Newspaper of Evening Star, January 25, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 25, 1861 Page 2
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^ ' - ?. TIIE EYEIMISU BTAH. WASHINGTON C1TT: FRIDAY lamn ? 1M], Uy The new Dollar Weeklf Star, fnller than errr of Metropolitan nfwi and goaslp. and choice literary reeding, ia now on oar counter ready for delivery to the pob'lc. Embraced In ita enter* tatntng rontenta are tbe following articles: A ?tmggle for l.lfe-a lale of the We??; A Wife Worth Having?cood for bachelor^ Yocktip i*cbinidt'a Ltttle Blg??a aldraplltter; Artemua Ward on his Triveto, or l^etfer V to the Rdl torial Corpse of Vanity Fair; Senator Douglas Forthcoming Propositions; Union Meeting In Maryland; Editorial! upon all the topics of the day; Latest Telegraphic Dispatcher from all parts of the country; Full reports of proceedings in Congress; 9mltkn>nlan I,ecture?; Quarterly Meeting of the lirand I.odfe of Sons of Temperance: Supreme Court; Railroad Convention, and other meetings; Military Arrivals; A Darkle Newspaper, Ac., Ac ; Correspondence on Agriculture. Horticulture, with excellent Recipes for the Farmer, Housebold sod Workshop, with several columns of urunaj luirnt^riK^* iiciiw, uw?i Fun, Prose, Poetry, and everything else for which the Dollar Star is famous. This la just the paper above all others for persona-sojourn log in the National Metropolis to end to their friends at a distance. Price o,!y three cents per copy, or SI.00 per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. * Spirit ?f the Morning Press The Intelligence say* of coercion, "Wesbonld deeply regret to believe that there was the least foundation for any apprehensions on tbis score," and that "the otBcions tenders of men and money on the part of certain Northern States d?j*erve to be deemed Inopportune, to say the least " The Constitution opposes the enforcement of the Federal laws In the seceding States. The Republican, in opposing the adoption of the Crittenden resolutions, says: " These propositions are, in fact, to embody in ioe uonstituuon or tae Ln;te? states, tne piauorrn upon which Mr. Breckinridge was defeated In the late canvass, and the ?accns of tb?n> would be, for him, such a personal triumph, as very probably to give him the next Presidency tf the United States, which he would very much prefer to the Presidency of the Southern Republic." Bow it was Effected ?We presume that few who have attentively read the^iewi papers for the last two months, fail to comprehend that the application of the whip and spur by the disunion camarilla at this point, by means of the telegraph, joint letters, addresses, Jtc., effected most in the way of Inducing Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi, to follow South Carolina's example The camarilla were aided in their labor by a host of disa.iiou letter writers?a corps specially organised for the purpose?who have been plying the Southern disunion press with all conceivable stories likely to Induce the people to vote for the destruction of the Union, under a total misapprehension of the truth concerning the leading facta Involved in the controversy between the diaunionista and the unionists of the South Virginia elects delegate* to her convention on the 4th pros., and it is already certain that the camarilla will ply her between this time and that day with roorback upon roorback, circulated with Intense industry in every precinct of every county within her limits. The point to be particularly urged to prevent her people from voting to sit in judgment on what her convention may do, aa well aa toaecure the election of a majority of delegatca eager to pet her oat of the Union in hot haate, rather than to aecure Southern rigbta in the Union, la that all hope la loat that the North will permit any other arbitrament of the controversy than that of the aword. Now, It ia positively certain that the only partlca in tbia city who pretend to bold to any auch opinion arts the diaunloniata ptr $*, who notoriously want no arbitrament whatever in the Union, and who propose to aettle the controversy by the aword aooner than come to any aetflement which may Involve a continuance of the Union with the North, upon aim oat any terma. While those man are laboring to Involve the ranntnr In rlvil war f*\r ih*?ir nurn ?a#_ aonal benefit, a Urge number of the Republican* of Congress, who, believing that Congress Is not the body to make a settlement that will prove acceptable to the coantry. are exerting every nerve to secure the appointment of commissioners from their respective States, to meet similar commissioners from the border slaveholding States here on the 4th proximo, to recommend terms of settlement to be submitted to the people of the several States, acting in their sovereign capacity. Instead of there being no earthly prospect that the North will come to any fair settlement of the trouble id the Union, as is to be alleged everywhere In Virginia antil her election, it is almost absolutely certaiu that ere the 4tji of March a basis of settlement will have been agreed upon, not by Congress, but by fourteen or sixteen States on both side* of Mason snd Dixon's line, which the country will at once receive a? heinn >,?<? ???? shortly, to end all the troubles. The distant public may rest assured that many of the men who would lead them to a different conclusion are simply laboring to prevent any settlement whatever that may involve a continuance of the border slavebolding States in the Union. 