Newspaper of Evening Star, January 28, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 28, 1861 Page 1
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w I S555S555S!SSS5S5S552S55!S55S5555S55S55^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^HI!^^HB^^^^^^^^^^^H^S5SES55B5^BSSSIHS2!HBHSH55SS5SH!BH5S55S552!5525SS55!25^5SI 40 Cftjcniug ^tnr. ? Via. XVII WASHINGTON. D, C.. MONDAY. JANUARY 28. 1861 N?. 2.478 I THE DAILY EVENLNG STAR w rUBLlSHBD EVERY AFTERNOON, < uvtil* r\ i v j r v r?t-' - n * p ri/\vciriEiU|ia Af THE ftYAR Bl'ILUINGi. C ?y^tr of r?nn iyiVt*nia arenj't and UfA St., >1 W, D. WALLACH. Paeer* ia pvkMM by earriara i! ? a y%r, or 37 oano per mouth. To mail eabecribwi tfca prio* is f i-V) * rear, m t'lvanet; ?i for aiX to >Mh?; 91 for three month*; and for lees Utac tf - ic ia< :.iht a? '.he rate of 12 oents a week. 8n?f le wpi4s, oki cut; in wrappers, two cbnts. ft?" At>r(aTt?BKB*Tsanould boaent to the ofloe N-fore l? o'oioek m.; otherwiae they may not appear until the nestdar. [ For thk Stab. fcXCURS10> FROM WASHINGTON. We. 9. Among the many places that attract attention in this section of the country, two deserve particular notice. Preparing ourselves for a day of labor and toil as well as pleasure by packing in our wagon various boxes, baskets and packages of edibles, whveh the ladies always know how to prepare, we started in the early morn for BASH-BIRR FALLS, ?t the foot of Mount Everett. The ride of eight or ten miles was as pleasant as could well be The dav was clear, and the sun was rour ing his hot rays into the valley, bat the road passed at the foot of the mountain range, and we enjoyed the shade of the forest. The gorge in which the Falls is situated is at the south of Mtfunt Everett, and about three milos east of Copake Tillage The south side of the gorgo is very steep, rendering it auite impossible to construct a road. The nortnern side is less precipitous, yet the road in many ? laces is so narrow that carriage? cannot pass, limbiag up thi3 gorge perhaps a haif a mile we arrive at the Falls House, situated at the foot of the Falls. This is a small building, furaishinz comfortable quarters for the visitor at rather immoderate charges, as is customary at nil fashionable watering places. A part of our company were already on the ground, as well as several othor large parties. Collectiag of forces unanimously Toted to make a thorough examination of the various boxes and packages that had been so carefully stowed away for the occasion, and afterwards, on the strength of the first examination, make a second of the Falls. No epicure could desire better fare than we found gpread on tho rocks at the foot of the Falls. Everything desirable and in abundance convinced us at least that somrhwfy in that region knows well how to provide for a pio-nic party. This part of the programme oemg aiscussea aoa luuy aisposea of, we commenced our asccnt. Crossing the small stream on a narrow footbridge, a few feet above the water, we could fully see the difficulties to be overcome iu ascending the mountain. Its almost perpoudicular side is covercd with tretfs of considerable sue, with now and then a bush; while the rocks, covered with moss and decayed matter, give a very unstable foothold. Great care, couragc and strength are reiyiisites here, and for want of these, or some other reason, some of the ladies at first declined to make the attempt, but I afterward; saw them on the top of the mountain, heedless of the dangers which surrounded ? ? I . . t !-? * ' * ucui. aim wcmingij less inuzuea man tne gentlemen, who had endeavored to assist them in the ascent. This ascent is not far from four hundred feet, and on# must mainly depeud on himself In > :m*ny places a single misstep might prove fatal. There is just enough of danger and difficulty to arouse the soul and give activity to all the life in.* man. both physical and mental. No dull, stupid fellow could by any effort succeed in getting to the top of thi? mountain. When the ascent is gsined and the physical excitcznent allowed to calm a little, the men 14} beffin?. IiAokinc flown tK? Kfllla tka rUw ia truly wcnder/ul A mighty chasm, fifty feet wide ?n4 two hundred feet deep, opens before you, which, with the ?olid projecting cliffs on ?ither side and the boulders of various dimensions in the bed of the rushing waters, makes an impressive scene. The mind is irresistibly led back to the day when this small stream first began its excavating process, and following it along from age to age marks its progress on the cliff Truly, " the waters wear the atones." It hardly seems oredible that a mountain of solid rock could be cut asunder Dv so small a stream of water, but any one carefully observing these cliffs must be convinced of the fact. Time #nly is necessary for a very feeble perpetual force to work immense results. The result of this small stream here presented, generalized, brings to mind the force of a continent. A force not small or confined, but acting without cessation day and night, year after year, and age after age. on every inch of the continent, depressing it to a level with the Bea. Doubtless the rock which over-filled this chasm now lies scattered in a continuous track along the bed of this stream to tn? ooein, and even forms u portion ..r ?u ?:.1 i;_v? i I vi lie uvj. wutic uouucr n^ui uur ucai nur gravitation even can disturb its final rest beside the microscopic shell in the lichen caves vf death. I At this point you get the best view of the Alls as a whole, but to see all its beauties you descend in the chapm itself. A few feet 44&1I0W the highest point, and over-hanging the ,,fearful gulf, is a projecting rock called the <k Eagle's Xest." This can be entered from above, but not without danger, and is supposed by some to present the finest view of this very singular and unique exhibition of nature Above towers Mount Everett 2.624 feet, below is a Tawninz chasm 300 feet 111 denth Tn su<>h a place a man can bat feel his own impotence. Ilia boasted strength here seems feebleness, and his greatest works vanish, like a wreath of smoke, into empty air. The descent is made along the south side of the stream, and in many plaoes it requires a strong nerve to pa&4 them. From below it ?eems almost impossible to make the descent, but with great care and what little assistance can be given, one may pass the most difficult places in perfect safety. Tbe most dangerous place is about half way down, in making the turn towards the edge of - J fl?L_ 1 * ? -1 as * I iuu aumc me icage on wmcn we ana J, it.