Newspaper of Evening Star, January 28, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 28, 1861 Page 3
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I roc AL N E WS. t 'f~ 1I rk f?TA.i !i prints on the fute?t -tm. . * tn ?; ? *' ?tU of Baltimore, ita edition , If mi 1 ?rr~ *9 rr^-.'rr it to br p;it to pr?*M at an j ' - f t'v Iw-vr. AdveiUscmcnli, ttercttrv, ?fcould be ? nt Si* be-or* U o*< k?ek m .; etherwlBe tUey may n.'t ?n*ar until tie neit day. " ' tick.-- Ptitrlct rf Columbia Advertisements ?< be !? ( <* ri in iK-Palti?*o*e Surra?* received > * and forwarded from Ths?txk Office. Repcblicati Nicttiie i* Odd Fellows' Hall. .-pttc k of r?j.<? > M. tiny and Han Grten A ' Kentucky ?At an early hour on Saturday nigbt ' our cltiaena began to pour into Odd Fellows7 Hall, i^-venth street, and long before the hour kanouiM-t<t for speaking, the large hall was packed to !K ntmost capacity, fcverv available spot Was ^ocupitd. Stats were crowded until at every movement of their ocrnoanta iK?? <li>m>ii. f -jr~~ ***VJ wi-nnuiij V'raiiifd 44 enough." I??ti5 vdUloiM of 41 Young j Amcrlca" monopollicd the window till*, anxious \ "patriots" Hocked around the rostrum, driving ( the repetorial pbalnnjr upon the stage. filling wp the aisle*, and blockading the doors, while now nrrfl then there on me above the butt the plaintive t lament ?f the tardy as they sorrowfully wended their way l**tk into outer aarkness. Meanwhile f - be baud tooted gloriously as the crowd waxed , impatient, until the appoint^ tour havlngkar- j> -rived, ihe Vice President of the Republican As- j . "C' ie.ion f.Mr J J Coombs) introduced to th* \ iu<*ier.ce the speaker, C^ssius M. Clav ( After the cheer* and applause SuV# ded. A Mr. Clay took up the history of the formati jn of ^ tbe (lovernnient at.d the cause* that led to the * preeent bond of anion between the Slates. Ht * dcr.'.ed that Vu& republican party was * party of ^ aga? ,?t aay of the States. He would not j nter int^ a discussion upon the motives of the , men hid brought the eviFupon the country. ^ He considered slav?rv to be a oolitlral Instead tif * ? moral evil, and the party who iuetalntd that j institution bad ruled the country eVer ?ince the , formation of our Govert*m?nt The republican* , battled with tbcru In !*!o6, and according to the ( rnU? of the Government were defeatt-d. What ? did they do? Did they talk of aecepsiou ' Did j anv body think of dissolving the t'nh n 7 No, sir , He d?-!led any man to ft;ra a repttbiiran of any ( note who bad the least idea of such a thin" Now s >n IWi, when they bad trtvd it a^aiu and hrd got j lite victory of lib-rty ?ca"ist slavery, he called ?pon the Sotith to submit also to the Government *s thev had in thr past. But if the South would J n<t etib:uU what would be the result? What Uttdard would they set up' They must either submit to a minority, or .what i? worae, to a * aonarcny, fllhT limited or despotic ' He utterly and emphatically denied the right of f any State to secede, and showed that the enact- * Hunts of 17S7 and ?9 were for the purpose ot ?-on?pellle^ the citizens of the State* to fulfill their obligations to this general <?ovefr,ment And Vet In the fare of history and all th?* facts of the pa?t. in the face of all the experience of the ineu will have (be boldness to say thai they have aright to secede when they choose, and to s parate frotn tt forever. A man was responsible to the Stat* in which he lives to a certain extent, but the allegiance which be owes to the Constitution of the United States is supreme, and cannot be absolved by him. It is fully and explicitly *et forth in the Constitution that no Mate has aay power to treat with any nation, but that the power to make treaties is v?sUd alcne In the Ciiited States If they did Lave to go to battle upon this question, no man would be at a loss to know to which government he owed his allegiance. But if the South should p out peaceably. If the fifteen slave States should form thenuelves into a confederacy, would their conditio^ b'v tortured? Would slave property br safer when the fmv.e pi reiutre to in? su;ve shaU be htouy ht down 1 ?o Mamn and D!x?'n> line' Would it be better ' w^en their negroes shall only have to cross the 8 Ohio river to be free; and when, instead of the few that the !*v?tii now loses, m^st of whom are J r^turnM, tbo'.'sauds will escape, never lo be re- > <-ov*red> Then, all the restraints of the Constitu- 1 t'ra which now hold back abolition fanatics will 1 *x> removed, and their fugitives will only be re- t turned at a great expense to themselves.wh'le the 1 jealousies and rivairy of the two sections would k Inevitably pinnae thcin into an endless war. All j other nations are handed against the institution ef j slavery; and without the protection of the stars , and stripes, ernshed beneath the opprts-ive bur- 1 ? den of a standing army, with tbeir property slip- I plug out of their hands day by day. and battling | wiiD eacn otDer w&en any feud shall spring Hp. 1 the condition of a Southern Confederacy would 3 be s?d Indeed On the other hand, while the i North has no slaves to lute, they will love that s which is far grenter?their liberties. In the dis- 1 olution of the I'nlon, when ihe stars and stripes < ?o down forever, liberty will perish with them. 1 The remedy which be would propose was uot ! an origination ot his. It had been prescribed by j distinguished men of all parties The republican 1 party woi'\d give thein what the Constitution always ^.td given them; nothing more, nothing 1 less. They nave no desire to make aggressions 1 upon slavery in any State, but the northern man ; shall not be compelled to leave his avocation and 1 join in the pursuit of slave property any more 1 lh<lTl hWrvnlk K*j tn rr?* """ " -- ?? WM >ta w. ?v n v U1KI a euaj UUI 9C DI cuw. Let the officer do what i? reauiftd of him, and wleu my resistance la ofl-rea, thfu Cidl to hi i aasistance the power of the law The will V'rnnt to the South every prlWe^e vou' hsaft d to )t in the Constitution. They will stand by them under all circumstances, ana set that tiielr rights an> respected. but at the aame time tt?e North lalm an equal guarantee upon the part of thf* South. Th?ry claiiE the equal rl^ht to enjoy i*ll the privileges of the several states. NortLer/t me* ere ?ei2?-d and murdered ia the South by mobs without & trial, and the North demands that this syat<-ru shall be removed and abolished. When he cr any other man ghould j;o into a slave State and it* l?u'n i*t th<? l??ur n(? them, but flrsl make their laws so that tLey may kaow whM they violate. If a man sbnll t,e feir d bv ?ue rcau, or ten men, or Wn ts.ojsuul men, and executed without law, let the strung arm of - tiie Federal Government execute tk m He differed from inanv of the republican leader* thought that nothing should be done now. I Whatever is done, must be done at once. If we V*%lt. M some have said, two or thre? years before W?