPOT, Foot Of S*v?ntetntk itrut, btlow War Department. WOOD prepared, any length and :??, to suit the vinti of e*oli purchaser COA' ?KKPT IN COAl. HOUSES, protected from the weather?deliver*! fr*e from slate, dirt, and other impurities. 2 J*1 lbs. to the ti>n. T. J. A W. M "ALT, no 10-tf Pa. av.. h*tw. iltli and >2tli st?. Dupont'8 gunpowder. For sale at inannfaotvrera price*, by john j. B06UE, Gsorgitovn, d. C., Sole Armey for the District of Columkim. A large iupp.T. embraoinr every variety, alwayt on hand, *nd delivered free to ail parts of the ditt'lot. Orders oanalao be left at theoffioe of Adaraa* ExprM* Company. Washmcton. D. C. feillawlv , Bkst fancy goods, AT PRICKS TO SUIT THK TIMKS, a.fs Qm l'mc* Only, At flTEVEN8?S FANCY STORK. no a-tr. >vtw. yh and loth ?t?. TJAVE YOU SEEN the 50 cnt Child ren'* Rooks 11. at FRENCH A RICHSTEIN'S. U7h p*. avenue, ailing for 10 o?nu.' Have you veen th? ?2 Annual* lot Nov Year present*, at FRENCH A RICHSTEIN'S, eellin* for only ? . Call and make your_puroha*e* before the* are all gone. At FKKNCH A RICHSTEIN'S, de8 8T8 I'a. ?v<Mne. ?. a. *oti. (.kAirii. | AMAl.MOTf AAUTRY, Li AttOkNMYV A.T1AP vS^SiSSi wm1 oftr n?o?t axten??v? wUtiMaim MH ^ W* ? - WOOD AND COAL. WOOD! WOOD!! WOOD!!! STOVE ?nd KINDLING WOOD, at the loww po??ibie prto*. T. J. fc W. M. GALT, 393 Pfc. it., I^twwu nth nsd 12th ill., na li-tf north V *?UU1> AIV1) COM,. J OU Will ?urely get your money'* worth by oalling at tfle PIONEER M ILLS, touthwut ecr net of Seventh *treet and Canal, (GEO. PAGE, Agent.) They *ell cheaper and five better measure than any other* in the oity?out, split, and delivered free of charge. If yua don't believe it. give the Pioneer Mill* a trial, and be *ati?&ed. Ja 17-ly.r WO o u AND SO A I the oity, at tl<e loweet pouible rate*. _ T. J. A W. M. 6 ALT, Offioe 889 Pa. between 11th and tfth at*., ma 17-tf nortn side. jaAS_FITTINO, he. pi.UMBKKS AND CAS FITTERS J. W. THOMPSON A CO. Would call the attention oi water takers to their iull assortment of Fixtures necessar? to its introductions followsr-KITCHKN RA^liES-BATH TUIIS, WATKK CLOSETS. HOT WATER UOILERS. KITCHEN SINKS', PUMPS, Cast Iron, Wrought Iron, l.ead and Galvanised WATER PIPES. HYDRANTS an.l PAVk WASH ERS, RUBBER HOSE.Jfcc H&viu* superior advantage*, with pr^otioal k' owle'Ige, we are prepared to introduoe Water into dwelling* with all the late*t improvement*, promptly, and at pnoes that eannot fail to satisfy. 869 Penn. avenue, pn 24 dtMar 1 het. 9th and H?th sts, ?outh side. AWM. T. DOVE ft CO. RE Now prepared to execute any order* witk whioh they rpaj be favored in the PLUMBING, OAS OR STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. YCT Store on *th street, a tew door* north of Pa. avenue, where majl>e found a oomalete assortment of CHAN DELI f^RS and other OAS, STEAM an4 ttr i tia o i.'i v ti it n t?o * ? - ?t a i nn. ri a I unr*J> ItH-IT W6 AS FIXTURES. E Hav? in store, and are dai y receiving, OAS FIXTURES of entirely New Patterns and D<*?i<n? and Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore offered in this market. We invite oitizens general It to call and examine our stock of Gas and Water Fixtures, feeling confident that we have the l>eat selected stock in Washington. All Work in the above line intrait*d to our care will be promptly attended to. MYKRB k. MefiHAN. mar 5-tf 3T* 1) street. 