-sea thus f*r has a break about six feet in length, and directly over thU id a projecting cliff, antler which, on a single plank, it is necessary to trawl to the ledge beyond Beneath you is a chasm into which it would be death to plunge, while overhead is an immense mass of rock that compels a prostrate condition, and vividly brings to the exoited imagination the effect of a orush should it happen while yon are passing. It was a relief to stand again on the nartow ledge, and upright pursue our way down the cliff. The celebrated Alpine passes are m. J. i ' aa * . ? . - ? ? noi more dangerous or aimcau. ai tne loot of this cliff is, I think, the beat view to be found in the vieinity. Taking a stand on a large boulder about fifty feet from the cliff, you instinctively turn around to view the place of desoent. You find yourself facing about one fourth of an iminenee dome. IuWe is on a perfect curve, about fifty feet from where you tand- The fac? slightly curves inward, till at the hight of two hundred feet you find its apex clearly defined on the bine ether directly overhead. The edge at your right is lost in the mountain side, and from base to summit is fringed with the hardy evergreen. The left eflge is cut almost perpendicular by the stream, and stands out beautifully against the sky. Here we bad the best view of the Eagle's V . ? ? Vl 1 _ _1? A. _ .L 4 4 # A. * At. . xtesi. it IB suuaiea ooui ieu xeei irorn ice apex, at the left, and in truly suspended in the heavens The Neat is en a projecting semi* circular rock about ten feet long and five feet wide, slightly depressed in the center, and ia capable of holding five or six persons. Here, a lew year* since, a party of clergymen, visiting this place for the first time, held a prayer meeting. A very singular freak, indeed; as a single misstep or slight diasineaa would have endangered the lives of the whole P*rtv. If proof were wanting to sustain the abrading theory while at the top, it is ample here. No Tolcanic force could eut such a dome At first email, aa indeed it must have been, for the water euuld impinge with but feeble force while its force was only a few feet, but each sueoaedina ace deepened the chasm and gave I U? water grMUr force. consequently cutting ? still larger circle. Thus the accurate form of the dome The prooeas is not ended; each fueceeding year caU iU infallible raeord at . the bane, and the dome continually rises in more majestic form. TbU is striking instance j ^ of a geological reoord mad* for any and all ? time, and which may be read to-day or one thousand years hanee, with equal aocurscr. ? While we war* here the stream was small, but Cot quite ae small h tbe IUiceu*. which Prof M 4 * - ?*A _ Felton one morning held in the hollow of hi* hand;?but it ia not always so Sometimes it becomes a perfect mountain torrent, caosing great deatruotion of property. About four yeara since the stream rose so rapidly that a family residing near it, just above the Falls, had barely time to leave their house as it was carried away by the forrent and dashed over the Falls with its contents. Sometimes cattle are caught in its rapid currents and hurled over the precipice. Immense amounts of floodwood are thus distributed over the plains below, deetrovine crocs and iniurin? acres of land. In these freshets the water ferms one continaoua fall of 250 feet; in low water it is divided into several leaps, the longest being not more thon 30 foet On our way over the remaining portion of the descent we were overtaken by a thunder shower, and, save a few of the party who were fortunate enough to find shelter in a cave, were drenched; at least, we did not care to visit the bathing placa, a short distance below the footbridge. Many, we were informed, ladies es prviaujr, oiijujr mo oerients oi a Dam in mis clear, cool mountain stream. The storm having passed, we, after a day of toil, prepared to leave this place, and after a pleasant ride of a couple of hoars, were once more at our country home in Millerton. As Athens excelled all the other ancient cities in the Arts, so does this region excel) all other places in the New England and Middle States in its gem-like beauty, and in the impressiveness and variety of its scenery. I can truly say of those living in that portion, wh? have not visited these places, as Lysippus says of thoee.who had not seen Athens: - Hast not sern Athens, then thou art a loir. Hast seen and not been charmed, thou art an an." Victor Lai-rentz. Escape ( Lion* from a Menagerie?A Man Ktlled. [From the London News, Jan. f> ] Yesterday morning an al&rming circumstance occurred at Astley's Koyal Amphitheater, owing to the escape of all the lions, the property of Mr. Crockett, from their deu, which occupied a place very near the stage. At about a quarter before 8, the men wbo usually attend to cart away the manure were startled bv the loud roaring of the lions, but a; they bad on former occasions heard somewhat similar sound* they proceeded with their work. The noise, however, did not subside, but increased, and in a few minutes the men werer dorrorstruckjat beholding one of tbe lions struggling with] a man unmed Jarvey, a yard helper in the establishment Mr. Crockett's animal keeper was instantly sent for. and arrived in a few minutes; but he, not having the power over the infuriated beusts that Mr. Crockett had, immediately sent for that gentleman. On his arrival Mr. Crockett rushed on the stage where the lion was