Newspaper of Evening Star, January 23, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 23, 1861 Page 4
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! J THE EVENlftK 8TAR. KIMBt. Aid . ff?red her lip I A. ft hint to 'The ml 'night *ch?s. Mr mother will ki.ow. tMy kindest tml d??rM ' i Ob, kiss me and (o " 8t (kv? me the Messing In snob a ?wa*t w*y Tha thrill of is jUa-nrs t ioed me t- ?t*> 5 to we kiss d till the morning Came in wirh 1U <1 .? F2?wV*id er*ry .moment. -'Oh, kiss me and go." . ILT We find tbe fnllowlng beautiful no Odttns about uncredlted. !n oaf exohaagea : There's many an empty o-adte, TS?r?'t lO%CT * ?M\nt M, Ther-1'* manr a kn??om? bo??>m, Wh'<M Joy K'd iighthave AM, For thick in every f?ave?ard The little H?U:>?k? ha? And every hi! o k -erre*all An angel in th* rky. An Rtaoic Motbi? -A little two-and-a half T??r old daughter of a M ra Metoalf, of St Louia, lately fell through a loose plank Into a deep well, when the mother instantly jumped In and held the child at arms lenyth above the watar for nearlv an honr, calling vainly for help. At last, taking off her ?ho*-?, with the assistance of a loose board the harolo mother managed to crawl near enough to the top to threw her child beyond the edjre of the , well, and then extricated herself. The first words tbe child apoke after the mother had caught it la <b? well were "mother, don't cry: we will get oat yet " Lr A dead man waa found lying on tbe aidewalk in tha Bowery, N. Y., on Sunday evening, hia garmenta atilfrn?d with frozen biood. and in hit left br*M- a wid-* vid il*?p wound, evidently made with a dirk knife, which had penetrated to the heart. He w*a rrgpectaolv drea?ed. of a,o?t habit, and about thirty yrara of a;?e. it la a myatarf br *hom be waa ki>l*-d. and it ta e^en uncertain who he la. VV hat a fearful p ace la New York r r At T n* ?w VnrV miiti otter evening wu requested to flU a rap with mo lasat-a because there w?a a bet pend'ng that the ccp tboa'd be worn fall of moluM I' wu done The partbaner complained the itioImm wm n>n*. 1?, and while the aborman Kent down to smell of it the stuff waj dashed tn biaf^ce. blinding him The rti'cbaaer rlfl?d t*e n>on?y drawer of alx doU lara In ehange and made off. j[T It la stated toat la oa? or two of the Catbo11 o < hurrhea of Quebec, on Chrlatmaa dav. a sor' of aaored play w i enacted, like, thoae common In the middle ages, that boyadreased as little cherub* hovered about the altars, and prieata with crooka personated the ahep^erda who were watrbiwfl tbetr flocks when oar Saeioar wu bora Into the world. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS WILLARDS' HOTE'. ?C W Rusael, Va; E AkinnM P?- Ulu M?11 lltaMMi A**- ?i li rr "? " " , wv/, w ' iirnrman, NO; J J Sovder and family. >!d; S M McClunn, NV; T Webater. Pa; D J \Varrenn#?r.N Y; B Cornell and ladv. do; N J Enrimona, Wia; R Major. NY; J Armstrong. d?;G Bowman, Wi?;E Woodhuil and lady. Maaa; H Winchester and I lady, Md; D Willlama, P*; J C Lamb, III: J E Tarby. USA; NY Walker. Va; D Pennln*too,NJ ; F McC'osky, N Y; D ? Hall. Md; T O Mein. Mo; IIMIIl mm m ? mm Mm . > . Iv s wiiuams, .-via. U H ixreen, do; J J Htnston, Pa; J Lynch and lady. NY; Mn C F Pende^nst, .tld; S M Cote, doi H Sandford. do; J DO'ls. NY; R A Roblt.soo. Mass; VS B Woodhnll; Md; A Bybee, O; C J HnwlfV, N B; Gov Pratt, Md; Rr Jenkins du; Mr Hidyin?, do; \V P s*mlthar d ladv. do; J Given, do. A vVebstraud lady, Cans; G Cartwrl^bt and lady, do: H W Dennett, Mass; G Ws/dmsr, VfcJ Fr^ser and lady, NY; J Balderston snd lad^, Md; H C Clary, Ps; G N Eckart, do; R D Turner, NY; N H Crocker and lady, Mass; A B Kellogg. .NY; E P Ba\den, do; A S Garflrld snd ledy, O; J E Welsh. Pa; A Bartholomew do; J C Grovner, Md; VV P Ewing, do; W P Pepper. Pa; J NIim, Nj; R II Hare, Md. NATIONAL HOTEL ?