Newspaper of Evening Star, January 24, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 24, 1861 Page 1
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w 0 ? . ? * *' I ??#{.iiA*i?' at-rt uiq?i _-,!* ?> >?* # . ? t r?* ,T ' ' ' ' ; ... " ' (firming ^tar. '. i V?. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. JANUARY 24. 1861 N?. 2.475 THE DAILY EVENING STAR U ) TVbLISHRD RVBRY AFTERNOON* <*UND*Y8 EXCEPTED.) \T THE ITiR Bl!LDl!?OS, f^-r/ttr mf Pmntyfrvnim 9T*nu? <tnd llfA fi , T W. D. WALLiCH, P%p?r? wrrBd in ftoktfM by ourlm M |4 i l?t, or Si oMtte pm aontk. To Mil ubwrftwra U? pnoo U fsjo ? jmt, m %i for aU Mmthft, #1 for Ur*ft?OBtfe?; ftftd for lm thftn throe ibooUu ?t the rftte of U ooaU ft vitk. 8u*le Mim, ohb cs*c; is wrapper?, two cnrt. rr-^ rm. ?? ?- v * *- ? ? fU/ riPHMKlTD IPOVIU D? WUI IU (OT OMi Mnr? 12 o'oiook m.; otherwise tbey nay MtiflW ?stil tbe nextday. HHAW5, OF TUB HAG'S HOLE, A LBC1ND or IRBLAMD The period of these recollections ?u long antecedent to the invasions of polite society apoa the simple manners and customs of the wwt of Ireland The wild and barren scenery of that portion of the county of Clare which f+rms a barrier against the waves of the Atlantic, seamed to have commnnioated to the inhabitants moch of its own rough character. Tninrtiased la those wiles which attend the increase of population and knowledge, there w?? among them little to disturb the harmony of their local society. Dishonesty was scar*ely known. They were willing to contribute to | the relief of each other's wants, and always ' ready to befriend the needy. Their habits were those of plain fishermen. Fearlessly lacocbing their corraghs, or herse-skin oanoes, Hen the weather permitted, they obtained a iprecarioun livelihood. Constant association -with the steep and rugged face of the precipices had rendered them daring. Accustomed |f to follow the seal into his hiding-places, agility nd strength were cultivated in them. It was their wont to *cale the cliffs in search of the son-fowl's nest; and to descend when the retiring sea had left the seal asleep on the benches of the cavern; so that through constant intercourse with dangers, they at last became so familiarized with peril that they scorned fear. Their amusements were as simple as their pursuits. The country dance on the village green, the donkey race, or bowling match,constituted their principal sources of enjoyment. For a considerable period previous to the date of this narrative these had been the customary habits of the residents of Kilkee. Its domeetic scenery, now so hizhlv nrised. was then but little known; its extensive strand was wore frequently u*ed as a race-course than a bathing-piece. Little of it* original appearance can now be traced; tbe central village green has been covered with buildings for ?unmer visitors; the semi circular bay wbieh <h*n presented to tbe eye but heather and wUdness. is now adorned with lodges of every t*hape and sixe. There are few occurrences in human lifa which press more heavily on the heart than tbe change we sometimes witness in places which baa been the scenes of youthful enjoyment We sigh over the simplicity of onr former pursuits, and the wreck of the scenes a ? ? * * wncre mej ocrurrea. mow Y1TMIJ do we recall the natural wildnesa of the scenery of Shawn Buie's exploits, now for ever defaced, or the innoeenee of the inhabitants now also vndiscoverable. Among other evil consequences, at first, from Increasing social intercourse, the practice of muggling for some time held a prominent place. It had just been introduced at the period of Shawn Buie's history. Previous to that time, the forbidding aspect of the coast kept v*?e!s of every description aloof. Nona ventured near enough even to reconnoitre; and the excise department considered the expense nf an establishment of police to bean unnecesf fiarv demsnd on ?ovi>Tiim??t fnn<!a Tlii. B ? ? ? natural, considering tbe appearanoe of the shore, which for miles together presented an unbroken extent of precipitous rock elevated from fifty to three hundred feet above the level of ihe sea The indentation! on its breast, the caverns and creeks, formed by projecting fragments torn from the parent cliff iyr some great convulsions of Nature, were lost to the eye at the distance to which vessels ventured to approach; and, indeed, could they have been iaam nar*A* 1* inan*a?a^ ? ? * U ??? wv a w mm?mm i vn J uu^W VVU ? WUUIVI UUl UBT1 famished a much greater inducement to become better acquainted with them, as in almost every instance they are quite as inaccessible aa the perpendicular cliff itself These excavations from the great body of the land cause, in mary instances, appearances the most roaaantio. Their variations are fantastic, producing endleas alterations in height, depth, width and prominence?enoouraging the curious wanderer into situations atene time perfectly safe of approach, at another dangerous n the extreme. .Among several of these mighty fragments which li? MlttAnif thrnnwK ?h.. coast, and which bear, 'Teaervedly, in many instance*, the name of " islands," one holds a Sreminent rank, both on aocountof its site and istory. It stands about half a mile from the land, in height about three hundred feet, and to all appearanoe, on everj side, quite perpendicular. It is said to oocupy the space of bout one acre. Its surface supplies a few &eep with pasturage, and the shelter of two mall huts into which thej may retire, either t night or during inoleuient weather. Tradition s*js that it was once the abode of ft monk who was condemned to lire there as * penalty for some dreadful crime, cf which he k.