Newspaper of Evening Star, January 23, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 23, 1861 Page 1
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i M (&bmitig ^>tar. V?. XVII WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 23. 1861 N?. 2.474. f K gi 1 THE DAILY EVENING STAR ia TUB LIS If ED EVERY AFTERNOQN, I (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT THE %TAR Bl'lLDIFIGS, C-?*n?r o/ Pennsylvania iivfHiu andWtk ?t., T W. D. WALLACH. Pa?m Mrrad la r*cki<N by oarrieri it |4 I TW, or 17 MBti par month. To mail nbaorlbara the prloe ia 9&50 ft year, m mdvntt; 9% for sis month*; 91 for three -months; and for 1*m than three months at the rata of 12 oenU a week. Sinf ie oxi c?nt; in wrapper#, two cknts. AomTi?iMi!iTi anonld he sent to tha oAoe before 12 o'oiook m.; otherwise thrr ma* not ihmi ?ntil th* p^xtdar. IFom th* ST A*. YOCKL'P SC HMIDT'S LI rTLK BIGS. BY WILL RAYMOND. I waa comfortably seated at the breakfast table one morning last week, leisurely sipping ray customary matutinal beverage?I beg your pardon, c?>ffee and not whisky?and at the came time looking over the morning papers in tt Ari ri>h l.f f K A nAf.?l oro*rc?ft * ? C ?- .,nn;o-ii>-uv-iuuiiu grain CI wheat in & bushel of cb;ff. wondering a.< I read whether I might not immortalize myself and obtain a place in "Abraham's bosom ' by the invention of a patent truss for the rupture of th? Union; I was, I s?.y, thus engaged, when I was startled from my propriety by an alarming ring at the door-bell, which, reasoning from effect to cause, must have proceeded from "? long pull, a strong pull, aud a pull altogether,'' too?larmi?g in its intensity for nerves like mine. Fancy oonjurcd up horrid visions \vf some irate and not-to-be-put-off-so-by-a?i a-sigbt dan with his "little bill," or? sad 1 trembled?some one of the victims served r * ? ?- " - * * ?;p tor me aeieciauou 01 me reading public by their humble servant '-the reporter," has found uie out, and is "down on me like a thousand of brick-*." My trepidation increased as 1 heard my name called by a voice like a norwester, then Betty's soft pit-a-pat along the rass?ze. followed bv a verv mwniin. ? - - ? j - ---* """T. AU doubts were soon di^pelltd, however, by the hbrupt entranoe of a broad-faced, pquatbuilt, *quare-sterned Dutchman, who vouchsafed, by way of salutation, not even a "gate morning '' 'Not the least obeisance made he, Not a moment stopped or staid be," but opened conversation at cnce by the observation, ? Ah hah This was rather indefinite, and I \entnred to ask. " What can I do for you, sir Ah hah !" saii be again, with a mysterious air, 411 got Bome news for der baper." Having been "dead beat" in my search for item* ' tha evening before, this remark at ? nce arrested tuy attention, and I hastily set d wn my cwp. pushed back my chair, placed my hands on my knees, pricked up my ears, asd hcerd, in anticipation startling and horrid murder, awful catastrophe, crim. con , assault and battery, man drowa-ded. or, perhaps, all these in cue " Sit down. sir.'' said I, impatiently, feeling f r my note-book and pencil; "Proceed; eay your aaj. go on " My visitor, with Teutonic phlegm, deliberately tucked a coat tail under euch arm, leisurely backed bimjelf into a chair, put bis thumb into his pipe aa an extinguisher, and thus began : You know I keeps a lager bier house rount der gorner mit der canawi, unt der tam rowdies blague me plenty dimes, unt cooms in der night dimes unt baint all ofer mein hon?? 'Goited Shtates Hotel, py Yockap Schmidt, euderdainment for man unt peast,' unt dey cuoms io unt prakes dings, unt bizen inein tog, ant cat off mem oat's dail close, so close as never was. nnt dat tarn Mike Growley he hollers after me in der shtreet, 4 Wake up, Shakup' Old Shake, goes down der cellar and ahiings himself mil a pamble pee,' unt 'Old Deutcho Shake, goes ofer der riffer unt pites him*elf mit a shnake.' " 44 Pshaw," said I, impatiently. 41 What for you say 4pshaw' ?" 44 Nothing.' said I; '4go on; go on." '* i say noding for long dimes, for fraid der rowties purn me ap; but one day soon I peen down nhtreet unt when I g>es home I meets Mike Growley cooin out inein house. ' What der tuyfel you do here V I delis him. ' I get your wife to go to singing school mit der gals,' he say. I catch him. unt kick him in der pehint side of his pody, unt dell him, 4 You coom here some more dimes unt see what I will do nut you.' 'Never mind,* he sny, 'I cooms back here to-night mit der poya, unt you unt your tam frau look out.' I say to mein frau. Got fer taui, what you do mit Mike Growley? T J ?- * * " " - a ic?cu juu iur sing (tome lings," unt i gets fome bistol* unt ? shtick unt goes down to ^vfttch, pat I get* shleepy in der night unt make* a ped down dere unt shleeps unt treain I see Mike Growley put mein wife arount his arm unt kiss her unt everydiugs, unt I get so mad I wake up unt hear great noise unt *hquealing unt? ' Yes," said I breathlessly, "you heard screaming and you"'? " Yaw, I hear sbqaealing. unt gets up unt listen, unt den I dinks I hear Mike Growley B1IV k Kill K?r tam Kof till ' * ? - J Mm. * m m MVS f ??? M*-i | Attl UCt |BI J 8 | UUl den more sb^nealing unt? ' Yea," said I, hitching up my chair and opening my eyes a peg wider, ' you rushed out and"? ' Xein, nein ; I gets up unt puts on mein pri'ches unt dinks I got no matches. I goes Sup sh lairs shtumbling oft-r der dark mit every dinks, unt calls ' Bolly. Bally" unt bear noding dere : but blenty noise down fhtairs all der while, unt I fint der matches, unt light der lamp, unt, mein tlott! no Lolly in der ped, nor unter der p*-d, noron top der ped, nor anywhorPii I Jn*n unt Kmum ?? .. h HUI uvajn UV UV'ICCD UU IT , uut den I beeps out unt see nopody, cut d' ti I get mcin shtick unt open der door, unt, mein Gott in birnmel' blood eferywbere all down der garten all der way I gn& erlong, unt?" "Fresh spilt blood?" said I, nervously, ' wet blood ?'