<io anything to sive th- Union, it will be two or three years too late. The South had destroyed 1b* !ine when the North was willing I to stand by It. The North would give them that How; or they would give them the same privilege to carry their property iRto the territories tb??t the North had; and when it shall be put to the people of a State whether they will or will not have slavery, if the cause of freedom shall succeed, then --God's will be done ." But if nothing will satisfy either pa rty; if the South demands more than the North will yield; or if tLe North will sacrifice the Union to what they may term principle, wben tbe storin shall be upon tbcni, ana the nation racking to ruin, they will have no excuse to cffer?they will have Drought it upon tbe country themselves. If tbe war will come in spite of all the pleading* cf patriot*, and the North ar d the South tie arrayed against each other, he would call upon every man North and South of Maaon and Dixon's line, wbo loved liberty better than property, to sUnd by th? principles of their f.itbtrs, liberty or death;" [applause;] end if thsir banner should be drained in the dust, th?-y would again ris- up and s'rike for ib?-ir liberties and when driven back upon the great lakes they vi>u!d ag<iiu stand with their blood red blaues In th-ir h' At lite conclusion of Mr. Clay's remarks, the t?ai;d played a national air, afUr which the iinm?-ine tnrong joined in loud and prolonged call* for Hon Mr Adams, of Ky. After repeated call*, Mr Adam* said. while he addrtsied republicans, and democrats, and men of all parties, be claimed them all as brothers. [Applause.] He was no republican politically speaking, neither *??%ras he a democrat politically. [Applause ] If ** he should examine bis history since his corfnec* tinn with the old whig pa ty,ne should find kluiself with that party who weie for the Union, the Constitution, and the enforcement of the laws He stood upon that platform then. He was still * for the Union, the Constitution, and the enforcement of the laws [Loud applause ] He would * not tnWr Into any discussion upon the questions which were agitating the country It was not for htm to propose measures of conciliation to moae oy warm be was surrounaea Living la Kentucky, born and raided in that Klorioua State, bis kindred, bit fluh, and bia blood were on both aide* of Maaon and Dixon's line Wbtle his intereata were Identified with those of the South, he waa no democrat, he never had been a democrat, he never could be one The South might say that he could not talk to them. Republicans might reject any proposition thit be could make. He bad none to offer, he had no demands to make; be could only plead for the Union. Jn the hour of victory republicana might make conceaaious for the Union if for nothing If rniiM nnt with nrnnrl^tt mako rnn. r rations to t?e eitreine South, they co.ild at least s?v? the bordrr Stale! and be would plead for noble old Kentucky, tbe land of Clay and the borne of bis fathers. He made no demand* of any party or of any aectlon, but be would appeal to tbe North and South by all tbe glory and prosperity and memories of tbe past, by tbe blood that was sbed In a common cause, by all tbe sacred ties of tbe present and tbe hopes of tbe future, to do something for ?he Lnlon; to make concessions now. no matter bow sacrificial, if thev will save this Conf deracy. He would do anything to avert the threatens storm of civil war It waa not f t tbe border States to settle tbe difficulties; republicans oaly could do It He would not only be for tbe Unioo with tbe guarantees which might be he rafter given, but he was for it as It Is He ? ? ? ?a n<va X7l?>r( n< nnr COQIO HUi ipcaa IVI n?ii>uv?j , saws ? ?*?/i Ohio, dm .vjiaaotifl, nor any other border State as to what ccinproui is- wo old be satisfactory to them He conld only speak for himself. But If war ahould come, It the North and the South should l>e arrayed a*aln?t each other, the tr.en of K"n? t icky would stand as a wall of fire against ?ll Northern hosts and horde* and agaloat all Soothera boats and hordes. He did sot believe that ' ? ?? ?X aflitnmii thiiRontintot. . Hp deprecated a united North and a united South, t even tbougb they Were under the restraints of the Constitution ife believed the slavery question I w.i? a mm abstraction. and if men would take 1 hofcl of the matter In the right spirit it would be forevet settled. There were inany plans before thr country for adjusting the present difficulties. ?nd however objectionable some of them hi3v be to VOu, yet if one would net iijkwer try another. uner nnvTDine- will give peace. The question not what tbrv might consider to be Hght, but what would give peace. Not what the platform of party embraces. but what can be done to restore harmony He would surrender up < rvery one of his slaves, he would give up all his ! property if it would save the country. They did not ;isk it. they did not demand It, but If It would i i"llvf r the land from it* peril he would say to ] U*m lay my head upon the block, and take that too Let It cost what it would, he would implore them to save the Union. 1 the conclusion of Mr. Adams's remarks loud tails were made for other speakers; but as it was I ;etti ng late, It was deemed proper to dismiss the I ludience. I On motion of Mr Clephane, three cheera were i rtv^n for the t'nlon. " now and foreverwhich 1 ?ere followed by three cheei* for Cualua M. rifcy^ When the meeting broke up. RKLioiova ?The attendance at the different i :hurohei yeaterday vcaa allm : Waugk Chapd?Rev J R. Hfllnger preached J rom lit Klnga, The apeaker aelect d thla ' rerae to llluatratfe the power of faith and the " >leealn?j It brlnga down upon thoae who exerclae t. There could b<> no faith without myatery. If 1 < e were able to underatand all the providence* of j iod, we ahould n??t eterclae faith, but ahonld I valk by ?igh\ It waa when we were Dreaaed low-n end desponding that we needed the prln:lpie of faith. Had the poor widow foreseen the ilesaed rpsulta that followed her act of charity, It vould not have been faHh, bttt light, that enabled i?r to nhare her twenty atore with the s'ranger. So *ith th* Christian. If he oould understand the lUpensattons of God, and was able to foresee the >!efaings which Lis affliction would work out for iiui. he would have no need of faith< he Would lot know what it la. While the thinga of the arth perish with their uae, the exerciae of faith >nly rer?*.ert it more bright and atrong; and if our kith is firmly established, and our trust immorally centered in God. aa the barrel of meal waateth lot nor the rrulae of oil fail, au will the grace of iod We ahed abroad and dwell richly In our hearta, ind our apirita rtat in the fullness of that peace hat pasaeth all understanding. Urace Ckurrk ?Rev. Mr Holmead, the rector, ^rcached from MiCahB 8. In the Tew brief worda )f th'.B teit we have a summary of the requirements of God from men To do justly, to love nercy. anil to walk humbly with liod." Uod re- 1 (litre's justice between taan and man, justice ?