Newspaper of Evening Star, January 22, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 22, 1861 Page 3
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* 1 II ???i LOCAL NEWS. >?? - feUi gy Tboogfe Turn ttiaa to prtrte* on the fcrte1 ch? imoi pfraa Lb ok south of Baltimore, Its editloa !^a u ao uiyt u 10 require it to or put to pitm at an ?-?rly hoar; Advertisements, tberirfor*, should bo bef< at 1b before 14 o'clock m ; otherwise they My lte ?ot appear until the next day. ' *'* 1 Will Notic*.?District of Columbia Advertisement! pjji tr bo Inserted In the BaLrmoas Bun arc received on i at and forwarded from Thc Stab Offlce. ?** . . . thei ?? tloc Ci*T CocaciL*, Jan. 21?Board / jll tcrwun.? loo] . . i j m m_a A communication was rrrrura irvm tin major, Mil transmitting tbe reports of tb? Ward Apothecaries ren far tbe year ending December 31st, lro>; referred, wit Also, one from tbe same, nominating Charles ami Stock for scavenger of tbe Fourth Ward, In tbe out l<l?ce of Franklin Hatcblns, resigned; referred. ma, Also, one from tbe ssme, transmitting tbe re- icr, port of tbe Water Registrar for tbe month of November, ltfio; referred. drp. COMM1TTII BKrOKTS wh Bill of tbe lower board to grade First street * ?> -a ? a U J VI ^^.1. -J D , 11 , ..A #rav?. Ufiwwn tu auu 41 IVICTH niuiu, 01 u irili to provide for a more general lighting of tbe call streetsof the city. [The bill antboriseathe Mayor in | to light all the Corporation lamps eacb Bight of ren tbe year, from dark till daylight; laid on the vrb table and made tbe aperial order for next Monday not night ] Kill to supply a deficiency in the appro- wai pnation for tbe pay of magistrates who attend at tim the central guardhouse, passed. Bill authorising ped the Mayor to employ an extra police force; re- stai ferred Yoi Mr t*emmes reported a resolution requesting tbe bac committee on police to inqnire Into and report to kin tbe board what legislation ia necessary to aecure and tbe enforcement of ths Sunday (liquor) law; hal MM. be BUI for tbe relief of Wm. H. Die*; pawed. the Rill for tbe rrlW of Moses Minster, passed. ler BUI for ibe relief of Wm. Macbeth; laid over till next Monday night L Bill to gravel a sidewalk In tbe Fourth Ward; lect passed. larj Inlnt rMnlnllnn Inatmrtincr th# CMnmlttM h#?. WM fore Congress to request end urge upon Congress zatl <h- tranrfer of certain Are engine nouses, spps- the ratns, etc., to tbe city; passed. and Joint resolution authorizing the distribution of rim provisions to the poor of the city of Washington; gul passed upc Jnitit resolution requesting the joint committee pla bef- re Congress to orge npon that body the ne- and < rssity of making an annual appropriation for of heatirg and lighting the armories of the volun- wei t*er militia coinpaniesof tbe District of Columbia; mo passed. raf Bill making an appropriation for erecting a wo numVer of Ayer's side-walk Are plugs; passed. sha Resolution requt. log flag foot-way* to be cleaned fori in tbe several wards; passed. Th Joint resolution relative to tbe bour of meeting tbe of tbe two Boards; laid on the table. Adjourned, as < Ccmtnon Council ?Mayor's communication enclosing the report of tbe Water Registrar; referred. J Mr Lammood, by leave, ottered two resolutious, tbe Hrst inanirlng of tbe Mayor tbe appro- th' priatioos outstanding for improvements of every j,, description; tbe second, tbe reason why the im- -j pr,)ver.*.ent? Dave noi Deen maae according 10 i?w; an( adopted. The account of W. B. Dyer waa referred to the drainage committee / Mr. J one* offered a reaolution Instructing the w committee of way* and meana to inquire into and thp report wvat action ia neceaaary to accure the In- __ terest of the corporation aa involved in tbe action ? of the I.cvy Court in the conatruction of road*; *L. adopted JT, Aiao, a joint reaolution rcqui'ing the flag foot- 1Jn vrsyi throughout the city to be kept clean. Mr Borrowa moved to atnke out the appropriation of not more than fifty dollara for each ward, and insert one banareo; rejectea. Mr. Clark moved to strike out tbe appropriating th proviso, and. leavs it to the discretion of tbe ho' Mayor, lost. Mr Clark moved to strike oat fifty and insert a . taudred and fifty; withdrawn. Mr Mulloy moved to strike out fifty and insert th one hundred and twenty-five; passed. . ' Tbe joint resolution as amended was adopted? ' ? 1 t n.M ft * J ?, J- " A petition of tbe Metropolitan Hook and Ladder th< Company for payment of rent, wii referred. Mr. Chapin introduced a bill for construction th of certain stench trap*; referred. Alao, a petition po of John M. Ilnlbrook; a bill for certain improve- fr( menU; and a petition of H. C Purdy. 0f A bill for repair of a gravel foot walk In tbe Rt< 811tb Ward, ottered by Mr Russt-U, was passed m Mr Jones. from tbe committee of ways and Ac meant reported against the expediency of iMotng Tip of ten dollar* and upwards, and aaked to lie 0f dischirged from considering tbe resolution direct- j,. Inz the inquiry. to Mr Morgan'lnquired whether tbe bill referred j0 to tbe committee was reported upon pj Mr. Jone* replied that tbe report includc* that tb hlli Mr Morgan argued In fiivor of the enacting of m tick a law. by referring to tbe present Imporer- ^ labed condition of tbe corporation, which pre- 0/ vf?vd tbe Mayor from ordering work which would keep men in em ploy meat who might otherwlae be rtduced to aubaiat upon public or private B charity. a Mr. Jonea Mid tbe committee waa governed by b the nfffultv for auch a measure. The embarrass- tt mrnt la of a temporary character, and produced n by temporary cauaea, and no real neceaalty exists o for socb an laaue. e: Mr Edmondaon moved to lay the report on the \* t?bl? tia neat Monday, and be made the ipecial ll order; carried. h Mr Mohan, from drainage committee, reported U Aldermen's bill providing for the care andefllclen- 0 cv of lire plugs and Ore-plug hydrants, with an ft amendment The amendment reaulrea the notice d * to water takers before cutting on the aupply, to be given by the Tapper instead of the Purveyor It was rejected g Mr W Uson moved to amend by providing that f * tbe compensation be paid out of the water fund: d adopted. " C Tbe bill, as amended, wu passed. t< Tbe claims committ e was discharged from tbe d considerati?u of tbe petition of Jas. K Dunaw'n. t Mr. Mulloy reported a bill from tbe committee. G I for tbe relief of Joba J. Clark, remitting a flne; P passed c Mr Jones, from police committee, reported ad- ti verwly on tbe petition of hucksters sskiag a re- n % ilnrtinn of iluense: petition of hucksters for redoc- n tton of stall rent; f>i!l for relief of the D.strict mil- r itary, and tbe committee w<?s discharged Mr Edmcodston. from fire dpartment com- . rolttee, reported a bill for purchase of oil for the < Tnlon Fire Company; pjsaed. Also, a bill for . relief of Jno Roger's 4 Son, of Baltimore, for payment of the bill for repair of the tgick or the . Metropolitan Hook and Ladder Company; laid , on the table till neat Monday The joint resolution for the relief of the poor, witb su amendment by the Aldermen; the amend* , iu?nt was rejected . Mr Bryan moved to reconsider; which was 1 carried; and tbe amendment waa concurred In. A High asd Duum CoxrLixsxT?The New York Herald. In an article on the theatre In tbts citv, aaya:?Thia eatabllahment ia now under the management of Mr. 8 VV .Glenn, who baa devoted his energies and theatrical experience to trlve the citizen* of tbe District an acceptable entertainment Besldea a stock company?ecmrria'ng aucb talent aa Miss Mary Shaw,?o well ku wu to the New York public, besldea her per- I onal merit, aa the aiater of tbe celebrated Mra. ' Hoey, tb? favorite actrraa at wuuek'i; Mia Alice Placlde Mann; Mr. J. T RJymond, a low eotuedlan of high merit; Mmri L P Roya. F. C Bang*, H Bland, and others, favorably known to the theatrical circle* of America?be baa, aince ! be aaumed the lesareablp of tbe theatre, engaged 1 L aachaUraaaE Eddy. Hackett, Joaeph Jpfferaon, \ and, like men of genius, braving tbe stormy po- 1 litical tlmea, which detracted largely from tbe j aoccrss tbe euterprtatag management of Mr. O. ' w a iuatlv entitled to. he dora not Intend to give ' up the ship until be has enhanced bis claim* upon tte Washington public by producing fresh novelties for their admiration. Next week comes again i the Inimitable Jefferson, whose popularity among the Washtngtonlana ia as Immense as It is deserved. Then come Sothera, the popular comedian; then Wallack, Jr., and wife; then Miss ? * Maggie Mitchell; and after the Inauguration of Lincoln, the ever-popular Mr snd Mrs Barney Wllllsmssppear. Surely the enterprising spirit manifested oy Mr. Glenn is entitled to a bountiful reward, snd everybody hopes he will rccolve It A fulfill ~~~j fimi to aim u lumfiiw in influential circle*. Hf drt?rTN oae. Ahutid aiis Pmmisssd ?Sunday morning God?rd Uail?y dImmI from bin room at th# F.l>b?-tt om hundred and seventy dollar*, in three IIfly and one twenty dollar nou-a Suspicion retting upon a young woman employed in tbe bo'iae, sbe was arretted and Ukeo before Justice Doaa She gave ber o? as Mnrv Lewis, and appeared to be eery moeh dt strewed by (be foct jV-. ..mi nnM a snsDicion ot so decndlsc t ? character 8bo offered tmjr opportunity to the ollctra to prove her frailty or Innocent, and after a atareb;ajjr Investigation nothing waa discovered to connect ner with the larceny, and ahe waa KcordiBgly acquitted Tbe ympathyof all praaent waa wa/inly enllrted In bor far or, both from bor appearance and deportment Railsoau I'omtbstio* ? Representatives of the Ire unat trank 1. nee of railroad arrived ta tkl? ""'IMC of rODkultlav lu CUT Jr?W?u??, .. | relation to tbe effect of tbe preseat dlflcultles upon tfceir interests Tbe pmUuli,agents, he ! oftbe follow log roods arc pr- *-ot?Bal'laara 4 Ohio, New York and Erie, PenuayIrani* * Central. New York Central, H a bath and Wanton Plrtsbarg. Colombia and Cincinnati, Wilmington and Baltimore, and Catawlsaa roads. Tbelr lrat basla+s* meeting was bold last erealng Tub MAOisraaTBs* ( lflcesare dally besetted by armies of poor people for tickets entitling tbem to (n?l aader the bill latsly pa ant d bjr tbe city ? - * Conrionrca Max Nittu ?It will be recol- ' Ti fd tbat during Christmas week a genteel old . bod >w, calling himself W. A Wainwright, pur- nlgl led some jewelry from H. 8emkin, jeweller, The Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and no I th streets, snd paid him with a bogus check, offei ing care to make good bis esespe from tbectty proc >re the jeweller bad time to ascertain whether t?agi check would be honored at bank. When 93 5 ? he stopped at th" National Hotel, and man- and d to get in with several persont of character, the >m he deceived. It seems that he went to not ladelphla, where be tried the " confidence" less several of the tradesmen of that city with sac- befc i. Mr. Semktn wrote to his correspondents and e, Informing them of Walnwrlght's transac- prej i with him. and warning them to keep asharp T tout for him. \\ alnwripht introduced him- not to tbe people of tbe Quaker City Mr. War- tbe . talked largely of bis wealth, and bargained grat h a re?pect.ible citizen for property to the drlr mntof 923,000, and had tbe deads, ?tc., made to a He then got hia friend of whom he bad wit! ie this large purchase to Introduce him to Tbi i*ral jewellers, from one of whom he bought bon elry to the amount of from four tofleehun- the d dollars. He went to another jeweller, with tkt om be bargained for a diamond pin worth fror 5 The Jeweller bad received Mr. Semkln's mot And an rmnMtpd th#? rntifliUnrp man to In # i next day, refualrx; to take tbe proffered check aelv ?y for the valuable pin. Ofeourae, Mr War- ofte did Dot call next day, and the jeweller of the om be had obtained the large amount above not Iced found too late that Mr. Warren'a check lain i worth ao much white paper In the mean- tlm< e, the civil apoken confidence man had "atep- pow 1 out " Tbe Philadelphia detectives were in- conr itly put on the track, and traced hiin to New ano rk, where they caught him and brought him Th? k to Philadelphia. This morning, Mr Sera- to b received thla Intelligence from Philadelphia, thai I he goea on there to-day to confront tbe grey- be I red raacal. From what Mr. Semkln can learn, the fee la aure that Walnwrlght, aliaa Warren, ia kne aame party whoawlndled McFadden, a jewel- o'cl of Plttaburg, last fall. Am ? old iiCTm ?Prof. Barnard delivered hi* third wh ure on light at the Smithsonian last night to a hoti re audience. TfiesubJ-ct as before announced gua i Chromatics, or the illustration of the analy- slor ona of light. After a brief recapitulation of ing principles set forth at the previous lecture, woi 1 a faw opening remarka relative to the eine- gre ents of the evening, the lights were extin- tire shed, and by means of a strong light thrown A in a screen, the moat beautiful tints were dls- lltt! ved, each changing and assuming new forms erii I colors as the Prnf^aaor changed the position nul tbc crystals through which the rays of light mai re made to pat* The analyzation revealed the It li st vivid tin's and colors contained in a single rat? , and exhibited In a surprising manner the mil nderful phenomena of many colorrd tinta and of < d?a constantly changing and BMiiming new yell ns as the analyzer or the cryatal wes turned we; e audience manifested their appreciation of In i beautiful in repeated rounds of applause; and pla ?ach picture flashed out In dazzling brightness ave 5n the screen, the Professor wai compelled to thli ego bis explanations until the applause had I j isiaea. iae evening wa? almost entirely oc- aul >ied with experiments of this character, and req commotion am;>ng the spectators rendered It wii tlcult to make anv very lengthy explanations, cro rhe next lecture will be upon