Newspaper of Evening Star, 26 Ocak 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 26 Ocak 1861 Page 1
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i */ ^ J* . f v ^ ? - . ^ * ' ' * !ui|i<te. Vv _ - ..-- *V y; . ^ , ??,. . A-Atj '. n' la.rtfi tl - v _I_ ^ _ ' I I I * (girenittg ?kr. V?. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. JANUARY 26. 1861. N?. 2.47T. * mmammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmrnmammmmmmmm THE DAILY EVENING STAR I - . PfTK T.1& Wl'n ffi/BPr j dupo vnnw I - -u r M JLTi JIBilWIT) (SUNDAYS DXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, of Ptnnsylvani^av?n*i4 and lltA St., ?T W. D. WALLACH. Hap?r? served in paokacea Ur carriers U |<l ?*f, or >7 ewu per mo&Ui. To mail nbMrttwn the prioe is #3.v> a rear, m ?(rsa(i; ?2 for six months; <1 for three months; sod for leu than twee months at the rat* of 13 oents a week. Btafl* opte?, om cut; in wrappers, two cint?. ADvsmTtsiMMTii soonld be sent to the ofioe betoi e 12 o'oiook m.; otherwise ther may not appear antil t he next day. r" ?????*1 1 k ( SHAWS, OF THE HAG'S HOLE. [CONCLODcn] Having posted oar little party at different point* on the line of the cliffs,we waited at the t a f it ? a.% t j? <? * n?*a 01 ine pamway leaaing 10 me cavern xor the Approach ef the military. After spending abont three boure in feverish expectation, having risen for about the sixth time to refresh my lynbs nnd my head in the c*ol breeie, 1 spied at a distance the approach of the military. They were coming by a line of read considerably to the left of the village, an J were bringing with them a stranger, apparently in the character of a guide. Our messenger was also with them. After the usual aalutations, their officer informed us that they had searched every house on their way, where thfv fhmiirht it, nna.aihle tho nhier>t of mir mir. j ??t*? ? r ?? ? ?v? r suit could b? larking; that they were not able to discover anj traces of him, and had hired the stranger to lead them to the place of rendezvous. Some advised to procure boats, and go round to the front of the cavern by sea; others, that we should descend at once by the pathway, d-wa which the guide professed his titter inability to lead them After some discussion, it was proposed that I should act as leader,which my pride prevented me from refusing; although, to tell the truth, the specimen I had enjoyed that night of the honor to bo derived from such an Expedition did not much encourage me. To decline, however, would have argued cowardice. But how were we to be arranged ? My knowledge of the localities about here now came to my assistance. I remembered that there was a projecting rock about a pistolfthftf frrun th? mmirh mT tho (*?vorn ak.I frnm which it could be distinctly covered, large enough to allow one man to stand upon it. and which, provided he could maintain himself in the position with one band would enable him to observe distinctly the proceedings below, and to fire upon any person coming rut of it with a *istol or oarbine. The question was, then, who would venture there ? The officer could not leave his men. After some consultation, it was agreed that Mr R , a young gentleman of considerable activity and bodily ftrecgth, who had joined our oarty on the evening before, should undertake it. Some presence of mind ^nd coolness, as well as strength, were required for this part of the undertaking, as the rock stood more than two hundred feet directly over the sea. and a glance downwards was quite sufficient to satisfy any reasonable per*>n of the practicability of breaking his neck, lie undertook to act his part, and with much the same sort of grateful feelings to my considerate friends. I prepared for mine Four soldiers, with their officer, were to be my escort; seven more, with a corporal, wnd the remainder of the volunteering party, were to stop on the cliff and watch the proceedings above. Just as we were about to descend, the officer called the corporal aside, an<l whispered in his ear. as be afterwards told me. to keep a close watch on their guide, whom he had every reason to auspcct was not a true man r ?u i u.j ia .u??u a. mi'ij urj^i 11 iu icau tut? nojr. aff " o puuuiu defend with our faces to the rock, it ws? re4?olved that our gun* should be fixed behind our backs until we reached the turn in the {>ath. On we went, and had just descended a lttle below the turn, when, a? I wa? taking my gun rightly in my hand, a shriU whistle from above rang among the rocks. In a moment we had our guns fixed, and every eye below the turn was directed toward? the mouth itf the cavern. In about half a minute we observed the head of a man extended from behind a piece of jutting rock; and almost at the : * * i 1 _?