6ood Nzws.?We have it in our power to state definitely, that the leading members of the Republican party of .Congress are exerting themselves to have Virginia's proposition for a conference of a large number of States, including all the border States, non slave holding as well as slaveholding, to come off here on the 4th of February, proximo, promptly responded to fhvorablv by the North. We now feel certain tbat New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa will be duly represented in tbat conference, each by five Commissioners Up to last evening we were merely sble to hope tbat such would be tbe result of Virginia's action for tbe restoration of peace and harmony. Since last evening we have ascertained that tbe Congreasional delegations from all those States are exerting themselves to secure the prompt appointment of the proposed Commissioners from their several States. Tbe VtaoixiA Commissions*, Ex-President John Tyler, waa with tbe President some hours yesterday, and, again, to-day. it ia understood that their views aa regards the proper course for the General Government to pursue with reference to " coercion" very nearly accord. There tan M? bo no doubt that the President wtil promptly giro Virginia such assurances. In response to Mr Tyler** prove entirely sat *-*? ?r u all ? '? ( Mm .( iw 1'nlon In Vlrglnla'a limits The subject of Mr T * mission la doubtless being considered In Cabinet council aa wo go to press to day In a day or two It will la all probability be made the tfaeme of a special aaeaaage to Congress. Nn*Bn?TS.W?^ >-j ? ? .uiiuK> iniurmmoQ or recently published manifesto of ten Virginia tflibrt of Congress, and tbe impression prevails ksn that they ara all of them members of tbe Bow. Tbls is not so. Bat eight of tbein are msmhsri of tbe Hoses and tbe otbss two, tbe Senators. Five of Vlrglnla'sdelegatloa In tbe House will probably Issue a coaster address? blessts Millaoa, Harris, Clemens, Smltb, snd Boteler?com. I batting Its positions, immediately after it reacbee hera la print. T? Hox.Ciiutt U. Cut,o( Ky., wbo baa Wt bar* for mm day*, ta certainly doing bt* tat to brlag a bant a compromise that will prove sat:(factory u> the border (laveholdlagStatea We re bappy to chronicle tb* fact, beeaaae evsa gea tlemea who have heretofore beea aa ultra en the (lawy quest'on as be baa beea, bow realise tfeat the conservation of the liberties, prlrilegss and blsssioea eaiorad h? ui< ?* " " * _ , r"~ mr i mira ttti i, under God's providence, through the Government of tbe United States, is worth more, vutlr more, than tbe aucceas of Utopian Ism. TiiHiuu.-LeUtrn received here yesterday from Tennessee, represent tbe struggle between tbe Unionists and Disunioaists la Tennessee ss being tbe fiercest and bitten? known to tbe bt?tory of tbat State. To aoch a point ia it being carried aa tbat the former are proclaiming tbe p?rpoM af taking up HW to resist revolution mj which nay ttr to be deprived, iplml their 1 win.tritabCMtuud H?lnet oi OMO?TfT? I meat of tfce I'sltoU States *1 * CO WflllKM I ONil. Shuts ?When our report eloasd vnterday, ih* ?peclal order having been pontponed ? "- ' * U. II -1- ?K_ 4?n>U w?nl Into UII IllUilUII VI mi. !< >?, *uv executive aeaaion until 4^ o'clock when the door* were opened, and the Penate adjourned Hocri ?At the cloae of our report, the House having under consideration the report of the Committee of Thirty-three? Mr Rnit. of Ark., (aid the aentiment of the people of Arkanms wai that an immediate >epaction wi? the only mode of redressing the prlsT* ances under which they, with other Southern ul U ? >4u>n (Ket tKfi ranuhliran ^wvm, suurrru. nc uau ?wu vr??..v.M party would not compromise in tbe least, but bad tbrratened coercion; and tbe only answer to the appeals of tbe Soutb was, coercion and tbe sword. He believed that If John Brown were alive, he would be more popular at tbe North than Mr Lincoln himself. John Brown waa tbe hero and martyr of tbe republican party. Mr Dunn, of Ind , said that as a member of the Committee of Tbtrty-three be had endeavored to discharge his dnty without any regard to platform. W ith regard to the charge that tbe republican party sympathized with the John Brown raid, every enlightened citizen North and South knew that charge to be an Infamous libel on tbe republican partv Mr. Rust uld In reference to the word* "Infamous libel" used by the gentleman, be hoped that gentleman would announce himself responsible for them. He wanted to know this; for, ss this wsa a time of wsr, be was willing to give the gentleman an opportunity to wage war. Mr. Dunn.?This Is a free country, and everv man is permitted to s*k sny mode or measure of redreas he pleased. Mr Rust said that was the answer be wanted. He desired that gentlemen would hold themselves accountable for their acts. It was only cowards who were desirous to avoid the dangers In which they would involve others Mr. Colftx rose to a question of order. Tbe - ? ' ?" as ?a _*i f;enueman was violating puriiaiiirniary cuquciie n applying the epithet of coward to gentlemen on that floor. Mr Hindmno desired to know why the Chair bad not called the gentleman from Indiana to order, when be naed the words " infamous libel* to bis colleague* Mr. Dunn roae to explain. Mr. Rust said the gentleman should not open his mouth again. The Speaker called for order. After the conclusion of Mr. Rust's speech, Ms Hiinn rnas tn norsnml ovnliniKnn In i'l S . A/U IIU I V?V f ? ? WM ?H saying tbat the charge upon the Republicans of sympathising with the John Brown raid was an "Inlaooui libel," he did not intend to uae any word offensive to Mr. Rust, hut be made the statement as he believed it was a libelous construction of the Republican party. Mr. Rust regarded this as a very lame explanation Mr. Dunn.?I have made all the explanation 1 deem it my duty to make. Mr. Rust.?Very well. After some confusion, Mr. Ferry, of Conn., addressed the House. At the conclusion of bis remarks, the Houae adjourned. tic rm. ai, january Senate?Tbe Chatr laid before tbe Senate a communication from the Secretary of War in relation to Fort Abercomble. Laid on tbe table and ordered to be printed. A large number of memorial in relation to tbe present crisis were presented by Messrs Blgler, Anthony, Polk and other*. On motion of Mr Slidell. it was agreed that wben tbe Senate adjourn to-day it be to meet on Monday next. Tbe Senate then, at 12 30, took tip tbe special order, being tbe consideration of bills upon the private calendar. A bill for tbe relief of Robt. Stockton was passed. tv,? i_i nuu"E. ? i uc rvcatvi iaiu vciuir iuc uuiiac a communication from the Navy Department, transmitting the report of the officer of ordnance at the Washington navy yard relative to rilled cannon and armaments of ship* of war. Referred to the Committer on Naval Affairs. Mr. Walton, from the Committee onVlaims, reported back a joint resolution for the relief of Jonas P. Trevitt. and moved that It be put upon its passage Referred to the Committee of the Whole. Mr Maynard Introduced a bill for the relief of Thomas Alien. Referred to the Committee of th* Whole Mr. Tappan reported a bill for the relief of Brigadier General Jo?. B Thoinpkins; referred to Committee of the Whole. Mr. Craig reported a bill for the relief of Arnold U?..U J 41 _ _ .. ?1 C* )..?