>f < vords as well as actions, and not only justice in ' i<lio<?5 and words, but justice In thoughts j I'hocgh thoughts to* the injury of another may ' i^ver come to fruition, thev violate the law of \ Jlvine justice. But doing justly is not the only eauireT.ent;?we must love inercy. \V<? must ^ lot only be iust and merciful, but we must Itrr# r nercy Had the Divine requirement* of justice. * empered with loving merry, be$n fulfliled, our 1 irrsent nationaljroubleft wo'il* not exist In con- r lualon. the irreparable mischiefs resulting from a * vant of chr's'inn charity were dwelt upon with onvinclBg earnestness English Lutheran Church, Elivtnth Hrett ?Last ( light, the Rev Mr Butler, pastor, preached from . he text of the 42d Psalm, 5th verse, designed for j he encouragement of the church and people The t ext suggests a correspondence of christlin expe- > ience In all age* of the church The causes of j lepretsio'd were examined and commented upon ( vlt*i much force by the preacher, who argued , rf i uiais are rrequenity needed to develop* the brisuau's integrity, hope and patience, " Hope hen in God.'' No trial is so severe as to deprive lie christian of hope The exhortation of the 'saln.lpt is to rely upon God in all season* of trial md affliction. Methodist Prpte.'tant Chnrrh, Ninth sltftl.?'The castor. P. Liijht Wilson, conducted the ser. :c?of the day,and preached iu the morning rom tbePTth Psalm, 15th verse At night, from Romans, 8th. partnf 17th verse. The subject was he children by adoption heirs of God, and Joint leirs with Christ. Methodic r'/mrcA South ?In the morning, the TOtor, Rev. J. A. Proctor, discoursed upon the ower and Influence of evil spirits, from the text >f .Mathew, 12 43 44.15. At night from Micah, MO, on the Ahiect, this world is not our rest. Dt<Tai?si*g Spicidk ?The greatest con stern a ion was exclu-d In the northern part of the city , yesterday afternoon, by a suicldlal act of a nature nore than ordinarily distressing. A you ng wife j ind mother, wbote remarkable charms of person ?nd manner are witbin the recollection of a large , ucie of acquaintances In a tit of temporary de- , rangement, cut her throat with a raior. dying 1 nlmoat immediately. >*he had been married j ibout fifteen months, and at the time of her death , waa residing with ber father and husband, (both Department clerks,) on Tenth street, between G snd H On Thanksgiving eve ihe gave birth to a child, since which time she baa been very ill, it periods delirious, and had threatened to put an , pud to her existence, so that It bad been deemed sdvisahle to keep everything from her teach by which she could do herself bodily Injury. Ye?terday, about 1^ p m , while the family were at dinner, she managed to make her way unobserved io an upper room, wnere she obtained uazor and rtrpw it acroa* her throat with to niuen determination of purpose Ma to put an almost Immediate end to her existence. Doted on as she was by her husband and parents, their distress may be imagined. She was a truly amiable woman, a: d worthy member of the Church of the Aaceniion. Her marriage at this church some lifteen month* a^o, with every circumstance auspicious of a happy future, was chronicled In the Star at the time, a id the announcement Is doubtless in the memory of many of our readers. Thk Case or Marti*.?We learn that Mr. Martin whose name was published in thp Star of Saturday In connection with the Pyrotechnic dfp utment of the Navy Vard, was not discharged, only suspended, l'he friends of Martin say that the Information which the mm Smith wanted to obtain from Martin Is 110 secret at all. Kverv question contained In bta letter being published iii iuc uiuuau'.c uuu&s cmiihu learned wuai oe know* of tbe business in this Navy Yard. He afterward* went ti> sea. and on bin return went into the gunners department and tried for a Runner. Having failed in tbii be worked a while at tbe Arsenal, which place be left a month apo for better pay at tbe Tredegar 1 rwti Works, Richmond, Va It was from there that he wrote to Martin asking certain questions relative to the manufacture of fuse Martin showed tbe letter to several friends in the department, but did not answer it at all. He was sufficiently crqualnted with the questtorrto have answered every proposition put, bad he so desired to do. He thought his friend Smith could do as anybody else might, i.e. buy tbe ordnance manual,-ordnance instructor, Navy and boat armament book, all ofwblcta contain tbe information coveted by hi in, and for sale at tbe book stores. Martin is a first rat? workman and kai hitWartn ImAta an ? Hfuvi -V Wt IIV Ull VlC'JilOUCU character He has been many yeara employed in the laboratory. The Wiiteis Boabds or Tbadk ? Since Saturday the merchants connected with the MilwauKie, Wis., and Chicago, 111 , boards of trade have been arriving in this city, accompanied by merchants of other western cities. A large number of the Milwa ikie delegation arrived at Wlllards' Saturday night and yesterday morning, as also a number from Chicago. A number of the Chicago delegation arrived and stopped at the National, and this morning the 10 3U train from Baltimore added to the thirty-six more of the company, some of whom brought their families. Their stay In Washington will be brief. The Chicago press is represented by Messrs. Boone, of the Democrat, and Wlgnal, of the Journal. Chcbch Distcbbebs ? Last night, while a white minister was preaching to the colored congregation at Asbury Chapel, a number of darkle rowdies begin to dliturb the meeting by boisterous talking, profane (wearing, ond the like tonduct. The minister asked them to desist; when they became yet more violent, and attacked the congregation, striking a white man who accompanied the preacher, ?c. The watch was called, but not responding, a number of citizen* arrested Jno. Bell, Wni. Smith, Geo. Chase, Jos Bell, W. F Wilson, colored They were taken before Justice Donn, who held the entire party to hall for court, on a charge of riot, and lined each S0 15 for disorderly conduct and profanity, except George Chase, who was fined $11 15. Central Gcaedhocre.?Juttice Don?.?Jan. 26.?Dennis Burger, col,d, drunk and disorderly, fined 42 15 J. B. Morgan,do ; *4 15 Pat Lynch, do ; Si 15 Pat. Pitzferaid,do ; 99 IS. John Hoi. land, do: 92 15. Thomas Trundle, do.; $3.15. Samuel Barron, do.} workhouse M days. Win II MttUv Ha ; Oil Haw 27th ?Charles Tucker, drunk and disorderly; fined S3.IS. Durbln Tncker, do ; fl.15. Henry Needles, do ; ti.lS. Jere O'Brien, do ; workhouse 0U days Firm ?The alarm of lire last night was caused by the burning of a shed or outbuilding at Georgetown College Some of our fire companies with their hose-carrlagea were on the ground, but too late to Ite of servic*, as the building was burned down when they arrived. It was supposed to be the act of an incendiary. Os Wkbtiesdat sight a select ''calico ball" will be given at Odd Fellows' Hall, Seventh street, for the benefit of tbe poor. This Is something novel to our cltlaens, and we would advise all who wish to enjoy themselves to be there. raoF. aiixasdib. 