* _ pniUB iui?iani nc ueiiu me rrjHjri vi a guu above us, and saw the slate ami dusty gravel of the rock dashed about the face, which disappeared before we could learn whether or not it was hit. No sooner had I heard the shot, when the officer cried. "Now, my lads, down upon them." We rolled, tumbled, slid, jumped, uuwn the remainder of the path, and were nt the mouth of the cavern before we would have thought it possible the minute before. To cock our guns, present bayonets, and charge was the work of a moment?we were in the centre of the cavern. "Holy Vargin and blessed Hainta denied tie cried a shrill, squeakiug voice. from one aide of the strange retreat. "Blessed Mother ieep us?what's this at all at all?" "Hullo, my old lady!" cried the officer; "where are you? Come out my old damsel, and let us get a glimpse of you." And so saying, he, with ooe or tiro of the soldiers, groped I hi? way towards the side from whence the voice proceeded. ' Oh, what are yees, at all at all? Sure, an' I thought it was my own Mick that was coming home to me. and dhriving the cows before him, ?iod bless him. Oh. thin, what '-Cows! my good friend," said the officer. "How the devu could cows gat here; unless they were sea calYes, you mean"' Uch, thin, sure enough; but I thought I was at home: an' where am I, my jewel; an' who aro yecs?" Why. first and foremost, you are in possession of his Majesty the king's troops; and we are come here to take and possess ourselves of 'he person of a man called Shawn Bui?, if you know such an one." -'Shawn Buie! Is it him that was drownded st the cliffs of the Mahir you mane'?an' it '11 be long before yees find him " -Indeed I'm thinking so, with you for our guide'" said one of the men, "so I think we must put you out of our way for a while." Thur a mon dioul"' said a voice from behind; and at the same moment the soldier staggered back beneath a blow from the direction ic which the voice came. A figure darted to the mouth of the cavern; several shot* were fired aft?r him; but the darkness and the imoke prevented oorrect aim. A plunge into the aea was heard, and we all rushed out. He had dived, and the direction which he had taken under wausr we could not at onee perceive. The noiae of the ahou below had awakened the attention of those above, and now every eye ? ? mt rmtnmA tn an ark the snot when ha rnt* ' Wurrah athra, wurrah ithru! will yeea kill my child, jaaa murthering rillaina. that never did hart nor harm to baata nor Curiatbisn ' Let him alone, I aaj agin; or I'll b? the death of J-? jom red lobater!" aid the old hag, who, at the firat alarm, bad aprang up. ana following as oat, had aeiied hold of the officer by the throat. One of the aoidiera atrnck her with the bntt end of bia musket, to make her lat go her hold; and in return received a blow from a atone on the bead, whioh leveled him with the earth. The ?..? now kuima mnaril. fitvtrtl loldiorl fired into the cavern at once A ery was heard, followed by a deep groan. For a moment I felt horrified; and would hare gi**o my beet Bigby that ?? had not fired.. The next thing, however, wae to km what work we had done. ATe groped oar way in, unmolested by the poor old woman, whom the violence of the blow and the ery of the woanded person had quite overcome?ihe had fainted After a short time we foand the body of a little boy, who was seut with the fagitive from the danoing party a few Sunday* before. The poor little fellow was quite dead?he had been shot through the heart jn the mean time, oar friends above kept a sharp look oat. As soon as Shawn Buie bad risen to the surface of the watar, he was saluted with a discharge of musketry, which, however, nnaared to prove ineffectual in consequence it tha deceptive distance. Several balls fell *. L.?rvik>l' An 1 v nna taamasl In ka 'far toori, ?oui? ?.? , , Tu w well aimed Hi did not. however, appear to be struck; bat turned over and dived ag*in * like a well-experienced and powerful swimm*t I bad returned from the cavern before be rose the second time; the officer pointed tn the direction where he expected him to rite. I retted my rifle upon jutting portion of the rock, ready to fire; for I fonsd that I had now t<>o far in reived my-elf to decline acting as I waa commanded After some time, having waited longer than wefeooght it poarihla for a living person to remain under water, we saw the bare feet of a man rise oat of the sea, and then settle down, the bodj ascending slowly after them, and turning on its back. " He is dead!" cried all at onoe. " Who is dead ? Is it my child ' Have ees killed my child, you murthering dirils ? Hare yees killed meohild, I say agin ? Ocb. then, has it come to this; tnat I" and she fainted again. I now ascended the cliff as speedily as I could, leaving the military to guard those below. ill orilsr tn rtnTiunlf wirh mv frinnda ?.r? tK? top as to the proper mode of proceeding. It was considered beet to dispatch messengers for two or three boats, which could convey the bodies and the old woman borne, instead of forcing her. and dragging them, up the ?liff Three gentlemen set off forthwith, and I remained above with the rest of the volunteers. All began again to assume the appearanoe of tranquility. The stranger lay beside me, tied by the wrists and legs; his tace swollen and bloody, which I was told was caused by a blow which he received from one of the guards when he gave the wbistle that first startled u?, which put a decided negative on all further signals from him. The bod> of Shawn Buie floated on the surface of the blue sea, ruing up and down with every tossing wave. After repeating the occurrence which happened in the cave more than once, we began a? a. i a 1 _ i r ? iu luiu uui eje? ivwara me line oi coui irwtn whence the boats should come. By degrees one of us observed the body to drift away close to Bishop's Island; but atill we thought that, perhaps, the rising of the tide might nave that effoct. We turned our eyes towards Kilkee, and when we looked again the body had vanished We sprung to our feet?every eye was strained; but no vestige of his appearance remained, save the ruffling ?f the water where he had been. We looked until our eyes strained again. Some said that a shark must have carried the body down; but that was negatived A ? Akl ! 