* Yaw. be was wet; unt I goes dowu unt sees biw ull der way to der big ben. unt I 1 joks t>fer, unt mein Gott?' ' You saw your m?" " Yaw, I saw mein sow unt two bigs is gone act I want you shall put bimin der baperdree tollers rewart, thtolen mein sow unt two little ? t ? " - - Dip, piacK unt woite unt wtnto uut plack, net e&ort aers unt daile act do markripjut him.'' 'C Wound you and your pigs," said I indignautly. ' I was in hopss?I moan I thought . y?-ur w ile was murdered or had eloped?run away with Mike Growley." *' "Vein, nein ' mein frau get soared in ped mit herself, unt go shleep mit her sister, ant luffs me so well as anypody." " Well, what did yo? tell me that rigmarole about Mike Crowley for ?" " Well,I pliefs MikeGrowley shtole meia?" t, BM '? ..(<1 T - .1 / * -1 * vo, j ?-o, b?iu x , gwa ujuroiDg fir, 1 understand you ; your case shall be attended to." And I determined to revenge myself for my disappointment by giving Sjhmidt a place in - der Caper '' as well as " Schmidt's little bigs " ty A Missouri correspondent writes: "I must tell you what I heard in a store In this p!*oe yesterday afternoon. I had stepped iu to purchase some little article, when my attention was directed to an old lady who was examining a piese of calico. She pulled it this way and that, as if she would tfar it te pieces, held it up to the light in different positions, sp?t on a corner and rubbed it between her fingers to try iftha colors were good. She (hen stood still awhile, seemingly not entirely satisfied. At lut aha out off a niece with the clerk * scissors, and handing it to a tall, gawky-looking girl of about sixteen, standing beside ber, said, "Here, Liz Jane, you tak'n chaw that, 'n see ef t fades " And Lit Jane put it in her mu?th aud dutifully went to work. Thi Ice Boat ?The Pralrtedu Chlen (Wis.) papers brlnsf the intelligence that Wiard's ice Y>>*t made a trial trip with perfect success Ac S?on aa the engine waa put lu motion, the boat started, and aoon attained 4speed of twentv miles an hour It is contemplated to make a trip from Prairie du Chi?n to St. Pauls, Minnesota, in a ft* d?vs |?jr"Ti?e directors of the Inebriates' home at lirrlin, Cal , won connrmra sruniaroi rrom i luvr of drink by f-vding tbrm for tb* flr?i f >rtnivht on fo d ttroaifly doted with wh iky; tb? y d gutted. |D?W?i P Jadding wa? froi*n to d??th on bis cwn door etrp, pnr Salona. Penna . th? oth< r ni/bt, bta wife baring refuted to ltt b in In tb? kNM CZT'Tbe Androsootrgln Company at Lew^aton, Me , bare jiiat t*kea In SOU baiea of eot'.oa, fere! *?d from Calcutta LTTber my Rjirrjr'i proflta by hla exhibition* *' r" ** ?"" Lord Brotgh am os Amkbicak Sla v**y ?The abolitionists of Boston, it seems, invited Lord Brougham to b? present at their Convention held in December last Lord Brougham answered the invitation as follows: Brocoham. Tuesday, Nov 20 Sir?I feel honored by the invitation to attend the Boston Convention, and to give my opinion upon the question?" H ?w can American slavery be abolished T" I consider the application is made to me as conceiving me to represent the antislavery body In this country ; and 1 believe that I speak their sentiments, as well as mv own. in expressing the widest different* of opinion with i/nu upon the merits of those who vromvted the. Harper's Ferry exp dttion. and upon the fait of th .?? irho suffered for thtir conduct in if N<-one will doubt my earnett desire to tee tlavrry extinguished ; but that desire can only be gratified by 1 iwful meant?a strict r^fjird to the rights of property. or what the lair declares [o be property, and a constant repugnance to the shedding of blood. No man can be considered a martyr unless be not only suflVrt, but Is wttnen to tbe truth ; and he does not bear this teitimony who teekt a lawful object by illegal meant. Any other course taken for the abolition of tlavery can only delay the consummation we to devoutly with, bet des exposing the community to the bixard of an Insurrection. nerhaps lest hurtful to the matter than the slave. When the British emancipation wat finally carried It wat accomplished by itepa, and five years elapsed between the commencement of the measure In 1833 and itt completion in 1H38. Tbe declaration of the law which pronounced a llavp Minnn * hm ..?w ? .a ?? uu >iv? *_???% IBU ^lUUUU r erroneously ascribed to the English court* under Lord Mansfield, but reallv made by the judgea in Scotland) may seem to oe Inconsistent with the principal now laid down. But 1 am bound toe*press my doubts if such a decision would have d?*b given had Jamaica touched upon the coast of this country It is certain that that ths judges did not lnttnd to declare that all poperty in slaves should ccase, and yet such would have been the inevitable effect of their judgement in the case supposed, which somewhat resembles that of America Tt is nPMilPM n 4 W ? i* _ , J-v >| , ?V OB? IUUI * UC rfUUlI Brown gynipathiSTf*," on receiving this snubbing, quietly pocketed the affront, and that the letter has been made public In the London Times The Leader or the Florida Troops at Pen sac(?i-a?Major William H Chase, formerly of the United States corps of engineers, Is the leader of the State troops at Pensacola, Florida. He was formerly a resident of Massachusetts, and received the appointment of cadet from that State to the Military Academy at West Foint, where he graduated March 3, l~15 He was appointed brevet second lieutenant In the corps of engineers In the same month, and promotra to a full lieutenancy April 15, 181b Ills subsequent promotions to tlrst lieutenancy, captain ana major date respectively March 31, 1819, January 1, lf'ij, and July 7, 1^38 In 1M4 he was a member of the special board of enirineerm fn? mmimtimi Florida rwfi, &c., and for tbe examination of harl>ors, channels, &c , on the Gulf frontier of Texas and .Mississippi, He was a member of tbe board of engineers from March 13, 1818, to September 1S48 He resigned bis position in the federal army October 31, 185<J Major Chase is a man of indomitable perseverance and courage, and rinks high as a military engineer and strategist He is about 64 years of age and possesses a large J private fortune. The Abjh Traffic Stopped.?The Southern I Secessionist* havp fnr ?Afn? tirn? ?1 - ? ? ... ???MV ?H>IC MCVU I CX. Ci ? I II ^ supplies of arni? from Northern factories. Tbe charge of Judge Smaller, of New York. In relation to treason, ba?. however, awakened public attention to the subject, and tbe (hipping of arms South Is likely to be suspended. An establishment at Troy, New York, sent some boxes of arms intended for South Carolina, for trausfxirtation on the Hudson River Railroad, but the agent refused to forward or receive them, acting, no doubt, on the authority of his superior officers A bill is now in the New York Legislature to prevent further furnishing of aid and coinfnrt to the citizens who are levying war upon the linited States JC7"A young lady at Wheeling, Va , after a lingering illnesa died, to all appearance, on Siturday nlulit Her medical attendant was of this opinion, and every arrangement was made l>v hf-r relative# for her interment. It was discovered, however, when tbe body wm al>out to be placed in tbe cottin tbat it till retained it* natural warmth Tbit,asmay be supposed, occasioned Considerable surprise, and the doctor was again called in who made every etf rt to reatore animation. but wilboutsuccets. The unfortunate woman till remains in the aatiie condition, and as yet no igna of decomposition have appeared, although some six days have elapsed since death was supposed to have taken place. \Vr The French bridges have permanent marks, wltti dates affixed, to show the hights of successive Hoods; they nearly all record this fact, that the floods are nr*du?lly and annually Increasing In bight 1 he bridge over the Loirs, In the vicinity of the late disastrous Inundation especially Ind'ciUs this, and it Is not too much to affirm thnt the n?-xt great Mood will be at least as disastrous as the last The reason is obvious Tbe impetuous torrent from the highlands bring* with it lar^e quantities of stones ana gravel, which are arrested by bridges, sh al*. Alc <> that th?? rtv?-r gradually becoming of a higher levtl. and navigation upon them Is all but Impracticable. Niu Bcmtlihi m a Bad Wat?K.Z C Judsou. alia* " Ned Buntllne," who has been on a "binder" lately, went to a house ia New York where he wai fobbed of a watch. He at tlret charged a young woman in the houae with Ibe robbery, nr,d ?he wai arrested. But It turned out that Ned's own friend?one John H North?was the thief He was arrested, and the pawn tirk^ for tbe watch w-is found on his person. The wati.h was recovered, and North i?ji > > custody and held to answer A good story Is toid of Forrest On one occasion, when be was to be '-supported'' in an important part by some lazy mechanic wbo had turned actor to get an easier living than by tbe use of his profrsti' nal hammer, trowel, or needle, the fellow made sucb awful havoc with tbe text that'sMetamora'' fairly lost his temper, and struck terror to the heart of the ofl*-nder by exclaiming, iu stentorian tones "Here, you rascal, what the d? 1 do you work at In the aay time?" A Fair Proportion ?Florida cost the United Maws forty millions of dollar* to crush and remove the Seminolea If that State would refund this trifling douceur, the General Government might agree to place Billy Bowlega and hla tribe back as>ain in their native everglade*, and aav to the belligerent little State, "Go i* ?Botton Transcript. {?7~ U ia now generally admitted that the Marquia of Downahire did not throw hi* daughter'* lover overboard. The London club* nevertheleaa gave full credence to the report. Tbe peer'a personal strength la said to be prodigious. When a boy at Eton be killed a school-follow in a fair stand-up fight. iJjT A smart negro having done something wrwug, was sent to the police office at Montgomery. Ala , Inst week with a note requesting tilin to have 39 lashes administered Having an Inkling of the object of the letter, he got a friend todellver it, and to take the whipping in his place 1X7-A dealer in dry goods in Paris has engaged the services of several well dresaed young ladies, who promenade near his store, aud wheu they see any lady looking into the window, two of them approach and exclaim, "Oh, Isn't it sweet!" or "How cheap! Let us go in aud bay It!" IL/- a rariaian coo* baa introduced a new kind of concentrated food. A piece about the alze of a visiting card, and about aa thin,when dissolved In hot water, yields a capital eoup. One hundred thousand rationa may thua be packed In a apace 9 f?*et 9 lnchea square. j JX7" A n Irishman who had lain aick a longtime, was met one day by the pariah priest; "Well, Patrick. I am tglad you have recovered?but were you not afraid to meet your God?" " Och, no. yer rlverence, It waa the other chap I was afraid u?." l?7"Two watchmen bad a flght with four V.i.r^lara .1 IK. D ? A ( ?-M -*- -j ? - ?? nwiiu^ omi, man , on Suud*y morning of tut week Tbe thlevea bad sawed open tbe lower door of tbe Bsnk when discovered. JO" It has been decided by tbe Supreme Court at R?cbester, N. V , that Intemperance la no bar to tbe recovery of life Insurance. The caae involved tSU/O, which tbe company are ordered to pay t?7" Riding home with hla daughter, on a load of hay, frotn Toronto, C W., on Friday night, a far hit felt drowsy, and fell asleep, on arriving* at a taveru to paas the night, be waa stiff?frozen to dr-ttb 1X7" The bight of pol!t<?n?*? 1* pasting round on th? opposite aide of the lady, when walking with h^r In order not to stop upon her aqadow But we think they boot it out Weat. where, when a lady nerxee. the company fire woe cbeen. CLOTHING, &c. N MERCHANT TAILOR I NO. EW FALI, STYLES or CLOTHS, CASSIMERS.AND VE5TING8. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 3aa Pennsylvania Avenue, have just reoeived a large vivrietv of n< w Fall Good*, to wnioh they invite the attention of than- friend* and ctmtomer*. an 9ft-tf iv nitir.?: r PANIC PRICES' We have just received a arte lot of CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOOD:-, HATS and CAP*, on consignment, whioh muit he sold before th* 4tn of March, without reor<l to cost. Thes* good* have a.I been made up by the best houies in Baltimore and Phi adelphia, and owing to the times they will be so'd at aiinost any price, our ohjeot t.einjt lo turn them into c&eh as soon as possible L A. BK ALL k CO., C'oHiiers, No. 4 39 Seventh St., above G. N. B.?Come one, oome al': now is the time to buy WINTER CLOTHING at any prioe on Seventh St.. No. 439, 4 door* abov* G St. de 28-lm CGENTLEMEN'S KE >kDV-MADE CLOTHING. Onr present assortment of GENTLEMEN'S REaDV-MADE CLOTHING offers to citizens an<l strangers wishing an immediate out fit superior inducements, embracing, at this time, all styles and qualities of Dress and Business Garments and Overooats in all vanities. Fine Shirts and Under-clothing o( all kinds. Kid and other Gloves of best quaity. Scarfs, Ties, Cravata, Stocks, Hosiery. Ac.. Ao. All of whioh we ar* offering at ?"ur usual low prices. ILT Clothing mad** to order in the most superior manner. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., no 16-tf 322 Fa. avenue. lir Ml'BPUiNT T? IT noiwn - t<>uwvunji a 1 Allil/niilTJ. v* e InTite our customers, and oitnens generalIt. to an inspeo'wn of oar present new, at _ a? tractive, and elegant assortment CLOTHS. CASSIMfcKES, DOESKINS, VbSTINOS, OVERCOATINGS. & o. 1W which we will make to order in superior- * Hjle at very low prioes. WALL, STEPHENS fc CO., oo 25 tf 32'i Pa. av.. betw. 9th and 10th sU. Tcemetf.ry notice. HE Sub?oriber offers for sale his stuck of MA rBLK MONUMENTS, TOMBS, GRAVE STO.NKSand MARBLE MANTELS at reduced prices for oash ur approved note*. A" earl* call is solicited. \VM. RUTHERFORD. Marbio Works, 332 E ?t. north, oo 17 3m hetweon 12th artri 13th. 1TAKE NOTICE! WILL Take ail kinds of Virginia money for mt book debts and for Boot*, Sho^s, and Trunks. All persons indeb'ed to me will plea?e call and settle up, or I (Uia!l he compiled to give their accounts into tho hands of a collector S P. HOOVER, Iron Hall, no 21 Pa *v? between SMb arul 10th ?t?. VALENTINES! VALENTINES!! For 1*61 !!! The trad* supplied at the owest New York prices. A beautiful aesortment of Sentimental and Gonuo of all styles and p^ FRENCH * RICHSTEIN'S. ja 9 87H >*enn. aremie. Thk European hotel, kept uy p. EMRICH. at the oorner of Penn.A . i i avenue and Eleventh street, has hoenVcj^V freatly improved recently and now cffern greater inducement* for the patronage ol oitizsna and atranKers than any other publio honse in the oitT. hia prioea bein* leaa than thoae of any other hotei on Fenn. avenue, and hia aocommodationa for permanent or tracaient boardera unexceptionable. The bar and reataurant arrancementa of the European HotH have alroady hocome very popu lar, burn? all that oan be desired by the most faa tidious. Tne proprietor p.edjea unremitted attention and oontiaued liber&i expenditures to civsaal. lMaition to ah, and thus r'ncn hm invitation ?' all to give the KuropoanHotel a call. de 4 ti ?pHE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIE*EMAR, 1,2 and S?Protected by Royal Letters Patent of England, and scoured by the Seals of the Eooie de Pl.armacie de Paris, ai.d the Imperial College of Mediaioe. Vienna No 1 is inva'u%bie for exhaustion acd natcrrhea, and al ikhysioal ?li*ahili*ie? No. 2 oompietely eradicates all traces of those diseases thai have been hitherto treated by the ?au spoil* and pernio! ui ree o{ copaiva and cubebs. No. 3 has entirely supplanted the injurious u:e of mercury, thereby lnsuung to the si.tfer?r speed? re'ief, dispersing all impurities, and rooting out th9 venom of disease. TRIK*K'IaR, Nos.i,2and 3 ar-> prepared in th- form of a lozenge, devoid of tasto and amel'. and caii be carriod in the waistcoat p"oket. tola in tin oa*es. a^d divided into separate dose*. ai ad ministered by Velp^au, Laflloinand, Hnm. Rioord, &o Price S3 ta^h, or lour cases for S9, which saves A3; and in $27cases, whereby ti.cre is a saving of $!?. To be had, wholesale and retail, of Dr. BARROW, of 194 Bleecker ?t'eet, New York. miivuiukvi i u i wjrir iijk rt ioiiiibiAJiur* j jr. nurrow will forward the Triesen?ir to any part of the wor d, securely packed,and addressee aeoordingtothe inatruoti >na of the writer. The Book,of at! o'hera, that ahonld he read by men with damaged and i>r<>ken down oonatitutions la Human Frality, or Phvaioloiical Keaearohea," It ia beautifully illustrated, and treats ""nutely of all tn? symp wn? that lnvanab'j develop thrm e'vea. aooner or later, resulting from the frailties and vitiating habits of earl, youth, incapacitating the victim from aharmg the ignition of the main mouial state, and. if not oheeked in time, detereratingalit-e functions of manhood. a-d b'icgine )ii m. ateg by atep toa lingering and untimely death. c-wiu i/j i?r. HieecKer it e?t, li>ur door* b?low Maodougal, IMew York. Price 25 oeute. Sent free every where. Sold atro by S. C. Ford, Jr., Dreg Store. Wash ington. P. C. de 25 6m BOO IS AND SHtiKS TO SUIT TJttK TIMES. We are now maaufacturipg ail kinde of BOOTS and SHOr.S, and oo: ?tartlr reoeirir.e upply of eaitern invl* wr>rk of ev-n ue-eregi Bonptior, made expressly to order, and will* eni be sold at a muoh lowrr erioe than hae i>ecn* heretofore oharged in thia city for much luferior artielee. persona in want of Boo'a and Shoea of eastern or oity made work, will a! ways find a good Mwr*.men in rtoreand at the loweat prioen. Give us & call. GRIFFIN A UUO., t-r 314 Pennsylvania avenne. Five hundred traveling trunks arrived this dar, embracing an quali flNTTB tiM and aiseaof Bole Leather, L.vliea'Mfwfl Dress and Paoking Trunks. Oar trunk^***** See room exhiliits at this time the rr*atest variety traveling requisites at moderate prices, to he found thia side of New Vork. Also, every deaorip tion of LADIES' HAT BOXES, VALICES, HtBPVT RICH HJTI'Ilt'l o ? _ ?? t u m. UO. A VII CiLiO) CtO* 10-Old Trunks retrod or token in exehanc* for new ones. WALL, STEPHENS & 00? Trunk Salea Room, marfl-tf 3gg Pa. avenue. HOWE'S IMPROVED WE16H1NG SCALES TheaeSoalea are offered to (he public aa tha moat aipiple. durable, and reliable scales ever nt n uae. Firutolaaa premium* have been awarded thea by the United States Fair and Virginia Agricultural Society; Virginia State Agricultural Fair; Franklin Institute Fair, Pennsylvania; New York State Fair; Vermont State Fair, &o., fto. In every case wher* exhibited they nave reoeivedfirat olaaa premium! For aa e at ? Louisiana avenae, Depot of Siller'a Ohil ed Iron Sues. ie M-lv E' r. PATTISON. Arent. RD. L. MORRISON * CO., v rivrvi a mtv n wat?