1 SNYDER, PLUMBER Ayn HAK FITTER, Has removed to the corner of 1 weifth and F *t?. He is prepared to introduce Water and Gas upon the most favorable terms, and guaranties entire satisfaction _ Heha? on hand a lot of COOlHNG ard other ?ti-L i ' ??' 1 - - c-i<f > r.c, wmcn n* win leu leu lain rio wi?he? to get rid of them. e_DO OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF 6AS METERS. Washington, July 18, IMfl. NOTICE K HEREBY GIVE*. ThAt,Mr?eahty to tf?e provision* of the ordir.tnce of the Corporation Approvnd Maj 12. lH6n, the nnaemf ned is now prepared, "whenever repaired in writie;. And on pre pAvment of tiie fee of fifty cents, to Inspeet, examine, tect, prove. And Ascertain the accuracy of registration of any ear meter in u?e in this city." Every nieter, iffoncd incorrect, will beoondemned, and another, sealed a:.d mArked as tme, will he etinif? place. If proved to be aoo urate in its measurement of r*?. >t will be aet'.ed Aeoordintly, And acain put in posiiioH fur use. Ofltoe No. 610 Seventh street, (near Odd Fel.owi' Hall ) OpeafromS a. m., to 5 p. m. CHAKLKS W. GUNNINSHAM. Jy 18-tf Inspector and Sealer of Has Meters. CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, " D Sirttt, Between 9tk and 1014 Strutt. We hare iuat finished a number of firat olaaa ?ARFlA6Kr*, auoh ae Li*\t Fakty. ?mp Wntonf, Park Ph'iton*. Family Oir WgCKch riittt, (mid Burnet, which we will tell itB " M? fcver* una!! profit. 5einc praoucal menhanio* in different branches oftho Durineea, we flitter onrpelt?? that we know the atylea and qtiAhty of work that will tive aatia faction, oonihininc lijhtceee, comfort and dnralnli Rep&i^ns jrompt'y and r.&refal'T attended to the ahorteat notion Mid most r???o^able oharrM. WALTER. KARMANN& BOPP, Coftohmakers, euooosaora loWm. T. Hook, lip n-dly _ T GAR R I AS EH. HE 8at>eoriber ttftvioe n-wie ftdditiona te ki hkotorr. mifcicf it ty?w one n{the lftrt " tAjflBML to th? Diatn^t, where his fftoilitiee forWMKSrl mftnatftotnnrzCAKRIAHK St Ll?IIT*EaJ*l ?VAGONttof ftll kirnle oftcnct be enrpaeM>d, ftn4 from hia lor.f exfeneuce in tfca bvaiqeu, he kvpea to (lve (tnerftl satisfaction. All**4 Ltfht Wn?mkept*! kftr.f*. Ail R EPA I R8 neatly er4tTa preatpt I7 attended ?e. Gft.rrift?M Ukaii I* ? am. " "ajidrfewttsy^sr"w 4 t*-M Mrur ! 14th tM K. its. T PROCLAMATION O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, HEORGBTOWN, *0, fflmu, At the preMct ee**on o the year CHOLERA MORBU8, DIARRHEA, CHOLIC, DYSENTERY, DYBP1&PSIA. DEBILITY. Ac., Ac., prevail to an Alarming extent: And wlureat, It most be of the FIRST CONSEQUENCE to every numiy to mow of A REMEDY M onee Soft, Sptrfu, and Efficacious, DR. MONTARDE, or Ptxii, offera his MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER u the moat CERTAIN AND EFFECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS In order to a&tufy THE PUBLIC that no impoaition ia intended in the nUe of tbie (1> V? - I vioov U cvt .m : uO? THK MONEY WILL HK REFUNDED in nil (4mi wh?n the medicine tail* to nive entire aatiafaotio Aak, then at an* Drnc Store for DR. MONTAROE'S ' MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER, as directed, and if not perieotty satisfied Return to our Afetit, D. B. CLARK, ESQ., 4K Street and Peuittylvania Avenue, who will refund your money. Price? 