double refraction, pie 1 will be illustrated with many Interesting ex- it > intents, as usual doi cK is YthTMPAT had been fixed upon bv the sp* ushinifton Monument Association for hoisting tal 'U.S flag upon the top of the Monument, ana Do the flag was not hoisted according to pro- am immp lamp pvnlanatinn r\t tK? m*sa n iwKtr lo?i uld not be amlu. It seems that the watchman ton [he Monument (Mr. Morgan) made all the pre>lnary arrangement*, procured a suitable pole, [yards, Ac., and then ascertained that the only < npetent rigger in town is employed on the 1* mc frigate Fensscola, at the Navy Yard, and that In is very uncertain when he can b<: sp?rcd for ah s purpose of performing the office. The Society, g? wever, are determlnrd upon having the stars v? d stripes floating upon the topof the Monum* nt A the earliest moinfiit, and in the Interim have *t itructed the watchman to have it hoisted over s Lapidnrrum. The flag is loaned to the Society P* Commandant Buchanan, of the Navy Yard. ^ At rin*nt at tht citivni. ?Thli mnrnlnir as of t bands employed at the Capitol were hoisting T1 t heavy frame work of a derrick to the dome, ?* apparatus gave way from tome rauae, and the *u nderous piece* fell to the portico of the east kr >nt, breaking off large piece* of the iron cornice th the dome, and alao breaking the stone portiro nc pa with which they came In contact. A workan employed thfre was severely Injured by the cldent. A painter named Richardson was also Is ingerously If not fatally injured lie is a man bi family, which Is left In a destitute condition pa r the accident, -it was the large derrick on the in p, and the accident resulted from the breaking sii oie 01 ibi! outraging wnicn sustains 11. 10c se irU separated before tbey came to the statues on ie front, and passed upon each side, doing tbem ? injury It is estimated that It will require a er onth's labor to restore the work to Its condition A fore the accident The room gave Indications D ' breaking yesterday, we hear. SStbbbt L'ohts all sisht.?Last nleht, In the oard of Aldermen, Mr Dunnlngton Introduced aj bill providing that the city lamps now lighted y the Corporation be kept lighted every night of ie year, f om dark till daylight The method IT) ow Is to have the lamps extinguished at twelve ie 'clock at nlgbt. Mr D stated that the estimated w (tra expense would be Inconsiderable, compared r< 'ith the advantage to be derived from well- 111 ghled streeta throughout the entire night. He " ad been urging the nine action with reference ^ > the lamp* now lighted at tbeexpense of the a overnment. for some years paat On motion by f< Ir Moore, the bill waa laid oyer till next Mon- H ay night. ft Thk h*w bkiollmbht la progreaaing wi'h aa ? reat speed aa la practicable. Major General Peter '' 'orce baa been assigned the charge of the first i v don of the militia, and Major General George ! Thomas the second Colonels of regiments are i report directly to the Major Generals of their visions until auch time as an assignment of d trigadler Generals shall be made. The Major "* (eneraia are directed to go into an immediate V artition of the regimental dlatrlcta under their g oinmand, into company divisions, with a view r* IKu rrnniont of <?nmrvinv nffipppfl * n rl enroll. nent It is understood that the volunteer militia ' iow organized will be formed into a separate a eglmeat. t carmisal Covbt ?Yesterday, wm. Johnson, t rled for stealing a pistol worth >14 from Thos. iV'arsnnan, was convicted and sent to the peniten- 1 larv for one year and nine months ' To-day, George Fnsnaugbt was tried for an as- t ault and battery upon Daniel Sullivan, and ac- t [uitted. ' * ? Inhn Pnnn?l 1 urxi nlfirMl An trinl nn a rhiirtr# I >f eaaault and battery with Intent to kill John Al- 1 worth. Thia com waa pending when our report j :loMd. ' ' , Truth ?A crowded bouae greeted Jo Jefler- ' ion last night, every Individual of whom decided hat this eccentric comedian never played better ban in the perla rendered by him on bia opening j light. " Jo" la Immenae aa Aaa Trenchard; but ala repreaentatlon of tbat character atnka into inill;nlflcance beaide bia Dlggory, which la the very i }f?t antidote to melanchcHv tbeae bard tlmea that ? we know of. To-nlgbt, he glvea ua aomethlng ntirelv new here, in abape of Major Linker, bia rreat character in the comedetta of " An Affair of Honor;" to cIom with Newman Noggs Go! j Editor of tk4 Star: Will you pirate inform m? ! irhst kind of uniform the Auxiliary Guard wear low. The laat time I saw one (about six months i igo) It waa grey. I asked a friend the same quea- I ilon, and he Informed me be waa under the lnv . press! on tbat the Guard waa diacontlnued long igo, as he never saw one of them, f am out a great deal at nlgbt, and 1 would like to be able to distinguish our "fhltfaful guardians" from the common citizen. Hence the q?iery. An Old Susscajaxm. Sbht to Jail ?A young woman named Borth was arrested yesterday by policeman Veatmaa upon a cnarge wlicq inciuaea mreaia 10 amuoj pr?H>ertv, indecent language, annoying the nel|<hborhood, and being a dangeroua person 8be waa taken before Justice Doun, who committed her to jail The charge waa made by her alater and a neighbor. Ce*T*4L Ouaiphocsi ? Justut Thompson ? Waahlngton Adama, drunk and diaorderly; fined fJ V4 t*arah Martin, diaorderly: 98 94 Elizabeth Abort, do fined S3 94. John Lane and Thomaa Koarh, vagraata, workbonae 30 days Bridget Carroll, dtaor(Urly; fined 91 Vi Samuel Savoy, colored, carrying a dangeroua and concealed dag get in a bail room; fined *2u sh. Uaimomi Bcn""T? ?When yon with to get an elegant hoquet or baaket of fresh flowers we woula adviae yon to call and leave your orders with Mr Cbandlee, at his card writing and engraving stand in Wlllarda' Hotel, who is prepared to fnrniah at short notice lust such elegant ones aa those we daily tee at his stand for the gnests of Wlllarda'. ? Tat Capitol Policb baa been doubled by the direction of the Vice Pr.aldent and tfcs Speaker I a# 0 1 mm mm lUa ?ka nna c?i idc vi ?rw, uivic ?wi tuv^naipoae of quieting undue apprehenatoos, than any thing alae. Tbe extra force ta only temporary, and will not b? employed beyond tbe fifteenth of March next. The wgalar fierce la twelve men. ii? ALL muTiiT an ahould go ?t ence to 0 O. 1 K.Tina' Gift Bookstore and provide themselves with worka treating oa their profeaalon. f*ee his advertlaenaent in aaother column. - AwimD at Carters Wharf, foot of Thirteen -* M. 1? u .1..