01 rrinceion college, n. j., lecture at the Smithsonian, to-night, on "Solar Fxllpaea and their attendant Phenomena." Lactuns rommencea at a quarter cf 8 o'clock, when the doora are cloaed u utoal. Faor. Frascia gl*ee kit k""*d concert tonight at Wlllarda' Hal). The beet muaioal talent of the clt* will aaalat upon the occasion, and from what we have learned we ean prorata* a rick treat Militia Orricus.?The following it a correct list of inilltta offlccn already appointed and fomml&aioned under the new malitia enrollment of the District of Columbia: Major General* - Roger C. tVelghtmant Geo. C. Tbomju. peter forr*1. BHg^dier Generals ? \Vm Hlckey. Robert Gold. Hugh Caperton, Peter F Baron Assistant General?Charlea Jones. Inspector General?Charles P Stott.Colonels?Jits A. Tntt, 1st r-?glni?nt, J*s Y. Davis. id do i Michael E. Bright,3d ri?? ; J?s E. Morgan. Ith do ; Jonab 1) H"otref, Stli do L J. BlddUtob, 6th do : Simon? K.tbnesU t k, 7ih do.; ichard &. Cox, stn do. Lieutenant Coloneia?G. A. Schwar'ieman. 'id regiment; Joseph Peck, 6th do.; J. McH. Hoilinu>worth, 8th do. Majors?C. S. Wnllacb, 1st regiment; John Watt. 3d do ; F. A Klopfer, 5th do ; Brooke B VV illiams, 7th do Company Officer# of Second Regiment? repBin#?Edward TBwers, A Thomas Bradley, *eo W. CbChran, Jus. P McKean.Wm II Har over. James English, Edward J. Klopfer. Chas n * :.V- r? n-.iu .1 ?* r. mur, wciriuiau r. oariuoiow, juun n. tfcCutchen. First Lieutenants? E M. Chapia, John Lord, tVm. H. Baldwin, Wm H. Nailer, Edward Baldwin, Win. K. Morcoe, Jai G. Ellis, C. S. Whittlesey. R . W. Barnaclo. Second Lieutenants?Robert W. Qoggln, H P. ^handles, John T. Stuart, John A. Baker, Jas d Allen, R. C. Lewis, John E. Hoover, Israel 4. Jackson, Jas S. Davis, John P. Dennis. Company Officers of Company A. Union Reglnent?Captain, E. C Carrlnuton; 1st Lieutenant, ohn P. Snrllcross; 2d do , Henry Curtis: 3d do , i ?t n itr ft ' ' J .lynn d. num. 1 Metropolitan Rlflea?Optaln, A R. Allen; 1st ( lieutenant, Wm. A. Grey; 2d do., John T. ' Jhauiicey; 3d da., David Lewis. Company Officer* of Scott's Rifle?, Eighth tegimeat, (Georgetown)?Captain, Jas. O Berry; st Lieutenant, S H Burroughs; '2d do , F. >1. ,azenby; 3d do., J. L. Owen*. Kiildr htar: The insult to the city of VVashngton, which appeared in this morning's 1 bs-.1 e >f the Baltimore Sun, Is certainly the climax if treasonable impudence. Just read It. See low the Oily Gammon editor shows the cloven dot Disunion! See how adroitly he attempts o pour the "soothing syrup" of "reconstruc Ion" nft(r the incral and political death of he Republic, when he tells our citizens that 1 f we don't destroy the Government our property ind buiinogg will be worthleaa. Patriotic Sun ' low sweetly do you aing "Psam to the Union'* 1 xrhlle treason lurks in every fold of vour treacber>us garment of "No Partisan Poli'tice," "IndeH-iident Journalism," <kc. And thuado vou "steal h? livery of Heaven to aervc the Devil in." How :oolly you inainuate at the tame time that We t lave no newspapers, no opinions, no intereata but j hose of treason to the Republic, no principle# >ut thoae which you think ao potent (at least with rourself)?thoae of the pocket Between the New it ?_ rw% 11 _ i? * * - - ' i urK i riuune on me one nana, telling me people we Intend to hand tbe city over to \> ise and thfe evolutionists. and this ?an (that knows better) x. lllng its readers (substantially) that we are sold >ut to the Abolitionists, the rest of country must leressarily come to the opinion that we ought all o be sent to the place where "Satan exalted *\t." (Jaws. Thk Marines at Fort Washtkgto* RelikvbD. In Saturday morning, a detachment of Artillery, numbering fifty men, arrived in Washington from "ort Hamilton, >. V., and passed immediately brough for Fort Washington. The company of Marines which has been occupying that post latey (a detachment of the force at the Marine head[rorters) returned on Saturday evening to the >arrsrks bere. The forre at the Marine barracks low numbers about *A?0 men. i ne morning rretw;tit train rrom Haltimnre on 1 Saturday brought In twelve howitzer* and two ;un carriages, which were placed in the ar*? naLlere. It is supposed that they come from We t ( I'oii-t, and precede the two companies of Light ^rllllery to be rent here in a few days, and are to t>e quartered either at the arsenal or at some point >n i. apitol Hill The Stables for the hors< s of the Artillery are now in process of erection on Capitol Hill, just north of the Capitol building. Unitkit States Cauks.? Saturday night and Sunday the following I'nited States cases were lisposed of by Justice iJonn : Chas Shorter was ?rre??ed by Policeman Ginnlty upon a charge of larceny; sent to jail for a further hearing. Edward Johnson, arrested by I'oliceman Gormleyon nispicion of larceny, was held to security for a further hearing. Julius Glninski. arrested bjr? citizen ior stealing money and a ijoia watcn in the bouse of A. Rice, where he was a boarder, was fully committed to jail for trial In tLree cases, In which the proof is direct. The watch w;is recovered, hut the money was not. J as Kelley was arrested by Policeman King, and charged with being connected with the robbery of Mr. Hradley's stand In Center Market, a few nights ago. A coat found upon a person was Identified as one of Ihe articles stolen, and was traced to Kelley. He was held to ball for a further hearing. Thbatkr?Public curiosity Is at the highest to see Mf Sothern, the comealan, of whom report speaks so warmly He appears to nigbt In two characters?as Ju'.es D'Alber in the drama of " Suspense," written by himself, and at Windsor Drown In the new farce by Morton, " Away with Melancholy." " Saipense" is to be brought out with new mimic, new it-entry, striking tableaux, Slc. The bill is an attractive one in itself, to Pay nothing of its Introducing an actor of so much renown as Mr Sothern. ^ The Circuit Covrt to-day went into the trial of jury cas s. The following are the petit jurors for the pending term: K H Lambell, J as W. Sears, Jno. \V Martin, A. Goddard, B. E Gittings, Jas. W. Drane, Tbos. N.Adam*, John Robinson, i'Jtivid A Gardner, J;is R bonds, Richard E >*iiiis. Warr*n Lowe, Geo W. Harkness, Geo W. Godey, Cbas. Miller, Thos H. Miles, Jno. B. Turtin, S. E Douglass, Chas. E Walker, H Alex. Clark. Jno. Mills. H. G. Queen, Wm. T. Hook, Dav'd Jackson, Richard Petitt, Wm. T. Seymour, R. B. Sbeckcll, Thos. Thornley, Saml. T. Drury. fW'H*T Does It Meas??Four or five carts paued through Georgetown on Saturday night, loaded with long boxes, such as ere nsed in packing arms for transportation. The drivers stopped to "hist In a few rwallows of su'thin' strengthM .. A I1U.J ...... 1 emu . o? AiM-iuua ?