\V Armstrong,George talker, NJ; J Hunter. DC; J VV Harrison. Oa: E Beach, J Rogers. A Full--, Maj Hykes. Pa; C W Dexter, T t?;?urr, MltaSpurr, J Ferino, G Fenno, J Clark. C Blake, Mass; L A1 inch. Mist Aljlj.c ?? - ? ? - - ? * ? - - - - I_ ancu, Tij rtus uoiv. ni; J Kollocb, J J Jones, W Horr, Kan; F Matthew*, Mo; J T Clarkson Ac IT,111; Mrs Rohbins. Ky; Col Brook, G P Kane. J Beckwith. Md; B lienor. O; P Loom's, Ct; T Young, VV Re mm, Col Spewv-r, Md; Lt Davidson, lJ?N; J Turner, Va; A Mudge.Md; L l^angdon, O L Caldwell. K Midden, NV, C Savre, Ala: A Pane, R Lewis. E Lewis. NH; J Kenton r.d If, NY: J Poole, IM; J Frenrn.Vt J Well* and ly. ?{ J Palmer, Ci; L Sutro. \V Worthing| \ tAfk M A 1 BROWN'S HOTEL ?H C Ramwty, W Goff, ' J P Byrne, Va; C M Felt. H A Wblaaner, J CoiiB?llr, M Soloiuona, W Dlllan, NV} J Ganger. D Black. W M uey. Pa; Dr M Vandyke, L 0*mbri'l,Ga; J H Nelaon ond It, Miaa >1 E Benton. L Fulton, NC; J Wbltlng,RYG 9 9taley, M 9 McCoy, 9 9bielda, W H Wheeler, P Van Trump, P McWilliam*, O. KIRK WOOD HOU9K ?J W Coffroth, 9 Gamage, Churchman, Cal; C O White, G B Lambert, Va: J A Brackenbury, NY; J Mountjoy, C Mayer. Md; G W C Lee, US A; C F Fiaher, NC; W P ISwtyw, Pa WA9HINGTON HOU9E.?H Mlddleton, J Mtliltlatnn r. Ifi.... LI u a W " v n>uK ?uw i?, tiuu 0 ou^uauau, n B-rtolf, K Knight. II Bishop, A Spencer. H KlrkL.m andfv, W Grey, NY; J Holwead, Va; G B iHotden, W!ij G Alexander, Ct. OC BAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS Vsox tub Uvitbb Statbb. m SrMWffj. Ltmvt. For. Dam. America...* Beaton . Liverpool.... Jan 31 Port and LiVrrpooL.... Jan 3b fcd?nl>ur? ?.New York.^UiverpooL... Jen V> Joiiu ii?York.. J?jJ' Ana. > * Vor?-.Ul*|>?i J an ?> Te Jtocia..__ .New York... soutii'pton..Feb 1 IN.e.*,aia. bo? on.?_ '.iverfooi Fet? 6 From JJfsofb {Kedar..?......?Livorp oL...Nev York.Jen 9 >Tv?o S*outii,?tott_.i*ew Yor* .?Jiu * North Briton....Liverpool....Portland.... Jan 1 i Ue ca ilortia mjJl ?tsa :?era ,<sava on tha 9th > litis, scd J9t.i of every moctn. THE OHLY PREPAEATION W9KTHT OF 4 UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE & PATRONAGE FOB. STATEslfsN, JUDGES, * CLERGYMEN, LADIES, mmd GENTLEMEN ia ?- j>*ru of ihe world testify to Lbe efficacy of PROF. 0 J WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE, and geatiemeo of ta? Pr-ss are uuunua. in it* ' V pr%i* ? A few testimonies only osu be fie re riven *? 1 eu%r tor iworj.aad it will be impossible for yon to doubt 47 Srmt. New Vou. D-o- ? J?"? Qaulem k: Your uoto of to 15th iu?tant ha? br?ti reO'ived, ftyinc that ??>? had h?-a-d that had b?M *>f U? on of Wwid'i Hvr Ke to rau vt>, an ' raQawCtac a?j certificate of the fact if I uid r?i> obj?"Ct400 to (ire it. I award it to to?i ohM ruliy, beoause I thick it due. My ue I* about 30 year* ; th* c k>r of mt ; ba r ?& >arc. aad iaod to e?rt. & me hr.? or ix rears ?ino? ?' boian t > tnrn 5' ay, and th* ?oa'p on ? * s own of my head to iom it# *en?il>i ity an*i i*Dt! uiT to lortn n>"n it- Kaoh of thi?a<- diaacre* ab. itioe ino<vaa-d wtn time, acd at>out 4 roootha ei<o?a foorth was added t th?m. by hair faliinc t if tke toy of my bvad au?l threatening to aiak? me In thi? onpl van. redira'nwni l ?? - f . ? - a ? W try v\ ood'a~lia*r Meetorabve, utiir.iy to arraet tee tallinf off cf idt hair, for 1 h?<l *all? no ?xpeetaOoctaa'rray iuur oonid ev?r be restored to ita or .rmal ootor except from d*ee. I in, hnwerer, I'Htl; aarariaad to iod, dmr the om of two bot On oo.y, t&at not oauj waa toa b Uut of wrMted. DDt tBa a lor vm wtorM to tlif tray kair> and aoaibtity to tta soalp ano dandruff <v aa?d to form on my Bead, r?. y iauoa to th* faufcoation of bit wifa, at wfcoee aoi'.oitation I ?u indao<.d to try it For thla, amoBc the ma y obiigationa I ova to Wr mx, I strongly r^ponirr.?n<1 at. cuatanria who va-D? tie ad mi rat] n of thair wires to proftt br my example, and aaeitif f rowtnc *ra? or jettiu ha d. Very rMP^otfaliy, Ban. a. l?a vb;$dbx. To O.J, Wood A Co.. 444 Bread way. >. V. j ' My nsBiiy sr<* abaeat from the oity, and 1 am do loafer at No. II Carrol Plata. ?!*.jtsTOB, Ala.. Jaiy *>. Wt. To Pmov. O J. Wuow D?ar Mr?Yoar "Hair *??torBtt?e" baa done my hair ao umori jood ainee I o-'Ti * c?ti th? aaAofit, thatlaiah to make known Id tte pablto of ita affecta on'ho hair, whion *-? jM^waKa* u. ZS&fifssn. ^jlV.l-1*-."Sr gyathwn p*p?r? jon v.II get "iSNirSJJSttv ? *??* ?f !?* '?*rmww ta U? Mobu* M.ronry, a ttrong &o?th?