^ <> !! ?? l-'ldall, * niiu-fl*iiau - --v..,. ?, Ph'.Udelphla, with 30# toot of cool for Mr. T. 8*t*obe, ot 0*orvetow*, U determined to aell Uo boUacoof bla nmiittT prico bo can set w bl> rtTwil?wt 1w an >M? mil ei?ftf citt Polici ? KdUor tftkt 8tmr: Every- 13 y conrnra with "Vigilance," that the day and " it police of Washington city arc worth law, v protect do one'* person or property?prevent Ore* or burgl?rles, and detect none of tbe ndera. Instead of vigilantly watching the FI wrto ftf IKo IK#tr si 9m (ronpra 11 l* on. rd to presrrvr order at negro dances, getting <) a nljfht each, in addition to their city pay. . being tckite g*mmtn, have the Irtt choice of liquor* and confectioneries. etc , etc H hen lo4flng at these gatherings, they are found at >eputablc places. With soea tempta'iona ire them, their legitimate duties are neglected, the property of the tax-payer* falls an easy r to the incendiary and rol jber I he day police are equally derelict. They bare < the luxuries of the negro dance, bat the? have or* run of the restaurants and oyster cellars, "free sci it for nothing," and it is inoch pleasauter to ?n ik wmsky, ymoke cigars, ana est oysters, than IDj ttend to the affairs of tbe city at 9600 per year, j#j bout tbe whisky,cigar, and ovater perquisites. . s whole system is wrong, ana I propose to his D' or the Mayor the following reforms to correct abases alleged : Compel the night watch to erf 1 hour of thi might, at every tomer of his beat, in n 9 o'clock in the evening to S o'clock <n the sid "" f. m ury tou iuui ur ivuuu ?% irwi uutc On1 very hour when wanted, and may find them- tat es in the way of the incendiary and burglar ner than otherwise. At any rate, it will ntiify h public thnt tbe watchman is about, as he can- . dodge, deceive, or neglect hit round without nediate detection. This was the mode in olden * * ps, and was only abolished because it was sup- s ed depredators could track the officer and tmlt their crimes at one point while he was at pa: ther. But tbe change does not work well now. do ?silence of the officer rather enables him now of tide his dereliction of duty from the public, tl0 11 catch the criminal. What a relief it would tr( ?? 1 ft i j a. 1 ... at _ m * ' cTrry uouKnomer 10 nenr ai me corner oi ,> street, at tbe dead hour of the night, that well- , iwn stentorian voice proclaim, ''It la past ock. and a bright star-light m-o-r-n-l-n-g!" 00 i then, teo, furnish the watchman with that t? forgotten "rattle"?that glorious old rattle, to Ich, when sprung, put every officer and every T1 eholder within hcarlnc on the alert and on na rd, and made them all watchmen for the occai Now do, Mr Mayor, relnaugurate the cry- w] of the hour and the alarm "rattle," and mv . rd for It, incendiary Urea and burglaries will atly diminish in number*, If they are not enly prevented . word about the day police. They are of very ha le service as at present organized, and, consia- de the cost of keeping them up, are rather a mi sance. But, allow me to suggest a plan to wl ke them useful while we have them on hand, so i well known that a system has been Inaugu- re d, at a great expense to the city, called "trimig and gravelling tbe streets " This consists th elevating them, 6, 8. or 10 Inches, With red or lowciay, choking the citizens with duat in ary it her, and rendering the crossings impassable ne wret weather. At present the crossings in many ot cesare ankle deep In mnd?even Pennsylvania *1 nueand other paved streets are Inundated from in i system of "trimming and gravelling " Now in )ropos?> that the day police, as a part of their hi ty entitling them to the 8600 per year, shall be ro uired to roll up their pants and "wade in" lb shovels, buckets and brooms," and keep the , Mings open and free This will not be as at asant as wading Into liquors and oysters, but w vill be of Infinite service to the public. No t? ubt many of the officers would rebel and "sele" under such a rule; but tbey could well be A ired from "coercion," as better men would h. . a . . . . . . . . leiopir places, ana De graieiui lor tne cnance, j,, , Mr Mayor, Inaugurate something practical e i useful, like this, and relieve ns frem the use- . s but costly pageantry of glazed caps, gilt but- ? is, grey uniforms, ana lazaroni. " Coxmoji f**!??e. a n Center Market ? The market opened this >rnlng with an abundant supply of provisions fl every department The morning was favor- _ le for a large attendance of dealers, but the ? ngways were not crowded, nor was there a ry numerous attendance at the outside stands. 0 very superior lot of country pork was offered a the scale-bouse, and the hav stands were largely 0 pplled. The prices were about as during the t it week. I [5 axothek colums will beobserved the notice J a grand concert, given at Wiilards' Hall, on ^ursday night, by Prof Francia The names , the distinguished patrons of tbis concert is'a filclent guarantee of its character, and the well- r town vocal powers of those who will assist upon 1 e occasion promise a rich treat. Look at the 1 itice for particulars. 1 Tut Circle ?The work of enclosing the Circle < progress!nif finely. The substantial granite iSe is now half done, and some fifteen or twentv nels of the iron railing are in place. This railg is of cast and wrought iron, and the design is innle, but very neat, and is admired by all who e it. The fire on Sunday night last. In the country, itirely destroyed the summer residence of John Smith, esq , Clerk of the Circuit Court of the Istrict of Columbia. Loss total, amounting to 1,000. Circuit Court?This court wassoing over the >peal dockct to-day. Common rules the n?asa of the p*ople.whatirerthe misnamed and misanthrope ptiilosoahe.a ay say to the contrary. fhow them a good thine; t its merits t>e clearly demonstrated. aid they ill not hesitat* to give it their most oordia! patmage The masses have already ratified thejudg lent of a physician, concerning the virtues of Hot tier's Hitters, an ** ay ?e se?n by the immense uantitiesof this medicine whioh are annually a-.Id i every section of the land. It is now recognized h greatly superior to a I other remcdias yet devs d >r diseases of tue dise*tive organs, such as itiarkira, rfysenlerr, dyspepsia, and tor the variona >vor* that arise frpm <l-*r&ngrment?i t?i >s?? portiua ftheayatem Host it?r'K name i? rapidly bee?'mlg a houoeliod word. from Mai an to Texft', from ie xhoro* o( the Atlantic t<> the Pacific. Try Che rlicle and be aaM.ih-d. ^<>ld by all druggiata in the world. ja Jl-coSt Timilt Cautios. The following letter from a gentleman in Philaelphia, who came near being inipo*??i upon by a rorth> ' artic e, and who, known* by experience he vntjea of the genuine Witiar't balsam of Vtiil Cherry, wiMiea to caution the public against imilar imposition* Philadelphia. Jan. SO.l(J6rt. >t' ssrt. Sftk ir. Foir't | Co . Boston M y wife, having h<en alflieted with a verv 'vera onich for nearly two years. vm induced by afrieul o t-y Wistar's n^lian of WiW Cherry, and,find ng great relief m i:, she per .evered in its use with he most beneficial reMiiiR My obi?ct in writing is to inform yon that you rould ad\ance your own interest as well ah that >f the suffering coinmnnity, by advertising such etail druigi't* as k-ep it f>r sale. Being on on* ? T -m 11-A ? *. A Am.,? .?