*oru saya, aim ueing auc9* t'ontd, answered that tbey were taking furniture from Alexandria to l.angley, Fairfax county, Va. What sort of furniture could be carried in such boxes (other than "martial" furniture) passes our comprehension. Criminal Cotrt ?This court was at a stand still this morning in consequence of there being no cases from the Urand Jury upon which to employ itself It is believed that the Grand Jury are to-aay engaged in the altstracted bonds cases, and that indictments will be brought in against KxWecretary of War Hoyd. W. H. Russell and Goddard Bailey, the latter for abstracting the bonds, Russell for receiving the stolen property, and Floyd for being accessory to the transaction. Thi St Jobs Gkkmax Evangxmcal J.itue kan Church ?The suit lately pending in the Circuit Court of this District, in chancery. In regard to the church property, hi* been settled. Good and sufficient d^eds have been executed, and the property Is now duly vested in the trustee* of the said church. This church Is situated on Four-and-a-half street, In the Seventh Ward. ffi understand that the choir of St. Matthew's Church, assisted by tminent amateurs, propose to give a grand concert at the Smithsonian institution on the 22d of February for the benefit of the children of the Washington Infant Asylum. Withdraws?Mr. C. R Russell, of Georgia, clerk In the Treasury Department announces^ today on the avenue that the places that know htm here now shall know him no more, as he means to leave for Georgia to-morrow. The greatest " Riddle" of the age la to be found at 3(r2 Pennaylvania aveneue In apite of hard time*. Riddle's tlx Ins go off like hot cakea, and everybody who haa a dollar to apare la ruablng to Riddle's. Much excitement waa created in Alexandria on Saturday by a report that Hon Mr Ruat had been kllleaand Hon. Mr. Dunn severely wounded In a duel that morning. A grand concert for the relief of the poor by the choir of St. Peter'a Church at the Odd Fellowa' Hall, Navy-Yard to-night. For particulara ace programme. The Sabbath School connected with the M. E. Church South give aconcert and exhibition 011 Wednesday night, for the benefit of the achool. The Lxctcbx announced for to-morrow night, bv the Rev. G. G. Gubblns, at Wlllard*' Hall, promtaes to be of exceeding intereat. Ske notice, in another column, of the loas of a gold watch chain In Georgetown. Fkox Mr. S. W. K. Hanvt, No. 227 Fkn.\sylvani a Avium. Washington, D. C., Sept. S6, I860. Gmtlemm. After Buifuring severely for three years with an aggiavaied form of Dy/ asd making use of many of the popular remedies of tho day. as veil as the prescriptions of some of our most eminent physicians?and all to no purpose?at the suggestion of Mr. H. U. Hasard I had reooarse to the Ox$t?naUd Bitttrs with the most salutary result, 'l oo mnoh cannot be raid in favor of tlus i valuable remedy, ami. I hope that ail who ate afi iss$vsrlt _ ?1_ ? . I. W, K Bandy. . ?.. D/ Oilman. John Sohwarn. Naira k Pamer, John Wiley, J B Moore, Mid H. H. McPhemnn; in Georgetown by R. 8- T. Ctaa?ll, and G. M . ft; J Southron, and by druggists everywhere, ja M To THE ArvLicTHB!?Bd son to read the advertisement of McLean's, Btreiwfheaiaf Cordial and Blood Purifier, m another oofiunn, tf - 0 ! ' J Com son t?*s? nilM thmr'Ma of th? people,what- i ever the misnamed and isaa'krof* pbiionorne/a may ?ay to tb? oontrar*. fil.o* (hrmt ?oOd; let iu merits he clearly d *it>?iiif>irat?C. aod they not heattats to flV* it their m?st eonlial patrt>i age Ths maaeee itave alreftdr rabfted the 'edg m?rt of a phyucian, ooncenung the t-irtaea of Hot titui'i Eaters, aa nai if ?e u ty Hie imtnenaa i i ntioiof this medicir. > wliioh are anaaaliy s Id < nrii Mcuon oi tne ia> <1. I' unow rfc"."ind I as grettly euperiortoa lotl'fr remedi-* yetii?v>s*d . for di'eases of the duemv organs, sucl moiwrb<rs, dysentery, dysp- dm*, nnft lor the various f 'Tfrs that arise from a "rang Tien toft h->ee poiti<*aa < *f the system Host Iter's name is rapidly hvorra- i ias a hoaseho'd word, from Mmii? toTfia?,f??si , ttie shores of the Atlantic t > the P&cifio. Tiy the , article and b? satisfied. 1 Isold by all druggists in the world. ja Sl-?o3t Hollowat's Pills and OnmnsT ' DtUktrta ?in the most virulent stages of this malignant disease of the threat, these medicines experienced the most sitcoers'Vi' resn ts ? wMIe < thunsar.Qi suBCuui!>od U> the viulenoe of this diaor- " der, not a single oocurred among those vim i used these remedies, thus Breaentin* so "n..!." prac Ileal experience,'mi<f the dc ert of death 0} ' apeoulative theory. The Royal College of Surgeons I awarded them the palm of victory as the only * antidote for thit dlatomper, hy introducing them ( into the new edition of their pharmaoalogia. In t Scarlatina, Mumps, ko? they are equally effioa- . dious. Sold by all Druggiata, at ii eta., 82 eta., t and #1 per box or pot. laM-lw v CovsHa.?The audden ohangea of oar olimate are onrce* of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Afthmatic Afution*. Experience having proved that aimple remedies often act speedily and certainly when , taken in the early atagea of the disease, recourse should at once be had to ' Brown't Bronchial ' Troeket," or Lozenges, let the Cold, Cough, or Ir- ? Rtation of the Tnro&t r>? ever ?o alight, as hy thia a precaution a more serinna attack mat he effectually 0 warded off. Public Sp'iierf and Sfmitrrs will find a them effectual for olearing and strengthen int the .. voice. See advertisement. del -ly ? , Homiopathic Rkvkdim All of Dr. Humphreys A. Co.'a specific Ho- -A neop+tlxo Remedies put up expressly for family ise, in boxen, at 25 and 5<t oer.ts each. Also, s ewes, containing vials, from .?4 to fs r >ach. with book of full direction. Fir sale by 1 7j. D. Oilman. 350 Pa. avenne, wholesale and ' etail aeont: . A. Fitxceraitl, 353 north K street; klso by F. B. Winter, corner o( Massachusetts *ve- d lue and Sixth street. Also, Pond's Extract of Wittk '2 Hnxel. for internal and external ibdamniations of ^4 ill kinds. Sold as above. ma9 ly t| Pimnis. Persons desirinr perukes will always find them or exoliaugo at the Star Office counter. tf A Fkadkr, fcave yon seen Prof. Wood's advertise nent in Our paper. Kea^ it; it will interest you. ( au 20-eoly 1 ?? ? t. MARRIED. tl On the 25th instant-*t St. At mini' Church K? b ;hs Rev. Mr Woigert. a NT ft ON Y BKCKfek'. ? K*q., of Washington Citj, to Miss mart TaU- tl WELLtOf Praiiia. o VIED, tl On the mornlni of the *7th instant, Mn. ESrMKK. relict of the late Wm Hunt, in the #8tb a fear of her a**. o Her funeral will t?k* place on Tuesday, at two u >'cl?>ck, from her late residence. No. 4 7 l^on'siar.a ivenue, betwoen 6th and 7th sta , to whi<*h the .. tri nda of the family are invited, without further not'oe. On Sabbath morning. 27th instant, at 7 o'c'ock, n ifter a brief but pamlul li ne**, in full assurance ' nf a blissful immortality, WES" EY CONWAY, / colored.) aged al>out Ifi years. The deceased, by I liis ntfectiima'edhposition and integrity, deserved y potgesacd the attachment and respect of many r relatives and friend?. * L ??nineni*ht ot the ?7th in'tint, at 12 o'clock, KDWARD RANDALL SHORTER, aged eight rn-'Ut r. ill he bu'ied at 2 o'clock on Taeeday,23:h inst, li <t the residence of hi? fatner, Win. Shorter. The (. friends a..d relatives are invited to attend thefune- ( ral. 1 a At the U. S, So!diera' Home, D. C., oa the 28th r Ja inary. 1861, J? NAS DIJTTON.aged 74 veara. He *?< horn in New Hampshire, and in aervice c thronshont the war of 1812. * (Springfield, O: io, papers copy.) I ASTONISHING, HUT TRL'K ! \ T IS Very Kt augu that SMITH ahould eet in ; New Goods when every body is crying hard tim *. | But he sella his cooda at auon low prices that the J people will bujr tiiein. N B ? Just reoei ved a lot J of CLOTHING and FURNISHING GOODS, ' wlrcli will l>e sold at 2n per cent less than their actual value. At SMITHS. No. 460 Seventh at., , ?