2# and So Centa par liottle. For aale at all Drue Storea everywhere. I to ?m _ n< ? ai a* * IAS. Btuar&l Agent, Irll-wotr B?lti?^org. fREEMAlT^ SIMPSON'S /z^XTR/^^^EXTR/^, M OLD W OLD V ? FAMIlYRYFll FAMUY DVr) The above PUKE W HlSKY.Cofrra Dijtillid trom Malted Geain, bwng iiMrmr and anHnria in qnality. and highly unproved hj age, ia preferred hy consumer* to aU other Whiakiea, and particularly recommended by tha beat phygiaian* and sherniata aa aoaaaasiog all tha reatur*tnenta of a Tn$* Tome /avifaralor aad HemMi+l Aftnt. Tha Sohuf fkiil Water ol Philadelphia. ueeri ta tha diatikaUon of thia VVhiaky, ia proved by aaaly is to be the softeat and pureat water in tno United On the Sohn?l)ti!j river, Philadelphia OSom?96 Wail street, Not York ; 10* Koutk Front ?treat. Pr.Hadaiahia. mur ?*-i? QOU8H&, COLDByHO 1AR8HNfeMS, Jte. ?MPOUND SYRUrR(AaUM ARABIC aloasaot and popular Conch Uenterir baa teen to Ions knownaixi extennveiy n*ed, that fto* ry efficacy. I' can hi hS HuTalTti*' 7n Dofea '^1 ro? eW?at??dan?uabottia. ?? dtmfcefHpi* DATChruii'i imiuitim e mis nvu I HUFWg&| DENTISTRY. r|RS. LOCK WOOD 4 DARRELL ARE PRK" pared to iwaert TEETH on VLLCA.V^-*^ 1TE Ba8K, a new and improved mod* Vtrrar When made on thia pian th?T are oom ''' r' fortabl* to vttr and maoh eh*a??r than any other. Also, Teetb inserted on <Md Plate, and ail D?nta! Operation* of any kind that mar be domed. Office?Room No. i in the Watfcir.f ton Bmidinc.ocrner Pa. ar, and fcrenth ?t. ja lo-Sw* M- iaau.. ~ TKKTH. ofth'e MINKkAiT^LATK" e1?TH tenda personally tt bu in this cHy.nwIBir Many persons ou fitr theee teeth wli?^"'" eannot wear others, and no person oan wtar others who cannot *Mtr these. Perrons o&Winjt at my < floe oan he ao(H>rnmo<1ate<1 with any style and pnoe of Teeth th*y may d?>si re; bnt to those who are particular and wish tfce purest, oieanest, strongest, and most perfect den tare that art can prod nee. the MIN KRAL f LATE Will be more fully warranted. Rooms m this oitT?No. 339 Pa. arenaa. between 9th end 10th sta. Also, ?0T Area street, Philadei phia. _ oe lt-|{ DM DKNTAL CARD. R MIT\'SnV Munhirnj . r*.mm*A ki. profe?ron. office ar<l houto at 403 G third door oaat of Sixth. In addition every o?her approved ?tyie, l>r. M ha? eet^'11" teeth on vuloanite B%*e for the last three vears at:.i, from exeerienee, knows it exoe.s all others, and is one-t'iiri^ l<??a in price than (old. flit old ritrona of Waaliiairton, Alexandria, and Oeorseivd are re*peotful!y aoioit*d v> oall. aa JS eoly TRAVELERS' DIKECTOHYT BMALT1MORK AND OHIO RA1LFUiAI>. WASHLXQTOX BRASCH. fiaHHHH CHANGE OF HOURS. On and after SUNDAY, November $Hh. lmn.the train* wT5i ran u follow*: LEAVE