<.. J ?J ?--* ?? wwa mice ij BCVUCCU, HUU 11131 1110 TUCK wad wont to rue in bight during very stormy weather, in order to keep the holy man froic I the effects of the dashing sea, and subside ' ag*in a* a calm approached. That he lived for upwards of two hundred years; and suddenly disappeared, leaving no traces of any remains beaiud him The name of Bishop's Island has accordingly attached to it. Exactly opposito Bishop's Island are two ' caverns, the entrances to which eannot be leae than two hundred feet in height, and fifty in width. Their depth was never penetrated. Close to theso caverns, at the northern side. tbere is a steep and dangerous path, which few venture to descend, leading to a small cook into which the sea calmly rolls, broken in its swell by a narrow entrance. This little n->ok leads to m grotto, worn oat of the rock by the constant action of the wave, returning with every tide, which expands, as you advance, into a large roomy place, well adnpted as an occasional asylum (or seals *r smugglers. A corrach or small boat oould safe! v onload her cargo here, and bj means of ropes could have it conveyed to the summit of the cliff. At the Mme time, the descent is both perilous end well concealed from above. A small rivulet. flowing from a bay three miles distant, has formed for itself a little channel to the edge of the cliff, just at the spot where the de oent is first commenced; bat instead of directing its course along the path, it discharges its waters directly over the rock, and thus conceals the descent from any but an accustomed or very close observer. I was ascending this psth one afternoon in the nutans of I81-. The weather had been frrr smIii r*r* warn ftnJ il? iWa.i lry gTass which linwf the edge of the cliffs had become smooth and slippery. The faee of the reek feeing Bishop's Island contains a kind of crumbling slaty soil, which yields under the feet, and frequently renders the descent of such places anything bat easy and safe. I h*4 taken off my shoes to use my feet as hands, and had nearly amended half way up this path, lying ? cIum to the ground as poesible, and earefully examining every spot before trusting my weight to it; when, on rakiag madden tarn upwards, for tea first time I perceived a man watching m? with intense anxiety. Ha hud ree^gnised ma before I had ebeerved him, and for soma reason bad remained stationary until I reached the spot where he stood. As I had resided Mme time in the village, and had been in the constant habit of raioDling far around the oountry, I felt rather surprised, ang by no manna pleased to be in the power of a perfect stranger, who was Manning me With a countenance not expreasi ra of kindness or goodwill lie could with o?? stamp of bis foot have loosened so much of the toil above M would have prccpitated me into the mabatuw. without the power of reme dj. or a chance of ever being detected. However. being ignorant of any reaaon for anger on bis pert, I proceeded with the intention of parsing hiui peaceably, lie continued gating at meailentiv until I approached bim; then auietJj ru riled end began tofeacend. When be bad reached the top of the cliff, be unboiled a imail rope which he bald to hi* hand, and; threwinz it down. a?-isUd me considerably i? " - -? a* # Ik* 1 bad bow to opportunity 01 scnitioixiDg bin mof o?ur?t?lj He ww ill mad*, not abort fovr of b?d b?d legs, awkward arms, and one shoulder higher than the other; hi* hair was red and shaggy: his eyes small and gray; his nose long, and moch turned to otie side; and lips compressed. He wore a hat without * crown, tied around with a string: a large, rusty frieze coat; knee breeches unbottoned at the knees; and not any shoes or stockings. He bad the above-mentioned coil of slight rone in his hand, but no weapon of any kind. When we had mutually surveyed each other, I thanked him for his Kinaness in assisting uio to lUc top ot the precipice. He looked for an instant, and then replied: " Thunder-an-age; but if it was not ter the honor and glory of the green leaf which yon have in ynar hat, but it is I would make a borroch of you before you would have felt it itself. But what the dickens brought you here? Faix, an' you have a bould foot, anyhow. Let me now tell you for wanst, niver again let the sole of your foot kiss the face of this road, unless v u want to make food for the divers amonr stones below." So saying be threw himself on his hands and knees, and feet foremost, descended the path with a degree of celeritj which I should Bare considered utterly impracticable half an hour before. For a considerable time I kept aloof from the s:ene of this alarm. Almost a month had elapsed from the period of this occurrence, when the village was thrown into a state of muoh excitement. A village dance was held on the green, one Sunday afternoon. Around Xeile, the piper, were gathered boys and girls, Joung men und maidens, while the favorite ass of the village was dancing with a gentleman who had lately arrived. All was mirth and gaiety, when suddenly a man was observed running at the top of his spcod from the direction of^kiah. The danoe ceased Every eje was fixed on him He was covered with dust and-sweat. " Bovi. Kin of Suva V.? ^ ~ J J ? ? ??W. V?IVU " V?, dashing in among us, and wiping off the sweat from his forehead with the tleeve of his coat. ' Holy Virgin, can't one of yees hide me' The poliw are after me, and I'll be kilt if yeea don't help me!" Run to th* rooks," cried out several voices at once, pointing to the ledge at the southern side. Tim, your sowl," cried one to a little fellow. " Tim, show the poor fellow the way to Hag'a Hole; and Tim ??here he whispered Something in the child's ear; and in a moment >?.? n?