1 *1 1 - J? -1 - - ? oi uuto. viuera saiu mat oe aiveu again; DUl Lt seeiued impossible that he eoald be alive. We suggested; we contradicted; we looked; wo strained; but all to no purpose?the body of Shawn Buie had vanished, and was never hoard of more. SIAXDAL IN HIGH LIFE. Aa AdenU of the Bar and the Wife of a Prominent Merchant Implicated. Frequenters of Broadway may remember a tall, graceful and handsome man, who for some years past has daily sauntered along that thoroughfare on his way to and from business. The person in question is a member of the bar. somewhat celebrated in the management of mm. con. and divorce cases, is a married man and the head of an interesting family. lie is, moreover, one towards whom the wan,1 ! ? ? 4 ' f A * uenug auecuons oi truiini wives seem to incline, if we may judge from the many scrape* in which he had been caught, and in which much misery hag been occasioned to innocent person*. But it is of a later, and, if possible, more disgraceful proceeding that we have to speak. The legal gentleman has for years been the intimate friend and confidant of a prominent politician, formerly a merchant in this city. He visited the house of his friend, and was ever welcome to the hospitablo board. A beautiful wife did the honors of the merchant's establishment, and it was to her that the lawYer nairl uit ITnnn fripnrl'? r?. turn to the city from a late political or business tour, he first heard whispers of an intimaoy that dishonored him. Almost unwilling to doubt his wife, he was yet prevailed upon to put detectives upon her track, that the truth or falsity of the charges against her might be proved. Their efforts resulted in a discovery that finally led to the exposure of the guilty parties, and the merited punishment of the gay lawyer. A day or two, the lady was seen to enter one of the most notorious houses in the city. The husband was notified, and in a few minutes arrived. He accompanied the officers, and at once proceeded to burst open the doors of the apartments. The first room he entered waj occupied, but not by the persons he was in March of. A like result followed in two other instances. At last he forced his way into the apartment in whioh his wife was conoealed and flew upon the lawyer, and, although a small man, succeeded in a few moments in giving him a severe beating and then kicked him down stairs. The wife, meanwhile, tried to rescue her paramour from the effects of a just punishment. The next mot of thn drama trna thn imnilirir ? ?? for the brothers of the woman by her husband. They came and saw their sister disgraced and rained. No words of excuse or palliation was offered, and none expected; the scene, the place, the circumstances, and more than all, the confession which she made to her brothers, were enough to sink her forever. The husband soon after went to the lawyer's home and found that he was in the doctor's hands. Telling the true story of the beating, he next re vai pa/] ?a vkAlaaal* la?* ? D-?? J ?? ?? ?.- *14 VU fcv n nuviQMiiviW/O UUUOV AU UI U?U If ?J J where be called for one of the principal salesmen there engaged, who, in consequence of some admissions of the wife, underwent a like punishment to that awarded his fellow-conspirator. It appears from the oonfession of the woman that she had been intimate with the lawyer for some time, and that she had plaoed herself completely in hia power. It is surmised that he imparted this fact to some of his friends, one of whom, the salesman above referred to, nrobably used it to ingratiate or force himself lnlft kav fawn* an/I ! ? W ?* IrnnotlaJa* aWa* iuiv uvi i-'wi, ?*uu 11 woo imo auvwiougc mai led the husband to make the second assault. Thus the matter Hands at preaent. The whole subject will, of coarse, be made pablic in litigation.?iY. y. Post. That Battebt of Thi*tt-two Pocmdibs at Memphis.?We Had the following full particulars of tbe battery of thirty-two pounders at Memphis, In the Avalanche, of that city, of Monday: Tbe Mlnnte Men have had tendered to them litMD thirty-two Dound cannon bv Mainr A. H t>ouglaas. who became the purchaaer when the Federal Government disposed of tbe navy-yard of tbe citr. Tbeae gona are, we learn. In good condition, and will Immediately be put in working order. A committee, constating of Capt. J. Hamilton, Col Win R. Hunt, D B. Malloy, Anthony Street, and C Deloach. have been appointed to take the bualness In charge, and prooeed at once to carry out the purpose* of the association It Is the purpoae of the committee, we learn, to apply to the city council for tbe privilege of erecting the battery at auch point as may be selected, u wen m lor an appropriation coaimenauraie with the plan proposed. The presence of these cannon seems almost providential, and It behooves ua, o-cupylng the position that Memphis does, to avail ourselves of every means to rep*-l the attack, and ensure safety, should actual hostilities, of which now there seems little doubt, occur Let us by all means streogthen ourselves in every available manner, so as to be prepared for any and every contingency. Th? Ga**iso!I at Foet Picebks.?Before Lieutenant Blemmer and his small command left the Navy Yard, to garrison their present itronghold, a requisition was obtained from Commador e Armstrong, for provisions, fce , of whioh the Morehouse contained ample supplies. But the Auatfuliait A# *^* livutn ?Sfk4*k IV A tutwuiuu V* ?