-rn wnniva . " h. Kskidt. raa8R?dSKi?3SS TM m m to bottlM of thr*? ft***, is : larj*. medium and MfSl; the ? atl hold half a pint, tod retail* for oa? dollar f*r bottla; tue me4fmm hold* at icut ? o?nt more in ?roaortioa than the malt, retail* fur iwo dollars p*rb>tte; thelart* ho da a^aart, *> ft oeut. Mora In jro.w r RoW la tkli ty by C. STOTT, 17* Pa. trau*. aa tt wlyjl* |rbOUR. BUClWH&h^KOTATOES. A*Ml fcbl?iJWV IMMBdWuli K??.? ?? ^emmnc I MISCELLANEOUS. > T?? &KU4iiUTiOK or Uiniitxi.-TlMr? Lai froviDf teodMo? > this U? to afproprteto tho most ?imMin worda of other l*ntuM*?*ad aitar A vhilft tn iBMnsnt* thai latA am* nWn !??m ?Wa vord Cepnalio. wlnoh is from the Greek, ?tui/yiaf 'for the fcoad," is bow becoming po?bl?rii?d in oon?eotion with Mr. beatfinf'a irwt Headaohe remedy; hat it will aoon be need ta a aon general way, and the vord Cepn* ic will beoonee aa oowawa aa Electrotypa kpd rnauy others whoa* distinction m foreign Wnrda h&a been worn aw%? by ooromoo aaace aatll they seam "naUre ui to the maaor bora." 'arrfly Realised. HI 'ad *n 'orrible 'eadaohe thla alter noon, kaad I ateyted into tfce hapothecariee hand eaya hj to th* "an, "Can yon heaae me of aa 'aadaohaf" "Doee ithaohe ard.M aaya'a. "Hexee^dincly," nays hi, A mm & ft W A # 9 A HA m a a ^ aa L ? 1 ? ff%2 It L uu upin lilM * ! ?? BIB m Vyspiuuig rill. HIM 'pan me 'onor it eared me so quick that I 'amij realised I '?1 'ad an 'eadaohe. ? n^HtADACH* it the fkvortte sign by whioh nature maces known any deviation wiatever r om trie natsral state of the brain, and viewed in this light it may be looked on as a safeguard intended to give nuboe of dieeate whioh might otherwise esoape attention, till too fate to be remedied!: aM its indioatfons should never be nerieoted. Head aohes m*y be olaeMfied under two namee, viai drmptomatio and Idiopaihlo. Symptomatic Headache is exoeedingly tommoi aad is the precarsor of a great variety of diseeses, among whioh are Apoplexy, Goat. Rheumatism and all r-brile d 1 nffll fin In lU rArvOni fnrm it < * mna?Ka?i<i Htm mm of the atomaoh ounntitutini sick ktndadu, of bepatio dieMee ooaatituUng Miwi htmdacke, of wona?,oon*tipation and other diaordera of the uowet< ai veil aa renal and uterine atT-oUons. Diaeaaea ofthehM't are very fre^ a en tly attended wiWi Head aohea;-4n?nua and plethora are alao aff>otiona which freq u?ntly oooaaiya hMdaohe. Idiopathio Headaohe ia alao very ournmoa. being uaually diatingff-ahed by the name of n^rrout hradack*, aoiretimea ooraing on anddeniy in a >tate of apparently aouad hMltn and proaUating at once the menta' and phjatMl "nergiea, and in othor iaatanoM it ooraea on aiowly. he-%lded by depreaaion of a'pirita aeerMty of temper. In moat matftnoM the pain ia in front of the head, over one or both eye*, and ometi ea provoking vomit-ng, ander thia claea may a ao be named iVturaltta For the trMtm?ntof titber olaaaof Headache the i>ph*lio Pilia have been found a aura and aafa remedy, relieving the moat aoute paine In a few ninntea. an<l t?j ita a htle power eradiMting the diaMae of whioh headache ia the unerrin* index. " Hridokt ? Miaaus wanta yon to Mud h*r a box of <>pha o Glue, no. a bottle of Prepared Pitta,? iut I'm thiiikiocthat'a not Joatit raither; but per hap? ye'll he either k no win* what it is Ye aee <he'a oi h d*ad and joce with the rMok Beadaobe wl vaoti eome more of that same aa reuured her | befo'e. Drutt'Von matt mtan Spalding's Cephalie Bridget -Och' rure now ami yon're aed it, bere'a (he qna-tber and giv me the riue and doa't be all I Jay about it aither. I ? Cmtipatlta er Ceatl reseat. No one of tna "many lila fleih ia heir to" la to prevalent, ao little understood, and ao nioh neglected aa Coativsnea* Of en originating in oareI lenneea. or aedentary h\i>ita; it ia retarded aa a alight diaorder of too ittle cona^uenoe to excite anxiety. while in reality it ia the preou-eor and oompanion of many of the moat f%tal and danger! naa diseaaes, and ualeaa earir eradioated it will bring the aufferer to an nntimely grave. Among the tighter evila of whioh Oativeneaa ia the uaual attfijdant a--e Headache, Olio, Rheumati