*uO WtU OH>l I VU UU 111 Q BlllJg t/I~Ul toward the left-hand cliff. The fugitive had outstripped his pursuers more than he calculated, for he was far out of sight before they arrived. The dance, of course, had broken up, and the partj separated, either to talk over the matter, or to turn to other amusements, when two policemen entered the village, and began to search for their man. (to be continued.j Lola Moktkz.?The N. Y Post Rives the following Interesting items concerning this remarkable woman, who has Just closed her eventful career: The exploits of Lola on the rallroai cars In this AAlintfU KatfA ? --- 1- * _ * *1? uu<c will "lUCIIUIbUrKU UflDC press One time ?he persuadtd the engineer to allow ber to ride with him on the engine. While be wai looking elsewhere, Lola suddenly turned on a full head of steam, and away dashed the engine at a fearful speed, to the great dismay of the engineer. Another time Lola was in a car, when she pulled oot one of ber favorite little cigars and coolly lighted it. The conductor soon ir.ade bis appearance. " Madame," aald be, blandly, " you cannot smoke here." Madame went on smoking without paying the least attention ' .Vadame,'' repeated tbe conductor, a little savagely, " you can't smoke here." Lola looked up at him, gave a iwtet smile, and aiked : "What do you aiy, air?" I aay you can't ainoke here." ' But you see 1 can, though," replied Lola, sending out an extra puff and smiling at the absurdity of tbe conductor's theories Mra Gilbert, Mrs Heald, Couutem Landsfeldt. Lola Muntez?by whatever of ber numerous names sbe may be known?did not die in a state of utter dependence on rrendly nospitallty, as many supposed She had some money, three hundred dollara of which ahebaa left tote* Magdalen Society; the remainder, after paying oft' her juat debts, Is to go to charitable objects. The peculiar circumstances In which Lola Montez was placed must be considered In viewing her career 9hs was an illegitimate child,and early deserted by her mother. She bad talents and decided to make use of them to get on In the world. She was a Becky Sharp on a grand scale, only not quite aa hear'lens as that Imaginary char ntu* liu* m/vst mx"/? .!. ?</? '?Jil ? ?v?v> MV i(iw? ct/viiiiiib Bt tiuiis were optTUi ly reported, but ber many acts of generosity, esprci ailv to poor literary people?and tberr are several of this class In New York wbo can bear testimony to this?were known only to tbe recipients of her careless bounty A Discover* that will pot as End to ai.l Was?Chloride of nitrogen will, It is said, soon be utilized as an imp'eineut of war Its employment would be likely, we should conjecture, to put an end to all war Mr Isbam Baggs, of England. In announcing bis discovery. makes men. tlon of a system of ballooning advocated by Mr J nines Mr Baggs proposes to carry up bis composition In balloons, and drop it from the air In the midst of armies and fortresies. "The very mention of this compound," be go's on to say. "asa pro|x-sed element in modern warfare, may possibly provoke a smile among chemists, who know that the most accomplished among their number would scarcely dare to experiment with It In quantities larger than a grain of mustard aeed, and, even then, only at a respectful distance, acd under guard at tbe moment of Its detonation ' And yet not one of tbe chemists will be bold enough to d?*ny that with two or three chemically clean carboys of this terrible compound present in a city or fortress, however strong, the slightest cutting'of phosphorus, or a single drop of olive oil, coming In contact with It, would In one instant, decide the fate of the place and its Inhabitants " Mr. Baggstben proceeded to affirm that he "can manufacture this deadly material with perfect safety, and in any required quantity, and that It may oe safely conveyed to lis destination by Jamas' system of'balloons " Thi Rkvisdb Cuttbks ?The following Is a list of the United States revenue cutters. They are all ulllng vessels, acboooer rigged, except the Harriet Lane, which It a steamer Dunne, Captain Evaus, stationed at Norfotk, Va . and almost a new vessel. Philip Align, Captain Sands, stationed at Baltimore, Md , and almost a new vesqpl Forward, Captain Nonea, stationed at Wilmington, Del , an old veaael, and carries two guns. Harriet Lane, Captain Faunce, stationed at New York, 1? a new ship, propelled by steam, carries four it pound Lahlcreen aide guns, with a long 32-pound pivot gun forward, and a fall erevr. Jamtt Campbtil, Captain Clarke, stationed it New London, Conn , nearly new, carries one 32pouod pivot gun, aid is pierced tot four aide (1M Morrit. Captain Wbltcomb,stationed at Boston, is an old vessel, and carries two 12-pound guns CmUb Cu?ktmg, CapUtn Walden. stationed at Portland, Al?.. hull in good r onditioa, la pierced for four side guns, and could carry a pivot gun, but only has one Impounder on