_ r* * /tir ? - ' upiweivv rum UHW. J a i'4-im 1 4^0 OVAL FRAMES, io. < LMfl'erent styles ami sizes OVAL FRAMES for * Photographs, , riCTUKE CORD aud TASSELS, all sizes and colors, 1 P* Pi-! grades and pr c"s, REMNANTS PAPERH VN6INGS, at on?fonrth less than cost, at < JOHN MARKRITER'S, . No. 48ti Seventh st., fl doo. s ahove ja 25-eoiflt Odd FpIIows' Hall. f^OR HIRE-A COLORED WOMAN (slave.) Inquire of Dr. NEWMAN. 76 K street. u?ar the Circle. jaj1 e> 3t* mssrm TOPHAMS Mtuv WfiMil PREMIUM TRUNK ?Mill MANUFACTORY, 499 skventh street, Washikotoji, d. C. fci'ver Medal awarded by Maryland Institute of Kaltiuw-e, Nnvenhw 7,1860 Also, Medal ! ? Mp ropo itMi Mechanics'Institute, Washington, D. C.t 18S7. I am coiiitantly making. and always have on hand, of the b*st material, every description of Fine Sole L? a'her, Iron Frame. Lad i?i' Press, Wood IJnjt.Ru'l i'ackuiz Trunk*. 1'eilitior. Carpet.and Canvas Traveine Bass, School Satchels, 4.o? At Lmn Price*. m a _ ? r ? - nm*ri01 t.iiitr^si" ana travelers will pi?^i?e pxamme iriy stock before putchasinic elsewhere Trunks that are made in other citie*^uperior Leather and Dress Trunks made to or?'er. Trunks covered and rfpsired at short notice. Goods delivered !>? ? of charse to any part of the city. Georgetown, and Alexandria. ja? lye.. JAMKS S. TOPHAM. J NEW UOUK?. U9T RECEIVED AT FKKNCH Jc RICHSTEJN'S, No. 2Tt? Pl5S. AVKND&, The Shadow in the House, a new novel, by John Saund- rs. 12mo., c.oth; S> l?y mail. The Dutch Dominie of the Catskills. by the Rev. David Murdoch, D. D., 12mo.,oloth; ?1 25 by mail. The Koraance of an Irish Girl, 12cio , oioth; ? by mail. A large assortment ol the best Mi'ltary Works published. ja24 That notice about persons calling to pay up we find br many disregarded We want it un.?rsto?>d wo are in earnest; we waut the money for aii feilia due us. T. J. A W. M. (iALT, Dealers in Wood and Coal, ia 21 Pa. avM bet. 11th and 12th ?t?. TJ. k. W. M. GALT Dkalerk in WOOD AND COAL Of ail kind*. Office? 2"?il Penn. ave*ue, ja 23 between l'th and 12th atreeti. NEW PAWN OFFICE. 6 y E. W A R D,_Dealer in New? 0 a d C*?t Ofl Clothinr. resDwctfull* inform* th? pu'.'io that he has opened a f,l?'ENSED PAWN ?>FFICE it No. ?(i avenue, between O h and lOtli *ts.. a 'ew doors east of the new ?Central Gaard-house, where ha will le at all tim*a prepa ed to wait on his patrons with promptness, attention and the stricter: justice. N B.?Jewel rj, Dry Goods, Clothing, Mechan lOh' Tool*, ao.i always on hand at private tale, ja 16 lm* OUK BONNETS, HATS, and PLATS of th? vert latent ntjle?, a'td in all o&se* made^^h of the best material. Call at once and get^B) ohoioa. At STEVENS'S, nog-tf 336. I?etw. 9th and 10th ?tn. THE CHEAPEST STATIONERY tom ever 1 saw. at SHEPHERD'S. /aioim A RARE CHANCE For bargains in School n i m.-U n--u_ * M. ... a.m. duuii, diiiiii diiuh, miscellaneous huhki and Stationery, Writitg Paper, Envelopes, Stc? /to., at SHKpHKRD'S, oornerSeveuth and DtU., aelung out to reduce stock. * jal9 1m JMPORTANT TO LADIES! I have just received a lot of Sable Mink M L'FFS, m&tle from skin* caught this season. which I will sell at nearly ha r their usual prioe. Also, on hand, Trench HaWe and s&a Water Mink MUFFa, prio-sIrcm 92J0 to eaao ?!mS& J HALF CAPES and VICTOR- ^ IN ES of various kinds of Far extremely ?ow. A lew more Chi.drens FURS loft Muffs73 oenta. #1 and f 1.25. Misses' JOCKEY HAT8 in Beaver and Felt, for 92 and )t2 90 leu than cost. Term, cash H- H STINEMETZ, Hat Store 236 f enn. avenue, ja 14 between 12th and 13th st?. fVFICEKS, PETTY OFFICERS, AND Sea ' " men wh<> were on board of any U.S. ? hi pi at the oapture of any slaver oan have their claim* for B'-uuty ar.d Head Money promptly attended to hy applying to or addressing C. P. WAIXACti, Washington, D C. ja 16-tf /MBBS' WIG. BRAID AND CURL MANUl* FACTORS , 343 Penn. avenue, near the oorner of Thirteenth street.?A very complete assortment of Braids, Curls, Frizettec, Bandeaus, Ao., now on hand: also, made to order at the shortest notioe. Hair Work repaired or taken inexohange. OO S-3?n /J.KEAT REDUCTION ?N PRICES! V* SELLING OFF-SELLING OFF! Tkawho'e of our large stock of Drees Goods, * ucn as fciU Robe*, Dreaa Silk*, M*rio<>s. Popiiue.Al! De Lain*, Repa. Valencia*. ip fact a I Winter Dreee Goods we wiij eell off thia mouth, at greatly re<luo?d prioea, many at lea* than ooat lor Ike cask. Also, is or 3U hft,nd*<><ue Black Cloth Cloak* rein our atook which we offer now at 3ft per oent leea than cost. We invite the Indie* &ud all in want of a handaome Dress or l loak to sail and examine oar atock before purehaaiut elsewhere. j. MTCOLUSY A CO., ja1< tm ftas Seveatiai., above Pa a?. OATCHELOR'S INIMITABLE HAIR DYE, ?. GEORGETOWN CORPORATION LAWS. A Rb??lctio5 to nr for repalra oa covntv road Rooittd bf Ik* Board 9f Aldetmt* nnd Board of Cf?rntm Council ?/ th? Ccrpvnrinn ?f Gt?grtmen, tbal the wm of tw?aty-flv? dollar* b? and tbr lame la hereby appropriated. (feeing oar half of the "mount appropriated by the Isevy Coirt on Lbe 3d day oi September, I960, for the repair of :be road leading from Seventh atreet to the atoae wareliottae.) and the Clerk be and be la hereby II-?A-J ? -? ? - -* * nrwipq in px v idc Mm# u> me Man or in* cier* ind treasurer of (be levy Court. on presentation >f proper Vonrbefi that the tftv dollar* approWiatod by the Levy Ourt hare been expended Approved January 19.1S61\ RtsoLrTios In relation tn the expense of the Poor and Work bonne KetolrrH by tke Board of Ald'tmen ??<# f>p?r<f of "ommon Council of Ik* Corporation of GrorgrtPtrn, rhat the sum of four hundred and alxtr-tbreedolars and seventy-one rents be, and the aame Is icreby appropriated, to defray the enrrent ex>ens?s of the Poor and Workhouse for the quarter ndlng September 30,140; and the Clefk of the ^rv\raflow 4a I Ia * ika ^ #"? ??H'H aw VKU W pw 1 ?ur MIBir ?v * ur >rdrr of the late Trusters out of any money In be treasury not otherwise appropriated, ?ld Tr user* producing the proper vouchers. Approved January 19, 1961. A RK*oLmnK In favor of Jsseph Nicholson Rttolvtd by the Board af Aldermen and Board sf jrmrncm Countil of tkt Corporation 9f Gtorgttoim, rhat Joseph Nicholson be allowed to reconnect < its snpply pipe with the water main on Bridge treet. upon said Nicholson paving the vatsr tsx n the part of the lot on which bla workshop srjdn. and that he be permitted to us*said water i nut oiKiwiif oraerra uy mil corporation Approved January 19, 1S61. < l R?*olutio* in ftivor of \V. D.Wnllach and C. i V vert k Hon. i Resolved by the Board of Aldermen and Bonrd of 'ommoH Council of the Corporation of Gtorretovm, I 'hat tbe Clerk he, and be I* hereby, authorized > pay to the order of W D Wallach twentv-nlne i ollara and eighty centa, for hia account rendered 7th December: and to tbe order of C Mr en ft i on eighteen dollars and eighty-one rents, for lieir account rendered 2?