m, Foul Br?ath Piiee. nndothera of like nature, while a long frain offrightfu. diseases snoh aa Malignant Pe*era, Aboeaaea, Dysentery. Dyapega<a, Diarrhea, Apo f-*t. e-jmikjist, rara'yaia, Hysteria. Hvpoohoqtlriaaia.Helanoiioly and Insanity, first indicate their prmenc* in the ayateni by thia alarr*. inr symptom. Not anfre^uentlr the dia*a??a named originate in Conat pation. bat take on an independent exist enO'! nh fa* ihe ca-jse ia eradicated man early atace. From all theae oou?iderationa it lo l>wa that tne disorder ahonld receive immediate attention whenever it oooura, and no person ahonld negleot to get a box of Cephaho Fills on the firet appearanoeof the oomplaiat, a* their timely oae win expel the ir.aiduoua jpproaohes of diaeass and destroy tills uituinuH IUO fcu uuiu&a HW. A Keftl y\y iciM*.? Well, Mrs. Jonee, how u that fceadblrt. Jmms.?Qone! Doctor, all gon#! the pill to* m t cured me in ju?t twenty mi n a tee, and I with ron would eend more so that 1 can hare then handy P/irueian.?V'on can jet them at any Drncrieta. i;a i icr ?:?pn&iio Kills, 1 find the* never fall, and I I rfooTiiP??nd then in all cases of Headache. Mr>. J ants ? [ .':%!] send for a ho* dlreotly, and ma!; t?!i all inj friends, for they are a real tl.tS.iAt. Twviitt Millions o? Dollies 8avvs.?Mr. ^MJdinc hn sold two millions of bottles of his celebrated Prepared G!o?aud it is estimated that eaob uvm at ie*st ten dollars worth or broken urnitgr*. than luaki-c an accrecate of twenty mlliors of dollars reslalmed from total loss by this ?i imiio invoruon. nliving maoenu tiluea household word, he now proposee to do the world still treater pnvioe by curing all the aohing heads with hie Ceehaiio Pills, and if they are m (food u his Glue. tlcadau<ie? will soon vanish away like mow in Jaly. IC7" O .'eh ixcitkmxxt. and the mental oar* and anxiety inoident to olose attention to bus nee* or stuJv, are among the nnmeroas oaoses of Nervous Headache. The disordered state of mind and body incident to this distressing oqmalauit is a fatal b[ow to a'l energy and ambitioa. Fufferers by this disorder can aTtra?s obtain speedy relief from th?ee dist es?i"g attvsks by using one of tha Cephalic Puis whenever the aymptoms appear. It auieta the ov?rtAilmrf K?ni ?iul ? - ? wvrvaMWW bIJO inuo" id and Jarnni r.erTea. ard relaxes the tension of the stomach which alwajs aooompaoiM and afftravates ti?e disordered oondition of the brain. )h act* worth isowim.-Spalding's CephaUc Pills are a < *rtt in oar* for Pick Headache, Bill uas Headach", Nervous Headache, Costi renew, aud General Debilltj. Grxat Piscotkxt.?Amocc the moat important of a>i the treat mMical discoveriee of this ace may ba considered the STStem of vaooination for protection from 6mafl Pox, the Cephalio Pill for relief of Headache, and the use of OniMiie for the jmvm on or Kevers, either of wliiok is a rare iMoiio, whose benefit* will be expetienoed by *uferine humanity Ion# i'ter their discoverer* are forgotten. fTT*Did vou ever have the Siok Heed&obe I Do yon remember the throbbing teins'ee, the fevers^ row. the loathing and disgnst atth? tight of food. How totally ucfit too were ior pie**ore, conversation or stodv One of the Cepb&lo Pills would have relieved yon from all the suffering which voo then experienced For this and other purpose* yon shoaM always have a box of them oa hud to use as oooaslon requires. N e r vn 11 Hp a Ha rh a ..W . ??WIIVMVIUVIIV Headache. By the mm ( Ui*m PUla tha periodic attaoka 01 Ntrviu ?r 8-irJc H*a4ifK4 may ba pravantad; and If Uken at the commencement ol an att*ok lmrua ,i>.? ?U-J - .. ..... .iuui p?iu ana eioKaesa will be obt&indd. They aeldosn fail in r era o ring the JVnma and H-adatA* to whioft female* are so sabjeot. They not gently spon the boweis,?remonng C?itrMWi. For Literary Mm, StuiwH, Deli eat* Pontiles, nud all person* of tnUntary kabitt, they are ail m aable aa n Laxatir*, inproring Uie mpptit*, gi vfng torn* nnJ rutn to the digestive organs, nod restoring the nntarnl elnatieity and strength of the whole ayst >m. he cephalic pi ls nrs the result of long investigation and onrefally oondnoted experiments, I hn*ing been in aae amy yonrs, daring whieh time I thsy bare preveatsri and relieved n nit utui a11 pain and entWinf from Haadaoha, Vhetber orifl natinc in ijitM or from a diraaftd lUU of the tlomuek. They are enurely vegetable in thair aoaipooltloa, and may tM taken at all timea with perfeet aafety withoat makinc any ohange of diet, mmd tk* aft ??