board. Jacki<m, Captain Carson, stationed at Eastport, Me . ball good, carries two 12-pouad guns and a good nan* (?7* Th? proprietors of the London Time* have Vich'T'd with the moot considerate generosity towards the bereaved widow of their martyred correspondent. Mr Bowlby. A handsome pension has been settled on Mn Bowlby by the magnates of Printing-house so us re ; and in nddltlon to this It Is expected that she will receive not less than ten thousand pounds out of the deodand exacted from the Chinese. pr* Quite a serious Ira occurred In Charleston. B C . on tost Friday morning, which destroyed several thousand dollars worth of property. Th-rs was an Insuranes of about SI,SOU upon the buildings and jjoods destroyed An old lady was Durnra 10 ariio dmoi? ik noma nc rwiiea. ICT on wtllm, In tbe w?t?rn part of Paanaylvanta, were known to the Seneca Indiana more tkaa a 1?W yeara ago, and by aetUere in tbc region, 70 Jr*TM ng? 117"The small pox la preva'eot In Montreal to an anuaoal extent In asm* circle* It la creatine aometbtng like a panic, anda larjje nua?b*r of peraon* are becoming rc-vaccinated CLOTHING, &c. N MERCHANT TAILORING. KW FALL STYLES of CLOTHS, CASSiMERS.AND VKST1NGS. WALL, STEPHENS A: CO., 388 Pennsylvania Avenu?, have just received a larie variety of new Fall Good*, to wmoh they invite the attention of their friende and onwtornere. an 30-ti PANIC TIMES! PANIC PRICES! Wehavejuat reoeivdalarceiotofCLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS, HATS and CAPS, on u: _k ? i * u * e _ ?A r VVUBiKUIHOUbt win lit IlllCSii UtJ BVitl DflOHJ III? 4111 H] March, withont reeardto eest. Thes^ (foods have a>i be*n made up by the best houses in Baltimore and Phi adelphi*, and owing to the time* they will be told at almost any price, ourobjeot being toturn them into oash as soon as possible. L A. BKALL A CO., C'othiers, No. 4 39 Seventh *t., above 0. N. B.?Come on?, oomeall; now is the time to buy WINTER CLOTHING at any price on S?venth St.. No. 439, 4 doors abov G s*. d? a-lm (jEN TLKM hlRE %DY-MAOE CLOTH INO. Onr present assortment of GENTLEMEN'S REaDV-MADE CLOTHING offers to oitis^ns ana strangers wishing an immediate out fit superior inducements, embracing, at this time, all styles aud qualities of Dress and Busine** Garments and OverooaU in all varieties. Fine Shuts and Under-clothing ol a!l kinds. Kid and other Gloves of best quaity. Scarfs, Tics, Cravats, Sto"k?, Hosiery, ho.. ho. All of whioh we are offering at ^ur usual low prices. 117 Clothing made to order in the most superior manner. WALL, STEPHENS h CO.. no 16-tf 323 Pa. avenue. W MERCHANT TAILORING. 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SiG'J r?-un. avenue, no 24 dt?.lar 1 bet. 9th and l'th sts- south side. AWM. T. WOVK 4 CO. RE Mow prepared to exooute any orders wiU wn.oh tnev mar be favored in the PLUMBING, GAS OR STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. [17* Store on 9th street, a few doors north of Pa, avenue, where mar bo found a oomaJete assortment of CH ANDELIERS and other GAS, STEAM anJ WATER FIXTURES. ia?7 lv We AS FIXTURES. E Have in store, and aredai j receiving, 8AS FIXTVRESrtf entirely New Patterns and Desirn* and Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore oflered in this market. Wa invi1? mtiiwnn nnani It to oall and examine our utook of Gas an<? Water Fixtures, feeling ooiifnieut that wo have the beet selected *look in Washington. All Work in the atove line intrusted to our eare Will be promptly attended to. MVKKS A McGHAN. mar 8-tf 3T*? 1> street, 1 SNYDt.R, . PLUMBER AND OAS FITTER, Han removed to the oorner of Twelfth and F sts. He is prepared to introduoe Water and Gas upon the moot favorable terms, and guaranties entire satisfactionHe lias on hand a lot of COOKING and other 8TOV KS, whio'i hs will sell less thin oost. as he wishes to get rid of tt??m. no 17 OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF ?iAS METERS. ; WARH1NOTC* JplylS.lWO. NOTICE If! HEP EBY O.JVEN. That, agreeably to the provision* of the oidinanoe of tne Corporation approval May 12, )h??,the undersigned is now prepare!,"whenever required in writing, and on pre payment of the fee of fifty o*nts, to inspect, examine, test, prove, and asoertain the aoonracy of registration of ai:y gas meter in us? in this oity. 1 Every meter, if found incorrect, will be condemned, and another, seamd and marked as trne,will be set in i** place. If proved to be aoeurate in its measurement of gas, it will be sealed accordingly, and again put in position for nse. Offioe No. 410 Seventh street,(near Odd Fel.ows* Hall ) Open from3 a. m., toil m. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM. 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J Will rraotlee tn the" HCob r\ o f *&rror? aa4 Ar ealf atJao*?on, the Federal Coart at Poatoto?s the ConrU of the Sereath Jadioia: Dietrot of V W| TRAVELING TRUNKS. K Have ju?t reoeired the largest assortment rf ^ "ft*ft0- ?? 1 WI lntll . liA III B!?