WASHINGTON: Fir*t trftio at ?.2n a. m. Seoond Train at 7.40 a. m. Third train ats.10 p. m., Exprea*. Fourth train at 6p m. L&AVE BALTIMORE: Firct tram at 4.15 a. m., Expre**. Seoood trai n at 8a. m. Third at 3.10 p. m. .?U m.? a r*t\ - _ ** _ _ ? rvuiwi * p. ni.f myifn. . The first, second and thira tr*in* from Wash mct?n oonnect throurti- o Philadelphia and New York. 1 The second and third o?nnect at W**hincton , Junction with trains for th* West, South. and Nortiwest; also, at Annapolis Junction, for An napohs. For Norlo'k take the ? ?? a. m. trai . For the doromnio'iiition of the w%? trsrel be , tw*en WM'uiiiton ar.d l.nurel, a ??? will M attached to ths tonasge tram which leaves at It ni. On S*turi!">j the 3.1" p. m. train toes to Phi!adel- , phiaonW. no T\ IT PAR BO NW, A fer*. THE STEAMER JAS*. OUY Will r?nm? f-ar , trips on TUESDAY. Ust of Fehrssrr, 18?n. Wii' lw? WASH IN6TON eT8r? TUESDAY and^*"^^" FRIDAY, at o'clock a. in.,and Al.EX A?PRIA , at half-past o'clock, f?r OURR JOMAIV *nd the interm?^<Hn|s.^ Ol her ret?r:i t/ipe,.s*i_* win ?T?TT ?vtii'nr>niAi And SATURDAY, at * o'clock a. m. LUOJAN S. PAGE, Profrister. WATII'L BOUSH. At't. Alexandria. fe ? IF YOU WANT TO SA VK THK UNION ' CAll At BARVEY'8, I Who 'ia? jnst received n la-ce supply of frenh !.'?B STERS. FISH. and fane OYSTF.RS.^MBn^ ' wbioh he will serve to customers A> shortest not oe aid on liberal terms. P. S ?Oysters served to families and hotels are not scalded: they are only scalded for persons eating them at the saloon. d?8 T. M. HARVEY. j ? ^NOTICE.. . /ON A A a a a t; r i l . />'A V w I hare r*mov(sl my V V PAWN OFHCE to 3S1 C etraet, t?tw*en ?H *nd 6th utreet*. irrme dmt?*i in the rear of the National Hotol. where th" h\i?u e?e wili l?e continued a* heretofore at the eld stand. [nolMim] ISAAC HKHZBKRG. dh. j. h. mclean s STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD FCRIFIKR. THE GREATEST REMEDY tm tk, WORLD, and the moat Peliciocp awn K?? TA E E y. ? M wrirtlj a Mi ntiie and v?j#u- ^CfJKJv t>7 th? di'i'f;,?uw ??f WI, htrb*, M* afi u<1 talk*. Ttllow n 11 B.^ei Biw , R-.rupi' run into iu c*re1 Tni fitir* actiM ?-_r- HM < r*wt<UI pnacici? Before takin? diatillinf, pradacta ? daiitiaaa, ihilnratinf aplrtt, and tha caat iofallibla r?m? :y far ranaratu g i*? <muM I7?m, ul raatannf tha til*. ??farmj, u.d dabiliuud taTmlld la hatitfc ud atranrth. MtLEAfrs STRENGTHENING CORDIAL < Will aCactaally eara Li??r Conplaint, Dyapapaia, Jtan- i diea, Chraaic ar War?oa? liability, IMaaaaaa of itha Kidney*, j and ill diaaaaaa t from diaordarad Lirar ar temaeb, | Oyipiptu, latrtkvu, Inward Pilar, Acidity ar Btcknaaa af tha Pioniath, Pallnata af Blrod u> iha Hod, D*U Put or j vimmtnr in tha Batd, Palptitioe af tba Haut. Fallaaaa , ar W air hi In tha Sumach. Bow EricUUMi, Chokm* aa afacaunf raalinf whan lirmr dawn, Dryaaa* ar YallaWniM af tha Bkin and Byaa, Night Rwaata, Uward Farara, Pain in Ua Baaall af tba B?ck, Cfctat, ar Bida, toddaa Flaahaa af Brat, Oapraaaien af Bplrlu, Frifhtfal Dratai, Ltr.rnr, Daaaandanc? ar nay cartoaa dliaua. Boraa ar RUf'K*i m tka Ikin. anf* PAvar Ama /* PkilU OVER