* - ii <1 ?M a nam* aim ^amuri r . uuncrwiprm, purri'.rs 01 j . Kendall, formerly a postmaster at New Orleans. After a protracted discussion npon the merits of the bill?the morning hour having expired. The regular order of bualnea* (report of the Committee of Thlrly-thre ) waa called up. A meaange waa received from the Senate announcing the pesnage of certain biUa. Mr. Kelson then took the floor and proceeded to address the House upon the national crks'.s Cut* Both Ways.?The Charleatou folks find that la destroying the main ahlp channel of their harbor to prevent I'ncle Sam from sending supplies to Major Anderson, they have acted In that spirit of unthrifty temper known as "cutting oil tbe note 10 spile tbe lace." They see the trad# ol their port completely destroyed, and are now beseeching the Legislature to undo their work for theui. and clear out the harbor. But the legislature seems inclined to let the Charlestonians rue their folly at leisure. The Courier of the 'Zid says: "We Jearn with regret that tbe Senate has rejected from the 'Appropri Hon Bill' the appropriation recommended by both tbe House and Senate for dredging tbe harbor. We think this is not doing justice to our city. "Tbe main ship channel is now closed by tbe sinking of five vessels, in order to prevent tbe entrance of hostile armed vessels; and, to refuse Charleston an appropriation, which waa agreed upon at Columbus bv both branches of th? r?oi?. lature, and at a time when. If a peaceful aettlemeiit of our affairs it voucbaafrd ua, we aball need tbla amount most, to render one channel at lease accessible for large vessels, la doing our principal aea-port great injustice. We truat their action will be reconsidered." jP" A correspondent of the Lynchburg Republican, writing from Charleston in relation to the failure of the negotiations between that city and Waahington, gets off the following : " The newa will be here to-night. To-morrow night three of our betterie* will open upon Sumter Shf will K> ? ? -V ? w? svx* ?ri?u ?UC1U 1UI IWCO lyfour hours. On Friday tbe fort will be besieged. Tbe walls (sixty feet above the water) will be scaled, and tbe fort will be taken and every man in it will be slaughtered, at a loss, perhaps, of 100 or 500 of our men Gloomy picture, but we speak by tbe book. We knctctkit, provided there is not an armistice or an evacuation, and you may hear by telegraph before this gets to you all that we predict. ' We have over 4.000 men under arms, not one will cnr enough. They are all picked men Tbe least timid or hesitating have been sent home. These nobis fellows are lying panting for Gov. Pickens to say 'take that fort ' Besides these, there are over 3,000 picked negro men, free and slavs, at work on tbe breastworks?uniformed axid armed ? and woe to that Republican ship's crew if tbey fkll Into their hands No, sir, slaughtered ts>. W~ I ?WJ a ... uc, ?uikjucti?ncvpr.' " Thi lMroiii.ii Niwi or tbk Day la that Kentucky Uat declined to a State Convention, a ltd North Carolina haa decided to Initiate one on the Slat proximo, by submitting to a vote of Um BUt* whrthnf ah* (kail *r hall not bold a Convention. Added to these two important itema is the even more Important fact that a large number of the Republicana of Congreaa are now exertinir v?<- " ? ? ? -w ivn, new Jcraey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Ultnola, and Iowa to vend com mini on an fresh from the DAqdIm h?r* f?n t>?? ltK ??4 41 m-~-9 ? m -mwmm |nv?uuv| h> liiccl uom ox tbs border slaveboldlng States, Including many who decline In tbeir representative capacity to give np the oltratsmof tbelr Individual positions, upon the ground that It is not for them, but for the people of their respective States, to say bow the diA<ulty shall be settled. Pkxxsylvaria's Pkksoral Libistby Bill.? Ytsterday afternoon, the following dispstch from a dlstlngulihed member of the P?nn??lv*??? Legislature, was received We print It because bating every confidence in the correctness of bis judgment of what will be the action of the Pennsylvania Legislature upon the now so important subject to which It refers. HAKKisBiiao, January 24, 1361. 1 think with the aid of the conservative Republicans we will be able next week to repeal the offensive clsnse of section ninety-live, revised I .-rum i vuc, ^rrni y ivama'i personal liberty bill.) W 111 this be ?itlsldctory on tbat head * A PftiaiDsMTiAL Dmnaa.?The President gives a dinner to-day to M Bergbmsnns, First Secretary of the Belgian Legation, and his bride, the daughter of Chfls McAllister, Esq , of Philadelphls, an old and valued friend of Mr. Buchanan. We learn that a large and brilliant party are expected . ^ |E7~ A letter, dnted at St Augustine, Florida. I 1. , ta ?* _ 14 " tMiMii *, namiMi ibe eoeat etwrey schooner Dana, in charge cf F W. Dorr, h?d been aelzed by tbe " iitbcntiK*" while that ?ttrer was abeent on so e*p-dlMon In connrctiou with hla dutUa. II ~r No I'M than 1 W*> lWea were lost by naatlc aid! aaatera 1 a Ibe ttnlf of Venice, during IMO. PIFA>T11WT Will. | Piiiisiitui Nominatioxs conflrmrd yesterday bftbeSeMte T!