- UK t;n>anlf\ ^A' SATCHIS 1WS"B1,OT' ?" DENTISTRY. r|R9. LOCKWOOl) 4 DARRELL ARE PRE1" pared to i j?ert TEETH on VULCA.N 1TE BASE, a new and improred mo.tWhan mad0 on this plan ther ara oouj fortabe to wear and miioh cheaper than anj other. Also, Teeth inserted on G?ld Plate, and ail postal Operations of any kind that may be lieiirea. Ol i?uw?no im ^o. j in me w aahinfton Bui'dinc.eorner Pa. av, and Seventh *t. j% 10 3w* M TEETH. LOOMIS, M. D., the inventor and patentee of the MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at teml* personally at hi* office in this city Many person* can wear these teeth who^*1' eannot wear others, and no person oan wear others who eannot wear these. Persons calling at my office oan be aeoommodated with any style and price of Teeth they may desire; bat to those who are particular and wish the purest, cleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture that artnm iti*ii..o 1 i ... . *... mora fuTly warranted. Rooms in this city?No. 338 Pfc.avenne.het ween 9tk.*ad loth iU. Also, 90T Aroh street, Philariel phia. , oc ia tf TRAVELERS1 DIRECTORY. Baltimore andohio railroad. Washington branch. SSaa?gg?bb? ?HE9iHee9ES*8iH* change op hours. On and after SUNDAY, November 25th, MOP, the trains will rin m follows: LEAVE WASHINGTON: Fir?t train at a. m. Second Tram at 7.4" a m. ?hird train at 3.10 p. m., Express. ouith train at 6 p m. LEAVE BALTIMORE. First train at 4 15 a. 111., Express. Second train at 8.35 a. in. Third atS.10p. in. Fourth at 4Jn p. m.. Kxpresp. The first, second and thiru trains from Wash ington oonneoi through o Philadelphia and New Y?"lt. Tiio second and third connect at Washington Junction with trains for tb* West, South, ard Nurtnwest; also, at Annapolis Junction, for An uapolis. For Noi iolk take the ' 4^ a. m. trai >. t-or the scconimodation of the wa? travel be tw?en Washington and l,aurcl, a passenger car will be attached to the tonnage train which leaves at 12 m. OikSaturdnj the 3.10 p. m. tram roes to Philadel VIII* WUIf. no y.-d T. H. PARSONS, Agent. 'l^HE STEAMER J AH. 9VY Will rerom* bar 1. tri?? on TUESDAY, S1?t of JF"* w February 18?n. Wifi leave WASH Tl I li I INGTON every TUESDAY and"**""* FRIDAY, at SoVook a. 111., and ALEXANDRIA at half past# o'clock, for CURRIOMAN and the intermediate Landings. Ob her return tripe, the will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATUR DA Y, at t o'olook a. m. LIJCIAN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. At'U Alexandria. f?ir> ATCH REPAIRING AND SILVER WARE Mtvi'vin-rna v ? W MV/ M V n 1 I have one of the beat establishments, and furnished with a complete aet of toola for repairtug every description of fine Watches, and #7%J particular attention give to the same, by a^K thorough oompetent workman.and a work guarantied AUo, every descrip ion of standard SI I.V KR WARE, plain and ornamental, manufactured under my own auperviaion. which iny customera will find far auperior in quality and finish to northern ware sold by driers in general and represented ae their own manufacture. H. O. HOOD, ae 6 33$ Pa. avenue, near 3th at. VALENTIN KB! VALENTINES!! For 1*61 !!! The trade aopplied at the owert New York prices. A beautiful aesortrri^rt of Sentimental and Coinio of all atyles and p*trern?,at < FRENCH A RfOHSTEIN'S. ' jaj? t'enn. a?enne. | tA.lUt uUUDSi TO SUIT THE TIMES, A* PRIOK8 At STEVENS'S FANCY STORE,* ^ wo & tf ?*<>. h?tw. 9th urd loth iitii. To THE rROC^ATiON CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, 6EOK6ETO WN, fto. Wktrtat, OHOLF.RA ,h""r DIARRHEA, DYSENTERY, CHOLIC, DYSPEPSIA, . DEBILITY. Ac., *o.. prevail to an alarming extent: And wktrtat, It most be of the . FIRST CONSEQUENCE 10 every ramny to know of ' A REMEDY 1 at onee Snft, SpMdy, and EJtcaaom, dr. montarde; ; o* Pakif, ofierc hi* MIR ACULOl'9 PAIN KILLER M th* rnont certain ani) effectual remedy for the above complaints In ordar to eii\\tfj ' THE Pl'OI IC that no imposition ia intended in the male c f iVa 1 Great Medic: no. THE MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED I w all casts i when the medioine (ail? to jits entire MticI&cUo i ? 1 Ask. then at any Drue Bt^re for I>R. MONTARDK'8 MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER,* , take aa directed, aud if uot p.>rle?:ti? aMiefied , ruturn tnnnr a<r?*it_ . I>:"B. CLARK, ESQ., 1 Htreet aud Pennsylvania Avenue, who will refund your mousy. i Prioe? 25 and 50 Centa pei DolUe. i For ealeat all Drug Btorea every where, 1 JAB. MoDONNKLL, I General A rent, Jyll-eotr Baltiirore. ? F> OFFICIAL JIOPOSAL* FOR KRKOT1NG A COl'RTrfotJSK AND POST OFFICE AT FHILAPHIA, PA. Tiuicit DiniTXHT, Dwember 8, IM. 8sal*d Paoro?AL? will be received at this Department until the 22a day of February, A. D 186!. at 12 o'olock at noon, for the oon?tru<*tion of the ; PkllulnlnhiA rn>irl.lln..< .-J U 1 1 m r...- ? ??? MV??- ?UU C UV? V/ ?HOC, ftUUUI U | in< to the plant sad specifications prepared at this , Department. There propo?als must he for the whole work; hot , ev?H portion nf the work and the amonnt b d there- j for inust be separate! v stated I' the bid; the retpea , tive amount for ixuli kind of work carried out, and the tota> amount stated; the Department re- < serving ths right to reject or aoe^t ins proposal* hereby invited, or any part*; thereof, wi.en it deems , the interest uf the United State* requires it; the . Department also reserves the nicht to exolade the 1 bids of any person or persona whom there is just oauaa to believe will not faithfully perform the contracts, or which thev hwe a'te:npied to obtain by ' indirection; ai d ail bids when there shall be parties in interest who do cot join in the bds. and all bide that, upon investigation, are beiow a fjir price for the work. No contract will be awarded to bidders until datails are hrnih*d tne Department of the prioee nf J wie ainereui modi oi Work ?nd materials, which ??all he butj'Ot to the revision of the Dep%rt;nrot, , to tUftt tli? irou bi< ?ha!l bewjuitab y apportions j upon the whole work to guide the Department io m-kiiir payment*. Ninety per eent. of the amonnt or work don? *nd material* delivered, according to contract price. , (said amount to tie ascertained by the estimate of au agoni. of.thH Depar meet appointed for that purpose,) will b- pam fmro timi to time aa the work progress's, an4 teu pero nt retained until thecon*pUtion of the contract and aoeeptano* oft he work, ac.. by the acent aforesaid. ann be forfeited In the event ofnon tulfilnentofe^ntraotC?,ntiaots wnl be awarded onlv to master builders or meo>-&!:ioa, and the assignrcent thereof, exoeot bv consent of t ^eoretary of the Treasury, will be a forfeiture ?