A MILLION BOTTLES k*?i kaaa mU dena* tka lin ail dmUii, u< Ui na la UtC* kit it fultd is fiTinf aatira uafacuab. W ba, lb an. , wiit nfir frrrn or DabtUty whan McLXAfl mtKMoraKimve COAJHAL win car* y? 1 Ha lufuft cu u adaqaata idM af tka ifnmadlata ?.nd aloiMl miraaalaaa ebaaf* prodacad by taking tkia Cardial in tka diaaaMd, dabiliuuad, ud akauarad aarraai yatara, wha'.har brakan dm by ucm, waak by aatara, ar impaired by aiekcaM, tka ralasad and niinaf ar|utRation i? raatarad ta iu priatiaa kaaJtk and rifar MARRIED PERSONS, ar atfcer*. eanaeiaaa af inability fran wkatavar *a?M, will ad McblAN'l ST A ERGTII EN iMO CORDUk a tba- 1 raafb raf auaratar af Iba ayarara; and all wka mar kava in la/?d thamaaWaa by impraaar indalfaucaa will ted la tkia Cardial a c?r*.un *nd apaady raoady. TO THE LADTKS. MtkBAKV rrRltHGTIIlCIIlKO CORDIAL U WT?r irn u.d cart far laeiptaal CtoicapUM, Wlihaa, OMincl|l ae D.Scali M?D?-.ra*Ua?, lr.conua*oct of Ortna r lovalanurv DueliUfi tlitraaf, falling of th? Weak, SMdu.tu, Funiinf, uidl ilmuii icctdoat U PimIii. THERE IS HO MISTAKE ABOUT IT *f*r na iang?r. TtU it according la diractiana. It vlll aiuaalata, ?tr?ugthaa, and luvigoraia ymm and eaaaa tS? klaaoi ( haalth la nwut you cb??k again. JCrary kauit ta vairaniad la gii? aauafactiou. FOK CHILDREN If taar chiklraa ara aicklj, pan* ar aBictad, McUUNI CO&D1AL viU iuak* tktm aaaltkT, fat, aad rabaat. Dik; uat a icauiant; u/ It, and vil) ki iMiioctd, ll U daliciaaa ta lata. CA UTION. Iivirt af driRMta ar iitltn vka may try ta pain spaa yaa aatna bitter ar earaaparilla traah, wbiab ihay lu bay cheap, by utuncit ia Ja?t u mod. Avoid ixb aat Aak for Mc LEAN'S VrRENOTHSWNii CORDIAL, and tiki nothing alaa. It la the only remedy (bal will panfy tha Blood ihoroafti Ir and at the aaaaa Una etrauffthaa UM eyatern Ona taaapoonfai takao every warning hauaf la a cartaia pcafauiti far Cholera, Chilte and Fever, Tallow Fever, ar any prevalent diaaaaa. It ia pat ar In large bottle*. Friea anly 91 par battle, ar (bottlee far #S J7 H McLEAK, aI a proprietor at tbta Cardial; alaa, Mckaaa*a Toleame Oil ' Liniment. Principal I* pot aa tka earner at Third ud Fiat airaau, k. Laata, Ma. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TUC BKaT UN1MKMT IK THE WORLD ) Tki aolT Mft and ctrtair ear* to* Cucin, PiIm, Ta. BvalUnfa ud Inaekifi or Cmut, Pinlnu, Nta. nlfit, WiUiui af Iba Mncln, Gknaic ar laiuiauv; Ihtti?a. IUImw af tb* J?M,C<?ncu4 Mucin m Li(tmnU, Xaraeba ar Twnhacba, Braiaat, Bpr>iua, Fraab Cat?, Wotuda, Dleara, Pt'tr lorn, Cakad Braaal, Bora Miaplaa, Bum, IwUa, Bar# Tbraat, ar mmy iahamuiM ar aaia, mm 4il?raua baw aarara ar tana tba dtaau* ma* bara aiutad, McLKAWB CKLKB&ATJCO UX1MENT ia a canaid i?aa4f. Thoaaaada af hmnaa barafa hara baaa aarad a Itfa af to arapitada and mtoary by lha aaa af tbia taralaabla ramid7 McLEAfTS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will raliara pain a) moat inataatajiaaaala, ard It arill elaaa, pan/7 and baa* tba faalaat aoraa in aa iaeradibla abort timm. FOR NORSK* AND OTHKR ANTUAt.S McUCANV CKL.XBRATXD LIKlMEWT^tJi. antaMfc h4 reliable IMI<r for ik? ear* of