*/? nf *?f dit?$rt**bU Milt rtmdtrt it M?y la (WdMulir it<M M tikiUrai. BEwARK OP COUNTUPimi Tua (MilM have five aif natarea oI flaarr 0. Sparine oa each Box. Soai by DraciMU and ail atfcar Dalw la Mail A Box will to Mat t>j m*U priyni on rMrtpco! UM PRICE, U CENTS. All or<ter* .ho?!d b? addrMato to HENRY C. SPALDING, to lH^^W <1* 0?tor aCrMt, N*v Yorfc. * PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. 1 PUBLIC NOTICE. Pabiie ao?o*J? lwr??T Jttot >?<? * < Mt forth, haro lately b*? foloaloaaly from th? ewtody of tho latodor Piytrtut, tho mm Mac tho property of tho Uaited Btatoa aad hold la traat for oortaia lndlaa triboa. Not mo mo alao boon elm to tho prapac olwn of tho roapaotlTO Btatoa to atop tho paysaat tharaof i aad all paraoM ara war aad acalaat parohaaiac or raoarr lac aay of aald boada aad ooapoaa, ao tho olalai of tha United Stataa thoroto will bo proaooatod to tho ut?oat axtaat. Eaoh bond boinc for tho aaai of oao tboaaaad dollars, Tts t Six par ooaC Mtaaoarl Ooapoa Boada, iaaaod u> J una aad Aacaat, WW. State of MiMioari, Bt. Loaia and Iroa Moaatala j. I, L Btete Boada. Bond No. JOV Bond No. 1S23 1876 1S27 18? 1997 1821 lwe 1820 5W8 1819 200T 1818 1W? 1806 1?4 1817 1W5 181# 1891 1816 1W0 1814 189) 1813 1991 1812 3003 1810 3002 1811 1992 1806 200<J 2031 3006 903* 3004 2034 3001 2036 1999 30% ^WU *09 1826 1877 1828 1878 1820 187? 1830 1880 1831 1881 1832 1882 1MB 1883 1869 1884 1870 188& 18n 1886 18T2 1887 1873 1888 1874 1889 1876 lfton on on v 4FVUV 3046 3029 3048 3018 204ft 2017 3047 3016 2044 3016 2043 2014 2040 2013 2041 2012 3042 2010 2039 2011 2038 1326 99 bonds 1824 Not*-?Bondt No.VTO, and below <jf this mtIm, iMoed Jim, MOT, Mid bonds No. tnm.uxl abov? thai, d&iod AoiBit. 1WT, parabie at the Ph<Mix Bank. New York oity, in 188* >niW JL ToZfc raft?^^ Bond No. 186? Bond No. 1926 IRS 2 urn *uwv 1844 1801 183] 185ft 1836 1868 1833 1866 1834 1864 1838 1822 1837 1823 1838 1824 1839 1825 1849 I82fl 1M0 1837 1*36 1828 181* 1829 1013 1830 1614 1831 1815 1<V41 1616 IMS 1617 1643 1618 1644 1619 1646 1620 1646 1A91 Kit ?" * IVtl 1611 1*48 1864 1637 1634 1638 1631 1840 1632 1842 1633 * 1843 1623 1650 1857 1816 1636 1817 1630 1818 1636 181? 1841 1820 1623 1821 1624 1625 90 boadi Notb.?These bond* are dated Janaary. Un, ( vatHfl at Bank ol CotnmrrM, New York. In November, 1&8&?interest payable in January aad 4 mj wi ma iw> StftU of mimoum ?u genCondon North Mi#Bond No.?2952 Bond No. 15-19 2940 1A38 2939 1641 2941 1642 2942 1643 2946 1644 2W5 . 1645 2944 1646 2943 1647 2947 Ifcifi 2948 1M9 2949 1&40 2960 1850 2937 2922 2938 2923 1663 2924 1M4 3936 1643 2951 1653 2952 1656 1657 2921 1705 246* 1706 3512 1707 Mil 3153 3614 3453 3516 3464 2516 3456 3911 3456 mi IV 3-W7 *11 il6R ?is me ?u 391? nil 3915 2J/? ?17 J4e:? 2918 ?494 ? 2919 2465 2920 2400 2964 2407 2946 1451 80 boodfl Notl-Thl toail numbered KUtwl Mm >. Bond No- 277* ' Bond No. 27W 2784 2787 2786 2710 2781 2717 2782 27S4 2779 2721 2785 2719 2711 3733 2712 2722 2710 2720 mtmr 2710 2777 1717 *77? rru 2766 1731 2768 2766 rm mo < 1778 1718 am 1716 i 1786 1714 22 , 53 IS ! 2774 ris 1 1780 im 2732 _ ^ 2767 6#>eeie ?5SO^ffiS5!???l ? f ?? m?mri ^ Mr-swu MU E*Un>* M* Bond Wo. SMI Bw* No. &JM 5lW 5?1 ?M* 5258 5244 bit* *** 5254 r*43 52S6 &K1 5255 5?2 53 dai *25 iV* 523T 534Q ?? 5247 M?4 5248 35 MW 6222 5198 *211 5000 5200 4999 5199 imt 51M 4800 5l?T 4M8 , \ 4310 4680 -?|3? 4*88 W7 4fi:6 tm wr MM -5? 4362 51 bondi 4306 tor??t ptjtblaio Juur; ud Jily of wok r*tr. Bowli of North CuoliM-Ootfoa atx per Mat. M ?AL. O I 1 uwhu mx fvr ninui Bond No. S5 Bond No 303 33 301 32 300 ? ?7 9 ?5 7 234 348 348 164 3*7 104 346 20 343 10 ' 342 18 341 17 340 16 33? 13 338 g 337 11 336 10 335 1U2 328 1U1 32? 100 330 99 331 103 332 6 338 28 334 22 227 16 326 21 . 