***. *? "iVI Wf HUVU WUILU IUC SCVyCV* loo totem we oow subsisting, very cooly drew bis pen through the Items of beef, pork, flour.&c , remarking that those would be wanted In the yard. Luckily a supply was obtained from tbe ato.esblp Supply,1ipon which tbe gallant oarrl oii can subsist Mrs Slemmer. who la with her husband. la a South Carolinian by birth, but true on the great question of the day?Union or Rathbb Kih.-Ob tbe Registry of tbe St. .Nicholas Hotel, a person from the repudiating State of yore, places himself as follows : "H T. P ?>nnhllr of MiM?rhli>li MmA tru'hful wmjf hu placed tbe few but slgniflcant words, ttco for (i?." Comment U nnnecessarv. -i*n? Yerfc Tuner. ET'An Ice-boat, on Caruga (N. Y.) L*ke, ru arrow tbe tee on New Yew** at tbe rate of ? oille In half urinate. D7* la Madrid, last month, a Spanish merchant drew a prise. In a lottery, of ?300,000, and soon after became insane. CLOTHING, &c. N MERCHANT TAILORING. KW FALL STYLES of CLOTHS, CASSIMKRS.AND VESTINGS. WALL. STEPHENS k CO., 3US Pennsylvania Avenue,'"have just received a larre variety of new Fall Goods, to wnich they invite the attention of their friend* and oustomers. an an-tf PANIC TIMES! PANIC PRICES < - We havejust received a .arse lot of CLOTHING, FURNI8HING GOODr?, HATS and CAPS, on consignment, whioh mint be sold before th? 4th of March. without retard to ooat. Theae good* have a<l be^n rnsde up by the best houses in BaJtimor* and Philadelphia, and owin* to the time* they will be sold at almost any pnoe. ourohjeot t em* to turn thein into cash a* soon as possible. LA. BE ALL A CO., C'othiers, No. 439 :<eventh st., above O. at w% - - n.-\,nrac on?, ooni?> an: now la me time 10 buy WINTER CLOTHING at My price on Seventh St.. No. 439. 4 door- itlwY-i 9 d? ?-lm /GENTLEMEN'S ll KEVDVMADE CLOTHING. Onr present assortment of UENTLEMKN'3 READY-MADE CLOTHING fffera to citizens and strangers w.shinx an immediate out fit superior inducements, embracing, at this time, all styles and aualitiea of Dress and Businen* Garments and Overooata in all vari*tiea. Fine Shirta and Cnder-olothinc ol ali kinds. Kid and other Glove* of best quk ity. Scarfs, Ties, Cravats, Stocks, Hosiery, &o., <Sto. All of which we are offering at? ur usual low prioea. ILr" Clothing made to order in the moatanperior manner. WALL. STEPHENS & CO., _no 16-tf 38*2 Pa. avenue. W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite onr ouatomera.and citizens generally, to an inspeo'ion of our present new, at tractive, and elecant assortment nf^al CLOTHS, CASSlrf?RES,~P0ESKlN8, !Q VfcSTINds, OVERCOATINGS, Ac. W whioh we will make to order ia euperior^"^ tyle at very low prioe*. WALL, STEPHKNS A CO.. oo 25 tf 32si Pa. a v., betw. 9th and loth its. _ ___ _ _ GAS FITTING, &c. pLUMBERS AND GAS FITTERS J. W. THOMPSON A CO. 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That.agreeably to the provision* of the ordinanoe of the Corporation approved May 12, I860, the undersigned is now prepared, "whenever required in writing, and on pre payment of the fen of fifty oents, to inspect, examine, test, prove, and ascertain the accuracy of registration ofany gas meter in use in this city." Every meter, if found inoorrect, will be condemned, and another, seated and marked as true, will be set in i?? place. If proved to be accurate in its measurement of gas, it will be sealed accordingly, and again put in position for use. Oflloe No. 510 Seventh street,(near Odd Fel .ows' Hall ) Open from 8 a. m.. to 5p. m. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM, jy 18-tf Inspeator and Sealer of Gas Meter*. 1G. O. DKMUTH k. CO., MPORTERS And Wholesale and Retail Healers in II t ir i v t t try ana UA1 A.1A VIUAlli?* FOREIGN WINES, BRANDIES, OINS, *c.. No. 40 North Charlks ^tkkbt. Five doors above Lexington it., no 22-1 y Baltimore. IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THE UNION Call at ' HARVEY'S, Who has just reoeived a large suppiy of fresh LOBSTERS, FISH, and fins OYSm^.^iibk wtuoh he will serve to customer! at tho^^^3a^ shortest not ce and on liberal t-rm?. PS?Oysters served to families and hotels are not soalded; they are only soaJded for persons eating them at the salbon. d?8 T. M. HARVEY. /Ov NOTICE. /fj\ JLWA REMOVAL. V M I have removed my It V FAWN OFFICE to 351 C atreet, !iclw?en 4H and 6th atreeta, immediate? in the rear of the National Hotel, Where the huaineaa will he continued *a heretofore at the old atand. [nulHm) ISAAC HKKZBKKG. THK EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. EMRICH. at ths oorner of Fenn. A . A avenue ami Eleventh atreet, has b?enY?aAy C really improved recent!? and now otferai greater induoeinenta for the patronace or citizei*a and atrangera than any other publio honae in the oit?, hi* prioee being leaa than thoae of any other aoiei on renn. avenue, ana his accommodations for permanent or transient boarders unexceptionable. Thebarauri res'aurant arrangements of the European Hotelhave already become very popu ^r, bung all that can be desired by the moat fas tidious. 