^ra rucMiun uuI ui mo Diifoiu, i voucti ?v t? ui u* ?km n this ai'.y to purchase a bottle. when a spurious Hid worthies* I mixtion was offered ins aa thegenlina. Br adve tisin* in this manner, ?ou will pro* to: the public from imposition and ajvtnoe your :>wn interest* aa a medicine havire the inestimatile virtu's ?>fWistar's Hal-am of Wild Cherry ihould never suffo in r?putation by ooming in com>eliti?n with wo thleaa and deietououa mixtures. With reapeot, yours trnly, C. M Hallowsll. Prepared by 9?th W. Fowl# k. Co., Boaton. and 'or sale in Waahington city G. Stott, ?. B. \\ ait?. Z. D. Oilman, John Sohwarxe. Nairn & Pa.mer, I ?V. - ur.u. I U U,u..? .n/< U (1 MnPhoraon FWI1U ?T IIC*| # IV if?wi Vf wu? mm* mm* >-va .... n Genrcetown by R. S. T. Ciss?ll. and G. *?.*/. Southron, and by druggists everywhere. ja 17 lw,r Co??H? ?'The sudden changes of onr elimate art touroMof Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic Af<rtio*t. Experience having proved that simple remedies often aot speedily and certainly when taken in the early states of the disease, recourse ihould at onoe be had to " Brown's Bronckitl Sockit," or Losengea. let the Cold, Congh, or lration of the Tfcroat be ever so slight, as by this precaution a more serious attack may be effeot ually warded off. Public Sprakm and Stni*r* will find th?m fMTeotual for olaarins and streucUiemnc the voio*. See advertisement. del-ly Homeopathic Rimidiu All of Or. Humphreys A Co.'s speoifio Homeopattac Remedies put up expressly for faintly nee, in boxes, at 25 and 5o oents each. Also, in oases, containing 30 vials, fn>m Sfi to 9i each, with book of full directions. For sale by 7.. D. Oilman.* 330 Fa. avenne, wholesale and retail acent: W. A. Fitzgerald, 3A3 north F street; also by F. B. Winter, corner oi Massachusetts avenue and Sixth street. Also, Pond's Ei tract nf nazu, ior internal miu eiuniiu iuuaiiimo""iis <>i all kinds. Sold as al*j vo. ma 9-1 y Hollou'at'k Pill* akd Oistmnt Farts for the Million.?Hi a recent enactment of the Praooh government. these medicines are admitted free of duty into ail porta of I Vance. They are extensively employed in a'l the puhlio and military hospitals throughout the Fmpi'?. Tfca fc mperor has signified his appreciation of their virtues in an autograph letter, to Dr. Holloway. During the late Campaign in Italy, large quantities were used for the wound-d at Br?*eci% *nd M"n?echiero. fold by all Drnggi?U,at 25 cts . 62 cts., and 91 per box or pot. ia9 lw To THi Afflicted !?Be sun to read the vlvarliumsnt of Mnl.Mn'i Htrsncuanini Cordial n: d Blood Purifier, m another column. tf Xuiu, have yon-eetn Prot Wood'e advertise meat in onr paper. Rear' it; it -will iutereat you. aa ?-eoly . ^ENKKAL ORDERS-No.8. Htadiuartirs District of Col. Militia.) Adjutant Geuortl's Ojfie*, > Washington, Jan. 8 1961.S The following aasuamenta to oommand are here.v.... imJtF ThVidTi Ssreress?3<EM ^SS2S?^3&-'???t VJ* *'> 0lm?Dt And tha ailsSLJIf^ff^lA.' ofieer. In the funrMioa of dSi?rt22fd5 re ard will be had to thoie loeaute* in wh eb vol aniteer companies exist, in order Uat approAiv.aj e^jMlity mar be ereeerrfd. ^"SSiessm^ 0 RAD THE FOLIATING COMMUNICATION Ci IOM < De. M. BCaLOBSER. ttaor of aril work* on Dimm or the Foot. ?? i* I NEGLECT OF THE FEET. R' ti DANGER OF CUTTING CORNS. dr dt ?m are loo eowmonly retarded aa mere ex- ] moobmb, and that little ia neoeaeary bat to ge *M or eat off the external aorfaoe; vherraa, the cot tdioation of them, and that is a manner not to mi are the leak, ia aa operation of xroat ear* aad UoaoT.that can only without danger he performed one who haa made that branoh ol aarcery the ?* >oiaJ ohjeot of atteatioa. ni ? m.; a aL -M ? - i n uhwuoh ui tana, ua ui cure oi aiMtwi \| them, or in the gems. weie, a fev years ago. eon- j lered aa legitimate? within the provinoe of any a who waa dubbM a surceon, till experienoe *r> ight that that branoh of the healing art repaired " leial application and study. Few, now, who ** ve the means. think of employing anr bat a reg **' ir dentiat to attend to diaeaaea alTeeting the th mi to intimate are the relatione of all parts of the ju, man frame with eaoh other, that dis*aee tn any rtioular portion, affects the whole ayatem; nor tbi eadiatanoe from what may be sailed the oenter Tl tke system, diminish the intimaey of the rela tie >c; oa the contrary, pains or disease nf the ex- a<* imities are perhaps more difficult of alleviation LD in nnr? iiantrftl nftrta ,J it the present day we find a large portion of the ln mmumty.from the higheet to the lowett, anbject i y eevere aufferinga from inattention of aurgeona th< the affliotiona to which the feet are aubjeoL ce< tey have generally been oonaidered of eo trivia a ao! >tnre aa to be unworthy of eerioua inquiry, and ce< ve oonaequently been oonaig ned to a elaa? of men loae aapreme ignorance haa thrown ohliquy upon an oee who hare both the wiah and the power to W1 eviate pain and prolong life. yy rhere ia no part of the human foot in whioL oorna ,ve not oooaaionally lieen found; both the moat 0f licateand moat hardened portions of its intetu nta ma tliMa Kaa n (f aaIaJ ' I' k A ft eat |<I ?a /I I cuv* uaiv iituo r uovkvi t ur uiii ?u ? \f j hioh naturally pr*M*nt? itself to thos* who are (ferine from any kind of pain is "instantaneous A ief," and n any are mostly willing to allow the tns et origo malt" to remain and Sfaia to b*ooma e fruitful ofispnni ot pain, rather than to apply T] a skillful operator, even though he can perma to intly eradioate the dangerous nnisanoe. On the ar her hand, the oonfi>lenoe of ths public is so muoh an >u?ed by a olass of self-educated and self-extol- o f pactitioner*, who pretend to have discovered fallible means to prevent diseases such as we iva described. that innumerable difficulties sur und the subject. ^peoifios for a'l the ills of life are discovered L." lily and hourly, especially in the department to htoh 1 have devoted my time and attention. Plas- (j< irs, lotions, &o., A.o., are brought before the ^ itonished world as possessing powers infallible coordin* to their own assertions they have never sen known to fail; and what ohanoe nas he who m devoted his whole life to inquiry, but to hon- G itly oonfess that the deviations of nature surpass r is expectations; that her ways are often insoru- *c ible, and all that he oau do ia to study, to learn, T nd to try to oure, without professing that every latady ia auMect to hia aupenor ati.i. A Moat urgently do I recommend tho?o who are af icted with Coma, however harmless they may ape?r, howerer easily rerroved, never to have re f ourae to the knife. The most app%lli"K spaima, 1 onvulswns terrible to behold, and look jaw, have u ttended on the vonndinc a branch ofa nerve by a * omnon p?n knife, aaaleo hemorrhage, acarcsly ' o be arrested. Iam notfondof giving oaaea, far am aorry to find that every empirio who practioea , >ny branoh of the medical profession. fanciea that he true avenue to employment is to pat rate extra irdinarr caaea, whether true or not, t>eoau?e he ( anoies that people will tee something in what they ead which may rercind them of their own sufl rnr. I would refer to rait numbers of eiamilen, rhich I have encountered in this city, if I thought t r.ccessary to mention it. I strenuoufly recommend thoso who eufler from 3o<ns, never to have recourse to the knif , to the azor, or even to the soise?