running about with the unfortunate man Jarvey in bis moutb, apparently quite dead. Mr. Crockett instantly seized n ut u hi a fn?lr nn/l '? ' 1 m >?UU ucail I LI C 11' 'II t% DCBVJT IJlOJf on the side of the head, which causcd it to let the man go; but, instead of running away, he turned round and seemed inclined to sinjng upon his master. Another powerful blow, however, made the enraged animal turn and run away. Medical aid was immediately sought for poor Jarvey, but on the arrival of the surgeon life was found to be extinct. After the body of Jarvey had been removed, Mr Crockett went in search of the three lions who were now roaming about the theater. One | was seen ruuning about at a remote corner of the stage, another was in the arena, and the , other could not be seen. The lioness w?a th? first that was attempted to b? secured, but this was a work of extreme danger and diffi- i culty, as the assistants were all afraid of even approaching the beast. On seeing Mr. Crockett the lioness made a dV?h through the pit saloon, ( whence she rushed up the box staircase and entered one of the private boxes, and took up a most threatening attitude. Nothing daunted i Mr. Crockett entered the box, placed a leathern collar round her neck, and having 1 secured her head, she wes hauled out of the place by ropes, and finally placed in security. From the private box Mr. Crockett saw another of the animals playing on the stago with a quantity of ribbons and stage properties, and with eomnarativelv lirtlp diffin>iltw i? . - _ . ? ... . V* . iu but J * i " u j placed again in the cage, and after a few minutes' search the third wan recaptured. At haif past seven yesterday morning tho *vatohrunn of the theater, who is on duty all night, left, at which hour, he says, all was perfectly quiet and safe. In oonsequence of the large lion being unwell, it had been parted from iu companions. and it is supposed that in endeavoring < to join it one of the tree lions in the other compartment of the cage must have broken down tho partition and thus displaced the iron bars The greatest excitement and consternation prevailed for some time io tho theater. Literary Gossip Anthony Trollope, Lewes. the author of a life of Goethe, and aaid to be the "friend" of the author of "Adam Bede," and llughea, author of " Tom Brown," are delivering lectures in London. Arsene Houssaye, the well known French historian and mimic writer, is engaged on the staff of the Paris Pre^se. Guiiot's translation of the complete work" of Shakespeare is in course of publication by Didler, the famous French book man. Tbe first volumo contains, besidesGuisot's "Study" of Shakespeare, "Hamlet," "Coriolanus," aad the "Tempete " Louis Veaillot, the former chief editor of T 'IT ? * - - - ?? jl. (. Divers, toe great ^amonc journal ol i'arie. has applied for permission to reestablish a newspaper under the regulations recently promulgated. His demand is under consideration It will be remembered that Veuillot's papers were seized some eight months ago, in oonsequence of the severity of his strictures on the government. Those papers hare been returned to him. Mr. Mocquard, the ohief minister of the Emperor Napoleon, is contributor to the Rerue Europeenne, the January number of wmon is to oooUin me first portion of a romance by him. entitled "Jessie." Mrs. Stowe is to commence the publication of * new novel, in the May number of the Atlantic Magazine; it is to be the story of a young girl educated in the Roman Catholic religion. Mr. Anthony Trollope, the novelist, is writins a story for the London Review. Mr. De Saint Ange, one of the writers for the Paris Debate, died reoently. The Paris Presse has been absolutely sold by Mires, the great banker, and its late proprietor, to Pants, instead of to Emile de Girandin, who was very anxious once more to obtain possession of its oolumns. Eugene de Mirecourt. the author of a alarer but unreliable series of lives and distinguished cotemoorary people, has recently dieain St. Petersburg, in great poverty. He was aoeustomod to malign everybody without stint, to publish the merest floating gossip and scandal of the saloons and the opera, relative to artists, authors, actors, signers, composers, and politicians; his hand was against every man, and every man's hand was against him. A pamphlet in reply to that entitled "The Kmnemr Frannai Jnunk *nrl Enmna " (a announced in Paris; it wiU be ceiled "'The Re-purchase of Venice." Four Cmcin and Kutaiim.?Fort Netle, a revolutionary earth work, near tfcia town, wit takeu pnaat?lun of on Saturday night last, and on Sunday wonlng the community was Intensely r*ctte?1 at the repoit that the Palmelto flag was flying high above the ramparta, and had been to the flagstaff This outrage ares borne In alienee during the sacred hours of the Sabbath day and night, but eerly on Monday morning our!sens were startled by the report of cannon, fired In quick successions On inqnlrv It was aacrs*alat-d that a company of Jolly Tars bad recaptured the fort, shot down the Palmetto flag, tramnlad it in the du?t. and run nn the fltara and / 'u CLOTHING, kc. MlfKCHANT TAILORjyO. KW FALL STYLES of CLOTHS, CASSIMEKS.AND VKSTING8. WALL. STEPHENS A ?o., 3sl8 Pennsylvania Avenue, have just received a large vaneiT of new Fall Goods, to wntoh they invite the atteatioo of their friend* and ouitomeri- auSO-tf PANIC TIMES! PANIC PRICES! Wehavejoit reoeived a !arce lot ofCLOTHING, FURNISHING 600Dtf. HATS and CAPS, on oonsicnment, whioh mutt be cold before tb? 4th of Maron. without retard to ooat. The** goods have ail be*n made up by the beat houses in Baltimore and Phi adeiphia, and owing to the timet they will be sold at almost any price, ourobjeot being to tarn them into oash as aoon a? possible L A. BEALL A CO., C'othiert, No. 430 Seventh at., above G. N. B.?Come on*, oome all; now is the time to bur WINTER CLOTHING at any price on Seventh at.. No. 439, 4 door* ahov* G st. do 28-lm fZlENTLE.MEN'S I \Jl READV-MADE CLOTHING. Our present assortment of GENTLEMEN'S READV-MADE CLOTHING offers to oitizans and strangers wishing an immediate oat fit superior inducements, embracing, at this time, all styles and qualities nf Dress and Business Garments and OvsrooaU in all vari?tie*. Fine Shirta and Under-clothing ot all kinds. Kid and other I Gloves of best quality. Scarfs, Ties, Cravats, i Sto"k?, Hosiery, Ac.. Ac. All of whioh we are i nffflri r?