*: * Wpt. \V?n B. Slack, Quartermaster of the Murine Corps, vice Maj D J Hutberlsnd, dismissed. *, R B. Bradford, of N. V., Consul General at Slmoda, Japan. J. J. ?prer>fter, ai Pa . Consul at Venlca. John A. Parker, of Va., Consul at Hoacluln, lee Abner Pratt, recalled Rev. Andrew O. Carotbers, of D. C , Comul at Turk's Island, vice J B Hayne, recalled. Wjn. Carrol, Consul at St. Helena. Kdgmont Robsa, Conanl at Gottenbnrgk. Romain Dillon, of N. Y., Secretary of Legation at Turin. Perry E Broccbns, of Md , Associate U. S Judge for New Mexico. Eleazor Wakeley, Associate Judge for Nebraska, (reappointed ) L>avi? rorier neap. 01 u u., uonsui urnrrtl ax Constantinople, vice J . H Smith, resigned. Jaire* McDowell, of Md., Consul at Lyor.n Cba? Precbt, of Cal . Consul at Cologne D. P. Henderson, of KjrConsul at Carara. Riliivid ?Rrevet Major Peter G T Beauregard, Corps of Engineers, has been relieved from his late assignment as Superintendent of the C 8. Military Academy at West Point, (leaving Major Dels Held still in command there ) Items Telegraphed frsns Washington. Washington, Jan. 24 ?Ex-President Tyler had a long, satisfactory and friendly Interview with the President to-day. The latter expressed uiB oeuei mat inert win oe no coiiiuon oeiween the Federal and State force* during tberemainder of bis administration, and that he should certainly make every efl'ort to prevent it and preserve peace. Mr Tyler will prooably remain nere till the 4th 6f February to meet tbe Commissioners from the States other than Virginia. Mr Anderson, brother of Major Anderson, will leave here to-morrow for his home, Cincinnati. His efforts both in Washington and Charleston, were instrumental in producing the better uuder, standing between Major Anderson and tbe South Carolina authorities A large number of leading Republicans from various porta of the counfry have bees here for several days, and there la a treat deal of consultation going ou among the Republicans, the results of which may soon be developed. The Senate to-aav. in executive session, con* Armed a number of comparatively unimportant nominations, tbusclearlng the calender Among the confirmations waa that of Capt Slack, of New Jersey, as Quartermaster in the Marine Corpa. Mr. Kellogg, of Illinois, returned from Springfield to day, and the fact that be expressed the opinion that the border State committee rtsolutions come nearer than any other of the plana to what the public exigencies require, Is deemed significant in connection with his recent visit to the President elect. nr. umc. or Indiana, or tne committee on Territories, will report a bill appropriating f60,WK) lor the relief of the sufferers in Kmsas. Tbaddeu? Hvatt baa proceeded tbitber with the view of exerting bfs influence In the Senatorial election. The principal randidatea are Messrs. Amy, Pomerov and Grabam. Mr. Rust haa, through a friend, sent a note to Mr Dunn, owing to wbat was said in their colloquy In the House to-day. It Is of the character usual in such c*s>s. Governor Johnson, the noble champion of the Union, Is about to visit Tennetsee Citizens of all partiea in his State have addressed letters to him, asking him to stand firm b? tbe Stars and Stripes. t'.VKn frnm Knnvvilln a nla/?o tvK^ra Ka urai ?<?_ cently burnt In effigy. he ha* received an address tinned by three hundred leading citizens In anticipation of hla appearance at Nashville, the Tennessee House of Representatives vot d on Thursday last, by a decided majority, in favor of tendering him the use of the hall of that body, to deliver an address, if he should desire it The Governor is as firm as Andrew Jackson Senator Toombs will return to Washington, and be and Senator I verso n will address the Senate before taking llnal leave. The Commissioner of Patents has issued and mailed a patent to an inventor in South Carolina, which has been accented bv him. showinv that : the Federal patent laws are lUll regarded in the Independent natUn. Cassius M Clav baa arrived here, and has been In conference all day with leading Republicans He 1> urging the Republican* in both Homes to cliangc their policy of adherence to the Chicago platform, and says they must make proper consessions if they desire to keep Kentucky, or any of the Border States. from joining the Cotton ! State* in their secession movement*. He says Kentucky will be a unit on the question of sece*alon unleaa some plan of adjustment is adopted, but it is idle to talk of coercing the Southern States. It is hoped that his presence here will move the Republicans to action. ue are -ro cases on in? aocin or tue supreme Court, of which about *0 will be tried at thla term It will adjourn on the 4th of March. Jndsje Campbell expccta to retire then. In consequence of oeing committed by a letter which he wrote a few months ago. He however deprecate* the course of Alabama, and believea the remedy worse than the disease. There are thousands like blm, who have l?een coerced like him, by consenting to follow recklcss demagogue* Gen Scott la making; this city his headquarter* and the headquarters of the ITnlted State* Ariny. The quarter* of hi* nids-de-ramp are engaged.? and all, In all respect*, are to be ready, as Justice Tniey administers toe oath, to do their duty with graj>e.. If neccasary. Gen Harney Is to command In the District. Gen. Harney is a Southern man, but a soldier,and will obey the powers that be Kx-Governor Wise baa written to a friend here, to remove hla family, tbua showing bia sense of im|>ending danger. From Rartpe. Halifax, Jan 24.?The atomer Niagara, from Liverpool on tbe 12th via (^ueenatown on the 18th Instant. has arrived here She brings a few houra la'er advices. She will be due at Boston on Friday night. She spoke tbe steamer Canada, and. was supposed, the steamer City of Manchester! outward bound. The well-known Bee-Hive Mills at Manchester, owned by Mr. Lamb had been burnt, involving a loss equal to SlUO.UOO. All the Important Chinas* forts have l>een ?