Sp?TW>, IUMm, Windfall*, Ipiiau. Duttinl Lamp*, K?4h or tvoUiu/a It Dtrar failed to ear* Bif Iftad, Patient, PietaU, OH Mooter Inn, or Iviut. tf |wwrl? appUet. Par ftprtim, ImtN, IcnttkN, Cracked Hub,*, Mill a* Collar Galla, Caw, Baroi, a* W laate, kliu bhlltkU ia?o*y. Apply it a* d?ro<l*d ui % cart to tuuk ia e?erj Tfcaa Oil* aa laartr with ibe kui vartklaeo I latoiou af erad ta poa. (H?Ba a oapplr ef M. Mi LJCARt CSLK RATKD LINIMKNT. it will care tea J H WctOW. Mo Propoaeoo. CWAU.1 >TQTT, m Pa. aa^ oato a^at aa Waotea? tea; E.B. T.Cliiill .8wrp?aa eaM-0*Wlv M'M? *EkTt *"** ' 4*9 WW * IURCMLL. ' THK WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. I n am mtff nnnr ?f mMMn i??n itaa (u Mfoutf it m rttor-tt nMMM m Frtumonm. Tnw - MMrMJr. m SdiKMfr.^UM*. ~.H .. ._ m Tea oo?im I M Tveat? i~t nnpm ? in ? It ta*?mbly oontaiM Om "WukiiitM Nm" o t?rally UrPMkoil Dm *o?atrr. Cy StBfU oopiM (ta vmrrara r ?ma to mtirK at U* ooHtrr, ImmMiAto y after Um imm* *4 tM P*?T. Pno*-THREfc CENTS EDUCATIONAL. THO?e rszt'AoWsfflctf ? ?T??thor..u, r (lar, njwtmwUkl #duo*tiVi *? '?> lh?ir phy ?" ? training will r*o*iT* daily udiiMt ^?^<s?^sre5$h.";,Bt ft* Wv?. x. jpEMALE BOARDING A>D^DAY SCHOOL Mn. B.1 ujuRKn, AllWllli The UiirtMnU) u.cuti mmiod of &> ImUIoUpu will sommMce on TaaadayJBaptamW Xtth, ia Uk? Km* mirtl; >mww by By It?if Iwtt, Ea*. o. IN Kmc itmi Tba oo?rM or study puraaad will ooaiprtMai the t>ranoh?? ra*oiiite to a thorough RtiliU Kda aation^ aod Mmo, Fraaah, Latm and Drawiac. if In addition to day a*hoiar?. Mr*. MaConaUk ?a araparad toraceivaa limited nuatfcer of pup> ? a* board?r*, who. oonatiUiting a part of kw owa (mh lly. will ba nedar har immadiat# oara aad aaparn ton. Ma will "adoaror. aa tor a*jonlbli. to aar I rnwa mem viuiMMujirtiMd KiadlvIiImmm Cm. H. Norton, Bw. Dr. Kliu Harrison, Rev. D. P.SprigK, William Jl. FcwU. Km-. t^?ar SnovdeaTlUf . Edmund F* W lUMt &?. ftsa tf?S&.fca, .y VWss Kdi^lor Kryun^ Star, Beeuem^W^rs. HroiMra. Board, wHh TaitioiunV^.'ite Eullih Brwitm, #?*> for tfc* annual mmioo?payable imu -aaaaalW? f la advanoa. Muiic and LaacaagM at Proftm?rw' prtr*? rrr No extra ohargM. aa M|r Mniwo m Art ?' ? #f l4< nrwt, JUlift rki Hirktnt Couth w PMf??v l!M, jrnuiilU, illtM, 4" Olfrrk, Cirmr mm4 |m fo ikf rmtt* if PUBLIC fPKAIER8 A KB SINttKRt*. Few are ?w*r? of th* importance of okaoaing A Conch or "Common CoUr'm it? tret itur.tMl which to the begininc ?o?id yield In a mild rem* ij, if neclMleri.eooo tuacka the l.ante. "frnn'i Bnmtktul Trod**." containing oomnToentin*redi ?dU, allay Pimonary and Hionchia! Irriutia*. "That troable in my Throat, (fo* BROW.VH whieh the "Tr?tk*i" area ifMiici TROCHE {??*""" m WSTCfflF BROWN'S '*1 wwmiwwl fh?r in to Print TROCHfcS KKV. B. H. CHAPIN "Grmmt pm* in mMvlof BROWN'? HEV. DANIEL W1SF. TRori(Lu " A1tm>#1 inat&ct re i?f 10 tk? dk* ri,u,'BW tr*??init i?Nir rf ?eo?h?' NBOWN'V tO ASTHMA." BKOW^S REV. A- C. KGOLKSTON. TROCHES " Contain 00 Opium or w;U|ii tniirioii." OR-A A HA ? KS. BROWN'S Chrmiit. B?t? TROCHE? tXT" BKOWN** ' a. <5. r. .HELgW^ TROCHE? " ui BRdWN'S, * rHOCHES wiS-T^SStf" BROWS'? "'7h W W"^. TRom tK " Hoo-fioi*l vhm compelled to CHfcs M*aki'BffwrlBc from Cole." BROWN'S" REV, 6.J. P.ANDb^.HjpN, TROMIK8 " K^fbctcix in re?onn| Hoar** WMMd Irritationoftl?? Throat, no BROWN'S. *n,!fwi and Six* . K?? TROCHE* Prof. M. STACY JOHNSON. I m b?u. A. cow*,! T~n.i2:roi?rw* TROCHES " C'Mt herx-tt wbm l?k?e How and after praa?Ma?. ac IMt BROWNf HoarseiHHM. From their pa?