** ? ^ m. uvda JVIERCH NT? wnniYeiUN And wholoa&ie ii?alr'r* in IE7? C?h paid for aH kinds of Grain, au 6 ALTS' 1 ITY STEAM FIRE-WOOD MILLS __.. AND COAL DRPftT. Foot of Seventeenth ttrut, btlov Wot Department. WOOD prepared, any length and eise, to auit the vuu of eaoh purohaser COA'.?KEPT IN COAL HOUSES, prote?t<?l from the weather?delivered fr?e from alate, dirt, and other unpuritiee. 2JW lba. to the ton. t7i. ft w. M HALT, no 10-tf 88a Pa. av.. b?*tw. 11 tU and 12th eta. DUPQNT'8 GUNPOWDER, For sale at mannlaotiJVera price*, by JOHN J. BOG UK, Giorsitowi, D. C., Sole Agency for the District of Columbia. A large anpp.y, enrt>raoin< every variety, always on hand, *nd delivered free to all parte of the Diat'iot. Ordere can aleo be left at ths office of Adama' O n ? a*T ?- - " - - - o&pp^" \himwint. vf uninfmq, ii. ii. de&T *aNC7 C06I>S, D AT PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES, Awd Qui Pkick Only, At STEVENS'S FANCY STORE, no 8-if 336. tvtw. Oth and 10th >t?. UAVE YOU SEEN the 40 o?ntChildren*! Bo<>k? n at PRENCH A RICHSTEIN'S, 378 Pa. arena*, aelliag for 10 oenta ? Have yon aeen the lecaat ?2 Annuals lor Near Year trtienu, at PRENCH A RICHSTEIN'S. catling for only 9 , Call and make your purobaaaa before they are all gone. At FtiENCH A RICHSTEIN'S. dett 378 Pa. avenue. i.?. *. uin. a. a. mot*. i.i.4(?<t. I 4AMAR. MOH A AUTR Yw out "fisr.1*4 m Will praoOoe la the Hith Court of Errors and Ar cawr.".'a:.s?}s,a*a.,s, w ? su^.xnsfia? Jf^Jssr WB _ T*AVKLINO T*UNK8. K Have jest reoeived the largest Meortnsat nliifig" VA?.(8E8, CARpBT BAGS, SAtCHEL?, Ao., WOOD AND COAL. WOOD! WOOD !! | WOOD!!! STOVE n.d KINDLING WOOD, at tho Iovm possibio prioa. T. J. A W. M. GALT, Pft. av? btlVMD 11th &B<t 12th its., m* 17-tf " ??? ?? "MI \r WOOD AND CO A I.. OU Will surely jcot you: money's worth by oal'inc at tne PIONKKR Si 1I.LS, southttest tr+ nrr of Seventh ttreet and Canal, |OEO. FAttK, Arent) They sell cheaper and live better measure than any others in the city? cut, split, ami delivered free of oharge. If yu don't believe it. five the Pioneer Mills a trial, and We satisfied. jal7-ly,r WOOD ?? AND COAL Delivered to all parts of the city, at the iow?st possible rates. T. J. * W. M. GALT, Offioe 8S9 Pa. ? ., between 11th and 12th *t*., , mal7-tf north Mae. QASTfITTING, &c. pLUMBERS AND GA8 FITTERS J. >V. THOMPSON & CO. Would call the attention of water taker# to their fait assortment of Fixtures necessart to its introduction,an follows:?K ITCH KN RAJVOES.BATH TUBS. VVATKR CL'ISETS, HOT WATER BOILERS, KITCHEN SINlfc, PUMPS, Cast Iron, Wrought Iron, I.pad and Galvanised W ATER PIPES, HYDRANTS and PAVE WASHERS. RUBBER HOSE.&o. Having superior advantages, with prnctieal k owledge, we are prepared to introduoe Water into dwellings wi'h all the latest improvements, promptly, and at piioes that oannot fail to satisfy. 469 Penn. avenue, no 24 dtMar 1 bet.9th and I'tth sta- south side. WM. T. DOVE 4. CO. RJ2 Now prepared to exaoute any orders witk w iixvii mc? iiin* 0" ISTOrea IB IP# PLUMBING. GAS OK STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. fir Store on 3th street. & few doors north of Pa. avenne, vhere may be found a ootnRlete assortment of CH ANDELIERS and other GAS, STEAM a:>4 WATER FIXTURES. It WGAS FIXTURES. K Have in store. and are dai.y receiving, OAS FIXTUll ES of entirely New Patterns and Desicns and Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore offered in this market. We invite citizens reneral ly to call and examine our stook of Uas ana Water Fixtures, feeling oonfident that we have the best - * *- ? ' - - oricvtcu B I XI ^TlifilllllClOD. All Work in the above Tine intrusted to our oars will be promptly attended to. MYERS &. MoGHAN. mw S-tf 3T? l> itrwt. I SNYDER, . PLUMBER AND OAS FITTER. Has removod to the oorner of Twelfth and F sts. He is prepared to introduoe Water and Gaa upon the mo?t favorable terms, and guarantiee entire satisfaction He has on hand a lot of COOKING ard other STOVES, which h? will sell less than oost. as ,ie wishes to get rid of them. no 17 ( 1FF1CE OF JNSPECTOR _AND SEALER V U* <*AS MKTEH8, Wasuijistow, July 18,186n. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That, agreeably to the provisions of the ftidinanoe of the Corporation approved May 12. I860, the undersigned is now prepared, "whenever required in wntinr. and on pre payment of the fee of fifty cents, to iiispeot, examine, test, prove, and asoertain the aouuraty of registration of any *".* ineter in use in tftis city." Every meter, lffound inoorrcot, will be condemned, an I another, sealed and ir.arlted as true, will be S9tmi?? place, If pro%ed to be aocurato in its me-i.?ur?.inent of 152.3, it will be nealed accordingly, an<i again put in position for use. Olftoe No. 510 Seventh street, (near Odd F?1.ows' Hall ) Open from 8 a. m., to if. n>. CHAKt.ES W. CUNNINGHAM, jyl3-tf lr.snBotor and Seaier of 6a? Meters. ~ CARRIAGE FAGTORT1sT WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. ? " D St net, Betwun 9 tk and lOlfc Strut/, We have just finished a nnmber of first oiua CARRIAGES, such M Lifkt Fnncvf Sf. Wagonr, Park Phmtim*. Family Oir MBUM*; ri&wts, and Bum**, whioh we wiil aellfciJL-'- ? a ver? small profit. rteinr praotioa! meohanio* in different branches of the nusineas, we flatter ourselves that we kno? the styie* an>i qn&litj of work that will give satu faction, combining lightness, comfort ana dural'ili - nifwani prompuy ana oareluily attended to Uie anorteit nctioe and most reasonable charrea. WALTER, KARMANN A BOPP, Covhmakera, auooeaeora to Wm. T. Hook. ajT7-dly T CARRIAGES. HE Sibaoriber harini made addition* ta hi facto ry, Tnaicii-c it now one of the lHIMtfJlflKA. In the District, where his faculties forSMSHBPC manntaotnrinf CARRIAGE A LJSHT^^S^BS WAGOiXSot all kicda cannot be auryaased, an< from hie lent in tke baameca, he nopaa U ti*9 f?ner?i aatiefaotion. Ail kicda of Carriacca sail Ufkt Wipu kayt kand. Ail REPAIRSSMtty de?a,aa4allar4*ra ?raa>t ty att?r.d?4 to. 8?Ma4-kaa4 Oarrtasaa taken In Mthanre far uv eta*. AffDRE WjTjoVCE, ^ ff aa?? *? A# U*W ?