/. w? h.l- -* * * vpvucu ?u IUC uouc uy iuc tUUUUIOU OI IDC rCCfclli treaty. There i? no confirmation of the reported low of the allied fleet in the Chinese water* It wai reported that Spain was about to occupy the principal fortress of Morocco inconsequence of the non-fulfilment of the treaty recently concluded with that power. Tne Times' city article of Saturday says the demand for money Is moderate. Bullion in tbe Bank of England has decreased ?577,000, and at tbe Bank of I- ranee there bas been a decrease of 8*2,(400,000 francs. The London money market closed generally unchanged. in w EiTHKK.? roe iohowidk report or tbe weather for tbe morning Is made from tbe Amar lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation la about 7 o'clock January 25,1901 Burlington, Vt overcast, 23?, wind SE N-w ><>rfc. N. Y ...cloudy. Philadelphia, Pa..........cloudy. Washington, i). C cloudy, wind SW Richmond, Va. cloudy. Petersburg, Va.... cloudy. Norfolk, Va ....cloudy, 55* arti 1 a ? <r uiuiDjwn, n.u.? ?iormy Augurta. Oa. ..cloudy, damp. Sarannah, Ga. raining, 50* Macon. Ga. raining. ColumDua, Ga cloudy. Montgomery, AJa. cloudy. Jarkaon, Ala raining. Mobile, Ala.... raining. raox TIB west . Frederick, Md cloudy, warm, Hageratown, Md cloudy, warm. Cumberland, Md.. ..cloudy, PltUburg, Pa cloudy. Grafton, Va. eloudv. mia Wheeling, Va. clear/M'. Parkeraburg, Va cloudy, cold. Cincinnati, O cloudy, cold. Cleveland, O clear. BC. Louis, Mo clear. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a m. (corrected for temperature,) 30,142; at neon, 30,106 Thermometer at 7 a. oa., 33#'; at noon, 30 Maximum during *24 hour*, ending ? a m today, 42#*; minimum 31#*. The Blockade or the Mississippi Withdrawn?Loan or Anna ?The Governor of Misalsalppl, in a ?pe? ial meaaatre, dated at tb* capital of the State, on the 15th. all tides to the battery at Vickaburg In the following terms: Being adrlKd by the Governor of IjOuUlana that be bad reaaon to believe that an expedition would be aent down tbe Miaaiaaippi river to reinforce tbe garriaona of tbe forta and arsenals of that State, 1 lent Capt. Kerr, with sixU-en of tbe J<ickaon artillery company, and ordered Capt II. H. Miller to call oat the volunteer companies of Vickaburg, and take such position aa would enable him to prevent any boatlle expedition from the northern States descending the river, learning that tbe forta and araenala were follv garrisoned by Louisiana,1 have directed Capiain H H. Miller to withdraw hia forces from the position they bad taken " Aa soon aa I waa Infonn^ ... ?. .mc unveriiui of Louisiana bad taken tbe arsenal at Baten Rouge, I sent Col. C 6 Armatead with a letter to Governor Moore, requesting him to furnish Mlaeiaatppi with ten thousand stand of artna, on such tertna aa he might deem joat. Col. Armstead Informs me that his Excellency has responded to my reqneat by ordering eight thousand muaketa, one thousand rifles, and six twenty-four ponnd guns, with carriages, and a considerable amount of ammunition, to be delivered to him | b? shipped to MiKiaafppi a? coon aa poMible " ? f m ka??????? ihtniitim raoii Kit Wkt ?We have re celved the following interesting letter from Key Weat: Editor Star Governor Perry haa appointed Senator Mallory Admiralty Judge for the aovereign ?tal? of plac-of Judge Marvin, V. S. itidge. removed Thla court la held la Key Weal, and Ita principal boalneas la to award salvage ia caaea of wreck, and tfl condetna vea> aela taken In the aiave trade The pnMactltliig attorney and marshal are both strong secessionists, and have undoubtedly Men appointed by Gov. Perfv tfi hold similar positions, under the so-called SoVerelgh State, to that Which they have heretofore held under the United States But Judge Marvin is an oat and out Union man. and off-red himself as a Union candidate to the Florida Convention, and was defeated by the vote of the wreckers, who were told by Mallory's agents thst thev would thereby get clear of the U. 8. Court, ana perhaps also of the U . 9 light-bouses, which are a gfeat detriment to their business. The Key West wreckers are principally Conks ot Bahamians, who have settl ed In Key West and | have become citizensof tbe United States They RP0 Vi>rt? iirnnr?nt fmu> n/ tVi?vn lwti nrr Kla (n rsaH v vi j i^iivi?u>, tv ? vi tu^-ui wi ii^ uvic n? i v*u or write Mr. Matlory Is himself a Conk, and therefore has this class compMely tinder his control Nearly *11 the merchants,, profrwional men and mechanic* are for the Union. Taking the whole population of Key West together, the majority in a fair canvass are decidedly Union men Now, If a reliable prosecuting attorney and marshal were appointed at once, Judge Marvin, with the aid of the military at Fort Taylor and at the U. S. barracks and the war vessels, of which there is always one at least in the harbor, can enforce the United states laws in spite of Mr Mallory and hts troupe of wreckers; and not only that, if prompt action is taken, the Union men of Key West, v/hich is the largest town in Florida, may be able to gain complete ascendency and rep:idl aie me action oi tue ton venu on, lorm a provisional government, Ac. Judge Marvin, if hard pressed by the seceders, can held hit court in Port Taylor. If a list of persons eligible to the offices of Prosecuting Attorney ?i>d Marshal were ir.ade out from previous applications, it can readllv be indicated who are for and who against tte Union, so that there will be danger of mistake on that point Nineteen-twentietbs of the slaves in Key West are owned by Union men. The preseut collector of the port at Key West should be removed. *** Balsam or Wild Chxrby.?In our columns this week appears an advertisement of Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry. If It really be a superior Articles unA I huru 1 a rnn/<K thtnV ? k?vi wu?? ?h\iv < uiuvu iriwv'ii ?v tuina ?w, prejudice in many cases just againet Patent Medlciuts should not efl'ect IV; and tbe proprietors of the medicinc briny before the public good evidence of Its beneficial eflVct, from some of our most respectable and reliable citizens, who have long used the article. Jno Wells Simpson, Esq , of this village, to whom references was allowed to be ntade In tbe advertisement of tbe Balsam, at the request of the proprietors, authorires us to say that be has used the Balsam In his family for the last ten years, and has found it, from his experience, to be very valuable remedy for coughs and colds. A trial might satisfy many of its beneficial effects.?LawrttuevilU tirrald, May IS, lt?60. T=?