/ the nme. Rach propo?a mutt be accou panied b? a writt n guarantee, finned by twor sponsible persons {mn tlfiftH U k? ba h* tK? hfau. TVI?^'* or Attorney of th?i Hid d'ltnot,) in the earn of ftSft/WO. that the bidder will, when repaired, if hie propoM b< accepted. wt?r into & eortraot aid ?<hfwTi^^rm?Deed snoantiM '* \ Plana, apecitoauoua and wnrktni drawinca oan b? examined after forty day*, an J outer information obtained on app'io&tion to the Department. Thapropoea'a muit be Mnt to tt.U Department, addreyaad to the Seor'tarr of the Treasury, (m- i dor yd " Proposal % far Ike pKillU'.pki* Court Hou*> i *lMsf f Alf f )nLr 0 " i A.nd Will Km r\ Ban *A a? 1 n' aI/va if r. m'.ot the I ait ?iat named for receiving the eame, daM Witttew Searetary of the Traatniy. n^PONT*? OUNPO^DiaU u ,^Ts&mfaSsxtsSo. Sol* 4|?(? far tk* DiHrxti tf Colwmbt*. A Ivm iupp.T, eiobiao;n< every variety, al way? on haoJ, ?n?! delivered free fc> all pa-li of UeDut lot. Order* oanafao belnftattheofKMofAdaina' Ki?r*M Commi. Waahioctoa. 0. <T. fa s-lawlr P'OUGHS. COLD"?_ HpARSEKEaa, *?. WOOD AND COAL. WOOD: WOOD!! w o o n * 8TOVK and KINDLING WOOD,?tU*lo?M poMibl* price. T. J. h W. M. flALT, 1198 Pft. a v.. between 1Mb and lith *U., IM 17-tf wwfV ?ui V?.. ? .. WOOD AND COAL m. Ill wiil surely ?et your money'* worth t?y otlliu tt U* PIONBF.R M ILLS, tcmtkwtn ?rr iter if Seventh ttrut and Canal, (UKO. PA8K, Aient.) They sell eheaper and fire better measure than any others in the eity?ont, split, am delivered free of ohanre. If toi don't helieve it. fir* the Pioneer Mills a trial, and We satisfied. ja 17-ly.r ' WOOl/ NO ? ? A * Delivered to all parts of the oity, at the lovoat possible rates. T. J. A W. M. SALT, Otfioe ??s Pa. av.t between llth and mk eta., aan-tf aortfi wde. fJARRTAfllS T A PTOP VN 4M A, ?JLV A V/&VAAA/I WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, '? D SirtM, hitt\9*m 3<A a?4 1M4 Slrulr. We hare iu?t finished & number of first olaaa CARRIA6ES, auoh aa Light fancy,lJMB Wat***, Path Pkentont. FhmtJw Car-ng|R Hafts, owrf Bp frit t, whioh we will Mil at*w " a Ter? email profit. Being praotioa: mechanics in different branobee of the business, we flatter ourselves that we kaoV 6e atjies and qoantj of work that will give satia ation, oombininc lightness, ooaifort and dural'i.i hep airing prompt!7 and carefully attended to Uie eh orient at. tic and iron reasonable eharrea. WALTF.R. KARMANN * BOPP, Coachmakers, snooessors to V* m. T. Hook, ap T7-dljr TCARRIA0K8. DV a-V ?? - v : ? ' ' tm. nn oiunuuvi liarmi DW ?aa;HO?IM II taotory, making it now oc? of the 1 tr( lathe District, where bit facilities fo macnlaoturinf CAKKIA0K * WAWON8 a<i kicfl? canx.ot be frfMiwi, tM from hi* looc exrerH>uoe in U? baaiceea, he iuipe* te rive g?cerai Mkiitiaetioo. All kind* of Ctrnuei MM Li(ki Waceai k*M*> luiL Ail REP AIRS neatlj4e?e,a*4 all erd*r*Fre*H I7 attended te. BeM>4-ku4 Carriages takerti ecekacce fer are iMi ANDREWJTJOYCK, TTa tl earner ef llth aad K eta. d*. j. b. McLean s STRENGTHENING CORDIAL 1 V n t? r W+Wf m? . n.iv nuuuu rtHiribll. THE GREATEST REMEDY tn tk* WORLD, VvT i< i* *tri*tW* ??ijakl yr ontiic ?n<i Vtfaukl? <*?nipo?n?l1 pr?^HU eu)d bf Ui duuili- tLp>J HHk^ D*n of r*o?o, horbo, Q B;?ek R""*, 8-r??r'- ? B?rk, *nd Dat>>t?:i*a Mk3 />Tlf< ?n?or? into iU CM- ' J {If _ Til antira (Dirt * "re^ini rnncipit fefetjMB. j? of aach inrrtdnri u Before tafiBLy?g? ^^iltcr taking. a.atUliiif, prwd?rti?jr a d?iicioy?, a*hil?r*it?f .pirn, u< Jia m??: in.llibli r.rn.'j t?r r?noTaiii.? h. diaaaaad, is a raiiariuj il:? ?ic*. ??f arii.f, ud dabitmud iDTalid la baa!th and atranfth MrLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will factually emrt Livar Complaint, Dyap.pai*. Jaaodica, Chrar.iv. ar l*.r?oaa Debility, OiMuta aftha Kidnaya, and all tiiaaaaaa artauif froiu a di.ordarad Urar or haw eb, Pyapapita, Waartbwn. !nv*rd Pitta, Aeiditr at Bickr.a.. a< tha 0>om*ch, Pallnaaa af Bl<od ta U>a Ifaad, Dall Pain or viimrirf 10 tha Baad, hlptitioa af tha Haart, Faiinaa. r Waifht in tha t?n>, Snvr Jiraetauona, Choking or laffocatinf Paaluif whan Uywrdoarn, Dryoaaa or YaiiaW. vi 1*1 mmm um uwcru, inwara riviri, Pain in tba Inill of t1'* Back, Out, or Sid*. Madden riMhtt af Beat, Dtprttatno of Spinta, Frifbtfai I>raam?, Langaor, Diimt^iuct or aay ciir?o?? dieeaaa, Bar** er Blotehai mi (III Iku, u4 ftm and A(i? (ar CtulU wl r, *> OYER A MILLION BOTTLES i**a bean ??ld daring the laat an roootbe, and in ne Initio :e hn? it failed la fi*inf tntir* aauefaetMn. Win, lien, rill eater from Weacaaae or Dehtluy whan McLCAB'M fTRtM'JTMKNmO CORDIAL will cut yea t Ma UnfM( a can can'ty aa ade<]?ate idaa ef the imiaedtita and alnaat minxaleae change prodaeed by taking thta >rd;al in the diaeaeed, dabtlitalad, and ehat'.ared B*r?ea? tam, whether brokau dewa by aacaaa, aaak by natare, it impaired by eickneee, tha related and analrang erguiattr. ; rea'.ered ta ita prietiae health and Tipr MARRIED PERSONS. >? othan. r etiecioaa of i'-<Mlt'y frnni whatever taaaa. will I'111 itti a>.AP IIRIknuiHAPin j LV'MMAh t (bt> *f ^ rtftntrataraf th? tytttm; ui all who mry htvt in arid ikamaalaaa by tmpraptr iddclf ancit wlil fad in tbit ;?r 'I> I * ctrtMO (nd ipiti; rtmady. TO THE LADIES. MrKiRl rTRENGTRKMlNQ CORDIAL u taaarMpi and fttdy ear* f?r Incipitnt Canaatnpuoa, W bittt, 3e?rwet?