*rs, but to piao'themlelvea, as roon as possiMe, under the manarem-nt I one who has long been sfcU'ed in their cure. | tinffarara from Porn* will find tcmntrlrf relief I 'rom plunging the foot in & hot pedularium, pouring in, from timeto time, hot water. The dn?<av>d part ahou'.d b? aasidnoudy rabb*d with n dry, rough towel. In the greater number of inttancea Lhie pr<?oeee will be fol'owed by the lonaenicg of the oallous aubatanoe; there will be neither pais nor uneaemea* left, although the corn will remain, till relief ia obtained, without the danger whioh cuttiag may prodaoe. It is iirpoaaible to be completely rid of a Corn, unleea extirpa'e<l by a akillf ? 1 an/i avaarianoiul nnArufnr. If 1 tMr&r mma. what tedious in thia matter, Jifl have been runty ' of ropetitione, I trust that I may be excused for an ! earnestness and an anxirty on a aabjeot which I ' conceive of more importance, almost, than any , role* I oould lar down. It it a maxim I would \ hare a start!ing taught to ropeat? it laa seusnce ( whioh should be repeated in the ear of every suffer er from oorna?it ia a voioe which ahould be echoed back oi every eooaaion ? "do not n?e a knife.*' If, 1 alter auoh a warning, t here ahould be any tuifioient'y venturesome to neglect it,.the dang?r on th ir own head, but the repsntacc* will oomi too lata. DR M. A.SrHI.OSSKR I ? 1 DR. M. SCHLOSSER WILL REMAIN A FEW DAYS LONGER in WASHINGTON. ADDITIONAL. CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE * *1 or DR. SCHLOS3ER8 INSTANTANEOUS AHD PAINLESS PROCESS or EFFECTUALLY CURING ' THE WORST CASES I r *j , ? or CORNS, BUNIONS, AMD ALL DISEASES OF THE FEET. The following few teatimonals from M"ona well known In Wuhiniton are umilar to the thoutamia in Dr. tfehloaaer'a poaeession. From Hon. R. Toombs, U. S S. Dr. Soliloutr km thie ray taken oat a great number of Corns from my feet without any pain, au4 it ieemi to be effA"taal January 12, Uflo. R.TOOMBS. From I. S Hmll, S*?. Dr Bchloaaer baa tiua day or era ted upon my feet, and ha# produced entire aatiafeotton. 0 I. 8. HALL. From If. S. Dmrii, ???. Dr 8oklo*i?r h?? this day remorsd from my fe?t 13 Coras, whioh ru 4om witkoat pain, and t? my entire satisfaction. I ohssrfslly raoemmand to all p?raoas,jar.d espsetally my fnands who BuOfar witfc Corns, to call on Ik* Dootor. H. 8. DAVIS. Washington, DeaaabsrN 1M0. CONSULTING ROOMS, ?T PRNNMVI.ViNfi AVRNIJK (South nda,) Mvm 12th and UU atroeU. OFFICE HOURS From 10*. m. UllSp.m. i _____ 1 *' REMEMBER, T?AT ) DR. 8CHLOSSBR || WILL LEAVE ? I WASHIN6TON CITY ? GEORGETOWN. 1 irrtrpvnslmta / Tks Stmr. Osobcktowh, iunry tS, 1MI. _ 3or City CouoclU met Uat mnl(|: parwut to journmeat la the Bo?r<l of ConmoiCouncil, t fttaW* ? rl * a aa*\(( a# ?Ko ? > ^ Mr. Add lion, and proceeded to f It* at aome *> ? ?gth tata reason a why Mr. Crawford abould be ,M orn !n aa Mayor tfl Mr. Tenner frad the written opinion of tbe *'B cordrr. (Mr Caperton.) that It waa not necca- ' ry to amenr Mr. Crawford in. but if the Boards '??* rrnrd it neceaaary it would neither Increase or 'n< miniah bit dutiea to the Corporation w* Mr Tenney, Mr. Hill. Mr. Stake, and ?'her ' ntletnrn argued the questions Involved pro and 'bl i; after which, a raeaaage to (fee Board of Aider- rf co, propoaed by Mr Stake, Inviting that body "m attend la the Council Chamber, for the purpoae M witneaaiag in joint convention tbe swenring ia wr' Crawford, aa an act of courteay to that gentle?n, was adopted by the following rote : ?* Avea?Metara Dunlop, KnglisbTVeacton. King, 1 r-Cobb. Pickrell. Rt*k* ?nA Willi?m?_J! tha Niyi-Xtm Hill and Tenney. The mrMagr ?u sent, and u> affirmative re- i? < ?nae recel vrd from the Aldermen Mrwrt t? J llllam* and Tenney were appointed a commit; to attend the Aldermen to the Council chamber 1,01 ivtng performed that doty, the board organized nar joint convention, Mr. Caperton. President of **>? e Board of Aldermen, In the chair. Mr Stake ,lo! t??ed that a committee be appointed to wait oa !*1" r. Crawford and request his attendance Mtwt 'P* >^11 QUW. ?_A-a 1 ? mi >uu c-tsae ?rrr ippoinira. ana won nwnv chamber la company with Mr. Crawford. le oath having been admlaistered to that genman by Squire Fearaon, he (Mayor Crawford) w11 dressed the convention ia nis usual etoquoat ***>< rle, and was listened to with attention bv the ' ambers snd a crowded lobby. He recapitulated a cl??ar and succinct manner the various events If* the history of his contest for the mayoralty Pe will try to give a synopsis of his address and t preceding debate in our regular report of pro- ? rdlngs } The joint convention was then dta- uni tved, and the Board of Common Council pro- wn rded with the regular order of buaineaa ?t See the advertisement of Mlaa Mary Watson In pr? other column. She gives strict attention to d i IKQ repairing. vei Tennaflytown is not behind in military zeal. w|; e harp heard of the organization of a f ne corpa rrH fre by Capt. Blunt, but have not received a list u>e oflicere. th? ' fol BOROETOW?) CORPORATION LAWS. tb< ken Rirolctios to pay for on Market Houae 0e Bridge. off Rtfolttd by the Board #/ Aldermen and Board of th, >mmon Council of tkf Corporation of Georgttoien. or, hat the Clerk be. and he la hereby, authorized fOI pav to the order of H . B Walker lire dollar* tie id nftvcenta. for repairs on Market lln:iu> RM<iu? . , ? - -?-J lui id charge the amount to the Chesapeake aud | bio Canal Company m , Approved January 5,1801. , , lii A Re*olctto* In favor of Joseph F. Burch |n Besotted by the Board of Aldermen and Board ?f Bi] >mmon Council of tkt Corporation of Georf;etoi~n. no hat the Clerk be, and he ii hereby. author I z<-d on pay to the order of Joaeph F Burch flftv-elgbt illar*. for cofllns, from 16th July to !2th Derem- w 1SW. [Approved January 5, 1S61. I ?t A F khoictiojj In favor of Galea A Sea ton. m Resolved by the Board af Aldrrmtn and Board of tmmon Council of tkt Corporation Georgetown. bat the Clerk be, and he la hereby, authorized ? pay to the ord#r of Galea A Peaton f.ftv-llve ollara and aiz centa, for advertising to 17th No- St einorr, ibos. [Approved January 5, 1861. Jo H H(solution authorizing the Mayor to rent the q( southern termination of Montgomery street j Rriolrtd bf the Board of Aldtrmrn and Board of 'ommon Council of tk? Corporation of Gtorgetovn. u 'hit the Mayor be, and he is hereby, authorized ^ > rent the southern termination of Montgomery treet on the beat terma be can obtain, by adverislng for proposals three times in the Evening tt tar. [Approved January 5, 1861. la I Resolitios in relation to nddlticnal police " force. u Resolved by the Board of Aldtrmrn and Board of n( ''ommon Council of tke Corporation of Georgetown. u ["hat the Mayor be, and be is hereby, authorized gt nd empowered to appoint eicht proper persons, al :itizena of the town, as an additional police force, oj vhcse duty it shall be to report themselves to the Jap'-aln of Police, under directions of the Mayor, q 'or turh duty as tbo said Mayor and Captain of Police, in their judgment, may consider for the Cl >rote<tlon of the property of the citizens of this t> nWri f #) va a* anif ttl aIbI * aks ^ ' ?