('*SSll'i; \1 f!I *V_Thi? Hi.tmrmal.x4 lU? citizen of Kentocvy havinc scofptwl the invitation "i the Republican A?tociat;o", will deliver an adilrone i O-MORKOW (Saturday) EVfcal.NG. at 7'? o'clock, at Odd Fellow*' Hall,on ivmth at. The public are respectfully invited. ja Z5-2f IY3=* L*NIVEHSALI9M.-Z><jr??y both Soul and Lk_3 Body i? Hell?Thb#>fhjlpi? I-Ii-k* will preaoh at the Old TriV.ity Church, Fifth street, on SUNDAY EVENING, at7K o oiock, in expatation of the rasiagee referring to being in dancer ol hell fire, cast into hell whern the vo ni dieth not and the fire ia not quenched, able to deat or both ?oul and body in hoil.&o. ScaU fre*. ja*5 2t* fV"^* ATTENTION. COMPANY A. UNION IL3 REGIMENT OF WA^H NGTON ?Meet ?T Ub!! ?J ? Tllll Hi V ML-V'T- i. <?* VIII |>V| WUVJ tavii v?II ijil I V % I ' n I * U i* i ? mw 2fith instar.t. at 7 o'clock p. Ri . (or drill. No one will he admitted but members of the company. By order of tn? Captain. ja 2t-St ry^MOl'NT SINAI.?Or Samhom will give an U_3 amount of hi* vimt tothat inte estiig place, on ;<\TL'RDA Y, at 7*4 p rn , at the Hall of the Yoiiqr Men's I'nristian Association Pa. averue opposite Brown's Hotel. The public are invit'd. Lecture fro* to all ja 24 3t r^kkukf of ThPTpOOR ?The poor of LK_3 the First a-.d Weoond Wards are notified thet s< op and bread w.ll be distributed every WKDNFSDAY and SATURDAY, at 12 o'oiock in , at the establishment of the Winter* of Ciiaritv, corner of Eiftt^ street and New York avenue. 1111* K'X.d wnt k ia under trie au picea 01 the l.a die 'Catholic Re erolent Society, and thoee who apply for relief niaat have a ticket fromon?of the following la^iea, member* of ihe eaid Societ* : \lra. Col. Berret, H at., between 14lh and 1.5th. Mm. K'aron, *1 at.. between fitli and 7th. Mias Ella Horsey, If at.,Chain Buildings. Mrs. JorU&u, New York av., between 14th and 15<h ata. Mm Rebecca ^eott, H at , Wtween IWhar.d 20?h. Mra. Lenthal. F it, Ictweon 18th and 19th. N. B.? Broad. nie\t. veget&fe ea, and old or new clothing will b? thankfully received at the Sitters' estabhaliment for the benefit of the poor. Money in aid ofthe soup dispenaa') can he left with any of the ladiea of the Benevolent Society, or with the clergy of St. Matthew's Church (Int.) ja?l 2t !Y5=- SMITHSONIAN L K CT L' R F.S.-Prof F. L^_3 A. P Barnarii, President oftheTniver aity of Miaaiaaippi, will deliver a course of Leotu'ca on Light. Firat Lecture Wednesday, January Ifi.?Outline of Op.ici! Duoovery, Characteristics oLPolarixeU Lirlit. second Lecture Friday, January 18.? I'ndulatory Theory of Lull?, Physical Doc.rine of Pol&nza tion. I'hrd Lecture Monday, January 21.?1Chromatid i nf l'nliMTA'H Fourth Lecture Wednesday, January ?3?Phynical Theory of Doable Refraotion, anil of Polanaati Mr Double Kefraction. Filth Lecture Friday, January 25.?Circular, Elliptical, and Rotary Polarization. fh<?.?? Lectures will bo il ustratod by numerous experiment* and illustration*. The Lectures will oommence at a quarter before So'clook, who 11 the rod light on the tower will be extmgui'hed and the doors closed. jal?-T.W,P.,M.W,F. ry-5=?THE UL'RNS Ct UB.-The anniversary IL? celebration of this Club wi:l tske plsce at the Exchaii*e lintel. C street. between Oi and fl:b. on FRIDAY F.VKNING. the S5th inst. Hipper oi the table at 7 o'clock Tick* ts to be bad at the Hotel. ja3S 3'* Q^?GENERAL ORDERS-No. 3. Mtadquartert District of Col. Militia,) Adjutant (rtmral'* Ojfitt, , Washington, Jan ii 1861 S Ri Iff JlHi #%r fi AnArila Ilirva* ?/< gred to duty ia tt e brat division, and will report to Major General Force for order*. Brigadier General Kobeet Oildi* ae*i?ned to duty in the aeooud d'vaion, and will report to Major General Tl?nmaa for o der*. Th? attention of all officer* i* called to the imp i-pnetf of addreRting cornmunieaton* directly to the war Department or to headqcarter*. All letter* ahoald paaa through the proper ohanne a?company uftiorra muat correapo-d through their Co!ou<*l*, Col< nola through their Brigadiera, a-d Brix&diera 'hrough their Division Commandera. Ti e l)ivi?ion Comrnanoora wilt oorreapocd through theae Headquarter*. B* order of Mainr fcanaraJ Wwmbtu * ' "" CHA8~iTK k~JUNES. ji 23~3t Adj't Gen'l Dutr ct of Col. Militta. rr5=?THE UNION PRAYER MEETINGS !LJf wil! l>* holden every day this week, in the Knulish i.uth'mn Church, oornerof nth and H streets, to oomioence at 4 o'clock, and to conti ue odo hour. ja7 nrS"l>EMP3EY A O'TOOLE. JsJ WELDING AND YISTTiyii CARD ENGRAVERS. Importer! of fine WEDDING STATIONERY. WEDDING ENVELOPES, the most beautiful styles. 336 Pa. Av., between 9tii and 10th cU , an 27-6m W a? nine ton. A P'ANO FORTE, tNKW.) POR I1T3.-I havo i ad ipft at my ?tore for sale a ni l ? KosffwccKi Cuti beautiful ten* PianoJHHI Stool and Cover, which co?t oash |}Q >II * ' a d rh* o?nw. in ounaequence of the hard times, will Mil it for $175, iuo.uding Ftool and Cover. C'll a d see it JOHN F. E' LIS, ia 25 *Q6 Pa av.. h*t 9 h sn^ 10th sta. 486 OVAL FRAMES, *o. 4$6 Different stjUs and siies OVAL FRAME8 for Pltoloiruhi. PICTURE CURD and TAS5ELS,all sizes and colors, K* P - RHANGINGS.all rradti and ?rio?i, EMNaNTS PAPfeRHANGINoS, at on?fourth less than oost, at JOHN MARKRITER'8, No. 496 Seventh ?t.. 8 door# above ja 25-*ol(tt Odd FHIows* Hall. ^ ^ MAMMACK'S (Rfcl JR E 8 T A U R A N T. No.aiiiiHA.Av., ' -dBEPix Aijoining WiUard*' i/o ^MMAl This Huxais at present rcmp'efe in ?v?ry rasp*ct, and the (took of FlK&M and FOWL only i etda to ha duly sppreo'ated Th? stock of CHAMeAGNMt u ?