<i *r Dil^ill UimtmiiM,lncMlimoca of Drift >r l.i?aiao'jir? Dtecliafft thtraaf. ruling of tht Womb, IiJdinni, Fainun;, "r.i til dit*t??a inetdant to Parultt THERE 13 NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Itftr na lanftr. T*bt it awrdiaj ta dirtctiona. It anil lUmaKia, atittfthan, am1, in'igoratt jaa ar.d caatt tin HWu a< Vvat'.ik t? n-onnt year chtak again. Kttr; batlla u ii fttilad la gi?a ??tlt#?ctiou. FOR CHILDREN If raar ehildrrn ura aieklv, par.* <-r tBietad, Mt'LKANt J''Ki>IAL arlll rraka ttiaro harkby, fat, and rvHML l)?U; ia'. a maroant) U> It, and jo% will b* caoiiocad. h u dale?? Iiiih. CA UTION. liftri af ?r dltliri ?' mj try ta pain i(w? rea Mm* bittar or aaraipartlla traaa, which thaj caa baa tiarp, b? nun( it ia 1??t rc-<4. Atoi<1 aach man A*k or Mi lrV.AN'8 HTRKNuTIIENlNti CORDIAL, aad uki lathmr alaa. It ia tha oalj ramaUj that will Mriff tha P!~yl ihoroaghlyandat tha uat :imi alrrifthrn tha ajratanv, Ona ttupcwnl taken a?ary tr.or^itg fasting ia a cartaia pr?>anu<a far Cbolara, Chilla and Fa*ar, Tallow Knar, or itt rraralapt d.saaaa. It ia pat it ia larra boulra. Prica Niiy Bl par boula, or ? botilai far $$. J. II Mi LEAN, lala uropriatrr of thia Cordial; aiao, McLaaa'a Volcanic Oil Uiiiimabt Principal Oapat an tha earaar af Third and Fina atraata, k. Laaia, Ma. XoLe&n's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TBI BUT LINIMENT IN THE WORLO.) Tha aoljr aafa and cartaia cara (ar Caacara, Pllaa, T*. mara, walhoga and Brace Nil* ar Coatrr, Paralrma, Naa. ralgta, Waaknaaa af tba Blaaclaa, Chraoic ar Maiaatw; Iharrr.auara,kuffaaaa af tha Joiau, Coatractad Maaelra ar Uttnagu, Earaaha ar Taothaeha, Braiaaa. Vpraiaa. Fraah 2wu. Veudi, Clean, Ft'tr lorM, Caked ttiui, Sora tipple*, Berne, tcatde, tor* Throat, ar any lataianauaa or mud, do haw nun or Hag Ota dianat ma* ?>a eiiated, McLCAH-a CELEBRATED LINIMENT i eiruio r*m*dy. Thoaaand* of hanas beinp ha*? beea aa*ad lift af Ala trtpitad* and mieery by tha aaa af ihia iaea'.aat'.e ramady. MCLEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT If ill raneee pain alraoat inuutuaoaaly, and it will c'eia, ptrih and haal tha foalaat aara* la aa incredible ahart tia*. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT >e the aaW aafe ud reliebl* remedy for the car* of Windfall*. Sflinu, Dun?;or?l Lampa. Nod** ar Swcllian It na*ir failed ta ear* Big Head, Pnlienl, fiatnla, (fid Hdunin( Soraa, ar Bweeny, if praparty applied. For tpraina, Bro.aea, Seraichea, Creaked H eele, Cnafae, Saddle ir Ollar Galla, U?te, Boree, ar Woendt, it i* aa mfWIIibla ramady. Apply it a* diractad aad a ear* ia certain m e?ery inataac*. Then litla aa I arret with tha aaaay worthlaa* Lunreei.u iffaMil tn VM> Ilk,!.. . nnri. ?/ IlB r I * a ? ! I* t" I W_ NUTXp'LFMIMfcNT.~ ItwiYl cart ?oe.~~ i. H. McLKAN, Bolt Prapnctsr, Cmw Third u< PWi mi., fe. Luu, H*. CHAKin BTOTT, J75 P*. ??., ??i? <nm la Wukn* I m ?tt.aT.CI? KL.O?ffHaw. ? t-tMWIy Th? abnT*PUB.E WHISKY,Corr** DISTILLBD mm Naltib G*aih, beinf ???orior tad onifcrrn n quality, ml htjhhy iiayrPTod Vt mto, it pref?rroa by o?f n*?er?SoiJl other Wki?ki*?. a?dj?rtio* uTenutU M fo??tf? the difiKation of thti Wbi?ky, i? ?roTod by &a*)y it to bo the wftMt ud rareet w%\*r 1* thfl United siffii r i^ssmmsr- * * For *2 e by Kro?>t itnwt, Phi'adM?h<? ""!"' V r? n Twutrwn ? ???????? || THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAB. Wh>m ttMUMPtaltiul Nm Jwrafti-*** Aiaui * gnMar nntty of iDt?r?rtiM Prttoy mraui. Nnwn, *" F1t? ooyiea . - - ? n Tm oopiM . - ? m Tratj intofM V m It tawuhNy miImm tb# "WhUiKn N?vt" ttet hu ai4? Tkt DmUi Xmiwi Simr oiro?j*K - me t?w^ily tkromgkomt tkm mommtn. H^Sinf ! eofiM i In wr%ff*r%\ ni Nr pr<t??r?4 v ? wwy M10V MM ! >? 9g IH Priaf^THRKK CENTS EDUCATIONAL. T female education. hose ptrf nu vho viik tliwr <>M|btiri M r?oeire athorough ud yatemaue *d(Mboi. tMr* their phyeio&l training will reoei v* <l*m Md ??><? i ttMKMk, aurter the m<?et hp proved Taieni of C?m tnfrn<?? mj<1 Oymnnetica. are reepeothhy inritfd Ut riait the Union Femnie AoaAemj. corner Fourteenth at. m4 n ew Vo*k ?v. MR. * MRS. Z. RICHARD*. HV-If PrinxipajB. |? EM ALE BOARDING AND BAV kmoai. TT?* thirtieth uauu mmim of Uu Institution i will (OmmtiMO* Taeeday, September 1Mb. i tae house reo?ntly occupied by tx.