-J ? PAPBRHANGING9. 486 PAPER HANGINGS all erales and pnces; war rnntivl Gold Hurnl WINDOW *H-T>E"?; Huff, Groen and Riuo HOLLA ?I) SIlADES.tu sues tn?<l? >o order; also. PICfL'RE C~>RD and TA'-SELS a'. mt(>s an1 colom. RFMNANTS PAPER H A at on??-fourth l*si? than oo?t Purchasing for ?eh, an.I al'owine ro old stock to aricumolst*, persons needing th*aN>-.-e good* wi'i find it to llieir a-1v?n*a?ce to give me a call. All work exrcut?d and miMrintended h* m?n whi have served a r*fta'?r appr*'o??hip at tisnir trade. Pleaae give me a. call. Rempinhfr tha umber. JNO. MAKKKITKK. No. 4S6 Seventh at. 8 rioora above ja l-e^iot* Old Fallow*' Hall. IADIES THICK W1NTKR BOOTS cf Kid a Morocco, Goat# 8km. Laatinca, Ao.,?VfcT? buttoned, l.aced an! Velvet T' immed ygjll Alio Mitut Boot* <-f the wm? ?tyle . ?ref illine fioin Wo'nts to 91- P*'r pair, lower than elsewhere in tiie oity. at J. ROSENTHAL'S. No. 16 Ma-k?rt Srace Pa. av. b?t 8tn and 1th ctreeta. Ladiea' and Miasea' l^ont Rubber Boota. ja2eo piREMEN'8 INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND fiRfWOETOWN Capital S'iOO.OOO. QJLt* com r C itrtet and Louman? *., over Bank df Waskington. INSURE HOUSES ANDOTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Diikctors. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfem, Samuel Cropley, William NVi'eon, Richard Jones, John D Barclay, J aoob Gideon, Andrew Roth well, Thos. Parker, Kiahard Barry, B. B. French. No oharge for Polioicg I JAMK8 ADAMS, President. I Abkl G. Davis, Secretary. oo 10-eo6in piEEMAN & SIMPSOD^ ^rTxTR^^^EXTR^\ F OLD Yjf OLD \ iFAMllY RYBIFAMIIY RYE)) .J ?1hov* PURE H1SKY, Corrn Distilled f*?* superior ?d<1 uniform L Vta',tT' Wf hly lmproTftd by &g?, is jref^rred h* AAn?n>??M *n *i A*k?. tlTL.-LI I ? -/ w HI Viuur MUIBB.OI, ?au paruou'.yjy . reoowimonJod by the beet phyaioiacs and ohamiat* m voMoaaiQc all the requirements of a 5w- u, tfc? dinUkatioc of thft Whulry, ia erovedby analy ? to be the softest and fpreat water in the United otatee; and to tiua may. in a great decree, be attributed the exoeiiecoe of this AN fiiak*. For wleby FR ESMAN^ SIMPSON, _ Phenix Distillery. F>owt street, Phi'adeiyNa. m?r r? t. ?K>U8HS, COLDS. HOARSENESS. &o. COMPOUND SYRUf OF OUM ARA BICT??? iMMADt U4 popular C<>a?h R?ro?*ly h&a bjen *o ion* known and axteiuirajy iMd, that mo?t ?*r*2M hav? bacomP familiar with ita exiraordinaH ItMa Mhiki atail th* jriM'aal drug "orB? ** c 80o*nU a bottle. dtwfc?rtu?? UATCnEJLOR'B INIMITABLE HA lit nvr. * DENTISTRY. IIR*. LOCK WOOD 4 DARREM. ARK PRKLf P*rfdt)i.iertTtKTH on VI LOAN 1TK DAJ'K, a uew and improved modf.M^&3 When m*1e on thu they are com ^ 1 f'T> fortab'e tn wear ami niach cheeper than ?iry other. Alao, Teeth itisorUHt on 0"ld Plate. an* aM Deatai Operations of any kind that may he de#ired. Ol6?*?Ko<?m No. i in the W ashio(fe<n Baildini.oorriAr P* *v * ??4 - -- * * ~ " _ ?. w? o* rx:?vu?U aw* J% 11* > W " tekthTItI . LOOM IS. M. 1).. th* mmtnrtiw) pitcntM ofthe MINERAL PLATK TEETH. at tfnds persona ;ly at his oAoe in this eit? ftalBMj? Many persons oan wear these teeth whnN'tra cannot wear others, and no ysrton oan vtar others who oannot wear these. Persons ealliug at my oAoe oan be aoeommodated with any style and prioe of Teeth th?y may desire: but to thosn who are particular and wish the purest, oleanest, strongest, au<i most perfeot denture that art can produse. the MINERAL PLATE will be more fnily warranted. Rooms in this city?No. 33" Pa. arrnat, hetweet 9th and loth sts. Also, 907 Arch street, Philadel phia. oc l&-tf ra nir.vTii. p?n n I/R. M'7N*ON Hu retarD^d and retained hia frofession. itftioe and house at 4ft.? E hird door east of Sixth. In addition t' Mnv every o'her approved style. Dr. M ha* set^? '' " teeth on vnloanite Bane for the last three years and, from experienoe, knows it exoe.s all others and is one-third less in pnoe than gold. Uis old Cirons of Washington, Alexandria, and Georc* wn are reepectfully soJioited t*> call. an 2S eoly TKAVELhii8,DlKhXrri)KYT Baltimore and ohio railroad. ^ WASHINGTON BRANCH. On and after SUNDAY, Novembfr 2Sth, lWn.the trains will run ac follows: LEAVE WASHINGTON: I irat train at ?.2n a. m. Seoond Truii at 7.?fl a m. Third train at 3.10 p. m? Fourth tram at 6 p in LEA VK BALTIMORE-. First train at 4 15 a. m., Express. Second train at 3.35 a. m. Third at 3.10j> m. Fourth at 4 2ft p. m., F.xpress. The first, eeoon-1 and third trair.s from Wash lnctou oouneo'throu)di: o Philadelphia and New Y"'k. Thfl IMnnii ?ni4 ?Wiwl -* **T 1 ? _ ... -?.- ??v kiniu wuucuj ni> ?? ainiOKU)D Junction with trains for th? W'trt, South, and Nortiwest; also, at Annapolis Junotion, for An nupol'.*. For Norfolk take the ' a. m. trai . hor the fcooommixiaUon of tli? wm travel !>e tw?eu \\'as>nnct<>* nnl Laoiel. a pa?sen*er oar will b<? attached to the tonn?*e traiu whioh leaves at U m. On S*turd\y the 3.10 p. m. train goes to Phi adelphia only. jio ? d T. H- PARSONS. Anent. THE STEAMER J AS. BUY WiU resume!t* trips on TUESDAY, list of__ February, ISp*. Will i(*>ve WASH IN9TON every TUESDAY FRIDAY, at? o clock a. m.. and ALEXANDRIA athaTf paats o'clock, for CURRIOMAN and tnt intermediate Landings. On C*r return triM. ?h# will IO*T? CURRIOMAN every WEDNL'dt)AY tad 8ATURDA Y. it ft o'clock a. m. LUCIAN S. PAGE, Pro*nrt?T. NATH'L BOUSH. At't. A'.exttdri*. fe ? IF YOU WANT TO HAVE THE UNION Call at HARVEY'S, Who has justr?eeiv?vi (i la'K? of frwh LOBSTERS. FISH, and hue OYm KR^-W*^ which ! ?* will B4rve to customer* at the Bhort.-st not ce and on liberal term*. p.!*?Oysters eervo-t to faniliea and hotel* a*e not ecaldod; they areonJy ecaided for pertona eating them at the aaloon. <T* ? T. M. HARVEY. \ removal. iy\ O O 1 have removed my W V PAWN OFFICE to 331 C ?treet, !