<r af /.m? ?a?al !<>* ? -? tfuv. **** *"fc "'** usual iww pilUOBt Clothing m*de to order in the moat superior i manner. WALL, STEPHENS A Co.. no 16-tf 322 Pa. avenue. W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite our customers, ar.d citizens generally, to an inspeo'ion of our present new, at tractive, and elegant assortment ofSH CLOTHS. CASSIMfcRES, DOESKINS, Km VkSTlNGS, OVERCOATINGS. Ac. \fif which we will mako to order in superior style at very low prices. WALL, STEPHENS Sc. CO.. oo 25 tf 322 Pa. av? hetw. 9th and lftth sta. i GAS FITTING, Ac. pLUMBERS AND GAS FITTERS J. W. THOMPSON * CO. Would oal! the attention of water takers to their lull assortment of Fixtures ncoestiarv to its introduction^ follows.?K1TCH EN RANGES,BATH TUBS, WATER CLOSETS. HOT VVATFR BOILERS, KITCHEN SINKS, PUMPS, Cast ! fron. Wrooeht Iron, I.end and Galvanised WATER PIPES, HYDRANTS and PAVE-WASHERS. RUB*?ER. HOSE. Ac. Having superior advantages, with pr*ctioai knowledge, we are prepared t<> introduoe Water into dwellmcs with all the latest improven ents, promptly, ana at prioea that cannot fail to satisfy. ; 269 Penn. avenue. no dtMar 1 het.9lh and Mth sts.. south side. 1 Awm. t. dove a co. i RE Now prepared to esecutc any ordor? wiii which they mar be favored in t>;? PLUMBING, GAS OK STEAM FITTIN8 BUSINESS. fE"7~ Store on !Hh street, a tew doors north of Pa, I avenue, where iuiy be found a ootnnlete assortment I oi ?;h \INDKlAKH;4 and other GAS, STEA M and I WATKR FIXTURES. la 37 \j I W GAS* FIXTURES. i E Have in *tore, anil are dai.y receiving, OAS i PI XT V RES ofentirely New Patterns and Desisns and Finish, superior in ptj le to anything heretofore offered in this market. We invite aitizens general it to call aj^J examine our stock of Gas and Water Fixtures, feeliiijc confident that we have the t>e*t 1 ooleoted stock in Washington. All Work in thealiove line intrueted t<* our care will be promptly attended to. 1 MYERS A McGHAN. i mar fi-tf 37*> D street. | I SNYDER ! ? * ^LUMBER AXD GAS FITTER, \ Has removed to the comer of Twelfth and F sts. . He is prepared to introduce Water and Gas upon < the most favorable terms, and guaranties entire . ftHafuntinn He has on hand a lot or COOKING and other STOVES, which he will sell leas than ooat. aa he wiahee to get rid of them. n<LL7_ 1 OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER U OF GAS METERS. i W*?nmOTpS, Jl\j 18,1860. c NOTICE m HEREBY GIVES, That, agree ably to the provisions of the ordinance of the Corporation aoproved May 12,the undersigned is now prepared."whenever required in writing,and I on pre payment of the fee of fiAy oent?, to inspect. 1 teat, prove, and aaoert&in the accuracy of regiatration ofany gas meter in use in this oity." Every metar, iffound inoorrect, will be condemned, and another, ae&led and marked aa true, will be et in i?? place. If proved to be aoourate in its j measurement of gas, it wfli be sealed aooordinfiy, I and again put in position for ute. 1 Oflloe No. 610 Seventh street,(near Odd Fel t *?_%? ? - .???' nan ? i?j>en trom 8 a. ra., tobf.m. CHAKL.ES W. CUNNINGHAM. jylS-tf loiiflotar tad Mnr of Su Mttsn. IG. O. DKMUTH * CO., MPORTERS And Wholesale and Retail Dealers in i HAVANA CIGARS. FOREIGN WINES, BRANDIES, GINS, ft., No. 40 North Charls* Street, Five doors above Lexington ?t., no22-lr Baltimore. IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THE UNION Call at HARVEY'S, Who has juatreoei veil a large supplr of fresh LOBSTERS. FISH, and fine OYSTERS.^jgg?^ which he will serve to oustomers at the^??_jLSi? shortest jiot oe and on libera* terms. I-. uysiers served to families and hotels are not scalded; they are only scalded tor persons eating them at the saltan. <I?8 T. M. HARVEY. /ON NOTICE. /0\ jf Jl R E M O V A L". A X I# V I have removed my 19 V PAWN OFFICE to 351 C street, bet wen 4H and 6th streets, imme- | diat^Jy in the rear of the National Hotel, where I the business will t>e continued as heretofore at th? old stand. (nolfi Sm] IS\AC HKKZBER6. THK EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. KMRlCH- at the oorner of Penn. A ?, ? A avenue and Eleventh street, has beenycSAY j c real It improved rM?ntl? mil ?nw Air?r. IkM greater iuduoemenU for (he patronace of^Mtizeni J Mid strangers than any other publio house in the , oit7, his prices being less than those of any other hotel on Penn. avenue, and his acoommodationa for permanent or transient boarders unexoeption- 1 able. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the European Hotel havo already become very popu J lar, all that oan be desired by the most fas- \ tidious. Tue proprietor p)odges unremitted attention and continued liberal expenditure to give sat- j lwfaotion to all, and thus renews hi? invitation ,n j ail to give the hnropean Hotel a oall. de 4 ti BOOT8 ANi) SHOES TO SUIT THE TIMES. We are now manufacturing all kinds of BOOTS' ' and SHOES, and corctaiitfr receiving i supply of eastern made work of ev?nrde-BHl , aertpuor, made expressly to order, and willF Hi be sold at a much lower price than has been' V? i heretofore charged in this oity for mnoh inferior , Person! in want of BooU and 8hex* of eastern or oity nuwle work, will always find a food asaortmen in store and at the lowest pnoea. Sire ua a call. 6RIFF1N 4. 1JRO., ap t-r 314 Pennaylvania avenue. 171VK HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS r arrived thia day, embracing a!' tiea and siiee of Sole Leather, Ladiea'HRm Dress and Packing Trunks. Onr trunk^**** sales room exhibits at this time the greatest variety or traveling requisites, at moderate prioes, to be rn-Old Trunks repaired or taken in exohanre for new ones. WALL, STEPHENS * CO., mar tl-tf ^^aapj. avSw. J 7 D. L. Mt)RRISON ? CO.. I' LOUE AND GENERAL CO>lMI*81QN MERCHANTS, And wholeaale dealer* in MILL FEED, CORN MEAL, ?