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LOCK WOOD A DARRELL ARE PRE\Jparsrfto insertTEETH on VULCAN- + 1TE BA9E, ft new and improved mod ?.*?#5sb* When made on this plan they are com x-? ''p for tab I? to wear and much cheaper than any other. Also, Teeth inserted on U"ld Plate, and ail Dental Operations of any kind that may be desired. Offioe?Room No. i in the Washington Bmldinr.oor er Pa. tr, and Seventh st. ja 10 3v* M TEETH. LOOM Is*, M. D., the inventor and patentee ofthe MINERAL PLATK TEETH, at-^jg^ tend* personally at hi* oflloe In this oity.ftplBsaf Many person* oan wear these teeth who^1''' " cannot wear others, and flo person can wear others who oanDot wear these. I*?? * : - ? i "leuua owntmiimromiMMn t>eaooomm?<tated with any style and prioe of Teeth they may desire; hut to those wbo are partioular and wieh the pureat, oleanest, atrongeat. and moat perfect denture that art oan prodaee, the MINKRAL ri^ATK will he more fully Warranted. Rooms in this oity?No. 339 I'a. arena e, between 9th and 10th its. Also, 907 Aroh street, Philadel phia. oo lS-tf TEAY ELEE81 DIRECTORY. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. WASHINGTON BRANCH. fimHiHi GHANOK OP HflllBS On and after SUNDAY, NoYember ?th, 1880, the trams wih mn as follows: LEAVE WASHINGTON: First train at ?jn a. m. Second Train at 7.40 a. m. Fhird train ats.10 p. in., Express. ourth tr?>n at 6 p m. AVE BALTIMORE: First train at 4 16 a. m., Express. Seoond train at 8 .35 a. m. Third p. rn. Fourth a* 4.2) p. rn., Express. The first, iM?nd and third trains from Wash ington oonneot through* o Philadelphia aod New Yo'k. The seoond and third oonneot at Washington Junction with trai-ns for th? West, South, and Northwest; also, at Annapolis Junction, for An napolis. For Norfolk take the"?to a. m. trai . t-or the accommodation of the wa? travel between Washington and Laurel, a passenger car will he attached to the tonnsgs train which leaves at 12 m. OaSMurdaj the 3.10 p. m. train goes to Philadelphia only. no^? d T. H PARSONg, Agent. nPHE STEAMER JAIL ?UY Will resume t-er 1. trips on TllEi'DAT, fist of JP?k Fehrnarj, 1W0. Wjin?T?W^8H iioiuin every lUKSUAV o'olook a. m..and ALEXANDRIA at half-past ( o'olook, for CURRIOMAN and the intermediate Landing*. On ber return tri??, she will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, ?t t o'olook a. m. Li'CIAN 8. PAGE, Proprietor. NATR'L BOU8H. At't. Alexandria. fay WATCH REPAIRING AND8ILVER WARE MANUFACTORY. I have one of the l>est establishments, and furnished with a complete set of tools for repair JNk inz every description of fiue Watches, and particular attention rive to the Mime, l>y thorough oompetent workman.and a. work cuarantied Also, ?v?ry descnp ion of ?t&nd\rd 81LV F.R WARE, plain and ornamental, manufactured und*r mv own supervision, which inv customers will fnd I far superior tu quality and finish to northern ware old lyr dealers in general and represent*! as their own manufaoture. H. O. HOOD, se 6 339 Pa. avenue. near 9th st. ' VALENTINES! VALENTINES!! for 1*61 !!! The trade supplied at the lowest New York prioes. A beautiful assortment of Sentimental and Comic of all styles and patterns, at FRENCH A RICH8TKIN-8, j%9 27* Kenn. a?er.ue. Best fancy goods, at prices TO SUIT THE TIMES, And OSK PRJCIOJILT, At STEVENS'S FANCY' STORE, no Zl tf 336. lietw. 9?ii ana 10th sts. FEW FINE PIANOS FOR RENT BY AP plyinr ear,?. Also, a new lot of Chiokering A Sons'uonvalad Pianos. JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Pa. ar., bet. 9th and 10th st*. Two PiRnnn for rent a? |1 ?er month. def POFrh'lAL ROPOSALS FOK ERECTING A COURTHOUSE AND POST OFFICE AT PHILAPHIA, PA. T>kakcrt Dbpaetmknt. December 22,18W. Skalsd PtopofiLn will bo received at this LV>partm?nt until the Sttu day uf February, A. D lt6l, at 12 o'olook at noon, for the oonstmotion of the Philadelphia Court-Hous" and PoatOffioe.aocord in* to the plans and specifications prepared at this Department. These proposals moat be for the whole work; bet e^oh portion of the work and the amount b d therefor must be separate ? stated in the bid; the reepeo tive amount for eaon kind of work carried out, And ths totAl UlMMnt .A ? ? - uvv.w ) < ? V> val kllicut I O" serving the right to reject or accept the proposal* hereby invited, or an; parta thereof, wnen it deems the interest of the United states require* it; the Department also reserve* the right to exclude the bids of any person or perton* whom there is just cause to believe will not faithfully perform theoontracts, or whioh they hwe attempted to obtain by indirection; at,d all bids when there shall he parties in interest who do not join in the bids, and a I bids that, upon investigation, are below a fair prioe for Uie Work. No oontraot will be awarded to bidders until details are furnished the Department of the prices of the different kinds of work and matt-rials, which s> *11 be ? object to the revision of the Department, so that the gross bid shall beeqmtab v apportioned upon the wnole work to guide the Department in making payments. N met} per cent, of th* amount of work done and material*ueuverea, aoooiaing to contract price, (said amount to be ascertained by the estimate of an agent of the Department appointed for that purpose, (will b?paio from time to time as the work pro^re??