-->u, F-s*.. no. ISO Kins 'twu The course of study pursued Will oon^priee all the branches requisite to a thorough Ku?lish F.da cation, and Music. French, latio and Drawing, if Mm. In addition to day eeholars Mm. McCormt?k > MMrtd UircMirta liaMted nmWr of pa pi It aa boairJera. who. ooneti tuUac a fart of bar owa fain ily, will l>e undar her immediate oare and super v, ioa. She will tar aa possible. u> our round then witL the oomforta and BMn inftaenoea of Home. *^fffs?i,-lleT. Goo. H. Norton, Rer. Dr. Kltaa Harrison, Rot. D. F. Spring, William H. Fowis, M., Kdrar Snowden, baa.. F.dmund p. Witmer Mm Hoary Marbary, Kaa., Lewis McKen*ie Eeq., Robert H. Hanton, 0 Wallaob wim Dimioi Benjamin Watari. Entwisle, Jr., F.aa.,Col. John W.Minor, Loudonn Meaara. Blaokiook k. Marshall, Mown Cor Brothers. Tnw. Board, with Tuition in ail the English B^aaohas, #**' for the aonaai aeaaiua?payablo aanu anaaally, m a<tvanoo. Mime aod I.anjnacea at Profeaaora' yrtoaa. [O" No extra charrce. aa B-tf #Cmrt f?w4, Cold, Hoarsen**!. /?Jlumza any Irruatton ?r Sari ??< af^tkt^Tkraat, AtJtm ik4 turn. Br&mti'tis, Atkma, 4" Catarrh, Clear and rtt* stronrtk to tk* fNM of PUBLIC SPR** K?? airo 81N G IKFew are ?*?r? of the importance of cheekiBK a Couch or "Common Coll" in ita ttt itw*. tut which in the begnna* wonid yield to a iniId rom? dj, if selected, aoonattacka the Lanaa. "??owm't Bromckitl Trochn,*' oontamicg demnToertinaredt nta, allay Pn.monary and Bionchial Irritation "That trouble in my Throat, (fur BROWN'? which the "7V#cJ^?" areaapeoifcci ha ring made me often % mere whit TROCHES perer. N. P. WILLI!*. B ROWN'P **' i^eomnmd their uee to Ptblic Sriiiui." TROCHES* REV. E. H. CHAPIN. I "Great aerviee in anbdnmc Hoamav BROWNf REV. DAMbL Wish. TRnnni;? ** Almoet inatact' in the din 1 u feesini l?hor of breaihii.K jeoaliar BROWN'S 10 A, EV. A. C. EGGLE8TON. TROCHES " Contain oo^Opiaa or_%nyftlttf luumii ' UK. A- A tJ A * KB| BROWN'S Ckrmxst, Btntm. TROCHES uonV? Cors^ BROWN'S J?*. 9. BIGELgW^ TROCHES " B?efic.*Mn BROWN'S ., proT- UMn mJ~?; TROCHES WA RREN. BROWN'S BM*. ' B?nrfiei&l wb??> compflied to TROCHES sprak,'irfTennr front Coup." ?_??T i iEV. S. J.P.ANDERSON. BROWN ? St. Imu. tr or*h rs ** ErrKCTr*L ir iwitim Hoirn 1 ku w hi. Irritation of the Thrtitt. &o BROWN'8 o^nffioD with bfftiKiEi mm! dm# TROCHES Prof. M.8TACY JOHNSON. _ Lm Orm*tt, Qm. BROWN'S T??oh?r of Mbmo. B< ou>?rn Fonaif Collaff. TROCHES "Grjut benefit when uke? befow _ ? <! ftiter pra^hing.M tbor ff*re?it oROW.N ? From thfir p??r rfr--^. 1 Ihink th?y wiU I* of permanent ?4TROCHES T*nu#e to m?." BROWN'S PrMidAntotAU^M^ru^TMa. TR0CUE9 d? 1 ly rpHE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. TK1KSEMAR. 1.2 and S-Protected by Royal Letter* Patent of England, acd '-ccrnc by tiact h of the Eoole de Pharmsoie de Pari*, acd the Imperial Collect of Medisioe. V|?ru No. 1 is invaluable for exhaustion a&d natorrbea, and al phjsioal disabilities. No. 2 oomp.rtely eradicates all Wa*M of those diseases that have b<-en hitherto treated by the nan seoua and pernici uc n?e of eopaiva and cubebs No. 3 has entirely supplanted the injartoas of mereorr. thereby insuring to the sufferer speed* relief, dispersing all impurities, and rooting oat the venom of disease. TRIE?EV1AR. Nos. 1, t and 1. are prepared in the form of a luienge. devoid of taste and smet aud oan l>e carried in the waistcoat pocket, r-old in tin m?m. a*>d divided into separate dose*, as ad ministered by Vaipeau. Ltd Koox. Rioord. 4? Price |3 caon, or four cases for fs. which sav? fi; and in |r wkfrew U*r? it t mtine of %S. To be had, wholeaate ud retail, of IV. BARROW, of 194 Bleecker ftrert, .Nnr \ ork. Immediately on receiving a remittanoe, l>r. Barr.i w wili forward the Tneeema- to any part of the wor J. eareiy packed, and addreaaec aeoordmg to the to atructi na of the writer. The ttooK.of ail othera, that abonld be read by men with damaccd and broken down coratitu'iw* is "Human Krality, or Phyaiolofioal Keeearchea " It is beautifully iliratraud. and treat* ??>nat?lr of all tne ar**ip cm> that invariably devetop then o'vee. sooner or later. reeuitinc from the frailtw?? and vitiating habits or Mm youth, incapacitating the victim from sharing the rui'ion of the uiatn moaia! atate, and. if noteheoked in time, deaeaer ating a!l tie function* of manhood. *>.d hrlnfinc him, atepby ?tep to a ling# ring and an timely c at*. rwia oj ur- rA ? nu n , isi nimitr n'**!, miir doom b?lcw Mfcodoiirn. N?? York. Pno? 2ft o?nt?. Hoot froe er#ry where. Sold tits by S. C. Ford. Jr., Dri( Stor?. W*?limctoo. P C. de?Wm ct^ FO* 8T^,?P,N? A PACKET OF PAFKft S T AND ENVELOTWB NO TO MATCH. I At the CHARGE! METROPOLITAN BOOIPTURK, PHI LP * SOLOMONS, ifMtfi fur Lmmrtneft t*Ub**ttd Lmim ffw?, malt," tt., #t m V ly l?a b?cat' aad l<*fc mu. 1861 D!*?JB?. 1861 Commute* tkt Ytar untk a Diary A rtlnbl* Poeket Companion for r?fiitorlti lor rve:y nay id mi yw, iimi hw?bi >v> bwou month. u*Ml unmtr; of ouk M?o?at bi .a ujthl* rtwinbk Doi't Im tiUo?i ?m o[ th?M aaefal littl* tonvenin Tm nmrt NrtUU aa4 d?Mitbl? a?oct Mint ?*?r C*"* Mm Balbl*, MTMT oUfc u< d?9n F?n? >m??. DU1III! riillf r 1) I i | I E 8 INI. ltfl. INI, ckmAeam than eyejl W? vali Mk* u ut? diMMit of ? ft Ml off f All Dww ?ere?M#d fro* for oeik. W?*r? dMiroi! nftlMHf owl tfc* rwuiDMi of o?r l*ril ? WcHSTEm. 1*8 >7* PWII Itwi* ? irar lercivvn At ruffrVV Ricw*TkTV*, rrs p?t ??* *. M*r?o? OrakMB. * Hiilw U iUpyv cSa,i" u^=rw' " -s JX^VZF "* " : "' t&f o?rMj*a fwwm ?i<Hk gi'U iTSb{? BMwi oa Lain; Itao., ?i?tk po-um. All W pJ?fWloWa Mtf Ik* MarrH'a Wrkfc Oimui^kwji diaaawt ?a Booka fro* tka p? *nmmtor F1**C* 4 ?ICH?TK|N, ?T ?T? faaa aniaa ?JCHOOL AN0 OOLtlttk (HtTHltt. IWb'mU Mtj?CI?Umt f~ S?UWm-d WtktMU|||HN,|N lanMd tOOMMnr gawxhsrs ^TUv'JScss^^Eira C'*E' * ? JfiTL'S^sitviifr* ?. 1-?^g ^ ^ uTu?"^ J i *" DM * W1MMWLL.

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