|i that heart can wiah. BRANIKB and W HISKIK8 wbiah cannot be exeeled. M?a iserved in oroutol the huuw, from* a. m. to 12 p.m. Mtali tetved on Sundays Irom 7 a. m. to 11 p in ja 26 3t* J. D. HAMMACI rpH? CONFEDERATION. uOnr People, One Country, One Destiny." The undersigned propose, on Monday afternoon next, to oummenoe the puhliofttion of a first elass penny taper in tin oity of Washington, hearing the ah >ve tit'e. ?Tk. n ?Ml * 1 1- ?J * a ?iv \a'ukuvi Siivu Wl'l I< VlUlliJ ana irum- i ally advocate tiie cuh of tha Constitution ud ? Union, and to the beat ability of iu conductors sustain the p&tnot'o policy of the prsssnt National Admimst %t,ou We oa<l upon aU who ar? favursb.s to in* Federal oorapa t, and desire to see tu? peo>l? of t -e 8t vtes - nee more united and happy. e.nd tho cause of humanity foeiarm! and perpetuated, to eone forwa d and sapport oar arterpnae. News by telegraph and a.ail from ail e carter*, iocal matte a, an<i avcrj thine else worth hi owiaa in VVashinfton, shall and room in the columns of "The Co JVfleratioB." Ola*'s Bui ding, Dstreet, near 7th. Terms: Six aad a-i|ua>tar eents par week, paya Me to theearrier. Mail ab?arib?r? #4 eer annum |l?i??a?? THEATER.THEATER. THEATER. SfstlifS WILL CHIRP will chirp , WILLCH RP AMD Tseiis asmst Tubus SBobtcut ^ifcfc S'lTL'fi WILL SPIT FIRE TO NIGHT TO-NIGHT rom JKPPRIHON-S BENEFIT JKFFKRM?N'? fRNKPIT JEFFERSON'S BENEFIT AUD LAST APPEARANCE BUT ONE. BUT ONE. It I , I 111 I ML ILL I J j ^PPOINTMENT AND DISAPPOINTMENT. In oontequencc of the urgent to ici'aliona of NUMEROUS CITIZENS who oallod upon DR. SCHL03SER do'ing 'aet wee*. bat who were complied to go inr ob ascount of the OTOtorowCed lUtt of ki? room*, he will remain hero A FEW DAYS LONGER. Daring hit stay in thia oitr. the Tootor haa aae .M mm *--? r?A ^ OOWlUHj nporairu uu inw iwv ui win u? in? highest respectability, who have cordially placed at his di?po?al their TESTIMONIALS of the WONDERFUL EFFECT of kit METHODOFCURING ALL DISEASES OF THE FEET. Dr Sohlo?eer hat aWadv published a gr*at Bomber of certificates from persons wall k'own. which fully prove that he i? the only one who nth ?he above mentioned diae?ee?. ANY ONE SUFFERING Flo* CORNS, BUNIONS, SOFT CORNS. OE A JO DISEASES OF THE FEET. tv;u ?? lit IIO *r Great cause to bs liTiifttii // /A'v immediately place tkrm*elrtt >?i<r DR. SCHLOSSER'S I'NERRING 8Y8TEM OF TREATMENT. Without CUTTIB# OK CAr*I?IO THE L1A*T PlIR. % m r?r m r & * r* n am ivffoi/i<rinu nuuna, 2?T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. (South aid*,) between 12th and 13th afreets. OFFICE HOURS From 10a. m. till 6 p m. FEW DAYS LONGER IN ja WASHINGTON. Elegant carpftings at great sacRIF1CK. Wl ati'l have on hnixi and for sale, mm rm to* perior and beautiful velvet. WltR, BRI'Ssel8 and tapestry carl*etingfc, wl.ioh must be told off at ome price; and in new of tka state of the^tim*s. they wiH^be sold oat without re |i?iu mi w??. Mvmiior* ui vui;K rep Ana (Hnfn in wantof?u?h goods om h* suited by us now at a saving of thirty per oent. !* ? than elsewhere. C LA GET r A DOUSON, ja22-lftt No. 4. second door east of Ninth st. PUR" MEDICINES RECEIVED WEEKLY. On hand fpa.ding's PiKs. McLean s Cor-^^ dal. A vet's. Jarre's and Scheuck's M*dicin*e,^V Moore's Squill D'opi Ac. Physicia ' pre siriptions receive speciai attention. Pnoes to salt the times. At night riot th? dcor beil. MOOKE'S Want End Drag Store. jal** tw 113 P*nn. avenue. gCIIENCK'S PULMONIC SYRUP. Dr. SCHENCK, of PhUadalpkta, finds it iRpoa ibie to visit Washington ev?ry week, and feas made arrangements to positively be in the city the third Wednesday of every month. He has a suit of rooms at the Avenae House, where patient* oan obtain advioe free. He onlv charges wh^n it is necessary to make a thor aga examination cf the l.ungs with the Reepiroaiator. 8. B. Wsite > agent for Sobenok'e Pnlmooio Syrup, prioe AI per bottle, for the cure of Coughs, Colds and CcnsuoiBtion : S?h?nos*? Touio, price ft1 Mr bott e. tor Dyapeeiia; Schenok'a Muil^ike PJl?, pries SSoenta ber bo*. for Liver Billooi Comalaiute aod Constipation of th? Ho* i. I>r. would be *rat-f? to those who have boon our??d by hia rrotediea if they would leave their crrtijieatae oi ear* with 8. B. WAITK, corner Wev> n?h ?t. *04 1a ?v- <e l?-?i COW3 AND CALVES POR SALK.-I wiU offer for eale at the market jaid on Saturday, the 26th inataut three or farfUT Devon Cow* and Calve*, superior dairyJUh took. If therfay u atoraiy I will rffer them on Uie ezt market day. LEWI* FAILEY, JaO-3t* Fairika oonntr. fFRENCH A RICHBTE1N. _ 8T8 pawn. avshv*. Are aceeta for the Baltimore A me ioaa aad Kxohaoce. Charleston Meronrv. in. MahMrik^M eerrwl at low ratee. h??'i from eVery"oitr in the ddphia, Baltimore and other ?f er? delivered lb the oity ud Georgetown immediately after the arrival ol trains. ja U G8AVE YOUR MONEY. ENTLEMKN Cm here their Cloaks. CoeU, Putiftnd Ve?u moeif Cleaned or Djn at W. H. WHE}ATLEY'8 Premium steam Dyeing awl Soouunc Eatabliehmeat, No. Wl Pa avenne, eonth ei3?. between 4H and 6th ate , Washington ; or 49 Jefferson et. Georgetown. D. C it hji TO MEMBERS OF CQNGRKSiJ.?Extra Pat HtOictRtfoiUtNiM*' Rrf ittr <*> rolaO and many ouriooaand rara work*. A oalaln.oa furnmhad. Alao.abin* Bo. k. containing a liat of all Um Officaa or tha.GoTarmr.aat of tht United ^tutee, with tha aalaries attacked. Publiahad and ao7d by A* F HtD HUNTSR, jatt-f Willaraa* Hotal t^aara. IU ASTONISHING. BUT TRUE ! T 18 Vsrv atr Knrft th*? SMITH ? ? N?w Good# whenever? bodt 11 cyirii h?rd fim*s Bat he mIIb hi? foods mt sutth low prioee IkM the people will bur them. N H?Just r?-oeiv<sj * lot o/k?CJL,0 M **i FURMSHING 00008, wh'oh will be sold at #nr oent less th*n their *>JuSTE^ElvSgV00"' n. tut.SiS'iSk tvspb*. k. jotiB "vgaSKiS^Lha3?7r*?? 5f5i, b Vukfc* ??aortin?iit ol ths beat Miliary Works punii-hsd. j?2? T ^ A ^NOTICE^A BQUTl^KaoWB^CA LL# waauf Da?!ntMd w? ar* incVniaat; w ?Mt th* , i?a a?a p*. * ., hw.ntf?iutt?u. I r)R TWO WKB18 LONOKE I MILL eontinas to MllUt ha >**<> of tk? stock ofOry Goods tajhtors No. 521 Savaatii atraot, (sua ot f-*? rH(,i M %reduce ?u?m. Mom r? oviaf to nr mw bvildi w ? tki WiT i J*>MI """" 1 5WTH <?*, I AUCTION SALES. Br will * BARNARD. amoobmts. THIKK BORKM AND LADY'S fONV. 1 mlmm aus ?'at am fumfi *? aootioh -oisatvraat m owcsINh. jttk IBM Lw 11 *Vo?fc, vt VIUM.1, Ik treat " ^Itjy'iViPMr' Term4. ** *" *"" II WALL ft BAENAKP. A*ets. Br C. W. BOTKLBK ft t?ONi*. AnUmnt*. 84LK OF MOt'BKHOLR FU1NITURIC AT A*aii?>.-Oal HL'ftBDAY Mo? *IMJ. JM 51. at II o'clock, I sir ii s*JI at tha r**i I mm* <?f Prt>l. J 1?. Groax.on ingN. Mw#?? ?Jtk M<1 llth *t?.. No. 'J17 a t of W?s *a**fcoid aa< fcitchai, rWrtn.eoBMstioc id part of? %|ab~?a?i s<<la*. Wafeuiaar Chatra, Ma'He top Center TaMa*, Mahairaay Raatara, M? taWaa. Rrr.;?rlr.vrsS5!rr.-. Wardri.