-e? Corner of 13th and B atreeU, Washington oity, ID* Cuh paid for cil kinda of Grain, an 25-%m AVE YOU SEEN theaooentChildren'a Books at FRENCH A RICHSTEIN'S. 878 Pa. avenue, telling for 10 cent*? Have 7011 aeen the elegant Annuals foi Nmr Year preaenta, at FRENCH A RICHSTEIN'8,Belling frronlT $ . Call and make your purchaaea before they are all gone. At FKEMCH A RICHSTEIN'S, de g 878 Pa. avenue. f.V.i.UUB. ? .H< k?U. n*<4ll?:. i A,i7^A/f*rS iMilf ! Will rmBtto* ; n the Hteh* Court o?"& rrora *e4 Af I i MAlaftt Jaokaon, the Federal Comrt m P ont o km, the Courta qTthe Seventh J udioiaJ of MU {.*&?* ; W_ _ tUVSUM TRUNKS. K Hat* iuat reoeived the ?r(eat aaaortment BWMW VAIflSF*. CARfKT BAGS, 8ATCHKL8, Ac., ^r^nfauvsa , no? tf S99 P*. >y?ini? I cua5S?aa5BKiK2,om;j!?!' twt*. -<? ?> KINO k. BIJRCHKI.I., I I ? rtx-?i DENTISTRY. DRS. LOCK WOOL) & DARRELLARE PREpared to 1 sert TEETH on VULCAX-^-gC^ ITE BASE, a new and improved modn.fef&V When made on thi? plan they are coin " fortabl* to wear and much oheaoer my other. Also, T*eth inserted on G Md Plate. and all Dental Operations of any kind that mar Sede*ir ed. Olfice?Room No. & in the Washington Bu.ldinr,<xirner Pa. av, and Seventh st. j% 10-Sw" M TEETH. l.ifimyii9, i?i. i)., the inrentor and patentee ofthe MINERAL PLATK TEETH, at -4*=* tend* at his offico in this oity fltflBSB* Many persona oan wear theee teeth who^u-LL-u oannot wear others, and no person oan wrar others who oannot wear these. Persons oalliac at my oftoe oan be aooommo.-lated with any style and prioe <>f Teeth thej may deeire; bnt to those who are partioular and wish the purest, cleanest, atroncest, and most perfect denture that art can produce, the MIN ERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms in this oity?No. 338 Pa. avenue, between Jth and 10th sts. Also, 90T Arch street, Philadel phia> ooUtf Dr. MWNSON^Has^return?d^ and rernmed his profession, Office and house at 463 E laird door east of Sixth. In addition t mfSBaf very o'her approved stylo. Dr. M. has sot^ ?' ' TJ teeth or vulsani'e Base for the latt three years and, from experience, knows it ezoe.s all others, ted is one-thira less in prioe than gold. His old Catrons of Waehir.gton, Alexandria, and Georce}vo are respectfully soioitod V> oail. au 25 eoly TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. Baltimore and ohio railroad. WASHINGTON BRANCH. SB**eeae? change of hours. On and after SUNDAY, November 25th, lM?,the trains wilt run aa follows: LEAVE WASHINGTON: First tram at a m. Second Train at 7.40 a. m. Third train at3.10 p. m., Express. Fourth train at 6 p m LEAVE BALTIMORE: First t rain at 4 15 a. m.. Express. HAtnrtfi train ? ? a ?? v^www - I am at Oxjtj 0b? III* Third at3.10p. m. Fourth at 4 20 p. m., Exnro*?. The first, econJ and tuira train* from \Va?h inicton connect turou*h> o Philadelphia acd New Vork. Th* wcond and third connect at Washington Junction with trains for th? West, South, and Nortriwent; also, at Annapolis Juuetiun, for An napolie. For Norfolk take the * 4*? a. m. trai . For the aooomioodation of the wa? travel b?tw?en Washington and Laurel, a passenger oar vill be attachej to the tonnsge train which leaves &t 13 m. OoSMurdaj the3.10 p, m. train ?oes to Philadelphia only. no *i d _T1IL_PARS(?N?, Agent. 11 HE STEAMER .'AS. BUY Will reaurae Not trips on TUESDAY, 21?t of Jt*** * Kehroarr, \m. Wi.l IwbWASH INGTON ever* TUESDAY KRIDA Y, at( o olock a. m.,ar<d ALEXANDRIA it half-pa?t? o'clock, for CURRIOMAN and tne intermediate On her return trips, p >e prill leave CURRIOMAN evsry WEDNr:Sf>AY md SATURDA Yj at i o'clock a. m. l.UOIAN ?. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'I< BOUSH. Ac?t. Alexandria. fe 20 WATCIIREPAl R1NG AN DSILVER W ARE MANUFACTORY. I have one of the l?e?t estahlinhmentn. and furlishevi with acoipplete *et of toola for repair- Jtv iu every description of fine Watohe*, and F7iA particular attention five to the same, l>y "AUK hnrniifh f?nrni*a?"n? --J - *" ,.,v.v.??vwlM|>v*ou? nuimiiciii,n!iu (i. won KUArftn* led Al;o, every ilesonp ion of standard JSi L V KR IVARE. platn and ornamental, manufactured under Tiv own supervision, which my customers will find ar superior in quality and finish to northern ware told l>v dealers in general and represented as their iwn manufacture. H. O. HOOD, se 6 33* Pa. av?nue. n*?r 9th at. ^ALKNTiNBBIp ^ VALENTINES!! The trade supplied at the owest New Vork prieea. V heantiful assortment of Sentimental and Comio if all sty lea and Bitterns, at FRENCH A RICHSTEINS. ja9 '27S t-enn. avenue. Rest fancy woods, AT PRICES TO SUIT THE times. Am Onk PkickOnly* At STEVENS'S FANCY STORE. no 22-tf 336. hetw. 9th a.nd loth sts. piREMKN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital f'i00,000. Jficttorit r C ttre.t nnd /,n*tuann at., over ?tnk of IVatkingtoH. N5UKE HOUSES AN DOTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. DIRECTORS. Ceo. Shoemaker, Smiiu*! R??<lfern, Samuel Cropiey, Wnliam Wiiaon, Kioharil .tones, John I). Barclay. Jacob Oii!o?n, Andrew Hothwell, Thos. Parker, Ruhard Barry, B. B. Freuoh. No charge for Polioios. JAMES ADAMS. Prudent Abkl O. Davis, Seoretary, ~ oo l" e<*im PROF. WOOD'S 11EST0KATIV E CORDIAL AXD BLOOD EENOVATEE In preoi??lr vhitt it? name indicates, for, while feasant to thetaatn, itm revivifying,exhilarating, nvigorating And strengthening to the vita poweis, md at the ?ame tune revivifies, reinstates, and relew* the Blood iu a I ita original pu'ity, and thua it onoe restarts and renders the system invulnerable o nttarkt of disease, it it tti ouljr preparation . ,1 . . ! 