\ . I ttaaik they vill be of pern *r< ut ad TROCHE? rautMe U< ma" REV. E. ROWLEY. A. M BROWN'S Pmra?nt of Atkni oti?('. T nn. TROCHE. FOR STAMPING A TACRET OF PAPER \ T AND ENVELOPES M A I *n MATlH chargf! i VhAnbLJ METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PHI LP k. SOLOMONS. i(Mii for l.mwrmtt'f Limm fort", "M'trorc'ua* Mult," fe.. tt. eHlj aa? P*.>t, and l**fc f 1861 ??*? ig6l Commence tke Year vttA m Dutry. A va'nabl* Pocket Cubmsiod for r*firt*rinc )T*aU rut. ^rtMDt, tn4 Wtor<; cental dim r^*? 'i y\7***-, m ?? ?w?" ? ? Fur ?very d?k7 in the year, otth'toooeut lor Moh oonth, annual inrvmftrj of o%#h aooomnt Mm payable and receivable. Don't b? without mm of these useful little souvenirs The aon ooaiplM*. Meirant. aad deal mblanasnr twain evar?aa?ed.a?fn prising twelve sixes and upwards of fefty style*, it PH ISLINGTON'S Rookatnra. Odaon Boiidm, aorner of??H timet and dett Paan araaaa. DIARIES! DIARIMS __ i> I A R I K 8!!! 1 SifXAPER vA'Alt XTe\. W e will take *n est * <l ?e uQt of Sp?ro*ft rf of til I>iftriM piraUtH froia n for oiu. W#*re "a-- MmRiMiar of Mr lirio liV"IIV?* "I UiWt Ik W - ! . (took of Diane* ?fall kinds for am. US CH97V85S$WW WATCHRK^K.NO^..LVE. WA.? I K?t? on* of tk? liMt MUUuliiMnti, lad far Dished with a comp ete net of tool* for repair *V mg every detcip .on of fine Watches. u< fTI] particular attention (ire to Ike tane, by 1MB thorough competent workman And a work f?K>r tied Al?o, every deeonp ion of ataadard SILVEB WARE, plain and ornamental, manufactured under my own iu per vision, which my oaitomera will ftnd far superior in aualny and finisk to nortlmrm ware old by dealers in general and rcareeented a* Umu own manufacture. H. O HOOD, ae 6 S3* Pa. avsass. near fta at. A MUSIC BOOK IS THE BK8T Off K lt^Tw a 1? &>rf' WalmMl> bomad. 4?e:.<je ?ohn'Aionj?' vttkevt wrda. TheHo??^Orel?r^ ^ ^ B*^riTiijSStfff'*'J**" *^m"br*?*uh*,?*T' ^SJati or with bwatiftal tit)? mm. Aiao, tare* M*?rt??nlot*tiui w%t iMMd K.?v*n, HfcooB 4 Ct'i 0?*nt ?|>| hllll, mdoahMlf tlx beat tow M*iV>ttr*L. A rmry larro itook of P.uio Himuuit c???i ftt nto?w pioM at U>? M uut Rtorf of W w METJEROTT# <?B wr??r Elr?tJ> *- f*. A JITBT RrEIVED j~aKSS2?!SVB I for 91 J* Noft M DMII ud DMIISC ; ttae . cloth; fUSbv aul. OiloirMi'i jilufttraUd Po?ma; cloth p]* #3 Sr TKS>. F,??ti oa UIm; Uno., o>o4k po< trait, fJktf ^fTonafalUMr'a u4 Ik* Mtml'i Wrki. f>?r mmTmtt dtMout m Book* ftoa tM ^ 'no?""pft.Nc* * (icarntix. i*T tr*h??ww iMPOETESASWit^WD-. iG. * Am dmmri ?4?n UrnrtM it., Qg-ly (SCHOOL AND OOLLMk. OUTFIT* r*toAi' ?u /" *riUW for tAa oumtBc huoh, tre t?n?*d *" ????IM oy KSS^: I f H IL?Kny 1)?h. D*U>k, ?v1m. IU'im ar<2 I C,9~M IlffG * WVWOKtLL V ?>.

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