&??. Waahstaatls, T?ikt Bats, Cottac* t'kaaibar raraitsr*. Parlor and Chamhor Stoves, < ?i c? ot*?, L.OS!>*? , l/IIH, VIM vn MX;) Kiteber HMliftitN, to T* M o?in. fe*l* . O. W. BoTKlKK * BOMB. A ?URMiM. Tht d:ofi of rill cobm ffcl iu( fc?t. A* tkroagli our Arwi* ?Mrd A m?Uo )NU, who. ?tr?M? U> toll. At rr*rj itof vii hMfl to iflli RIDDLE ! Bia loth* wr* w?t, bat all th? whil* O'er hia f?ir fioi th?r* ww ft mil*. A ad ft* he wal ? od, it vm nia elm* To .Uoet with hi. ete ntor? ^klDDLK , ?n, oa he went, till heat laat rntk Street had alian?t pa?*M ; _ And he uv the "On* Dollar Store, Thi? ra?tic lad did about the wore klMbll The taper crowd bow came around A ad asked. -Why this territo mtsd f Our yo th replied, ' LK> ye aot ear The men who cold the chsin to aie RIDDLE * ?'8ee here, yon boy,** eaid tha foliae. ' You m jet yoor constant hawlinc "ease f Bet." aoaweml he, 'two?M not fair." And then cried thrju*h the etarUeil air, KtDDLE Thi? none mB?t ito?, III have yon know, Or elee I'll t&k? *o? 'dows below;'" Vet th* hr??? lid Wld not hit h<?ia?, But villi Ui? loude?t uwdU iib|, klODLE! Tl? "SUfi of d*j" o?r boy ??w eeiced. Wh'oh c*u?<-d him tu I* sore divpleaeed ; And as they took him to the ration, He loudly onod, to their nulioa, RIDDLE! Boon in tbe talioo-bovee ni he, Aa hnoe?t iid.eho hoald be free; And while noon a bench he iav. With eheerfal voice they htari'lum^Bey^k ^ t When before the m? it trite He oiim, The poi oe were mcuhh; of Haiae ; ad then did he or jr oat the nuie ot him who heepe the "one Dollar Store," KIDDLE' A erowd had rathered round to eee Whether our l?d won id be eet free; And, when 'tw?> known, then ? ne and all, With dealeniut (boat, did oftime* call, BlDDLE! Now, this plca*ftit etorv eoon it toid : Go whereyoa eet th? t>e?t of ?old, W hich is 304 Penne) 1 vaaia avenue; And when you net there you'Al ftau jrt^Uee^^ f CADlToN. Aa aer?ral partiee hare a tempted U imitate my ystem of t'a? Dollar Hale*, and ia many run rep relenting IHiamItm u connected with my eatabliahim-nt, I Uk? I his method of mf rmn ? the piblie that I am ii no win oonaroted with any other houaea than thore at IT I Baltimore itraat. Baltimore, 302 Ptnu. ar?aa?, and 869 Mala atraot. Richmond, Va .and all othera ara mare mitattone of my original Una Dol ar Store. )?? U D. W RIPPLE W LADIES HO flaally wiah to Muaowiat ia theae hard timea o*n hara tii<i' oil wtanuc appare mcelv clean *#ri or reoolored at W. H. WHEAT'EV'd PREM1VM *TEAM DYEIffO am4 tCOUKlNQ ESTABLISHMENT, No. 3*3 eoath aide Pen a. avenn*. Iielweaa 4S and 6t)i alreeta Wa*hm*ton. or 49 Jeffiaraon at., lieorgnlown, D. C. jaKJt Ti. k. W. M. OALT I PULUI 1* WOOD AND COAL Of all kiada. Office-it *8 Ponn ?r?no?. j> 23 b?tw?n I fh ml mh COAI. FOR f? PER TON.?Jest arrived from Philarie phia, by st>nmer eftrit of R<vl and Whit? Ash COAL., whiofa 1 will eejlT. for <>a?h ? Red Ash, Ibe. w> t^e ton, at 9f>T>. White Ash.t^iO Ibe. to the ton. at SOLOMON STOVER. Oftoe corner 21st and I streets, jilMw* (States.) First Ward. ~NEW PAWN OPFiCE 6 6 E W A R D,~D?a>r is Ne* 6 O an! cast Off Clothing, roeaoctfolly informs th? ?Wto that hs has opeaod a LICENSED PAWN OFFICE at No. 7?? Loeisiaia arrni*. between 9 h and 10th sts., a lew doors east of the new * '.Antral t??ard-honse. where h? will he at ell times preps ed to wait on hu patrons with >romyU?si, attention end the strictest jnstioe N B ? Jewolr?, I>r? Goods, ClothiBf, Merhan ios* Tools. always on hind at erirafe sale. Ja 18 lm? Wu 910.000 ORTH OF BOOTS,SHOES add TRUNKS, Of all Styitt mnd Qmmiuit, AT A GREAT ?ACRiriCK Oil CO*T. Store /?r Kent and Fiilmrt* fir Sal'. All the Stock 10 B. pTbOOVERT* STORE, mni Iron Ha !,e nhr? vtr.rt^ Mrnof Udm'. ??Child rer'a MdBH I W?9?rT?nti SHOW AU.TIUV fll ELlNG TRl'NKS are now h* m* eoM. fer* ML treat 'aenfeee* <> n?na! rrtAil ael iQ4Pr<?ea? ia(l?n< much below origin*! coat, The attentmu of the ptfblie i? aolicibed, aa |'MU loduoemenU will be made to purchaser*. The above 0"mpria?a a l?'?e atoek of the flftaat Iuaii'j Kreoehaud Amer c*r. U*itere,hhoe?,flw5? ,o.,Ae, tor 1*1 lea and neuilemen Th? Store te for rent and the Pixtarea for Ipia Apply on ?' pr?mi?i, Iron Hall. S. B.?The above atook, either in whole or la part, will be sold at private aaie. T > ant <>ne4etirnum aTrnmrint tl>A ii.?a* hk.i\a anil Tr,.?V u.,?k bni tliia afford* a bHUr opportunity than may imib bo p.*e*euted. rwtoni indebted will son far a favor by promptly oaliiac and eettlinf thou acooaata. ja7-tf NOTICK. Y Order of the Board of Tractof the Pjblie 8oho"l* of thi* citt, prop ?li will he reooirod y tnc an 'areirced or,til Ni erdar, the* h me ant.for the eupply or euch t^tit onery a d Tex -N~?k? fur the Teacher* end indigent papilt of the p?ibK choc * a* m%y he uece~aary f r the balance f the eohool year endmc Jilt 31, IMt. to be faraiehttl in ?uch qutnliUe* a* may be required from a me to time. r?r*on* drmring to bid for the above will be farnieted with a lie* of the book* ao<1 other article* repaired npon application to the aadoreicaod. J*?? ?c? V. HAKBAUCIf, Trn. A HICKORY WOOD. No 1 ..r HICKota Y WOOD. Alao. *"lAE ?*>d OAK OOD, prepared or delivered o- r<J lerjth. ID^Tir ? etik. |?>"A lord ra >hould ba accompanied with the money ; dri vera d n't ownr chance uuJeea special orders a:e ief> to that effect. ^ W. M. ?ALT, J a 23 Pa a v.. b?. lit* %md nth JU W?. MKTZE?OTf, BOLK A6KNT OF . Sie. D w?y A gone' ud lU-en, fUooa ft Oo uversUunt Piu? I- ortee. old Ciaaot t*kaa la ax ch*aea. Pianos for rant. Je ? Comor Eleventh at. and Pa. avew. jfiT|?AM E>61NE FOR SALE -A Sloan En Kuvvi iwppty norw rowor, in fopMfti or Mr for Mi* low oa ?i> kriw, or wo?M bo fx cHMtd for aWailding lot. Inqairo tfcrtMt Box No g.tHarOftoa. New novel, by cuarlks lever "On of Them,' bj the utkor of CktrlM ?f h? Dodd Farnil* Abroad, Ac . Ao.: nmt eta. BI.ANCHAHU4 tfoMllM. Jaa Coroor P> tr wd Kl?frlliit. Gff&SJS'. SKULLS or of Thirteenth itreoc?A rfj oomploto aooortm?nt of Braid*, Carla, Fnaottoo. Buntm. Ac., bow oa banc ithuib to uroer at u? ahortovt notioe Hair work ropurad or takra m uuui*. qo?-?wi /^reat rfpl'ctlon ?n prick* ! 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