<*t, au?l tea per cent. retained anMl the completion of the oontract and aoceptanoe of the work, 4to.. by the agent aforesaid, aud be forfeited in the event of non fulfilment of oontraot. Oontraois witl be awarded only to master builders or mec> anios, and the assignment thereof, exoept by consent of te ^eoretary of the Treasury, will be a forfeiture of the came. Kach proposal mast bo ncoon pamed b? a writt-n guarantee, ?igned by two p -sponsiblepersons (o?r 11fieri te be eo l?y the United states District Judge, or Attorney of the said d'strict.) in the sum of # X> flnfl that *Ka KirlHar will \-i ? Viiw inuwvi want ? "IVU I 0\| U 11 mi? II HIS prnpoaa1 b-? accepted. enter into a contract and hond. with proper and auffioier.t aeounUea for iu ia thful performance. Plana, apeoifioationa and working drawinxa can be examined alter forty daya, an J other information obtained on application to the Depa-tment. The propoaaia muat be aent to thia Department, addreaaed to the Seor'tarr of the Treaaury, (#?dorffd" Proposals for tke Philadelphia Court Horn.** and Pott tjtft,") and will be opened at 1 o'ol"ck p. m .of the laat <U? named for reoeiving the *ame, in tna preaenoe of the bidder*, if any ohooae to attend. ? PHILIP F THOMAS*, de 84 BOdStaw Secretary of the Treasury. T~~~ PROCLAMATION O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, *o. tn?Mi, At the preaent aeaaon o tha year CHOLERA MORBL'8. DIARR?KA^uoLIC 1 .rertil *> ??????rmin< 5 - 1 wT3??F58CS I tofcraiiT t? blEPV 1 1 . 1 ^?VoV^#^^Untb 1 i..rt?u,?gg, , that ao imposition is intended in tha sale of thu Great Medioioa. THE MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED t* all emus when the medicine fail* to giro entire aatiefaotio take aa directed, and if not perfect1 y eatnfiad """-ffiuILBJ, ' * 4* Street aad Peaneylvaaia Avaaaa, who will refund your money. PriM-** Md fO~Caats fr Bottl*. For at all Drac StorM iwitbiri JA8. MoDONNELL, jyll-ootr BiftTmoror|DPQMT8 GUNPOWDER, _ Ezfnu (ViaiUT. Wuhiutoii. D. G. 1 L"W?r WOOD AND COAL. \r WuODANDCOAL OU Will surelyjrft joy ranoM'i worth by etllinctt (a? PIONEER .MILLS, imUinii c?r ntr <f S'rmth ?trr*t *md Can mi, (U EO. PA6K, Acent > They eell cheaper and ?ive tWter niMiurt than an? others in the oity?out, eplit. ato delivered Tree of charge. If n<i don't believe it. gire the Pioneer Mill* atrial, and We ati?l?4. ja 17-ly,r WOOI? AND C C) A *? Dehrerad to ail parte of the oity, at the laveet pvMiuio rawi? T. J. * w. M. 6ALT, Ofllce S9# Fa. ? ., between 11th Bad tttii ?u., ma 17-tT north side. ~ CARRIAGEFACTORIEST WASHINGTON OAR R1 ASK FACTORY, "" D Strut, L*tw*t* MA mmd l<*A StttMt. We have just finished a number of firet elase CARRIAHF.8, such aa Liikt fawDAjRUt Waronr, Park PKtaoni. ramily Cn-|HM| ria*??, and Bum's, whioh *e will Milat ~ **? ? ver? email profit. Being practioal mechanics in different branches of the Suainees, we flatter oarselree that we know the atylee and aaaiity of work that will gire satis faction, ooikbining lightness, oomfort and darabili lj | Repairing promptly and oarefullr attended to the shortest notioe and most reasonable ohargea. WALTER, HARM ANN A BOKF, Coaohinakers, suooeeaora U> W*. T. nook, jm *r-di7 'i' CARRIAGES. 1. HE Svbaenber h&Tia? n.*de addition*** ki factory, nuUn-t it now one of U?e viMi&flAfl, in the Distriot, where tu? faoi.itiee foryK^H| mftnniaoUrincCARRIAGE A LIGHT-^E^^E WAGONS of all kind# cannot be urpe?eei,ut< r'om hit Ion? exparifeceia the beeineee, keFepe to cm c?aerml satisfaction. All kinds of C*macMand Lirkt Wk*ukoyt ? i ""fctvJ1 &mut 4oio,all ordoro prrapt S*M?4-ku< CvrtafN Uk?r ie Mskanxe t?rM"v 1M. ANDREW JTJ^'CK, 4 1?? ?rum mf 14tk ?d Klfc Dr. J. H. McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD PlRllltK THE GREATEST REMEDY *? tk* WORLD, and the n.o?t f&v Dkliciocs and 3P DELIGHTFUL j? Ef JK\ i C OKDIAL ?2 jRk Ism* MEYER TAKEN\kM* wrj l/J it atritttri Klfifljkl y antilc tnd VipuBartvU bit Con poBnd, pr?- ^H|Pr (arid bj lb* dutilla- U TJfl lion ?( rwtii fatrb*, MM B \Zi^*Uk. and barks. Y?!lov ZA '3 ^SfcjBk [Vck. Blood Rom, HhM Bl'.ct Row. fcrtipa- r\ jg nam nil*, WHO (Jbarr* Aaf Jf B?rk, ?nd IHodilw U^\E pii'li'i'"10 CM? Vl ^ If - Tht t'lbr* _^_r- * a 3f ramadial f rjncipl# s bi^K' j 77*^# of aath ia|rr*di?ntu^wB'Wv Won inking. diaullinf, pradaciar * daiicioaa, a I hi I..ratio* trirtt, ul tba roo4i infulibl* rinl^f l? rana*aung a a 4i*a*aad imm, and ra atari nf ifaa alek, laffanuf, and dakiiiuiad iaralid ta haalth and auaoftb. McLEAWS STRE NG THEN J NO CORDIAL Will afactaaliy cart Lt??r (^orr.pliiu.t, Dmnpiu, Jaaadiea, Chranie ar Nar?oaa Oabiltty.Ditauaa oftba Ridaara, and ail diaaaaaa ariawf from a diaordarad Linr ar Btouiacb, Hyapapaia, lautbiri, toward Pilaa, Acidity ar Stckoaaa af Cba Stomach, Palinaaa *1 Dlrod to tba H??d. Dall Pain ar vicimiof Id tha Kaad, Palpitation of tba Haart, Pallnaaa r n ii(31 ID ua r.OT??, ?mr &ncuu?l, Or.oginf or SafocaUnff Paalinf whan laytrr (!?wn, Drynaaa or YallaW. naaa ef tba Skiu and Eyaa, N;?V Iwfi a, Inarard