<tb December, l^flO. < Approved January 19,1861. i i Rksolutiok authorizing tbe Mayor to accept th* M>rTirM ftf * vol nnt<v?r mtrft] Resolved by the Foard of Aldermen and Board of i 'ommon Council of the Corporation of'toim. ki 'hat the Mayor be. and be is hereby, authorized i i accept the volunteer services of any number of i tie citizens of Georgetown. not exceeding one undred from each precinct, to guard tbe property | f the town ffom Incendiarism snd robbery, until he 8th of March next Resolved, further, That each and every eltiten i f Georgetown, whose names shall be enrolled by tie Mayor, and who aball take tbe oath taken bv i be police and night watch, ahall be clothed with li the powers of the police and night watch while n duty,.which ahall be from A o'clock p m. ntil 6 o'clock a. m. Resolved. further, That tbe volunteer patrol ball be under tbe direction of the Mayor, who hall designate the number to be on duty each ight. [Approved January 82, ibfil. GEORGETOWN ADYERT'MTS ^ OUTSTANDING CLAIMS. Ma tor's Offick, Georjcetown. D. C-t# January 26'h. 1861. < All persons holding any claims whatsoever i not eretofore presented) r gainst the Corporation of >eor*et<>wn for an* work done, or an? materials nruished, on ar> of the street* of the raid town, . e requested t.> reader to the subscriber a state n?nt of tho sani') with the authority under wh<oh aid work was dono or materisls furnished, in or >efore Thursda* n^xt, the 31st inst. RICHARD R. CRAWFORD, jn 23 it Mayor. vSBURIIBfiRTfltiriH liui rivi'T M l' KT. JsJ? ING8?Tiie voter* ef Geortetown wto avor a chancc in the Municipal Government at the ioinmr el ction. are reaues'Ad to meet on TUESDAY EVENING next,?t?,'a o'clock, for the piuK>?e of eiecNnc delegates to puminaie candidates tor Mayor and CouncM a' the fo'lowine place*: First p ecioct, room under Odd Fellows' Hall. Second precinct. School House, \N cat street, op)o?ite Valley street Third precinct, room opposite W. II. Tiiecker'e, mi Canal. Fourth precint. House northwest corner Market ind Fourth sta. liy order. ja 26 3t yWJNION MEETING AT FORREST L_3 HAI.L.?The citiseua of Geo jetown, D. C . without dmtinotion o| party, who are in favor >f perpetuating the Uni^n by all conalitotional means, are invited to meet at Forrest Hall oa WEDNESDAY EVENING next.UeSHh mat,, U7>* o'clock p. m. W H. Tenney. Ksau Piokrel . Peter Berry, James A. Macruder, rt. ,n. I'woecy, nenry n?rri)n, William ColUna, Ranmburc ft Ebert, 1 nomas Drown. T. A. Laxenhy. Joseph Lthbey. ja36-tt r^-MAVOR'? office, jj Gioi' iiowx. D C.? ( January SMh, 1861. \ For sale, at auction, on the premise*. to the luglisst bidder, for cash, on WKDNKSDA V next, at 12 o'clock m , a'I that portion of the street Manure deposited in the rear <>t the watoh-hoase; the said manure to he removed within thirty daya from the day of sale. RICHARD R. Cft AW FORD. Mayor, j* y? S.Mft W3t T. DOWt.lNO. Anct. rJ^HREE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. MAYOR'S OFFICE. I Georgetown, D. C., January 11th, 1861 \ The subscriber will jtive a reward of Tliree Hundred Dollars for iiueti informaiou ai will lead to th" conviction of any person or persona who have *et on lire. Or who shall h*re*fter set on fare, any house within the Corporation limit* of thia town. HENRY ADD1???N, ja 12-dltftjaw3w Mayor. Is 20.000! MrORTANT ANNOUNCE ME N T! In order to reduce nnf Urge and we!l assorted stock of f)R V G< >ODf* we wi.l. JtiriDg the u<-xt 30 davs,dtduct 10 per cent, from nil rs.?A pii <-bv,es of 95 ar.d over. Save >our moi^y and call at 9*? Bridge t., for Itarcains. SPILM\N & HUNT, ja? eoim Georgetown, I). 4. Cfi BUSHELS FRKE CLOVER SEED OU ?T0 sacks G. A. SA LT, So drums new Smyrna FIGS. 20 bt ls. Copper Distilled Ala.noha WHISKY. 2?t * Loveriiig's Refined SUGARS, _ 20 '* New Crop Orleans MOLASSES, SO bushels DRIED APPLES. For ssie by jai?-3t \V. H. TENNEV. JUST RECEIVED? 10 hhdt. prims Porto Rico SUGAR?*, Ion bit. i>,d Rje WHISKY, 250 !>hlt. HERRING and A LK WIVES, SO hblt. Crushed and Refined r?lTG ARs. 30 l?t? Rio and Java COFFER. 10 hhds.(low priced) MOLASSES. For tale by JOHN J. BOG I E. ? in JgASTERN FISH AND APPLES: HERRING, ALEW1V?S AND MACKEREL.' 40m barrels E*s?port No. 1 HER RING, do Hontofi No. 1 do luo do Lal>radnr No. 1 do 8" half barrrU do do 3?i barrelt Meremuche No. 1 ALEW1VES, 100 do t*t. John'* do ? i-o No. 3 large MACK fc'KKL, 26 do No. Sun,all do 2i*i do No.2 BALDWIN APPLES. AII of which we propose to alone out at #2-5' to 52.75 for Herring; $? to ?450 for Labrador H^r top; ?3J?toS4ior Meremt.cne and #4 5" for St John Al wives; if 126an<l #8 so for mail and lance Mackerel, and A pries at prices that cannot fail to meet Die views of i>uyf rs. hartley fc ItROTHFR. 99 and 1?1 Water street, ja 19 2w Georgetown, L> C. S. 6. evans. . G. EVANr. g. g. evans. gift gift gift book book book store! stork: store: most complete assortment in the city: all new rooks RKPKIVK.i1 as snoiM AS PUBUSHEl). REM EMBER, A GIFT WORTH FROM 60 CENTS TO 91 goes with each book sold; jag lw CALL IMMEDIATELY. W_. 910.000 orth of boots, shoes and trunks. Of all Stylet and Qualiti**, AT A GRBAT ?ACBiriCK OR COST* Start for Rtmt and Fixturu fm Sale. All tka Stock in S. P. HOOVER'S STORE, m?lroB h?!i,ernbrA"int ?rerjr vuittt Biwlof Ladiea*. Genu', Children'# andBH] VIIII 8#rTant?* SHOES Al?o, TR A Vfll ELING TRUNKS ar? now being wld,/?r VfcL treat aaonfioe* on ncual rdUil MtllinrferioM. indeed much below origin*! oo?L The attrition of the public ia solicited, as g-e*t induoementa will be made to parehaaera. The above oompriaea a large ttoek of the finest quality French am; Ameroan Oaitere.Shoet.Boot*. 4o., *o.. for ladtea and gentlemen The Store i* for rent and the Fixture* for aala. Apply on ti e premise?, Iron Hall. N. B.?The above atook, either in whole or In part, will be sold at private ral?. To any ore delirout of entering th? Boot, Shoe and Track Bun ness tbia aJfrrds a better opportunity than may 2in be presented. ?rK>n? mde ued will eoafor a favor by promptly ing and settling thmr accounts. ja 7 tf ]\f I LIT AMY BOpHia^?l^str notions for Piaid jsiuiih;, uj m >wu of army UBOWl; 1 vol., of Artillery, by CayL RoborU, (J. H. A?irdUl,rTMl?c'?iJI voUfl ?. IZ&gkxtiKiV! Dictionary of the Amy of Um United Utetoa. by Gardner. For Mi* by _ I BVANCHASD* MOHUN, I Coruor o7 F*. ? , *od E1*t*bUi ?UMt, [ THE LATEST NEWS TBLBQBAPHIO. Tkt RkmIh # Lnlilut Baton Rorsi, Jan M ?Tlx d?Uy rdlunrf. moved to b# aubstltntrd for tbe v-Mlnn ordl itanr* reported br Ibf Conin'ttrf of FtfWn. was voted down renterday by an Immense majorltv Com mlaai oner* Manning. of South C arolina and Winston, of Alabama, made eloquent ad drrsae* in favor of Immediate secession There wassn animated deba'e laat night on the resolution for submitting the sroestlon ordinanc* for ratification to the pmple The advocate* of Itrmedlate agression abstained from nil debate There was no extreme opposition to the ordinance The vote on submitting the ordinance to the people waa taken this morning ay re 45. nay* *< Judge Perkins addreaaed tbe Convention on the passage of the secession ordinance The debate cloned, and a vote waa ordered. The galleries and lobbies were Intensely crowded, and a deathlike stillness prevailed. On the call of thn roll manv members were la tears Tbe Clerk announced tbe vote?area 113, nava I??and tbe President declared UttlaltM a trim i:<l sovereign republic. Capt Allen then entered tbe CaaTt.itiai with a Pelican flag. accompanied by Governor Notre and auf. and pat tbe flag In (be band* of the Pr*aldent amid tremendooa excitement A aolemn prayer was tben offered, aad a hundred gtina war* fired. Tbe Convention adjourned to meet la New Often* oa tbe *Kh ln*t Before tbe Convention adjourned tbe resolution accompanying the ordinance declaring tbe right of free nav gut ion of tbe Ml**l**lppl rWer and tributaries to all friendly State*, aad tbe right of vresa and Ingres* to boata of tbe Mississippi by iH friendly State* and Power*. ya***d unaalmoualy. A ?