317 98 3 LB 87 310 96 296 95 239 94 238 82 237 60 236 303 72 bonds Nori^Th#M bonds are dai'd JtBXUuj, ism payable January. 1*88. at B%nk of Repubifo, Nrw York. lnt*r*it payable la J an nary and July. North Carolina 6 per oents. Coupon Bond*. Bond N* 83* Bond No. 736 842 736 831 748 O 1A ??? OOU ,0V 829 760 834 761 836 762 834 763 837 764 838 790 871 791 872 792 873 793 874 794 MS rac W*J 8TB 7Vft 877 7?7 878 TW 87V 799 SO 800 1 801 84? 802 847 803 848 804 848 805 860 80fi 841 808 861 807 863 811 864 813 R5? . ?13 856 814 857 815 ^58 816 860 817 861 818 861 819 863 820 864 821 865 822 866 823 867 834 868 835 WW 826 870 827 883 828 882 839 884 84/) 885 843 731 HU m us 733 734 104 bonds Tb?M booda jre dated Jaly, 1891. July, 1W7, at Bank of RerabUo,New YoncUatorMt p?j. at>i? la Jaaaary im Jaly. North Carolina tlx per oont. Coupon Vend a. Bond No. 599 Bond No. 493 ?00 494 003 . 496 604 49? 006 497 <HK? <521 07 498 ?08 MO 10 511 ?ll 481 612 482 813 483 484 U 485 832 488 040 VJT 634 488 6g 489 636 490 62T W6 638 539 641 640 643 641 643 643 616 644 644 630 646 Mi 647 v?o .s? 646 M4 M? &S5 MO &M Ml 537 Ml 518 ?1? *29 617 MA 18 516 619 517 456 514 457 431 448 545 470 546 603 567 438 548 440 566 443 563 430 471 411 473 433 471 AM i<Vi ?r m 437 470 420 477 4S 478 OS 479 43S 480 421 MS <01 &13 444 4*1 119 bo?da 401 ks/I i-ssHiiSS!# i Bond Ho. ftl Bead Ho. 161 a s s; S i? N 1M ! > BMd N? 97 Beat Ho 1? I M mi. w 1U 106 55 IM IS U3 |9i j m in: i? i* l DB m [5; }5 l" 179 197 i 180 1m J2 lS 137 ? I 144 44fconda 1 144 | Two bon^a for i 1,000 ?ok, dated April, uei. Bond No. 9 Bond No. 14 * im.ria. Bond No. 1183 Bond No. UM 1184 1193 1186 im 1186 1194 1187 UM UM im 1189 119? 1 b bond* 1191 o'tj._of_the to lowing numb?r*. ?od d&t?d j?_ii *ry, inn I - Bond No. 217 Bond No. 41S 278 419 294 47ft ?7 477 409 491 413 498 | 414 7 23 And of the following cumber* lm?d Jftnatry.lM* Bond No. 828 Bond No. 1?TH 829 l.t&R 830 And of the following numberi leaned J nnonry,1MAt Bond No. 1744 Bond No. 2466 211,0 2891 2133 2892 2581 3006 2606 3121 And of the following nnmbere leaned Jnoanry, UK. Bond No. 3149 Bond No. 4207 3404 . 4208 3406 4209 3406 -4210 U?7 < .? www. ?iu 3469 4212 3470 4213 3471 4214 3472 4431 3756 4627 3894 4629 3941 4660 3942 4664 ?43 ASM 3944 4669 3945 4470 3W6 4671 3985 4749 109 iTd ? ?* "*? CI ' 4200 4881 And of the Allowing Humbert iuaed itnntry, ttwi ! Bond No. 6056 Bond No. 6419 6195 MTl 6826 6426 *369 M27 6860 5430 6361 5434 6362 6436 5363 4437 6364 6438 6365 6459 63M 6440 6367 6441 6368 6V42 6369 6463 6370 6444 6371 6446 6372 6463 6373 6618 6374 6619 6376 6620 6378 6621 6377 6622 6378 6703 6704 5580 6705 6881 6706 6385 5707 6686 6708 5387 6708 538H in a &389 5711 5390 5713 SS91 57W 6392 6T99 5293 5839 5410 5640 5417 5841 5418 Orrici or thi Sboestaat op thi Ixtiutii. December X, 1880. a? dtf J. THOMPSON,Secretary. , QLD RICH, ^URB M0N0NGAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Copnoientloualy diatUled by Mr June* Bnroaide, of Allegany County, Penaa., to the old-faahioud honeat war, fron the ohoineat and moat oArrfu'.y ejected Rye. and in no oaae er?r offered lor sale 1 until adapted to wholesome ue by a<a It la at o?oe the moat Mlatahle. .? i? of the pnreat bevera*?e in th? roach o^tha pafcTto. To the Invalid. aa veil u to thoae in health, It oorarponda lUo f for lta nunvalled qualities m a timnlant of the aafeat. an/eat, and moat ber^ljoett description, and many of the moat diatin? ut shsl phyaioiana are nainf itln their praotioa with tha happieat rean'.ta. CLERY * 8TOCKDALR, ProfriMora. 396 Walnut atroet Pniladflania. WM. C. CONOVRK, Agent for tha pro?-ietor?. ?8fl Pa. ay? 1 e X-Ani oppoaft* Willardu' Hotel. P| URh OLD RV K WHISKY.?On hand aerera brand* orPare Qid Rye Whl< ky, Copper Dietllied. made by the nmat reliab e diatiliarain PannaylTaoia, Maryland and Virginia, warranted anra, Aiso, Imported Hra^ciea, Henn*aey. Otard, I>apuy * Co., Jnlee Robica, Ao. Also, PMoh and Apple I ?y, pare Holland Gin, old Jamaica acq Mt. Rom, and Winea of rrery variety. a'i of ird A oboloe Jot of Cigara and ToYOUNG A KEPHART. Aerate, aa M-It ?