- ? r\> ? ii, iivui u>C) vi aii v vivianuua Ui iuc uiuiiisnvrs Jj leretofore enacted And that the aaid additional fl poller aball have and exerclae all jxiwpti apperaining to the police and night watch of thia Corporation And that the said additional police 'orce ahali continue at the dlacretion of theCorpo- ft ration, uatil the eighth day of March next Rtiolred.fuTtktr, That the Clerk of thia Corpo- j, "ation pav to the order of tach additional police the turn at the rate of one dollar per night for hla u lervlcea. out of any money In the treasury not >therwiae appropriated, provided the aaid police ' produce a certificate, indoraed by the Mayor and | Captain of Police, that the service haa been ren- k lered K'tolved, /ttrihtr, That aaid additional police force ahall go on duty at alx o'clock p. no., and remain on duty until six o'clock a m , and subject also to extra duty during the day, when required by tbc Mayor or Captain cf the Police ?nd night watch, with the additional compensation of thirty-eight cents per day for soch extra ? duty. [Approved January 12. 1801. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS J (v**feeling certain that henry i Jj ADDISON, Esq., was duly elected Mayor ; by the p pl*? of this town in February, 1R59, and it ' hoir.r the opinion of a number of impartial lawyers 1 of great atiiiitr that b? wa? afterwards Jefalfy elftolO'i by the Councils when they wer presented with the written and oartii d ver?!ict <1 U? Jury before whom the case was tried in the Circuit PfitirL It &t Ifenrv AilHiinn ftnH H I? I ? * reoriTed an rqunl nmhsr of vote*,*' we now noni- I mate Mr. A ddi-om a< a candidate for Msyrat tue ? eneuin* eleo'ion?subject, however, to Ida action i of any convention winch niay be held to nominate , a ticket in opposition to tue l>emocrac?. many Voters. x Georgetown, Jan. lirth. H61. lt? Y3?GEORGETO\VN TAXES FOR 1M?0.- J l_5f All pv sons in arrears for taxe? lor 1*61 are hereby urgently reqaeiUd to cat at the May-r's Offioe and p\r the >?im to Mr. William i.aird. the ? lerk of the Corp ration, who is hereby authorized to rccaipt for me during my confinement t to th* home. , I tru?t that this call will be responded to, inasmuch as I am disabled, and will he for s' me weeks. . 'HARLES D. WELCH. N. R. School Tax sh aid be paid previous to tbe day ol election. ja 19 i L~ OST-A pair of GOLD SPECTACLES. in a stiff case open at both ends. The if-ir-sl?> bud'r wili be suiiabiv rewa'd*d b? leaving tiiera at No. 114 Bridge St., Georgetown. m ? J? rpH&EE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. 1 MAYOR'S OFFICE, ( Gmoaorrows, D. C , Jantary nth, IW1 S The sab tort* er will five a reward of Thre? Hundred Dollars for suah inform* ion M will lead to the conviction of any pvaoa or persona who have at on fire, or wto shall h?rasAer set on lire, any house Wilkin the Coiporarion limits of this town. HENRY ADDIS'ijm, )?U-dlUUavlw Mayor. A NOTICE. I L Parsons indebted to the late firm of T. O" Don nog hue A Son, are here y notified that nnlaas their aooonats are settled by the 15th instant they will be p aoed in the hanrtaof an officer lor oolfeetion. SARAH O'DONNoGHUK. ja2-e<>3w* Hxecntrix I *20.000! IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! InorJer to rpdueo our lsne and veil aaaorted stock of DRY WOODS we will, during the n*xt S' da*n, deduct 10 per cnt. frnm nil ra.'k puohnue* of 95ardovtr. Sav# jour mou-j and oil! at Bridge u.fbr bertaioa. SPILMiN * HUNT, ja7 Qro tnown, )? C. JUST RKCEIVED? lo lihd?. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS, 140 bbls. ?.,d Rye WHISKY, SSnbbU. HKRRINU and ALE WIVES. Hi bins. Crushed and Refined "UfiARS, an bag* Rio and Java COFFEE. 10 hhdt.duw priced l MOLASSES. Pormlebr JOHN J. BOGUE. * l? T JEWELRY STORE RE Uadarsigned continue* her late bnalAod'a huaineaa at the wait known Jewel.-y Eatab JEv bailment, No- 49 Bridge r treot. Fine Je*a n ?K] for aale at the loroat r?t' a. an J v? oh rrp*i'-?atiK iog atUixled to 10 a faithful and prompt msnnt r aa oanal. ja 19 3t Mra. MARY WATSON. ASTERN FISH ANDAPftl^! HEARING, ALEW1VES AND MACKEREL 400 barrel* Eaatport No.TbKRRING, 9? do Bonton No. 1 do 1U8 do 1 ahrador No. 1 do an half barieia do do 9P0 barrela Meremucbe No I ALE WIVES, joo ?o t*f. j on n't ?o ? Co No. 9!ftr|? MACK*- RRI., ?? do Ro".f BJULDWIJ? APPLES. All of which wo propose to olose until |U'to 9a n for Hornac; 94 to 94 so for Labrador Hrrna#; 9f* lo 94 tor MtrHnMH sad 94 5" for St John a1 wit*#; 9?2Saad 9* ao for mall and lam Maokersl. and A?pl?? at p. ioo thai oa.not fail to me*( me Yievt o( nu j?r?. HART1.KY k BROTHKR. MHilll Water ?trwt, j? 1* Hr G?or|?t<nm, |> C. ?s?^* r<KwmB?MAnMM ofUcfttevcMichtfaiTTrrtnri, and invito ail p*r?onc vbu vaat a para an daittrttad Ala. to i:w it a trial. ^ rHE LATEST NEW 8 '! T E LEG BAT HIP. I liUiMinui, Jui. IS ? Kxplanatlon* bm n made ud m miking la Coavaatiaa thta trnlnf by loading ro operation let* indicating it the Ordinance of JUrceoaton will be H|M( oat. If Mt quite, unammcualv. i tbe Convent on to-dav a preamble and renoloaa. written by Hon. A H ^ttphria and lge ^tepbena, and presented br Judy* Sea bet. i offered and adopted nnanlmoualy. aa follow* Vkertmt. A lark of unanimity tn tbe action of a Convention on tbe jaaaaye of tbo ordinance vceaalon indicate* a difference of opinion ong tbememberaof tbe Convention. In aomneb al..K?a inrkt^k fl^v..... < U.^.. ?k. W ?ur H^liW wmVB UlVIEll * U OIV W wb'.cb abe complains or aa to tbe remedy I Its application before a mort to ntfcav nmn? redress , u>4 rt<rMi, It li dninbli to (In nprailN to t Intention wblck renlly eilats imoa| all lb* rnbers of the Convention. to iMtala^bt SUto tbe course of action wbleb sbe baa pronounced te proper for the occasion. Therefore. Itsolrtd, TLat all tbr nmbrntftbli ewma. Including tboaa who voted agalnat tb? ordl >ce. aa well aa tbone who voted for It. will alga aanif aa a pledge of tbe unanimous determine i oi u?s uonvenuon to sustain uc aeienn id* te In this her coarse of remedy, with nil 1* re nslbllttles and conarqnences without rag aid to lvldual approval O' d ^approval of it* adoption 'be ordinance wna then ntjfrrr! by nil except ut do sen delegate*, and these It la believed I ilgn to-morrow Hon A H Stephen*, Sen r Stephen*. Governor Johnson and others alrn Lbe ordinance. krmonatratlona of rejoicing are going on on a nd acale here to-night Wendell Phillip* Secession Iostos, Jan. 91 ?Wendell Phillips, In hlsdls* ion speech here rrsterdsy. charged Sewnrd th bsving attempted to gain by conservatism tat be failed to secure by sbolltion?tbe next al?enCT. Phillip* chief argument was that union la desirable berauae It will aboltah ala -y. He calls upon the North to tell the ftoutb tat thev realy mean, namely?"abolition " Any npromiae made by Congreaa would not effect i Northern heart and conscience H* argued ' North would gal" by disunion, and uaed the lowing language:?