1 ' " * j?oi uuciou n? mo wunu? bu ononuoauj ftnd flKlllully combined astobetne nost powerful toiuo. md at the same time so perfectly adapted to, as to hot in perfect accordance with the lace of nature, ind henoe will soothe th* weakest stomach, and ;one up the digestive organs, and thus allay ail nervous and other irritation. It is perfeotly exhilara .lug and at ttie same tune it is oomposed entirely of regetabies, yet so combined as to produoe the most .horough tonic effect, without producing any inurious oonsequences. bnoh a remedy has loi.g >een felt to be a desideratum in the medicai w old, "or it needs no medioal *k 11 to see that debility f [lows all attacks of disease, and prooeed* and in leed lays the sybtem open to the <usidious attacks ?t many of the most fatal, suoh, for example, as the following: Consumption, indigestion, Uyspepsia, i ossof Appetite, Famtn*ss, Nervous Irritability, Neura-gia, Palpitation of the heart, Melanohoiy, Vignt sweats. Langor, Giddiness, Retention ot, as roll as Painful obstructed, too profnse, or too io*nt Menstruation, and Falling of the Womb These all depend upon cener&l dehilitt. This lealthv tonic Cordial And B ood Rfnovitor ia u tare to eure m the tun is to riec and eft. There ia ao mutak* alH>ut it . But thia ia not all If the it atom ia weakened we are open to bilioua attaoka, the liver beoom*? torpid. <>r worae diaeaaed. '.he kidneya refuac to perform their fuuotioua, ana re are troubled with aoalding and moontinenoe of irine, or involuntary diaobarge of the same, pain c the back, aide and between the ahouldere. ex >ee<tinaly liable to alight colda, coughs, and if an sr.ecked, eoou emaoiatioa follows, and the patient [oat down t? a prematura crave. Bat eeaee will lot allow as to enumerate the maav ilia to whioh we ire liable in a weakened oondition'ot the ayatem. Uut we will aay in thia Cordial and Blood Renora tor you have a per/eot, aafe, pleaaant and effaptua remedy for loaa of Appetite. blhouaneM. Flataenoe, weak and nick iHomaoh. Laugour, Liver Complaint, Chillaand Fever, or an* Biliom-attaak L'ot tiveness. Aoidity ofth? St^niaoh. Nervousneee, Neeralfla, Palpitation vf the Heart, Depression ;f Spirits. Sore*. Pimples on the Faoe, or any disease arising from impure bfoo-J, such aa Sorofula, Krysipelas, lironohitia, Courh.difficulty of kmUking, and all Lliat olass oi aiseaaea oai ed female weakness, and enumerated above. We will ?i?o iay the traveler exposed to epidemios, euange of slimate and water, will find it a pleasant. safe "nd in re remedy, and no one shonld ever travel with out. Re*d?r. try it, for we aasnre you von will find in it a friend ind*ed,aa well ae a friend in need. All peraona of aedeotary habits will find it a perleot preventive oi, aa wetl aa a euro for those ailmenta which they are particularly expoaed Henoe ministers, atudenta, attorneys, literar* gentlemen, Uid ladies who are n^t aouust <raed to rnach out iwi ouioiK) win nnu 11 10 meir anmiuu;* to keep a bottle constantly on hand; and above ail mothers, or tbose becoming such, will go through that most dangerous period not only vith all their tconstomed strength, bat safe ana free from the thousand ailments eo prevalent among the feraaie portion of the world. In short, is indeed a mother s cordial. Try it old and j ones; no lo: ger ran the risk of delay: it will relieve and prove itself emphatically a Rettorativt Cordial and Blood Rtnoeotf. O. J. WOOl). proprietor, 444 broad #av, New V'ork, and 114 Market Street, ^t. kouis, Mo., and told by all good Druggists. Prioe Oae Dollar per Bottle. II. JUS IXJItA 11 VIS (JUKJJlAlt BLOOD RlShoVATOR. Sold in thic city b? C. 8TOTT, 374 F*. iv?n?e. QOUGHS. COLDS- HOARSENESS, /to. COMPOUND S V'/i I'P OF O DM ARABIC J?h ^Woi^SlS^VSA^v^ lik-re hoootne Aunitiv with lU ?xtraordin? m . WOOD AND COAL. V" WOOD AND COAU JL OU Will surely jtet yo?r money's worth by oal inc at the PIONKKR MILL9, eer ntr <tf Sortntk itrut and Cnttai, (bKO. PAUK. Arent ) The> Mil o?e?p?r and cive better measure than any othen in the city?out, ?plit, acd delivered free of charge. If tub don't believe it. tire the Pioneer Mills a trial, acd he MUnfi*d. ja 17-ly.r WOOD a n n Delivered to all rarU of the city, at the loweet joMtble rate*. T. i. 4 W. M. G ALT, Ofioe 994 Pa. ? ., between 11th and 13th ate.. 17 tf north eide. CARRIAGE FACTORSST" WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. D Snt*:, 9tk mmd 1M k Strtstt. We have in?t taiiM a number of tret elaee CARRlAtJF.S, auch ae Lttht War on.'. Pmrk Pknato* *, Amtif Ow-IBK "?"i ana autrxtf, which Wt WUI?Uaf ~ ? a ver? email profit. Being pr&! mechanics in different branches of the business, we flatter onrcelvM that we know the styles ?.nu quality of work that will giro eatis faction, combining Uglitnees, oomfort and durabui t j i Repairing promptly an<l oarefnllr attended to Ute shortest m U?e a ad most reasonable gtiargea. WALTEK, KARMANN It BOFP, Coaohmakers, snooeseors to Win. T. Book. ap TJ-dly T CARRIAGES. HE 8a becri her baring mane additions U kl factory^ making it now one pfthe largest in me jj.etnoi, *n?r? Lia ZftoiaUee iorM ft I mAnnt&cttmoxCAKRIAtiK Jt WAGONS oral! kin^s o&ncot be eurpteaed, a&4 from hia lone exfn-Mooe is the biaineaa, ke kcyaa to fire t?j?er*l e&tief&ction. AU kioci vt CarnACM u4 fclgkt Wtfiu k*f t n Ail R KPAIE8?actiy i?u,u4lll Htn k*bH lrnttodrt! to. * tarew *f Ittk sm K eta. Dr. J. H. MeLEAN S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY Ml tkt WORLD. and the moet ufcjv Delicious a mi Sj*e Tfc3 DELIGHTFUL jt fcf ^P[ ^ CORDIAL #k meyer takey r ;gm. Mm ttrictw * ??