-V. I _l?k. -kl.l. to aign the ordinance of aereaaion The State Convention haa adjourned, to reaalemble In New Or lean* New OiiRA^f, Jan ?Tbe pi?gr of the tecraaton ord nance bv tbe Convention la baited with the createat joy "here The Pelican flag In d aplayed everywhere toe city, and nintea are being fired in honor of the event I'nlan OfMtaitrtUaa at liaferitawa. Hir.maTow>. Jan. 26'The adjourned Union Convention of Wt^iern Maryland met here at 10 o'clock thia morning in the Court Honee. Owing to the imit.enae throng of peranna preaent a notion waa made to adjocrn to tbe Public Square The motion waa put and decided to be lont by the preaident Another motion waa then made for all thone favorable to tbe conrae rf Governor H irk?, and to the cause of the Union, to adjourn to tbe rquar*. which waa carried, and over tv>o-third* withdrew to the 9auare and elected Daniel Startxman president Resolution* were then effered and adopted, approving of tbe courae of Governor Htcka. and Ii> favor of the I'nlon Tbe sentiment expri-aard wu'lnlMlrK, Union last, and In Ion all the time " The meeting w?? largs. and eloquently addressed by Hon. Daniel Wiwel and Loa\? P FWjr, a farmer of tbla county It waa an encouraging day for the frlenda of ibe UnionLast night about 10 o'clock a large Union polo waa ralard on tbe center of tbe Mqnare bsarini: the Stars and Stripes, and a atr earner inscribed "Governor Hicka.' A fire broke out in Doyle's Ilotel this morning, doing conaiderable damage The Flew Jersey Legislature Tseston. N.J, Jan UK ? The Union reaolutiona. embodying Senator Crittenden'a proposition or recommending aome other ooociiiator? measure, appointed Cu-lea9 Olden, Peter D. Vroooi, Robert F. Stockton, Benjamin Wtlltamaon, Joaeph F Randolph, Frederick F. Frellnghuvaeu, Rodman M. Price, Thomas J. Stryker and Wno C. Alexander. Commissioners to go to Waablngton and join Virginia and other State Com mlasi on ers in bringing about a reconciliation, la order to preaerve tbe I nlon. came up In tbe House faster day. and after a whole day's session, without ad joiirnment. tbey were passed bv a vote of 31 to 11. On Monday a bill will be offered in tbe Senate to take a vote of tbe people of tbe State for or against a com promise, ny adopting the Crittenden resolutions or some other conciliatory measure Tbe Misssart Legislatare St. born, Jan 2??The resolutions recently passed by tbe Tennessee legislature, relative to tbe action of New York in tendering men and money to tbe President to coerce the acceding States, came before the House yesterday and were referred to tbe Committee on Federal Relations. The samp resolutions were made the apecial order for to-day In tbe Senate. The Democratic caucus last night adopted resolutions similar to tboae of Mr. Crittenden Advices from different parts of tbe State Indicate a I'nion feeling, and that tbe Convention will be tilled with conaervatlve men. Utrih I'trtllat Lr|lilttnrt. Ralkigh, Jan. ?Tbe House of Delegates to-dav pisaed a resolution providing for tbe appointment of Commissioners to represent tbe Mate tu tbe Virginia Conference t? aaaeinble In WubIngton on tbe 4th of February; and a'ao for the appointment of Commissioners to attend tbe Secesaion Congress to meet at Montgomery, Alabama, on tbe same day. The resolution will, It la tbougbt, paaa the Senate. There was no other business of a national importance transacted in either House. Virginia Legislature Richmond. Jan 26?Tbe llouae of Delegate* pasted to-day the Senate bill to relieve the banks from tbe penalties of suspension There w?? nothing done in either House In relation to national affairs. Tbe excitement has greatly abated both In the Legislature and among our citizens, and the I'nlon party .Is gaining strength rapidly. TeiMtiM C*MfrraUrf Jan. 26 ?Tbe Democratic legislative caucus last night adopted resolutions in reference to national affairs, similar to tboae of Senator Crittenden Advices from different parts of tbe S'ate Indicate a strong Union feeling as prevailing, and that tbe State Convention will be filled with conservative men. ' mmlisteners from Alabama Monr&oMKMV, Jan 26 ?Tbe Governor baa appointed Hon. T. J Jodge, Commissioner to Washington, to treat with tbe Federal Government In relation to tbe Forts, Araen&ls. Custom Houses, he , In Alabama Tbe Couveution adjourns on Tuesday io tfes lib of March. War it Persia. Niw Voir, Jan. :M.?A Constantinople letter, dated December *7, reports the utter route of tbe main Ptrslan army - of 60.UU0 strong, by the Turcoman* Almost tbe number were killed or made prisoners Tbe letter states that this may lead to tbe overthrow of the Persian dynasty ( Bsrrritlrr R?j*icia|s. Ph'ladklphia, J*n ?At Reading on Saturday, !(*) guns were Bred for Rhode Island's repeal of ber Personal Liberty bill The cltiaeus tbw? were v??ry jubilant Tbe repeal by Rhode Isiaad *ft-~ A a . . tk. >11.. k..Mk 19 i ur nr?4 irriurr 01 vur un ?r *?* ?u< u m v^nviua tion to the !*onth, and Is halltd bere u tbe harbinger of p?we. The Flew Yark and (ktrltiUn Mean?hip JUIB* New Voaa, Jan 9*?The steamer Nashville for CbarUaton baa b^en detained until Wednesday, In conseq uence of tbe llgbt freight and small number of paaecngera appearing, and because ttie steamer Columbia of tbe same llna bssgone asbore at Charleston harbor. ('aBualMieaera treaa keatacky F*RAKPoaT. Jan *? ?The Legislature baa ap polnu-d tbe following CommlNionrri to moot the Commissioners of Virginia, at Washington, on tbe 4th of February; Jsmes t Bell, Ex-Governor .More bead. Wm. O ttutier. James (iuthrle, Chas A. H ickllfi'e Texas (' rratUa Electio*. \ew Obleajss, Jan. 96?Tbe rerurnaoftbe Texas election for delegate* to U>? stale Coaptation indicates an overwbeimlag majority for Immediate secession. Stale of the Erie K tit rood N*w Voia.Jan 2s ?Tbe Erie Railroad was sold this morn lav at aoctioa for 900,000. It was bought la by tbe trustees Baltimore Markets (Ultimo**. Ju * ?Flaw dull and hear*, Howard atraet and Ohio fS.?; City M Ilia ?S ?3. butwitb no aalea Wheat Srmer; red SI 3"?1 S3; wbtte Si 45a 1 00 Cam ateady; yellow ibW, white 68a70c. ProTlaloaa Irtn: aarai pork H" iSi rump #13 50. Lard 10* CoCee ata*dy at ll^a UXc. Whtaky doll a' Inc. Haw Tar* aarn>i< New Vou, Jan 98?Floor dull and 5c lower. Wheat dull Corn adrnaclnff tendency Fork quiet. Lard steady. Whtaky doll at lee. M V . _ ioh, mmm ma WW H HT U?n closed firmer Chlcevo ltd Rock lelend Kit; Cumberland Cotl Co. frk; lUtoeW Ortoal akare* 78; do bondaM. Michigan So ?; New Vock Ce? tr*l 7?*. R ending*, Hudton R. R ***i Cmton* IS; Va ?* 77; Mo r? ?t JUBT'E?, Mallaia't Middle ? ? Ulera'y Kditioii River ?de Preee; loae? ptfir; fne?- #?7?

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