#etw?en and 6th streets, iromtdiatHy in the rear of the National HoUI.vlwri th? Iiusmiarr wn; |.? ooDt.tu^l m her'ti'f t' at th* old utanil. 1 no l.S-fanl IS AC H ItRZH h RG. Dr. J. H. McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY tn tkt WORLD, fcnd the most **? tl?XLIC10U? A3?D W*W It ii lUictkr * ?ci#nt:6c and Vtfttabit Compound, pr?carad t>y tha dituila- Wje ^tW Uan of r*ou, barba, ^Br ar.d bark*. Tallcw Dock, Blood Root, VH 39 Black Root, aarmapan.ia, Wild Oarry B?rk, and P??. Jalioo VR ntrra lulo tu can^rulT*milra aeu*? j^Rn J'rt - ?<i'ai no?ip:? ? or iuh tnfradiant u ' Before taiaiiji^or*"f,,i'"t"ci,,ililcr taking. wiuiv MUUU^(,J ray saw mathbd of ?? ?' t dutilliuf. prodacmr ? dalicioaa, titii.rauoj apint, ul tha maa'. infulibl* root'f far raioT?ctrf :ba dmtMl ayatara, lad r??;?ring U. ai :k. ieCari.f, u d ilkiliuud la httltfc and atranflb. McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will atactaally car* Lift! OxnpUint, D?irtp?i?, Jamndiea, Ctiranic H Kmcai Dabi! t?, Piaaaaaa of Itin Kidr.ara, mid til i!iH>iii>min[ frcra a dUcrdarad Li?ar or Brnmach, Dfipiptit, Haaritum, Inward Pilaa, Acidity or liieknaaa aI tha Stomach, Fslln <ai af Bl< od ta tka Htad, Dall Pain ar w.inp"nf in tha H >*!, Pa); r \tion of tha Ha an. Falloaaa ar Wairbt in tha ktciaaek, Bntr Eracationa, (Jbokinf ar afocadnf Taaiinf whan laying down, Drynaaa or T allaW. naaa of lb? tkin and Eraa, N'ljht %aau, Inward Favara, n.:_ i_ .t. m ?t -* ?*-. n, - l ? - - run id ui? ra-ii 01 in tritt, or Mid*. Sadden Pia*hM of at. D*pr***ien of Spirit*, Ph|ttfil Drttm*, Lunjacr, Dnpjniliaey ?r t?, i?r?c*? dmrji, >ot*t ?r ao th* ikin, ar.d F*?*r and Agt* (or Chill* and ,,T"') OVER A MILLION BOTTLES b*T* boo ??ld dtritij tfc* la*t an month*, and la o* lo taao* h?* u fail.d iu at.tira ( taction. Who, th*n, Will nfir (r?n W*<l>o*m or Dobtlity wh*n MCLE4R1 TRh.MUTHK.MIMO CORDIAL anil car* ;n 1 K* 1* (* ( caa can t y an adaqvata id*a of th* immadlata and alisaat mtr*ca!o? charg* prodactd by taking this Cordial la tha di****ad, dtbtlitatad, and ahauor*d aarTova y*t*n, vhatbar brake* down by *>coaa, weak by utui, or impaired by aickn***, th* r*Uiad and imu?c a* finite uoo i* r**tor*d to it* priettaa health and viffat MARRIED PERSONS, or there, aootciom* of inability from whacker caa**, will no nctum BTitlVTlllKina CORDIAL I thar*afb r?(?n*r\ier *f U>* and ail wha m*t Iuti la iarad th?m*al?a? by Inprnir wdalf aoea* will iad is thu Cardial a ctruin >od ipitdy r*m*dy TO THS LADIES. McLKANI rrnEBUTHKHIMe COKDIAL ta a MTir tfn and apaady csra far loeipiant Canaaiaptiaa, Whit**, oCairaetad ar DiRcalt MirKriuiM.laeMUMDU ( Una* ar lavalaotary Ducbarf ihtraW, Failtuf af lb* Waaab, (Hddtnaaa, Tainting, and all diaaaaaa iccidant la Paaaala*. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Kaffar aa l*uf ar. Taka it aeeordiag ta diractiaaa. It will atimalata, atraafthaa, aad ionfarau T*a aad caaaa tha blaam af haaltb ta maant year ehaaa af aia. E*ary baula ia wairai.tad la ftra aatiafactiao. FOR CHILDREN If yaar etilidrao ar* aickly, pan* ar afticwd, Ml'LKANY CORDIAL will rnak* tha.m haaltbr, fat, aad rabaat. Dalay nat a m*rr.?nt; try it, aad jroa will W? caartaead. It la d*ttciau tataka. __ _ va vuun. Itvin cf dr affix* or daalara arha map try ta pa lia apoo ;aa m.i biu*r ar xratpanUa [ruh, th*y cab bey ch*?p, t? ?a?JOf il la la?t a* food. A*o.d aach man. Aak far M< LEAH* YrRin*UTHlNING COKIHAL. aa<t taka nothing alaa. It I* tha on If rtrmij that will panfy th? lilaod tboroaffcl* and at Ik* aaraa nm? atrangthan :ha art-am. Ona taaapaonral ukan a*ary naamiuf lutuif u t tiruia pra*a?u*a (or Cbolara, Cfcillt and K??ar, Y allow Faaar, or crittlm diMui. It ia pat ap la lain buiiti. fnci an'T ' P*T bottla, ar ? boulaa for #& J. H Mr LEAN, Bala propriator of 't.ia Cardial; akae, McLiaaS Volcanic Oil Linimant Prtnaipai Ha pot as Ua corn a r af Third ar.d Pu>a airaata, It. Lava, Mo. XcLean'a Yolcanic Oil Liniment, (Tax BUT L1H1MEHT W THE WORLD ) Tkl waty itfl u4 cartain Clrl far Cuicara, Pllaa, Tm ??, Branebila ar CoMra, Ftnlnto, N?or?!|to, Wnknw W Ul Maaclaa, Cknait ar UUamMot; IhiilMliaa, hlltua af ih? Jau>u, Coutr*?iad Maaclaa at blfiBiaBU, Xaracha arToothac^a. Bruiaoa, 8pr*iua, Fraah Can, Woanda, Clean, Ka*at Baraa, Cakad lnnt, Sara Hlpplaa, Baraa, Bctlda, fcn TVsaal, ar aay hiaw?lia? ar pais, na difaranea ham aaaara ar laat tba rtwaaaa mi Cava aaiaud. McLXAJf* CKLKB&ATKO LINIMENT ia ? eartaia rareadj. Tbaaavoda af mu Wlap ktT( baae aa*ad a Ufa of du arapttada and miaary by tba aaa of tbia IanlaaMa raaady. McLSAtrS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will r?i?a?a pais alnoat laaUilutaaaly, and it will C'aaa, parify and kaal tba faalaat aoraa la as iacadbla abort uat. fva .1 A.I* U UI tl li K AP> IMAI-S. mcLean's celebrated liniment ? u> a> i* mf? u4 rilubla r?m?4t far Iki ear* of Iparit, kirtxM, Vmlftllt, Belial*. OaMtanl Lamps, IMu at walliaaa U U'tt failed w car* Big Haad, Pal.aril, Piaiaia, Old Ruuntor 8mm, or l*m*, if pramri* ?rpli?o Par praiaa?Brmaaa, Imtma, Crackad Aaala, Ckfia, Saddla ar Collar Gal la, Cat*, Sore*, ar Waaada, il it aa n.fa'libla ramady. Appij it aa dtraetad aad a cara ia tanik ia a*ar? ta>U?M Tfcaa tnli aa laant witk lk? auf vankltaa Ihlaiaw farad I. yam. Otuia a tappW W M MCLEAN* CfcL*MtATEDLINlMENT. It wifl care ?aa J. H McUUN, Ma Praprietar. Caraer Tlaid aad Waa ete., Si Lama. Ma. ?AM.M STOTT. m ?* ? - Mai ft.*. T CMSEL,b??rf?te?. M-D*W|r M'HSf 1UAT> -* MINM mu. I ? 1 KINS ft JVKCaSLL. ^ | innr in-ri I ?? nn? ? aiud nfibliil UULLAft S1AK, Tki* ?MJM FfcaUly mi Nm iuiub( fimtw WM*T ?f miMftw ??iit ikto mi b? feud ! My Mmthi rebtiebei m Fn4?j isonuBi. BiafiaoopT. Mr una. ? fl Fit? oopina ... 4 V> T? ??>pi? IN TmmwMiM. 9 m ItlannftblrwalUM tfc* "Wukiutm N?n" ! that' hae mad* 1\? Dmtl* lm?u ?mt elrealatt . w k?rally throng boat the eoeatry. 81&1 oopiM (in vrafperai eaa be ynwH at the 00 outer. Immediately after the teeae of (to pa?er- Pnee?THRKK CKNTS EDUCATIONAL. Tfk.malk education. HOtHE Pwwnta ?hn ?iik iUr?..ii (WW a thoromch tad ayatemttao *dM?Lov. thoirphf a?oat truninc will reoeire daily tndiMouJ UtMti?li, y qder themoot approved iiitMn of tlonic* and 0> mnaatie*. ara roapectrtolty invltod to Tiait the I'mnti FomaJa Academj. roraor Foar toonth ?t and New York *?. MR. 4. MRS. Z. RICHARD*, an S?