*?? Pa av.. Mw. wi and Fmh eta. 1851 1023 I860 lft? 1848 1859 1848 mb 1847 1883 l?r ,86* 1 fU". 1 QAA ! ^ A&f jP ^ ?# stgiMr/efar*** txth*. ^ jA jj?M (f 4? r-i*t>Jl*+ in ff i?u'r wit* * |[ j ? 0 jfr'*?.*?< ? 9u*/ityf a+1, mmJ by S -*am.*/ : *% CAUTION. PUROASUS SHOULD BE CAREFUL 1 IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS mmmamia WITJ1THE 81CNATURE OF I ON THCL^CL ALL OTHERS ARE j AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WNISKET. i unr vhattt " m.n-nniil, SOLE PROPRIETOR 18 SWTS fllUMIS! NEW TORI. j Wl U1J Of WASHINGTON II ' i July If* tfom?^?rj siViaS?t tj * MiUt 1nr|^ roE ai^dib babes*or*l*tiu;depice. LET iro FALMM DKLIQACY FRgTK*T apply 1mmk0 atkly. i 9?i WAKRJJfTgD. ox NO CUAMOB, jjr /voir ojc* ro nro iurs sratfiicssSOTiis^S^S Imw Ra, iftwm at ika tip. taa Tw?M?JNm||m PuutiM^Tfi^^n JtSk' "* "" Toinmi kfatklli wto W?? ktimi U? mttM W Sal My Tin, ftU <n?Wl mi <Mimu'i kaktt vkM utoUf itllf m mumI; pi'i i>wml? ( *( Mm rfiU mm iM Ml? *< Mlhat wwllm. *M Wfki ?U?u?? tan 9*9MM44 M ??>?< w Mnuf ikt Hvtef Irr*. M| aail tM bi iaf luinrHN l*U>< innW l*Tt.wl *>Ua? !' >'!?!n*<>MI)1?, fe* ?? pliM* kMHi< t>4?? U? MM < p? J. Ml nlMMBir *mM? ia kw > ?? m (Miiiau ?4 mV? PM h? *MI1 M t orrtcs ? t ?jwtw rtinnx'i dtiip >? IHI. |t<l nU WtkMm 1UH uI ML UXII mmM paM 4*4 mmiIi imibi. ?ak?H afika l*;u U.iUi ' ?|/au, U???, |?<M toaai Ht af tka Mat ia?M( Callaf ta tka I nil l>iiis 1*4 IM fTMItl p*naf vkaaa i !i >11 Iim ifi : la Itl IkHUlttf U?4m, Puu.rkiitdf ^ u< i ittkwi.Mo' l?4 MM af Ik* MM MMNW| ? ? IkM ? KM kaavi.; M*r uaak.a4 witk nafMf ka VH kaa4 i*4 Mn akaa nl(?; (Twi a?r??? m . kin.* iUm?4 at iiOii liaali. k*a?ftTraaa ?tt> IVaeaant k'aakiag, t.*a4?i xai tM tM lNU|?a<M af Mai. ??n aara4 Iaai4lmla UU PABTlCf kAE MOT1CK. Tn%| Maa ai>4 atkara vk* Mn aa)ara4 u?aMt*M fcy anaia praauct MiifH toi alar.*?a kaMt fra*?aa< f laarn*4 (ram ??il wnyuHM. at ai aakaal. tka afaaaa a Mali ara ai|W; fall a?an ?kaa aalaap, u4 If Mt aar?' raa4ara ra.rnajt larpaaatkla, aa4 4?auan kaik > < a*4 Mr, afcaald 'TP17 tm??*4tatalf nna ara mm af taa a*a aal aa.aaakajy af uw aiaiaa ?a k? aart* kaktu a# raatk ?ia t Waak?aaa a' :ka Back aa4 tiaka, n?? ta ika Maa4. Pimnaa* af kfkt.Uat af Maaaaiat K??r, Palpnattan af tka aan.Paapapav. N*r**a* InttoMI If.Daraafamaot af( * Difaau?a rvoattana, aaara. Da k*lMf aranaw afCaMrrua>i, kt All laf ?dit??ou w Xirrttfi. PtfilM. h Mmi> huHii, Um *f PntrHil** Pnrn ImMi lrriuM.ll} TnaMuf u< ViiktM n biMwa mm ht(W ktad tytHUlf cmrrd. nDouEMBnormniM. TIB MiMT TMOBkAHIM crrf. tiUu .n?>tn? ggfc Iki test ** ? r??rr. u< iti* ; iirtrrw lnfrWl ? ! > Hliftnuru frhrmti ?7 Dr -)>? ?. t<Umw4 ky tM mwun of tk? p*f*ri ul nw j nmtt miim, iwhii al ntu btti iHaud I|(1I u< iftui ktfoi ik? faktte, krMm kit Hua?| u i |tu.tBu vf ikuuttial rtnartkUttr.?? ? nSi.ut fwuui w ik* ilm?< )u IHt joy m mamjlfpit tse kemedt ax j ores HE ALTH, Fdpd'I. do yoa tuffer' Are yo? the wotlm of MT of tfcoee ipwMi ftilmecU which krM from B vrltr of the J.iood' Whtttra d? m Rttkn Mk. vhkt an they not t The Mood ta tM mvm of ite and health, *od it ia U?e firat element at <> r Mm ?rt *? ? ' ?1 k * th? system, as the poise ir.&'iMy ntfMti "f be mr ererailiiic Nenrn f ia. the imtatinc Krjs pc a*. th*? snhtle Borofnia, th? acoiusinc RhesmaUsni. Ner od* Debility, Dyspepsia- Liver Complaint with its torpor and dejection, and U? nnmbor)eas tils that flesh ia heir to, derive their h*d?snu* < r.fin from the blood, lWi k.utiit the* acd ffntr wtQi the boxvi. Use the vitalising re*<, trees of nature for iu aic. sad fuar ? to oomraend to yosr eooideaoe and 1m that traly valuable medicament known as JSDJAJf TK*?frAqi%rD^COCTIOir. With retard to this alaiost infnliifSe seeetfte posolar sentimett has spoken in decided terms. I and the erldeooes of this (treat cAoact ere ssa taine^ by oonstftnt evovals of curative effeou mm! th- hayylost raen'ts from iu xsee are after ail other remedies ao>l the beet medioei skill have failed. Let us sa*,in ooneiosion. th?t oectlncetes cores are not sua*ht iron the illiterate and sneer fteial, bnt they are voinnteerH from the most respeetabls son roes snd jsstify the htr best terms ia whtnK t? " - > ^ MEIfTALLr -Tm fitrfi! ?f??u m U? mim4 in bhI m ?f M.L.ry. CWwm *f Mui, DmwM f Unt", ??U r?rl*dif(?, A>tri<?tflKi?if. I?!l Owrwt, aM .kM MI J * ?