Paaara, Pain In tM Small of at Back. Chad, or Hid*. Saddau Plaahaa af Bant, Dapraaaio* of Spmta, Prif btf?l Drumi, L*nf?or, Daapoi.darcy w it; naracaa diaaaaa, Soraa ar Bloschaa ao iba Skin, and fmr and A rat (ar Chilia and ravat.) OYER A MILLION BOTTLES ka?a kaaa aald dariny tba laat ait montha, aod in u Idaianea h?? it failad in ri*iag antira aatiafactMG. Who. tbaa, will aaffar from Waalnaaa nr liability wban MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL will cara yum 1 Ma lupafa can eanaay an adaqaata idaa af iba imraadtata and alraaat miracalaaa chr.nfa prodacad by taking thia Cardial In tba diaaaaad, dabtlitatad, ?nd aha*.'arad rar>aaa ayatara, vhaihar brakan dawn by airaaa, waak by t.ttara, ar iopiirad by aieknaaa, lha ralaiad and anatranf orfaniItuan U raatarad to ila priatint banlth and ?ijar MARRIED PERSONS, ar othata, coaacioaa af inability from wbataaar aaaaa. vill nd MckEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL a tharaafb rafanaratar af tba ayatam; and all wt>o mi haaa in |arad IharaaaWaa by Impraoar iadalfaocaa wtli tnd la tkia Cardial a aartain and apaaay ramady. TO THE LABIE8. 1 MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL ia a ao*arai#n and apaady cara far lncipiant Conaaropooo, Whitaa, Oaatractai ar DlOcait Manairaatioo. Incootinanca of Uruia ar Inralanury Diacbarra ibaraof, Palling af tba Womb, taaioaaa, k tiuuD|, ana au luiuu lnctaaat to rinuin. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT afar na langar. Ttka it accor-Uuf ta diractioaa. It will lUmilitl, otraaft-b?n, aod iarifoma yoa aod ciu? tba klMin of httlth ta mui yoir chtak vfun. Krtry bar.) a ia Timiilid u fi?? satisfaction. FOR CHILDREN If T#?I chillir?G ui sickly, pmr.w or aflietad, McLKANI COftDIAL will maks thsra biutlr fat, ud rabast. Dt lay not a raamant; u> U, aad j?i wUl b? ascTia&ad. It is daUcia*? tataka. CAUTION. vara af draffitta or daalsra wba may try ta palm apon yoa aama bittar ar aaraapanlla traah, which thsy can bar cbaap, by aajung it is lasi aa rood. Avoid aaeh mac. Ask far MclitAHU VTRETIUTHKN1NG COEDIAL, and uka nothinr alaa. It ia tha only rsinsdy that'will ranfa tha Blood tnaroaghly and a*, tha aama tima t'.rsnflbso tha aratarn. Ons taaapoonfal takan t*ary mortiinj faatinj u a cartaia pra*snti?s for Cholsra, Chilis and F???r, Tallow Faaar.or ittj praaalsat diaaaaa. It ia pat op la iarffa boCllss. Pnca acfy #1 par bottla, or t boulaa for ?5. J. H McLEAN. ala prcpnstor of ihia Cordial; also, McLsan's Volcanic Oil Liaiaaol Principal Ha pot ac (ha coruar af Third aad Fill atraata, Laais, Ma. wr.T -I- W.i j_ n:i a. jacueam voicanic vu juinuneni, (THE BUT LINIMENT IN THE WOELP ) The only ufi u< certain ear* for Cuctri, Piles, Tadki, ffwelliafs end Brotehlle or I'miti, Pueltni. Saenlfti, Witkiimtf IH< Mneclee, Chronic or Inflammatory EKeemauem, tiffreea of the Jotnte, Contracted Maeclee or Lifaraenta, Earaafce at Toothache, Bnnaee, Spraiae, Freeh Cale, Weenie, Dleere, Fever Bcree, Caked Breaet, Sore Nipplee, Bnrne, Scelde, More Throat, or aay inflammation cr pain, na difference hew ee*ere or lour the dieeaee may hare tinted, ftJcLEAH* CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia a certain remedy. Tt-aaeande af heaaa We it, fa bare been eaeed a life af 4ie repitade and miaery by the aae af Oil* inealaable remedy. MCLEAN'S YOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will relieve pain almoat inetantaneoaal*. and it will elaaa. parify end heal the fealeet torn in an incredible short time. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MeLfcAN'8 CELEBRATED LINIMENT 11 tba o?ly uh n< reliable remedy for the ear* af Spevia, Rurhait, Windgalla, S(liata. Unnetaral Lairpe, Nnriea or fJwallinra. It ne?er failad to ear* Big Kaad, Pel le Til, Fietala, Old Ranninf Rorea, ar Swee>iy, if properly applied. Far bpra d>, Braiatt, Scratehee, Cracked Baala, Cftafee, Saddle ar Caller Galie, Cats, Soraa, arWoaada, h ia an inhUIMi ramady. Apply it u directed and a ear* ia t*ruu ia e?ery tneteace. Than trifle n* longer wiSi th* many eurthleae Lmtroen-.i af arad to yoa. Obuui a (apply af Da MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT It will ear* yoa. J. H. McLEAN, Sol* Proprietor, Corner Third and Pia* au.t N. Loaia, Me CHARLES STOTT, ITS Pa. a*., eale a*ant ta Washing w.ll.1 T CIMII..fl?rnu>?? xUJUVI. [REEMAN ? SIIIPSOK'J ^OL^f*TR\ I FAililY RYBfFAMlCf RYE/ il\Vn T CK L'V/MiWiiK'rin^ The above PUKE W H1BKY, Cofpn Di?nrL*r ruott M a.ltxd t}|il!?, being *n?orior ?nd uniform IB ?u?iity, mm highly improved by age. is preferred by oonnmfn to alt other Whiskiea, Mid partiea Krly reeoinn??Lded by the beat physicians anc chemic-U m possessing ell the resair*ne?ita of a TVw Trmi* Inmitmrtm mm4 fi'iiiii) JLr?UThe Bohnrlkill Water of Pni)a4e)ph:a. used ia the stiKatloE of this WhiAy, is proved by ftnaly sis to be the softest ud pares! water ia the United State*; aad to this may; in a great degree, b? altrihnted the au7len?eof tius Whisky. FRKKMAN-*MW?Dlh Fr^nt itrMt, P:n:*d?l?hi(? ?>*? >? l? REASONABLE DEY POODS! Clotki, KImumU, * ??. Fk'ta, Sr "?? - i r^?gSfe?f~-<:<.fcn.i,'?SJ1,w. ^iTRs.c.. tsfter?fcunSBaBS: THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. Vkil ?? r?Uy ?