-tf Pn oipala Female boarding and day school ALRIA>I>RJA. TA. Mn. 8. J. MoCORMlCK. P?i*f!r?L. Th? thirteenth annual nmim of thia lnatitntioa will commence on Tuefldav, Roptomba* l?th. in tha houae raoontly occupied by Sylvoator Soott, Eh., No. 1*0 Kin( atroot. Tb? courao of atudy paraaod will oompriao all the t>ranone? requisite to a thoroath Eni.m Kcin&tion tnH M p >- ? J - ^m i , nn? ? vnaiag, B In lidibon to d?r Mholtn. Mra. MeCormink it reparnd to rw*ire k I tail ted coin her of pupilk aa ltokr(l?ra, who. constituting t part of Iwr ova fam ily, will be nnder liar ireuaaiiau eare aad euperrv aion. She will endeavor, a* lar aa poeeihl*. to enr roond then With the oomjforta and kindly iMiwm of Home. Rtfntnr*.*.?Rer. Goo H. Norton. Rw. IV, K'.ina Harriaon. Rer. D. F. Spri**, William R. Fowl#, Bh , F?d*ar ftnowdea, Km.. Edmund F Witiwf Ea*., Henry Mar bar?. E*.. knrie MoKeaaia In., Robert H. H anton, F.aa . W. D W allaoh Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Watera. Kh .Jm Entwiale, Jr_ F.aa..Col. John W. Minor, 1 uudoun Mnmra. blaokiook k. MnrahnJl mowra. Ton. _ Board, with Tuition in *Ji the Enjluh BrAMhM. #Snnfor the annual aeesion?payable mdu-anneailj, in a<tv*no?. Mu? 10 and lAncntcM at Profeeaore' pnoaa. It/" No utrt chart ee. M Mt #Cmre (IttMrk, C?id, MMrM***t. Jn Jlitnza M|i irritation #r S?r* n**< nf tk* Throat, Kelt*?* tk? Hnrkxmt Ctmtk m ( on rumrBrontiitu, Ay*mm. ntrmfth It Ih* ***** *f PUBLIC 8PEA K E RI am> SINGERS. Few are aw?r? of the m.portane* of oheokiac a Cotr*h or Comir.on Cold in it* fi?-?t atur Lh*? It .fVJL w"?'d to * ""'J W?K? *fci52 ftS-* "?5" "*?* & i- ? . 'Bmmu ?n2T*i ui P^ f- cfitUin'm a?!uTeentin?re?il ?nu, a.iay Po ttionary and Hioooiua. Irritation. RROW\'<i _ltwwj>ie id my Throat, (for BROWN 3 which the "Trotkt<" area apeeifeo) TRnrnra mada m? often a tn?re wk;i TROCHES perer." P?. P. WILLI*. BROWN'S "I reooit.^end thmr a?? to Pvbltc TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. __ "Gr*?t wmwin uMun.t Ho af ? BROWN'S !*? -.." REV. DANIEL wljfE. TROCHES . " Aimort loitKt r?liaf in the di> tre??ine labor of br?ath:re \r BROWN'S 10 Asthma," REV. A. C. E8GLE8TON. TROCHES , ** Contain bo Opium or imAlac BROWN'S ?* kA.thZZ.. TROTHFS . 1 A tmp'eand flea^wt oombiaaiKUtnfc? , tion for Coram, ie." BROWN'S DR. 6. P. BI6ELOW, TROCHES " BenefioiaJ ia Baopcajr;*." DR. J.F. W. LANR, BROWN'S ^wtw. " I h*vo p-otk! th?nr? exoellent for imitmtf wborrisi KtV. H. W. WAERKN, BROWNf Bmiot. t 44 Renefini*! wlen oompeUed to TROCHfc^ ? ?*, ?uile> ir.r from Cold." ^EV. S. J. P. ANDERSON, BROWN r St Ltmlt. tsnrnrg " Effbotcai. in renotinc Ho*rn oeu and Irr tation oi the fb' ^t. ?o BROWN'^ oom^un vith briAKUi Bod lit!*?TROCHES "" Prof M- 8TACYLJ,?("^,):^1I ninwvN Teaober of Muaie S uihern FeiMie Oollege. TROCHES "fireat benefit wlion taken befow an<i alter preaomrr * the? prevent BROWN'S Hi>*r?en??*. Fri ni thnr p?*t eneot, I thaik th-j wilt be of permanent ftdTROCHES vantage to me." KE.V. K. IUWLETi A V BROWN'? PrMident of Athena CoU?c?. Taan. TROCHES <U 1 ly FOR STAMPING rillA PACKET OP TAPBR a f and cnvelope8 NO TO MATCH. CHARGEJ metropolitan bookstore. philp * solomons, irmli far Laurence' i t*Ubr*ttA Ltntm Parart, "Mtirarc'umm Tiillt," *t.. ft. ae V ly 338 Pa. tT.. bet. M' and 10th ata. 1861 bi*?L'E8- 1861 Commenc? the Year trtt/i a Diury. A vt'uaMt Pocket ComMnioo for registering evects put. preaent, and fat?r< ; oontair ir? raU? of pnatage, almanac. a blank apvj fur me ui.-raoda for ererj day in the year, oa?h aooonnt for eaoh inoatb, annual a ana mar r of o?ah aoooant bH? aayaSie and receivable. Don t be without one of tbeee useful little aoursnir* The n.nst oomplete, elegant, and desirable ever <eeu6d.e"tn rising twelve sues and upwards of ftfty at) lee, at SHI ISLINGTON'S Raataian, Odeon Bunding, oorner or,?S treet and de2n Penn amiie. DI AR1K8! PI A R I bf" diaries::: ? fa f ? ? fig ? ? 1 IOOI) l^"l, CHEAPER THAN EVER. W# will take an eit k aieoount ??f ? por e^ni. ?>f of all jurcuaeed from ? for va?k. Wear* de?iroae ?f eloairc Ml the remainder of o?r iar** toot of Diane* of all ki?>da tor FRENCH * RICH8TEIM. ia3 8T? Penn >wnii>. WATCBRE^NO^^VE. ??.? 1 hare on* of the i?net e*tal>liahmenta. and fWrBiahed with a complete eel of toole tor repur Jtv inc every deeeription of fine Watehea, and [Aj particular attention jive to the eanie, by afliC thorough oompeient workman and i work (uaran tied Al'O, every deeenp ion of e'andard SIl.V KR WARE, plan and ornamental, manufaetu-ed auder IDT own auMrvicwiB. vhinh m? cBUnrnftri will find ffcr aupenor in au&iif) Mid fcnieh to north?r* old by dr?l?n in ud r?tr?Mnl*4lit UiWf own m*i,?f*otura. H. O HO}I), mm t 3??8 P?. n?*r Kb *. A MU81C BOOK IS THE BEST cCkLIBTMAS . Moore'i MelodiM tMMbffclfj bo?n4. The Ma??al Altmm. *?eode aohn'a 8oi.(i, vitfeoat vorda. The HomeCirole. All the "perma. with ?nd wlthoat worda. Beet* oveu'a, Monrffjutd Clemetstre MMlti Bfcuii ? UMnMii'i, Mar* ud Albraefetaborfer f Tr.eoretioal Works, All the Oratorios. Selection* ol Mune with baaatlfal title r*<M Also, a larje aaaortment ol 9tfuvt; A IViM'urf j Raven, Kaooo A Co 'a Ovorit -< fiuo*, andoubted I y the boat now manabotarad. A very larf e stock ol Piano ??ooia and Covara at radaeeJ) jrioee at the M aaic Store ol w a Himiner dw 22 eonxr RlwwA at ?* AT kren' ^ J^in5SSrlW?, ? * JW. meat M?rioa Araka, ? Buk*r t* ?? , re>t. h? Meter Leader, in., cloiki i?t bj Ml for Q\J& _ , gabiaa'a Not-* oa DaeSa u4 OmUm i lino.. eloth; f lJft t>T ma.i: 4 f*noorn?y'? ?llaatra?ad Foema; elotk flit; |I9 iH&i E-r. oa Lalia; ltao, ?Mfc fortmtt; 1 a'STSrt-w a ao4 Ik* Marr?l'a Wo-U. Oar aaaal hoary diwvoaat oa Hooka froa ta? p*< liahara' ?n?M for OMh. FRENCH 4 *1C?1TFIN, JtT tT< fonn I G. O. DKMl'TH a 57! 1MPORTKR8 And WhaiMdntal kMOl DmJ FOREIGN f^NES^BRASl^KS, 911*8. t<. 1 No. ? Noin C*a*le? t*T*Brr, Am tori Laf OCHOOL A.NI> COL.UMX. Ui. IX < ^ jnawsB aijiar'r. rnrr: JSi ^,V UNO * ?l'?CHBC,t, I

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