> W.'' fin iv X'v J,! Ur o'.iCe and V tret- ^Vf HSqU kit Compound. pr?ear?d by ih? diatillt gSjjEK lior, of races, h?rb?, GH M VjfW and I'trkt. T?ll*v Cr? '51 Peck, Blood Rr-nt, BL J* mJBK BWek Root, Barupt- ffe jLjj vMMBk nil*. Wild Chwr* V ii. ?ii JWI " C*rk, and Dar.daliac LM\B :^.,nto ltt ewa' ?i Hf _ Tha antirt aeti?a H A ramadial pnncipla f Unf of *aeh inf radian: u ftfoit taking. taklufdiatilHnf, prod acta r a daiici?t?. aK.iUraucf spirit, aad tha moat infalWbla the ^uutd ijium, tr.d rtaisrir ( tba ai:t, aaffarinj, and dakilruiod loraild to haaitii and atranjvh. i McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will r*?taajly twra Lt*ar Complaint, Dyartpaia, Jaandiea, Chrooic of Har?oaa Dabtlity,i>iaaaasa ariba Eidnaya, and all dia???aa arising from a diaordartd L'??r or Stxoach, Hyapapaia, tar-tarn. Ir.amrd Pilaa, Acidity or Sickoaat * in? mainacn, raiiaaaa ? Birao 'o tlx Head. Dili Pun rr viinminf is U>( Haad, Palpitation of tha Haart, Fallnaaa r W f Ift Id tba tooiach, Boar Crituu??, Chnkinr or affocaunf Pooling whan layin/ down, Dryoiu or TailoWuaa* of lha Skin aod Ef?, Night Itttu, tn*ud Pavara, Pais in tbi Small af tha Beck, Omi, or Bid*, Baddaa Plaahaa af lut, Dapraaaiou of Bpmu, Prigbtfal Draama, Langaar, DaiMalanc; or aay narvoaa diaaaao, Soraa or Blotcha* an tha Skin, and Pa*ar and Araa (or Chill* and h?w ) OYER A MILLION BOTTLES ha?* bian aold darir-g U>a laat an month*, and la na la uac* haa it failad in giving aotira antiofactioo. Who, thon, will ilffar from Waaknaaa or Dability whan McLKAM'l OT?E*aTBKMrHO CORDIAL will ear* yoat a lanf aaf* can eoo?*y aa adaqaata idaa of tha immadiata and ulrooat miracaiaaa ctai.f? prodaead by taking Una Cardial In U>* diaoaaad, dabilitalad, and ahattarad xr'Nt Mfim. ?li?thav KMkan <l?*n k* a?r??? *?ak W. or impatrsri by sieknsss, ths nfmi and snstnuif M|ul' mUM ii rsatorsd : its pristins hstlth and ?pi MARRIED PERSONS, ar oihsrs, eonscioa* of inability from vhatsvsr eaass, will tod MckEAN* ITEEMGTltKNING CORDIAL a tboroafh rsfsnsrator of tbs sjrstsic; and all vtw n?? h**s in |arsd thsmssWst toy impropsr indalgancas wll! tod in thu Cordial a tsriain snd spssdy rsmsdy. TO THE LADIES. MrLRAICW STRENGTHENING CORDIAL is a soosrsisn sud spssdy ears for Incipisnt Coatsampum, Whttva, Obstractsd or DiC.att Msnstr*?ti?o. lncontlosnes of Unns os InToiantarT Oischarrs thsrsof, F.ili^n of ths Womh, fliddinsss, Printing, and all diasasss locidaat tr Fsmalss. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Mftr no lonftr. Tako it accorduif to riiroe'ions. It will stitnalata, s'rsofthsn, and inviforata yoa and caass tbs bloom of hsalih to moant yoar cbook ajain. Ersry toot lis is varrrJitsd to gi?s satisfaction. FOR CHILDREN If roar children arc eickly, pany or aBietad, V.rLEAN*8 CORDIAL will make them healthy, fat, end rabut. Delay not a moraeut; irj it, aad yoa will be convinced. It ie delicleaa U tiki. CA UTIOX, war* ef draggiata or deilere who may try to pain a pen yoa eaoie bluer or earaapanUa traab, wbieb they can boy cbaap. by saying it la 'aet < good Avoid aach bob. Aak far MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL, uid take nothing alt*. It ia tiia erly remedy that will parify tha Blood CioroaghlT and at the aair.a tine etrengthea tha eyMera. Ont teaepeoaral taken every morning failing la a certain preventive for Chelan, Chille and Fever, Tallow Favor, or any prevalent dieaaee. It ia pat ap in large bottle e Fnca only ?1 per bottle, or tboulea for ?. J H McLEAN, ale proprietor of thie Cordial; a lac, MeLean'e Toteanic Oil Lictment. Principal Depot aa tba earner af Thud and Fine etreeta, St. Laau, Mo. McLean's Yolcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BUT LINIMENT IN THE WORLD.) Tka only aafa and cariam car* for Cuetn, Pilaa, Tanan, wallir.fa and Brenchila or Coitra, Paralraia. Ntaralfia, Waaknaaa af tta Maae'.aa, Chreaic at . itKnuur; Ebaanauan, Buffoaaa af lha Jaiuia, Coniraciad Maaclaa ar Ltfaraanta, Earaeba ar Toothacba, Braiaaa, Bpraiiii, Praak Cats, Waaoda, Clean, Fa*ar Soraa, Cakad Braaau Bors Nipplas, Barns, Saalda, Sara Throat, at amy inlammauoa ar cam, ao diftraoca he* aoara or loaf tha diasaaa imt Kara ax la lad, MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia a eartain ranady. Tbouudi of liiau hauif> km baao mt?d > lif* of ia crtpitada and miaary ky Ui m of thia ioTiltiUi ramody. MCLEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will nlitri pain tlmau iuwiummI;, and it anil cliu, panfy ul httl (hi foalaat taw ia an iaeradibla abort tiaaa. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLEANfl CKLKBRATCD UK1MKNT ia tha oaly aafa aad raliabla ramady far tha cara of IptfM, p?? WwdrelU, Iplinta, uanatora] Lamp*. Nodaa ar Bwallirr* It na*ar failed to car* Btf Haad, PailarU, fiatala, Old Rauoiiif Soraa, or waaav, if praparly appliad. Tar Bpra q>, Brniaaa,Seratekaa, Cracked ft Ckafat, Saddla ar OUu Galla, Cata, ftoraa, ar Wound., it to as infallible remedy. Apply it aa diractad aad a ear* ia aanaja ia e?ery lottanca. Than tnfla aa longer villi tha away acarthlaoe Liniatanu afered <a yoa. Obtain a eapply of Dm. MCLKAN*8 CKLK B&ATKD LI9IMKNT. It will eur? ?<*. J. H McLKAN, Bel* Propn*ier, Omar Third and Pin* Ma., Bl Uua, ma. CHARLES 8T0TT, ITS Pa. a*., *ot* *f *ot la Wtaking laoflL.8 T.CIS8KL.G*ar?*ia?o. aa M-DAWly pEEMAH | SIMPSOII'J fiyQLD\y^*TR*\ IFAMILY RYBlFAHiiy RYE)) The above PURE WHISKY,Corrm DuriLLir rmoM M altid suil, being superior and uuiforiu in ?a*lity, and highly improjpiby age.'? pretorred by oonsamer* to all otner Whiskies, and particm larly r<>con;n>ended by the beat phvooiana and onanists oaaeesing all the reen>r*?ier:t( of a tlje d:s'ii-?uoD < f this Whisky ,1s provodby aaaly us to be tha softest and ppreat water in the united BUt?Mi^iind to thtt may^n^a gr^ deyree, be at1 Fo, tV'tj "?* FRRZ N> S^CPSO N, Oc the BehsytkiH rfrwrfPu?if?Br^a Ottoee? <> Wall street, New York ; 109 si uth Front street, PhiladelehU. > '? gKASONAB L_E DRY GOODS! Cloaks. Sh*wl? _ Merino*, Ottoman*, Blankets, Fall Cloth*, Liawrt, n ~ Pwioy8.1k., Aik Ro6m. *" Poplins. VaJeacis. K*??, ...... Yarn*, ~ Hoopod Skirts, ln?J> Lmrai, HWsetin**, Nukiu, ,.r^ Bsarsr Cloth, PlMMl. Wkite Goods. Linen SeU, Ku.Ui*de is*, ComiUrf?nM^t*Comfc>ru. ^To*Vli**s. AU ?r.T5 1 THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. Vfcu MMUMI ruulj Mi Nm Jwml ? IUUII a tr?t(r nrtHi of laHrilm r?a4lBf tea eu t? foaad ta aay ?u?-u pablffcai m Friday normal. Tuh?-C*jA, wiiri?H>,?? Pl?|HtorT.??MH? II m Fit# OO^in ... 