* Sacrifice everything foe ! Union* Ood forbid ! Sacrifice everything to tp South Carolina in It? Rather bullda bridge golu and pay her toll over It. Let her march with banner* and trumpets and we will a pood parting guect. Let her not stand upon tb? tier <T her koIdk. but go at once. Qlv? ber tbe t*. and arsenals, and sub-trearurles. and lend r jewels of silver and gold, and Egypt will reice that she has departed." Phillips began his peroration with tbe words All hail, disunion *'N He declared himself to be lisunlon man. and waa glad to see South Carols and other Southern slave States practically Itiatlng a disunion movement. He boped that the slave StaU-a would leave the I'nlon, and t stand upon tbe order of their going, but go at ce He denounced the compromise spirit man ted by Mr Seward and Charles Francis Adams Ith much severity of language, and there was a ampins of feet and hissing, out bo outbreak Mr. Phillips was escorted home bva few pollc*rn and a great crowd pushing after him Mostgoxht. Ala., Jan 19 ?Tbe election for putiea to the Southern Convention of weeding ates took place in convention to-day, with tbe liowing result For tbe State at large, Robert . Smith. Mobile; Rlch'd W Walker. Supreme ourt Judge. Lauderdale. For drat district, Colin McRae, Mobile; aerond, Hon. J. Gill, Shorter, ilrd, Hon. W. Chillton, Montgomery, fourth, on. 8 F Hale, Greene; fifth. Hon David P ewla: alith. Dr Thoa Faarn. Madlaon. seventh. on J L M. Carry, Talladega The Convention la to meet in Montgomery on le 4th of February. For deputy of tbe State at jgc Mr Yancey waa placed in nomination, but we In hiaaeat and earnestly protested agamat tbe le of bla name, and appealed to bis friend* tic** i vote for blm. aa be did not desire, and would Dt bold, tbe position; and be bad faia protest enred on tbe journal of tbe Convention Notwitbanding tbla, h?* received a bigbly-comnliment ry vote of 3? All the delegate* stand b* the action f the State, and favor a Southern Confederacy Three million dollars will be appropriated for - _ ./ *1 k>< 4. ir acipn^ ni UJC pwir Hon. Jere Clemens has written a letter to bit Dnstitaents In favor of tup porting the actios of je S*tate, and defending ita Independence and onor. The North Alabama members arc mostly ontrolled by him. Later from Earope. Niw Yobk, Jan 22 ?The ateaiuship Marathon om Liverpool on the 8th via Q ueenstown oa the tb arrived here to-d*y Her general news is un ill Haw Tbe unexpected advance in tbe rate* of latere*' ? 7 per cent. In the bank* of England and France roduced * severe check on commerce The sale* of cotton at Liverpool on Monday and "u<aday were only about 1.400 bale*. :et closed quiet, but price* were steady Breadstuff* bad a downward tendency. Provision* were doll. Consols 9l%a9l \. I'nisn Drnsnktrsttsa st Frederick FkeueIuck, Jan 21.?The I'nion men of thta ity ral?*-d a splendid pole at the west end of \>urth street, tola afternoon, surmounted with s latlonal tag. and streamer bearing tbe name f Governor Hicks Col. Maulsby, and P J tielson, of Missouri. and J 9 Cooper mads stir lng speeches to sn enthusiast c crowd. Tbe American band wa? prevent playing tbe Star ipannled Banner and otber national airs Tbe rienda of "the Union aa it la" are still Increasing n number and determination , Republics* t snprsaalse Ms>eaeal I npts lata *11 A anArUl <llan?trk from iprtngfield to tbe Republican aayi tfctt Hon Mr. (elln^t;. member of Congrcaa had arrived there, md ? ? luconference with Mr. Lincoln Ita obect wai auppoaed to be in reference to a com pro uiae of onr national diflkcultiea. It ia believed bat the Republican*, with Mr Lincoln' aancJon, will propoae holding a National Couvenion and tbe restoration of the Mlanourl line to Jallforula Virginia Legialatare R J?d 21 ?In the Senate to-dav the MaUdina iVcoaalon Ordinance wa> received and >rd~red to be prinUd. Koth Houim mdoDtad a resolution In reDlv to tbe Alabama Commissioners. In rilr-ct tbat tbe Legislature of Virginia w .s unable to make a response to Alabama until after tbe action of the State Convention Tbe other proceedings to day were onlmportan'. A Pagltlve ft la re Cm* la Cleveland. Clivxlasd, O , Jan It.?A colored woman claimed as a fugitive slave frona Wheeling. Virginia, was arrested Lere to-day 8be will be ei am ned on Monday. Judge Tilden hat Issued a writ of kabta* eorpnt, which is retaraatye oo Mnn4?v niornlmr What little excitement there It ) confined entirely to tbe colored population Tbe woman sda<lu bt-rself that tbe belongs to the claimant. The IrrrpreMible l aflict'? la Row York. Nkw You, January 28 ?Great excitement existed bete last night la roofe-queocc of a rumored Intention to attack tbe Brooklyn Nary Yard TheCommandant of that station called upon the mayors of New York and Brooklyn for assistance, and several regiirrntssud sll the police farce were promptly ordered out. But bo Mtapi waa made. All la quiet now. A4j*ariBril of the PlarMa Itarratlaa TiiLtHnai, Jan 41.?The State Convention adjourned to-day to nj-?t apli at the call of the Pretidrnt. Hon. 8 R. Mallory waa appelated by tbe Governor and confirmed by the Senate aa Judge of tbe Admiralty Court, nt Key Want, vie* Judge Marlon removed. Deatractlna of Rail rend Property hy Pare. Chicago. Jfta *).?Tbe Round booa* of tbe 1 Chicago, Fort Wayne and PliUbug railroad, vai burned yeaterday. Two locomotivea and nther property were afao destroyed Lam S*i,uuU No Larf* kklparMa of Cotton New OnLBana, Jan *f?FIT y afctna took out llietr clearance* yeaterday, car yin* HO.OUO balaa of cotton Erectum ?l Hirer Battery la Ttinw Mrano, Ju ?.?A Bat ery of ilitcn thirty two pvuaiera ia now briug constructed Mar thia ?**) Araaa ??at Swath BoaTOjr. Jan *1 ?Six thousand ihad ?f arm kiw bf*n ant South from th# V\ turbm A r?i?l AlfiuMa ?t ark eta Aitiimu. in tt ?Floor?Family |l SM ?7 74; extra fft?6 *7Jg; so per tS.SU S Mj|. *' h??' wbitefi *afl SO; red ft ? tl .38. 'Xn-wtff MaflBc ; yellow 67a7l>r , Mixed 67?toe. Kf? Ma7S Oek 30?Jlc C n M?> ?K7*- pzt*mUel. End? 1 imty Vtmtasu, Ctevw ?***>?; Flaxseed SI 40s#I 45 ProT.aiM*- l?utw, Ml. - - ai.i%? u^.k an tApi uauu ? ., r wra uwvf M? ? ?_ 1 Julie Egjp Italfe WbkkyMOk f- , *? ? |w. ?m?w New Yoke, Jan. tt ?Floor Ac Iowt Wh<*t lc lower CmtiU ProrUfiMtulH. WUiki qui* at MJfc. It*w You. 4?U sad Uwn. Chicago Eltd ftvek bu?d 59 ? Cmm* Oo-l Co ?, luinai* Ovtid ikMllMi Mtehlna tsatkar* | l2NNr * ? \m. J

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