< Hrws i?r?I -tea ni ba Jbaai ia aar iltw ? p?W?fc*4 m Pn4ay nonuag. Taajta?Oui, <?n? Sia<i? oojj, prn muimm .? _?tl " Flw oopiaa __ ___ __ - 4 T* Taa ooptaa . . _____ __ < Tarenty irvoofMa ____ 9 W It lavambtj ooetaina b? WaahiortM N?w" ttat ku u4? n? Mil fMMtl star aiNlMt o iwnllT throat boat tk* ?oaatrr. fey~Btnai??optM<iB Hi ou be |W?i i tto ooantar, ImwttaMb after UK imh of U? HfW' Pnoe-THRKE PINTS EDUCATIONAL. i Tpkhali: education HOSE Parent* who wish Ueir 4a?cht*ra U? receive a thorough ud aretemabc eduo*ti?'i,. ? *< their ahymoaJ training will reoeiredn..I\ and -j>?*<-ia XteniiOR, nnder the mott approved aratcni. I ? * ?. tlnfoio* and Qymnaetioa. ar? r*?pecuu it invito: ? riitt the l.'nion P?mI? Aeidnq, corner Four teenth at. and New York * . MR. * MAS. Z. RICHARD*, aa 3i-tf Principe!". [ ,? ?^ ; tfEMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL * Mr.S.1L2^m.Vt,,cj^, The thirteenth anna*: mmiob of th.a h atitntion Will eomnrenoe oa Tu^tf, September IMh. in the ImaM r?oratlr ompitd hj Imtar Soott, F.e*., No. 190 King itMtl Tbe <x>urM of atu<iy yoriMd will oompriee all the i>rft.>olMN1uuwl?tU?r?Hk KaclMit Ma jUlMjUd Mum. Praatk, UlitM Drawn*. it la Mkliuo* t* <ta? a?hol?ra Mr?. MeCnrmiek w prepared toraofma limited nam bar of pupilk mm boardera, who. oonatituting a tari of Her own lly, will be under Iter immediate oar* and aaprmaion. She will endeavor, aa tar u fuwble.Ui aar round them with the oom/i?rtaaud klndlt inflaenoea of Home. X4ffrtatw.-llT.fla0. H. Norton. Rev. Dr. Eliaa Utrr <?r?r R.. I> C a *? > > . 0(1111, miuM (i. rowie, ! ?., Uiw 8oowmb,Em.. Edmund P. Witmer &"'T" ' Board, with TaitionTn Wtte ting lUh B rarely*. the M?I MMiOD-ftrult MDti -MDItll; , ill advance. M uiir arxl 1AI(U?(M at Prof?Of' priooa. try* No extra charge*. M ? tf #CW? CoutK, CM, ## ?<?* , /?? /iumza any 'rrttertea m Sera met' mf tkt Throat, Rtiitr, tkt ^rMtfilu, # r?M?rr4, CW mm4 or* rtrenftk tc tki ??(' e' ' 0 ' LJLC?*MA" K E * Few are aware of the importaooe of ohooking a Conch or ''Common Cold'' in it* ftrat rtace, tEat which in the beg'mag would yield to a mild rem* dy, if neglected, eoonattack* the Lanaa. " Prmrn't P'rm'h\il 7Vrtf4?j.n oontainio* ocrru ooat IjfrMtenta. .!'&? Pi. ..w??? I " Th?t tro?Me in ay Throd. (for BROWN'S which th? "jfrockf" %r* ? ?f?eiftc > htriif n?d? me oftaaa m?r? vlua TROCHES pwt* N7>. WILLIS. BROWN'S * *? PwBL,c TROCHES REV. E. H.CHAPIN. "GrettatrnMiDMbdmlnf Houn BROWN'S urn." REV. DANIEL. WISE. TRocatf ^srurstssilr BROWN'S 10 A. c. E60LE8TON. TROCHES M Conl?;n ?o 0?nm or ujthiBi iBjinoii." DR A. A H Jv M. BROWN'S nk^?... T.oches ^Asnsst. er" BROWN'S SV. i*. B'SBLgW^ troches brow TROCHES W?""K^5tVw4RRRN. BROWN'S ? " Benrfaoi*; when oom??U*d U> BROWNS tfJfifVP.Aftt^Bg^ troches jjare^'aCTJSK: BROWNE common with Bpiakiic mmI Sib?TROCHES "*> * M. WACT lOJWBOIj, nnnnruMi T? II h ? n f Ml - " ' Dnv ^ n r Fea^Ae'Coili^ TROCHK8 "Great benefit when taken befo? and after p-eaohir.g. aa ther arerarft BROWN'S Hoareeaeee. Fro? U?r part effaci. ; 1 think they will be of permanent ad TROCHES tuU|? to me." RKV.B. ROWLEY. A M. BROWN'S President of Athena CoUefe, Tenn. TROCHES 4illy rpHE ALL-SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIESEMAR.1J and ?-Protected by Royal Lettara Patent of England. ir.o aeoured by the Seal a of the Eoole de Pbarmaoie de Paris, and tae Imperial College of Medisine. Vtanaa. No. 1 la invaluable for exhalation and natorrhea, and ali phyaioal diaabilitiea. No. S ovnieietely eradicate* ail traoea of IhoM diaeaaea that have been hitherto treated by the naaaeooa and pernioi> oa eae of eoeaiva and eabebe. No. S haa entirely auppianted the lajanoaa aae of aaarenr* IkaraK* Inaariu tn aaaa4* relief, aiaperaing nil lm?inUN, aJj rootiac ont the venom of diMM*. TK1K9EMAR, Not.l,!tod l ar* preparedia th? form of a toienga, damid of taate aad Moef. . and oan be carried in tfca wairtooat pocket. ts?Jd to tin oa?ea, and divided tato eeparate doeaa. u ad miniatered by Velpeaa, LaLemand. Roti, Rioord, Ac Pnoe fS each, or foar eaeea for fr?. vuioh avee fi; and in #?T oa?, whereby ttiere i? a car ilc of 99. To be tiad, whoieeai* aiid retail, of Dr. BARROW, of 194 Bieeeker htreet. New York. r. reowrinia remittanoe. Dr. Barrow will forward the Trineeioar to aar part of the wor d, eeoarely packed, and addreeeec aeoordinj to the In atrnoti >na of the writer. The Boot, of all other*, that aboakd be read by rreo WIU1 uumMBi man nroBru gnwr enDSUlllll<rns i?"H?sm?t Frailty, or Fhysioionoa Kesearenea.** 2 is beaatifmly illustrated, and IrwU "isitrlr ef 1 t&e *fnp om? that nw?h; dere?t tfc*i* eves. sooner or later. rseniting from the Trail tiee and vitiating habit* or earl* roatfa. incapacitating the victim from sharing the Irgiboa of the matri moniat state, and. if not ohecked in bat. deeeMratiag all f>e fuirtwi of manhood, and brinrw kirn, stop by stof. to a linger, ng and nntimely death. Soid by Dr. ?ARROw7l94 strwt. foor doors No* Macdougal, New York. Prioe 2> oents Sent free every where. Sold sjto by 8. C. Ford, Jr., Drug Store, Wash ington, D. C. dolMsi FOR 8TAMPIN0 a packet op papee v f and envelopes no to match. puad^rl oiakgli metropolitan ^ ^ booe8toeb. ' philp a solomons, Armtt fm Lawrtutt't mmmiw Lmm p?Nr?, miU." tc.. JZ NVI) ut P*. mwm M. Ml m4 Mk *. 1861 DIA*_IES.! 186, . ;j Comwumc* the Y?*r tenth m IHarj. A n)ttbt? 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