4 n Ttn bo|>im I W Twwjtj t?1 irr?? 9 II lavErtAblr eoatkiu Hi* MWukii|toi N?ti * that' hM midi 7V? Dm%lt XrouM Star MrniM o i f "rally tkromchoat tW nnr'? lE^?in?le oof<M (11 vnf^rii tu be prMtnd ?t the counter, lmmediHe'y ajler Ue wit of U>? H*er. Prioe-THREE CENTSEDUCATIONAL. T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE PtranU wbo wiak their uu i h tere to r?oeire a tboroej h and ijiUmUio (dietbot. wke-e their phyxo*.. training will reeeivetailr m4 Pf***1 Ktuon, uaJer the most *pprt?red T?teir of r?lieioa ao-T OynnMtiM.tre reepeetftally laritpd *? n?it the Union Ffmi.? AoMtnj, corner Fo?r teenth it ud New York % . MR. * MRS. Z. RICHARD*. _ M 9D-tf Principal* 3piE will oomineno* on TMwday,SoptMabM- Itth. iiUm Th? course o7 study pursaad will oompriM all the nr&ochea rtquuite to a thoront r, F.njriiah fUo dtiirSi. M"'0, Fr??oh, Latin and Dr?wiBf. if InUditiontodfty Mholara Mm. MeOormick ia toreootraa limited noisWr uf pupil) mm b?*"Uu\'. wbol oopefctaUat m Mrt of km own Li W1U^* uW*r 5*r cvare and uper* of florae. - F ev. Geo. H. Norton. Rev. Dr. EUae Harnaon, Rev. D. F. Sprint. William H. Fowle. Esq.. Hd**r Snowden, bee.. Edmund FT Wi truer Is: ess Editor Evening SUr, Benjamin Waters, Kk .Ju Twu. Board, with Tuition in ail the Epc liah Braoohea. RSnofor the annua* aeetioa?payable eemi annaally. la arfvanoe. oaio and Laacoacee at Profmon' pnaaa. T No extra ohargM. aa M-*l Curt Ceugk. CM, 8lWW. JaJmyjswma **,nta.mmt /mtertea er Serr Atkm*. UliilMM t Catarrk, Citmr mA n? wFsBHPvF strmwtA M tkt rmc? *f Wr'B " lJLcJUi( "' F*wtr*tvir?oftlM im?ortanoe of skwktu a Couch or "Common Cold'' in ita ftrst etace; that whioh in the beg mint would yield to a wild rem# dr. if neglected. aoonattack a the Lunga. "Brown'* Brtmckiai Trodu*.* oontaiMng demuToent ingredient*, allay Pulmonary and Bionahiai Irritation. "That trouble in my Throat, (for BROWN 8 which the "7V?*i?" areaupeoifce) v having made ate often a mere whia TROCHES perer* N. P. WILLIS. BROWN'S thmr uae to Pirauc TROCHES V. E. H. CHAPIN. "Groat aerno*in aubduing BROWN'S !**? " REV. DANIEL WISE. THnPM.-u " Almost inatant relief in the die TRULUtf treeaing labor of breathing peculiar rbown's to Asthma." REV. A. C. EGGLE9TON. TROCHES " Contain do Opiam or urtkini lnjuriona." DR. A A ES, BROWN'S Ckrmui, join. TROCHES Uo.VcTrJSiieT"1 BROWN'S BIOELgW^ TROCHE? 'BWfioi^.B.o^Ir|!i?K BROWN'S ... _ ^ I " I have proTud tbem excellent for TROCBES W nor pint Coc?n." REV. H. W. WARREN. BROWN'S _ __ ** B?nefioi?; wk?a oowveiled W TROCHES eyesk. eu-ffe'ic* ,'tpb Coli>." BROWN, ? .TKTWDfejSON., TROCHES BROWN'S ?^ ?n wlU Brului ?* 81 ** Prof. M.STACY JOHNSON. m nv/vnw , BROWN'S Tm*k12L2?V <'%?LL*'r TROCHES **Broat bMW?t ?h#n takw Wot# and after pr?achiag,M they prcrwtit BROWN'S Hovmmm. From ibcir 1 think they will be oTpenMMiit tn? TROCHES nntMf to ?." REV. ?. ROWLEY. A. M. BROWN'S President of Athene Collet*. Teen. troches frttts'smi'nsf.w do 1 ly rpHE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. " TRIES EMAR, 1,2 and" 5-Protected br Ror?l Letters Patent of Entland, nod ?cj?rM by the Am nf t ho t-'.nnle Ha Plttrmui* rtc PCTia. und t ti" Imp-r v Co.iwe of Medisine. VlNDk. No. 1 la invaluable for exhaoation and natorrba*. and all phyneal diaabilittee. No. 2 completely eradicates all trace* of thoew diseases that have been hitherto treated by Uie aae aeon* and perniot us oae of coeaiva and eibata. No. 3 has entirely supplanted the mmnois mm of mercurr, thereby lnaurinn to the sufferer apeedy relief, dispei-aing all imparities, and rooting cat the venom of diaeasa. TKIK^KMAR. No*. 1,2and I.are prepared in the form of a lo*enf?, devoid of taete and am el and oan lie earned in the waietonat pocket. ?*??ld in tin oases. and divided into separate doees, ae ad mi metered bv Velpeau, LalemanH, Ronx, Rioord. Ae. Price #3 each, or foar oaeea for 99, which savea and in $27 oaaca, whereby tnere ta a saving of $9. To be had, wholesale and retail, of Dr. BARROW, of 194 Bieecker street. New York. Im.niwIlAtRlir nn maaivid* a rAHHHanaa 1 I r Uarrn v wiiTCorwarJ the Trieeenmr b> auy part of the wor >d", eeoorely packed, and addreeeec aeoordmg to the in struati<>ns of the writer. The Book, of iJl others. that should be read by men with dsroated and broken down constitution* is "Human Frailty, or Physiolo?ieal Keeearehee " It is beaaufuHy illustrated, and treata ""aately of all the mnp oni that icvanab.T develop tbetr. ?ei ves. aoonar or later, resulting from the frailties and vitiating habits of early /oath, inoapaoitaticg the victim from sharing the fraition of the mtri menial state, and. if aotoheckec r. tin*, cmmstBE all tie fu notions of auahood. and bring mc step by step, toa liDfenncaad ur.timely death, by Dr. ?AR*OW,l?l Bleeeker itiiat, foer doors below Maodougal, New York. Prtae ? oeots. Sent tree every where. Sold also by 8. C. Ford. Jr., Drag Store, Wash inrton. P. C. de ? am FOR STAMPING rZy* A PACKET OF PAPEE ^ [ AMD ENVELOPES N 0 I TO MATCH. M I ^ tbe CHAR6EI METROPOLITAN ^ BOOESTOHE. PHI LP A SOLOMONS. ir?i> for til?>r?rw Lnwa Pmjmt, "Miirx^umm MiU?." #c.. #c. x V It 1J? Pt. M.R? aai Mk ?ta. 1861 ??*??" 1861 Comment* tke Ytar with ? Diary. A Tftlnabl* Pocket Commiog for mtHwtn TWU put,! foturr. oontauua| r?tN of *y for dtr in tn r?r, o*?h MMtit for ?*or, ES&S%3Bs S.Tiiss'.'Jri} Ui?M litti* tourrcM. Tl?# mo?t p Kod dMir*6<tM?utt*mif?(riMaM,Mi tw?i?? aiXM au4 urw^'C* of ftftj atylM. it 8H|^IN6TiiN^^iokMan, Ul A R 1 C. 1/ I A It 1 E> D.. Ollt 1 IK 19 1M1, 1ML 1ML CkMATWtfWAII VTUL , w? will nk*uut'* diiftuM of as p?r ft of of fell OUhTlM ItnluM f-o* M for a**k. W??r? d?*iroa? nf ioaioc o?t th* r*?ui4*r u( otr ttri* 'ffcBSTKIK. Iti tT8 fwnil At r*BNrtf"4 rVhstVWs. ?t? r?*-r. 1!sss?isu"j& s.? ?s NotM on DhIi u4 Dwluc Itao . (1*U; ILllkTMll. ^uourney'* illMtr?>?d Poena; oloth flit; ? S" Ltnh'i Rmri om Ultt; Itao., e otk portrait; AU of"LpagfaUow'a and Ik* Mftrrri'a WrK. uir mmmmt mvmwf ?ia?nini an doobi ivths w W* ' litbtri* inoM lor onek. FRENCH & RICHSTKIN, j>T - 8T* fwi >*???. GCHOOL AMD COLLK?fc OLlH I>. Tiakj' ami Mni CUiMmf fmr Mn< ?* Myo^w i?ru?|il mm wall. ?T e jJVTTSii\S?;. ?BK*"8E.-E.?ltakf D-Uk, SwiM, *?" |UN? ft fURCMSLL

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