*? miON DWUTT -tteMMi IU mMn vtai ti Ik* UM ?f U?tr 4*c>u>i&f kMiik, Umm tfcaw *!V?. fc???"< ? * *, p*>?, ??4 Mtut.litM rTfrtM IfftUUH Itm lb! T> r - 1 ytl ! i C?r lMnDDUCB. WlH Ul llfudtd tfil intcndtct t?iri mf * k* lu mbib*4 Ik* l>? paiufai Imim, tt M (Am kafptn* that tU-tirc*4 iiM< r'ibini<r or?4 <<t?c?t?n <turt kia (ran if)i:?w| u ikm wfc?, (> tliitw u4 raapccuSiu?, ut aiao* k?fri?d Hn. Ik! I* tew iM ku4i af Ipmm ial 4mI|i<U| pnit-lin, *k?, ktinMl af tana*. tick bto picinuiy nctiuci. k?ip Mm iriftu aatkaftar nmtt.iui lar? ifc* hmIIim f** Ma b* abtain**. *ed io 4*aprir laava bin vtik baalifc ta *tf% a??r hi*mliinf 4ti ippatnu**ui; ?r ay tfea at. af that 4aa*1k auar. Marcary. baataa lb* car,?titan??! lyartaai af ? iambi* luaui, iic'.u &fu'.i?nic'Uia Naart. Tbraai. Haaa. pearraae . * wi*h frtftiifct rapidur, Ull 4aatb paw a ana* la bit iraaifW *af irmn b? aaadinf bin ta tbai B?iia*aT*f?d tna ?baa*Mna aa wavata* r?w? ml jouraovi kcm eot row. organic wuum AMD IMfOTMICT. By iM* |*mi ?a* lapmai r*n**y waafcaaa* af tb* irriN in *faa4l>7 car** u< faCl flpi uttit Ttauia4i Jita aat aarraa* and 4*kdlni*4, *MMa 1 M all kapa b*** fcaii .Mv>< > FV???u?*> tw wionirBa BO MOftDt# 9 sseoibe to pvb!ic spprr v-%1. We may add also that ice on rati re properties of the medicine areeqaaiied only by its restorative tfte system raoorarInx from disease with renewed oonstitatioaal leaf. For sale by all respeetable Dranists ii uia city, and by t&e proprietor, MRS. M. COX, Note recniae sales* her cams is biova on tha bottle aad her aeal on the cork ITT Hr.ce ftl per bottle, six bottles for ?. IfteiejaJs /mi RTF. T. C188EL. Draft! et, 6anrcetovn. 9 C., Wholesale Aient for the Die tric'^and will supply the trade at my pnoea. DR. J. BOVEE DOD'8 IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS, Are soar bet&c ased from Jdaine to the Great Halt * Lake, anl the universal rerUict of all who see them either as a wudtrmt or as a tessry, ts that they are ansa rpaaa^ in the w?n<i. Dr. Do<U tend thw. saooeesfsljf in b'.J for years nMTowM ax ft:U? m>.? mht to rhaaajhctara uidpreMtat Ib-a fit Al to tb? ftvblia. For U? ss? tor vjzxrtssjft.'ss- 3sr MaiaU, and ft.!: cum r???:nct a toue, tkoy ar? ba oi 4 docbt ft ncji ir remedy. A*ica irmm their :r.?>(Lctnt froy t. VeB they are a *cre, wkola omc asd proJuc'r.i all tba pleacant exhUeraaat ai-rc^s or Braiw!y,br Wioa witboBtthe.r irJanoBt e^celis. M ftO IntMi ?f 1 IIDftaih tC<I S:i '*>> oi ItMpMftrCC M'lfl ) pla*ab?>i r thwc .a j*' e v< UiUera i for the **tn*rml rti-t*! aw tMin tint with whK b ti e cocutrf Je flo^dec,a::'. thereby ?jeotBft.'y aid .n t>t"ea?e aotf Drctten??B bwaathf^ad, ?.? lLe_ ficcei! , fJaUSStfiTu T?rr 3Sauat>:**2? te4>NM1i[?! m4 Namnal w ; : nfuru? Kinuftn,Ynt> Oraakery. *? WiLOue'i rwriRto GLCI Mb all cocii eut?rcer^i^?. u< do ^Mftoll aaa fcfoi? to VMM lCJt i? imp nmj sat ay to the ettokJDf point. There ia po ionjeer a ?? ptr for Tuaptac oteire,ephnterM ww, baaAaae I Sana,udmicM cradle*. Itia tut IfcearfWUfbr I md*. eliell, ant other ornaaterta. wo: k, ao popaiar *r BdmV'Su 25222lSl****** _ ^ . I *,wnj CRAff APPl.fc C!!??-if rite 1m IttoBtlM 04 U* ??blM to OH' :?rc?*ad *? I ?atook oi Cfe?mp??a* CqA> Ah!i CUjw, ikMk W* t b? par* J?K>V,*.J.2 vlli be mm os nuaullt Urm > order to Mk? rtM &.*-* ir.ts.> kl Ma IT C?nn4nwi? P*N'? FOMTM AT Plicr.s | Ot?UITT?B < ITIMUH.?(*tlMin?<( U- ?U?r? loo irowdoo; iut U th* Bin* U i.? * J<fB> FT KLL1*. At si INK Pt ?t. . hft tfc >M Wet ?? A PEW FIN* rliftOS FOE IKNT ?T Af ? 4*| 'XiSrtff issssirMistrifsi Esq f%L to cure, ut art wihM tr> (lr? Mtw "^HAkLICS WtpPIFiBLD ft OO) 1 If J Acent. W ukuftobD. C. / ^ / oo>asTi / ^ C'SPATCN 1 \ * WSFFVL Iff MfEMT HOWBM." WhrttmU 0M,No,48^Mu?rtM,N** T?1 kUrwi KKfTfeLT y. fPALpjNS ft CO. 17" 4 "IPti* ?><>? ? ?* 8PALP1 fftPB FM.Jh WfiSJSiSXJEJS BoW by all iro?iJn?*? bt&aown, DrviM, bijmiul nrutut Mm, Cnwi. id I n AAA Bil.i n? - m~

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